A few hours before Shabbat, someone sent me a message via the contact form.

Long story short, it said that a mekubal said that Moishy Kleinerman left home because he experienced something very difficult, and a few other things, too.

Then, someone else sent me a message that two different mekabalim are saying that Moishy is still alive, and one of them even drew a map of where he is.

I thought very deeply about this over Shabbat, and it seems to me to be at least possible that the reason no-one can find Moishy is not because God forbid, the worst has happened, and possibly not even because he’s been kidnapped.

But maybe, because he doesn’t want to be found at the moment.


Before that whole ‘fake arrest’ thing, where they took a homeless guy from Meron into custody and claimed they’d found a body, there was a story that Moishy had made a complaint that someone had been abusing him (in that most horrible of ways…) to the police back in January, that the police hadn’t taken seriously.

There is a certain ‘look’ that these abused kids have in their faces, especially the boys, and for a few different reasons I got to know it very well the last couple of years.

Moishy has that ‘look’ in his face, in his eyes.

So, I am starting to revise my idea of what might be going on here.


It seems at least possible now, that Moishy was being abused, and that the police and / or his parents either couldn’t or wouldn’t take it seriously, and didn’t act to get the abuse to stop.

Maybe the parents were being threatened or pressured with horrible recriminations from the abusers if they supported a police complaint, maybe, they didn’t even know what was happening to their son.

Separately, the police seem to have had an interest in covering the whole thing up, and not putting any effort into finding Moishy, because whoever the abuser, or abusers, actually are, they seem to have some protekzia going on with the police.

And what better way for the police to make that problem ‘go away’ for the accused abusers than to refuse to get involved in searching for Moishy?

This is clearly just speculation.

But it’s what I myself am starting to believe is the most likely scenario, given the information currently on the table, and the fact that multiple kabbalists are saying Moishy is alive, and still in Israel.


In the meantime…. more and more bits of this puzzle are starting to fall into place by themselves.

Someone just sent me a link to this story from today’s Dus Iz Neis site::

Well respected Rav & Dayan from Bnei Brak Banished and Exiled to Tzfat because he raped a married lady

While I was taking a look, I noticed this article in the sidebar:

“Groiser Rebbe” From Ramat Beit Shemesh & Montreal Charged with incest

It’s from June 17, 2022.

And I know the name of the man mentioned very well.

He is one of the key ‘curators’ (and descendants…) on many of the family trees of the ‘interesting’ families I have identified as being Sabbatean-Frankists still within the Orthodox community, on Geni.


If that’s not enough of a CO-IN-CID-ENCE, the accused’s late wife also comes from an ‘interesting’ family.

See HERE and HERE.

She died in a car accident seven years ago, coming back from Meron on L’ag B’omer.

Snippet from the Duz Iz Nies website:

According to a report from 2015, [the accused] was running a synagogue in Israel for a haredi congregation known as Kehillas Kosson.



‘Kosson’ sounded familiar to me, from all the research I was doing into R Eliezer Shick and R Yoel Roth last week.

Remember, Roth’s ancestor and namesake is Rabbi Yoel Tzvi ROTH of Khust (Chust).

Remember, ‘Chust’ leads us straight back to the ‘Chust-Israel Rebbe’ Baruch Leifer – father-in-law of Malka Leifer – who was recently arrested for the same crimes as this guy.

How does all this link to ‘Kosson’, you want to know?


The late R Eliezer Schick was married to Yachne Shifra Rottenberg.

Her father is Rabbi Asher Yeshayahu Rottenberg of Kosson.

The shul in Ramat Bet Shemesh where the ‘Geni abuser’ was hanging out in Israel is the Kehillas Kosson, currently run by another Rottenberg. Screenshot from the comments HERE:

HERE is part of that family tree, for those who may be interested in seeing what other ‘choshuver fish’ swim in that pond.



Let’s just pause to say that the very brave victims of this abuse (who appear to be mostly women, so far…) also come from these ‘interesting families’.

And they are exhibiting truly enormous strength of character, to decide to press charges and to go public with what’s happened to them.

This is clear proof that the yichus is not what matters, but the person’s own middot and emuna and drive to do good in the world, and to fix what has gone so wrong.

May Hashem give them the strength and the fortitude to continue.


Point is…. most of our ‘rebbes’ and our ‘leading rabbis’ all come from these interesting families.

Point is, most of these ‘interesting families’ seem to have very deep ‘Sabbatean-Frankist’ roots – just that all got covered up.

Screenshot from HERE:


Point is, awful abuse of children is rife in the chareidi and chassidic world, not least because THE PEOPLE AT THE TOP KEEP ENABLING IT AND COVERING IT UP – if they aren’t engaging in it themselves (because they come from Sabbatean-Frankist families where this sick behaviour has been a religious practise for hundreds of years, already.)

Point is, most of the chareidi kids who went sharply ‘off the derech’ are going off BECAUSE THEY WERE ABUSED BY SOMEONE ‘FRUM’ IN THEIR COMMUNITY and / or THEIR OWN FAMILIES.

Point is, this could easily have happened to Moishy Kleinerman, amongst so many others, and because he couldn’t see any other way of stopping the abuse, it’s at least possible he decided to totally disappear out of the picture, instead.



That’s the main point.


I asked a shailah last week if I should continue investigating this stuff, especially in connection with the direct ‘chareidi / chassidic’ connections to the pedophile ring still operating in Jerusalem.

I wanted to know if it’s safe for me to continue researching this, at the moment.

The answer I got back is that I should press ‘pause’ on this research, at least for now, so that is what I’m doing.

I still have my hands full with the Frankist family trees from 300 years ago, with the Covid 19 ‘vax’ aftermath, with the fact that the Israeli government appears to have totally destroyed the area all along the Dead Sea during the last two years of lockdowns, which is now an ecological nightmare of massive proportions….

Amongst other things.

(As I type this, Joe Biden is apparently landing in a helicopter next to the First Station, where I buy my kombucher… So I guess he’s taking my supermarket out of action as well as closing all the roads down in Jerusalem for his visit. Nice guy!)


So, until I get a different steer, this is my last post on this particular topic for now.

Lots to think about.

Lots to pray about.

And in the meantime, more and more information is coming to light all the time, about what is really going on under the surface in our communities, and why we haven’t been redeemed ‘the sweet way’ before now.


Who knew, that things were this bad, this tumah-dik, this hypocritical?

It really starts to explain a lot, doesn’t it?

But now we are starting to understand the contours of the problem better, that means we can also get on to finding the solution.

And that’s the bit I’m really looking forward to, BH.



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  1. nechama
    nechama says:

    He didn’t fly from America by hell-icoptor? Came from an Arab country maybe? Where is A-F One? In SA? in OHMan? Saudi is closer.
    I used to love walking through Meah Shaareim at night, thinking I was in real holy territory.
    Used to love shopping in Geulah, but havent been there since 2020.
    My how life has sincerely changed :-((

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      I was feeling like that about the Old City, since all the stuff about the Church of the Holy Sepulchre came out.

      I guess, we have to reclaim these places spiritually… but I really hear you.


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