When most people get back from Uman, I’ll tell you more of the story of what happened with the Rav this year.

In the meantime, almost 30,000 people made it out to spend Rosh Hashana with Rabbenu, which is truly awesome, and I take my hat off to every single one of the people who travelled for hours and days just to spend Rosh Hashana with the Tzaddik.

BH, their mesirut nefesh counted for a great deal, and really tipped the balance spiritually for Am Yisrael, even though the Ukrainians, working on behalf of the Israelis, stopped the Rav from crossing the border this year.


Just re-read that last sentence again.

Why would the State of Israel, and it’s Frankist-Freemason tentacles all over the place, be so set on stopping an 84 year old man from praying at the grave of a dead Rebbe in the back of beyond?

As I keep trying to underline, the forces of evil know far more about what is REALLY making the difference in this world, spiritually, than the rest of us.


In the meantime, Sunday afternoon I packed the car up with my two kids, and we headed off to a hilltop farm in the middle of the Shomron for Rosh Hashana.

About 10 minutes into that almost two hour journey, one of my kids started interrogating me about the fundraising attempt she overheard me talking to someone about for the Rav to get to Uman this year.

Within two minutes, World War III had literally erupted in my car, as both my children started attacking me – again! – for being a brain-washed cult-following groupie who couldn’t think for myself or see ‘the truth’, as presented by the Israeli media.


Lots of people are a bit scared to drive the route we took on Sunday, as it goes through the Arab town of Huwara, where there have been some ramming and shooting attacks on cars with Israeli plates recently.

Tempers were flaring so hot in my Hyundai that I can honestly tell you that none of us even noticed that we were driving through Huwara.

I’ll draw a veil over just how nasty things got, but safe to say both my girls learned to argue from me…. and it was one of the most painful and upsetting hours of my life.


The last ten minutes driving up to the place where we are going to stay for Rosh Hashana I was feeling so angry, upset and sickened by the stuff my children had been coming out with, I didn’t want to speak to them ever again.

Or see them.

Or spend ROSH HASHANA, of all days, cooped up with them in a tiny caravan on a hilltop where there was no-where to go to get away from them.


Rosh Hashana sets the tone for the whole year.

And here I was, at candle-lighting time, still feeling so much hatred and dislike for my own children, and crying my eyes out about the state of the world where the media lies are just wrecking so many people’s emuna, emunat tzaddikim, and ability to discern what is true, from what is not.

By this point, I could see both my kids were severely regretting what had happened, but I was finding it very hard to just ‘disappear’ all my hurt feelings and harsh judgements against them.

Then, Hashem put the idea in my head that I should state out loud that Hashem was totally justified in giving me a strong dose of my own medicine, and that I should forgive them for just being the ‘agents of bizayon’ that Hashem had sent to give me one last scrubbing before the New Year began.

So I did that.

And I told them both three times that I forgave them for all the pain they’d just caused me, which I can’t really put into words adequately, so I won’t even try.

And then, like magic, within two minutes, all the hard feelings had gone, and I was back to liking and loving my kids again, literally just in time to light the Rosh Hashana candles.


The rest of Rosh Hashana was great.

I was on a farm-yishuv, with three other families that had been invited by the family of my kid’s good friend, to spend the chag with them.

We were all so different from each other, in so many ways, but we got on fine.

My hosts don’t ‘like’ Breslov… yet they happily hosted two families whose husbands were off in Uman.

The other Breslov family there didn’t ‘like’ the Rav… yet we still managed to spend quite a bit of time just discussing Breslov teachings and other ideas about how to serve Hashem joyfully, and liking each other.

(I learned my lesson from the car trip up, and just kept my mouth shut about the Rav…)


In fact, the whole chag seemed to be a big lesson in seeing the good in my fellow Jew, in big and small ways.

I managed to pray vatikin in a small, stone-built shul that wouldn’t have looked out of place 2,000 years ago, surrounded by the stunning hills of the Shomron, looking down on Shechem.

I saw the sun come up on the first day of Rosh Hashana, and it gave me the feeling that dawn has finally broken for the Jewish people, somehow.

Even though I know it doesn’t look like that yet.


Over in Uman, the husband also had a good chag.

He didn’t mention any ‘Russian drones’, nothing exciting going on, just a solid atmosphere of Jews trying to get on with each other, trying to pray sincerely, and trying to ‘connect’ to the inner essence of Rosh Hashana by the Tzaddik.

It’s a good siman for the year to come, I think.


In the meantime, the Rav is saying everyone should be out of Uman by Simchat Torah the latest, this year.

More about why he’s saying that another time.

But I have the strong impression that the world of lies is on its last legs, now.

Yes, the media is still deliberately confusing and misleading so many people, about so many things.

Yes, our leaders are still sickeningly corrupt.

Yes, there are still plans afoot to set off more wars, and more dystopian measure to control the population and ‘eradicate’ the bits of it that our royal rulers, and the evil they represent, consider to be surplus to requirements.


If we learnt one thing from Rosh Hashana this year, and from the almost 30,000 people who made it out to Uman, it’s that nothing can stand in the way of a simple Jew’s ratzon to serve Hashem, and to try to do the right thing.


The real war is the war of emuna going on here.

And while the Frankist-Freemasons managed to keep the Rav out of Uman this year, on some fundamental level, they have still lost the battle.

Too many people saw through all the lies they’ve been telling about the ‘war in Ukraine’ for the last six months.

Too many people saw through all the media’s ploys to try to whip-up hatred between Jews, with all their paid-for poisonous comments about Breslovers being ‘idol worshippers’ and ‘deserving death’, God forbid,  for trying to spend Rosh Hashana in Uman.

But this year, most people weren’t buying those arguments, and most people weren’t falling into that sinat chinam trap.

Again, that strikes me as a very good siman.



BH, this IS going to be a good year for the Jewish people.

But I am willing to bet a lot of money that it’s going to be a very BAD year for the Ukrainians, for the people running the State of Israel, openly and covertly, and for the wider forces of evil in the world, together with all their little evil ‘helpers’ in politics and the media.

The last judgement is sealed by the end of Sukkot.

That takes us up to October 17, 2022.

And then Israel has another election on November 1st.

I’m not sure, personally, if that’s even going to happen.

But even if it does, the days of the politicians fooling us all are over, in any case.

More and more of us are getting ready for moshiach to finally show up, and take over from all these scumbags – without firing a shot.

And that day is fast approaching.



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I am getting to that point where my tabs are exploding again.

Usually this happens when I have a number of different research subjects going on all at once, and my mind is struggling to pin it all down. From past experience, I now know that if I don’t kind of close most of the tabs down, one way or another, I just end up with a bout of nervous exhaustion, where I have to stop typing for a couple of weeks.


To try and head that off at the pass, this post is going to zip through some of the stuff I’ve discovered, or want to share, but in a very truncated manner.

Usually, I like to go into more detail, and put more of the pieces together, but sometimes the volume of stuff I’m wading through is too much to do that, but I’m still getting the ‘inner urge’ to get the info up and shared around.

So, that’s what is going on with this post, and then I’m having a few days off to work on my novel.


Let’s start with evil internet.

The graphene oxide nanotech contained in the Covid shots – and probably also now hidden in a bunch of other ‘vaccines’ too – seems to grow into what appears to be nano-computer networks in the human body, when near internet routers.

And when the internet is turned off, those GO ‘nano-networks’ start dissolving into nothing again.


This has huge implications, and it strikes me as a fundamental way that God is going to wean us off the evil internet, and especially smart phones, one way or another.

Chuck out your smart phone now!!!

(Or at the very least, turn everything totally off, as much as you can….)

It also strikes me that keeping shabbat – where all these devices are turned off – could well be saving people’s lives and health, as it’s a total day off where all the GO nanotech just ‘shrinks back’ to nothing.

Watch this, and  make your own mind up:


Next: I’m coming to the firm conclusion that Yoshki was a Kohen.

Or really, I should say that both Yoshkis were Kohen, and specifically, Kohens from the line of Tzadok the High Priest, who was the original heretic who gave us the Sadduccees (‘Tzadukim’, in Hebrew).

Go back and read THIS, and then part 2 HERE,which started to set out a lot of information about the links between the Sadducees, the Jewish-Christians, and the Sabbatean-Frankists.


The next bit of the puzzle came from a book I just read by self-confessed ‘Zadokite’ descendent and Karaite, Allen Goldenthal, called the Caiaphas Letters.

Very long story short, Goldenthal sets out a family tree and a history for Caiaphas the High Priest, famous to xtianity for being the one who got Yoshki (Number 2….) arrested.

But by the end of the book, he’s sharing the really interesting information, including a ‘Zadokite’ (Sadduccee…) family tree that begins with the Zadokite, Hellenistic High Priest Alcimus.

You can read about Alcimus HERE.

Some relevant snippets:

 Alcimus is described as a leader of the Hellenizing faction of Hellenistic Judaism that favored more enthusiastic adoption of Greek practices and less adherence to Jewish law….

Josephus writes that Alcimus was “also called Jakeimos.” Jews in the Hellenistic era usually adopted dual names, a Greek and a Hebrew one: Alcimus was likely the Greek form of the Hebrew name “Eliakim” and Jakeimos the Greek form of Hebrew “Yakim”

The midrashes Genesis Rabbah and Tehillim briefly discuss a figure named “Jakum of Zeroroth” (or “Jakim”). In the story, a man named Joseph Meshita robs a golden artifact from the temple, then is sawed in half.

Rabbi Jose ben Joezer is Jakum’s uncle; Jakum mocks Joezer during his hanging, but then experiences remorse and commits suicide. Due to Jakum’s similarity to Jakeimos, some scholars believe it is describing Alcimus, albeit after hundreds of years of the story drifting.


There is a document called the ‘Damascus Document’ that has been deliberately mistranslated by scholars to hide the links with the Jewish-Christians-Sadducee-Karaite-Sabatean-Frankists we are still dealing with.

You can read an English translation HERE (and if someone can help me track down the Hebrew original, please leave a link in the comments. Ta!)

The corrupt establishment tells us this a document written by Essenes, describing an internal struggle the Essenes had.

Really, this is a document that was written by the Zadokite faction of priests who gave us both Yoshkis, about the struggle they were having with Saul of Tarsus and Pauline xtianity.

It’s probably written by the brother of Yoshki 2, James the first Jewish-Christian Bishop of Jerusalem.

It was found in the Cairo Geniza – OF THE JEWISH COMMUNITY!!!! – back in 1897, and dates back to the 13th century.


That Damascus Document talks about a ‘Righteous Teacher’, who begins his breakaway sect, and then later, there comes a different ‘Unique Teacher’.

Both of these ‘teachers’ are deeply interested in coming up with a version of Judaism that will break down the barriers between Jew and gentile, and unite them in a single faith that is loosely based on the Torah law, and still abides by things like circumcision, but emphasises things like vegetarianism over kashrut, etc.

Does this sound familiar?


Goldenthal says that this first ‘Righteous Teacher’ is the moderate Hellenizer and Sadducee / Zadokite High Priest, Alcimus / Joachim.

Who is persecuted by the Hasmoneans of the Chanukah story, who are fighting against the Greeks, and runs away to start his own community (the Essenes), before eventually being hunted down and killed / or alternatively, killing himself in a fit of teshuva.

Yose ben Yoezer was Alcimus’s uncle, and one of the 60 ‘Hasid-eans’ who was crucified to death by the Greeks.

Yose ben Yoezer’s student was R’ Yehoshua of Perachya – the teacher of Yoshki Number 1.

I have a feeling that ‘Yoshki 1’ was not Alcimus himself, but could have been Yose ben Yoezer’s own son, who he disinherited, and who is linked in the Gemara to King Alexander Yannai.


Here’s the Gemara in Bava Batra 133b, discussing whether it’s proper to disinherit wicked children:

It happened that Yosef ben Yoezer had a son who was not conducting himself properly. [Yosef ben Yoezer] owned a purse of gold dinars. He arose and consecrated it, thus disinheriting his son.

[The son] went and married the daughter of King [Alexander] Yannai’s crown maker…..


I am still trying to unpick all this – feel free to join in – but there is definitely a lot of strange connections with Alexander Yannai and Yoshki I.

Alcimus was High Priest for three years, from 162–159 BCE.

Alexander Yannai ruled almost 60 years later,  103 to 76 BCE.

I am trying to pin down the dates for Yose ben Yoezer – can anyone help me do that?

Yose ben Yoezer was also a Kohen.

And Alexander Yannai – the king at the time of Yehoshua ben Perachya and the Talmudic story of Yoshki 1 – was the Sadducee High Priest who was also fighting a lot of wars, and murdering a lot of rabbis, including via crucification.

Snippet from Wikipedia:

During the Jewish holiday Sukkot, Alexander Jannaeus, while officiating as the High Priest at the Temple in Jerusalem, demonstrated his displeasure against the Pharisees by refusing to perform the water libation ceremony properly: instead of pouring it on the altar, he poured it on his feet.

The crowd responded with shock at his mockery and showed their displeasure by pelting him with etrogim. 

They made the situation worse by insulting him. They called him a descendant of a captive woman and unsuitable to hold office and to sacrifice.

Outraged, he killed six thousand people. Alexander also had wooden barriers built around the altar and the temple preventing people from going near him. Only the priests were permitted to enter. This incident during the Feast of Tabernacles was a major factor leading up to the Judean Civil War.


Clearly, the dates are off with all this stuff.

Alcimus is described as ‘tearing down walls’ in the Temple, with one view that he was trying to tear down the barriers that prevented Jew and non-Jew from mixing, literally, while another view says that he was tearing down this ‘wooden barrier’ that had been built by Alexander Yannai.

But, Alcimus is meant to have lived at least 60 years before all that happened…. 


For the record, Goldenthal says that Alcimus has two sons, Matthias and Tzadok.

Matthias’ descendants include Josephus, and Joseph Caiaphas, the High Priest at the time of the story of Yoshki 2.

While Tzadok’s descendants Include ‘Joseph the father of Yeshua’, leading on to Yeshua (Yoshki 2 – the ‘Unique Teacher’ of the Zadokite ‘Damascus Document’ found in the  Cairo Genizah), and all of Yeshua’s brothers, including James the first Bishop of the Jewish-Christians of Jerusalem.


So to sum up:

Yoshki 1 (‘the Righteous Teacher’) and Yoshki 2 (‘the Unique Teacher’) descended from a family of Tzadukim Priests, related to R’ Yose ben Yoezer, of Pirkei Avot and Gemara fame, the Nassi of the Sanhedrin, who disinherited his own son, who was in turn connected to King Alexander Yannai.

Alexander Yannai also crucified a bunch of rabbis in very cruel ways, and the Nassi at that time was R’ Yehoshua ben Perachya, who the Gemara identifies as being the teacher of Yoshki 1, executed by the Sanhedrin for using Egyptian black magic to do ‘miracles’.

And Yehoshua ben Perachya was the student who took over from Yose ben Yoezer, who was crucified to death by the authorities….


Now, go back and read this:

Whitewashing Yoshki


[The original] Yeshu lived in the time of Shimon ben Shetach, who had Yoshke killed for being a false moshiach and utilizing the Shem haMeforesh.

Basically, the tract Toldot Yeshu is correct. That is the real, historical Jesus and that is all about what he did.

Then his followers, called ‘minim’ in the Gemora started to viciously lash back at the Perushim, the Sages, and later began the Hebrew/Christian cult we know of from history.


Shimon ben Shetach took over from R’ Yehoshua ben Perachya, and was the brother of Queen Shlomtzion / Salome, Alexander Jannai’s wife.

Here’s some more pertinent snippets from the ‘Whitewashing Yoshki’ post:

According to the Talmud, Yannai was a questionable desecrated priest (rumour had it that his mother was captured in Modiin and violated) and, in the opinion of the Pharisees, was not allowed to serve in the temple.

This infuriated the king and he sided with the Sadducees who defended him. This incident led the king to turn against the Pharisees and he persecuted them until his death.

And Alexander Janneus also ‘crucified’ a whole bunch of rabbis in Jerusalem:

Jannaeus… brought the surviving rebels back to Jerusalem where he had eight hundred Jews, primarily Pharisees, crucified.


Well, so much for my short post.

There’s a lot to unpick here, but what’s clear is that the dating for all this has been deliberately skewed.

This comes from the Mayim Achronim post entitled ‘Yose ben Yoezer’:

In that same first chapter of Pirkei Avot, we read that Antigonus was the student of Shimon haTzadik, the last survivor of the Knesset HaGedolah. Antigonus passed down the tradition to Yose ben Yoezer and Yose ben Yochanan, who passed it down to Yehoshua ben Perachiah and Nitai haArbeli, who passed it down to Shimon ben Shetach and Yehuda ben Tabai.

This means that Shimon ben Shetach, brother of Queen Salome Alexandra, lived only three generations after Shimon haTzadik, the last of the Great Assembly.

This presents a problem since, according to traditional Jewish dating, the Great Assembly was about 300 years before the rule of Salome. (It is even more problematic according to secular dating, which calculates nearly 500 years!)

It is highly unlikely that three generations of consecutive sages could span over 300 years.


If you continue reading that post, he makes a good case that ‘Shimon HaTzaddik’ is actually one and the same as the Maccabee ‘Shimon Thassi’, one of the sons of Matthias who led the revolt against the Greeks, and the first ruler of the Hasmonean State of Israel.


Shimon the Maccabee was one of the instigators of the revolt against the Greeks and their Hellenism.

He was the son of Matityahu, a religious, traditional priest, who fled Jerusalem when it was taken over by Hellenizers (as we quoted above, I Maccabees 2:1). Shimon was certainly aligned with the traditional Pharisees, and it was only his grandson Alexander Yannai who turned entirely to the more Hellenized Sadducees and began persecuting the Pharisees.


Here’s another very interesting snippet from that post:

Shimon continued to pass down the tradition, not to his son Yochanan—who was swayed by the Greeks and became John Hyrcanus—but to his student Antigonus. (Depending on how one reads Avot, it is possible that Yose ben Yoezer and Yose ben Yochanan were also direct students of Shimon haTzadik.)


Point is… .these are all Kohanim.

And another point is, that as the Sadducees didn’t believe in the Oral Law, and didn’t believe in an after life, their main focus of Jewish religious life was essentially the Temple and the land of Israel.

And again, most of these ‘Sadducees’ were Kohanim….

That point cannot be stressed enough, as we continue tracing all these dodgy ‘kohanim’ down the generations, who have given us so many false messiahs – including Shabtai HaCohen Shach – and who have continued trying to ‘break down the walls’ between Jew and gentile, and attack Rabbinic Judaism that does believe in the Oral Law.

THAT’s why there is such a focus on regaining the Land of Israel… above all other commandments and Torah laws.


OK, last thing for today.

It has to do with that number ‘666’, associated with the ‘Mark of the Beast’ that is found in the Book of Revelations, and that the xtians like to keep throwing at the Jews.

The book of Revelation was written by one ‘John of Ephesus’, that Goldenthal claims was a pen name for Lazarus, the guy that Yoshki 2 ‘brought back from the dead’ – and possibly also had homosexual relations with.

Lazarus became Yoshki 2’s ‘most beloved disciple’, but he was definitely a Jewish-Christian who was AGAINST the path being taken by Saul / Paul of Tarsus, to separate nascent xtianity totally from Judaism.

According to Goldenthal, 666 in Revelations was actually spelt out in Hebrew letters (as this was before the time of Arabic numerals).


Here’s some edited snippets from Goldenthal:

The letters….[for the number ‘666’] spell out a word, Tarsu, or the Tarsus of the Roman world. Clearly the man Tarsus is [John of Ephesus’] greatest threat.

Who is ‘Tarsus’?

It’s Saul / Paul of Tarsus, the guy who started up a new branch of xtianity, and the version that was adopted by the Roman Empire and Roman Catholic Church.

To put this another way, ‘666’ refers to gentile xtianity itself!!!

As clearly written in the Book of Revelations.


There’s always more to say, but let’s leave it there for now.

As usual, so very much to think about here.

But there is nothing new under the sun.

And the same people who were making trouble for us 2,000 years ago, are still making the same trouble for us now.

But we’re finally starting to unmask them.


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Remember, we said one ‘good news’ post a week?

(I’m trying to remember that myself….)

Three or four times a week, I try and go down and join the evening prayers with Rav Berland, on Ido HaNavi Street at 8:30pm, so yesterday, I went.

We spent the first 30 mins singing, clapping and jumping up and down to sweeten the harsh judgements, as per Rebbe Nachman’s teachings, that when you are really so deep in the hole, that is the only way to break the forces of evil and get things to turn around.

I’m not spending an hour clapping and jumping up and down because I’m  a mentally-ill cult initiate – although I can see why you’d get that idea, if you didn’t actually read Likutey Moharan, or understand what Rabbenu is writing. Or believe it.


I’m doing that stuff because it works.

Clapping got me out of the Zhuliana airport, when the Ukrainians changed the rules mid-flight and barred me and my family from entering the country two years ago, a month before Rosh Hashana.

Clapping got me out of the desert of Mizpe Ramon, where we were lost with a faulty map and some really dangerous terrain to navigate.

And clapping and dancing has helped me to deal with all the ‘heaviness’ about pedophiles, Sabbatean-Frankists, Covid shots and 5…G.

To give just a few examples.


So yesterday, I jumped and clapped for half an hour along with the Rav and his kehilla, and I got the strong impression something was being ‘sweetened’.

I don’t have any ‘bombshells’ to share with you in this post, but around the edges, I AM seeing things starting to move. I AM seeing more people standing up for what’s right and true, publically, and starting to push back against the evil ‘powers-that-be’.

Here’s a few examples of what came across my radar, in the last 24 hours.



Secular parents in Herzliyya publically protesting outside their school, for pushing ‘trans’ propaganda onto their kids.

My daughter sent me the link to the Arutz 7 site in Hebrew, HERE.

Here’s a google translate of the main points:

Parents gathered this evening (Monday) in front of the City Hall in Herzliya to protest pro-LGBT educational content being delivered to girls and second-graders in one of the city’s schools.

Two weeks ago, parents of second-graders at a school in Herzliya received a notice that the next day there would be a conversation with one of the students who he said was undergoing a gender transition. Parents were outraged by the letter without warning and some did not even send their children to school in protest at the incident.

Deputy Mayor Elad Tzedikov said: “The incident at the school in Herzliya is the imposition of gender reassignment surgery on second graders. A 7-year-old boy announced that he is transgender and will come to school tomorrow wearing dresses and will be allowed to use the girls”restroom at the school.


These are secular parents in Israel, who are starting to wake up and push back against the evil, ‘progressive’ agenda that is attempting to brainwash our kids.

Once we all realise that the true fight is not between ‘secular and religious’, but between Erev Rav Sabbatian-Frankists and real Jews – even if many real Jews are currently living a ‘secular’ lifestyle – we will be totally unstoppable, as a people.

And that process is starting to happen, in so many ways.



The Farbers suing Ynet and the ‘corona enforcer’ at their local school.

Rafi Farber is the author of the ‘Jewish Libertarian’ blog, and he and his wife took a very brave stance during the lockdowns and forced-masking in Israel: they totally refused to go along with the program.

I wrote about them a couple of times on my old blog, and even for me, with all my small, continual ‘pushbacks’ against the corona fascism, I have to say I was very impressed with their courage and integrity.


I have said it before, and I’ll say it again: There is strength in numbers.

What is stopping us from overturning all this ‘woke’ poison, all this corona fascism, all this covering up for pedophiles and abusers is simply our own fear.

That’s why every person who starts to stand up to the tyranny really does change the whole equation. They give strength to others to add their voice into the protest against evil. 

And when that reaches the tipping point – this all changes radically.


You can see the Farbers being interviewed by Chananya Weissman, below:


Each person  has their own unique way of ‘standing up for good’.

I’m not going to sue the post office now (much as I’m tempted…) but I AM going to continue ‘standing up for good’ on the blog, any way I can.

And you don’t need a blog, or even a social media account, to stand up for good.

Those parents in Herzliya took their protest direct to the Town Hall.

All you need is some courage, to start standing up to these LGBTQ+++ whatever missionaries, to the xtian missionaries, to the Sabbatean-Frankist bullies in our midst, to say AD KAN.

Up until here.

And no further.


If you have social media – push back on the posts and the ‘influencers’ that are pushing ‘safe and effective’ Covid shots and forced masking and trans porn for kiddies.

If you don’t – write comments on the bottom of MSM posts, that push back against the narrative.

Or write letters to the editor.

Or simply, start to stand up for what is right in conversations with friends and family members.

I know it’s unpleasant, I know it’s uncomfortable. But these bullies aren’t going to stop doing what they are doing all by themselves.

And we are coming to that time when the stuff they are pushing – especially on our kids – is so bad, so awful, the line has to be drawn now.



Blogger Daniel Amram.

I’ve been following his Telegram HERE for the last couple of weeks, because he’s been putting up a lot of inside info about Moishy Kleinerman, that was under gag order here in Israel.

(Because of course, the best way to solve the mystery of what really happened to Moishy is to legally stop anyone from talking about any details online, just as the case was starting to build some momentum….)

It’s not at all a shmirat eynayim channel, but what I’ve noticed is that this guy who lives in America, and who has a lot of tattoos, is mamash trying to wage his own fight against evil, in his own way.


He’s calling out police brutality and corruption; he’s calling out the terrible abuse and sexual assaults that are going on in the ‘entertainment’ industry in Israel.

And he’s also using his channel to stop schoolchildren in Israel from ‘boycotting’ classmates, and publically beating them up in videos that are then posted all over social media.

Mamash, he just got a public apology out of someone who organised a ‘boycott’ against a boy in his school in Eilat, which meant that no-one showed up for his barmitzvah…

Once the bully was named and shamed and got a taste of his own medicine, he made some sincere teshuva and then put up a video telling his victim that now he understands what he’s been going through, and he’s really sorry for causing him all that pain.


This is what ‘geula’ really looks like, at the grassroots level.

This is what is really starting to sprout all over the place in the Jewish community.

Geula doesn’t happen instantly, when Moshiach is finally revealed and all the problems and yuck just disappear by themselves.

Geula accumulates slowly, one person at a time, as each of us finds our courage to stand up for what is right, and what is good, and what is true, in their own sphere of influence.

It’s all up to us.

With Hashem’s help.


If you have more ‘good news’ like this, share in the comments or send me an email.

We ARE all making a difference to the big picture, in our small way.

Don’t forget that.

And don’t give up!



Here’s some more good news, sent via email:


Evil really is starting to crumble in the world.

I hope that process speeds up.


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Over Shabbat, I was doing a lot of thinking, about what is going on here, and how to proceed with the information.

On the one hand, I had people over email telling me I was being too soft on the rabbinical figures involved in this, and that anyone who has anything to do with this subject must be ‘dirty’ and totally spiritually corrupted.

And I have some sympathy for that position.

On the other hand, I had other people telling me that we shouldn’t judge anyone, and that people are always innocent, until proven guilty, and that we are dealing with people who are apparently ‘big tzaddikim’.

And I have some sympathy for that position, too.

So, how to proceed here?


I cracked open Likutey Moharan for some insights, and this is a little of what I got to.

(It’s all in lesson 207, Part 1)

All speech is an aspect of gevurot  (judgments)…that must be ameliorated. Their amelioration is by way of Torah study and appropriate speech that one speaks…

And know, sometimes harsh gevurot emerge, and when they enter the world they come upon the leaders of the generation, for they possess daat….

But when [these leaders] do not ameliorate the harsh gevurot – on account of their lacking the power to ameliorate them, or their being at a low spiritual level and unable to ameliorate them, since they have caused some blemish through some misdeed or sin, for even tzaddikim and great people can sometimes blemish or err in some way, for ‘there is no tzaddik on earh [who never sins]’…

[T]hen, all their speech, which is harsh gevurot, come upon and befall the tzaddik of the generation.


Now, the tzaddik of the generation must ameliorate these harsh judgements…

He does this by judging their speaking against him favorably…Or, by accepting the pain caused by their speaking against him…with love.

But, if the tzaddik of the generation lacks the power to ameliorate them, he can then fall steeply from his spiritual level….or he may pass away because of it….


This was what caused the departing of the Baal Shem Tov.

Who had said that he would depart on account of the Shabtai Tzvi episode.

Several of the leaders of the generation and outstanding Torah scholars had become followers of Shabtai Tzvi, who had fooled them, as well known.

They left the community and spoke evil against the entirety of the Oral Torah, because harsh gevurot had come upon them, and they did not ameliorate them, because they were in the above category….


And the Baal Shem Tov is quoted as saying that the Shabtai Tzvi episode caused two holes in his heart, which caused his departing.

This is because speaking against the Oral Torah and speaking against the tzaddik of the generation is one and the same thing, for the Oral Torah is essentially dependent upon the tzaddik of the generation.


As usual, Rabbenu cleared up a lot of confusion.

Here’s some of what I took from this lesson:

1: There is no Tzaddik who doesn’t sin (Ecclesiastes 7:20)

What I took from this, is that even if someone really is a Tzaddik, and I do believe true tzaddikim exist, at least 36 of them inside Eretz Yisrael, and 36 of them in chu’l, is that sometimes they also make a mistake.

Sometimes, they can also be fooled into saying things they shouldn’t, or protecting the guilty.

The question is, what happens next?

Do they try to ‘double down’ on their mistake, and then compound it?

Or, do they try to acknowledge their mistakes and errors, and try to fix the problem?


The difference between these two approaches is literally the difference between ‘good’ and ‘bad’.

People with genuine yirat Shemayim will try to acknowledge their mistakes and to fix the problem, even if that makes them look bad, and causes them a lot of trouble, as it almost inevitably will.

And in our olam hafuch, they will then be degraded, spiritually, for not being ‘perfect tzaddikim’, when they do that.

So, it is the ‘perfect tzaddikim’ who can do no wrong, who I am most suspicious of.


2. It’s DAFKA the ‘leaders of the generation’, the outstanding Torah scholars, who are given this test of trying to ameliorate the harsh judgements.

And if they aren’t on the spiritual level to really do that, that means that either they pass away, and the harsh judgements are sweetened this way.

OR, that they themselves fall steeply from their spiritual level, which is when we see that so many of these ‘outstanding Torah scholars’ can become morally corrupted themselves.

This explains, perfectly, how DAFKA a ‘SHACH’ can become a ‘Shabtai Tzvi’.

And how DAFKA a ‘Jonathan Eybshutz’ can write the Frankist manual on why committing incest and all types of arayot is actually a big mitzvah.

It’s DAFKA the outstanding Torah scholars who we need to be most wary of, in these matters.


3. When all these harsh judgements are floating around, that’s when we’ll see an uptick in people slandering the tzaddik of the generation.

That’s why yet again, there are negative ‘documentaries’ being made about Rav Berland being a false messiah right now.

Each time we are on the cusp of more ‘harsh judgements’ being unleashed on the world, Channel 13 kind of announces that 2 months in advance, by doing another hatchet job on the Rav.


4. The Baal Shem Tov died in 1760.

That is almost 100 years after ‘Shabtai Tzvi / SHACH’ passed away. And yet Rabbenu still writes of his time:

“Several of the leaders of the generation and outstanding Torah scholars had become followers of Shabtai Tzvi, who had fooled them, as well known.”

This proves unequivocally that Sabbateans were a huge force to be reckoned with, DAFKA within the Torah world, a hundred years after Shabtai Tzvi had already died.

They were such a big movement in 1760, they even caused the passing of the Baal Shem Tov.

(BTW, the picture for this post is meant to be the genuine likeness of the Baal Shem Tov.)


There was a famous disputation with the Frankists in 1759, shortly before the BESHT passed away.

Many of the Sabbatean-Frankists converted out to become (externally…) Polish Roman Catholics, at that point.

But many didn’t, and the stayed as secret Sabbatean-Frankists within the Jewish community, wreaking havoc with their creed of practising incest and arayot as a ‘mitzvah’.


The hard facts are, that nearly all of our leaders in the religious world can be shown to descend straight from known Sabbatean-Frankist families.

(And of course, that’s also true of the secular Jewish world too, particularly in Reform / Conservative / Modern Orthodox circles, and also within the State of Israel’s judiciary and political institutions.)

So, when we come around to this issue of ‘questioning the Rebbes’, and shining a spotlight on their attitude and actions towards pedophilia in their communities, their yichus plays a big part, in trying to figure out their motivations for their actions.

Because ‘ritual abuse’ is passed down the generations, like an evil minhag, from father to son, and from parent to child, lo alenu.


So now, let’s bring this back around to the discussion we started off with, to see what practical advice we can learn out from this.

  1. The rules of lashon hara still apply.

That means that even when I put meticulously researched stuff up here, that appears to be suggesting a firm conclusion, we should all still understand that while we have to take the suspicion seriously, and protect ourselves and those we love from these people, we are still ‘forbidden’ from accepting it as being 100% true.

Until someone has been through a whole, honest investigation process via the Beit Din or secular courts (does that even exist, these days?!), we can’t make judgements on their guilt or innocence with 100% certainty.

At the same time:


2. No-one is above being questioned.

Even tzaddikim can make mistakes.

Even ‘outstanding Torah scholars’ can steeply fall from their daat, and hit the lowest depths of spiritual tumah, if they don’t have the humility required to ‘sweeten the harsh judgments’ by accepting being publically disgraced with love.

And that’s when we’re talking about genuine Torah scholars, who at least at one stage in their career really do have yirat shemayim.

In our days, when most of the leaders and the rebbes and the rabbis and the teachers are ‘Sabbatean-Frankist Erev Rav’ right from the start…

We have a duty and a responsibility to our children to check, and double-check, and triple-check that we are dealing with upright, kosher Jews with yirat shemayim – and not pedophile-excusing, or even practising, scumbags.


So, no-one is guilty, 100%, until that has been proven in a kosher Beit Din.

(Which at the moment, probably doesn’t exist.)

And at the same time, no-one is innocent, 100%, either, when it comes to taking precautions to protect our children.

The point is, we have to look and verify the people we follow, the ‘rebbes’ we respect, the ‘Torah scholars’ we listen to, very, very carefully.


I spent 2-3 years doing just that with Rav Berland, BEFORE I decided he was my Rav, and AFTER the initial stories had already been publicised about him, because so many of the stories being told just didn’t make sense to me, as an investigative journalist.

As you can hopefully tell, if I believed the stories were true about Rav Berland, I would have run away as fast as my legs could carry me, let alone write two books about him and trust him to be my Rav.

Even a tiny bit of doing your own research will yield some big results.

And even a tiny bit of asking God to show you who is really a ‘true tzaddik’ will open your eyes to what is really going on, like nothing else.


There is mamash a spiritual war going on in our community.

We are being attacked by pedophile christian missionaries, in all their guises, without.

And mislead and spiritually-destroyed by pedophile Sabbatean-Frankist ‘leaders’ within, both ‘orthodox’ and otherwise.

That is the reality.

And when more of us start to deal with this reality, instead of ducking it or ignoring it, that’s when this horrible reality will start to change.

And our kids can grow up in a much safer environment, without being constantly exposed to scumbag predators.

And Moshiach can finally come.


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In the run up to Meron this year, I got asked about the funny illuminate symbol being used  by the ‘National Center for Holy Places’.


You can read the whole exchange on Chananya Weissman’s site, HERE.

But here is how the saga began:

While looking at Chananya’s video about Meron I noticed this symbol on some of the clips:


Nice pyramid. Who are these guys?

It looks like they first appeared on the scene (at least digitally) two years ago, have a focus on kever David, and are trying to gain control of the maintenance of as many Jewish holy sites as possible.

Anyone look into them?

It looks like they co-planned the Rashbi event in the past.

Are they this government department with almost the same name?

המרכז הארצי למקומות הקדושים


They were chosen without a tender to manage it this year:


Even after they “screwed up” last year:


It is run by one Joseph Shvinger, a compatriot of Aryeh Deri.

This is their website:

There is no explanation for their strange Illuminati symbol. The website has no info earlier than 2021 as far as I can see.


It was the second day of my break, but God clearly decided that I still had some research to do.

There is more connections to Meron in Chananya’s post, but here, I want to take a closer look at some of the stuff that started to bubble up about ‘Young Israel’, and it’s Reform / Reconstructionist roots.


First, take a look at this information (also excerpted from HERE), and then we’ll dive in.

MKs Demand That Gov’t Authority Operate Mt. Meron Holy Site | Israel National News – Arutz Sheva

This article is from 2008.
Note what’s going on, and note that they want an organisation ‘like the Western Wall Heritage Foundation’ to oversee what’s going on at Meron.

Charity Navigator – Rating for Western Wall Heritage Foundation

The Western Wall Heritage Foundation – that controls the whole Kotel – was actually set up in 1988 as a charity in NY.

It works ‘under the PM’s office’ in Israel – which is how they nearly always pull off their pretence that these things are government-owned and controlled.
It’s the other way round. The govt in Israel, especially the PM’s office, is just the ‘cover’ for a bunch of private financial and ‘religious’ interests.
The main guy who is running the Western Wall Heritage Foundation – out of NY! – is a Joseph Loshinsky.

IRS 990 form for 2019

Where you can see a few more of the people running the Kotel – no-one we’ve actually heard of before.

More on Joseph Loshinsky:

Shows he’s a member of the Zionist Organisation of America.
Founded in 1897, the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) played a key role in the Jewish State’s re-establishment.
Today, ZOA is the leading major American Jewish organization courageously defending Israel and the Jewish people; fighting against all forms of antisemitism, including anti-Jewish boycotts; and promoting the Jewish people’s lawful right to live in and settle historic Jewish lands.
You can see a 4 minute video about them HERE (Youtube isn’t letting me embed. Always a good sign I’m on to something.)

You’ll be shocked – absolutely shocked!!! – to learn that the ZOA was set up by a bunch of known Sabbatean-Frankists.

They include Reform ‘rabbi’ Stephen S. Wise, and later on, another very famous Frankist by the name of Louis Dembitz Brandeis.
Here’s another snippet from Wikipedia, explaining who the ZOA likes to give its awards to:
The Brandeis Award is given annually to a prominent national or international figure. Recipients include Miriam AdelsonJoseph BidenAbba Eban, Justice Arthur GoldbergRonald LauderNatan SharanskySimon WiesenthalElizabeth TaylorMortimer Zuckerman,Raanan Gissin and Frank Gaffney.

The ‘Mortimer Zuckerman’ mentioned above just donated a ton of cash to the Western Wall Heritage Foundation, and has his name proudly displayed on the new building they put up at the back of the plaza.

You can read more about him HERE, but it’s a very small Frankist-Freemason pond, that all these people swim in.

Let’s get back to Joseph Loshinsky, the guy in NY that you’ve never heard of, but who effectively controls the Kotel (!)

Shows he’s a member of the Young Israel of Borough Park.

That shul has a story that doesn’t make a lot of sense.

It was initially listed as a Reform ‘Temple Beth El’, then somehow morphed into becoming the first official shul for Lubavitch, in the US, before becoming Young Israel, run by ‘Dr Israel Shorr’:
Here’s the last snippet from that piece on Chananya’s site, which serves as our real jumping off point, for this post:

Young Israel was mamash set up by Reform rabbis.

That’s a strong statement to make. But as we’re about to discover, it’s sadly true.
Let’s begin with an excerpt from Wikipedia on Young Israel HERE – which we’ll then start to unpack, to see what the real story is.

In 1911, Max Grablowsky, Joshua Horowitz and Benjamin Koenigsberg determined to organize a way to present an orthodox alternative to young people. It developed informally with two programs, one for education and one for worship. After consulting with Judah Magnes, the enlarged group, which was calling itself the Hebrew Circle, renamed itself Young Israel…

The group developed a Friday night (Sabbath) lecture series in 1912, given in English. This was a major innovation in the Orthodox world.

They were initially advised by rabbis Israel Friedlander and Mordecai Kaplan on topics and speakers. According to Bunim, Friedlander and Kaplan were affiliates of the Conservative Jewish Theological Seminary and the Conservative Judaism movement, and they sought to use Young Israel to establish a youth platform for the Conservative movement.


After all the hoo-ha with the ‘non-denominational’ Pardes Institute, which we hopefully now all understand is just another Reform trojan horse in the Jewish community, I started to realise that the Frankist-Freemason-Reformers in our midst have been pulling the same tricks for centuries.

I.e., they set up their ‘reform-pushing’ organisations and institutions, but just call them ‘orthodox’, or ‘non-denominational’ – and voila, a new generation of Jews is deliberately deceived into thinking that if something is calling itself ‘orthodox’, it really must be ‘orthodox’.

This is exactly what happened with ‘Young Israel’, 100 years ago.

Read on.


So, we learnt above that Young Israel renamed itself from ‘the Hebrew Circle’, after consulting with Judah Magnes.

Who was Judah Magnes?

Here’s a snippet from his Wiki page:

Judah Leon Magnes was a prominent Reform rabbi in both the United States and Mandatory Palestine.

He is best remembered as a leader in the pacifist movement of the World War I period, his advocacy of a binational Jewish-Arab state in Palestine, and as one of the most widely recognized voices of 20th century American Reform Judaism.

Magnes served as the first chancellor of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (1925), and later as its President (1935–1948).


You got that?

Now, you tell me why the self-styled ‘orthodox’ founders of Young Israel are taking their marching orders from a leading Zionist-Reform rabbi like Judah Magnes, instead of being advised by an orthodox rabbi.

But of course, there’s more.

Let’s take a look at Young Israel’s other ‘rabbinic advisors’.


You can read more about Israel Friedlander HERE.

Here’s a snippet:

In 1912, together with Rabbi Mordecai Kaplan, a professor of homiletics and philosophy of religion at the Jewish Theological Seminary, he guided young Jewish adults in combating assimilation into secular American society or Reform circles.

These efforts resulted in a popular lecture series, which were a predecessor of the Young Israel movement to combat the wave of assimilation by Jews.

In other words, Young Israel was set up as a sort of ‘Frum Reform’ stream, by people in the Reform movement who felt that ‘Reform’ had gone too far, and was haemorraghing Jews out of the Jewish community.

There is nothing new under the sun.


What’s particularly interesting about him is that he married Ruth Bentwich.

She was the sister of Norman de Mattos Bentwich,

Norman Bentwich was the guy officially ‘in charge’ of Mandate Palestine as the British Attorney General, during the Arab riots of 1929,

You know, that time when the British authorities basically just let the Arabs massacre religious Jews wherever they could find them.

While his geni tree has been carefully ‘curated’, you’ll notice that he belongs to the ‘de Mattos’ family of rich London ‘conversos‘, all linked up to people like Moses Montefiore (brother-in-law to Nat Rothschild) and…. Jacob Frank.

Here’s a snippet from HERE:

The ‘Mattos-Mocatta’ family gave us Moses Montefiore, Jacob Frank, and the ‘bad’ Baal Shem, Hayyim Falk, amongst many others.

You see?

It’s always the same people.


Norman de Mattos Bentwich was also a school chum of someone else you probably heard of, by the name of Winston Churchill.

But we’ll get to that angle another time.


So back to Young Israel, and their other ‘rabbinic advisor’, who was called Mordechai Kaplan.

You can read more about him HERE.


Mordecai Menahem Kaplan

was a Lithuanian born American rabbi, writer, Jewish educator, professor, theologian, philosopher, activist, and religious leader who founded the Reconstructionist branch of Judaism along with his son-in-law Ira Eisenstein.


Last time I checked, ‘Reconstructionist Judaism’ was about as ‘Reform’ as it comes.

Mordecai Kaplan came from a very interesting background.

Let’s trace a bit of it, so you can see how all these ‘Reform Sabbatean-Frankists’ and ‘Pretend orthodox Sabbatean-Frankists’ helped each other out, on all sides of the equation – especially when it came to the State of Israel.

His father was R’ Israel Kaplan, who served as a dayan “in the court Chief Rabbi Jacob Joseph in New York City in 1888.’

If you guessed -rightly! –  that R’ Jacob Joseph learned in the Volozhin yeshiva, and also with Yisrael Salanter, award yourself 5 ‘Frankist Network’ brownie points.


Meanwhile, R’ Israel Kaplan hung out with people like Arnold Bogumil Ehrlich – born Jewish, but who became a bible critic and xtian missionary to Jews.

Here’s a pertinent snippet:

Many of the older generation rabbis studied under him at one time or another, either at Emanu-El or as private pupils. Among them were Samuel SchulmanLeon HarrisonBernard DrachmanStephen S. Wise, and George Alexander Kohut whose father was Alexander Kohut. Another of his mature students was Isaac S. Moses, rabbi of the Central Synagogue.

Don’t you find it a little weird, that so many ‘rabbis’ – including ‘orthodox rabbis’! – were openly studying with a Jewish-born xtian missionary?

Also notice that interesting middle name: BOGUMIL.

We started to cover a bit of the connections between Bogomils and Frankists HERE.


Back to Mordecai Kaplan.

He studies at the Conservative JTS, and is ordained there in 1902.

Then, he is given ‘orthodox smicha’ in 1908 while on his honeymoon, by none other than:

R’ Yitzhak Yaavov Reines – the founder of the so-called ‘religious Zionist’ movement, Mizrachi (whose youth organisation is the trojan horse Bnei Akiva movement).

Kaplan is not, and never has been ‘orthodox’, but of course, that doesn’t matter when it comes to deciding who is an ‘orthodox rabbi”.


Kaplan goes back to JTS.

He institutes the first ever ‘batmitzvah’ for his daughter Judith.

In 1925, the American Zionist Organization sends Kaplan to Jerusalem as its official representative for the opening of Hebrew University – being run by Reform rabbi Judah Magnes.

And by 1941, he was already well on the way to creating his ‘Reconstructionist Judaism’ stream of Reform Judaism.


So now, where does this leave ‘Young Israel’?

That organisation has been lying about its Reform / Conservative roots, right from the start. Read this strange snippet from Wikipedia, to see what I mean:

By the end of World War I, the two Lower East Side groups [of Young Israel]shared a name, but little else.

The Conservative group promoted the seminars, and the Orthodox group was focused on prayer. They reached a truce in 1918 and agreed to join forces in more than just name, and created a single Young Israel organization, led by Irving Bunim, who would be president of NCYI for many years.

By 1920, Bunim and his Orthodox cohort grew nervous about the Conservative wing and their increasing theological changes.

They did not like the changes in and of themselves, and these changes also prevented recognition of Young Israel by Orthodox rabbis, which would likely cause Young Israel to become a de facto branch of the Conservative movement.

The merger created two years before had also caused the Conservatives to start trying to make changes in the Synagogue arm, which had been exclusively Orthodox. He sought the help of Rabbi Bernard Revel, and was able to convince the entire Young Israel to follow Revel’s advice.

Between Revel, and extensive networking by Bunim with other potential Young Israel leaders in the Orthodox community, the Conservative rabbis, particularly Kaplan, were shut out of the entire organization, and the movement became firmly Orthodox.


Yeah, right.

‘Conservative’ Young Israel and ‘orthodox’ Young Israel apparently agree to MERGE in 1918, under a single name.

How would any ‘orthodox’ organisation agree to this?!

It’s obvious that the organisation was ‘Frum Reform’, right from the start!

And then from the 1920s on, Young Israel decided to ‘convert’ to orthodoxy, as part of the tried-and-true pattern of Sabbatean-Frankists finding it way easier to subvert the Jewish community from within.


So, it’s no coincidence that ‘Joseph Loshinsky’, defacto boss of the Kotel, is a member of a Young Israel shul that is apparently Reform / ‘modern orthodox’ / Lubavitch – all at the same time, when it’s first founded.

And it’s no coincidence, that Young Israel and ‘modern orthodoxy’ is all about pushing Reform ideas into the orthodox mainstream – because that has ALWAYS been the point of ‘modern orthodoxy’, AKA ‘Frum Reform’.


I’ll stop here, but for sure there is always way more to be said.

All these people, and their little charidees, and communal organisations are all connected by blood, money and idealogy.

With the Frankist-Freemason State of Israel bang in the middle of it all.

As always.



I went to take a closer look at R’ Shmuel Rabinowitz, official rabbi of the Western Wall.

This bio comes from the JewAge website, HERE:

Rabinovitch is the son of Rabbi Chaim Yehuda Rabinovitch, av beis din of the Jerusalem Rabbinical Courts, and grandson of Rabbi Shmuel Benzion Rabinovitch (d. 1950), a Lubavitcher Hasid born in Russia who brought up six children in the Old Yishuv but died at a young age.

I’m sure you are also shocked – shocked!!!! – to learn that Shmuel Rabinowitz is affiliated with Chabad.

Who would have thought that?


HERE is the Hebrew Wikipedia for his father, R Chaim Yehuda Rabinovitch.

There, we learn a few more snippets about the Rabinowitz clan, like this:

  • Shmuel Rabinowitz’s grandfather and namesake, Shmuel Ben-Zion, was the ‘treasurer of Chabad in Palestine’.

(There is a whole other can of worms around ‘Kollel Chabad’ – we will BH get to it, one of these days….)

  • Shmuel’s father, Chaim Yehuda, studies at the Etz Chaim Yeshiva, the yeshiva of Toldos Avraham Yitzhak, and then at the Chabad Yeshiva Torat Emet.
  • The main rabbi he studies with at Torat Emet is a descendent of the Alter Rebbe of Chabad called R’ Shmuel Eliezer Heilprin.
  • Shmuel Eliezer’s  brother is Rabbi Levi Yitzhak Heilprin, another Lubavitcher, who founded something called  the ‘Machon Madii Technology Al Pi Halacha’ (aka The Institute for Science and Technology according to Torah law).


Just today, I read something about that HERE, which led me to Chananya Weissman’s channel HERE, where he was discussing THIS article, below, amongst other things:



Rabbi Moshe Avraham Halperin, head of the Machon Madii Technology Al Pi Halacha (the institute for technology according to Torah law), is an expert in medical ethics in the framework of the Torah. He explained the ethical considerations in allocating authority to the WHO.

Who is this ‘medical expert’ telling us to ‘trust the WHO’?

Why, it’s none other than Levi Yitzhak’s son, Moshe Avraham Halperin!

This screenshot from their website, HERE:


Isn’t it a small world?

Here’s a screenshot of some other areas of this Institute’s ‘halachic expertise’:


And here’s a puff-piece ‘history’ of the Institute on Youtube:


So, we just learnt that R’ Shmuel Rabinowitz, Chief Rabbi of the Western Wall, currently being run out of NYC by the ‘Western Wall Heritage Foundation’ (and it’s main man Joseph Loshinsky), is a Lubavitcher, from a very long line of Lubavitchers.

We also just learnt that another bunch of Lubavitchers, best friends of R’ Shmuel Rabinowitz’s dad, and direct descendants of the Alter Rebbe of Chabad, are the Halperin clan, one of whom founded The Institute for Science and Technology al pi halacha.

And that guy’s son is now telling us to ‘Trust the WHO’ – and giving that treif idea another kosher stamp of approval.

Just one big, happy family!




Can we stop pretending now, that Chabad isn’t totally running the State of Israel from behind the scenes?

And has actually been running things here for the last 200 years?

Sigh again.



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Off the back of the last post, I thought I’d take a closer look at the Pardes Institute.


First, you can see the previous post here:

Modern Orthodox or ‘Frum-Reform’?

Then, this is part of the exchange I started to have with one of the commentators off the bottom of that post, where I got told:

Neither Y. Smith nor Pardes identify as Orthodox. The Independent (UK paper) referred to Smith as “ex-Orthodox” and Smith’s own definition of “Authentic Jewish Learning” has nothing about committment to tradition or halacha, the שלשה עשר עיקרים or even God for that matter.

If you read Pardes’ mission statement, you won’t find anything Orthodox there.

Neither Pardes nor Smith make any pretense of identifying as Orthodox- whether modern or “open”.


I went back to say this:

It’s interesting when this ‘ex-orthodoxy’ occurred.

This comes from Pardes history page:

“The institute, which he gave the name Pardes—suggestive of the mystery, multifacetedness, and fruitfulness of Torah—opened its doors in the fall of 1972 with a student body of 25.

Among the original teachers were Adin Steinsaltz, David Hartman, and Eliezer Schweid, with teaching assistants who included Menahem Froman and Dov Berkovits. (Click here for a full description of the original faculty). Swirsky directed the Institute in 1972 and 1973 and Berkovits from then until 1977 (See video below). Rabbi Levi Lauer directed Pardes from 1977 to 1994 and Rabbi Danny Landes assumed the position in 1995.


Last I heard, Adin Steinsaltz was ‘orthodox’.

Here’s a snippet about David Hartmann, another founding faculty member from Wikipedia:

“David Hartman…attended Yeshiva Chaim Berlin and the Lubavitch Yeshiva, after which he spent time learning in Lakewood Yeshiva. In 1953, having studied under Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik, he received his rabbinical ordination from Yeshiva University in New York.”

Sounds pretty ‘orthodox’ to me..

Here’s the Wiki snippet on Menachem Froman:

“Rabbi Menachem Froman was an Israeli Orthodox rabbi, and a peacemaker and negotiator with close ties to Palestinian religious leaders. A founding member of Gush Emunim, he served as the chief rabbi of Tekoa in the West Bank.”


My commentator came back with this:

Some of the faculty [of Pardes] may be Orthodox, but the institution isn’t.

I find it a bit of a strain to consider Hartman in the years after Lakewood & YU, Orthodox.

Hartman is on the record that he was willing to marry a כהן to a גיורת. The flexibility he sought in halacha went beyond finding leniencies that are already part of legitimate halachic process. We’re not talking about a mistaken approach to halacha in which leniencies are applied inappropriately. We’re talking about discarding halacha on philosophic grounds, not on mistaken halachic grounds.

Off the record, I’ve heard that Hartman told a couple that they could ignore a certain הלכה (which modesty prevents me from specifying) based on their “feelings”.

So no, Hartman wasn’t Orthodox.


Before we dive back in to who and what is really funding Pardes – and other institutions pushing the same sort of ‘ortho-fem’ / LGBT123-whatever agenda in the orthodox world – let’s try to unpick exactly what is going on here, as encapsulated by this email exchange.

Practically speaking, tachlis, OF COURSE people like David Hartmann aren’t ‘orthodox’.

Practically speaking, they are FRUM-REFORM.

That is how these people – and their institutions – continue to insinuate all their Reform / Conservative tumah into the orthodox world, by pretending like ‘orthodox people who really fear God also think like this’.

When clearly, they don’t.


A huge, blinking, red flag about who is really God-fearing in all this (aside from the obvious stuff, like not pushing radical ‘trans’ agendas and faculty members and writers, and ‘ortho-fem rabbas’ down their communities’ throats) is the interfaith stuff.

I’m in the process of unpicking just how ‘pagan’ xtianity really and truly is, but let’s be clear that any ‘orthodox rabbi’ who is happily peddling all the interfaith stuff is FRUM-REFORM, however ‘orthodox’ they may externally pretend to be.

We’ll probably return to this topic in another post, but for now, let’s get back to PARDES, because after the exchange above, I went to find out more about it’s original faculty, and how people like me could have got the idea that the institution is connected to orthodox Judaism.


On the History page of PARDES HERE, they actually link to a full description of the people who made up the original faculty, back in 1972.

Here are some screenshots:

As I scrolled through the list, I was struck by just how many of these original ‘Pardes’ people either had semicha from Yeshiva University, or had learned there, and again the explicit links with the Soloveitchik family.

I was also struck by the links to the Mercaz HaRav yeshiva and Bnei Akiva movements that propound the philosophy of Rav Kook, the revered founder of the ‘Dati Leumi’ school of thought in the State of Israel.

And then, there was the connection to Lubavitch, too, in a couple of places, but not least, in the person of R’ Adin Steinsaltz.

Nearly all of the faculty were ‘orthodox rabbis’ with semicha from orthodox yeshivas – and this was back in 1972, when not so many people had semicha, still.




You can read more about Adin Steinsaltz on Wikipedia, HERE.

What struck me – apart from the passage that I’ll bring below – was just how many honors and rewards Steinsaltz recieved from the State of Israel for his work.

That is always, ALWAYS, another huge red flag that something is not quite right here, because Sabbatean-Frankists who hate the Torah typically don’t go out of their way to honor and financially reward genuinely God-fearing orthodox rabbis.

That’s just the way it is.


Publication of the Steinsaltz Hebrew translation of the Talmud in the 1960s received endorsements from prominent rabbis including Moshe Feinstein and Ovadia Yosef.

However, in 1989, when the English version appeared, Steinsaltz faced a fierce backlash from many leading rabbis in Israel such as Elazar ShachYosef Shalom EliashivEliezer WaldenbergNissim KarelitzChaim Pinchas Scheinberg and Shmuel Wosner who harshly condemned his work and other publications.

Branding him a heretic, Shach was at the forefront of a campaign which banned all his works, believing that his literary and psychological explanations of biblical characters and events rendered them heretical. He also slated his translation of the Talmud, describing it as being written in the style of a secular book causing “any trace of holiness and faith to vanish.”

Waldenberg wrote that he was shocked to see the way in which Steinsaltz described the Patriarchs and Talmudic sages, writing that the works had the power to “poison the souls” of those who read them….

For his part, Steinsaltz countered that much of the criticism he faced was rooted in opposition to the Chabad-Lubavitch community he was affiliated with.


So, we have to ask the hard question:

Were the people involved with PARDES ‘FRUM REFORM’ right from the start, and part of a wider agenda to ‘poison orthodox Judaism’ the same way Moses Mendelsson operated to poison the Jewish community 250 years earlier?

Or did the organisation genuinely start of ‘orthodox’, and then slide ever more into the abyss of ‘FRUM REFORM’-ness?

Let’s see if we can figure this out, a little more.


Back on the PARDES website, I started poking around a little more, to see if there was any more info on when PARDES went full-throttle into ‘FRUM-REFORM’ mode.

I got to HERE, where I learnt this about it’s current president,

Rabbi Leon Morris is the President of Pardes….

Ordained from Hebrew Union College in 1997 where he was a Wexner Graduate Fellow, he has worked extensively with the Jewish community of India, beginning in 1990 when he served as a Jewish Service Corps volunteer for the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee. 


Ah, Les Wexner, Jeffrey Epstein’s best friend, and funder of kollels at Yeshiva University.

How could we forget about him?

On another page HERE, I discovered that the Chair of the PARDES board in Israel, Morlie Levin, is also linked to Wexner, snippet:

Morlie was the CEO of NEXT, the alumni division of the Birthright Israel Foundation, and before that served as the National Executive Director of Hadassah…..She was a Wexner Heritage Fellow, a founding Board member of the Jewish People Policy Institute, and a former member of the boards of the Jewish Women’s Archive and the Jewish New Teacher Project.


In case you think that link to Wexner is an accident, I went to the PARDES fundraising page HERE, and learned this, about the organisation:


512 ‘ordained rabbis across denominations’ – presumably including orthodox! EEK!!!

More than 400 teachers and heads of Jewish day schools – presumably including some orthodox ones?!?!? EEK!

And take a look at the red box, where we learn that no less than 151 people associated with PARDES are ‘Wexner Graduate Fellows’, and a further 180 are ‘Dorot Fellows’.


I didn’t know what a ‘Dorot Fellow’ was, so I found their website HERE, and then found what I was really after on the ‘influencewatch.org’ website HERE.



The Dorot Foundation’s highest-profile program is its Dorot Fellowship Initiative.

The program funds 12 annual fellowships for American Jews to live and study in Israel. It is operated in conjunction with the left-wing New Israel Fund, but claims it accepts fellows from a wide range of political beliefs.


Here’s some other ‘Dorot Fellows’ you might have heard of:

  • Jodi KantorNew York Times editor, correspondent on the 2008 Obama campaign, and author of The Obamas. Kantor shared a Pulitzer Prize in 2018 for her story with Megan Twohey that reported sexual harassment and abuse allegations against producer Harvey Weinstein, which is credited with helping launch the “#MeToo” movement.
  • Eric J. Stern: Former co-chair of Obama Pride and National LGBT Leadership Council for Obama 2008 campaign and former director of LGBT Outreach for the Democratic National Committee.
  • Bari Weiss, former opinion page staff editor and writer at the New York Times.


Here’s another snippet about the Dorot Foundation, that you may find interesting:

Left-of-Center Jewish Grantmaking


The Dorot Foundation actively supports left-wing organizations involved in Israeli politics and policy. It largely supports groups espousing a “two-state” solution, and it does not support groups active in the “Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions” movement. Its grant recipients include:


These are the people helping to fund and shape places like PARDES, with is 400+ teachers and headteachers in Jewish day schools, and it’s 512 ‘rabbis’, across all denominations.

And now, they are trying to raise $36 million to build a new, massive campus in Talpiot, to infiltrate even more of their tumah into the Jewish world, and brainwash even more ‘educators’ – and our children – with their anti-Torah, destructive, immoral values.

And all the while banging the drum about what a great beit hamidrash they’ve got, and what amazing ‘Torah learning’ is going on there.



Seriously, no-one without an agenda is going to be funding places like PARDES.

And I wonder if all those ‘orthodox Jews’ who work for PARDES, and who learn at PARDES actually even know about PARDES tight links with Reform-pushing anti-Torah organisations like Dorot and the Wexner Foundation?

Because if they did, surely they’d leave in their droves….?


Let’s just finish up by taking a look at another ‘orthodox’ institution in Jerusalem that is pushing ortho-fem poisonous ideas, big-time.

I am talking about MATAN.

Once I realised that all these places, all these people, are connected behind the scenes, in myriad ways, I decided to take another look at MATAN.

First, here’s a snippet from their ABOUT page HERE:

Matan has been at the cutting edge of Torah learning for women since it was established in 1988….

Matan is changing the conversation in Israel about women and Judaism.  We are empowering our students with the knowledge, tools and the self-confidence to become teachers, spiritual guides, leaders, role models and change agents in Jewish communities throughout Israel.

Matan has an open and nuanced approach to Torah studies. 


All the same weasel words we’ve sadly got so used to seeing.

So, who gave MATAN it’s biggest financial push?

None other than IRA RENNERT – the guy I wrote a whole long megillah around on the old blog, about how he was funding YESHIVA UNIVERSITY and the NETIV ARYEH yeshiva in the Old City, which has a lot of weird links to a lot of influential people.

Here’s the screenshot from MATAN:


In case you didn’t know, junk bond king Ira Rennert was one of ‘Milken’s Monsters’, and even today, he is still embroiled in a whole bunch of stuff that frankly stinks.

Here’s a snippet from his Wikipedia page – and then let’s circle back around, to see how this all connects to the ‘ortho-fems’ and MATAN.

Rennert is married to Ingeborg Hanna Rennert, a former airline ticket agent who is a convert to Judaism. She serves as the Director of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Inc….

Rennert and his wife Ingeborg have made many charitable donations to various organizations.

They donated $5 million to establish the Wiesel Center at Boston University and $250,000 to the Lincoln Center. They also gave over $1 million to the World Trade Center Memorial and established the Rennert Entrepreneurial Institute of Sy Syms School of Business at Yeshiva University

 They also established the Ira Leon Rennert Professor of Entrepreneurial Finance at New York University and founded the Ingeborg Rennert Center for Jerusalem Studies at Bar-Ilan University.


The Rennerts also helped to fund the construction of The Western Wall Heritage Foundation in Jerusalem (the visitor’s center is called The Ingeborg and Ira Leon Rennert Hall of Light).

Rennert’s wife and children are named as the donors of The Jonas Mendel (Yonah Menachem Ben Mendel) Rennert Memorial Chapel at the Center for Jewish History. The Rennerts are known to have donated to Rabbi Aharon Bina‘s new yeshiva in Israel, Yeshivat Netiv Aryeh, and are additionally honored with a plaque as well as their family upon entrance into the building. They also donated hundreds of Torah scrolls to communities in Israel…


Can you guess who founded MATAN?

Aharon Bina’s wife, “Rabbanit Malke Bina.”

Snippet from Wikipedia:

After meeting her husband, Rabbi Aharon Bina and moving to America, Bina completed a Masters program in Bible and History at Revel at Yeshiva University in 1972….

Bina is on the Advisory Council of JOFA, the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance, a grassroots non-profit organization established in 1997 to educate and advocate for women’s increased participation in Orthodox Jewish life and to create a community for women and men dedicated to such change….


If you go to the Wayback machine HERE, you’ll find a whole interview that Malke Bina did for the JOFA newsletter, back in 2006.

Here’s a screenshot:


And if you go HERE, to the Frumfollies website, you’ll find a series of articles about some very serious moral issues at the Netiv Aryeh yeshiva.

(And there’s also a specific website about the abuse that was happening at that yeshiva, HERE.)

In the comments section of the Frum Follies website HERE, you find a link to this enlightening article:

Epstein, Wexner, and Our Communal Reckoning with Dirty Money

That ‘communal reckoning’ got paused when Epstein was ‘suicided’ a few weeks after his arrest back in July 2019.

But something tells me, it’s coming around again.

The article in question focuses in on a co-ed ‘yeshiva’ in NYC that was run by more Wexner fellows, and that got more Wexner cash – like PARDES and Yeshiva U, called ‘Mechon Hadar’.

Read this, for more information:

How is Mechon Hadar different than the Pardes Institute?


So, massive hashgacha pratis once again at work here.

The current story on the blog I linked to above on Epstein and Wexner’s dirty money is THIS:


You can read that statement HERE– and understand more of what’s going on HERE – if you really feel the need.

Long story short – the ortho fem Empress has no clothes!

I’m eagerly waiting for the statement from MATAN’s Malke Bina, decrying the terrible atmosphere of bullying and sexual harassment that has engulfed JOFA over the last few years – that has been knowingly and deliberately covered up.

(Something tells me, I’ll be waiting a very long time….)


All these organisations taking the ‘dirty money’ of Wexner, and the rest of the Sabbatean-Frankists intent on ‘shattering orthodoxy’ from within…

They all talk a good game about morals and equality and ‘Torah lishma’ – but really?

They are just massive hypocrites.

They aren’t pushing for ‘equality’ and ‘women’s rights’, what they are pushing for is anything their Sabbatean-Frankist paymasters tell them to push for, in order to introduce more tumah into our homes, schools and communities.

And it’s time we stood up for ourselves and our families, and told them that.



I got sent one of the posters for that Women’s Daf Yomi Siyum, from January 2020, that was organised by something called Hadran – click to get to their website.

Hadran is founded by one ‘Rabbanit Michelle Farber‘ (and you can see more of their ortho-fem movers and shakers HERE – there’s a lot of overlap with Pardes and MATAN. Of course.)

Michelle Farber has her own Wikipedia page HERE, where you learn that:

Farber co-founded Hadran, an organization to promote Talmud study by women.

She is married to Rabbi Seth Farber, founder and director of the Jewish life advocacy organization, ITIM


Seth Farber runs another Frankist-funded Trojan Horse in the orthodox community, called ITIM.

Here’s a snippet from the Wikipedia page:

ITIM has been active in advocating the reform of Israeli laws governing conversion to Judaism.

In Israel, the Orthodox Rabbinate controls the recognition of conversions of Judaism; the Rabbinate does not recognize the validity of Conservative or Reform conversions, and in some cases has also refused to accept Orthodox conversions made by rabbis abroad.

ITIM has also challenged practices of the Chief Rabbinate in adding individuals to a marriage blacklist, which would “prevent them, their children and their maternal relatives from ever marrying in Israel.


If you go to ITIM’s ‘Supporters’ page HERE, you’ll find the usual mix of anti-Torah, Reform-pushing ‘Jewish Federations’ and donors, including many we’ve covered here already on the blog like the Russell Berrie Foundation; Avi Chai, and Charles and Lynn Schusterman, to name but a few:


The ‘shattering orthodoxy’ from within continues apace!

ITIM is at the forefront of the battle over conversions in Israel.

Yet again, we see ‘FRUM REFORM’ people being presented as ‘modern orthodox’, to persuade the rest of us that ‘orthodox people really do have these opinions too, you know….)

When they don’t at all.

What a massive CO-IN-CID-ENCE that Seth Farber’s wife is the one that founded Hadran, to make more inroads for these Reform-funded, pseudo-ortho-fems.

Hopefully, you are really starting to see how all this works, and who is really funding all these ortho-fems and ‘moderate modern orthodox’ people who are challenging Torah and halachot at the coal face.

And we should all flee from these organisations, and their anti-Torah agenda, like a bowshot.


You might also like this article:



May we all be blessed with true redemption this Pesach, from all the things that are enslaving our souls.

And may the Jewish people finally leave ‘Egypt’ behind once and for all.




If the USA is not the ‘good’ country that we’ve all been brainwashed into thinking they are, by our MSM…

Then this starts to change the whole picture in a number of massive ways.

And when we recall that the USA enjoys a very ‘special relationship’ with our very own State of Israel…. and that the State of Israel frequently acts as the ‘go-between’ when it comes to the USA selling weapons and exporting violence all over the world to shore up it’s own financial and geopolitical interests….

That starts to lead us to some very uncomfortable conclusions, much closer to home.


Commentator Becky just left a link to this video, which I hadn’t realised was from 2018.

It’s entitled: Israel is Arming Ukraine’s Blatantly Neo-Nazi Militia, the Azov Battalion.


The news was first broken by Asa Winstanley of the Electronic Intifada – and before Covid 19 happened, that’s where my involvement in it would have stopped.

Because even though I knew things were very broken, morally, in the State of Israel, I still didn’t want to accept that things could be this bad.

Now, after I’ve watched this government coerce millions of its citizens into taking health-destroying, life-destroying secret nanotech in the shots; and I saw what happened to Ahuvya Sandek; and I saw how the State of Israel deliberately killed 45 religious Jews in Meron, with the use of Directed Energy Weapons – and is now busy covering everything up.


Now, my view of what the (Freemason-Frankist) State of Israel is really capable of has dramatically shifted.


Now, I’m taking a second look at a lot of those stories that I previously dismissed, as coming from ‘anti-semitic’, biased sources.

HERE‘s Winstanley’s original story, from July 4, 2018, snippet below:

Azov Battalion online propaganda shows Israeli-licensed Tavor rifles in the fascist group’s hands, while Israeli human rights activists have protested arms sales to Ukraine on the basis that weapons might end up with anti-Semitic militias.

In a letter “about licenses for Ukraine” obtained by The Electronic Intifada, the Israeli defense ministry’s arms export agency says they are “careful to grant licenses” to arms exporters “in full coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other government entities.”

The 26 June letter was sent in reply to Israeli lawyer Eitay Mack who had written a detailed request demanding Israel end all military aid to the country.


We learned a lot of things since this was written.

Like, at least part of the Azov Battalion funding was coming from Jewish businessmen Igor Kolomoisky, (that we covered in more detail HERE.)

Here’s a snippet of what it now says on Igor Kolomoisky’s Wikipedia page:

In 2021 the US banned him, and his family, from entering the country, claiming that he corruptly enriched himself as governor, and posed a serious threat to the future of Ukraine.

Weird, that the Biden administration would ban the guy whose ‘PrivatBank’ laundered so much of the stolen cash from Ukraine into the hands of…. Joe Biden and family.

Clearly, there is a lot more going on here than meets the eye, but let’s get back to the neo-Nazi angle to all this, and the State of Israel’s involvement with it.


On the ‘Right Sector’ Wikipedia page, we find this strange paragraph:

In February 2014, Yarosh [then leader of the Right Sector] and the Israeli ambassador to Ukraine agreed to establish a “hotline” to prevent provocations and coordinate actions when issues arise.The group assists in the protection of Jewish sites in Odessa….

Right Sector became a dominant theme of Russian propaganda, which grossly exaggerated its strength and influence in the new Ukraine. It was portrayed as a mortal threat to Russian speakers and Jews that necessitated a Russian military intervention.

In Crimea and the East, a “Right Sector” vandalism spree targeting synagogues, Jewish cemeteries, and Holocaust memorials was widely seen as a Russian false flag attack. In Simferopol, a synagogue was defaced with the wolfsangel symbol used by the Ukrainian far-right, but in the mirror-image of its normal orientation; in Odessa, vandals defaced a Jewish cemetery with graffiti reading “Right Sector” but misspelled the group’s name.

The next day Yarosh met with the Chief Rabbi of Odessa to show solidarity with Ukrainian Jews and was photographed helping paint over the graffiti.


Lots and lots to think about here, but at the very least, we can say that the Israeli ambassador to Ukraine in 2014 had close links with ‘Right Sector’ – which included the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion.

That much seems clear.

Here’s a screenshot from the Israeli Embassy in Ukraine’s own website, from HERE:


In the meantime, if you go HERE, you will find the original Ukrainian report covering the ‘Right Sector’ offering to paint over graffiti on Jewish targets in Odessa.

Translated snippet below:

The Right Sector has offered the Jewish community of Odessa protection and assured that it has no sucker (?) for desecrating Jewish sites in the city.

This was announced after a meeting between the representative of the ” RS “and the chief rabbi of Odessa and the South of Ukraine Avraham Wolf, writes “Forum Daily”.

The RS representative offered to help the rabbi protect Jewish sites in the city.Moreover, the Right Sector now considers it a matter of honor to find and punish those who desecrated the Jewish cemetery.

A representative of the Right Sector leadership arrived in Odessa from Kiev after unknown vandals painted swastikas and “Death to Jews” signs on dozens of Odessa homes and a Jewish cemetery on the night of April 8.

He assured that their organization has nothing to do with the act of vandalism and condemns it.

Rabbi Avraham Wolf said that he considers these acts of vandalism a deliberate provocation of pro-Russian forces, who are trying to draw Jews into the conflict.


I went to the link on the ‘Forum Daily’ site to see if there were more details on this surprising story, and here’s a snippet from there that fills the picture out a bit more:

Rabbi Avraham Wolf told the portal “Forum Daily, which considers these acts of vandalism a deliberate provocation by pro-Russian forces, who are trying to draw Jews into the conflict, despite the neutrality of the Jewish community.

According to the spiritual leader of the Jews of Odessa “ ” these are the same forces that organize riots in Odessa, Donetsk, Kharkiv and Luhansk.”


I don’t know about you, but this doesn’t strike me as a ‘neutral’ statement at all.

How could Rabbi Wolf know who defaced the graves with antisemitic slogans?

How could he know that it was done by ‘the same forces that organize riots in Odessa, Donetsk, Kharkiv and Luhansk’?


If the name ‘Avraham Wolf’ sounds familiar to you, that’s because we covered him HERE.



This is a copy of email sent out by R’ Avraham Wolf, the Chabad rabbi of Odessa Jewish community three weeks ago, where he states he ALREADY spent $300k buying in food and other supplies for the wave of Jewish refugees he is expecting.

Dear brothers!

Thank you for the interest and concern of all of you for our situation in Ukraine.

The pressure in our community is undoubtedly very great.

Our role as emissaries and rabbis, is first and foremost in these hours, to encourage, strengthen, and relieve the pressure of the Jews in the community.

Of course none of us leave, even though Israeli citizens are leaving the country for fear of what is going to happen here.

Of course, we have been organizing for several months for other scenarios, Chas V’shalom, without publishing it, so as not to cause pressure and fears among the Jews.

Just to clear your ears, we organized and purchased about a thousand sleeping bags in case of Jewish refugees from the Kharkiv, Kiev and Dnieper regions who come to us in Odessa.

We also purchased 30 tons of flour, 20 tons of sugar, 30 tons of macaroni, 25 tons of rice and almost 40 tons buckwheat (gretzke).

These are purchases that cost us about $ 300,000, loans we took from local banks, all so that we could feed the hundreds of children growing up in orphanages, the hundreds of students from across Ukraine who live with us, and the hundreds of Holocaust survivors who live in the community’s old age.

In the coming days, Israeli security companies will come here to be added to the local security companies that already work with us, this is a vital need throughout the year but much more critical at such times, the costs are very high and no body covers them for us!

On the subject of the loans we took out and the lack of money for what we still need to buy and get organized surely needless to explain! The situation here is very difficult and we are, God forbid, facing collapse and we urgently need a lot of money in order to be equipped and properly organized for the difficult situation that lies ahead.

We still lack medical emergency equipment, protective equipment and a huge amount of food products for a long time for hundreds of Jews who can not leave the country and have nowhere to go.

In such difficult days we all with Israel are guarantors of each other and all over the world we must all unite and give a shoulder to our brothers who are in danger.

At the moment we are doing everything, so that we are not caught are not ready Chas Vechalilah, time is pressing and we must do it quickly before it is too late.

Thank you very much and Tizku Lemitzvos!

Rabbi Avraham Wolf,

the Rabbi of the Odessa Jewish community.”


It seems to always be the same story: Chabad rabbis, Chabad representatives, claiming to be ‘totally a-political’, who in reality, are anything but.

While we’re on this topic, I just want to point out another Chabad link to all this that surfaced a few days ago. Again, I don’t know what all this means, still, I’m just collecting the information together, so that eventually the truth will somehow appear.

If you go HERE, you’ll find an article about Jewish oligarch Victor Pinchuk, who made most of his cash after (luckily!) marrying the daughter of former (corrupt…) Ukraine President Leonid Kuchma.

In THIS post, we already set out that Victor Pinchuk is very closely aligned with Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum, and also works with George Soros – you know, the guy who paid for the EuroMaidan coup that got rid of the pro-Russian President Victor Yanukovych.

Yanukovych was forced out of office by the EuroMaidan riots literally three weeks after refusing to sign an agreement with the EU, that he felt would be bad for the Ukrainian economy.

Who was leading the violence in the EuroMaidan riots?

Yup, that’s right: the ‘Right Sector’, at least partially funded by Igor Kolomoisky, and George Soros.

(The same Igor Kolomoisky who shot President Zelensky to fame as the ‘Servant of the People’, and then paid for his campaign to become President of the Ukraine back in 2019.)

Small world!


Kolomoisky and Victor Pinchuk used to be business partners, but fell out in a whole bunch of different ways.

They were / are both close to the same Chabad Rabbi, Shmuel Kaminetsky, who according to THIS used to mediate between the two oligarchs to try and keep a lid on some of their more explosive disagreements.

Snippet (Google translated):

Kolomoisky and Bogolyubov became parishioners of Kaminetsky back in the early 90’s, and they were also the main sponsors of the construction of the Menora center in Dnepropetrovsk.

At the same time, Kaminetsky is not only a spiritual leader, but also helps solve the worldly problems of members of his community – including resolving their disputes in business and helping them out of difficult situations….

In general, the fact that Shmuel Kaminetsky is an ambiguous and rather complex person is indicated by the recent history with his condemnation of” neo-Nazism “in Ukraine and, in particular, criticism of the use of” Azov ” symbols similar to Nazi runes.

These denunciations from Kaminetsky’s mouth would have seemed quite logical, if not for one “but”: it is unlikely that he did not know that the sponsors of the “Right Sector” are his favorite Kolomoisky, and “Azov” is the oligarch Alexander Feldman, so respected by him, through whom Kaminetsky hoped to spread the influence of Chabad in Kharkiv…


This screenshot comes from HERE:

(This appears to be saying that already by 2015, Kolomoisky stops funding Azov, and that funding is taken over by someone else…. possibly, George Soros.)


Before we continue, let’s just state the obvious again:

Any time you have big money, big business – you have BIG corruption.

And not only that, you tend to have BIG mafia ties.

And not only that, you tend to have BIG connections to local politics and politicians.

And not only that – you tend to be up to your neck in all the things that help to make this world such a spiritual cess pool.

No-one becomes a mega billionaire in a kind, honest way. That’s just not how the world works.


I’m trying to do some birur on that supposed link between Azov and another Jewish Ukrainian oligarch, Alexander Feldman – from a quick look so far, I can’t seem to stand it up.

If anything, it looks like Feldman was aligned with the pro-Russian Yanukovych, who the Azov battalion helped to force out of office in 2014.

But I’ll do a bit more digging, because Wikipedia just doesn’t mention 99% of the real information about these people.


You can find Shmuel Kaminetsky’s Wikipedia page HERE.

You can find a write up about Kaminetsky’s community on the Russian LeChaim website, HERE, snippet below:

If you ask any Jew in Dnepropetrovsk: “Why do you have so many Jewish homes and why are people so happy in them?” – he will answer: “Because we have a wise Rabbi Shmuel Kaminetsky. And also because we have a powerful community, it has a strong Board of Trustees, and its head is President Gennady Bogolyubov. If they didn’t exist, something would have happened, but THIS wouldn’t have happened for sure.”


Gennaday Bogolyubov – the third richest man in the Ukraine – apparently made teshuva, and now is part of the Chabad community of Belgravia, in the UK.

This snippet comes from HERE:

The father of six is believed to have donated more than $ 80 million to Chabad. He founded a foundation that sent $ 5,000 to every Chabad rabbi who celebrated family Simcha, which for many years was tens of millions. Another of his passions is supporting excavations and conservation projects in the Cauldron.


In the meantime, he left his position as the head of the lay Jewish community in Dnepropetrovsk…. and Igor Kolomoisky replaced him.

If you go to Bogolyubov’s Wikipedia page HERE, you’ll also learn that:

Bogolyubov and fellow Ukrainian billionaire Igor Kolomoisky are being sued by another Ukrainian billionaire Viktor Pinchuk in the largest damages claim before London’s High Court, for about US$2 billion.

Again, these aren’t nice people.

This headline from the Independent kind of sums that up:


Some of the most extraordinary allegations of violence, murder and corruption ever seen in a London commercial legal dispute have emerged in High Court documents.


Why does all this matter?

It matters, because when we read headlines of the connections between the State of Israel and the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion, we have to understand that there are a bunch of super-wealthy Jewish oligarchs, many of whom have very strong ties to Chabad, who are acting as the ‘middle men’ in so many of these political intrigues with massive implications for all of us.

For example, Bogolyubov paid tens of millions of dollars to dig out another area of the Western Wall tunnels, that is now functioning as  the Western Wall Heritage Foundation’s ‘education centre’.

And he has Israeli citizenship.

And he’s the business partner of Igor Kolomoisky, who helped fund the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion, whilst simultaneously sitting on the board of the “United Jewish Community of Ukraine” with Chabad rabbi Shmuel Kaminetsky.

That same ‘Chabad’ that made headlines all over the place screaming about Russian aggression and evacuating orphans from Odessa, while publically whitewashing the Azov Battalion from any claims that it’s ‘anti-semitic’.


A now deleted webpage contains a link to a video that apparently shows Chabad Rabbi Shmuel Kaminetzky saying this, back in 2014:


Does this sound ‘a-political’ to you?

And it’s also hard to understand on personal terms, as Kaminetsky was actually born in Kfar Chabad, lived for many years in the USA, and only moved to Ukraine as an adult.

I simply don’t understand how ‘Rabbis’ think they can make public statements like this, with such far-reaching implications, and not consider how many problems they are potentially making for other Jews, other Jewish communities.


Before Kolomoisky, it was another oligarch Vadim Rabinovich who headed up the board of the United Jewish Community of Ukraine – who also has Israeli citizenship, donated the Golden Menorah displayed by the Western Wall, and is also being investigated for major corruption:

In 2018, The National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine launched an investigation into two criminal proceedings concerning illegal enrichment and falsification of tax returns of Vadym Rabinovic…

In Israel, he is known as a donor of the famous golden menorah weighing 800 kg to the Temple Institute in Jerusalem. After handing over the Menorah, the Israeli Knesset cleared Rabinowitz of all charges and gave him permission to enter the country.


You see what I mean?

It’s the same story over, and over again.

And we’re always being expected to believe that people who make millions and billions in some of the dirtiest, most corrupt and notoriously evil countries of the world are somehow ‘pure shining angels’, just because they give a lot of money to charidee.


Let’s end with this.

I came across a site being written by a French freelance journalist working in the Donbass region, called donbass-insider.com.

It’s being very heavily censored, so I can only get to the posts via the wayback machine, HERE.

The following is an extensive snippet of the last post from March 10, 2022, which you can read in entirety HERE, called:


There is no war in Donbass… only an anti-terrorist operation. Yes you read that right, it’s a law of the Rada of Ukraine that was passed back in 2014, there is no war in Eastern Ukraine… but terrorists who were seeking to destroy the country.

According to this rhetoric, the SBU, which deals with counter-espionage, was deployed and very quickly committed numerous abuses, assassinations and various crimes.

According to various sources, the SBU had nearly 30,000 agents and employees, and very quickly attacked anything Russian, anti-Maidan and which could hinder the march of the Coloured Revolution financed and organised by the USA, in the winter of 2013-2014. 


The post then goes on to cover some first-hand stories of people who were horribly tortured – recently! – by the SBU Ukrainian secret police, and also saw many other people being killed by them.


Here’s another long snippet:

Secret prisons and torture sites of the SBU… under American control?

In 2016, I had the chance to interview in two sessions, 11 political prisoners exchanged by Ukraine (via the Red Cross), for Ukrainian soldiers. What they told me still haunts my memory and sometimes my nights.

This is how I discovered the extent of political repression in Ukraine.

The SBU can arrest without an arrest warrant anyone on the territory of Ukraine. These people are illegally interrogated and imprisoned. To make them talk and “destroy terrorism in Ukraine”, all means are good.


These 11 people have all told me about sometimes horrific torture.

One was imprisoned and tortured for 14 months in Zaporozhie. The trauma he suffered made it very difficult to interview him, as he was reliving the torture and shaking like a leaf, literally broken by the endless abuse he had suffered. Another had heart problems, following the use of “gégène” on him during long sessions.

One woman was among the lot, she had had her nails pulled out, her teeth broken…. From her appearance I didn’t dare to believe that at the time she was my age (43), and she had to get out her identity papers to prove to me that she was not 65. The poor woman had been injected with drugs and substances for 20 days and it was difficult for me to hear all that she had seen and suffered…..

 In the end my investigation ended with enough information to point to at least four secret prisons in Ukraine, in Zaporozhie, Kharkov, Kiev and finally Kramatorsk.

It is certain that in these prisons hundreds of people were murdered, one of the resistance fighters gave me a list of about fifteen names of people who were killed during his detention, as for the woman she told me about executions committed in her prison during the 20 days she spent there.


Of course, the Ukraine is not the only country where the excuse of ‘fighting terrorism’ has been used to justify terrible torture, harassment and killing of innocent people by the secret services.

It seems to be the same modus operandi, the same horrible violence, the same covered-up evil – somehow connected to the USA – in many different places.

There’s another story on that site that also made me sit up and re-evaluate a whole bunch of things we are being told by the MSM, entitled:


The headline says it all.

But go read it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions.


Again, I’m not cheerleading Putin.

Again, pretty much any world leader today has to be a corrupt scumbag (at best….), otherwise they wouldn’t be allowed to continue in the job for long.

But I’m pointing out that the real enemies here are the ones with the cash and the influence and the secret agendas.

And those people, sadly, exist in every single country, government and military.

Including ours.



I don’t have Telegram, but you can ‘preview’ most of the information as a visitor.

If you go HERE, an independent Italian journalist in Donesk recently uploaded video showing that a UKRAINIAN rocket just killed 23 civilians in the middle of the street there.

Of course, accidents happen with friendly fire.

But compare and contrast this footage (if you have a strong stomach) with the fake footage being churned out by the MSM, and you’ll quickly learn how to spot more of the ‘fake news’ propaganda.

Again, this doesn’t mean Putin and Russia are ‘good guys’.

I’m very happy to also post up credible information showing the ‘other side of the coin’ – that’s the only way we’ll get to the truth, here.

But as usual, the MSM is doing such a one-sided propaganda job here, I kind of feel I have to keep showing THIS side of the coin, just to make a small attempt to even the coverage out.




Here’s some more real footage from Donbass, from March 6, 2022.

Nothing horrible, just interviews with the locals where they describe how the Ukrainian army has been mistreating them for the last 8 years, and is now firing on them, and also using them as ‘human shields’ by setting up their trenches right next to their homes.

It’s in French, but you can get the idea:


You might also like this article:


A few days ago, I got woken up in the middle of the night by the sound of massive trucks reversing in the streets next to my house.

This has been going on for a couple of months now, as the Jerusalem City Hall steps up its program to install 5…G facial recognition ‘AI’ cameras all over the city.

If you don’t know what an AI ‘facial recognition’ camera is, read THIS for a very superficial introduction, snippet below:

Facial recognition will not make us safer, it will turn public spaces into open-air prisons and entrench patterns of discrimination that already oppress entire communities.’

Big Brother Watch added the technology should be scrapped and the code legalised ‘invasive surveillance technology’.


If you don’t know what these cameras look like, here’s a picture of one of the new ones that just popped up in my neighborhood, in the middle of the night:


And HERE is a video ‘unboxing’ one for personal use – notice that these AI people tracking cameras have a round orb, and use the internet to send and recieve their info in real time – that’s the real reason why we have such a mad rush to rollout 5…G everywhere.

In Jerusalem, you will find the new 5…G tech in white ‘electrical cabinets’ underneath where these cameras are located, marked with a miss-spelt ‘Motorola Solutoins’ branding in blue.


And then, take a look at this video (with sound off, to mask the horrible muzak and speeded up as fast as you can), which showcases how these ‘AI thermal imaging cameras’ can help our wonderful, caring governments catch ‘Covid 19 spreaders’:

(Not shmirat eynayim friendly.)


Here’s a snippet of the product description info – which ends with a plea to get in touch, if you want to buy this super-duper AI camera, that literally records all your biometric information and sends it to Big Brother, every time you step out to get a pint of milk:

The specifications of the product:


2. M.P.Temperature measurement distance: 0.5 to 1m

3. Face recognition distance: 0.5 to 2.2 meters

4. Temperature error range: ±0.3°C

5. Store human face data: 30,000 people

6. Identification Accuracy: 99.5%

7. Perception speed: About 20m/sec


The characteristics of the product:

1. Existing body temperature gauges are inefficient because they must be carried by a person and measured only at close range, but this product can be measured with a social distance.

2. Avoid physical contact and save personnel for temperature measurements.

3. Temperature can be measured by wearing a mask, and temperature measurements can be made for outsiders other than those stored in the data.

Please feel free to contact me if you want to buy it.


And just so we are clear that what’s going up all over Jerusalem – and Meron, and Tiberius, and probably in your neighborhood, too, are these AI facial recognition cameras, here’s a couple of screenshots from a report into ‘human rights abusing China’, and how it’s using AI cameras to turn the whole country into an open-air prison:



Yesterday, my daughter and I took the car out, and when she got to the junction where this magnificent array of AI and CCTV cameras has now been emplaced, she literally stared at it in horror for a good minute.

My daughter is doing her best to stay ‘normal’ in an increasingly crazy world, and I am mostly encouraging her to do that.

As long as she’s aware of the truth, and guided by it, I think it’s healthy for her to kind of ‘bury’ that knowledge for most of the time, and to try and continue on ‘as normal’, until all this finally falls apart.

But yesterday, I could see that she was fundamentally disturbed by this new encroaching reality, of AI tech and CCTV cameras literally every 100 meters in Jerusalem.


Ima, I really do feel like I’m living in a prison, she told me.

I’m starting to feel pretty insecure about where I live, and what’s going on.


Join the club.

All this stuff is always sold to us as being for our ‘health and safety’, but really? It’s just more of the ‘power grab’ happening all over the world right now. And it’s very worrying, on so many levels.

So again, I spent a lot of  yesterday trying to figure out a spiritual response to all this, that will enable me to stay calm and healthy, while the world continues to go to hell in hand-basket.

I don’t have it all cut and dried yet, but I can tell you what’s helping.


Two days ago, after my trip up to Meron, we drove down past Ramla, so I could go and say 3 Tikkun Haklalis next to the Ayalon prison, where they were keeping Rav Berland.

Five minutes in, I suddenly noticed something very weird:

The dull, stress-induced chronic migraine I’ve had for weeks and weeks had gone.

The ‘stress in my system’ had wound down to zero, and I was sitting there feeling the most ‘zen’ and blissed-out I’ve felt for months.

I told my husband, I think I’m going to be coming back here a lot, like at least twice a week. This is the most chilled I’ve felt in months….

Such is the power of the Rav.

But as usual, things aren’t quite working out like that.


Yesterday, the Jerusalem police decided to bring the 84 year old Rav, who has multiple serious health issues, into the Russian Compound for questioning in yet another fabricated ‘story’ designed to keep him behind bars forever, God forbid.

And they also decided to bring his elderly wife in, who has a broken arm and is weak from recovering from ‘Covid’ – but not in an ambulance, and not in a respectful way.

They literally sent in a SWAT team to stretcher her out with maximum drama and stress, and then shoved her in a police car.

So yesterday, I found myself saying my 3 tikkun haklalis next to the Rav in the Russian Compound, instead, as 4 mounted riot police periodically rode their horses at the crowd, while waving their big sticks around.

After figuring out that our police and military are secretly using Active Denial energy weapons against crowds here, I was kinda grateful it was just that.


As I stood there, I noticed more of those AI cameras, stuck on the walls and lamp-posts all over the Russian Compound.

But that’s not all I noticed.

The Russian Compound itself is flanked by a road called ‘Shneur Zalman Cheshin’ road.

Shneur Zalman Cheshin was a prominent judge in Israel, who was named after the Alter Rebbe of Chabad and is a direct descendant of Moshe Schneuri, the catholic-Frankist son of the Alter Rebbe that no-one likes to talk about.

Do you think it’s a CO-IN-CID-ENCE, that two of the three people spear-heading the persecution of the Rav within Meah Shearim are called ‘Cheshin’?

Because I don’t.


Do you think it’s a CO-IN-CID-ENCE, that the former Supreme Court Head in Israel, Miriam Naor, (who is now overseeing the Meron Commission) was apprenticed to Mishael Cheshin?

Here’s a snippet from her Wikipedia page:

[Naor] worked on constitutional issues in the State Attorney’s Office under Mishael Cheshin, who would later be appointed Deputy Chief Justice.

Mishael Cheshin is the son of the ‘Shneor Zalman Cheshin’ who the street in the Russian Compound is named for.

Shneor Zalman Cheshin has a lot of yichus, and descends both from the Alter Rebbe, via his Catholic-Frankist son Moshe Schneuri; and also from Benjamin Broda / Rivlin, the ‘secret Frankist Rebbe’ who stays in the Jewish community when Jacob Frank schisms out; and also from the Vilna Gaon.



And on the other ‘more frum’ side of the family, we have the main persecutors of the Rav, from the famous ‘Cheshin’ family of Meah Shearim, who descend from the same ‘Rabbi Moshe ‘Cheshes’ Haslavitcher‘ that Shneor Zalman Cheshin does.


And is just so happens, that the Jerusalem Police dragged in the Rav and Rabbanit for questioning at their compound located on ‘Shneur Zalman Cheshin’ street, so everyone can see that the Rav is literally at the heart of the problem, and at the heart of these people who created the Frankist-Freemason State of Israel.


I spent a couple of hours digging around the Cheshin family tree, and I found links to all sorts of people you might have heard of.

Like, the Netanyahu-Milikovskys… and Amram Blau, founder of Neturei Karta, and his disgraced nephew, Yehuda Meshi Zahav, and further back, to people like R’ Hillel of Shklov, and all those Rivlins who are still running the country…

Israel is literally being run by the same big, extended family, on both sides of the religious / secular divide.

And they’re all busy persecuting Rabbi Eliezer Berland, and Shuvu Banim.


Everything is connected.


That’s why the only real answer to the cameras, and to the government’s totalitarianism, and it’s murderous tendencies, and to all the other ills and woes happening here is a spiritual one, that goes to the very heart of the battle between good and evil that is being waged here.

Right now, the frontline for that spiritual battle is on ‘Shneur Zalman Cheshin’ Street, in Jerusalem.

That’s not a coincidence.

And you can help the Rav to stand up in it, with your prayers and your heartfelt Tikkun Haklalis.

Because whatever happens to the Rav, is going to happen to the rest of us, too.

And when he gets out, we all go free with him.


If you want more details explaining this latest farce of a concocted ‘story’ against the Rav, take a look at THIS, in Hebrew, on the ShuvuBanim website – Google translate it, if you don’t read Hebrew.

It’s all just more of the same made up rubbish we’ve seen before, but hopefully, this time around more people understand that the YWN is run by the secular State of Israel’s propaganda wing, and they won’t fall for the lies again.



After I wrote this, on a whim I decided to look up Miriam Naor’s Geni profile.

Her maternal uncle was David Raziel, here’s a snippet from Wikipedia:

David Raziel was a leader of the Zionist underground in British Mandatory Palestine and one of the founders of the Irgun…he studied for several years at Yeshivat Mercaz HaRav in Jerusalem. He was a regular study partner of Rabbi Zvi Yehuda Kook, son and ideological successor to the Rosh Yeshiva and Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook….

His sister, Esther Raziel-Naor, became a member of the Knesset for Herut, the party founded by Irgun leader Menachem Begin.


Here’s a screenshot of her geni profile:


As usual, a bunch of dead ends…

Except, that ‘Zelikson’ is a very unusual surname, so I plug that in to see who else is called ‘Zelikson’.

Hey, whaddya know!


I am back in the family tree of the Alter Rebbe of Chabad.

The red arrows show you how one branch of his descendants becomes Zeliksons, and how they are connected directly to a bunch of Tumarkins and Zaslavskys.

And we already know that the ‘Tumarkins’ are directly connected to the Zeitlins, and also directly connected to the Bolsheviks who sparked off the Russian Revolution, not least via people like THIS:


I am willing to bet good money, that our very own Supreme Court Justice Miriam Naor is also directly related to the Alter Rebbe, via her anonymous ‘Zelikson’ grandmother.

Or to put this another way…. all the movers and shakers in the secular State of Israel seem to be the descendants of the Alter Rebbe, one way or another.

Or to put this still another way, the secular State of Israel seems to be a Chabad creation.

And all these links have been deliberately suppressed and hidden by people on all sides of this equation.

I think, just maybe, you’re starting to understand why.





When I was walking around Meron yesterday, I got a thought in my head that the only way to proceed forward at the moment, is by being ‘nothing’.

It’s interesting, what that idea really means.

Rabbi Berland teaches a lot, about this principle of nullifying ourselves totally to Hashem, and making ourselves literally ‘nothing’.

It’s a form of ‘extreme mesirut nefesh’, or self-sacrifice, that paradoxically can achieve great things in the world, because it takes the personal ego out of the picture, and just let’s God do His thing.


The last few weeks, I really haven’t been sleeping very well.

Ever since that 5…G lamp-post turned up on my doorstep erev Succot, I’ve been in a state of high anxiety about what is going on in this world of ours.

The last couple of years, I’ve been ‘live blogging’ the destruction of the world as we know it, and bringing you as much facts and information and investigative journalism as I can, to help you steer through the world of lies, and to do the birur in your own space, about what God really wants from us, and what’s really going on.

That whole process kind of culminated in finally unpacking what really happened, that night in Meron, as I’ve been sharing here on the blog.


But as I walked around Meron yesterday, slotting that last piece of the puzzle into place as I eye-balled all the brand new, AI face recognition cameras that have gone up all over the place there, I realised that something fundamental has to change in my life, if I’m going to get through the next few months in one piece.

We are now at a stage where anyone who has eyes to see, can see something isn’t right here.

And conversely, where no amount of telling or showing or convincing is going to change the minds of the people who refuse to see what is really going on.

My job as the ‘investigative journalist’ kind of feels like it’s done, at the moment.

And I have other things I want to write about.


Yesterday night, just after I’d posted up the piece about the Orange Thing at Meron, I headed over to the RavBerland.com site, where I read THIS, by the mekubal R’ Mor Golan:

“If we pray or perform an action for the Tzadik, there needs to be peace and unity between the souls of Israel — then the Tzadik will be saved from an unnatural death.

“Hashem should protect you from all evil, and if I will have the ability, I will also come to this holy and pure gathering — to protest the disgracing of a Torah scholar.  Anyone who doesn’t protest the disgrace of a Torah scholar could, G-d forbid, fall.

“Therefore, I plead in every way possible to keep the unity and peace of the Jewish people, not to harm anything in the world, whether religious or secular, policeman or policewoman, or soldier, to respect every soul of the Jewish people.


That last sentence had a massive impact on me.

The truth is important.

Digging out the truth is necessary, especially for things as awful as the destruction of 45 people at Meron.

But I feel I’ve done my part in that process now, and it’s time to move on.

It’s time to have a new start again.


So this morning, I saved all my old blog posts to word documents, so I can show my grandchildren some of what I was doing with myself in this crazy time – and then I pressed ‘delete’.

The Ari teaches that anything we keep around, that no longer has a use, kind of sucks our spiritual strength out of us.

I had almost 1,000 blog posts up here, and most of them were really in this category of ‘sucking my spiritual strength’.

Now that the information about Covid 19, about Meron, about the destructive shots, about 5…G and all the rest is out there, what point does it serve to keep it around?


Going forward, we are going to need a lot of chizzuk.

Going forward, we are going to need to cling to Hashem and our True Tzaddikim, to be able to weather this very challenging period of time, before geula finally happens and Moshiach is finally openly revealed.

There is so much bad and evil in the world right now, and it’s multiplying all the time.

So, I see my job now as trying to focus more on the good, as the ‘bad’ becomes more and more obvious to anyone with even half an eye to see.


All week, I’ve been grinding my teeth in my sleep, because of my rising anxiety about what is happening in the world.

I can’t live like this.

I don’t want to live like this, in a state of permanent fear, because then they already won.

So, I’m setting the intention to start writing more words of chizzuk, and to share more words of wisdom and strengthening from our True Tzaddikim like Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, and the Rav, Rabbi Eliezer Berland.

And also, to go back to writing more from heart and the soul again, and less from the ‘brain’, in ‘investigative journalist’ mode.


I think that’s what God wants from me right now.

I think that’s the message I got yesterday, to return to ‘nothing’ and let God fix the mess that’s been uncovered now, in Meron, and elsewhere.

If I get another message in the future to change direction again, I’ll take it.

But for now – it’s a total new start.

And in the merit of going back to ‘nothing’ here on the blog, I really pray God will also take all that evil out there, and reduce it back to ‘nothing’, too.



There is more video now of the Israeli police ‘arresting’ Rabbanit Tehilla Berland, a frail old lady in her mid-eighties with a lot of health issues.

You can see her being ‘escorted’ into a police van propped up on a stretcher (!) with the police (and undercover police in their t-shirts and jeans) violently shoving a whole bunch of people around, including some people I actually know personally.

As always, the lying YWN has the headline exactly wrong.

It’s not the ‘cult followers’ who are getting violent with the police…


Honestly, I half feel like just tearing kria for the awful state of affairs going on in Israel right now…

But in the meantime, I guess the test of birur is continuing.

The Rav said a long time ago that Moshiach wouldn’t come until he’d been accused of murder.

I guess we are now that much closer to Moshiach coming.

That’s the silver lining to all this, I guess. Although I’ll admit, it’s wearing thin already.