Is it OK to take dodgy new ‘medicines’ because God is going to decide if we’re going to die, anyway?

At the bottom of THIS post, an interesting discussion developed in the comments section, and I’m bringing parts of it here, into its own post, and expanding it, because there are some fundamental issues here that need addressing.

As always, this is NOT about trying to make ourselves ‘right’ and others ‘wrong’.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and free choice is paramount. We can’t force others to accept our views – about anything! – and we shouldn’t be trying to.

That said, ‘personal opinion’ and ‘cold, hard fact’ are often conflated, as we all have blind spots and biases, and selectively pick and choose the things we read and watch, and the things we believe, to support our underlying bias.

And I also do that too, hard as I try not to.

It’s human nature.


What helps here is to remember the ‘100%-0%- rule of discussion and disagreement.

That rule basically states that no-one is 100% right, or 100% wrong, and that the truth can always be found on both sides of the discussion or argument, even if it ends up being a 99%-1% split.

That 1% of truth is still valuable, and it’s part of this ongoing birur process, to bring it out and acknowledge it, when we hear it in other people’s arguments, or view points, that contradict our own.

So with all these caveats out the way, let’s dive in.


First, here’s Devorah’s comment, which sparked this post:

Quarantine camps are not concentration camps.

Australia is an island, they have gone to a great deal of trouble to keep us Covid free, obviously that didn’t work out, hence the lockdowns.

Those ”camps” are just in case we are swamped with Covid and there is nowhere to isolate people and the hotels/hospitals are all full.

So far we have not needed anything like that. It was a ‘worst case’ scenario. I can assure all of you that we are very safe here, and sometimes I think everyone is just looking for disasters to happen to fit in with their own scenarios.


I’ve read some dreadful and ridiculous things about Australia on the internet.

I’ve seen a video of a child apparently being wrenched from her parents and forced to take the vaccine. No idea what that was about as children here are not vaccinated at all. They have just started to allow vaccines for 12-15 year olds, but they are voluntary. No vaccine is forced on anyone, certainly not children.

While there are some conditions attached to people who choose to not vaccinate, such as travel…. those conditions seem to be consistent with the rest of the world. So of course anyone who wants to travel will get the vaccine.


I don’t believe that the vaccine is a conspiracy.

It’s a new vaccine, it hasn’t been tested properly obviously People have died from it and people have gotten sick from it. But I don’t believe anyone dies unless Hashem decreed they should die, and had they not received the vaccine, they would have died anyway either from Covid or something else.

Isn’t that what the Torah teaches us? No-one dies unless it is decreed in Heaven? Even a suicide needs permission from Heaven to actually die.

Correct me if I’m wrong here please.

I don’t know what is really going on, but I do know that whatever is happening is sanctioned by Hashem, as a preparation for Geula.

So I am not worried about it, and I’m not losing any sleep, this is how Hashem wants things to be to prepare the world for Moshiach.


Here’s what I responded – and I’m going to expand on this, below, as this is part of a very important spiritual birur:

You are raising some interesting points.

I think at least some of what we’re all being fed by the media in relation to ‘anti vaxxers’ is definitely ‘staged’.

I.e. in Israel, hard as it is, I’ve seen videos of police violently ‘arresting’ chareidi women in supermarkets, and it strikes me that this is Government-designed propaganda to ‘scare’ everyone else in chareidi supermarkets into wearing a mask without resisting.


The chareidi supermarkets I shop in seem to be very laid back about masks – increasingly so, Baruch Hashem.

And even the crazy ‘mask fascist’ supermarkets I have shopped in formerly never got the police involved. So there does seem to be a strong element of deliberate disinformation going on, which is why it’s useful to pool information from people on the ground who are not working for the Deep State, or MSM.


That said, I can’t agree with your comments that this is a vaccine – it isn’t.

It doesn’t prevent transmission, and it doesn’t prevent infection. And it doesn’t contain any attenuated ‘virus’. These are the basic requirements for something to be considered a ‘vaccine’, according to scientific and medical definitions that have been in play for decades, so whatever this IS, it’s not a ‘vaccine’.

It’s an experimental gene therapy – and again, this isn’t ‘conspiracy’, this is plain, hard fact.


Also, it’s hard to see why camps of any nature should be set up for a disease that has a 99.5% of surviving for ANYONE, even geriatrics with co-moribidities.

Nor why masks should be forced on a population when they a) don’t prevent transmission of anything and b) actually cause decreased de-oxygenation of the blood (and never mind the stress and psychological damage, which is also through the roof.)


That biotoxic graphene oxide is being used to coat many of these masks is also clearly and openly admitted – not least, by the companies who are manufacturing these products in their hundreds of millions – and so is also not in the realm of ‘conspiracy’, but cold, hard fact.


The second part of this discussion – the spiritual one about no-one dying unless Hashem decrees it – goes to the heart of deep spiritual questions about free choice, and personal responsibility. 

The short answer is that I think the approach you set out above is based on ‘false emuna’.

We are totally responsible for ourselves and our health. Someone can’t take drugs, or eat fried mars bars for breakfast every day, or go for a run in the middle of the highway and say ‘I’m not responsible for any bad outcome here, it’s God who decides if I’m going to die.’

God IS running the whole world, Ein Od Milvado. But there is still reward and punishment for our choices, both in this world and the next.

And while God gives us ‘permission’ to go against His divine will, so that free choice can exist, we are still ‘rewarded’ for really doing what He wants, and punished for doing the opposite.


So now, let’s explore this idea of ‘reward and punishment’ and free choice a little more.

Long-term readers of this blog probably know that I spent many years in a state of ‘false emuna’.

We had a fake ‘rabbi’ a few years’ back who told my husband that God was responsible for our parnassa, so he should basically quit his job, and just pray for God to send him his income.

This sounded correct spiritually, because Ein Od Milvado – and it’s a basic tenet of belief that our parnassa IS decided on Rosh Hashana by Hashem, and that it’s going to come to us one way or another, regardless of what we do.

(See, all these false emuna arguments work the same way…)


So, my husband jacked in the well-paying job that he was anyway hating, and started doing six hours of hitbodedut a day, for God to send us income direct.

Within three months, we’d totally run out of money, and we had days where I couldn’t buy food or toilet paper.

We ended up having to sell our house just to be able to live.

And my husband got so ‘burnt’ by his ‘fake emuna’ experiment, he sank into a serious depression for two years, and had enormous psychological trauma that going back to work would mean he’d failed the ‘good, believing Jew’ test.


I’ve written about the various facets of that experience before, but here’s the distilled version of what I learned from that, relevant to this discussion about Covid ‘vaccines’:

  1. We only listen to the people, the experts, the ‘rabbis’ we want to listen to.

We often don’t want to take responsibility for our own lives, and our own decisions, so instead we find some egomaniac with a big reputation, with charisma, with a strong opinion that really accords with our own, and then we ‘follow their advice’.

When it goes wrong, we feel we can still ‘blame them’ for what happened, so that’s OK then.

We can carry on telling ourselves ‘victim stories’ and moaning about all the horrible people who have misled us, while still refusing to take the basic responsibility for our own lives.

2. God created the world as a partnership between Him and us.

So YES, of course, Ein Od Milvado.

Everything is God.

But God also wants me to do my part.

He wants ME to pray profusely about my decisions and my actions; He wants ME to make the birur between true and false information and beliefs; He wants ME to make my maximum effort to try to sweeten things, and to try to change things with my sincere prayers and teshuva and mesirut nefesh, so that He doesn’t have to bring harsh judgments to the world.


When we ran out of cash, and had all the other suffering we had, connected to our false emuna, it took me a while to realise that it was TOTALLY DESERVED.

We were operating from a false, arrogant, ‘superior’ and unreal place.

I mean, who were we, really, to think we were on the level to get enough cash to maintain a huge house and an expensive lifestyle by way of open miracles?!?

I write that now, and I see how totally absurd it is.


God created a world where men work on their emuna by having to work for a living without getting stressed or miserly. And women work on their emuna, fundamentally, by having to pray for Divine assistance with their shalom bayit and raising their children.

That is the work God created us to do, day to day.

Can I do this, can I work on my emuna and cope with life without getting God involved in my decision-making process and day-to-day issues?

Absolutely not!

But, that also doesn’t mean I can run away from taking the responsibility for my own decisions and choices by saying ‘God is doing everything, anyway….


Breslov teachings set this out very clearly.

Rav Natan writes that BEFORE a decision, BEFORE an action:

I am 100% responsible to do my homework, to do my hishtadlut, to pray for guidance, to try to do the birur as completely as I can, as to what is correct, and what God wants from me.

AFTER the decision:

The outcome is totally up to God, and what God wants for me.


So, let’s try and tease out how all this applies to the discussion in hand.

Covid 19 is all about getting each one of us make teshuva, and to developing the sort of emuna we need to get into geula, and the world of truth.

As such, the teshuva is built in at every stage of this process.

Personally I try to follow Breslov teachings as much as I’m able. so for the last 10 years, I have been doing my best to totally stay away from all Western doctors, and their ‘cut and medicate’ approach to illness.

For me, health comes down to making the appropriate teshuva across the three levels of body, mind and soul – and then doing pidyonot nefesh for the stuff that’s rooted in previous gilgulim, that I can’t reach myself.


If I get sick because I eat pizza and fries every day, don’t exercise, don’t sleep enough and do drugs – then probably, changing these habits around at the ‘body’ level will go a long way to helping me heal.

If I get sick because I am constantly stuffing down negative emotions like anger, hatred and arrogance, or wallowing in despair and jealousy, or trying to ‘control’ others to try to ‘control’ my own anxiety levels – then starting to work through these emotions in hitbodedut, and starting to do some real (but still gentle…) cheshbon hanefesh to really own my own feelings about things will probably help a lot

If I get sick because I’m disconnected from God, and from Torah and mitzvot, and / or treating other people in a bad way, and / or not living my life in accordance with Hashem’s plan for me – then this is where strengthening the spiritual connection will make a big difference.


So, Covid 19, for me, has been one big test of trying to see the good in others, and trying to accept God’s will without falling into despair, while still continuing to do the birur about what is really going on here.

It’s not been about a physical fear of the ‘disease’ itself.

But for others, the test is different.


For some people, it’s a constant battle wavering between ‘getting vaccinated’ because of peer pressure and government coercion, and staying true to what they themselves really believe.

For others, it’s about respecting other people’s free choice, and the decision to NOT vaccinate, even when they themselves can clearly see vaccination is a gift from shemayim to save humanity.

For others, the test comes down to not fearing ‘Covid’, but fearing Hashem, instead.

Or not fearing the negative effects of the ‘vaccine’, but fearing Hashem instead – and looking for a spiritual response to turn everything around for the best.

Or maybe, the test is to maintain achdut and respect, even when ‘the other’ believes in things, and acts in ways, that you personally find totally repugnant and hard-to-understand.

Or to stand up for what’s true and right, and to go against the flow, even when that is going to cost you big, in some way, and require a lot of courage.

Point is, each person’s test is specifically geared to them, and what they need to work on and fix.


But there are some generalities, across the board.

God wants us to have more emuna, to really believe in Him and to know Ein Od Milvado.

For sure.

All those people in favor of ‘force-vaxxing’ others to resolve their lack of emuna and ongoing fear and anxiety probably need to focus more in this area.

At the same time:

God also wants us to take more responsibility for what is going on in the world, and what is going on in our lives, and to do the hard work of birur.


Birur doesn’t just mean trying to sort fact from fiction, propaganda from truth, personal bias from objective reality.

It really means doing the birur inside of us, about all the bad middot and false beliefs that are still hanging out in our souls.

Lack of empathy for ‘the other’ is bad middot.

Wanting to be ‘right’ at any cost is bad middot.

Absolving ourselves from caring about what is going on, or getting the hint about what God wants us to change in our own lives is bad middot.

Painting people all people who disagree with us as ‘conspiracy theorists’ or ‘crazy psychos’ who I don’t have to engage with at all – is bad middot.

Because even psychos and conspiracy theories are from God, and have something to teach us, even if it’s just a 1% of something.


I’ll stop there, but I’m very happy to have more of a discussion about this, if there are specific points anyone wants to air out in the comments section.

Let’s end with the wise words of Rabbenu, Rebbe Nachman of Breslov:


Rebbe Nachman spoke about the correct way to deal with harsh decrees:

He said:

“[E]ach person must say that the world was only created for his sake, and [the Rebbe said] how every person must endeavor to make up the deficiencies of the world, praying on its behalf – i.e. before the decree [actually materialises].

He also said the following:

“That year [1803] the Rebbe was very preoccupied with the Cantonist Decrees. He was extremely worried about the situation and said they were not an idle threat. He disagreed strongly with the people who were saying nothing would come of it in the end, for how could God do such a thing to the Jewish people?!

The Rebbe said several times that this was nonsense.

We find many occasions when harsh decrees did materialise.

The Rebbe spoke about this a great deal and said that the rumored decrees had to be taken with the utmost seriousness and not be treated lightly.

We had to pray and cry out to God, and to be and beseech Him in the hope that He would hear us and annul them….

If only people had listened to his call to set the earth shaking with prayers and appeals to God, these decrees would have been nullified completely!”

(Tzaddik, Conversations Relating to His Lessons, page 132)


Ultimately, saying ‘everything is from God, so I don’t have to do anything about it or worry’ is spiritual apathy.

It’s spiritual laziness. It’s false emuna.

God wants us to see the ‘bad’ on the horizon, and to pray our hearts out to get the ‘bad’ to disappear – in whichever way God sees fit.

That’s our part of the equation, our part of the deal.

And none of us are exempt.


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Yesterday, I had a few of my peeps come join me in the garden for cake and tea.

It may not sound like so much, but these small ‘get togethers’ of like-minded people are so uplifting and strengthening, stuck as we are in this current Covid 19 nightmare.

So we sat in the garden on a perfect Jerusalem night, as Ahmed down the street blasted his Arab wedding karaoke, and spoke about all things Corona and emuna related.

Because those two things go together.

And I learnt some surprising things, that gave me a lot of hope.


The first thing that I learnt is that there are apparently tens of thousands of secular people in Israel – what we would call ‘lefties’ – who are implacably ‘against’ what’s going on with the Covid 19 shots.

And these people are organising on Facebook, and starting to get a lot of things done.


Here’s the link:


They are encouraging parents to take their children out of ‘force-vaxxing’ schools and to work together to homeschool, come September 1.

They are publically standing up to these Government diktats in their groups, and apparently encouraged 2,500 secular teachers to quit, rather than go back to school and be ‘force-vaxxed’.

And most remarkable of all, they are talking about God.


You won’t hear about these groups from the MSM, because the corrupt media want us all to think that we are the only ‘weirdos in the village’ who are anti-Covid 19 shots.

But there are way, way more people out there who are not buying the propaganda, and who are standing up for what’s right, bravely, in whatever small way they can.


Over on the habayitah website HERE, you’ll find another example of that personal bravery that starts to turn the tide.

It’s the personal story of a Jew who risked getting arrested at the pool, to stand up for what’s right, and to not just crumple in the face of all this coronafascism.

Here’s a snippet:

Anyone can do this. Anywhere.

You must do this.

Just walk in, and call their bluff. Tell them to call the police. The worst that will happen, if you are calm and stand your ground, is that you will get a ticket, that you can then appeal in court, and the ticket will be cancelled, because they do not want anything going to court, lest they lose, there’s precedent, and the whole totalitarian system crumbles.

Call. Their. Bluff.

This is all just fear. There is nothing to be afraid of. Pool conquered. Gym conquered. Supermarket conquered. The counterattack progresses.

Thank you God for giving us the strength to do Your will and to fight back.


I just went to read that hyperlink above, called ‘Supermarket conquered‘ – and it’s even more inspiring than the pool story.

Go and read it – it’s along the lines of my Post Office saga, but honestly? The woman is way, way braver than I was, because she is taking a stand to walk around everywhere, totally unmasked.

But here’s the takeaway message:

 This is all one big bluff.

Our enemies are empty shells. Evil is emptiness.

Show no fear. Stare the bastards down. Keep your calm. They’re nothing.


There is a weird ‘rule’ that the forces of evil appear to keep, that whatever diabolical, demonic scheme they are working on, it all has to be done according the rule of law.

We saw that in the Purim story, where Haman’s attempted mass murder is all played out against the backdrop of complying with Shushan’s legal code.

The same thing happened in Sdom, which apparently was also infested with lawyers and corrupt judges.

And the same thing is happening today, in the State of Israel, and the other places we all live in.

They are using psychological manipulation, peer pressure and threats with all this masks and ‘force-vaxxing’ stuff, because legally, they don’t have a leg to stand on.

And once more of us start to challenge the ‘rule of law’ all of this ISN’T BASED ON, the whole system of coronafascism will collapse.


If that sounds incredible, it may already be happening.

Also on habayitah, I saw this post:

Rabbi Weissman:  Interesting news someone shared with me that won’t be reported:

Almost 1000 policemen were supposed to be sent to chalat because they refused to get the jab.

The Bagatz [Supreme Court] ruled out that it is illegal to force anybody to take the cr*p or any other medical procedure against their will.


People, be brave!

Talk to God, screw your emuna up to the sticking point, and then start to stand up for what you really believe in, and for the safety and health of yourselves and your families.

We can’t ‘play it safe’ anymore – the stakes are getting to high.

Each person, in their own way, has to take a stand for truth, for free choice, for the right of every human being to live life in the way the Creator designed it.

Every small ‘push back’ you make sends ripples out into the wider world, and creates angels that will help others to find their courage, and their voices, and their true emuna.


I have a good friend whose son is now being ‘banned’ from his high school because he doesn’t have a green pass.

My friend is a lawyer, married to a lawyer.

I want to say to her: sue the pants off that school!!!

Send them a lawyer letter telling them what they are doing is totally illegal, and see how quickly they crumple.

What do you have to lose, at this point?

What’s the alternative – to let them force-vaxx your son, just so he continue his education?!?!?

Since when is that even a credible idea?


I know it’s hard to stand up for what’s right.

I know the fear-consumed Karens are REALLY hard to deal with.

But here’s what you have to understand about humanity:

Most people are followers, not leaders.

As soon as there is a tiny group of people who start to stand up for what’s right, in all areas of life, that will paralyse the march of Coronafascism in its tracks.

I am 100% sure that much as my encounters with Karens disturbed me, it also disturbed them, and made it way less likely that they were going to launch an attack on their next unsuspecting victim.


We can’t play it safe anymore and continue just living in fear, and negating our free will and personal integrity and health just to keep in our comfort zone and avoid conflicts with the psychos out there.

What sort of life is that anyway, where we shuffle around bemasked and force-vaxxed, unable to even go for a jog, or to pray in a minyan, or to stand in silent prayer at the Kotel without wearing a mask, just because the coronafascists say so?

At some point, we have to say no more!!!

At some point, we have to be brave, and to manifest our emuna in the real world, in some tangible way.

Ein Od Milvado.

There is only Hashem.


And if I don’t take that risk, and if I don’t move out of my comfort zone?

Then what’s the point of being alive anyway, just to be ‘transhuman experiment’ with no free choice whose soul is totally trapped amongst the klippot anyway?

What’s the point of staying alive, if those are the conditions?

What’s the point?


Rabbenu tells us, we only have today.

Don’t wait for someone else to be ‘the one’ who is going to break the fear, and the force of coronafascism in your life.

Today, with God’s help, you can turn that corner already, and stop letting illegal and immoral coronafascism from dictating to you how you breathe, and where you go, and whether you can pray in a minyan.


So hold God’s hand, take a deep breath, and stand up for what’s right, in whichever way you can.

At this point, we have nothing left to lose.

And they can’t arrest us all.


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Really, you could call this ‘A Bribe Blinds The Eyes of the Wise 2’ – the Rabbinic Edition.

***Updates Below***

A couple of weeks ago, in part 1, I took a look at some of the bribes Big Pharma has been paying the medical profession, to get them happily chirping along about needing to take ‘vaccines’, and to help in creating ‘3rd waves’ and ‘Delta variants’ and I don’t know what else.

There, we touched briefly on the fact that many leading rabbis apparently took hundreds of thousands of shekels to ‘promote’ vaccines to their followers, and in their schools and communities.


Then, one of my readers sent me this cutting from the Jewish Press, pretending to be a halachic discussion of why everyone absolutely must be forced and coerced to take an experimental gene therapy against their will:


And then, I decided to do more of a search, to see exactly who these poskim really are, who are putting out all these psakei din that are so very thin on real halacha and verified info, and so very thick on Big Pharma propaganda.

Let us begin.

EXHIBIT 1: What do Poskim say about the Covid 19 Vaccine?

This is from the Jewish Press, dated December 24, 2020, snippet below:

Rav Hershel Schachter, shlita, and Rav Mordechai Willig, shlita – with the support of Rav Dovid Cohen, shlita – have said the following in a combined Orthodox Union/Rabbinical Council of America statement:

“Pursuant to the advice of your personal health care provider, the Torah obligation to preserve our lives and the lives of others requires us to vaccinate for COVID-19 as soon as a vaccine becomes available” (emphasis added).

Rav Asher Weiss, shlita – in a detailed teshuvah available in Hebrew, as well as in an on-line English shiur – stated that he strongly recommends taking the vaccine.

Rav Chaim Kanievsky, shlita; Rav Gershon Edelstein, shlita; and Rav Shalom Cohen, shlita – three of the most prominent Israeli chareidi rabbanim – have all stated that anyone who can get the vaccine should take it. (Rav Chaim, shlita, can be seen saying this on video.)


Let’s run some ‘conflict of interest’ scores, shall we?

Let’s start with Rav Asher Weiss.

The rodefshalom613 website did an excellent job of breaking down the flaws in his psak halacha, such as it was.

But here’s the bit you really need to pay attention to:

Rav Weiss is the rav of Shaarei Tzedek Hospital in Jerusalem which advocates for vaccines.

Rav Weiss’s Kollel is supported by Rabbi Dovid Fuld and through that Rav Weiss. Rabbi Fuld is so radical when it comes to vaccines that he takes the extreme and dangerous view that parents who don’t vaccinate their children should have their children taken away.


Financial conflict of interest score for R’ Asher Weiss: 10/10


We’ve already covered off Rav Chaim Kanievsky HERE and HERE; we touched on Rav Gershon Edelstein HERE.

I’m sure there is more digging and more information to find on the above named too – including members of their households and the institutions being run in their names – but for now, let’s take a look at another set of the people quoted as the poskim pushing vaccines, in that Jewish Press article.

And also, let’s take a look at the guy who authored that article, one Rabbi Dr. Aaron E. Glatt.

In fact, let’s start with him.


HERE is his bio:

Rabbi Aaron E. Glatt, MD, FACP, FIDSA, FSHEA, is chairman of the Department of Medicine and hospital epidemiologist at South Nassau Communities Hospital and clinical professor of medicine at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. He is also the associate rabbi of the Young Israel of Woodmere.


And here’s just a small selection of some of the articles and pieces Rabbi Doctor Glatt has been blanketing the frum Jewish world, over the last few months, to push Covid 19 restrictions and vaccines:

From April 6, 2020, website:


From March 2020, on the Hamodia website, pushing social distancing, masks, zero prayers in a minyan and total lockdown:

‘We Are at a Tipping Point’: An Interview with Rabbi Dr. Aaron E. Glatt


From April 2020, The Lakewood Scoop, giving over a ‘psak din’ that of course all this lockdown-mask-forbidding minyans stuff is pikuach nefesh:

Crucial video and letter from Rabbi Dr Aharon Glatt


There’s literally pages and pages of all his interviews and articles.

He’s been really, really busy, bless him!

Now, let’s see what his financial connections are, to Big Pharma and the corrupt government institutions that have been pushing the Covid 19 plandemic.


Let’s start with the Icahn Medical school, where Dr Aaron Glatt is [apparently – read on] a clinical professor of medicine.

On the Icahn website, we learn this:

Our NIH funding is among the highest nationwide.

NIH is of course Antony Fauci, and in case you forgot why that might be a ‘conflict of interest’ with Covid 19, let me jog your memory:

Fauci admits NIH funding of Wuhan lab denies gain of function


If you go to the TorahCafe webiste HERE, you learn more about Dr Aaron Glatt’s many different jobs.

Here’s some highlights:

Rabbi Dr. Aaron Glatt studied and earned his BA at YU, and received Rabbinic ordination from Rabbi Avraham Tzvi Wosner at Machon LeTorah Vehora’ah….

He is currently the executive vice president and chief administrative officer at Mercy Medical Center in Rockville Center Long Island. Previously, he was President & CEO of St. Joseph Hospital in Bethpage, NY, and a full Professor of Infectious Diseases and former Associate Dean at NY Medical College.

Prior to that, he served as Chair of Medicine at Our Lady of Mercy Medical Center in the Bronx, and Chief of Infectious Diseases at St. Vincent Catholic Medical Centers in Brooklyn and Queens.

…. He served on editorial boards of major publications and on many government, hospital, medical school and public health committees. He is a spokesperson for the Infectious Disease Society of America.



Now that’s impressive.

But I have to admit to being somewhat puzzled by the fact that the jobs he mentions in his Jewish Press bio, above, are totally different from the ones being mentioned here, in his Torah Cafe bio….

You can see his LinkedIn page HERE.

Maybe my eyes aren’t working so good, but I can’t see any trace of that medical professorship at the Icahn Medical School.

(Screenshot below)


Of course, I must have just missed it.

Hevrey, do me a favor and please help me to rustle that information up, because God forbid I should be questioning the integrity of someone as kosher as Dr Glatt.

In the meantime, let’s move on to THIS apparently undated article from the Jewish Voice, entitled:

Dr. Aaron E. Glatt Named Recipient of Prestigious NY American College of Physicians Laureate Award

Which is where we learn the following:

[Dr Aaron Glatt] was also appointed by Nassau Country Executive Laura Curran as a liaison to the Orthodox community for public health and infectious disease matters.


In other words, he is being paid by the US government specifically to ‘persuade’ the orthodox Jewish community to take the Covid 19 shots.

Financial conflict of interest score for R’ Dr Aaron Glatt: 10/10


Ok, now finally we can take a look at some of those other poskim being quoted by the illustrious Dr Maybe-Not-So-Glatt .

Specifically, these three:

Rav Hershel Schachter, shlita,

Rav Mordechai Willig, shlita 

Rav Dovid Cohen, shlita


R’ Hershel Shacter has an interesting family tree, tracing all the way back to Moshe ‘HaSeraph’ Spravadlivi, and you can see a bit of it yourself HERE.

We’ll come back to this another time, as I think I just tripped over another bit of that hidden Real Jewish History, but it’s going to take a bit of unpicking to figure out WHAT exactly is going on there.

But really, I’m looking for financial links that would suggest an undeniable conflict of interest.

Look what turns up, from an article back in 2004, entitled:

RIETS To Pay Tribute to Four Distinguished Roshei Kollel at May 5 Dinner in NYC

Snippet below:

The event… will begin with Torah presentations at 5 p.m. by the roshei kollel: Rabbi J. David Bleich, Rabbi Michael Rosensweig, Rabbi Hershel Schachter, and Rabbi Mordechai I. Willig….

Rabbi Bleich is rosh kollel of the Rabbi Norman Lamm Kollel Le’Hora’ah and the Ludwig Jesselson Kollel Chaverim and holds the Herbert and Florence Tenzer Chair in Jewish Law and Ethics at RIETS.

Rabbi Rosensweig is rosh kollel of the Israel Henry Beren Institute for Higher Talmudic Studies and holds the Nathan and Perel Schupf Chair in Talmud.

Rabbi Schachter is rosh kollel of the Adina and Marcos D. Katz Kollel and holds the Nathan and Vivian Fink Distinguished Professorial Chair in Talmud at RIETS.

Rabbi Willig is rosh kollel of the Bella and Harry Wexner Kollel Elyon and holds the Rabbi Sol Roth Chair in Talmud and Contemporary Halakhah at RIETS.


In a minute, we’ll get to the connection with Les Wexner.

(I’m sure those with sharp eyes have already spotted it.)

But before we do, let’s take a closer look at the Adina and Marcos D Katz Foundation, who fund Rabbi Shacter’s kollel.

Because there, we notice some interesting connections.

Take a look at some of the people and places who have been awarded the ‘Katz Prize’ in recent years. 

I can’t tell you how much that prize is worth, nor what people have to do to get it.

And let me also point out that I’m using this as an example of how our ‘leaders’ are being totally corrupted behind the scenes by ‘prizes’ and freebies and honors that you and me don’t even know anything about.

I don’t know what the Katz Foundation really stands for, what it’s really pushing, nor who is really behind it.

(You can see the Katzs rubbing shoulders with all sorts of Israeli politicians and ‘leaders’ below’.)

And that’s really a problem.


Recipients from 2021:

(No information is given about what any of these people did to get this prize.)

Rabbi Gabriel Goldman – the Rabbi of Kfar Adumim. No information is given about what he did to get this prize.

Rabbi Yitzchak Shilat – Co-founded and serves as a senior faculty member at Yeshivat Birkat Moshe, the Hesder yeshiva of Maale Adumim.

Prof. Shulamit Levanberg – She’s a professor of Biomedical Engineering, at the Haifa Technion. Here’s here research interests:



Levanberg set up a new start-up to produce fake printed meat, called AlephFarms.

Marc Buckley, a ‘World Economic Forum’ Expert Advisor sits on their board – and his website is basically one big smorgasbord of New World Order / Great Economic Reset propaganda and projects.



Tzurbah M’Rabbanan – This is the Talmud Program of the Torah Academy of Bergen County.

And here’s a creepy video they put out last year as part of a VERY thorough ‘Covid 19′ response:

(Note the many references to working closely with the US Ministry of Health.)


And that’s just for 2021.

Here’s some interesting names from previous years, and then let’s get to Bella and Harry Wexner’s connection to Mordechai Willig.

2019’s winners include:

R’ Eliezer Melamed – Controversial rabbi of Har Bracha and founder and ‘spiritual guide’ of Arutz 7 news site.

R’ Alfonso Pedazur Arbib – Chief Rabbi of Milan, epicentre of Italy’s ‘Covid 19’ outbreak.

R’ Dr Ratzon Aruzi – Chief Rabbi of Kiryat Ono.


2018’s winners include:

Rabbi Asher Zelig Weiss – the same guy we spoke about above, who gave the psak that people HAVE to vaccinate.

Rabbi Yosef Tzvi Rimon – Just elected Gush Etzion’s Chief Rabbi.


2017’s winners include:

R’ Shlomo Dichovski – Judge in the ‘Beit Din HaGadol’ of Jerusalem.

Rabbi Dr‭. ‬Mordechai Halperin – this is another very interesting individual that I’ve never heard of, but really should have.

Snippet from Wikipedia:

Mordechai Halperin is an Israeli rabbi, physician and scientist.

He is chief officer of medical ethics for the Israeli Ministry of Health and director of the Falk Schlesinger Institute for Medical-Halachic Research in Jerusalem.

Halperin is also a member of the Bioethics Advisory Committee of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities.


So, we have to ask the obvious question:

Where on earth has this guy been, the last year and a half, in this whole ‘forced vax’ saga?!

I can’t find a single article or post quoting him about what’s going on around Covid 19 in Israel.

Isn’t that remarkable?

This is the Chief Officer for Medical Ethics for the Israeli Ministry of Health – and I can’t find even one public statement from him, about Covid 19?


So again, how much are all these prizes worth, what are people being asked to do, to get them, and why isn’t there public accountability for how our ‘leaders’ are being influenced by all these ‘prizes’ (which can also be spelt B-R-I-B-E-S).

Other winners of this prize include the Puah Institute (2015); R’ Isaac Michel Guggenheim, the Chief Rabbi of Paris (2015); the late R’ Lord Dr Jonathan Sacks (2014) – and last but not least, our very own R’ Hershel Shacter (2014), of RIET fame.


BTW, it’s also interesting to see who is making all these ‘decisions’.

2014’s prizes were decided by R’ Israel Meir Lau; Professor Menachem Ben-Sasson and R’ Adin Steinsaltz.

By 2019, it was Prof Menachem Ben-Sasson, joined by R’ Shlomo Dichovski, R’ Aryeh Stern and R’ Haim Sabato.

Always the same names, always the same people.

It’s a very cosy club.


OK, let’s finish this up by taking a quick look at who is paying for the kollel of R’ Mordechai Willig.

“Rabbi Willig is rosh kollel of the Bella and Harry Wexner Kollel Elyon.”

Bella and Harry Wexner have a very famous son.

His name is Les Wexner.

This from Wikipedia:

Wexner had a close relationship with Jeffrey Epstein that began in the 1980s and continued until at least 2007.

He was the primary billionaire client of Epstein, a financier that claimed to only work with clients with a net worth of one billion USD or greater. Epstein became Wexner’s financial manager in 1987.

Wexner purchased the New York property, the Herbert N. Straus House, in 1989 and later transferred it to Epstein in the mid-1990s following his marriage to Abigail. In July 1991, Wexner granted Epstein power of attorney and also instated him as a trustee on the board of the Wexner Foundation.


It’s at least possible that pedophile, child-trafficking Epstein was the one who made the decision to fund Mordechai Willig’s kollel at RIETS.

Doesn’t that make you want to throw up?

And also remember, we have in no way bottomed out the whole relationship between ‘science funding’ Epstein and this whole dystopian, graphene nanobot, gene editing disaster we are currently experiencing.

But he’s definitely connected somehow, as this recent New York Times headline makes clear:

Bill Gates met with Jeffrey Epstein many times, despite his past.


Enough for today.

You want to know what you can do about all this (apart from pray)?

Start publically questioning these people on their sources of funding, and their prizes.

Start writing formal letters to them, and their organisations, and to the ‘frum media’ outlets, demanding to be told what money they are receiving, in what format, from who.

And then sit back and watch the panicked stampede begin.

They got away with all this for so long because we let them.

We didn’t do our due diligence, we didn’t ask questions, we put ‘being polite’ over being informed.

But no more!

A blind bribes the eyes of the wise.

And as I keep showing you, it’s hard to find a single ‘pro-Covid shots’ person out there who cannot be shown to have massive vested interests, usually financial, within 5 seconds of checking them out.



Reader C. just sent me this:

It seems Marcos D Katz was an Israeli arms dealer. Take a look:

Man, was he ever.

This guy seems to have been bang, slap in the middle of the Iran-Contra scandal, amongst other things.

Here’s a screenshot snippet from that first JStor article:


So, it turns out that ‘Mexican’ Marcos D. Katz – from Cracow – ends up being a fundamental part of ‘the network’ that runs the State of Israel.

His family links have all been ‘privated’ on geni – like wall to wall hidden – but ‘Katz’ is one of those names that just keeps coming up again and again and again, so I suspect that this ‘Katz’ from Cracow is one of our Frankist-Freemason connections.

It’s the little things that give it away, like the fact he was secretly dealing in arms for Israel in Latin America, and then paying off a whole bunch of people to subvert the orthodox Jewish community from within via his fake foundation.

BTW, I’m trying to find some concrete details of the Katz foundation, like public filings, accounts, something.

So far nothing has turned up.

I.e. this foundation just doesn’t exist in the ‘real world’.

Which would make sense, if it was just a ‘cut out’ for the Frankist-Freemason State of Israel, to pay off our ‘rabbis’.




I found Marcos D Katz real family tree, from HERE – the RIETS obit for his late father, Ephraim Aryeh Leibesh.

He’s originally a Dorf, and HERE is his immediate family tree.

Tarnopol is home to a lot of Hellers and Krochmals, amongst others – the usual interesting people.

The Kenner family tree is also mostly ‘privated’ for as far as the eye can see, so it’s hard to know how they all connect to the Frankist-Freemason nexus.

But I’m sure they do connect.

And at some point, all these secret connections will all come out.



Dorfs are connected to the Lipshutz and Prager families.

At least one of these names is known to belong to an historically Frankist family – Prager is a corruption of Porges.

Something tells me I should take a closer look at RIETS.

And a few other of the places being funded by the non-existent ‘Katz Foundation’.

Ah, there is no end of turning over stones, and finding the ucky creatures that lurk beneath.

But at least it’s giving us a clearer picture of what’s really going on here.


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It’s been up for two hours, but apparently people can’t see it on the screen…

Clearly, one or some of the ‘tags’ I attached to this post, below, is tripping off the ‘automatic censor’ embedded in WordPress.

I had that problem with ‘Frankist’ and ‘Evil State of Israel’ tags, too (are you seeing a theme, here?)

So, while I figure out which of the nanobots / DNA Origami etc tags are getting this post censored, here’s the link where you can go and read it in the meantime:

What’s the ‘correct’ spiritual response to everything that’s going on, right now?

Let me spoil the suspense by telling you up front that I don’t have a pat, neat answer to that question. But what I do want to share here is some general guidelines, for how each of us can start to figure out what God really wants from us, and what message we are meant to be getting here, on the individual level.


Let’s start with an (anonymised…) email exchange I had a few days ago, around the subject of what happened in Meron:

Dear Rivka:

What’s your take on the following videoclip:

How would you explain it in the light of your perception of what transpired?

Thank you in advance!


It’s a clip of one of the Meron survivors who lost a child saying that he refuses to discuss the idea that there was anything nefarious going on that evening.

Here’s what I wrote back to my correspondent:

If you’re asking how do I understand his viewpoint, that God did it and we shouldn’t question ‘why’ God did it – that’s his derech, and kol ha kavod to him.
My derech (tries to….) follow the 3 rules of emuna set out by Rav Arush, based on Jewish traditions that pre-date Breslov, but are part of the Breslov path of my rabbi:
1) God is doing everything.
2) Everything God does is for the good (even though sometimes it’s v painful)
3) Everything that happens contains a message, about what we need to work on, fix, rectify, improve.
I’m looking at #3 with all this stuff.
There’s a message here – many millions of messages here – and each person needs to identify their own message, and run with it, to figure out what God really wants from THEM.

Here’s what my correspondent sent back:

Thank you very much for your prompt and detailed response! I appreciate your analysis and lessons learned.

What my friend, who forwarded this videoclip to me, saw in it – is the refutation of “the conspiratorial insights” as per testimony of this person. It impressed him immensely and he demanded that I should be “moideh al hoemes”.

I was wondering if his reply was attributable to his “aberration state” of consciousness following such profound personal tragedy.

Also, I was thinking that perhaps, people in Israel are locked in the deep state of denial vis-a-vis the scale and pervasiveness of wickedness emanating from the Erev Rav in power that their Orwellian mode of thinking prevents them even under normal circumstances from facing the reality. And ultimately, simple concern and vigilance of possible outcome: who knows who else was there in the shiva room then, who was taping the scene and where could the recording eventually land?

Yet, with all that in mind, the resolve to deny any shred of a foul play does beg a question.

Perhaps, you might have additional clarifications.

Thank you!

Here’s what I replied:

I can’t really answer the question, as to why he believes what he believes, or is saying what he’s saying.

I don’t know why.
It certainly strikes me as very strange, and there could be any number of explanations as to what is really going on.

I think the thing to focus on is our roleour response to all this.

It could well be that Hashem doesn’t expect the people who lost loved ones to stand up and fight this battle for the truth – they’ve been through enough.
But you and me – we don’t have that excuse.
And I feel in my soul, that IF there was foul play here – and the more I look into it, the more it seems that this is the case – then I owe it to myself, as a frum Jew, and to the victims, and to the greater Am, and ultimately also Hashem, to stand up for the truth.
Or at least, to try to, given that I’m also very limited, and I’m also groping in the dark here, a lot of the time.

The point is this: spiritual responses are not ‘one size fits all’.

Each person in the world is on their own path, with their own mission, their own job to do, their own stuff to fix.

So where one person may get the message to just ‘see the good’ in something like Meron, and another person might get the message that they need to strengthen their Torah learning, or where bullet-proof tights – those messages are all individual to them.

The message I got – very strongly and repeatedly in my hitbodedut about what went down into Meron – was to research it as fast and as thoroughly as I could, because something very bad happened here, and we can’t just sit back and watch it all get covered up.


Which brings me to the next point.

Very well known individuals came out to say that we cannot know the reasons why Meron happened, and that there are no prophets in our generation that can tell us.

Again, I respectfully disagree with this approach.

EVERYTHING contains a message from God about what we may need to work on, fix rectify and change, absolutely everything – and especially soul-shaking events like the mass murder of 45 people in Meron on L’ag B’omer.

And I also disagree that there are ‘no prophets in our generation’.


A full three weeks before the atrocity in Meron, Rav Berland gave over THIS shiur, and that same day, he also sent two busloads of his talmidim up to Meron to go and pray on a Thursday night, dafka between 12am – 7am, to avert a ‘terrible decree’ he foresaw on the horizon.

Here’s some of what he said on April 11th, 2021, almost three weeks before L’ag B’omer:


[O]n that day, they decided to slaughter all the Jews. 100,000 Jews in five minutes.

How long does it take to kill 100,000 Jews?….
All the police will go on the microphone at 6 in the morning… And they will make an announcement to wipe out all the Jews, all the Jewish nation….

The goyim are waiting all year to start chopping… To decapitate, to [separate] the Jews from their heads. Only [waiting] for permission from the king.

They are just waiting for the announcement, the megaphone, and then within 10 seconds there will not remain any Jews in all of ‘Istanbul’…And so at 6 in the morning, no memory [of the Jews] will remain.

Judenrein, Judenrein, Judenrein.

Everything will all be cleansed of Jews. And Jews will not live in ‘Istanbul’, until the end of their lifetimes.


So then, the gezeira will occur, and then Jews will no longer live in ‘Istanbul’ forever. It will be Judenrein… And so, we will have a city cleansed of Jews, and then we’ll have fun.

And what a good life we will have!


This is what [the goyim] thought in their hearts – and it’s forbidden to reveal it.

Whoever reveals it, oy va voy. The electric chair in the city square. They would always say that there was one like this who used to tell things to the Jews, always!

And the Jews would then nullify the gezeira within five minutes. They would bring a few coins, they would collect at the wall (Kotel) a few agarot (pennies) and sweeten it all. What’s the problem? A Jew knows how to sweeten everything.

In a thousandth of a second, he can sweeten all of the gezeirot in the world – so [the Turks decided] don’t reveal it, and that’s it!…


It’s already 1 in the morning, and [the minister who loves the Jews] can’t fall asleep. He cries out, hatzilu! Save us! Save us! Save us! Save us!

They are going to destroy all of the Jews, and they don’t know anything about it!


So he ran to the head of the community, at 1 o’clock in the morning, already everyone is asleep…

[S]uddenly, BOOM! CRASH! What incredible banging on the door! CRASH! BOOM! They are breaking down the door.

And the head of the community, he doesn’t understand what’s going on. The FBI has arrived, the KGB have arrived – only the KGB would make such banging.

He ran in a panic to open the door… He sees the most important minister, the most important minister.

He says to him, Listen, in another five minutes no memory will remain from all of Am Yisrael. Run quickly to the King! I’m fleeing from here. Oy va voy, maybe they will come after me! Today everything is recorded!

If they record me, I’m finished! I’m lost! The electric chair! He called out to the minister, where are you running to?


The minister with kol od nafsho bo (all the soul that was left in him) jumped all the stairs in one jump.

The head of the community, did not know what to do. He did not know where to run. Where can we go? In another five minutes, אhere will be no trace left of all the Jews.

Six in the morning, 9.30 – there won’t remain the trace of even a single Jew.

Run quickly! Run quickly, and save all the Jews! Just run, they need to run!


How the head of the community ran!

Wow! Not even the best athlete couldn’t catch up with him. He woke up all the heads of the community. It’s already 3 in the morning. Everyone is running.

They don’t know their right from their left, north or south, east or west. They don’t know where to run to, in which direction, where to run, where to flee to, where to go…


The heads of the community, let’s say Shuvu Banim, began to sing one passuk (verse) for three hours, ‘Who performs wonders alone, because His kindnesses are forever’.

[On April 11th, the same day this shiur was given over by the Rav, two coachloads of Shuvu Banim went to Meron, on the instructions of a ‘hidden Tzaddik’, to try to sweeten a very harsh decree that this ‘hidden Tzaddik’ could see on the horizon.]

Everybody sing! [Rabbi] Shimon is singing with us! [the Rav is singing with them] ‘Who performs wonders alone, because his kindnesses are forever’. There are still another 20 minutes before 7am, ‘to perform wonders alone, because His kindnesses are forever.’..


….Come, let’s run to Balfour!

Maybe there, Bibi will sweeten something…Everyone, yallah, run, run!

How they ran! Wow!

I remember it, they ran, they stampeded over 10 cats and 5 dogs.

There are indictments, to crush a cat is worse than murdering a human being, today.

B’kitzur, they bang for the gatekeeper, four in the morning. By six – they say there will already be no trace remaining of the Jews.

They didn’t tell about the decree, because we can’t make the announcement five minutes before. They didn’t make the announcement – because people would cancel it. Only at that moment. And then, they would all come, and gomarnu. He / it will decapitate 10 people, and slaughter, and within five seconds there will not remain one Jew in ‘Istanbul’…


The guard wakes up.

What’s going on here?! Why are you breaking down the gate?! I’m going to bring the police on everyone!! They said, no, no! There is a terrible decree here! Some decree on the Jews! We are the messengers of the Jews! There is a decree to wipe out all of us!

Yes, I heard it. I heard something about this. They said it’s forbidden to reveal it….


….He jumped 10 stairs in one jump.

Banged on the door. [The mother of the sultan] came out in her pyjamas, wearing her night robe. What’s going on? Guests? I heard that the head of the community arrived.

Don’t ask! They are going to kill all the Jews!

What?! Bring them into the lobby. I’m coming down.

She slid down all of the 10 steps. She jumped it in one jump. What’s going on?! They said there’s a decree!! They are killing the Jews! They said it’s forbidden for us to reveal it. If we reveal it, they will hang us all in the city square…

They crushed 20 cats. 100 dogs, on the way.

She has 100 indictments until today.

To run over dogs is worse than killing a human today.


Who can read this, and honestly not see – with hindsight – exactly what Rav Berland was describing?

On the same day that he sent his students up to Meron, to go and pray to avert a terrible decree?

And now, you tell me: can we really say ‘there are no prophets amongst us’?


Why are all these terrible things happening right now?

There are many reasons, and each of us has to do our own cheshbon hanefesh, talk to God, and figure out what the specific message is for us, that we need to work on figure out.

But there are certainly clues that the ongoing awful treatment of Rav Berland – and how the frum world has turned its back on him, leaving him to be tortured in prison by the same reshaim who killed 45 holy Jews in Meron – has at least something to do with all this.


Remember THIS, from three days ago?

A terrifying message from the elder Kabbalist, the Tzaddik Rabbi Amos Gweta shlit”a of Netanya.

“For a long time the Jewish people are silent, great rabbis are silent, the entire world is silent — about the disgracing of a great Tzaddik, the Tzaddik of the generation, who is Rabbi Eliezer Berland shlit”a, who they are disgracing from the morning to the evening.

Rabbi Berland shlit”a, they’re torturing him for a year and a half in prison — he still hasn’t been tried, and everyone is afraid to protest….

 “If [people] don’t protest the [insult] to the honor of Rabbi Eliezer Berland, there will be a tragedy a 1000 times greater.”


There are many, many spiritual messages coming down right now.

Each person needs to do their own cheshbon hanefesh, to see what they themselves are being required to recognise, rectify and fix.

But at least for some people in the frum world, re-examining their attitudes towards Rav Berland – and towards the lying, corrupt, murderous, anti-Torah ‘State of Israel’ who has been persecuting him groundlessly for the last decade – may need to loom large in that process.


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I just had a long post written to go up… but now it’s disappeared.

I’ve just switched servers, to stop hacking attempts on my blog, BH, so there may be some teething issues while the blog settles down in its new home.

Like, I had a whole post about how I went up to do some praying in Meron yesterday night with my husband, in response to a call from a ‘hidden tzaddik’ who said there are some very harsh judgments looming again.

I won’t rehash everything I wrote – too tired to do it all again today – but here’s the short version:


  1. There are very harsh judgements on the horizon again, and many of us can already feel that – that’s why we can’t sleep, have migraines, feel generally yucky, and / or stressed out of our eyeballs.
  2. Yesterday, a busload of Shuvu Banim hidden tzaddikim – just the regular guys there – travelled up to Meron to pray literally all night, that these judgments should be sweetened. (See the video below).
  3. Me and my husband also went up, so my husband could join them for an hour, while I tried to sleep in the car, as I was still feeling so yucky.

Long story short, even though I was asleep, I knew when that Shuvu Banim bus showed up, because the song ‘Uman Rosh Hashana’ started playing in my head, I got weird goosebumps down my back, I felt Rebbe Nachman had just joined the prayer gathering – and most telling of all, I suddenly started to feel way, way better and happier.


Long story even shorter:

Something big got sweetened yesterday in Meron, thanks to the mesirut nefesh of a coachload of Shuvu Banim guys, who dropped everything on a Thursday evening to spend the whole night awake praying at Meron.

That’s who Shuvu Banim really are, not all those horrible ‘knocking’ stories in the media.

That same media who have been feeding you lies non-stop about ‘Covid 19’ and ‘vaccines’ and all the rest of it.


It’s amazing to me that so many people here in Israel are acting like we’ve returned to ‘Disneyland’, now they’ve been vaxxed up to the eyeballs with an experimental gene therapy with unknown side affects.

Me, I’ve been feeling all week that we are still very much in the middle of the war, and that it’s still nowhere near the stage where we can relax and tell ourselves it’s been won.

They put the Rav back in prison.

The forces of evil are still kicking, hard.

The Rav – and the world, generally -still needs our prayers, our efforts, our yearning for moshiach and geula the sweet way.


I know it’s hard to pray, believe me.

I am currently averaging one tikkun haklali a week, where I spent the last 5 years doing around 3 a day.

But every tiny bit we do now makes so, so much difference in shemayim, precisely because it’s so very hard to do anything.

So, gird your loins!

This shabbat, try to say at least one tikkun haklali, try to do at least 10 minutes of hitbodedut.

It all counts, it can all tip the balance at this crucial time.


Rebbe Nachman told us a parable, where he explained how the previous generations had really fought most of the battle for us. They stormed the citadel, they broke down the walls, they scaled the ladders to the top of the ramparts.

All that is left for us to do is break through a few ‘cobwebs’.

That’s it.

It’s plenty hard enough, I know.

But all this is just cobwebs.

So dust off your tikkun haklali, and let’s try to blast through them.

Because geula is on the other side of those cobwebs – and not just ‘geula’ stam. We are begging Hashem to bring geula the sweet way.


PS: These guys from Shuvu only got back to Jerusalem an hour ago – 12 midday.

There is no-one else like them, ashreichem, that they are close to the Rav – and also trying to follow his path.


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I have to admit, I’m a little down about what’s going on at the moment.

The Rav, Rav Berland, has been (hopefully temporarily) returned to prison.


Because the court decided that 10 of his followers standing on the pavement outside the house in Zichron Yaakov where he’d been put in house arrest was an ‘infringement’ of their draconian instructions that the Rav must have absolutely no contact with any of his followers.

The Rav is 84, and really ill.

Even if the Rav had been convicted of the (totally fake…) crimes he’s been accused of, he wouldn’t have served this much time in prison.

BH, it’s only temporary, and he’ll be moved out of prison again soon – but it gets me down, to see the forces of evil still apparently having so many things ‘their own way’.


Here in Israel, life is kind of returning to a strange type of ‘normal’.

Most people apparently got the experimental-gene-therapy-pretending-to-be-a-vaccine, and in the meantime, the Government announced it’s now cracking down on serological tests for people to see if they already had Covid – because the whole point is to force people to be ‘vaccinated’, not to fight any disease.

Otherwise, how can we explain that the Government would prefer to spend $70 a person, forcing people to get shots for an illness that they can prove they already had and recovered from?


Baruch Hashem, in the world I live in, I don’t really need a ‘Green Passport’.

I hate shopping malls, I haven’t been to the cinema in 14 years, and I’m not a big fan of concerts or soccer games.

What I’m hoping and praying, is that now the manufactured panic is over, the usual Israeli hatred of petty bureaucracy and laws will kick in, and very soon no-one will give a stuff about ‘green passports’. That’s already pretty standard in the more orthodox Jewish communities, and in the Arab communities here, who learned a long time ago that the State is not their friend.

But it’s obvious to me that we are currently just in another ‘calm before the storm’, or to put it another way, another lull in the contractions, before the birth of moshiach kicks off again.


Ah, dear readers.

I’m so tired today.

This never-ending limbo, this never-ending uncertainty, this never-ending period of time with Kim Il Netanyahu installed as the permanent leader of the country, this never-ending persecution of the Rav, the never-ending lies still being told.

We’ve gone through 14 months of ‘Coronavirus’, and apart from half the shops in Jerusalem closing down, what’s really changed?

What lessons have we learned? What progress have we made?

I look around at life ‘returning to normal’ – with masks, Green Passports and some experimental gene therapy secretly making unknown changes to the DNA of about 5 million people here – and I can’t help buy wonder what on earth is going on.

What was all this for?

I don’t know.


I was talking to a mum of a large family yesterday, who used to love cooking supper for her kids.

These days, after a year of having some kid or other permanently under her feet for a whole year, she is seriously struggling to keep it together in the house any more.

She’s run out of energy to make food.

She’s run out of energy to walk her kids places without getting cross and irritable at them.

She’s run out of energy to keep being the ‘super mum’ she used to be.

Like me, she really loves her kids so much.

But after 14 months of having them around 24/7, we mothers are starting to seriously run out of energy.

When you can’t recharge your own batteries, you can’t keep going for those around you.


I’m sitting here typing this with a dull half a migraine.

Like you, I’m really feeling like I need a holiday, even just a day of two of not having to think about anyone except myself.

Probably like you, I can’t really see how I’m going to get one, at least, not this week.

I like to end my posts with a ‘flourish’, but I’m too tired today, mentally, to do that.

It’s hard all this.

And even when we’re trying to have emuna, and trying to appreciate all the tremendous good that still exists in the lives of each and everyone of us, some days – we still just want to run away.


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Today, I tried to climb up a nine metre ladder in Wadi Og, by the Dead Sea.

I have a few girlfriend peeps that like to tiyul in nature, and every 2-3 weeks (when we aren’t being locked down), someone picks a new place and off we go.

This week, someone picked Wadi Og, a tiyul described as being suitable for families, and kids over the age of 8.

We get there, and it starts off pretty good – gorgeous weather, deep cliffs, and a shaded descent into the wadi (dry river bed) overhung by chunks of terracotta cliff.

Then, we get to the first ‘ladder’ – aka metal handles approximately 8 inches long, drilled into the cliff face.


I was the first one there, so I headed up – then had to stop around 2 metres up, as I suddenly started to feel totally petrified, and my hands got so sweaty I thought it was impossible to maintain any grip on those metal handles.

I took a couple of breaths, then climbed back down again.



I’m not a big one for heights, it’s true, but I’m also not a chicken.


In the meantime, a couple of families with small kids clamber up the ‘ladder’ while my friends arrive, and I see it’s definitely do-able.

In theory.

Two other ladies in my group also gave the ladder a try – and stopped in the same place I’d stopped.

Number 4 in our group is the last one to try it, and as she begins her ascent, some chubby savta pokes her head over the top and tells us it’s not as scary as it looks!!

My friend believes her, and as a result manages to clamber up.

I try again, after her, and again, I find myself gripped with fear and panic and sporting a pair of hands so sweaty you could almost wash your face with them.

I have to come down.


(As a side note, there is NO WAY that chubby Savta got up to the top bderech hateva. Either she knew a short-cut, or she was Eliyahu HaNavi.)


The other two ladies in my group head off to do some ‘Chi Gong’ in a shaded bit of the Wadi, while I sit on a rock and ponder what’s going on, here.

The night before, me and my husband got into a ‘discussion’ that took us 4 times around our block.

Long story short, he wanted to know how do I know that all this information I’m putting out is really what God wants?

I told him straight:

I don’t.

I just keep asking God to show me what He wants, to help me do what He wants me to do, and then even after I’ve deleted and deleted, and shut down a million tabs, and burnt notes and family trees – I find myself right in the middle of another blog post, or three.


That answer didn’t reassure him.

So, he’s asked me to not publicise more information at the moment (yes, there is WAY more information to publicise…) until he has more clarity on what God really wants.

Believe it or not, I actually don’t care either way.

I really am just trying to give God what He wants, and I know from past experience, that’s often radically different from what we think He wants, before we do the experiment of actually asking Him directly.


So, back to the ladder.

I’m sitting there, doing some hitbodedut, asking God to show me what that whole ‘petrified about ascending the ladder’ thing was all about, when I got this idea pop into my brain:

Biti, you can’t do anything that I don’t want you to do.

If you are trying to get into places you shouldn’t be going, I will send you that same fear you felt now, and you will stop and back down.

So, until that happens, continue!


God is right, that I will back down immediately, if I think it’s not what He wants.

I’ve done that at least 4-5 times already, with all this research I’m doing into real Jewish history.

But each and every time I check it out in hitbodedut, I get the message to continue.

How do you know that you’re just not a shaliach for the yetzer hara? 

I asked my husband yesterday, when we were having our ‘discussion’.

He had the same problem I had: he doesn’t know that.

And so, the confusion and doubt continues.


What’s the point of doing all of this, and of putting it all out there? What’s it going to change?

That’s what my husband wanted to know.

After I thought about it for a minute, this is what I told him:

I believe that the truth heals.

I believe that once the truth is told, all the machloket and all the false divisions, and all the petty disagreements that have us all at each other’s throats will vanish.

Telling the truth can do that, because people feel truth on the inside of their souls, and they can’t deny it – at least, to themselves.


I’ve seen how telling the truth, from a place of humility, has healed so much in my life and in my relationships.

Sure, “telling the troof” can be weaponised, and used to try and demonise and shame others, and to ‘big up’ the person telling the truth.

That’s not what I’m talking about here.

I know there are good Jews – amazingly good Jews – all over the Jewish world, in every group and every ‘sect’ you care to mention, religious and secular, in Israel and in Chul.

And I also know there is no group, religious or otherwise, in Israel or in Chul, that doesn’t also have its fair share of problems and ‘interesting’ people.


Telling the truth, with compassion for the other, and with the full understanding that there but for the grace of God go I, is going to lead us to geula, and to the type of achdut most of us have been dreaming about for years, already.

But at the moment, my husband disagrees.

And I understand where he’s coming from, and I respect him tremendously for sharing his views.

I think he’s wrong.

But, I’m going to let God decide about what I should be doing with all this stuff, so I told my husband:

When God tells you to tell me to start writing about this stuff again, that’s when we’ll know that it really is what God wants.

But don’t hold your breath.

It could be a long time coming.


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I will let you know…

But if it goes down again, that’s why.

BH, wishing all my readers a happy, meaningful and redemptive Pesach in the meantime.

With the stalemate going on around the elections, I think we are entering the next stage of the geula process… and I will do my best to keep blogging.

But if the site disappears for a week or two, it’s because it’s being hacked, and it may take me a while (and some more cash…) to fix that problem.


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Some of the posts are apparently being ‘disappeared’ from off the home page.

Including this one, from today.

Take a look and perhaps you’ll see why that might be happening.

And please let me know if you can see this.