My daughter showed me this video from Avi Barak.

It totally took my breath away.

Not because he made a great case for ‘why not to vaccinate’ or anything like that.

But because he made a great case for why we need to stop hating each other, and stop falling into the trap being set for us by people who want to ‘divide and conquer’.

It’s only in Hebrew, BH, someone will gird their loins to translate it into English.


Unusually for me, I felt moved to spam this out to a few people in email after I watched it.

(If you were one of them, I apologise…)

It just moved me so much, to see an apparently secular Israeli guy giving a mussar shiur to rival anything I’ve heard for a very long time.

Achdut and respecting the other – and having the courage to stand up for truth and our basic rights and personal freedoms – is how we get out of this mess we are currently in.

Geula is sprouting all over the country right now, in some very unexpected ways.

There are lots of reasons to be optimistic about what happens next.

And with God’s help, I will try to start writing more about that stuff too now, or at least, to include that note of hope in with some of the ‘hard’ things I sometimes put up on the blog.


God loves us!

God can do anything.

He can heal any illness, even those caused by diabolical nanotech.

And they aren’t going to win.

More and more of the beautiful souls – the real Am Yisrael – are starting to speak up and shine their real light into the world.

Those people who know it’s not the outside appearance that matters, but the heart, the soul.

BH, it’s going to be a really good year this year.


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