It’s hard to hang on at the moment.

Here in Israel, they are trying to take our minds off the State-sponsored murder of 45 people at Meron – and its subsequent cover up – by trying to start another war with the Arabs, this time focused on Har HaBayit and the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.

I live a 15 minute walk from Har HaBayit, and on Friday night I headed down there with one of my kids, to go and remind myself that Am Yisrael Chai v’kayam!!!

The whole walk down the ‘Derech HaShalom’ road was creepy.


I literally didn’t see another person, or even another car, until I got to the bottom of the Mount Zion carpark entrance, where there were two Border Police standing.

These days, I find it very hard to relate to the police with anything but suspicion and dislike, and it’s a struggle for me to keep that out of my face, so I turned away from them and walked down the steps, behind the bus stops at the Dung Gate, to the entrance in the wall just before it.

Baruch Hashem, there were relatively a lot of people at the Kotel, still, and for the first time in a year, I could approach the wall with no barriers, no ‘corona stewards’, no time limits on how long I was allowed to stand there.


I stayed five minutes, then turned around to come home.

I got to the pedestrian entrance next to the main Dung Gate, where the cars and buses drive out, to find that in the meantime, someone had blocked it up with a police-issue double gate.

I stared at it, totally perplexed, for a few seconds.

Ima, this is starting to be a bit creepy, my daughter stage-whispered to me.

How did they get this gate up so fast? And why are they blocking the exit?

I didn’t know the answer to either of those questions.

In the meantime, I took the opportunity – with my daughter – to see close up how these police double-gates work, and how they are impossible to ‘tip over’ when interlocked, and how you can only try to kind of move the standing gate forward or backwards, with a lot of pressure.

I came home with the idea I had to look into the gates at Meron a little closer.


Mount Zion carpark was also now blocked off, with lots of red police tape.

There was just a very strange feeling in the air, and I turned and said to my daughter:

I hope they aren’t going to try and pull another ‘false flag’ stunt here tonight.


The last few weeks, (months…. years….. decades…..) we’ve been bombarded by one manufactured, pre-meditated ‘crisis’ after another.

Remember the manufactured ‘Tik Tok Intifada, from a couple of weeks ago?

That didn’t take off as planned, and mushroom into a full-on war between Jews and Arabs in Israel, so then the government had to go back to the drawing board, to try to figure out something else.

Then we had more ‘manufactured panic’ about Iran and it’s nuclear weapon, with lots more sabre-rattling on both sides.

Then, we had the pre-meditated murder at Meron, which was meant to have been WAY WORSE then it actually turned out, thanks to some enormous miracles that prevented the bleachers that were held up with just one screw in the Toldos Aharon complex from collapsing.

If that had happened as planned, no-one would even have known that the only exit out had been deliberately blocked by the police.

And the Jewish religious world both in Israel and abroad would have been dealt an unspeakably heavy blow that would have taken at least a generation to recover from.


Immediately afterwards, there was the ‘manufactured-to-order’ terrorist attack up in the Tapuach junction, that killed one young man and seriously injured two others.

But still, the ‘crisis’ didn’t ignite properly, to enable our dear leader to continue his dictatorship indefinitely, under the banner of a ‘serious security crisis’ that would sweep all such pesky details as not having a mandate to govern under the rug.

So now – we are back to the tried-and-tested formula of ‘violence on the Temple Mount’ and ‘rockets from Gaza’.


It’s taken me years and years to realise this, but now it’s so obvious:

All of these things, all of these ‘crises’ and ‘wars’ and ‘conflicts’ and ‘disasters’ – they are all being planned and executed by exactly the same people.

Our leaders and politicians are just puppets, and the real power lies behind them.

And that ‘real power’ is the one who sets one people against another, and who invents mythical ‘Covid 19’ pandemics, and who orders rockets to be fired from Gaza, and airstrikes to be made in Syria, and Arabs to start rioting on the Temple Mount.

And Jews to be killed en masse, in Meron.


I was discussing all this fake news, all this ‘manipulated reality’ with one of my friends, who like me, is finding it hard to hang on sometimes.

So much apathy… so much yeoush… so many lies being told, so little it seems we can do, to really fight against ‘the powers that be’ that have all the money, the connections, the clout.

When she told me this:

Rivka, I was reading the story of someone who was being crushed to death in Meron, and who almost gave up. He said later that he had a friend there on the wall, who was dripping water on to his head and telling him:

Just hang for one more minute! In one more minute, this will all be over! Just hang on one more minute!

And that’s what got him through.

And that’s what is going to get us through, too.


I’m also here, trying to hang on one more minute, as the air around me fills with more police sirens and more ‘manufactured violence’ again.

After this Covid-19 year, after Meron, after all the other stuff we’ve all been going through, it’s very hard to keep going some days.

Some days, I just want to stop the world and get off, and go and find some quiet corner where I can just sit and wait out the rest of these ‘birth pangs of Moshiach’.

But then, I remind myself:

Just one minute.

Just hang on for one more minute, don’t give up.

Because salvation from all this evil is so very close.

And it comes in the blink of an eye.


PS: I found video of the actor who was at Meron, whose ‘director’ asked me to hold his tripod while I was praying there last week.

It’s probably the worst acting I’ve seen in a very long time, honestly, and shortly after this clip at the ramp is when all those arguments started up.

When you watch this, you’ll see why.

As Rav Pinto said months ago, all the ‘news’ is bought and paid for.



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5 replies
  1. Shimshon
    Shimshon says:

    That video is nauseating. I don’t buy it.

    It has been documented over and over in America how so-called “crisis actors” are used (even the same ones, repeatedly) in all sorts of staged events, so I can believe such is being employed here.

    The woman who played George Floyd’s elementary school teacher last year with the improbable name “Waynel Sexton” (an*l s*x?! they love this stuff.) with the equally improbably-saved drawings and remembered story of a young George from decades prior was found acting in other staged events.

    Entire wars like the Vietnam war, with millions of real deaths and unimaginable destruction, were false-flagged into reality and stage-managed by a hidden but known-to-exist elite who treat humanity like playthings.

    Enduring through it all, for no reason that makes sense, the Antarctica Treaty of 1959 (to protect some penguins?!) which America, Russia, and all sorts of odd partners have strictly adhered to in spite of all the supposed conflict, gives lie to the idea that the Cold War and everything around it was real in any way.

    Why? Because Antarctica is the key that reveals the Torah’s account of creation is both 100% true and 100% literal. When Hashem turns on the light from the first day, which does exist and will happen, just as described in Chagiga 12a and on, evil will be destroyed.

    We are incapable of fighting this evil. I doubt 10% of humanity (or even a similar percentage of Torah-believing Jews) could even be convinced that it exists. When pointed out even in the literate and clear manner you use, obvious patterns to you and me are just so many coincidences to them. Hashem knows this. Therefore, he doesn’t expect us to fight it, but only to overcome the yetzer within each of us, as that is all we can do. He created evil. Therefore only He can destroy it.

    For many reasons I believe that moment is very, very soon.

    “Just hang on for one more minute, don’t give up.”

  2. ☺️Elisheva
    ☺️Elisheva says:

    Rivka, I completely see where you’re coming from on on Merom, there are lots of questions & quite a lot of passing the buck going on.
    On the other hand I feel you’re missing some ‘non Israeli government’ going on. Firstly the PA election fiasco which has led to Hamas & Fatah (in all it’s versions) trying to prove that they are more zealous in attacking Israel, my ‘freedom fighters’ are more ‘patriotic’ than yours. Hence the various shootings & stabbings & general disorder in the Palestinian street.
    Secondly the PA Arabs have been invigorated by the Biden administration’s return to funding the PA & general withdrawal from Israel demonstrated by the personnel chosen by the Administration. There is money flowing in again for terrorism. In addition the EU & Britain feel that they can now return to their policy of antagonism to Israel which embolden PA Arabs

  3. Neshama
    Neshama says:

    A very staged and hollywood type of vid. What exactly did he mean by “ In one more minute, this will all be over!” What is the “this”? What did he know?

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      There are different witnesses who said police were threatening them and hinting at ‘something that was going to happen’ to the Jews the whole day before the crush happened in Meron.


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