A couple of years ago, I was looking for shiurim by the Breslov Rabbi Ofer Erez, and this is what popped up instead, on Youtube:


It’s ‘Lt Shachar Erez’, the IDF’s first openly trans woman.

(Or is it trans man? I can’t keep all the terms straight…)

I was reminded of this by THIS post, yesterday, on the Habayitah blog:


That interview with Shachar Erez is from 2017 – 5  years ago, already.

So, this has been a live issue in the IDF for years and years and years already… just it was creeping along under the surface, so we didn’t notice it.

But you know what gives me hope? A lot of hope, even? It’s the comments on the bottom of THIS story, from Arutz 7.

Despite their very best efforts to brainwash us all into believing a biological woman can truly turn herself into a biological man, most people aren’t buying it.

(At least, for now…)


The more I research all this stuff, the more I’m coming to the conclusion that LGBTQ+++ whatever is actually it’s own religion.

It’s based on a bunch of beliefs about biology and anatomy that are unsupported by anything scientific or factual, and that these LGBTQ ‘missionaries’ then try to push on everyone else, to get them to believe the same cack they do.

Recently, I was researching the Keshet organisation, which you can see HERE.



Plain English:

“We bully and intimidate other people into accepting our beliefs about biology and gender, even though that flies in the face of the Torah and science.”

Because let’s be clear, that if these Jewish organisations want to build ‘LGBTQ-affirming communities’, that means they are alienating people like me, who don’t want to live in a ‘LGBTQ-affirming community’ because that goes directly against my beliefs, that are rooted in the Torah. 


And in case you were worrying that there isn’t something like ‘Keshet’ specifically for the orthodox community, think again.

Let me introduce you to ESHEL.

Here is their mission statement:



If you check out their ‘Programs’ tab, you’ll find a whole bunch of things they are trying to do, to penetrate the orthodox community with their anti-Torah, anti-authentic Judaism beliefs, and ‘open hearts, minds and doors in traditional Jewish communities’.

Take a look at their ‘WELCOMING SHULS’ program.

This screenshot is part of their ‘Principles of Inclusion’:


How would you feel, if a Jew for Jesus appeared in your orthodox shul one day, and started telling you that you need to make the shul more ‘inclusive’ and supportive of their beliefs?

How would you feel, if that person told the shul that they should be ‘welcomed as full members’, and ‘participate and count ritually’?

And that if you didn’t make them feel comfortable, they were going to ‘leave Orthodoxy’?

That is the parallel for what is going on here, because the LGBTQ+++ ideology flies in the face of Torah-mandated morality, behavior and beliefs.


So, the more you make that LGBTQ+++ ideology ‘welcome’ in your apparently orthodox shul, school and community, the less you are making that space a place that welcomes Jews who genuinely believe in the Torah.

At this point, the rainbow flag is kind of acting like the crucifix, in terms of how ‘comfortable’ it makes a genuinely God-fearing Jew feel.

Yeah, sure, please set a up a few crucifixes all over the shul and school; and please also wear a crucifix pendant to shul and school, and talk about Yoshki every chance you get, and we will do our very best to make you feel comfortable and welcome, because hey, what’s the big deal about respecting the Torah’s commandments, anyway?


The big argument is that LGBTQ+++ will  leave the orthodox community, if they aren’t made to feel more welcome.

So leave!!!

What’s the big deal? Go and join a non-orthodox community that has no problem with your LGBTQ+++ beliefs, and learn as much Torah, and keep as much Shabbat, as you want to. 

Problem solved.


As I’ve said repeatedly, I have NO PROBLEM having LGBTQ+++ Jewish people at my table for Shabbat and Chag, as long as they are not trying to push their beliefs down my throat.

But if they are trying to get ME to change my beliefs about what God says is a man, and what God says is a woman, and what God says is a holy relationship that builds the world, instead of destroying it – then those people are missionaries.

And anti-Torah missionaries are not welcome anywhere near my shul, school, community or home, regardless of the specific creed they are pushing.


One more snippet about Eshel, and then let’s close with a story.

Here’s a screenshot of their ‘secret missionary’ program, which they call ‘ON ALLIANCE’:

Plain English:

We want to recruit people to become LGBTQ+++ ‘missionaries’ in the orthodox Jewish community, who will use their social media and other networks to push our anti-Torah beliefs onto their friends, families and communities.


This came to mind yesterday when a friend told me that someone had posted a whole ‘anti’ rant about the ‘What is a Woman’ documentary on the ‘Secret Jerusalem’ Facebook group.

You can watch that on Bitchute here:

(Highly recommended, but not at all shmirat eynayim friendly.)


I’d told my friend about ‘What is a Woman’ last week, and she was interested in watching it.

Now after reading that rant, she’s back on the fence about the whole issue, and has decided to basically stay out of it.

That’s exactly how these unholy ‘alliances’, and these secret LGBTQ+++ missionaries divide and conquer.

Already in kindergartens in Israel, they are abolishing the ‘Ima and Abba’ of Shabbat for young children, and encouraging the kids to have ‘Abba and Abba’ and ‘Ima and Ima’ of shabbat….

So, if you have kids, if you care, if you are a God-fearing Jew, or at least trying to be – at this point, you can’t ‘stay out of it’.

We are mamash at a cross-roads here, and every person who is willing to talk back to the LGBTQ+++ missionaries can tip the whole balance.


Again, people do whatever people do behind closed doors, and my issue is with the IDEOLOGY, and the missionaries who are trying to push their beliefs on other people.

Most of the people caught in the trap of actually living the LGBTQ+++ life are probably very nice, very miserable and went through an awful lot of trauma and difficulties in their life.

I’ve had a few of them at my table, and I see how much pain they are in emotionally and spiritually, in so many different ways.

They aren’t going through an easy tikkun.


But that doesn’t mean I’m going to turn the whole Torah on its head, just to try and please them.

I fear God, more than I fear being called a dinosaur, bigot or ‘trans-phobe’.

(BTW, is ‘christian-phobe’ a thing, too? How about ‘buddhist-phobe’? Just asking.)


This issue is not going away.

And sooner or later, each person will have to examine their heart, and figure out if they really do fear God – regardless of whether they label themselves ‘orthodox’, or ‘ultra orthodox’, or ‘chassidic’ or whatever.

That’s what all this boils down to.

If you think you can ‘reform’ the Torah, then you don’t fear God the way a sincerely God-fearing Jew should.

And if you think you can do things that are against the Torah in secret – like hurting small children or abusing your spouse – whilst calling yourself ‘chassidic’ or ‘ultra-orthodox’ – then you also don’t fear God the way a sincerely God-fearing Jew should.

God doesn’t care about external labels.

He just wants the heart.


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6 replies
  1. nechama
    nechama says:

    Judge Orders ‘Non-Religious’ YU To Recognize LGBTQ Organization – NEW YORK (JTA) – The New York County Supreme Court ruled that Yeshiva University must recognize a campus LGBTQ pride group. Judge Lynn Kotler directed the Modern Orthodox university to provide the YU Pride Alliance “full equal accommodations, advantages, facilities, and privileges afforded to all other student groups at Yeshiva University.” (vinnews)

    • nechama
      nechama says:

      personally, I would not have them at my table; nor any other inclusion. they represent the “opposite” in all their thoughts and actions. Opposite HKB”H

      • Rivka Levy
        Rivka Levy says:

        That’s true for some – the ‘missionaries’ – but it’s definitely not true for all.

        Some are just very confused, or lonely.

        Some are just being brainwashed to think ‘physical attraction’ is the pinnacle of happiness in life, and the only basis of a relationship.

        And some know 100% it’s not what God wants – and they do have a relationship with God, still – but they are just struggling mightily to overcome their own evil inclination.

        Like most of us…

        Point is, it’s not a homogenous group of people all doing exactly the same things for exactly the same reasons, and there are many in that camp that are kind of ‘stuck’ and looking for a way back to a healthier lifestyle.

        And those people need a lot of compassion.

  2. M
    M says:

    Is homeschooling legal in Israel? That’s what I’m doing over here. It’s clear these folks don’t study Torah, or else they’d know that they’re not bodies. They are souls using the body as a vehicle to accomplish goals while on earth. That they’ve been here dozens of times before in the form of a man and as a woman. That their soul already did the choosing of which gender they are, long before they were “born” again here. They literally already chose their gender. This is just social media brainwashing hysteria they are experiencing. For sure pray for them.

  3. Biniamin
    Biniamin says:

    thanks for the post, my mouth is open, and I feel totally identified, this year I decided to leave a position in the matzot where I earned a little more money to go to another position, since there was a group of people who talked a lot about the LGBT community and tried to convince others that this was normal and healthy. What bothered me the most was that foolishness of trying to touch the subject and not being able to change the subject, I even felt bad because one of the bosses saw it as normal.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Can you tell us where that was happening? Only if it won’t get you in trouble. It’s just good to know which ‘matza bakers’ are really yirat shemayim, and which are really not…


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