Just a quick post, as I try to get stuff done for Shabbat.

More and more pieces are coming together.

BH, I will flesh this out more in coming days, and there is still a lot of birur to do, so remember we are on a journey of discovery here, and we still haven’t got to the end, where everything will be totally transparent and clear.

But here’s some more pieces of the puzzle, going forward.


  1. Miracle of miracles – there are still some people with brain cells and natural human curiosity in Lakewood.

A couple of readers sent me this link, to a story about chemtrails in Lakewood that appeared in the Lakewood Scoop:

A Medical Professional Responds: This is What Could be Causing the Mysterious Virus in Lakewood The Lakewood Scoop

What is particularly interesting to me is the comments, and how so many people think that a two second look-see at Wikipedia counts as real research into anything…

Wikipedia is only a starting point, and is heavily censored and skewed, to put people off the real scent.

We have all been mamash brainwashed, from kindergarten, to think a certain way, and to not challenge authority, and to stifle our natural curiosity and urge to ask questions.

And sadly, that’s evident every where, including the ‘frum Torah world’.


Tachlis, if you read the Lakewood Scoop, I encourage you to start putting some real information out there, in the comment sections.

EG, people are asking how can bochurs in Israel also be getting sick with the same symptoms, if the Dr is saying chemtrail spraying is causing the ‘mysterious illnesses’ in Lakewood?

The answer is obvious:

They are also spraying chemtrails in Israel.

This is a co-ordinated action across international lines, and has been right from the start.

If someone posts this information up,  the truth resounds by itself.

You don’t need fancy explanations, or 5 hour long expositions to encourage other people to see the truth, because it’s there, right in front of their faces.


On that score, it’s also useful to start talking more widely about graphene oxide.

It’s in the ‘Covid 19’ shots – and you can prove that to people with scientific papers done by a full professor of chemistry called Dr Pablo Campra.

HERE is Dr Campra’s page on Researchgate.

And below are some links to relevant papers showing there is DEFINITELY graphene oxide in these shots:

This is factual information, with photographs, by a full professor of chemistry who has no vested interests in ‘lying’ about there being unexplained graphene oxide in the Covid shots.


Next, you can also explain how graphene oxide is toxic:

And how the symptoms of graphene oxide ‘poisoning’ coincide with many of the symptoms linked with this ‘mysterious illness’ in Lakewood, and ‘Covid 19’ more widely.


There’s much more to say – not least about how graphene oxide interacts with 5…G frequencies – but let’s keep this short and to the point, to get the discussion started in a way that ‘regular people’ can start to relate to.


I’m also looking more into the claims that the US is a corporation, and a subsidiary of ‘The Crown.’

And that ‘The Crown’ is actually way more than the monarchy.

There’s a lot of ground to cover, and I’m only just starting the process of digging down, properly, but I can already tell you that all my ‘Frankist-Freemason/Sabbatian-Sabbean’ family tree stuff appears to be tying in to what is really going on here.

Watch this 5 minute video for a quick ‘grounding’ into where all this appears to be headed – again, with the proviso that everything should be evaluated carefully, to see what is striking YOU, as true, and what is striking YOU as false.


The last thing to say, is don’t be scared to share this information, and to speak out.

I know that there is a mixture of paid trolls and professional ‘disinformation’ artists (like the ‘GadolHador’ commentator on YWN, to give one pertinent example) – and small-minded people who lash out at others who are making them uncomfortable by challenging their assumptions, who can make it difficult to want to stick our heads above the parapet.

But too much is on the line here now, to let these people continue to guide the conversation.

The truth needs to get out there, anyway it can, ASAP, so more people can at least have the opportunity and chance to begin to think for themselves, and to choose the right path, going forward.


Believe me, I know it’s not easy being on the receiving end of paid trolls and various psychos.

But, the Rav teaches that each time we accept bizyonot with love, it cleans off all of our sins.

So, do a bit of praying, and just start feeling out where it may be appropriate and correct for you to start ‘speaking out’, and sharing information that is literally going to save people’s lives, going forward.

Take a deep breath, and hold God’s hand.

There are worse things than being mocked for being a ‘conspiracy theorist’.

And a whole bunch of those mocking voices are about to find that out, the hard way.


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