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This is a quick post, while I’m working on Part 2 of ‘Bekhor Satan’.

***Statement from the Rav about Ukraine, below***

Sometimes, I just kind of ‘accumulate’ bits of information that don’t really fit into any big, long discussion, but which still profoundly affect me.

On the LaQuintaColumna Telegram channel, HERE, they linked to a video that seems to be leaked footage of what those monkeys in Elon Musk’s ‘Neuralink’ experiments really looked like.

Below, you’ll find the shiny, PR version of what Elon Musk (who is just another ‘front man’ for the real evil that is running this show from behind the scenes) wants you to believe about all his neuralink monkey experiments:


Ahh, so cute!

Now Pager the macacque also gets to be a mind-controlled robot!!

Lucky thing.


And now, here’s that same shiny PR machine explaining to us why it’s going to be a GREAT thing, to have a ‘neuralink’ implanted in our human brains!!!

(It’s on Youtube, and hasn’t been censored. That’s one of the key ways you know are dealing with material that helps the evil machine, in some way.)


Ooooh, enhanced brain capabilities!!!


The ability to solve my ‘capture’ on my blog without having to resort to a calculator!!!

Sounds so very tempting….


Below, you’ll see the reality of Elon Musk’s ‘neuralink’ experiments:

(Screen-recorded from the Telegram channel – so far, I haven’t been able to track it down on any other video sites.)


It’s totally sickening.

And while I’m certainly no lettuce munching vegan who has devoted my life to saving the whales, I was shocked to the core of my being, that we live in a world where we let people like Elon Musk, and his scientists, and the profound evil that’s paying all these people to do this stuff, continue.

This is cruelty and torture, pure and simple.

And in the name of what, exactly?

How, exactly, is all this ‘neuralink’ stuff meant to be ‘good’ – on any level?

And if it’s so nauseating seeing it on a monkey, how much more disturbing is this idea when applied to human beings?


I had an email from someone asking me when there are going to be more articles about happiness and joy.

I told him, they are coming!

They are definitely coming.

I can feel ‘spring’ in the air, I can feel this long, dark winter of the soul is nearly over.

But there is a little bit more clarification required first, a little bit more work to do to ‘clear the decks’ of all this evil.


We need to disconnect from all the false propaganda about modern science being benevolent and helpful.

Even when it comes to things like travel and architecture, it’s a mixed blessing.

And now that we’re figuring out just how much our physical and mental health is being affected by ‘helpful inventions’ like smart phones, WIFI, smart appliances, electric cars….

Even before they start using all that tech to launch us into the ‘Internet of Things’, which really should just be renamed the ‘Internet of Totalitarianism’, where every move and thought will be tracked and traced – it’s already bad news.


And don’t get me started on ‘biotech’ and ‘nanotech’ and abuses of technology in ‘medicine’.

Sadly, that’s a topic I’m sure I’ll be returning to repeatedly, over coming months.

So, the happy, joyful articles are coming.

But first, there is still some more birur to do.

And each person can speed that process up, by engaging with it in their own dalet amot, and starting to challenge the things that just aren’t right.



I just got sent this statement from someone I trust, apparently from Rav Berland:

Yesterday, the Rav said the war will begin within 24 hours, but repeated that the Jewish community is not in danger and people can continue going to Uman.

Like you, I have no idea what is really going on in the Ukraine right now, because if Covid 19 taught us anything at all, it’s that most of the ‘news’ is manufactured propaganda.

In the meantime, ‘Nonee’ left this link as a comment on the Habayitah blog HERE – it’s the live stream of Kyiv’s Maiden square, and so far (as of 2pm Israel time, 24.02.22) – there are no bombs or Russian tanks that I can see, but there ARE still cars driving around and people walking around.

So… don’t believe everything you are being told.

As always, we’ll have to wait for the dust to settle, before we understand what is really going on in the Ukraine.

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6 replies
      • Rivka Levy
        Rivka Levy says:

        If you’re talking about Sott, Sott is an anti-Semitic website that carries some interesting sources of alternative news – but is very likely also ‘controlled opposition’, because they haven’t mentioned a thing about the proven science showing there is self-assembling graphene oxide / DNA origami in the nanotech.

        As usual, your comment is designed to just have a go.

        Everything is mixed up today, and so you find some truth on anti-semitic websites like Sott, and lots of lies on apparently ‘frum’ websites like the Yeshiva World News.

  1. Devorah Chayah
    Devorah Chayah says:

    Believe it or not (I know you don’t like the source). Maybe you can track down this Shlomi Elisha, the deputy director of Ukraine Hatzalah to find out if it is really true…

    “The city of Uman has been targeted in Russian bombings due to its proximity to many weapons depots and according to municipal authorities, four locals were killed in the explosions in the area. Ukraine authorities subsequently ordered the evacuation of all residents of the city.

    Shlomi Elisha, the deputy director of Ukraine Hatzalah, told Yisrael Hayom on Thursday evening that 70% of the Israeli families in the city have succeeded in crossing the Ukrainian border into Moldova. The remainder will be leaving in the coming hours, and he estimates that by Shabbos, most of the Jewish residents of Uman will be in Moldova.

    Earlier on Thursday, Elisha told Israel’s Army Radio about the danger the Jews were facing in Uman.

    “The Uman municipality has started to evacuate hundreds of families from Uman. It’s very dangerous here now – there are many weapons depots in the area and there are intense explosions.”

    Hatzalah Ukraine had prepared an evacuation plan in the case of a Russian invasion, hiring buses and drivers, but those plans went awry when all the drivers disappeared as soon as the bombing began.”



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