I just got sent this very important message about travelling to Uman this year.


This comes directly from someone within Shuvu Banim, who is in touch with the Rav, Rabbi Eliezer Berland, and who I know personally.

That person gave this message over via the Shuvu Banim WhatsApp group today:

We had heard that Rav Berland said that on Tet Vav Elul he would give instructions about Uman for this year.

I asked Rabbi B. if the Rav had said anything yet. He did. Here is our message from R’ B.:

> I asked R’ B. about the Rav’s previously unclear instructions about Uman. The rumors we have been talking about, etc. Here is his reply: [It’s an audio recording – which I’ve got, but I don’t know if I have permission to put it up on my website. I’m double-checking.}

To summarize the most important message from Rav Berland:

If you have tickets that left this morning or earlier, you may still go.

Otherwise, cancel your travel plans and come to Yerushalayim instead and make the kibbitz with Shuvu Banim at the Rav’s shul.


‘This morning’ means today, Monday August 23, 2021.

If you didn’t already fly out, if you aren’t already on the way to the airport – cancel your tickets for Uman this year.


As I already wrote about HERE, this is not fearmongering.

This is simply listening to the Gadol HaDor, Rabbi Eliezer Berland, who gave over two messages before this one saying:

  1. Don’t go to Uman.
  2. If you go to Uman, make sure that you go 2 weeks before Rosh Hashana.

Rosh Hashana 5782 begins in 2 weeks times, this Monday night.


BH, God will keep every precious pilgrim to Uman this year safe, whatever is going on.

I have relatives there right now, and they told me there are already at least 15,000 people there at the moment (as of 2 days ago) and with more arriving all the time.

Many of those people will presumably be travelling back home before Rosh Hashana, but there is definitely going to be a bigger gathering in Uman this year than last year, even if no-one else flies out now.


So, that’s the message from the Rav.

If you didn’t already go as of this Monday morning, 23rd August 2021, cancel your plans, and come to Jerusalem instead.

May we only hear good news.



According to my relative in Uman, there is an unconfirmed rumor there at the moment that ‘something’ is going down this Sunday.

What I’ve been told is that people think the authorities will shut the airport to people who aren’t vaccinated this Sunday, but it could also be something else.

My personal feeling is that the State of Israel is going to try to take a plane down, God forbid a million times.

I think this was the ‘trial run’:


The point of putting all this ‘out there’ is NOT fearmongering, it’s to open the public’s eyes that ‘disasters’ such as happened in Meron this year are carefully planned by the government and the security forces under their control.

They aren’t accidents.


I listened to the WhatsApp message with more details now, and the person giving over the message from the Rav is saying you don’t have to come back from Uman if you are already there.

But if you are in Israel, you should stay in Israel for Rosh Hashana this year.

I don’t know about if you are outside of Israel.


BH, may we only hear good news.



I just got sent another message, that the Rav put out another message – after the original letter that was written, described above – to say that you can go to Uman if you want to.

The person giving over the message said this second, contradictory statement was made by the Rav after a lot of pressure from certain people.

But the point is this:


And this way, the Rav is safe-guarding everyone’s free choice, for them to do their own hitbodedut and to see what their own heart is telling them.


I will just tell you one story, and then I’m leaving this alone for you to make your own decision.

In Uman one year, I was rooming with a girl who was engaged, but was having a lot of doubts about whether to go ahead with the marriage.

She decided to ask the Rav, and the Rav told her to call the marriage off.

She didn’t like that answer, so she went back to ask the Rav again, and the Rav told her that if she really loved the man, she should get married by a certain date.

So, she got married by that certain date.

Next year, I saw her again in Uman.

She was divorced – they split up 2 months after the wedding.


I learnt a lot from this situation.

I learnt that the Rav is careful to maintain people’s free choice, and that you can’t use him as a ‘short cut’ that means you don’t need to do your own soul-searching and birur.

That’s part of the Breslov path, that our true leaders are very careful to not issue commands, but only advice, that a person can choose to follow or not.

So, make your own decisions, come to your own conclusions, do your own soul-searching.

That by itself is very dear to Hashem, and is doing so much in the world.


And wherever you end up this Rosh Hashana, BH, may God bless you with a happy, holy, healthy, fulfilled and ‘free’ 5782.



A reader, D., just sent me this:

“Iran” to shoot down plane with Jews going to Uman?

I have the feeling something is being sweetened right now.


And also THIS caught my eye, from the Arutz 7 site from yesterday:


I read that, and it immediately reminded me of the ‘warning’ the Health Ministry gave out just before the murders in Meron, that anyone who went their ‘blood will be on their own heads’.

BH, all this is being sweetened!!!

But open your eyes, and see what’s going on here.

Because I’m having a strange feeling of deja vu.


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7 replies
  1. nechama
    nechama says:

    this confirmed my suspicion. The Rav said, if you are there, stay there. My suspicion was that there would be trouble getting back from Uman BEFORE R”H. So, staying there might preempt any such nefarious plans.
    B”H I’m glad you’ll be in Yerushalayim.

  2. Yossi
    Yossi says:

    There have been several disturbing messages coming out of Chabad in the last few weeks, even denying the non-vaxxed the right to pray with a minyan on RH. How bizzarro-Chabad is that? Then, there’s what you quote above.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Wow, that is really worrying.

      It sounds like they are all suffering from acute radiation poisoning.

      We already know that radiation poisoning (from the ionising radiation being transmitted from the 5G antennas) is creating all these different ‘waves’ of ‘Covid 19’, as it interplays with the graphene nanotech we all have some amount of in our bodies.

      (But clearly, way more if ‘vaccinated’….)

      I’m just finding this story very troubling… It sounds like another ‘experiment’ ahead of Uman, Rosh Hashana.

      May God protect us all, and all the pilgrims going to these holy places, from all harm.

      Pls let me know if you see any updates on this story.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Sometimes, the mesirut nefesh required is to do the opposite of what we think we should be doing, strange as that sounds.

      Last year I went to Uman for 3 1/2 weeks before Rosh Hashana, with mesirut nefesh mamash – and it was the right thing to do then, for me.

      This year, the mesirut nefesh seems to be to stay home, even though it’s literally painful, in many ways.

      Again, for me and my husband.

      Each person has their own cheshbon, and we are all trying to serve Hashem the way we think He wants, even when it’s so very dark and confusing.


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