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As a child growing up in the Eighties, I mainlined a lot of ‘Just Say No To Drugs’ adverts.

Like this one:


And like this one:

(Definitely not shmirat eynayim friendly – but has Mr T and Knight Rider all ‘saying no’ to drugs!)


And then, there was that cool ‘Just Say No’ song, a snippet below:

(Again, not shmirat eynayim friendly)


Remember these lyrics?:

Don’t listen, don’t listen to anyone else

All you got to do is be yourself.

Or these:

You don’t have to be part of the crowd

Just be who you are, and stand up proud


(Oooo, just say no)

Say NO!!!!

(Oooo, just say no.)


Where is Nancy Reagan when you really need her?

Scrub out the word ‘drugs’ and substitute ‘experimental mRNA vaccines that are probably going to totally fry your ovaries out, if they don’t just end up killing you within 3 months’ – and there we have it.


If you’re going to argue that ‘street drugs’ are different from prescription medications, let me tell you this:

Every ‘street drug’ out there got its start in a research lab, and was first ‘tried out’ in a 100% ‘medical’ setting before being ‘pushed’ by ‘doctors’.

That happened with heroin:

Heroin was imported into the United States shortly after it was invented. The sales pitch that created an instant market of American doctors and their morphine-addicted patients was that heroin was a “safe, non-addictive” substitute for morphine. Hence, the heroin addict was born and has been present in American culture ever since.

And with cocaine:

Cocaine was first isolated (extracted from coca leaves) in 1859 by German chemist Albert Niemann. It was not until the 1880s that it started to be popularized in the medical community. Austrian psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, who used the drug himself, was the first to broadly promote cocaine as a tonic to cure depression and sexual impotence.

In 1884, he published an article entitled “Über Coca” (About Coke) which promoted the “benefits” of cocaine, calling it a “magical” substance.


And also with the ‘prescription painkiller fentanyl’ – now apparently one of the USA’s most dangerous (and popular!) street drugs:

Fentanyl is a favored painkiller because it acts fast. But it’s also 80 to 100 times more potent than morphine. The powerful drug has made its way to the streets and increasingly is being used to cut heroin — resulting in a deadly combination.


But of course, totally untested ‘vaccines’ given by people in white coats (who are either being bribed or threatened by big Pharma) – they are the opposite of all these other types of dangerous, damaging drugs.


Because Bill Gates and Netanyahu say so.

Oh, and a bunch of ‘doctors’ and medical researchers say so.

And it’s not as though the medical community ever lies about how ‘safe and effective’ their new drugs are, when they are trying them out on an unsuspecting public….


Except, that happens all the time:

(These examples all come from HERE, I’m sure you can find many, many more if you look.)

In 2004, pharmaceutical company Merck abruptly announced a recall of Vioxx, which was a popular pain medication at the time. After the fact, it was discovered by the FDA that Vioxx significantly increased the risk of heart attack and stroke. By the time Vioxx was pulled from the market, nearly 25 million Americans had taken the drug, and it was tied to almost 40,000 deaths… 

It’s suspected that Merck and the FDA were working together to quiet the health concerns and keep the drug on the market. Fines and class action lawsuits followed, which ended up costing the company more than $5 billion dollars.


In 2012, Pfizer came under scrutiny for deceiving the public by falsely representing a study about an arthritis drug called Celebrex. In the study, Pfizer claimed that Celebrex was safer than other anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen.  The FDA proceeded to warn Pfizer, along with their co-marketers Pharmacia, that their ads were false and misleading.

The company was then forced to pay over $60 million in charges for bribing government officials to approve and prescribe Pfizer products. Bribed government officials included government doctors, hospital administrators, and members of regulatory and purchasing committees in China, Russia, Italy, Bulgaria, Serbia, Kazakhstan, and Croatia. 


Abilify is an antipsychotic medication marketed by Bristol-Myers Squibb. In 2007, BMS had to pay over $515 million in fines because it was discovered that Abilify had been marketed for conditions that it had not actually been approved to treat.

Even worse, the company had sales teams marketing the medication to nursing homes, even though they knew the drug had potentially fatal side effects for the elderly who suffer from dementia.


Anyone out there still trying to tell me we can trust companies like Pfizer – and politicians and medical personnel – to make sure things are ‘safe and effective’ before they try it out on us, the gullible public?


Now, Israel is trying to force 16-18 year olds to get vaccinated so they can sit their matriculation exams.

This is total manipulation and emotional torture.

Lucky for me, my daughter has been on the verge of dropping out of school 50 times over the last 3 years, and while I’m not ‘anti’ her getting a bagrut, I can tell you right now that ‘an education’ is going to be pretty worthless soon, whichever way you cut things.


And even if it isn’t, Israel is used to dealing with drop-out teens.

It has many, many options and avenues for people to have a second chance, educationally.

So, I’m going to recommend to my daughter to drop out now, if she has to, while we wait to see where things go from here.

In a year’s time, it will be much clearer what this vaccine has really been designed to do.

(Assuming this world of lies is still standing by then – highly unlikely!)

If all this blows over by then (haha) – then she will make up her missing exams at that point.

And if not….

Then having a bagrut won’t be worth anything much, anyway.


Just say no to the drug pushers!!!

You don’t have to be part of the crowd

Just be who you are, and stand up proud


(Oooo, just say no)

Say NO!!!!

(Oooo, just say no.)


And btw, they just put this very interesting post up on the ravberland.com site, quoting a shiur the Rav gave a week before he was arrested last year, at the beginning of February. Here’s what the Rav said then:

Hashem is not giving up! He’s not backing down!

He’s is making earthquakes, cities sinking in the ground, and the earth is covering whole cities.

Hashem is not backing down!

He’s sending a slap to China, and after that He’s sending one to Mexico, and after that He’s sending it to India.

Each time, He does it in a different country, but people aren’t connecting these things together.

They don’t understand that they blemished the covenant [a reference to immoral behavior], so they have a germ this is called ‘Corona’.

And we need to stop blemishing the brit, that’s all.


We don’t need serums, we don’t need vaccinations, because still no vaccine helps.

No vaccine has been found.


There you have it.

Mr T and Rabbi Berland, telling us all the same thing.

Moshiach must be very close.



This is an excellent documentary, that really explains what’s going on, but in a non-hysterical way:


WOW – it’s really good!

Covers a lot of ground in a really informative way.

I highly recommend it.


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  1. Hannah
    Hannah says:

    Dear Rivka, great post as always. I have been reading Meguilat Esther on motsei shabbat as Rav Berland asked women to do it. It is all in there. Haman sold the Jews in order to get money like memshala has sold Israel citizens against money.

  2. nonee
    nonee says:

    Shavua Tov to you Rivka and your family.

    I wanted to say this, but as you said no comments, emails, and that you will not post anymore till after Tisha B’Av, and then i saw one comment is there, so here is mine and hope you get to read it..

    I want to wish you a restful and happy holiday.
    I pray that you will enjoy it with your family. You deserve this and so much more. Enjoy a well earned rest. Amen.

    Hashem keep you and yours under H-s protection .Amen and Amen.

  3. Aron
    Aron says:

    Israel needs to be decontaminated from the gods of the egyptians aka the modern secular (read satanic) “west”. Chief among them being the god of “scientific medicine” and as we know our G-d is a Jealous G-d who will not long suffer competitors. The Ohr haChaim writes that the nachash convinced chava that if she ate, G-d’s curse of death would no longer apply to her because she would be “as G-d”, ie have power over life and death, and G-d wouldn’t then have power to kill her. The nachash says: “G-d is playing a trick on you; He wants to keep you ignorant. He knows you will die anyways so He told you the knowledge will kill you, when really the knowledge will save you and make you live forever”. Our G-d is a Jealous G-d who does not long suffer competition.. the nachash says this is a terrible thing.

    The sages may their memory be for us a blessing teach us that healers are given reshus from shomayim to heal, but life and death sickness and health are never ultimately in the hands of basar vdam. In a satanic world that turned its back on G-d and doesn’t believe in anything but a material universe, health and physical survival is “heaven” while sickness and death is “hell”. Whatever the “priests” (“medical experts” and “health officials”) say you have to do to get to “heaven” and escape “hell” is the new “sin” and “virtue”. You’re not allowed to ask questions or use common sense because you’re just one of the little people and you can’t possibly understand such lofty matters that are so over your head unless you went to the priesthood’s special schools etc. This is the same playbook of Babylonian religion that has been relied upon for thousands of years to mind control entire populations. And so many religious Jews are falling for it because unfortunately there is too much of this same tendency of thinking inside our own house.

    Also because we’re expecting idol worship has to come like in the storybooks but it’s not like that.. it’s easy to spot the idols of a society far away removed from you in time and place, but far harder to stop the current idols of the society you actually live in. Rav Avigdor Miller writes that whenever you put trust in something other than Hashem, Hashem will show you that thing to be the opposite of what you expected. A friend of mine works for a modern orthodox school and they made him sign a contract that he won’t drive around with anyone without wearing masks and keeping the windows cracked. I marveled that people living in a society that celebrates itself as the highest level of techincal and scientific achievement can’t come up with anything more sophisticated than “let in the air to blow away the bad spirits”: an etza any medieval peasant could have come up with.

    What we expected to be the height of “progress” is revealed to be the same kind of superstition we laugh at in “inferior” and “primitive” cultures.. about the masks.. it’s a “cargo cult”. When the Americans were fighting world war 2 in the south pacific they built temporary landing strips on random islands full of natives who’d never yet been contacted by outside world. They thought the americans were gods and after the war they still worshipped the “cargo” they left behind and built model airplanes out of rocks and branches and served them. The idea is.. people see doctors and nurses wearing masks so then when everyone is scared of disease they think the same kind of mask is a talisman against the feared thing. And whoever doesn’t wear one is therefore not “protected”. This is very very primitive stuff. Needless to say the modern european nations did not explore and colonize the world from this low spiritual level.. this is all a humiliation.

    Whoever refuses to participate in the avodah zarah, Hashem will protect him. No one actually has the power to make your parnassah or survival dependent on being ovdei avodah zarah bc the world and everything in it and our all needs is all to Hashem and Hashem commands us not to worship idols to the point of mesiras nefesh. But so too.. whoever takes the vaccines there is no telling what will happen to him bc it’s all invisible so Hashem can make whatever He wants out of a vaccine without resorting to any open miracles.

    Hashem made this happen because He wants to shake the spiritual foundations of the satanic “western” global empire and humiliate its gods and all who trust in them. That’s why the zionists are getting hit the hardest. Zionists have always tried hard to be more “western” than the “west”.. (just like the misyavnim were more greek than greece) they are truly “chassidish” about it.. real fanatics.. zionism is nothing but a “cargo cult”. The fetishization of every garbage idea and trend coming out of america and europe knows no bounds. Ben gurion thought the religious people would fade away but the exact opposite occured. Zionists know their days are numbered. The real “demographic time bomb” was never arabs but religious Jews. What makes Israel different is in chol we also have secular Jews but they are not organized into a real life government with guns and police and jails and the power to give us fines and invade our privacy dafka because we are G-d fearing and not buying into their avodah zarah.

    Whatever you put your trust in Hashem shows you it’s really the opposite.. we expected salvation in the zionists but now they’ve shown themselves for what they truly are.. devil-worshipping thugs who are enforcing their avodah zarah inside the Holy Land at the point of a gun. They figured out that not enough people were drinking the kool aid willingly and the ones who did aren’t having enough kids or are leaving the country.

    Many many Jews in Israel want to stop the defilement of G-d’s Holy Land but when that happens, in political terms Israel becomes another Jordan or Iraq.. a “boring” , “stupid”, “backward” Middle Eastern “hellhole” full of “religious extremists”… if there’s no nightclubs and universities and uncensored media etc then there’s no “startup nation” either. Billions and billions of dollars of “legitimate” and black market business are moving through Israel on account of its “friendly regime”..

  4. Yosef from the Galil
    Yosef from the Galil says:

    Hello —
    I agree that the bagriot are not that important. I even heard (anecdotal) that there are many each year that never get all their points anyway. However, I hesitate to take the position that it will all disappear soon and it therefore doesn’t matter. That feels too much like those who say Moshaich is coming so I will now quit my job, sell everything I own and go greet him.

    Life will still go on….

    re: Vaxx – Has Rav Berland said anything about it yet?


    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      I wasn’t saying it’s for sure going to disappear soon. I’m saying that ‘normal’ HAS ALREADY DISAPPEARED, and that this is the reality here and now that we have to deal with.

      The analogy is more the cafe owner who can’t open their store for the last 8 months, and now has to think of ‘plan B’, instead of hoping that they can just get a shot and go back to ‘normal’. That’s the reality….

      The Rav said this:



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