How were so many people ‘trapped’ in Area 41 in Meron, when there are no visible gates?

That question has been exercising me for days now.

But thanks to a couple of my readers, and a lot of siyatta di shmeya, I think I might have the answer.

Read on, to learn how ‘the police’ managed to close down both sides of the ‘Reb Dov Shvil’ exit in Meron.


In THIS post, I put up a video that showed some very distressing footage of what was going on at the ‘Area 41’ stairs in Meron after the killer crush had already developed.

(You can see that video for yourself on Youtube HERE, and on Brighteon HERE, if you want to, but from this point on I’m trying to minimize embedding distressing footage into blog posts, unless I really need to.)

You can clearly see police cynically waving people ‘back up the stairs’ – which is initially what I was focussing on.

But then, after I watched it a few times in slow motion, trying to gather more clues, I realised something very strange:

The people at the very front of the crush in ‘Area 41’ are not moving forward, even when being pulled by the police.

But no ‘gate’ is visible, at least in the footage I’ve seen.

So what the heck was going on?


This screenshot comes from 1:09 seconds into THIS footage, and it clearly demonstrates the problem:


What was really blocking that left-hand exit, the exit out to ‘Area 41’ in Meron?

That question has been bothering me for days.

Two days ago, I was even starting to wonder if there was some ‘invisible forcefield’ going on in Meron, or some other super-hitech-super-secret nefarious ‘crowd control’ technology being tried out on those poor people who got crushed to death.

But then, a reader sent me a link to THIS – it’s a two-and-a-half-hour ‘livestream’ from Israeli TV Channel 11, the night the atrocity happened in Meron.

So yesterday, I girded my loins and started watching it, to see if I could catch more ‘clues’ with hindsight, from stuff that hadn’t yet been covered up.


They have a habit on these TV stations of re-running the same bit of tired footage again and again and again in the background, as someone is speaking over it.

So it was, that they kept replaying the same bit of footage of people starting to escape from the crush on the left hand side – Area 41.

And that’s when I started to notice the weird beam.


I’m screenshotting the below from that ‘live footage from Channel 11, which you can see HERE.

First, here’s a shot of ‘Area 41’, that shows the bottom of the stairs, and the partial railing on the right-hand side, apparently from earlier on in the evening.

The police are standing roughly where the outer edge of the ‘crush’ was located (on that side. Remember, the exit to ‘Area 42’ was also blocked by a standard double gate.)


Next, we have this screenshot, from around the 44 minute mark.

It clearly shows a heavy metal beam being ‘moved out of the way’, across the blocked exit at ‘Area 41’:


Let’s zoom in on that ‘mysterious beam’:


If you go and look at the live footage (around 44 min mark) you can see this beam being ‘lifted’ up.

Then, a stream of trapped people from the stairs at the left-hand exit (Area 41) start streaming out behind it.

I watched that footage maybe 20 times, before a couple of things suddenly dawned on me:

  1. What is that beam doing there in the first place?

Initially, we were being told that ‘something’ had collapsed, so the brain wasn’t flagging it as weird that a metal beam should apparently be blocking an exit like that.

But now, we know that NOTHING collapsed (more on that in a moment.)

So, why was that beam there in the first place?


If you want to tell me that it was holding the roof up, that’s demonstrably not the case.

Play the video, and you’ll see that the beam is way too tall to have been standing erect.

It’s a clear foot above where the roof was, in that corrugated white metal death-trap tunnel, built especially for L’ag B’omer this year, by the police and Ministry of Health.


I pressed ‘rewind’ to start watching the clip involving the ‘mysterious beam’ from the beginning.

In this clip, (screenshotted below) you could see the first responders starting to stream to the area.

And there was the mysterious metal beam again, clearly too long to go past the roof.

This time, I could see it had a rope tied to it’s left end, which appears to be looped over one of the heavier metal crossbeams in the police-built ‘tunnel of death’.



Now, I had even more questions.

Again, what was that beam even doing there, in the first place?

Why did it have a rope tied around one side?

When was that rope tied on to it – and why?

If you’re going to tell me that it was done to get the beam out of the way, then why not move the whole beam out of the way, instead of risking it falling on all those first responders rushing to the scene of the crush?


Let’s zoom in on the mysterious beam with the rope attached:


I was still looking for clues as to where this ‘mysterious beam’ came from in Area 41.

This screenshot also comes from the Channel 11 ‘livestream footage’, around the 49 minute mark:


There were similar metal beams spaced the whole length of the ‘tunnel of death’, leading up to Area 41.

Now, I’m not an engineer – and I’d really appreciate input from someone who is.

But I’m finding it hard to understand the purpose of these particular metal beams.

Also, I went back and scanned all the available footage for ‘Area 41’ near the stairs, and I just couldn’t see any ‘indentation’ where a metal beam would have been resting across that far end of the tunnel of death.


But this is what I currently believe to be the best hypothesis of how the exit to ‘Area 41’ got blocked by ‘the police’.

Remember, a few people in Meron – including my daughter – said they heard something ‘collapse’, ahead of the deadly crush?

I think that was the sound of this ‘beam’ being manoeuvred into place by the rope-pulley, or being ‘pulled down’ to create a low barrier that crossed the exit at the bottom of the stairs of ‘Area 41’.

Police where there to stop the first people trying to ‘get around’ it by trying to step over it, or duck under it.

And very quickly – literally within 30 seconds to a minute – enough of a crush built up from behind to literally pin peoples’ legs against the beam – just above knee level – which meant that they simply couldn’t move forward, even though it looks like nothing was blocking them.

This explanation would explain why we were seeing things like this:


Remember, the right hand exit, Area 42, was blocked shortly before this, with a standard double-gate, placed a little way down the steps.

So then, the crowd is all automatically going to the left-hand side, Area 41.

If you see the footage from Channel 12, (screenshotted below) you see that just as the Toldos Aharon Rebbe was lighting his bonfire, in the few minutes before 12:41 am, both exits off the bottom of the ‘Reb Dov Shvil’ are open, and the stairs themselves look relatively empty.


Immediately after the fire was lit, a large number of people decided to leave via the only open exit the police and Ministry of Health left open – ‘Reb Dov Shvil’.

Between 12:41:41 am and 12:44am, the right hand exit (Area 42) is blocked with a double gate, while the left hand exit (Area 41) is blocked by a ‘fallen beam’.

Then, a bunch of police threaten people to stay put, while the deadly crush very quickly builds up behind them, pinning them next to the ‘fallen beam’ and making it impossible for them to move forward, even when being pulled by the hands.

Eyewitnesses report they were screaming at the police to remove ‘the barriers’, and that their pleas were ignored.

They also report that the police only removed ‘the barriers’ once they’d got permission from their superiors to do so.


What were they waiting for?

Why did ‘the police’ go to all that trouble to block the exit with a metal construction beam, that was apparently designed to ‘collapse’ in just the right way,and  just the right place, to instantly create a death-trap-log-jam at the bottom of the ‘Reb Dov Shvil’ stairs?

Which was the ONLY exit out of the crowded Toldos Aharon complex, just above.

I have some potential answers to these questions, too.

BH, in the next blog post we’ll zoom out to the ‘bigger picture’ of what was going in Meron that night.

And then we’ll start to really understand just how much God loves the Jewish people, just how evil our enemies really are, and just how many miracles occurred that night in Meron.


The 45 didn’t die for nothing.

They were martyrs for the whole of the Jewish people, hand-picked by Hashem to sweeten the decrees on the nation of Israel, and to finally help us identify and uproot the true evil in our midst.

And now that we’ve cleared up (as best we can…) what was going on at the site of the stairs, we can turn our attention to why ‘the police’ wanted that exit blocked up in the first place, and why they literally thought they were going to get away with murder, that night in Meron.




A couple of readers just sent me THIS:

They are closing down Meron to visitors for Rosh Chodesh Sivan, as part of their ‘thin end of the wedge’ operation, to start taking more and more of our holy sites out of the picture, and off limits.

It’s a temporary state of affairs, mamash the last few skirmishes of the Sitra Achra against daat and Torah and our True Tzaddikim.

But they won’t win this time.

Just keep praying and working on our bad middot, and wait and see how all this will turn around, BH.


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Even regular visitors to Meron have been struggling to understand how 45 people could be asphyxiated to death there.

***More important updates below***


There is a new video with new footage of what happened, that needs careful analysis.



The timings on the slides below appear to be wrong – the crush built up much faster, and seems to have been caused by 10 policemen and at least one policewoman blocking the exit, with or without gates.

The footage is conveniently ‘cut’ at the crucial part that would show why people suddenly stopped on the stairs.

You can see it for yourself HERE:


I’d been poring over media accounts for three days, and still couldn’t really understand how this was meant to have happened. So yesterday morning, I grabbed my camera and decided I had to go and see things for myself, to see if that would bring a bit more clarity to the picture.

In this post, I’m going to first bring the cold, hard facts – as much as they are knowable, with so many big parts of the puzzle still missing.

And then maybe in a different post, I’ll tell you more about some of the interesting things that were going on up in Meron, and more of what I heard from some of the people there.


Let’s do it.


Identifying where the deaths occurred.

I’ve seen so many pictures of stairs next to white sheet metal fencing – that I totally didn’t recognise. So, the first job was to go and actually find the place where the 45 Meron Martyrs were killed al kiddush Hashem.

(More on how that actually happened below, after we get the cold, hard facts set down).

The following stills come from THIS drone footage of Meron, shot on April 30th, 2021.

(I’m working on doing this as a short video, too, if I can figure it out – see the update below.)


How 45 people died in Meron, on L’ag B’omer 2021:


That’s how it happened.

Now, we can make more sense of the videos I posted up here in previous articles. Let’s explain them clearly, so you really get what happened beyond the shadow of a doubt, and can’t be misled by any more MSM-government-sponsored lies and ‘spin’.

This video below first shows the exit that was blocked.

It also seems to show that one Border Policeman had enough of a neshama to start trying to rip down the metal sheeting right next to the blocked exit, to try to relieve the pressure and give people more space.

But notice other policemen standing at the bottom of the stairs, still holding the crowds back.


Next, you see the ‘river’ of visitors coming down the fenced-in path with the metal ramp.

I suspect that fencing was also put up around the sides just for this L’ag B’Omer, but I haven’t been able to confirm that yet.

But you can clearly see from the drone footage, above, that usually this area was all open air.

So why close it in?


Next, the video goes to an overhead view, looking down at the stairs from the building above it, where you can see how people have now ‘collapsed’ down the stairs and been crushed to death.

This occurred after the police removed the barriers blocking the exit, which caused hundreds of people to topple down on each other.

You can see one or two ‘regular’ police at this point trying to pull people out of the pile, together with a few first responders.

But all those big, burly ‘Border Police’ guys who were blocking the exit have now left the area.

Why didn’t they stay, to try to rescue more of the people who had been crushed and asphyxiated to death?


Now that we’ve pinned this information down, there are more questions to be answered.

According to this eyewitness account, below, two police pulled a double-gate across this exit at approximately 12:30am.

(The audio is very quiet, but if you can listen to what he’s saying, it’s very useful information.)


The gate was still in place almost half an hour later, at approximately 1am.

That means that the police let the crush build up on the metal ramp for approaching half an hour before the deaths occurred, without making any public announcement that people should try to find a different exit.




Menachem Engel, the guy in the video above, contacted me to make it clear that he is not saying and doesn’t know if the gates were still in place at almost 1am. I’m happy to include this information.

And I also want to include this information, from another eye-witness, that was reported in Hebrew HERE,  that the single exit out of the Toldos Aharon complex was blocked by 10 burly policemen, plus at least one policewoman who were pushing people back up the stairs and the ramp, just before the ‘disaster’ (in Hebrew):


Google translated snippet:

“[Q]uite a few dozen seconds after we passed the entrance to the path, a lot of policemen and at least one policewoman came to the entrance to the path and blocked the exit.

Anyone who knows this area at the time of L’ag B’Omer, this year and every year knows that police officers do not walk around in the mehadrin area at all [i.e. the area cordoned off for just men]… And certainly there are no policewomen in the whole area.

Suddenly at least 10 policemen appeared in one shot?!?!

They were at the ‘disaster’ long before the first responders and Magen Dovid Adam !! And after the disaster – most of them (not all!) did not reach out at all… they were not determined and urgent to help, to say the least.”


Another thing that Menachem Engel states – corroborated by many others – is that the Toldos Aharon plaza was unusually and uncomfortably crowded, and that he felt ‘trapped’ in the complex as soon as he entered it.

Other eye-witnesses have said that the police blocked other exits out the Toldos Aharon plaza, leaving ‘Reb Dov Shvil’ – the metal ramp – as pretty much the only exit out of the area.

According to the eyewitness above, he was told by a ‘mystery chassid’ to try to find another route out of the Toldos Aharon Complex because there was so much overcrowding at the blocked exit.

He only managed to do that because he was joined by a group of 40 yeshiva bochurs who managed to ‘fight their way out’ of the crowds to go up past the bleachers, and to exit via the area containing the ‘back bleachers’ at the top of this picture:


Let’s try to sum up the list of specific questions here, to keep this as simple as possible:

1.Why were all other exits out of the Toldos Aharon complex blocked off by the police?

2. Why was the only real exit out of the Toldos Aharon complex blocked by gates for half an hour, while more and more people joined the crush on the metal ramp? –

UPDATE: More information is coming out about how the exit was blocked. It could have been gates, initially, but it could also have been the group of 10 policemen, plus at least one policewoman, who showed up shortly before the ‘disaster’ and physically prevented the crowds from leaving the steps.

3. Who gave the order for that exit to be blocked?

4. Why was that order given?

5. Why was no public announcement made to tell people that the exit out of the Toldos Aharon complex had been blocked?

6. If you are going to tell me that the police closed the exit to prevent more people entering the plaza to ‘prevent overcrowding’, why wasn’t the gate set up at the top of the metal ramp, instead of by the bottom at the stairs?

7. Why was that whole area enclosed with white metal sheeting on the morning of L’ag B’omer, making a narrow, confined space even more narrow and confined?

(Especially in ‘Covid times’, when the authorities have been making a big distinction between ‘indoor’ and ‘outdoor’ areas?)

8. Why did the police refuse to acknowledge that they had blocked the main exit out of the Toldos Aharon complex – and instead tried to blame the disaster on a mythical ‘stampede’ that never happened?

9. Why, immediately after the disaster at 1am, did the police put a message out on the public announcement system that everyone should leave the Rashbi complex immediately – which only added to the crush at all the blocked exits, and prevented ambulances from being able to drive up to the site of the fatalities?

(That’s why we saw so many pictures of people being carried out by hand on stretchers, then taken a long way down the mountain by people running with them – the ambulances couldn’t get up to the site.)

10. What other structures were built, what other bottlenecks were created, what other exits were blocked by the police at Meron before L’ag B’omer, to create so much dangerous and unusual overcrowding in the area?


There are way, way more questions about what happened.

We’ll get to those another time.

But in this post, I’m focussing-in specifically on the circumstances that led to the deaths of those 45 Meron Martyrs.

I’ve learned from experience that it’s when we focus in on the details, the nitty-gritty, that the truth inevitably starts to shake out.

I know they say the devil is in the detail, but invariably, I’ve found that the truth is in the detail – and once you pin the details down, they just can’t spin their lies about what happened in quite the same way.


BH, we’ve made a lot of progress since Friday, in figuring out what really went on here.

Now, that this part of the equation is figured out, we can turn more of our attention to who made these deadly decisions, who enforced them – and who stood to benefit from a ‘mass casualty’ event in Meron this year.

Make no mistake: this time around all of these questions will be answered.

And the people responsible for the murder in Meron will finally be exposed.



On the Ynet (fake…) news site they had this article, about the safety report about the Toldos Aharon complex ahead of L’ag B’Omer:


Meron event organizers ignored major safety report days before disaster

Report ordered organizers of the festivities at the Toldos Aharon compound, where the stampede occured, to have 4 passageways if the number of participants exceeds 9,000; 20,000 were inside when stampede occured but only one exit was open.



That Ynet report is trying to shift the blame for the deaths to the Toldos Aharon chassidut.

But what I want to know is, who was responsible for deciding there should be only one exit out of the Toldos Aharon complex?

I don’t believe that the Toldos Aharon chassidut would only want one exit in and out of their complex – how would that be helpful to them, and their followers?

So who made that decision, in stark contravention of this report that there should be at least 4 exits?

And then, who made the decision to close the only exit out of the Toldos Aharon complex, and who else signed off on it?

Once we know that, I think we’ll know a lot more.



In a minute and a half, you can now grasp what the MSM / government / police have all failed to explain to us over the last 4 days, namely how this ‘tragedy’ really occurred.

BH, I’m working on doing this in Hebrew, too, so the truth can get out there:



I got this comment from the eyewitness in the video above, who wanted to make it clear that he doesn’t say / doesn’t know if the gates were still in place half an hour later.

I’m after the truth here, so I’m very happy to keep updating the information as more of it comes to light. And I’m very happy to see the new footage on Channel 12, that apparently shows there were no barriers.

Which means, of course, all these poor people on the steps suddenly stopped there for no reason at all, and voluntarily suffocated and crushed themselves to death….

Doesn’t it?


Menachem Engel says:(Edit)

Hi. I’m the guy in the video you posted in this article. I really want to make it clear that I state in the video that I dont know if the barriers were still up 30 minutes later. I don’t know why you would twist my words like that. New footage has come out tonight that shows there were no police barricades there. check channel 12 news. Thank you.



This is in Hebrew, but Google translate does a good enough job of giving you the gist. It sets out in detail how the regular exits in and out of the ‘Toldos Aharon’ complex were blocked this L’ag B’omer, in the name of ‘Coronavirus Restrictions’.

While the Health Ministry put no limits – at all! – on the number of people travelling to Uman this year; and as far as I could see, there weren’t even the regular park n’ ride facilities in place this year to help regulate the crowds, what they did do is block off every exit to the ‘Toldos Aharon’ complex with fences, leaving just the ‘Shvil Reb Dov’ exit – which was known from previous years to be dangerously overcrowded, even with the other exits open.

That article is apparently based on hundreds of eye-witness testimonies.

I was going to bring one of the comments on that article, which brings more information and raises a bunch more disturbing ideas, but I realised it’s making this post too long. So I will do a new post with that information instead, BH.

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Rebbe Nachman’s works contain so many hints to what is transpiring all around us.

***Important updates below***

This morning in hitbodedut, I suddenly thought about his teaching about the ‘gallach’ and the ‘malach’.

(I will try to find the source on Shabbat, BH, but if anyone out there knows it, feel free to let me know in the comments section.)

Basically, he was talking about the vicissitudes of trying to serve God in this totally confused period of time known as ‘the end of days’.

And he explained how sometimes we act as if we are a malach – an angel; and other times, it all tips over and then we starting acting like a gallach – a priest.


Rav Ofer Erez does a fabulous job of bringing that lesson down to our level, and applying it to the issues so many of us have today, where one minute we are trying to be tzaddikim praying with devotion and being super-machmir about about everything – and the next minute we’re smoking a joint, or wasting a whole day gorging on netflix.

(Or worse…)

But this morning, I understood for the first time that Rabbenu was also actually describing the reality of what was going on then, in his time, and what is still going on today, in ours.

One minute, an ‘angel’ – and the next minute a priest.


I didn’t want to overload you with information in that last post.

It’s a lot to take in, I know.

But you should know that what I shared there is literally just the tip of the ‘Christian-Jews’ iceberg.

THIS link will take you to an archived page on the Wayback Machine for something called the ‘Messianicwiki’ site.

Specifically, it will take you to a page called:

“Some Jewish Witnesses for Christ”, by Aaron Bernstein published in 1909

It contains the names of 590 prominent Jews, from prominent families, who became vocal leaders in the xtian community.


Some of those people you’ve already met, in the posts in this blog.

But there are so many more, that just got scrubbed out of ‘official Jewish history’ – even though they continued to be in close touch with their relatives in the Jewish community, many of whom were the generation’s ‘leading rabbis’ and communal figures.

Let me give you a couple of examples, so you can see just how bad the problem was / is:


Exhibit 1:

Michael Solomon Alexander (1 May 1799 – 23 November 1845) the first Anglican Bishop in Jerusalem.

Here’s a snippet from Wikipedia:

He was the second son and one of five children born to Alexander Wolff. His ancestors may have come to Prussia from England, or may have been in Schönlanke for many generations.

His education in the Talmud began when he was seven years old, and from age sixteen to twenty, he was a teacher in his community of both Talmud and the German language.

He emigrated to England in about 1820, and became a private tutor for a Jewish family in Colchester. Then he became rabbi at Norwich. Here he came into contact with William Marsh, a stalwart of the London Society for Promoting Christianity Amongst the Jews (now known as the Church’s Ministry Among Jewish People or CMJ).

Attempting to flee Christian influences, he accepted the post of teacher and shochet at Plymouth. He taught Hebrew to the Rev. Benjamin Golding of Stonehouse church.

In 1825, he converted to Christianity.


Michael Solomon Alexander

The first Anglican Bishop of Jerusalem, Michael Solomon Alexander


Then in 1841, he was proposed as the first Anglican Bishop of Jerusalem, and arrived in the Holy Land in 1842.

As soon as he touched down in Jerusalem, he sparked off a mad race with all the other xtian sects, for them to ‘consolidate their presence in Jerusalem’. Hey, thanks guy!

But that’s not all.

What of his relatives? The people he left behind, and the 9 kids he had with his wife, ‘Deborah Levy’?


(I just tripped over a whole bunch of VERY interesting info about that, which BH I’ll do as an update below a little later on.)


Here’s a snippet of his write up on that ‘witnesses for Krist’ page:

One of the most interesting incidents in his [missionising] work in Prussia was a visit to his birthplace, and the meeting with his brother, a rabbi to a large congregation near Posen.

We quote the future Bishop’s own words, as shewing his humbleness of mind, and how fully he had left Judaism behind, and entered into the joys of his new faith.

“I cannot describe my feelings on finding myself now in Posen, my native country, when I reflect on the wonderful dealings of the Lord with me since I left this place nine years ago. I was then a wandering sheep from my Saviour’s fold, walking in darkness….[more missionising xtian claptrap….]

“The Lord gave me another gracious token of His mercy at Posen.

I wrote to my brother, who is rabbi to the large Jewish congregation twelve miles from Posen, informing him of my arrival, and requesting that we might have a meeting.

I had very faint hopes of his compliance, as he had been most bitter against me since my baptism. His letter, however, expressed a wish to meet me half way from Posen.

I immediately set off, and had the unspeakable satisfaction of embracing my brother, not as an enemy, even for the Gospel’s sake, but full of brotherly love and affection, and even giving me credit for sincerity.

I stated to him the Gospel, and declared also to him an account of the hope that was in me. He acknowledged that he had not given the subject due consideration, but he promised he would.

He told me what is very important, viz., that it is generally expected among the Jews, that the coming generation will embrace Christianity, and that Judaism is fast dying away.

Time would not allow him to be much with us, and we parted, praying together that the Lord would open his eyes to behold His glory, as it shines in the face of Jesus, and that we may both be united in His love, and become brothers in Christ.”


Wouldn’t you just love to know who that rabbinic brother in Posen of ‘Bishop Michael’ was?

I sure would.

But for now, they’ve managed to totally scrub his real identity out of the picture.

(But if you’ve been following this blog, you’ll know that I’ve had a keen interest in quite a few ‘rabbis from Posen’, over the last few months, with strange links to the xtian world.)



I found his brother, it’s Wolff Alexander.


(And I found his sister, too: Joanna Pick, who married Jacob Pick.

Those names don’t mean a lot to you, probably, but to me, they are ‘Real Jewish History’ gold.

I’ll explain why in a separate post, BH.)


Bishop Michael was a big ‘success’ in Jerusalem.

In the four years he was here, before he died, he managed to convert a whole load of Jews to xtianity.

Thirty-one of them even sent his widow a signed letter of condolence, when Bishop Michael popped his clogs in 1845. And the guy mamash set the ‘Hebrew church’ on a very strong foundation in the Holy Land.

Here’s a description of his first year:

In conformity with instructions received from Constantinople, proclamation was made in the mosques, that “he who touches the Anglican Bishop will be regarded as touching the apple of the Pasha’s eye.”

The presence of the Bishop was soon felt in work amongst the Jews in Jerusalem…

 The Bishop had held his first ordination on March 17, had baptized a Jew on Whitsun Day, and confirmed eight Hebrew Christians; married two converts; finishing up with the ordination of a Hebrew Christian missionary.

The upper room proved all too small, and the building of the London Society’s permanent church, which was to serve the joint purposes of a Cathedral, a chapel for British residence, and a mission centre, was proceeded with…



These ‘Christian-Jews’ have been pulling the strings here in the Holyland for two centuries (at least….)

This guy was working for the Prussian and British governments and monarchy; he’s a high-level ‘Christian-Jew’ with rabbinic relatives also interested in yoshki working back in the ‘old country’; he mamash totally changed the face of Jerusalem, converted tens, maybe even hundreds of Jews in the Old City back when there weren’t a lot of Jews in Jerusalem – and we’ve never heard of him.

Why not?


While you are pondering that, let me introduce you to one other ‘Christian Jew’ who caught my eye.

Exhibit 2:

Christian David Ginsburg

Here’s his write-up, from HERE:

Rev. Dr. Christian David Ginsburg, born at Warsaw, December 25, 1821, embraced Christianity there in 1846, was missionary of the British Society in Liverpool till 1863, when he retired in order to devote himself entirely to literary work.

Dr. Ginsburg contributed a considerable number of valuable articles on Jewish topics to Kitto’s Encyclopædia, published a book on the Karaites and Essenes, and a full account in English of the Kabbalah, its doctrines, development, and literature.

But he will be especially remembered for his massoretic studies, and translation of Elias Levita’s “Massoreth-ha-Massorah” in 1867, and of Jacob ben Hayim’s “Introduction to the Rabbinic Bible,” published in the same year. He was on the Revision Committee of the Old Testament.

He edited the Massoretic Critical Text of the Hebrew Bible for the Trinitarian Bible Society, 1894, and also Salkinson’s translation of the New Testament into Hebrew, 1886.


The Karaites are one of my newest obsessions….

You’ll be hearing more about them soon, BH.

But in the meantime – there are so many scions of ‘big’ Jewish families who became openly xtian – and not just openly xtian in a private way, they became bishops and missionaries and translators of xtian stuff into Hebrew, and went on ‘secret missions’ to get more Jews baptised and following yoshki…

And we know nothing about them.

But at least for me, it’s tarting to explain more about just why there are so many strange ‘gaps’ in the genealogical record, and so much censorship going on around real Jewish history.

And also, why xtians continue to pull the strings here in the Holy Land, from behind the scenes, while our elected officials, leaders and ‘rabbis’ continue to pretend that the State of Israel was a ‘Jewish country’ set up for Jews.

It’s all a lie.

But BH, it’s finally starting to unravel.



Well, I went to check out “The Church’s Ministry Among Jewish People (CMJ) (formerly the London Jews’ Society and the London Society for Promoting Christianity Amongst the Jews)”, which sent Bishop Michael over to us, to start converting Jews like crazy in the Holy Land, back in 1842.

It was started in 1809, by a dodgy sounding (probably crypto-Jewish) xtian called ‘Charles Simeon’ and the infamous William Wilberforce.

You can read up more about them on Wiki, HERE.


I’ve been going through all the Jewish converts – almost all rabbis, and sons of rabbis – who joined their ranks over the course of the 19th century, and it’s profoundly shocking, to say the least.

I’m going to list just a few names of their ‘Jewish missionaries’ below, with their bios – and only read them if you have a strong stomach for xtian c*ap.

Joseph Frey

Zebi Nasi Hirsch Prinz


Joseph Rabinowitz


Here’s a snippet about what they were getting up to then, in Israel – 100 years before ‘the State of Israel’ came into being, in 1948:

In 1836, two missionaries were sent to Jerusalem: Dr. Albert Gerstmann, a physician, and Melville Bergheim, a pharmacist, who opened a clinic that provided free medical services. By 1844, it had become a 24-bed hospital.

In its heyday, the society had over 250 missionaries. It supported the creation of the post of Anglican Bishop in Jerusalem in 1841, and the first incumbent was one of its workers, Michael Solomon Alexander.] The society was active in the establishment of Christ Church, Jerusalem, the oldest Protestant church in the Middle East, completed in 1849.

In 1863, the society purchased property outside the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem. In 1897, they opened a hospital on the site, designed by architect Arthur Beresford Pite. Today, the building houses the Anglican International School Jerusalem, which is operated by the society.


All this is a problem.

But the much bigger problem is that this organisation is still going strong today.

HERE‘s their website, and here’s a few of the snippets I gleaned before the nauseous feeling overcame me:


Shira and Yoni’s story

How Yoshki is going to bring ‘peace in the Middle East’



CMJ Mission Partners (PDF)


Like I said, all this is still just the tip of a massive iceberg.

There are so many ‘missionaries’ here that are born (externally…) Jews, or who belong to organisations and belief systems that were compromised a very long time ago.

We have no idea, just how far this rot has spread.

But we’re starting to guess.

And it’s frankly really scary.



When I plugged in those ‘medical missionaries’ to Jerusalem described above, I got to this xtian blog, which finally sets out who was really behind the whole ‘Zionist’ enterprise, to get Jews back to Eretz Israel.

Surprise surprise!

It wasn’t Jews.

It was ‘Christian Zionists’ – from 400 years ago.

Here’s a snippet, but go read the whole thing for yourself, if you really want to get a better idea of what’s been going on here, and why the State of Israel has been resolutely ‘anti-Torah’ and pro-missionising Jews right from the start:

In 1640 AD, Parliamentary censorship of the Puritans ended.  That same year, Jews were allowed to return to England, for the first time since they were expelled in 1290 AD.  It seemed like the time to help the Jews establish self-rule in the land of Israel was at hand.  So, the Puritan leaders in England met with the leading Ashkenazi rabbis of England in London, England, to offer their help in establishing Jewish self-rule in the land of Israel.  Much to their surprise, every single one of these rabbis was adamantly opposed this!

It seemed like the dream of Jewish self-rule in the land of Israel had became only the dream of Christian Zionists….

Christian Zionists bypassed the Rabbis, and met with ordinary Ashkenazi Jews. 

They sought to change the hearts and minds of Ashkenazi Jews, about Jews becoming self-governing in the land of Israel again.  They worked to change public opinion to support this idea.  They worked to change laws that would be favorable in helping Jews make the transition to a country, that did not even exist at the time. 

They worked to influence the Ottoman Empire to allow Jews to move back to the land of Israel in greater numbers.  One of them even spent his entire fortune building docks and inns in New Haven, Connecticut, to handle the large number of Jews, who would one day move to the Land of Israel, and set up a Jewish government there.


The xtian Rothschilds – and all the other secret xtianised ‘rabbis’, especially centered in around Vilna and Berlin – are just the front, the Trojan Horse, for these ‘xtian zionists’ – who themselves are probably just a front for the Sabeans, and I don’t know what else.

‘Shabtai Tzvi’ was handpicked as the candidate to get Jews to Israel, in 1666 – the year these xtian zionists had fixed as the ‘end of days’.

That’s a big statement, but I (think…) I can prove it.

There’s so much more to say here.

But I have to make supper and get ready to go to Meron later this evening, so this will have to wait a little while longer, until the birur is finally moved on a level.



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This is a hard post to write, and it’s probably going to be a hard post to read.

For the last few weeks – way before the news broke about the fake-chareidi-xtian-missionary brazening it out in French Hill – I’ve been researching the topic of Christian-Jews.

Before I continue, let me back up and fill in the context, so you understand more of what I’m going to share with you later.

In a nutshell, I believe that this is what has been going on in the Jewish community, for at least the last 2,000 years:


  • The Jewish community has been infiltrated, at the highest levels, by people who look externally Jewish, and act Jewish, and often have superb ‘yichus’ – but who are really not Jewish.
  • Many of these people – probably even most of them – have some sort of Jewish blood, or Jewish ‘DNA’, if you can call it that, but it’s often ‘patrilineal descent’ and usually comes from mixed marriages with women who aren’t halachically Jewish.
  • Many of our biggest rabbis, our most important leaders, over the last at least 1,000 years have been people who have been leading ‘double lives’ – i.e. pretending to be orthodox Jews, at least externally, when they really aren’t. Many of our rabbis have also been very closely related to Christian-Jews.
  • The problem was exacerbated by the ‘conversos’ of Spain and Portugal, after 1492, but there were large numbers of Christian-Jews – especially in leadership roles – even before this.


There is so much to say about this topic, but I have to tread very carefully.

What I thought I’d do, is bring some of the stories of these ‘Christian-Jews’, so you can get a flavor for just how big the problem actually was, over the last 2,000 years – and how big a problem it continues to be, for the authentic Jewish community.

We’ll start with the ‘low hanging fruit’ while I’m trying to figure out what to do with the really explosive, controversial stuff that I’m still not ready to share publically.

Here we go.


How did I get into this subject?

I’ve been busy putting together a real family tree for the more ‘interesting’ Jewish families, where there’s been an obvious cover-up of the real details and information.

In the process of doing that, I kept tripping over weird names, and weird snippets of information, that hinted that certain members of these families had formally converted to xtianity. And I was amazed at just how many of these weird names I kept tripping over, despite all the cover up that’s gone on.

Let me give a few concrete examples:


Exhibit 1: Paulus Renatus (aka Lob Oppenheim)


Here’s a snippet about him, from HERE:

Lob Oppenheim – Paulus Renatus The first Frankfurt Jew about whose conversion and its accompanying circumstances more detailed information is available was Lob Oppenheim, who informed the city council of his intention in August 1537 and at the same time complained that his wife Edel (also: nobility) refuse to convert with him.


Notice that this was happening a good 100 years before Shabtai Tzvi, and a good 50 years AFTER Jews from Spain and Portugal had been forced to go into exile, or convert under Ferdinand and Isabella.

Now, if you go HERE – the German Wikipedia article for the Oppenheim family – you’ll see that (despite a clumsy attempted cover up…), we can identify the xtian ‘Paulus Renatus’ as one and the same as the Jewish Judah Loeb Oppenheim of Frankfurt – married to Edel:


It says that – at least initially – Edel, his wife, refused to convert with him.

But if you continue reading down that list of ‘Oppenheims’ in Frankfurt who directly descended from ‘Paulus Renatus’, you quickly see that there are way more relatives listed as ‘Christian Jews’ in this family, including:

The grandson of Paulus Renatus, was also called Juda Löb (Löw) Oppenheim. His wife’s mother’s uncle (‘Amschel von Schleusingen’) was another xtian convert called Hans Cunrath.

According to the below, xtian ‘Amschel von Schleusingen’ had a double identity, and was known as ‘Akiva Frankfurter Guggenheim‘ within the Jewish community.


One of (secret xtian) ‘Akiva Frankfurter Guggenheim’s’ daughters, called Rechle Wetzlar, was the mother of Ella Rothschild – the progenitor of the famous Rothschild clan.

That’s not a coincidence.



To put this another way:

There is strong circumstantial evidence to suggest that the ‘Rothschilds’ haven’t really been Jews for over 400 years, already.

But let’s continue.


Going back to that Wikipedia entry for the Oppenheim family, we next learn this:

Judah Lob Oppenheim #2, the grandson of Paulus Renatus, had another brother called Meyer Oppenheim (1580-1640).

Guess what?

Meyer also converted out to xtianity, as did his children.

But his wife Breindlen refused to be baptised, and so began a long, protracted divorce that lasted for many years, and caused an enormous chillul Hashem in both the Jewish Frankfurt community, and also amongst the xtians.

Here‘s a snippet of what was going on then:

Meir Oppenheim converted on December 21, 1606 to Christianity and took the name John Daniel Lichtenstein in. His wife Brendle (Brendlin) did not convert, but their children were baptized.

She demanded a divorce from him , he refused this and the disputes lasted until after 1620… because Lichtenstein demanded a share of 13,500 guilders for himself from the joint property with his wife, it was a sum of 18,000 guilders… [I]n November 1610 he sued his “former Jewish housewife” and her relatives as well…. 

Meir Oppenheimer / Johann Daniel Lichtenstein fell away from the Christian faith after being baptized, became Jewish again and fled to Poland. His brothers Mosche “Zum Schwert” and Juda Löb “Zum White Löwen” were assumed to have been the escape helpers. They fled from the threat of torture to force a confession and turned to the Supreme Court , whereupon the council issued a judgment that forced Moshe to pay 9,000 guilders and Löb 3,000 guilders.

After this judgment, Meir was baptized again in 1626.


You see what I mean?

These guys just flipped in and out of xtianity or Judaism as it suited them – and then carried on being the leaders and ‘rabbis’ of the Jewish community.

For example, here’s what happened to Meir’s son:

Hieronimus Lichtenstein became a rabbi after his father fell away from Christianity, professed again Christian baptism and became a Protestant pastor…. baptized in 1626. 

You can read more about Meir’s descendants, the openly xtian ‘Liechensteins’, HERE.

There are a LOT more links with the Oppenheim family to explore, but we’ll leave that here for now, as I still have a couple more ‘Christian-Jews’ to introduce you too.


Exhibit 2: John Ernuszt I

Now, I’m sure you’ve never heard of ‘John Ernuszt‘. So let me introduce you, a little:

John Ernuszt, Sr. was Ban of Slavonia from 1473 to 1476. He was born into a Jewish family in Vienna. He moved to Buda, the capital of the Kingdom of Hungary, and converted to Roman Catholicism. He became a purveyor to the royal court, which enabled him to meet Matthias Corvinus, King of Hungary.

His career in the administration of royal revenues began in 1461, with responsibility for the collection of the thirtieth (a custom duty) in Pozsony County….

Ernuszt inspired Matthias’s reform of the royal revenues (especially the centralization of their administration and the abolishment of tax exemptions) in 1467. In the same year, the king made him royal treasurer. Six years later, he was appointed ban of Slavonia and became one of the barons of the realm. 


John Ernuszt Sr has two sons with his wife Catherine (the records don’t know if she was Jewish or not).

One, Sigismund Ernuszt, is made the Bishop of Pecs in 1473, while the second one, John Ernuszt Jnr, follows his dad into dealing with the royal finances.

Here’s a little about what happens next (from Wikipedia):

The Ernuszt brothers who held more than 3,500 peasant households were among the wealthiest landowners in Hungary in 1494…. In 1495, he received the estate of Munkács (MukacheveUkraine) from the King….

His brother, Bishop Sigismund was murdered in summer 1505. His three retainers (John Gyulai, Louis Szerecsen and Albert Cupi) strangled him to seize his wealth.[12] Sigismund’s legal heir was his younger brother, John… John Ernuszt brought charges against the assassins in spring 1506, also accusing them of misappropriation of the Ernuszt property. However they were never sentenced….

In 1514, John initiated a second lawsuit against the three retainers… John’s lawyers accused the suspects of murder, the falsification of Sigismund’s last will and embezzlement of 1,3 million gold florins….

Following John’s death, his only living son Caspar initiated a new trial in 1536, however he died in 1540 and the House of Ernuszt became extinct, making the lawsuit is obsolete.


I discovered ‘John Ernuszt’ in a weird way.

As you know, I’m going through the family trees of a few ‘interesting’ families, and I’d got up to trying to figure out who the ancestors of the SHACH were, Shabbatai ben Meir HaKohen Katz Ashkenazi.

(That’s a whole other story… and I’m not sure I’m ever going to be able to really tell it. But I digress.)

So, I get to this geni profile of ‘R Akiva HaKohen Katz’ of Budin(1460-1496), and here’s a little of what I read:

“There was a man here in Prague that was great in Torah, wealth and Yichus that came to Prague from those that were exiled from the holy congregation of Uban (Budapest) because of a libel that was fabricated there.

This man was called Rabbi Akiva from Uban. [Son of Rabbi Yitzchok HaKohen son of Rabbi Akiva Kakohen the elder, Av Bais Din of Saloniki (Greece) who were both exiles from Spain, all descendants of The Kohen Gadol Elie.]

Rabbi Akiva was called to the Yeshiva above (died) in the year 5256 (1496). He was known as an expert in Royal Court customs and because of jealousy, the nobles of Hungary in Uban fabricated a libel. He came here (Prague) and built a great, respected house and spread tora in the generation of Rabbi Yaakov POLLACK who was the Av Bais Din here at that time. [Listed as an advisor of King Mathais of Hungary by Encyclopedia Judaica.]…

One of his sons was Rabbi Gershon father of Rabbi Shimshon HaCohen, father of Rabbi Yitzhak HaCohen-Katz, son-in-law of the great Maharal of Prague.


There’s a few things that strike me as odd about this, initially.

First, ‘R’ Akiva HaKohen Katz’ has an alter ego, where’s he’s apparently also known as ‘Furst von Open’.

Whenever you see ‘von’, that means the person was ennobled. But hard as I look, I can’t find any record anywhere of a Jewish advisor to the Hungarian king who was ennobled at this time…. except, for John Ernuszt I, the converted Jew.

Akiva comes from ‘Budin’, and John lives in ‘Buda’ – the same place.

Akiva is apparently at the Hungarian court between 1460-1496, and John is apparently at the Hungarian court at exactly the same time.

How is that for a CO-INC-ID-ENCE?


Akiva HaKohen Katz then moves from Hungary to Prague…. at exactly the same time that ‘John Ernuszt’ apparently dies, after becoming embroiled in a massive dispute, or ‘libel’ with the Hungarian nobles.

If you go HERE, you start to figure out a little more about why the nobles start revolting against ‘John Ernuszt’:

[Hungarian King Matthias] entrusted the administration of the Crown’s customs to John Ernuszt, a converted Jewish merchant. Within two years, Ernuszt was responsible for the collection of all ordinary and extraordinary taxes, and the management of the salt mines.

Matthias’s tax reform caused a revolt in Transylvania.


So, I have to ask:

What are the chances that there would be two Jews, one ‘converted’ and one not, working for the same Hungarian king, at exactly the same time, both involved in ‘libels’ with the Hungarian nobels, and both ‘ennobled’ at a time when very few commoners – never mind Jews – were being ennobled?

And not only that – there are no records of ‘Furst von Open’ – the apparent alter ego of R’ Akiva HaKohen Katz.


I’m a big believe in Occam’s Razor.

The simplest explanation is usually the correct one.

And the simplest explanation here is that ‘R’ Akiva HaKohen of Budin’ is one and the same as ‘John Ernuszt of Buda’, the converted Jew whose son became a Hungarian Bishop, and who married a bunch of apparently non-Jewish women.


I cannot begin to tell you how many family trees of BIG rabbis this piece of information torpedoes, yichus-wise, if it’s correct.

I cannot begin to tell you the implications, but let’s just say there are people related to ‘R’ Akiva HaCohen Katz’ who I believe shook the Jewish world to its foundation.


All these ‘Christian-Jews’ are a VERY big problem for the Jewish community – and they have been for centuries.


I probably just blew your mind with all this, so I’ll leave it there for now.

All this information has to come out, for the olam hafuch to turn the right way around.

But I appreciate, that this whole process of birur is difficult.

I really do.

And there is still a way to go, until it’s done.


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Well, the more I look into the ‘star of David’, the more it seems that it’s really not kosher.

My investigative journalist contact sent me something they wrote a while back on the subject, which I’m reproducing below, with their permission.

At the same time, I got another email yesterday from someone closely connected to the Rav, Rav Berland, detailing how the State tried to kill off the Rav in prison by injecting him with poison.

Apparently, they’ve done this many, many times to many other rabbis and others who they want to get rid of.

Except this time, it didn’t work.

So the doctor who tried to murder the Rav had some sort of spiritual awakening, realised he’s dealing with someone ‘supernatural’ – because let’s be clear, there’s no way that the State of Israel could NOT poison someone to death, if that’s what it really wanted to do – and then came to beg for forgiveness.

The Rav told him he’d be forgiven if he told others what he’d done.

And that’s how the story finally surfaced publically, at least in the circles close to the Rav.


We aren’t dealing with ‘nice’ people here, I hope that’s something more and more of us are starting to understand.

They aren’t telling us the truth about anything, and they are the opposite of how they portray themselves, as ‘good’ and ‘holy’.

(It’s the olam hafuch, remember?)

There are a lot of questions all this raises.

If rabbis who receive the State’s shekel can’t be trusted (as we have so clearly seen, with the Covid 19 agenda); if bureaucrats and politicians who are working for the State are clearly corrupt and pushing evil, anti-Torah agendas in 50 million different ways; if the ‘State within the State’ – i.e. the secret services – are engaged in human trafficking, gun running, drug shipments and I don’t know what else…

Then what does that say about other people who were deep, deep in that corrupt, evil system, and working for that deep state?

While you are pondering that, let me leave you with the very well researched article on the Star of David – and at the bottom, I’ll add in a codicil so you can see how that ‘Star of David’ was being used by the Asiatic Brethren in their black magick initiation ceremonies.


Why the Star of David is the Perfect Sabbatian Symbol

Every religion or cult has to have its symbol.  The symbol represents the core beliefs of that religion summed up in some visual image.  Two groups that share the same symbol will inevitably share very similar beliefs.

The one exception to this is Judaism, which never had a permanent symbol.  Although the menorah acted something like a uniting symbol for the Jewish people, it was never charged with the same significance as say the cross or the yin yang.  Only fairly recently, in the past few centuries, did Judaism “adopt” the Star of David.

But here you will see why this could never possibly act as a true Jewish symbol, if Judaism could ever employ symbols.[1]


The simple triangular pyramid symbol has many uses in the occult beyond its double use in the Star of David.

It is the symbol of practically all illuministic societies.  It is often used as an Egyptian pyramid with an eye at its top.  This is the symbol on the back of the US dollar bill to this day.

To these groups, the eye in pyramid represents the principle of “higher knowledge.”

This mainly consists of the idea that those who use it have some sort of messianic quality that because of their higher-than-average intelligence and access to knowledge hidden from the general public permits them to act in a deceptive and underhanded manner.

The reasoning goes that they act in such a way for the benefit of society, but if people knew only part of the hidden information (and thus were not fully and totally enlightened like the elect) they might act with hostility towards the elect and prevent them from doing the “good” they wish to do.


Thus there are those who are “illuminated” and those who are still “ignorant.”

(This might account for the popularity of the term “ignorant” amongst radical leftists—“ignorant” takes its root from “gnosis,” the significance of which will become clear in the course of this essay.)

This leads to a general permissiveness in all manner of deceit on the part of the elect.[2]

So goes all Gnostic and illuministic thinking.  What they conceal generally is the idea that all religions are true and thus any form of worship is permitted.  This naturally is to the detriment of the idea of one God, one Torah, one Land, one Chosen People.

Particularly the latter, since the idea of a divinely Chosen People seriously disturbs the self-anointed elect.


It is the habit of these types to borrow from all religions, but especially Judaism and kabbalah.

In this regard, they are true charlatans who demonstrate the highest ignorance of any and all Jewish concepts, taking them haphazardly as is convenient.  This is where their pyramid undoubtedly comes from, besides its association with the Egyptian source.

The letter dalet in ancient Hebrew script came in the form of a triangle.

The Star of David then would be this dalet symbol doubled over on itself.

The heretical formerly-Jewish sect of Shabbatai Zvi were especially fond of using kabbalistic symbolism to justify and represent their heretical doctrines.  Many of the members of this sect continued to act openly as Jews, even while secretly practicing their unique blend of idolatrous Sufism and inversed halacha.

Thus many normal Jews were deceived by members of this sect into accepting them and their ideas as Jewish, even though on a “sod” (allusion) level they contained heretical ideas.


According to Professor Gershom Scholem, the Star of David found its revival in “Jewish” circles amongst none other than the Sabbatians themselves.

“The career of the Star of David as magic not only reaches its height, but it moves beyond the realm of magic to become a symbol of the Messianic redemption, which the followers of the Kabbalistic Messiah Sabbatai Zevi believed they had already begun to detect.” [3] 

This included its appearance in various Sabbatian amulets.  In fact amongst these amulets it was the only symbol used.  

It was also found on the tombstone of the Sabbatian magician, “Doctor Falk,” known as the “Baal Shem of London” (not to be confused with other legitimate kabbalists who went by the name “Baal Shem”) who died there in 1782. 

“The initials of his name, Samuel Jacob Hayyim, are there inscribed in a large Shield of David.  Such utilization of the sign on monuments was still very rare at this time and became popular only much later. 

On the cemetery of the Portuguese Jews of Hamburg, for example, it does not appear before 1828.”[4]


Notice the compass Samuel Falk is holding in his hand, and also that he’s next to a ‘challah cover’ with the star of David on it – 200 years before that was common.


The basic principle upon which Sabbatianism was founded was the idea that since the “messiah” came, the concept of sin didn’t exist, since the entire world had been redeemed.

Therefore, sin not only became permitted but actually a mitzvah.

Therefore, Sabbatians believed that by doing what was formerly forbidden they were elevating sparks of holiness from the abyss.[5]  This included engaging in formerly forbidden studies, such as Sufism, which is the quintessence of the Illuministic ideology explained earlier.

Thus in the Sabbatian scheme a regular triangle would represent the regular dalet of kabbalistic illumination.

An upside down triangle, on the other hand, would represent the inversed dalet of corrupted forbidden kabbalistic illumination—Sabbatian/Sufi illumination.

These combined together represent a union of these two principles.  Thus, on one hand, the corrupt illumination is elevated by the normal illumination. 


This is in line with the idea of the sanctification (illumination) and elevation of sin.

On the other hand, the normal illumination symbolically is made to look balanced by the corrupt illumination.  This is in line with the idea that no holiness is complete without a little sin thrown in.

Thus we see that the Star of David perfectly represents the Sabbatian ideal.


The Freemasons, another illuministic society, also use the Star of David in their symbol, albeit in an encoded manner.

Their symbol is two interlocked dalets in the more recent Ashurite script.  In the center is the letter G, which they claim represents the word “God.”

Rabbi Marvin Antelman, in his book To Eliminate the Opiate, Volume 2 asks, “…does the letter ‘G’ really stand for God?  Is it, rather, something else?

Perhaps the ‘G’ of ‘Gnosticism’?”[6]


Now the Greek word “gnosis” (knowledge) is “da’at” in Hebrew.

The dalet is most frequently used in kabbalah to represent the divine emanation of da’at, knowledge.  Thus, we see that the illuminati pyramid/dalet has a further connotation of da’at, or gnosis.  Therefore, the G in Freemasonry, if it in fact stands for “gnosis,” would also be a hidden allusion to the pyramid/dalet symbolism.



[1] This very question has been the subject of a vituperative debate over the centuries and formed much of the controversy between philosophers, such as the Rambam, and the Kabbalists.  (See article “Kabbalah and Myth” in Prof. Gershom Scholem, On the Kabbalah and Its Symbolism, Schocken, New York, 1965.)

[2] The concept that there are an elite who believe they can’t sin is well-established in the history of religion.  One such group was the Spanish Illuminists, the “Alumbrados.”  See Encyclopedia Britannica, “Alumbrados”.

[3] Scholem, “The Star of David: History of a Symbol,” in The Messianic Idea in Judaism, Schocken, New York, 1971, p. 272

[4] ibid., p. 279

[5] This is based on a corruption of the teaching of Rabbi Isaac Luria, the Ari, that the redemption depended upon elevating sparks of holiness trapped in evil.  According to the Ari, this was achieved through mitzvoth.  The Sabbatians simply took this symbolism literally and way too far.

[6] Rabbi Marvin Antelman, To Eliminate the Opiate, Vol. 2, Zionist Book Club, Israel, 2002, p.121


Here’s some more stuff about these mystical ‘triangles’, and the initiation rites of the Order of the Asiatic Brethren.

(From HERE:)

[The initiate] was led to the Table of Purification, on which stood three lights on as many columns.

The one represented a man with the triangle, the other a woman with the triangle reversed; the central one a man with a double triangle.

In the centre of the table stood a crystal cup, filled with water, in which salt had been dissolved, another cup with salt, a spoon, a bundle of cedar-wood bound with hyssop and pink and green silk.

The candidate had his coat and waist­coat taken off, the collar of his shirt opened, and his right arm bared. Having knelt down, the Grand Master sprinkled his neck thrice with the water, saying, “May the Merciful One give thee the knowledge of thy weapons, of thy lance, and of the number Four [which with Rosicrucians is the root and beginning of all numbers].

Then touching his right arm be said, “May the Almighty give thee strength in battle;” and touching his breast, “May the Just One give thee as a conqueror rest in the centre.” The “Sufferer” was then dressed again, the Grand Master opened the Holiest of Holies, and the candidate having taken the oath, the Grand Master dabbed him a Knight.

Touching his right shoulder he said, “May the Infinite give thee strength, beauty, and wisdom for the fight;” and touching the left shoulder, “We receive thee, in the name of the most worshipful and wisest seven Fathers and Rulers of the seven Unknown Churches in Asia, as a Knight and initiated Brother.”

Touching him on the head, he said, “May the Eternal One give thee the light of the number Four, and thou shalt be delivered from the Eternal Death.”

Then there ensued mutual embracing, a little more speechifying by the Grand Master, and then the servants brought in salt, bread, wine, lamb and pork, the latter being symbolical of the Old and the New Covenant!


Remember, the Asiatic Brethren was set up by ‘Moses Dobrushka’, Jacob Frank’s nephew and successor.

And according to Albert Pike – leading freemason and really evil guy – this was the group that carried forward the Sabean-Xtian-Sabbatean-Frankist-Freemason plans for world domination into the next generation.

And that involved destroying the authentic Jews, and trying to uproot the Torah, and replacing yiddishkeit, and its focus on serving God and working on our own bad middot with the worship of knowledge and science and man’s own ego, instead.

All in the service of the Samech Mem.

And the Asiatic Brethren’s Sabbatian initiation symbol ended up on the Israeli flag, in a state that was funded and built by Frankist Rothschilds (amongst others.)




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I was looking at the Wikipedia article about the ‘Thule Society’, when my mouse had a ‘moment’ and decided to click on a different link.

***This post is being censored. I’ve just changed the tags so hopefully it will show up. Let me know.***

To be precise, I was looking at THIS article about ‘Thule Society’ founder, Rudolf von Sebottendorf, snippet below:

Adam Alfred Rudolf Glauer (9 November 1875 – 8 May 1945?), also known as Rudolf Freiherr von Sebottendorff (or von Sebottendorf) was a German occultist, writer, intelligence agent and political activist.

He was the founder of the Thule Society, a post-World War I German occultist organization where he played a key role, and that influenced many members of the Nazi Party. He was a Freemason, a Sufi of the Bektashi order – after his conversion to Islam – and a practitioner of meditation, astrology, numerology, and alchemy.


Interesting guy, for all the wrong reasons.

I got to him via a tip-off about Shabtai Tzvi and the Sabbateans from one of my readers, that I shared in THIS article.

So anyway, I’m reading through, when this link catches my eye, and I click on:

Rite of Memphis-Misraim

It’s yet another Freemason ‘variant’ spin-off secret society from the 18th century that’s very heavy on Jewish biblical symbolism.

So, I’m reading through when suddenly my mouse goes full spastic and decides to click on one of the many embedded links in the text, namely this one:

Jean Bricaud – a French ‘neo-gnostic’ Bishop from the early 20th century.


His Wikipedia entry is accompanied by the following symbol – and this is when I start to sit up and really take notice:

star of david


What the heck is ‘Martinism’, and why the heck is it connected to the symbol you find on the State of Israel’s flag?

Let’s see if we can find out.

I click through a few more links, and I get to THIS article on Martinism, again from Wiki.

Snippet below:

Martinism is a form of Christian mysticism and esoteric Christianity concerned with the fall of the first man, his state of material privation from his divine source, and the process of his return, called ‘Reintegration’ or illumination.

As a mystical tradition, it was first transmitted through a masonic high-degree system established around 1740 in France by Martinez de Pasqually, and later propagated in different forms by his two students Louis Claude de Saint-Martin and Jean-Baptiste Willermoz.


Here is the image that Wikipedia uses to illustrate the article – the ‘Martinist Seal’.

Aka, the Star of David.


Curiouser and curiouser – that a branch of Xtian ‘mysticism’ associated with French secret societies of the 18th century basically has the Israeli flag as it’s ‘seal’.

So, I start to read up on what this ‘Martinism’ actually is, and I learn it’s divided up into 3 main branches, and that the guy who started it all off was some mysterious figure called Martinez de Pasqually.

He’s mysterious because:

  1. No-one really knows who he is, but there’s a strong suspicion he comes from a Jewish family – very possibly with Spanish Portuguese links;
  2. And then he becomes a Catholic – even though any Catholic who became a Freemason at that time would be excommunicated by the Church;
  3. And he’s directly connected to the British Royalty, via King Charles Stuart;
  4. And he decides to call his new Masonic-secret-society spin-off: the Elus-Cohens (French for ‘elected Cohens).


You can read a lot more about ‘Martinez de Pasqually’ (aka ‘Jacques de Livron Joachim de la Tour de la Casa Martinez de Pasqually’) HERE.

What I can tell you, is that he fits the bill for being a Frankist-Freemason, pretend-Jewish / pretend-Xtian, occult worshipping Sabean to a tee.

The last few weeks, I’ve been setting out who the Sabeans are, and how they’ve been subverting Judaism from within for the last 3,333 years.

(Click the links to read the posts.)

But to trip over a real-life example – replete with Star of David and close links to what became the Nazis – is something else.


The following comes from a website called:



(If you remember from HERE, I explained that ‘Gnostic’ comes from the word gnosis – the Greek word for information / knowledge.)

“Jacques de Livron Joachim de la Tour de la Casa Martinez de Pasqually”, and that he was born in Grenoble, France, presumably in 1727. His father was born in Alicante Spain, and held a Masonic patent delivered by Charles Stuart, “King of Scotland, Ireland and England, dated 20th May 1738 and granting him as Deputy Grand Master the power to erect temples to the glory of the Grand Architect.”


Let’s be clear that the ‘Grand Architect’ they are talking about here is the Samech Mem himself.

These occultists are black magic practising, old-school devil-worshippers.

But who was Martinez ‘in real life’?

Here’s a few clues:

Martinez spent all his life working at the creation of a great spiritualized movement within the ranks of Freemasonry. When he eventually organized this movement as an Order, not strictly speaking Masonic, but composed exclusively of Masons, he gave it the name of “Ordre des Chevelier Maçons Élus Cohen de L’Univers”/“Order of Knight Masons, Elect Priests of the Universe.

Martinez spiritual mission began probably around 1758, but there is no doubt that prior to that period, he had worked actively at the promotion of the Freemasonic Order as such.


I bolded that year, 1758, because that was also a very big year in Jacob Frank’s life.

After the debate with the proto-Frankists at Kaminetz, in 1757, a bunch of Talmuds were taken out and burnt in the town square.

You can read about it yourself HERE, on JStor, but I also wrote up a potted history of Jacob Frank HERE.

Then in 1758, Frank won over the Polish Catholic church to his cause, and he and his followers, including Elisha Schor (Wolowski) converted en masse.

Frank himself pinpoints 1758, and his return to Poland, as the start of his real ‘spiritual mission’.

There’s a lot of overlap with ‘Martinez de Pasqually’ – and also very possibly, with Frank’s nephew, Moses Dobrushka.


I wrote a lot about who the real ‘Moses Dobrushka’ might be, HERE.

But let’s keep things simple by going along with the ‘official’ version of Moses Dobrushka’s bio, snippet from HERE:

DOBRUSCHKA, MOSES (1753–1794), Frankist and French revolutionary. Dobruschka was born in Bruenn into a family that belonged to the small circle of rich tax-farmers who largely controlled the tobacco administration during the regime of Maria Theresa.

His mother, Schoendel, was the first cousin of Jacob *Frank, and her house served as a meeting place for the secret adherents of the sect.


Now, are you ready for an amazing connection?

Here it is.

It’s widely known that Moses Dobrushka was one of the founders of a secret society called ‘The Asiatic Brethren’.

Here’s what just turned up, when I did a search on that (my underlining, for emphasis):

The Asiatic Brethren

According to Albert Pike, a 33rd degree Scottish Rite Mason, and American Civil War general, the successors to the Illuminati were the Asiatic Brethren, a secret order created by Moses Dobrushka, Jacob Frank’s nephew and successor.

The Asiatic Brethren, also known as the Fratres Lucis, or the Brotherhood of Light, comprised chiefly of Jews, Turks, Persians, and Armenians, and purportedly represented a survival of the same “Johannite Christians” rescued by the Templars, that is, the Sabians.

Their full title was The Knights and Brethren of St. John the Evangelist.


Yes, we’re back to the Sabeans again.

Those same Sabians I wrote about HERE and HERE.



  • The Sabians have ancient pagan (devil-worshipping…) roots, that go all the way back to Ancient Egypt, and they consider ‘Aram’ (probably Lavan / Bilaam) as their direct ancestor.

  • Sabians are the sworn enemy of the Jews and Judaism, and they see God and religious Jews as being ‘evil’.

  • Sabians are a proto ‘Judeo-Xtian’ group, that splintered out of early xtianity 2,000 years ago – but evidently, have done a marvelous job of ‘assimilating’ in and out of the Muslim, Xtian and Jewish populations, as it suits them.

  • There is a direct connection between the Sabians and the Knights Templar, who went on to found Freemasonry, and also links to the other secret societies.

  • I have a very strong suspicion that the Sabbatean-Frankists were actually just the latest in a long line of Jew and Torah-hating Sabians, who were trying to speed up the destruction of Judaism (God forbid) by operating from within the Jewish community.

  • The Sabians are probably one and the same as the klippat de’Tarmodai. 

  • Whoever was funding Jacob Frank’s movement – the ‘Baalakebens’ – were demonically-inspired. And they very well might have been based in the Baalabek area, which is on the border between the modern State of Israel and Lebanon, which has a big Druze population.


So now, let’s sum up where we got to in this post.

(I know it’s hard to keep all this straight, but we’re getting there, with God’s help.)

  • There’s a xtian ‘mystical sect’ loosely called ‘Martinism’ that was set up by a crypto-Jew with French connections in the 18th century.
  • That ‘mystical sect’ has the Star of David has its ‘seal’, and is meant to be a spin-off from gnosticism (from the Greek world for knowledge / information, gnosis.)
  • The crypto-Jew who began ‘Martinism’ overlaps a great deal with Jacob Frank – and especially, with his nephew ‘Moses Dobrushka’.
  • Moses Dobrushka is known to have openly converted out to xtianity, moved to France and participated at a senior level in the French Revolution. He also was a founder member of the ‘Asiatic Brethren’.
  • The Asiatic Brethren was fingered by none other than Albert Pike, a really evil guy and leader of the freemasons in the USA, who said that the Asiatic Brethren was the successor to the ‘Illuminati’ secret societies that got closed down.
  • (On the small chance that you don’t know who they are, the Illuminati is behind all this ‘New World Order’ / worshipping the dark side stuff that’s been going on for at least two centuries. Rabbi Marvin Antelman wrote a lot of them in his book, To Eliminate the Opiate.)
  • The Asiatic Brethren is a continuation of the Sabeans – those Jew-hating, Torah-hating, devil-worshipping pretend xtians who trace all the way back to Laban the Aramean, and Bilaam, his descendent.


So now, how does the ‘Asiatic Brethren’, and Martinism, and the Sabeans, tie-in with the modern State of Israel?

That is the question.

And I think that not a few of us are starting to understand the answer.




There is a whole bunch of new information to unpack in this article, which sets out a lot more of the links between Frank’s father-in-law, Samuel Falk, the ‘bad’ Baal Shem of London, and all these secret societies – and also their links to European royalty,

It’s going to take me a while to go through everything, but feel free to join me in figuring it out, in the meantime.

The more of us who start to engage with the truth, the more that truth is going to start permeating the world, regardless of how much I write about it.

Here’s a snippet, in the meantime:

Leading Illuminati like Saint-Martin, Swedenborg and Cagliostro, were all members of the Asiatic Brethren. Following the order’s demise, the title of Illuminati was given to the Martinists, founded by Saint-Martin. In 1771, an amalgamation of all the Masonic groups was effected at the new lodge of the Amis Réunis. A further development of the Amis Réunis was the Rite of the Philalethes, formed by Savalette de Langes in 1773, out of Swedenborgian, Martinist, and Rosicrucian mysteries.

Emmanuel Swedenborg became interested in the teachings of Dr. Samuel Jacob Falk, known as the “Baal Shem” of London, who was reputed to exercise miraculous powers through his supposed mastery of the magical names of God. Falk, according to Nesta Webster, was a crypto-Shabbatean, who collaborated with a network of Frankists in England, Holland, Poland, and Germany.

In Secret Societies and Subversive Movements, Webster explained, “Falk indeed was far more than a Mason, he was a high initiate – the supreme oracle to which the secret socieites applied for guidance.” According to Savallete de Langes, “some people believe him to be the Chief of all the Jews and attribute to purely political schemes all that is marvelous and singular in his life and conduct.”

We are getting closer and closer to nailing this.




‘Moses Dobrushka’ had at least one major ‘partner in crime’ when he was setting up the Asiatic Brotherhood, as part of the continuing Sabean plot to bring the world to darkness- and destroy the Torah and the real Jewish people.

He was called: Ephraim Joseph Hirschfeld AKA Ephraim Joseph Hirschel (Germany 1758 – 1820).

Unlike Dobrushka, Hirschfeld externally remained within the Jewish community to subvert from the inside.

Here’s a little about him, from HERE:

Comments: Freemason; Jewish; Qabalist; Ceremonial Magick; Qabalisitc partner to Hans Heinrich von Ecker und von Eckihoffem‘s various Masonic endeavors, with his brother Pascal providing better Hebrew than Ephraim was capable of understanding and writing.

Somewhat in competition with Baron Thomas von Schoenfeld who was also finding Qabalistic elements to incorporate in their Advanced Masonic degrees and their Magickal practices.

Teachers: Franz Joseph Molitor;

Students: the Landgraf Carl von Hessen-Kassel; Hans Heinrich von Ecker und von Eckihoffem;

Friends: Johann Georg Schlosser , the brother of Goethe; David Friedlander; Moses Mendelssohn;

Enemies: rivals, not enemies, Baron Thomas von Schoenfeld, Qabalist;

Organizations: The Order of the Asiatic Brethren; Die Ritter des Lichts (Knights of the Light) AKA Order of Knights and Brothers of the Light ; Die Brueder St. Johannes des Evangelisten aus Asien in Europa (the Asiatic Brethren of St. John the Evangelist in Europe) banned 1785, helped create the Melchizedek Jewish Lodges;

Author: Ephraim Joseph Hirschfeld, & Hirschfeld, Pascal: Biblical Organon real or translation of the Bible with the mystical guidance and critical comments: Genesis, Chapter 1, verses 1-5, 1796


It’s not a coincidence that ‘Ephraim Joseph Hirschel’ (from Karlsruhe) is listed as being good friends with Moses Mendelssohn and David Friedlander – both in the vanguard of introducing Reform Judaism into the Jewish community.

Moses Mendelssohn recieved his smicha from none other than Yonatan Eybshutz, as I wrote about HERE.

I just tripped over some interesting information last week about which ‘elite’ families Mendelssohn and Friedlander belong to, but I’m still filling out the rest of the blanks, so that will have to wait for now.


And there’s another occult, Frankist-Freemason connection with a Falk, via this guy (from HERE):

Rabbi Johann Friedrich Falk AKA Chain Chenul Falk AKA “Cain Chenul Falk”

Germany / England 1811 – 1824

Comments: alchemy; Freemason; Jew; Qabalist; mentioned by Westcott along with Eliphas Levi in the first published notice about the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in NOTES AND QUERIES, Dec. 1888;

Teachers:Rabbi Dr Hayyim Samuel Jacob Falk, AKA Dr Falcon aka The Baal Shem of London, 1708— 1782;

Students: Kenneth R. H. MackenzieFrederick HockleyWilliam Wynn WestcottWilliam Blake, who studied with him; George Eliot aka Mary Anne Evans, Mithilde Blind, Jewess poetess; Emanuel Oscar Menahem Deutsch, Talmud scholar;


Enemies: Johann Wilhelm von Archenholz, who despite extreme antisemitism, recorded the Rabbi’s great generosity to the poor @ 1760-70;Organizations: Order of the Golden and Rosy Cross (Orden des Gold- und Rosenkreutz ; Qabbalistical College in London “until his death in 1824.” ; Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia, (SRIA); Freemasonry;



I’m going to continue to nose around – and please feel free to join me, as that way this will move way faster.

These fake Jews have been pulling the strings in our communities for far too long, and causing so much suffering and destruction.

It’s really time to get to the bottom of this, so that the true light of the Torah, and of our True Tzaddikim like Rabbi Nachman of Breslov and Rabbi Eliezer Berland, can start to shine out.



This just in from my fellow investigative journalist, via email:

From Gershom Sholem,”The Star of David: History of a symbol” from the book the Messianic Idea in Judaism:

“The hexagram (star of David) next appears–with a clearly indicated point at its center–only much later among the various ornamental motifs on a frieze that decorates the well-known synagogue of Capernaum (Kefar Nachum) (second of third century).  But the same frieze displays a swastika right next to it, and no one will on that account claim that the swastika might be a Jewish symbol.” p. 260

There is a lot more in the article connecting the star of David to the Sabbatians.  However, I have seen the swastika in ancient (Kosher) Kabbalistic texts.  It symbolizes Jupiter/Tzedek.

Dafka, that this synagogue was in Kefar Nachum – Capernaum – is very meaningful.

Here’s why:
“Christian sources of the Byzantine period describe Capernaum as a village inhabited by Jews and Christians.”
Snippet 2, from HERE:
“Capernaum was the center of J*sus’ ministry. It was there that he performed a number of his miracles and healings; it was there that he taught and formed his disciples. In Capernaum, Jesus taught in both the local synagogue and in people’s homes.”

The thesis that is developing is that Yoshki was just one -and probably not even the first – in a long line of ‘false messiahs’ that the Sabians tried to infiltrate into authentic Judaism, to subvert us from within.

That the star of David – together with a swastika! – showed up in the mosaics of the Capernaum ‘synagogue’ seems very meaningful to me. These things apparently go together, in the world of the Sabeans.
We’ll see what else shows up.

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It’s hard to believe that the State of Israel would somehow want to reduce its number of citizens.

I know that it’s one of the ideas I float on this blog that just seems way too ‘out there’ for most people.

But there are clues all over the place that this is actually part of what is pushing the insane drive to ‘vaccinate’ as many people as possible with experimental gene therapies with unknown side effects.

Like this, sent to me by a couple of readers, from yesterday:


Here’s a snippet – quoting a speech given by Prof. Omer Moav, who teaches economics at IDC Herzliya:

“Recent studies have shown that the average haredi family gets in terms of state funding for education, healthcare, and welfare approximately 5,000 shekels ($1,535) more per month from the government than they pay in taxes.”

“That means that there is a population which is growing which is in turn increasing the burden on taxpayers.”

“We must decide whether we want to be a developed country or a poor country with lots of kids. I’m not going to argue about it. Maybe I’ll go live somewhere else.”

“Fertility isn’t just a function of culture, values, or religion – it’s also a function of incentives. The sober assessment is that we have no choice but to understand that we cannot continue to subsidize high birthrates and fund children.”


Professor Moav’s bio is interesting reading.

Over the years, he’s been given lots of money from the Falk Institute and the Rothschilds’ funded Israel Science Foundation – including for this:

2011-2014: Israel Science Foundation, “Environment and Transparency: The rise of the State and Property Rights from Ancient Egypt and Babylon to the 20th Century” 269,000 NIS



Why would the Rothschilds’ Israel Science Foundation be so interested in property rights in Ancient Egypt and Babylon?

While you are pondering that, let’s move on.


He’s also had a lot of funding from the ‘Falk Institute‘, set up by one Maurice Falk.

Call me suspicious (it’s ok, I get called much worse by my teens on a regular basis!) – but there are certain names that just have me scurrying to check out who else these guys are related to.

And ‘Falk’ is definitely on that list.


The ‘bad’ Baal Shem of London, arch-wizard and father-in-law of Jacob Frank, was a Falk.

And it’s very interesting to me how much deliberate confusion is being sown around that family, and it’s name, wherever it pops up.

So, I went to check out ‘Maurice Falk’, and here’s what I learnt:


Maurice connects us straight into the ‘interesting people’ matrix I’ve been researching here on the blog.

Here’s a little about one of his relatives, reform rabbi J. Leonard Levy, who traces back to the ‘Da Costa’ family I’ve written about on so many occasions. Notice how much of this sounds familiar (I’ve bolded some stuff to help you figure it out.)

“J. Leonard Levy, a dynamic leader with an internationalist outlook, became Rodef Shalom’s Rabbi in 1901.

He had served congregations in Bristol, England; Sacramento, California; and Philadelphia.

Rabbi Levy should be noted for his work to strengthen interfaith communication in Pittsburgh and beyond.

During his Pittsburgh tenure, he started an international peace organization and co-edited the weekly Jewish Criterion, in addition to preaching at both Sabbath and Sunday services at Rodef Shalom.

At Rabbi Levy’s invitation, President William Howard Taft visited Rodef Shalom on Saturday, May 29, 1909. This was the first time that a sitting United States president spoke from the bimah of a Jewish congregation during regular Sabbath services.”


Interfaith, peace n’love, high level connections to presidents of the United States…

And family connections straight into the dodgy Frankist-Freemason nexus that has been pulling the strings in the world for at least the last 200 years.


Maurice himself is married to a Wertheimer with Guggenheim connections, and is the step-father of an Einstein.

But that’s not even the really interesting stuff. The really interesting stuff is this, from here:

Early in his professional life, Maurice Falk (1866-1946) worked in retail with Jacob Klee. In 1893, he and partner Henry Weiskopf established the Duquesne Reduction Company, a smelting and refining business, and other industrial concerns.

In the 1920s, the Falk Brothers merged several companies into the Federated Metals Corporation. Working with Isaac Frank and others, the brothers founded the Weirton Steel Company, which became the National Steel Corporation.

Maurice Falk was also a shareholder in other companies, including the Blaw-Knox Company.


One of the things I’ve learned over and over again with all this, is that whenever you see a dramatic ‘rags to riches’ story, you can be 99% sure that the person it’s being told about was actually part of ‘the machine’ right from the start.

And lookey there, another name that always gets the red flag up and waving: Isaac Frank – who goes into partnership with the Falk brothers to create one of the USA’s ‘landmark’ businesses, National Steel Corporation, which weirdly keeps making profits, year after year, even during America’s Great Depression.



So, I click on ‘Isaak Frank’ and I get to THIS, excerpt below:

Frank and his brother-in-law Ephraim Wormser purchased three acres of Monongahela River waterfront in 1858 and built a glassworks. 


While they have been really good at scrubbing out all the ‘Frankist family’ links for the main guys, I find that if you keep plugging away, eventually you’ll find the name, the link, they just didn’t manage to obliterate.

So, I put in ‘Ephraim Wormser‘ to geni, and very quickly, I hit Pappenheimers, and Guggenheimers, and Rothschilds – and most importantly of all, Kevin Lawrence Hanit.

Because as I keep telling you, all these people belong to the same big (Frankist-Freemason…) family.

I’m in the middle of putting together a massive family tree, which will clarify a lot of these links once and for all, but in the meantime, let’s leave this thread and go back to Maurice Falk’s Institute.


The modern-day Falk Institute is being funded by… the State of Israel.

And more precisely, by the State of Israel’s National Insurance arm, or Bituach Leumi:


So to be clear, the economist who is publically saying we need to radically limit the number of people in Israel is being funded by…the State of Israel.

And this is not some crazy, loose-cannon type guy who is saying this – he’s as establishment as it comes.


Let me leave this here for now, because I already have a plate overflowing with leads to track down.

But the last thing to share with you today is some emails about Shabtai Tzvi I was sent by a former journalist, who is very on the ball:


Rabbi Antelman once mentioned a theory (I didn’t remember his source) that Acher (Elisha Ben Abuya) had joined the gnostic Sethian sect (this is why they called him Acher — as Hava said at Seth’s birth “Zera Acher…”.  

There is an important link in all of this to the gnostic Sufis. 
Shabbatai Tzvi was apparently buried at a Bektashi Sufi shrine in the Balkans (I saw a photo on the internet of this place once).  Oddly enough, the one of the founders of the proto-Nazi Thule SocietyRudolf von Sebottendorf (a name which oddly sounds like Sabbatian-dorf) had connections to Bektash Sufi and….Jews from Salonika.
There was an attempt a number of years ago by certain Masonic elements in the Orthodox Jewish world in Israel to get Sufis accepted as Noahides, and to generally give them a good name in the Jewish world.  I believe they are responsible for introducing sorcery into the Jewish population, meaning to teach Jews sorcery, including those wearing a kipa, in order to destroy the Jewish people through spiritual means….
Hitler himself apparently had Sabbatian-Frankist roots (see To Eliminate the Opiate, part 2) and visited America at some point early in his career, apparently to make contacts there (perhaps these were the same entities mentioned in the book Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler).
Another point that bears mention:  After writing the first volume of To Eliminate the Opiate, R’ Antelman received a call by none other than Isser Harel, the man who made the Mossad one of the top intelligence agencies in the world, and the made who nabbed Eichmann.  Harel was very disturbed by Eichmann’s ability to recite “Shema Yisrael.”  Even though Eichmann claimed to know this from hearing people gassed to death, something convinced Harel that this wasn’t the reason.  Rabbi Anteman also said that he once saw an article in a magazine which said that Eichmann’s daughter had moved to Israel and was a Labor Zionist…
Another thing regarding Shabbatai Tzvi’s family.  The singer Yehoram Gaon once mentioned on the radio that he was a descendent of Shabbatai Tzvi.  Strange thing to boast about…  It says on Wikipedia that his parents come from Turkey and Bosnia.
There IS a lot more to say about this.

I clicked on the links to the Thule Society, and I will tell you what that led to in the next post, God willing.

But all the lies are being blown out of the water one after another.
So hang on, dear readers!
That world of truth is being revealed more and more clearly with every second that passes.
So don’t give up now. The ‘breakthrough’ is within touching distance.
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There is so much going on behind the scenes at the moment.

In case you are wondering why I’ve slowed down posting, a little, at the moment – it’s because I am working on so many different strands of research, ‘behind the scenes’ that it’s hard to know what to focus on next.

I am tripping over facts and information that is literally changing everything I thought I knew about ‘Real Jewish History’, especially from the last 400 years on.


Shabtai Tzvi was NOT some nobody-crazy-person from Salonika who managed to con the whole Jewish world into believing in him.

Really, he was a massive Rabbi – a highly-respected Torah scholar and halachic decisor from what is now part of Eastern Europe.

And we are still quoting a lot of his Torah and halachic ideas, using his real name and real persona.


Why and how was it so easy to hide all this, for the last 400 years?

The short answer is: because ‘Shabtai Tzvi’ was descended from a long line of famous Torah scholars, the family he belongs to is one of the most ‘connected’ (and honestly, disturbing…) families in the Jewish world, and pretty much every big rabbi you care to mention is related to him by birth of marriage, one way or another.

These are big claims, I know.

But I’m sitting here patiently piecing the information together to prove them – and it’s very tedious and time-consuming work.

Behind the scenes.


Connected to this, is another vein of research related to ‘xtian Jews’ – crypto-Jews who were senior ‘rabbis’ in the Jewish community, but who had a whole other identity as converted xtians, court Jews and even archbishops, in the non-Jewish world.

Again, I keep tripping over so many examples of this, and always, they are connected to same small number of ‘elite’, apparently-Jewish-with-wonderful-yichus families.

The same families that have effectively stitched-up all the positions of power and influence in the Jewish world for at least the last 600 years, and probably, way before that too.

This is the line of research that actually led to the ‘breakthrough’ piece of information that unlocked the real identity of Shabtai Tzvi.

Behind the scenes.


Then, there’s all the stuff with the eugenics agenda in the proto State of Israel, and how that is still affecting us today.

I will probably try to post something about that next, due to a plea from a reader for more information.

It’s not pinned down enough, really, to draw firm conclusions, but they asked me to put it out there anyway, so I will probably comply.

Because everything is a ‘message’ from God, and it seems to me that God wants whatever information I have already collated on this topic to be freely available now, while it’s still kinda half-baked.


Behind the scenes, I’m starting to feel that so much is moving and changing – in a good way.

The Rav is back out of prison, and in ‘house arrest’ in a better location.

As he moves out of incarceration, the rest of the world will follow him, starting with Israel.

Behind the scenes, something big is happening.

I can feel it.

And if you stop and think about it for a moment, I think maybe you’ll be able to pick that up, too.


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More pieces of the puzzle are starting to fall into place about the Sabeans.

I know – you have no idea who ‘the Sabeans’ are…

I wrote quite a lot about them a few weeks ago, but all our brains are so fried-out, it’s hard to retain information. So HERE is where you can read the whole article, and below I’ll excerpt some relevant snippets.

(I’m learning that if I keep repeating things 400 times, eventually some of the information sticks enough to be internalised.)


Snippet 1:

The Druze are known to have had some close interactions with a group of idol worshipers who maintained a lot of ancient occult knowledge from Egypt, known as the Sabians.

There is evidence that the first Templars in the Middle East – a very small, elite group of 9 wealthy knights – went to these Sabians in Harran before they did anything else, to try to learn more of their ‘occult’ ancient Egyptian knowledge, on the direct orders of Bernard of Clairveaux.


Snippet 2:

While I was re-reading the post The Real Roots of the Illuminati, I noticed a reference to the Sabians,who the Knights Templar went to ‘learn’ from, when they conquered the Holy Land.

(Remember, the Knights Templar morphed into the Freemasons, and the other orders of ‘xtian’ Knights in the holy land like the Hospitallers also morphed into a bunch of secret societies that aren’t called ‘freemasons’ but act in the same sort of way.)


I went to look up more about these Sabians, and here’s what I learned (from Wikipedia):

The Sabians were identified by early writers with the ancient Jewish Christian group the Elcesaites, and with gnostic groups such as the Hermeticists and the Manichaens.

According to Daniel Chwolson‘s exhaustive survey of Islamic and other sources (1856), they appear to have gravitated around the original pro-Jewish Hanputa of the Elcesaites, from which the prophet Mani seceded. These Hanip Sabians are later identified as the pro-Torah Sampsaeans.


Snippet 3:

The more I look into what’s going on here, the more I’m coming to the conclusion that the Frankists, and the Sabbateans before them, and the Spanish Alumbrados before them, are just the latest in a long line of externally ‘Judeo-Xtian’ messianic groups that are ‘anti’ the Torah, and who have actually been in existence for at least 2,000 years – if not longer.

Frank was just the latest figurehead, or ‘reincarnation’ for this group of people who have been pretending to be Jews, and pretending to be xtians for 2000 years – but really are not.


Snippet 4:


  • The Sabians have ancient pagan (devil-worshipping…) roots, that go all the way back to Ancient Egypt, and they consider ‘Aram’ (probably Lavan / Bilaam) as their direct ancestor.

  • Sabians are the sworn enemy of the Jews and Judaism, and they see God and religious Jews as being ‘evil’.

  • Sabians are a proto ‘Judeo-Xtian’ group, that splintered out of early xtianity 2,000 years ago – but evidently, have done a marvelous job of ‘assimilating’ in and out of the Muslim, Xtian and Jewish populations, as it suits them.

  • There is a direct connection between the Sabians and the Knights Templar, who went on to found Freemasonry, and also links to the other secret societies.

  • I have a very strong suspicion that the Sabbatean-Frankists were actually just the latest in a long line of Jew and Torah-hating Sabians, who were trying to speed up the destruction of Judaism (God forbid) by operating from within the Jewish community.

  • The Sabians are probably one and the same as the klippat de’Tarmodai. 

  • Whoever was funding Jacob Frank’s movement – the ‘Baalakebens’ – were demonically-inspired. And they very well might have been based in the Baalabek area, which is on the border between the modern State of Israel and Lebanon, which has a big Druze population.


Go back and read the other post, it will fill in the gaps and help you to understand how I got to these ‘takeaway points’ above.

Because now, we are going to add in some new information that came to light a couple of days ago, written by Chananya Weissman.

(I actually read Weissman’s posts on the Tomer Devorah blog, and left a comment there linking to the post I wrote about the Sabeans, quoted above, which she decided to censor. I think it’s because I support the Rav, Rav Berland. It’s chaval that so many people got duped by the media lies…. what can we do.)


You can read Chananya Weissman’s full post HERE, and below is the relevant snippet:

Chazal teach us that Chizkiyahu did six controversial things, three of which received the approval of the Sages and three of which did not (Pesachim 56A). The three which received approval all countered avoda zara: he dragged the bones of his father, an idolater, on a bed of rope, he pulverized the copper snake that Moshe fashioned (Bamidbar Chapter 21) which the Jews later began to worship, and he hid away the book of cures.

The latter is most intriguing. Rashi explains that people used this book of cures (which the Ramban in his introduction to Bereishis attributes to Shlomo Hamelech) to heal immediately, and they didn’t humble their hearts. Chizkiyahu hid it to compel the people to turn to Hashem.

The Rambam vehemently rejects this explanation (see his Pirush Hamishnayos). He suggests that the book of cures might have contained information about how to prepare various poisons from plants, what illnesses they would cause, and how to cure them. When Chizkiyahu saw that this scientific information was being used to murder people, he hid the book.

However, the Rambam’s preferred explanation appears in Moreh Nevuchim Part 3 Chapter 37.

There he writes that the book of cures was based on the idolatrous ideology of the Sabeans, which dated back to the times of Avraham.

This ideology was dominant at the time; it combined nature-worship, star-worship, and sexual perversity. Their cultish behaviors were not merely religion, but the accepted science of the time. Consequently, one who veered from their behaviors was considered a heretic, a science-denier, and a threat to society. The Rambam is adamant that the cures in the book were idolatrous and fraudulent.


Hey, looky there!

It’s those ‘Sabeans’ again – the ‘Big Pharma’ of the ancient world.

Do you think it’s a CO-IN-CID-ENCE that we fingered these same antinomian, Jew-hating Sabeans as being the spiritual moving force behind the Sabbateans, the Frankists and the Freemasons, and now we see that none other than the Rambam calls them out for also being the ‘idolatrous and fraudulent’ Big Pharma of the ancient world?

There is nothing new under the sun.


We are dealing with the same people, the same evil, idolatrous beliefs, the same modus operandi that our forefathers have been dealing with for at least the last 3,333 years.

How could it be otherwise?

We are on the cusp of geulah, and on the cusp of moshiach being openly revealed (clue: it’s definitely not Jonathan Pollard).

So of course, the same tests of murder, idol worship and immorality are coming around again.


That was the test of the times of the First Temple – that we failed badly.

And the test of the times of the Second Temple was sinat chinam – hating our fellow Jew in our hearts, instead of internalising that everything and everyone is really just a message, a manifestation of God.

And we failed that test really badly, too.

But now, thanks to the COVID scamdemic (which is being engineered by the modern-day incarnations of those ancient Sabians, the Frankist-Freemasons, who are at the highest levels of the (pretend…) Jewish world) – well.

God is giving us another chance to pass the test, before Moshiach comes.

And hopefully, we’ll do a much better job, this time around.


PS: In case you were wondering how the picture of Mount Rushmore relates to this post…

I was scanning for pictures of the ‘Ancient World’ when it came up next to pictures of Sphinxes and ‘Buddhas’ and other idolatrous idols, like this:


Compare and contrast:

Mount Rushmore Frankist Freemasons


America’s presidents are deep in the Frankist-Freemason network.

There is nothing new under the sun.


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