doing it for the children

Last week, one of my kids forwarded on another investigation into pedophiles in Jerusalem.

It’s a Channel 13 expose that was run two weeks ago now, about a ‘rebbe’ pedophile who was working in a children’s kindergarten somewhere in Jerusalem, who horrifically abused at least 15 different children, all aged 5-6.

On the kindergarten’s premises.

Under the nose of the gannenet, who apparently didn’t even suspect anything was wrong, when the ‘rebbe’ would disappear for an hour at a time to teach ‘aleph bet’ to a kid who would come back downstairs severely traumatised by what had just occurred.

It’s in Hebrew, but you can watch it here:


That’s not even the worst part of this story.

The worst part, is that despite mounting concerns from multiple parents, whose kids started telling them what this ‘rebbe’ was really doing to them, the police didn’t want to investigate the case.

They put the parents off.

They made excuses for why they couldn’t open a case.

Until eventually, the parents had to ‘force’ the police into action by doing their own investigations – based on the testimony of at least 15 kids! – which included finding the not-so-hidden ‘secret room’ upstairs in the kindergarten where the abuse had taken place, and where you could still see things like big pots of vaseline, cushions on the floor, and the pickaxe used to terrify the children into complying.



Last week, the police finally had an initial hearing for this ‘rebbe’.

In the meantime, the guy is still walking around totally free, and the court has slapped a gag order on revealing his name.

Some of the parents whose kids were involved in this case were so furious with this decision, they took to Facebook to publically flout the court’s order. (Those posts have now been taken down.)

And that’s how I got to hear about this.

Hmm, curious… 

Why is the State of Israel – that same State of Israel that spent 10 million shekels chasing Rav Berland all over the world on the basis of a sole schizophrenic’s false testimony – trying so hard to:

a) Avoid investigating such serious cases of pedophilia in Jerusalem


b) Trying so hard to ‘protect the identity’ of the guilty?


In case you haven’t realised it yet, the Frankist-Sabbateans who run our Jewish community are split between the secular and the ‘frum’ world.

Within these same families, you will find hardcore, ultra-secular ‘Zionists’, who control the courts here, and the judiciary, and the police, and the government.

And at one and the same time, you will find ‘anti-Zionist rebbes’ in places like Meah Shearim, who apparently are the polar opposite of their secular brethren.

But really?

They are just one, big, horrible family.

And that family has a family tradition for at least 300 years of practising things like child abuse, incest and sodomy.

And all the members of this big, horrible, Frankist-Sabbatean family just go around covering up for each other, and using each other to further commit their crimes against the Jewish community.

And particularly, our children.


Recently, I came across an article from November 2013 that was called:

The Child Rape Assembly Line

It’s an interview with a former Satmar Chassid named Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg, who describes in horrifying detail how he witnessed a small boy being raped by a 70 year old man in a mikva in Meah Shearim – and how the ‘religious’ community totally turned on him, when he started trying to sound the alarm about the horrible child abuse going on in the chassidic community.

A few weeks after he gave the interview above, he was attacked by someone throwing bleach in his face, and had to go to hospital. And the guy receives death threats day in, day out.

You can find his blog HERE, although it looks like it hasn’t been updated since 2019.


Tatty, ad matai?

Before I started really researching the Frankist-Sabbateans who have taken over all aspects of our Jewish community, in the leadership and education roles, I would have found this story difficult to believe.

Not any more.

Frankist-Sabbateans are totally immersed in this sort of satanic, deviant behaviour.

And they are continuing to pollute and destroy our innocent children, even in the ‘frummest’ communities, because our Frankist-Sabbatean ‘leaders’ are either complicit in this behavior themselves, or scared of calling it out.

You know who has called it out, repeatedly, and stressed repeatedly the importance of guarding the eyes, and guarding the brit in holiness?

Rav Eliezer Berland.

That’s at least part of why they went after him, to shut him up.


The same police who refused, at least initially, to prosecute the case above, and who are still refusing to properly investigate what happened to 108 small chareidi children who were taken out of their kindergartens in the middle of the day, to be drugged and assaulted in awful ways, as detailed HERE 

They have gone after the Rav no less than three separate times, based on totally nothing except fake stories placed in the media by their Frankist-Freemason lackeys in the so-called ‘religious’ community.

What does that tell you, about what is really going on here?


People want to know about why I’m pulling all this shmutz out of the corners of the Jewish community.

Why stir it all up again, isn’t it old news?

The answer is this:

These Sabbatean-Frankist child rapists are still operating TODAY, at full tilt, in all of our communities.

They are literally destroying the souls of thousands and thousands of innocent children, while our ‘leaders’ and our ‘rebbes’ and our police and secular judges cover up for them, and run interference against anyone who wants to publicise what is really going on.

You want to know who is really NOT a God-fearing person, whatever their external appearance may be?

Look to see who is trying to cover this stuff up all the time. Look to see who is making excuses for this type of satanic behaviour, or playing down its repercussions.

Look to see who makes a mockery of ideas like guarding the eyes.

(Take a look at THIS, for example, from 2016.)


That’s why we have to get to grips with the terrible evil that overtook our Jewish community 350 years ago, and which is still going strong today.

We owe it to our children, to at least try to create a world where these abusers are held to account, and where we parents stand up for the rights of our children to maintain their innocence and purity the way God intended.


My kid is in touch with a grass-roots activist here in Israel, who has given her so many examples of where the police, media and ‘religious leaders’ in certain communities are all conspiring together, to make sure that these stories of abuse are all covered up.

What she’s told me the last few months has been totally and utterly sickening.

When it came to someone like Chaim Walder – all our fake leaders were off shooting their mouths off about what he did, and how important it was to talk, talk, talk about it.

At the end of April, another prominent chareidi rabbi was accused of things very similar to Chaim Walder.

I sat here and waited for the torrent of outrage to pour forth from the same people who couldn’t keep their mouths closed for a second about Chaim Walder.

No-one made so much as a peep.



The “Sabbatean-Frankists” are real.

They are engaged in sickening acts of pedophilia and incest across our so-called ‘religious’ community (and of course, they are also in the secular world – that’s why the police and judges cover all this stuff up routinely.)

(BTW, I just came across the case of Leiby Kletzky, murdered back in 2011. Again, back then I simply couldn’t fathom that a ‘chassid’ would ever have done something like that, no matter how crazy they were. Now… the Sabbatean-Frankists stuff is explaining a lot of things.)

Personally, I am not going to stop trying to expose what’s going on, because if it helps even just one parent to wake up, and to make sure their child is properly protected from these despicable people, dayenu.

Even a single soul is really a whole world.


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9 replies
  1. nechama
    nechama says:

    As much as it pains you, please let’s uncover this giant mess. I heard that Ukraine has a “baby factory” and they also were big traffickers in child/abuse, among all the other sordid stuff. It’s been a big money making racket around the ENTIRE world. Britain’s royalty are very involved. I’m just so ………… about all the evil out there. I don’t want to mix too much bc it’s in the air along with the 5 gee. They’re upping the power every Shabbos. And we’re not near the end yet!

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Another commentator mentioned that, when we were talking about the war in Ukraine, and what’s really going on there.

      BH, God is bringing this all out in the open now, so it will be properly dealt with.

      Awareness is more than half the battle…. Because then at least we can start praying more sincerely, for God to destroy all this evil.

  2. Daisy
    Daisy says:

    Thank you Rivka.

    So the police is complicit, heh? Now I understand a lot of things….

    I hope you succeed in your mission. I am on board too!

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Thanks, Daisy.

      It’s hard to imagine how the police is NOT complicit with what’s going on with the pedophilia here. How can 108 kids go ‘missing’ from their kindergartens in the middle of the day, and the police get no leads, apparently, from the caretakers / teachers / teaching assistants / drivers who clearly had a role in taking the kids out in the middle of the day, and bringing them back in?

      Jerusalem is covered by the ‘eagle eye’ camera network, which means they can find vehicles instantly. And yet, all these minibuses ferrying the kids to and from the ‘tunnels underneath churches’ where these kids were horribly abused apparently were totally ‘untrackable’ by the police.

      Yeah, right.

      • Hava
        Hava says:

        I’m on board too, Rivka.

        It doesn’t make any sense that governance demands cities, towns, and villages to be covered with technology that makes tracking easy, but that when it’s really needed, it’s just not there for those who need it most, our most vulnerable.

        Unless it’s meant to be used *selectively* by those alli8arghs who “warn” about some upcoming horrible thing when they mean “we’re going to do this to you.”

        The warning about pedophilia and similar crimes must have come a long time ago, and we missed it.

        • Hava
          Hava says:

          When I posted the above comment, it came to me that I know of a candidate for a “warning” about the abuse of children in this particular manner.

          The pop song, “My Boy Lollipop,” came out in 1964 in the USA. I was about 8 or 9 years old then, and if you find and listen to it, you can tell it was aimed at children and teens. None of the lyrics caught my attention as being suggestive at the time (I didn’t even know what that was!), but if we look at them now, as adults, we can see it clearly.

          Imagine how the kids today, who are exposed to these things and worse at a young age, feel.

          I think the title is suggestive enough. It was originally sung by a young girl, Millie Small.

          But it was written by two men: Johnny Roberts and Morris Levy.

          Hamevin yavin.

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    In this case, it is not the police. The police are under orders to look the other way. Who gave the order? I could be in big trouble if I say. However, keep digging. Those in control of the traffickers are out in plain sight.


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