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One of the things I’ve been writing about a lot over the last few years is how ‘good’ and ‘bad’ are always mixed up in this world.

Our brainwashing education system drums it into our heads that the ‘good guys’ are always good, and can rape, steal and murder with impunity, because they are ‘always good’.

And that the ‘bad guys’ are always bad, and can help old ladies across the street, and feed the poor, and give starving children a loving home – but they will always be BAD, nevertheless.

This is, of course, total baloney.

It’s the opposite of yiddishkeit, that always teaches that an ACTION can and must be adjudged as being ‘bad or good’ – but that God is the only one that can truly plumb the depths of a person’s heart, and aggregate their good and bad actions over a lifetime, to decide if that person is ultimately ‘bad’ or ‘good’.


So, ‘good people’ and ‘bad people’ = xtian idea.

‘Good actions’ and ‘bad actions’ = authentic Jewish approach.

A lot of people, even in the orthodox Jewish world, don’t like this idea very much, because as soon as you have to start evaluating actions, instead of making blanket statements about ‘good and bad PEOPLE’ – that requires a lot more effort and spiritual investment.

And of course, it also brings up certain things closer to home, that many of us don’t want to deal with.

Am I still a GOOD MOTHER if I routinely use anger and shaming to coerce my children into doing what I want?

Am I still a GOOD PERSON if I hit someone else’s car – or dog – late at night, and ran off without leaving any contact details?

Am I still a GOOD JEW, if I fell off the derech, and tossed the Torah out the window, and just did a whole bunch of things that Jews are just not meant to do?


We have been trained to think in this ‘black and white’ manner, and to torture ourselves with thoughts of why ‘we’re bad people’.

But the questions above are actually baloney.

The only real question is whether an action is ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

And usually, the answer to that is way easier to ascertain, once you get all the false logic out the way, for why ‘good people’ like us can never do anything bad.

And why ‘bad people’ like them can also never do any good.

What baloney!


With that introduction out the way, I want to share some more comments I’ve got over email, about what might be happening on the ground in the Ukraine.

But before I do that, I also just want to touch a moment on the question that Ein Od Milvado – that really, there is only God in this picture.

In my own dalet amot, I am totally, 100% responsible for my own decisions and choices and actions, BEFOREHAND.

I can’t make the decision to shoot a granny, God forbid, simply for being on the ‘wrong side’ of the equation and then turn around and wash my hands clean of it all by saying Ein Od Milvado  that’s what God wanted, so I did nothing wrong.

That way leads to total moral chaos.


There is a very narrow bridge to be walked here, as always, between taken responsibility for ourselves, and our own impact in the world, and still understanding that Ein Od Milvado.

It’s a very confused and confusing subject, finding the balance between histadlut and emuna – and many people have fallen into massive mistakes in this area, including yours truly.

The Breslov approach is this:

Before any decision, any choice, we have to do our best to beg and plead with Hashem to show us what HE really wants, and what decision HE really wants.

And then afterwards – we have to believe that whatever the outcome, good or bad, that is truly what Hashem wanted.


All of us make mistakes.

All of us.

All of us can be so easily fooled by internal and external yetzer haras that clothe themselves in mistaken assumptions that can’t be challenged, or a distorted picture that seems to point clearly to ‘the truth’ being something it really isn’t.

That’s why God created teshuva – and He wants us to use it.

So much of life really just boils down to admitting that we were wrong; that we have bad middot; that we don’t know as much as we like to think; that we are guided by the yetzer hara in a myriad subtle ways, even when we’re riding our hobby horse of ‘truth and justice’.

I know that’s certainly true in my own life, and on this blog.

Remember, the real war right now is the ‘war within‘.


We have to remember that the ‘globalists’ are actually running both sides of this war – as they probably always are – to achieve their own ends.

Those ends could include:

  • Having a great excuse to release more ‘dangerous pathogens‘ from ‘US biolabs in the Ukraine’ – what-ever.
  • Hiking up fuel prices and disrupting harvests and the easy flow of food and goods around the globe – something they’ve been trying to do for months and months and months, anyway.
  • Imposing more censorship ‘because we are at war’, and also using ‘war’ as an excuse to start taking down any independent social media etc – exactly like they’ve been doing, anyway.
  • Taking out the internet globally – that ‘cyber attack’ that they’ve been priming us for, for years.
  • Figuring out another way to pin everything on the Jews – because hey, Zelensky is a Jew…. and Putin is surrounded by Chabad Jews… and another Jew, Netanyahu, is apparently being asked to mediate….

The list goes on and on.

But the thing to remember is, Ein Od Milvado.


Don’t get confused:

Each person will be held 100% accountable for all their bad actions.

And each person will be given 100% of the merit they deserve for their good actions.

And that’s also true in our personal lives.

God doesn’t work on ‘aggregate scores’, where you can buy off adulterous affairs and murdering your business opponents just because you give millions to charidee…

We will have to pay for the bad we do – unless we make sincere teshuva – and, we will also get ‘rewarded’ for the good we do.

And just telling God that it’s ‘OK’ for us to do bad things because we are really ‘good people’, or because the ‘ends justify the means’ – that just won’t wash, and it’s xtian hooey, designed to reassure an awful lot of bad, evil people that they are still ‘good’, and getting a free pass into heaven.


So now, some snippets about some of the bad things Russia seems to be up to, in the Ukraine, recieved over email:

Here are a few videos of police brutality in Russia right now. And some of general large-scale police activity.

There are so many police everywhere. From what I am seeing and heard from a friend, Russia has gone full blown Fascist in 2 weeks. Every protest is met with an overwhelming response of force and brutal crackdown.


Strange to say, these brutal Russian police don’t look that different from the brutal Australian police, the brutal Canadian Police or the brutal French police, who have been cracking heads of people for ‘breaking curfews’ and not wearing masks.


This is what I mean, about bad actions being ‘bad’, whatever the excuse being made for them.

And that ‘bad’ is currently ruling on all sides of the equation.

Back to the email:


The situation is really bad, especially in Kherson and several small towns like Irpin and Chernihiv.

I know people who for a week have not left the bomb shelter. There was supposed to be a humanitarian corridor to allow civilians through, but the Russian military shot at the civilians as they left, and several (including a mother and her children) were murdered.
The so-called humanitarian corridor which Russia agreed to open turned into a death trap for civilians trying to escape, so people now stay put. There is also a video on Twitter from SkyNews Australia where the reporters were shot at for trying to escape via a humanitarian corridor, and barely escaped, despite being marked as “Press.”
From what my husband heard via a Ukrainian friend, there is NO wide scale looting, and there are NO gangs of criminals running the place at gunpoint. The criminals have not all gotten guns and taken over.
Ad kan.
I encourage anyone out there with more first-hand information to share it online as much as they can.
There are people being killed and hurt on all sides of this equation.
And the first casualty of war is always the truth.
Two more things, and then we’ll leave this for today.

1) God is deciding who gets hurt and killed.

And there are no ‘accidents’ in that calculation.
Again, that doesn’t mean that we go all nihilistic and uncaring, because there is God’s own cheshbon for these things,, involving very deep spiritual considerations and gilgulim, which we can’t know and therefore can’t question.
But separate to this, there is OUR PART, to keep feeling other people’s pain, and to keep grieving loss of life, and to keep doing whatever God is really giving US to do, in whatever way, to respond in a way that leads to more spiritual growth, light, prayer, teshuva and goodness flooding into the world.
It’s a narrow bridge.
A difficult balancing act.

But, we’re getting used to the idea that these ‘narrow bridges’ are actually all over the place.


2) There are some serious implications looming up again for me, about whether any of these violent confrontations can ever really be ‘good’.

Again, there is a narrow bridge to walk between ‘rising up and killing’ someone who you know is coming to kill you.

And then, taking that as carte blanche to harass, torture and murder anyone you want, in the name of ‘domestic security’.


It suggests that the real war that our armies, or militaries and our ‘intelligence agencies’ are actually engaged in, is the war against you and me.

And that applies in the State of Israel, as much as anywhere else.


Let’s stop there for now.

I have no idea how long I’m going to be able to carry on writing, honestly.

The censorship looks like it’s about to go sky-high.

My blog is kind of the safest place online, as it’s not connected to any social networks, and it’s an independent site.

But if they want to take me offline, they will undoubtedly find a way.

So, let me just end by saying, the time to work on your real connection to Hashem and the true tzaddikim, especially Rabbi Nachman of Breslov and Rav Eliezer Berland, is now.

Right now, we can still buy their books, we can still listen to online classes, we can still connect, spiritually and otherwise, to our true Tzaddikim, and we can also start to do the daily hitbodedut that will really connect our souls back to God.

And really, that – combined with sincere teshuva, charity and prayer – is what is really going to get us through the next few weeks, until BH, Purim comes to turn all this ‘bad’ around.


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