Covid clots and mind control


A couple of days ago, I sent an email to all my extended family members about the findings of the Israeli Ministry of Health.

While my family is split between ‘vaxxed’ and ‘unvaxxed’, when it comes to Covid shots, with 3/5 unvaxxed, my husband is the only one in his extended family who is ‘unvaxxed’.

One of his sisters is a pathologist, who very early on in the whole Covid 19 ‘discussion’ we were trying to have, closed us down hard by saying she was seeing people dying from Covid 19, so we better shut up and stop questioning what was happening.

When my husband emailed her about how many people she would typically see dying from things like flu – remember that? – we were slam-dunked deep into the ‘conspiracy theory’ bucket and told to not mention the topic ever again.


In the meantime, we watched as everyone ran off to get the first couple of shots – even pushing in at the doctor’s, so they could get ‘vaccinated’ early, and thus protected against ‘Covid 19.

And then we watched again, as extended family members rolled up their sleeves for ‘the booster’.

And then again, as certain bits of our family made aliya during the pandemic, and had to roll up their sleeves AGAIN to get the Pfizer shots, too, as Israel wasn’t recognising three doses of Astra Zeneca….

Here’s the good news: apparently even six shots of GO nanotech / DNA origami doesn’t automatically kill you.

At least, not immediately.


In the meantime, while my side of the family seems to be avoiding the shots for their kids, even when the adults got vaxxed, my husband’s family has been busily ‘vaxxing’ everyone, regardless of age.

It’s one thing when you make decisions for yourself, that could have long-term repercussions on your health that are not good.

It’s quite another thing, to made decisions on behalf of your kids, without at least DOING YOUR HOMEWORK FIRST, and at least exploring some of the possible ‘severe adverse reactions’ that MIGHT happen to them, as a result of your decision.

So, even though my husband cringed, and even though one of my kids wasn’t very happy that I was making waves in the family pool again, I sent an email out that said this:


This has just come out, but is being heavily censored in the Israeli press.
For English speakers:
You can see an interview HERE in English with Dr Yaffa Shir-Raz and Professor Retsef analysing a leaked zoom meeting that was held by Israeli MoH officials in June 2022, where they analyse their research into side effects resulting from the Covid Pfizer vax.
They find that the Covid vax is causing a number of serious side effects, and that these side effects are often not ‘temporary’, as claimed, but are still going many months after the shots were first taken.
The Israeli MoH had this information in June 2022, and withheld it from the public.
 You can see Dr Yaffa’s write up in English HERE.
This is the takeaway finding:
The Israeli MOH had no adverse events reporting system for the entire year of 2021. They commissioned a research team to analyze the reports from a new system instituted on December 2021.
6 months later the study’s findings indicated long-term side effects, including some not listed by Pfizer, and a causal relationship – so the MOH publish  manipulative report, lying that no new signal was found.
if you understand Hebrew, you can see a short 4 minute video that includes some of the leaked Zoom discussion from June 2022 at the Ministry of Health, HERE.
And you can read Dr Yaffa’s full article HERE:
Each person makes their own decisions based on the information they have. I totally respect everyone’s right to continue to make their own decisions re: whether to take more of these Covid 19 shots.

Just, please make sure you are basing your decisions on correct information, about just how ‘safe and effective’ these shots really are.

May Hashem keep us all safe and healthy.

Mostly, everyone just ignored this email.

But to my mum’s credit, who is three times ‘vaxxed’ because the NHS keep phoning up the pensioners to pressure them into getting these shots, she responded by sending me a couple of articles.

The first one was about how well Ivermectin apparently works to ‘cure’ Covid 19…

And the second one was this:

Embalmers Are Making Shocking Discoveries in the Blood of the Dead


My mum wouldn’t consider herself to be a ‘conspiracy theorist’ at all.

She’s an independent thinker, in many ways, but she still listens to BBC Radio 4 way more than is good for anyone’s mental health.

So, I was amazed that even some of the news outlets that my mum follows, that are still on the far fringes of ‘mainstream’, are starting to cover this information.


Here’s a snippet from that particular story above, on PJ Media:

The clots are said to be white, fibrous, and rubbery and can be the size of a grain of sand or as long as a human leg. They can be as thick as a pinky finger. One embalmer claimed they can be “nearly the strength of steel.” Embalmers across the nation are contending that these clots are not normal.

Dr Jane Ruby did a whole thing about what’s in these shots together with Mike Adams, the Health Ranger.

There is still something that doesn’t sit so right with me, with these folks, but their research into what’s in these ‘Covid clots’ seems to be legit, from what I can tell.

You can see it HERE:



We’ve been talking about the shots containing GO nanotech and probably also ‘DNA origami’ here on the blog for months and months, already.

But I want to try and spell out WHY our governments are trying so hard to pump us all full of GO nanotech that fills our bodies with strange, metallic, electro-conductive ‘clots’, while at the same time covering every square inch with new antennas beaming out 5…G radiowaves.

Let me introduce you to a scientist called Jose DelGardo.

DelGardo pioneered using electric impulses to control animals, including famously, stopping a raging bull dead in its tracks.


You can see that experiment for yourself below (not very shmirat eynayim friendly, start watching at the 1 minute mark):


In 1964, Delgado implanted electrodes into the brain of a bull.

And stopped it’s charging with his remote control.

Of course, this was only the beginning. Delgado himself explains that the next step was to start doing experiments on patients in mental hospitals, where he carried out another round of (totally immoral and unethical….) surgeries on some of the inmates, to implant electrodes in in their brains and start ‘remote controlling’ them, too.

(Is there anyone out there who still believes human experimentation of this kind stopped at the Nazis? Puh-leeze!)

The presenter in this previous clip sums up the problem succinctly:

“[Delgado] presented a nightmarish future, where anyone who threatened the state, could be controlled….”


Again, this is documented, scientific fact, not ‘conspiracy theory’.

It’s so officially ‘scientific’, that the Science Channel on Youtube decided to devote a whole episode to DelGardo’s work, called:


Watch this, also just a few minutes long, and again, not so shirat eynayim friendly.


DelGardo was selling his human experiments as a humane alternative to performing lobotomies.

Very quickly, he came to understand that electrically-stimulating the brain basically enabled him to ‘remote control’ people.

And not just their physical actions and movements – also their thoughts and emotional responses.

Around the 2 minute mark in this video above, one of the ‘experts’ explains it like this:

If you want to move your arm, an electrical impulse travels from your motor cortex eventually to the arm. What Delgardo was doing was substituting that natural electrical impulse with a man-made one. And when he did, his subjects had no choice but to move.


In one experiment, DelGardo ‘remote controlled’ a female subject to become suddenly and overwhelmingly physically attracted to his helper.

Here’s how another ‘expert’ explains how that was achieved (around the 4.15 minute mark):

The woman wasn’t naturally attracted. She’d had an electrode that was implanted into her amygdala….By electrically stimulating the region, they were able to induce a sexual response in this woman, externally.

Tell me again, about the bewildering rise in people who don’t know who they are, or who they are attracted to, or how to ‘self-define’…

Do you think all this is CO-IN-CID-ENCE?


In case the Science Channel on Youtube isn’t scientific enough for you, (clearly, you must be some sort of primitve ‘anti-vaxxer’…) you can also check out DelGardo’s own book written in 1969, HERE.

It’s called:

Physical control of the mind; toward a psychocivilized society

Phew, now we can all breathe a sigh of relief.

For a moment there, I was worrying we were dealing with some sort of nightmarish eugenics-dream-come-true, where our governments would use electro-magnetism to control our thoughts, speech, emotions and actions.

Now I understand that we’re just talking about creating a ‘psychocivilized society’, so that’s OK.


Long story short, Delgado’s experiments – already 50 years ago!!! – was inducing all sorts of emotional states and feelings in his human lab-rats, that could be turned on and off at the touch of his remote control button.

Now, you join the dots here.

Covid shots that are mandated on the population to fight a ‘disease’ that is less fatal than a bad flu…

Covid shots that contain undisclosed, electro-magnetically conductive graphene oxide nanotech, that then starts to create ‘networks’ of fibrous material throughout the human body, which often lead to sudden death or severe injury as a result of these man-made ‘clots’ blocking arteries and causing strokes….

Covid shots that cause vaccinated people to emit their own unique ‘bluetooth’ signal, which means they can be identified precisely, and targeted with a specific electro-magnetic signal….

And then add in the last bit of the puzzle, 5…G towers going up simultaneously, all over the world at once, to blanket every square cm of our world with a radio-modulable signal.


Last Thursday, two people apparently committed suicide in the Jerusalem suburb of Kiryat Moshe.

In two totally separate incidents, two people who didn’t know each other climbed up a tall building in Kiryat Moshe, and threw themselves off.

Doesn’t this strike you as weird?

Things like this happen so rarely, and here we have two suicides on exactly the same day, in exactly the same area, using exactly the same methodology.


Thursday through Sunday last week, I had my usual one-eyed migraine going on, and I was just feeling strange and kind of unfocussed and irritable, for no obvious reason.

I could also feel we were being ‘zapped’ again with more signals, because I got that weird tingling feeling in my legs, and the heaviness in my back that made me feel I was kind of ‘pinned’ to the bed in the morning.

These are known signs of being ‘zapped’ with some sort of electro-magnetic wave.

I don’t need to spell things out here, think for yourself, come up with your own theory of what is really going on here.


As this continues, it’s only going to get more and more obvious that the last things the Covid 19 shots were about was helping people stay healthy.

And please remember: these shots and the nanotech they contain originate with DARPA and the US military.

Don’t get confused, here.

These are the same shots that were rolled-out by Trump, and that are still being pushed by Trump as ‘good’.

So you tell me, does Trump really think these shots are ‘good’?

Was dosing billions of people with GO nanotech Covid shots so they could be ‘remote controlled’ also part of the ‘white hats’ plan to save the world?

How do you explain this, if you still believe Trump is ‘good’?

(I’m not being facetious, I really want to know.)



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10 replies
  1. Hava
    Hava says:

    “Last Thursday, two people apparently committed suicide in the Jerusalem suburb of Kiryat Moshe.”

    Link or other reference source, please? I haven’t even heard of this on my neighborhood whatsapp group.

    My search led me to lots of link to the past…but nothing current.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      The source is my friend who lives there, who was told by her neighbor.

      Apparently one of the jumpers landed up on someone’s mirpeset… and another jumper launched off the new massive building they just put in Kiryat Moshe. And the news didn’t breathe a word of either suicides, which is also kind of strange.

  2. nechama
    nechama says:

    I still believe these shots were developed so that “electro-magnetic pulses” could kill. This is the DS “kill switch” when things don’t go how they plan and not in their time frame. These demons are really demonic!
    Mt zapped effects are in my head, a sound that I feel is like elec increased in the air/atmosphere. Plus itching. Sometimes louder than other times softer.
    I bought something, “e-Link” that has helped reduce the hair fallout, and eases the static somewhat. But there is another item I keep debating to buy. Very neces. Call it shalom-bayis.
    I think the jumpers were desperate financially, and saw no way out, no future.
    There really is no where to go to get away from this.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      That’s just one option.

      The whole body and brain functions with electro-magnetic impulses. They can literally ‘take over’ a brain, a body, with the right signal, and cause the person to think or act or move in certain ways.

      At least, in theory.

      But the point is, that just like they got the bull to stop in its tracks 50+ years ago, and they caused their human subjects to perform physical actions ‘against their will’, and to feel emotions etc that were externally-induced, they have a LOT of options with this tech.

      Killing people is just one of them.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      The ‘xtian’ stuff is a big flag for me. Xtians fundamentally believe a lot of lies, their whole religion is built on it.

      I also have seen SOME misinformation on their site, more on the Stew Peters site than Dr Jane Ruby. But that’s also almost unavoidable, with the amount of disinformation swirling around most of these subjects.

      So… I am just treading carefully here, and evaluating all the information as it comes in, on its own merits.

      Even the MSM sometimes tells the truth 😉

  3. Becky
    Becky says:

    I think this whole vaccine debate may possibly be to distract us from something else. I believe there is a side of controlled opposition on the anti-vax side, as well.
    Also, this doesn’t end with just vaccines. It’s what we eat and breathe, as well.
    We can’t control everything, but we must pray and do our best.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Totally agree, there is ‘controlled opposition’ on the anti-shots side too – Robert Malone being one name that springs to mind.

      From what I can see, anyone who is refusing to talk about GO nanotech and is still going on about mRNA spike proteins, is distracting from the real problem here, even if not deliberately.

      But praying is really the way to go, as the confusion is so very confusing, and they are constantly manufacturing new ‘red herrings’.


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