A couple of people sent me a link to this, so I’m posting it up here, as it’s really important to at least be aware of what’s going on in Israel.

First, you can read more of the background HERE, and below is a snippet about the webinar:

This Sunday evening, there is a zoom meeting on the subject. Details and letter from the Honenu organization, an Israeli Zionist legal aid organization that offers legal assistance to people experiencing difficulty in receiving a fair judicial process, below:

Dear Friends,

Its been almost seven years since Amiram Ben Uliel was arrested, tortured and incarcerated for a crime we know he did not commit.

He is allowed minimal visitors, always with a glass partition between them, and he is being held in solitary confinement , without phone privileges.

Not even a hug for his daughter!

We have scheduled this call to update you about Amiram’s condition and to see what we can do together to improve his plight.


The webinar will take place at:

10:00 a.m. PST

1:00 PM, EST

8:00 p.m. Israel

Experts will discuss the affiar, including:

Prof Ari Zivotofsky, professor of neuroscience, Bar-Ilan University

Honenu Attorney Yitzhak Baum

Rabbi Steven Pruzansky , JD, Rabbi Emeritus of Congregation Bnai Yeshuran, Teaneck, NJ

Please join us. Your participation means so much to Orian, Amiram’s wife who will be joining us on the call.

To register:



It’s honestly so hard to read about what the State of Israel, and the Shabak, is doing to people like Amiram Ben Uliel.

But it paints a stark picture of what has gone so wrong in this country:

Shabak torturing religious Jews to obtain false confessions to serve a political narrative that is ‘anti’ religious Jews?!?!?

I wrote more about Amiram’s plight HERE, and if you can at least register with the webinar to show your support, please do so.

The puppet-politicians here really only care about money and appearances, so if more people start to pay attention to the awful things that have been done to Amiram, and others, that is the best chance of getting this to ‘move’, in addition to praying for Amiram.


The guy has been in prison FOR SEVEN YEARS, based on a false confession the Shabak extracted by torturing him….

There are no words.


And while we’re on the subject of just how rotten and corrupt the State of Israel really is, let me also just mention what’s been going on at Gilboa prison.

Again, you can read more of the background HERE.

The basic story is that the Israeli Prison Service was ‘pimping’ female soldiers in the IDF to Palestinian murderers and terrorists in the maximum security Gilboa prison.

Of course, that was happening against these female soldiers will, it’s not something they agreed to, or signed up for (as if….)

But when they raised a formal complaint, the Israeli Prison Service tried to squash the case and silence them.

As always seems to happen in the State of Israel, when you’re dealing with the real crimes of the people in charge here.


Here’s a snippet of the letter one of the victims wrote, to try to crowdfund to pay her legal costs to get this disgusting scandal out in the open:

“Everyone knows his name, it’s been all over the press, and yet this villain has requested his name be censored.

He knows why, he knows very well what they do in the prisons for rapists,” she added. “I will call him M.A., these are the initials of his name. I wish I had never met him. I wish I had never enlisted to serve as a prison guard. I thought I had strength, that I would contribute to the country, but at the end of my military service, I became the terrorist’s private sex slave.”


I am at the stage now where I would do everything in my power, at this point, to persuade my children out of serving the corrupt State of Israel in any capacity.

Not as Shabak agents who torture religious Jews to extract confessions.

Not as ‘Prison Service’ officials, who send Jewish female soldiers to be raped by Palestinian terrorists in the prisons they control.

And definitely not as police, who abuse children for not wearing masks, organise the mass-murder of pilgrims to Meron, and wink at all the awful pedophilia and exploitation of human beings going on all over the place.


But this problem is not just confined to the army or the police or the Shabak or the government.

The spiritual corruption is literally everywhere a person turns these days.

And God is making it abundantly clear, that a stark choice has to be made, about who we hold hands with, who we support, who we work for, who we really obey.

On so many levels.


So, don’t forget there is a webinar today to show support for Amiram Ben Uliel, in prison for seven years for crimes he didn’t commit, while Palestinian murderers are being sent Jewish soldiers to ‘service them’ in Gilboa prison while no-one bats an eyelid.

Welcome to ‘justice’, Sdom-style.


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6 replies
  1. nechama
    nechama says:

    26 = gematria name of Hashem (the captcha numerical test)
    I know its futile to ask but, “Why do these Israelis allow themselves to be raped?” They need to form into a group and take it to ALL the press; and if need be, flee the country so they won’t be persecuted (or sent to Shamayim) by the govt???
    It’s beyond words what they have done and are doing to Amiram Ben Uliel. It was published how they tortured him and how they framed him and how the crime was perpetrated as revenge by an Arab Clan but the govt. has no shame that everyone knows what they did.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      We live in a government dictatorship, where the press is heavily censored for reasons of ‘national security’ – and so the crimes the State commits against it’s own people are never exposed.

      Even when the journalists themselves and not corrupted and want to spread the truth (which sadly, is rare enough all by itself).

      Also, Amiram was arrested and framed, and not let out of prison since. Until there is the knock at the door framing you for crimes you didn’t commit, how are you meant to know in advance what is going to happen, in order to leave the country?

      But when the small people band together, share information, and start to stand up for people like Amiram – and of course, to pray that God destroys all this terrible evil – that’s when things hopefully do change.

      Re: the soldiers, they are brainwashed from the day they can speak that the State of Israel is holy, and the army is good and just and righteous.

      It sounds like the soldiers initially felt this was ‘wrong’, but that it would be addressed by the army and the Prison Service, and justice would be done.

      It was only later they realised the people who were meant to be protecting them within the army and the Prison Service were the same people who pimped them out. And at that point, they were stuck ‘alone’ against the system in prison, where few people would believe that the ‘holy, righteous IDF’ would ever allow something like this to happen.

      And of course, the media would just carry on with the cover up, as we’ve seen them doing with so many stories…

      The details change, but sadly it’s always the same story. And it’s very hard to find the courage to put your head above the parapet to speak out.

      Look what happened to ‘Soldier X’…

  2. hava
    hava says:

    My captcha test is different. Hope this gets through…

    “We live in a government dictatorship, where the press is heavily censored for reasons of ‘national security’…”

    The missing part is: In the name of ’emergency measures’ that have been in place since 1948. I tripped over this paper a while ago and have linked to it in more than one of my posts. I encourage people to read it, even though it is from 1994, because one can only imagine how much worse it is now than when it was published.


    We need to get rid of this excuse for anything the Israeli government wants to do in order to keep tyrannical control of the Jewish people who live here. The Israeli Prison Service pimping out Jewish female soldiers certainly falls under that category.


    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      V nicely put Hava.

      Maybe, this is the straw to break the camel’s back, even in our jaded generation. Let’s hope so.

    • Daisy
      Daisy says:

      Wow Hava, you nailed it. That’s it; unreal! Thank you for this, great job!

      I signed up. I have known Zangi, the founder of Honenu, for many years; he and his wife are actually kind of friends. I wonder if they will participate too,

      I sent it to a Hebrew-speaking friend in Israel: is this mostly geared to the anglos?

      And thanks to you too, of course, Rivka, for posting it.


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