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Jonathan Eybshutz: The original sin

Back in November 2020, I had a very interesting email exchange with someone I’m close to in the chareidi world.

It was about Jonathan Eybshutz.

The person I was corresponding with had got wind that I was starting to research the Eybshutz / Emden ‘controversy’, as part of my initial attempts to figure out who and what were behind the ongoing persecution of Rav Berland, which at that time was heating up again.

And he made a very big effort to get me to put my energies elsewhere.

(Let me just make clear that I had and still have tremendous respect for this person, he’s mamash a very sincere oved Hashem, with much better middot than me…. Obviously.)


His main arguments were (paraphrased, to keep his anonymity, but I have the emails in front of me as I type):

  • There are ‘written witness statements’ who from people who claimed they falsely testified to R’ Yaakov Emden about Jonathan Eybshutz, except these statements somehow only surfaced five years after Eybshutz died, in 1764.
  • Eybshutz put out a whole book called ‘Luchot HaEidut’, which brought letters from a number of the ‘big rabbis’ of his day, defending him against the charge of being a ‘secret Sabbatean’.
  • When Eybshutz’s son,Wolf’, declared himself a messiah and apparently came out as a ‘Frankist’, Eybshutz was actually very upset about that (even though he continued to pay for this son, and to smooth the path for him in a million other ways….)
  • There’s a story that 8 years after Eybshutz died, he came to this renegade Frankist son in a dream, and told him to make teshuva – and of course, the son did! (So the story goes.)
  • Any ‘Shabatean influence’ that Eybshutz may have picked up was in the category of ‘eating the pips and throwing away the rind’, i.e. he was ‘elevating it’ in a kosher way.
  • The people who have written the bad things about Eybshutz are all ‘maskilim’, who were busy persecuting ‘true tzaddikim’ to serve their own ends.
  • Jonathan Eybshutz is mentioned in the sefer ‘Shmot HaTzaddikim‘, put together by R’ Natan of Breslov, so of course he must be a tzaddik.


At this point in the process, I have to admit to feeling really confused about what was going on.

What’s more, my friend sent my doubts to his ‘friend’ who had researched the issue, and even put out a pamphlet about it exonerating Eybshutz – who responded with the type of email I usually get from seasoned gangstalkers. It was pretty shocking.

It was the tone of that email that actually galvanised me to dig into this story a little deeper.

Because when you start disturbing the psychos, that’s probably the clearest sign you can get that you are on to something important.


So, I went back and started checking a few things out.

The first thing I noticed is that ‘Jonathan Eybshutz’ was only added to the Breslov Book of Names of the Tzaddikim as an addendum, long after R’ Natan had written the original version.

After we saw what happened with Rabbenu’s words being skewed to say ‘people should vaccinate’ – when he never even mentioned vaccines at all – we understand that some parts of the Breslov masoret have also been corrupted by the Sabbatean-Frankist-Freemasons in our midst.


I went back to my friend to tell him this, and the next thing he emailed me was a story he’d heard personally, from a rabbi of his in New York, about what happened to a guy who decided he was going to start reprinting Yaakov Emden’s book.

Apparently, he had a dream ‘from Heaven’ warning him not to do it, and then the day the printing was meant to start, he died.

That was quite off-putting, I have to say.

And that whole big book containing statements by ‘big rabbis’ exonerating Jonathan Eybshutz was pretty hard to explain away, at that point.

And every time I even so much as started to question the innocence of ‘Jonathan Eybshutz’ on my blog, I’d spark off a flood of emails telling me you’re wrong!!! Totally wrong!!! The guy is a huge tzaddik!!!

So I kind of gave up for a while, and shifted my focus elsewhere.


In the 17 months since that conversation, so much has happened, and so much that was hidden has now been revealed.

After yesterday’s post, I finally feel it’s time to revisit the real story of what happened with Jonathan Eybshutz, and to stack up the evidence for who this guy really was, and the enormous damage he did then – and continues to do now – to orthodox Judaism and the authentic Jewish community.


Let’s begin.


The first thing to state is that Jonathan Eybshutz’s ancestry places him very firmly in the camp of those ‘interesting people’ who seem to have had ‘Sabian Jewish-Gnostic’ tendencies, for centuries.

One of the most important things we learned over the last two years is that ‘Shabtai Tzvi’ was just one of the more successful ‘false messiahs’ this group of pretend Jews and pretend xtians have repeatedly dangled before the eyes of the orthodox Jewish community.


Eybshutz’s great-grandfather (1585–1633) was Rabbi Nathan Neta Shapira, III, aka the “Megaleh Amukoth”.

To keep this as easy to read as possible, I’m going to use bullet points as much as possible, and keep the snippets brief. These bullet points are based on the entry for the Megaleh Amukoth on the YIVO website, HERE.

  • He was a noted kabbalist, and was schooled in the kabbalistic tradition of Yisrael Sarug. (Yisrael Sarug reportedly stole the Ari’s kabbalist writings from the grave of his main student, Chaim Vital, and disseminated a warped version of the Ari’s kabbalah that all the ‘interesting people’ seem to have been studying.)
  • He “drew a great deal from Christianity, and even revived various elements of the Jewish-Christian tradition that are found in midrashic literature.”
  • Spira was of the opinion that the “Christian messiah was the opposite of the true messiah, and the Christian religion was a satanic version of the true faith.” While this sounds like a standard belief for an orthodox Rabbi to have, it’s also important to note that Sabian Jewish-xtian gnostics also see Yoshki as an interloper, or ‘rival messiah’ to John the Baptist (amongst others.)

Here’s a snippet of what I really want you to focus on:

Spira’s name was linked to a putative Sabbatian sect, involving Jews and Lutherans, that was connected to Yonatan Eybeschütz. Although the sect was established in the 1720s, its writings claimed Spira to be its founder, and maintained that he had received a divine revelation calling upon him to adopt the Christian faith.”


The Megaleh Amukot died in 1633, a full 32 years before the disaster of Shabtai Tzvi started to unfurl in the Jewish world.

Secular scholars are baffled by his links to the ‘Jewish-Christian’ world, that apparently pre-dates Shabtai Tzvi by three decades.

But, all this fits the ‘Sabian Jewish-Xtian-Gnostic’ thesis perfectly, where we posited that for at least two millenia, and probably closer to 3, 333 years, a group of ‘pretend Jews’ have been trying to subvert Judaism from within. And that these people externally look exactly the same as ‘authentic Jews’, and even have fabulous yichus.

(Especially as they have repeatedly muscled their way to the top of the Jewish community, particularly where there was money, influence or prestige to be had.)


What is this mysterious “putative Sabbatian sect, involving Jews and Lutherans” that Jonathan Eybshutz was part of, long before the amulets controversy?

I have no idea. Apart from this one mention, it seems to have been scrubbed out of Jewish history.

As I keep saying, they are lying about pretty much everything, when it comes to Jewish history of the last 400 years. But never mind, because we have plenty other information to go on, in the meantime.


Now, let’s skip over to Marvin Antelman’s ‘To Eliminate the Opiate Volume 2’, (which you can read HERE), where we learn the following:

Eibeschutz was born in 1690, and lost his father in his youth. When Eibeschutz grew older, his mother sent him to Prossnitz to study in the Yeshiva of Rabbi Meir Eisenstadt, a secret Sabbatian sympathizer.

It was here that he studied under the tutelage of Judah Leib Prossnitz, who initiated him into Sabbatianism.[Sheindel Zunz] the mother of the now fatherless Jonathan Eibeschutz, who sent her son knowingly into Sabbatian studies, was a member of the Schiff family.

Professor Judah Leibes in his book, Sabbatian Secrets (in Hebrew) citing Rabbi-Professor S.Z. Leiman, quotes a document (p. 214) which states Eibeschutz’s family had him secretly baptized by a Christian cleric named Maysinger on the day of his circumcision


Let’s sum this bit up:

Jonathan Eybshutz descends from a long line of ‘interesting people’ who are nearly always found at the juncture between Judaism and xtianity, learns at openly Sabbatian yeshivas, and is recorded by reputable historians as undergoing baptism, when he was 8 days old.

Does this sound like ‘tzaddik material’ to you?


OK, so a person is definitely NOT their yichus.

Everyone can make teshuva, for sure. So now, let’s turn to the question of what this man actually did, in his own life.

First, let’s get the subject of the amulets out the way.


What I was taught about the Emden / Eybshutz controversy is that it was basically just a clash of personalites, a storm in a teacup about whether Eybshutz was a ‘secret Sabbatian’, which was always portrayed as no big deal, really, either way.

A few years ago, original copies of these amulets – drawn in the star of David, a favorite symbol of the Sabbatians – appeared out of the state archives in Metz, and were examined by historians including Sid Leiman.

The historians came to the conclusion that Eybshutz’s amulets were unmistakably ‘Sabbatean’.

But that’s really just a sideshow.


What Yaakov Emden really accused Eybshutz of, was the terrible crime of committing incest with his daughter.

Sabbatean-Frankists were routinely doing this, at this stage, as part of their ‘religious’ beliefs:

Eybeschutz – who, besides his work as a city rabbi and rosh yeshiva also worked as a trial lawyer and customs agent – was accused by another great rabbi of his day, Yaakov Emden, of being a closet follower of the false messiah Shabatai Tzvi….

Emden also accused Eybeschutz of having incestuous s*x with his own daughter, something followers the false messiah were rumored to do for kabbalistic reasons.


We don’t know this information, we never hear about this, because Yaakov Emden’s books are nearly all out of print.

And whoever dares to think about republishing them is told all these ‘scare stories’ by the Frankist-Freemasons in our midst, to scare them off.

As a result, so many of the pertinent details and information that would change the whole picture for many of us, are simply unknown and surpressed.

Do we really think that a person of the calibre of Yaakov Emden would make up awful slander like this about another rabbi?

Especially, when that ‘rabbi’ and his followers were violent thugs who were known for their bullying tactics and physical and political intimidation of opponents?


If you go HERE, you’ll find a very interesting recent post on the Kotzk blog, entitled:


That post is a precis of some research by history professor Professor Pawel Maciejko, who is one of the few people who seems to be trying to unravel more of the historical onion enwrapping Eybshutz and the Frankist-Freemasons in our midst.


Maciejko took a closer look at a famous Sabbatian book that Eybshutz was always the main suspect, for who wrote it, called:


The literal translation of this title is:  “I shall approach the eye today”.

We all know how these Frankist-Freemasons like all their ‘eye’ symbolism, the reminder of Bilaam, the original guy who knew how to commune with Hashem via black magic arts and intimate connections with his donkey…


I highly recommend you go and read the whole post on the Kotzk blog, which is written very tzniusly, given the subject matter.

The upshot is this:

  • Va avo hayom el ha’ayin is a rabbinic-styled work of kabbalah-pornography, that shocked everyone who read it to their core.
  • It advocates a Gnostic-Sabbatean theology that claims to be rooted in a ‘higher Torah’ that negates the Torah of Moshe, the Torah of authentic Judaism.
  • It uses a lot of ‘double-language’ and innuendo to suggest (based on Genesis verse 2, that describes Adam and Eve’s lack of shame before the fall) that things like incest and other forbidden relationships are not only OK to engage in – they are a positive mitzvah, and how you rectify the world.
  • Jonathan Eybshutz wrote this disgusting book.


So, let’s sum up as we go along.

  1. Jonathan Eybshutz comes from a line of ‘Jewish Demon Torah Scholars’ who appear to have mysterious links with Sabian-Jewish-Gnostics who ‘infiltrated’ the Jewish community who knows how long ago.
  2. His great-grandfather, the Megaleh Amukot, may have recieved a ‘divine revelation’ telling him to become a xtian.
  3. His mother is a Schiff – part of that infamous nexus of Frankist-Freemasons who bankrolled the Bolsheviks; bankrolled Hitler, and almost certainly also bankrolled the creation of the Frankist State of Israel, too.
  4. Credible historians with no axe to grind report that Eybshutz was baptised as a Lutheran on the day of his circumcision.
  5. He learns at the yeshiva of a known Sabbatean – Meir Eisenstadt, the Meir Panim, whose brother Mordechai is a famous Sabbatean-Moshiach-wannabe.
  6. His main teacher at that yeshiva is another known Sabbatean, Yehuda Leib Prossnitz, who publically confesses in the Prossnitz synagogue to sacrificing ‘to the devil and demons’, before he is forced into exile.
  7. He has some weird connection with a ‘putative Sabbatean sect involving Jews and Lutherans’ in his twenties, based around the writings of that selfsame great-granddad, the Megaleh Amukot – and the sect’s writings state the Megaleh Amukot had a ‘divine revelation’ telling him to convert to xtianity, many decades before Shabtai Tzvi even appears on the scene.
  8. As a young man, Eybshutz is caught writing a book advocating incest and engaging in other forbidden relationships.
  9. Rabbi Yaakov Emden actually publically accuses Eybshutz of engaging in incest with his own daughter – but that information is totally hidden from the Jewish world today, and we’re told that the whole fuss was only about some amulets he wrote.


The main chiddush of Jonathan Eybshutz, tho, was his barefaced hypocrisy.

When they were gearing up to excommunicate Eybshutz back in the 1720s, for his connections to that Sabbatean-Lutheran group, and for secretly authoring the incest-pushing Va avo hayom el ha’ayin, Eybshutz pulled a remarkable stunt, by publically and frequently denouncing the Sabbatean movement.

And that threw so many people into confusion, because if someone is publically calling those Sabbateans out, he really can’t be one himself?!?!?

Can he?

This became a standard ploy of those two-faced Sabbatean-Frankists, who became increasingly skilled at deliberately ‘running confusion’ around what was going on with them, and their true beliefs and actions.

In one world – Torah-learning angels.

And in another world – Black-magic performing demon-worshippers.


I just want to bring two more snippets from the previous blog post HERE, that refer to Eybshutz.

First, this:

In the latter city [Hamburg], the “Asiatics” drew on the Sabbatian teachings of Rabbi Jonathon Eibeschutz, who had earlier maintained a mysterious relation with Elias Artista (Johannes Muller), the Rosicrucian patron of Swedenborg in Hamburg.


That whole ‘Elias Artista’ connection is also really disturbing.

Take a look at THIS:


The advent of the modern age brought with it a widespread belief amongst physicians and chemists, particularly in Germany, that God in a not too distant future would be sending a person, capable of revealing all nature’s secrets to humanity, that person being Elias Artista.

His disclosures were to coincide directly with the end of this iniquitous world and the beginning of a messianic age (a golden world or the millenium).


And here is a snippet of the letter written from the Sabbatean follower of Chaim Samuel Falk, aka the Golden Dawn’s Dr Falckon:

Afterwards, [Falk] commanded this Moshe and another member of this holy Chevra, Rabbi Yaakov, grandson of R. Meir Eisenstadt (author of Panim Meiros), and they each lit a large candle. Then he commanded that the group enter barefooted into his room, and behold, we saw the holy man sitting on a throne, dressed like an angel…

The godly Kabbalist Rabbi Moshe David [Meisels], known as Rabbi Moshe Ba’al Shem, wrote a letter to our master Rabbi Jonathan Eybeschutz, the famous Chief Rabbi of Hamburg, and told him all these great things and wonders regarding this holy man (=Falk). So R. Yonasan applied to him the words from the Tikkunim, that Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai said, זכאה דרא דהאי רזי עיתגלי ביה, “This generation is fortunate to have such mysteries revealed.”


Again, notice that connection to the ‘Eisenstadt’ family, as well as to Jonathan Eybshutz, who is actively praising a man who was almost burned at the stake for practising sorcery and engaging in incest and open immorality.


How did Eybshutz get away with mamash subverting the Jewish community from within – and so thorougly, that it’s still happening today, with yeshivas all over the world still learning his other works on a regular basis?

There were a few contributing factors:

  1. He was a brilliant Torah scholar.

Rabbenu, Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, goes to great lengths to warn us about Jewish Demon Torah Scholars, in Likutey Moharan, I:12. But even today, so many of us have trouble understanding that just learning Torah doesn’t make someone a tzaddik.

The Torah – and particularly the more esoteric and hidden mysteries of the kabbalah – is ‘a potion of life AND a potion of death’.

People with bad middot learn the kabbalah, and then conceptualise things in a totally destructive way, including ‘personifying God’ in ways that should never even be dreamed of.

The phenomenon of ‘Jewish Demon Torah Scholars’ is still going on today.


2. He was very well connected.

His own family, and his wife’s family, were connected to a whole bunch of rich and powerful movers and shakers in Prague and elsewhere. Some of them were Jewish, but Eybshutz was also deeply connected to leading figures in the xtian establishment, in ways we are still trying to figure out.

All of these people put pressure on Eybshutz’s accusers to back down.

For example, when the Pnei Yehoshua, R’ Jacob Joshua Falk (1680-1756), excommunicated Eybschutz in 1752, he had his rabbinical contract terminated and was summarily run out of town, by Eybshutz’s Sabbatean followers, including Veitel Haim Ephraim.


3. Many of the leading rabbis of that time were also ‘secret Sabbateans’.

And so many of those ‘Sabbatean rabbis’ are the ones we are still being taught were tremendous paragons of virtue today, because their descendants and acolytes basically took over the whole Jewish world.

The ‘winners write history’ – so you can see, that anyone who was on Eybshutz’s side is lauded, in our history books, and anyone who wasn’t is marginalised and ignored.

Again, let’s put it out there, that once you know what Eybshutz was actually being accused of, and once you understand the weight of the evidence against him, and just how serious the situation really was, how could any ‘non-Sabbatean’ rabbi have supported him?

(To see the calibre of the people we are talking about, take a look at that book of rabbis who openly wrote in support of Eybshutz, in the Luchot Ha Eidot, mentioned above.)


4. His followers were violent, amoral thugs.

Again, there is nothing new under the sun. These people have always used violence and intimidation to cover their tracks and get away with murder. The people who opposed Eybshutz often found their livelihoods cut off, were ostracised by the community, threatened, and even feared for their lives.

This was the case with both R’ Emden and with the Pnei Yehoshua, who both fell afoul of Eybshutz’s bank of proto-Freemason-Frankist supporters in the Jewish world.


5. His followers and relatives ‘muddied the trail’ by spreading fake stories and censoring history.

This snippet comes from To Eliminate the Opiate Vol. 2, p 26:

[W]hen the evidence continued to mount as to Jonathan Eibeschutz’s complicity with the Sabbatians, and Eibeschutz was on the verge of publicly proclaiming his Sabbatian affiliation and flouting it in the face of the European Jewish community, Rabbi Jacob Emden informs us in his autobiography, Megilat Sefer, that extreme pressure was applied by the Altona-Hamburg Sabbatians against Eibeschutz not to reveal his affiliation.

The purpose of this was to create a shadow of a doubt in the minds of many Rabbis, which was subsequently exploited by a barrage of Sabbatian propaganda that Eibeschutz was innocent.

Man, did that ever work.


The last thing to say, is that I’m not convinced – at all! – that we’ve bottomed out the full story with Jonathan Eybshutz, and his Freemason-Frankist descendents, yet.

While I was researching this, I went back and started looking more closely at his son, ‘Wolf’, the guy who is meant to have been a Frankist, self-proclaimed ‘Moshiach’, but then who apparently made teshuva at the end of his life.

So much is hidden about him, so much is concealed….

I had to go to German Wikipedia just to get more of a basic feel for who he really was, HERE.


Here’s a snippet (Google translated from German):

With his father, he moved to Metz, and Altona. As a teenager, he came to Vienna, fell into bad company and began to lead an adventurous life. 

In Turkish clothes he traveled around for 15 years in Hungary, Podolia , and Moravia. He claimed to have prophetic visions, and played the role of a Messiah, which he knew to gain a following

Several times he met with the Sabbatian Jacob Frank

In Moravia, he made friends with the Dobruschka family, the followers of Jacob Frank in stock. He also met with the followers of the sect leader Berukhiah Russo (aka Osman Baba, 1677-1720), whose daughter, or granddaughter, he took to wife. 

He competed with Jacob Frank to the leadership position of the Podolian and Moravian Sabbatians.


The genealogy for the Eybshutzs is such a deliberate mess, I’m still trying to unpick it all.

But I read the above, and it struck me that ‘Wolf Eybshutz’ and ‘Jacob Frank’ seemed to have been doing very similar things, at exactly the same time, with exactly the same people.

So now, I’m taking a renewed look at the warps in the family trees for both, to see if I can spot the aliases and distortions that could make a ‘Wolf Eybshutz’ into a ‘Jacob Frank’.


There’s already some weird links.

For example, Eybshutz had a daughter called ‘Schondl Eybshutz’ who married one David Ullmann – and that information has been completely scrubbed from the history books.

It’s at least possible that ‘Schondl Eybshutz’ = Schondl Dobrushka of Brnn.

Emden characterised Schondly Dobrushka as the ‘great whore of Brnn’, and ‘conventional history’ tells us she was the leading Sabbatian in Moravia and Jacob Frank’s ‘maternal cousin’.

That seems to be a lie.


Conventional history also tells us that Schondl Dobrushka’s son, Moses Dobruska / Junius Frey was the nephew of Jacob Frank, and offered the leadership of the movement after he died.

And that Moses Dobruska is the grandson of Jonathan Eybshutz himself.

I’ve been knocking my head against this information for two years, trying to figure it out, but, if Wolf Eybshutz = Jacob Frank….

That resolves the difficulty.


The rot in our Jewish communities, in our ‘orthodox’ Jewish communities, started a long, long time ago.

250 years ago, the rabbis and authentic Jews chose to try and ignore and minimise the problem of the Sabbatean-Frankists in their midst – and these people went on to totally corrupt our community and values from within and without.

There is nothing new under the sun.

That test seems to be rolling around again.

And this time, I hope we are going to pick the moral course of action, and not let someone’s yichus, Torah learning or impressive following stop us from calling a spade a spade – and uprooting the pedophilia, abuse, immorality and evil from our midst, once and for all.


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45 replies
    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      The ‘Jews’ we are talking about here dipped in and out of non-Jewish society as it suited them.

      They were connected by secret societies, vested interests – and as I keep saying, I think that many of these people were Jewish-Gnostic Sabians, who just kind of ‘attached themselves’ to the real Jews and made sure they were in positions of power down the ages.

      If you look, it’s the same very small group of people who just marry each other over and over again.

      • האיש
        האיש says:

        “His mother is a Schiff – part of that infamous nexus of Frankist-Freemasons who bankrolled the Bolsheviks; bankrolled Hitler, and almost certainly also bankrolled the creation of the Frankist State of Israel, too.”


      • האיש
        האיש says:

        The status of any Freemason can be identified by his degree, which represents the steps he has taken from the lower ranks up to the highest degree of Freemason knowledge.

        SNIPET: Freemason secrets allegedly lurk behind everything from the planning of our nation’s capital to murder. Members of the enigmatic Masonic brotherhood include prominent politicians, Founding Fathers and titans of business. In modern times, Masons are known for donating millions to charity. But who are the Freemasons and what do they stand for? Is there really a secret Freemason handshake? Here are seven things you may not know about Freemasons.

        SNIPET:Freemasonry, the teachings and practices of the fraternal (men-only) order of Free and Accepted Masons, the largest worldwide secret society—an oath-bound society, often devoted to fellowship, moral discipline, and mutual assistance, that conceals at least some of its rituals, customs, or activities from the public (secret societies do not necessarily conceal their membership or existence).

  1. האיש
    האיש says:

    “Jonathan Eibeschutz, who sent her son knowingly into Sabbatian studies, was a member of the Schiff family.”

  2. Inna
    Inna says:

    My husband is asking for the source of where does it state that R Yaakov Emden accused J Eybshutz of having …with his daughter. What is the publication and is it available anywhere today? Thank you!

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:


      In terms of R’ Emden’s books themselves, it’s very hard tracking them down (for obvious reasons….) and especially in translation, so much has been deliberately censored and obscured.

      R’ Marvin Entelman put out a book in Hebrew called ‘Bchor Satan’, which detailed exactly how and why Jonathan Eybshutz was excommunicated in 1756 – but again, I can’t find this book anywhere.

      There are so many gaps in the story, because once those gaps are filled in, all this becomes obvious.


      The date when Eybshutz was formally excommunicated by the Rabbis of the Council of the Four Lands was on the 20th of Sivan, 1756, on the grounds that he was a seducer of Shabbatean heresy. He was formally called a “Bekhor Satan” and all his literature was banned.

      Eybshutz appears to have been excommunicated at the same time that Jacob Frank and 2,000 of his followers, including Elisha Shor of Rohatin, were also excommunicated – but no-one talks about this.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      No, thanks for sharing that.

      My thoughts, for what it’s worth, are these:

      Eybshutz himself appears in later versions of the Shemot Hatzadikim, as noted in the post. This is clearly a later addition. So, the first thing to check (if it’s even possible) is to find the original of R’ Natan’s work, and see if the Megaleh Amukot appears there, too.

      If the Megaleh Amukot is in the original, these are my thoughts on that:

      Many of these people were very powerful souls. We know even the wicked King Menashe made teshuva in the last portion of his life – but that didn’t stop his descendants from carrying on with the evil he introduced, nor the rest of the nation from being corrupted by his idolatry, even though he himself made teshuva.

      We know from Eliezer ben Dordaya that it’s possible for even a person who is totally steeped in his lusts all his lifetime to make teshuva at the last minute so sincerely, he merits the world to come.

      I don’t know what teshuva the Megaleh Amukot might have made.

      And it’s very important to stress that teshuva, even for people coming out of these ‘interesting’ families, is very possible. As mentioned elsewhere, the Baal Shem Tov, R’ Levi Yitzhak of Berdichev, and also Rabbenu himself also descend from these ‘interesting’ families – but they took all that tremendous koach and used it for good.

      It’s the same inyan as why King David had to descend from ‘interesting’ Moabites…

      • Dan G
        Dan G says:

        I should also mention that I remember the Rav quoting the Megaleh Amukot countless times.
        As for R’ Yehonatan, I would take any proof that can be found on the internet with a decent dose of suspicion. After all, as is very well known in Breslov, there was ample “evidence” that R’ Nosson was a Sabbatean, but fortunately, Baruch Hashem, Breslov has become so popular today that no one takes it seriously. Hopefully the same will happen with the “evidence” against the Rav.
        I read R’ Antelman’s book years ago. One of his major proofs was an internal correspondence between the leaders of the Sabbeteans, where they refer to R’ Yehonatan as one of their highest ranking members. I was quite surprised that he took that “proof” at face value. R’ Yehonatan was incredibly popular with the monarchs and aristocracy of Europe, and used his popularity to make a great Kiddush Hashem, so no wonder his enemies used such tactics to try and discredit him, as has always been their modus operandi.
        Anyways for me personally, his writings are a conclusive argument for his vindication. No way that such an abundance of love of Hashem, love of Torah and love of Am Yisrael, as can be found in Yaarot Devash, could come from anything but a pure heart

        • Rivka Levy
          Rivka Levy says:

          The Rav is also ‘taking the pips and discarding the rind’. In many different ways.

          There is so much evidence about Eybshutz, beyond what R Antelman discussed in To Eliminate the Opiate. You only need to look at his descendants – the ones I can find all married known Frankists, and / or were themselves known Frankist prophets who even proclaimed themselves ‘messiahs’ of the Sabbatean movement.

          And of course, there’s all the ‘missing Eybshutzes’ that we all still know nothing about, and who are still being scrubbed out of the history books, like David Shlomo Eybshutz, author of Arvei HaNachal, and talmid muvhak of R’ Baruch of Medzhibozh, now buried in the same cave in Tsfat as Rabbenu’s daughter.

          Why has he been scrubbed out of Jewish history?

          Frankists only married each other – not least because they were excommunicated, and also because their offspring were suspected (rightfully…) of being mamzers.

          In terms of the wonderful things written by Eybshutz in other books, apparently about God – followers of Yoshki say the same things all the time.

          That same Yoshki who is found in gehinnom being boiled in a big vat of poo forever…

          It’s a very weak argument. Every fake religious leader in the world does a good job of ‘inspiring’ their followers with holy, uplifting words, at least some times – otherwise, who would take them seriously?

          Can you guess who wrote these beautiful words:

          “I was on the road once. The sun was very hot
          and I was tired and had no place to rest. Then I saw
          a tree with cool shade. The fragrance of its fruit
          filled the air and a brook of fresh water rushed past
          it. I lay down under the tree, ate some of the fruit
          and drank the sweet water. When I awoke, I asked
          the tree, how shall I thank you? By wishing you
          many branches? You have them. By wishing you
          sweet and fragrant fruit? You have them. A brook
          of fresh water? You have it. All I can wish you is
          this: May many more people come and find rest in
          your shade and give thanks to God for having
          created you.”

          If you said ‘Jacob Frank’ – you’d be right.

          These Sabbatean-Frankists made an artform of being two-faced – and there is a much deeper aspect to this, that many of these people grew up in families practising ritual abuse, which was designed literally to ‘split the personality’ into personas that had very little knowledge of the ‘other persona’.

          • Dan G
            Dan G says:

            Rivka, I appreciate your sincerity and devotion to uproot the weeds from Am Israel.
            Personally, I take the side of all the unfathomable Tzadikkim from the last generations, of which I am dust under their feet, that held R’ Yehonatan, the Megaleh Amukot, the Arvei Nachal, etc. in the highest esteem.

          • Rivka Levy
            Rivka Levy says:

            I’m not saying the Arvei HaNachal is not a tzaddik. I’m just asking the question: why has he been scrubbed out of history?

            And re: Jonathan Eybshutz – he was clearly not included in the original version of the Shemot HaTzaddikim. Doesn’t that give you a pause for a thought as to why, if you are letting Rav Natan decide the issue of whether he was really a tzaddik or not?

            (Which is commendable, btw. Just we need to be sure what Rav Natan actually wrote, before we rely on it and turn our brains off.)

          • Dan G
            Dan G says:

            What do you mean? The Shemot Hatzadikim that R’ Nosson compiled ends before the time of R’ Yehonatan!
            Even the Baal Shem Tov isn’t mentioned there.

            Here’s the earliest edition I could find:

            The Megaleh Amukot is at the end of the very last page, after which there is an addendum that starts with the Baal Shem Tov. This addendum was clearly not written by R’ Nosson, because he himself is mentioned there.

          • Rivka Levy
            Rivka Levy says:

            I’ll take a look, thanks for the link.

            Doesn’t this make the point, tho, that we can’t just rely on the Shemot HaTzaddikim as the ‘final arbiter’ of who is a tzaddik, if the original didn’t even contain the Baal Shem Tov?

            BTW, the Baal Shem Tov and Jonathan Eybshutz are contemporaries.

            The BESHT lived 1698-1760, and Eybshutz lived exactly the same time, between 1690-1764.

          • Dan G
            Dan G says:

            Re your quote from the grand scoundrel frank –
            There’s no hint there to any love of Torah or of Am Yisrael. As far as I’m concerned it may just as well be a quote from Conficius…
            Furthermore, most of it is just copy & paste from the Talmud (Taanit 5b).
            I still have to come across a book from any of the well known impostors in Jewish history, that could fool a Gadol BaTorah or even a layman with a pure heart and healthy common sense.

  3. Yosef from the Galil
    Yosef from the Galil says:

    “(if it’s even possible) is to find the original of R’ Natan’s work”
    If we don’t have an original, how do we know Eybshutz wasn’t on it? How far back can we go to see it’s not there?

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      The one I have showed Eybshutz as an addenda, added later, together with a bunch of more modern names who weren’t alive when R’ Natan put the original version together.

      More than that, I can’t say.

  4. d
    d says:

    I heard about a theory, which is based on much evidence, which says that
    Eybeshitz IS the missing link between Shabbatai Tzewi and Jaakob Frank,
    and not in vain the Sabbatean-Frankist “Trinity” consists of Shabbatai, Eybeshitz and Frank, in exactly this order (see the books by Rabbi Antelman) – and according to this theory this missing link is that
    Eybeshitz was a SECRET SON OF Shabbatai Tzwei himself !!!
    And also Yaakob Frank was a SECRET SON OF Eybeshitz !!!
    And the name Eybeshitz is not the real name of this crypto-Sabbatean “rabbi”, but is an abbreviation:
    אבי – ש”ץ
    ABI – Sh”Tz
    which means ” MY FATHER (אבי abi) IS SHABBATAI (ש sh) TZWI (ץ tz) ”
    I cannot reveal anymore about the evidences for this theory.
    But you can provably find them yourself, if you would follow the hint given here !

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      That’s an interesting theory.

      What I can tell you for sure is that many of our ‘big rabbinic families’ both descend directly from Shabtai Tzvi, and are related to him and his ancestors in other ways – again, which was all covered up historically, to try and hide the trail of who was a ‘secret’ (and not so secret…) Sabbatean, when it all blew up.

      There’s a lot of ‘Mi-geza Tzvis’ – translated as ‘from the root of Tzvi’ in certain family trees, and if you trace those back, you get to a big Torah personality who lived at the same time as Shabtai Tzvi, who apparently went nuts after the massacres of 1648-9.

      Through a lot of convoluted circles.

      There is still so much of ‘Jewish history’ that needs unpicking, but they have lied about almost everything, connected to what happened before, during and after Shabtai Tzvi.


      I double-checked a bit more, and is seems that Eybshutz’s real surname was ‘Gordon’.

      He is probably the brother of the famous ‘Dr Gordon’ who apparently made teshuva and became a chassid.

  5. d
    d says:

    I could also contribute to your research by sending to you my collection of very difficult to get, out of print books –
    scans of ALL original books by Rabbi Emden
    and my scan of Rabbi Antelman’s book “Bechor Satan”, which is extremely rare !
    And you could also contribute to this great Mitzwa of disseminating these “prohibited” books, by hosting my collection on your site, what do you think ?

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      I would be very happy to do that, not least because more people should engage with the source material as much as possible, and pray on it, and come to their own conclusions.

      Please do send me the links as dropbox files (or whatever works for you) and I will put them up. And especially, please do send me your copy of ‘Bchor Satan’, as that also has an English precis of R’Antelman’s material of Eybshutz’s excommunication etc, which people need to be aware of.


  6. d
    d says:

    And now I am going to share with you the second bombshell theory, which is also extremely well founded with a lot of evidence. Do not just believe my word on it, go make your own research, and you will see that I must be right.
    The primary source I would recommend you is the classical and monumental work by the foremost expert on the life of Shabbatai Tzwi – the book “Shabbatai Tzvi the mystical messias” by Prof. Gershom Sholem, which is also available in english.
    So my hint is: Go there in this book to the chapters which deal with the DEATH of Shabbatai Tzvi. And if you would read and analyze this material carefully and think about it, then I am sure, you will arrive at the same conclusion as myself:

    And now I reveal you my next bombshell hint:


    And this explains the horrible situation we are now …

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Believe it or not, I ordered that book a couple of weeks ago, and it just came in the post and is sitting on my shelf upstairs, as one of my next ‘to read’ projects.

      BTW – is the email you are using to comment a real one? If not, can you please send the real one via the contact form, and I will reply privately.

  7. d
    d says:

    About your UPDATE “”” I double-checked a bit more, and is seems that Eybshutz’s real surname was ‘Gordon’. He is probably the brother of the famous ‘Dr Gordon’ who apparently made teshuva and became a chassid.”””

    — From your research which I’ve been reading on your site, I derived a strong opinion that you are very well aware of the fact that a huge portion of the “history” involving the actors of Sabbatean movement, is very much manipulated and faked !
    So how can you rely then on any “biographical sources” for the life of this cursed Eybeshutz ?!

    Do not you realize that nearly EVERYTHING about the birth and family of this evil man must have been faked and made up ?!
    The truth is that this evil Eybeshutz was not only the SECRET SON of Shabbatai Tzvi himself, but was his MAIN SON, his MAIN STUDENT and has been groomed carefully for his future mission of becoming THE main leader of the Sabbatean movement. And not in vain the Sabbatean “Trinity” displays the evil Eybeshutz שר”י as the middle link between Shabbatai and Frank, similarly to Avraham, Yitzhaq and Yaakov our holy patriarchs !

    Would you expect then that this huge conspiracy would have revealed the real name of his father, like “Gordon” or whatever ?! No way they would allow it ! But what they did allow, is to implant a HINT to his real father, Shabbatai Tzvi, in Eybeshutz’ faked family name,
    אבי – ש”ץ
    meaning “MY FATHER IS SH[abbatai] TZ[vi]” !

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      I totally agree that nearly everything is made up and faked.

      The trouble with the theory is that Shabtai Tzvi died in 1676, and Eibshutz was apparently born in 1690 – 24 years later.

      That clearly makes it difficult to say that Eybshutz was Shabtai Tzvi’s biological son?

      • d
        d says:

        About this “”” trouble with the theory is that Shabtai Tzvi died in 1676, and Eibshutz was apparently born in 1690 – 24 years later “””
        — See above my “bombshell hint” about the faked death of Shabbatai Tzvi ! According to my theory, Eibeshutz was not born in Europe, but far away in one arabic speaking land … And Shabbatai Tzvi, his real father, way not so young anymore, but sill in a fertile age. And the European origin of Eybeshutz is a faked cover up story !

        • d
          d says:

          To your objection: “”” Shabtai Tzvi died in 1676, and Eibshutz was apparently born in 1690 – 24 years later “””

          — First of all it is not “24 years later” but only 14 years later (1690-1676 = 14) !!
          So according to my theory, Shabbatai Tzvi (born 1626), was “only” 64 years old (1690-1626=64) as his secret son Eybeshutz was born. Even if we take the year of birth of the cursed Eybeshutz, in 1690 as the true date (which is not sure at all, as THEY could have manipulated easily his birth date, when THEY were able to fake his real name and the place of birth in his documents!), even then a man in his 64th year giving a birth to a child, in nothing unusual ! But I believe, Eybeshutz’ year of birth has been a little rounded up, in order to further obfuscate a possible father-son connection to Shabbatai Tzvi. So it easily could have been 5 to 10 years earlier, in 1680-1685, when his real father Shabbatai Tzvi was only 54-59 years old, in a nearly perfect childbearing age !

          • d
            d says:

            … Addition: And for this theory that the real birth date of Eybeshutz may have been a little “dressed up”, and could easily have been 5-10 years earlier, speaks the fact of Eybeshutz’ year of death in 1764 (which obviously is much harder of fake up then the year of birth, as there exists his grave stone in the Jewish cemetery, etc. etc.). From this year of death in 1764 follows that he would have been ONLY 74 years old as he died, which is a little bit EARLY death. And when we assume his real birth being some 5-10 years before his official date of birth, then he would become 79-84 years old at his death, which is a much more feasible number !

          • Rivka Levy
            Rivka Levy says:

            Ok, it’s certainly possible.

            Please send through the links for R’ Emden and R’ Antelman’s books, so more people can see the source material, and start the process of doing the birur for themselves, too.


  8. d
    d says:

    “”” Please send through the links for R’ Emden and R’ Antelman’s books “””
    I would prefer to send per real mail a physical CD copy of all these books, as there are too much material there to be easily sent via email. Could you publish here your physical address, I can send my mail to ? And if you are concerned for your privicy, you could setup an anonymous mailbox address for this purpose.

  9. d
    d says:

    And please consider my yet another idea which provides some indirect support for my theory about Eybeshutz being son of Shabbatai Tzvi and father of Yaakob Frank:

    As I wrote above, the infamous Sabbatean-Frankist “Trinity” ( documented very well in the books by R’ Antelman “To Eliminate the Opiate” and “Bechor Satan”) depicts Shabbatai, Eybeshutz and Frank as allegedly corresponding to the Holy patriarchs Avraham, Yitzhaq and Yaakov, the patriarchs who, according to Kabbalah, are rooted in the Sefiroth Hessed, Gevurah and Tifereth. Thus it is well known to the students of Kabbalah and Hassiduth, that our patriarch Yaakov corresponds to the sefirah “Tifereth”.

    Now, considereing this background knowledge, let us analyze the name of the 3rd person in the Sabbatean “Trinity” – YAAKOB FRANK.
    My thesis is that his both first name and the last name clearly hint to this sefirah “Tifereth” and to the patriarch Yaakov who corresponds to the Tifereth.
    The link to partiarch Yaakov is obvious as Frank’s first name is exactly the same: “Yaakob” ! But also his last name “Frank” contains a clear hint to the sefirah Tirfereth. How ? It is easy to see, when we write his last name in Hebrew letters:

    This name can be analyzed as a combination of two words פרא and נכ where the first word פרא could be simply permuted to become פאר which is the root of the word תפארת , of the Sefirah Tifereth mentioned above. Here we have Yaakob Frank’s last names’s link to the Sefirah Tifereth in addition to his first name’s link to patriarch Yaakov, who is rooted in the Sefirah Tifereth !

    But also the second word נכ contributing to the name “Frank” is easily recognized as contributing to this web of Sabbaten-Kabbalah style hints to this infamous Sabbatean-Frankist “Trinity”, because these two letters are the first two of the three letters long word נכד meaning “Grandson”. And so here we have the hint to the originator of this Sabbatean “Trinity” – the Shabbatai Tzvi himself !
    And this hint נכ(ד) in the last name “Frank”, spelling the word “Grandson” is perfectly fitting into the same pattern as also the last name “Eybeshutz”, featuring the word אבי “my Father” !

    All these three different hints installed in the name “Yaakob Frank”, referring to his role in this Sabbatean “Trinity” as the third one in the bloodline, the grandson of Shabbatai Tzvi – all these multiple hints just cannot be a coincidence !

    And when they are not a coincidence, it proves that the father of Yaakob Frank who gave him this name, must have been very well aware of his son’s direct descent from Shabbatai Tzvi and his planned future role as the leader of Sabbatean movement, for which this child must have been groomed from his very birth !

  10. Dan G
    Dan G says:

    If anyone is interested in a book that does an excellent job of countering the claims of Rabbi Yaakov Emden and of the great heretic Gershom Scholem (who btw believed that Sefer HaZohar was not composed by Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai but by a 13th century scholar):

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      See, that’s the problem.

      What I’m interested in is THE TRUTH.

      I’m not taking sides here, I want to know THE TRUTH, not just to ‘counter claims’. I first want to know – are the accusations true?

      And btw, Gershom Scholem actually made teshuva, and lived as an orthodox Jew for a number of years, before all the shmutz he was uncovering in the orthodox world apparently put him off again.

      And also btw, why do we need to get into personal attacks against people, when the information, the cold, hard facts, should speak for themselves?

      R’ Emden was a huge gaon – and he certainly believed in the kedusha of the Zohar. And he was still ‘against’ Eybshutz. Ditto the Nodah B’Yehuda. Ditto R’ Fleckeles. Ditto the Pnei Yehoshua.

      Not so easy to dismiss them with personal attacks for not being ‘frum’ enough to have a credible opinion, is it?

      R Emden brought reams of evidence from people who told him things first hand, plus admissions from the Beit Din against the Frankists that was held in Satanov in 1756.

      That’s where many witnesses explicitly described how they had been seduced by Jonathan Eybshutz’s work VaYavo HaYom al Ha’Ayin, which encourages adultery and incest via a very warped Sabbatean kabbalistic philosophy.

      Modern scholars have proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that Eybshutz wrote that book – they compared it to ‘Shem Olam’, another of his books that there is no doubt was written by him, and found conclusively it’s the same guy who wrote both.

      And so… we have a problem that needs resolving, but with the focus on getting at THE TRUTH, whatever that really turns out to be, and not just more ‘rebuttals’ to try and shore up a predetermined position.

      • Dan G
        Dan G says:

        Rivka, I really appreciate you approving my comments even though you disagree with them.
        In any case, I just posted that link for your readers’ information, if anyone is interested studying the other side of the coin. A lot of deep research was put into that book.

        • Rivka Levy
          Rivka Levy says:

          Yes, I appreciate your civil tone, even though I know you disagree with me!

          It’s OK to have differences of opinion, and I appreciate that you are balancing the conversation up for others to come to their own conclusions.

          Thank you.

      • Dan G
        Dan G says:

        It just occurred to me that Prof. Scholem, with all his good intentions, was unwittingly in reality a genuine Sabbatean.
        After all, who founded the method that permits one to study Kabbalah without believing in the Divine origin of the Torah and without committing oneself to keeping the Mitzvot?


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