More and more, I’m coming to the conclusion that ‘reality’ is almost totally fake.

By reality, I mean the things the ‘news’ tells us.

And the things we are taught in school about ‘science’ and ‘history’ – and just about everything else, actually, except probably the rules of English grammar.

(But I’m prepared to be proven wrong about that, too.)

The reason I’m underlining this right now, is because most people are screwed to their TV screens waiting for ‘news’ about Ukraine, and the upcoming war there.

And I just want to caution us all, not to fall for all the propaganda around this.


First of all, remember that Putin and Biden and Bennett and all of them ALL work for the same person, the same evil group pulling everyone’s strings from behind the scenes.

The ‘New World Order’ needs a distraction from its badly failing Covid 19 scamdemic, so a world war is a great way to get people’s minds off what is actually happening to us, day to day, thanks to our corrupt governments and military.

At the same time, of course these things have an element of ‘reality’ – just ask the families of the hundreds of thousands of people who developed fatal attacks after taking the Covid 19 shots….

So, we can’t fall into the mistake of thinking yeyeh beseder, without some serious teshuva and prayers, asking God to sweeten everything that’s going on.

It’s a very narrow bridge, between ‘fake reality’ and ‘real fakeness’, which is part of why this current test is just so head-wrecking, spiritually.


I want to update you with a couple more ‘messages’ from the Rav’s WhatsApp group, and then let’s finish with some greenscreen fakery from NASA.

Because if they can ‘fake’ moon landings, and International Space Stations, and visits to Mars – do you think ‘faking’ some war scenes on planet earth is beyond them?

First, the updates from the Rav, from the last day and a half:

  1. The Rav [said] that the war of Moshiach will be much worse than the Holocaust. It was supposed to happen now But he pushed it off that even our grandchildren won’t see it. 

2. [From yesterday, 17.02.22]:

The Rav spoke about Russia again today and said that their true intention is to take over all of Europe, beginning with all the countries that the USSR controlled before its collapse. Ukraine they can conquer in a few minutes, they don’t need that much manpower for it. But for their true plan they do.

He said Jews are safe.


Please remember that the messages from the Rav are often not so straightforward to decode.

That said, the Rav has consistently been saying the war of Gog and Magog has been pushed off into the future – i.e. sweetened – for many years now, and each time they try to pull another major war out of their back pocket, it does seem to have fizzled.

So, lots of reasons to be hopeful, but still prepare for the worst, in which ever way you feel you need to.

And now…. back to NASA.


Really, it’s hard to believe how they got away with fooling us all with their ‘fake science’ for so long…


There’s a lot of these out there, if you want to do your own ‘NASA Greenscreen’ research, but I like this one, as it pulls a lot of material together very well, in a very short time span.

(And if you get bored, then have a search for ‘CNN Greenscreen’ too… Once you notice how people in front of a greenscreen appear, you literally see it everywhere.)

So, don’t believe everything you see online.

Stop engaging with the propaganda (aka ‘news’).

And instead of worrying yourself to death about Russia and WW3, say a tikkun haklali instead, take a walk, do a kindness for someone, spend 5 minutes doing hitbodedut on your anxiety – and that way you’ll feel way better.

Whatever seems to be happening (or not…) in ‘the real world’.


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Just a quick one, with what I’ve been told the Rav said about the upcoming War in Ukraine.


  1. The Rav said that Russia’s invasion was delayed to Sunday-Monday
  2. He also said that people staying in Uman can stay, those that want to come back should book their flight by Sunday-Monday


I just got sent a third message (as of Feb 16, 2022):

The Rav now said it might turn into a world war, but this generation is protected from another Holocaust. The Tzaddik is protecting the generation.

I am not following the fake news at all, btw, so I have no idea what everyone is being told is happening, just passing on the stuff from the Rav’s hotline.


The last few days, the Rav has been singing a lot of Uman songs at the prayers with him at 8.30pm every night, outside in Ido HaNavi.

When I went with my husband two days ago, we both had the impression something was being sweetened over there in the Ukraine, so whatever we are all reading in the fake news, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if whatever the ‘war’ turns out to be, it’ll be much less of a big deal than they are making out.

Our leaders would just lurve to have a massive war in the Ukraine right now, to take everyone’s mind off the Covid-19 genocide and tyranny that is starting to implode on every front.


While I’m mentioning the Rav, two more things:

  • B’ezrat Hashem next week Monday Feb 21 (20 Adar aleph) at 7pm there will be an English Shiur from the Rav at his house for those who want to join the English Kollel of Shuvu Banim.

If you want more details about that, get on the Shuvu Banim WhatsApp group, by clicking HERE.


And lastly, the Rav’s community is totally cracking under the strain of having to pay millions of shekels in fines from the corrupt State of Israel, who have also banned the Rav from receiving any money directly.

They have asked that each person contribute 1,000 shekels (and more if they can manage it) to help pay off the huge debts, and to ensure the institutions still have the money they need to continue operating.

If you read THIS, you’ll see that when you give money to Shuvu Banim, with the intention of it being a ‘pidyon nefesh’ with the Rav, it counts as such.

I have to tell you, the last two years, I have been doing pidyonot all the time still, just donating the money via the website HERE – and it’s been working a treat, in a whole bunch of ways.

If it didn’t work, consistently, I wouldn’t be doing it all the time.

It’s as simple as that.


So, if I hear anything more about the ‘war in Ukraine’ I will tell you.

At the moment, my gut feeling is that it’s shaping up to be a ‘nothing burger’, because the Rav is constantly sweetening things behind the scenes.

But of course, that’s just my uninformed opinion, and I could well be totally wrong.




I had three emails from three different people referring to the ‘Song of the Stones’ this week.

So, I thought I’d stick it back up here, while I’m busy putting together another big post on real Jewish history.

You can see more HERE, on the site.

“Rav Berland talks a lot about the segula of the Odem, Pitda, Bareket, Nofech, Sapir, ve’Ya’halom, Leshem, Shevo, ve’Achlamah, Tarshish, Shoham, ve’Yashfeh – this is a segula for wealth and to [draw] spiritual and material influences.

“Also the Third Temple will be of Sapir and Yahalom.  The gates of the Holy Temple will be totally of precious stones.

“So, I’ll sing you this song.  Many people ask how to sing this song.  How exactly does one do it?

“Short and to the point, less than a minute, we start:

“Odem Pitdah u’Bareket

“Nofech Sapir ve’Yahalom

“Leshem Shevo ve’Achlamah

“Tarshish Shoham ve’Yashfeh

“And he who does this seven times, all the more so is the segula for spiritual and material wealth.”


The above comes from the video below, which teaches you how to sing the Odem Pitdah song:


One of my friends asked me why I’m not posting more personal blog posts up these days.

There’s a couple of answers.

One, is that the ‘gangstalkers’ I’ve had to deal with on the blog kind of put me off sharing more personal information, at this stage.

And two, is that most of my time right now is taking up trying to pin down what’s really gone on in the Jewish world, with the Sabbatean-Frankists that mamash took over most parts of the Jewish community, 200 years ago.

Some days, I am so absorbed in the research I don’t have ‘space’ for much else.

I would like to go back to writing more personally, in some ways.

But I feel God is giving me a job to do that’s important, very time consuming, and often not so fun.

BH, when this world of lies starts to break a bit more – and that time is coming, fast – I will return to more ‘Secret Diary of a Jewish Housewife’ writing.

Bli neder.


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In 2011, the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) put out a spiffy PDF, advising citizens on how to be prepared for a ‘Zombie Pandemic’.


You can get to that PDF yourself HERE, on their website.

Below is a screenshot of the cover:


Apparently, a slew of articles appeared in March last year, pushing the idea of a forthcoming ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ – even in apparently ‘sensible’ media like Forbes.

And this one, from the USA Today website:


And this one, from a newswire service, snippet below:

According to CDC officials, if zombies ever did start roaming the streets, the agency would conduct an investigation much like one for any other disease outbreak. The CDC would provide technical assistance to cities, states, or international partners dealing with a zombie infestation. This assistance might include consultation, lab testing and analysis, patient management and care, tracking of contacts, and infection control (including isolation and quarantine).


Way back when, Amazon also had an apparently ‘spoof clause’ in their terms and conditions, that said this:


That article on the Guardian is pretty old, so when you follow the link to the AWS ‘Terms of Service’ website, HERE, you can no longer find that paragraph at ‘57.10’.

That’s because Amazon updated their terms of service back in September 2021 – and they moved the par about the Zombie Apocalypse to 42.10 now, screenshot below:


In 2013 – a full two years after the CDC’s stunt, the Canadian parliament also got into the ‘joke’:



Way back when, all this would have just seemed like a bizarre, but actually quite funny little joke.

But in a world where our governments and militaries have been forcing billions of people to get injected with nanotech that literally enables them to ‘take over the body’s processes’ – in a million different ways – I’m not finding this funny any more.


Below, is the latest video from Orwell.City

(Not shmirat eynayim friendly, snippet below the video).


These comments are from Dr Astrid Stuckelburger, in the video:

You have to understand that every virus or every disease, let’s say… Ebola. Ebola is Marburg. Ebola, for example, is Marburg. There’s a code. Every virus, bacteria, and parasite has a code. An electromagnetic code. Because we’re bioelectric beings. We’re all electricity and water.

OK. So, when you know that graphene is a receptor of electromagnetic frequency and has other properties of superconductivity and energy stockage… It can take the energy. You know, this code can be sent to people. And they can induce disease. Theoretically, they can induce any disease in people with a lot of graphene nanoparticles in their bodies.

But it can also induce behavior because we just saw this. We just explained. So this is very important because what they’re planning and predicting is, number one: Ebola. Ebola is a disease where people bleed. And it’s very impressive. So this is the first thing they’ll try….. 


So now, the scoop. I was sitting with a coroner. You know, who takes care of dead people in the morgue. I was speaking to a lawyer who was working with the coroner in Belgium. And one of the preoccupations is that graphene has… Or anyway, there’s, with the experimental vaccine, an identity. There’s a Wi-Fi signal…

[W]hen they change the blood, they look if the person has the identity in the blood or in the body. And the ID is still giving a signal in the dead body. That’s number one. 

The practice is done in the hospitals just to explain that they can verify that the identity isn’t in the blood. It’s in the body. OK. And the whole body. It’s not on your phone….

So now the scoop is that they also went to the cemetery, where people are buried….Even with people buried dead, you can see the identity…. It means that Michael Jackson was a visionary because it’s possible with DARPA, with graphene… You know… Taking control of the behavior of the body from a distance. 

Theoretically, it’s possible to make people dead alive just because of graphene, technologically. It’s crazy, but it’s possible, maybe.


I spent a few hours today in my ‘electromagnetic Faraday Cage tent’ today, as I’d been feeling a little rough again this morning.

Another friend sent me this email last week:

What do you think of this?


I found it interesting, because what they described as happening with their hearing and vision somehow being ‘zapped’ by directed energy waves etc, I think I’ve been experiencing myself.

When my hearing went funny a few days ago (BH, it’s fine again now), I was sitting at my computer, then I kind of ‘felt’ the energy drop down a level, in a way that’s hard to describe but it’s  like it took on a lower ‘hum’ than usual, but I still couldn’t ‘hear’ anything, just I felt it – and then my ear started popping on one side of my head, and continued that way for the next three days.

Baruch Hashem, when I went to prayers with the Rav last Friday night, it started to do way better again.


So much of what I’m writing about at the moment seems ridiculous.

And yet, you and me are living through this unbelievable reality, right now.

It’s a world gone mad.

A world where 5…G lampposts are being put up all over the place to monitor people and possibly also to ‘zap’ them with frequencies specifically designed to cause something to happen in the body and / or mind.

That something could still be turned around and used for the good, and for the complete healing of humanity, but the very evil people running our governments and military right now don’t have that intention.

So yes, I read this stuff about ‘Zombie Pandemics’, and ‘Marburg ‘viruses’ – that are all just really caused by zapping people with a particular energetic frequency – and it bothers me a lot.


I don’t really know how to end this one neatly.

BH, even my husband was bugged-out, when I showed him the Amazon Terms of Service, and the CDC website.

What else can we do, except pray to God to save us from all this, make a lot of sincere teshuva and get behind our True Tzaddikim?

That sounds like the only way to really prepare for what might be coming down the pipe.



We’ve been rolling this idea around a bit more, at home, and here’s some more thoughts.

  1. This sounds like the ‘evil side’ attempt at techiyat hemeitim.

Evil is always trying to ‘mimic’ what real kedusha, Hashem, genuine holy people can do.

We saw this in Egypt, with the first three plagues.

So, just like geula has the revival of the dead as part of the package, this sounds like some ersatz version of that.

(I can think of at least one group who would be very happy to use technology to bring their dead leader ‘back to life’….)


2. There are some technical difficulties to getting a zombie out of the grave and walking around.

Like, most people are buried in caskets, and are still stuck quite deep in the ground. You’d have to be a very determined, strong zombie to get out of that.

So this looks like it would only work with people straight out the morgue, or before people would be buried.

What’s really disturbing my husband about this whole idea (because we are British…) is that if they did pull of the ‘zombie’ thing, most of these corpses would be sans clothing.

Now that I’ve typed that, I’m also getting gooseflesh.

A plague of the undead is one thing; a plague of the naked undead over 80….. brrr, my teeth are chattering.


And lastly, back to what was going on with my ears, directed energy and ‘Omicron’.

They are trying to pretend that a bunch of weird ‘symptoms’ that are a direct result of being zapped with microwave radiation are ‘because of Omicron’:

In THIS article, they mention tinnitus as a ‘hidden sign of Omicron’:


Meanwhile, THIS article is talking about weird gastrointestinal issues being a ‘symptom of Omicron’:


Listen to this (10 minutes):


Don’t be fooled!

These are all reactions to the microwaves we are now being zapped with, as they try out their brand, spanking new 5…G towers that they are putting up all over the place.

We are all being targeted with ‘directed energy’ at the moment, whether we want to buy into that idea or not. It’s still happening.

And all these ‘symptoms’ of supposed Covid 19 variants are actually common reactions to being microwaved.


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I can’t stop thinking about how much of our recent history has been ‘faked’.

UPDATE: More on the horrific school assault in Netanya, that’s been ‘blanked’ from the news.


On the one hand, it’s such a disturbing and destabilising concept, that I almost don’t want to engage with it.

And on the other hand, the more information flows in, the more I am coming to the conclusion that all the ‘fake history’ and personas I’m piecing together in our Jewish world from the last 250 years has to also coincide with ‘fake history’ on the non-Jewish side of the fence, too.

Yesterday, I came across this film that I watched fine speeded up  (1.5), that covers a lot of ground on this topic, with a lot of compelling videos and photos of an ‘old world’ that apparently vanished sometime between 150-300 years ago, that had stupendous buildings, free energy, street lights, electric trains – all the things that we were told just never existed, until the Industrial Revolution began in 1840.

(It’s not shmirat eynayim friendly, as it does have clips with women.)



I watched this, and my mind is whirring.

Just to be clear, I’m not saying I believe everything in this video, or that I agree with everything being said – do your own birur carefully, as always.

But it does present a great deal of information and old footage that appears very hard to ‘explain away’.

Was there a ‘mud flood’ that destroyed most of the world, within the last 250 years?

And then, did that lead to a mad ‘land grab’ by the elite who were based out of the UK, France, Spain, Holland and Italy, who also then eradicated all the signs of that previous world?

I don’t know.

It certainly seems possible.


But then, I was wondering how something like that could be, and none of our rabbis, none of our Jewish sources from the last 250 years even referred to it?

This was puzzling me greatly – after all, we are the literate People of the Book, who always knew how to read and write, and store and share information and maintain the chain of history, from the beginning of the world, 5782 years ago.

And that’s when it struck me, how important it must have been to totally take over our Jewish leadership, and to ‘break the chain’ of our history, and to attack the Torah community anyway possible.

It’s hard to totally rewrite the world’s history to suit yourself, when there is a stubborn group of literate, articulate people who are clinging on to their Torah, their emuna, their history, their teachings, with total mesirut nefesh.

And especially when that group of people is shunning all the ‘brainwashing’ dished out in secular schools… And avoiding all the ‘brainwashing’ dished out by secular media…


In the middle of all this, I’ve been doing more research on Jacob Frank’s first father-in-law, Hayyim Samuel Falk, aka Dr Falkon, aka the ‘Baal Shem’ of London.

To cut a very long story short, he seems to have been deeply involved in Rosicrucianism, and taught a generation of black magicians who went on to found secret societies like ‘the Golden Dawn’ and Moses Dobruska’s ‘Asian Brotherhood’.

The following is an Abstract of an article that appeared in the ‘Zion’ Journal, now found on Jstor:

“[The] Brethren of St. John of the Gospel from Asia in Europe”, commonly called the Asiatic Brothers, [was] the first masonic organisation which stipulated the reception of unbaptised Jews into its ranks. The kabbalistical parts of its rituals were wirtten by Schönfeld who introduced into them portions of Jonathan Eibeschütz’ Sabbatian treatise Ve’avo hayom el ha’ayin, a manuscript which enjoyed wide circulation among the Moravian Sabbatians and admirers of Eibeschütz.”


While the ‘Sabbatian elite’ were off writing histories about this ‘miracle worker’ and lauding him mamash as a holy Rebbe, and individual of great piety and holiness, over in the non-Jewish world, you find information that paint quite the opposite picture.

This snippet about him (from HERE) comes from a French writer named Archenholtz, and was published in 1790:

There is a person of this nation called Cain Chenul Falk, but better known by the name of Doctor Falcon, who for thirty years has been famous for his cabalistical discoveries. He lives in a large house ; is attended by a small number cf domesticks ; is engaged in no manner of business-, and gives away a great deal of money to the poor.

When he goes out, which is indeed but seldom, heis always clothed in a long robe, which agrees very well with his flowing beard, and noble figure. He is now in the 7oth year of his age. I shall not here recount the wonderful and incredible stories told of this old man.

It is most probable that he is a very great chymist ; and that he has, in that occult science, made some extraordinary discoveries, which he does not choose to communicate. A certain prince, who was very zealous in his search after the philosopher’s stone, some years ago wished to pay him a visit, Falkon, however, could not be prevail- ed upon to grant him an interview.


In his introduction, Archenholtz refers to him as ‘The Jew Joel Dr Falcon’ The Philosophers Stone’:

(It’s a scanned copy of a very old text, so there are some errors in the spelling, FYI.)


That stands up the theory that ‘Joel the Baal Shem of Zamosc’ – father-in-law of ‘Rabbi Jacob Benjamin Loeb Frankel’ is one and the same as the famous black magician, Cain Chenul Falk.

And this is not where the problem ends.

I started trying to track down more information about ‘Cain Chenul Falk’, who is lauded as one of the great teachers of devil-worshipping secret societies like the Golden Dawn, amongst many others, and I got to the website of one ‘Chuck Furnace’.

Furnace is an open devotee of the ‘Rosy Cross’ / Rosicrucian path of devil-worshipping ‘enlightenment’.

Many of his pages have been scrubbed and ‘unavailable-d’ now, but here’s a screenshot (with images off…) of his home page, with the parts I’d like you to pay attention to highlighted:


I’m not jumping to any conclusion here.

But I find it strange, to say the least, that this guy’s list of teachers begins with a bunch of rabbis, including the Lubavitcher Rebbe, and then ends with the famous satanist Aleister Crowley.


I am so sick of all the lies.



I had a query about why R’ Aryeh Kaplan, who translated some Breslov works into English, also appears on this list.

Here’s what I responded:

He wasn’t a Breslover himself, btw, he was someone who translated a lot of different books, including the Sefer Yetzirah – which contains a lot of straight up kabbalah, that these people probably use in their black magic rituals.
I actually had that book a few years ago, and was totally shocked it had been translated into English at all. In the end, I put it in the genizah, after I started learning more about how ‘practical kabbalah’ is actually just another term for black magic.

Last thing, for now.

I saw my sister-in-law from Netanya yesterday, and she told me about a horrific gang rape that occurred in a local highschool there, 3-4 months ago – that the media has almost totally buried.

I heard literally nothing about it, before she told me, but 20+ teenage boys broke into what I though was the ‘Chaim Gurary’ highschool in Netanya, to gang rape the drugged girlfriend – 14 years old! – of one of their friends.

It’s totally and utterly sickening.

Everything was caught on the school’s CCTV cameras, but no-one seems to be doing anything to really address what happened, and the poor girl and her father are now apparently in mental institutions, as a result of what happened to them.

(Or maybe, to keep them out of the media, so as few people as possible get to hear about this.)


Secular culture in the Frankist-Freemason State is totally sickening, and they are keeping these stories out of the news, because all they want to do is carry on with their war against the Torah, and religious Jews.

Remember what happened in Greece?

Remember what happened in Eilat?

This is sadly not an unusual occurrence.

Without the Torah and its moral structure, a human being literally descends to being worse than an animal.


Bezrat Hashem, I am really praying that God will explode this world of lies as fast as possible.

And our part, in the orthodox Jewish world, is to keep asking awkward questions, to keep chipping away at the edifice of lies that most of our ‘leaders’ have constructed about what really happened, over the last 250 years, and how they are really connected into a very deep matrix of evil and deception.

Instead of being spreading the light of the true Torah, they’ve just been spreading more self-serving lies, and conspiring to turn Jews into either:

  • Unthinking, unfeeling religious ‘robots’, who can be remote-controlled by social pressure and / or a corrupt rabbi or Rebbe.
  • Secular animals, who are consumed by their own lusts and bad-middot, and will do anything to anyone in order to satisfy them.

May God save us from this.



And in the meantime, if you want to know where the real light of Torah can still be found….


And Rabbi Berland.

And all the real, sincere tzaddikim who respect the former, and publically support the latter, even in the face of terrible threats and danger, from this Frankist-Freemason State of Israel, and those who are part of ‘the machine’.


No wonder Breslov and the Rav have been persecuted so much, for the last 250 years.

Because that path really connects people back to their true, holy selves, and back to God.

And it really gets people to remember what the point of being alive is, and what the true essence of being a human being, and a Jew, really is.

And that’s the last thing these Frankist-Freemason-Rosicrucian-Devilworshippers want.


UPDATE: Here’s what I got back from the sister-in-law, about the awful assault in Netanya, that happened 3-4 months ago, and has been totally blanked in the news here:

I cant see it in news, it was all over social media groups. 

She went to Chaim (Haim) Gury School in Ir Yamim, Netanya and they were all from Eldad school in Netanya.

Again, this was caught on the school cameras, so it’s not a figment of anyone’s imagination.

Maybe, all those ‘social justice’ warriors who have nothing better to do than burn Chaim Walder’s books in Bnei Brak can take a look at the total disintegration of secular society too, in Israel?

Maybe, the media here could at least acknowledge what is actually happening?

I’m not holding my breath.


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There’s a new book out in English, of prayers and advice on Shalom Bayit for men.

You can get it HERE on Amazon, and it’s available in e-book and hardcopy.

Rav Berland said a couple of years’ ago that each book of his that makes it into the world cleans off endless amounts of tumah.

And boy, do we need that process to accelerate!

So, go check the book out, buy a copy for yourself, or for the man in your life that really needs some help in this area (i.e. everyone….)

And BH, let more revealed ‘cleaning of the tumah’ begin in earnest.


The last couple of weeks have been pretty challenging for me.

Maybe it was the endless grey skies, cold, snow and rain, which reminded me so much of why I hated living in the eternal drizzle of London.

Maybe, it was all the ‘Covid’ going on.

Not the actual thing itself, which one kid didn’t even notice and the other kid had symptoms for literally two days, but all the ‘testing’ and endless bureaucracy around what is basically a cold or flu, that has been ‘weaponised’ by our evil governments and military, to keep making the cage smaller and smaller.

Maybe, it was my kid trying to get to Uman in the middle of all that, and managing it for a day with her new ‘green pass’, that had cost her so much sweat and effort and prayers – only to be barred from the flight back because the Health Ministry site kept crashing, every time she tried to fill in her ‘entry form’ to Israel.

She called me in tears from Borispol airport in Kiev, 10 seconds after the horrible flight attendants gleefully closed the gate in her face, because she didn’t have the form.

Baruch Hashem, we managed to get her another ticket 4 hours later, and I managed to fill in her form from here, and Baruch Hashem, she managed to get back to Israel OK.

But the whole experience wiped me out for a day – and then made me depressed and angry, that this is the world we live in right now.


It could be that last bit of ‘stress’ with my daughter in Borispol was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

But for the next two days, I felt like something had really kind of broken down, internally.

My hearing went funny for three days… my mood was pretty sad and despairing… and over Shabbat, the message I got in my hitbodedut is that ‘waiting for all this to change’ is not a good permanent strategy for life.

BH, it will change, BH soon.

But maybe, it won’t?

And if doesn’t change ‘soon’, or doesn’t change ‘fast enough’ for me to be able to ‘hold on’ – then what?


The answer I got back has a lot of different parts to it:

  1. I have to start living my life for the moment more, and kind of just ‘pretend’ to myself that none of this Covid evil, this 5…G evil, this nanotech evil is really happening, at least some of the time.

That’s actually not easy for me to do, as it’s the ‘fake, superficial, head-in-sand’ approach that usually drives me bonkers. But I realised this week, that personally, I am too far over on the over side of living on my nerves 24/7, and I need to start ignoring more of things that worry me, at least for a few hours a day while I do other things.


2. I have to start noticing all the tremendous ‘good’ my life still contains.

There is so much that is out of my hands, and beyond my control at the moment.

(Like always….)

But, when I have a good homemade cookie to eat, a nice cup of tea on a cold day, water for a hot shower, mineral water to drink when I’m thirsty, a bed with 4 blankets to keep me warm…. all of these things are actually sources of deep joy and gratitude, if I take the time to notice them.

So, instead of waiting for all the ‘Drs Evil’ to fall, before I’m going to start enjoying my life again, I realise I need to scale back my ambitions, at least for now, and just be grateful for the cookie. And the husband. And the fact I live in Jerusalem. And the fact that my ears cleared up, BH, and I can hear properly again, and that my hands can type, and I have a really good recipe for lentil soup…

It’s the small things like this, that are going to get me back into ‘living my life’ mode.


3. I need to scale back my internet use, big time.

When your eye starts twitching every time the router turns on at home, that’s probably a good sign that you’re online too much.

BH, I never had a smartphone, so that’s not a problem.

But I’ve still been spending way too much time online – even just typing my own blog, and researching things to write about – and I want to stop that now.

I’m aiming at being online for an hour a day, most days, while Shabbat and Motzash will be totally ‘offline’, with God’s help.

That means I will be less responsive on email, and that the comments will go up slower on the blog.

But that’s ok.


4. I need to go back to praying with the Rav as much as possible.

On Sunday night, when pieces 1-3 had slotted into place, I felt better – but I still didn’t feel great.

I was still full of fear and worry about what tomorrow is going to bring, and I could feel how that fear and worry was literally making me physically ill, still, from all the stress it brings with it.

So I went to Ido HaNavi street, at 8.30pm, when the Rav davens, to go and say a few tikkun haklalis along with the kehilla.

I got there just as the Rav was coming out, and I shouted out to him in my head Rav, I’m feeling so scared at the moment!!

He did his funny ‘waving the hands thing’, that he often does – and all the fear just disappeared.

For the first time in days, I was breathing easier and not feeling ‘stressed’.

So, I realise I need to go and pray with the Rav as much as I can, and I’m aiming for 4 days a week, with God’s help.


5. I can’t let ‘fear’ stop me from doing what I’m meant to be doing in the world.

That’s my last realisation – and it’s one that comes around again and again, in the stuff that I write.

If I live in fear, if that fear stops me from truly living my life and doing what God created me to do in the world – I’m more than half-dead already.

What sort of life is that, to let fear dictate your every move?

I have a lot of stuff to get on with right now, that has been scaring me to do.

But, I realise this is a yetzer, and that I need to only fear Hashem, and carry on doing what Hashem wants me to do.

Ein Od Milvado.

No-one can hurt me, if Hashem doesn’t decree it.

And if I’m ‘hurt’, God forbid, it’s ONLY because Hashem decreed it.


So that’s where I’m holding right now.

I can’t end the evil madness that’s engulfing the planet in the name of ‘Covid 19’.

But I can still pray, cook, appreciate my family, take time off to paint, and start work on the next book.

All these things ARE in my hands.

And the only moment we really have anyway, is NOW.


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I was doing some hitbodedut about where to go from here, and I was pondering what one of the commentators said on the last post.

She said this:


We have to focus on healing.

Once we realised that what we see is the world of lies, after that a time of healing has to come. What is exactly the truth. How does this world operate? What is required of us. I think there is a lot to be done once this explodes.


I was rolling that idea around in my hitbodedut this morning, and trying to think about what it’s going to take, to really heal from the world of lies.

Everything that’s gone on the last two years is just the climax, the apex, of two or even three millenia of ‘lies’. All that’s really happened the last two years is that the curtain has been pulled back more, the veil has been lifted, to show us all what’s been going on, all along.


So, back to the idea of ‘healing’.

I’m starting from a place of stating there is nothing new under the sun.

In all the research I’ve been doing into ancient history, and not-so-ancient corruption in the Jewish community, this principle has helped me so much, to figure out what is really going on.

I look around at what happened then, and I realise that exactly the same thing is still happening now.

I look around at now, and I realise that exactly exactly the same thing was happening back then.

And then most of the pieces of the puzzle fall neatly into place, because really, we just go through the same tests, the same situations, the same ‘dramas again and again and again, until we finally make the teshuva we need, to get it right.


So when it comes to ‘healing’, it seems useful to first break stuff down into the different areas that actually need ‘healing’.

The obvious area is physical health.

I won’t go into that today, not least because I’m sure that this will be the main obsession of most of the rest of the world, when they actually catch up to what is really going on here, particularly for the people who were injected with GO nanotech poison.

( has some good information on detoxing from the GO HERE; and HERE is where you find a very practical PDF from Ken Rohla’s site, on how to detox from being exposed to radiation.)


The next area is spiritual health.

Literally, as I wrote that heading, someone sent me the notes from the latest webinar on January 23, 2022, with R’ Yissachar Berg, one of the main English-speaking people close to the Rav.

Here’s  the main highlights of it:


*The Rav wants Torah learning to be the main focus right now. This is all he talks about.*

The focus now should be on Torah learning.

There is a new battle in town and there are new battle plans…. We are going to conquer the world without firing a single bullet… through prayer and Torah.

(The Rav’s prayers contain many insights into the Torah. He is referring also to the little prayer cards that were made.) 

There will be more shiurim and prayers that will be live, through the [] website, instead of the unfiltered YouTube, etc.


The Rav wants to set up more Kollelim in the Old City Yerushayalim.

This costs money, so supporters are needed.

*What is going to save us and bring the Redemption will be Torah learning.*

Learn for 8 hours, then an hour of dancing. Join in the Rav’s Tefillah when you can.

*The reason we are here is to pray and learn Torah. Prayer and Torah, Prayer and Torah, Prayer and Torah. That is our purpose. That is our whole life.*


Lately, the Rav has been talking alot about this present Israeli government and the evils that they want to put on the Jewish people.

*The main threat is the Israeli government wanting to uproot Torah observance. He is saying that this is the worst ever in all of Jewish history!*

They want to give away the Kotel, mess up kashrut, forbid learning Torah, and do away with brit milah and allow non-kosher conversions…etc.

*THIS is the War of Gog vMagog!*

And, all this is happening right now! Russia is not a threat, China is not a threat, Iran is not a threat.

Covid….the government doesn’t care that people are dying, they just care about getting re-elected. New strains of covid will continue to come out. The only way to fix this and be protected from it – is by learning Torah.

*The only thing to protect us, is learning Torah. Otherwise it is a dangerous situation.*


*The MAIN war is a spiritual war with the Israeli government as they are trying to prevent people from serving Hashem.*

*Increasing Torah learning is the only way to fight this.*


If someone can not get to the minyan and can listen by phone, it counts.

You are saying “Amen” so you are considered part of it. The Rav is talking about people who live here, someone who is far away, they are not being held accountable since they are not here. From a distance you can connect and that counts as if you were here.


UPDATE: Here is how to ‘join in’ via the phone:

From Israel 02-8008800

From the USA (845) 640-0007

From the UK +44 330 390 0474

Extension 29


Here are the daily ‘seder’ details, for learning more Torah together with Shuvu Banim and the Rav:

For men:

  • A reduction from 7 to 3 Tikkun haKlalis anytime throughout the day, it doesn’t have to be 3 at one time.
  • 8 pages of Gemara a day — use Artscroll or whatever is easiest for you.
  • 5 chapters of Rambam a day, (in addition to your regular learning).

There is a phone update at Extension 2142 (within Israel)to find out where they are holding every day.

Also, anyone (men….) can come to the Yeshiva in the Old City and learn.

The address is: Rehov Hebron 32. It’s in the Muslim Quarter, right ‘behind’ the Kotel.


For women:

  • 3 Tikkun haKlalis anytime throughout the day, it doesn’t have to be 3 at one time.
  • Learn one chapter of Rambam. (Ask for Rambam Mishnah Torah, or click HERE for an online version.)
  • Two chapters of Tanakh (Shuvu Banim women just completed Sefer Daniel chapters 9 and 10).
  • One book (one of the 5 books) of Tehillim every day.


So, I guess that answers a great deal of the question of ‘how to heal spiritually’.

More Torah and prayer, connecting with the Tzaddik HaDor from wherever you happen to be, and if you can’t do the ‘Torah and prayer’ thing so much yourself, to contribute to the kollels that the Rav wants to set up (and also, to the existing Shuvu Banim kollels!) financially.

More on how to do that, when I get more details.


Here’s a few more points, about ‘how to heal’.

  1. We all badly need to work on healing our relationships with our fellow Jews, (the real ones…) and especially those closest to us.

It boils down to fixing all those bad middot that have been boiling over, the last few years.

But before we can fix our bad middot, we first have to acknowledge that they actually exist.

And that’s usually the far harder part of the equation.


Most of us have been operating out of ‘survival mode’ the last two years, or ‘snake brain’ mode.

There are four main areas of ‘snake brain’ bad middot that flare up when we’re under stress:

  • Anger
  • Fear
  • Depression / Despair / Apathy
  • Going into denial / living in ‘fake’ reality / keeping things totally superficial / abdicating responsibility for ourselves


I actually forgot I wrote a whole book about how to recognise what ‘survival mode’ you usually go into, under stress, and how to start dealing with it, tachlis.

You can get that book HERE.


For me, over the last two years, I struggled a great deal at various times with anger.

Usually, I’d have to go and do a six hour session to calm down, and / or read the Rav’s kuntres on anger (which let me tell you, works LIKE MAGIC, to defuse anger. The link takes you to a free, online version.)

But I’ve also struggled at various times with seriously just wanting to run away from everything, and every one.

And other times, with an enormous, crushing sense of despair about what was happening.

Baruch Hashem, I don’t have a stress response that goes into ‘fake, superficial, denying reality’ mode.

But everyone else in my house does, which means I’ve got into tons of arguments over the last two years, that have in turn led to: blowing up like a volcano; wanting to run away from the retards in my family; feeling totally despairing about why people can’t or won’t see what’s right in front of their faces.

(Rinse and repeat.)


So, the last couple of months there’s been a lot of work going on in my dalet amot to try to recognise my own bad middot, and to apologise to people who have been hurt by them – and also to forgive those who have hurt me, with their ridiculous, OTT stress responses.

Like, the people in the post office.

And the guy I got into a huge argument with in the supermarket when he told me I had to put my mask over my nose. (I still haven’t gone back there… but I have forgiven him in my heart. Mostly….)

And the witch who slapped my daughter on the bus, because she was drinking a cup of coffee and not wearing a mask.

(It’s a long, long list, I’m working on it.)


But there’s another element to this ‘healing’ process, too, and that’s the question of how we really heal our community, and our Jewish nation.

This government of ours in Israel, regardless of political affiliation or external appearance, is run by Torah-hating Frankist-Freemasons, backed up by Torah-and-Judaism-hating gentiles.

And the people pulling the strings behind nearly every Jewish community, secular, reform or pretend-orthodox, all over the world, are these self-same Torah-hating Frankist Freemasons, again backed up by Torah-and-Judaism-hating gentiles.

Whether these gentiles are nominally ‘xtian’, or devil-worshipping luciferians, that doesn’t really matter.

The point is, our community leadership structures are hopelessly corrupted – and they’ve been that way for a long time.


Let’s get back to the principle of there is nothing new, under the sun.

Why did Aaron make a golden calf, or at least, participate in making a golden calf?

He did it because he was scared to go against the leadership of the Erev Rav, who’d already killed Miriam’s son Hur.

That set up the paradigm for what was going to happen with every ‘false messiah’, and every corrupting movement of the Erev Rav, trying to subvert the Jewish community from within, since.

Let’s fast forward to Jonathan Eybshutz.

I learnt some more things about him recently, including that his famous ‘amulets’ were written in the shape of a Star of David – and that’s part of why people suspected him of being a Sabbatean, because this symbol was closely associated with that movement and belief system.

I also learned that it was his followers that went on the rampage against anyone who challenged him – and that even Jacob Emden was initially trying to avoid machloket with them, but Eybshutz and his crazy mob continued to attack him in every quarter, and even to threaten his life, which is when he started fighting back.

I learnt that nearly every ‘big rabbi’ who wasn’t themselves a secret Sabbatian (that’s not actually such a big list…) knew that Jonathan Eybshutz was spiritually corrupt, despite his enormous Torah knowledge – but preferred to cover it up, than to deal with offending his powerful family, or the local xtians that Eybshutz was very close to.

There is nothing new under the sun.


And the last thing I appear to be learning, is that there is a good chance that Jonathan Eybshutz is directly related to Jacob Frank.

As you can guess, the whole thing is totally mixed-up and deliberately convoluted, but I recently stumbled across a new piece of information about one ‘Schondel Eybshutz’, Jonathan Eybshutz’s daughter, who married a ‘David Ullman’ – both of whom have been totally scrubbed out of the official family tree.

That instantly reminded me of ‘Schondel Dobruska’ – mother of the infamous ‘Moses Dobruska’ who played a leading part in the French Revolution, and first cousin of Jacob Frank:

Moses Dobruška or Moses Dobruschka, alias Junius Frey was a writer, poet and revolutionary. His mother was the first cousin of Jacob Frank, who claimed to be the Jewish messiah and founded the Frankist sect….

[H]e became one of the main activists of the masonic lodge of the “Knights of St. John the Evangelists for Asia in Europe,” active in Germany and Austria between 1783 and 1790, which was the first German-speaking masonic order to accept Jews.


Dobruska is a made-up name – it’s the same name Jacob Frank took for himself, when he ‘converted’ to Catholicism.

And elsewhere, I’d read that ‘Moses Dobruska’ was none other than the grandson of Jonathan Eybshutz.

No wonder ‘Schondel Eybshutz’ got totally scrubbed out the family tree.

But that’s not all.


Another sister of Schondel, child of Jonathan, by the name of ‘Hitzel Eybeshutz‘ happened to marry one Benjamin Wolf Frankel.

She also apparently married a ‘Simon Halevi Brandeis’ – again, almost totally scrubbed out the picture and covered up.

I have a feeling Jacob Frank is hiding under all these made-up names, and deliberate distortions.

And that it’s at least possible that Jonathan Eybshutz is either the father, or the grandfather of Jacob Frank – as well as being the grandfather of the Frankist-Freemason Moses Dobruska.


If those real rabbis of ours back in the 18th century had stood up to Jonathan Eybshutz, and his brand of ‘secret Sabbateanism’ that totally corrupted the Jewish community and its values, how different the Jewish world would look today.

But they didn’t.

So now the test is back.

And standing up to ‘rabbis’ with tremendous yichus, but apparently very little in the way of morality or shame about abusing halacha and misusing their position to hurt others and benefit themselves is going to be a very major way that we ‘heal’ what’s going on in our communities, going forward.


I called this post ‘The Conversation’, because that’s what I’d like these ideas to spark off.

That we just continue talking about all these things, honestly, and trying to figure things out, honestly, and trying to support each other – and ourselves! – as we grope our way out of the world of lies.

As Inna said, the name of the game now is healing.

But for the real, systemic healing to occur, it has to be undertaken at every level – and the ‘poison’ in the body, both at the individual and the communal level – has to be acknowledged, isolated – and then dealt with properly.

May it be His will.



Just when we thought it couldn’t get any more confusing or crazy… it has.

It feels to me that things have really ratcheted up a level, spiritually, since Tu B’Shvat.

Rav Berland was hinting for weeks, that the ‘Rosh Hashana of the Trees’ was going to be a totally new start, a new year, in a lot of different ways, this year.

But I’m also noticing that while ‘clarity’ is flourishing in many parts, ‘confusion and doubt’ also seems to be blossoming in equal measure.

There are a few solutions for how to deal with all this, so it doesn’t totally overwhelm us, and kind of paralyse us, mentally and physically.



Baruch Hashem, I am getting a lot of information, and chiddushim coming in via email at the moment, which is great.

But I also know that I’m reaching my limits of being able to absorb it all, so unless it’s ‘on topic’ for what I happen to be working on at the moment, or always interested in, I’m not ‘reacting’ to it in the same way I was a few weeks ago, or giving it the same headspace.

Similarly, I have been ‘off’ all the Jewish news sites for three weeks now, and that has freed up SO MUCH brain power and emotional and spiritual energy.

If someone sends me a link, I will still happily check that out.

But I realised that sticking all that tumah information in my brain 24/7, from these propaganda sites, is effectively just doing the job of ‘brainwashing’ myself, on some level.

S0, I am no longer giving my soul power away to these sites, and the evil agendas they promote, and the evil organisations that run them.

It’s 95% fake news anyway, and the 5% that is true is always spun in a ‘fake’, bad-for-my-soul way.


I’m not on social media, so I forget to take that into account, but if you are still sucking up all the ‘info’ from Fakebook, Twitter, Instagram and Whatsapp – try to stop doing that.

Leave as many Whatsapp groups as you can; get off Fakebook permanently; delete Twitter – or write a truthful tweet about Covid 19 shots being experimental, dangerous, gene therapy and watch how quickly  you get thrown off, without having to do anything else.

The dark side uses the internet to literally ‘feed’ off of our soul-power.

If you are doing stuff online that isn’t making your soul sing, isn’t bringing you closer to God, in some way, isn’t giving you a hirhur of teshuvastop doing it.

Or at least, WANT to stop doing it, and then ask God to help you make that desire a reality.



I know that’s hard.

At the moment, every day feels so full of stuff – even though I don’t really know what I’m doing or accomplishing, tachlis.

But I’m feeling busy all the time, at the moment, without a lot of spare energy.

And some days, I am struggling to do the hour of hitbodedut, or talking to God, that I’ve been doing for the last 14 years, even in the toughest of times.

Yesterday, I was half way through when I had an unexpected ‘interruption’ that meant I had to split my hour in two, which is definitely better than nothing, but is not ideal.

And that keeps happening a lot, at the moment.


Point is:

The hitbodedut is literally the only thing that will keep you sane at the moment, and help you to navigate the birur that is heating up – particularly close to home, in the orthodox Jewish sphere.

In terms of rabbis who are actively pushing Covid shots on people, my rule of thumb is this:

Anyone who is doing that, at this stage, fits into one of four categories:

  • Spiritually corrupt
  • Bribed
  • Threatened
  • Senile

That’s all I need to know.

I don’t need to take their pronouncements seriously, and I don’t need to get into slanging matches online about which category they fit into.

If there is evidence and facts to share, to help do the birur, I will share that, and then let people make up their own minds.

And that’s it.

Anything else is just pointlessly squandering my time, energy and soul-power on things that don’t really lead to a positive outcome.


Talking to God every day is how I’m also dealing with the ongoing challenges in my private life.

Last Friday, a ‘situation’ developed with one of my kids that got me so angry, I literally didn’t want to speak to them for what felt like ever again.

I knew I was over-reacting, but I also couldn’t help it.

So, I did a six hours on Shabbat, with the aim of trying to defuse the anger and to feel more compassion for that kid, and by the end of Shabbat, I was feeling way calmer, and way more in the mood to reconcile and sort things out properly.

I had a two hour chat with the kid motzash, and we cleared things up between us in a very helpful way.

How did that happen?

Only with hitbodedut.

It gave me the clarity to see where I was over-reacting, and also gave me the clarity to understand where the kid was coming from, and what was really causing the issues.

And lastly, it gave me the motivation to climb down off my ‘righteously angry’ hobby-horse, and to reach out and make peace.


If you still can’t manage hitbodedut every day, then at least try to say at least one tikkun haklali, or try to say at least one Shmoneh Esrei a bit more slowly, and with some real intent.

Something, to keep that connection between the soul and Hashem oiled and in operation.



This is kind of connected to Solutions 1 and 2, but it’s super-easy for the yetzer hara to drag us off down a million blind alleys right now, especially with all the new information and ‘breakthroughs’ coming in all the time.

I can cope with a lot of information, as a general rule, but I realised that I am also hitting the wall of ‘information overload’ at the moment.

I was thinking about what God really wants from me, and what came back to me, as my personal message, is that I need to be focussing in on:

  • Unpicking the Sabbatean history stuff.
  • Finding solutions to, and educating people about, what’s going on with Covid shots, bio-nanotech and radiation.
  • Rav Berland  – as and when required.


That first topic all by itself covers a tremendous amount of challenging ground, and is taking me all over the place, from HAARP to the Russian Revolution, Cuba, MK Ultra – and much inbetween.

And the second topic often intersects with the first, especially as we move into the next stage of this process, when ‘the nations of the world’ will start blaming the real Jews for what all these Sabbatian-Freemason-Frankists have been up to.

But the point is: if I don’t stay focussed, I can’t stay the course, and get my particular part of this birur done.


So, identify your priorities and focus areas – and stick to them.

And that also applies to ‘real life’ stuff, like choosing to prioritise making supper for yourself and your family over spending time on social media gossiping.

And choosing who you really want to be talking to right now, and for how much of your time.

And even, choosing how much Torah to learn, and when, versus how much work to be doing, and how much time to be spent making parnassa.

All this stuff is also part of the birur process that is currently going red-hot for all of us.

And if you don’t know what you should be focussing on, or concentrating on right now, go back to God, and ask Him for some clues.



I guess the first 3 solutions are spiritual / mental / emotional ways to detox to all the ‘pollution’ and tumah filling our world and our minds right now.

But there is still a pronounced physical side to all this, too, which is why I am still busy exploring new ideas about what can help us all detox from the nanotech, Covid shots and radiation we are currently being exposed to.

Yesterday, someone recommended I watch this video, for more information about how to ‘detox’ from radiation and nanotech:


It’s from 2016, and he says a lot of things that I found very interesting, particularly about scalar energy, and about how human intention can ‘reprogram’ the physical world, DNA – and even get radiation to disappear.

(He also talks about aliens…. But not much. What can we do, the birur continues….)

His name is Ken Rohla, and you can get to his website HERE.

Another thing he mentioned, casually, is how volcanic eruptions are ‘nature’s way’ of naturally hitting the reset button, and that they actually do a lot of things to help clear out radiation, and remineralise the oceans and atmosphere in a way that is very beneficial for human beings.

It made me think of that Tonga volcanic eruption, dafka on Tu B’Shvat.


For example:

Take a look at THIS PDF on his site, entitled:


This is a screenshot of its Table of Contents – there’s a lot of good, simple, inexpensive ideas here:


Good things are about to start happening – lots and lots of them!

But, we need to stay focussed.

This next bit of the birur is probably going to be very difficult and painful, not least within the Jewish community itself.

So, keep your mind open to new possibilities and new information – but also, set some found boundaries and stay focussed, so you don’t get ‘swept away’ by what is happening next.


And the last thing to say is:

Try to connect as much as possible to Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, and Rav Eliezer Berland.

Rav Berland has recently said more than once that Shuvu Banim is the ‘ark’, of our generation.

Whoever is on that ark, in whichever way they can manage it, will be able to navigate what’s coming next way easier, and way more safely, than the people who are not on that ark.

From here on it, the waters only get more stormy and dark.

So prepare yourself.


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Today, I had another long email from a commentator about Rav Berland.


Long story short, they are feeling very confused, because people they know are telling them ‘the opposite’ of what they are reading on my website, and in the One in a Generation Books about the Rav.

I spent half an hour explaining a few things to them, like this:

The same people who were ‘against’ the Rav, and excommunicating him and Shuvu Banim, are the same people who pushed this ‘Covid shot’ onto Am Yisrael.
They are the same people who do the State of Israel’s dirty business, all the time, in different areas.
Join the dots yourself, understand who has really been making these accusations, and remember the that Tzaddik is just a mirror….
Whatever people are accusing him of, is what is reflecting from themselves, in some way.

Then, I remembered they put out a video, with English subtitles, that explained a lot of the real story:

(Last I heard, two of the people named in this video as being the Rav’s main persecutors are now sitting in prison on murder charges – the same murder they tried to pin on the Rav….)

Here’s a few of the ‘stumbling blocks’ these people placed before the blind:

1) They forged a lot of videos and audios, that had the Rav saying things he never said.

And looky here – the same modus operandi is being used to convince us all that Rav Chaim Kanievsky issued multiple psakim that all pregnant women, small children, and everyone else in the orthodox community should get the dangerous Covid shots, that last I heard have killed at least 150,000 people in the USA alone.
This video, entitled Rav Chaim Kanievsky Says Children 5 and Up Should Get Vaccinated comes from the website HERE:

Watching this, I think I finally figured out how they are getting R’ Chaim to make the statements they want.

Yanky points to a WRITTEN question on the piece of paper that he places in front of Rav Chaim, that he already knows how the Rav will respond to.
This is NOT the same as the VERBAL question Yanky is then heard asking him.
You can see at the end, when the paper disappears Yanky has to yell in R’ Chaim’s ear very loudly, three times, asking for a ‘bracha’.

R’ Chaim is totally deaf. He is responding to the WRITTEN questions, not the VERBAL ones.


2) They made up a lot of ‘fake personas’ on Fakebook, all telling fake stories about the Rav.

Which was genius, because as this small group of men sat there pretending to be women, and writing outrageous lies about the Rav, thousands of people were conned into believing that they were ‘friends’ with someone who really had a first-hand story to tell.
I was reminded about that, when someone sent me this email, just now:

All the exact same people on my social media feed who were pushing the vaccine and I suspect are paid to do so are also pushing the Chaim walder story.

What’s annoying is how clearly (for me at least) these every day olim are being paid to manipulate us and people lap it up!

3) They bribed people to go against the Rav, and if that didn’t work, they then used threats of violence against them, their families and their organisations.

And it’s always the same people, doing the State of Israel’s dirty work, via their ‘family connections’ in the orthodox Jewish world.

Here’s a montage, to show you what I’m talking about, focusing in on one of the State’s main ‘paid Rav Berland-bashers’, Shmuel Eliyahu:


I found this clip on Chananya Weissman’s Rumble channel, HERE.

Chananya does a great job of picking apart all the hypocrisy and ‘false Torah’ going on here, from a man that publically blackened Walder’s name BEFORE he even convened a ‘Beit Din’ and heard Walder’s side of the story.


Here’s some more statements, and headlines, made by Shmuel Eliyahu, over the last few years:








Hopefully, you could spot the carrots and the sticks being used, here.

Interestingly, Shmuel Eliyahu was a very close friend of a ‘big rabbi in Tsfat’ who WAS found guilty of doing terrible things to women who came to see him.

But when I searched for statements from that period of time, about this person, from this ‘big defender’ of women’s rights in the orthodox world – nothing is coming up.

It could just be my browser, so feel free to send me some links to those comments, if I’m somehow just missing them.

I’m not holding my breath, tho.


The point is:

It’s always the same people, the same ‘names’, doing the State of Israel’s bidding, all the time.

When I was researching One in a Generation, I had a big list of the ‘rabbis’ that were apparently making public statements about the Rav, that were simply based on lies.

And most of these lies were not hard to bottom out, with even 2% effort and application, trying to find the truth.


Let’s give one example:

Nachman Shalom initially claimed he ‘climbed a lamp-post’ by the Rav’s flat in Beitar Illit to spy on him – and from this initial claim, flowed all his other stories.

I took my husband, we went to that flat in Beitar, and I scouted around it for the nearest lamp-posts.

I immediately saw that:

  1. There was no lamp-post either at the front or the back of the building that was close enough to enable Nachman Shalom to see into the specific flat where the Rav was staying.
  2. These lamp-posts are massive, and ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO CLIMB (unless you are a professional acrobat).

I even took a video of my husband trying to climb it, a few times.

Guess what: lamp-posts are DESIGNED like that, on purpose.

Just like that, I already knew that Nachman Shalom was lying through his teeth, about what he claimed he ‘saw’.


Right from the start of this Corona ‘plandemic’, I was attuned to the media’s lies, because I’d been trying to clarify how they pulled off what they did, against Rav Berland, for three years, already.

Right from the start, I was calling out all the BS around what was going on, and all the stories and lies that just didn’t add up.

That’s why I had an open house for the last two years, where everyone was welcome, where no-one had to wear a mask, social distance or vaccinate, and where people could still hug each other and interact normally.

Baruch Hashem.

It’s all in the Rav’s zchut.

So now, I invite you to go back to all those assumptions you made years back, that the media never lies; that the police and judiciary are interested in ‘justice’; that only secular people are corrupt and evil; and that ‘big rabbis in Bnei Brak’, or ‘big rabbis with great yichus‘ are above suspicion of wrongdoing to see what was really going on.

Do the birur.

Ask God to show you the truth.

Because when you finally figure it out on the ‘Rav Berland’ side of the equation, these people will never be able to fool you again.


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The following comes from R’ Chananya Weissman, via the Habayitah website HERE:

Rabbi Zev Leff on the Walder situation:

Rabbi Tau on the Walder situation (Hebrew):

We have halachos for how to deal with rumors and accusations, and anyone who wishes to be considered a frum Jew must adhere to these halachos, period.

I will pay 5000 shekels to the first person who can show me where in the Chafetz Chaim or Shemiras Halashon it teaches the following:

1. We can — let alone must — conclude definitively that the accusations against Chaim Walder (all of which remain anonymous at this time) are true.

2. We should publicly condemn him in the most vicious of terms.

3. We should deprive his widow and orphans of parnassa.


I suspect that the vast majority of people who are doing these things have never learned Chafetz Chaim and Shemiras Halashon.  In light of that, they should probably exercise some caution before shooting from the hip.  

I will also advise them that if they are wrong, they are jeopardizing their share in the world to come.  Is it a smart gamble?


According to actual halacha, we are only allowed to be suspicious about Walder. We are not allowed to draw ANY conclusions based on the information provided. Those who don’t like the halacha are not morally superior or more compassionate. They are people who don’t keep halacha. 

I have a theory, and it’s only a theory, that the mafia who run our country wanted Walder to leverage his status to push the shots on children.  He drew a red line there despite kowtowing to the agenda in the past, and the mafia eliminated him.  Or perhaps he ran afoul of them some other way.  What we are being told is just a cover story. 

Again, this is only a theory, but it’s no less credible than the story that dozens of anonymous claims were filed against him, the only person whose name was mentioned is conveniently dead without having left over any testimony, and no police reports were ever filed.  The supposed victims had the strength to talk to a leftist reporter and Eliyahu in a kangaroo court, but no one else.  I’m not saying Walder did these things or didn’t do them — I have no idea, and neither do you — but this story doesn’t pass the smell test.


I am emphasizing two points:

1. We should not rush to judgment.

2. We should not trust the media and the kangaroo court that trampled on halacha.

Anyone who says we must automatically draw conclusions based on anonymous accusations must agree to the following.  If someone makes anonymous accusations against them or someone close to them — because they can’t bear the pain of revealing themselves — the self-righteous mob will accept the accusations as entirely true, no questions asked, and treat them exactly the same way.  And any potential accusers with an ax to grind or some other incentive know this in advance.  That’s the deal.


BTW, I agree with R’ Weissman’s theory, about why Chaim Walder suddenly got so ‘targeted’, regardless of the truth of the allegations against him.

Nothing is what it seems today.

And the cost of being on ‘the wrong side’ of the argument, both morally and spiritually, is increasing all the time.


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