I’m going to let one of my readers explain the basic gist of this post.

Long story short, a few months ago I tripped over some ‘real history’ channels that showed some very interesting footage that simply didn’t ‘fit’ the historical paradigm, in any way, that I’d been taught as a child.

For example, there was one video of ‘America’ from the turn of the 20th century, that showed cars, electric cars and very built up facades and cities.
I.e. – that it was a pretty ‘old country’, not a blank slate.
I had too much going on back then to really give the topic more thought, but now, I feel like re-opening the subject again here on the blog.
Just to be clear, I’m posting up the information on ‘real Jewish history’ that I’m coming across as I go along.

But that doesn’t mean I really ‘know what’s going on’ here, anymore than you do.

Clearly, we ARE being lied to about a whole bunch of things, and equally clearly, there ARE a bunch of Freemason-Frankist psychopaths in the Jewish community, particularly at the leadership levels, that are acting in cahoots with a bunch of non-Jewish ‘Mr and Ms Evils’.

So take this post as at attempt to steer the conversation forward, and feel free to share your thoughts.

I will delete comments containing gratuitous personal insults and lashon hara, but I WELCOME GENUINE OPINIONS AND IDEAS, even when I may totally disagree with them.

I don’t have a monopoly on truth, and I’ve also been realising just how important it really is, for my blog to be a place where opposing viewpoints can be shared respectfully, without one side trying to ‘cancel’ the other.

So, with that intro, over to my reader, who I contacted to ask for more leads on the ‘real history’ angle:

I watch a few YT channels that look at old structures and features on aerial and “satellite” photographs with clear evidence of advanced technology and widespread development in areas that are completely empty of people today.

For example, the entire island of Great Britain looks like it’s a manmade structure.

I don’t know how old the buildings in America or elsewhere are.

But the story of these highly advanced buildings being built in the last 1000 years without industry and with horse and buggy technology is a joke.


Often in the middle of nowhere, and so forth. The stories don’t add up, and even after the advent of photography, the pictures of them allegedly under construction, when they exist, look more like ruins being restored.

These buildings always have what we are told today are decorative elements but look more like “antiquitech,” as “we” call it.
It’s usually gone now, but present in old pictures and drawings.

Ancient tech that probably produced electricity from the aether, the voltage differential between ground and elevated heights (which even science today admits to).

Some believe there was some sort of teleportation capability too.
And there are odd structures that make this seem not outlandish. Look at the Leaning Tower of Pisa. I was there once. This building is literally a hollow tube with an octagonal structure at the bottom (a recurring theme). What was its actual purpose?

The general theory is that there were previous Great Resets, and not necessarily just the Mabul.

That modern manufacturing and construction tech is not modern at all. Although some structures I’ve seen are clearly pre-Mabul.
This is also why old buildings are destroyed for the most ridiculous of reasons. They don’t make sense and the stories don’t add up, so they destroy them.
One of Jon Levi’s recent videos depicted pictures of electric vehicles and trains.

After I saw this video two years ago, the idea of resets really seem plausible:

The interviewee, Ruth, younger than all four of my grandparents OBM, in America in the 1920s, was taught the earth was flat.
Then, literally, one school year, they “reset” that, brought in a globe, and from that point on, the earth was a globe. This is in living memory. It is that easy to shift the narrative when control is centralized to the extent it is, all the more so today than 100 years ago.
They are obviously doing the same thing with Covid. It now seems normal to many people to wear masks, even when alone and outside. This is just the start of what they have in mind.

So now, here are a couple of recommendations from my reader, for anyone who wants to look into this stuff more themselves:

Two channels I find interesting that look for evidence of the old world are in the conventional history and the explanation of buildings we see standing today:

Their videos are both short, entertaining, and don’t really delve into spiritual matters, which makes them more approachable to me.

Here’s something else to chew over, too:

We’re all in the same boat.

Trying to understand and make sense of what we see because what we are taught is clearly sheker. Except the Torah and our mesorah. I believe those to be true. I can’t explain the things you’ve uncovered regarding the Sabateans and Frankists and the sketchy Jewish bloodlines that clearly exist and exert an incredible influence on Am Yisrael, but it doesn’t negate that.

BTW hand in hand with resets, “orphan trains” in the 1800s does seem to be a legit thing. Very real and well-documented, and involving shocking numbers of infants and children.
Take a look at this, showing ‘energy / electricity hieroglyphs’ from Ancient Egypt:
(One of the ways they censor stuff is that they make the Youtube videos impossible to load….)

Pretty much the only thing that’s clear, right now, is that we’re being lied to, and that most of our ‘leaders’ are psychopaths.

But I have a feeling that more ‘cracks in the narrative’ are about to start appearing….
And that God Himself is about to unmask what’s really been happening in our world, the last 3,000 years.
So hold on to your hats.


I also just tripped over this, which is being so censored, I have the feeling there must be something important here.
If anyone out there can get the full thing to download from scribd, please send it to me on email….
I have a ‘feeling’ this is another big clue.
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8 replies
  1. Ben Noach
    Ben Noach says:

    Hi Rivka.

    Have you read the book To Eliminate the Opiate by Rab Marvin S. Antelman?
    It also deals with those questions that you are researching from Frankists and secular subversive Jews within the Jewish community.

    Amazingly, I heard about it from a gentile, like me, but Catholic, the Philosopher Olavo de Carvalho, who unfortunately passed away two days ago, a man who fought for the truth and helped to expose a lot to Brazilians danger of cultural Marxism and the Frankfurt School, but of course far beyond that, he was a philosopher with political knowledge that transcended many others.
    When he gave a lecture to a Hebrew club here in Brazil he quoted this book, in a lecture on extremist Islam and at one point he talked about Jewish participation in the Russian Revolution and how secularism was already so pervasive within the Jewish community , because as he himself used in his words “a Trotsky is not produced overnight”. Another interesting approach he made on this day was when he said that labeling between orthodox and non-orthodox is dangerous and causes division, after all, what would be an orthodox and a non-orthodox, is defined as ? Does one observe the commandments more than the others? But this has always existed, and in the past there was no such definition. Being Catholic, he used an example of his religion as well, but I could understand in essence what he meant.

  2. M
    M says:

    Thank you for bringing this topic to the table. I majored in architectural engineering in college and had many semesters of architecture history. When I started exploring this topic, I was quite mad that I was lied to and I paid them tons of money to do it. So since you wanted to have a discussion, I have a question. In the Versailles palace there were hundreds of fountains but supposedly there was only one toilet. Can someone, who has researched this, please explain how they dealt with plumbing and sewage?

  3. vivian corey
    vivian corey says:

    Hi Rivka love this topic.Check out Bitchute.com its am alternative video site to Youtube so u might find more stuff like this.Shabbat Shalom and Moshiach Now!!!

  4. Eliora
    Eliora says:

    Interesting thought: could it be possible that somehow humans were genetically modified at a point in time to not use our entire brains and live shorter? Over the past 2 centuries people have been making advancements in knowledge and living increasingly longer. So maybe the ‘genetic modification’ is wearing off, and that’s why the powers that be want to use a combination of high tech, poison food and environmental toxins to bring humans back under control and reduce lifespans? Just a though I’ve been mulling over.


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