Ehud Barak and Jonathan Pollard are back in the headlines at the moment.

Here’s a couple of interesting things that a reader sent me links to, and then that segues into something even more interesting, in a moment.

First THIS (Google translated from French):


The original investigators opened the case against Pollard because he was caught stealing classified information, and they had no idea he was a Jew spying for Israel. He never told his colleagues at work he was Jewish, and the investigators didn’t have time to review his file before arresting him for spying – they believed he was working for Russia or China.

They also state they were shocked by the severity of his sentence.

In light of what’s going on with Chaim Walder, we’re starting to see the totally OTT ‘punishment’ the Frankist-Freemasons are capable of meting out to people who mess up their plans….


Now, take a look at THIS, also Google translated from French:


It’s a report from Israeli TV-propaganda Kan 13, who interviewed Rafi Eitan, Pollard’s handler, before he died, and was told that Ehud Barak was the man who decided to keep Pollard spying, even though Eitan knew they net was closing in on him.


Watch Ehud Barak wiggling around, in the Tweet above.

His ability to brazenly lie appears to be waning with age…

Barak was the head of Israeli intelligence organisation Aman, aka the infamous ‘Unit 8200’, at the time he decided to keep Pollard in his role.

Here’s a snippet about Unit 8200 from Wikipedia:

“Unit 8200” is the largest unit in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), which has several thousand military personnel in its composition. In terms of the functions it performs, it is comparable to The US National Security Agency

Administratively, it is a division of the “Directorate of Military Intelligence”, which is part of the “Military Intelligence Service” (AMAN). Its commander has the rank of Brigadier general, and his name is kept secret.

An integral part of the “8200 Unit” is the “Electronic Intelligence Base, located in the Negev near Kibbutz Urim 30 km from the city Beersheba.


In other words, Unit 8200 is the ‘brains’ behind all the AI cameras, all the 5…G, all the track and trace, all the surveillance tech that has been flourishing in Israel, and all over the world, since ‘Covid 19’ began.

Take a breath, and remember that these Graphene Oxide shots contain nanotech that create a wireless network inside the body, that then connect up to emit a traceable bluetooth ‘MAC’ code.


Now, remember this:


Recall that Jeffrey Epstein was accused of ‘spying for the State of Israel’, and was also funding a whole bunch of weird eugenics projects, and eugenics-pushing scientists, including George Church.

Here is George Church appearing in a video with Ido Bachelet, to discuss their new ‘cell-targeted, payload-delivering DNA nanorobot‘ technology:


HERE is what Ido Bachelet, the inventor of the ‘DNA Origami’ nanotech, together with Jeffrey Epstein-funded eugenicist George Church is now up to:


Meanwhile, HERE is what Ehud Barak – Jeffrey Epstein pal, former head of Unit 8200, and the Prime Minister who tried to give away Jerusalem back in 2000 – is now up to:


Well, who would have believed it?

There’s another ‘Ehud’ in the picture, another former head of ‘Unit 8200’, busy trying to ‘track and trace’ every single person on the planet, electronically, and that guy has ‘SCHNEORSON‘ as a surname….


Hands up, who else is creeped-out by the photo above?

Here’s a bit more about him, for Cyclowiki (Google translated from Hebrew):


His name pops up on the Richard Silverstein blog HERE.

My husband is advising me not to quote what he says on my blog, but I recommend you take a look for yourselves.


Let’s just return to Paragon, to close.

Here’s a more updated piece from Forbes, about ‘Ehud & Ehud’s’ latest spying venture:


Paragon’s product will also likely get spyware critics and surveillance experts alike rubbernecking: It claims to give police the power to remotely break into encrypted instant messaging communications, whether that’s WhatsApp, Signal, Facebook Messenger or Gmail, the industry sources said. One other spyware industry executive said it also promises to get longer-lasting access to a device, even when it’s rebooted. 


That article then makes some deserved comparisons between what ‘Paragon’ is up to, and the horrible NSO group, that created the scandal-ridden Pegasus spying software.

That scandal is still going, and even seems to be growing.

Here’s a couple of recent headlines from Ha’aretz:

And THIS, from today:


If you go HERE, you’ll find a whole slew of recent headlines on Ha’aretz talking about a whole bunch of dramatic human rights abuses the Israeli government and police have been involved with, via Pegasus and NSO.

And now, we have ‘Ehud and Ehud’s’ Paragon taking over where Pegasus left off.

Or maybe, we have ‘Ehud, Epstein and Church’s’ ‘cell-targeted, payload-delivering DNA nanorobot‘ technology taking over where Pegasus left off.


Who knows, really?

But one thing is clear: these networks of former spooks is probably the biggest source of spiritual tumah, human suffering and immorality in the world today.

And it’s probably the main thing that needs to be dismantled, before geula can really unfurl itself, in all its goodness and God’s glory.

And that process seems to be starting now in earnest.



7 replies
  1. Shimshon
    Shimshon says:

    I think Unit 8200’s purpose is far more nefarious than even we understand.

    I have interviewed at dozens of startups over the last six months and the back story for all of them is literally the same.

    Three or four Unit 8200 alumni pals get together and start a company, usually with some tech or idea of obvious interest (and sometimes not so obvious) to intelligence organizations. They fill the positions of CEO, CFO, CTO, CPO (Chief Product Officer, or VP of Product).

    After observing this pattern over and over again, I think Unit 8200 runs a startup school, picking and training teams (but we’re told they’re “friends” that just happen to meet while there), to convert an idea they have into a product. They then raise massive amounts of money that you or I couldn’t raise even with the same ideas and talent and soak up massive numbers of high tech workers, driving up salaries and making it very hard for independent actors to do the same. They even use largely the same “tech stack” and have identical interview processes. I’m not even sure intelligence gathering is what they do anymore. Consider all the “private” companies taking over this task, both here and around the world.

    It was one thing 10 or 15 years ago when you heard this story occasionally, but literally every startup in Israel today is the exact same story. That is not a coincidence.

    They have destroyed what, for a time, was a genuine and thriving high tech scene and monopolized all venture capital funding. I bet the VCs are given offers they can’t refuse: fund all our companies or fund none of them. They go along, because enough are acquired or go public that they don’t want to miss out.

  2. Daisy
    Daisy says:

    Wow: thanks to you and of course to Rivka first of all for exposing this!

    Taking a job with one of those companies can be very corrupting: if your parnassah depends on them, how can you open your eyes, your mouth? You are beholden to your bosses and your vision becomes corrupted. So many Hareidim work for hi-tech companies – there is a big high-tech center in Sanhedria: staffed by Shomrei Shabbat, isn’t it? What does that do to the vision of the employees?

    Was it the Rav who said this week that love of money is the greatest evil, or did I read it somewhere else? Knowing what you just exposed, Shimshon, it does make a lot of sense, doesn’t it?

    With Emunah in Hashem, and joining in the prayers of the Rav, maybe people will be able to extricate themselves from these high-paying jobs and ask Hashem for guidance and Brachot to find another way to support their families: it takes Emunah, Tefillah, initiative, thoughtfulness, self-confidence, and belief that it can be done: …”נער הייתי גם זקנתי ולא ראיתי צדיק נעזב וזרעו מבקש לחם” … ( Tehillim)!

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Yup – I’ve been writing about him for around a year now. It’s good that other people are starting to notice his role in all this, too.

      • Rivka Levy
        Rivka Levy says:

        I checked out that clip now – it’s one I actually haven’t seen before, and it’s very interesting to me that it just got posted up yesterday, with full English subtitles.

        On the one hand I’m glad the info is getting out, and on the other…. reading some of the comments underneath, I can see that real Jews and Israelis are going to get totally caned when all this information about what’s really in the shots, and Bachelet’s ‘DNA Origami’ starts to come out…

        We need a lot of prayers to navigate what’s around the corner. The real Jewish people could be about to find themselves stuck between the ‘soldiers of Pharoah’ and the sea again…

        • Molly
          Molly says:

          If everything Reb Dov wrote about is true, this is the ultimate manifestation of Esav squeezing what last bit of “gain” he can in this world, before the world to come is ushered in. It is surreal to witness it all in real time. I’m optimistic however. The real Jewish people have allies all over the world. They know the difference between the caricature and the real deal.


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