How’s that for a title?

This post was 100% out of the blue.

I don’t even remember how I got there, but I was tootling around looking up some stuff about Mark Vishniak, who was yet another one of those high-ranking ‘atheist’ Jews at the forefront of the Russian Revolution.

HERE‘s a snippet from Wiki:

Mark Veniaminovich Vishniak (1883–1977) was a Russian socialist, journalist and writer. M. V. Vishniak was born in Moscow in 1883, the son of a wealthy merchant. He was a childhood friend of the future Socialist-Revolutionary leaders A.R. Gots and I.I. Fondaminsky.
The name Fondaminsky got me to sit up a little, as it fits straight in with the Alter Rebbe’s catholic son, Moshe, and his daughter Rachel, who is meant to have married one Moshe Tzvi Fundaminsky.
So, I started doing some digging.
Here’s the relevant snippets from Wikipedia:

Ilya Isidorovich Fondaminsky (1880-1942), was a Russian author (writing under the pseudonym Bunakov) and political activist, in 1910s one of the leaders of the Esers party, in 1917 a senior member of the Alexander Kerensky‘s Provisional government

In France where he was living since immigration in 1919, Fondaminsky veered off from the left and became an influential newspaper editor (Sovremennye Zapisky, among others), author of philosophical essays and in the later years — much admired philanthropist, supporting Christian magazines and charity funds.

Facing the Nazi occupation, Fondaminsky refused to leave Paris, saying he was willing to accept his destiny whatever it may be. Arrested in July 1941 as a Jew and sent to the concentration camp, he adopted Christianity and was received into the Russian Orthodox Church not long before being sent to Auschwitz.

Ilya Fondaminsky died there on November 19, 1942. In 2003, he was officially pronounced a Russian Orthodox saintly martyr by the Patriarch of Constantinople.


That’s quite a story, hey?

And we will get to Alexander Kerensky in another post soon, because he was also a Freemason, probably a Frankist, and definitely a Jew.

So, I went to see what more I could learn about this ‘xtian saint’ Fondaminsky, and who his family was. Which is when I got to THIS, the geni entry for his wife, one Amalia (Malka Bracha) Fundaminski (nee Gavaranski).


She was born in 1882, and apparently died in 1932.

Me being me, I also went to check out Ilya’s brother, one Mordechai Fundaminsky, apparently from Shklov, who weirdly seemed to be a full 20 years older than his only sibling, Ilya.

Apparently, he was quite the looker.

So much so, that the stuff I found online about him just went on and on and on about his ‘bluish-black’ velvety hair…


I really have no idea how I got to this next bit of the puzzle – call it happy serendipity.

But I was clicking around when the picture of someone called Mikhail Zeitlin really caught my eye:



I thought to myself.

This ‘Mikhail Zeitlin’ guy looks EXACTLY like Mordechai Fundaminski….

So I started checking out his relatives, and whaddya know? Look who he’s married to:


Look very closely at that picture of Manya Zeitlin (nee Tumarkin).

You’ll see that Manya Zeitlin, and Amalia (Malka Bracha) Fundaminski are THE SAME PERSON.

Born the same year, the same photo, the same connections…


Back in THIS post, I was laying out some of the (assumed) connections between the Rivlins and the Zeitlins and the Schneersons. Here’s what I wrote back then:

You’ll remember that I already talked about the Zeitlin connection to the Alter Rebbe, and to the haskalah, HERE.

Joshua Zeitlin is listed as the father in law of ‘Reb Alexander Sender’ – apparently one of the Alter Rebbe’s favorite talmidim.

And ‘Alexander Sender’ is meant to be the father of Moshe of Shklov – who we already pinned down as being one and the same as Moshe Schneuri, the Alter Rebbe’s catholic Frankist son.

 That would make Joshua Zeitlin the Alter Rebbe’s father in law.


So now, let’s get the ducks in a row again, before continuing.

The Alter Rebbe’s grand-daughter via his catholic son Moshe Shneuri is Rachel Fundaminsky – she marries one Moshe Tzvi Fundaminsky who doesn’t really exist, outside of fake Jewish geneaology.

We know there is a direct link between the Alter Rebbe and the Zeitlin family, but we don’t know how they intersect, as it’s all been deliberately hidden.

What we just learned above is that at least one branch of the Zeitlin family changed their name to ‘Fundaminsky’.

That same branch of the Zeitlin / Fundaminsky family were very active in the Russian Revolution.

That same branch of the Zeitlin / Fundaminsky family have more weird connections to the Russian Orthodox Church, and apparently pulled off the unusual feat of converting to xtianity – and then being gassed – in Auschwitz.


OK, let’s see what more clues we can pick up here.

Mikhail Zeitlin / Mordechai Fundaminski’s parents are listed as Yosef Esel Zeitlin and Channe Wissotsky.

Channe’s dad is Kalonymus Ze’ev Wissotsky (1824-1904) – founder of the infamous Wissotsky tea company.

His biography is also very interesting. Here’s some pertinent snippets from YIVO’s entry:

Kalonymus Wissotzky was born in a town near Kovno into the family of a small merchant. At 18, he married and his wife’s parents agreed to support his Talmud studies for three years. He attended the Volozhin yeshiva but had to leave because of illness.

In 1853 Wissotzky studied with Yisra’el Salanter, the father of the Musar movement; subsequently, Wissotzky decided to direct 10 percent of his income to charity. In 1858 he moved to Moscow and worked in the tea business. During the 1860s and 1870s he became a major tea trader in Russia, and eventually opened branches in New York, London, and elsewhere in Europe….


… He helped to finance a Jewish school in Jaffa and also funded land purchases for Jewish workers in Palestine.

Wissotzky was also a member of Ha-Va‘ad ha-Odessa’i (Odessa Committee). In 1896–1897 he contributed financially to the periodical Ha-Shiloaḥ. Other beneficiaries of his philanthropy included the Zionist movement, ORT, and the yeshiva of Volozhin.

His daughter, Liba Miriam Gavronskii, helped to establish the yeshiva of Ponevezh. In Wissotzky’s will, he bequeathed his share of his tea company—a total of 1 million rubles—to charity. From this sum, 100,000 rubles were used to found the Technion in Haifa.


Yet again, we have the yeshivas of Volozhin and Ponevezh linked to  active ‘Zionists’, who are in turn linked to Russian Jewish oligarchs, who are in turn linked to the Zeitlin family…

What are the chances?

Do you know who else has a close connection to Wissotsky?

Ahad Ha’Am, aka Asher Zvi Hirsh Ginsburg. 

This snippet come from Wikipedia:

In 1896, Ginsberg became editor of Hashiloah, a Hebrew monthly, a position he held for six years. After stepping down as editor in 1903, he went back to the business world with the Wissotzky Tea Company.


Ahad Ha’Am was BIGGGG in the secular Zionist enterprise.

Like, really, really big.

And you know who he was married to?

One Rivka Shneerson, the niece of the 5th Lubavitcher Rebbe.

(Rabbi Schneur Zalman Mordechai Schneerson, her father, was the brother of the 5th Lubavitcher Rebbe’s wife, Shterna Sarah Schneerson.)


Hey, what a CO-IN-CID-ENCE!

Did you have ANY idea that the Chabad rebbes were so closely intertwined, at so many different junctures, with so many of the leading secular Zionists that mamash created the State of Israel?


Doesn’t that seem a little strange?


What else can we find over here?

Manya Zeitlin was born Manya Tumarkin.

Tumarkin is listed on geni as being a name that pops up a lot in the Chabad extended dynasty.

Now, I’d love to tell you exactly where Manya and her father Shmuel Tumarkin fits into all this – but it seems people are going to great lengths to keep that information hidden:


I wonder why?

The other husband listed for Manya Zeitlin might give us some clues about that.

He’s one Nikolay Avxentiev Avksentyevlisted as the non-Jewish, Bolshevik and Freemason Russian Minister of Interior Affairs.

How Manya managed to pull off two husbands at once, one Jewish and one a noble Russian – but both revolutionary Bolsheviks – is something not explained.

But are you starting to see, that there are many, many reasons why the genealogies of all these families closely related to Jacob Frank have been so messed up?

There is so much hiding out under all this.


The Sabbatean/Frankist/Freemasons took over our community (and apparently, not a few secular governments….) many hundreds of years ago.

Very little of what we are taught to be real Jewish history is true.

And it’s now time to figure out who those Frankist-Freemason families really were, so we can trace their actions, identify their connections – and finally reclaim the Jewish community for the side of good.



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4 replies
  1. Hava
    Hava says:

    The name Fondaminsky makes me sit up a little too, but for a different reason.

    A prominent American acting family by the name of Fonda exists. There’s Henry Fonda and his children Jane Fonda and Peter Fonda, all of whom are well-known; and there are more.

    A glance at Wikipedia (1905-1982;, however, tells me that Henry’s father’s side is from Genoa, Italy. So, could it be a red herring, or could Jews do this sort of thing too?

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      What I’m starting to learn, is that all politicians are actors…. and of course the ‘actors’ are all actors, but all these puppets are effectively actors, who are then ‘placed in their role’, and we, the dumb public, think they are real people.

      The ‘actors’ are also people like Jeff Bezos and Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk – all rolling out the military tech under cover of being ‘private companies’.

      Yeah, right.

      If you start digging, you see all these people are family members assigned roles to play to create the cover story that’s sold to us as politics and economics. They are all connected to each other… many of them have obvious Frankist – Freemason roots… and they are all, really, just ‘actors’.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      I don’t know.

      I recognise some of the names on the list, like Shimon Shapira, but he’s not Sephardi, and I don’t recognise the Beit Din.

      Requires more clarification…


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