I’m still going through that massive, 964 page PDF that documents real people describing real, awful side effects of the Pfizer shots, here in Israel.

You can see that full document for yourself HERE, full link below:



I know most people are too busy, or too overwhelmed, to go through so many pages themselves.

So, I decided to do that job for you, and to skim through and screenshot a few of the more eye-opening comments.

I will post them up below, and then do a few posts with different bite-sized batches, so it’s easier for readers to digest – and also, importantly, to share.

As you’ll see, the real pikuach nefesh here is warning people away from getting any more of these injections.


These comments come from pages 160-222 of the document, if you want to find them in situ.

Let us begin.


This one is really shocking – a 30 year old who died 2 days after the ‘vaccine’, and of course, no-one reported this in our lying MSM, and of course, he also doesn’t appear in the MoH’s fake news ‘Covid vaccines are safe‘ statistical presentation.


This commenter is saying that half the pregnant women she knows lost their baby, after the ‘vaccination’:


This man is talking about the *8* different side effects he got, after the second ‘vaccination’:


More side effects of these shots include convulsions, swollen glands, and also the sudden onset of vertigo and dizziness:


Another really shocking one: A 22 year old woman who died of myocarditis, after the ‘vaccine’:


Tons and tons of cases of ‘shingles’, plus people experiencing excrutiating pain in their head, legs, chests, hearts, plus unexplained shortness of breath:


Here, people are talking about feeling chronically fatigued for weeks, and even months, after these injections, plus more heart failures, as a result of being ‘vaccinated’:


These commentators explain how no-one from the MoH, no doctor, nobody, followed up on their side effects from the “vaccine”, and certainly didn’t register or report them officially:


More shocking reports of young people aged 20-40 suddenly dying, after being vaccinated:


I will stop there, for this post.

But just like the lying media comes back to the same subject again and again and again – I will be returning to the topic of sharing the real stories of these very real victims of the Covid 19 shots, that no-one in the mainstream media is talking about.

Not Arutz 7, not the Jpost, not Ynet, not Yeshiva World News – and also not Hamodia, or Kikar Shabbat, or Mishpacha and Ami magazines….

Why not?

Once people start asking themselves that question, maybe we’ll finally start to get somewhere, with understanding just how many ‘lies’ this world of lies has been built upon.


Don’t forget:

This is a magnified view of just some of the things that are in these DARPA-funded Covid 19 shots, whatever the actual brand is, it’s all the same poison:


When you see this, you start to understand that it’s already an open miracle that MORE people haven’t been severely injured and killed from these ‘Covid 19’ shots, already.

But time is of the essence.

And people need to be warned, about the real dangers involved with taking these injections – and also, encouraged to start detoxing from all the biotoxic graphene nanotech, etc, they contain.

Go HERE and scroll down, for more on how to start detoxing:



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11 replies
  1. Jonathan
    Jonathan says:

    I don’t for you Rivka, but all the people surrounding me don’t want to believe what is happening, no matter how much evidence I provide. My own sister’s husband suffered heart inflammation two days after the shot, but it didn’t stopped people around me to get the third shot and to dismiss everything as fake (including my own wife). I’m feeling like Don Quichotte living with braindead zombies.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      I hear you, Jonathan.

      It’s cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias in massive doses… both are very difficult to overcome.

      People who took the shots are probably very scared, deep down, about what that actually means for their health, and as more evidence piles up, they are going to get more and more agitated and upset – or try to ‘shut it down’ even more.

      The answer is… to pray for them, and also if they are close to you, and you really care about them, to try and do a pidyon nefesh for them, however small, to take off the harsh judgments that are keeping their heart heavy and their eyes shut to what is really going on.

      It’s a spiritual battle, ultimately.

      And it will be won with spiritual weapons.

  2. Daisy Stern
    Daisy Stern says:

    Heartbreaking… how they managed to cover up everything in Israel. Thank G-d in the US the truth is much more obvious to a lot more people; for instance I know a Chabad Rebbetzin who “gets it”, even though the “leaders” of Chabad are part of the corrupt rabbis, she and her family are great; so many people are awake here, want to know more, want to do more. The brainwashing has not gotten to the depth it has in Israel. It is all a matter of language, if you ask me, and also of blind trust in the gov that of course has “the best interest of the people at heart”, “the state is the mother”. Mizrochnik state worship has to stop!

  3. Yakov Butterfield
    Yakov Butterfield says:

    Everything that is on this post has been documented throughout the world since 2019. This is what I have found and posted for the last 2 years.
    Bill Gates and the Rockefeller Foundation “Another Final Solution” http://jerusalemcats.com/bill-gates-and-the-rockefeller-foundation-another-final-solution/
    Wuhan Coronavirus COVID-19 in China 1January2020 http://jerusalemcats.com/wuhan-coronavirus-covid-19-in-china/
    Be Prepared and Stay Healthy 16February2020 http://jerusalemcats.com/be-prepared-and-stay-healthy/
    Coronavirus COVID-19 in Israel 19March2020 http://jerusalemcats.com/coronavirus-covid-19-in-israel/
    Coronavirus COVID-19 in the US 23March2020 http://jerusalemcats.com/coronavirus-covid-19-in-the-us/
    Coronavirus COVID-19 Vaccine: Bill Gates “Another Final Solution” 7December2020 http://jerusalemcats.com/coronavirus-covid-19-vaccine-bill-gates-another-final-solution/
    Truth or Consequences Covid-19 9July2021 http://jerusalemcats.com/truth-or-consequences-covid-19/
    Truth or Consequences Covid-19: The Grim Reaper Edition 28September2021 http://jerusalemcats.com/truth-or-consequences-covid-19-the-grim-reaper-edition/

  4. Elisheva
    Elisheva says:

    I was catching up on my reading of Inyan magazine which comes with Hamodia over Shabbat & in the Succot edition they interviewed 4 American doctors about various issues in American/Jewish hospitals.
    Also discussed was the vaccine. 3 of the doctors were in one way or another associated with hospitals, medical centres & medical teaching facilities & went with the ‘let’s rely on our Gedolim’ message. The last was a family doctor who ended his contribution with:
    ‘And the vaccines are totally & absolutely dangerous. I have patients coming back from vaccines with side effects. They are toxic. Those are the facts.’

    • attn_elisheva
      attn_elisheva says:

      The bottom line which your average frum person doesn’t realize, is that Public Health is the New Church. See, not too long ago, a majority of the world still had the church as their primary motivator. It was their Belief System, thus All Powerful (and ubiquitous all over the world). But ever since all the scandals spilling out in media, and the www, the bad guys had to figure out a new way to ensure Control (the way the Church once did to a much greater degree). In their diabolical “wisdom” they realized that Public Health has the potential to become the New Belief System – the New Church. Their alt. way to maintain their grip on Control.

  5. AnonymousYid
    AnonymousYid says:

    If you’re interested in this topic about safety and effectiveness of the vaccines check out Dr. Robert Malone on Twitter. This guy was one of the creaters of mRNA vaccines and he’s calling out everybody. LOTS of useful information there.

  6. Ploni
    Ploni says:


    Before the Yeshiva world news was born, the founders of that site ran “Israel wire”.

    They ran NOTHING but what was reported by the official Israeli Media. “Israel wire” got a call one day from the government (army censorship office) telling them to stop publishing the news from the radio online because the news was for internal consumption only. ( e.g. not fit for foreign consumption / propaganda)…

    Their only real sin is they were not Embedded in the Government accredited press system. I knew of a Jpost reporter who had a beeper so the Government could direct his attention to news stories / breaking news…

    ALL the sites you mention, MUST cooperate with the Israeli Government OR they get shut down, one way or another.

    Living in Israel is great, but living in Israel with these Butchers is a Holocaust, Get out if you can, this goes for all Benei Yisrael, lest you be swept up with these Toaiva chasing, liars, thieves, and Murderers.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      There are for sure problems here, but those same problems with the media are occurring in every single country.

      And at least here, Hashem has His eyes on Eretz Yisrael 24/7, and the hashgacha pratit here is through the roof.

      Miracles happen way more frequently in Israel than anywhere else… and at this point, ‘relying on miracles’ is kind of our best option, for getting out the mess we find ourselves in.

  7. Levite
    Levite says:

    Also see what people are finding in the so called “Vaccine”:


    Dr. Franc Zalewski ( Polish) found in the Pfizer Vaccine; 3 out of 4 that he sampled in Poland were SALINE, but ONE was not a placebo in fact it had some weird critter in there, and many ova ( eggs)! ( supposedly the “thing” was 75% Carbon and 25% Aluminum). I suppose the reason for the Saline ( besides making more money) is not to kill / maim every Polak at once, but to spread out the pain and suffering, when they have got you dosed 3-4 times the odds a Polish person get “hit” is greater.

    The Pfizer “vax” is called Cominarty. Co Min Art (y) in Latin can be understood as WITH ( co) SMALL ( Min) Craft / Skill / ( Arte).

    Also note the ARTE “suffixed form of root *ar- “to fit together.” Etymologically akin to Latin arma “weapons.”


    So Cominarty = With a small (fit together) craft ( weapon?). They tell you in the name itself, quite occult of them.

    Dr. Carrie Madej in the USA found a similar “creature” in the Moderna “vaccine”. Except this time no saline…that might explain the governments of :


    The lack of mostly saline vials may be why some countries are finding even more problems with Moderna, Sweden, Denmark and Finland are limiting Moderna Use in under 30 year olds. Maybe they know and dont want to sacrifice ALL the young?

    I have read the Israeli Government wants to get Moderna in the future!


    Spread this far and wide, maybe we can save a few more Benai Yisrael and rightious Gentiles too!


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