Sometimes, writing up the ‘real Jewish history’ stuff on this blog is like waiting for a bus.

***More updates below***

Nothing comes for weeks, and then 50 show up all at once.

I have decided to just try and write all the information up, as I go along, because otherwise I literally have a 100 tabs open on my computer, all the time, waiting for me to ‘do something’ with the information – and that’s not a good way of operating.

At least for me.

So, let’s just pick up the thread from the last post, where we were learning more about ‘Aaron (Edward) Lopez‘, owner of many slave ships, converso ‘crypto-Jew’, and business partner of ‘Rabbi Jacob Franks, in Newport, Rhode Island.


One of the slave ships that Franks and Lopez co-owned, was a boat called Abigail.

I had a whole post about that on the old blog, but the story goes that it was named for Jacob Franks’ wife, Bilhah ‘Abigail’ Levy.

She was apparently a very interesting person, and here is a snippet of her biography, from HERE:

No colonial American woman left a more engaging portrait of contemporary family, political, and social life than Bilhah “Abigail” Franks.

Her letters to her son Naphtali in England, covering the years 1733–1748, discuss the lives of his growing siblings, political and social life in early eighteenth-century New York City, her extensive reading, and her love of good Scottish snuff. The letters also shed extraordinary insight into the efforts of colonial American Jews to establish a functional equilibrium between being Jewish and being part of the larger colonial Christian society.

Abigail Levy was born in London, the eldest of five children of German-Jewish immigrant Moses Raphael Levy and his first wife, Richea Asher.

The family moved to New York City by 1695, and in 1712, Abigail Levy married London-born Jacob Franks, son of a German-Jewish merchant and broker in England.

The Frankses had nine children, born between 1715 and 1742. The family was active in New York’s Jewish life—they belonged to congregation Shearith Israel, where Jacob Franks was one of four men to lay the cornerstone of the new Mill Street synagogue in 1729 and where he served as syndic [president] in 1730—and they were active in broader Christian society, among whose women Franks counted her best friends.


Her dad is Moses (Raphael) Levy, of Hannover, Germany.

(Although HERE, her father is said to be ‘Rabbi David Bloch‘ – Kevin Lawrence Hanit is up to his tricks again!)

Pay attention to the place, and the timing.

George I was the first ‘Hanoverian’ Monarch of the British Empire. 

Here’s the relevant snippet from his Wiki page:

Born in Hanover to Ernest Augustus and Sophia of Hanover, George inherited the titles and lands of the Duchy of Brunswick-Lüneburg from his father and uncles.

A succession of European wars expanded his German domains during his lifetime; he was ratified as prince-elector of Hanover in 1708.

After the deaths in 1714 of his mother, and his second cousin Anne, Queen of Great Britain, George ascended the British throne as Anne’s closest living Protestant relative under the Act of Settlement 1701

Jacobites attempted, but failed, to depose George and replace him with James Francis Edward Stuart, Anne’s Catholic half-brother.


In THIS post, we talked about another converso Jew, who promptly just married out again, called Sampson Gideon Eardley:

Snippet from Wikipedia, HERE:

Sampson Gideon (February 1699 – 17 October 1762) was a Sephardic Jewish banker who was active in 18th-century London. Gideon is most prominently known for his financing of the HanoverianWhig government’s suppression of the Jacobite Rising of 1745, subsequently becoming a trusted “adviser of the Government” who supported the passage of the Jew Bill of 1753.


Sampson Gideon’s family made a fortune from its plantations in the West Indies, which were worked by slaves.

The ‘Abudiente / de Porto (Gunzburg)’ family that Sampson Gideon belonged to is very closely linked to slave trading Moses Levy, of Hannover.


There is a whole big story to unpick here, with what really happened with George I, who ascended the English throne against all odds… we will park it, and come back to it another time, BH.

There’s enough other stuff to keep us busy, in this post….


Moses (Raphael) Levy connects us up to a whole bunch of interesting people, that we mentioned before in THIS post, including the Hays, the Touros, and ‘Asser Levy‘, the first Jew in America who is deeply connected to Vilna, Gunzburgs and Oppenheimers.


Moses Levy’s wife, Rachel, descends from ‘Cantor Benjamin Levy’.

Here’s a snippet about him:

Benjamin was Cantor at the New London Synagogue, London, England in 1664.

In 1654 he was Cantor, Hazzan, & Bodeck in Recife, Brazil; but was forced to flee when the Portuguese conquered Recife and started another inquisition.

It is not known whether he went back to Holland from where he came, or to New Amsterdam with his son Asser Levy, and then on to Holland, eventually moving to London, England.

It is known that his son settled in New Amsterdam.


Benjamin Levy was connected to Menasseh Ben Israel, Oliver Cromwell – and those early British ‘Christian Zionists’ I wrote about HERE.

He was also a leading figure in the whole Shabtai Tzvi affair.

At this stage, I have a thesis that Shabtai Tzvi was chosen as a ‘figure head’ to try to get to the Jews back to Eretz Israel, by people outside the Jewish community – with some help from these wealthy ‘crypto Jews’ who didn’t really belong to either xtianity or Judaism.

And that they’ve been trying the same trick again and again and again, to try to subvert the Jewish community from within, for centuries.

We’ll come back to that another time.

Because now, I want to take a look at the other Abigail, Abigail Lopez, wife of slave trading Aaron Lopez.


HERE is the picture of Aaron Lopez’s wife, Abigail, and their son:


Her features look more classically Moorish than classically Jewish, and that puzzled me.

It just feels like such a huge contradiction, that the same person who could participate in shipping over thousands of African slaves to the US, in the very worst of conditions, could also be married to someone with African ancestors.

It just doesn’t fit the stereotype of the typical white racist, who disdains other people just because their skin happens to be a bit browner.

So, I went digging to see if I could find out more about ‘Abigail Lopez’s’ ancestors.


On the Jewish Encyclopaedia site HERE, I learned that Aaron Lopez was married twice:

LOPEZ, AARON (1731–1782), American merchant-shipper. Born in Portugal, Lopez went in 1752 to Newport, Rhode Island, where, renouncing his Marrano past, he remarried his wife Abigail in a Jewish ceremony, underwent circumcision, and in time became a leader of the Yeshuat Israel Congregation.

His second wife was Sarah, the daughter of another converso called Jacob Rodriguez Rivera.

But otherwise, the trail for the ancestors of his first wife, Abigail, went cold.


So, then I took a look at Abigail Lopez’s descendants, instead.


Abigail and Aaron’s daughter, Rebecca Lopez, marries someone called Uriah Hendricks.

I went to look him up – and that’s where I see that yet again, it’s all just the same people on all sides of this equation.

One of his sister’s Rosy marries Moses Oppenheim.

Another sister, Dahlia, marries a Pollack.

But it’s when you look at Uriah’s descendants that this point is made so powerfully.



Uriah’s great-granddaughter, Rosalie, marries one David Salomon.

That’s THIS guy:

Sir David Salomons, 1st Baronet (22 November 1797 – 18 July 1873) was a leading figure in the 19th century struggle for Jewish emancipation in the United Kingdom. He was the first Jewish Sheriff of the City of London and Lord Mayor of London.

(BTW – this is exactly the same family tree we looked at for Emma Lazarus, too, of ‘Statue of Liberty’ fame.)


Here’s a bit more detail about him, from HERE:

His marriage to Jeanette Cohen, a niece of both Nathan de Rothschild and Sir Moses Montefiore brought together 2 very wealthy families.

Salomons thus found himself at the centre of the ‘cousinhood’ – the coterie of exceedingly wealthy, interrelated families which constituted the lay leadership of Anglo-Jewry during the struggle for legal and political emancipation in the mid-nineteenth century.

In October 1838 he was elected as the first Ashkenazi president of the London Committee (later Board) of Deputies of British Jews, but resigned less than a month later in protest against the policy of excluding Reform Jews from membership of it.


Always the same people, always the same family, all the time.


If you remember back in THIS post, we started trying to figure out more about ‘The Crown’ corporation, that seems to own the whole world.


Up until now, I always thought ‘The Mayor of London’ was just a ceremonial position, where you get to wear a stupid costume.

Now, I’m starting to re-examine that assumption, too.

Here’s a snippet from the Wiki page HERE, then we’ll take a look at who has been sitting in that hot seat, over the last few centuries:

The Lord Mayor of London is the mayor of the City of London and the leader of the City of London Corporation. Within the City, the Lord Mayor is accorded precedence over all individuals except the sovereign and retains various traditional powers, rights, and privileges, including the title and styleThe Right Honourable Lord Mayor of London….

[T]he Lord Mayor is regarded as the champion of the entire UK-based financial sector regardless of ownership or location throughout the country.


HERE is where you can see a full list of Lord Mayors of London.

In the ten seconds I looked it over, I can see we are dealing with a whole bunch of ‘powerful’ individuals that most of us have never heard of.

And most of them are not ‘Jewish’, or ‘crypto-Jewish’.

Baruch Hashem.


HERE is where you can read quite a full description of this ‘mini state within a state’, called the City of London Corporation.

If you’re interested in the details, take a look at the link above. But here is the bottom line:

Writing in The Guardian, George Monbiot claimed that the corporation’s power “helps to explain why regulation of the banks is scarcely better than it was before the crash, why there are no effective curbs on executive pay and bonuses and why successive governments fail to act against the UK’s dependent tax havens” and suggested that its privileges could not withstand proper “public scrutiny”.


And of course, the ‘City of London Corporation’ is directly tied in to what is going on in the world today.

It was linked to slavery, rum-running and ‘international trade’ 400 years ago – and it’s still linked to child trafficking, drug trafficking and ‘international trade’ today.

And really, many of the people who are running it are just there, on Wikipedia.

Hidden in plain site, as always.


I didn’t forget about the Vatican, or the Freemasons in Washington DC.

It just seems to me that many other people have already done a lot of the birur on the Vatican.

And the connections between Washington DC and the City of London are still being fleshed out, here.

But, this is what I can tell you, as the takeaway from what we’ve learned together so far:

There is one, extended, family of ‘crypto Jews’ that DID play a very big part in:

  • The founding of the Americas;
  • The slave trade;
  • The American Revolution;
  • The French Revolution;
  • The establishment of George I on the British throne;
  • The founding of the State of Israel;

And probably, quite a few other things.


These people were ‘crypto Jews’ who spent literally a century living as ‘xtians’, with all the spiritual tumah that entails.

Many of them were very wealthy, thanks to their trading abilities and positions as royal advisors and diplomats, and also their determination to keep their money and assets, even if that meant they had to ‘be xtian’ to get on in life.

They mostly just married each other (‘endogamy’) to keep that wealth and influence in the family.

When Shabtai Tzvi came along, they heartily embraced him (and may even have been scouting for a Jewish ‘figurehead’ to lead the Jews to the holy land, as part of the schemes they were figuring out with xtian kabbalists, Puritans and others.)

Jacob Frank came from this same extended family, with its same deep links to the City of London, Freemasonry, the US, France – and leadership roles within orthodox Judaism.

His group of ‘Frankists’ simply continued the work that was started by the ‘Sabbatians’ before them, and the ‘Alumbrados’ before them….

(And I don’t know where the Jesuits fit into the picture, yet, but they for sure also do.)


Jeffrey Epstein wasn’t working for ‘the State of Israel’.

Jeffrey Epstein, AND the State of Israel, are both working for the ‘City of London’ / ‘Washington DC’ / ‘The Vatican’ – and the people who control these institutions, and everything else in the world.

The child and people trafficking that’s going on today is just a continuation of the slave trade that NEVER ENDED.

It just went ‘underground’ and got covered up more.

Similarly, the drug trade today is just a continuation of the ‘rum running’ of 300 years ago, that pursued a deliberate policy of encouraging addiction in people so they would sell everything they had to feed it – and become a brain-dead zombie, that was super-easy to manipulate and control.


The State of Israel is at the heart of these child / drugs / gun running networks, because of its geographical location as the ‘land bridge’ that connects the different parts of the world together.

THAT is the main reason the financial ‘puppeteers’ wanted a modern state re-established on ancient Eretz Yisrael, which would remain under the control of the oligarchs, while ‘pretending’ to be a Jewish democratic state.

(And of course, there is also the ‘evangelical’ reason for wanting all the Jews back in Israel, which has nothing to do with helping the Jews, and everything to do with getting Yoshki to “show up, already…”)

So many of the different pieces of the puzzle are starting to tumble into place now.


As always with these posts, I’m still left with a bunch of new questions.

I still want to know more about the Moorish family of ‘Abigail Lopez’.

I still want to know about how these ‘crypto Jews’ supposedly rejoined the faith, and how the halachas really apply, to this whole, thorny question of ‘who is a Jew’.

And I still want to pin a few more things down, in terms of Jacob Frank’s influence in the ‘orthodox religious world’, and how that all ties up with what is going on today, where so many of our ‘rabbis’ just seem to be money-hungry fakers and charlatans.

There’s a lot still to figure out.

But BH, we are really starting to make some headway here.




I went back to the Mayor of London David Salomon, who was married to the niece of both Nathan Rothschild and Moses Montefiore.

Montefiore and Rothschild married sisters, and another sister married [NAME] Cohen, and produced David Salomon’s first wife, Jeannette Cohen.

Here’s what I learned.


It’s a total joke, that David Salomon was elected ‘the first Ashkenazi president’ of what become the Jewish Board of Deputies, in London.

He comes from a very long line of those same, Sephardi, ‘crypto Jews’ that we keep talking about here.

Like this:

Daniel de David Mendoza and Esther Lopez > Hagar Mendoza m Solomon Solomon > Solomon Levy Solomon m Shiphra Philip Levy > Levy Solomon Salomons m Mathilda de Metz > DAVID SALOMON.

And ‘Solomon Solomon‘ is the grandson of that same ‘Bilhah Abigail Levy‘, mentioned above – with her ‘alternative’ husband, Naphtali Hart Franks:

So, David Salomons is more ‘Sephardi’ than my Moroccan grandpa’s fez.


Goodness, I just tripped over another mound of information here.

Lots of ‘missing links’ might have just shown up in David Salomon’s family tree, but I need to go through it carefully, and there’s a lot to look at.

So, let’s leave this here for now.


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