Back when I was starting to study ‘sound’ as a healing tool, three years ago, I tripped over something called ‘The Schumann Resonance.’

Three years ago, the links between human mental and physical health and extremely low frequencies (ELFs) were still being deliberately obscured.

So there was a lot of ‘disinformation’ about whether the Schumann Resonance was even really a ‘thing’; what it’s true frequency was, and of course, how much all this stuff is so very closely connected to human health, in just about every way.

If you go HERE, you’ll find one of those earlier articles about the Schumann Resonance, that has a lot of good background and material, but is kind of struggling to put it into the right context.


Anyway, long story short, I had a deep feeling that ‘sound was the way to go’, when it came to healing us human beings, so I kept researching, and that’s when I stumbled across Eileen Day McCusick and her book:

Tuning the Human Biofield: Healing with Vibrational Sound Therapy

I read the book two years ago, found it very interesting – so I ordered some of her tuning forks, to do the experiment myself, because that’s the only way we ever really know, if something is going to ‘work’, if something is ‘real’, or not.

Here’s a snippet, describing what ‘tuning the biofield’ is all about:

A guide to the practice of Sound Balancing, using tuning forks to clear trauma stored in the human energy field.

• Provides a precise map of the energetic biofield that surrounds the body, showing where specific emotions, memories, traumas, and pain are stored.

• Details how to locate stored trauma in the biofield with a tuning fork and clear it.


I started experimenting with Eileen’s tuning forks and method about 18 months ago – mostly just on myself.

Because 18 months ago, the idea that ‘sound’ could somehow ‘clear’ serious trauma and pain out of the system, and help me to stay healthy, sounded pretty looney-tunes, even to me.

So, I did some small experiments, noticed some interesting stuff – but then got completely consumed in other subjects, like what really happened to kill 45 people at Meron; and what’s really in these ‘Covid’ shots.

I had no idea, back then, how sound and frequency are so tightly connected to both these topics. But now, I do.


At the same time that the horrible idea was swimming into view that the State of Israel had deliberately targeted the pilgrims in Meron with some sort of ‘Directed Energy Weapon’, I noticed a whole bunch of new ‘tech’ going up on every street corner in Jerusalem.


The similarity between the ‘horn antennas’ used at the bottom of the stairs in Meron, and the ‘horn antennas’ suddenly showing up at parks and intersections all over Jerusalem was just too obvious to ignore.


I know this is difficult to hear.

I’ve had emails from people telling me that ‘for sure, these speaker-thingies are being put up all across Israel for a good, helpful reason’…

But when I ask them what that ‘good, helpful reason’ actually is – they have no idea.

It’s a case of the eyes clearly seeing, but the brain trying to explain things away, to keep us in the comfort zone, where we don’t have to worry that our government and military really ARE trying to kill us.


Below, I spliced the clip of the starlings in Spain colliding after being caught in a DEW / 5…G energy beam, with what happened in the crucial minute after the ‘horn antennas’ in Meron got switched on by the fake Hatzalah guy.

Draw your own conclusions.


I’m not going to rehash all of the info I’ve put up about 5…G and the human body here.

If you are interested, take a look at the following posts:

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Let’s sum things up by saying that any scepticism I had about sound being an agent of destruction – but also a very powerful agent of healing – has now totally evaporated.

For three months, since Sukkot, I was in a very difficult space, mentally.

I was full of fear about what the future holds; I was fearing the ‘tech’ I see everywhere; I was fearing what’s really going to happen, when they have all their tech in place, and finally switch the 5…G on, fully – probably some time in the next few months.

Because I was ALREADY feeling the negative health effects of all the new antennas going up every 100 metres in Jerusalem.


And I had no idea what to do, to try to stop this from happening.

And I’m not injected with anything, Baruch Hashem.

(More on that in a moment.)


At this stage, one of my readers, who is a mathematics whizz, started sending me some very interesting emails.

Many of them are ‘over my head’, in terms of the equations and ideas being shared, but last week, I got sent this:

The coming year is (5) 783 = the Schumann Resonance

Along with a whole bunch of links, which I’m just going to put below.


If you are interested, click on:

Similar Spectral Power Densities Within the Schumann Resonance and a Large Population of Quantitative Electroencephalographic Profiles

The following short video is shmirat eynayim friendly, and explains in 2.5 minutes some of the basics, of how solar and geomagnetic activity can affect the human heart, amongst other things:


This screenshot comes from HERE:



Here’s where things got even more interesting – and started to develop a particular ‘Jewish’ twist, that gives me some real hope that we are about to see some massive open miracles.

My reader sent me this:

Here is the 783 in a different order:


Looking at the sound of the Shofar, you can see that the frequency is 376. You can therefore also get 378 as well – here is the ‘783’, again.

THIS link, to the ‘Vibration Data Newsletter’ from January 2007 discusses ‘Shofar Acoustics’.

Here’s the image of the ‘sound of the Shofar’, from page 8:


Here is the sound of ‘387 Hz’:


Then, he sent me this:


When  I read this, I got goosebumps.

783 – breaks down to 26.

387 – breaks down to 26.

26 is the gematria of Hashem’s ineffable name, the Tetragrammaton, Yud Kei Vav Kei.


Over on, they recently put up a video covering the information they got from a whistleblower at Spanish cellcoms company, Telefonica.


Basically, 5…G operates across a range of frequencies, but the one frequency our NWO governments are focusing their 5…G efforts on is:

26 GHZ

Snippet (translated from Spanish, so a little clunky):

Graphene acts with the transistor phenomenon.

That is to say, it multiplies the frequency at the same time as the damage it causes inside the body since it is toxic or cytotoxic inside the body.

Moreover, depending on the radiation it absorbs, this toxicity is dependent on that radiation.

I want you to look at this article now, which is about 26 GHz graphene transistors exactly. Exactly the same frequency that the government is now going to launch in our country, and that will be launched everywhere. 

Notice. Why 26 GHz? 

Because that’s the optimum signal multiplication frequency of graphene transistors. Do you understand, therefore, that 5G and its 26 GHz are precisely to wreak havoc with these graphene transistors inside the body? Or that they act as transistors? What a coincidence! 


And in case you still didn’t understand that the Covid shots contain self-assembling graphene oxide nano-routers, LaQuintaColumna just released some new images, with another bombshell report to follow soon:

WARNING: Best to watch the subtitles and turn the volume off, for this video.

He speaks really loudly, because he’s so upset about what he’s just discovered in the Pfizer shot, image below:



So, the whistleblower at Telefonica shared a confidential report that said:

The human body cannot withstand 26 GHz.

When they turn 5…G on, sometime in the next few months, at that range – we will all be dropping like flies. Or like starlings. Or like the people at the bottom of the stairs in Meron, God forbid.


’26’ is also the gematria of Hashem’s ineffable name.

And ’26’ is also what you get when you break down 783 – the 7.83 of the Schumann Resonance, the (5)783 of the coming year, motzae shvit, when Moshiach is meant to be revealed.

And 26 is also what you get when you break down 387 – the sound frequency of the Shofar, and the ‘opposite’ of 783.

The only way we can get rescued from what is coming down the pipe is by crying out to Hashem, calling out to Hashem, blowing the shofar of repentance, both literally and figuratively….


While I was putting this post together, I got sent two more bits of information, one of the more ‘technical’ side, and one on the more ‘spiritual’ side.

Technically, I got sent a link to a promo for THIS event, which I watched last night:


The Sound of Music: Medicine of the Future live presentation by John Stuart Reid!

Snippet, followed by some screenshots of the presentation:

Over 20 years ago, acoustic-physics scientist, John Stuart Reid experienced a seemingly miraculous healing of a painful lower back injury during cymatics experiments in Egypt’s Great Pyramid. Inspired by this event he has intensively studied the biological mechanisms that activate the body’s healing response, without use of drugs. 

In his illuminating presentation John Stuart Reid will distill for us some of the important biological mechanisms discovered during his 20 years of research and will share with us his intuitive sense that the Sound of Music will become The Medicine of the Future.




John Reid ended the presentation by basically saying that the right music can literally heal old, diseased red blood cells, and create new, healthy red blood cells.

Think about that for a moment.

You can see more of his research HERE, and also download an app that enables the user to ‘visualise’ the sound of the music they are listening to:

(THIS one, that shows the effect of ‘meditation’ on a person’s speaking is even more cool…)


And the spiritual dimension to all this, as always, comes from the Rav, Rav Eliezer Berland.

For the last couple of years, the Rav was repeatedly making ‘throw-away’ comments about how everyone need to learn how to play a musical instrument, and how playing music, singing and dancing were going to bring geula and the Moshiach.

Initially, I thought all this was a metaphorical statement.

(But I still took the hint to start learning how to play the guitar….)

Now, I’m starting to understand, again, that the Rav was being very specific.


It’s Rosh Chodesh Shvat, 5782, tonight.

Here is the pray the Rav wrote to say for the molad of Shvat, 5782, and I’ll translate some of it below:



חודש השירה, ר”ה לאילנות לב”ש א’ שבט, לב”ה ט”ו בשבט, ומהמולד מתחילה הארת שירת המלאכים בסוד השירה בסוד גאלת שבט נחלתך.

The month of song, Rosh Hashana of the trees according to Beit Shammai, on [Sunday night], the 1st of Shvat, according to Beit Hillel, Tu B’shvat (15th of Shvat).

And from the molad, the emergence of the song of the angels, which is the secret of the song, which is the secret of [the geula of Shvat, which is your inheritance].

(The stuff is square brackets is not the literal translation, but the more hidden allusion.)



Let this month of singing, and angels’ song leading to geula begin already!

There is not a moment to lose.



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Here is some chizzuk and advice for each of those areas.


A super-short clip of Rav Berland giving across the single most important message you can hear right now:

Don’t be afraid!!



A new class of Rav Ofer Erez, in English explaining how to fix our feelings – and that ‘fixing our feelings’ is also really how we fix the world:



Please, please, please, can we stop talking about ‘spike proteins’ in Covid shots?

That was deliberate disinformation, to confuse us all into thinking that these mythical ‘spike proteins’ is what is killing and hurting people, when the real problem is toxic graphene oxide nanotech, and elevated levels of 4, 4+ and 5…G radiation.

This excellent 11 minute video from La Quinta Columna, dubbed in English, explains everything super-clearly, with tons of research and scientific literature:


While we’re talking about ‘deliberate disinformation’, I just want to mention Andreas Noack, and the recent ‘complaint’ made by a group including former Pfizer VP Mike Yeardon, to the ICC.

One of my switched-on readers sent me THIS, a few days ago:

(It’s an embeddable PDF file, but if it’s not working, just click the link above, instead.)


Here’s a couple of screenshots, of the complaint, and the people filing it:



Mike Yeardon is one of the main ones who has been pushing the whole ‘spike proteins’ story for months – and he’s a former employee of Pfizer.

The fact that they didn’t knock him off a long time ago, put the red flag up for me that he is actually part of the ‘controlled opposition’, and with this recent complaint, that suspicion has now been confirmed.

Read on.


I sent this doc to a very sharp lawyer, who identified this section as the ‘key’ statement:

10 Graphene hydroxide

Dr Andreas Noack is a German chemist and one of the EU’s top graphene experts, carbon expert and doctored in the field of activated carbon whereby for his doctoral thesis he converted graphene oxide into graphene hydroxide.

Professor Dr Pablo Campra comes from the university of Almeria, and alongside Dr Andreas Noack he examined the covid ‘vaccines’for the presence of graphene oxide with the Micro-Raman Spectroscopy, the study of frequencies.

According to both doctors, the vaccines don’t contain graphene oxide but do contain graphene hydroxide.

On November 23, 2021, Dr Andreas Noack released a video explaining what graphene hydroxide is and how the nano structures injected into the human body act as ‘razor blades’ inside the veins of ‘vaccine’ recipients. 

Dr Andreas goes on to explain how due to the nano size of the graphene oxide structures they would not show up onan autopsy as toxicologists can’t imagine that there are structures that can cut up bloodvessels causing people to bleed to death on the inside so they would not be looking for them,given their atomic size.

[Emphasis mine]


There’s just one problem with this statement:

It’s a total fabrication.

Dr Pablo Campra IS a real chemistry professor, and he DID release a real report – a few of them, actually, that you can view on Researchgate HERE – explaining that the Covid shots ARE full of graphene oxide nanotech.

‘Andreas Noack’ is a made-up person, who I spent a day trying to track down all over the internet, and I couldn’t find so much as a whisper of him, or his research, in any publication, any company, nor any institute of higher learning, anywhere in the world.

At the time, I had a long back and forth about ‘Andreas Noack’ with another switched-on reader, who was asking me but why would they lie about there being ‘graphene hydroxide’ in the shots? Why would they fake this???

Now, we have the answer.


There is zero scientific evidence that there is any ‘graphene hydroxide’ in these shots.

By contrast, there are hundreds and thousands of research papers about graphene oxide; and its use in bio-nanotech applications (amongst many other things.)

And there are full-fledged scientific papers showing clearly that there is GRAPHENE OXIDE in these Covid shots.

But, by lumping the real ‘Dr Pablo Campra’ together with the fake ‘Dr Andreas Noack’, and by making the patently false statement in their names that:

According to both doctors, the vaccines don’t contain graphene oxide but do contain graphene hydroxide.

Mike Yeardon and this complaint just set up a legal ‘straw man’ that is guaranteed to get taken down, by even 5 seconds of genuine investigation.

There is NO ‘graphene hydroxide’ in these Covid shots (or at least, if it’s there, no-one has found it.)

But there IS tons of ‘graphene oxide’ in these Covid shots, that has proven applications in ‘remote controlling’ people by taking over their neurons.


Keep doing the birur!

Stop spending any more energy on ‘spike proteins’, and understand that people are getting ill and dying because of GO nanotech and radiation.

And don’t be afraid of anything or anyone, except Hashem.


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This is going to be a very practical post, BH.

Since writing this, I’ve managed to source a producer of ‘kosher orgone’, made by a shomer shabbat woman. You can see her products and prices HERE. I am not getting anything for recommending her products, FYI.

***Important updates below on the scientifically-described symptoms of ‘Acute Radiation Syndrome’.***

Since I started writing about some of the symptoms of ‘Acute Radiation Syndrome’ that I was experiencing – for a while – and how many of them have disappeared or significantly improved since the ‘orgone devices’ arrived, a lot of other people are starting to realise that they have also been suffering from ‘Acute Radiation Syndrome’.

For example, if you live in Jerusalem, you are probably now dealing with the newly-installed ‘Smart Lamp-Posts’, and it’s associated 5…G technology.

That is why they are digging everywhere up, and ‘resurfacing’ the roads, so they can install the ‘smart sensors’ and 5…G cables that makes all the ‘Smart City’ tech possible.

This two minute video explains how to install a ‘smart lamp-post’ system – see how much of the tech it describes you can now find in your own neighborhood:


The point of ‘smart lamp-posts’ is just ‘surveillance’.

Or in other words, turning the whole country into one big, open-air prison, where the ‘prisoners’ can be spyed on 24/7 by the government, army and police, to ensure that they are ‘social distancing’ properly; or to ensure that the ‘unvaccinated’ aren’t ‘illegally’ leaving their homes; or to ensure that general lockdowns are being kept.

In other words: this tech has nothing to do with helping you and me, and everything to do with totalitarian governance and dictatorship.


Back in October, when I first started seeing all this tech go up in Jerusalem, I got in touch with  Dr Paul Ben Ishai, a ‘5…G expert’ and senior lecturer in Physics, in Ariel University.

Here’s what he told me:

Jerusalem city council took a decision about 3 years ago to become a “Smart City”. 

That means installing a data network across the city to which they can connect cameras, traffic lights, bus station displays and public internet in parks.  I won’t go into just how useful these things are. 

All this means that the city needs an integrated network backbone. 

Rather than invest in fibre optic cables to link up the city they went with a cheaper solution, point to point transmissions at 60 GHz.  So a lot of what you are seeing are small antennas that transmit a signal to another antenna up to a km away.  The transmission is by a thin direct beam of radio frequency, very different from a cellphone transmission that covers an area. 


These types of antenna do not contribute to the overall EMF pollution that most of us are subjected to, but I cannot say that they are the best.  Fiber optic cables would have been better. 

Other antennas that you see are Wi-Fi modems.  These can be open to the public, in which case you will find on your phone a WiFi access point, or they can be closed as a cheap way to link up LED lighting in a park. 

In this case you will find a WiFi network that you cannot join.  These do contribute to EMF pollution.  

People suffering from electromagnetic hypersensitivity often cannot stand to be in the vicinity of these networks.


What they are not is the roll out of 5G. 

5G is already here, but it is linked to the regular cellphone antenna masts that you see.  What the companies did was to swap out old 3G antenna for new 5G antennas that work on the old 3G frequencies and also on the new frequencies of 3-4 GHz. 

The higher frequency 5G network working at 27 GHz is not yet here in Israel.  This will require a massive deployment of small antennas and will significantly increase EMF pollution.

I hope that this helps.


We’ll park the discussion about 5…G for now, because what I want you to understand is this:


Regardless of any discussion of whether there is radiation-enhancing graphene oxide in the Covid shots (there is…); or whether or not they are deliberately turning up the juice in the network to increase radiation in order to cause ‘the next wave of Covid’ (they are…) – we are ANYWAY being exposed to constant elevated radiation all the time now, because of this new ‘Smart City’ tech.

THIS article comes from the UK community of Gateshead, which installed ‘pilot’ smart streetlamps in 2016. It was written in 2018:

5G Street Lamps Causing Insomnia, Nose Bleeds and Stillbirth


And those ‘Wi-Fi’ modems that are part  of the ‘smart lamp-post’ network now being set up across Israel (and the rest of the world…) also give off huge amounts of radiation, at dangerous levels.

Here is a picture I just took with the Cornet Electrosmog measuring device, to see how much radiation is coming off my WIFI router in my home:


See HERE for a readable guide to all the different types of ‘electrosmog’, and what are dangerous levels.



Lastly, we have radio frequencies that are measured in milliWatt per square meter or mW/m².

Of all the EMF radiation types, this is the one that is most damaging and pervasive, especially since it’s present in devices you use every day.

These include WiFi routers, cellphones, tablets, microwaves, Bluetooth, cell towers, and more.

In terms of readings, measurements above 1 mW/m² are high and potentially dangerous.

For measurements reaching .03 to .5 mW/m², there have already been reports from people who have experienced sleep disturbances, headaches, behavioral problems, and difficulty concentrating.


So, what can we do about this, tachlis?

Read on, for some suggestions.



I’ve had quite a few different people tell me that until I wrote about my hair falling out in unusual amounts over the last few weeks, they hadn’t realised the same thing had been happening to them.

Experiencing unusual ‘hair fall out’ is one of the ways you can tell, easily, that you are being irradiated way above safe levels.

But let’s spell out some of the other main symptoms here, and then I’m SURE you’ll find something on the list that’s been bothering you, the last few weeks or months:


Here are the main symptoms to look out for, listed:

  • Headaches / migraines
  • Dizziness
  • Vertigo
  • Disrupted sleep – i.e. waking up for no obvious reason; and / or finding it hard to get to sleep, for no obvious reason
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Heart palpitations
  • Memory loss / head fog
  • Tinnitus – a buzzing or ringing in the ears
  • Skin rashes
  • Muscle and joint pain – for no obvious reason
  • Leg and foot pain
  • Tingling
  • Irritability
  • Numbness
  • Nosebleeds
  • Low-level anxiety and feeling ‘stressed-out’ for no reason


As I write this in Jerusalem, I can literally feel the floor ‘buzzing’ under my feet.

There is a strange cyclical ‘hum’ coming from outside, that is also instantly giving me that ‘super-stressed-out’ feeling.

I’m very sensitive to these types of ‘energy’, which is why I’ve been noticing this stuff for a while – but without really realising what it was, that was affecting me.

EG, the last few months, I’ve had multiple occasions on a Friday afternoon where I would suddenly, out of nowhere, just start to feel totally nauseous and dizzy, like I was going to collapse.

When this happened, I had to go straight to bed, I felt so ill.

One time a few weeks ago, I even missed lighting my Shabbos candles, I felt so ill.

My husband paid pidyonot for me, and within a few hours, I would usually feel much better.

Now I know: I was experiencing ‘Acute Radiation Syndrome’.

So the first thing is, educate yourself about the symptoms.


If you have:

  • Hair falling out,
  • Weird, aching joints,
  • Ringing or buzzing in the ears (like my teenage daughter is now experiencing, but only when she’s back in Jerusalem…),
  • Low-level migraines,
  • Sleep disturbances, feeling weirdly ‘hot’ out of nowhere (as has also been happening to us, for months, even in the Winter…),
  • Nosebleeds (like my other daughter has been experiencing…),
  • Unexplained stomach upset, and / or nausea,
  • Strange bouts of unexplained ‘itching’, or other unusual skin sensitivity –

Understand that you are probably experiencing ‘Acute Radiation Syndrome’.


Ok, so now what to do about that?

Every response to health has to stretch across the three areas of body, mind and soul, to really be a holistic, lasting ‘solution’.

If you only concentrate on one area, and neglect the others, either the ‘solution’ won’t really work, or it will only work for a short amount of time before it pops back up in one of the other areas you are neglecting.

So, this post will be split into the areas of ‘BODY’, ‘MIND’ and ‘SOUL’.

At the bottom of this post, I am putting the write up about the halachas of dowsing and geobiology that I wrote up HERE, taken from ‘Alternative Medicine in Halacha by R’ Rephoel Szmerla.

As we go forward, if there are more areas of ‘energy medicine’ that require birur, according to halacha, then that’s what we’ll try to do.


But let’s be clear on one thing:

Hashem is the One True Healer.

But that doesn’t mean that most of us are on the level to live that reality, day-to-day.

That’s why there are so very many even ‘big Tzaddikim’ having surgery; and on medication; and watching their diets, and avoiding smoking, and getting enough sleep etc.

If you think that ‘only a Zoroastrian’ would have surgery, or take medication, or try to find some other option for healing ‘in this physical world’ – let me politely invite you to stop reading now. 

This blog post isn’t for you – and I’m surprised that someone with your tremendously high spiritual level is on the internet reading this, bichlal.


For the rest of us, let’s start off with some spiritual options, for tackling the problem of ‘Acute Radiation Syndrome’.



  1.  Prayer, charity and teshuva overturn every harsh decree.

If you are like most people, you will probably need to take a look at each of these areas, and do some strengthening.

Here’s what I did three months ago, when I first started seeing all this new ‘Smart City’ tech all over the place in Jerusalem:


I spent countless hours the last few months asking God to please protect me, and my home and family, and my neighborhood, and my community, and Jerusalem, and all of Am Yisrael, and every truly ‘good’ human being, from this horrible tech.

That took many forms.

Some days, I danced for half an hour and ‘stomped’ all the tech into the floor.

Other days, I tried visualising all the ‘bad vibes’ from the 5…G rebounding back onto the senders, or being neutralised of their ability to hurt or affect me.

Other days, I literally spent half an hour just trying to picture a huge, ‘Hashem’s ineffable name’ wrapped all around my house, protecting me from any ‘bad’.

Try these ideas for yourself, get creative, see what else God puts into your head.

Personally, I did notice it helped me to deal with the issue much better – and the dancing was particularly useful, in ‘de-stressing’ the problem.



I don’t have a smart phone, Baruch Hashem.

But, I can’t tell you the number of times I have tried and failed to permanently get off-line.

In today’s world, everything seems set up to require internet, at a minimum.

And I also tried to ditch my blog on more than one occasion, but then kept getting the message I needed to stay online, and to stay writing.

But… I am still failing, falling and slipping ‘online’ way more than I want to be.


Sometimes, I still spend too much time surfing old pop songs from the 90s…

I still occasionally watch things that aren’t good for me, spiritually.

I’ve spent way too much time online sucking up all the negativity, heresy and lies from other sites, including (especially…) the so-called ‘Jewish news’ sites.

The point is, you probably can’t go completely ‘cold turkey’ with the internet.

But you can for sure still admit that it’s really bad, come clean about your bad habits – and then ask God for some help to start reducing the amount of time you are spending online.

Without God’s help, there is absolutely no way to get on top of this problem. With God’s help – anything is possible. But first, we have to acknowledge that we can’t do this without Him – and to actually ask for His help.

[Check out the BODY section, for more practical ideas on how to actually reduce the physical damage from being online.]



I’m not going to belabor this point.

Every time I, or someone in my house, get’s even a little bit ‘ill’, in a way that’s potentially worrying, we pay a pidyon nefesh for them over on the site, HERE.

I do this – over and over and over again – because it really works for me.

You don’t have to do that, and I’m not going to argue with you, because giving money to the Rav is a zchut, and doing a pidyon nefesh with the Rav is a spiritual short-cut that pays down your suffering.

If that doesn’t appeal to you, that’s your prerogative.

If it does, THIS is a good place to start, with your tzedaka / pidyonot.

And if it doesn’t, then good luck finding somewhere else for your charity money.


One more point in this section, before we move on to some ‘MIND’ solutions.

Over the last few years, the Rav has said repeatedly that Shuvu Banim is ‘the ark’ of our generation.

The people who are connected to the Rav, and to Shuvu Banim, on some level, will get through what’s going on right now way easier than otherwise.

Again, you don’t have to believe that, you don’t have to buy it. That’s your choice.

No-one can be ‘forced’ into the Ark.

But when the rains come…

You’ll have to live with whatever decision you decided to make.



You can basically sum up this section like this:

Educate yourself about what is really going on, and come out of denial.

For as long as you are still telling yourself that ‘wifi isn’t so bad’; or that ‘5…G wouldn’t be allowed, if it could really hurt people’; or that Western medicine is the only ‘kosher’ way of healing; or that the Covid 19 shots are really a ‘vaccine, designed solely to help people and protect their health’ – you are simply not going to take any of the steps required to at least TRY to protect yourself and your family.

This battle is happening mostly in the mind.

The best way you’ll get the yishuv ha’daat you need, to really start to spot all the lies being told, and to be able to do the birur about what is true, and what isn’t, is via daily, regular hitbodedut.

Below, I’ve put together some more general pointers on how to navigate the ‘MIND’ side of things:



The days of relying on someone else to clarify the truth are long gone. Check and double-check everything yourself. Don’t assume that anyone is infallible, or ‘un-corruptible’.

If you want to know what’s really going on with ‘peace in the Middle East’, Frankist-Freemasons, 5…G, Covid – any of it – take the time to research the subject yourself, and stop relying on ‘other people’ to spoon-fed you information and knowledge.



We get taken on the path we really want to go on.

If you ask God regularly to keep showing you what is true and what is false, I guarantee you, He’ll help you to see what’s really going on, and will guide you on the right path.

At least, the right path for yourself.

But that’s really the only ‘path’ that matters.



The days when we could get away with being ‘secretly’ angry, controlling, arrogant, fearful, anxious, lazy, depressed and superficial are LONNNNNNG gone.

All those bad middot are now rampaging all over the place, and they are most likely tripping you up, in your quest to be able to really deal with the enormous challenges now being thrown at us by ‘Covid 19’ graphene oxide shots and 5…G.

Let’s give a few examples.

Arrogant people find it very hard to back down, admit they were wrong, or to say ‘sorry’.

They will carry on flogging dead horses long after everyone else went home, already.

Until that ‘arrogance’ disappears, arrogant people are very unlikely to be able to accept new information about what’s really in the Covid shots, or what’s really doing on with the starlings dropping dead out of the sky, or what’s really going on with the corrupt, lying government and MSM – even when their lives truly depend on it.


Another example:

Controlling, anxious people will carry on expecting everyone else to mask up and quintuple-jab just to try and make them ‘feel comfortable’, and ‘in control’.

Only God is really in control.

Until they get that, there is nowhere for these people to really go, to deal with their anti-social controlling issues, and crippling anxiety and hyperchondria.

And they will carry on believing what the lying government, and corrupt media and medical establishment tell them, about Covid shots being ‘safe and effective’, and 5…G  having ‘no scientifically-proven negative effects’.


So, identify the bad middot that are getting in YOUR way, and preventing YOU from really getting to grips with the very real challenges we are all currently facing right now, and ask God to help you overcome them.

If you are stuck for words, then you can always read some one else’s prayers, who maybe can sum up the issue for you.

The Rav has a whole range of prayers, on a whole range of subjects, and you can see them HERE.

But if his prayers don’t work for you, feel free to find others that do.



The less time you spend online, and the less time you spend close up to your smartphone, the better it will be.

But, developing these better habits, and breaking internet, phone and social media addictions is much easier said than done.

Again, prayer is a crucial part of any attempt to move ‘off-line’ more.

And educating yourself more about the very real health dangers involved with the radiation these devices give off (without even talking about the spiritual and emotional dangers, of being constantly online) – can give you the motivation you need, to start to make some real changes in your WIFI habits.

Read on.



This is really the tachlis, ‘this world’ stuff.

But, if you aren’t also working on the ‘soul’ and ‘mind’ areas, too, it may not work as well as otherwise.

Here’s some suggestions, for how to take down the amount of radiation you are being zapped with, and how to start to ‘detox’ from the GO that is magnifying the radiation by even as much as a 1,000 times.


It’s way easier than you think, and you really just need a long cable.

Watch this (shmirat eynayim friendly, he speaks slow, so you can speed it up even 1.75 times.)


If you can’t or won’t go back to ‘wired’ internet, at least turn off the WIFI router whenever you are not using it.

This is the maximum public exposure limit for WIFI.

If your router is like my standard router, it is giving off way higher readings than this amount, all the time. Nuff said.



We didn’t really talk about the EMF levels coming off smartphones yet (mostly, I guess because I don’t have one myself…) – but when I measured it on my kids’ phones, I noticed that each time something is coming in, being downloaded, or uploaded, the radiation levels go back into ‘dangerous red zone’.

Let me break it down, so you understand what I’m saying.

I noticed that the EMF readings spiked into ‘dangerous red zone’ each time:

  • The phone recieved a new Whatsapp message.
  • The phone rang.
  • The phone downloaded a clip, or a file.
  • The phone ‘uploaded’ something.


Now, I’m not saying that my simple Nokia phone doesn’t also go into ‘dangerous red zone’ – because it does.

When the phone is ringing in or out, or is ‘actively’ communicating, it’s also in the ‘dangerous red zone’, when it comes to radiation.

But – because I don’t have the constant ‘pinging’ off WhatsApp messages, and I can’t surf the internet from the phone, or up and download stuff on it, it is in the ‘dangerous red zone’ much, much less, than a smart phone.

And that’s why using a ‘Nokia’ type simple phone is much better than a smart phone.


Watch this short video, to get more of an idea of how much radiation is coming off these phones and wireless headphones –  and how much that might be a problem for you  (mildly not shmirat eynayim friendly):


Again, if you can’t make a total switch, then consider reducing the number of WhatsApp groups you are in, or at least start to put some sort of limit in place as to when the phone is on, and how you are using it.

(Although from what I saw in this video, above, i-Phones are actually emitting ‘red level’ radiation even when they are switched off.)

But make a start, because anything you do to move in the right direction counts for something.



If you are streaming music in the car from your phone, use an AUX cable instead of Bluetooth wireless connection.

Or, go totally ‘retro’ and try downloading some tunes onto a USB stick, instead.

In the home, try to avoid Bluetooth speakers and devices – wire it up, instead.

Take a look at THIS guide, for more information and ideas on protecting yourself from Bluetooth radiation:


OK – there’s a lot we can do to reduce our personal WIFI, smartphone and Bluetooth use.

It’s maybe not so easy, it’s maybe not so convenient – but it IS doable.

That’s part of the problem.

But, I live in a house with one WIFI router, no ‘smart devices’ (other than my daughter’s tablet), and relatively very little smart phone use.

And I’m still having my brain and body fried out by all the 5…G and EMF coming in from the ‘Smart City’ environment around me.

So this next section is going to look more at ‘global solutions’ to being zapped with radiation from the outside.


  1. TRY SHIELDING PRODUCTS has a lot of products to explore – I just got a ‘safe cave’, for example, but I’m actually using it way less than I thought I would be.

Or take a look at the Lambs website, that sells ‘wifi radiation-proof’ apparel, including WIFI deflecting boxer shorts and beanie hats…

Here’s a road-test of the beanie hat (not shmirat eynayim friendly) – but as always, check things out for yourself, and do your own research.

2. Buy or make your own ‘subtle energy converter’.

There are many different options for this, and I’m going to discuss a few here.

Since my ‘orgone devices’ showed up (that I bought from HERE) – my headaches have disappeared, and my hair has stopped falling out.

Orgone devices are basically just a mix of resin, metal and crystals.

Watch this, for a basic explanation for how they work:


If you are worrying about these pieces being made with avoda zara intentions (which is a legitimate concern) – they are not so hard to make yourself, at home.

Me and the husband tried that yesterday, and we made six pretty ugly ‘orgone generators’, two of which we can’t get out of the glass molds…

But four are usable.

Here’s a 14 minute long video that gives you the basic info you need to make your own devices – with whatever ‘intentions’ you care to have.


3. If you don’t like the idea of ‘orgone devices’, here’s some other options to consider:

(I haven’t tested these myself, FYI, so do your own research, do your own experiments, and explore what people are saying works for them.)

Q-LINK products and pendants.

Snippet from an independent review of the product’s claims, HERE:

Q-Link’s pendant relies on the philosophy that every living being resonates at a given frequency….

The Q-Link pendant contains something called Sympathetic Resonance Technology (SRT) that allows it to resonate at a frequency similar to the wearer.

The copper, crystal, and other materials contained in the necklace are said to mimic natural frequencies, protecting the wearer and providing a host of benefits. 


4. On the old site, a commentator recommended the Geocleanse.

I ordered one, but haven’t got it yet…

It could still be on its way, so who knows. But in the meantime, HERE is the site.

Interestingly, in their FAQs it says that orgonite degrades over time, and can start giving out (bad for your health) positive ions…

As always, I’m just doing the experiments, and BH Hashem will guide all this in the right direction.


5. I’m still really happy with my therapeutic, ionising salt lamp.

I got mine from HERE in Israel, and I have to say, I do notice a difference with it on, in both my breathing and my ‘calmness’.


6. Stick whole lentils on your hand.

I learnt about ‘Seed Therapy’ 10 years ago, when I was learning ‘Sujok’ – a type of Korean accupressure-cum-reflexology.

The basic idea is that the whole body is ‘mirrored’ in the foot, and in the hand.

And that you can use whole seeds placed strategically on the hands and feet to ‘kick start’ a healing process in the body.

More explanation about Sujok from HERE, snippet below:

Sujok Seed Therapy:

Seeds are known to be natural stimulators to the acupressure points and are also a part of Sujok therapy. Sujok seed therapy involves using acupressure treatment and tying seeds, pulses and legumes at the treated acupressure point so as to produce further vitality in order to facilitate fast healing. Sujok seed therapy makes use of green grams, peas, kidney beans etc.


For the last few years, whenever I have unexplained aches and pains, or headaches, I’ve been using whole lentils, taped to my fingers, to ‘manage’ it.

And it works.

I think the whole seeds just kind of ‘absorb’ excess radiation in the body, and / or kick-start the body’s own healing response.

Again, THIS site explains things pretty well, and gives a rough explanation of how Sujok works, and how to start doing it yourself.



Taken from: Alternative Medicine in Halacha, by R Raphael Szmerla, p94-7, 4 pages of clear explanation, but here is the bottom line:

It is thus clear that dowsing does not constitute a form of nichush, kesimah or kishuf, and therefore is permissible (as long as it is not used for predicting the future.)

Rav Elyakim Schlesinger of London, who practices dowsing with rods to determine the exact location of graves, told me the following:

“Dowsing is a natural phenomenon. I learned it from the Jerusalem elders who have been accustomed to do so for generations in searching for graves.

In particular, I recieved this knowledge from Rav Shimon Anshin, z’l, who learned it from previous generations.

Whether one dowses to find graves or water, or to test for allergies, it’s all the same. Others dowse with a pendulum.

Those who worry about kishuf, etc, are questioning a practice that has been permitted by our leaders for generations. The truth is that it is a natural phenomenon, and one should not be troubled by new misgivings.”…

The above ruling that dowsing is permitted is the opinion of other contemporary Gedolim and Poskim, such as Rav Shmuel Kamenetsky, Rav Mordechai Gross, Rav Pesach Eliyahu Falk, Rav Gavriel Krausz and Rav Shamai Gross, among many others.”


Pages 119-124 of that same book deals with ‘The Halachic Status  of Geobiology’.

Again, bottom line is that there is no problem with using devices, even if we don’t 100% understand how they work, to ‘defuse’ or deal with geopathic ‘stress’ from the environment.


“People who believe that darchei ha’Emori includes anything that has not been recognized by science might view geobiology as questionable, because many geopathic energies are of a subtle nature that cannot be measured by scientific instruments.

However, we have clarified that this is not the definition of darchei ha’Emori, as we find that Chazal permitted many segulos even though we cannot understand how they work.

Rather, the prohibition against darchei ha’Emori includes only non-Jewish practices that have not been empirically justified.

By contrast, the identification of geopathic energies is not based on superstitious beliefs of ancient origin, but on careful assessment through techniques that have yielded reliable information in other areas….

[A]lthough geobiology deals with energies not recognised by science and promotes their neutralization through unconventional procedures, it remains a discipline that has nothing to do with darchei ha’Emori and is permitted.”


Bottom line, there is absolutely no halachic issue with making orgone devices.


That will do for now.

As always, this is a process, a journey.

I’m sure as things progress, we’ll learn new things and discard some of the things we think we already know.

I also really feel that the ‘real’ cure is going to be Moshiach and geula.

There are big challenges ahead.

But prayer, charity and teshuva really are our main tools for overcoming them.



It may be more accurate to call this widespread radiation poisoning we’re being subjected to ‘Chronic Radiation Syndrome’.

This is a small snippet from Wiki:

Symptoms of chronic radiation syndrome would include, at an early stage, impaired sense of touch and smell and disturbances of the vegetative functions.

At a later stage, muscle and skin atrophy and eye cataract follow, with possible fibrous formations on the skin, in case of previous radiation burns. Solid cancer or leukemia due to genetic damage may appear at any time.


If you go to the WayBack Machine link here:

You can download a short, fairly easy to read PDF explaining the difference between ‘Acute’ and ‘Chronic’ Radiation Syndrome.

Here’s some pertinent screenshots:


Here’s the description of the first symptoms of ARS.

Again, does this sound familiar?


Here’s the description of Chronic Radiation Syndrome:



Now that I’ve read this, I think the first description of Acute Radiation Syndrome sounds much more similiar to the symptoms so many of us are experiencing right now, all over the world.

So I’m sticking with ‘Acute’, at least for now.




Another description of Chronic Radiation Syndrome, from here:

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At the beginning of August, there was a huge fire near Route 1, leading in and out to Jerusalem.

It happened near Shoresh – and it got my attention, as a lot of big fires seemed to be happening around Shoresh, in the Summer, and along Route 1, winding its way up to Jerusalem.

A few days later, I was driving past there, and between all the burnt out trees, I spotted an absolutely ENORMOUS 5…G ‘massive mimo’ array, which had been carefully hidden amongst the green, but which was now conspicuously noticeable.

Hmm….I wonder if there is a link between that antenna and the fires?


I’ve learnt a lot more about these antennas, and about 5…G, over the last few months.

Here’s some of the more pertinent info, just boiled down and told straight, so it’s easier to internalise:

  1. 5…G takes an awful lot of electricity.

You know all those ‘scare stories’ about Europe and everywhere else running out of electricity, and having ‘dark winters’?

The real reason for these stories is because the 5….G networks suck a HUGE amount of electrical power.

So, as more of these masts and antennas come on line, the strain on the power grid is growing bigger and bigger.

Or to put it into other words, they can’t also run the 5…G  networks at full capacity (to take out whoever they plan on taking out) – and also have spare electricity for other things, like computers, ovens and air-conditioners.


2. 5…G radiation can be dialled up, and dialled down.

It doesn’t stay at a ‘constant’.

The government and military can change its frequency, have it pulsing and emitting more and various times of the day and night, and also change its power.

When they turn it ‘up’, we have mysterious waves of of mysterious illnesses that leave large swathes of the population feeling very unwell and weak.

The lying media then tells us we are in the grip of yet another ‘Covid pandemic’, and tells us to get more shots, to ‘protect ourselves’.


We are experiencing the effects of acute, and cumulative, radiation poisoning.


Take a look at this, from HERE, which sets out the main symptoms of ‘Microwave Sickness’, that was figured out even back in 1932:


Spot how many of these symptoms you and yours are currently experiencing, more than previously.

For example, I noticed a lot of my hair falling out the last few weeks – way more than ‘normal’.

And my daughter is also noticing the same thing.

I think this is because of the high levels of radiation we’re being subjected to, here in Jerusalem.

Since I stuck some ‘orgonite‘ all over the place, last week, my hair has stopped falling out so much, and my headaches have gone…


3. When the 5…G radiation is dialled up – that can cause fires.

The last few months, they have been building new ‘massive MIMO’ installations everywhere in Israel, and probably everywhere else in the world, too:

Going forward, I think we’re going to be seeing a lot more ‘unexplained fires’ happening, also in urban areas, as these towers start generations massive amounts of radiation that (duh!) spark fires in their vicinity.

I think that’s what happened around Shoresh, back in August 2021.


Let’s just remind ourselves of what else was happening in Israel, at the beginning of August 2021, when this massive fire occurred.

This comes from the Wiki page on ‘Covid 19 in Israel’:

On 29 July 2021, a third vaccination was approved for persons aged 60 or older due to observed waning efficacy of the Pfizer vaccine to the prevalent Delta variant. The vaccine booster was later approved for all those 12 and older.

On 8 August 2021, restrictions renewed by the government came into effect to slow the spread of the Delta variant and included expanding proof of vaccine and mask-wearing requirements for some gatherings, and a shift back to more work from home, quarantines, and travel restrictions.

Hey, fancy that!!!

The fire broke out August 3rd, 2021, just as the Government was trying to ‘convince’ everyone we were in the middle of a ‘4th wave of Covid’ that required a 3rd vaccination and more masks and restrictions.

What a CO-IN-CID-ENCE!!!


Each new wave of ‘Covid 19’ – or whatever else they are cooking up – is preceded and caused by bombarding the public with higher levels of radiation, to cause the ‘symptoms’ that will then be called the new variant.

And now they are putting their Cisco Meraki 5…G units in more and more schools and colleges here in Israel…

It’s scary.


4. 5…G radiation disorients birds.

There have been so many stories of mysteriously dead birds, the last few years – and those reports have been increasing, with the roll-out of 5…G.

Watch this video from December 2021 in Spain, to understand what’s really going on (Spanish with English subtitles):


If you want the short version, which skips the explanation and just shows the birds colliding, watch this:


Recently, there’s been an awful lot of serious road crashes in Israel – and other parts of the world – too.

I can’t help wondering if the same ‘disorientation’ that these birds experienced, when they got zapped with whatever frequency they got zapped with, from the antennas there, is also affecting us humans, too.

I mean, that’s who all this 5…G technology is really being designed for: humans.


So, keep your eyes peeled.

Continue to join up the dots in your part of the world.

Continue to share any information you come across, that helps to fill out the real picture of what is really going on here.

And – most importantly of all – continue to  pray that God will save us from this terrible evil.


On that score, I just got sent this, from the Shuvu Banim WhatsApp group:

All dear people are asked to strengthen in 7 Tikkun Haklali with all their might.

Rabbi Vaknin came to the Rav and the Rav told him that he urgently needed to start to say 7 Tikkun Haklalis again, because many have stopped since his release or lowered.

And in fact * the Rav needs really great miracles because his health is not simple at all! *

So please all of us get stronger in Tikkun Haklali and selected chapters with all our might !!


I know, we’re all tired and weary.

I know, we all just want to go to sleep, and wake up again when geula is finally here, and we don’t have to deal with this stuff anymore.


That’s not the way God has arranged things.

He wants our prayers, our teshuva and our tzedeka – lots and lots of it!

The more we give God what He wants, the faster and easier this next stage will go.

So, gird your loins, dear readers, and commit to something.

One Tikkun Haklali, one small donation, one prayer said, to overcome anger, at least something.

If a billion people with their billion ‘somethings’ get behind the Rav – it’s already game over for the side of evil.

Even if just a million do that.

Or 100,000.

Or 10,000.

Or even just 1000 sincere people, who are praying with real mesirut nefesh for all this end….



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I was planning to take today off from the PC, but so much information is coming out about the GO nanotech in these shots, I feel obliged to share it.

Off the back of the Dr Pablo Campra’s recent microscopy review of what is really in these shots, which you can read in English HERE and HERE, (the second one talks specifically about ‘nano-structures’) a number of other scientists are now getting to grips with what the nanotech in these shots is actually designed to do.

One of them is ‘Mik Anderson’ – pseudonym for another Spanish scientist who is trying to stay anonymous, for obvious reasons, while he figures this stuff out.

He writes on the Corona2inspect blog HERE, in Spanish.

In the last couple of days, they translated his latest report into the wireless nanorouters that more and more evidence is suggesting is in the Covid shots, into English, with pictures.


You can download the full PDF below (it’s hosted on my site, so hopefully should be free of any ‘malware’ issues):

I’ve screenshotted the main images, and they tell the gist of the story easily enough for most people to grasp.

If you can handle the more technical explanations, download the PDF above and read it.













We’ve been here before, there are so many clues hiding in plain sight.



Everything written above is based on scientific papers, patents and materials that are already ‘out there’ and in operation.

This is not ‘made up’ – if you have the time and inclination, you can spend a couple of hours looking up all the terms used, and you’ll find reams of scientific papers and research, explaining exactly how they are designed, used and manufactured.


Don’t forget: All this can still be turned around for the good, even if someone has been triple-jabbed.

Here are some reasons to remain cheerful, even if you were MAC-cinated:

  1. The tech isn’t working the way they hoped it would.

Only 40% of the people ‘fully vaccinated’ are emitting MAC codes.

And many people – even here in Israel! – have still not even had one Covid shot, as MK Gadi Yevarkanrecently pointed out publically on Israeli TV, where he said:

43% of the public in Israel isn’t ‘vaccinated’ (i.e. with 3 doses)

And 33% didn’t even have a single shot.


2. The shots contain various doses of ‘nanotech’, and some of the shots are placebos.

Which means that even if you had 3 shots, you may still not have a lot of GO ‘nanotech’ going on.

3. Graphene Oxide degrades within the body, between six months to a year.

That’s why they keep spraying more and more of this stuff down, sticking more and more of it on masks, and in medications, and in other products.

Because the body can degrade and ‘flush it’, and the main way GO exits is through the lungs, and the breathing process.

If you want more ideas for ‘detoxing it’ faster in a gashmi way, look at THIS.

4. As more of us understand what these shots contain, and what they are designed to do, there will be even more solutions coming online, to detox from the shots.

As I wrote HERE, I really think it’s possible to ‘block’ or ‘cancel out’ the frequencies that are being used to ‘signal’ the nanotech, and also to irradiate people, even if they haven’t been jabbed.

All this requires more knowledge of subtle energies – which is where this conversation segues out of the ‘material’ world, and into the spiritual.


5. Prayer, teshuva and charity cancel all the decrees.

On Shabbat, I was reading through Rav Berland’s booklet of prayers and teachings to overcome anger, which you can get on the site HERE.

(It was hacked, but now it’s back up, BH.)

I had a lot of anger welling up last week, and I wasn’t totally sure why, even…

So on Shabbat, I decided to try to get on top of it, and this booklet has helped me to defuse my anger totally, in the past.

So, I was going through it, when I came across this awesome prayer on page 43, which basically describes exactly what is going on with the Covid shots:


To merit being saved from the trait of anger that causes the blood to rise and flood the heart and mind, and doesn’t leave a person any good portion, rather it devours everything. It destroys the body and causes many extremely horrible illnesses.

Master of the Universe, Who can do anything, and from Whom nothing is withheld.

Merit me, and save me, from the trait of anger, that causes all kinds of hell [literally: demons] to control a person, and they are turned into an animal.

And all the defiled blood rises up to the brain and floods the heart, “for if the face is of a goat and the body is of a human and it is reading from the Torah, and guests arrive, he arises and slaughters it in honor of the guests.”

For a person who gets angry, he slaughters himself to the ‘other side’, and he becomes a sacrifice of the ‘other side’.

Because anger destroys everything and doesn’t leave any good portion within the person.

And all his senses are warped, and all his intelligence disappears.

And no resemblance of human form remains, and all illnesses control him due to anger and depression.

And his entire immune system is destroyed.

And he is attacked by all kind of lethal and aggressive viruses and diseases, that leave no part of the body undevoured.

And the body is completely destroyed.


The Rav often leaves ‘hints’ and clues in his prayers, about what is really going on.

I read this, and all of a sudden a spiritual response to ‘detoxing’ from these Covid shots popped into my head:

We need to make eradicating our anger a priority.


Because spiritually, anger is the ‘portal’ that enables our human soul to be ‘overtaken’, from the outside, by demons and demonic forces.

When we get uncontrollably angry, our human soul disappears, and we are literally controlled by demons….

Now, go back and re-read what I wrote HERE, about Operation Crimson Mist, in Rwanda.

Snippet below:

Recognising and working on our bad middot has never been more urgent.

[I]t seems to me that the ‘Crimson Mist / Active Denial’ tech can’t create something from nothing, when it comes to manipulating emotions – at least, in a ‘crowd’ setting.

It can only amplify something that is already there.

So, get to work on trying to uproot anger, arrogance, jealousy, egocentric selfishness, hatred, rage, resentment, grudge-bearing, self-righteousness – all that stuff that falls under the rubriquet of hakpada.

This tech can amplify the vibe of ‘hakpada’, and literally turn people into homicidal, destructive maniacs.


Remember what our Sages teach:

‘Demons’ control an angry person


HERE is where you can get Rav Berland’s Kuntres to Defuse Anger, in English and Hebrew, that just helps make the feelings of anger disappear like magic, when you read it.

You can also buy a hardcopy for $1, HERE.


That Kuntres is where I just found the prayer brought above, on page 43, that describes how ‘anger’ is the gateway into the human soul, that enables the demons to take over a person and ‘remote control’ them from the outside.

So…. our work is cut out for us.

There is hope, lots of it!

The world was only created for free choice.

But we have to get real about what’s going on with these shots, and literally put every effort into ‘detoxing’ from all the poison inside of us – starting with the bad middot, and especially anger and hakpada, or harsh judgements against our nearest and dearest.

Because compassion and forgiveness could really be the ‘vibe’ that totally negates this nanotech, once and for all.


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Years ago, when the persecution of Rav Berland by the State of Israel was in its first flourish, someone told me that the Queen was behind it all.

At that stage, I have to admit to rolling my eyeballs (at least a bit…) at this apparently ridiculous explanation for what was going on, and why.

Today, I’m here to eat humble pie.


Three years ago, just after the second volume of One in a Generation came out, I decided that the third volume was going to look at who was really behind the State-sponsored persecution of Rav Berland.

I knew that the Rothschilds really do ‘own’ the State of Israel – including most of the physical land, which they kind of ‘leased back’ to the State for a fixed term, although there are pockets all over the country that are still exclusively ‘Rothschild-owned’.

Like Caesarea, to give just one example.

And I wouldn’t be surprised if the reason we don’t know who really owns Meron, and Rashbi’s tomb, is also because there is some deeper connection to who really owns the land in Israel, that would blow the whole idea that we live in a ‘democracy’, or a ‘Jewish State’ sky-high.

But I digress.


So anyway, I started researching more of the history of the State of Israel, from that direction of the ‘Rothschilds’ – and very quickly, I fell down a rabbit hole of tremendous proportions, that I am still scrabbling around inside of today.

Two and a half years ago, I tripped over all the awful ‘MK Ultra’ stuff, involving awful things done to children (and others…) by the CIA and others, in order to break their minds and turn them into ‘programmable slaves’.

I got to that subject when I started asking the question ‘what really happened to all those Yemenite children?’, thousands of whom ‘disappeared’, when the State stole them from their parents and pretended they had died.

Following the clues led to the awful notion that the State of Israel sold those children to the CIA and US military, for them to experiment on as part of their ‘mind control / MK Ultra’ project.

A lot of that stuff was linked to the Rothschilds, particularly Guy de Rothschild (his close relative, Benjamin De Rothschild, owned Caesarea, before he died in January 2021 from a heart-attack, aged 57.)


And a lot of it was apparently linked to the royal families of Europe, and particularly the Queen.

There was account after account of the Queen, and other royals and ‘celebrities’ and rich people, participating in awful ‘satanic’ practices, including the ritual murder of children, in front of big audiences in church cathedrals all over the world….

I felt so ill when I started to read that stuff, I literally wanted to throw my computer out the window and just retire from blogging forever.

I arranged for a hasty visit to the Rav, because my soul just felt so very sickened and sullied by all the information I was suddenly reading about ‘MK Ultra’, ‘MK Monarch’ and satanic rituals, I literally felt I was in mortal danger.


Baruch Hashem, I got in to see the Rav.

I told him that I was finding out all this awful stuff on the internet, and it was making me feel ill and spiritually ‘endangered’ on every level.

I waited for him to tell me to stop. To get offline, to leave the computer and the blogging behind.

He didn’t.

Instead, he gave me a couple of prayers to say, and the impression that I should carry on – gently, and carefully – but that I should definitely keep writing and researching.

So, I did.


Six months later, the ‘Covid Plandemic’ erupted across the world, the Rav was framed for yet more crimes he didn’t commit and shoved back into prison – and suddenly, the project to discover who was really behind the persecution of the Rav took on greater urgency.

That is basically what I’ve been writing about, the last two years, that has seen us uncover these Freemason-Frankists – and their descendants and acolytes – at every level of the Jewish community, religious and secular.

If you only knew, the hours and hours and hours of research and reading….

The hours and hours and hours of praying that Hashem show me the right path to take….

The hours and hours and hours of mental torture, wondering if I’m really doing the right thing, by pulling all this information out into the sunlight…

It’s been a very difficult process. For a lot of reasons.

But now, the end is coming into sight.


On the ‘Jewish community’ side of the equation, I am starting to make more and more of the historical links between the Frankists, the converso-Sephardi-Sabbatians that preceded them – and royal families all over the world.

I will do another post soon on the Schiffs and the Rothschilds and the Gunzburgs (all part of the Frankist-Freemason nexus), setting that side of things out a little more clearly, and explaining how the post of ‘Chief Rabbi of Britain and the Commonwealth’ is totally in the middle of this whole, hot mess.

And always has been.


But today, I want to start moving past the ‘court Jews’ who are not really Jews, whatever their yichus and family connections, to look at who is really behind the persecution of the Rav, and the Covid Eugenics Exercise.

You probably already guessed, didn’t you?


God Save (Us From) the Queen.

Or more particularly, from all the transnational corporations, offshore tax havens and massive networks of spooks that are really just working for The Crown – and all the other associated groups, including the Knights of Malta, and the Frankist-Freemasons.


Two days ago, one of my readers sent me this, from 2018:

(It’s just audio, so shmirat eynayim friendly.)

It basically sets out with details the names of some of the transnational corporations, ultimately owned by the British Crown, who have been given the job of ‘culling the population’ via 5…G.

This was recorded back in 2018, a year and a half before ‘Covid 19’ began.

And given what we now know, in our post-Covid 19 world, it makes even more sense.


Because I believe in the importance of the written word, I got this conversation transcribed by AI.

(See, maybe it is good for something, after all (?))

Here are the key points:

This is Serco Awareness Month.

Why are they involved in so many different industries, which they’re not even experienced at.

But every one of these industries, is in a way controlling human beings controlling their movement, controlling their data, controlling war, controlling our economy, controlling our airplanes, controlling the buses, everything that moves.

And we kept saying, What is going on with Serco? Why would they have so many fingers in so many pies, and you have figured it out.

And it’s kind of scary, because it goes back to that Richard C. Walker, Internet of Things type, patent, which is basically aggressive, remote control of everything on the face of the earth that moves, including humans.


Before we continue, watch this (2.5 mins long, shmirat eynayim friendly):


This video basically explains why Australia is facing the harshest ‘lockdown’ on the planet right now, and harshest Covid 19 restrictions.

Serco is operating all the infrastructure required to make that happen.

Let’s get back to understanding who Serco really is.


We looked at the history of Serco and read their annual reports.

They got $1.2 billion to manage the Obamacare conflict contract, which is odd given they’re a British company.

And it just goes on and on.

[T]hey have over $6 billion in annual revenue. So either somebody inside Serco is a really good salesman, or something fishy is going on. And what we were asking ourselves is What is it? We couldn’t make sense of it?


[A] month before we revealed the Senior Executive Services and the way that they are the more or less Deep State shadow government that can’t be fired.

Obama hired them. Trump can’t fire them, and they are just really the slimy underbelly of the Bureaucracy of the federal government.

And they seem to be the ones who always give Serco every single contract.


Here is where you can read more about ‘Senior Executive Service’ (SES), snippet below:

Members of the SES serve in the key positions just below the top Presidential appointees.

SES members are the major link between these appointees and the rest of the Federal workforce.

They operate and oversee nearly every government activity in approximately 75 Federal agencies.

And of course, they don’t work for you and me, the taxpayers that fund the big, fact contracts they are given. They work as a private company, for their own shareholders.

Who owns SES?

That is a very good question.

Let’s get back to Serco.


It’s astounding the amount of contracts you found, the amount of hiding through subsidiary companies, the amount of probably tax free dollars going out of this country into a British Corporation, which is directly connected to BA, i.e. the British Aerospace Engineering.

….They are directly connected to Lockheed Martin, and that Lockheed Martin is directly connected to all of the uranium and even uranium treaties with Europe.

Somehow, Lockheed Martin, through Serco seems to pretty much control… the nuclear industry of the world.


This is so shocking that any company could go from, as you say, from parking meters, to nuclear bombs, this isn’t possible…

 And by the way, they own a large pathology company in the UK. And I guess that pathology company was really the, the key that unlocked the door for our researchers….

Why are they dealing in pathology?

What is that? Testing of blood and human tissue?

And where are they going with this?

[In 2021, I think we are starting to figure that out by ourselves.]


So cut a long story short, you did a number of shows on the Richard C. Walker patents for the Internet of Things that started being filed at the US Patent Office in about 1996.

[That’s] where they started discussing a patent to be able to remotely control vehicles, and then that morphed into ships and trains and cars.

And then it morphed into being able to control human control and track human beings.

And actually in the patents, our discussions of putting chips in people to control their motor responses to be able to put them to sleep…


We knew that the Walker patents, incorporated 5…G, which is this new technology, wireless technology, satellite technology that the tech left is pushing very hard to implement all over the planet, with eventually they want to have something like 25,000 satellites, orbiting the Earth and raining down Wi Fi on us….

[That] kind of wattage can kill you. In lower amounts, it can alter your brain state, it can attack different parts of your brain, it can put you to sleep, and it can cause you to forget.


[So] we realized what Serco is there to do.

Serco is there to manage this Walker patent implementation all over the planet.

And then to be able to dial up the 5g and its effects which will include killing people.

And, and then also deal with the aftermath, and also deal with immigration with health care with prisons with pathology.

And we said to ourselves, oh my gosh, Surco was organized to manage the the reduction, the eugenics reduction of various countries.

And then to deal with the aftermath. I didn’t mention that Surco, just in January of this year, received a $610 million contract to manage FEMA Region nine in the US…


[T]here are many patents [for Big Brother controls]…

They implant chips, and they can control whether you move or not.

And they can make your arm move, they can make your legs move, they can control your body from a distance that cannot be done without the all-pervasive nature of 5…G, which is like a cloud….

There’s experimentation going on now in South Africa, where they’re seeing whether or not 5…G can be completely pervasive in communities that don’t have phones.

So if they’re experimenting on South Africans, what do you think they’re experimenting on right now?



We started correlating SES, across these different activities.

And with the assumption now that that Serco is the corporate arm of the implementation… it all started falling into place.

We have the SES.

Then we have the Department of Justice which handles their compensation.

And then we have the Overseas Private Investment Corp, which is run by SES.

Then we have the Millennium Challenge Corporation.

Then we have USAID.

Then we have the Aerospace Corporation… that get gets billions of dollars to help the US manage space policy.


In 2019, OPIC and USAID actually merged into a new organisation called the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC).

Here’s their nauseating (thankfully, very short) promo video:


And here is another short video, that shows you what the DFC is REALLY doing in all these ‘Third World Countries’, without the spin:


Back to the transcript about SES and Serco:

Then we’ve got Five Eyes.

The intelligence activities where the US the UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia have teamed up and essentially bypass all of their national laws through this Five Eyes group.


You can read more about this super-secretive ‘Five Eyes’ spook network, that was created in 1946, HERE.


[E]ach member of the alliance is responsible for intelligence gathering and analysis over specific regions of the world.

Britain monitors Europe, Western Russia, Middle East and Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, the United States also oversees the Middle East plus China, Russia, Africa and the Caribbean.

Australia is responsible for South and East Asia and New Zealand for the South Pacific and Southeast Asia.

Canada monitors the interior of Russia and China and parts of Latin America.


Back to the transcript:

[W[hen an open activity is going to violate the law in New Zealand, they just ask somebody in Australia to do it, or the US or the UK or Canada.

And so in that way, they’ve completely skirted all of our privacy and security laws.


At the top of this whole big, hot mess of ‘transnational corporations’, spooks and Big Brother high tech eugenics sits Serco.

So the question of questions is, who owns Serco?

Let’s find out.

Back to the transcript.


Serco is a British company.

There are a number of names for the company, but basically Serco is Serco Group Limited Surco limited, they’ve got a number of Surco Holdings Limited….

One thing you have to realize is all these control mechanisms are convoluted.

So if you’re just coming in from the outside it may seem very confusing, but the bottom line is nothing of this strategic nature goes on in the UK without the Queen holding a ‘golden share’ or the Crown holding the ‘golden share’, whoever’s the monarch at that point.

So the bottom line is all this circle activity can trace back to the British Crown…


It’s now very clear to me that the American Revolution was only on paper.

And that is the propaganda that we’ve been given when in fact, what happened after the British army left is that the British bankers and lawyers moved in, and they’ve been in operation through our money supply ever since… 

The Queen is the head of the church.

She’s also the head of the Bank of England.

She also has veto power over anything the Parliament does… she’s the only one in the country who actually knows what’s going on.


He next explains how the Crown (which holds the golden share in transnationals like Serco) basically ‘controls’ the US via the courts of law and the US banking system, which is controlled by the privately-owned Federal Reserve:

[T]he researchers have actually dug up the contracts.

This is all very real folks. The money is flowing, taxpayer money is flowing, like a great rushing flood out of our country.

It’s being siphoned through the British banks in London, UK.

And then it’s being fed through organizations like this Serco to implement this monstrous strategy they’ve got to lower the population.

And this issue is not a conspiracy theory.

Eugenics has been around a long time…. 

They want to reduce the population, especially in the UK, and in England, by up to 70 to 75%.

And the goal is to do that by 2025.


So, to sum all this up neatly:

1. The sun never really set on the British Empire.

The Crown just set up a system of ‘indirect governance and control’ instead, carried out by bankers, transnational corporations and massive networks of spooks, all working together behind the scenes.

2. The Crown – and all those other petty ‘royals’ and ‘aristocrats’ and oligarch billionaires all over the place – want the world depopulated to a level of 500 million (as set out clearly in the Georgia Guidestones).

3. They own and control transnational companies like Serco, and SES, who basically act as the ‘operations arm’ for the New World Order that is controlled behind the scenes by the Crown (amongst others).

(Yes, I’m also wondering who the other players are in this game. Probably, there are other ‘royals’, or Popes, or whoevers, who agree with the aim of ‘depopulation’, but presumably are fighting to be the ones who have total control….)

4. The Crown effectively controls the USA – and its agencies, including DARPA and the military – and has done for over 200 years.

In the middle of writing this, another commentator sent me this 12 minute video, that makes the same point, in a slightly different way:

5. The Crown – the Queen – is ultimately responsible for this ‘Covid 19’ plandemic.

And the ‘point’ of this Covid 19 plandemic is to inject nanorouters into 6.5 billion people globally, that can then be ‘remote controlled’ by the Powers That Be, via 5…G frequencies, that can control their thoughts and actions.

So, if the Queen wants you and your family to go and throw yourself off a roof somewhere… or drive your car into a tree (bit messy…) or to swallow down a couple of bottles of sleeping pills, to help her out with the whole ‘depopulation’ agenda…


It would be kinda rude to not do that for Her Majesty.



There is way, way more to say.

But let’s stop there for now.

Just as the Crown never really let go of of the US, it has never really let go of Israel, either.

And just as the Monarchy has always used ‘cut outs’ for political intrigue, economic gain, and to control the public, so it’s continuing to do that today.

The people who really control the State of Israel are NOT the Rothschilds et al.

They are just the ‘cut outs’, the ‘Court Jews’.

The people who really control the State of Israel are the British Monarchy.

And they are the ones who have been after the Rav, Rav Berland, for the last ten years.


Why would the Queen be going after an elderly tzaddik so much?

IF she really is ‘chief witch’ of the international satanists club, that would kind of explain everything.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see what more information starts to float up, going forward.



PS: When I finished typing all this up, I remembered THIS story, that broke back in July, 2021:


The nearly 1,000 bodies of indigenous children in mass graves were recently found by ground-penetrating radar, said the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous First Nations (FSIN) and the Cowessess First Nation.

A reported 150,000 indigenous children were abducted and imprisoned in the Catholic schools, where they were tortured with the intent of erasing their culture and language, as were also sexually abused, had needles driven through their tongues for speaking their own language, were sterilized, among many other horrific practices.

Because it’s also linked to the Queen, and tends to suggest that the ‘Queen is a satanist’ idea may actually be true.


Snippet below is an excerpt of a survivor’s story, who was in one of those Canadian schools as a child, from HERE:

In September 1964 when I was 12 years old, I was an inmate at the Kamloops school and we were visited by the Queen of England and Prince Phillip.

I remember it was strange because they came by themselves, no big fanfare or nothing. But I recognized them and the school principal told us it was the Queen and we all got given new clothes and good food for the first time in months the day before she arrived.

The day she got to the school, I was part of a group of kids that went on a picnic with the Queen and her husband and school officials, down to a meadow near Dead Man’s Creek.

After awhile, I saw the Queen leave that picnic with ten children from the school, and those children never returned.

We never heard anything more about them and never saw them again even when we were older. They were all from around there but they all vanished.


This is also from 2012 – and explains how literally tens of thousands of First Nations children were killed in British Crown / Vatican run schools, during the 1950s.

So much has been covered up over the last 200 years.

Ten years has passed since this video was made, and no-one was brought to justice.

Maybe, we are now at the tipping point in history, when the people responsible for the horrible state of the world will finally be held accountable.


God Save (Us From) the Queen.



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This morning, at 11am Israel time, Rabbi Eliezer Berland was finally totally released from prison.

In case you missed what happened two weeks ago, his main persecutors within Breslov (who have basically just been operating as the State’s ‘Shabak’ people against the Rav and Shuvu Banim…) incriminated THEMSELVES in the murder they’d been trying to pin on the Rav.

Police raided one of the persecutor’s homes – and found a whole bunch of recordings of the Rav’s main persecutors discussing how they were going to pin the murder of Nissim Sheetrit that they themselves had enacted, on the Rav.

There is ‘justice’ even on the side of evil – that’s what Rabbenu tells us.

And so in an instant, the whole court case against the Rav turned around, and his two persecutors found themselves sitting in jail on murder charges.


Don’t expect to see this story covered ANYWHERE in the lying MSM propaganda that pretends to be news.

So then, very quickly after that, it became obvious that all the other ‘charges’ that have been brought against the Rav in the past few years stemmed from this same tainted source…

And so, today, the Rav was finally totally freed from prison – no house arrest, nothing, just totally free!!!

Baruch Hashem!!!


Here is how it looked when he got back home to the Homer HaShlishit street, in Musrara, Jerusalem:


Baruch Hashem, he was greeted like a king.

I  just got sent this picture of the Rav too, which I’m posting below as it’s good to see the face of the Tzaddik:

Rav Berland coming home


What happens next?

I don’t know.

But I DO know that just as the Rav went into prison a week before Covid and its lockdowns all kicked off here in Israel, so his being freed portends that some very good things are about to start happening, in this fight between ‘good’ and ‘bad’.


I just want to mention some of the real, unsung heroes of this story.

For two months, there was a small group of people who literally camped outside the prison in Ramla, to ‘be there’ with the Rav during his incarceration.

They were in tents when it was pouring rain…

They were there when it was really hot still, during Shabbat – literally stuck in a dusty parking lot right next to the prison walls, without cold drinks, fridges, hot food…

They were there keeping vigil for the Rav 24/7, in very difficult circumstances, and even sometimes without food and water, because it was hard to shlep bottles of water to that location by foot, and it was also hard to have any real ‘food’ in those circumstances that wouldn’t spoil.


I drove up to the prison a few times over the last few weeks, to sit in my car next to their tents, and recite a few tikkun haklalis for the Rav.

Each time I saw these followers of the Rav, mamash sacrificing every bit of comfort to just be there for him, during his time of need, I was in awe of them.

No-one is going to be patting them on the back for what they did, but their mesirut nefesh deserves a mention.

And let me also mention a few of the other people in Shuvu Banim who have also sacrificed so much for the Rav, including people who went up to their necks – really, over their heads – in debt, to keep paying down the enormous fine the corrupt court placed on the Rav.

Whilst also placing a ban on him or Shuvu Banim being able to do any obvious fundraising, to pay it.

These are people who also gave absolutely everything had, maximum mesirut nefesh, to help the Rav in his hour of need.


The Rav said that mesirut nefesh is what it was going to take, to bring geula the sweet way.

He has lived that himself, the last few decades, with all the suffering he willingly undertook as an atonement for the Jewish people.

And so many of his followers have also trod that path after him, sacrificing money, personal comfort, and ‘reputations’ to keep sticking with the Rav, and sticking to the Rav, through fire and water.

I feel so privileged to know some of them….


The more people get behind the Rav, the faster and easier this next stage of geula the sweet way is going to be.

There are a few books out there that tell the first part of the Rav’s real story, and here are the links where you can get them on Amazon:

One in a Generation, Volume 1 and Volume 2

Israel’s Most Wanted Man (more ‘newsy’, less Torah quotes, but essentially the same story as One in a Generation.)

And also, a Hebrew version of this book was also just put out, called Ehad beDoro (that I had nothing to do with….):


The first load sold out within 2 hours of being printed, but they are hopefully printing more very soon:


Geula the sweet way is happening!

And the closer you stick to the Rav, the ‘sweeter’ this next bit will be for you.

And of course, vice-versa.

But there’s still a lot to do, to get things to turn around.

There’s still at least 40% of mac-cinated people who are now emitting bluetooth codes, thanks to the GO nanorouters that were injected into their bodies by our corrupt government and militaries.

The ‘bad people’ are still holding the reins of power, for a tiny while longer.

But the end – their end – is nigh.

I can feel it in the air.

And from here on in, this wild ride we’re on is only going to get even more intense.

So hold tight.

The blanket is about get a really good shaking.


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It seems to me as though the world is getting more and more crazy at the moment.

As we head into the home stretch (Bezrat Hashem, a million times) of this particular part of the geula process, with the Rav hopefully out of prison tomorrow, the lies and ‘spin’ are going up and up in intensity.

Apparently from tomorrow, the authorities have managed to finally ‘shut’ Meron to visitors – using the excuse that no-one wants to insure it, after what happened on L’ag B’omer, when the State used a directed energy weapon to kill 45 people in cold blood, at the bottom of the stairs there.

How much longer can Hashem tolerate all the evil that is going on here, in the Holy Land?


I check the Jewish news sites once or twice or day, but honestly, that is becoming too much for me to tolerate.

The lies are just so palpable, so disgusting, the manipulation so obvious and nauseating – I am increasingly coming to the conclusion that I need to totally ‘wean off’, and just make my own news.

I don’t want to give my spiritual koach to government (and Chabad….) propaganda sites like A7 and YWN anymore.

I don’t want to give them my light, my strength, my attention.

Because increasingly, I’m realising that the forces of darkness has no koach of its own.

It can only ‘feed off’ the energy and soul-power of you and me.


A little while ago, Rav Berland said people should flee the ‘online places’.

Each person can think about what that means to them.

I don’t have social media, thank God, but I do check the Jewish news sites, and they do get a ‘rise’ out of me – i.e. they suck some of my soul power – in a way that the non-Jewish sites just can’t manage in the same way.

So, I think I’m going to do some praying, and to ask God to give the koach to totally stay away from all these lying, propaganda ‘Jewish news’ sites that are really just fronts for the yetzer hara to keep sucking out more energy and soul power.

All these ‘news’ only have power and relevance because of us.

As soon as we stop reading them, stop visiting them – their power to control us ends.


I am so ready for a change.

I am so ready for this world of lies to fall already.

I can see that light gathering, and starting to shine out from more and more corners.

The people who preach hatred and intolerance of others; the people who try to turn us against each other; the people who put ‘power and money’ ahead of all other considerations, moral and otherwise – they are starting to fall.

They keep pressing the ‘fear’ button harder and harder, and it’s just not working the way it used to.

So now, they are starting to panic.


Going forward here are some rules of thumb, to help you navigate at least some of the lies being told:

  1. Anyone who talks badly against the Rav, Rabbi Berland, is coming from a very dark spiritual place.

I have seen this happen again and again and again, to the point that it seems to be a ‘cast iron’ rule, at least in my book.

Sure, people don’t know the truth, they may have private doubts, personal questions, that’s not what I mean.

I mean those people who go out, publically, to talk badly about the Rav, or to mock or villify him to other peole – those people are just projecting.

And they are projecting their own shmutz onto the Tzaddik HaDor.

As the Rav comes out of prison, I predict we will see more of these ucky people start to out themselves with ucky pronouncements that are really just underlining their own bad middot and spiritual proclivities.

This applies to public figures – and also people in our own dalet amot.

And that birur is about to pick up pace, once the Rav finally comes out again.


Now I come to think of it, that’s really my only rule of thumb / spiritual short-cut.

Everything else needs constant, personal birur via hitbodedut, to see what’s really going on.

Don’t forget in the middle of all this madness, that God really does love us.

And that He’s doing all this, painful as it is, for our own good.

And that the dawn is fast approaching, and the first rays of light are already on the horizon.

So just hold on a little bit longer.


I just got sent this:

The Rav just called someone and said that he is supposed to get out of prison this Wednesday but they want to push it off and keep him for another 2 weeks and they should do a atzeret on motzei Shabbat/a prayer rally this motzei Shabbat.

Everyone should come outside the prison and do 7 times TK and 3 Perakim Nivcharim.

Whoever can’t come there should do it from wherever they are; 7 times Tikkun Haklali; and 3 times Perskim Nivcharim this motzei Shabbat and he spoke greatly about the power of 7 times TK and PN.

And he said everyone should pray that he should get out right away this week already.



Go HERE to see the Perakim Nivcharim.

And may we hear good news.


Yesterday, there was a story on [the newly-renovated, Government-propaganda-site-pretending-to-be-news] Arutz 7, saying that Bennett wanted to make ‘vaccination’ mandatory in Israel.

Bennett was trialling that balloon for his puppet masters behind the scenes, to see if it would ‘fly’ in Israel.

Even though Arutz 7 has now banned comments (which is what all these sites do, at least temporarily, when the ‘story’ they are pushing gets a lot of push back from the public, who are increasingly calling out the lies and manipulations) – you can still see that the idea sank like a lead balloon.

Here’s how that story got changed, on today’s site:


The radiation and chem-trail-induced ‘Omicron’ wave has clearly flopped.

Worldwide, NOT A SINGLE PERSON HAS BEEN REPORTED AS DYING FROM IT, even with all their fake manipulations and false news ‘stories’.

That is actually amazing.

BH, the Rav gets out of prison (back to house arrest, but it’s a good start….) next Wed / Thur, and the rest of us will get out of prison with him.

If you look carefully, you can see that process already beginning.

Even the ‘mandatory vaccination’ program in Austria has flopped, and the puppet masters are now panicking and trying to figure out other ways of forcing and coercing people to ‘get vaccinated’, before the hammer falls on the whole project and the edifice of evil finally falls for good.


The trial of Ghislaine Maxwell has started, and even though there is almost zero media coverage of it, it’s starting to document and expose in court all the CIA’s involvement in all the MK Ultra / child trafficking / satanic pedophilia stuff, that is at the heart of so much of what is going on in our world.

As the Rav ‘gets out of prison’, more and more of the evil will start ‘going in to prison’.

I’m really looking forward to that part.

We aren’t out of the woods yet, and we all know how the forces of evil kick the hardest when they are just about to be extinguished for good, so don’t let your guard down, and keep your prayers up.

But that light of hope is starting to shine out.

And from here on it, it’s just going to get stronger and stronger.

Bezrat Hashem.