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The last few days, I’ve been feeling very antsy.

I haven’t been sleeping so well, and I’ve been feeling half like a zombie, emotionally.

That’s kind of strange, as apparently in Israel we are ‘back to normal’ now.

No masks….no green passes….no stupid Coronavirus ‘regulations’ anywhere.

Or at least, that was the case until yesterday.


It’s clear as the nose on your face that the real government here, I.E. the people who run the banks and the ‘Ministry of Health’ and pay off all the papers and news sites, have decided that Israel is going to have ‘another Coronavirus outbreak’.

Yeah, yeah, we know that most adults got ‘vaccinated’ already, but the problem is the kids.

Most of the parents in Israel haven’t exactly run to shtup a billion DNA-altering, gene-changing nanobots into their kids’ arms – and of course, that’s a problem.

Not because ‘coronavirus’ is dangerous for kids, because it isn’t.

And not because ‘infected kids can infect adults’ – because nearly all the adults got ‘vaccinated’, remember?

But the problem is, that the ‘vaccination’ is actually a COronavirus Vaccine IDentification project, to give every person their own personal ‘IP address’ that will enable their biology and thoughts to be hacked and ‘remote controlled’ via the internet.

And of course, the kids can’t be left out!


So yesterday, after three days of ‘surfacing’ the info that shows what’s written above is science FACT, not science fiction, I found myself feeling quite heavy.

So I told my husband:

Let’s go out somewhere nice, it’s the three weeks next week, and I think we really need to do something ‘fun’ today.

We ended up in Ein Gedi, wading our way up the Arugot Stream, to one of the waterfalls there.

It was so nice.

So relaxing.

So calming to the soul.

It was a pretty quiet day, not a lot of people, and we could just meander our way up the water, and climb over a few rocks, at our own pace, with just the blue sky above and the orange cliffs around, creating a perfect ‘bubble’ of peace.


Why can’t things always be like this?

Why does there have to be so much evil in the world?

That’s what I thought to myself, as I was splashing through that stream with my husband, and watching the tadpoles and frogs.

Because ‘the real world’ is becoming an increasingly disturbing place to be, at the moment.


I came back home in a thoughtful mood, and I found a strange email from a good friend waiting for me in my inbox.

It pointed me towards THIS article, in French, about how the Nazis changed the frequency of music from 432 hz to 440 hz in 1939.

Which was totally amazing to me.

Because while I was in Uman, before Rosh Hashana, I started researching precisely this subject, as part of my attempts to find out how I could ward off the bad effects of 5G technology.

Here’s one of the articles that I read in Uman (in English):


All this intersects.

For years, I have been writing about, and researching, how the body, mind and soul are totally connected, when it comes to matters of health.

Every disease, every health ‘issue’ has 3 sides to it, relating to body, mind and soul.

I wrote a book trying to bring a lot of this information together 5 years ago, called Talk to God and Fix Your Health.

And the People Smarts book I wrote last year – which totally tanked, as it came out the month Covid 19 took off in the world – approaches this subject specifically from the side of stress, and especially, the body’s ‘stress response’.

So, I’ve been exploring how frequency and electro-magnetism and ‘energy waves’ affect our mode and biology, mamash for years.


Emotions have a frequency.

Spiritual states – both positive and negative – have a frequency.

Biological processes have a ‘frequency’, that in turn modulates the chemical-biological reactions and actions.

I know this sounds like a lot to take in, but the bottom line is, humans are electrical beings.

And that ‘electrical’ side to us is what binds the body to the soul. And vice-versa.

It’s that holy chashmal, referred to in Tanach.


I kind of dropped all that side of my research after Uman, as so many things started to happen afterwards.

But I’m taking that email as a nudge from God, that I need to return to it.

So, that’s what I’m going to do, as I have the hunch that a lot of what I was researching back then, in Uman, could be at least a partial ‘antidote’ for all this WIFI-connected injected nanobot stuff.

These nanobots are electro-magnetically controlled, and they contain ‘data’ in a magnetised form – that can be wiped off pretty easily, I’m sure.

We just need to figure out how to do it.

And frequency holds the key.


So with God’s help, that’s where I’m turning my attention, now.

I already have a lot of ideas, that I’ll start floating out there, to see how this  nanotech can hopefully be derailed. And I welcome input from you, my clever readers, to help figure this out, with God’s help.

One thing you can say about this blog, is that it’s never predictable….

But I kinda like it like that.


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  1. Shimshon
    Shimshon says:

    One of the livestreams I watch has talked quite a bit about the switch from 432 to 440Hz. He plays piano and retuned his to 432 last year. I believe the switch predates the Nazis and involves the usual suspects, so it’s no surprise the Nazis embraced it too.

  2. vivian corey
    vivian corey says:

    Im doing meditation and healing limited beliefs with Dr Joe Dispenza.He is someone who literally healed with visualizing himself as his future self completely healed from a crippling spinal injury.He teaches about quantum science and thoughts and emotions affect the quantum field of attraction.He teaches there is no time and when u have a vision of the future with gratitude toward the Creator and elevated emotions that attracts your vision and manifests it.So thoughts are energy and emotioms are magnetic.So when the Rebbe said”tracht gut,vzayn gut”He was embodying this idea.Think good(energy) and it will be good(magnetic attraction)creates reality.Whrn we daven use the power of visualization and gratitude to create the future we want Hashem to create along with us.This is literally being a co creator with Hashem!

  3. Darin Sunley
    Darin Sunley says:

    My Roland digital piano lets me adjust the base tuning to anything from 415.3 all the way up to 466.2. It has buttons to easily set it to 440 or 442 (which I can’t consciously tell the difference between). I’ll have to try 432.

    This may or may not related, but I’ve really noticed over the last few years that when my family has been watching old Disney movies (Peter Pan, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White – things of that age) that there’s something very weirdly “off” about the soundtrack – like it wasn’t recorded using the RIAA equalization curve or something, which I think may be exactly what you’re talking about. [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RIAA_equalization]

    [BTW, I want to thank your husband for wordsfromtherav.com. As I’ve mentioned on the comments there, some of the articles posted there have spoken to me on a very deep level, and at least one of them was mamash a direct answer to a question I asked Hashem during hitbodedeut.]

  4. Daisy Stern
    Daisy Stern says:

    Very interesting, Rivka: here is a short video I found after reading your post: you can clearly feel how 432 is deeply relaxing, while 440 grits your insides: so uncomfortable! Thank you for pointing this out.


    For your information, I have been researching this topic for a while now, never thought of writing about it though.

    Let me give you and your readers some tips:

    1. Try the “harmoni” pendant. I bought one for myself, my son and the kids. They love it, and I love it too. It resonates with the vagus nerve, helps you be in deep relaxation while doing what you need to do: that is what we need: be in vagal mode, parasympathetic mode, as opposed to fight and flight mode, while performing our tasks.

    2.In addition I purchased Qi-shields and Q-Me:( not cheap, I have to warn you: made in Germany, lots of research behind it, good people support it) I find the Q-me helps. It works by generating electrons, which counteract the protons the body produces by being exposed to Wifi, other EMF, and various oxidating chemicals. It does not remove cancer risk, but helps you feel better as it breaks down Wifi to small portions instead of a concentrated beam. On the Cornet EMF meter you cannot tell the difference, but you yourself can feel it.

    3. Also go to Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt’s website:
    he has a lot of info on the topic.. There are lots of people focusing on this issue.

    4.There are also crystals that help- such as sugilite, even quartz, and others.

    5. Not to mention grounding – standing barefoot on grass or sand, in nature, for a good 10 minutes or more…. things like that, which re-establish your natural frequency. And of course forest bathing. I do all of the above, and have completely removed Wifi from my home environment: I turn off the modem and cellphones at night, and on Shabbat too of course. One big problem is neighbors: walls in Yerushalayim are so thin, EMF ( not 5G though!) penetrates walls, and if the nieghbors don’t want to comply with requests to shut it all up at night, others suffer.

    The issue of smart meters, which are ubiquitous in apartment buildings, in Israel and other countries too, is a big one.. The best is to live in a country home, away from neighbors, with TALL TREES around – 5G cannot pass those…

    I have been studying this stuff for a long time already, by necessity.

    That is the main reason I cannot return to Israel these days: they force returning Israelis to wear that prisoner bracelet connected to a wall smartphone itself connected to some Wifi day in, day out, for the duration of quarantine. I would be awfully sick from it if not dead. I wrote to the MOH, asking them to give me an exemption. Hah! I think this deserves lawsuits, if you are asking me. They are making people sick with their Wifi and especially with 5G. In the US you cannot sue the FCC for health damages from Wifi. Maybe in Israel you can? We need a good lawyer to look into it; there are plenty of lawyers involved in this work worldwide, in Germany in particular, but other countries too. We need to stop the bastards! Excuse the language but they deserve the term and much worse.

    Just a few tips. And get a EMF meter!!! It will change your life, as you can objectively measure EMF radiation produced by anything.

  5. Miriam
    Miriam says:

    When I read these lines, “But the problem is, that the ‘vaccination’ is actually a COronavirus Vaccine IDentification project, to give every person their own personal ‘IP address’ that will enable their biology and thoughts to be hacked and ‘remote controlled’ via the internet.” it reminded me that I saw a crazy video today that was going around where a salesperson at a store with her coworkers were watching her show them what she just figured out. She put a barcode scanner to one arm and it didn’t register anything. She then moved it to her other arm which received the shot and the scanner came up with a long number. She did it twice and it happened both times. So, the vaccine actually gives the recipient a number which is too Holocaust like to be coincidental. It reminds me of the Russian vaccine video I saw talking about how there is way online to look up someone and see their vaccine number with their current location and health status, showing tracking was being done through the vaccine.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Do you have a link for that video?

      I also started to wonder yesterday what would happen if UV light was shined on the vaccination location, whether it would show up the ‘quantum dot tattoo’ that was being talked about a lot, last year.

        • Rivka Levy
          Rivka Levy says:

          ta – just watched it.

          That’s nuts.

          Here’s the number that comes up, TWICE, for interested readers who might want to help me figure this out a little more:

          985 141 003 154 180

          I’m going to check into how this stacks up to an ‘IP address’, but happy to get input from any more tech-minded readers.

          • Darin Sunley
            Darin Sunley says:

            Standard IPv4 IP addresses are 4 numbers that range from 0-255, e.g. These are actually all allocated – you couldn’t give every human one of these even if you wanted to. [There are tricks to get around this, but they won’t scale indefinitely.] There’s a newer standard, IPv6. It has a much larger number of possible addresses. You could give every lightbulb on the planet it’s own IPv6 address if you wanted to. They look much weirder though, 8 blocks of 4 hexadecimal digits (0-9 and a-f) – e.g. 2001:0db8:85a3:0000:0000:8a2e:0370:7334 . Neither of them look very much like the sample you provide.

          • Rivka Levy
            Rivka Levy says:

            Reply to Darin, below – although it’s coming up ‘above’ for some reason.

            Ta for that research. So, it seems to be really more of a ‘barcode’ than a typical IP address:

            “The length of a one-dimensional barcode is directly tied to how much information it holds. Consequently, users must limit the number of characters each code contains from 8 to 15. 1D barcodes are commonly used across enterprise operations to save time and make inventory workflows more efficient.”

            The number is 15 digits long… it must be holding a lot of information about each person.

  6. Hava
    Hava says:

    As a guitar player with perfect pitch, I was curious when I saw the video link Daisy brought here; so, I went there and listened. I realized that A432Hz and A440Hz are very close together (my husband agreed; he was a sound engineer in his previous life in the galut), and that the difference is that on the guitar the man was playing, the strings were ever-so-slightly looser when tuned to 432 than 440 (and all the other strings were tuned similarly, to their own frequencies, which are all different). This could account for the sensing of softer resonance of the A432 setting and the harsher one of the A440. The same thing would happen with a piano, since “under the hood” it is a string instrument also (but much, much harder to tune); and other string instruments, such as violin and harp.

    I wonder what would happen if a different kind of instrument were used — a wind instrument, for instance, or a reed one.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      This is v interesting, thanks.

      Ido Bachelet also worked with Roche to create a ‘symphony’ based on the sounds of someone’s metastasing cancer…

      I will try to write about this soon, and link back to your article, as it’s directly connected to a lot of things.

  7. M
    M says:

    Read on a website about Morgellons that 1)drinking 2 tbs of raw apple cider vinegar in water throughout the day and 2)adding a pinch of borax to water helps rid the body of these things…. I thought that was very interesting….

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Can you find the link?

      We need to start trying to ‘organise’ this info in a way where we can really see what might work, and how, to start destroying this tech.

    • Daisy Stern
      Daisy Stern says:

      Nonee, if this causes a financial hardship, please don’t take my word re: the pendant. Maybe it won’t affect you at all! It has about a 40% effect. Do read the literature carefully before investing your hard-earned cash, weigh the pros and cons based on information – just a piece of advice. With the Qi we had similar issues: not everybody reacts the same way! Trial and error. But what is nice is “harmoni” gives you a 60 days trial time, full refund if you are not happy. So…..


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