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‘Covid waves’ and microwave poisoning

Just a quick post, before another monster ‘real Jewish history’ post goes up.

The last week or two, they have turned up the juice in the 5…..G system, now installed all over Eretz Yisrael and most other places in the world, too.

There is a direct connection between new ‘waves of Covid’, ‘waves of MonkeyPox’ – whatever – and the elevated levels of radiation that we are now being bathed in.

Remember, these are the main signs of ‘microwave poisoning’:


Lots and lots of people (in Israel, at least) are now complaining that their eyes mamash hurt, after staring at a screen; that they feel nauseous; that they have bad headaches etc etc

This is NOT ‘Covid’ (even though it will be called that.)

It’s microwave / radiation poisoning from the increased power of the 5…G that is now bombarding us via our screens and devices.


We are stuck between a rock and a hard place with all this, but here are my suggestions to minimise how much radiation we are absorbing, while God gets on with finding a more permanent solution to what’s happening.

  1. Turn off your home WIFI router whenever it’s not being used – especially at night.

When I take measurements with my RAD-o-meter, the radiation coming off the router is high up in the ‘dangerous’ zone, above the safe level recommended for an outside space. (And those supposedly ‘safe’ levels are really dangerous already, BTW….)


Right now, I can ‘see’ about 10 different WIFI networks from my PC – that’s 10 different routers in my neighbours’ homes, all irradiating my house. If more of us get into the habit of turning the routers off at night – and spreading the word to others about how important this is – it will start to help our bodies have a ‘break’ from the radiation, and renew.


2. Seriously consider ditching the smart phone, and returning to a Nokia.

If you’re stuck on Whats App (as so many people apparently are) – buy a tablet, and check Whats App once or twice a day, using the tablet.

When the smart phones are ‘streaming’ content (i.e. movies) the radiation levels being absorbed by the face are through the roof.

Also, get into the habit of turning the phones off, putting them in airplane mode, whatever it takes, at night.

(Be aware that iPhones continue to emit radiation even when ‘turned off’.)


3. Return to an ethernet connection on the PC, if possible.

Here in Israel, it’s effectively IMPOSSIBLE to do that now. I tried a few months back, and the router is configured in such a way now that I just couldn’t do it.

I still have my ethernet cable plugged in, and I have the PC set to ‘airplane’ mode – but I also need the wifi to be ‘turned on’ for the ethernet cable to work….

But if you live somewhere where ethernet is an option, please do that (and if you know how I can do it in Israel, or what router I need to order in from abroad, please let us all know in the comments.)


4. Turn the internet ‘off’ on the PC or phone, when you aren’t using it.

I was doing a lot of typing with the WiFi on a few months back, and I noticed it was giving me ‘carpal tunnel’ issues.

When I type with the WIFI turned off, my arms don’t ache, and my eyes don’t hurt anywhere near as much.

For example, I am typing this blog post ‘offline’ – when I’m done, I just save the text and refresh the page.


For how to actually deal with the effects of radiation poisoning itself, go back and read THIS post.

I am also doing an experiment with Mineral Miracle Solution, and I’ll report back on that in a couple of weeks, once the results are in.


The last thing to say is educate yourself about what is really going on with the radiation poisoning we are all being deliberately exposed to now, by our governments and military.

The less time you can spend ‘online’, the better for your spiritual, mental and physical health.

If you live next to a mast – like so many people now do – you really need to understand where a lot of your new, weird and debilitating health issues are now coming from, and how you can mitigate them, at least a bit.

It’s not ‘long Covid’, it’s not a new variant of Covid – it’s microwave poisoning.

And once you know that, you can start to respond accordingly, to protect your health better, with God’s help.


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  1. nechama
    nechama says:

    Get a load of the rain clouds! Sprinkles they say! In JUNE! Thanks for the alert and suggestions. Great idea to compose w/o the wiffie NOT running! If I shut my router at nite, it shuts my intern’l phone line and my banking op., but mostly have trouble starting up my wifi in the am and have to call Bezeq to help reconnect. I compose in the am but watch certain vids in aftn, with computer off betw. Cannot shut router every night. But I do shut the iMac early in evening, and will now also shut the iPad. Maybe I’ll have to post on blogger less and less. Most people are watchers and not writers. So it will be difficult for them, esp utubbers. I’m writing this so others can read what one goes thru trying to combat exposure. In the end, we might all have to stop using computers for most of the time, except for emerg needs.
    We’re coming to the last stretch of this Geula marathon racing to Rosh Hashana and Hoshana Rabbah. IY”H Please

  2. Chaim
    Chaim says:

    Simple solution for WhatsApp: Download BlueStacks for free on the computer (it’s an Android Emulator), install WhatsApp in the emulator, on the phone (if you don’t have already), and in the computer. Then use a mirror for the QR code to be scanned from the computer (it’s a bit tricky), to enable WhatsApp and you can ditch the smartphone forever.

  3. Shoshana
    Shoshana says:

    Hi Rivka, I tried to reach you by sending an email to your contact link on this site. Please let me know if you got it. Thanks.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      I got the email Shoshana, and I responded to it… Straight after I put this post up, both my blog and my email went ‘off line’ for a few hours – even though the internet was working for all other sites I accessed.

      There is apparently a lot of censorship going on, in some disturbing ways, about this whole subject.

      I sent you another email now, please let me know if you got it.


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