Well, I’m typing this in the middle of a dystopian novel…

This morning, I got up early and went with one of my kids to walk in the forest nearby to my home. This particular kid has been pretty depressed the last two weeks, because she’s had no face-to-face contact with friends for 5 weeks, and she’s 16.

Plus, she’s been feeling – like so many of her peers – that there is absolutely no point in waking up, just to spend hours cooped up bored in the house.

But yesterday I told her, don’t let them win! Don’t let the b*stards win! They want to make us all fat, miserable and totally depressed and apathetic, so we just roll over and let them take over every aspect of our lives. Don’t let them get you down!! Keep setting small goals every day, and find small things to make you happy!

So today, she amazed me by getting up early enough to come for a walk with me.

We both took our stupid, pointless masks – the most obvious sign of the medical dictatorship that’s taken over the world –  and headed into the woods. It was fresh and crisp, a little overcast, quiet and green. It was magic.

For 20 minutes.


Then, the stupid cops showed up again, and asked us where we lived. We told them – it was within 500 m of forest – so then, they went to their next complaint: why are you walking in the forest?

Why can’t we walk in the forest? My daughter wanted to know.

If we can walk on the street, if we can walk around a super, what is the frigging problem with walking in a totally empty forest at 7am when there is no-one else around?!?!?!?

The policeman went into his ridiculous shpiel, my daughter’s eyes glazed over, and mine hardened into two shiny little black lazer beams. I didn’t say anything, I just looked at him. I’ve learned from experience, that freaks them out way more than anything I could say.

So, we got our marching orders, and the girl who used to be a convinced, ardent Zionist is increasingly coming around to the viewpoint that the State of Israel – and its institutions – really are evil.

I guess that’s one of the silver linings of all this.


But then when I got home, I slumped a little.

How much longer can we all continue living in this dystopian novel, where fresh air and walking in forests has been outlawed?

I’ve taken to shopping as much as possible in the corner shop, even though it’s more expensive, as every time I go to the super, the mandatory temperature taking and grim-faced customers in masks just totally freaks me out.

They’ve turned the whole world into an open air prison, and none of us are even complaining.

And so many sheeple are still buying the lies, and genuinely thinking that all this is being done for our benefit. As if.


Many months ago, Rav Berland talked about how the Tzaddik and his people would have to go and spend 9 months in the desert, before Moshiach came.

The son of David can’t come until after 9 months of being in the wilderness, where they will do true, real Teshuva. There is nothing like pressing some ‘Moshiach’ button and then Moshiach will arrive…. Am Yisrael will need to be in the wilderness, in the desert, in order to make true Teshuva.”

When I first read that, it seemed kind of unrealistic.

Today, I’m honestly pondering if that’s going to be the only way me and my family can avoid the  COVID-19 neo-fascists. If I drop off the grid entirely, and go and see if there’s some patch of desert I can live on where no-one will fine me for breathing fresh air.

See, I just wrote that, and I’m back in the dystopian novel.

It’s a strange time you live in, when John Wyndham and George Orwell books start to sound like prescient journalism, as opposed to exaggerated prophecies of doom.

I hope God is going to get us out of this situation soon.

Because living in a world where it’s illegal to take a walk in a forest or breathe fresh air is really not fun.



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  1. Mary Mandel
    Mary Mandel says:

    I think that is a great idea! Please let us know which Desert you find to hide out in. I would totally join you!!

  2. Devorah Shemtov
    Devorah Shemtov says:

    I live in the desert. They are flying drones out here. And btw, the sources say Mashiach takes the faithful to the desert for 45 days at the conclusion of Edom’s 9-month world domination.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Kfar Adumim is still civilisation, last I checked. Can you tell me where to find the sources that say Mashiach takes the faithful to the desert for 45 days, so I can take a look? ta.

    • True Tzadikkim
      True Tzadikkim says:

      Anyone remember last TU B’AV?
      Did not start the 9 months with that?
      Anyway, we need to be strengtgened in the MIDBAR for a short while, for to see dogfaced masked people make me feel to want to be one of the GIBORIM (Beniyahu ben Yehuda…)of David ha Meleh i just (perhaps thats good) do not remember where i left my katana. I hope she will hide till i cool down and the rest of MY PEOPLE TOO….not everyone have the holocaust complex, i lost it when entering the ERETZ YISRAEL HA KDUSHA. My sword is my PE, but i keep it close unless in HITBODEDUT BIDUT. I wander, i wander, how many of the agressive soldiers are really Jewish?
      The news is pointing out to CIVIL WAR, is is part of the MITZRY HYPNO to let there be one?
      Sharp your swords, AM YISRAEL, and use it to pray like never before…..and not in front of notzrim, dogs, nor muslams, please…keep HOLY, FOR ABBA IS HOLY. AVANIM TOVOT!
      Shabbat shalom!


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