Tree in blossom

Honestly, I totally forgot about it.

With all the craziness going on, and the ‘lockdown’ that makes it seem that days, weeks and months just kind of slide into each other, it’s not always so easy to remember what day of the week it is.

Lucky for me, I had a ‘Na Nach’ show up yesterday – with a couple of his friends – and he’s the one that told me today is Tu B’shvat.

I had a bit of fruit hanging around, some nuts in the cupboard, so we just cut it up and put it out on the table, for an impromptu, very low key ‘Tu B’Shvat’ seder.


Tu B’Shvat is way more significant, spiritually, than it can appear.

Here we are, in the middle of the winter, when the trees still nearly all look ‘dead’ and leafless and lifeless.

But on the inside?

The sap is rising.

The tree is returning back to life, and getting ready to blossom and bloom.

It may take a few more weeks, a couple more months, but life is returning.

Between here and Pesach, life is returning.


So take heart, dear readers.

The evil madness we are living through right now isn’t going to continue on forever.

God is great – much, much greater than all of the evil out there.

All this is just a test.

I’m not whitewashing stuff here. There are life and death issues going on all the time, and big decisions to be made with big consequences attached to them.

Each of us has to dig deep, and stop living in denial of the obvious evil that’s squishing out of just about every place right now, both in the public arena and also in our private lives.

But don’t forget, God is great.

And all this can turn around in the blink of any eye.


Personally, I’m starting to feel happier about the situation than I have done for the last 11 months.

Finally, more and more people are waking up to the fact that the media is bad, the State of Israel – and its institutions – are corrupt and that many of their assumptions were built on false premises.

That’s very good news.

The next stage will be when more and more people start searching for the truth, and start looking for the real tzaddikim, the real leaders, to get behind.

And here too, there’s a lot of movement.

So take heart.


Sure, right now everything looks gloomy, grey, dead and lifeless.

On the outside.

But hidden away inside, redemption is rising with the sap.

And BH very soon, it will start to bud and blossom.


Last year, one of my friends put out a film called ‘Talking to God’.

I saw it and liked it a lot, and she asked me if I could put some links to it here, for anyone who wants to download it.

(The film is about a woman, FYI, for shmirat eynayim people).

For some reason, I can’t get the trailer to load here on the site, but here’s where you can see it yourself:
Here’s how to watch the film:
In Israel can only be seen on iTunes and here’s the link ( There’s a button for Hebrew subtitles FYI):
From the US here’s the link to watch:
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1 reply
  1. Aron
    Aron says:

    In my own dalet amos I’m seeing more obvious evil as well as more obvious good. It’s just getting easier to see and to choose, which is a good thing. It’s a messianic inyan, but it also doesn’t have to be TOO exciting.. things were always more obvious and in your face like this, for good or the opposite.. everything just got very standardized, neutral, monotone, low-frequency and worldly for the last few generations. Everyone is getting surprised that good and evil, and people’s souls, actually exist and are recognizable.

    “Finally, more and more people are waking up to the fact that the media is bad, the State of Israel – and its institutions – are corrupt and that many of their assumptions were built on false premises.” : I can’t emphasize enough that DAFKA THIS IS “THEIR” AGENDA: Everything about this situation was calculated SPECIFICALLY to yield this EXACT result. And it’s working.

    Of course G-d runs the world.. G-d can choose to work thru “them”, as it’s written: “Babylon is a cup of intoxication in the Hand of the Lord”. We see clearly the potential in pushing everyone out of one reality al manat so they should choose Hashem instead. That’s why these big rabbis predicted that in the future whoever would cling to the Torah in an unadulterated way would be insulated from the downfall surrounding them, as it’s written “1000 fall on your left hand, 10,000 at your right, to you it will not approach” and it’s written: “turn away! turn away! get out from there! it is defiled, do not touch it! cleanse yourselves o bearers of Hashem’s armor.. YOU WILL NOT LEAVE IN CHAOS, NOR WILL YOU GO IN FLIGHT, for Hashem will go before you, and the G-d of Israel will be your rear guard”. (Isaiah 52:11)

    My impression is that everyone will get to live out whatever he wants to, based on what’s going on inside his own head and what he chooses to pay attention to, what he chooses to desire, what he chooses to fear, what he chooses to predict or expect. Everyone sees restriction and confinement but the truth is we’ve never been MORE free in our lives.

    For some reason, al pi teva the human government has decided to embark on a path whose result (INTENDED result) is that everyone is losing faith in that government’s representatives and in their own long-cherished assumptions and worldviews. I can’t emphasize enough that the point of this is NOT to browbeat the world into “coronafascism” RATHER the program was calculated DAFKA to turn everyone AGAINST the “official story” and its priests. Think about it.. everyone in the world questioning everything they ever thought was true at the same time is a very fragile and vulnerable state, isn’t it? A very unique and fleeting window of opportunity for whatever is coming next.

    Avodah zarah cults are obsessed with tiers of “hidden knowledge” and the most exciting thing for them is to take people from one tier to another with lots of pathetic rituals. Masks, extended periods of isolation, fear of death, social opprobrium, special words and phrases, familiar faces “turning” on you/”not who you thought they were”, bizarro twilight realities superimposed upon the once-familiar and assorted indignities and humiliations… these all factor prominently in their mesorah of occult “initiation”.. it’s all really really textbook. This is like the most basic level stuff you learn in avodah zarah school, as the Sages teach may their memory protect us!, when Moshe came to Pharoah’s court and turned his staff into a snake everyone laughed at him and Pharoah called out a bunch of 5 year olds to turn random objects into snakes. In Egypt they had a bunch of little children living in the king’s palace learning how to turn things into snakes. As it’s written, “Nothing new under the sun”..

    My point is it’s really important that everyone reading this who’s in the sugya should understand that no one’s agenda is for you to become a corona slave. A lot of people will become corona slaves but let’s face it.. it’s only because they want it to happen.. these are people who lacked the internal resources to navigate the late capitalism hellscape and are jumping at the chance to sell their freedom because “safety is their number one priority”. We live in what looks like a fiercely competitive, scary, and overcrowded world. Everything has been taking on a colder and harder edge for these people since the factories shut down 50 years ago. Naturally they’re going to choose protection over a freedom they can’t enjoy.

    But anyone who is reading this is not part of that “class” and everyone knows it. No one is trying to push you into that class. Adraba, the agenda is to ELEVATE you.. to “let you in” on some of the cult’s lower level “secrets” and sell you on some form of “enlightenment” or “illumination” or whatever other temptations from the “tree of knowledge”.

    That’s why it’s so important to decontaminate from the media and all the associated organs of mind control because the Torah is the only words and information that is real, correct, and true, and everything else is sourced from ancient, nasty, high level avodah zarah that is getting ready to break out into the open and it wants to take as many people as it can down with it.. not as its slaves but as its “initiates” chas vshalom.

    This is just a continuation of what Napoleon started.. Napoleon was a very high level black sorcerer and he took the whole world out of church and family and put it into public schools and television. Everything we’ve been taught by the secular world is just the surface surface level of very old impurities that just hid deep underneath the church and then hid a little less deep underneath “democracy” and so on, and now it wants to take another step out from hidden to revealed.

    The Sages teach anyone who wants to purify himself, Heaven helps him.. it’s very important just to cling to Hashem and Torah and be very very mezahir about the information and KNOWLEDGE that we give our attention to, about what WORDS we read and listen to.. about cleansing our eyes and hearts of all IMAGES and other impure artistic and musical creations.. that’s really what makes the decisive difference of placing yourself spiritually beyond the reach of everything that Hashem hates.


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