Sometimes, we can’t find the solutions ‘in our space’.

Down here, in this lowly world, it’s so easy to feel overwhelmed by all the bad and all the evil, and to fall into despair because ultimately, what can do about all this anyway?!?!?

Except of course, to keep caring, and then to keep praying and working on our own bad middot, that are definitely contributing to ‘the problem’, whatever it is, one way or another.

And that changes everything.

Just we often can’t ‘see’ that happening in real time, which is why so many of us give up on a spiritual response, or never try in the first place.


I want to share, with his permission, a response from a commentator called ‘Shlomo’, who I asked for more information about how he’s been dealing with EMFs and electro-magnetic radiation.

He recommended something called ‘Geocleanse‘, which is meant to somehow turn ‘bad radiation’ into good energy, at the spiritual level.

I ordered one, because I’m happy to do the experiment, and see if it really does what they say it does.

But even if the product doesn’t work, the principle it’s based on, spiritually, sounds right to me.

Here’s what he said:


I will say a few things, maybe in a bit of a long-winded way, but I do not know where to start

These external stresses, EMFs etc, add to a person’s bucket.

Once it is full, he is very vulnerable. Nowadays, there are many more stresses and when you have these external stresses due to electro pollution etc, they cause imbalance.

My experience has been with something called geopathic stress which has to do with the distortion of the earth’s natural frequencies.

If a person suffers from geopathic stress then you are more likely to be more affected from the electro pollution. This sounds like very ‘quasi’ stuff, but there are many alternative medicine people who agree to this.

(A person who is geopathic stressed will not respond to energetic medicine, like homeopathy etc.)


The endocrine system can easily be interfered with due to some of these masts, as they run on very similar frequency.

And that is why it interferes and it stops a person from getting deep sleep, which depletes energy and is a slippery slope etc, as the body does not repair itself during light sleep, only when it is in a state of deep sleep, which is only for 1-2 hours of night.

When you take a tuning fork and hit it, anything which is tuned to same frequency will start to resonate.

These gadgets [that help to remove or reduce harmful EMFs in your environment] broadcast another frequency, which is stronger and therefore masks the effect of the harmful EMFs.

Some of these gadgets can cancel it out, like when you throw a pebble in the water and it creates a wave when you throw another one in it next to it it will cancel the wave when they merge.

There are also binaural beats that tune your brain into different brainwaves and induce sleep or relaxation and ever superpowered activity , which can be listened on earphones.

[Ed. note – try THIS one, tuned to 432 Hz, the frequency the Nazis changed….]


A person can choose what to tune into.

I have been told by sensitive people that if you are looking for something then you tune into it, and you can even amplify it.

He told me I was like a sponge, drawing all this negative energy and trying to ‘sweep it up’ – but all it takes is a decision not to tune into it.


If someone is a true tzadik, and he associates himself with his neshama (higher soul level) and tunes into his neshama – that it is pure chelek Aloka (a part of Hashem).

If someone associates himself with his true essence, rather than with his body’s failings, he will be resonating on a higher level, and will not tune in to these other frequencies.

It is not easy and it demands a person to transform.

The problem is, during the day a person can make that choice, but during sleep, unless the person is really holy and his sleep is on a high level, [then these negative frequencies can still affect him.]

There is a website called Dulwich Health, which gives a bit of background.

[Ed. note – take a look at what that website says about most heart attacks and strokes being attributed to low magnesium, and how EMFs ‘leach magnesium’ out of the body. Also read what it says about salt – real salt, not the processed table salt – being critical for maintaining health. 

Salt = the Tzaddik, that sweetens everything, btw.]


My experience with Geocleanse: I do have it, but I also have other gadgets.

I do not now know whether fruit lasts longer [as claimed on the Geocleanse website], but concerning geopathic stress, if fruit is placed in a bad place, its growth will be stunted.

The EMF pollution places stress on anything living.

Even fruit has a life force and these pollutants will weaken it. But because we have been using our Geocleanse for a long time, it is hard to compare.


I do have a feeling that in the ikvasa demshicha [the time of the ‘footsteps of the Moshiach, directly before the geula] ,it says that we will have to hold on tight.

I think that means that we will have to tune into our higher self.

I am not sure what the Breslov view of this is, but connecting to a Tzadik is tuning into him, and then you will start resonating on a higher level.

Because it’s like the Maharal writes, that kol hamechubar letohor – whoever attaches himself to a pure person, he is pure.

It’s the same thing, when you connect with a neshama which is tohor – pure.

There is Rabbi Pinson from the USA who has some great guided meditation to connect with your spiritual self, which can be seen on line.

Some food for thought.

Kol tuv,



Look up!

There is an answer to everything that is going on, there is a solution, we just need to look up, look at the sky, and connect our souls back to God and His True Tzaddikim, and then everything and everyone will be healed.

And we will finally be ready for geula, the sweet way.



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