Well, my inbox is where it’s currently all happening.

A couple of days’ ago I got this, sent to me by a fellow journalist who is usually pretty reliable:


I received the following in the mail. I didn’t check this for factuality…

Before his arrest on Tuesday, January 28, 2020, Dr. Charles Lieber (Chair of the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Harvard University) had developed a nano-technology that would take over a person’s brain and turn that person into a biological robot.

His nano-machines are administered via any type of hypodermic injection.

His R&D at Harvard University was funded by several institutions that include the Office of Naval Research, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), and the Air Force Office of Scientific Research.1

These organizations are in the business of killing people and are interested in anything that can be weaponized.


In 2015, Lieber and his Harvard team had already succeeded in turning mice into biological robots by hypodermically injecting them with his nano-machines.

He subsequently succeeded in developing the means of turning a human into a biological robot via any type of hypodermic injection.

Contrary to popular belief, Lieber’s arrest had nothing to do with COVID-19 or his implementation of unthinkably diabolical nano-technology.

He was arrested for failing to inform the U.S. Department of Defense of his arrangement with a bioweapons laboratory at the Wuhan University of Technology in China – and for subsequently lying to the DOD in an effort to conceal that fact.

It is now public knowledge that Lieber provided his mind-controlling nano-technology to the Wuhan University of Technology in China in exchange for a lot of personal money – and that from 2012 to 2017 he lived in Wuhan China 9 months a year and worked at the bioweapons laboratory at Wuhan University of Technology under a contractual arrangement with China’s Thousand Talents Plan.(2)

1 – (n.d.). Lieber Research Group. Overview. Retrieved
from http://cml.harvard.edu/research/overview

2 – Ibid.



That’s quite the claim!

I decided to try to ‘unpack’ this email live, as it were, because I also want to show you how I do this research, and how I come to my conclusions about things. That way, you can also apply the same process to other information you come across, but you can also ‘follow the breadcrumbs’ to see how I get to where I get to.

So, let us begin.


First stop was Charles Lieber’s Wikipedia page.

While the disinformation on Wikipedia is rife, I keep picking up some good clues there – once you know what you’re looking for.

Here’s a truncated snippet of his bio:

Charles M. Lieber is an American chemist and pioneer in nanoscience and nanotechnology…. He is known for his contributions to the synthesis, assembly and characterization of nanoscale materials and nanodevices, the application of nanoelectronic devices in biology, and as a mentor to numerous leaders in nanoscience.

Lieber, a professor at Harvard University, has published over 400 papers in peer-reviewed journals and has edited and contributed to many books on nanoscience. 

He is the principal inventor on over fifty issued US patents and applications, and joined nanotechnology company Nanosys as a scientific co-founder in 2001 and Vista Therapeutics in 2007. 

In 2012, Lieber was awarded the Israeli Wolf Prize in Chemistry in a special ceremony held at the Israeli Knesset.

On January 28, 2020, Lieber was arrested on charges of making false statements to the U.S. Department of Defense and to Harvard investigators regarding his participation in China’s Thousand Talents Program, which has received criticism as a threat to national security.


From here, I could see that 90% of the story has already been verified by sources in the public domain.

So now, the focus shifts to this statement:

He subsequently succeeded in developing the means of turning a human into a biological robot via any type of hypodermic injection.

Is this true?

The place I decided to start looking for that information was with Lieber’s 2012 ‘Wolf Prize in Chemistry’.


The Wolf Foundation home page can be found HERE.

At this point, I just assume all these ‘foundations’ to be dodgy fronts for intelligence or military, unless proven otherwise.

The Wolf Foundation is begun in 1976, by one Ricardo Wolf, who has the same sort of hodge-podge, make no sense biography we saw by arms dealer Mr Katz:

He’s a Jewish-German-Cuban-Israeli inventor, who made a ton of money somehow, and whose close family relatives have all been ‘disappeared’, thanks to the enormous talents of geni curator Yigal Burstein.


On his Wikipedia page, we learn he was married to a famous Spanish tennis player called Francisca Subirana, and that he had very close ties to Cuba’s Fidel Castro:

Wolf lent both moral and financial support to Fidel Castro from the onset of the Cuban revolution.

Beholden to Ricardo Wolf for his unswerving support, and cognizant of his personality and natural gifts as a diplomat, the Cuban leader offered him the position of Minister of Finance and, after Wolf declined, responded to Wolf’s request and appointed him in 1961 Cuban Ambassador to Israel.

Wolf held this position until 1973, the year Cuba severed diplomatic ties with Israel. Upon relinquishing his diplomatic post, Wolf decided to remain in Israel, where he spent his final years.


The picture that’s used for him on Wikipedia shows Ricardo Wolf with Golda Meir, and the Chazon Ish’s cousin, 2nd President Yitzhak Ben-Tzvi:


Already, the BS-o-meter is dinging off, because Maurice Wolf of Hanover had 14 kids, and all except ‘Ricardo Wolf’ – who totally spanish-i-fied his name to try to cover over his German-Jewish roots – are hidden in the mists.

Plus, this guy apparently ‘encouraged’ the Cuban revolution, whatever that means.

Plus, he’s buddy-buddy with a bunch of known Frankist-Freemasons that we’ve already outed as being interesting in the State of Israel.

Plus – we have absolutely no idea where all his tons of money comes from, and his foundation, again, files no returns or financial accounts.


So, let’s see if we can figure out more of why they are trying so hard to cover up Ricardo Wolf’s roots.

With a lot of siyatta di shmeya, I get to this My Heritage page for his father, Moritz Moses Wolf:


There are the missing 12 siblings from a first marriage to Marianne Neumann, there is the second marriage to one Klara Tannenberg.

And at the bottom, we also learn that Ricardo Wolf’s father was baptised when he was born, in 1849.

It’s these small clues that suggest we may well be back in the Frankist-Freemason nexus again.


There’s a whole massive slew of interesting information about Cuba, and Fidel Castro’s Israeli and Jewish connections.

But let’s park this part of the story for now, and return specifically to the Wolf Prize, and Charles Lieber.

Here’s our guy on the site:


Now, let’s go back to Wikipedia to see what he actually got it for.

The highlighted area reads:

[F]or his seminal contributions to nanochemistry and particularly the synthesis of single-crystalline semiconductor nanowires, characterization of the fundamental physical properties of nanowires, and their application to electronics, photonics and nanomedicine.


But, did Lieber really manage to create the tech that could turn a person into a remote-controlled ‘robot’, via injection?

Here’s Exhibit 1:

Links between Lieber’s research on creating semi-conducting nanowires for use in nanomedicine and DNA origami.

Here’s a few recent headlines from the SciTech Daily website. I’ll give dates, and make them clickable so you can read more, and pull out some more interesting snippets, below.

InGaAs Nanowires Grown on Graphene Have Unique Structure (April 2013)

Making 3D Superconducting Nanostructures With DNA (November 2020)

“This research was supported by the U.S. Department of Defense, Army Research Office; DOE Office of Science; Israeli Ministry of Science and Technology; and Israel Science Foundation.”

DNA Origami Enables Fabricating Superconducting Nanowires for Nanoelectronic Circuits of the Future

“[R]esearchers from Bar-Ilan University, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Columbia University, and Brookhaven National Laboratory describe how to exploit DNA origami as a platform to build superconducting nanoarchitectures…”


You noticed how Israel – and the US Department of Defense, AKA DARPA, is bang in the middle of all of this, didn’t you?

The Israel Science Foundation (ILS) was founded and partially funded by the Rothschilds.

They ILS is the organisation officially running the ‘Precision Medicine Partnership‘ venture in Israel, that I wrote about in the following two posts:

Meet the Real Government of Israel

Israel’s Tissue Bank

Go back and read those posts, to see how all this is starting to come together in a very clear way.



Lieber created nano-transistors that could ‘probe human cells’ a decade ago.

The following snippet comes from the Harvard Magazine site:

Hyman professor of chemistry Charles Lieber has created a transistor so small it can be used to penetrate cell membranes and probe their interiors, without disrupting function.

The transistor sits near the bend in a hairpin-shaped, lipid-coated silicon nanowire. Its scale is similar to that of intra-cellular structures such as organelles and actin filaments.


The part that you should pay attention to here is that these ‘transistors’ are contained in lipid-coated nanowires.

Compare and contrast with the description of the ‘nano-lipids’ contained in the Covid 19 shots.

Hey, let’s quote from the Reuters ‘factchecking’ article about nano-lipids in Covid vaccines. They for sure wouldn’t lie about something this important:

“The lipid nanoparticles in the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine protect and transport the vaccine component. They do not contain little computers or robots.”


The point is, we don’t really know what these nano-lipids contain.

But that Harvard Magazine article proves that already ten years ago, Lieber was creating nano transistors that could take over the functioning of cells.

Here’s Lieber’s last words on the matter:

[B]ecause a transistor also allows the application of a voltage pulse, such devices might one day provide hybrid biological-digital computation, or deep-brain stimulation for Parkinson’s patients, or serve as an interface for a prosthetic that requires information processing at the point where it attaches to its owner.

“Digital electronics are so powerful that they dominate our daily lives,” Lieber points out. “When scaled down, the difference between digital and living systems blurs, so that you have an opportunity to do things that sound like science fiction–things that people have only dreamed about.”



Charles Lieber’s Patents for Nanomedicine.

Go HERE to see a whole bunch for yourself.

I’m just picking out one or two, to make the point that taking over cells, creating new cells, controlling cells remotely – all this is possible, and Lieber has been patenting the means to do it.

This first one is a patent for making ‘nanoelectronic scaffolds’ that uses nanowires to create:

‘fundamentally new types of functionalized cells and tissues…which can be determined and / or controlled at very high resolutions’ – and that also connect up to electronic circuits.



This next one is a patent for Syringe-Injectible electronics:

Note the bit that says once these nanowires have been injected into someone, that person (or rather, the circuit board that forms within them from the nanowires) can then be attached to a computer.


This one is the same idea, but I’m bringing it here because it talks about how the connections made between the ‘electronic device’ injected into a person, and a computer, occurs via carbon nanotubes.

I’m guessing that’s where the graphene nanotubes are coming in to this picture.


Go take a look for yourself, this is just a small selection of Charles Lieber’s more recent patents.

But the point is, it’s definitely possible to use DNA origami and ‘lipid-coated’ nanowires to take over a person’s cellular function, direct the body to grow new tissues, AND connect them remotely to a computer, using graphene nanotubes.

And Charles Lieber has already taken out a bunch of patents, on just those topics.


Exhibit 4:

The Charles Lieber Group’s page, on the Harvard website.

Where he says this, on point 3:

The Lieber group has a large program focused on a conceptually novel approach for integrating electronics within the brain and other areas of the nervous system, which involves the development of neural network-like mesh electronics and a noninvasive delivery method into targeted distinct brain regions via syringe-injection.

We are actively exploiting this new paradigm for tackling fundamental questions in cognitive and behavioral neuroscience, and as powerful new approaches for treatment of neurological and neurodegenerative diseases, traumatic brain and spinal cord injury, and ultimately enhancing human performance via brain-machine interface.


I’m going to bring you some screenshots now from Lieber’s site, talking about:


As always, please go and take a look yourself, don’t just take my word for it.

First, here’s a short video showing how this is meant to work, to take over your brain.

Yes, you read that right.


And if they can inject mesh electronics into your brain, they can for sure inject it into your arm.


This one is for the Reuters ‘Factcheckers’:

(It’s a screenshot, and I can’t get the swf. file to play on the site, either.)








Let’s leave that there for today.

We covered a lot of ground, and I can see my contact was right on the money, again, with what he forwarded along.

If you already got the shot, take heart:

It’s clearly not working the way they wanted it to.

That’s why they are going full ‘coronafascist’ to keep pumping everyone full with the experimental nanotech designed to turn them into a cyborg, until they finally get it right.

Prayer, teshuva and charity overturn all decrees.

And we’re in Elul, the time par excellence for all that stuff to be happening.

But I can tell you now, I think the term ‘SYRINGE-INJECTIBLE MESH ELECTRONICS’ is about to be all anyone is talking about.


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