An amazing thing is happening.

The Jerusalem Post is actually becoming a conduit for useful information about all this COVID-19 plandemic stuff.

Not thanks to the journalists, of course, who are still churning out awful, lying propaganda 24/7.

But thanks to an increasing number of commenters who are using the Jpost’s platform to spread some real information.


If you go HERE, you’ll get to this article on the Jpost, from this morning:

Of course, the article itself is all made up.

But in the comments section – truth is starting to sprout! Abundantly!


One of the commentators left a link to a dossier of leaked information about the clinical trials of the Moderna and Pfizer mRNA vaccines.

That link is here:

[I’ve downloaded it, and virus scanned it, and it seems to be OK, but please scan it yourselves, I don’t want to take out anyone’s hard-drive.]

I’m currently going through it, but here’s what I’ve already learned, from comments that are going up on the Jpost, HERE (and which I’ve screenshotted).


  1. These vaccines contain nano-technology:

“The drug substance, BNT162b2, of the COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine is a modified messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) encoding for a mutated full-length variant of the SARS-CoV-2 S protein.  In the drug product the RNA is encapsulated into lipid nan0particles, which protect the RNA from degradation and enable transfection of the RNA into host cells after intramuscular injection for vaccination.”


2. The vaccines only have a shelf life of 6 months – which is part of the reason the government is trying to force everyone to get the jabs so fast.


3. It was based on the ‘spike protein’ of the SARS-Cov2 found in Wuhan – which suggests there is no protection for the inevitable 4,000 ‘variations’ and ‘mutations’ of the coronavirus (which remember, causes flu and colds…)

“The Spike protein of SARS-CoV-2 undergo mutations, and it thus critically important to investigate the biological significance of these variants in relation to the development of Spike-based covid-19 vaccine candidates.

For example, Korber et al. 2020 present evidence that there are now more SARS-CoV-2 viruses circulating in the human population globally that have the G614 form of the Spike protein versus the D614 form that was originally identified from the first human cases in Wuhan, China.

Further, Li et al., states that as of May 6, 2020, 329 naturally occurring variants in Spike protein have been reported in the public domain.

The applicant is asked to discuss how the chosen Spike antigen variant in BNT162b2 relates to the Spike variants currently on the dominant SARS-CoV-2 viruses circulating in the human population ([confidential information deleted]). References: Korber et al., 2020: Li et al., 2020:″


4. The assessor states that the study done to test this mRNa in Rhesus Monkeys (more on that in a moment) was:

“[C]onsidered insufficient to demonstrate efficacy against the disease.”

“Overall, the challenge study is suboptimal as it comes with a number of uncertainties.

“The limitations can be listed regarding the model: absence of sars-cov2-clinical signs in control and challenged NHP, use of juveniles NHP, lack of females NHP, one out of three age-matched saline control-immunized (n=3) male rhesus macaques not responding to challenge (no viral RNA neither in the BAL and nasal swab), low numbers of animals with a low statistical significance, questionable selection of titer of the viral challenge (1.05. 106 PFU).

“Moreover, some important data are missing to date like the absence of cytokines measurement in the NHP BAL. The applicant is asked to discuss all these limitations and should provide further scientific information on the NHP model relevance. ”

Although the model is considered adequate to demonstrate immunogenicity, and viral clearance, it is considered insufficient to demonstrate efficacy against the disease (OC).”


5. That study on Rhesus Monkeys was carried out on a very small group of animals, all young, all healthy and ALL MALE:

“It can be noted that in the primary proof-of-concept study, the use of juvenile rhesus monkeys with no or only mild clinical symptoms for the preclinical efficacy testing has limitations in its value as a disease animal model for human Covid-19 (which is a clearly age stratified disease, mostly affecting the elderly).

“In addition, the low number of animals of the male sex only that were studied only for a short time period weakens the conclusiveness of the study. However, due to species differences in the immune system between animal model species and humans, the final call on whether this candidate vaccine will work sufficiently well in humans will entirely rely on the clinical outcome.


I.e: They’ll only really know what’s going on once they’ve conducted a mass human experiment.


6. No tests were carried out on how these ‘vaccines’ might contribute to the recipients developing a serious auto-immune disorder, despite the fact that they have been designed to artificially stimulate the immune system:

“In-vivo pharmacodynamics:

The humoral and cellular immune response following IM administration of BNT162b2 (V9) was investigated in mice and nonhuman primates but a more in depth discussion on the suitability of these pharmacological animal models has not been provided (e.g. susceptibility for SARS-CoV-2 infection; potential bias for Th1- or Th2-skewed responses has been well characterized for certain mice strains) and the relevance of the immunogenicity data for the clinic (e.g. only single immunisation in mice).

Also, no or limited attention to the induction of long-term memory responses nor immunogenicity and protection in aged animals has been paid (OC). That being said, the induction of virus neutralizing antibodies in both mice (VSV-SARS-CoV-2 S) and primates (SARS-CoV-2) indicated that BNT162b2 immunization has the potential to induce neutralizing antibodies also in humans.

Thus, vaccination with modRNA is expected to induce robust neutralising antibodies and a concomitant T cell response to achieve protective immunity.

Nevertheless, no further discussion was provided regarding the possibility of autoimmune responses induced by the ModRNA. The Applicant is invited to further discuss the risk that the mRNA vaccine can trigger potential autoimmune responses and how they plan to possibly evaluate their occurrence (OC).”


I’m quoting things at length here, so no-one can accuse me of picking and choosing.

But let’s do a quick sum up of the points above:

  1. The mRNA vaccines contain nanoparticles, and amongst other things, those nanoparticles have been designed to prevent the synthetic mRNA in these ‘vaccines’ from breaking down naturally in the body.
  2. The mRNA vaccines have a shelf-life of 6 months, and that is presumably part of the reason the government is in such a mad rush to vaccinate everyone, as per the terms of the real contract they signed with Pfizer.
  3. The mRNA vaccine is based on the spike protein found in the Wuhan strain of SARS-COV2. There is no proof it works against any of the other 4,000 strains of coronavirus.
  4. The study done with the mRNA vaccines on Rhesus monkeys was:  “[C]onsidered insufficient to demonstrate efficacy against the disease.”
  5. That study on Rhesus monkeys was done on a very small group of young, health, ALL MALE animals, that were only studied for a short period of time (I think something like 28 days, but I have to double-check).
  6. No tests were carried out on how these ‘vaccines’ might contribute to the recipients developing a serious auto-immune disorder, despite the fact that they have been designed to artificially stimulate the immune system.


That last point segues into the discussion we had over on this post:


If you’re interested and want to make your own mind up, go to the link and download the material for yourself.

The hard evidence is all around us, that things with this ‘vaccine’, with this ‘plandemic’, with this world, are not really how they appear.

Or, you can keep your head in the sand if you want.

But there are consequences for doing that.

And you’ll have to live with them.


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14 replies
  1. Ana
    Ana says:

    Incredible what comes out…

    Stam a question – if this is “known” to be dangerous, why would the government in Israel try so hard to “poison” their population? Either it’s something more nefarious, or they’re knowingly “weeding out” the “weaker” population (meaning the vaccine is not dangerous for everyone), or the vaccines being distributed are in large proportion “placebos” and they’re not actually “poisoning” the whole population.

    It seems strange that if it’s a dangerous thing that the government here would work so hard to depopulate the country. What would be their source of power going forward if they depopulate their own country?

  2. Aron
    Aron says:

    I dont understand.. when was there a hava mina that these vaccines were real? You dont need to make things so complicated.. whoever thinks its possible to roll out a safe and effective vaccine within months of the emergence of a “never seen before”… umm.. flu?.. obviously this person has shut off his critical thinking to this issue and no amount of rational argument or evidence will help him.

    As ive said this is an avodah zarah problem. The media is actual mamash avodah zarah/black magic so whoever puts his trust in it is subject to its fear-mongering. Hashem warns us over and over again not to FEAR other gods.

    Avodah zarah derives its credibility from making you scared of its gods and then making you chayev to serve its gods so as to placate them.

    Thats all this is.. whoever doesnt participate in the avodah zarah rituals brings the wrath of the gods upon himself and his neighbors and all the blood is on his hands. Just like in the days of the baal, if ONE PERSON disobeys its priests, then NO ONE gets rain. So you can imagine the pressure imposed on that one person by even “well-meaning” and “religious” Jews: “better safe than sorry”, right?

    (Not to mention the pressure imposed by human governments who justify their persecutions in the name of “protecting the public interest”.)

    This is why we’re ordered to die before serve idols and we’re also ordered to destroy idols and kill their servants wherever possible.

    This isnt a knowledge or information problem, it is purely an emunah and tamimus problem. This will never be fixed by filling a lack of information. As long as you put trust in the one who tells you the boat is sinking, nothing will convince you NOT to buy whatever he calls a life jacket.

    Jews have just gotten too soft and cant believe they would ever have to take on even minimal risk to their personal comfort or security for the sake of their faith. This is a “yahareg v’lo yaavor” situation, and it wont go away until you treat it as such. If youre not willing to die for the truth then you are a slave to the lies. There is no middle ground. Face your fears, or live in fear.

    If you really believe that the state of israel, any other human government, or any other basar v’dam has the power to LAY A FINGER on you if you refuse to serve their avodah zarah, you are a 100% kofer and nothing can help you and you have no one to blame and nothing to complain about. Lets not mince words.. this is the ONE AND ONLY issue on this blog right now. If you fight back and you face consequences, you are CHAYEV to continue to face those consequences up to and including death. You should be afraid of what God will to do you in the next world, not what the baby-eater bibi netanyahu will do to you in this world.

    We are ordered to love God “b’kol nafshecha”, as the Sages peace be upon them teach in Mishna Brachot: “even if HE takes your life” NOT even if basar v’dam takes your life. Because only He can take your life. Only He can bring upon you issurim, and you are CHAYEV to be mekabel them mitoch ahava.

    The rest is just distractions. It doesnt matter who the vilna gaon was because hes been dead for centuries. If you want to make a problem with a Jew whos alive then you need to bring sources and prove why his words or actions are bad according to Torah.

    Also no one has the authority to make imaginary predictions that “something big is going to happen” and you better have some money on hand as if thats going to help you. Did navua come back already? This is one step away from fearing false gods. Isnt the most obvious lesson from all this is how pointless it is for us to attempt to know, control, predict and “secure” our outcomes?

    The true charedim in Israel already know all of what im saying and thats why the government is forced to treat them like an internal enemy just like theyve dealt with the arabs. The only ikuv is that its harder to get jewish police and soldiers to pull a trigger against another jew. So they marshall all the credibility of secular knowledge to classify authentic yiddishkeit as a “public health risk” as an excuse to persecute and impoverish the charedim more than they already have. This is actual war of religions.

    If you are religious but still shayech to the “general population” then youre expected to keep your true beliefs to yourself. Your kids will be weaponized against you because they are brainwashed by the media and the government-operated “torani” schools. The next generation has lower fertility bc marriage is delayed, many are too poisoned to get or stay married, and the fake modern rabbis always allow or even reccomend birth control (if anyone bothers to ask the shailah at all).

    Then THEIR kids will go into the “religious zionist” schools, get drafted and likely become secular or religious in name only. Unless one or two of them cut the cord and go charedi and have 12 kids.

    “I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse”.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      It’s great you are holding at a place of such ‘high’ emuna.

      Not everyone is there, and those people find more information useful.

      I’m also curious: do you live in Israel, or chutz l’aretz?

      • Aron
        Aron says:

        Shavua tov i live in the NY/NJ area but i lived in Israel for several years and left right before this broke out because i realized i was living in a sandbox and had a feeling something bad was going to happen because too many disenfranchised religious unmarried young men with big expectations but no futures. Thats a powder keg of political instability coupled with wage-slave/debt-slave “innovation economy”.

        I figured out that a country where you can finance everything from your luxury apartment to your groceries was headed for its own 2008 and the zionists have brilliantly manipulated their way into a controlled demolition of the economy instead of an uncontrolled credit crunch. Now they can leverage that to break the back of the religious population, by wiping out their savings and businesses, imposing martial law over their communities, taking control over their religious and educational leaders and institutions, and forcing everyone into byzantine avodah zarah rituals as a condition to participate in the emerging “virtual” economy.

        The zionists ALREADY see you as their adversary in a civil war and they are treating you as such.

          • Aron
            Aron says:

            Jeremiah 25:5-9
            ‘Return ye now every one from his evil way, and from the evil of your doings, and dwell in the land that the LORD hath given unto you and to your fathers, for ever and ever;

            and go not after other gods to serve them, and to worship them, and provoke Me not with the work of your hands, and I will do you no hurt.’

            Yet ye have not hearkened unto Me, saith the LORD; that ye might provoke Me with the work of your hands to your own hurt. Therefore thus saith the LORD of hosts: Because ye have not heard My words,

            Behold, I will send and take all the families of the north, saith the LORD, and I will send unto Nebuchadrezzar THE KING OF BABYLON MY SERVANT, and will bring them against this land, and against the inhabitants thereof, and against all these nations round about;

            Jeremiah 51:6-10
            Flee out of the midst of Babylon, and save every man his life, be not cut off in her iniquity; for it is the time of the LORD’S vengeance; He will render unto her a recompense.

            BABYLON HATH BEEN A GOLDEN CUP IN LORD’S HAND, that made all the earth drunken; the nations have drunk of her wine, therefore the nations are mad.

            Babylon is suddenly fallen and destroyed, wail for her; take balm for her pain, if so be she may be healed.

            We would have healed Babylon, but she is not healed; forsake her, and let us go every one into his own country; for her judgment reacheth unto heaven, and is lifted up even to the skies.

            The LORD hath brought forth our victory; come, and let us declare in Zion the work of the LORD our God.


            Having faith in God in no way precludes the possibility of God using the evil powers of the world as agents with which to execute judgement upon the Jewish people. Adraba, this is the only logical conclusion of our faith. Right now basically the entire Jewish nation is guilty of abandoning our religion, or is religious in name only. We have rebelled against the nations and conquered Eretz Yisroel by force, thus attempting to abrogate the Divinely decreed exile, and have instituted human government in the Land for the purposes of imitating all the worst excesses of the idolatrous cult called “western civilization”. Didn’t Chazal already warn us that “pushing the End” wouldn’t go well for us? Now you are under “lockdown” in your own Land ruled over by devil-worshippers. That’s what happens when you try and mix Torah with foreign ways. Make no mistake, the zionists are a decree and a judgement upon the Jews from On High. There is no other explanation.

            All the earth is drunk on the wine of Babylon: the immorality and agnosticism is so out of control and God is obviously very very not happy with this “globalist” world of “human rights” and “artificial intelligence”. God can and will destroy this version of the world that has abandoned Him and rejected His Authority. But He is also turning it in on itself as an agent of judgement against all who refuse to get the message and will not turn away from it by choice. This is an enormous chesed bc now we can all do teshuva and get rewarded for it instead of just getting wiped out which would be, by strict judgement, called for.

            It’s very wrong to think that emunah means nothing bad ever happens. The truth is we should be PRAYING for G-d’s judgement, bc whatever judgement He dispenses is perfectly fair and a complete kaparah for our souls.

            No one knows what’s going to happen and as we know salvation can and does come in a second. What I’m trying to point out is that everything we’re seeing as bad IS ITSELF the salvation. We’re being SAVED from this death cult called “Western civilization”. Time to purify ourselves and return Torah to its holy fundamentals, which have become so strange to us.

            As for the rest of it, all I’m describing is what your enemies plans are against you. Their plans are nothing more than decrees in the hands of Hashem which may or may not go thru probably depending on who actually gets the message and wakes up.

            Al pi teva it’s not surprising at all what the zionists have done. Every “moderate” Middle Eastern country faced the challenge of an urban xian/secular/westernized middle class that dominated the government, academia, military and “service-sector” economy, that disrupted the traditional mode of life and excluded hordes of religiously conservative, unmarried, unemployed young men. This caused many civil wars and Islamic revivals. Israel was heading for a Jewish version of this, so the zionists panicked for a more “humane”, 21st century solution, because they know they dont have the stomach to carpet bomb their own citizens.

            My point is this is all a natural consequence of trying to “push the End” with the whole zionist project, because even by the surrounding goyim in that part of the world they all went through the same exact type of conflict, basically with no resolution (only temporary stalemates), bc neither side is happy until the other is destroyed, and the West is only too happy to keep financing, supplying and profiting off both sides of the conflict. Just another piece on the chessboard for the West. In Israel this conflict took the form of Jews vs Arabs but that narrative is now obsolete and religious Jews have become the real threat to the continuity of the zionist regime.

            Kol sh’kein this was inevitable when you apply this recurring model of endless Levantine religious war to Jews dafka, because you are dealing with a tiny country with the best credit score in the region so memeilah the power to militarily dominate the entire region. Then, once the distraction of conquering the whole Middle East is over, you’re left with an incredibly smart and well-armed government ruling a very small space. Inside that space is a nihilistic, suicidal dwindling population of spoiled westerners, and a growing, confident population of “religious extremists” who have nowhere else to go, have pinned their messianic hopes upon taking over Israel and are not shy about their ambitions to reorder Israeli society to suit their interests.

            Basically the Tel Aviv types are selling their souls to the public health dictatorship and hitech “innovation economy”, to prop up the government to keep them safe from the “dosim” just like it kept them safe from the arabs, so that they can sleep well at night knowing their granddaughters will still get to wear bikini tops and their grandsons will still get to marry other men.

          • Rivka Levy
            Rivka Levy says:

            Aron, there’s a lot of harsh judgment in your posts, and they are coming across with a ‘xtian’ twang.

            How are you seperating yourself off from what’s going on, that you can say things like “all I’m describing is what your enemies plans are against you.”

            Shouldn’t you be talking about ‘against US’?

            Are you Jewish?

  3. Hava
    Hava says:

    I have many questions for Aron. Here’s but one set of them:

    “…We have rebelled against the nations and conquered Eretz Yisroel by force, thus attempting to abrogate the Divinely decreed exile…”

    Really, and we weren’t provoked, we weren’t abused, the nations didn’t overstep their boundaries…not at all. Not according to Aron.

    Aron, what does it take for the nations to overstep their boundaries enough to justify our abandoning and abrogating the agreement not to go up to our land without their permission? Have you heard of the Holocaust? You might know, the one that ended just 3 years before Israel was re-founded?

    Do you know what really happened? MIRACLES FROM HQB”H, that’s what! We were a tiny population compared to today, with 7 Arab nations against us, and G-D saved us!
    And by being TERTIATED (as my father put it…one in 3 European Jews and many Sepharadim) by Germany and her allies, we weren’t stepped on??? Not at all, according to you.

    It seems you have no boundaries at all when it comes to how badly the Jewish people are treated on earth. I ask with Rivka, are you Jewish?

    • Inna
      Inna says:

      I personally happen to like many ideas that Aron is writing about. And I think he is as Jewish as I am at least. Harsh judgements have a place to be. It is a different opinion ( not even very different from ideas of this blog, from the outsider’s perspective) The ideas can come as harsh, painful, traumatic, but it is not the reason to cancel them. For example I personally think that many in the Jewish nation were duped by the Zionist gov-t of Israel. I was one of them, many years ago. The propaganda before the aliya and the very harsh reality of life in Israel can break somebody sensitive or idealistic.

      • Rivka Levy
        Rivka Levy says:

        Yes, I totally agree with you Inna, that the fake-Jewish / Frankist-Sabbatean government here has duped a lot of people.

        And I also agree that we can’t stick our head in the sand, too.

        I’m just picking up a ‘hatred of Jews’ vibe from a few of Aron’s emails, which is setting off red flags for me.

        I hate a lot of the actions being done, sometimes I do hate some of the individuals involved, until I can defuse it in hitbodedut and remember that everything is coming from Hashem. But I certainly don’t hate Jews, generally, with this sort of visceral anger that I’m picking up in Aron’s emails.

        That’s not coming from a good place. And especially when it’s paired with high-handed statements about others just needing to have emuna and just needing to learn Torah – doesn’t strike me that the author is practising what they preach where it really counts, in the area of their own middot.

        • Aron
          Aron says:

          I can respond to real arguments. I cant respond to accusations of a “vibe”, “twang” or “red flag”. Either what im saying is true, or not true. Do you have a substantive argument against anything that ive said?

    • Aron
      Aron says:

      Yes there is a widely held view that the Holocaust annulled the 3 Oaths. But there is also a widely held view to the contrary. I’m not saying anything that hasnt been said many times before. This is an old controversy and not a terribly interesting one, seeing as the state has long been a done deal.

      The 3 Oaths question applies to the BEGINNINGS of the zionist project (which started long before the holocaust…the “first aliyah” was in the 1880s and tel aviv was already a significant “hebrew city” in its present form by 1939). But i dont see how the “3 oaths” question necessarily bears on someone who moves to Israel on his own account, in recent years.

      My point was that by “taking matters into their own hands”, the zionists traded their traditional faith for the game of conquest, which is middas Esav (“live by the sword die by the sword”).

      Our conquest is only a spiritual conquest, when our righteous Moshiach conquers the world with the Word of God. To exchange this for a scrap of worldly kingdom, is the most profound betrayal of Jewish identity.

      Even if you want to say the entire zionist project was 100% permitted, and a precursor to the geulah etc, even so: the very nature of “taking matters into your own hands” implies an entry into Esav’s “live by the sword die by the sword” world, that is, a world of politics, which runs “al pi teva” (“survival of the fittest”).

      This in no way CONTRADICTS hashgacha pratis; rather, if someone decides he’s not satisfied with G-d’s hashgacha and would rather “try his luck” with “nature”, then G-d conducts Himself towards him accordingly.

      My point was that the zionists, and everyone who has entangled themselves with their project, are in a completely predictable and expected situation. There is a critical mass that has opted for the deterministic forces of “politics” to have hashgacha. Therefore, taking into account the political variables common across the entire Arab Mediterranean, the expected result is “holy war” between the “western” secular government, business elite and urban middle class, and the masses of “eastern” unmarried unemployed religious young men, who are excluded from their “system”, unable to build a future, and unable to insulate themselves from hostile cultural influences. Same thing happened over and over again in that part of the world.

      As i said, it used to be the arabs who played the role of the “eastern” enemy, but they have been completely neutralized as a meaningful threat to the government’s continuity. The real threat today is the religious Jewish population, and the more religious they are, the more threatening.

      Since the IDF and israel police cant realistically be systematically trained to exterminate other jews on command like they have been for arabs, the zionists had to invent some excuse to treat charedim MORE LIKE they already treat arabs (as an identifiable public threat subject to surveillance, lockdown and ghettoization behind provisional borders, random arrests, beatings, harrassment and invasion of private property, infiltrations of religious and educational institutions and leadership, deprivation of economic freedom and subjection to social pariah status).

      • Chaim
        Chaim says:

        Aron, in my eyes you lost much of your credibility when you said “The real threat today is the religious Jewish population, and the more religious they are, the more threatening”.

        Who are you to make such a blanket statement on Jews?

        If there’s anything holding the world from collapsing it’s the merits coming from many of the people in the religious camp, especially tzaddikim.

        You make many grand prophetic statements, like “Our conquest is only a spiritual conquest, when our righteous Moshiach conquers the world with the Word of God. To exchange this for a scrap of worldly kingdom, is the most profound betrayal of Jewish identity.”

        How would you know that? Do you have sources to back this claim?

        Also, you mentioned you left Israel because of “too many disenfranchised religious unmarried young men with big expectations but no futures”.

        Kindly clarify: how is that better in America or any other place and why did it affect you so much to make you leave?



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