Fork in the road

As ‘the truth’ about what is really going on starts to surface, I’m noticing a really interesting reaction.

I was talking to one of my siblings yesterday – the one who is very much on the same page as me, with all the ‘Covid shots’ stuff.

Truthfully, the ‘Covid shots’ was just the latest thing we were exploring and researching together.

Over the years, we deep-dived into the massive hoax on humanity that is ‘Darwinism’; and then we also tackled climate change; and then he challenged me to look into the whole ‘aliens’ thing, which kind of lead directly to figuring out Nazis created the CIA, NASA and DARPA – all those organisations that are very much part of the ‘deep state’ problem currently facing us all.

So when the the ‘Covid 19 plandemic’ kicked off, it was just the latest in a long line of things that we explored with an open mind.

But not everyone in my family is like that.


I have another sibling who also has strong opinions about things – but who doesn’t like to be challenged on those ‘strong opinions’.

You can’t ask questions, you can’t share real facts or information, and if you do…. well. It just gets pretty uncomfortable, pretty fast.

Again, not just about ‘Covid 19’.

About anything.

If I’m not prepared to ‘throw my brain aside’ and totally enter his world, on his terms, then we usually start to argue viciously within two minutes of saying hello. I have learnt that the longest I can spend in his company, in ‘brain off’ mode, is an hour and eight minutes.

Any more than that, and I get taken out emotionally for a week, and literally feel like I’ve been run over by a truck.

So the last few months, we haven’t been in touch very much, as this sibling has been ‘on a mission’ to encourage everyone to get ‘vaccinated’.


So, the ‘ping-pong’ game between us has been waged by proxy.

And the main ‘ball’ being batted around has been other members of my family.

Yesterday, I was talking to sibling number 1, mentioned above, when he told me of the very upsetting conversation he’d just had with sibling number 2.

Basically, two weeks’ ago, the ‘unvaccinated’ sibling number 1 – and his whole family –  ‘got Covid’, and didn’t die from it, as everyone around him was predicting. In fact, he barely noticed he had it.

He came out of his bout of ‘Covid’ even more convinced that the Covid shots are just a ruse to try and do something nefarious to people, and made the mistake of telling the great vaccinator that.

For a week, the great vaccinator was on the back foot.

Sibling 1 sent him a whole bunch of information from the Office of National Statistics, and other places, like THIS:


Then, the great vaccinator (who is a management accountant by trade) had an epiphany that no-one is liable for any injuries caused by these experimental gene therapy shots misleading labelled as ‘vaccines’.

This is the biggest bombshell you can possibly drop on a management accountant, and so for a week, the demands that everyone should get vaccinated!!! disappeared.

But now, they came back again.


Long story short, the great vaccinator – and so many of the others like him – have mostly now realised that the ‘Covid 19 plandemic’ is a hoax, a farce.

And they have also realised that the shots are not ‘good’, for some murky, still unknown reason.

But the implications of this information is so unpleasant to them, they prefer GID (going-into-denial), over finally admitting that God is in control, and making some sincere teshuva.


When I was unpicking the whole ‘narcissism’ thing a few years ago, I came up against a phenomenon that I called ‘the fork in the road’.

Basically, most people are not consciously aware that they are being bullied, manipulated and abused by ‘narcissists’ – especially those narcissists that are closest to home.

But then there comes a time, when the behavior of the narcissist becomes so extreme, and / or the impact of their behavior on other people becomes so toxic and damaging, it is no longer possible to keep ignoring the truth about what is really going on.

That’s the point we are now at with our narcissist ‘motherlands’, and their corrupt governments and institutions.


But, not everyone picks the path of ‘truth’ when they come to that fork in the road.

I’ve seen it happen time and again, that even when people are literally being made physically sick by close, un-boundaried proximity with a narcissist, and even when the mask comes off and they finally do understand, consciously, what is really going on….

They prefer to go into denial, and to actively continue living the lie.


There are many reasons for this.

But the important point to note is that when someone actively chooses, from their conscious mind, to continue living the lie – there is nothing you can say or do to help them.

Not only that, from this point on, they tend to become even more aggressive, and even more dogmatic in their efforts to get you to think and believe ‘like them’, because the bigger the lies being told, the bigger the ‘defences’ required to protect it.


So now, the great vaccinator is doubling-down on his position that everyone should get the shots and the boosters.

And he’s even starting to soften his position on giving his small kids the shots – even though he now knows they are experimental and ‘bad’ – because when you consciously go into denial, and start ‘denying’ the whisperings of your soul, it’s easier to go the whole hog, than to keep having uncomfortable ‘niggles’ that something is not right here.

Despite our many differences, I love the great vaccinator.

But because I understand what is really happening here, I also understand that there is absolutely no point me being in touch with him, at least at the moment.

Why do I need to spend an hour of my time being called a conspiracy theorist, and being told that I may as well just get the shots now, because they are going to make everyone do it anyway, and you can’t just drop out of life, or being told that ignorance is bliss, and everyone is just going to hate you, if you carry on telling them about your statistics from the ONS….?


That fork in the road is looming large in everyone’s life.

But remember, this is all just a spiritual test of emuna, that’s been set up by Hashem to really do a very thorough birur of humanity.

And also remember, that even when people pick the wrong path, they can always make teshuva and come back to the truth, and to God.

For as long as the candle is still alight, the work can be done.

But in the meantime, for your own mental health and peace of mind, you just have to let people walk their path of lies alone.

Pray for them, but don’t waste your breath on pointless conversations which will only take you out for the next week, and bring you down, and make you feel like you just got hit by a bus.

You need that energy for yourself, and for your immediate family.


All this IS going to turn around.

Whether it’s a week, a month, 9 months, doesn’t matter.

Just hang on, take each day as it comes, and carry on clinging to God and His True Tzaddikim.

As soon as God decides this test ends – it ends.

So, enjoy your life as much as you can, in the meantime, and try very hard to not worry about what tomorrow brings.

We aren’t in control.

God is.

And just like Yosef HaTzaddik, we are approaching that time, very soon, when the mask gets ripped off, and we finally understand that all this was just a test of emuna.


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