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Herzog, the IRA and more strange links

It’s amazing, how many strange things start to crawl out from the woodwork once you left the stone and take a peek underneath.


Following on from the piece about Tibor Rosenbaum HERE, I got sent a few more things, and I started trying to pin down a few more details about what was really going on in Hungary (and elsewhere….) at the end of World War II.

Let’s start with the positive, again. One of my readers who knows him sell sent me THIS about him, in French.

It’s pretty much the same story we recounted in the previous post, but this time with some interesting pictures of Rosenbaum in uniform:


I saw this, and I couldn’t help asking more questions.

Like, when was that first picture taken, and under what circumstances?

Surely it would have been dangerous to have a picture of a Jewish ‘resistance man’ wearing the uniform of an Hungarian fascist while he was trying to save Jews ‘in disguise’? And surely, he wouldn’t have donned that uniform after the war was finished, just to have a picture of it?

I was also surprised that Rosenbaum was part of the UNRRA corp, as his biography makes no mention of this at all.

So, I decided to try to pin down a bit more of the real story.


On the Hebrew wiki page for Tibor Rosenbaum, we are told that he was granted semicha at the age of 18, by Rabbi Yitzhak HaLevi Herzog.

This idea that he had rabbinic semicha and took over as Rabbi of Kleinwarden after the war for a few years is repeated in many different places. But again, I was struggling to understand how he could have got semicha aged 18 from R Yitzhak HaLevi Herzog, as Rosenbaum was born in 1923, which means he’d have been given semicha when the war was starting to burn red-hot in 1941….

And unlikely as that sounds, it’s even more unlikely when I discovered that at that time, R Yitzhak HaLevi Herzog was living in ‘Palestine’.


Again, I’m not picking holes to be pedantic or difficult.

I’m simply taking the statements that are being made, and exploring whether they seem to be a) factual and b) even possible.

All of the official stories told about Rosenbaum suggest he was in Hungary the whole time during World War II, studying in yeshiva before being conscripted to the ‘Tabor Munka’ forced labor battalion for Jews.

But that story doesn’t seem to be true. It seems, that Rosenbaum was out of yeshiva, and in Israel, rubbing shoulders with other leading ‘Zionists’ like Kastner.

Let’s put this story down again for now, because I want to take a look at Rosenbaum’s apparently rabbinic mentor, Yitzhak HaLevi Herzog.


HERE is his Wikipedia page.

Very quickly, I started reading things that literally made my eyes pop out of my head. Like, this:

Rabbi Herzog served as rabbi of Belfast from 1916 to 1919 and was appointed rabbi of Dublin in 1919. A fluent speaker of the Irish language, he supported the First Dáil and the Irish republican cause during the Irish War of Independence, and became known as “the Sinn Féin Rabbi”…. He became a supporter of both the Irish Republican Army (IRA) and the Irgun.


Say what?!

Since when do Rabbis from Lomza, Poland speak fluent ‘Irish’, and take such a strong lead in Irish nationalistic politics that they get a sobriquet as the ‘Sinn Fein Rabbi’, and strong backer of the terrorist organisation the IRA?!

Before we continue, one of the things that self-confessed ‘Hebrew Christian’ and Frankist descendent Athol Bloomer frequently claims, and apparently is able to back up with some real dates and people, is that many of these Sabbatean-Frankists ended up in the Republic of Ireland.

For example, if you go HERE, you’ll find a list of notable Frankist descendents, many of whom became leading clerics in the Irish Catholic Church.

So, this Irish connection is not something stam. 

It’s something that strikes me as being very meaningful, in ways that I still haven’t really managed to grasp yet, about what is really going on here.

Let’s continue.


Here’s a snippet from that long article about Frankist descendants popping up in leading positions in the Catholic church in Ireland, that’s based on information from Athol Bloomer:

Eva Frank had six half-sisters from her father’s first marriage, Rachel Chayah, Dinah Ruth, Esther Matrona, Rivka Shoshana, Miriam Hannah, Leah Golda and Sarah Judith. Miriam Chana married David Menke Kinnor in 1756.

Dinah Ruth married Stanilaus Rostowski, a Frankist descendant of the Sabbatean teacher Rabbi Baruchiah Russo. They moved to England then Scotland where they embraced the Presbyterian faith.

Rivka Shoshana married in 1754 to Nathan Mayer of Frankfurt, and they moved to Ireland in 1760/61 where they took the names William and Annie Maher. In 1760, Leah Golda Frank married in Poland to Edmund Roche of Ireland. Edmund returned to Poland regularly to visit Jacob at Czestochowa and he returned in 1773 to live in Frank’s court.

Sarah Judith Jacob married in Ireland in 1763/4 to John Cassin (a.k.a. Frances John Kissane) of Dublin and Kerry a son of a merchant and crypto-Jewish Rabbi.


Back when I first started trying to research the Sabbatean-Frankists, three years ago, I tripped over ‘Frances John Kissane’ very early on, and his – at that point! – shocking family connections to none other than Sir Moses Montefiore.

I simply couldn’t understand how so many of the Montefiores appeared to be marrying Irish ‘non-Jews’….

How much water has flown under the bridge since then.

Frank’s daughter Leah Golda is the grandmother of the ‘Leah Golda’ who is the mother of the Chabad 4th Rebbe’s fourth wife, Rivka.

And a lot of the other family ‘tie ups’ can be grounded in facts, too.


According to Bloomer,the following Irish bishops were Frankists, direct descendants of Jacob Frank himself, including:

Daniel Murray, Bishop of Dublin.

Paul Cullen, the Cardinal of Ireland.


Another son of Joseph Mayer and Hannah Rothschild was Pinchus Mayer (aka Patrick Mayer). His daughters Mary and Judith married into the Frankist Cullen (Cohen) family. Mary married Hugh Cullen, the father of Paul Cullen, the first Cardinal of Ireland…

Under the Frankist Irish Bishops culminating in the work of Hugh’s son, Cardinal Cullen, Irish Catholicism was transformed in what has been termed the “Irish devotional revolution.”


Let’s pause, because I just want to tell you who ‘Joseph Mayer and Hannah Rothschild’ were in real life (or vice-versa…)

You can find Jacob Frank’s family tree HERE.

Even though the Frankists have been busy scrubbing out more of the details, now that more of us are actually paying closer attention, they have still left us some clues. Here’s a screenshot:


‘Breindle Reinganum’ and Joseph Moses Schiff Mayer are real people.

Just they’ve been ‘disconnected’ from Jacob Frank, because otherwise we’d all be seeing just how much of the Jewish world is mamash being controlled by Sabbatean-Frankists.

HERE is a screenshot, of their original family tree:


You recognise that guy in the bottom left corner?

You should. It’s Sabbatean-Frankist banker Jacob Schiff, the one who funded the Bolshevik revolution, amongst many other claims to notoriety.

It seems we are starting to close in on the true identity of the Rothschilds.

But let’s park that for now, as I know it’s so easy to get distracted and ‘overloaded’ with all this stuff.


Anyway, so while half the Frankist family tree is full of apparently secular Jewish banksters and ‘chassidic rebbes’, the other half is literally full of Catholic bishops.

And Ireland is a key place where all these Sabbatean-Frankists intersect, in a bunch of different ways.

Let’s get back to Yitzhak HaLevi Herzog.


The Irish-speaking R’ Herzog from Lomza, Poland, continues to have a very ‘interesting’ life.

Here’s some more snippets from his English Wiki page HERE:

During the Second World War, Rabbi Herzog travelled with great risk to the US, and back, not before he was able to secure a meeting with Roosevelt. Roosevelt smiled and did not reply to the Rabbi’s pleadings for a promise to help the Jews of Europe….

Following this, he immediately returned home, missing the ride on a ship that was sunk by a U-boat, and taking what was said to be the last civilian ship to cross the Atlantic during the war.


As usual, the Wikipedia page in Hebrew has more details, and as usual, many of them conflict:

In 1941, he went on a rescue trip to the United States through England and back through South Africa and Egypt. After efforts, he was able to meet with President Franklin D. Roosevelt, urging him to save Jews and bomb the death camps. He emerged from the meeting depressed and saw it as a failure.

….The pressure to stay was great, especially because of the danger of submarines hitting ships. Indeed a ship he was supposed to be travelling on was sunk and all its passengers perished.

On his return he arrived by flight from South Africa to Egypt, and then on to the streets by train. 


1941 is the year he was meant to have given Tibor Rosenbaum semicha, too.

From experience, whenever you have so many different versions of the stories being told, with details that conflict in unresolvable ways, that usually suggests it’s being made up.

Tachlis, how did some Rabbi from Ireland (who supported a terrorist organisation that was violently ‘anti’ the British government….)manage to travel all over the world like this, mamash through a bunch of different war zones, and also apparently get to meet the anti-semitic Roosevelt?

Does this make sense to anyone, really?

Does it sound at all credible? And if he really did all this, why was he able to? What was his connections, his protekzia, that enabled all this to happen within the international arena?

And then they can’t even agree on whether he got the ‘last boat’ across the Atlantic, or flew back to Israel via South Africa and Egypt.


But there are more MIR-A-CUL-OUS stories still to be told about R’ Herzog, CO-INC-IDEN-TLY involving more Catholic bishops, who CO-INC-IDEN-TLY would later rise to prominence.


After the war, Rabbi Herzog dedicated himself to saving Jewish children especially babies and bringing them back from their places of hiding throughout all of Europe, to their families or to Jewish orphanages.

Many of these were hidden in Christian monasteries or by Christian families, who refused to return them. In his biography, he tells of the difficulties he had of meeting the Pope who avoided him, but did receive in the end assistance from the Vatican.

In later years it was found that Karol Wojtyła, future Pope John Paul II, was the contact who helped the rabbi out. However, defenders of Pope Pius XII have asserted that Herzog had maintained friendly relations with the pontiff during and after the World War II.


It’s said that R Herzog was the guy travelling around to orphanages, and calling out ‘Shema Yisrael’ to identify the Jewish children there.

Just one problem with that story: It was actually someone called R’ Yosef Kahaneman who was doing that.

Even Shwekey knows that:


Nuff said.

So, why does all this matter?

It matters because Herzog’s descendants are still ‘ruling’ Israel today.

Here’s a snippet from a recent story on Arutz 7:


Here’s some snippets from this latest Herzog’s Wiki page that caught my eye:

He is the son of General Chaim Herzog, who served two terms as the Sixth President of Israel from 1983 to 1993….

The third foreign minister of Israel, Abba Eban, was his uncle.

He also accompanied his father to visit the Lubavitcher Rebbe in Brooklyn.

When he returned to Israel at the end of 1978, he…. served as a major officer in Unit 8200 of the Israeli Intelligence Corps.



In October 2021, Herzog announced the establishment of the Israeli Climate Forum under the auspices of the Office of the President…The forum oversees a number of working groups focusing on different issues and brings together public officials and private citizens to coordinate efforts to combat the climate crisis….

In December 2021, Herzog launched his “Think Good” campaign, with the objective of combating cyberbullying. The campaign, in collaboration with Meta, promoted respectful and inclusive discourse online.


There is no ‘climate crisis’ (other than the man-made one conducted by CERN, HAARP and who knows what else).

And it’s great to see the President collaborating with ‘Meta’ on more sneaky ways to promote censoring free speech.


Herzog’s family is like ‘Zionist Royalty’.

But I can’t find much about his roots.

His father was called Yoel Leib Halevi Herzog, and was apparently a student of the Diskins in Lomza.

I am currently researching the Diskins of Lomza, and I’m learning some very interesting things that we’ll save for another post.

But Yoel Leib Herzog moved to the UK to become the Rabbi of Leeds in 1897 and was a big supporter of the Chovevei Zion organisation.

(Still trying to understand how his son could be speaking fluent Irish and supporting Sinn Fein and the IRA….still not obvious from the official story.)


Here’s a screenshot from the Hebrew Wikipedia page, describing the Herzog family tree going forward:


Herzog married one ‘Sara Hillman’, the daughter of Shmuel Yitzhak Hillman.

Whaddya know?

He was the Chief Rabbi of Glasgow, and the Rabbi of London, before he moved to Israel in 1934 (see his Hebrew Wikipedia page, HERE).

He also happens to descend from the exact same family as Jacob Frank.

The ancestor he’s named for, R’ Shmuel Helman of Metz, had a father with two names.

One of his names was Shraga Feiwel Helman, who married a daughter of the Megaleh Amukot.

While his ‘other name’ was ‘Israel Heilprin of Krotoschin’, who married Margola Shor – and apparently fathered Jacob Frank.

I’m still unpicking what’s true here, and it will take me a while.

But what is certain, is that the Helmans / Hillmans and the family of Jacob Frank are very closely related.

And that Sabbatean-Frankist ‘royalty’ only married each other.


Let’s end with another interesting ‘relative by marriage’ for the Herzog family, named Nessim Gaon, who died just three months ago, in May 2022.

HERE is his Wikipedia page.

He was the father of Margaret, married to our current President’s brother, Yoel Herzog.

Just read this, and have your eyes fall out of your head:

His family originally emigrated from Turkey to Egypt and then on to Sudan. His father was a high-ranking official in the British government and served as governor of the city of Port Sudan.

Whenever I see ‘Turkey’, I automatically assume ‘Sabbatean-Frankist’, at this stage.

Also, does it make sense that a man from a country Britain was at war with, Turkey, would then a few years later become a ‘high-ranking official in the British government’ ruling over Port Sudan?


There’s more weird things, let’s continue:

He married Rana, the daughter of a wealthy English-Jewish family. In 1956, the year Egypt’s Jews were expelled, the two emigrated to Geneva, Switzerland. He founded Noga, a real estate company in Switzerland. At the same time he specialized in the trade in pesticides and cereals. 

It seems all roads lead to Geneva.


In the mid-1980s, Gaon’s personal fortune was estimated at-5 billion.

Five billion?!?!

From selling cereal and pesticides?!?!?


But here’s the even more interesting stuff (google translated from Hebrew so a little clunky):

Since 1991, Noga provided loans to buy food and other goods to the Russian government, which has pledged to repay oil debt but has not paid its debt.

In1993, a business dispute was declared, which nearly led to the bankruptcy of Noga.

Arbitration in a Swedish court has twice ruled that Russia did not respect the agreements. She was ordered to pay Gaon 1,100 million.

Moscow refused and, in response, was able to freeze more than 30 Russian accounts in Luxembourg and Switzerland. Russia’s Central bank was so appalled that it secretly transferred much of its reserves to the British Channel Islands.

Sergei Alexchenko. then deputy head of the Central Bank, said they were so alarmed that Russia’s national economic security was at stake…


In July 2000, [Gaon] attempted to seize Russia’s Presidential plane during Putin’s visit to France

Gaon seized the Russian Navy ship Sadov and its 11 cadets, triggering a diplomatic crisis inFrench-Russian relations. It resulted in the freezing of the bank accounts of the Russian embassy in France.

 In Belgium, an exhibition of 1,600 Russian jewels and treasures was cancelled, fearing Gaon would steal them.

On record, Noga tried to intercept U.S. payments to Russia for an uranium deal involving disassembled Soviet warheads.

The deal was delayed and the crisis was resolved only after the intervention of President Bill Clinton, who issued an executive order 

He has caused widespread concern among the Russian government, being called a “financial terrorist” by Russia’s deputy finance minister and dubbed “Putin’s biggest enemy” by Britain’s Guardian.


I find all this incredible, not least because I’ve never even heard of this man.

And of course, there’s the usual financial mis-propriety going on here too. Of course!

Gaon was a guarantor of the commitments of David Gaon and Joel Herzog, who served as directors at the Bank of North America, which was founded in 1977 and disbanded in 1987 following large-scale misdeeds of several other directors. 

In 1993, the Jerusalem District Court ruled that directors were negligent in their duties and should be held liable for the bank’s collapse. Geon and Herzog were required in the ruling to pay an amount equivalent to about 160 million to the state in receivership.


If you go HERE, you learn some more interesting stuff about Nissim Gaon.

Like, he was working for British Intelligence in WW2. And became the head of the United Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jewish Community in Geneva in 1966 (the same place and same time we find Tibor Rosenbaum and his Mossad-and-Mafia funding bank.)

And here’s more detail on Gaon’s legal fight with the Russian Federation:

Since 2000, the corporation has repeatedly sought the seizure of Russian property in France and Switzerland.

 Meanwhile, according to journalists, the judicial authorities of Switzerland and Israel suspected Gaon of financial fraud and involvement in corruption.

In January 2008, Paris bailiffs seized a number of assets of Russian state-owned companies and state structures at the request of Noga. Assets worth up to $ 70 million placed in the accounts of VTB Bank France SA and Calyon banks were seized, including assets of the Bank of Russia, the RIA Novostinews agency[, as well as the Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) and the TSSKB — Progress enterprise.


Totally mind-boggling.

I don’t know when God is finally going to free us from all these Sabbatean-Frankists, but I can tell you that day can’t come soon enough.

And I still have a bunch of stuff I’m wading through about what the Zionists were really up to in Hungary, during World War II.

But that is a story that will have to be continued another time.



Thanks to C. for the following link, with more information on Nessim Gaon’s conviction in France for bribery:

https://www.haaretz.com/2005-02-10/ty-article/millionaire-nessim-gaon-convicted-sentenced-in-cannes-bribery-scandal/0000017f-dc76-db5a-a57f-dc7e662f0000 .


Jewish millionaire Nessim Gaon and his son-in-law, Yoel Herzog, were convicted of bribery charges by a French court recently. The pair was charged with bribing Cannes mayor Michel Mouillot more than 10 years ago in an effort to put slot machines in the Noga Hilton hotel casino.



Thanks to my reader in the Netherlands, who sent me the following:

 I am sending you some more information about Prince Bernhard and his relationship with Tibor Rosenbaum.

I have experienced him as prince and husband of our then Queen Juliana of Orange. He was the co-founder of the so-called Bilderberg group. Much of which can be found in Daniel Estulin’s book The True Story of the Bilderberg Group.

According to American military historian Paul J. Wilson of Nichols State University in Thibodaux, Louisiana, in his study “Himmler’s cavalry, the equestrian SS 1930-1945,” Bernhard was a member of the Reiter SS.


During the marriage (January 7, 1937) of Bernhard and Juliana there are some minor incidents.

There are about thirty German officers in uniform, which in itself is not surprising because Bernhard comes from a family with many soldiers, but they also continuously give the Hitler salute, almost as a provocation.


In Peter Conradi’s book The Royals of Europe, it says the following about Bernhard and Rosenbaum:

“Questions were also raised about the prince’s financial and personal relationship with Tibor Rosenbaum, a Swiss banker whose Geneva-based International Credit Bank was accused of ties to organized crime, before the bank went bankrupt in 1975.

The year before, Bernhard had sold his Warmelo, a castle in the east of the Netherlands, to a company owned by the same Swiss bank. The price was far below the market value, as a result of which suspicions were expressed in the Dutch press that Bernhard would have funneled part of the actual purchase price.


Prince Bernhard let his mother Armgard live in the castle.

It was a beloved place for her grandchildren; for example, Beatrix spoke of ‘the warm Loo’. Bernhard would have felt even more at home there than at Soestdijk Palace. German was spoken at Warmelo, he secretly saw his German friends and ‘deals’ were struck, historian Annejet van der Zijl once illustrated.

It was one of those friends, Tibor Rosenbaum, who was allowed to buy the castle after Armgard’s death. For a friendly price, which could not prevent him from going bankrupt shortly afterwards.


Does anyone come by ‘billions’ honestly, in this world?



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12 replies
    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Some interesting snippets from the above – try this link, if the above doesn’t work:


      “In 1915, Herzog moved to Belfast and served for three years as a rabbi before transferring in 1919 to Dublin, where he became the de facto leader of the entire Jewish community of Ireland. At the same time, Herzog’s economically progressive politics and scholarly interests brought him close to Éamon de Valera, who was then the leader of Sinn Féin and who eventually became the Irish prime minister from 1937 to 1948, and the president of Ireland from 1959 to 1973….

      “De Valera used to visit Herzog’s house to talk about everything from mathematics to linguistics, and at De Valera’s urging, Herzog began studying Irish and learned to speak it fluently. Later, to preserve Irish neutrality, De Valera refused to accept Jewish refugees during the Holocaust, earning the anger of the Jewish world. Herzog, however, maintained his friendship out of respect for De Valera’s defense of Irish Jews.”


      With ‘friends’ like these….

  1. Daisy
    Daisy says:

    Rivka, I am very incensed by the way you are portraying my dear cousin Pinchas, who was a great man, and thanks to whom Israel stands today. None of you, – or me for that matter- would be in Eretz Hakodesh if it wasn’t for the Mirage airplanes Pinchas made sure Israel would obtain from France for self-defense, among others. He used BCI to help Israel, Eretz Yisrael and Am Yisrael, that was the goal! I discussed this whole situation with my son, who was obviously born after Pinchas’s death since he was named after him, so he never met him. My son is a great history buff, especially Israeli history. The conclusion he came to, knowing the period Pinchas was involved with the Mossad, was that what Pinchas did with BCI and among others Meir Lansky was PIKUACH NEFESH for Israel and all Jews living there, and so if he accepted that money from Meir Lansky it was for the purpose of saving Jewish lives. Shame on you for this finger pointing! You think Hashem wants you to badmouth a person who did everything for Am Yisrael in Eretz Yisrael at a time when Israel was on very shaky grounds? He did it for the love of Hashem and love of Eretz Yisrael! So he overlooked what Meir Lansky was about; but the aim was to save Israel. Would you rather have seen Israel destroyed? Then where would you be today? Oh, well, maybe in Great Britain; so what, right? And goodbye Rav Berland, right? Pinchas did what he did Leshem Shamayim, EVEN IF his judgment was faulty re: Meir Lansky. And who is to say he knew about Prince Bernhard’s Bilderberg group and the truth about that? Holland was considered a friend of the Jews during WWII: my parents even named me after Queen Juliana of Holland ( the wife of Prince Bernhard) when I was born ( second secular name ) out of gratitude for the royal family’s help to the Jews during WWII- whoever was saved from Holland. And my parents were in Auschwitz and had two children murdered BTW: this is what Jews knew about the Dutch monarchy at the time, even if the narrative was false if it was, I don’t know. How do you know Pinchas knew about all the machinations, the shenanigans, the evil lurking underneath the veneer? Knowing him the way I knew him, believe me, he would NEVER have cooperated with mass murder of people. All he cared about was saving Jews and Israel, no matter what it took, even if it meant using dirty money. That’s all. I knew him a lot better than any of you ever will, and he was a wonderful man, kind, warm, a Talmid Chacham, a great man. Yes, he loved comfort, it’s true; so he received a large gift. So? All Swiss and Liechtenstein banks had unnamed numbered accounts; what he did was pretty standard, to protect assets in such a bank. Let me give you an example of his kindness. Once he was sitting on a plane with a black man, who asked him if he could give him some money he needed, I forgot why. Pinchas gave it to him without hesitation; it turned out the man was a top official of Liberia, and he was so grateful to Pinchas he decided to make him Ambassador of Liberia to Switzerland. How do you like that? A frum Jew, white as they come, ambassador of an African country? That shows you the sort of kind, generous big-hearted man he was.

    So please; don’t think that by writing what you are writing you are presenting the whole picture; far from it. Facts are only that, facts; but you don’t know the motivation behind the facts. You know a tree by its fruit, right? I challenge you to check out his children living in Yerushalayim, and see what outstanding people they are. I wish for all your readers and yourself to have the “mailes” ( high qualities) they have: the kindness, the goodness, the generosity, the hospitality, the uprightness. Loved and respected by whoever knows them, is all I can say.

    And BTW my son also agreed that the movie was clearly not a real portrait of the true story: what irked him the most was the miniskirt portrayed on my first cousin, who would never ever have dressed like that. Maybe they were able to magnify the story because his family had funds, while the other Bnei-Akiva kids’ didn’t? He happened to belong to one of the leading families of Hungary rescued by Kastner. At the age of 20 was it his fault? Does it mean automatically that he did not rescue Jews? Of course not. Maybe that is WHY he was able to do it, don’t you think? I don’t know whose idea it was to make the movie, obviously not his since he was already dead. Who commissioned the movie?

    • Daisy
      Daisy says:

      Oh, sorry, I made a mistake: his family was NOT rescued, since his parents and 10 siblings were all massacred by the Nazis. So how would he have ended up working for Kastner? It makes no sense. Unless he was already close to the Orthodox community of Budapest? But how, and why? He was from Kisvarda, not from Budapest. So I really have no clue about that part of the story you told, about him working with Kastner.

      Re: this post:

      Did you forget ” הגונב מן הגנב פטור”, Rivka?

      According to the story you are reporting, the Russians STOLE from Nissim Gaon; and according to our sources this is permitted:


      י״א בתמוז ה׳תשע״ב (01/07/2012)

      שלום כבוד הרב…
      מה המושג גונב מגנב פטור? והאם יש לו יסוד בהלכה?
      שלום רב.
      מקורו של דין זה הוא במשנה במסכת בבא קמא דף סב עמוד א’ זה לשון המשנה: ‘אין הגונב אחר הגנב משלם תשלומי כפל ולא הטובח ולא המוכר אחר הגנב משלם תשלומי ארבעה וחמשה’.


      You wrote:
      “Russia did not respect the agreements. She was ordered to pay Gaon 1,100 million”.. BY THE COURT, which Russia didn’t pay. So he tried to get his money back any way he could. Why not? That does NOT make him a sinner, even if the Swiss were ready to pounce on him. Just because the goyim attacked doesn’t necessarily mean that the Jews did wrong. Secular law is obviously different from Halachah. Whom do we really have to follow? Dina demalchuta dina too, true. Still, it might be a legal offense, but not necessarily a moral offense!

      And BTW I was invited with my family to a wedding of Nissim Gaon’s daughter or son ( I don’t remember) decades ago; lavish, no doubt! My parents were friends with them too: the whole Jewish community was very close, Ashkenazim, Sephardim, it was a close knit group. Whether Egyptian Jews, Turkish Jews of Donmeh ancestry, or religious refugees from the Holocaust and their families, we all knew each other. And a Jewish banker of course would be friendly with another Jewish banker, having to deal with the same issues, which were how to help Israel while under Swiss scrutiny and laws. I have no idea about the level of Torah observance of the Gaons, but for sure the Rosenbaums were very religious Jews. No Sabbateanism here, unless of course you decided that the Maharal was a Sabbatean, in which case of course there is no way I will accept that conclusion.

      BTW the Maharal was a descendant of Rashi, who was a direct descendant of David Hamelech, and so was Pinchas AKA Tibor Rosenbaum, although a Levi. I spent several sedorim at his sons’ homes. Beautiful! And they sang such beautiful zemirot every Shabbat! True Leviim at heart. I am not sure where the ancestry from the Maharal combines with being a Levi, though; the female branch I guess, but then you are not a DIRECT descendant. Oh well….

      • Rivka Levy
        Rivka Levy says:

        Daisy, I’m truly sorry this is a very difficult birur.

        I found this on your own site, here:


        “December 19, 2008

        Iran Warns Of Bilderberg Plot To Plunge World Into Total Chaos

        http://aawsat.com/english/news.asp?section=2&id=15088Iran's official news agency IRNA is warning today of a Global plot hatched by a ‘secret society of Freemasons’ known as the Bilderberg Group to plunge our World into ‘total chaos’ in order to destroy all religions and independent Nations in order to establish a planetary wide single system of government.

        According to the articles published by Iranian reporter Amir Taheri on this plot, “The alleged conspiracy was finalized at a secret meeting of the group in June 1999 in Caesar Park Hotel in the Portuguese resort of Penha Longa.”

        Taheri further states about this Bilderberg Group: “Strictly speaking, there is no such thing as the Bilderberg Group or Masonic lodge. What we have is an annual private meeting of influential individuals, mostly from Europe and the United States, designed to generate free discussions on a range of issues without a pre-set agenda and according to the so-called Chatam House rules under which there are no reports of the proceedings and none of the participants could be quoted by name.

        The first meeting was held at Hotel de Bilderberg near Arnhem in Holland in 1954 at the invitation of Prince Bernhard, the husband of the then Queen Juliana. The number of guests was fixed at 130 and initially only limited to politicians, academics and business people from member countries of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Later, the meeting extended its reach and started inviting personalities from all over the world, according to which countries happened to be in the news. The invitations were designed to include two representatives from each country, one liberal and one conservative.
        Over the past half a century, almost anybody who was somebody in international business or politics has made at least one appearance at the group’s annual meetings. Thus, if this were a gathering of conspirators we would have to assume that virtually the whole of the global leadership elite consists of Masonic plotters. Last June, for example, Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama both attended the Bilderberg meeting along with more than 60 other political figures from across the globe.”
        American dissident researchers writing about the Bilderberg Group further warn that this organization is, in fact, a ‘shadow government’ having great power over all of the World’s governments and that its meetings are banned by US propaganda media organs from reporting on them to their citizens.

        Russian intelligence reports on the Bilderberg Group state that it is one of the six German Nazi based ‘Illuminati’ governed organizations that comprise what is loosely referred to as the Round Table that seeks total Western control over our entire Earth and its resources and has been directly responsible for both World War’s I and II, and which have left over 500 million dead in the past 80 years alone.”


        Whatever was going on in WW2, by the time Prince Bernhard was essentially gifting a castle to your cousin, it was obvious that ‘Bilderbergers’ were not a force for good in the world.

  2. Daisy
    Daisy says:


    What you are saying re: the Bild…erb//erg group in the fifties is true. So maybe Pinchas knew about the organ…ization. But the question is: why was he friends with Prin..ce Bern//hard? Could it be that the friendship was based on the roy..al family’s kindness to the Am Yisrael, and that is why they connected? Maybe Pinchas had nothing to do with the Bild//..erbergs: as you mentioned, some people have split personalities; maybe he related to Jew-friendly Bern//hard while ignoring the Bilder\\..berg story; maybe he wasn’t really interested in that, didn’t understand the implications of that group ; or maybe he was; I am not sure – but neither are you! I can’t even ask his daughter Leah, she would have no idea as she was a little girl in the fifties. Who knows… On the other hand I am sure he loved the castle! I wonder where it was, I was never there, never even heard of it. They had gorgeous stuff in their home, let me tell you: real Soutine paintings, ivory from Liberia, you name it, it was gorgeous!

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Daisy, I’m interested why you keep saying that former SS man Prince Bernhard was good to the Jews?

      What is that statement based on, tachlis?

      I haven’t come across anything, so far, that suggests he was particularly ‘good to the Jews’?

      • Daisy
        Daisy says:


        The narrative started to peter out about Holland in general much later, when other facts emerged which weren’t known at the time. So that’s what we believed at the time. I am sure that was also the belief of the Rosenbaums; we all respected and were grateful to the Dutch royal family.

        When I was growing up I kept hearing about Holland, about how Holland saved Jews during WWII, how the Dutch people stood up against the Nazis.We all learned to respect and appreciate Queen Juliana, and it is true, she did good things for Jews after the war – as she only became queen in 1948; but somehow we never heard of Queen Wilhelmina, Juliana’s mother, only of Queen Juliana., Wilhelmina, it turns out – I just discovered this now – was actually an antisemite.

        As I told you, and as you can see from the last link below, the narrative, when I grew up, in the fifties and sixties, was that Holland had fiercely resisted the Nazis, and that in particular Queen Juliana had been very helpful – she was not the queen during WWII, her mother was, but we never heard that part!

        According to Wikipedia,


        Juliana was a religious protestant, and very much in love with her husband. Do you really believe she would have loved an evil man? Of course Wikipedia can certainly lie, it could be propaganda to fool the world, especially considering his “other projects”.
        Don’t forget, she was the queen, he was only her husband, so she made the decisions, not him. Still, it reflected very positively, no doubt, on her husband. So they were thought of as one. What his views were, as a German, I don’t know, but he was considered good enough for her. Who knows what the truth really was? But that was certainly the narrative during those years. So if Pinchas fell for it, I am not surprised: husband of Queen Juliana? Wow, what a great honor! He wants to be my friend? Wow, why not?




        • Rivka Levy
          Rivka Levy says:

          The problem is though, Daisy, that Tibor Rosenbaum was a spook, funding Mossad, and way more aware of ‘secrets’ than most anyone else was.

          I will take a closer look at Wilhemina in the meantime, but the Royals generally are REALLY not nice people, putting it mildly.

          And appearances are totally deceptive.

          • Daisy
            Daisy says:

            What you are saying about the royals might be true in Great Britain – we know too much about them, don’t we; but on the other hand we had David Hamelech and Shlomo Hamelech: so yes, royals can be good people. She might have been a sincerely religious person, whether a royal or not – in whatever her religion was – and caring about her people and their fate, . We cannot be prejudiced either, that’s wrong.

            But again, re: Pinchas: what REALLY mattered for him was Israel, Torah, and Am Yisrael. So, “spook” or not, it doesn’t mean his focus was on the other stuff. His energies were devoted to Eretz Yisrael, Am Yisrael, and Medinat Yisrael, which in those days was certainly viewed by the Dati Leumi sector as Techilat Hageulah. To this day they think that way, so for sure after the Shoah that was the perception. In fact he was extremely hurt and shocked by Peres’s betrayal (whatever that was, I don’t know), to the point he got a heart attack, and died young. So obviously his view of Medinat Yisrael was way too skewed to the good, much more positive than it deserved – he was supportive of Etzel, NOT the Haganah, if I recall reading. So he must have been on the receiving end of some very nasty stuff, despite his Mesirut Nefesh. Don’t be so fast to judge, I am telling you, you have no idea about the Mesirut Nefesh, focus and dedication of that man. I remember him very well; he was no hypocrite, a very warm heart, giving, kind, and obviously unprepared for the betrayal he got from those pieces of s..t.

  3. Daisy
    Daisy says:

    And BTW Rivka, I revisited this article on my blog which you linked to: it is SO true, it does sound like it was written for today’s reality. Uncanny, and quite frightening. America is in deep sh.t…. but so is the rest of the world unfortunately, and many people are waking up; it won’t be so easy for the evil ones to accomplish their goals. Hashem is King! Rosh Hashanah!


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