Just over a year ago, the State-sponsored persecution against Rabbi Berland began again, in earnest.

Remember this?

Which quickly led to this:


And then, within a week of the Rav being arrested in a brutal fashion, where he was pushed to the floor by the Israeli police in the middle of the shacharit prayers, the first case of Covid was reported by an Israeli, and later confirmed:

 The first case in Israel was confirmed on 21 February 2020, when a female citizen tested positive for coronavirus disease 2019 at the Sheba Medical Center after return from quarantine on the Diamond Princess ship in Japan.[3]


I’m finding it hard to get out of bed at the moment.

I’m scared of where all this is going, and what all this renewed lockdown means – especially for people like me, who haven’t bought into all the propaganda and don’t intend getting ‘vaccinated’ with whatever that poisonous stuff actually is.


Yesterday, my daughter got physically assaulted on a bus, for pulling down her mask to drink a cup of coffee.

She had the mask on under her chin, and was drinking her coffee, when a 50-something woman (hell-ooo Karenstarted screaming at her to put her mask on. My daughter is a) a teenager and b) my daughter, so clearly, she didn’t do what the woman wanted, and carried on drinking her coffee.

So then, this woman came over to her, ‘tripped on her’ and spilled her hot coffee all over my daughter and the friend who was sitting next to her.

Then, she took the coffee out of her hand and poured it all over her.

Then, she slapped my daughter in the face.

All the time screaming abuse (and apparently accompanied by other Karens on the bus, both men and women, who were also shouting abuse.)

Thank God, my daughter had three friends with her, who stood up for her, because she was so shocked by what was going on, she couldn’t speak.

So then, it became a huge ruckus, and the police were called.


I could wax self-righteous about this woman, and what she did on the bus.

And when my daughter first told me, I have to admit to being boiling mad.

But later, when I was discussing it with my husband, he reminded me that there are a bunch of moronic sheeple out there who have been thoroughly brainwashed into believing that people with no masks = mass murderers.

This woman saw my daughter pull down her pointless, worthless mask to slurp some coffee, and thought she was being murdered with Covid-19.

And of course, if a maskless ‘murderer’ comes after you, you defend yourself….


Another reader sent me a link to this video, where the Rav is making the case that hating people for doing things differently from you is sinat chinam, and sinat chinam (baseless hatred) is worse than being ‘vaccinated’ with some toxic, sterilisation potion straight from the New World Order’s big vat.

You can see that video here:

(I can’t get it to embed on the site, sorry.)


R’ Epstein makes a good point.

But for me personally, I’m not sure how far I can do it.

Sure, I believe in trying to bitul to Hashem’s will. I believe, in theory 100%, that whatever Hashem wants, I will try to give it to Him.

But I also know myself, and I know that I am not such an ‘angel of bitul’ that if that woman had slapped my daughter in front of me, I wouldn’t have ripped her face off.

And I’m not such an ‘angel of bitul’ that if we come down to the wire, where we are being mamash forced to have dangerous, experimental ‘vaccinations’ that I won’t resist that with all my might.


I get that the Karen on the bus thought, mistakenly, that my mask-less daughter was putting her life at risk.

But can I forgive that Karen for creating a world where she is enabling the government to put my daughter’s life at risk?

I don’t know.

I’m working on it.

I’m working on really internalising that Ein Od Milvado – there is only Hashem – as it applies to the current situation of lockdowns and forced ‘vaccinations’.

Where do I draw the line, between trying to fight for what’s right, and for trying to defend myself and my family, and just accepting God’s will?

I don’t know.


In the meantime, if we trace all this back to the beginning, we find it started with the unjust arrest of Rav Berland.

And I know it will ‘end’ with the release of Rav Berland.

But sometimes, as that event keeps getting pushed off again and again and again by the corrupt State of Israel, I start to feel a little despairing of this ever turning around.


Did anyone wake up, over the last 10 months, to notice that the Yeshiva World News is employing the same brainwashing ‘cultish’ techniques on its readers, in connection with Covid 1984, that it brazenly accused Shuvu Banim of?

Has anyone noticed that the same brutal, violent police that arrested the Rav have now come after the lefties protesting Netanyahu in Tel Aviv, and the chareidim protesting the army draft in Jerusalem, and the dati leumi crowds protesting Ahuvya Sandek’s murder?

Is anyone making the links between all the brainwashing and lies that flooded the media to get us to believe that Rav Berland was guilty of things he never did in a billion, trillion years, and all the brainwashing and lies flooding the media to encourage us all to believe in Covid-1984, masks and ‘vaccination’?

I don’t know.


But then, thank God for my husband.

He turned to me today, and with lawyerly precision said the following:

IF we really are in that period of time that is known as the ‘end of days’, then things are far, far sweeter right now, than they were meant to be.

He’s right.

(Don’t tell him that.)

Hard as all this is, at least mentally, it’s still way, way easier than all the doomsday prophecies that were meant to accompany this period of time.

After he told me that, I was able to get out of bed, and come downstairs to write this.

The Rav is sweetening everything with his mesirut nefesh.

I’m just praying that more people are going to realise that soon.



So, I was thinking about what’s going on, and I realised that in some ways we already got the balm before the blow, if we have been following developments with the Rav.

For anyone who is feeling ‘stuck’ that psakei din from Bnei Brak need to be followed mindlessly and not questioned, please read this:

The first cracks in the ‘psak din’ against Rav Berland appear

And remember that we’re still dealing with fallible human beings here, not all-seeing angels.

Even the holiest amongst us can be misled and duped by cunning people.

And we don’t even need to talk about the bribery and blackmail that occurs with the ‘less than holiest’ amongst us.


And then, for those who still believe that our Kupat Holim and government can’t and won’t do any deliberate harm to the citizens of Israel, I wrote this comment underneath this article, on Ynet, which kind of sums up a lot of different things neatly, that I’ve gone into great detail about on this blog:

Sharon Alroy-Preis [head of the ministry’s public health services division] works for the Rothschild’s funded organisation Maoz:


The Rothschild’s Yad HaNadiv Foundation recently pumped $60 million into something called the Israeli Precision Medical Partnership, which is all about harvesting the Israeli population’s DNA for a Tissue Bank:


“It seeks to build on recent advances in biomedical research and combine genomic and post-genomic
studies with cutting-edge computational technologies, paving the road to the development of novel diagnostics and therapeutics.”

Netanyahu’s government signed an agreement with BigPharma in April 2019 – under the aegis of former Health Ministry Director Bar Siman Tov – to ‘share’ all the DNA info with them, without the informed consent of the public:


This is all about money and control, and has nothing to do with ‘saving people’s lives’.


BH, I’ve been researching all this stuff for months, already, thanks to what happened with the persecution of the Rav, and Shuvu Banim.

If that had never happened, I could also be one of those sheeple, shuffling off to get injected with who-knows-what in the name of public health, God forbid.

So at least in my dalet amot, I can see more and more how following the Rav, and not being willing to accept all the lies told about him, has mamash saved me and my family from so much hardship.

And long may that continue.



I just got sent the following updates, about the situation with the Rav.

First, some advice for how to hang on the Tzaddik in these incredibly challenging times, plus a series of 10 new Tehillim that Rav Berland has requested that people recite, ideally 7 times a day:

“…[T]he only thing that will keep us sane is holding on to the Tzadik by reading daily TH (7 times) even if we have no kavana at all, just reading it makes the job, by reading the new series of tehilim he revealed:

31, 35, 36, 60, 68, 80, 83, 88, 89, 109

And by reading his prayers.”

You can get the books of Rav Berland’s prayers translated into English on the Shuvu Banim website HERE.


And then, I also get sent this:

“The Ministry of Justice just yesterday cancelled the plea bargain of the Rav due to media pressure. Maybe that’s why all this is happening. 

In an unheard of thing that lawyers from both sides agree to a plea bargain but the Justice Ministry itself gets involved saying outright that its because of media pressure. 

Anyways, we need to always remember like your husband said, its so much better than the end-of-days are meant to be and we should be grateful. As painful as it is, we have a tzaddik who willingly takes it all on himself so we should have it relatively “easy” and at least survive. 

The media is literally an instrument of the Soton.

But hopefully not for much longer.


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14 replies
  1. Hannah
    Hannah says:

    My dear Rivka, I am soooo sorry to hear what happened to your daughter. It is especially difficult for teenagers who resist brainwashing thanks to the light they get at home to cope with the situation. I also have one at home like you daughter. There is no miracle remedy. As long as we are still able to think and make the birur, we are on the safe side. I guess that is all what will remain left to us before Mashiach comes: mochin which will help us to hold on to the Tzadik of the generation (through reading his prayers, reading TH and connecting to him) and emouna. Hope this will help. Much love

  2. Devorah Latifa Zander
    Devorah Latifa Zander says:

    I am so sorry to hear about your daughter’s experience, and I appreciate your willingness to share it. It is important for me and perhaps the rest of the world to understand the intensity that the world is experiencing. I too would have attacked that woman, she wouldn’t know what hit her. So, I sympathise with your non-Tzadakus status. That is probably why Hashem put neither of us in that situation, because He would not put a test before us that we could not pass. However, reading your story,(sharing your sluggish energy, which I can only imagine has something to do with the din aspect of the month of Tevet) and having a moment to reflect on it, I think as Jewish women this is our moment, before Mashiach. Do not give in to these forces, but observe them well and trust that Hashem will deliver us from them. Not to label our fellow Jews sheep (as I admittedly have) but look at them with compassion. They are feeling so much fear, desperation and crippling worry that they can justify giving up their neshamas to strike another Jew. They have been so seduced by the other side, so much so, that they can not even recognise themselves. This is worthy of our deep compassion. If we get angry, then the sita Achra has brought us down with them. I’m telling myself this as I write it, because I also need strength to combat these things, I would never have imagined it in my wildest dreams. But our Koach as Jewish women has always been in Tefilla. All we can do is daven, and we have to remember that it is the highest Koach. I try through out my day, when I have a worrisome thought, to turn it to Hashem and make it into a prayer. I don’t live in the middle of the city so it’s easier for me to say, I know. But, because all Jews share one Neshama, we should pray for them all, especially the ones we feel are the most lost.

  3. Mary Mandel
    Mary Mandel says:

    Oh wow Rivka, what happened to your daughter is absolutely horrific and abuse should never be tolerated ever. What R’ Epstein was saying not so much about resisting our views and willingly follow government orders. What I got out of it, is that we should try to maintain as much peace as possible even if someone has different views. I will never ever put their poisonous vaccine in me even if it leads me to hiding somewhere. But I will try to love my fellow Jew even if they are hiding behind their mask and believing in all this fear. They just make it so hard when they use torah to make it ok to hit someone, verbal and physical abuse pple, and kick individuals out of shul for not complying. Its a big struggle.

  4. Inna
    Inna says:

    Dear Rivka! Thank you for all the info you are posting on your blog and research and opinions that I value tremendously.
    Just want to give here some hizuk, even though i became very brazen after 30 years of more or less material success in US. I remember the times of my childhood and teenage years in Russia. I still experienced the times before and during “perestroyka” with Gorbachev. We were taught to live double life- one at home and one outside. Not to disclose anything outside on what is being discussed, and read inside the house and with friends and family. We were divided by the outlook on life and not by material things. I remember typing on typewriter books that my parents brought home ( there were no copy machines available) to give others copies of material that was not in line with the “party” line.
    The only way to survive those times, i believe with of course Hashem’s help , is by leading double life , however disgusting that might sound to all of us who are used to relative freedom of expression and movement. I never thought that in my life time i will see the same situation, but unfortunately we are here.
    There are also predictions by hachamim that you will survive the end of times by hiding in a sukka. They interpret this as a sukka of Torah. For me, my knowledge and my understanding of the world is also Torah. I guess we will be able to survive based on the daat we acquired.
    I read that Elchnan Wassermann decided to return to Poland despite the knowledge that he would be killed there as part of conscious decision to self sacrifice to Hashem, for kiddush Hashem. This is one possibility. Another one is to try to survive those times by sitting in the sukka and closing the world around us to bare minimum. I can not think of another solution to the current fascism. In every generation they come after us. May be those sheelple are lucky as they believe everything they are told and life is not a torture for them. But one can not “unknow “ what he knows and this knowledge bring a lot of pain and i think real Emuna tests. What kind of tests the sheeple have – nothing. “ Easy life” as they say.
    Be strong, we need to pull through this and give tools to our kids to survive and not get broken either.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Thanks, Inna – someone else told me a couple of months ago about masks being a test of bitul. I’m finding it very hard…. but just as Yaakov had to act in a certain way to ‘survive’ Lavan, there is definitely something to just being able to ‘blend in’ and not attract attention, at least at the moment.

      One thing tho, I don’t think the ‘sheeple’ are having an easy life. There is no easy life when God is out of the picture. From what I can tell, they’ve had 10 months of sheer hell, believing Covid 19 is going to ‘kill’ them any second, not seeing friends or family, not breathing fresh air (even when totally alone outside).

      They are suffering tremendously.

      And probably, that process of suffering is only the beginning…

      • Inna
        Inna says:

        If this is the case and they are suffering more than we are, which i think is true, because I am suffering only from seeing the world around me destroyed , but on the personal level everything has been bh good and even better than before “covids”
        Then, it is also for the best, it is Hashem’s hand and we should not rejoice in their destruction, but we should not be afraid when the destruction of reshaim comes( insert after Aleynu prayer in most siddurs)

  5. nonee
    nonee says:

    Dearest Rivka, i just read your newest write up. I just wish i could wrap my arms around you and give you a BIG hug. I cannot. So the bestest i can do, is write and tell you how i feel a little of what you must have felt, when your daughter related to you this shocking thing that happened to her.

    As the other commenters have explained so well the reason for why it happened, and they are right, for yes, it is a great testing for you, coming to you as a mother. Many mothers perhaps, would have done the same. ( i think i would have done jumped and punced the person too)

    To stay calm in an actual sitution that your daughter experinced – would be difficult- very difficult indeed for any mom being there.
    You are someone i admire like many do. You have given a lot of yourself to help many on this blog. Hashem chose you for this. See Rivka, i cannot explain well, in my prayers you are and your family too.

    May Hashem help all of Am Israel, Amen.
    Hashem, help please also all those seeking Y-u in these so trying times,Jews and also all those who are not Jews, but reaching out to know Y-u as the only Creator.
    Bless them too and help them too, please Hashem!
    Thank Y-u Hashem. Bless Y-ur Chosen.. Bless and help the young ones who are going through the many struggles they encounter. Amen v’Amen.

    Hashem bless you mightily Rivka.

  6. Myr
    Myr says:

    Rivka,you shouldn’t leave the story at this.Your daughter has witnesses.Go,file a complaint,play it the american way with several complaints-aggression,verbal and physical abuse,aggression on a minor,emotional trauma…and don’t fear that the state won’t do nothing,they will,since the assaillant is obviously not rich or something like that.You will do a public service if you protect society against those frustrated narcissists.Because if she gets out of this without pursuits,she will do it again.Do it for your daughter,you’re a fighter,go!

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      I appreciate the concern, thank you. But there is no where to go here, to get ‘justice’. I don’t want to put my head above the parapet any more than I do already, on the blog. And ultimately, Hashem arranged for it to happen, and my daughter is actually dealing with it OK.

      If she wanted me to pursue ‘justice’, I would. But BH, she’s got way more emuna than her mother….

      This young generation is full of such big, beautiful souls. The more I give them space, the more they show me the areas I myself need to work on. It’s pretty humbling.

  7. Ana
    Ana says:

    The recent (in addition to not so recent) events relating to how people are being treated are terrible. In fairness, I want to ask why the situation with the “hilltop youth” is different from previous posts and comments about other communities. As has been described previously, one of the reasons why Rav Berland has been persecuted is because of his valiant efforts to open up paths to Jews to daven by kivrei tzaddikim, many that were “off the beaten path”. This should very much be appreciated and valued by “hilltop youth” – have they come out in numbers supporting the rav and demanding his release / fair treatment?

    Perhaps they have and it has simply not been reported. Why do they get a pass when others don’t, especially as it relates to how the state / police relate to them?

    I don’t want to suggest in any way that they “deserve” the terrible treatment they are getting. More just a question of what is missing here and perhaps something that can be explored / explained. From an outside perspective, it would seem that most Jews who are not directly involved with Rav Berland or his detractors don’t really know or understand what has gone on and what is going on with him. This also relates to previous comments on the posts about Chabad and perhaps also other groups who aren’t more proactively asserting pressure to release an elderly, sick Jew from captivity.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      The hilltop youth aren’t organised in any way, shape or form. They are teenagers, many of them young teenagers, who have often left home and ‘dropped out’ of a society they can’t tolerate, because of all the injustice and fakeness they see in it.

      So, that answers the question ‘why aren’t they protesting also for the Rav’ – most of them have their hands full just finding somewhere to live and to put food on the table. They are free spirits in every sense of the word.

      I don’t want to romanticise them, as they also have a lot of issues, and of course not all of them are angels. But if I was their age, I probably also would be thinking and living a lot like they do.

      Re: how this contrasts with other organisations like Chabad, which has a billion dollar budget, and ‘rabbis’ as the right-hand man of the leading political figures all over the planet….

      Well, isn’t the answer obvious?


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