If I had a shekel for every time a ‘sensible person’ has droned on about following the science….

I would be a very wealthy woman.

In this post, hopefully I’m going to make those ‘follow the science’ people very happy, by following the science to back up all this stuff about graphene oxide nanotubes.

Remember, if we are ‘following the science’, it doesn’t get more above board, and less conspiracy theory than that.

Keep reminding yourself of that, as this post unfolds.


The story starts with Rice university – aka, DARPA’s university – located in Houston, Texas.

First, watch this:

(Contains some footage of a modestly dressed female scientist.)


It’s from April 2016, and it’s entitled:

Nanotubes assemble! Rice introduces Teslaphoresis

Here’s the official blurb from under that video:

Carbon nanotubes in a dish assemble themselves into a nanowire in seconds under the influence of a custom-built Tesla coil created by scientists at Rice University.


And HERE is where you can read way more about Rice and its Teslaphoresis nanotube ‘wires’ experiments.

Like this:

“Electric fields have been used to move small objects, but only over ultrashort distances,” Cherukuri said. “With Teslaphoresis, we have the ability to massively scale up force fields to move matter remotely.”

The researchers discovered that the phenomenon simultaneously assembles and powers circuits that harvest energy from the field. In one experiment, nanotubes assembled themselves into wires, formed a circuit connecting two LEDs and then absorbed energy from the Tesla coil’s field to light them.

Cherukuri realized a redesigned Tesla coil could create a powerful force field at distances far greater than anyone imagined. His team observed alignment and movement of the nanotubes several feet away from the coil. “It is such a stunning thing to watch these nanotubes come alive and stitch themselves into wires on the other side of the room,” he said.


How cool!

If your body contains millions of these ‘nanotubes’, Teslaphoresis can get them to assemble themselves into wires, then into a circuit, and then they can start to harvest energy from the field  – i.e. you.

Not only that, this same process can ‘move matter remotely’ – including within your body.


BTW, Rice University is one of the pioneers in creating carbon nanotubes.

(These are not the same as graphene nanotubes – more on that in a moment.)

They were already turning those suckers out back in 2009, a very long 12 years ago.


Would you like to know what else Rice university has been working on recently?

Sure you do.

Try this, entitled:

Wireless linkage of brains may soon go to human testing


It was put up in January 2021, and for all the people who keep an eye on the numbers, here’s a screenshot of how many views this video apparently has:

I’m sure that’s just a CO-IN-CID-ENCE.


Here’s a snippet of the video description – and pay attention who is funding this work:

Wireless communication directly between brains is one step closer to reality thanks to $8 million in Department of Defense follow up funding for Rice University neuroengineers.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), which funded the team’s proof-of-principle research toward a wireless brain link in 2018, has asked for a preclinical demonstration of the technology that could set the stage for human tests as early as 2022…

The project is funded through DARPA’s Next-Generation Nonsurgical Neurotechnology (N3) program.


Hey’s it’s cuddly DARPA!

You remember, the same DARPA I wrote about HERE, in the post called DARPA, NASA and Jeff Bezos Grandpa.

Relevant snippets below, but please do go back and remind yourself of all the gory details:

DARPA and NASA were both created by those who heartily welcomed the Nazis into the heart of Western government and industry.

And both these organisations were run and staffed by those self-same Nazis that a decade earlier had been happily gassing Jews, building rockets to drop on civilian populations, and putting enormous effort into trying to develop ever more sophisticated ‘mind control’ techniques.

Plus ca change.


Almost 10 years ago, DARPA admitted to starting programs that would enable them to use ‘implanted nanotechnology’ to directly treat (aka takeover) people’s brains, and that would also enable them target specific tissues and cells in the human body, and cause particular actions to occur.


And now, we have the good ol’ boys at Rice University – which is very closely linked to both NASA and DARPA, btw – working on projects like,  remote assembling nanotubes into nanowires, and wirelessly linking human brains together (set for human trials in 2022 – i.e. in about 4 months time.)


Here’s a little bit more about DARPA’s N3 program goals, from HERE:

Among other brain hacking technologies in development is a human memory ‘prosthesis’.

DARPA recently reported it was on track to achieving this implantable brain chip that would facilitate the formation of new memories and retrieval of existing ones in individuals who have lost these capacities as a result of traumatic brain injury or neurological disease.

Brain chips are also being examined by DARPA-funded researchers as a way to treat PTSD by deep brain stimulation. They are looking at sending low doses of electricity deep into the brain in order to alter a person’s mood.


Meanwhile, DARPA is also seeking to advance human capabilities by speeding up skill acquisition. If this project is a success, the result will be ‘downloadable learning’ – allowing military personnel to acquire necessary skills without lengthy efforts.

And, if that wasn’t enough, a potentially-dystopian technology is being harnessed by DARPA’s NESD (Neural Engineering System Design) program to enable direct communication between the brain and computers.

The goal is for the brain computer interface to be capable of two-way communication – receiving signals as well as transmitting them back out, by recording signals from 1 million neurons.


‘Following the science’ beats the heck out of ridiculous conspiracy theories about the global elite’s plans to turn us all into human robots, doesn’t it?

Let’s continue.

(BTW, if you want to know just how ‘tight’ Rice U is with all those imaginative folks at NASA, and particularly around the Apollo ‘moon missions’, read THIS.)


Rice U has been doing some very interesting research over the last few years.

Here’s some more of their projects and announcements, that caught my eye:

Tunable graphene nanotech ‘sandwiches‘ – 2017

Graphene on its own has no band gap – the characteristic that makes a material a semiconductor. But the hybrid (magnesium ‘sandwiched’ with graphene) does, and this band gap could be tunable…

Nano-infused ceramics report on their own health – 2019

Ceramics with networked nanosheets of graphene and white graphene would have the unique ability to alter their electrical properties…

Real time NeuroEngineering

[W]e do a signicant amount of pure neural interface technology development as well as building software and embedded tools for data analysis and experiments.


I could go on and on and on about Rice University – and it’s cute, ‘three owls’ logo.

BTW, you might want to take a look at this, some time:

The Owl, Symbol of the Freemasons


But I wanted to also bring THIS to your attention, while we are ‘following the science’ on all this biomedical nanotech.

It’s a 36 page product catalogue for Aldrich Material Science, from 2013 – eight years ago.

It’s now been scrubbed off the web, but I found it on the Wayback Machine.

It’s interesting, because it catalogues – with diagrams and experiments – tons and tons of specific components for biomedical nanotech, including things like:

PEGylated graphene nanotubes used for drug and gene delivery:

(I.e., the stuff that’s in the Covid 19 shots….)


And, how to use graphene as the ‘building block’ for a range of carbon nanomaterials.

Is is just me, or does that ‘fullerene’ graphene ball, below, look kinda like the infamous ‘Coronavirus close-ups’, we’ve come to know and hate?


And how you can use graphene films as ‘scaffolding’, to mamash grow different cells on – like, say you want someone to grow an additional 3 ears, or something.



I’m still working my way through this document, but I can tell you that Aldrich was bought by none other than Merck, back in 2014, for $17 billion.

And that their 2013 catalogue clearly sets out how graphene oxide nanotech is THE stuff being used in biomedical nanotech.

The one I’ve highlighted here is a graphene oxide nanotube that has been PEGylated with poly(ethylene glycol).

There is a very high chance that it exactly this product number 652474 that is inside all of the Covid 19 shots.


The last thing to share with you for now, is a screenshot from the latest Merck / Aldrich nanotech online catalogue:


It shows very clearly aqua green, luminescent graphene quantum dots for sale.

Here’s a few headlines, to help jog your memory about those GRAPHENE quantum dots:

Bill Gates and MIT unveil quantum dot technology to mark children’s skin so they can be scanned for vaccine compliance

Quantum dot-based affinity biosensors in microfluidic systems offer an alternative SARS-CoV-2 diagnostics platform

Near-infrared quantum dot dye stores vaccination history under the skin

The method stores vaccination data in a pattern of near-infrared dye, which is delivered under the skin at the same time as the vaccine.


You see what happens, when you really start to ‘follow the science’?

You come to understand that nearly all the so-called ‘conspiracy theories’ about what’s in this Covid 19 shot appear to have a firm basis in reality.


So, when we read things from ‘factchecking’ websites (paid for by Big Pharma) that tells us things like this:

Do we really believe them?

Especially when this is all Pfizer actually tells you about the nanotech involved in its ‘vaccine’:



Don’t be shy – we already all guessed that it’s PEGylated graphene oxide, because at this point, what else could it really be?


So, please let’s all continue to ‘follow the science’.

At this stage, that’s the best way of figuring out what is actually going on here.

And it’s usually the dead opposite of what all those people who are screeching about ‘following the science’ want us to know.


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5 replies
  1. Hava
    Hava says:

    I don’t know how much, or what, this means to anyone…but I had a dream about the Rav last Friday night. He was outdoors standing, and dressed in royal style clothing, the outer cloak/robe (or whatever it was) was a reddish color.

    I only hope it is encouraging. Of course, I had no idea this was going to happen.

    Does everyone who prays the Tikkun Klali do it in Hebrew? Or can English do, at least part of the time?

    Many thanks! And Refuah Shlemah to Rav Eliezer ben Etia.

    • Daisy Stern
      Daisy Stern says:

      Lucky you, Hava. I used to have dreams of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, several times; but I never dreamt of the Rav. He came to give you a blessing, clearly. Dreams of Tzaddikim are real!

      Regarding the Tikkun Klali; maybe I am a bit weird, but I like to listen to it, with this tape ( I think I shared it with you once already),

      while I do manual tasks that don’t require concentration, such as preparing food, washing dishes, ironing – so I can focus on the Tikkun Klali and imbibe the vibe, the feeling .On Shabbat I read the Perakhim Nivcharim in Hebrew. For me the pure concentration comes during hitbodedut, meditation. That I do without any distractions, but I find reading the thing difficult unless I am in a place where I don’t have other things that need to be done. So much to do in a day!

      I hope my way is acceptable to Hashem, not sure!

    • Darin Sunley
      Darin Sunley says:

      When I’m praying for the Rav, I do my TK’s in Hebrew reading from the transliteration in this book, which I really like: https://www.amazon.com/Rabbi-Nachmans-Tikkun-Haklali/dp/0930213076/

      When I’m doing one for me specifically, I tend to pray in English.

      I do PN in English, just because the only transliterations of the rest of Tehillim I have aren’t anywhere near as readable as the one in Rebbe Nachman’s Tikkun. Somewhere on my todo list is making my own transliteration of PN in the style of the Rebbe Nachman’s Tikkun transliteration. (I can read Hebrew well enough to do transliterations, but it’s slow and uncertain going).


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