It’s time to dive back into the murky depths of real Jewish history.

Before we begin, let me explain how I got to the information I’m going to share with you in this post.

After I put up the posts about the Megelah Amukot’s suspected ‘xtian-Jewish’ tendencies, and the post about the SHACH being an increasingly likely candidate for the alter ego of the false messiah Shabtai Tzvi, I decided I had to look a bit further back along the family trees, to figure out what was really going on.

I bought myself some more massive sheets of cartridge paper…. some more pens….and I got to work trying to figure out who are these people’s ancestors?


Very quickly, I understood that the job was going to be easier than I’d first imagined, because THEY ALL JUST MARRIED THEMSELVES.

Over and over again, down at least the last 1,000 years and probably well before that, too.

So, as I drew up the family trees, I kept coming back to the same names, the same people as the ‘progenitors’ of so many of our famous rabbis and leaders. We’ll talk about specifics a little later on.

Then, I started to notice a few more things, like nearly all these ‘progenitors’ seemed to have strange links to ‘Jewish Christians’ – they either converted to xtianity themselves, or married xtians, or had parents who notably converted out. And then sometimes converted back in to Judaism. And then just as often converted ‘out’ again….

And many of these ‘Jewish Christians’ also overlapped with the old Jewish banking families and court Jews.


We’ll get to some names and details shortly, but I first want you to grasp the simple idea that ‘Jewish Christians’ and Court Jews, and rich Jewish bankers, and NEARLY ALL OUR MOST FAMOUS RABBIS – they all issue from exactly the same families.


At the same time, I also noticed another weird, disturbing trend in these ‘progenitor’ families.

According to halacha, it’s permitted for a niece to marry her uncle, and that happened a ton in these families.

But, even before ‘Shabtai Tzvi / SHACH’ showed up and started actively promoting inverse morality amongst his followers, I came across examples of:

Aunts marrying their nephews in these families down the generations – which is an halachically forbidden relationship.


Snippet from HERE:

The prohibition for a man to marry his aunt (and hence a woman to marry her nephew) is De’oraita (Vayikra 18;12-14 has all variations of aunt) while there is no verse in the Torah prohibiting a niece.

Why were they doing that?

I don’t have an answer. Yet. It could be, this was a ‘Karaite / Sadducee’ habit of thumbing their nose at the Torah’s rules. Or, it could be something else.

But one thing I can tell you for sure: It was happening a lot in these families.


So now, let’s dive in with some details.

Let’s begin with the illustrious ‘Treves’ family, whose descendants include people like the Maharsha, Shmuel Eideles; the REMA Moses Isserles, the TAZ, David Halevi Segal, the Megaleh Amukot, Natan Nata Shapiro – and of course, the SHACH and his wife, Yenta.

The story begins when I started trying to track down the ancestors of the ‘Megaleh Amukot’, Natan Nata Shapiro, to see if there was anything in his background that could suggest why he might have developed ‘Jewish Christian’ tendencies.

At that stage, I went back to the ‘first Shapira of Speyer’, someone called R’ Samuel Zalman Shapira of Speyer.

(The surname Shapiro / Shapira / Spiro / Spira derives from the town of “Speyer”.)

I sat down to do his basic family tree.


Very quickly on one piece of cartridge paper, I had a veritable ‘who’s who’ of the Jewish world.

There was Josel of Rosheim – ‘King of the Jews’, court banker and person suspected of ritual murders.

There was the ‘De Bonne’ family, AKA Stadthagens, AKA known-Sabbatean-Frankists-with-Jewish-Christian connections, GOLDSCHMIDTS.

There was Shabtai Tzvi / SHACH and his wife Yenta, the great, great granddaughter of the REMA.

And of course, the Megaleh Amukot and his problematic, incest-and-pedophilia-promoting descendant Jonathan Eybshutz.


And if that wasn’t enough, I also tripped over the first ‘Bacharach’ who started calling himself ‘Rothschild’.

He was Isaac Rothschild, who married one Keile Oppenheim.

His father, ‘Elchanan Bacharach z. Roten Schild’ was a first cousin of none other than the SHACH / Shabtai Tzvi.

(The Shach’s father, Meir HaCohen Katz Ashkenazi, had a sister Esther, who married ‘Isaac Elchanan Bacharach’. Esther and Isaac’s son is ‘Elchanan Bacharach z. Roten Schild, progenitor of the the known Sabbatean-Frankist Rothschilds.)


A long time ago, I was looking up stuff about ‘Shabtai Tzvi’ and the Rothschilds on Clifford Shack’s site HERE.

He had a picture gallery where he was saying that so many of the early Rothschilds seemed to bear a striking resemblance to false messiah Shabtai Tzvi.

Here’s a couple of screenshots:

Once you understand that Shabtai Tzvi = SHACH, and that the SHACH was the first cousin of Elchanan Bacharach Roten Schild, a lot more of those pieces start to fall into place.


So anyway, that first family tree really showed me that nearly all these people are mamash close family.

But I was still fishing for some more explicit ‘Jewish-Christian’, or ‘Jewish-Templars’, or ‘Jewish-Cathars’ link ups.

So I decided to go back even further.

R’ Samuel Zalman Shapira of Speyer was married to someone called Julia Minna Vergentlin TREVES.

So, I started doing the TREVES family tree – and that’s when I realised just how incestuous all this really is.

So many people are related to one couple in particular, called ‘ELIEZER and JUTTA TREVES’.


Here’s a photo of that particular bit of the family tree:


I know you can’t see much, but I want you to understand that the ‘findings’ I type up her are based on the information these trees help me put together.

First, let’s cover off some of the ‘aunts marrying nephews’ stuff – the obviously forbidden relationships, according to the Torah.

In this tree alone, we see that:

  • Aharon Luria (‘the first Luria’) marries his aunt, Miriam Spira.

His grand-daughter is Dreizel Miriam Zeisel Luria – the REMA‘s maternal grandmother – who marries one Eliezer Lipman SHRENTZELS.

(We’ll get to the Jewish-Christian Shrentzels in a minute.)

Aharon Luria’s great-grandson is none other than R’ Shlomo Luria, the MAHARSHAL.


When there were ‘rumours’ that so many of the leading rabbis of the middle ages were actually products of illegitimate relationships – including the Maharal of Prague and his brother! – the MAHARSHAL put out a statement saying that people should stop spreading these ‘nadler’ calmunies.

Screenshot from HERE:

As usual, we are seeing with hindsight that there was way more to the illegitimacy / nadler ‘rumours’ than official history is letting on.


Further back in the tree, we find this:

  • R’ Moshe Gershon Altshuler (Ebereles) married his aunt, Chana TREVES.

R’ Moshe Gershon  Altshuler (Ebereles)’s great-grandson is that same Eliezer Lipmann SHRENTZEL we saw above, the grandfather of the REMA.

Now, the REMA has ‘illegitimacy’ streaming down two sides of his family tree.

And the same ‘aunt-nephew’ pattern also continued going forward, in the REMA’s extended family.


You remember from HERE, we figured out that that REMA’s second wife Golda actually came from the ‘Karaite’ family of R’ Shalom Shachna (HaKohen) Kahana (Kohen Tzedek) of Lublin.

Golda’s brother, R’ Israel Shachna (aka R’ Israel Charif from Lublin) had a daughter, Rivka, who married one ‘Naftali Tzvi Hirsch Shor, ABD Brisk and Lublin’.

His daughter, Reisel Schor, marries her nephew, Israel Meisels.

Israel Meisels is the son of Reisel’s brother, Avraham Chaim Shor.

Israel Meisels’ brother is Simcha Bunim Meisels, the ABD of Krakow, who marries…. Dreizel, the daughter of the REMA.

It’s a small world.


Ok, now let’s a take closer look at some of the ‘Christian-Jewish’ stuff going on in the REMA’s family tree.

So very many of the ‘leading lights’ in the Ashkenazi Rabbinic world apparently descend from the SHRENTZEL family, that we’ve mentioned above.

Where did this ‘SHRENTZEL’ family come from?

That was the question.


Let me introduce you to:

Emerich Szerencsés (also known as Fortunatus; died August 1526) was deputy treasurer of the Kingdom of Hungary and a Jewish convert to Christianity.

Here’s a bit more from the Hungarian Cyclowiki page HERE:

Here’s another brief snippet, from Wikipedia (which is written like hagiography):

He was baptised by Ladislaus Szalkai, Archbishop of Grau, and took the baptismal name Emerich after his sponsor Emerich Perényi, Palatine of Hungary. His wife and his sons Abraham and Ephraim remained practising Jews.

After his conversion he was appointed deputy treasurer, using his position to send coded letters warning Hungarian Jews on imminent persecution, to secure the revocation of the expulsion of the Jews from Prague and to save a Jewish man and woman who had been condemned to death by fire.


That’s all the ‘good news’.

In reality, ‘Emerich Szerencses’ (Solomon Gluck SHRENTZEL’) was caught embezzling huge amounts of money, and his actions subsequently led to the Jewish Ghetto in Ofen being sacked by furious Hungarians.

This comes from the Jewish Encyclopaedia, HERE:

The nobility of the realm, headed by Stephan Verböczi, accused Szerencsés of being the cause of the financial embarrassment of the country; and some of the members of the Diet of 1525 even demanded that he be burned at the stake.

Szerencsés, indeed, had been grossly negligent in his official duties, and, in common with many of the most respected noblemen of the time, had made free use of the state’s money.

He was therefore imprisoned by King Louis II., whose favorite he had been, but was released shortly afterward. On the adjournment of the Diet servants of the nobles, reenforced by the rabble, attacked and plundered his home, and he escaped the rage of the populace only by flight.

At the same time the mob stormed the ghetto, and seized all the valuables belonging to the Jews.


Back on Cyclowiki, we’re told that he deliberately debased the coins in Hungary by 50%, and was actually burnt at the stake for his crimes.

(Is this a good time to remind us all that the Karaite-Khazars were also in charge of the royal mints, wherever they seemed to go?)


What happened to the Jewish-Christian ‘SHRENTZEL’ family?

His descendants adopted the name of Sachs.

Of course, we don’t know if that also included his two non-Jewish sons from his Christian girlfriend. (You’ll recall that most Karaites hold that Jewish descent is decided patrilineally, via the man…)

But before that happened, they also intermarried with a whole bunch of other dodgy Court Jews whose family members had ‘become Christian’ so they could carry on whispering in the ear of royalty, including the descendants of:

R’ Akiva HaKohen Katz  of Uban – (AKA John Ernuszt) – ancestor of Shabtai Tzvi / SHACH, amongst many other ‘big rabbis’.

R’ Moshe Fiszel (also accused of extortion in collecting tax from the Jewish community in 1499). Remember, one of his sons converted out and became ‘Stefan Fiszel Powidzk H. Korab‘, while another son Ephraim / Franczek Fiszel, had a son Moshe, who was burnt at the stake over accusations of ritual murder.

Ephraim / Franczek Fiszel was apparently married to Valentina LURIA – daughter of the MAHARSHAL, Shlomo Luria, who wrote that whole thing telling everyone to stop ‘spreading lies’ about the rabbis’ impeccable yichus.

It’s a small world.


A few more ‘forbidden relationships’, in this post, and then we’ll wrap it up for now.

I don’t want your brains to explode!

Back on that ‘ELIEZER and JUTTA TREVES’ family tree, we see this:

  • Daughter CHAVA TREVES marries YITZHAK SCHRENTZEL – and their descendants include the REMA, a bunch of ‘Ephraim Fischels’, a bunch of SHORs, and Yenta, wife of Shabtai Tzvi / SHACH. And CHAIM of VOLOZHIN.


  • Daughter CHANA YONA marries R’ ZVI HELMAN – and their grandson is the MAHARSHA, R Shmuel Eliezer HaLevi Eideles. In turn, the MAHARSHA‘s grandson is the MEGALEH AMUKOT, Natan Nata Shapiro, and his great-grandson is JONATHAN EYBSHUTZ.


  • Un-named daughter marries R’ SHLOMO ZALMAN HALEVI (STEINBERGER), and their grandson is the TAZ, David Halevi Segal. The TAZ’s grandchildren include R’ ELIEZER LIPPMAN HEILPRIN, who marries MARGOLA SHOR – the probable mother of false messiah JACOB FRANK. And R’ Eliezer’s brother, ‘R’ JOEL HEILPRIN BAAL SHEM OF ZAMOSCH‘ – aka, Avraham Shmuel Chaim Falk, the ‘bad Baal Shem’ of London, Jacob Frank’s father-in-law, and founder of the satanic ‘Order of the Golden Dawn.’ (More TAZ descendants include the wife of the Alter Rebbe of Chabad….)


  • Son R’ NAFTALI HIRSCH TREVES has two daughters. One marries R’ SHMUEL ISH-ZVI ASHKENAZI BAK, and they have a son, R’ CHAIM ISH ZVI (of Kremenitz) – who again marries his aunt, Naftali Hirsh’s other daughter. Their son is SHMUEL SHMELKE ZAK, whose son Aharon marries the SHACH’s daughter, Tova. Their descendants include CHAIM of VOLOZHIN.


  • Meanwhile, another son of R’ SHMUEL ISH-ZVI ASHKENAZI BAK is R’ YAAKOV KOPPEL ASHKENAZI, who marries SAREL MEISELS – the REMA’s grand-daughter, via Simcha Bunim Meisels, mentioned above. (Simcha’s brother Israel Meisels marries his aunt, Reisel Shor….)


What can we learn from this?

A lot.

Not least, that those families who became ‘notable Sabbateans’, and then later on, devolved even further down into ‘notable Frankists’, appear to descend from a bunch of ‘Jewish-Christians’ with the anti-Torah (possibly Sadducee/Karaite) habit of marrying nephews to aunts.

And their descendants are still controlling nearly all the bits of the the secular and religious Jewish world today.

And personally, I don’t think that’s a CO-IN-CID-ENCE.




I went back to check more of the SHACH / Shabtai Tzvi’s descendants, as I remembered seeing some ‘nephews marrying aunts’ stuff there, too.


THIS is a screenshot for a discussion around Menachem Meinish Chayot / Chajes of Vilna, who apparently also married his own aunt.


His great grandson and namesake married the SHACH’s daughter, ‘Esther HaTzaddika’.


Apparently, so many of our ‘biggest rabbis’ didn’t care a hoot, that they were marrying into families of mamzers.

This is mind-boggling.

And it suggests that the thesis that the Jewish Community got ‘hijacked’ by fake Jews (Sadducee-Karaite-Christian-Ekesaite-Khazars???) long before Shabtai Tzvi / SHACH came along is increasingly looking like a credible idea.



Here are more of the ‘Real Jewish History’ posts, to give you more background:

12 replies
  1. M
    M says:

    A few questions come to mind….
    What is the implications to all the Torah and s’forim that these gedolim wrote….?
    How could we, little people, know if we came from the same background? How many proper (halachicly speaking) Jews really exist?

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      I don’t know…. but Rabbi Meir ‘took the pips and threw away the rind’ with Acher, so there is definitely a precedent for that.

      Also, bad yichus doesn’t automatically make a person ‘bad’ – in fact, they could be the holiest of holies still. Look at King Hezkiyahu, the almost-Moshiach, who descended from a really wicked father – and had a really wicked son, Menashe.

      Mamzers are still ‘real Jews’ btw. They just have less than impeccable yichus. And if you go back to the Gemara, you see the whole ‘bad yichus / illegitimacy’ discussion was happening even then.

      Maybe this is why Rav Berland has been saying for years that the whole nation will have to ‘accept the Torah’ again, when Moshiach comes.

      I’m thinking this could mean some sort of final ‘mass conversion’ to finally straighten out everything that has become bent…. But these are just my own thoughts.

      • AnonymousYid
        AnonymousYid says:

        Another possible response, and I mean this respectfully, is that “I’m completely wrong, making wrong conclusions, making wrong associations, trusting anything on the internet, etc etc”. Just a thought!

          • AnonymousYid
            AnonymousYid says:

            Yes, facts…not conjectures, speculations, etc posing as facts just because you found some information on the internet.

            What’s the point of all this “digging”? If you want to believe that there are leaders and families in the shadows that are causing tzaros, fine. But what’s the point of paseling specific holy people/families/groups, past and present? Do you have real evidence that could be used in a beis din? Sounds like a lot of all this “research” is just associations and conjectures, built on top of more associations and conjectures, ad infinitum. At the end of the day, there is little there to continue basing even more claims.

            I really enjoyed your blog in the past, but I’ve found it increasing impossible to read through any of this.

            Question: Did you seek Rav Berland’s advice/guidance/bracha before digging into to all these past gedolim? Did/does he learn their sefarim? What does he think of your findings?

            There is so little toeles if any, especially posting this in a public forum for the world to read?! So it’s either lashon hara if true, and motzei shem ra if false. Doesn’t sound like good alternatives to me! Investigative journalism and the right for the public to know the truth, no matter what are goyishe idea. You mock the frum new sites, but this site is infinitely worse! Going after past gedolim – have you gone mad?

            If you are trying to stop all these “diabolical” people, do you think a blog will help? Has the thousands of other blogs in the conspiracy realm over the years (and yes, I don’t discount many conspiracy theories), accomplished anything?? Just like Q-Anon…just perpetually kicking the can down the road and nothing accomplished…no one is behind bars, no one has be exposed, all are still there front and center as before.

            By the way, I’m sure you are aware of the gemara, maybe in Kiddushin, has it that someone was trying to pasel the yichus of someone else, and in the end his own yichus was found to be questionable. Food for thought.

          • Rivka Levy
            Rivka Levy says:

            Here’s the point: the Jewish world has an enormous ‘tumah’ problem, in the area of personal morality.

            I am not prepared to sit here while more innocent children are harmed in communities – both secular and ‘religious’ – that are being run by Sabbatean-Frankists who seemingly either condone the behaviour and participate in it themselves, but at the very least enable it and turn a blind eye.

            The stories of the pedophilia going on and personal immorality that are covered here are literally the tip of the iceberg of what is really going on.

            Since when is ‘keeping up appearances in front of the goyim’ more important than protecting our children’s souls?

            If people like you cared as much about cleaning up our communities from the real evil lurking there as they do about not creating a ‘shonda’ for the non-Jews, maybe something massive would have already changed a long time ago.

            You are welcome to stop reading the blog.

        • NiciesMan
          NiciesMan says:

          Great response (I’m joking).
          “Maybe you’re wrong.”
          Anything is “maybe” possible.
          “Maybe” you’re wrong too.

  2. Mordy
    Mordy says:

    You are basically claiming that all Ashkenaziare mamzeirim , because most families have some ancestor who can be traced back to these families . once there is a mamzer in the lineage all its dependents are mamzeirim , there are very serious consequences about passeling a family motzie laz ,
    There is also a halocha that if a mamzer was mixed up in family and nobody knows one should keep quiet , please ask a posek whether you should be making such claims

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      These families just kept – and keep – marrying each other, so while it’s affecting ‘Ashkenazi royalty’ a great deal, it’s actually barely touching most of ‘simple’ Ashkenazi community.

      Also, there is so much ‘suffek’, still, and probably always be, that tachlis, no-one is going to be labelled a mamzer today from this information.

      I will bring the original responsa of the MAHARSHAL in the next post about the MAHARAL. It’s very interesting, and instructive about what’s really going on.


      Here’s some of the RAMBAM’s laws on mamzerut, in the meantime:

  3. JR
    JR says:

    Anyone who has done genealogical research knows that Geni is not a reliable primary source. It’s a free for all; a wiki in which almost anyone can contribute their guesses and mistakes- even if they’re not purposely lying. Two different people with the same name (e.g. Natan Spira, Nathan Adler or Akiva Eiger) can be conflated. Poorly hand written family trees can be mis-read and suddenly cousins become siblings, or two brothers become one person with two names. And where there are remarriages, confusion over half brothers may make the half cousin grandchildren appear to share two instead of one grandparent. I’ve seen a list of generations that includes both son and son-in-law, without acknowedging the possibility that a son-in-law’s child is not necessarily a grandchild thereby erroneous creating a false chain of descendancy.
    That’s why you’re seeing weird aunt marriages. It’s bogus. My guess is that someone was using the site to add many records at once and didn’t bother to check before clicking the “save” button.
    People make mistakes. And when it comes to wiki media, the mistakes are many.
    Geni is not a reliable source.

  4. JR
    JR says:

    ” seemed to bear a striking resemblance to false messiah Shabtai Tzvi.”

    Resemblance means very little, especially when there’s a separation over centuries.
    The enemies of אליהו הנביא made much of guilt by family- “ראיתם בן פוטי זה”. This was the great Rabbi who is anticipated to resolve our halachic doubts- תשבי יתרץ קושיות ובעיות!
    You false accuse the מגלה עמוקות based on the claims of delusional cultists. Why do you hate gedolim so much?


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