Screenshot of the Brandeis Centre's document on Anti-semitic discourse

Israel has a massive anti-Semitism problem of its own – but its hiding under the radar.

According to the Louis D Brandeis Centre for Human Rights very interesting Fact Sheet on the subject, , the most common anti-Semitic stereotypes that show up are (in particular order):

  • Demonisation – “Jews were frequently described as children of the devil, often portrayed with horns and bulging eyes, and associated with Satanic attributes, such as arrogance and devious logic.”
  • Deicide – “The deicidal myth has reinforced the association of Jews with traits that are imagined to go with the killing of a messiah, e.g., sinister powers, intransigence, and conspiratorial treachery.”
  • Ritual slaughter – this is the ‘blood in the matza’ idea, where Jews are meant to be killing non-Jews for all sorts of different reasons, but never just because basic self-defense demands it.
  • Wandering Jew – “[I]t can be seen in the notion that the Jews, alone among the peoples of the earth, can never merit statehood.”
  • Carnality – “Since at least the fourth century, Christians have associated Jews with carnality, ascribing such traits as lecherousness, greed, stinginess and stunted spirituality.”
  • Well-poisoning and desecrating other people’s holy sites: “In modern times, Jews and Israelis are occasionally accused of tainting communal property or assets, such as water bodies or blood supplies.”
  • Dirt and Disease – “Jews have long been described, literally or metaphorically, as carriers of a physical defect, deformity or disease, often associated with ugliness, weakness, dirt and excrement.”… “In Nazi Germany, Jewishness was often compared to a cancer.”
  • Money and criminality – “Since medieval times, Jewry has frequently been depicted as a wealthy, powerful, menacing and controlling collectivity, demanding the sacrifice of others to their own greed.”
  • Global conspiracy – “Jewish conspiracy theories have been traced back to theNew Testament’s imputation of responsibility to the Sanhedrin for calling for the arrest of Jesus.”
  • Beastilization – “Since ancient times, Jews have been compared in derogatory terms to barnyard and wild animals… In contemporary texts and cartoons, Jews and Israelis are often portrayed as a variety of barnyard and zoological animals and insects.”


So far so good?

Are we clear that when people talk about groups of Jews (as opposed to talking about the ACTIONS of a specific Jew who may be misbehaving or committing a specific crime) in this manner, this is officially ‘anti-Semitic’?


You know there’s a huge upswing in anti-Semitism going on all over the world right now, don’t you? You know that every day, the press is full of stories about what derogatory statement this non-Jew said about Jews, or about Israel, or worse, stories of swastikas being daubed on Jewish properties and graves, and threats being made against Jews in public, or worse again, Jews actually being harmed physically just for being Jews?

We can agree this is all really ugly, bad, terrible and wrong?


So now, what do have to say about the following comments, that I culled off the Ynet news website HERE, and the Walla news website HERE? (These comments are all translated from the original Hebrew, FYI.)


Have a read through, then come join me at the bottom of the page for a quick discussion.

  • “This ‘black’ (codeword for chareidi) religion is contaminated, and has no connection to the Torah or to Am Israel. Rather, they are defiled and unclean, without exception. These religious cults are the work of the Satan.
  • All these hats and ‘black hats’ – they’re all going to hell.

(In reply to a comment about Hitler):

  • It’s a shame he didn’t finish the job. All the radical left come from Hitler.
  • If these people were Amish, then I’d really like them. Americans don’t receive money from the government, they don’t take over another person’s property, and they for sure don’t steal from their neighbor’s plate… They don’t seek political power only in order to squeeze the eyes out of the State that is sustaining them. And even more disgusting than this, they don’t toss their own disease onto the independent and ‘free’ members of the public around them.
  • Chareidim are human filth.
  • The shabby Breslovers of Shuvu Banin were kidnapped as babies…a bunch of brainless sheep who worship a rabbi who is a [left to the imagination]
  • You are a donkey, you aren’t rabbis, but criminals….with herds of stupid followers.
  • I would burn all living rabbis.


In case you think this is just a ‘Hebrew-speakers’ issue, here’s a few comments from HERE:

  • [Referring to religious people]: Castrate them all — Every. Single. One.
  • The ultra religious seem to be like a cult or cancer destroying israel.
  • Pedophiles and sexual predators hiding behind religious fanaticism. Nothing more than a cult with state funding and approval. Utter disgrace!!


Q: How many of the ‘anti-semitic tropes’ did you manage to spot in that small, recent selection just from Ynet and Walla’s most recent ‘bashing’ stories about Rabbi Berland, and any orthodox Rabbi who dares to visit him or show any sign of public support?

A: Way, way too many.

Israel’s homegrown ‘anti-semitism’ problem

If you switch out the words ‘chareidim’ or ‘datiim’ or ‘religious’ for ‘Jew’ and ‘Jews’, it should be clear as can be that so much of the discourse in the modern State of Israel is actually profoundly anti-Semitic – and not just a little bit.

Have a look at some of the quotes I took screen-shots of (and Google translated) from the Dossim website HERE, which was created to start trying to draw attention to the awful anti-Semitism that is pouring forth against chareidi Jews like a poisonous torrent in the Israeli media.

(Just click on the side of the screen to move the slides along).

When I first read this stuff, I felt literally ill.

How can Jews say this about other Jews?

How can Jews repeat the same, disgusting, anti-Semitic ideas that our persecutors and killers have been spouting at us for two millennia, already?

And what’s even more shocking to me is that the Jewish anti-Semities in Israel are getting a free pass to act and to speak like this.

Why hasn’t Ynet and Haaretz and the Times of Israel and all the rest of these papers been censured with anything like the same severity that the New York Times got for running a cartoon that struck me as more dumb, than classically anti-Semitic?

Yet in Israel, we have Jewish websites encouraging their readers who state they want to kill religious Jews, and Jewish politicians encouraging their voters to see religious Jews as parasites and vermin and ‘human filth’, and the academics and artists who are influencing Israeli society bemoaning that there are ‘too many’ Jewish kids being born, and that it’s a shame that “Hitler didn’t finish the job…”

Can we make this up?


If this is not the purest expression of sinat chinam out there, then I don’t know what is.

And what’s even more absurd and bizarre is that so many otherwise believing Jews are coming back to these websites, and these journalists, and these academics and these politicians and these think tanks for their information and news.

Why would any Jew choose to brainwash themselves with such awful anti-Semitic propaganda on a daily basis?!

Because make no mistake, after a few times of reading how ultra-orthodox are ‘scum’, and ‘all crooks’ and ‘bleeding the State dry’, and ‘immoral’, and ‘animals’ – you come to believe that.

Of your fellow Jew.

Many of whom are on a spiritual level that most of us could never get near in a million years.


Yes, there are problems, there are fake rabbis there are bad people in the orthodox community, no-one is denying that.

But what I’m saying here is that the secular media and the secular elites in Israel have totally demonized and de-humanised whole segments of orthodox society, and they’ve done it methodically, for many, many decades.

Who cares if I pay more tax, if it means a Jewish kid gets more to eat and a roof over their head? Since when did we get so grasping, so money-obsessed that buying more pointless stuff, or going on more pointless holidays, means more to us than helping a Jewish child?

How have these anti-Semitic journalists and politicians caused so many of us to literally hate ourselves, and hate a Jewish child, a Jewish person, just because they happen to wear black and have side curls?!

It’s truly astounding.

I have so much more to say – and so many more bits of evidence to bring, about what’s really been going on in the State of Israel for 70 years, and why we simply can’t ignore it, deny it, or condone it any more, regardless of whether we’re religious or not, living in Israel or not, chareidi ourselves, or not.

But let me end with this famous picture of Rav Moshe Hagerman being abused and humiliated by German soldier in Olkusz, Poland in 1940, and a very serious question:

Whose side are you really on?

Oil painting of Rav Moshe Hegerman being taunted by Nazis during the Holocaust

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