I am up to my eyebrows in reading right now.

Hashem mamash just sent me the missing bit of information to a lot of what’s going on right now, and it ties so many things together that I’ve been writing about – for years! – on this blog.

Including: Nazis, Freemasons, Frankists, the electro-magnet human body, ‘energy medicine’, nanobot technology, WIFI-induced diseases, and of course, Covid-19.

While I’m trying to digest it all, so I can BH pass it on to you in more easy-to-understand, brief way, I thought I’d share a couple of videos that really start to make the point distinctly, of how sound affects matter and biology.


Going forward, this is going to be crucial to understanding what is really going on here, and how we can – only with God’s help! – derail it.

So much of the science we are taught is ‘fake’, deliberately designed to support an atheistic world-view – and to hide how human health and the human body really works.

We won’t get deep into that topic today, but I want you to take a look at the following video (shmirat eynayim friendly, and one of the most awesome things I’ve ever seen…)


It’s a series of ‘experiments’ by musician Nigel Stanford, that show viscerally how sound – sound waves – literally affect matter.

Remember, human cells, human bodies, are mostly made up of water.

Snippet from HERE:

The amount of water in the human body ranges from 45-75%.

The average adult human body is 50-65% water, averaging around 57-60%. The percentage of water in infants is much higher, typically around 75-78% water, dropping to 65% by one year of age.


But sound waves can also affect other forms of matter, too.

Sound can be words.

Sound can be music.

Sound can be prayer.

Sound can also be frequencies and pitches that we can’t even ‘hear’ with our ears, but that are still impacting our biology, in some way.

Like WIFI, like electro-magnetic radiation, like vibration we feel through our feet, or the walls, when a big truck parks outside our front door with the engine running.


Two more videos for now.

The first one is from Neshama’s blog HERE, that she pasted in the comments to a recent post:

One word about Mike Adams:

I think he’s probably ‘controlled opposition’, i.e. putting out 80% true information and acting as a ‘lightning rod’ for the rebels, and a focus point for the dissenters – but then dissipating all that good energy into pointless opinions and doing precisely nothing.

Just like Trump did for the ‘true patriots’ in the US, who would have grabbed their guns and rebelled, if Hillary had been sitting in the hot seat when ‘Covid 19’ kicked off.

So, his video is an interesting ‘introduction’ to this subject, but is still probably concealing more than it’s revealing.


And here, by CO-INC-ID-ENCE, is another video called ‘Express Your Cells’.

This was unveiled at the Israeli TEDMED conference back in 2014, involving none other than our good friend, Ido Bachelet.

(It’s not shirat eynayim friendly.)


Here’s the descriptor, from below the Youtube video:

The extraordinary meeting between the musician Shlomi Shaban, the scientist Dr. Ido Bachelet and the artist Ada Naamani, who is coping with cancer, that resulted in a special musical composition written 2 HER. The project was unveiled in TEDMED Israel live 2014.


(This video has good English subtitles, BTW.)

Long story short, Ada Naamani has serious breast cancer.

Ido Bachelet collaborated with a musician called Shlomi Saban to turn the ‘sounds’ of her cancer cells multiplying into a musical symphony.

At around the 1:50 min mark in the video, Ido explains how:

“We’ll take your cells, your biopsies, we’ll put them into a software and turn them into sounds. We’re going to turn your cells into music.”


This would be kind of poetic and awesome….

…except I can’t get past the idea that this is the selfsame Ido Bachelet we’ve been writing about as the creator of remote-controlled ‘DNA Origami’, billions of which can fit in a syringe, and then start hacking your brain and your biology according to directions recieved externally from the internet.

And who went to work for Pfizer in 2015.

What are the chances, that this is the selfsame guy involved in turning breast cancer into a musical symphony?


This project was funded by Roche, BTW.

The latest press release from their website, put up in March 2021, is entitled: Future Cures Are In Our Genes.

Here’s a snippet:

“If you can go in and do genetic surgery – by removing malfunctioning or abnormally regulated genes and replacing them with genes that are normally regulated – then you can get to the basis of what causes disease and fix it.”

James Sabry
Global Head of Roche Pharma Partnering

This is exactly the same premise Ido Bachelet was talking about HERE, in his discussion of what DNA Origami nanobots will be able to do.

Instead of having surgery, you’ll just get a ‘jab’ with billions of DNA Origami nanobots programmed to fix your insulin issue at source, in your cells – (or secretly kill you.)
Here’s a snippet from the PR release announcing the collaboration between Bachelet and Pfizer, lest we forget:

But let’s end with Roche.

On their snazzy ‘gene therapy’ page, they list a few of their collaborators and partners.

One of them is called 4D Molecular Therapeutics, and below, you’ll find their standard-issue ‘aren’t we great’ video, explaining their novel approach to gene therapy.

You should watch it.

It’s 3 minutes long, and it will explain how 4DMT (together with Roche…) have already come up with the technology to get ‘vectors’ (i.e. DNA Origami nanobots) INTO cells, to start messing around there, as part of their ‘directed evolution‘ of cells approach.


‘Directed Evolution’ has two entries on Wikipedia.

Go HERE for the purely ‘biological’ definition.

And then, go HERE for the entry on how ‘Directed Evolution’ is a key part of the transhumanist manifesto, where people and machines start to merge, snippet below:

The term directed evolution is used within the transhumanist community to refer to the idea of applying the principles of directed evolution and experimental evolution to the control of human evolution. In this sense, it is distinct from the use of the term in biochemistry, which refers only to the evolution of proteins and RNA. Maxwell J. Melhmanh has described directed evolution of humans as the Holy Grail of transhumanism. 

Oxford philosopher Julian Savulescu wrote that:

Humanity until this point has been a story of evolution for the survival genes – survival and reproduction … we are entering a new phase of human evolution—evolution under reason—where human beings are masters of their destiny. Power has been transferred from nature to science.


That’s about as clear as statement as you can make, to sum up the war these scientists are waging against God (aka ‘nature’).


(If you can’t see the video below because the censor ‘whited it out’, try HERE instead.)


Here’s a screenshot, from the 2.29 min mark, that underlines that this gene therapy is penetrating into cells:


That’s a lot of food for thought, I know.

But I wanted to start this voyage of discovery off with you, while I’m continuing to get more of the ducks in a row about what we can actually DO about all this, tachlis.

And we’ll BH start to get into that properly next week.


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9 replies
  1. vivian corey
    vivian corey says:

    Dr Joe Dispenza has written about how Hashem gave us the ability to do this in a book called You Are The Placebo-he shows that with belief and elevated emotion(gratitude) we can turn our genes on or off for healing or illness.Just by thought alone.A thought is electromagnetic energy.An emotion is energy in motion so it acts as a magnet to attract either healing or stress.Hashem gave us this ability-we just need to use it through tefilla and meditation,hisbodedut,and visualizing with simcha what we truly want to manifest in our lives!

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      I’m all for positive thinking, and it’s definitely a great deal of the ‘solution’.

      But from my own, extensive, experience, when ‘positive thinking’ leaves out the fact that God is in charge of the world, and leaves out the fact that my main job it to bitul myself to what God wants – to accept God’s dominion in the world, and to acknowledge that I can’t do anything at all, not even breathe, not even wake up in the morning, without His say so, and without asking Him for help – then things get complicated, very fast.

      Rebbe Nachman teaches the concept of ‘running and returning’. It can be applied in many ways, to many things, but in this case, we can say that while positive thinking has it’s place, to stay ‘stuck’ over there, in the space of ‘my life is in my own hands’ can get us in big trouble.

      The other pole is ‘God is doing everything, ein od milvado’. But, if we get ‘stuck’ over there, we can also end up hugely apathetic and fatalistic, and not do the bit we’re meant to be doing – especially, praying to God to change things around.

      So, the answer is to ‘run’ between these two ideas, constantly, and not get ‘stuck’ in any one place.

      The whole world is a very narrow bridge.

  2. SuperKosherSites
    SuperKosherSites says:

    Personally, I believe in the (very near) end they will try to chew up more than they can “playing Hashem”.

    They will take their plan one step too far, and then the people will wake up and revolt. That’s probably when things will get ballistic and no amount of policies will hold.

    Also I think their plans are already being derailed somehow or another. The sages say the Sitra Achra only pretends it has “achdut”, when in the end they are at the same time plotting against each other. It’s certainly NOT going according to their schedule.

    I mean, consider the simple question of “who will be at the top when everything is done and controlled?”. Gates, Fauci, Schwab, the Pope, our politicians and all the gang around the world… they are all making plans to take the crown and will soon start stabbing each other in the back.

    As our Breslov neighbor said “they are planting the tree upon which they will be hanged, just like Haman”.

  3. Elisheva
    Elisheva says:

    I remember learning in my physics ‘O Level’ class that what we take to be solid is actually not. It is just that the molecules are ‘squashed’ together so tightly that they seem solid but that in between them are tiny spaces in which the molecules vibrate such as when a high note from a soprano shatters glass because the vibrations are too much for the solid to hold together. For any sold to vibrate all it needs is the right frequency.
    The video is beautiful, showing the sound waves and their resultant vibrations. How much easier it is to learn the laws of the universe from this sort of demonstration. What a beautiful world H” has made for us to discover.

  4. Nechama
    Nechama says:

    What about the ethereal layning of the Parsha in Shul every Shabbos, that is, by someone who really really loves HaShem and cherishes each letter and it’s musical sound? It can make your neshoma sing and cause your body to sway. There are times when it carries your mind aloft.
    And piyutim so mesmerizing?
    What about the heartfelt Shema?
    Our Jewish letters in various combinations spoken and ‘sung in davening are the same letters that form gematrias that connect to mysteries. (each letter a number)
    And the sweet voices of the kinderlach, whose breath rises to Shamayim.
    Don’t we have the source of healing in the “sound” of our Hebrew letters, the utterances of creation.
    Very un’scientific’ but very spiritual.
    Sorry for the free-form thinking, prompted by your ‘words, music, prayer’.

  5. An Inquirer
    An Inquirer says:

    Re: vibrational healing, here’s an excerpt of a Dr. Todd Ovokaitys interview. Dr. Ovokaitys is not on the side of globalist controllers.

    ……welcome back, Dr. Todd. We’re just having such a good time. And we’re going to talk about, basically in this episode, we’re going to continue with STEM cells, the laser guided STEM cells, and what you were talking about earlier, how they differentiate, why you’re using the process that you use. And I’m really interested in this sound, what you were talking about with the sound and making them, please repeat that. I don’t want to mess it up. What you were repeating about-

    Dr. Todd Ovokaitys: Right.

    Tana Amen, BSN RN: How making the STEM cells go where you want them to go specifically.

    Dr. Todd Ovokaitys: Right. In essence, to be poetic, we are singing the song of STEM cell in light. We convert the light wave patterns from the laser into a sound wave, light wave form. So it starts with light, but it has sound like characteristics, so it’s called photo acoustic. So we start with light. We sing the song of the STEM cells in light, and they’re literally hearing the vibrational pattern that resonates with their surface molecular structure.


    Regarding Directed Evolution, and waging war against G-d, frankly speaking, the A.M.A., FDA, CDC and DEA have always been playing G-d and their methodologies all along have amounted to primitivity, inquisition-style.
    …Also, to anyone who has cared to research since the 1990s, there’s been millions of online testimonials since the internet started, posted by patients who’ve cried bitter tears regarding their horrific experiences, and how callous their doctors are.
    …As only one example, while the glorified Mayo Clinic’s website acts as if EMG (electromyogram) is risk free, many people have testified on medhelp.org about permanent, painful damage done to them by EMG. (Testimonials of the past are unfindable, but I have them in print. Note that most “organized” health forums since the 1990s have been run with an iron fist by medical-associated authoritarians, thus useless.


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