Elizabeth the royal mass murderer

Buckingham Palace

In a strange coincidence, I’ve been working on a piece since I got back from Uman, about a royal mass-murderer called Elizabeth.


Her name was Elizabeth Bathory, and she was the ruler of large parts of Hungary (what is today Hungary and Slovakia).

I was reading about her as I was driving all over the Polish, Ukrainian and Moldovan countryside, on my recent trip to Uman, where I saw precisely two Ukrainian soldiers at one road block, and otherwise, it’s totally business as usual and feels safer than usual, if anything, even in Uman.

So, who was Elizabeth Bathory, and what did she do?

Read on.


The first thing to understand is that the aristocracy, the royalty, has a very long history of acting sadistically and torturing their servants and subjects on all sorts of pretexts – and getting away with it, scott-free.

Ooo, you burnt my toast!!! Five weeks in ‘the cage’ for you, plus we’re going to chop off some fingers!!!

Ooo, you let my bed pan go cold!!! You’ll be scourged 200 times with a cat-o-nine tails, then doused with water and left outside in a blizzard for a fortnight!!!

This is how it was, around the rulers and aristocracy that had a sadistic, evil disposition.

And sadly, most of our rulers and aristocracy down the ages have had a sadistic, evil disposition.

And that’s passed forward, in the gene pool.


So, who was Elizabeth Bathory, and what did she do?

Long story short, between 1590 and 1610, she participated in the murder and torture of at least 600 teenage girls, as part of satanic rituals that were going on in her various castles.

Elizabeth Bathory was probably a practising witch herself, and she for sure was hanging out with a few leading, satanic-worshipping witches in her court.

Why was she torturing and killing these young women?

(If you’ve heard anything about ‘adenochrome’, then you’ll probably already know the answer to that question…)

But Elizabeth Bathory believed that the blood of her torture victims, and the other parts of their bodies that she was extracting and eating, was keeping her young.


For as long as she was just murdering the peasants and servants, no-one really batted an eye-lid, even though there were rumours about Bathory’s murders for years.

But then she got cocky, and also started kidnapping, torturing and murdering some of the girls from the minor aristocratic families that were being sent to her finishing school.

Ah, I forgot to mention, that Bathory ran a highly-acclaimed ‘finishing school’, and also had a reputation for giving a lot of money to charidee, and doing good deeds.

Of course, there is nothing new under the sun.


So eventually, when all these aristocratic girls also started disappearing, that’s when the Hungarian King finally started investigating what was happening.

This from Wikipedia:

Báthory is said to have begun killing daughters of the lesser gentry, who were sent to her gynaeceum by their parents to learn courtly etiquette. The use of needles was also mentioned by the collaborators in court. There were many suspected forms of torture carried out by Báthory.

Some witnesses named relatives who died while at the gynaeceum. Others reported having seen traces of torture on dead bodies, some of which were buried in graveyards, and others in unmarked locations.


Bathory’s witch-servants and dwarf were convicted of serial murder and witchcraft and executed in some horrible ways.

But Bathory – a leading noble whose husband had lead the Hungarian army in successfully resisting the Ottoman invasion – couldn’t really be touched, without triggering off a bunch of international issues.

So, the problem was solved by putting her under ‘house arrest’, until she died three years later.

There are two version of the ‘house arrest’ she was put under. One version says she was stuck in her palace, but free to roam around it. Another, that she was bricked into her suite of rooms, and that only a hole was left for food to be passed in to her, and waste to be passed out.


Point is, aristocracy and royalty has been up to its eyeballs in satanic practices, murder, torture and witchcraft for a very long time.

And in case we laugh at the idea that royalty would go around slaughtering subjects for the ‘rejuvenating properties’ of their blood, let’s remember that no lesser an authority than the Torah tells us very clearly, that Pharoah was doing exactly this in Egypt.

Every morning, 150 Jewish babies were slaughtered in the morning, and Pharoah would bathe in their blood to ‘rejuvenate’ his leprous skin.

And every evening, he’d take another ‘blood bath’ courtesy of another 150 slaughtered Jewish babies.

There is nothing new under the sun.


I have a lot more connections to make in another post, with the Bathory family and Saul Wahl, ‘King of Poland for One Day’, who is the ancestor of so many of the ‘interesting’ people I write about on the blog.

But we’ll keep that for a rainy day.


For now, I just want to remind you of this post that I wrote a little while back:


It’s amazing, how sprightly and ‘youthful’ the Queen continued to be, right up to snuffing it peacefully at the age of 96….

Miraculous, really.

The first thing I thought about when my kid called up and told me the Queen had died was the BFG story, by Roald Dahl.

HERE is a synopsis, if you’ve never read the book yourself:

Snatched from Mrs Clonkers’ Home for Girls on a cold and quiet night by a lumbering giant, the ten-year-old orphan, Sophie, is in for the adventure of a lifetime when the mysterious monster takes her back to his secret land: the distant Giant Country.

There, Sophie will find herself in a realm with even bigger giants than her colossal grizzled kidnapper, who, fortunately, is a gentle vegetarian creature tasked with a noble mission.

But, sooner or later, the land’s flesh-eating inhabitants with the peculiar names will catch a whiff of the tiny human visitor, and then, no one can stand in their way.

Now, only Her Majesty, the Queen of England, can thwart the ugly giants’ sinister plans.

Can Sophie’s one and only friend–The Big Friendly Giant–protect her and the rest of the world from the horrors that surround us?


It’s the olam-hafuch, and Roald Dahl had a very dark sense of humour.

Ho ho, the Queen of England is going to save all the poor children being kidnapped from schools and orphanages, and eaten alive by the world’s ‘giants’….

Yah, that sounds about right, as a total ‘inverse experience’ of what is really going on in our world.


So, baruch Hashem, God finally saved us from the Queen.

And may he continue to save us from the new King Charles III, too, and all the other psychopathic ‘rulers’ that have been abusing, torturing and murdering their subjects for personal gain for millenia, already.

But getting this Queen out the way is a huge step towards ridding the world of its resident evil.

No-one likes Charles very much, and he’ll find it much harder to pull the wool over his subjects’ eyes, as to what his family is really up to.


A quick note for my mum, and others like her, who may be a little shocked by this post.

I’m really sorry if writing this stuff is upsetting.

I know that revering the Queen, in particular, is something that British and Commonwealth subjects were brainwashed with from the cradle.

But she wasn’t a nice person, mum, and she was up to her eyeballs in some very disturbing stuff.

The only ‘King’ we really need to be excited about is the Melech Moshiach, when he finally shows up.

But I’m still sorry, to burst your bubble.



A reader just sent me this, that somehow the Crown Jewels includes the Breast Plate of the Kohen HaGadol!!!

See second last paragraph before end of page! 
  • The High Priest of Israel [Kohen Gadol] Breast Plate – one of the most culturally significant pieces of jewelry in history.

Now, how in heck did the British Royal Family get its hands on the Breast Plate of the Kohen HaGadol?!?!

I’m personally baffled by this.

Can we dig up a picture of this?

And when are this bunch of tax-avoiding royal parasites going to give that Breast Plate of the Kohen HaGadol back to the Jewish people?!

This is totally shocking to me…. for a change.


In the meantime, over on the Shirat Devorah blog – where I always find plenty to disagree with – she put a comment on her post called ‘The Queen’s Rainbows‘ that said this (snippet):

4 Facts about Queen Elizabeth II and the Jewish People.

….Queen Elizabeth II hired an Orthodox Jewish mohel to circumcise her son Prince Charles. Rabbi Jacob Snowman (1871-1959) was a London mohel of great renown.


I went to look up Rabbi Jacob Snowman.

Usually what happens, is they cover the tracks of the ‘big name’ very carefully, but take less care with the bit players and siblings that no-one has ever heard of.

And as these people just repeatedly marry each other, sooner or later it all just leads back to exactly the same families it always does.

So, the Snowmans (made up name…) married into the family of the ‘Wartski’ Jewellers, who were from Kaunas, Lithuania, before they somehow got to North Wales in the middle of the 19th century…

Here’s a picture of their first shop, on the Bangor High Street in Gwynedd, Wales:


And then from there, in the back of beyond in Gwynedd in 1865, they somehow managed to become the jewellers to the royal family, and the guys who made the wedding bands for all the royal weddings.

Doesn’t that strike you as a little strange?

Snippet from Wikipedia:

Morris Wartski’s two sons, Harry and Charles, went into the business but when Charles was injured in a cycling accident, the business was moved in 1907 to the seaside town of Llandudno for the sake of his health.

The Marquess of Anglesey was the best customer and David Lloyd George was engaged as the firm’s lawyer. When Charles died in 1914, Harry ran the business with his father Morris and two brothers-in-law S. M. Benjamin and Emanuel Snowman.


Yes, that’s the same David Lloyd George who was the Chancellor of Britain during World War I, and also later it’s last Liberal PM.

Here’s another interesting snippet about him:

 In 1913, he was embroiled in the Marconi scandal.

Here’s a snippet about that:

Allegations and rumours about insider trading in Marconi shares involved a number of government ministers, including Lloyd George, the Chancellor of the Exchequer; Sir Rufus Isaacs, the Attorney General; Herbert Samuel, the Postmaster General; and Alexander Murray, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasury. The allegations were based on the fact that Isaacs’ brother, Godfrey Isaacs, was managing director of Marconi.

Most of the people named above were Jews, and some of them were notably tired to British interests in Eretz Israel.


HERE‘s the family tree for Rufus and Godfrey Isaacs.

You’ll notice we are straight back in ‘Sephardi Converso’ land, and I am willing to bet a huge wodge of cash that within two clicks I can link Isaacs to the family trees of the black-magic practising Dr Samuel Falk and his son-in-law, Jacob Frank.

Go back and take a look at this post:


Jacob Frank was the son of the false messiah Yehuda Leib Prossnitz, who in turn was the son of R Jacob Shor and Chana Isserles.

R Jacob Shor’s brother was Alexander Sender Shor.

And if that name rings a bell, it should:


Meanwhile, Frank’s mother was called ‘Rachel Franco’ – that’s where he actually got his ‘new’ surname from.

And she descended from a bunch of Sabbatean-converso Sephardim, who were based out of London, by the time Jacob Frank came around.

That’s how Falk and Frank were close family.

And Sir Moses Montefiore is also in that family tree, too.


So now, we have HM circumcising her son with ‘Jacob Snowman’, close mishpacha of the Wartski clan from Bangor…

Of course!

If you trace the Snowmen / Wartskis back a few generations, HERE, you start to hit some VERY interesting people.

They are even more interesting than usual, because these are the people that have been ‘hidden’ for two centuries, and who I have been busy trying to track down and figure out for the best part of three years.

Like this guy:


Notice the link to the Pollacks and to the SCHIFFS.

Now go back and read this (and the other articles called ‘The Search for Jacob Frank’).


It’s going to take me a while to pin all this down properly, and draw the relevant conclusions.

But in the meantime, can King Charles please give us back the Breastplate of the Kohen HaGadol pronto?!!

We could do way more with it than he can…


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12 replies
  1. Rachel in NY
    Rachel in NY says:

    I’m not sure they actually have the breastplate… in the very first paragraph of this article it states: “In honor of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee, Houston Jewelry has installed a permanent free exhibit of life size replica’s of the Crown Jewels of England, as well as replicas of some of the most famous jewels in the world, such as the Hope Diamond, and the Queen of Bavaria’s Crown. The exhibit also features examples of genuine British Orders & Decorations crafted in precious metals by the Crown Jewelers and presented by the Crown. This unique exhibit is the only one of its kind in the United States.” Note the part were it says “as well as replicas of some of the most famous jewels in the world.” From this it is NOT CLEAR that the breastplate is among the “crown jewels,” it may only be that the replica is in this exhibit in Houston.

  2. doo wop rebbe
    doo wop rebbe says:

    if queen liz were personally evil it would have been made manifest during her 96 years as was seen re epstein saville and others a useful tool for more truly powerful behind the scenes is another matter

  3. JR
    JR says:

    “Roald Dahl…”

    …was a nasty anti-Semite and his books have a weird thing about abusing children. There’s a strong sadistic strain in many of his works. Not kosher.

  4. solange Silverman
    solange Silverman says:

    Great and interesting article. It’s also part of my lifetime study. I am also a quantum intuitive and clairvoyant.
    The Age of Melech Moshiach is here now. It is not a person but an energy, what most would understand as the “christ” or collective Light consciousness energy, that of enlightenment. We are in the Great Awakening, the Shift in consciousness to that state of enlightenment, the Melech Moshiach. Check out this guy’s videos. He’s also on Rumble; https://www.youtube.com/c/KabbalahGuru1

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Who is this ‘Kabbalah Guru’ Eli Weber? I don’t get a good feeling about him, and I’d like to know who he’s associated with. Who is his rabbi? Who is his community? What’s his history? Also, why is he quoting this guy ‘Charlie Ward’ all the time? Who is that?

    • Sussie
      Sussie says:

      Yes, you are right and this is what the world needs to find out and much more, than we are all aware of, about our true past. Both Eli and Charlie are bringing out the real truth, which people are going to have to learn, as most of what we think we know, has been a lie manipulated to control the people.

      • Rivka Levy
        Rivka Levy says:

        First of all, again, WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?

        How is anyone meant to know if they are bringing out the ‘real truth’ if they just appear out of a vacuum, and then instantly get thousands of followers on social media?

        Who are they?

        It’s a simple question, please answer it before we continue to the next stage of looking at what they’re even saying that is meant to be ‘the truth’.


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