I just sat down to try to figure out ‘what am I doing with myself this year’.

The big piece of paper I put out on the table to try and help me figure all this stuff out is empty.

But I had an idea while I was doing some hitbodedut on why nothing was coming to me, and this is it:

Just let God decide.

If I take this idea seriously, the implications are awesome, and kind of exciting.


For example, I was pondering what I should be focusing on writing next.

I still have so many tabs open… so many paths to follow… so many subjects to cover…

And at the same time, I feel like doing things differently this year, and not just picking up where I left off in 5781.

As I was rolling this around, an email popped into my inbox asking me if I knew that the late Lord Rabbi Jonathan Sacks was the great-grandson of the founder of Petach Tikva, one Aryeh Leib Frumkin.


I didn’t, but I started looking at more of the links my correspondent, D., sent me – and whaddya know?


Lord Rabbi Jonathan Sacks is directly related to that same Yehoshua Zeitlin who seems to be in the middle of so very much of what went wrong in the Jewish community, approximately 250 years ago.

Before I get back into all that, let me finish the thought:

I’m letting God decide what I’m doing this year.

Wherever He takes me, whatever options or information or people He sends me, I’m going to be ‘open’ to receiving it, and not just trying to follow my own plan, or my own ideas.

What do I know anyway?


I can already see it makes life way more interesting, to let God show me what I should be doing next, instead of trying to dictate things myself.

So, let’s get back to Aryeh Leib Frumkin.

Why does God want me to look over there, right now?

I start clicking around, and I notice that Lord Rabbi Jonathan Sacks apparently traces back to a son of the original Yehoshua Zeitlin named Moshe Zeitlin.


There’s a couple of things I find interesting about this.

Firstly, that such a wealthy, privileged young man apparently just ‘dropped out’ of Russian Jewish society….

I used to believe fairy tales like this in the old days, but now, I tend to think that these ‘dead end stories’ are just a way of hiding what really happened next. Which is when I remember that someone else apparently had a son named Moshe, in the same geographical area, in roughly the same time frame, who also kind of ‘disappeared’ in mysterious circumstances:


I’ve already written a ton about this particular mysterious ‘Moshe’, but here’s what’s really interesting, for this post:

Moshe Schneuri’s daughter Rachel marries a Fundaminsky.

And we already know from THIS post that ‘Fundaminsky’ was a name adopted by at least part of the Zeitlin family, to obscure their origins.

Fondaminskys, Zeitlins and Bolsheviks

And that the ‘big’, mysterious, Chabad family of Tumarkin were also intermarrying with the Zeitlin / Fundaminskys:


So, it’s not totally ‘out there’ for me to start pondering if ‘Moshe Zeitlin’ – son of Yehoshua Zeitlin – and ‘Moshe Schneuri’ – apparently the son of the Alter Rebbe of Chabad – are one and the same person.

While you’re digesting that, let’s see what else pops up that might throw some more light on the subject.


The guy who is putting a lot of info up on Geni about this branch of Zeitlins is called Eliezer Dovid Zeitlin, and he has a photo album.


Under Moshe Zeitlin’s profile, there are 3 titchy photos of documents that I just know have some crucial, pertinent information to start unwinding this whole Chabad / Zeitlin / Lord Rabbi Jonathan Sacks story.

But they are too titchy to read with the naked eye, and I don’t have ‘permission’ to click on them:


But lucky for me, I recently bought a massive magnifying glass, so I will come back to this, and I find out anything more, I’ll let you know in an update. And if there are any sharp-eyed readers out there who can decipher this in the meantime- please do!


I keep looking for more clues, and I get to one Chaim Menachem Mendel Zeitlin (son of Shneur Zalman (Jacob?) Zeitlin, who is another one of ‘Moshe Zeitlin’s’ grandsons, of the same generation as Aryeh Leib Frumkin.


In the notes underneath his profile, I read this:

Escaped Russia in the early 1900’s to Fiume, while using the family name Gintzburgh. R’ C.M. Mendel met his family there for they came years earlier while he was imprisoned in Smolensk.

Eventually 1912 ? he continued on to Eretz Yisroel / Ottoman Empire originally with Bluma (I think on a tape from Tante Rivka Tenenbaum) to scout out an apartment together. Bluma returned to Europe, while he stayed on alone and joined the Kollel of Yeshiva Chayeh Olam in the Old City Yerushalayim, it was considered the Chassidishe Kollel (so I heard) –Here too he used the name Gintzburgh [probably the reason his name on the Matzeiva was also Gintzburgh because the death records were controlled by the Turkish-Ottoman Empire and that’s how he entered E.Y. from Fiume?]


So now, I have a third surname to add to the list for the Zeitlins, along with ‘Fundaminsky’, namely ‘Gintzburgh’.

Chaim ‘Menachem Mendel’ Zeitlin / Gintzburgh is married to a lady called Bluma.

This snippet comes from underneath her geni profile:

Bluma was the Third Generation from the Baal Hatanya – Rebbe Shneur Zalmen of Liadi the First Rebbe of Chabad Lubavitch. Her mother Rivka was a daughter of Frieda who was a daughter of the Baal Hatanya. Bluma was a cousin with the Rebbe Resha”b – Sholom Dov Ber of Chabad Lubavitch.”


There’s just one problem with this…. ‘official Chabad genealogy’ only records two children for Frieda Schneuri, both sons:


Here’s some more interesting things we learn from Frieda’s geni profile:

Frieda’s son, Boruch, marries the daughter of Binyomin Kletzker.

We’ve seen that name before, in THIS post. Here’s the relevant snippet:

 I immediately see that this Aharon Tumarkin is:

a) Meant to be married to an ‘anonymous’ Eisenstadt / Kletzker.

b) That this same anonymous Eisenstadt / Kletzker woman is also the wife of the Alter Rebbe’s grandson, oneBaruch Klutzkar’.

(If your head is spinning right now, join the club. It’s par for the course with all this stuff, but I’m going to push through the ‘confusion’ to try and drag some more of the truth out into the light. I’ll sum all the main findings up at the bottom of the post for those with weak constitutions.)


The following comes from THIS attached document (in Hebrew and Yiddish).



(This is all talking about this same guy, Benjamin Eisenstadt / Kletzker):

His sons-in-law

One of his children married the Rabbi Baruch of Shklov / Orsha, the second son of Rabbi Eliyahu (ben Rabbi Mordechai), and the Rabbanit Frieda, daughter of the Alter Rebbe.

The daughter of Rabbi Baruch was the daughter-in-law of the Tzemach Tzedek, the wife of his son R’ Yaakov, who died during the lifetime of the Tzemach Tzedek.

[Benjamin Kletzker’s] second son-in-law was Rabbi Aharon Tumarkin, (the grandfather of ‘Chatan Danan).

His third son-in-law was ‘the big, famous’ Rabbi Ber Leib Baruchin, from Plotsk.


Rabbi Baruch of Shklov is very likely one and the same as the maskil, Freemason and court physician to Prince Radziwill, Baruch Shick of Shklov.

According to the document quoted above, which is meticulously footnoted from conventional Chabad sources, Baruch of Shklov’s maternal grandfather is Shneur Zalman, aka the Alter Rebbe.

But according to the Jew-Age website HERE, Baruch Shick of Shklov’s maternal grandfather is none other than… the Sha’agat Aryeh.


Notice that the surname of the Sha’agat Aryeh is GINZBURG.

In the post on Yitzhak Rabin that a lot of this info about Baruch Shick comes from, we learned that:

Israeli PM Yitzhak Rabin was the direct descendant of the Alter Rebbe of Chabad.

Here’s how that works:

Alter Rebbe > Frieda > Baruch Shick of Shklov > Unknown child > R’ Yaakov Baruchin > > > > Rosa Cohen > Yitzhak Rabin.


So now, let’s try and fit ‘Chaim Menachem Mendel Zeitlin / Gintzburg’, and his wife Bluma, back in this picture.

While the Alter Rebbe’s grandson ‘Baruch of Schick’ was busy joining the masons, trying to ‘enlighten’ his fellow Jews while hanging out with Joshua Zeitlin, and fathering the ancestor of Israeli PM Yitzhak Rabin….

The Alter Rebbe’s grand-daughter Bluma was also busy marrying a Zeitlin, fathering another ‘Zionist pioneer’ who apparently founded Petach Tikva, and who then went on to become the great-grandfather of Lord Rabbi Jonathan Sacks.

Or to put it another way, Yitzhak Rabin and Jonathan Sacks belong to the same family, and are both descendants of the Alter Rebbe.


But there’s more.

Here’s a snippet that appears under the profile for Frieda Schneuri, Alter Rebbe daughter No. 5 and ancestor of Yitzhak Rabin and Lord Rabbi Jonathan Sacks:

Frieda was the eldest daughter of the Alter Rebbe and a particular favourite who he taught personally much Chasidus. Her husband Rabbi Elijah was a secret Frankist.Her brother Moshe along with her sisters Brocha, Devorah Leah and Esther Miriam were influenced by the Catholic Frankists teachings.


Who is this mysterious ‘Rabbi Elijah’, husband of Frieda and apparently another secret Frankist?

The timing appears to bo too late to match the ‘Vilna Gaon’ (of course, assuming that the Vilna Gaon’s name was really ‘Elijah’, and not ‘Pinchas’, or something totally different…. That’s a post for another time.)

But there IS another ‘Elijah’ in the mix, who connects to the family of Aryeh Leib Frumkin, and who is also very ‘mysterious’ and deliberately distorted through the lens of made-up Jewish history, and that’s Elijah Ragoler.

Here’s the pertinent snippet from the Jewish Virtual Library:

Ragoler’s brother, SAMUEL KELMER, was also a renowned scholar who went to Ereẓ Israel in the closing years of his life. Samuel was the father of Aryeh Leib *Frumkin.


(BTW, British PM Boris Johnson is also descended from that same Elijah Ragoler. Just another little CO-IN-CID-ENCE.)


Aryeh Leib Frumkin conveniently wrote an ‘official biography’ of Elijah Ragoler, so all the dates are totally fudged.

But I think this profile on the My Heritage is giving us a more accurate view of when our particular Elijah Ragoler was alive:


This Elijah Ragoler was married to one Gita Pesseles – which takes us straight back into Vilna Gaon territory.

Here’s a more trustworthy version of the Vilna Gaon’s family tree, from Chaim Freedman’s ‘Eliyahu’s Branches’:

The Vilna Gaon is meant to have remarried one ‘Gittel Luntz of Kelm’ – notice the KELM connection to all this.

And Gita’s second husband was Shlomo Zalman of Volozhin, the brother of Reb Chaim of Volozhin.


Does that make ‘Frieda Shneuri’ ‘Gita Pesseles AKA Gittel Luntz of Kelm’?

I don’t know.

There’s still so very much to unpick.

But if Frieda’s husband ‘Rabbi Elijah’ was a secret Freemason-Frankist….


That kind of explains a least a little of what his children were up to.


The last point – that I keep kind of weaving around, as it’s not so easy to deal with – concerns Frieda’s other son, Aharon Zaslavski.

Aharon Zaslavski married Chaya, Rebbe Nachman’s daughter, as a second marriage, after Rebbe Nachman had died and was no longer there to ‘arrange’ a marriage with someone suitable.

There seems to be a lot of evidence to suggest that ‘Aharon Zaslavski’ was extremely problematic, from a spiritual perspective.

That ‘Frankist-Freemason’ vibe seems to have been in full swing in this part of the family tree.

This is already a long post, so I’m going to return to this subject soon, God willing.

But here are the takeaways, from this post:


  • Surprise surprise!!! The late Lord Rabbi Jonathan Sacks was ALSO a descendent of the Alter Rebbe, via his daughter Frieda, and ALSO a descendant of Joshua Zeitlin. (Who may yet turn out to be ‘alter egos’ of the same person….)
  • Yet another ‘big Zionist’ – Aryeh Leib Frumkin, founder of Petach Tikva – turns out to be related to the Alter Rebbe of Chabad and Joshua Zeitlin.
  • The Zeitlins used a lot of alternative surnames, including ‘Fundaminsky’ and Gintzburgh.
  • Moshe Zeitlin’ and ‘Moshe Schneuri’ overlap a great deal, and maybe the same person.


So, we cleaned up a little more of the confusion swirling around real Jewish history.

And we discovered that just like you need the right yichus to become PM of Israel, no Chief Rabbi of the British Commonwealth gets the job on merit alone.



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