An hour before Succot began, I went for a stroll around the neighborhood, with my husband.

***Very important updates below***

It was nice to see how many succahs had popped up all over the place, even in my hood, which is really not known for being very observant.

Five minutes from home, we saw a guy from shul up a ladder, painting out the light of one of the lamp-posts right next to his home.

What are you doing, is that a 5G lamp-post?! I called out to him.

It must be! He told me. There is something really ‘off’ with the light, it’s so bright I can’t take it.


On the way home, I noticed that more of these new ‘blade style’ 5G lights had been fitted to the old lamp-posts in our neighborhood.

One of the new 5G lampposts on my street in Jerusalem.

I started to worry.

When did that happen?

My kid told me they came round the neighborhood and replaced the old tops of the lamp-posts four days ago.

Was it in the middle of the night? I asked her, incredulous as to how I could have missed this.

Apparently, yes it was.


I came home, and started googling stuff about 5G again.

Maybe, that wasn’t the best thing to have done an hour before Succot began.

I got to THIS article, from (which is being heavily censored and even blocked…) called:

Weaponising 5G and Nanotechnology: How do we protect ourselves?

And then, I got to THIS article:

Will nanotechnologies and the 5G network become the most powerful weapons system the world has ever seen?

And then, half an hour before Succot, I found myself watching some guy in Canada who was trying to teach me how to make an ‘anti-nanotechnology’ bucket, to detox from all this stuff:


I started to feel pretty ill.

My husband came over.

What are you watching?

I started guiltily.

Um, I’m watching some guy in Canada who is teaching you how make this kind of ‘electric bucket’ thing, that helps your body to detox from all the nanotech… I told him.

This stuff is in everything… The food, the water, the plants, the challah.

And now they’ve put a 5G lamp-post right outside my house, and I’m scared they are going to start frying our brain cells alive….


I could tell we were going to have a ‘tin foil hat’ conversation again.

But in the meantime, I started to feel so trapped in this world where I can’t throw out my computer, can’t switch off my wireless, can’t totally rid my house of evil phones and evil tablets.

Then, I remembered our Succah was sitting right outside, bathed in the ‘rays’ of the evil 5G lamp-post, and my heart sank.

Long story short, I totally didn’t go into Succot with the right frame of mind.


Succot morning, I decided I had to do some serious hitbodedut about what was going on.

I can’t make an ‘anti-nano bucket’, nor an ‘anti-nano triangle’.

At the same time, this explanation of what’s going on with all this nanotech felt intuitively ‘right’ to me:

How do These Devices Deprogram Nano?

Tony Pantalleresco explains:

They create a DC electric pulse. We use a DC power supply to create a field in the bucket or bathtub. Some power supplies have a cut-off mechanism where they turn on and off. This creates a mini electromagnetic pulse (EMP). The EMP overloads the programing of the nano materials and wipes it clean for a while. 

The idea is when the field hits the programing it disengages it, then without the programming the nano materials just become inert nano substances such as nano-metal which can then more easily be flushed out of the body. The gentle pulsing of the field first disengages the programing, which is designed to build, construct, and network. 

The second thing you are doing is to make nano substances collide.

Nano particles are 1 nano-second apart – they don’t touch each other. They know where to go and how to flow. They know what part of the equation they fit into, and they fall in place. As they assemble up they do not interfere with one another. The moment you make them touch each other they take themselves out.

You have substances that are 3 times harder than diamond and a hundred times stronger than steel that have a charge. When they touch each other it is like a major explosion in the nano world. When two collide it has adverse effects on the network that they are in. It is like a line of dominos. You hit one and a hundred of them will fall. 


These articles about bio-nanotech were written 2,3 and even 4 years ago.

But they are describing exactly how the research papers say this stuff is meant to be working in situ.

So this morning, I had a big chat with God about all this, and what He wants from me.

God, do you want me to be making a ‘nano-bucket’?

The answer came back negative.

I’m scared of this 5G lamp-post they just put right next to my house, God. I’m feeling very powerless to fight all this ‘bad’ again. What do you want from me, God?

The answer came back very fast:

Don’t be scared of anything except ME, Rivka. And pray for all this nanotech to start breaking up.


Way back when, I used to do – and share – a lot of visualisations for mental and physical health.

These are very powerful techniques, not least because the human brain can’t distinguish between something you ‘imagine’ and something you actually experience, in the moment, which is why dreams always feel so real.

So, I decided to ‘create’ an anti-nanotech visualisation for myself.


It’s very simple.

I just pictured Hashem’s ineffable name – the YKVK, in Hebrew – kind of making a ‘lightning storm’ anywhere where I felt maybe some nanotech had lodged.

Like, my magnetic clavicles.

And my magnetic temples.

And also, all over my stomach, too, which has honestly been feeling ‘weird’ and not quite right for years, now.


I just pictured Hashem’s ineffable name creating a lightning storm at just the right frequency, to take this stuff out, and reduce it back to inert material, that the body can then naturally flush out.

I honestly don’t know if it worked, on the physical level.

But I can tell you that at the emotional and spiritual level, I started to feel way, way happier again.


Life is very scary at the moment.

When that 5G lamppost showed up literally on my doorstep this week, it really brought it home to me that I am up against a regime that is really trying to control and / or kill me and my family.

I have no say in what’s happening on my own doorstep.

I have no where I can run to, to escape this ‘technology’.

So my only recourse is to take it all back to God, and give it all back to Him to deal with.

Ein Od Milvado.

Even all this evil ‘bio-nanotech’ I’m eating and breathing and drinking all the frigging time actually is just a part of God’s creation.

So, I’m trying to take it back to Him, to deal with it.


One other thing I realised today is the incredible importance of saying the brachot over our food and drink with at least a  bit of kavana, (proper intention).

Today, I really internalised that when I say my blessings carefully, I am also ‘elevating’ my food and drink, and hopefully neutralising anything in that stuff that isn’t good for me.

Mamash, I haven’t been this careful about saying my blessings over food and drink for a very long time.

I hope it lasts.


It’s very tempting to go the ‘foil hat’ route, sometimes.

I also used to mock those people who believed that the government was experimenting on them with ‘mind control’ techniques that ‘beamed stuff into their brains’ as demented lunatics.

Not any more.

The more I learn about bio-nanotech, graphene oxide, and its links to 5G, the more I realise that most of these people were way, way ahead of the curve.

But as a Jew, I know it’s the power of prayer that’s going to get me through all this in one piece, and not the ‘nano bucket’ (or the foil hat…)

But if anyone out there wants to start taking down these 5G lampposts in the meantime… be my guest.



I am trying to verify if this ‘new look’ lamp post outside my house is really 5G – and that’s proving surprising difficult to do.

One of the new 5G lampposts on my street in Jerusalem.


It’s very hard to track down information about what the ‘5G’ equipment actually looks like, in real life, presumably bcause they don’t want people to go out and wreck it, once they understand how bad it is for their health, to be near it.

I found this, from 2016 (shmirat eynayim friendly):


I also know that putting 5G in / on lamp-posts is definitely a real ‘thing’, and that ‘5G lamp-posts’ are being rolled out all over the world.

For example, this video is of George Street, downtown Sydney, from July 2019. (It’s not shmirat eynayim friendly, so underneath there are a couple of screenshots of the relevant parts.)



This one shows what these 5G lamp-posts in Sydney look like, with the round cylinder on top.


And this one shows that the EMF radiation on George Street, Sydney is well ABOVE even the maximum public exposure level set by the corrupt WHO.


But my new, LED-light lamp-post doesn’t look anything like that.

So I carry on looking around, which is when I get to THIS website, which has links to a bunch of ‘Smart Lamp-post’ specifications, straight from the manufacturers.

If you go HERE, you’ll find the ‘smart LED lamp-post’ being produced by a company called OrangeTek, screenshot of their PDF below.


This model looks very similar to what just turned up on my street:

One of the new 5G lampposts on my street in Jerusalem.


This creepy video pushing ‘Smart Lighting’ comes from a company called iNELS, from 2017.

It’s shmirat eynayim friendly, and explains this idea of ‘smart lighting’ – which if it’s correct, means I’m breaking shabbat everytime I walk past one of these things on a Friday night and it ‘brightens’ as a result….


These screenshots show how these Smart LED lights are meant to function.

This first one shows where the WIFI connected control unit is, behind the LED strip at the front of the light:


This second one shows how the ‘connectivity’ with these lights are controlled by a central command:


What’s an ‘RTS’ tower?

I’m also wondering that. Apparently, it stands for “Remote Tower Systems”.

[Update: I misread that, it actually says ‘BTS’, which is the old-fashioned, unmistakeable 4G towers. Clearly, God wanted this over information ‘out there’ instead…]

On the first pass, all I can find is stuff about ‘Remote Tower Systems for Airports’, which doesn’t seem to fit with lamp-posts on my street…

So then I try again, this time including ‘5G’ – and THIS is what comes up, a very balanced and informative article about the technology being used for 5G, from the website.


Here’s the relevant snippets:

Massive MIMO

Another way that 5G accelerates internet connections is using something called MIMO.

MIMO stands for “multiple-input, multiple-output”. It refers to antenna systems that are designed to coordinate communication to simultaneously send data over the same channel.

MIMO has been part of prior cellular networks. But remember 5G is designed to accommodate many more connections sending much more data. And one way they do that is with massive MIMO.

A standard MIMO might include four to eight antennas. To accommodate the data transmission requirements of 5G, new 5G cell phone towers will include ‘massive’ 128-antenna arrays.


Beamforming is another key technology used alongside MIMO to support the dizzying speeds of 5G. In fact, the terms beamforming and massive MIMO (or mMIMO) are often used interchangeably.

Beamforming is the technology that works with mMIMO to “aim” the cell signal. It focuses the wireless transmission from the 5G tower in a specific direction, rather than blasting in all directions with equal power.


Let me plain English this for you.

Massive MIMO can send many different signals, remotely, to many different devices simultaneously, and each ‘device’ can be signalled to do something different.

So, if my ‘Smart LED Lamp-post’ is connected to a massive MIMO network, it can be sent a signal telling it to start emitting all sorts of different directed energy waves…. at my home.

Remember, that our thoughts, emotions and physical processes are all fundamentally controlled by electro-magnetic ‘waves’.

This is very scary stuff.



If you go HERE, you’ll find a description of what these ‘massive MIMO’ antenna arrays look like.

I’ve screenshotted that below:


When I was walking back from the Kotel on Succot, I noticed one of these ‘hidden’ on the roof of the Mount Zion Hotel.

So, another piece of the puzzle falls into place.


So, back to my 5G streetlight.

I’m very sensitive to energy, and apart from the awful LED light, it seems to me the technology hasn’t been ‘switched on’ yet, because if it had, I’d ‘feel’ it probably immediately.

We have a small window of opportunity, to understand what’s going on here, and to make the teshuva required to derail it before we get to the next stage of ‘the plan’.

This all totally ties in with the nanotech graphene oxide shots, and smart dust, and the ‘Internet of Things‘ – and a lot of other things I’ve been writing about on the blog, for a while now.

It ties in to the weird-named ‘Covid 19 variants’. It ties into DARPA’s ‘Directed Energy Weapons‘ and mind control agendas.

And of course, all this ultimately ties into geula and redemption.


Of course, you don’t have to take my word for it – and you shouldn’t.

Research this yourself, every which way you can, so you can really start to tell the difference between ‘truth’ and ‘lies’.

Take responsibility for yourself, for your life, for your health, do the real hishtadloos required, to get through this stage in one piece.

In the meantime, let me leave you with this:


It’s a 5 minute talk entitled Neuroweapons. Directed Energy Weapons. Brain Implants, by a real person, a neuroscientist named Dr James Giordano, from February 2019.

PLEASE, PLEASE, take the time to listen to it.

Here’s a screenshot of his (cached…) bio, which has otherwise been scrubbed of the net:


The highlighted bit reads:

He is Senior Science Advisory Fellow of the Strategic Multilevel Assessment Group, Joint Staff/J-2, Deputy Director for Global Operations at the Pentagon, and an appointed member of the Neuroethics, Legal and Social Issues Advisory Panel of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).


Here’s some screenshots from his talk.

Remember, this stuff isn’t just being tried out on ‘terrorists in Eye-rak’, or Al Kaida in Syria… it’s first and foremost being used against the global elite’s biggest enemy of all: you and me.

Pay particular attention to that last thing, where DARPA employee Giordano describes how they can use nanotech to induce a ‘stroke epidemic’ in the population.

At the 1 minute 30 second marks, he starts to talk about different ways you can use ‘directed energy’ to affect the health of the brain, and explains more about some of DARPA’s ongoing programs, including the N3 program.

I’m going to bring the rest of his comments below.

They are shocking in the extreme.



[N3] is a non-invasive, neuro-surgical modulation program, being run their program manager Dr Al Lundy.

The idea here is to put minimal-sized electrodes in a network within the brain to [enable] minimal intervention to be able to read and write into the brain function, in real time, remotely…

I can disrupt an individual from the level of their cell to their system, and disrupt individuals on a variety of levels, and disrupt individuals all the way up to the social fabric. Target a specific individual. Change or eliminate that individual with very little attribution or trace….


 We also see the use of biodata as a bioweapon.

Manipulating biodata, so that I can then put into your particular medical records subtle information that may change the disposition of whether your sick, or not. Change how you’re treated. Influence the postures that go to you in terms of insurance, care, viability for military service. 

By altering that information, by changing those data, by promoting that data, I essentially change the ‘you’ of you.

And I can do that in very subtle and insidious ways…. If I change those data, I can change the way you are regarded and treated. And I can do that in one of two ways: I can do it in such a way that you’re going to be regarded, in a negative sense. Or I can do it in such a way that they’re going to treat you incorrectly.

If I say, for example, that you have a particular allergy, or a particular disorder, you’ll be treated for that. And that could then harm your health and your stability….


One of the newest developments is that nanoparticulate matter can be stabilised for distribution.

If you’re not aware of what nanoparticulate matter is, it’s that matter that exists on the scale of 1 x 10 to the minus 9. Very, very small. Smaller than a cell. 

And we can manufacture materials that have discrete properties that can be controlled by virtue of bio-engineering and their physical chemistry.

I can create small robotic units, controllable robotic units at the nanoscale, and then these too can be ‘aerosol-ised’, to create a nano-swarm of bio-penetrable materials that you cannot see, that can penetrate all but the most robust bio-chemical filters; that are able to integrate themselves into a variety of membranes  – mucous membranes in wherever, mouth, nose, ears, eyes.

Can then be up-taken into the vascular system to create clumping.

Can affect the vascular system of the brain,  or can directly diffuse into the brain space. And these can be weaponised.

And it can be done at such a level, that their presence is almost impossible to detect. And as such, the attribution becomes exceedingly difficult to demonstrate. 


There is it, spelled out as clearly as you can get, by a guy who works for DARPA and who is also the Deputy Director for Global Operations at the Pentagon.

That nanotech ‘clumping’ in the vascular system, described by Giordano, is what’s causing the heart attacks, the thrombi, the clots, the strokes – and of course, the other weird breathing difficulties and lung issues otherwise known as ‘Covid 19’.

I rest my case.


Don’t despair!

I know this stuff is very heavy, believe me, I know.

But there is still time – ample time – to turn all this around. We just need to pull our heads out of the sand, and start to work together to figure out how to wrest ‘control’ back from these horrible people, and to give it back to God.

Prayer, teshuva and charity have always worked to overturn the decree, and this is no different.

Just don’t go into denial or despair about what is happening.

God and His tzaddikim will pull through for us, I promise.

But first – we have to stop being part of the problem, pushing the fake ‘Covid 19’ masking / vaxxing cack on people, and start being part of the solution.



You might also like this article:

Here is the link where you can download a PDF infographic that clearly explains how graphene and 5G radiation are causing ‘Covid 19’ symptoms:és.pdf?dl=0

You can find other infographics in Spanish, Portuguese and French on the La Quinta Columna Telegram channel HERE.

And in the meantime, here’s some screenshots of the English Infographic:
















Go HERE to download the whole thing in English.

Go HERE to see a scientific research paper on what these Covid 19 shots – all of them! – actually contain, in English.

Go HERE to see more of the original research on the vials of Covid 19 ‘vaccine’, plus lots of images, in Italian (which you can easily Google translate.)

And here’s a snippet:

UPDATE. CoV-19 Vaccine Ingredients Revealed! Scanning and transmitting electron microscopy reveals PEG, Graphene Oxide, stainless steel and even a parasite…


BTW, it seems as though that parasite is only found in the Pfizer shots…

They really went to a lot of trouble to pack as many health-damaging things in to the Covid shots as they could, here in Israel.


One last update:

My daughter tried the bluetooth Smartphone thing on the arm of one friend, and it didn’t work.

That’s not conclusive evidence, but it’s more information I’m sharing as I go along.

Let me know if you try it on someone vaccinated, so we can pool the information as we go along and continue to figure out what is really happening here.


And don’t fear ‘Covid 19’.

All this is just Hashem, Ein Od Milvado, and as soon as God is ready, this massive test will disappear.


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Yesterday, I had a few of my peeps come join me in the garden for cake and tea.

It may not sound like so much, but these small ‘get togethers’ of like-minded people are so uplifting and strengthening, stuck as we are in this current Covid 19 nightmare.

So we sat in the garden on a perfect Jerusalem night, as Ahmed down the street blasted his Arab wedding karaoke, and spoke about all things Corona and emuna related.

Because those two things go together.

And I learnt some surprising things, that gave me a lot of hope.


The first thing that I learnt is that there are apparently tens of thousands of secular people in Israel – what we would call ‘lefties’ – who are implacably ‘against’ what’s going on with the Covid 19 shots.

And these people are organising on Facebook, and starting to get a lot of things done.


Here’s the link:


They are encouraging parents to take their children out of ‘force-vaxxing’ schools and to work together to homeschool, come September 1.

They are publically standing up to these Government diktats in their groups, and apparently encouraged 2,500 secular teachers to quit, rather than go back to school and be ‘force-vaxxed’.

And most remarkable of all, they are talking about God.


You won’t hear about these groups from the MSM, because the corrupt media want us all to think that we are the only ‘weirdos in the village’ who are anti-Covid 19 shots.

But there are way, way more people out there who are not buying the propaganda, and who are standing up for what’s right, bravely, in whatever small way they can.


Over on the habayitah website HERE, you’ll find another example of that personal bravery that starts to turn the tide.

It’s the personal story of a Jew who risked getting arrested at the pool, to stand up for what’s right, and to not just crumple in the face of all this coronafascism.

Here’s a snippet:

Anyone can do this. Anywhere.

You must do this.

Just walk in, and call their bluff. Tell them to call the police. The worst that will happen, if you are calm and stand your ground, is that you will get a ticket, that you can then appeal in court, and the ticket will be cancelled, because they do not want anything going to court, lest they lose, there’s precedent, and the whole totalitarian system crumbles.

Call. Their. Bluff.

This is all just fear. There is nothing to be afraid of. Pool conquered. Gym conquered. Supermarket conquered. The counterattack progresses.

Thank you God for giving us the strength to do Your will and to fight back.


I just went to read that hyperlink above, called ‘Supermarket conquered‘ – and it’s even more inspiring than the pool story.

Go and read it – it’s along the lines of my Post Office saga, but honestly? The woman is way, way braver than I was, because she is taking a stand to walk around everywhere, totally unmasked.

But here’s the takeaway message:

 This is all one big bluff.

Our enemies are empty shells. Evil is emptiness.

Show no fear. Stare the bastards down. Keep your calm. They’re nothing.


There is a weird ‘rule’ that the forces of evil appear to keep, that whatever diabolical, demonic scheme they are working on, it all has to be done according the rule of law.

We saw that in the Purim story, where Haman’s attempted mass murder is all played out against the backdrop of complying with Shushan’s legal code.

The same thing happened in Sdom, which apparently was also infested with lawyers and corrupt judges.

And the same thing is happening today, in the State of Israel, and the other places we all live in.

They are using psychological manipulation, peer pressure and threats with all this masks and ‘force-vaxxing’ stuff, because legally, they don’t have a leg to stand on.

And once more of us start to challenge the ‘rule of law’ all of this ISN’T BASED ON, the whole system of coronafascism will collapse.


If that sounds incredible, it may already be happening.

Also on habayitah, I saw this post:

Rabbi Weissman:  Interesting news someone shared with me that won’t be reported:

Almost 1000 policemen were supposed to be sent to chalat because they refused to get the jab.

The Bagatz [Supreme Court] ruled out that it is illegal to force anybody to take the cr*p or any other medical procedure against their will.


People, be brave!

Talk to God, screw your emuna up to the sticking point, and then start to stand up for what you really believe in, and for the safety and health of yourselves and your families.

We can’t ‘play it safe’ anymore – the stakes are getting to high.

Each person, in their own way, has to take a stand for truth, for free choice, for the right of every human being to live life in the way the Creator designed it.

Every small ‘push back’ you make sends ripples out into the wider world, and creates angels that will help others to find their courage, and their voices, and their true emuna.


I have a good friend whose son is now being ‘banned’ from his high school because he doesn’t have a green pass.

My friend is a lawyer, married to a lawyer.

I want to say to her: sue the pants off that school!!!

Send them a lawyer letter telling them what they are doing is totally illegal, and see how quickly they crumple.

What do you have to lose, at this point?

What’s the alternative – to let them force-vaxx your son, just so he continue his education?!?!?

Since when is that even a credible idea?


I know it’s hard to stand up for what’s right.

I know the fear-consumed Karens are REALLY hard to deal with.

But here’s what you have to understand about humanity:

Most people are followers, not leaders.

As soon as there is a tiny group of people who start to stand up for what’s right, in all areas of life, that will paralyse the march of Coronafascism in its tracks.

I am 100% sure that much as my encounters with Karens disturbed me, it also disturbed them, and made it way less likely that they were going to launch an attack on their next unsuspecting victim.


We can’t play it safe anymore and continue just living in fear, and negating our free will and personal integrity and health just to keep in our comfort zone and avoid conflicts with the psychos out there.

What sort of life is that anyway, where we shuffle around bemasked and force-vaxxed, unable to even go for a jog, or to pray in a minyan, or to stand in silent prayer at the Kotel without wearing a mask, just because the coronafascists say so?

At some point, we have to say no more!!!

At some point, we have to be brave, and to manifest our emuna in the real world, in some tangible way.

Ein Od Milvado.

There is only Hashem.


And if I don’t take that risk, and if I don’t move out of my comfort zone?

Then what’s the point of being alive anyway, just to be ‘transhuman experiment’ with no free choice whose soul is totally trapped amongst the klippot anyway?

What’s the point of staying alive, if those are the conditions?

What’s the point?


Rabbenu tells us, we only have today.

Don’t wait for someone else to be ‘the one’ who is going to break the fear, and the force of coronafascism in your life.

Today, with God’s help, you can turn that corner already, and stop letting illegal and immoral coronafascism from dictating to you how you breathe, and where you go, and whether you can pray in a minyan.


So hold God’s hand, take a deep breath, and stand up for what’s right, in whichever way you can.

At this point, we have nothing left to lose.

And they can’t arrest us all.


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When I was 18, I spent a year learning poet Philip Larkin, for my A-levels.

Strangely, a lot of his poetry actually spoke to me, and as I age, I find more and more of his stanzas popping into my head.

Like, after my post office experience, and after so many different members of my family also got attacked by proto-nazi ‘Karens’ for not wearing face masks over their noses, this verse popped, unbidden, into my head:

Come, friendly bombs, and fall on Slough
It isn’t fit for humans now,
There isn’t grass to graze a cow
— Swarm over, Death!


Except of course, I mentally scratched out the word ‘Slough’ and replaced it with ‘Karen’.

It’s been a rough week, emotionally.

A week of super-high stress.

A week of really starting to worry again, that this isn’t going to turn out so well after all.


My husband is Mr Super-chilled.

He’s one of those that stays calm and collected on the outside, while all the time secretly cultivating mouth ulcers.

Even he came home yesterday super-super-stressed, by his experiences on the Jerusalem tram.

Two days ago, two pensioner Karens called the ticket inspector on him, because he wasn’t wearing a mask.

The ticket inspector had seen his ticket – when he was maskless – and not mentioned anything.

But once these proto-Nazi Karens started screaming and hollering that he wasn’t wearing a mask!!! That dirty Jewish person is not wearing a mask!!! Get him off the train and disinfect him in some camp somewhere IMMEDIATELY!!!


The ticket inspector found themselves between a rock and a hard place, and told my husband to fully mask up, or get booted off the train.


This stuff wears you down.

I went to Kever Dan yesterday with a friend.

I wasn’t wearing a mask and had no intention of wearing a mask.

Suddenly, a minibus of middle-aged Sephardi grandmas joined us at the Kever, nearly all wearing masks.

I tensed for the coming assault….

Baruch Hashem, it never came, and most of the ladies ‘de-masked’ pretty fast themselves once they settled in.

But it showed me just how much I am living in fear of the next confrontation with the Karens.


Come friendly bombs…


Another friend of mine told me she was sitting in the park when she met someone into ‘healthy’ stuff, who she’s had some good conversations with in the past.

Somehow or other, the conversation shifted to Covid 19 ‘vaccinations’, and my friend confessed she hadn’t lined up to be injected with graphene nanobots and DNA origami.

The other woman – who it turns out was totally vaccinated up to the wahootsi – narrowed her eyes, and told my friend:

You are putting my life in danger.

Say what?!?

Why are you taking the ‘vaccine’ if it doesn’t even work, Karen?

Of course, logical arguments like this get you precisely nowhere, because this isn’t about ‘logic’ or facts – and it never was.

And it really puts you off going out of your house, when you have to deal with proto-Nazi morons whose bad middot and lack of emuna have totally swamped their humanity and ability to think.


So here in Israel, the fear factor, the fascist ‘blaming people’ factor, is going through the roof again.

And our dear leader Naftali Bennett is spouting his corona-fascism every chance he gets.

The good news is, he’s no Bibi.

Bibi was a much better actor, a master manipulator, while Bennett is kind of like a chainsaw sculpture.

Get vaccine or no holiday…

Get vaccine or no job…

Get vaccine or we take your dog and shoot it….

It’s not subtle, is it?

And more and more people are slowly starting to figure out that something is very wrong with this picture.


Nearly all my daughter’s friends were ‘vaccinated’, mostly so they could get their freedoms back.

Now they are seeing there are no freedoms, still, there is no end to the ‘coronavirus scamdemic’, and the endless demands to curtail their liberties and human rights, at least some of them are starting to regret that they rushed to get the shots.

I’m sure their ranks will swell and swell, as the next few weeks play out.


Ima, this is the blanket being shaken, and it’s amazing that we’re holding on!

My daughter told me yesterday.

It IS amazing that we are holding on.

I just hope we can continue, as the madness escalates further and further.


But let’s just come back to those proto-Nazi Karens.

And to all the other ‘small people’ who are keeping this rule of evil going, like the nurses who are busily injecting the graphene oxide into old and young arms; and the police who are busily enforcing illegal ‘quarantine’ regulations; and the ticket inspectors on the public trams, who would rather keep their jobs in the Third Reich, than stand up for freedom and human dignity.

Let’s ask those people this question:

When all this is finally unmasked; when this whole plandemic is finally exposed as the ‘final solution’ for humanity it was engineered to be, are you going to tell your descendants that you were ‘just following orders?’

And are you going to expect your descendants – and the rest of us – to accept that, as a reason for why you continued to function as a small cog in this fascist, evil, destructive machine?

If that thought is making you a little uncomfortable (and it really should….)

Get out now, while you still have some of your soul intact.


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This post is going to be about the stuff we can do to get all this poison out of the system.

Inspired by this email that I got sent from Jerusalem Cats yesterday:

People are begging for an Antidote for the Vaccine.

They are desperate after they realize that the Government Lied to them about the Vaccine. They are seeing all the Heart Attacks and are scared. They need a cure for the Vaccine. Anything that can be translated, printed and handed out to people.


Let’s start with all the stuff I HAVE to say, so no-one can come after me.

Baruch Hashem, I’m not a doctor, and nothing that I’m telling you constitutes medical advice in any way.

You should, of course, double-check all of this with someone who is paid by Big Pharma directly (or their proxies in the government and the Ministry of Health) to advise you on your health.

People like me – what do we know?

So, you take responsibility for your own health and actions, and I accept no liability for anything that might happen to you in connection to anything I’m writing here.


Before we go on, I just want you to understand something:

There is so much deliberate disinformation going on, that it’s impossible to know what’s really happening, or how.

I’m trying to bring you stuff that I’m finding first-hand, that jives with the insights I get in my hitbodedut. I’m trying to ‘sniff out’ the truth, but there is so much disinformation, it’s very, very hard to do that.

Let me give you an example of what I’m talking about.

I got sent the following links by reader N.

Video 1: Shows the difference between healthy, normal blood, and blood that’s apparently been poisoned and contaminated by graphene in the Moderna shot (screenshot below):


It looks pretty convincing, at first glance, but I wanted to find out who was the doctor who apparently took these samples.

Jane Ruby says they come from a ‘Dr Van Welbergen’ in the UK. I don’t know why, but that name just sounded a bit weird to me, so I tried to look him up. I got to this:

Dr Philippe van Welbergen is the Medical Director of Biomedical Clinics Ltd.

They operate ISO, European Norms and British Standards certified Clinics in Harley Street London and in Scotland. He is a Specialist Service Provider to Health Insurers in the UK, and is a Specialist Medical Practitioner to a number of oil companies to look after their rig crews and helicopter pilots. …

In their absence, one uses what is available, to build up and support an immune system, to help prevent damage of chiefly lung and heart tissue from infection. The massive dose Vitamin C protocols have been effective when applied by the Health Authorities of the worst affected countries and resulted in recoveries overtaking deaths.


That sounded even more weird to me, to I went to look up the Biomedical Clinics website, HERE.


It looks and reads like a fake website to me, and it is not AT ALL related to the areas outlined above.

So, are these shots of ‘dying blood’ fake, and is this ‘Dr Van Welbergen’ also fake?




Here’s the original video with Philip van Welbergen from June 28, 2021, from the Loving Life website.

It’s actually been scrubbed off the page already, so I had to download this from the cache.

I’m listening to him, and so far he seems to sound genuine…. so the plot thickens.

HOWEVER – there are no pictures of ‘poisoned blood’ in this video, FYI.


I also got sent a link to another Stew Peters show, this time with a former Pfizer employee called Karen Kingston.

You can see that video HERE.

Again, it all sounds very convincing and above board, at first blush.

But again…. I started to get a niggling feeling that something is not quite right with the picture, here.

It’s a few things, like the way this Karen was so quick to start fingering some new Chinese start-up called ‘SinoPeg‘, as the place conveniently manufacturing all this PEG-ylated graphene nanotech.

We know from the research going on here at the blog that Sigma Aldrich was the go-to company for PEG-ylated graphene nanotech back in 2013, and that they were bought out by Merck a couple of years ago.


I went to look at the website, and sure enough…

It’s dinging off the fake bell again.

It’s little things, like the fact that the first 6 pages of ‘news’ are announcements of SinoPeg apparently showing up at trade fairs, beginning 2019, and reprints of other sites’ copyrighted material. And then all of a sudden, in February, you get this:


This is just not how you put out press releases, even if English is not your first language.

Here’s the news pages of a real Chinese biotech company, so you can see the difference for yourself.

So, that’s dinging off the bell that all this is somehow fake news.

Why would they fake this?

To try and steer us away from the truth, and from the real people who are operating out of the shadows.

All these ‘billionaires’ and Bill Gates…. they are all just front men, puppets, for the people who are pulling the strings of organisations like DARPA.


DARPA is the real address for most of this.

And that’s terrifying, because DARPA is the US government.

So much for the ‘good part’ of Edom argument….


OK, how is all this connected to what I’m actually trying to write about, in this post?

It goes like this: this is a battle for your heart, your soul, and your mind.

What you think, what you believe, that makes your reality.

If you believe that your veins are clogged full of poisonous graphene that’s going to kill you really fast – that’s the reality you create.

Personally, I believe there is something very bad in the shots – and that it could well be that the discussion about graphene itself is only a distraction from the real problem, which could well be the DNA origami that no-one is talking about – BUT.

I also believe that everything can be turned around for the good, and that good health can be attained with the proper outlook and teshuva.

So now, let’s look at some practical things to do, regardless of what ends up being in those Covid 19 shots.


All health issues have to be addressed across the three levels of body (nefesh), mind / emotions (ruach) and soul (neshama).

And that includes potential blood poisoning from things like reduced graphene oxide.


  1. Anything that is going to help get toxins and impurities out of your body and your system is going to be helpful, regardless of what’s going on with the shots.
  • See this, for some suggested supplements, including Zinc and NAC:

Feel free to explore your own anti-oxidants – and it doesn’t have to be complicated.

  • You can also just start munching your way through a bunch of fresh parsley or coriander every day, which will also do great things to help clean up the blood.

Coriander helps to clean the body from the cell up. The leaf is used to facilitate the safe excretion of heavy metals and other environmental toxins such as lead, arsenic and mercury.

  • Drink lots of mineral water every day – at least two very big cups.
  • Do something that will make you sweat – because sweat is also another very useful way the body rids itself of toxins. Go for a walk, dance, do some HIIT workout for 15 minutes at home, swim, garden – whatever you can manage.
  • Consider buying some Shungite, and also more plants, to help guard against EMF energy in your home.

[S]hungite has a unique structure consisting of fullerenes, which is a crystalline modification of carbon. Fullerenes are considered as one of the most powerful antioxidants that protects cells of a human body from the damaging effects of free radicals.


Shungite is the one stone that can ward off 5G.

I have a massive piece of it by my desk, and also wear a shungite bracelet when I’m on the PC.

Watch this:

(Shmirat eynayim friendly.)


Shungite is the one mineral that naturally contains fullerenes.

Those fullerenes absorb 5G radiation…

If you remember this diagram from HERE, that ball of graphene, below, is also called a fullerene.

You see how this works?

The 5G is redirected to the natural fullerenes in the Shungite, as opposed to the man-made, graphene ones that may or may not be in the Covid 19 shots.





And that includes, as much as possible, alternative news sites like Natural News and Stew Peters and Infowars.

Even if it’s true – what are you going to do about it, anyway?

And if it’s false – why get yourself all depressed and upset for nothing?

God will send you the information you need to have, at the time you need to have it.

And in the meantime, you need to be conserving your mental energy and living as much as possible in the ‘bubble’ of your own life, where actually, most things are fine most of the time.

  • Work on identifying and overcoming your bad middot.

Anger, fear, depression, denial – all these things are natural, we all have them, especially when we get stressed.

But they are also very powerful ‘blood poisoners’, at the mental level.

Let’s add some more into the list:

  • Jealousy
  • Hatred
  • Vengeance
  • Spite
  • Arrogance
  • Cowardice
  • Perfectionism
  • Impatience
  • Criticising others
  • Judging others harshly

All of these bad middot, and many others, literally have a chemical and energetic impact on the body.

Experiencing bad middot stresses the body out, and weakens it.

So, stop doing that to yourself.

You need all the energy you can get right now, and sitting there fulminating about Bill Gates, or that ‘Karen’ who told you to mask up again, is just zapping your strength and stamina.


How do we do this, tachlis?


For an hour a day.

Because Rabbenu says that for an hour a day, a person should feel his pain, and examine his problems, and not run away from the truth of who he is.

But then, for the other 23 hours a day, he should be happy.

If you can’t do an hour, then at least start with at least 5 minutes.



  1. Say the Tikkun Haklali, between 1-7 times a day.

I have a good friend who keeps reminding me that saying the Tikkun Haklali is the only thing that really gets her through the day.

Whenever she doesn’t do it, she starts to feel overwhelmed and miserable, pretty fast.

I also notice that, but more with the hitbodedut. If I leave my hour until later in the day, I usually have a pretty yucky day.

2. Say the Pirchey Nivarchim at least once a week, preferably on Shabbat.

While the Tikkun Haklali fixes a lack of emuna, the Pirchey Nivarchim fixes issues we are having due to past gilgalim.

Go HERE to download a copy.

3. Make teshuva about believing the lying news, and lying politicians, and relying on doctors instead of believing in Hashem.

Because if you hadn’t believed all the lies, things would be looking so very different right now…

4. Make teshuva for anyone you hurt, or any negative thing you did, to yourself or others, because you believed all the lies.

And of course, the first place to start with that is believing the lies about the Rav, Rabbi Berland.

5. Consider doing a pidyon nefesh.

Click that link for more information and details, but remember that it’s money for blood.

The more ‘messed up’ you think your blood is, the more of a spiritual effort you are going to have to make, to clean it back up again.


There are for sure a lot of things to add to this list – and I encourage readers to put their own ideas in the comments section, for what’s working for them.

But whatever you do, pick something from each category of body, mind and soul to work on, to really get all this ‘poison’ out of the blood.

The real poison is our lack of emuna, and our own bad middot.

The body is just reflecting the soul.

The more we pray, make teshuva for being so arrogant, and stop being a cow to other people….

The better we are going to feel, regardless of what is really in those Covid shots.

And maybe, just maybe, that’s the whole lesson God is trying to teach us here.


PS: I forgot to tell you some good news: the Rav got out of hospital yesterday.

It only gets better from here, BH.

I hope.


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Monday morning, I headed up North for a short holiday with my family.

***Update below***

We try to go for two nights up North as a family every year, and I told my kids and husband two weeks ago yalla! The mask-wearing crazies are gearing up again, so let’s go straight after Tisha B’av this year, to make sure we actually get a break!

So that’s what we did.


We stayed in a yurt in a yishuv mamash in the middle of green nowhere, surrounded by Druze villages, where the birds and the bees were by far the loudest things you could hear most of the time.

Yesterday, we did a big bonfire, and as the logs burnt, I spent an hour just stirring the embers (my speciality….) and having a chat with God.

The holiday was pretty good, as these things go.

But I still have so much heartache.


We’ve had ‘covid-itis’ collectively for a year and a half – and I really don’t see that many people waking up, even now.

Even now, most of the people I know are still totally brainwashed about how the world really works, and who is behind the wheel.

Even now, most of the people I know still think that the world is ‘going back to normal’, once this Delta variant gets dealt with; once there’s peace in the Middle East; once Biden is overthrown by an ever-glorious Trump, back from the political dead.

So many people are walking around with their eyes screwed tightly shut, trying to ignore all the big, red, flashing lights all over the place that SOMETHING MASSIVE HAS TO CHANGE VERY SOON.


Both internally and externally.

The world of truth is not an optional extra for the part of this process towards redemption, it’s really all there is.


The last few weeks, I’ve been feeling like the list of people I can really speak to about a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g has been getting shorter and shorter.

Most of the people I know – even the best people I know, who are really smart, and who I really like a lot, and who are mostly very sincere about trying to give God what He wants – just shut down when I start talking about anything that goes against their programming.

I.e., pretty much anything that comes out of my mouth, these days.


Man, those Frankist Frobelian Freemason early educators have done a FABULOUS job of brainwashing the world, and making the modern human brain one of the narrowest spaces in the universe.

Fine, no-one has to agree that the world might not be spherical – but at least consider the possibility for 2 seconds, without feeling like you are going to throw up.


And the same is true for conversations about Covid nanotech, that I pretty much just try to avoid in real life now, as so many people I know got ‘the jab’, and the people who didn’t are also careful to avoid that topic, due to ‘blowback’.

There’s only so many times you can have the same arguments with people who think YOU are the crazy one, for not trusting that experimental nanotech gene therapy is 100% the best way to deal with what is essentially a medium-severe flu.

I’m so bored of this topic myself now, I can’t even be bothered to keep trying to puncture all the obvious propaganda on the Jpost website.

Yalla, do whatever stupid thing you are going to do; believe whatever lying journalist and politician and corrupt ‘medical spokesman’ you are going to believe. I don’t care any more.

Except of course, that’s a lie.


I care a great deal.

That’s why sometimes, this big wodge of tears rises up to my throat and catches me unawares, even a few times a day, until I swallow it back.

What’s the point of crying over this, any more?

What more am I meant to write? What more am I meant to say?

Everyone is going ‘back to normal’, and I already know that means we are going to get some massive, shocking, additional wake-up call, probably very soon.


A good friend of mine told me that there was meant to have been another etz ratzon for Moshiach to have come motzae Tisha B’av, but it was ‘cancelled’.

Yalla, enough with all these cancelled etz ratzons for Moshiach to come already!!!!!

I told her.

I can’t do that anymore! I can’t sit here waiting for these ‘geula deadlines’ to keep coming – only to not pan out again. My emuna is just not strong enough to keep doing that, and to deal with the disappointment!


Does this mean I have giving up on Moshiach and geula coming?

No, not at all.


I think at this stage it’s a big distraction from the yetzer hara, to take me away from all the work I still have to do on my bad middot and my lack of emuna that all this is really good, and for my best.


Baruch Hashem, compared to so many people, my life is really good right now.

Sure, I still have my share of heartaches, and a big bunch of things marked ‘massive disappointments’.

But fundamentally, the Rav’s brachot are continuing to kick in, and life is broadly very good.

And at the same time, I can’t do this any more.

I’m so sick of the real conversations I just can’t have with most people these days, without tripping over one of their ‘hot buttons’ (or mine….)

You seriously get to a stage where you start questioning your own sanity, because how come no-one else seems to be noticing that the world as we know it is just so wrong, and nonsensical, and obviously fake?


And that’s why I think that even though some people have woken up, it’s not enough to mitigate ‘the next thing’.

I don’t know what or when it might be, but I do know that the world of truth is going to come crashing down into most people’s lives like a wrecking ball, very soon.

The more we hold on to the lies we are telling ourselves – about everything – the more painful that’s going to be.


The world of truth is so beautiful.

It solves so many issues so simply.

It gives you clarity and hope like nothing else can.

But it’s going to turn our current existence totally on its head.


I’m bouncing along the bottom here, that weirdo conspiracy theorist that even my husband and kids thinks is a little ‘crayzee’.

Life is good.

And at the same time, it’s so very bad.

Life is comfortable, and at the same time so very painful, deep down, where all that secret heartache swims about.

How can I hold on, for the next part of this geula process?

How can God wake people up, but keep things ‘normal’ and not shockingly horrific?

I really don’t know.

It seems to me He can’t.

But what do I know.



The bit I forgot to mention is that they said Moshiach isn’t going to come now, motzae Tisha B’Av, because Am Yisrael doesn’t really want the redemption enough.

That’s the bit that stung me, really, because we can all see that it’s true.

And so, that means that things will have to deteriorate more, until Am Yisrael DOES want the redemption enough for it to happen.

That’s the bit I find so hard in all this.

Hasn’t the last year and a half – the last 10 years, the last 30 years on and on – been hard enough already?!

Why are we all so incredibly stubborn, literally holding out to the last second to really start to move off our marks, and to make some significant, soul-altering teshuva?

Why are we playing ‘chicken’ with God?

Don’t we know, that if we don’t move aside, make teshuva, get with the program for redemption, we are going to end up totally crushed?



In my hitbodedut, I’m really trying to understand with compassion, and to turn my anger into compassion.

I know, we are all frail human beings, me included, and that sometimes it just seems so very hard – impossible, even – to make the internal changes that are required for us to grow and move forward, spiritually.

I know so many people are operating out of a place of fear, anger, denial and depression right now.

They are stuck in ‘snake brain’, trying to switch off their anxiety with drugs – legal and illegal, netflix, work and ‘fun’.

I understand it, I really do.

I’m also going through all these tests, internally, myself.

That’s what the hour of hitbodedut is for, to face down my inner reality, to look my pain in the face, and to deal with it.

And then, to stand back up, and to carry on living, and trying and doing whatever we can to build the world.

I see so many people running from their pain, into ‘fake’ world, into ‘fake’ vaccines’, into fake fairy tales about moon landings, and happy-ever-after stories about doctors and hitech nerds figuring out how we can live forever…. as robots.

As robots.

As unfeeling, unthinking robots.

Who wants to live forever – or even for 5 seconds – like that?


We have to learn how to feel our pain, without running from it, or denying it, or blaming it on others, or sinking down into black depressions.

Otherwise, we are already more than half way towards living life like an unfeeling, unthinking robot, and that is why the world is the way it is, right now.

Without hitbodedut, talking to God ideally for an hour a day, it’s impossible to do this.

Mamash, impossible.

And that’s why sometimes, I start to feel so frustrated and overwhelmed with this whole process.


You don’t have to believe the world isn’t spherical; or that Big Pharma is totally corrupt; or that Rav Berland is the Tzaddik HaDor.

But you DO have to be doing at least some hitbodedut every single day.

That’s the minimum required, to not go through life as a robot with a heart of stone (or silicon…), and to be open to the changes THAT HAVE TO OCCUR, for us to get to the next stage of geula.

Hitbodedut, talking to God in your own words, is a mandatory requirement for entrance into the world of truth.

Maybe, it still won’t ‘work’ they way you hoped, to give you immediate clarity and an outlet for letting the pain out, and for retrieving some feeling in our hearts other than suppressed anger, fear and sadness.

But that’s the only thing left in our hands, the only tool we have to figure this matzav out.

And we all need to be using it.


I realised something this morning.

I realised that if I don’t find a way to really work on my emuna, and to bitul (nullify) myself to God, and His plan, then the ‘bad guys’ are going to win, whatever happens next.

Yesterday, my husband sent me this, with the subject line: What a CO-IN-CID-ENCE.

Nir Barkat set to become Knesset’s first billionaire

Here’s a snippet:

Yamina leader Naftali Bennett is also due a windfall from the anticipated sale of an Israeli fintech startup, in which he has equity, for billions of dollars.


You understand, of course, that this is the way they ‘buy off’ our political leaders, and hijack our democracy in plain sight.

No offence to Bennett, but the guy is clearly not the sharpest pencil in the box.

And yet, it’s AMAZING how all our politicians, clever and dumb alike, keep picking these stellar stock options, and keep making millions and billions…. and then roll over and do whatever the controllers behind the scenes tell them to do.


Last year, Bennett said this (check the one minute mark):

“In many countries, zero young people died.”


Now, PM Bennett is doing exactly the same as ex-PM Netanyahu – and whoever you put in the PM’s chair, nothing is really going to change, because they are all bought and paid for. 

So , we are in for more mask enforcement, more lockdowns, more coercion to get even young children ‘vaccinated’.

And the stress of all this has been really getting to me the last couple of days.


The last three days, I’ve seen more masks going back on again…

The security guard where my husband works told him from next week, the Police will start giving fines again for non-mask wearing again.

Going shopping for groceries is becoming an ordeal again.

And this morning, I literally felt like I just want to roll over and give up.

I can’t do another three months of this, God, I just can’t. It’s too much for me.

In the meantime, I’ve been snapping at my kids, totally self-absorbed in all my chronic stress, and unable to really ‘do’ anything much, because of my underlying anger and panic about what’s going on here.


This morning, as I registered my heart rate going through the roof as I put my shoes on ready to go out and get the challahs for Shabbat, I realised something.

If I carry on like this, the bad guys are going to win, whatever happens.

But what’s the alternative? To  just give up and stop caring? To stop fighting this anyway I can and just let them win?

To have some real emuna, the small voice whispered back.

To look past the evil politicians, and the dumb ‘law enforcement’, and to just see God.

God is behind all this, remember?


Ah, God.

You have sent me so very many tests the last few months, to polish up my emuna, and to get me working on so many of those bad middot that thrive in the current crazy matzav.

How much fear I’ve had to deal with the last few months.

How much worry.

How much anger and hatred.

How much I’ve had to try to get a grip on my ‘controlling’ tendencies, which have ballooned as I feel less and less in control of anything.


How much hitbodedut has been required, the last  year and a half, to just not go crazy from the injustice and evil of it all.

And to keep reminding myself that ultimately, Ein od milvado.

There is only God.


So, I realise I have to bitul again with all these mask diktats.

Not because I believe in them, not because I’m buying ‘the story’, not because I’m scared to fight back.

But because God is ultimately the One I am nullifying myself to, and not all those ‘Karens’ and police people.


Really, I don’t have a choice.

If I don’t adopt the ‘no-big-deal-just-bitul-to-God’ approach over the next couple of months, I can’t see how I can get through this without cracking up, mentally, whatever else is going to happen to turn it around eventually.

So, no big deal, to wear the stupid mask to buy my milk…

No big deal, to jump through all these stupid hoops again, God, as the evil government tries to coerce every last one of us into getting ‘barcoded’ with that DNA Origami vaccination that’s filling us up with graphene nanotech…

If that’s what You want God, it’s OK with me.


Because otherwise, I’m not going to cope with what’s coming down the pipe here, over the next few weeks.

And ultimately, all this is just a massive, ongoing lesson in practical emuna, working on my bitul, and understanding that I’m not in control of anything.

And really, I never was.


On a separate note, I got this over email:

Hi Rivka,

I would love to learn more about the story with Rav Berland’s situation. I would be grateful if you could send me more details regarding how he was set up and what the truth is behind the story the media tells.

Thank you


There are a couple of ways you can find out what happened with the Rav.

If you plug in ‘Rav Berland’ in the search box on this site, it will bring up a ton of articles from the last 4-5 years, so you can do it that way.

OR, you can download both volumes of One in a Generation, for free, and read them at your leisure.

Here’s volume 1, as a PDF:


And here’s volume 2, as a PDF:

Into Exile FINAL



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Yesterday, a reader sent me a link to a hi-spec AI ‘recreation’ of how the Surfside Condo is meant to have collapsed all by itself.

You can see that below, replete with it’s grating AI female voice-over (but otherwise, shmirat eynayim friendly.)


We’ll get to the version of events being laid out in this video in a moment, but before we do that, let me ask you something:

Who has the time, money, information and motivation to put out 5 minute long videos ‘recreating the scene of the collapse’ at Surfside?

I mean, the explanation in the video above is so very detailed, from an architectural point of view, and appears to include so very much information about what really happened inside the building that I haven’t come across in official statements anywhere else, that it really got me to pondering:

Who has the time, money, information and motivation to put something like this out?


So, I went to check that out.

The guy who put this video up is an artist / musician who lives in Bucharest, Romania.

He didn’t post a sausage about the condo collapse on his Twitter feed – literally nothing! – before coming out with this glorious AI ‘recreation of events’, but is now saying that he was motivated to do it because he’s visited Surfside on holiday….


I don’t know about you, but all this just doesn’t sound so RE-ALI-STIC to me.


I also spend a lot of my time researching….

I know how much time and energy all this takes, and how hard it is to come by the information and evidence required to piece these type of stories together.

And now, some guitar player in Bucharest has come out with a stunning 5 minute long AI ‘recreation of events’ that tries to clearly paint the picture that the Surfside Condos just fell down because there was water damage by the pool.



So now, let’s move on to examine ‘the story’ being laid out in the video above.

Here’s the explanation as he writes it in the description under the video, then we’ll start to unpack what he’s saying.

Update to the causes that created the collapse

Hidden corrosion of the pool deck (only 10% of the corrosion was visible on the ceiling of the garage – it is a hidden enemy)
“Punch through failure” of 11 columns on The Pool deck (6 of the columns were around cars parked on pool level that all fell one level even the tower next to them is still standing – see Green columns on video)
– the pool deck dragged to the south 3 main columns – see the RED columns on the video simulation that I made bellow
– the 3 columns bent to the south did not sustain the building, anymore, and the middle structure of the building failed on itself (see security video of the collapse in the description)
stair number 2, next to the ocean, kept the other tower 2 seconds more, and then it failed, too (see yellow columns and stairs on the video below)
the elevator kept the building sustained by the Green column still standing (the green columns did not have direct contact with water from the pool or flowers)


Dorin (the artist-guitar player from Bucharest) has sure been busy!

He’s also done another video putting together 10 minutes of various images of Champlain Towers, including a bunch of hard-to-come-by shots of ‘water erosion’ in the garage.

You can see that below:


Here’s some shots of the MINOR concrete erosion from that video:

Patch of eroding concrete on external roof of the underground garage

Close-up shot of peeling concrete under a balcony ledge.


Salt-water ‘stalactites’ on roof of the underground garage


More patches of peeling concrete under balconies


Eroding concrete around a pillar / wall in the underground parking.


Look at these pictures carefully, then tune into your gut.

Does the minor concrete erosion on one pillar here, and patches of peeling concrete underneath balconies really add up to the massive structural failure that would see half a 12 story condo collapse?

Here’s more of Dorin’s official explanation for what occurred:

2018 report found a lot of water next to parking lot 78 that was next to the 3 columns that failed first (the water was from the pool, 2 flower beds next to the building and probably other sources) There are 2 more identical buildings one block away, on the beach; I hope they get structure testing soon See a birds-eye view before the accident, all 3 Champlain Towers (South, East, and North)

He’s saying that water leaking from the pool, and water ‘leaking out’ from watering two flower beds next to the building caused the collapse.

Does that sound credible to you?

Also, if you go through and read Dorin’s comments underneath both videos, here is what he keeps repeating over and over and over again, even when it’s not connected to what’s being discussed or said:

There are 2 more identical buildings one block away, on the beach; I hope they get structure testing soon.

Just file that away for now, but I have a feeling more of the real motive for what happened at 8770 Collins Avenue is starting to swim into view.

Now, let’s go unpick the super-fancy ‘reconstruction’ video, a little


His main thesis is that:

‘Water from the pool, flowers and rain were found at underground parking lot Number 78’.

This parking lot number 78 is directly infront of the middle section of the condos that collapsed first. I’ve circled it in the screenshot below:

Parking lot 78


Ionescu says that all the leaking water from the pool – that you see a long, long way away on the bottom right – and from watering the plant pots on the pool deck (!), flooded down to parking area 78.

There, it started to erode the three structural columns holding up the front part of the central building that collapsed first (marked red in his video).


Does this really make sense?

We saw that the pool was still standing long after the rest of the ‘pool deck’ had collapsed, thanks to 12 storeys of rubble slamming down on it. (See image taken the morning after, below).


Also, this reconstruction shows that the garage descends down to the pool, from area 78.

To put this another way, you can clearly see that all this ‘pool water’ would have to have ‘flown up hill’ (and off to the side….) to congregate around those three ‘red’ pillars.


This goes against a very basic law of physics.

And of course, all this is assuming that water damage could make three steel columns collapse in this way, at exactly the same moment, in the first place.

Which is clearly absurd.


Let’s take another look at the ‘3D’ model, to see if we can get more clues as to what really might have happened down in Surfside that night.


Let me walk you through what we can see in the screenshot above:

1: Three red columns at the building.

Ionescu says these collapsed first, and then the pink and the orange columns collapsed afterwards, bringing the whole middle section of the building down.

Again, press pause, and let’s run this through a little more slowly.

IF those three red pillars collapsed first, all at once, that would have brought the very front part of the building down.

Then, -at most! – we would have seen a staggered collapse as the pink columns would be stressed, and would start to sag, and bits of concrete would have sagged and started to fall – but NOT to pancake!

And then – again, at most! – some while after that, the back part of the building with the orange columns would be next to start sagging and drooping.


All this would have taken way more than the 12 seconds is took for BOTH parts of the building to drop to the floor, neatly pancaked, and it would have looked way different.

We’d see the red area ‘fall forward’ first; then the pink areas start to sag and ‘fall forward’; and then finally – maybe – we’d see the orange columned area start to sag and fall forward.

Here’s what we actually saw:


This clearly shows that most of the red, pink and orange columns COLLAPSED SIMULTANEOUSLY!

At precisely the same time.

Which is why the building ‘pancaked down’ the way it did, in under 8 seconds.


If we were hard pressed to believe that water from flower beds and the pool could cause three steel pillars to fatally ‘erode’ at exactly the same second, are we really meant to believe that ‘water damage’ buckled 20 steel columns fatally – ALL AT ONCE!?

And then, that same ‘water damage’ went on to buckle another 18 of the ‘yellow’ steel columns to the right hand side, two seconds later, ALL AT ONCE?!



The facts are important.

The facts matter.

This whole fairy story, above, rests on the assertion that the pool sank first, and the garage then collapsed.

But the pool didn’t sink first, and the garage didn’t collapse first.


The three pieces of ‘evidence’ used to assert that this happened are:

i. The many, multiple, conflicting statements of Sarah Nir and her family (I’m now up to 5 conflicting accounts, each one different in some very key, very crucial ways, that flat-out contradict crucial elements of what is meant to have happened that night.)

ii. The impossible to verify account of Cassie Stratton, killed in the collapse, who is meant to have called her husband at 1am to tell him she’d just seen the pool disappear in a sink hole – which clearly didn’t happen, because IT’S STILL THERE.

iii. The dodgy video of running water and ‘debris’ by the entrance to the garage.


Just to remind you, this video was apparently shot by people in the  hotel next door who were swimming in the pool – at 1:06 am, in the middle of a thunder and lightning storm – who stopped swimming to take pictures of water running in the garage next door, because they just knew that meant that whole building was going to suddenly collapse, 5 minutes later.



Here’s that video again:

While the MSM told us that this video was taken by a Spanish speaking couple holidaying at the hotel next door, you can hear that the people speaking over this original clip are actually English speaking Americans.

Just more of the things that clearly don’t add up about this story.

Here’s a screenshot, where I arrowed the ‘water’ and what’s meant to be concrete blocks, or something, on the ground:


Now, here’s another weird thing.

If we go back to the spiffy 3D model, we notice that the ramp for the underground parking is NOWHERE NEAR area 78, the area that Ionescu (and the people who are actually just using him as a puppet…) want us to believe collapsed first, bringing the Champlain Towers down.

This screenshot shows the UNDERNEATH of the building. I’ve highlight the parking ramp where the video (above) is meant to have been shot.

And you can clearly see where ‘Area 78’ and it’s mythical, steel-busting pool of water is meant to be.

And I included a big red arrow, to show that if you looked straight through the entrance to the garage, you couldn’t see ‘Area 78’ in a million years… even if it wasn’t pitch black, and you weren’t video-ing down a ramp.



And IF  that shot of the concrete is real and not faked (big if…), then it shows that the BACK of the building, furthest away from the pool deck, seems to have been the first to be compromised.

Which also blows a massive hole in the ‘official narrative’.


I could go on and on with all the anomalies here, but just wanted to finish this post with this screenshot:


Can someone explain why the middle part of the building came down with such force, EVEN THE PAINT WAS SCRAPED OFF THE WALLS?

How did that happen?

And why didn’t the same thing happen to the right-hand part of the building, when it too ‘suddenly’ collapsed?

How do we explain the big difference in how the middle section looks – all ‘clean’, and precisely sliced, as though by a laser beam – while the right hand side collapse still has remnants of furniture and flooring hanging on, and is anything but ‘cleanly sliced’?

I have some ideas.

But we’ll keep that for another post.


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Over shabbat, I read an amazing book.

It’s called ‘Human Tuning: Sound Healing With Tuning Forks’, by John Beaulieu.

First, watch this, which shows how an oscillating Chladni Plate works, to turn ‘sound’ into form:


Basically, different tones cause the plate to oscillate in different ways, causing different ‘pictures’ to show up in the medium – usually sand – that is sprinkled on top of them.

But before that ‘new picture’ – that new vibe – swims into view, we first have a slide into chaos.

The old ‘picture’ disintegrates totally into a formless mass, and there’s a pause while the shape of the ‘next wave’ is coming into view.

That’s what’s going on right now.


We’re sitting here waiting for the ‘Moshiach picture’, the ‘Moshiach vibe’ to emerge.

And in the meantime, we’re watching the old picture, the old world – full as it is of so much evil and unhappiness – dissolve all around us.

And for many of us, that’s a very uncomfortable, anxiety-inducing process.

But that’s because we don’t understand how the world really works.

That chaos is the interlude to something truly beautiful, and way, way better developing.

Both in our private lives, and also in the world.


I took some time today to really think about this idea, and I have to say, it bought me a very deep feeling of peace.

Like you, I sit here watching everything falling apart, and watching all my certainties erode, and watching relationships break down all over the place, and watching everything ‘collapse’ – literally and figuratively.

And it’s been making me feel so sad.

Because I forgot, that this ‘chaos’ isn’t pointless or unnecessary.

It’s a necessary prelude to the ‘next picture forming’.

To that massive, spiritual energy shift that’s going to see a way better world forming, very soon.


We just have to hang on, in the meantime, and know that the ‘chaos’ is just another step in the geula process, but it’s not the end destination.

Hang on!

It’s hard to keep going some days, I know.

But I really got the message today, that God can be trusted to arrange things exactly how they need to be.

The chaos is painful.

It’s scary.

It’s uncomfortable.

But it’s also totally necessary, if we really want things to change and improve.

So just hang on a tiny bit more.

Until the next part of this process starts to materialise, mamash.


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The last time I saw a building ‘go down’ like that Miami Condo collapsed, it was 9/11.

***Updates Below***

How much water has passed under the bridge since then…

When I was watching 9/11 happen live, and the Twin Towers collapsed, one after another, like everyone else on the planet, I believed that’s because the steel girders had ‘melted’ after the massive fires had been burning for hours.

I was never a ‘troofer’ – at least, at that stage – and I poured scorn on all these ‘conspiracy theories’, all over the net, about 9/11 being an inside job, and the Twin Towers coming down as part of a controlled demolition.

Let’s just say, a lot has changed in the last 20 years.


So, Friday morning I’m looking at footage of the condo collapse in Miami, and the first thought I had is that ‘this is a controlled demolition’.

Because if you want to tell me that the foundations were rotting at the front of the building due to water seepage from the pool area; or maybe due to erosion from sea salt in the air, and that’s why it happened – then why has this never happened before, anywhere else in America?

Or anywhere else in the world?

There are plenty of 40 year old – and older! – buildings on the coast with leaky pools.

No building, to my knowledge, has ever ‘pancaked’ like this, thanks to erosion or water damage.


Just like with Meron, the BS-O-meter immediately started dinging off, that something very strange is going on here.

The story just doesn’t add up.

Buildings just don’t ‘fall down’ in the middle of the night like that, even if there are cracks in the foundations.

Not that fast, not that straight down.

So, I decided to look around for some videos of ‘controlled explosions’, for comparison purposes.


Here’s a controlled demolition of a condo building in Miami back from 2018, that happened in daylight.

Spot the difference.


So, after a few minutes of watching ‘controlled demolition’ videos, I find myself a little torn.

The video from Miami – the exact ONE video that all of the MSN networks are playing – starts the nanosecond the ‘collapse’ occurs. We have no idea if any loud explosions occurred before the collapse – like we see in the videos above, of controlled demolitions – because there is no audio on that video.

And there are no other videos being released, or apparently to be found anywhere, even tho that whole area is chock full of CCTV cameras.

All you hear on that one video is a man and woman chatting in the background even after the first building collapsed.


The first time I watched that video – on the Israel National News site, HERE,– I couldn’t figure out how the people talking wouldn’t have noticed the sound of a massive building collapsing a few metres away.


It’s also weird how the man clears his throat and says ‘go’ just as the building comes down.

And also, how the video begins with a shot that says ‘no video’….

Other weird things are all the flashes of ‘light’ that seem to be happening in and around the two parts of the condo, before during and after it comes down.

Some witnesses also spoke about seeing flashes of what they believed to be ‘lightning’ just as the condo collapsed.


But I’m torn, because I can’t find any witness reports saying they heard explosions, and clearly, a controlled demolition requires explosives…. doesn’t it?

So next, I start scratching my head, wondering about a possible motive, when I stumble across THIS news story, from the UK’s Daily Mail:


I know that John McAfee was ‘suicided’ in a Spanish prison on Wednesday, shortly before he was meant to be extradited to the US to face ‘tax evasion’ charges, because one of my friends sent me an email telling me that.

By all accounts, he was a maverick, ex-Deep State actor, waging a one-man ‘war’ against the US government, who he believed was trying to take him down.

The one minute video below shows McAfee being interviewed by a female journalist, a couple of years ago.


Snippet of what he said in that interview back in 2019:

‘When I went on the run in Belize I had friends in the US embassy in Belize,’ McAfee told [Jena] Friedman in the interview.

‘I knew I was coming down, I’m not stupid. I had arranged with the head of security I was going to come in.

‘He says, ‘Sir, we have it from the highest authority we are not to allow you into the US embassy.’ Who was the highest authority in the state department? Hillary Clinton.

‘I’m an American Citizen with a [f-word] American passport. I’m sorry, I’m not wanted in America. I’ve got no crimes in America.

‘For a month and a half I was on the run. The reason that the government wanted to collect me was that after they had raided my property in 2012 in the jungle, shot my dog, abused me, destroyed over a half million dollars of my property over a bogus charge, I was p’d off.


‘And so I donated to many secretaries within the government laptop computers, really nice ones, that were preloaded with viral spyware. Within a week the entire government computer system was under my control. I was watching, monitoring this thing. 

‘I was looking for information that they set me up for this raid. I didn’t find it.

I did find out that the minister of national defense was the largest drug trafficker in all of Central America and the minister of immigration the largest human trafficker.’ 


If you go HERE, you can see who was heading up Homeland Immigration in the US, when Hillary Clinton was heading up the State Department.

And if you go HERE, you can see who the ‘minister of national defense’ was, at that time.

Clearly, McAfee was playing with fire.

Back in June 2019, while he was in Cuba, he tweeted this:

‘I’ve collected files on corruption in governments. For the first time, I’m naming names and specifics. I’ll begin with a corrupt CIA agent and two Bahamian officials. Coming today. If I’m arrested or disappear, 31+ terrabytes of incriminating data will be released to the press.’


The condo in Miami came down 12 hours after McAfee was ‘suicided’ in prison.

And here’s where the story gets even stranger.

The snippet below comes from that same Daily Mail article:

Screenshots shared online appear to show the message from McAfee’s Twitter account, from June 8, 2021 at 10:03am on saying: ‘If anything ever happens to me, please know that the 31TB of files I have are located on hard drives in my condo near 88th Street and Collins Avenue just north of Miami Beach.’

There is no such tweet currently on his twitter feed. It may have been tweeted and later deleted, or could be complete fabrication.

mcafee 2

The collapsed building, from which four are dead and 159 unaccounted-for, was at 8777 Collins Avenue in Surfside, Florida, matching the location described in the purported McAfee tweet.


It’s very likely McAfee did have incriminating material showing terrible corruption at the highest levels of the US government, and that he was ‘suicided’ over it.

But why would McAfee publically tell people where he was hiding his stash of incriminating material?


While you are chewing over that, here’s some more strange things.

The day after the condo building was ‘collapsed’, (i.e. Friday) rescue work was hampered because there was a huge thunderstorm.

Today, Saturday, rescue work is now being hampered because there is a ‘deep fire’ underneath all that rubble.

Which again, strikes me as strange.

How do ‘deep fires’ begin in a pile of dust and rubble where there is hardly any oxygen, and hardly anything for them to ‘catch’ on, the day after a massive thunder and rain storm?

(More on this in a moment.)


And the last thing, for now, is this.

I’m in the middle of reading a book about the Great Pyramid of Giza, and how it was actually built to very high engineering specs, as some sort of ‘machine’.

It’s full of physics, and full of ideas about scalar waves, and harmonics, and of course, theories about what all this ‘energy’ was actually used for.

This snippet, from HERE, explains more about what scalar waves actually are:

Scalar waves also referred to as Tesla Waves or Longitudinal Waves are capable of penetrating any solid object including Faraday Cages. A transmitter can be placed in a box of thick metal and a receiver outside of the box will still receive the scalar wave. Scalar waves are capable of passing through the earth from one side to another with no loss of field strength as Tesla showed in one of his experiments.

Traveling faster than the speed of light (superluminal), Scalar Waves are not electromagnetic but composed of pure zero point energy. They also have the potential to be used as a power source.


You might not have heard about ‘scalar waves’ and Tesla Towers, because it’s part of the science that got suppressed in the mainstream (and misused behind closed doors…) already a hundred years ago.

But long story short, Tesla’s work paved the way for a lot of things that no-one really talks about openly, including Directed Energy Weapons.

So, the physics in that Giza Pyramid book got a little ‘heavy’, so I took a break and read the material at the back of the book, advertising other titles.

Here’s what I read:

Hidden Finance, Rogue Networks and Secret Sorcery, by Joseph P. Farrell.

Pursuing his investigations of high financial fraud, international banking, hidden systems of finance, black budgets, and breakaway civilisations, Farrell investigates the theory that there were not two levels to the 9/11 event, but three. 

He says that the twin towers were downed by the force of an exotic energy weapon, one similar to the Tesla energy weapon suggested by Dr Judy Wood…


So, that caught my attention.

Who is this ‘Dr Judy Wood’, and is she reliable?

I tracked down her website, HERE, I read her biography…and it seems as though she really might be on to something.

Former professor of mechanical engineering, Dr. Judy Wood is an expert at optical interferometry who has taught courses in experimental stress analysis and strength of materials testing. She has over 60 technical articles in refereed journals. She is probably the scientist/9/11 researcher who is best qualified to unravel what happened to the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

It’s an old-style website, not updated for a while, but it’s full of technical information about so many things that just don’t add up, scientifically, about what we were all told happened to bring down the Twin Towers, back on 9/11.


Here’s a little bit of what I find over there, and then we’ll bring it full circle (this video is very short, under a minute):


Here’s a partial list of scientific ‘anomalies’ that Wood states on her website:

  • The Twin Towers were destroyed faster than physics can explain by a free fall speed “collapse.
  • They underwent mid-air pulverization (dustification) and were turned to dust before they hit the ground…
  • The seismic impact was minimal, far too small based on a comparison with the Kingdome controlled demolition.
  • The Twin Towers were destroyed from the top down, not bottom up.
  • The demolition of WTC7 was whisper quiet and the seismic signal was not significantly greater than background noise….
  • Fuzzballs, evidence that the dust continued to break down and become finer and finer.
  • Truckloads of dirt were hauled in and hauled out of the WTC site, a pattern that continues to this day [written in 2008]
  • Fuzzyblobs, a hazy cloud that appeared to be around material being destroyed.
  • The Swiss-Cheese appearance of steel beams and glass.
  • Evidence of molecular dissociation and transmutation, as demonstrated by the near-instant rusting of affected steel.
  • Weird fires. The appearance of fire, but without evidence of heating
  • For more than seven years, regions in the ground under where the main body of WTC4 stood have continued to fume.
  • The WTC1 and WTC2 rubble pile was far too small to account for the total mass of the buildings.
  • The WTC7 rubble pile was too small for the total mass of the building and consisted of a lot of mud.
  • Eyewitness testimony about toasted cars, instant disappearance of people by “unexplained” waves, a plane turning into a mid-air fireball, electrical power cut off moments before WTC 2 destruction, and the sound of explosions….


There’s a lot of science and a lot of pictures on Dr Wood’s site.

And the ‘troofer’ movement also don’t like her, which is probably a good sign that she’s telling the truth, and not part of the ‘controlled opposition’ I keep writing about here.

I don’t know what happened to that condominium building in Miami Beach Thursday night.

But what I can tell you, is that the ‘official story’ we’re being told about it just doesn’t add up.

It seems like 150+ people have lost their life in that tragedy, including many orthodox Jews – there are practically no survivors of this ‘collapse’, which is also strange.

And we have at least some of the strange phenomena outlined by Dr Wood, including weird fires, ‘whisper quiet’ building collapses that can’t be heard – at all – on the cctv camera recording it at close range, and the same pinpoint, precision ‘slicing’ of buildings in half, before the collapse from the top down, vertically, without falling over.


The world of lies is literally starting to explode.

I think it’s going to be a crazy three months, leading up to Rosh Hashana 5782.

And way more was going down in Miami Thursday night, than meets the eye.



Here’s an interesting witness statement from one Barry Cohen, on the BBC website:

Local resident Barry Cohen was still in bed when the collapse began. “It felt like thunder, my wife and I went out on the balcony. What we saw was like a bomb exploding – dirt, dust and smoke were everywhere, ” the man told the BBC.

The police officer asked him and his wife to stay in the apartment. However, after that, the building began to shake, as if shaking from a huge explosion, Cohen recalls.


So, it looks like maybe there were witnesses that there was some of explosions going on before the building came down, after all. Curious that this information is being censored on so many of the sites in the US and Israel.


Seperately, I also just found a couple more very interesting videos about 9/11.

(Better 20 years late, than never…)

The first one is from an eccentric video special effects genius, who brings some pretty compelling evidence that there were no planes involved in the destruction of the twin towers.

Yes, I know that sounds incredible.

But post-Covid, when we’ve seen with our own eyes just how many blatant lies the media routinely tells for the people paying its bills, I’m prepared to consider a lot of things that would have seemed outrageous, a couple of years ago.


Personally, I’m convinced by the following:

Even 20 years ago, there were video special effects that could be added in ‘live’, with layering of images together.

But it wasn’t done ‘perfectly’, and this guy has caught a whole bunch of ‘errors’ that show the planes were ‘added in’ seperately, and / or at a later date altogether.

There are also a bunch of witnesses who saw explosions – but no planes.

And then there is the classic ‘helicopter footage’ taken for Fox 5 that shows no plane anywhere near the Twin Towers, but then pans in to show a jumbo smashing through steel beams, then apparently passing through the whole building intact…

Watch for yourself (shmirat eynayim friendly) – and make up your own mind.




I pulled together 20 of the main images from this video, with short explanations, as a PDF Slide document you can view below, by clicking on the link. In less than two minutes, you’ll get most of the information and images you need to make up your own mind:

9 11 no planes


Then there is this, 10 minutes long, which tells the story of WTC Building 7.

Which was undeniably brought down in a controlled demolition of some sort.


The late, great, Barry Chamish wrote a great deal about how 9/11 was an inside job.

At the time, I didn’t so believe him. Maybe, I didn’t want to believe him.

But now I see what’s going on in the world, and how the Frankist-Freemasons have been controlling the Jewish community on all sides of the table for two centuries… well.

I’m revising my opinion.



I was sent THIS link via email, that features more tweets from John McAfee, before he died, including this one:


There is definitely way more going on here with that condo ‘collapse’, than meets the eye.




My husband just reminded me, that we had guests on Shabbat who are friends with someone whose brother lived in the buildings that came down. According to the brother, the electricity in their building – and just their building – went off at 10 o’clock that night. No-one knew what had happened, or when it was going to come back, so the brother decided to take his family to a hotel for the night, almost certainly saving their lives.

The brother came back to the building at 1am – half an hour before it was brought down – to get some things, and the electricity was still off.

So, how do we explain all these weird flashes of light from within the building and on the roof, and those couple of windows in both blocks that appear to have strong light, and / or where light pulses appear, just as the building is coming down?


Next, there are two more interesting bits of info, from the YWN site.

First, THIS report of fires deep under the rubble – so reminiscent of 9/11, but this time there is no exploding fireball to blame those fires on. And also, I think the ‘stench’ being mentioned at the site is very significant, for figuring out if some sort of ‘directed energy’ technology was used to bring those buildings down:

[C]rews had to fight flames in the debris during the day. At one point Saturday, a fire hose blasted one of the lower floors on the north side of the tower as white smoke or steam streamed out. A bitter, sulfur-like smell hung in the air.

“The stench is very thick,” Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said.


So, I started looking up ‘directed energy weapons’ and ‘sulfur smell’, and here’s a little of what I found:

From an article entitled NAVY_Scientist_Looks_to_Weaponize_Ball_Lightning, I got to this:

Two hundred years ago this week, the warship HMS Warren Hastings was struck by a weird phenomenon: “Three distinct balls of fire” fell from the heavens, striking the ship and killing two crewmen, leaving behind “a nauseous, sulfurous smell,” according to the Times of London….

…the USAF’s Phillips Laboratory examined [how to weaponize ball lightning] in 1993.

Again, this involved accelerating a donut-shaped mass of plasma to high speed as an anti-missile weapon in a project called Magnetically Accelerated Ring to Achieve Ultra-high Directed Energy and Radiation, or MARAUDER.

Based on the Air Force’s awesome Shiva Star power system, experiments spat out plasmoids at ultra-high speed that were expected to reach 3,000 kilometers a second by 1995. But nothing was published after 1993, and MARAUDER was classified, disappearing into the black world of secret programs.


The Nazis were also very heavily invested in experiments with weaponising ball lightning, called kugelblitz. And you remember that a whole bunch of those Nazi scientists ended up as the foundation of the USA’s ‘deep state’, after World War II.


Now, I also found this very interesting research paper, 369 pages long, called: Effects of Directed Energy Weapons, put out by none other than the National Defense University, Center for Technology and National Security Policy, in Washington DC.

If they pull that link, you can also find it below, stored on my site:

Directed Energy Weapon PDF

I haven’t had a chance to read it through yet, but at least we can all be reassured that Directed Energy Weapons are real… as evidenced by none other than the US government itself.


And lastly, for now, there is  new video from inside one of the apartments in the Miami building.

It’s very short – 13 seconds long – but I want to bring your attention to the strong burst of light you can see on the left hand side, just BEFORE small particles of plaster start to rain down as the prelude to the collapse:

And here’s how dark it looks again a couple seconds later:


This was not a natural event.

The question remains, why was that building targeted, and who or what were they trying to destroy inside?

And much like Meron two months ago, I have the strong feeling that truth is going to come out this time, one way or another.

So keep your eyes peeled.



After waking up 20 years too late, to the idea that all was not as we were told by our governments about 9/11, I’ve been trying to find more evidence of those planes, that apparently didn’t hit the WTC Twin Towers – and also didn’t hit the Pentagon, or the ground in Shanksville.

THIS site has so much evidence, that I’m still only half way through and I’ve been checking it out for two hours, already.

I still don’t know if it was just clever ‘special effects’ on doctored videos, or some sort of ‘hologram’ plane that made it seem something was flown into the towers as something else literally cut through the steel beams and exploded from the inside out, but this much I can tell you:

It wasn’t real planes.

Also at the Pentagon, there is no way the damage done there was done by a plane travelling so low, horizontally, across the Pentagon lawn it would literally be hovering a metre above the ground.

And the clincher for me is this:

There is no shred of plane debris anywhere.

And at the Shanksville site, that’s even more weird, because planes – and passengers and luggage – don’t just totally 100% disappear.

They were lying to us then.

And they are still lying to us now.


How many wars they justified, with these ‘Muslim plane attacks’ on 9/11.

How many people they’ve killed.

How many freedoms they took away.

Remember, when you used to be able to bring your own water onto a plane without having to buy it in the airport lounge?

And all the invasive airport scanners, and having to take your belt and shoes off?

All justified by those ‘plane attacks’ on 9/11.

That never happened.

The USA’s own government – with some help from our Frankist-Freemasons – blew up the WTC, sliced a massive wedge out of the side of the Pentagon, faked a plane crash in Shanksville – and killed 3,000 of their own citizens.


It is way past time that our ‘world leaders’ finally got exposed for what they’ve done, and who they really are.

And for what they continue to do, especially with this latest round of ‘virtuous violence’ perpetrated against their own citizens, with the COVID-19 plandemic.

BH, I think this ‘process of truth’ is about to accelerate forward, at an unbelievably fast pace now.

And the truth will finally come out.

About everything.


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