I just got more details of what happened with Rav Berland, over Rosh Hashana, and what he said about this year’s kibbutz.

The Rav ended up spending Rosh Hashana in Romania with some of his talmidim, after being refused permission to cross into Ukraine multiple times.

One of the local Jewish communities donated food, kindly, the last minute, but there was no refrigeration on site, so much of the food spoiled, but they managed to have enough for chag, still.

The Rav was very weak, as he’d been fasting all week as the Rav’s custom is to not eat when he’s crossing borders. And he was trying to cross borders all week.

So the first day of Rosh Hashana he was very unwell, but by the second day he came out to be with his students, and was apparently full of energy and enthusiasm, although still physically weak.


As already discussed here, the Frankist-Freemason State of Israel, and it’s agents embedded within the Meah Shearim community, paid huge amounts of bribes to get the Rav blacklisted, apparently until 2025….

(Again, ask yourself: where are these ‘poor rabbis from Meah Shearim’ getting hundreds of thousands of dollars from, to continually persecute the Rav like this? Who is funding them and their campaign?)

So, the Rav’s students found out about this, and tried to ‘reverse’ the blacklisting by raising a huge amount of money to overcome the bribe.

But it didn’t work – either because it was too late, and / or because they got double-crossed.



The Rav said that if he’d got to Uman, that would have cancelled out Putin…. but that didn’t happen.

So it looks like it’s going to be an interesting year for the Ukrainians…


Re: the tremendous mesirut nefesh of the people who went to Uman this year, in terms of the hours and days spent travelling, and the fact that everything was way more expensive, and people are still stuck at borders all over Europe, and missing their flights home.

The Rav said that all this mesirut nefesh has tremendously sweetened the harsh judgments – at least, for the Jewish people.

27,000 people overcame their fear of war, paid a ton of money, and travelled for days and days just to be by the Tzaddik on Rosh Hashana.

Spiritually speaking, that’s very impressive.


So, to sum up this first bit of ‘chizzuk’:

Even though the Rav didn’t get to Uman, the fact that so many other people went, with tremendous hardships, has done a great deal to mitigate the harsh judgements for the coming year, at least for the Jewish people.

(And Ukraine is probably on the cusp of being totally invaded by Russia….)


Now, let’s add in some more chizzuk.

I was reading one of the Rav’s lessons from a while back, where he started talking about what happens when Moshiach comes.

Here’s what the Rav actually said, and then I’ll bring the snippet of Lesson I:14 in Likutey Moharan, that he’s basing his remarks on:

Everyone says, we want Moshiach now! We want Moshiach now!

How is Moshiach going to help you? You still need to do the same work, and to walk around guarding your eyes, and to have the right intentions when praying Shmoneh Esrei.

Moshiach is just going to teach you how to guard your eyes, that’s what Moshiach is going to do for you. He will teach you how to pray the Shemoneh Esreh with kavana.

Rabbenu says that Moshiach is going to start to teach people how to pray the Shemoneh Esrey with correct intention, and how to distract your mind from everything that’s going on around you.


Regular life will continue with Moshiach

When Moshiach comes, people will still continue to build houses, and to build cities, and to make tables and cupboards.

Just, the Rebbe says, everything will be distributed for free. The ‘buying and selling’ will be nullified, in the secret of: “Until the last person leaves the marketplace.”

Whoever can’t learn [Torah], they’ll tell him, so make cabinets.


Here’s the passage itself in Likutey Moharan:

“Through peace we then merit prayer, by way of which we merit universal peace, peace in all the worlds.

And when we merit universal peace, all business transactions will disappear from the world, for all business transactions arise from a lack of peace, since it is impossible that the desire of the buyer and seller be the same – one wishes to sell and the other to buy. If their desires were the same, it would be impossible to make any transaction.

“Hence, all business transactions and trading arise only from an aspect of dissent, of a lack of harmony between wills….

But in the future, when there will be wonderous peace in the world, as the verse says, ‘The wolf will dwell with the sheep, and the leopard will lie down with the goat,’ business transactions will then disappear.


What’s happening with the economy is part of this plan of moving towards geula, and that time where there will be ‘wonderous peace in the world’.

There’s a lot more to say about ‘money’, here, and how it’s literally an invention of the side of evil.

Goods and services existed in the world before ‘money’, and they will exist in the world after ‘money’, too.

The in-between time is the difficulty.

And that for sure is not going to be so easy to traverse.

But, we will continue to hold God’s hand, to talk to Him, to pray to Him, and to follow after our True Tzaddikim, who are lighting the way forward, in these turbulent times.

But at least for the Jewish people, a lot got sweetened this Rosh Hashana, by the heroes of Uman.



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I just got an urgent message from Uman.



We’ve just recieved an urgent message from Ukraine, that they urgently need to raise $100,000 before Rosh Hashana.

There is a much larger story to tell, which BH we will give more details of post Rosh Hashana when everyone has safely returned home.

But in the meantime, we are putting out an urgent call to all readers, all followers of the Rav, to please help the kibbutz for Rosh Hashana 5783.

You can donate HERE on the site, and the money will be sent directly to the people who are trying to fundraise the enormous amount required to [I’ll tell you what’s really going on post Rosh Hashana, but trust me, it’s really important…].


But each person who helps [with what I can’t tell you about] at this time is really just helping themselves and their families – as well as Am Yisrael.

In the past, we have seen time and time again how these large payments required from the Rav’s community are actually a type of ‘pidyon klali’ for Am Yisrael, or a redemption payment to sweeten the judgements looming over the whole nation.


5783 has the potential to be an extremely turbulent, troubled year, G-d forbid.

The headlines are still full of ongoing pandemics, food shortages, energy shortages, crazy inflation, massive earthquakes, civil unrest, potential wars….

There are a lot of things that need to be ‘sweetened’ for each of us, and for Am Yisrael, and for the world generally.


So, please help the kibbutz in Uman.

And in the process, you will also be helping yourself and your family, by paying the traditional ‘pidyon’ before Rosh Hashana, to sweeten any harsh judgments.

And also helping Am Yisrael to move into the next stage of the geula process, as easily and painlessly as possible, in a world gone mad.

Go HERE to the Rosh Hashana Donate page, and please give as much as you can.


A few months ago in May 2022, Rav Berland, shlita, gave over a class HERE, where he said the following:






Go HERE to donate, and every penny is going straight to the fundraising effort in Uman for Rosh Hashana.

Ashreich, whoever overcomes their yetzer hara to be a part of [this very important thing] for Rosh Hashana 5783.

May we hear good news!


So, what’s going on in Uman right now?

If you’re still holding by the ‘news’, you’re probably expecting something very different from what is really going on there.

Here, take a look for yourself (from Thursday afternoon, yesterday):


These guys spent 20, 30, 40 hours travelling via all sorts of weird routes, to get to Uman.

They probably had a whole bunch of unpleasantness dealing with the Ukrainian officials – not because there is a war on, just because Ukrainian passport people are mostly scumbags who like to interrogate religious Jews and see them squirm.

The tickets were super-expensive this year…

And so on and so forth.

But tell me something:

Where else are you seeing a bunch of such happy, joyful people these days?


Here in Jerusalem, in Israel, there are heart-felt selichot going on at night.

And apparently, they are totally full of young people, many with tattoos and other weird stuff going on, who are pouring their hearts out to Hashem and even crying.

(My daughter has been going regularly to the selichot in Meron, and has been telling me some stories of the people praying there that are filling me with tremendous hope for the future of Am Yisrael. We are down, but we aren’t beaten!!!! Not at all.)


Here’s some of Rabbenu’s light even spreading into the IDF:



Here’s another video from inside the Tzion, from yesterday:



It’s not just frummers who go to Uman.

A large percentage of the crowd would probably self-identify as ‘not religious’ – but really?

The pintele yid is alive and kicking in so many of the simple Jews who have been turned off ‘formal religion’ by the horrible ‘rabbis’, and the horrible, hateful, destructive and warped ideas they teach in the name of the Torah.

And in Uman, that pintele yid re-ignites.

Especially on Rosh Hashana.


My husband headed out there yesterday afternoon, met a bunch of people he knows from a few years ago in the airport, and he just called me now to say he’s almost at Uman, and while it’s been a tiring journey, it’s also been uneventful, Baruch Hashem.

If you were believing the deep-state controlled news, is this what you were expecting to hear?

And if it isn’t, what does that tell you about what else propaganda sites like the YWN are lying to you about?

(And CNN…. and the BBC…. and all of them, really.)


There’s a war going on in Ukraine, don’t you know?

It’s such a big, widespread war, that all of the Western countries have just HAD to send billions of your hard-earned tax dollars to Ukraine, so they can fight the Russkies.

Where did all that money really go?

These are the questions more people should probably start asking themselves.


In the meantime, it made my soul so happy to see all these happy, dancing Jews from all backgrounds, in Uman for Rosh Hashana.

There are apparently a LOT of people there this year, easily above 10,000, maybe even 20,000 – and Rosh Hashana is still 2 1/2 days away.

It’s awesome!

And it’s a total lesson in not listening to all the propaganda they are putting out there to confuse and demoralise us all into just giving up.


Only fear Hashem!

Nothing and no-one else.

And don’t listen to people like this:


BTW, apparently the Rav has hit some difficulties getting in to Uman.

I will keep you updated once I know more, but the State of Israel, and all its little demonic helpers, have been working overtime to keep the Rav out of Uman.

Again, what does that tell you?


We so need the light of Rabbenu to spread around the globe this Rosh Hashana.

We are very close to the ‘mask’ dropping, and to really understanding just what is going on in the world, good and bad, and who is really on what side.

The forces of evil have some really frightening plans for humanity…. plans so evil, it’s hard to really wrap your head around them.

But God is running the world.

And the tens of thousands of Jews who listened to the dictates of their soul, and who have some real Emunat Tzaddikim are sweetening things for all of, this Rosh Hashana, BH.

With some help from Rabbenu HaKadosh.



My husband estimates there are around 20,000 people currently in Uman for the Chag.

That may yet go up, as Rosh Hashana only begins Sunday night.

Also, the Rav is still being prevented from entering Uman (and possibly, also Ukraine itself) by the ongoing dirty tricks of the Freemason-Frankist State of Israel, and its agents within the Meah Shearim Breslov community, who have been pulling out all the stops – and the cash – with the corrupt officials there.

BH, we still need to pray the barriers fall, and the Rav actually gets to Uman itself.


But on the good news front, even the propaganda site YWN is starting to run stories that actually reflect reality, instead of non-stop scare stories:

NO SIGN OF WAR IN UMAN: Thousands Travel For 34 Hours To Daven At Kever Of Rebbe Nachman On Rosh Hashanah

There’s a lot of videos from Uman at that link, as well.


Just to be clear, if anything does ‘happen’ in Uman this year, God forbid a trillion times, it will be a false flag by the Ukrainians, egged on by the State of Israel.

Just to be super clear, about where the real ‘threat’ lies, in Uman.

It’s that same State of Israel that used DEW to kill 45 people in Meron last year; and that’s also behind all these strange ‘terror attacks’ here in the Eretz Kodosh, that really make no sense on a number of levels, except to provide a flimsy ‘back-drop’ for Lapid wanting a two state ‘solution’ – to a problem that really doesn’t exist.

And Lapid is just the poodle of the Biden administration.

And Biden is just the puppet of…. who exactly?

We’re probably going to find out very soon.


My husband also told me that almost 100% of the people in Uman this year are Israelis (i.e. people who live in Israel).

The French and the Americans are notable absent.

Eretz Yisrael is the land where you learn emuna, and I guess that lesson is a crucial requirement for getting to Uman this year.

Shabbat shalom, and I’ll update if I hear anything else before Rosh Hashana 5783 begins.

May we all be signed for an uplifting, healthy and emuna-dik year, wherever we happen to live, and whichever people we happen to follow.


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For weeks, we didn’t know if the Rav was going to make it out to Uman this year for Rosh Hashana.

Yesterday night, we found out that the Rav got on a plane headed for Uman yesterday morning.

They were keeping it secret until he could actually arrive there safely.

Baruch Hashem, the kibbutz is happening this year, and thousands of people are already in Uman.

With thousands more joining them, this week.


This is really good news!

And that the Rav, Rav Berland, is also there for the first time in three years, is also really, really good news.

Everything can be sweetened on Rosh Hashana – everything!

And the side of evil knows this, which is why it’s still trying to crank out it’s ‘fear propaganda’ about Uman.

Like this latest ‘headline news’ on the State of Israel propaganda site called Yeshiva World News:

Russia: “We Won’t Guarantee Safety Of Chassidim In Uman On Rosh Hashanah”


Yah, whatever.

God is running the world… and there haven’t been any rockets anywhere near Uman for months and months and months.

With public opinion so against them anyway, there is no way in a million years the Russians would try to bomb a gathering of thousands of Jews.

(The Ukrainians are another story…. but the same God who protects the pilgrims from the Ukrainians every year will hopefully continue to do that this year too.)


But in the meantime, it’s amazing news, that the Rav got to Uman!

And that there are thousands of people already there, and more on the way.

BH, I will keep you apprised of what’s really going on there, as more of the people I know head out this week.

But we can see once again, that all those billions and trillions that the US and Europe apparently spent on the ‘war in Ukraine’ really just found their way into the bank accounts of the crooked oligarchs and political puppets who think they are running the world.

It’s a world of lies, remember?

But hopefully, the big cracks that are appearing in the ‘world of lies’ all over the place will continue to spread, until the whole thing crumbles to dust.

It’s going to be a big Rosh Hashana.


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The last couple of weeks, I noticed there was some weird propaganda going on ‘against’ going to Uman for Rosh Hashana.

HERE‘s just one recent example from the State of Israel propaganda site ‘Yeshiva World News’:


This was front page ‘news’ on the YWN propaganda site, so I went looking around some of the other English-language (propaganda-pretend-‘news’) sites – and I quickly discovered no other sites were running the story.

Which is when I understood is was carefully tailored propaganda, to put people off from going to Uman.

I saw a couple more fake news stories later on that week, including Nir Birkat and the Chabad ‘Chief Rabbi’ of Ukraine standing in front of a bombed-out building that was clearly not in Uman, telling people what a ‘dangerous war zone’ Uman was.



If anything, Uman is getting safer and safer each day as the tide seems to be turning in Zelensky’s favor (whatever that really means….) – but even when it wasn’t, when I was there three weeks ago it was TOTALLY QUIET.

The food wasn’t as great as it’s been the last few years in Uman, and the toilet paper was back to Soviet grey stuff, but otherwise – it was very peaceful, and the scariest part of the trip (as always…) was the Ukrainian passport control.


On Shabbat, I was reading Shivivei Or with some of the Rav’s recent comments, and last Monday night, he was also commenting on the ‘propaganda’ appearing against going to Uman, this time in Israeli media.

I decided to translate it and share it here, because it will give a lot of chizzuk to those who are going, and maybe it will show others that aren’t – again! – that what you think of as being ‘news’ is actually just brain-washing propaganda, that has very little truth in it.



So, there seems to be a serious machloket (disagreement), a very big machkloket, perhaps the same as happened between Shammai and Hillel, I don’t know, between Kol Hai and Kol BeRama, who are saying that it’s assur (forbidden) to travel to Uman.

[Ed. note: Kol Hai and Kol BeRama are two popular radio stations in Israel serving the Chareidi public.]

They are making announcements now across the whole of the media, that no one should dare to go to Uman, and that this is ‘pikuah nefesh’, [because] no one will return from there alive.


But the Ukrainians said that everything is OK.

The Ukrainians, a few hours ago, announced that there is absolutely no war in Uman, and there are no rockets, nothing… there’s hardly even a single siren going off a day.

[Ed. note: The Ukrainians have the sirens blaring across very large swathes of the country, even when the rockets are falling tens of miles away, these are not ‘Uman specific’ sirens.]

And the roads are not dangerous, and the roads are open.


The whole war is in the East, and we’re in the West.

This is a distance of 1,000 kilometers from where the war is taking place.

[Ed. note: Compare and contrast with the rockets on Sderot, which is just 80 km from Jerusalem and less to Tel Aviv.]


And now, they’ve also pushed all the Russians out, and the Ukrainians are saying there is nothing to be afraid of, it’s possible to come.

So, we don’t know who to follow, in order to posek the halacha.

Should we do it according to Kol BeRama, or like the Ukrainians?…

We are going to decide the halacha like the Ukrainians.


‘Ukrainians’ comes from the Hebrew word krina (radiation).

This is ‘keren or’  (a beam of light). ‘Ukraine’ is a Hebrew word.

The Rebbe (Rebbe Nachman of Breslov) says to come to Sofia [Gan Sofia, a large public park in Uman].

The Rebbe says to everyone to come to Uman, the Rebbe says to make a big gathering.


We heard that some people have already cancelled their tickets.

Now, we are asking everyone to get their tickets back.


So, we don’t know who to decide the halacha like.

Each person should decide whether it should be according to Kol BeRama or….

Simply, they are scared that all the synagogues will empty out, because when we were in Johannesburg, a whole synagogue emptied out. We were in Johannesburg twice for 9 months, and the first time over Rosh Hashana.

And it emptied out. A whole synagogue stood empty. They barely had a minyan.

So, it seems that they are scared that all the synagogues will be empty, because eventually, everyone is going to go to Uman.

There won’t be any choice.

Rav Natan says that even Moshiach is going to travel to Uman.

Amen! Amen! Amen!


Ad kan.

The Rav said a bunch of other stuff elsewhere, about how Lapid and the Israeli government are behind all these scare stories, because they are trying to close down Uman the same way they closed down Meron this year.

It’s not stam.

Many of the retards commenting on the bottom of all these scare stories don’t understand the spiritual significance of going to Uman for Rosh Hashana.

(Can I just pause, and sincerely apologise to retards for associating them with people who comment on the YWN propaganda site.)

But the evil people running the State of Israel understand just how important it is, spiritually, and that’s why they are going full-out to shut it down again, for the third year in a row.

What does that tell us?


Elsewhere, the Rav also commented that it’s the government itself that is behind all these ‘terror attacks’ in Israel.

Biden flew in, and the ‘terrorist on’ button got pressed again, as they try to manipulate the public into acting, or believing, or voting a certain way again.

But strangely, it’s really not working the way it used to.


We are in a very strange period of time.

Externally, more and more things are apparently ‘back to normal’.

No  more masks….lockdowns….forced GO nanotech ‘Covid’ shots….

Even the ‘war’ in Ukraine is petering out, and the State of Israel’s ongoing attempts to ignite more wars in the Middle East, and with Iran, just aren’t landing the punches.

At the same time.

My neshama can feel that underneath all this ‘normal’, there are big things moving around, huge battles being fought, enormous changes materialising on the horizon, that will BH transform our world into something unrecognisably good.

But of course, there’s also the potential still, for that transformation to go the other way, God forbid.


Every Rosh Hashana there is what to pray for.

But any way you look at it, this Rosh Hashana is going to be huge.

And the kibbutz in Uman is going to tip the balance, one way or another, even more than usual.


One last word on where to get tickets:

Most of the options direct from Israel are now sold out.

But a couple of days ago, the Rav said to start organising groups of 20+ people to fly out via Jordan, and that it’s also half the price of flying out via Jordan.

Then, try to head into Uman via Bucharest, Budapest, or via train from Warsaw (that last one is a 20 hour trip, but apparently it’s a train with sleeping compartments, four bunks to each compartment).


Most of all: Don’t be scared.

This world brainwashes us into thinking that staying in our comfort zone is the highest good.

But staying in our comfort zone is actually just guaranteed to slowly suffocate the soul.

People are risking coming to the ‘war zone’ that is Israel just to sit on the beach for a few days, and none of the cretins on YWN are accusing them of worshipping idols, or lacking basic intelligence.

(Remember, the whole world is just a mirror. Read those comments and understand you are looking at a classic case of ‘projection’.)


And may this Rosh Hashana, the New Year that is going to usher in 5783, motzae shvit, the year when Moshiach hopefully comes, sweeten everything for all of us.

Even the anti-Breslov cretins in Five Towns.


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For some reason, I wrote that title with Ashkenazi spelling…

On Friday night, I had a little taste of geula.

An English-speaker from Rav Berland’s community called me up, and asked me if he could come for Shabbos, with two friends.

I thought about it for a mo, then told him Sure!

Why did I think about it for a mo?

Because I knew my kids would be home for Shabbat, and in the past, they have been fairly ‘anti’ people from Shuvu Banim.


When we lived in Musrara, 7-8 years ago, we tried to invite some of the English-speaking kehilla who were hanging out at the Rav, but it was hard on the kids.

They were going through their rebellious teenage stage, and here were a bunch of people who preferred the women and men to sit and separate tables, and who were often wearing shawls.

One time we went to my husband’s then chevruta for Sukkot, and there were two tables – one for men and one for women – with a mechitzah dividing them. I watched my then 14 year old stab the plastic table cloth into shreds with her fork, and I knew she wasn’t happy….

That was before all the controversy about the Rav erupted full-force.


Once that happened, my kids and their dati leumi friends got very ‘anti’ for a while.

There I was, writing and researching books about what had really happened with the Rav that showed it was all made up out of whole cloth, and writing long screeds on my blog trying to explain the truth of what had really happened to other people.

And in the meantime, me and my husband had about two years where we couldn’t even mention the words ‘Rav Berland’ without setting off World War 3 with our kids and their friends.

It was a very challenging time.


About two years ago, something fundamental started to change in the equation.

I think probably it was triggered off by ‘Covid 19’, when my kids started to understand that a lot of the things I’d been telling them about just how corrupt the State of Israel really was, actually were true.

And then Ahuvya Sandek was killed, deliberately, when the police car chasing his ‘flipped’ the car he was in by expertly ramming it, and the police officers involved just stood there for 40 minutes and watched, while Ahuvya slowly died from the injuries he sustained by being crushed underneath the car.

From that point on, both my kids were firmly of the view that the police in Israel were ‘anti religious Jews’ – and capable of doing even the most evil things.


Slowly, slowly, they started wanting to discuss more about what had really happened with the Rav, and while I wouldn’t say they are raging Rav fans even now, they have a lot more respect for him and his kehilla – and also for their parents, for being associated with it.


This was the first time in years we were having out-of-the-closet ‘Rav people’ for Shabbat, and I hoped it was going to be OK.


I went to the Rav Friday night, walked back – and I could hear a strange American voice coming from the couch.

My kids were talking to someone one of them had met in the Shuk, an American 20 year old who was touring across Israel for a month before going back to university in the States.

Long story short: She was touring around with the ‘Green Olive’ tour company, had been to places like Ramallah and other areas where she had apparently been tear-gassed by the IDF, was a card-carrying member of J-Street – and the rainbow straps of her backpack clued me in that there was other stuff going on here, too.


But she was actually very nice, very respectful, and was happy to be challenged (gently) on her opinions.

She also made me laugh, when she told me that Jews for Jesus had set up a ‘free coffee’ shop on her campus to missionise to the Jewish students there, and that she and her friend were taking them to task for ‘cultural misappropriation of the Jewish identity’.



I still have no idea about the three guys who are coming for Shabbat, and how all this is going to jive with the ‘anti-Zionist’ J-streeter with rainbow straps who bluntly stated she didn’t believe in God.

But it for sure was going to be an interesting night.


Long story short: It was one of the most special Friday nights I think I’ve ever had.

Not because people were hiding what they really thought or think, and being all fake ‘politically correct’.

Everyone was saying exactly what they thought, about a range of hugely ‘controversial’ topics – and everyone around the table was still respecting the other person, even though they often violently disagreed with what they were saying.


One of my guests told us the story of his near-death experience, that happened around 5-6 years ago, when he was caught in a fire in Jerusalem.

He wasn’t burnt – at all – but he inhaled smoke, and it nearly killed him. In fact, it did kill him – he had a clinical death for 20 minutes.

He told us that during that time, he was being judged in the heavenly court by three rabbis: Rav Dov Kook of Tiveria, Rav Chaim Dovid Stern of Bnei Brak, and the head of the beis din was the Rav, Rabbi Berland.

The Rav stood up in shemayim, and decreed that he should go from mavet (death) to chaim!!! (life).

(Tachlis, someone also paid a pidyon nefesh for him, and the Rav himself came to pray for him at the hospital, as well, but the bottom line is that he recovered, fully, and without any negative side effects from being clinically dead for 20 minutes….Amazing.)


My guest also gave over a couple of other things that he ‘got shown’ when he was technically dead.


It’s difficult to grasp that.

But when someone who has been dead for 20 minutes tell you that’s what he saw – you believe him.


Another thing he said is that it really is an ‘upside down world’, and the people who we look down on the most in this world are usually the holiest people.

We diss other people for being less learned… less ‘observant’…for not living in Israel…or maybe, for living in Israel…for serving in the IDF… for not serving in the IDF…for learning full time in yeshiva…for not learning full time in yeshiva…for going to Uman for Rosh Hashanah…for not going to Uman for Rosh Hashanah….

What do we know, really?

There are for sure evil people in the world doing a bunch of evil things, but most of the people you and I know in our day-to-day lives are actually mostly just doing their best to try to figure things out and ‘do the right thing’.

Even though of course, so many of us have some very strange ideas these days about what ‘the right thing’ actually is, thanks to all the deliberate inversion of moral values and confusion being sown all around.


That Friday night gave me a lot of hope that the Jewish people are going to pull together, and really pull through the madness that is currently prevailing in the world.

Do I agree with J-Street philosophy?


Can I still see the good in my ‘J-Street’ guest, as she tours the poor Palestinians and decries the actions of the IDF?

Yes, I can.

And for her part, she sat through a three hour meal with a bunch of religious Jews, including a large percentage of ‘Shuvu Banim’ talking openly about some of the miracles they’ve witnessed first hand from Rav Berland.


Who’s Rav Berland, and why is he so controversial?

She asked me.

Go and look him up afterwards, I told him.

But just know that most of what you read is based on a bunch of media lies.



Achdus is the name of the game.

Achdus, where we continue to respect the other person, even when violently disagreeing with some of their ideas. Where we continue to recognise the good parts that still exist in the other person, while not ignoring the ‘bad’, or stuff we don’t like.

And where we don’t put our fellow Jew in the ‘enemy’ camp, just because they tell us things we don’t like to hear, challenge our assumptions, or believe things that we don’t.

That was the taste of geula I got on Friday night.

And I’m hoping that it’s going to take root in a bunch more places now, going forward, not least on the blog.


Shabbos day, one of my kids came over to me and told me:

I really enjoyed it yesterday. Please invite more people from Shuvu Banim for Shabbos.

What can I tell you?

Moshiach must almost be here, mamash.


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Let’s continue trying to thresh out what is really going on here.

My correspondent, M., sent me a dozen more emails and asked me to put his arguments up here. I have no problem doing that – minus most of the personal insults he’s freely peppering his discourse with – because trying to clarify what God really wants from us is what this is really all about.

And while we’re on that subject, let’s also point out that disagreeing strongly with someone else, with their view, their path, doesn’t mean we then have to put the other person in the ‘enemy’ camp.

I can disagree with you – strongly! – and still respect you as a person, and still see that you are still full of good, and do a lot of good, and have a lot of good things to say.

OK, now let’s dive back in to M.’s arguments, in italics. My responses will be underneath, in regular font.


So therefore because ur not ok with wounded and dead arabs who refuse to leave we have to continue to suffer yidden maimed and murdered for the rest of human history until Moshiach comes. You fulfill the maxim of the gemora…

“Those who are merciful to the cruel will in the end become cruel to the merciful…”


There’s a few assumptions that need clearing up here.

The POINT is that using violence to try to get Arab residents to leave Eretz Yisrael against their will wouldn’t work to solve the problem on a number of levels, for a number of reasons.

Let’s walk through what would really happen, if someone was stupid enough to try this approach.

> There would be an  all-out war in Eretz Yisrael, because the Arabs wouldn’t just sit there quietly while their neighbors in Jaffa or Lod were moved out at gun point. 

There would be rockets landing in Israel from Gaza, from Lebanon, from Syria, maybe even the Iranians would join in with their fabled nuke…

So tachlis, this approach would end up with way more Jews wounded and dead – and still wouldn’t solve the problem.


And there’s another issue here, which is that countries like the USA, the UK and the EU are really behind all the Arab violence in Israel.

The terrorists are just puppets on a string.

Hamas was literally created by the State of Israel.

So, who is the real ‘enemy’ here?


Rav Nachman says Moshiach will bring peace without having to fire a single shot huh…?

Well someone infinitely greater than him, the Rambam wrote in Hilchut Melachim Perek 11… that one of the qualifications of Moshiach ben David as to how he will prove that he’s the real deal… the genuine article is by fighting the wars necessary to liberate the land and people of israel… bring back all of the exiled yidden from the four corners of the earth and if it isn’t already built before his arrival then he will build the third and final bayit…

Rav Nachman didn’t know this Rambam…?


Of course Rebbe Nachman knew this Rambam.

The point is, that he’s teaching that Moshiach ben David will do all this without firing a shot.

Let’s go back to Moshe Rabbenu, and how the Jews left Egypt and overcome Pharoah and his army.

The whole thing was miraculous, from start to finish. Millions of ‘bad’ people died in Egypt (including many of the Jews themselves, who didn’t want to leave galut and refused to believe that Moshe Rabbenu was the ticket out of Egypt…)

Pharoah’s army was totally wiped out at the Reed Sea.

And Moshe Rabbenu didn’t fire a shot.

All this was accomplished with prayer and the Jewish people’s sincere teshuva and emuna in Hashem, AND His prophet Moshe.

We’re taught that the redemption from Egypt is the ‘blueprint’ for the final redemption, too. What Rebbe Nachman is describing is a repeat of what occurred with Moshe Rabbenu, nothing more, and nothing less.

Why is that so hard to accept?


So let me get this straight… according to you when Hashem sent Shmuel Hanavi to tell Shaul HaMelech to go to war and wipe out Amalek Shaul was correct in his not wanting to do so as described in the Medrashim surrounding the incident and Hashem was wrong to order it because violence and vengeance is for Hashem’s purview and only in His domain to do by Himself because when human beings get involved in waging war it is dirty and messy and in the human scope of things solely the province of Esav HaRasha… the level of sheer absurdity here is beyond all measurement and is truly ludicrous…


This argument is a straw man.

I’ve said repeatedly that when a prophet ordained by God – like Moshe Rabbenu, like Shmuel HaNavi – says that God wants certain people killed, then it’s obviously what you do, because doing what God wants is a mitzvah.

But we have no ‘prophets ordained by God’ to tell us this stuff today.

The time of prophecy ended 2,000 years ago.

And as I keep stressing here, we have no idea who the ‘real enemy’ is, as the Arabs are just the stick in the hands of the real power behind the throne.

As more and more people wake up to understand that the ‘real enemy’ are the elites above us, who keep orchestrating and planning all these wars, and fuelling all this hatred between ordinary people, it makes the question of waging war between ordinary people moot. And when the ‘divide and conquer’ strategy fails, that’s when we can really start to focus on where all this evil is actually coming from, and deal with the problem at its source.



Your arguments ring hollow and are so shallow and so untenable that they cannot even begin to approach an answer to these and the other challenges I have put up to u which so far u refuse to air… i urge u to post my responses so far in order to facilitate the debate back and forth… u didn’t include any of my arguments based on t’nach… nor does your logic explain why David fought so many wars… nor does it indicate what the Chashmanoiim should have done other than resort to violence and revolution to throw off their evil oppressors’ yoke and win back their freedom to observe mitzvot… nor do u even come close to explaining how the purim story would have concluded had Mordechai and Esther blew kisses at Haman and his Amalaki minions instead of going out and killing them all…


OK, let’s go through the examples my correspondent gave of where war is mentioned in the Torah and Tanach.

  1. Avraham fighting the Kings to free his nephew Lot (see Lech Lecha 14 1-25).
  2. Hashem’s command to destroy the 7 Caananite nations, when the Jews were about to conquer Eretz Yisrael
  3. Shmuel HaNavi’s command to Shaul to destroy the nation of Amalek.
  4. King David fighting his wars against the Philistines.
  5. The Chashmonaim fighting against the Greeks (which included huge amounts of Hellenised Jews.)
  6. The Purim story.


The first thing to say, again, is that whenever God tells you to do something, or His anointed prophet tells you to do something, you do it.

No-one is arguing with that, at all. But that’s not the situation that we find ourselves in, in 2022. We have no ‘prophets’ to tell us what to do, and we have a military and police force that is 100% controlled by reshaim.

Also, if you look at all these ‘wars’ we find they were all miraculous.

It wasn’t the ‘guns’ that won the war, it was the prayers and the miracles.

We saw the same thing here in Eretz Yisrael, during the Six Day War and also the Yom Kippur War – but the miracles took a while to kick in, in 1973, and almost 3,000 Israelis died as a result, when the nation was just ‘relying on its guns’.

And there is a huge difference morally between a war of defense, a defensive action where you are protecting yourself from other people’s violence and aggression, and an offensive action to go out and kill people stam.


And lastly for now in this go round… is the Ohr HaChayim HaKodesh who wrote about Shimon’s and Levi’s response to Yakov’s objection to their deed in wiping out Ir Shechem for practical considerations not moral ones… Yakov never said they committed an unwarranted atrocity… he just said I am few in number and now you have put us all in danger vis a vis the Cnaani nations surrounding us…

They said back… “hak’zonah naseh achoteinu…” “should we have then allowed them to turn our sister into a harlot.. ?”

The medresh says here they said… “the waters were murky (or muddy) and we cleared them up…”

Meaning the Ohr HaChayim says (paraphrase) (look it up)… “Yakov was incorrect… had the two brothers not done what they did to punish them for what they had done to dina it would have been open season on B’nai Yisroel and everywhere they would have gone all of them would have been easy pickings had they not put an end to the notion that they were weak and intimidated by the sheer force and numbers of these goyim… their courageous act put the fear of G-d in them and thus overawed they left the family alone and gave them an extremely wide birth…”


The discussion we are having now is still motivated 100% by practical considerations.

Practically, the idea that the Jewish nation can just shoot our way out of our problems, or ‘forcibly remove’ Arabs from Eretz Yisrael at gun point, is a non-starter – for so many different reasons!

It doesn’t work in the real world.

It never worked in the real world.

THAT is the point.

Let’s say you try and do that now, what happens next?

Thousands of rockets from Gaza, rockets from Lebanon and Syria, and a nuke from Iran lands on your doorstep….

And the West will just sit there egging it all on, because the Jews acted in a way that shows ‘they deserved it’…. Talk about another holocaust.

PRACTICALLY, Rav Kahane’s ideas for how you solve Eretz Yisrael’s problems don’t work.

So clearly, there has to be another way of solving those problems.


As Rav Meir always said… “i don’t want love from the goyim… I want respect and fear if possible…” also… “I much prefer a strong and virile Israel that is strong and hated by the entire world than an Auschwitz which is loved and memorialized and cried over…” to wit I can only say amen… truth.out…


Really, who cares what Rav Meir ‘wants’?

The question – the only question – is what does God want?

By God, we aren’t stuck in limited paradigms where military violence is the only solution to our problems.

God has so many ways of resolving our issues…. Millions and millions of different ways of resolving our issues in the best possible way.

Once the Jewish people really comes back to Hashem, really comes back to having yirat shemayim, really comes back to having emuna, and eradicates the sinat chinam that has been plaguing us for 2,000 years, already, then God will show us what those solutions really are.

It’s possible that at that point, a prophet will arise and tell us to go to war in the traditional sense. But it’s more likely, judging by our previous experience, that God will arrange for our enemies to disappear miraculously.

Maybe, He’ll take a few hundred men with shofars and tell them to walk seven times around the UN building, or the Knesset, until the whole thing falls down by itself.

Maybe, He’ll arrange for millions of our enemies to be supernaturally-electrocuted in their sleep, as happened to Sanncherib’s army when it was besieging Jerusalem at the time of King Hezekiah.

Who knows?


The last thing I wanted to mention here, is that our Temple got destroyed at the hands of a bunch of people who were making exactly the same arguments we are hearing here.

Here’s what my correspondent came back with:

Doesn’t matter that prophecy ended a long time ago… Rav Meir teaches we have the Torah commandments of war and vengeance to follow… these are mitzvot meaning Divine orders and commandments… precise halachot no different than those of shabbos and kashrus…

Rav Meir also taught that we have the precedent of all those events by our holy ancestors to follow their lead as he says their deeds serve and function as “a light unto our feet…”

So we don’t have to have prophets to know what to do… we already have been shown the true Torah path…



Here’s my correspondent’s last word (for now….)

When the Rambam writes of milchemet mitzvah he lists three of them which comprise the mitzvah…

Only the war against Amalek requires prior prophetic prompting and impetus the other two do not… the one to clear out the 7 Canaani nations and the other one to rally to defend Eretz Yisroel from an invading army… both of which do not need prophecy as they are already commanded and are absolutely and irrefutably logical and eminently common sense self defense actions…. 

Just substitute the present Arab nation for the canaanim the zayin amamim… as both the Ramban and the Abarbanel teach and instruct…



You’re just going to ‘substitute’ the Palestinians for the Seven Canaanite nations on your own say-so, and go ahead and commit a genocide on that basis?



In fact the Ramban adds a fourth milchemet mitzvah to the Rambam’s list… and it is a third one that requires no further nevuah due to its precedent setting establishment in Parshat Mattot… wars of vengeance as Hashem commanded Moshe to carry out against the Midyanim for what they caused their daughters to do to us at Shitim by the averah of Ba’al Peor…

The Ramban says this is yet another category of milchemet mitzvah for all time on the books to render back to the goyim who attack us with mida k’neged mida action brought down upon them by our military… the avenging army of every chillul Hashem wrought against our honor and ergo axiomatically simultaneously wrought against the glory and kavod of Hashem whom we rep upon earth… read it and weep because this is true authentic torah judaism and nothing else is…

Rav Nachman and Rav Berland teach hippiekeit mores not Torah law.


Tachlis, Rebbe Nachman’s teachings have helped hundreds of thousands of Jews to develop a real relationship with Hashem, and to start having more emuna and humility.

Tachlis, Rav Berland’s teachings have also helped thousands and thousands of Jews – including yours truly – to recognise that there is no excuse for bad middot like arrogance, hatred, vengeance and anger.

Tachlis, that ‘hippiekeit’ got 25,000 people coming together in person to pray for the welfare of Am Yisrael a few days ago, at the Mearat HaMachpelah.

And it will get hopefully tens of thousands of people to Uman for Rosh Hashana, to ‘sweeten the judgements’ hanging over our nation there, for the coming year 5783.

These are real, concrete achievements (and let’s be clear, I’m totally understating the true, positive impact of Rabbenu and Rav Berland on the Jewish world today.)


As I said above, we can disagree with each other, but still respect each other.

Or at least, that’s the path I’m trying to follow.

That’s the path of achdut, that’s the path of continuing to see the good points in people who have some funny ideas we might not agree with, or even violently disagree with.

If that’s ‘hippiekeit’, then so be it.

That hippiekeit is giving me a good relationship with my husband and kids, it’s encouraging me to work on overcoming my bad middot, it’s helping me to tolerate differences of opinion, and its motivating me to pray sincerely for God to remove the evil from the world, because I see that guns is not the answer.

And if that’s all it ever does… dayenu.


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As you might expect, the last post hit a nerve with a few people.

It’s inevitable that when we’re discussing important ideas, cherished beliefs about the best way forward for the Jewish people, wherever they might live, that passions will be stoked and tempers may occasionally flare.

A few days ago, I asked my husband to pick me up another one of the Rav’s prayer booklets called Kabbalat Bizyonot (‘to recieve humiliation’)

When I remind myself that all the yucky comments I get are 1) usually deserved and 2) paying down my many sins, that’s when I can continue writing things and exploring important subjects that will probably trigger an avalanche of yucky comments, without getting too upset or defensive about it.

Bezrat Hashem.


Some of those comments came over email from someone who I still respect a lot, who identifies himself as a follower of the late R’ Meir Kahane.

He lives in chul, and he strongly dislikes the State of Israel.

Here is a little of our email exchange, which I will keep anonymous as the point is to not try to embarrass or attack him back, God forbid, but just to explore some of the very important issues that came up as a result, here on the blog.

It began with the verdict the Supreme Court handed down, rejecting the appeal of Amiram ben Uliel.

We were all upset about this enormous miscarriage of justice, but my correspondent then decided to springboard off of that, to start attacking the Breslov belief in prayer and personal teshuva being the main ‘weapon’ in the ongoing fight against evil.

Here’s a little of what he said, paraphrased to respect his anonymity:


You finally have to admit that dancing and clapping and jumping up and down and reciting endless Tikkun Klalis is just not going to be enough.

It’s just not strong enough to get the job done all by itself in order to take down and permanently remove the thoroughly evil Erev Rav once and for all.

And I just know that had Amiram prevailed yesterday, you were going to ascribe credit to your Rav and to Rav Nachman had Amiram prevailed yesterday.

You would have said that their approach, their derech had “sweetened all of the dinim” for Amiram.

But now perhaps you clearly see how crucially we need a war and a revolution –  a physical one not just a spiritual one.

Rabbi Kahane was right!!! The path of David HaMelech, Shmuel HaNavi and the Chashmonaim is the correct approach and is the only way to go, going forward…

“Tremendous faith in the Al-mighty and a truly strong Jewish army is the true and only path to the geulah shelaymah…” Rav Meir Kahane H”yd.


We’ll come on to the question of whether Rav Meir Kahane ‘was right’ in a moment.

First, let’s set out what Rebbe Nachman says about how geula shleimah really occurs:

Mashiach will conquer the entire world without firing a single bullet.

Siach Sarfey Kodesh 1-67

So we see, there is a profound contrast between what Rebbe Nachman is teaching, and what the late R’ Kahane taught.

Who is right?

Let’s see if we can tease that out a bit more.


Before I got into Breslov, when I first moved to Israel 17 years ago, I read a few books by R Kahane, including Uncomfortable Questions for Comfortable Jews.

He argued the case about the corruption of the State of Israel very eloquently. When it came to stating the problems in Israel, I think it’s fair to say that R Kahane was 100% right.

Here’s an example of where R Kahane was right:

“Democracy and Judaism are not the same thing.”

In our days, it’s obvious that ‘democracy’ is an illusion, as our puppet politicians are bought and sold by the real powers behind the throne to progress policies and ideas that are increasingly against what’s best for the people.

Covid 19 and ‘climate change’ policies made that blindingly obvious.



When it comes to discussing the ‘solution’ to our problems and issues in Israel, it seems to me that R Kahane was wrong.

Let’s explore why.


What did R Kahane advocate, as being the ‘solution’ to Israel’s problems?

Let’s go through the main ideas.

He wanted an “exchange of populations”, where the Arab citizens of the State of Israel and the newly-acquired territories of YESHA would be bused out of Israel.

The following is a quote from Uncomfortable Questions for Comfortable Jews (p.250):

All Arabs who are prepared to accept the State of Israel as the exclusive state of the Jewish people and of no one else, will be allowed to remain in the land with the status of “resident stranger”, as per Jewish laws.

They will be granted personal rights, but no national ones. They will have general economic, social, cultural, and religious freedom, but will not be citizens of the Jewish State and will have nothing to say in its future in any way.

Accepting this status, they are welcome to remain, and are entitled to all the respect and decency that Judaism demands we grant to all humans who are resident strangers in our land and who bow to its laws and concepts.


In theory, it sounded like a possible solution.

In practise – it was totally unworkable. Here’s what R Kahane suggested should happen to Arab citizens of Israel who weren’t happy to become ‘resident strangers’ (from his book ‘They Must Go’):

Those who refuse to accept noncitizen status shall be compensated for property, but not given a bonus, and shall be transferred only to Arab – not Western – lands. The transfer shall be effected peacefully, if possible, but if the Arab still refuses, then forcibly and without compensation.

Tachlis, which Arab country was going to accept these people?

Where was the money meant to come from, to pay for all this?

And let’s just think about what it really means, what it really would have looked like, to ‘forcibly’ move millions of Arabs out of Israel.

That means using violence to get these people out of their homes, and onto buses, somehow.

That, in turns, would have meant lots of dead and wounded people.

Are you comfortable with this scenario, tachlis?

Because I’m definitely not.


So, it’s a theoretical idea, but tachlis, it was never a real, workable solution.

Back in the 1948 war, God did an open miracle, and many of the Arab residents of Israel ran away from the country under their own steam, urged on by their own leaders to leave while the Arab forces conquered Israel and massacred all the Jews here.

That happened in a few places, most notably Tsfat, which today still has no obvious Arab population.

When God does things, miraculously, they result in a lasting bracha.

And miracles like this occur when the Jewish people pray and make some sincere teshuva, especially about their own bad middot, lack of emuna and arrogance, thinking that we run the world instead of understanding that Ein Od Milvado.


Another key ‘prong’ of R Kahane’s approach was the ‘tooth for a tooth’ reaction to Arab violence against Jews.

Here’s a direct quote from him:

 “I approve of anybody who commits such acts of violence. Really, I don’t think that we can sit back and watch Arabs throwing rocks at buses whenever they feel like it. They must understand that a bomb thrown at a Jewish bus is going to mean a bomb thrown at an Arab bus.”

That actually happened.

Some of his followers attacked a bus full of Palestinians ‘in retaliation’ for Arab violence and went to prison for it, to give just one example of this idealogy in action.


Let’s ask the question: Is this behaviour halachically acceptable?

I’m not a posek, but I still know that Jewish law operates on the basis of the guilty parties being punished for their crimes after their case is heard in a beit din, and the evidence of their guilt is presented.

If a particular Arab throws a stone at a particular bus – go and find the Arab, hear his case, and deal with him as the halacha mandates we should.

But to just go out and start ‘throwing stones’ at Arab buses randomly?

How is that meant to help, tachlis? 

All it does it create more ‘victims of violence’ with more grudges against the other side, who in turn also want ‘vengeance’.

It’s a recipe for permanent war and violent unrest.

There has to be a better way.


Where did R Kahane’s approach actually lead, tachlis?

He himself was murdered in cold blood, after he was repeatedly persecuted by the security establishment and banned from participating in the Knesset on the grounds that his policies were ‘rascist’.

His son and daughter-in-law were also gunned down by ‘terrorists’ who almost certainly were cut-outs for the State of Israel.

The State also used the caricature of the ‘violent, gun-toting Kahanists’ as their fig leaf when they were arranging the massacre at the Mearat HaMachpelah, which was blamed on Baruch Goldstein.

And then again, they hid behind that fig leaf when they murdered Rabin then blamed it on their own agent provacateur Yigal Amir.

And let’s bring this bang-up-date: the so-called ‘Price Tag’ movement is what enabled the State to blame the Dumah massacre on the Hill Top Youth, and to justify torturing confessions out of people like Amiram ben Uliel.


We can’t beat ‘Esav’ at his own game, of using violence to achieve an outcome.

The State was super-happy to have a bunch of gun-toting ‘religious settlers’ show up, that it could then use to demonize the whole movement, while the State carried on committing atrocities in their name that it then used to smear these ‘settlers’ even more.

The Hill Top Youth are still being persecuted, tortured and even killed today, in the name of ‘national security’.

It’s all part of the ‘divide and conquer’ strategy being used to keep good Jews at each others throats here, while the forces of evil continue to rule us.


So, how does more violence solve our problems in Israel?

If you look at what’s happened already, it should be clear that more violence doesn’t solve any problem, it just complicates the situation even more.

Why is this?

Because God has set things up, that we will have Arab terrorists to deal with, and ongoing threats of war and nukes to deal with, until we really make sincere teshuva and come back to Hashem wholeheartedly.


Rav Berland has said repeatedly, that all the terrorists and Nazis and Al Qaidas – they are all just created from our own sins.

If we make teshuva, then the terrorists and Nazis will disappear all by themselves.

Here’s another more recent statement from the Rav, from the prayer gathering in Hevron last week, that around 25,000 people attended (!)

One doesn’t need any weapon, doesn’t need the army, doesn’t need anything!  

The moment that we go with the Tikkun HaKlali, then we conquer – “and the toil of nations they inherited” (Tehilim 15:44) — we conquer the whole world!! 

And this year, may we merit to a complete redemption, speedily in our days, Amen


Let’s end with my email correspondent’s view of this approach (paraphrased).

I’m afraid your view of Torah-true Judaism is rather jaundiced by a galut-ridden mentality beaten into us by the goyim for 2000 yrs.

Rav Binyamin Kahane writes in the end of his Haggadah of the jewish idea that the greatest kiddush Hashem there could ever be is not just for Hashem to do all the avenging for us and to make His name great once again throughout the world.

Greater still would be the witnessing of that same people who had been ground down under the boot of its oppressors for all of history and for them to arise and shockingly give back to the nations a little taste of their own medicine… mida kneged mida.

Nothing could be more fitting or higher than that level of standing up for Hashem’s honor in the world and avenging our own.


I totally disagree.

Vengeance is the Lord’s.

Violence, klei Hamas,  is the craft of Esav.

And personally, I find it very hard to believe that having a bunch of Jews ‘nuking Gaza’ – or Iran – or throwing stones at Arab buses, or using violence to mass-deport Arab citizens out of Israel would look like a ‘kiddush Hashem’  to anyone.

We ‘stand up for Hashem’s honor’ by spreading His light in the world, and showing that ‘nature’ doesn’t exist, Ein Od Milvado, not by jack-booting all over the place and shooting people down.


Again, I am not speaking against the memory of R Meir Kahane as an individual.

I know he inspired a lot of people, and I don’t know enough about what was really going on to have an opinion either way.

This is a discussion of his ideas, his ideology.

And at least for me personally, I can’t see that his main ideas could ever really have been workable solutions, in the real world, to the problems we face as a nation.

So call me a follower of a ‘galut-ridden, xtian-inspired, medieval superstitious’ version of Judaism all you want, when I say I prefer ‘God’ to ‘guns’.

But if you look tachlis at where the violent, hate-filled approach to solving our problems actually led, my ‘medieval superstition’ still looks like the better option – by a long way.


I’m very happy to discuss these ideas respectfully here on the blog, and I think it’s very useful that we air out these different approaches to resolving our problems, as a people.

But PLEASE try and avoid attacking me personally, or resorting to insults instead of dealing with the real questions raised in this post.

I know this stuff gets people very hot under the collar, but if you think I’m wrong, please stick to pointing out where you think the error lies, instead of having a go at me for being a terrible example of humanity.



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Following on from the last post, let’s start to put more of the pieces together about what’s really going on in Ukraine.

Is there a war there?


Or rather, there is a localised confrontation between Russia and NATO-backed Ukraine around the area of Donbass and the Crimea.


Regardless of the propaganda you are reading in the media, and regardless of heavily publicised comments by people like Moshe Asman, ‘Chief Rabbi of Ukraine’ and just another propaganda puppet being used to try and stop people coming to Uman for Rosh Hashana.

HERE‘s a screenshot from the YWN propaganda site (but you can find a similar story on all the so-called ‘Jewish’ propaganda sites):


First, let’s answer that question, of WHO WILL TAKE RESPONSIBILITY?!?!?!?

God will take the responsibility, as He does for everything else.

Personally, with thousands of Ukrainian ne0-Nazis either dead, or otherwise busy fighting Russia, I felt much safer in Ukraine itself this time around. The people who really scare me there are the ‘government officials’, police and soldiers, and Uman was a walk in the park last week, compared to what was going on two years ago during Corona.


Of course, we don’t use that as carte blanche to go and play with the traffic on Highway 1, or to roll our sleeves up for more killer GO nanotech injections, but you do your basic hishtadlut, you pray your bottom off, you bind yourself to the true tzaddikim – and then you do what your soul is whispering that you have to do.


And for all those who think ‘this sounds crazy!!!!’ – let me just say we heard the same arguments when we were trying to move to Israel, two decades ago.

What?!?!? You’re going to go to that dangerous country where they are blowing people up on buses?!?!? Where you can’t make ends meet?!?!? Where everything is totally corrupt?!?!?!

And baal teshuvas heard the same arguments when they decided to do ‘ridiculous’ and ‘crazy’ things like keeping Shabbat.

What!?!?!?!? You think you can find or keep a job when you’re leaving early every Friday afternoon and you’re out of contact for more than 26 hours every single week?!?!??

Either a person really believes in God, and God’s ability to support them through whatever nisyonot they are going to experience by trying to keep His commandments, or they don’t.

That’s what it boils down to.


BTW, we wrote about Moshe Azman’s links to Ukrainian oligarchs before here on the blog.

Take a look at THIS and THIS.

So, each person can follow their ‘rabbi’, of course, but I’d prefer to stick with the advice of Rav Berland, who is telling people to go, and that going to Uman for Rosh Hashana 5783 will change the whole global picture and ‘sweeten’ what is currently happening all over the place, so we can get to geula in once piece.

But if you prefer to listen to the pal of people-trafficking oligarchs and gun dealers, then go right ahead.


OK, back to why so much fuss is being made about the ‘war’ in Ukraine.

I got sent this clip of Tucker Carlson by a reader that sums it up. Tucker Carlson is for sure ‘controlled opposition’ – otherwise he wouldn’t be on the MSM.

But, for ‘controlled opposition’ to work, they have to tell the truth at least some of the time, to retain credibility, and so that’s where this following clip fits into the picture:


B’kitzur, the war in Ukraine is a fig-leaf for the genocidal maniacs who are really controlling our governments from the shadows to accomplish three main things:

  1. Stop the flow of gas from Russia to Europe, effectively plunging the continent into instant economic difficulties and government-enforced ‘energy blackouts’.
  2. Siphon more cash out of the Western economies to fund ‘the war in Ukraine’ – but really it’s all just flowing into the pockets of those self-same genocidal maniacs.
  3. Create a global ‘food shortage’ by using the war in Ukraine as a pretext for why food can no longer by shipped around the world.

And then hey presto, the economies collapse all over the place, leading to martial law, and enforced ‘covid shots’ for all.



And then, blame all this on China.

Please understand, ‘China’ is just a puppet, a distraction, a fig leaf for the real locus of power centred in the US military and secret service.

It’s the official ‘bogey man’ in this story, and has been right from the start, but China is just as controlled from the shadows as anywhere else.

Don’t get confused.


I just got sent something that says many of the kabbalists in Israel are predicting bank collapse and supermarket shutdowns imminently, across the world.

You have to understand something:

This is the scenario that will play out, if things aren’t radically sweetened beforehand with our prayers, teshuva – and mesirut nefesh to do things like go to pray gatherings in Hevron, and / or to go to Uman for Rosh Hashana.

That’s how this stuff works.


I can’t tell you how many times I have seen ‘scary predictions’ sweetened, totally, by the prayer gatherings, tikkun haklalis, fasts and other things that Rav Berland has been telling his community, and the people who still believe in real tzaddikim, to do.

It’s happened more times than I can count.

This ‘war’ in Ukraine fizzled.

It was meant to be the match that lit the whole world up, and brought all the economies instantly crashing down, leading to martial law.

That didn’t happen.


But they are still trying.


And that’s also why we are back to the old story of Israel deliberately trying to start a war with Iran again, too.

It’s all being orchestrated from behind, to light the touch paper that will bring the whole world crashing down into chaos.

And if it isn’t sweetened…. that may still happen.


I don’t go in for scare stories these days.

I am totally against pointless ‘predictions’ of suffering and bloodshed, that just get everyone all riled up and stressed and feeling hopeless and demoralised.

That’s not at all the point of this post.

The point of this post is to say:

We are currently facing some very difficult times ahead, economically and otherwise.



If we follow what the Tzaddik HaDor is telling us to do – to start reciting 7 Tikkun Haklalis a day; to attend prayer gatherings in Hevron, and other places, to book tickets for Uman even though it’s scary and daunting, to carry on working on overcoming our own bad middot, but particularly our fallen fears and our lack of emuna in Hashem and His true tzaddikim….


In that respect, all this is still in our own hands.

And prayer, teshuva and tzedaka overcome all the harsh decrees.


So, feel free to listen to whatever ‘rabbis’ you want to.

But let’s be clear, that if someone is sitting in the prophet’s chair, but is telling you that we all just kind of ‘coast’ into geula, without having to change ourselves, without having to do anything different, without having to make some real effort to fix our bad middot – those people are talking out of their derrieres.

They are giving you a false sense of security.


At the same time.

If all you are getting is fearmongering doom-and-gloom predictions – that’s also not reality.

Because everything can be changed for the better, if we bind ourselves to the true tzaddikim that do still exist even in our generation, and who are trying to lead us out of ‘Mitrayim’, whether or not we understand that is what is going on.

There’s a very narrow bridge to be trod here.

But the key is don’t make yourself afraid.

Do what you have to do as sensibly as you can, but then leave it to God to bring whatever outcome He deems is for the best, after you’ve stormed the Heavens with your prayers and mesirut nefesh and teshuva and tzedaka.

We can’t just wrap ourselves in cotton wool, go to sleep, or ‘polish buttons’.

There IS a war raging in Ukraine, after all.

But it’s mostly spiritual.

And Rabbenu needs as many soldiers as he can get, this Rosh Hashana.


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The story starts, as so many of them do, with a comment one of my Shabbos guests made, a few weeks ago.

She asked me if I knew the best way to get to Uman for a visit, because apparently people were going out there and back, in the middle of the war.

In the middle of the war?!

I asked her, incredulous.

Yes. And not only that, one of my kids then told me that she personally knew a bunch of people her age who have been going to Uman and back since at least Shavuot.

I shook my head in disbelief. Wow, that’s crazy! They must be really brave….(and also somewhat mentally impaired….)


A few weeks after that, I heard one of the women at the Rav’s evening prayers on Ido HaNavi discussing a trip to Uman, that was going to be there for Rosh Chodesh Elul.

In recent years, before Covid, literally tens of thousands of women would visit Uman in Elul, many of them on organised trips with ‘rockstar rabbanits’.

Over the years, I came to loathe those groups so much, I made sure to avoid Uman in Elul (not least, because the kever was always stuffed to bursting and I found it very hard to pray there – or even think – with all the loud choruses of AMENNNN!!! going on around me.)

But I remembered my Shabbos guest…. asked for details…. and passed them on to her.


Turns out, she had a prior commitment for those dates, and couldn’t go.

But she told me the trip was going to Cracow, and then via a bunch of other tzaddikim including the Noam Elimelech, before getting into Ukraine via train from Poland, and then driving out two days later via Moldova.


In hitbodedut, I started to get the prompt to at least go and check the trip out. No commitments! No promises! Just go and check it out online, what’s the big deal??

So I did.

Then, I started to get the prompt to renew my passport, so hopefully I could get through the Ukrainian border without being interrogated like I was a card-carrying member of ISIS. Or even worse, a Russian.


But God, I really don’t want to go. There’s a war going on there, don’t you know?

He knew.

But just go and renew your passport, what can it hurt?

It currently takes between 2-3 months to even get a appointment at the place in Bnei Brak that does temporary passport renewals for two years, that you pay 400 shekels for, so I thought I was on safe ground here. But whaddya know? When my daughter checked the appointments for me, there was one free for the next afternoon.



So, I had the new passport.

But I was still very nervous about going, because the last couple of times getting across the border into Ukraine has been an excrutiating ordeal for me, even when there was no war going on.

And the Ukraine tourism website was still listing a bunch of ‘Covid restrictions’ that visitors had to abide by.

Nah, there are no Covid restrictions anywhere, the organiser told me.

But is it safe? I wanted to know.

Totally safe!! There is nothing going on, the Western side of Ukraine. I was there a couple of weeks ago, and I didn’t even see a single soldier.



My husband asked me to put a question into the Rav, about a) whether I should go to Ukraine with the trip and b) whether I would come back safe and sound.

So I did, and I got the thumbs up on both accounts.

I booked the ticket – but I told myself, I could still back out at any time, if I started to get overwhelming panic or fear that it wasn’t a good idea.

That panic and fear actually never came, this time around, so last Monday, I was off to Uman.


I will BH write more about the Cracow / Polish part of the trip in another post.

The city was very interesting, for a lot of reasons, and the old Jewish graveyard contained the bones of many of the people I’ve been researching a lot into, including the Megaleh Amukot, the REMA, Yom Tov Lippman Heller and the BACH. Amongst others. I picked up a lot of clues, and we’ll discuss that another time.

So, the Polish part of the trip was actually pretty much ‘a holiday’, in the accepted sense of enjoyable, interesting and relaxing.

I.e. the exact opposite of what you usually expect when you’re going to Rabbenu.

But the ‘Uman’ part of the trip began as soon as the coach dropped off my group of 30 vilde hayas at the train station on the Polish side of the border.


Picture the scene: A soviet-era train station.

500-600 stony-faced Ukrainians who are barely speaking, standing in line to get through Polish passport control and on to the train.

And then a group of 30 Israeli vilde hayas who are the loudest thing to have hit that town since it was shelled in War War II, all yelling at each other while they take selfies and videos and try to push to the front of the queue.

I was mortified… and also scared.

I know from personal experience that Ukrainian border police are not a joke, I’m a Jew from the UK who likes to keep a low profile in chul at the best of times… and here I was, stuck with a bunch of loud, rude and pushy Israeli vilde hayas trying to board a train to get into a Ukraine under martial law.


The whole day on the coach, I’d been praying the Rav’s prayers from a booklet that contained about 100 of his prayers on getting to and back to Uman safely.

I also asked my husband to do me a pidyon with the Rav to get across the border safely.

There was nothing else to do.


Let’s gloss over the total logistical nightmare that was the train.

The Israelis were trying to do the usual thing of ignoring allocated seats to sit where they wanted, but the Ukrainians were having none of that, and they were calling over the train staff every five minutes to complain.

There wasn’t enough room for the suitcases, so many of them ended up in the hall by the doors.

The toilets had no water in the taps (but you only found that out after you’d squished the soap in your hand…)

But really, the main thing was that the Ukrainians only check your passports while the train is already moving through the ‘dead zone’, where presumably, you’ll get let off in the middle of no-where, if they decide you can’t come in.

The only passport the Ukrainians had a problem with… was mine.


For half an hour, in the middle of the night, in the middle of a train, I had two Ukrainian women with guns telling me:

Why there is problem with passport?!?!?

I told them that I didn’t know. Because at that stage, I really didn’t know.

You know there is a war here?!?!?

Yes, I nodded.

Why you come here?!?!?

I told her the truth: I’m going to Uman to pay for peace in Ukraine.

Why your passports says you not leave the country?!?!

The most aggressive inspector with the biggest gun kept on screaming at me.

I had no idea how to answer her question. After all, I clearly had left the country because here I was, trying to get back in to it.


Long story short, the Rav’s pidyon kicked in, and at some point they stamped something in my passport, then moved on further down the carriage.

I watched them from the corner of my eye for half an hour, wondering if they were just going to finish going through the carriage before throwing me off… but the worst never happened, Baruch Hashem, and eventually I dozed off.


The group of loud, but tired and now somewhat subdued vilda hayes dragged their suitcases out into the middle of a dreary, grey Ukrainian town and lo, a sight for sore eyes was parked right next to the exit from the train station:

The coach from Poychale.

(Poychale is one of the main transport companies into and out of Uman, owned by Jews.)


Half an hour later, we got to the BESHT in Medzhibuzh, and the whole time, we only saw two soldiers manning a checkpoint in the middle of the road near the town, who peered quizzically at this Poychale bus blasting Rabbenu trance music so loud you could hear it from a mile away.

The BESHT was great.

Relaxing. Good food. Quiet. I couldn’t see any Jewish ‘refugees’ there, the few hours we spent in Medzibuzh, but there were still a lot of Ukrainian locals in the complex, I don’t know if they were just on holiday or living there.

I prayed seven Tikkun Haklalis, then went to sleep a bit, because that evening, we were heading off to Uman.


Picture the scene:

All the roadlights are out in Ukraine (at least that bit of it), so everything is mostly pitch black.

At least in Uman, there is a curfew between 11pm and 5am, when no-one is meant to be out on the roads, and the Tzion is closed.

And in the middle of all that, here comes the Poychale coach, blasting Rabbenu trance music while 15 young women are literally dancing and bouncing all over the back of the bus, like it’s some sort of ‘rave on wheels’.

But I knew that dancing was what was breaking all the ‘klipot’ surrounding Uman, and especially, Uman Rosh Hashana 5783.


We pulled into Uman at exactly the same time the Rav appeared at the prayer gathering in Hevron, attended by thousands of people, to pray for the success of Am Yisrael, and for the gates to be opened for Uman Rosh Hashana 5783.

That wasn’t a coincidence.


What can I tell you about Uman?

Shiners’ tent is up.

The ‘American Friends of Kiev’ vans are buzzing around.

The food is much less fancy then previous years, the toilet paper is back to ‘Soviet era’ grey stuff, but generally, the area feels more relaxed than it has done for two years, war or no war.

There is still electricity, water and wifi.

It feels very ‘normal’ there in almost every way, except if anything, there is way less police and menacing military personnel walking around.

I went to Gan Sofia for a couple of hours with a few of the girls in my group, while others went to the local Shuk in Uman.

In most ways, it’s totally business as usual, and I didn’t feel in danger there at all.


Uman is not really the issue.

Even getting to Uman isn’t really an issue, although it is a long and gruelling trip, physically.

The main difficulty will be in crossing the border.


The trip out, I spent 11 hours cramped into the back of a minivan where there was no space for me to put my feet down, as the woman in front of me decided her need to lie down properly in her chair over-rode my need to be able to even sit in my seat.

Even with the aircon on, it was still over 30 degrees at the back of the bus, and I was trying not to drink as I knew from past experience that toilet stops, if they happened at all, only happened once in around 10 hours.

The van got stopped three times at the crossing between Ukraine and Moldova.

The other van which contained the first half of our group was searched minutely.

They made everyone take out every single suitcase, and they searched every suitcase thoroughly, using sniffer dogs.


When I noticed the panicked looks on the faces of a couple of the ‘weed heads’ on my bus, I called my husband and asked him to do another pidyon with the Rav, to get our bus through OK.

Thank God, by the time they got to our coach, they were tired and barely looked at the suitcases they told us to take out and open.


Then another woman from our group got stopped for being under 18 and without a legal guardian on the trip.

They let everyone else through, but left her on the other side and weren’t going to let her through.

I called my husband back, and asked him to do another pidyon with the Rav, specifically for her.

Half an hour later, we were all through, BH.


We’d spent four hours in the sweltering heat of a minivan with no aircon during that border crossing.

We had four hours before the flight was taking off, and still three hours of driving to do.

It was pretty stressful.

But with God’s help, we made it, and today I’m back here typing this.


There are a lot of things I feel, but that I can’t really share, because they will just sound lame.

There were a lot of tikkunim going on with this trip, huge amounts of tikkunim going on.

But I really feel that the gates to Uman for Rosh Hashana 5783 are now open, for anyone who wants to come to Rabbenu lishma, for it’s own sake, and not just to have a fun experience with the hevra hanging out dancing to trance music in the middle of Pushkina while you stuff in a kosher shwarma.


There were at least 100 other women who came to Uman for Rosh Chodesh Elul just now, as well as my group.

And there were at least 100 men, too.

We met four other women from Israel who took the same route we did back, via the Moldova border crossing. They were only stopped for 10 minutes, then let through very easily.

But I know others have been going and coming back via Poland, Hungary, Romania….

And with each visit, each example of personal mesirut nefesh, the darkness recedes a little bit more, and the light shines a little more brightly.


So, that was my experience of going to Uman last week.

Very stressful, in most of the usual ways that seasoned visitors to Uman will understand, but not dangerous.


A couple more things to note:

1) I could see that most of the ‘suffering’ that most of the people on my group were experiencing was 100% due to their own bad middot.

The ones who couldn’t make their peace with not having WIFI access; or nice food, or comfortable travelling arrangements, or having the seat they wanted on the plane, or having to wait in-line like other mere mortals – those people suffered a lot.

We all suffered  a little on the physical level, let’s be clear.

But they REALLY felt it. In a whole bunch of ways.


2) If you go, go armed with lots of prayers, lots of blessings from the Rav, and do a pidyon to get across the borders OK and stay safe.

A third of my group were ‘Rav people’, a third were neutral, and a third were kind of ‘anti’.

That last group had the hardest time, in a bunch of different ways, but especially emotionally.

By the end, it was really noticeable who had a ‘good’ trip, despite all the physical hardships, and who didn’t.

Uman is above nature.

It works way more on prayers and teshuva, than bribes and protekzia.

And this year, Rosh Hashana, 5783 more than ever.


PS: Here is what Rav Berland had to say about travelling to Uman from last week’s Shivivei Or, which my husband has just shown me.

(Translated from pg 17, Shivivei Or No. 276)

Everyone should buy a ticket for Uman.

In the meantime, they only authorised 4,000. When everyone registers [to buy these tickets] then they will authorise more.

Whoever doesn’t have a ticket to go via Suchava [in Romania], this is near to Iassi, should travel via Warsaw.

There will be a train from Warsaw, but it will be 20 hours.

Whoever wants to travel in two hours should register today, or tomorrow at the very latest.


You can find more details about some of those flights, via the people I just went to Uman with, Netivim tours, HERE.

I have absolutely no links with Netivim tours, financially or otherwise.

What I can tell you, is that they are getting brachot and advice from the Rav for their travel schedules to Uman this year.

And that also (on a practical level…) if you book with them also make sure you BOOK THE TRAVEL FROM THE AIRPORT TO UMAN AT THE SAME TIME.

That’s not included in the price, and the last thing you need is to get stuck at the airport without even an overheated minivan to take you on your way.


To people who don’t ‘get’ all this – it’s hard to explain how important all of this really is.

I had a lot of insights during this trip to Uman about who is really behind the very real evil in our world, that were directly connected to what I saw, read and experienced during the trip.

BH, I will start to put more of those pieces together for you, over the next couple of weeks.

And for those who do ‘get’ all this… go book your ticket.

If a middle-aged housewife can hack it and come back totally safe and sound, then what’s your excuse?