When ‘Coronavirus’ started last year, not a few people were lining up to call me a conspiracy theorist.

I can understand them, honestly.

I mean, Bill Gates is just so soft and cuddly, how could anyone think that he’d be pushing anything except things that are going to benefit humanity greatly?


And this comes from HERE:

In 2014, the Kenyan Catholic Doctors Association became suspicious of the vaccines they were receiving from Gates and company and sent multiple batches to be tested.

Researchers discovered that the vaccines that were being administered to 2.3 million African girls were full of HCG, an antigen that causes miscarriages and sterilization. Oops.

In India, the situation is even worse. Gates was pushing human trials of the HPV, Cervarix and Gardisil vaccines on remote tribal children there several years ago.

For those who don’t know, these vaccines are for a sexually transmitted disease that is 100% preventable if girls don’t have unprotected s*x with hordes of strange men – yet many US states are pushing to make it mandatory for all girls.

In Andhra Pradesh, India, the authorities say five children died immediately after receiving a Gardisil shot and many more became violently ill. In another village, two children died, and hundreds were hospitalized after receiving the HPV vaccine.


Of course, things are different in Israel.

Of course, Pfizer would never think, in a million years, of trying to bribe people in the State of Israel, and especially not in the Health Ministry:

This comes from HERE – a list of the Ministry of Health’s biggest funders in 2018.


Hey, look who’s in #1 spot!!!



But things are different in Israel.

Israel would never sneakily try and sterilise undesirables via ‘vaccinations’, without telling them first.

THIS comes from Forbes, published back in 2013:


This weekend, a report revealing that African [Ethiopian…] women immigrating to Israel were subjected to mandatory contraceptive injections, effectively amounting to forced (if temporary) sterilization made global headlines…

In the past decade, the birth rate among Ethiopian-Israelis has declined by at least 20 percent. Advocacy groups now claim this decline is the result of a birth control regimen forced upon Ethiopian immigrant women.


But things are totally different in Israel, the Jewish State.

No-one here – especially in the medical profession – would ever do something knowingly to hurt a hair on a single child’s head.

This video, below, tells the story – first-hand! – of some of the sephardi ‘Ringworm children’:



This from Wikipedia:

The ringworm affair refers to circumstances involving an alleged number of 20,000 to 200,000 Jewish individuals who were treated between 1948 and 1960 for tinea capitis with ionizing radiation to the head and neck area within Israel.

The population suffering from the disease in Israel at the time was composed primarily of newly-arrived immigrants and populations who were expected to emigrate, mostly from North Africa, as well as some from Middle East and elsewhere, but many Jewish children were irradiated in their home countries regardless of their intent to emigrate.


But, I’m sure that was just a one-off.

Only a conspiracy theorist would suggest that horrible medical experiments on children happen in Israel on any regular basis.

This comes from Hamodia, back in 2017:



MKs who viewed the photos were up in arms.

MK Amir Ohana said that hospitals reported that 80 percent of the Yemenite children died while in their custody. “That’s not a medical error or disease, that’s murder,” he said.

MK Anat Berko said that “it was time to let the truth emerge, and the more truth that emerges, the more catastrophic the truth becomes. The way that parents and families were treated is unforgiveable.”


BUT, only a conspiracy theorist would suggest that there are any links between these shocking acts, and a (hidden…) eugenics agenda, in the cuddly ole’ State of Israel.

This comes from HERE:



“Eugenics was a part of the national philosophy of most of [the local] psychiatrists,” says [author of Ad Nefesh: Refugees, Immigrants, Newcomers and the Israeli Psychiatric Establishment] Rakefet Zalashik.

“The theory was that a healthy nation was needed in order to fulfill the Zionist vision in Israel.

There was a powerful economic aspect to this view of things – the idea being to prevent people who were perceived as a burden on society from bringing children into the world…

….Psychiatrists were not the only ones tempted by the allure of eugenics; other doctors in the country, including senior health officials, also tried to adopt its methods.

Among the most prominent of these figures during the Mandate was Dr. Yosef Meir, who served for 30 years as chairman of the Clalit health maintenance organization (Kfar Sava’s Meir Hospital is named for him).”


But surely, these doctors and psychiatrists wouldn’t put the State of Israel, and it’s finances, ahead of the welfare of its citizens?

This comes from that same Ha’aretz article, referenced above (go read the whole thing – you’ll learn a lot about how things haven’t really changed so much, in the last 60-70 years.)

Many psychiatrists in the young state believed that the psyche of Jews was more resilient due to the persecution they endured throughout history. In 1957, Fishel Shneorson published an article in the journal Niv Harofeh, about the emotional fortitude of Holocaust survivors. He argued that there was a lower rate of mental illness among survivors who immigrated to Palestine/Israel than among those who settled elsewhere….

….The psychiatrists’ attitude toward the survivors’ trauma took on added significance in 1952, with the signing of the reparations agreement between Germany and Israel. According to the law in Germany, survivors were entitled to seek compensation for damages caused them by the Nazi persecution. Israeli psychiatrists were asked to write professional opinions about the demands for compensation.

Survivors who were not former citizens of Germany, or were not part of the German cultural milieu, were entitled to seek a disability pension from the Israeli Finance Ministry and from the National Insurance Institute, and medical opinions were required for this as well…

….Psychiatrist Kurt Blumenthal went so far as to claim that many survivors were just pretending to have mental problems, when he wrote in 1953 about “compensation neurosis” or “purposeful neurosis,” which was ostensibly characterized by an attempt to portray oneself as having suffered great damage in order to increase compensation one would receive.

Psychiatrist Julius Baumetz, director of a Jerusalem mental health station, implored his colleagues to do their utmost to put an immediate end to such allegedly neurosis-driven demands, lest survivors’ conditions deteriorate to a state of “infantile dependence.”

“The Israeli psychiatrists betrayed their role when they decided to worry more about the state coffers than about their patients,” says Zalashik. “When people came to them complaining about nightmares, they told them they were making it up.”


Strange, how no-one mentions how the State of Israel’s medical profession treated it’s own survivors, when Holocaust Day rolls around each year.


Anyway, the point is that when the State of Israel and its doctors come out telling you that experimental-gene therapies-misleadingly-labelled-as-‘vaccines’ are safe for everybody – but especially for kids – well.

History shows us just how much they can be trusted, to have the best interests of their patients at heart.


Let’s give the last word to Zalashik:

In the early stages, when a new therapy is adopted, there is tremendous enthusiasm and euphoria, and reports of a success rate of 90 percent or higher.

Later on, the reports become more reserved, and the question is asked whether the therapy was really helping all the patients or only some.

In the third stage, someone declares that these therapies are not working, and at the same time a new therapy arises.


But only a conspiracy theorist could believe that anything like that could happen in our days, in the modern State of Israel.


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