The MSM is apparently telling everyone that ‘Russia is stalled’.

***UPDATES: New Video of Ukranian neo-Nazis indoctrinating their children***

That seems to be fake news.

There’s a guy called Gonzalo Lira who is an American living in Ukraine’s second biggest city of Kharkov.

He’s been ‘live streaming’ footage and news from Kharkov during the war, the last few days.

Watch this, where he explains that Russia is actually winning the war, and that he believes that all the ‘fake news’ about Russia being ‘stalled’ etc is just propaganda to set up a ‘false flag’ involving a chemical attack in Ukraine.

He covers a lot of ground, very clearly.

Watch here:



I’m near the center of the city, and over the last seven days it has been clear that the Russians are getting closer and closer.

I see them getting closer and I hear the bombs getting closer. I know for a fact that surrounding towns have been captured, either from news reports, or from people who live in these towns and have told me personally.

Kharkov is the second largest city in Ukraine, and the third most important target, the first being Kyiv and the second being the main Ukraine army in the east (some 60,000 man strong).

I know that they are about to completely capture Mariupol and I know that the Zelenski regime is not able to re-supply the various armies, so I understand what is happening: the Russians are winning. GL


Remember, everything is being sweetened by our teshuva and prayers, and Rav Berland, and the passing of tzaddikim of R’Chaim Kanievsky.

I’m trying to get to the Rav four days a week, to join in with the prayers there, and I can feel how much is being sweetened, with all the niggunim being sung about Uman at the Rav; and all the clapping and dancing to sweeten the judgments.

Usually, the prayers at the Rav start quiet and subdued – reflecting the real ‘heaviness’ in the world – but by the end, there is so much singing and dancing and clapping.

There is such a good, hopeful ruach there.

Take heart, dear reader!

Everything is really being sweetened, behind the scenes, and nothing is going ‘to plan’ for the evil people – not with ‘Covid 19’, not with the mac-cinations, not with the war in Ukraine…

It’s all being ‘turned around’ for them, which is why it’s so very hard to know exactly what’s going on right now.


Anyway, this guy gives Zelensky’s government a week or two, max.

And then, he thinks the whole war will be over by the end of April, once Mariupol falls – unless there’s a ‘false flag’ to give NATO and the USA a green light to get into the war in Ukraine.

And that’s when things will start to get even more interesting.



A reader just sent me a link that lead to this:


Highly, highly, highly recommended.

Here is one of the videos it brings, showing the extent of Ukrainian neo-Nazi indoctrination of their children:


Again, we have to ask:

How many of the 25,000 non-Jewish Ukrainians brought into Israel by the Frankist-Freemason puppets we call ‘our government’ are affiliated with these Azov Battalion neo-Nazis?

What background checks were made?

When are these people going back to their motherland?


BH, more people are starting to wake up all this – it’s heartening to see so many dyed-in-the-wool ‘patriots’ in the USA calling out the BS, and refusing to respond to corrupt media calls to ‘nuke Russia’.

One more must-watch video from David Sorensen’s site above:


Like most real journalists in the world right now, Sorensen is being heavily censored. If you feel like donating to his cause, he is certainly putting together some first-rate honest journalism at the moment.


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The gap between ‘my reality’ and ‘fake news reality’ seems to be growing each day.

More and more, I’m coming to the conclusion that the way the yetzer hara operates on the personal level is exactly the same way it operates on the global scale, too.

What do I mean?

It’s a Breslov teaching – Rebbe Nachman himself – that the yetzer hara isn’t so interested in ‘the sin’ that we do, but what happens after we fall, spiritually.

All of us are flawed human beings, all of us sin, and make mistakes, and get carried away by bad middot, and make ridiculous errors of judgement that can have massive consequences for ourselves, and those around us.

Even a Tzaddik falls seven times.

And me and you (whisper this…..) we’re nowhere near being a ‘tzaddik’.


So, it’s a reality that we have to deal with every single day, and probably more like every single minute, that we are going to stuff something up, spiritually, and ‘sin’.

As well as the more obvious aveirot like eating traif, breaking Shabbat, not keeping the laws of mikva and taharat mishpacha (family purity) – all big deals, that have a very big impact on a Jewish soul – there are a whole range of sins between adam l’havero – a man and his friend – that is really where so much of the work still needs to be done.

Most of us, even in the ‘orthodox world’, are still very challenged by the idea that we actually have a whole bunch of bad middot hiding out, underneath our ‘frum’ exterior.

Really, I think it’s only by doing hitbodedut regularly, and by following Rebbe Nachman’s teachings and advice, that a person can really start to ‘pop the hood’ on what is really hanging out, in their own subconscious and psyche.



Rebbe Nachman’s path of doing hitbodedut for an hour a day, and Rebbe Nachman’s advice and teachings are really the only thing I’ve come across that actually works to get under the hood, really start acknowledging the truth of what is going on, and then start cleaning out all the bad middot that we all have.

And when we aren’t following this path – even when we’re trying very hard, and we’re really very sincere – I see that most people kind of get stuck.

So, when the inevitable happens, and they do something wrong – that’s when a whole bunch of very unhelpful reactions kick in.


Rebbe Nachman teaches that the yetzer hara isn’t so interested in the sin itself.

What it’s really interested in is all the bad middot – the sadness and depression and yeoush and anger and fear and fakeness that’s going to be aroused in us, as a result of that sin.

Because once the yetzer can tip us over into ‘snake brain’ mode, where FIGHT-FLIGHT-FREEZE-FLATTER has totally taken over our cognitive functioning, that’s when the real damage to a person – and to the world around them – can begin in earnest.


Rebbe Nachman teaches:

Even if I did the worst sin in the world, I would still continue to serve Hashem!

That doesn’t mean going into denial about what’s really going on, or making excuses and rationalising away evil.

It means that we acknowledge reality, try to fix whatever we broke, ask God to help us do better in the future – and then, we let it go, and start seeing the good in ourselves again.

When people don’t follow this advice, they usually get stuck trying to pretend they never sin and are always perfect – and they get very angry with anyone who may suggest otherwise – OR, they fall into ‘beat-myself-up-I’m-worthless’ mode.

And a person operating in both of these modes can then easily transgress the whole Torah, because they already feel so bad about themselves, or are so disconnected from the bad they are already doing, what difference does a few million more massive aveirot make?


Right now, we are at something of a crossroads in this whole geula process.

More and more people are feeling ‘uncomfortable’ about what is going on around us.

That small voice of the soul is whispering to them that they are travelling down the wrong path; that they have been continually misled by people and institutions they were taught to trust and obey; that they made a mistake, in taking the Covid shots, in going along with the ‘normal view’ of things, in believing the lying MSM and our evil governments, full of fake puppets, and the military machine that is pulling the strings from the back.

That was the ‘original sin’, if we can call it that.

The yetzer hara is hoping that so many of us are going to either entrench in denial, or fall into despair, that it can continue to trash the world, willy-nilly, while we just sit back and let it.

That isn’t Rabbenu’s path.


Rabbenu’s path is to acknowledge the truth, but from a place of having great compassion for ourselves.

How could we not believe all the lies, when we have been raised to believe brainwashing propaganda from the youngest age?

And when the forces of evil also deceptively enlisted ‘big rabbis’ to tell us lies, knowingly or unknowingly, to overcome our innate sense that something was off, with the whole ‘Covid 19’ picture?

And when we were locked down, masked up, self-isolated and literally tortured with self-administered fear porn 24 hours a day?


That’s the starting point.

But now….

We are getting to the crunch point. Or at least, ‘a’ crunch point in this whole journey.

People aren’t going to be able to deny reality and dodge the consequences of what is going on for too much longer.

More and more people are inexplicably dropping dead, having strokes and heart attacks, experiencing all sorts of ‘weird’ physical illnesses that they never had before, because of the Covid shots.

(Scroll down to the update HERE, for a partial list of serious side effects for the Covid shots that Pfizer presented to the FDA BEFORE they got approval for their ‘safe and effective’ shots.)

It’s getting harder and harder to pretend that something very strange and worrying isn’t going on.


One of my husband’s clients in the UK told him yesterday that he’s been in bed throwing up for two weeks solid, and is starting to feel he’s been ‘poisoned’ by something.


The ‘something’ is 5…G, mixed with graphene oxide nanotech, and topped off with DNA origami and who-knows-what-else in the Covid shots.

Now that more and more of these stories are starting to swim into view, the ‘denial’ of what is really going on is about to morph into full-fledged fear, anger and despair.

But Rabbenu already told us: that’s not helpful!

That response to the mistake you made is not helpful!


Instead of beating ourselves up or telling ourselves ‘there is nothing we can do about it anyway’…. we need to see God’s hand behind all this.

Instead of melting into a puddle of depression and apathy… we need to start asking God sincerely, from the bottom of our hearts, to fix the mess we find ourselves in, personally and globally. That is the essence of really ‘having emuna’.

Instead of pouring all our energy into hating people (even those very evil people who have caused so much death and destruction)…. we need to put that energy into making teshuva, and overcoming the hatred and evil within our own hearts.

I know this is a tall order, believe me, I know.


The last two weeks, I have been SO angry, at everything and everyone.

I’ve had a justification for that, or a ‘rationalisation’ for that: something objectively yucky happened to someone I care about, and it upset me tremendously.

(Let me put this out there, that there are child rapists walking around in the ‘frummest of frum’ communities, including places like Bet Shemesh, who have been getting away with terrible crimes for years.)

At the same time… I understand that all this anger and hatred that has been welling up in my heart, unbidden, is rising to the surface so I can get rid of it.

So I can ask God to help me ‘sweeten’ things, and pray that all this anger – my anger – gets turned to compassion.

I have really had my hands full with this work, the past two weeks.

But I know it’s the ‘war within’ (that I wrote about HERE.)


As it is on the personal level – so it is on the global level.

The yetzer hara wants us to believe that after we’ve sinned, after we’ve made the mistake, after we’ve ‘broken something’ – it can never be fixed.

That’s the biggest and most dangerous lie that the yetzer hara is telling us right now, that there is nothing for us to do except fall into sadness and despair, or go deep, deep into denial.

This is not Rabbenu’s path!

Rabbenu tells us:

There is no despair in the world!!!!

With God’s help, with some sincere teshuva, with some heartfelt prayers, some dancing and clapping to overturn harsh judgements, with some pidyonot (to a real Tzaddik, not a faker) to ‘pay down’ all the harsh din at its spiritual root – all this can and must turnaround for the best.


I know that each time that anger wells up in me, and I feel like I want to lash out and destroy – that God is giving me an opportunity to fix the midda of anger globally, as well as personally.

Everything we do affects everyone and everything else, for good and bad.

If I take that anger and transform it into compassion (with a LOT of prayer and hard work…) – who knows what other ‘anger’, what other destruction, what other violence I just helped to sweeten in the world?

Everything you and me do is meaningful.



So, don’t lose heart dear readers.

Don’t fall into despair, as the reality of what is really happening here starts to come clearly into sight.

Remember, the ‘problem’ isn’t so much the Covid shots, the ‘war in Ukraine’, the very evil things that are going on all around us.

The ‘problem’ is how we react to all this.

And whether we draw closer to Hashem, or take ourselves further away, God forbid.

That’s the real battle being fought here, the real war.

And with God’s help (and Rabbenu’s advice….) we can win it.


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I just got this over email:

“We no longer know if Putin won’t attack the Jews.

We should sit in the floor and fast to prevent it.

The Rav also said that Ukrainians and Nazis come from the same source.

The Ukrainians of today are grandchildren of natzi’s and they still have it in their blood.”


I strongly believe in the power of Purim to ‘overturn’ all this evil – there is so very much of it going on, it’s hard to even keep up.

And I keep reminding myself, that Adar is always like this: until we actually get to Purim, the ‘dark’ just keeps building and building and building….

It’s not a happy month – the opposite of a ‘happy’ month, usually – until we get that miraculous turnaround at Purim.

This year, seems we need it more than ever.


I know there are some readers who don’t want to hear all this, because it’s ‘demoralising’.

I would LOVE to just write good, happy things, good news.

Just seems the world is not quite there yet, and this is a very dangerous time to stick our heads in the sand, and pretend everything is fine.

Prayers, teshuva and tzedaka overturn the harsh decrees.

Crying out to Hashem from the bottom of our broken hearts overturns the harsh decrees.

Pretending everything is ‘fine’ while binging on netflicks and / or smoking weed to calm ourselves down doesn’t overturn anything.


If I hear more instructions from the Rav about concrete things to do, to try to overturn these harsh decrees, I will share them here.

The last few days, the heaviness has literally been so palpable, I have been going to bed at 9.30pm, because it’s exhausting to be ‘awake’ in the middle of all this.

At the same time…. I’ve seen so many times with the Rav, where situations where there seemed to be no hope, did turn around miraculously, after a lot of prayers, teshuva and charity.

So there is always hope.

May God rescue us all soon – and especially the sincere, holy Jews in the Ukraine.



After doing some hitobedut on this, and what small people like you and I can really do to help the Jews caught in the fighting in Ukraine, I suddenly remembered the pidyon nefesh that some of the Rav’s students in Miami paid, to  ‘dodge’ Hurricane Irma, back in August 2017.

You can read the whole story HERE, but basically, I think they paid quite a big pidyon to the Rav – and the whole hurricane moved away from the US, and instead hit the people trafficking routes via the Bahamas, instead.

Thanks to our corrupt Frankist-Freemason government, it is now ‘illegal’ to discuss any sort of pidyon nefesh with the Rav directly, and if he is given any money directly – they will send him back to prison, God forbid.

But I’ve been paying my pidyonot to the website HERE, and I know it’s having the same impact as giving it straight into the hands of Rav Berland.

So, that’s what I just did.

I just did a very modest pidyon nefesh of 500 nis for the Jews of Ukraine, to be saved from any violence. And if you want to do that too, feel free.


Our intention counts for everything, with this stuff.

Go HERE to do a pidyon nefesh for the Jews of Ukraine, and just have in mind that this is what the money is for, when you donate it on the site.

BH, we should only hear good news.


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One of the things I’ve been writing about a lot over the last few years is how ‘good’ and ‘bad’ are always mixed up in this world.

Our brainwashing education system drums it into our heads that the ‘good guys’ are always good, and can rape, steal and murder with impunity, because they are ‘always good’.

And that the ‘bad guys’ are always bad, and can help old ladies across the street, and feed the poor, and give starving children a loving home – but they will always be BAD, nevertheless.

This is, of course, total baloney.

It’s the opposite of yiddishkeit, that always teaches that an ACTION can and must be adjudged as being ‘bad or good’ – but that God is the only one that can truly plumb the depths of a person’s heart, and aggregate their good and bad actions over a lifetime, to decide if that person is ultimately ‘bad’ or ‘good’.


So, ‘good people’ and ‘bad people’ = xtian idea.

‘Good actions’ and ‘bad actions’ = authentic Jewish approach.

A lot of people, even in the orthodox Jewish world, don’t like this idea very much, because as soon as you have to start evaluating actions, instead of making blanket statements about ‘good and bad PEOPLE’ – that requires a lot more effort and spiritual investment.

And of course, it also brings up certain things closer to home, that many of us don’t want to deal with.

Am I still a GOOD MOTHER if I routinely use anger and shaming to coerce my children into doing what I want?

Am I still a GOOD PERSON if I hit someone else’s car – or dog – late at night, and ran off without leaving any contact details?

Am I still a GOOD JEW, if I fell off the derech, and tossed the Torah out the window, and just did a whole bunch of things that Jews are just not meant to do?


We have been trained to think in this ‘black and white’ manner, and to torture ourselves with thoughts of why ‘we’re bad people’.

But the questions above are actually baloney.

The only real question is whether an action is ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

And usually, the answer to that is way easier to ascertain, once you get all the false logic out the way, for why ‘good people’ like us can never do anything bad.

And why ‘bad people’ like them can also never do any good.

What baloney!


With that introduction out the way, I want to share some more comments I’ve got over email, about what might be happening on the ground in the Ukraine.

But before I do that, I also just want to touch a moment on the question that Ein Od Milvado – that really, there is only God in this picture.

In my own dalet amot, I am totally, 100% responsible for my own decisions and choices and actions, BEFOREHAND.

I can’t make the decision to shoot a granny, God forbid, simply for being on the ‘wrong side’ of the equation and then turn around and wash my hands clean of it all by saying Ein Od Milvado  that’s what God wanted, so I did nothing wrong.

That way leads to total moral chaos.


There is a very narrow bridge to be walked here, as always, between taken responsibility for ourselves, and our own impact in the world, and still understanding that Ein Od Milvado.

It’s a very confused and confusing subject, finding the balance between histadlut and emuna – and many people have fallen into massive mistakes in this area, including yours truly.

The Breslov approach is this:

Before any decision, any choice, we have to do our best to beg and plead with Hashem to show us what HE really wants, and what decision HE really wants.

And then afterwards – we have to believe that whatever the outcome, good or bad, that is truly what Hashem wanted.


All of us make mistakes.

All of us.

All of us can be so easily fooled by internal and external yetzer haras that clothe themselves in mistaken assumptions that can’t be challenged, or a distorted picture that seems to point clearly to ‘the truth’ being something it really isn’t.

That’s why God created teshuva – and He wants us to use it.

So much of life really just boils down to admitting that we were wrong; that we have bad middot; that we don’t know as much as we like to think; that we are guided by the yetzer hara in a myriad subtle ways, even when we’re riding our hobby horse of ‘truth and justice’.

I know that’s certainly true in my own life, and on this blog.

Remember, the real war right now is the ‘war within‘.


We have to remember that the ‘globalists’ are actually running both sides of this war – as they probably always are – to achieve their own ends.

Those ends could include:

  • Having a great excuse to release more ‘dangerous pathogens‘ from ‘US biolabs in the Ukraine’ – what-ever.
  • Hiking up fuel prices and disrupting harvests and the easy flow of food and goods around the globe – something they’ve been trying to do for months and months and months, anyway.
  • Imposing more censorship ‘because we are at war’, and also using ‘war’ as an excuse to start taking down any independent social media etc – exactly like they’ve been doing, anyway.
  • Taking out the internet globally – that ‘cyber attack’ that they’ve been priming us for, for years.
  • Figuring out another way to pin everything on the Jews – because hey, Zelensky is a Jew…. and Putin is surrounded by Chabad Jews… and another Jew, Netanyahu, is apparently being asked to mediate….

The list goes on and on.

But the thing to remember is, Ein Od Milvado.


Don’t get confused:

Each person will be held 100% accountable for all their bad actions.

And each person will be given 100% of the merit they deserve for their good actions.

And that’s also true in our personal lives.

God doesn’t work on ‘aggregate scores’, where you can buy off adulterous affairs and murdering your business opponents just because you give millions to charidee…

We will have to pay for the bad we do – unless we make sincere teshuva – and, we will also get ‘rewarded’ for the good we do.

And just telling God that it’s ‘OK’ for us to do bad things because we are really ‘good people’, or because the ‘ends justify the means’ – that just won’t wash, and it’s xtian hooey, designed to reassure an awful lot of bad, evil people that they are still ‘good’, and getting a free pass into heaven.


So now, some snippets about some of the bad things Russia seems to be up to, in the Ukraine, recieved over email:

Here are a few videos of police brutality in Russia right now. And some of general large-scale police activity.

There are so many police everywhere. From what I am seeing and heard from a friend, Russia has gone full blown Fascist in 2 weeks. Every protest is met with an overwhelming response of force and brutal crackdown.


Strange to say, these brutal Russian police don’t look that different from the brutal Australian police, the brutal Canadian Police or the brutal French police, who have been cracking heads of people for ‘breaking curfews’ and not wearing masks.


This is what I mean, about bad actions being ‘bad’, whatever the excuse being made for them.

And that ‘bad’ is currently ruling on all sides of the equation.

Back to the email:


The situation is really bad, especially in Kherson and several small towns like Irpin and Chernihiv.

I know people who for a week have not left the bomb shelter. There was supposed to be a humanitarian corridor to allow civilians through, but the Russian military shot at the civilians as they left, and several (including a mother and her children) were murdered.
The so-called humanitarian corridor which Russia agreed to open turned into a death trap for civilians trying to escape, so people now stay put. There is also a video on Twitter from SkyNews Australia where the reporters were shot at for trying to escape via a humanitarian corridor, and barely escaped, despite being marked as “Press.”
From what my husband heard via a Ukrainian friend, there is NO wide scale looting, and there are NO gangs of criminals running the place at gunpoint. The criminals have not all gotten guns and taken over.
Ad kan.
I encourage anyone out there with more first-hand information to share it online as much as they can.
There are people being killed and hurt on all sides of this equation.
And the first casualty of war is always the truth.
Two more things, and then we’ll leave this for today.

1) God is deciding who gets hurt and killed.

And there are no ‘accidents’ in that calculation.
Again, that doesn’t mean that we go all nihilistic and uncaring, because there is God’s own cheshbon for these things,, involving very deep spiritual considerations and gilgulim, which we can’t know and therefore can’t question.
But separate to this, there is OUR PART, to keep feeling other people’s pain, and to keep grieving loss of life, and to keep doing whatever God is really giving US to do, in whatever way, to respond in a way that leads to more spiritual growth, light, prayer, teshuva and goodness flooding into the world.
It’s a narrow bridge.
A difficult balancing act.

But, we’re getting used to the idea that these ‘narrow bridges’ are actually all over the place.


2) There are some serious implications looming up again for me, about whether any of these violent confrontations can ever really be ‘good’.

Again, there is a narrow bridge to walk between ‘rising up and killing’ someone who you know is coming to kill you.

And then, taking that as carte blanche to harass, torture and murder anyone you want, in the name of ‘domestic security’.


It suggests that the real war that our armies, or militaries and our ‘intelligence agencies’ are actually engaged in, is the war against you and me.

And that applies in the State of Israel, as much as anywhere else.


Let’s stop there for now.

I have no idea how long I’m going to be able to carry on writing, honestly.

The censorship looks like it’s about to go sky-high.

My blog is kind of the safest place online, as it’s not connected to any social networks, and it’s an independent site.

But if they want to take me offline, they will undoubtedly find a way.

So, let me just end by saying, the time to work on your real connection to Hashem and the true tzaddikim, especially Rabbi Nachman of Breslov and Rav Eliezer Berland, is now.

Right now, we can still buy their books, we can still listen to online classes, we can still connect, spiritually and otherwise, to our true Tzaddikim, and we can also start to do the daily hitbodedut that will really connect our souls back to God.

And really, that – combined with sincere teshuva, charity and prayer – is what is really going to get us through the next few weeks, until BH, Purim comes to turn all this ‘bad’ around.


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The last two days, I’ve been feeling a tremendous amount of despair again, about how broken our world is.

Despite best efforts, despite hours and hours of prayers, despite tremendous mesirut nefesh on so many levels by so many people…. we are still stuck with a broken world, that sometimes seems impossible to fix.

Even when you follow all the correct etzot for how to do that.

Like, you can spend two solid years making super-human efforts to ‘only see the good’ in a person, and then discover at the end of that, that they were really scamming you all along, and that you really should have listened to that small voice whispering at you, that this person was actually a two-faced poisonous toad.

I’m still pondering the implications of this, for the whole ‘Azamra’ idea, because for sure, Rabbenu is always and only correct. But it seems to me, ‘Azamra’ has to be applied in a way that won’t lead to people getting hurt by sociopath conmen – because otherwise, it’s bad advice.

And it’s simply not possible, that Rabbenu would give bad advice.


Anyway, two nights ago, I was feeling so very miserable, so very despairing about all the bad in the world, hidden and revealed, that I couldn’t sleep.

Baruch Hashem, the Kotel is close, so me and my husband got in the car and drove the 5 minutes to get to the carpark, then walked down to the wall to pour some of our pain out by those holy stones.

There were about 25 people there, on my side, some of whom were also crying.

That seems to be an increasingly common event, these days.

I took a chair, looked up at the dark starry sky at the top of the Kotel, and just asked God:

Why? Why does the world have to be like this, where it seems that ‘bad’ always wins? 

Why is that, God?


I know that ultimately, good will win out, in the large and small ways.

But right now, I am feeling pretty crushed by so much of what is going on, both personally and globally.

While I was pondering all this, I happened to glance down at the floor, where a bunch of hand-written notes had spewed out all around the base of the Kotel.

One small note was open, and I could see what was written on it:

“God, please kill Putin.”

After I read that, I felt even more depressed.

Like ‘killing Putin’ is the answer to all the world’s woes….


The Kotel worked to take the edge off the misery, but yesterday, I was just feeling so ill, literally, from all the ‘winds of war’ blowing around, both in my own life and in the world.

So I told my husband:

I have to get to prayers with the Rav tonight.

I know from previous experience, how so much of the ‘heavy’ literally just evaporates after prayers with the Rav and his community, at Ido HaNavi Street (8.30pm, every night.)


So I get there, still so wrapped-up in my own misery, and I go and sit inside the tent bit right at the front, which functions as a kind of ‘corridor’ to the  men’s section, and where I can usually get a bit of space and privacy.

It was still cold, so I had a winter hat on and my gloves.

At various points in the davening, the Rav started clapping his hands – to sweeten the judgments – and everyone followed suit.

I sat there morosely clapping my hands in a very depressed way, when this little five year old kid with massive peyot and an even bigger kippa on his head suddenly showed up, and started mimicking me.

Why are you clapping like this? He asked me.

Lo shomim clum! (I can’t hear anything!)

I tried to ignore him, but he wasn’t going away any time soon.


This is how we clap, he told me, then started clapping both hands together with lots of gusto and sound.

I couldn’t help it: I started smiling at this crazy kid and his very earnest attempts to get me to ‘clap properly’.

I sat up a bit straighter, and started ‘clapping more properly’.

Lo shomim!!! He roared at me again, with his hand theatrically behind his ear.

So, I clapped a bit harder.

Then he ran back two metres, and told me again:

From here, lo shomim clum!!!

I stared at him. He stared at me.


Why are you clapping with gloves on? he said.

I stared at him. He stared at me – and I took the gloves off, and started clapping ‘properly’.

Anything, to get the little bugger to be quiet and go away.

It didn’t exactly work that way.

He found a chair somewhere, and came and sat right next to me instead.

Now, he was focussing on my winter hat, that I’d pulled on in my ‘maximum despair’ state, without really paying attention to how it looked, or how much hair it was covering.


Why are you wearing that thing on your head? He asked me. Don’t you have a mitpachat? (Head scarf.)

Then he told me:

You can see some of your hair sticking out, why are you wearing that thing?

At that point, I texted my husband to meet up with me, to go home. 

The Rav was still doing lots of ‘Uman’ songs with the crowd, clapping and jumping around, and there was definitely a strong, ‘hopeful’ vibe at the prayers, that was seeping in and slowly changing my mood, despite myself.

But in the meantime, I was still sitting there crying to myself, and that was just a little hard to do, with my small visitor commenting on my every move, like I was in the jungle being observed by National Geographic, or something.

That said: I really appreciated that kid.


On a day where I was feeling like God doesn’t notice me, the prayers go unanswered, the stuff I do doesn’t matter, Hashem showed me that everything is being watched and recorded, after all.

Down to the last detail.


It’s hard to hang on at the moment, because the yeoush can be totally overpowering.

Part of me just wants to throw my computer away, stop trying to write anything meaningful and real, and to go and play (bad…) music and paint (mediocre…) pictures.

Part of me wants to stop hanging out for ‘good to win’, because it’s so hard to deal with the disappointment when that doesn’t appear to be happening.

Part of me wants to totally give up on ‘Azamra’ forever, because it seems the best way to hurt yourself and invite psychos into your world to abuse you, and the people you care about.

But another part of me knows that this is the world of lies, the world of illusion.

And that nothing right now is really what it seems.


PS: The Rav is regularly talking about Uman and the Ukraine, and ‘sweetening things’ at the evening prayers with lots of dancing and clapping.

He’s also giving over some shiurim about what is happening there, like this one (above), from HERE, said during a prayer gathering for the Jews of Ukraine on Thursday night:

“Fortunate are you and it should be well with you.  You are strengthening the Jews in the Ukraine, who are innocent.  They didn’t do anything wrong.

“All of those who live in the Ukraine are the most righteous Jews, especially those in Uman whose level is immeasurable, and all those who pray for them will merit to the life of the World to Come, and bezrat Hashem, all of them will be saved and no Jew will be harmed. 

Putin made it known that he doesn’t harm Jews.

“[They] only need to be cautious from all types of stray missiles and bullets, and we don’t know how long the war will go on.  We hope that by candle-lighting the war will end.

“Then everyone can come to Israel and we can travel to Uman, in the merit of you praying for them.  In the merit of this, all the gates of heaven will be opened and all the 50 gates of holiness will open, and we will merit to completely new understandings and to see the complete redemption, as is written ‘in the seventh [year] – wars.’

“In the merit of this war, there should be the complete redemption and Mashiach will be revealed already this year, speedily in our days, Amen.”

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There’s so much fake news going on about Russia / Ukraine, I just want to reiterate that we should to avoid getting pulled in to what’s going on, as much as possible.


Because I’m increasingly coming to the conclusion that the dark forces in the world kind of ‘fuel’ themselves from all the bad middot, the bad energy, the negative emotions, that they manage to squeeze out of humanity with all their fake propaganda.

This is a war for our souls, mamash.

And we, as believing Jews, pack a very big ‘punch’, spiritually, and if we go over to the ‘dark side’ to start hating on people – or each other! – as a result of all the lies being told by the media, that somehow gives the dark side even more power to turn their fantasies of all out war, or mass death, into reality, God forbid.


In this post, I just want to link to some useful articles that are also solely debunking lies, and counselling utmost caution about believing any propaganda, from anyone.

And then I really do plan on leaving this topic alone, as much as possible, going forward.


Remember her? She was injured in a gas explosion in the Ukraine in 2018… not by Russian shelling.


  1. Balanced perspective and calling out specific examples of ‘fake news’:


Obviously, neither the Russian nor Ukrainian versions should be accepted as true without evidence, but the original, pleasing Ukrainian version should not either. The same is true of:


2. Just because someone was born into a Jewish family, and / has a Jewish name and an Israeli passport – doesn’t automatically make them ‘good’.

Remember, Albert Bourla is also the ‘child of Holocaust survivors’ – this seems to be a ‘must-have’ part of the resume, for all the puppets they are rolling out here, to try and head off any criticism.


I have come to the conclusion that the good actors go to Hollywood, and the bad actors get jobs as our puppet-presidents and prime ministers.

Child-of-Holocaust-survivors-Zelensky is a perfect example of this.

(BTW, Zelensky might have been born Jewish, but converted to xtianity, married a non-Jew and has baptised his children in Church.)

He also has very tight links to a bunch of Jewish-Ukrainian-Oligarch-Mafiosos – who of course also have Israeli passports – like this guy, who owned the Media company who turned Zelensky into a star in Ukraine, before he became the Ukrainian president:


Criminal investigation

In April 2019 it was reported that the FBI is investigating Ukrainian oligarch Kolomoisky over alleged financial crimes involving Bogolyubov, the Krivyi Rih businessman Vadim Shulman and Mordechai “Motti” Korf of Florida along with Kolomoyski’s steel holdings in West Virginia and northern Ohio in the United States and his mining interests in Ghana and Australia.

Legal filings from American prosecutors last year detailed how Kolomoisky allegedly used his control of Ukraine’s largest retail bank, PrivatBank, to loot staggering sums from Ukrainian depositors, and then used a series of shell companies and offshore accounts to whisk the money out of the country and into the U.S.


These are not nice people, and there is a lot more going on here, behind the scenes, that we aren’t being told about.

Remember Hunter Biden, President Biden’s son, and his plum job on the board of the Ukrainian gas company Burisma?

Screenshot from HERE:

HERE‘s a white-washed version of the story.


The US – and a bunch of other puppet politicians in the West – all want this war, for a lot of different reasons.

And none of those reasons are the ones that we are being told about.

Again, that doesn’t mean I’m saying ‘Putin is good’.

I’m saying that the whole world is a global mafia operation, run under cover of pretend ‘democracies’ and nation states, where the evil ‘Godfathers’ behind the scenes battle it out for control of the sheeple, with all their propaganda and mind games and ‘fake news’.


The US military were behind the 9/11 attacks.

Most thinking people accept that now.

And then the US ‘went to war’ against Iraq – killing millions upon millions, ruining the whole country, stealing their oil – using the 9/11 attacks as their excuse.

While we all stood and cheered that on as ‘the right thing to do’.

It’s totally sickening, what’s going on here.


So, don’t fall for all the lies and media manipulation that’s going on.

Turn it all off, and go and do something useful instead, like painting, take a walk, make some cookies – all stuff I’m about to do myself, as soon as this post is finished.


3. Be extremely wary of ANYTHING coming out of Hatzalah.

After watching a few more videos of Shlomo Rozilio, apparently the CEO of Ukraine Hatzalah, where he talks way more like a politician than a guy on the ground trying to organise emergency services, like this one:


I decided to take a look at his Youtube channel, HERE.

The really weird thing about this Youtube channel is:

  1. How so very new it is – nothing older than 11 days ago.
  2. How it has videos up from so many Israeli MKs, from 11 days ago:


It’s amazing to me, that Shlomo Rozilio managed to get six members of the Israeli Knesset to send his organisation fundraising videos on February 17th – a week before ‘the war’ even began.

What happened on February 16th, tho?

The US administration lied, and said that Russia had invaded the Ukraine.

This from Wikipedia HERE:

On 16 February 2022, according to U.S. intelligence, around 7,000 more Russian troops were deployed to the Ukrainian border. This comes a day after Moscow claimed to have pulled back some its troops from the Ukrainian border. No invasion of Ukraine occurred, as believed by the U.S.


Again, that is some amazing ruach hakodesh going on, by United Hatzalah, aka another branch of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum, that wants a ‘great reset’ really any time soon.

The screenshot below shows Eli Beer’s links to the WEF. Eli Beer is the founder of United Hatzalah.


All I’m saying, is that I find it very strange that some guy no-one ever heard of a week ago is literally being allowed to ‘read from his script’ without interruption on prime time Fox news – and even, allowed to plug his organisation and their charidee drive at the end of an 8 minute segment.

I thought you had to pay for adverts on Fox News?


It doesn’t strike anyone else as weird that the news anchors don’t close him down when he spends a minute of precious prime-time asking viewers to send money to Hatzalah in Ukraine?


As I said at the beginning of this post:

This is a war for our souls, mamash.

And organisations like United Hatzalah are part of that attempt to manipulate the Jewish public into supporting ‘war in Ukraine’ efforts, on the spiritual level – which can then manifest, God forbid.

So, be really, really careful where you are putting your emotions, and your intentions, and just keep praying for peace, and for the good Jews, the good people in the Ukraine to stay safe.

And don’t let the propaganda take over on the soul level again.

God is going to keep giving us this test of choosing against the MSM and its evil puppetmasters, until we finally get this right.


You might also like this article:

Like you, I have no idea what’s really going on in the Ukraine.

I’m still not watching ‘official news’ sites – which are all propaganda disguised as ‘news’, whoever seems to be running them.

And the few sources of ‘alternative news’ I still plug into also need careful birur, because some of them are also ‘controlled opposition’, and even the ones that aren’t are doing their best to present factual information, but with so many ‘lies’ around and deliberate disinformation, it’s not always easy to do that.

Add in to all this, the fact that our ‘brainwashing’ has been teaching us for a century that ‘Russia is bad, Russia is bad, Russia is bad’.

Communism for sure WAS bad.

But as we are learning on this blog, the Bolsheviks were funded by Freemason-Frankists operating out of the West, particularly in the States.


Those Freemason-Frankists are now busy trying to force a great reset that will lead to ‘Communism version 2.0’, where we will all own nothing, and be totally reliant on obeying ‘the State’ even just to have food to eat, etc.

Without rehashing everything again, the point is that Covid 19 was clearly planned by those self-same Freemason-Frankists – and the bio nanotech in these Covid 19 shots is patented by DARPA.

So to be clear: America is actually the prime mover in this global Covid 19 genocide being rolled out to every corner of the world, with some help from the Frankist-Freemason network that basically has its tentacles everywhere in our so-called ‘democracies’.

That’s not me saying that.

It’s Klaus Schwab:


So now, does that automatically make Putin and Russia ‘the good guys’?

No, not at all.

It’s part of our ridiculous ‘programming’, that we’ve been taught to approach everything as ‘black and white’, ‘totally good and totally bad’, when real life is nothing like that at all.

Putin has also rolled-out the Covid shots, Russia-style, named ‘Sputnik’.

No world leader today is ‘good’, because we live in the olam hafuch, and they are all scumbugs, one way or another.

That said, I am inclined at this stage to believe that Russia and Putin are the lesser of two evils, based on the information that is in the public sphere – i.e., not very much at all.

And what I know for sure is that whatever is going on in the Ukraine, there is way more we aren’t being told about, and lots of information that could change the whole picture, that is not being reported.


Please take this following information with a huge pinch of salt, and do your own research into this, and come to your conclusions.

This appeared on one of the few ‘alternative media’ sites that doesn’t seem to me to be controlled opposition, and who usually do their homework on their articles.

And I have done some basic due diligence myself, and much of what this article says seems to check out – click on the links below, to see for yourself.

But who knows what is really going on?



What this post is saying, is that four months ago Putin asked the US to rein-in it’s ‘biological experimentation’ labs in the Ukraine – and the US refused.

That seems to be true, this is my own screenshot of that story from the South China Morning Post, from October 8, 2021:


And the Ukraine IS hosting a number of US biolabs.

This comes from the US Embassy’s own website, HERE:



Here’s a pertinent snippet from the US Embassy site:

BTRP has upgraded many laboratories for the Ministry of Health and the State Food Safety and Consumer Protection Service of Ukraine, reaching Biosafety Level 2. In 2019, BTRP constructed two laboratories for the latter, one in Kyiv and one in Odesa.

And here are some screenshots showing where some of these other US Biolabs in the Ukraine are located:


Putin is apparently bombing the places in the Ukraine where the US’s biological weapons labs are located:


If this is true, then more bits of this story to start to ‘fit’ a bit better, like this, from the Washington Post correspondent Paul Sonne, yesterday:


I was also perplexed as to why Uman is apparently being heavily bombed by the Russians, as it’s not near Donbass, and apart from Rabbenu, Rebbe Nachman of Breslov’s tomb, there is nothing there….

…Except a huge military installation, which is why getting to Uman was always so tricky, in the Cold War times.

So very possibly, there is another hidden US bioweapons lab onsite there, too.


I will stop there for now, but the point is this:

America, and its intelligence agencies, and its MK Ultra projects, and it’s Nazi-run NASA and DARPA is truly the biggest source of evil in the world right now.

That doesn’t automatically make Putin and Russia ‘the good guys’.

But, it may suggest they could be the lesser of two evils – i.e. still very evil, but just not quite as bad.

Which makes that whole question of who really might be the ‘good’ in Esav – if such a thing actually exists – into much sharper focus.


One thing is for sure: The Jews in the Ukraine need our prayers, to stay safe and out of harm’s way, while all this is going on.

So, please pray for them.

And keep your ‘birur-o-meter’ switched on and operating to the max.

There is way more going on here, than meets the eye.



There’s lots of different opinions about this, and I am keeping a totally open mind here, about what is really going on.

I got this over email from a reader:

I don’t know what this is really all about either — ask 5 people and you’ll get 7 opinions — but it doesn’t make sense that this is about destroying biolabs in Ukraine. The US pushed for this war against Ukraine while doing nothing to defend it.

If they had labs there that were so important to them, one would think they would do a bit more than absolutely nothing to protect them.


And there’s more info being brought from the comments, that add more details and suggestions into the mix, too.

The only thing any of us really know for sure, is that we’re being lied to about what the real agenda is in the Ukraine – that much is obvious.

So, let’s just keep pulling the pieces together, as we find them, until more of a real picture comes into view.


Lastly, I got a call from a friend yesterday telling me that in her community, people are pointing to this as a fulfillment of the words of Chaim of Volozhin, who apparently got from the Vilna Gaon that when the Russians invade the Crimea, everyone should go and get their Shabbos clothes ready, as Moshiach is close.

Personally, I’ve been around that block on a number of occasions before, so here is some advice that you can take or leave, as you wish.

  • We are meant to live EVERY DAY in the expectation of Moshiach coming.

That means every day, we are meant to work on a bit more of our middot, and to identify a few more of the ‘blocks’ in our own lives, that are maybe holding that process up.

It also means that we hang on to the hope of Moshiach coming at the national and global level, too, which is particularly important when times are difficult.

But we don’t get carried away.

If you think you are going to ‘change something’ when Moshiach mamash comes, then really think about changing that thing today.

Whether it’s moving country, getting a little bit more serious about your yiddishkeit, quitting smoking, working on your short temper – start that process today!


But don’t do anything rash or stupid, that you are really going to regret if Moshiach doesn’t show up in the next five minutes.

Sit down, do some hitbodedut, get some real yishuv ha’daat, before rushing into any life-changing decisions because it looks like Moshiach really might be coming now.

He is close, for sure – but ‘close’ could still mean another 200 years.


Like everything, it’s a very narrow bridge.

And yetzers jump all over big world events like this, to pull us into giddy excitement, and then plunge us into spiritual despair, afterwards.

I’ve been researching ‘false messiahs’ and ‘false dates for geula‘ for 2 years now, and each time that time comes and goes, it causes a huge wave of apostasy in the ranks of Jewish believers, when it doesn’t pan out.

So: expect the best.

But still plan for the worst.

And make ‘preparing for Moshiach’ a feature of every single day, and not just because a bunch of Russians are now bombing the Ukraine.



Talking this through with my husband, he made two more points:

  1. He thinks it’s meaningful that Putin is specifically speaking of ‘de-Nazi-fying’ the Ukraine. in that Tweet, above.

Remember, Operation Paperclip brought all those ‘former Nazi’ scientists over to the US, and other Western countries, to basically continue where they left off, in agencies like DARPA, NASA, the CIA and the NSA.

NASA’s budget is more than $23 billion a year.

If they aren’t spending all that taxpayer’s cash on really ‘going to space‘ – that’s a lot of funding that can go to other black op programs that we are now enjoying, including the graphene oxide / DNA origami self-assembling nanotech in the Covid shots.


2. Re: Why the US isn’t defending it’s bioweapons bases in the Ukraine.

He’s of the view that they can’t.

Because if America directly gets involved in this ‘war’, then we really are looking at WW3.

There is nothing in between ‘leaving this alone’ and ‘America getting directly involved, very possibly leading to WW3’.

It’s possible that the Frankist-Freemasons running all this wanted a war – but on their terms, that would see them with their ‘broad coalition’ baloney, and months of tedious propaganda softening us all up to think the way they wanted, when  they invaded Iraq.

And maybe, Putin beat them to the punch so they are now on the back foot.

We forget, that all these evil people are also just flawed, limited people, at the end of the day. And that things go wrong, and mistakes happen, and God mixes everything up for them, all the time.


So, TBC.


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Rebbe Nachman explains what happens when there is ‘war’ in the world.

***More updates, on how to legally refuse to wear a mask in Israel, below***

This is what he says (taken from the English translation ‘His Wisdom’, discourse 77):

The world is full of strife. 

There are wars between the great world powers. There are conflicts within different localities. There are feuds among families. There is discord between neighbors. There is friction within a household, between man and wife, between parents and children.

Life is short.

People die every day. The day that has passed will never return, and death comes closer every day.

But people still fight and never once remember their goal in life.


All strife is identical.

The friction within a family is a counterpart of the wars between nations.

Each person in a household is the counterpart of a world power, and their quarrels are the wars between these powers.

The traits of each nation are also reflected in these individuals. Some nations are known for anger, others for blood-thirstiness. Each one has its particular trait. The counterparts of these traits are found in each household.

You may wish to live in peace. You have no desire for strife. 

Still, you are forced into dispute and conflict.

Nations are the same.


A nation may desire peace and make many concessions to achieve it.

But no matter how much it tries to remain neutral, it can still be caught up in war.

Two opposing sides can demand its allegiance until it is drawn into war against its will.

The same is true in a household.


Man is a miniature world.

His essence contains the world and everything in it.

A man and his family contain the nations of the world, including all their battles.


A man living alone can become insane.

Within him are all the warring nations.

His personality is that of the victorious nation.

Each time a different nation is victorious, he must change completely, and this can drive him insane. He is alone, and cannot express the war within him.

But when one lives with others, these battles are expressed toward his family and friends.


There may be strife in the household of a Tzadik.

This too, is a war between nations.

It is also the war between the twelve tribes, such between Ephraim and Judah.

When the Moshiach comes, all wars will be abolished.

The world will have eternal peace, as it’s written (Isaiah 11:9): “They will neither hurt nor destroy…”


One of the main reasons I gravitated towards Breslov, 16 years ago, is because Rebbe Nachman was one of the rare ‘Rebbes’ who actually addressed the real problems of real people.

Yeah, sure, it’s great to hear all those pious discourses about overcoming anger – and Breslov also has a lot of practical advice on how to do things like that, too, like THIS – BUT.

Sometimes, there is way more hiding out ‘under the anger’ than just the mere fact that your middot suck, and you need to do some major work on yourself.

That’s where lessons like the one quoted above fill in a very valuable piece of the puzzle.


Sometimes, even when we don’t want to get into fights and strife, that happens anyway.

Especially, when the winds of war are blowing around in the world generally, and we are affected by them.

The last few days, I’ve certainly been experiencing these ‘winds of war’ in my personal dalet amot, in a very pointed fashion.

Yeah, sure, I also have bad middot and I still have a lot of work to do on overcoming my anger – but that’s ALWAYS the case.

What I’m saying, is that the ‘winds of war’ blowing around Ukraine are also showing up in our own lives right now, in a million different ways, and once we are aware of what’s going on, and why, it makes it much easier to approach these bust ups with the right perspective.


What’s the right perspective?

To know that Ein Od Milvado.

Like you, I hate when people have a go at me. Nobody likes being publically called out and shamed, and especially not in a public forum.

That’s just how God made us.

The last couple of days, Baruch Hashem, I’ve had a lot of that going on, both here on the blog, and also via email, and also – bizarrely – by the grave of Yehudah, the son of Yaakov Avinu.


Yesterday, I dragged my husband off to the grave of Yehuda, in the middle of the city of Yehud, because I felt an urgent need to just sit and pray quietly for a bit, somewhere holy and ‘away’ from Jerusalem.

Time to rebalance….time to reconnect to my neshama…time to take a breath and just get away from all the machloket for a bit….

Gveret, either put on a mask or get out.

I looked around to see a middle-aged guy sitting by the door, who had a mask over his mouth but under his nose, gesturing wildly to a pack of blue masks on a table.

I looked at my husband, he looked at me – and we decided to ignore him.


But the guy wasn’t taking ‘no’ for an answer.

He stood up and launched right into a bullying tirade about how I either needed to put on a mask, or get out. (There was just the three of us in the kever, with a few people outside, who it now seems to me had been ‘bullied out’ of there before we came.)

I continued to ignore him – mentally, I decided I’m just going to kiss the tomb, then go out and do my praying under a tree next to it.

But my husband, rational, kind person that he is, decided to try and reason with the guy, that it’s halachically forbidden to pray with a mask on (see update on this below) – and that anyway, there was no one else around and the grave, even though roofed, was practically outside.

Next thing I know, my husband and the guy almost came to blows.


After cursing me that my prayers would come to nothing, and telling us both that we were reshaim gemorim, the guy then decided he was going to lock us into the grave.

I’d been trying to ignore him, so I wasn’t aware of what he was trying to do until he’d closed one swing door, and was attempting to shut and bolt the other one.

At that point, my husband stuck his foot in the door, and they started having a physical push and shove over the door – and I got up and walked past them, totally amazed at what was going on.

Because while I’m a crazy psycho with Moroccan genes, my husband is totally not.


Long story short, somehow, once I got out, the guy got back into the kever – and I shut the door behind him, and locked it.

Just for 3 seconds.

Just to show him, that when you start threatening all sorts of horrible things against other people, God has a way of causing you to fall into your own trap.

And then I unlocked it, and went to sit under a tree to say some Tikkun Haklalis.


There was an older guy outside, a chassid, who had been watching all this happening, with consternation in his face.

After a minute, he went over to the kever and opened the door (we realised at that point that even without locking it, the guy was trapped in the kever, as that is how the door is made – you can’t open it from the inside.)

Then, he came over to my husband, and started trying to apologise for the guy’s behaviour.

He’s just worried about the Misrad HaBriut, he’s a good guy really, he told us.

There are cameras all over the place now, he’s just worried the Misrad HaBriut will shut the place down, if people aren’t wearing masks….

I didn’t know whether to believe him – I’ve been in plenty of kevers the last few months, all over Israel, where masks are really not a ‘thing’ at all – but I could see he was trying to make peace.


Ok, I said to myself.

I’ll go and apologise to ‘the Tzaddik of the kever’, it’s the right thing to do.

So I went over, said sorry – and then I could see in his face that the guy was totally unrepentant, totally uninterested in ‘making peace’, and just looking for another opportunity to continue telling us how ‘wrong’ we both were, just in more polite terms now.

My husband got more of the lecture than I did, poor guy.

But the older chassid seemed relieved we’d ‘made peace’ with the Tzaddik of the kever, so that was something.


In the car on the way back home, we were discussing what had happened, and whether there was something we could have done differently.

After doing some hitbodedut on it later on, I realised that the right thing to have done was to just get up and leave, and go outside to pray.

I was going to do that anyway, and I should have speeded that process up, because when you’re dealing with ‘tzaddikim’ like this, who are so convinced that their own view point (however faulty…) is the only one that matters, there is no point in arguing.

Then, I also remembered this teaching from Rabbenu, which helped to explain why everyone is so agitated at the moment, and why these ‘wars’ are erupting all over the place in our lives right now.


And the last thing I remembered, is that when you accept an insult with love, that wipes away all your sins.

I always have a lot of sins that need wiping away, and for sure, I was going to get ‘hit’ with a million mekatrigim for putting up R’Emden’s books on the site.


Did I accept all that guy’s insults with love?

I dunno.

On the plus side, I didn’t insult him back, and I only said to him (with maximum sarcasm) ezer Tzaddik!!! a couple of times.

I also didn’t curse him in my heart, or wish bad things on him before, during or after our visit – which for me, is a big deal.

And I went over to apologise – and I bit back the urge to say ezer Tzaddik!!! again, when he pointedly refused to apologise back for what he’d done to us, after telling me he wasn’t being makpid.

On the minus side, I DID lock him in the grave.

But only for three seconds.

So, I don’t know if it really counts, as an ‘accepting the insult with love’ event.


The world is very tense right now.

Everyone is frustrated, up-tight, angry, worried, scared.

Most people are just waiting for some poor ‘victim’ to come along, that they can take all their frustrations out against, whilst hiding behind noble excuses and rational reasons for why they just had to try and lock some people into a kever, for the ‘crime’ of not wearing a mask…


But ultimately, Ein Od Milvado.

Even the psychos are  just from Hashem, and everything that happens to us – and to me – is totally, 100% deserved, and actually a deep discount on what I should really be getting.

When I remind myself of that, I feel better again.

And probably, I have more of this stuff waiting in the wings, because I’m not done yet, with sharing important information about how and when our Jewish community was hijacked by Frankist-Freemasons, and how their spiritual  descendants are still corrupting everything around us today.

I can’t stop myself from getting angry, at least, not always, and apparently not at the moment.

But I can always do some hitbodedut, introspect, figure out where there is room for improvement, and apologise.

And guess what?

So can you.



(Translated from page 31 of the Shivivei Or Newsletter, number 250):

Now, they announced that Putin is not going to war. This morning, they announced that he met with the president of France, and that he calmed him down, because it looks like he got out of bed on the wrong side, because he doesn’t do an hour of hitbodedut, so he has nothing to calm him down.

And the French president appeased him, to the point where he said, ok, the soldiers will stay there for another month, to show that I am a gibbur (figuratively, ‘a guy you don’t mess with’) – but I’ve already backed down from the idea of having a war.

Today, this morning, they announced already that no [there won’t be a war….]

Those who are in Uman, they need to be told that they should be calm, and that they don’t need to prepare food, and they don’t need to leave Uman, and that it’s possible to travel to Uman quietly.

He [Putin] announced to [unclear], and also had a conversation with the German Chancellor – he also met him, and he said to him, what, do you want another Shoah?! What, to kill another another few tens of thousands of people, for what?! Because you got out of the wrong side of the bed? What’s the matter with you?!

The nations of the world are bored. They don’t have the Gemara, and they don’t have dancing, and they don’t have singing.


Just to add, that dancing and singing and learning Torah are key ways the Rav and Rabbenu explain change and sweeten the harsh judgments in the world.



Apparently, I misheard what my husband was saying about wearing masks while praying being against the halacha, but maybe that’s a good thing, because now I had to go and see if there are sources for saying that, while I was updating the article.

I went back to R Chananya Weissman, to ask him if that concept is something I totally made up, or if I had actually seen something that said that.

Here is what he kindly sent me:


  1. This snippet from an interview he did HERE with an Italian journalist:

Last question: what does the Torah in regard to closures and masks?

I refer you to some of my articles on the topic and I’ll be happy to clarify any point, if necessary:

There is also a lot more in this regard, and offered as a contribution from other rabbis. 


I quote here from an e-mail that someone has shared with me, and that was not attributed:

“The masks are associated with the idolatry in the ancient jewish sources. 

The Torah urges us to refrain from any practice that has the slightest connection with idolatry (Deuteronomy 7:26 and elsewhere). The Code of jewish Law does not recognize the masks as a garment that is acceptable. (Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim 301:20. Shabbos 66a; Ref ibid 30b. Or Zarua Hilchos Shabbos 84). 

The masks symbolize division and separation from God.

Likutei Torah of Rabbi Isaac Luria says that there is no garment to the mouth or nose. Similarly, Rabbi Shalom DovBer of Lubavitch writes in Sefer Maamorim 5665, that there is a garment for the mouth. Rabbi Moses Cordovero writes in Tomer Devorah the mouth and the nose must always remain uncovered, in the likeness of the Divine.

The Jewish law does not permit to undergo the hardship or oppression of the breathing, in the name of a supposed public benefit, because the ‘public health’ is not a value in the Torah (discussed at length in one of the articles that I mentioned above).


And also this:

2) Mask policy in Judaic thought

From the blog of R Michoel Green. Snippet (but go read the whole thing, as he brings a lot of Torah sources in the footnotes there:)

2)      It is forbidden to wear a mask during prayer. [17] It is not appropriate to stand before a king wearing a mask on one’s face. How much more so before the King of kings, the Holy One blessed be He.

[17] Rabbi Moshe Sternbuch in a recent responsum.

See also Rabbi Daniel Green’s recent article:

“Orach Chayaim 91:5, that one must be dressed during prayer as one would while greeting dignitaries. Wearing gloves, alternatively, is prohibited (S.A. Admur Hazokein, based on the Bach and Magein Avraham). See Piskei Teshuvos Ibid., that this prohibition includes wearing pajamas (as per Mishna Berura Ibid. s.k 11), work clothes for laborers or hospital staff, etc., which would normally not be worn while entertaining important guests, and that even a scarf during cold weather should be avoided during the Shmone Esrei itself (as cited in footnote 40, quoting Imrei Emes Likutim pg. 118, in the name of the Sfas Emes and Chidushei Harim, and Zachor L’avraham chapter 7 ois 19, that the Toldos Aharon was unhappy when a healthy person prayed wrapped in a scarf.”


Furthermore, one is prohibited from praying whilst holding a load that isn’t for the purpose of prayer. [18] A mask is a load according to halacha.

18] Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim 96:1.


Ad kan.

For now.



Here’s the secular law in Israel, on claiming the right to NOT have to wear a mask, from HERE.

The Ministry of Health’s own site: 

No Certificate Required:

The law does not require any certificate, document, or other proof of one’s inability to wear a mask. All that is required is for the individual to say that he is exempt.

The Minister of Health, Nitzan Horowitz was asked to explain this point in the Knesset on 28/7/21. 

He answered:

“Indeed, the law has defined an exception that a person due to mental, intellectual or medical disabilities significantly has difficulty wearing a mask, or is prevented from doing so due to his disability that is supposed to cover the mouth and nose, he will be exempt from the mask obligation. The thing is, the law does not define how this exception is made in practice, simply giving an exemption.

Therefore, the wording of the regulation – I can tell you this clearly – does not impose an obligation to present a certificate for the purpose of the exemption and therefore the same person can also verbally claim his right to explain the situation. We will refine this situation among law enforcement agencies so that they know. If you want, you can also ask for a note from a doctor or a letter, if you want, but it is not mandatory.”


So, basically anyone who tries to force you to wear a mask after you say ‘ani pator’ is BREAKING THE SECULAR LAW.

Now, how does this piece of information start to change the picture?

Here’s how you say it legally, in the Hebrew:

When asked to put on you mask you don’t have to explain why, simply say “אני פטור על פי חוק יש לי קושי משמעותי”


Ani patoor(a) al pi hok. Yesh li koshi mashmaoti.

Please, someone out there print some T-shirts with this on it….


Hey, that website also has some stickers to download and print off, here:אני-פטור-מעודכן.pdf

I think I’ll pull this stuff out in a separate post tomorrow, just to make sure everyone sees it.


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More and more, I’m coming to the conclusion that ‘reality’ is almost totally fake.

By reality, I mean the things the ‘news’ tells us.

And the things we are taught in school about ‘science’ and ‘history’ – and just about everything else, actually, except probably the rules of English grammar.

(But I’m prepared to be proven wrong about that, too.)

The reason I’m underlining this right now, is because most people are screwed to their TV screens waiting for ‘news’ about Ukraine, and the upcoming war there.

And I just want to caution us all, not to fall for all the propaganda around this.


First of all, remember that Putin and Biden and Bennett and all of them ALL work for the same person, the same evil group pulling everyone’s strings from behind the scenes.

The ‘New World Order’ needs a distraction from its badly failing Covid 19 scamdemic, so a world war is a great way to get people’s minds off what is actually happening to us, day to day, thanks to our corrupt governments and military.

At the same time, of course these things have an element of ‘reality’ – just ask the families of the hundreds of thousands of people who developed fatal attacks after taking the Covid 19 shots….

So, we can’t fall into the mistake of thinking yeyeh beseder, without some serious teshuva and prayers, asking God to sweeten everything that’s going on.

It’s a very narrow bridge, between ‘fake reality’ and ‘real fakeness’, which is part of why this current test is just so head-wrecking, spiritually.


I want to update you with a couple more ‘messages’ from the Rav’s WhatsApp group, and then let’s finish with some greenscreen fakery from NASA.

Because if they can ‘fake’ moon landings, and International Space Stations, and visits to Mars – do you think ‘faking’ some war scenes on planet earth is beyond them?

First, the updates from the Rav, from the last day and a half:

  1. The Rav [said] that the war of Moshiach will be much worse than the Holocaust. It was supposed to happen now But he pushed it off that even our grandchildren won’t see it. 

2. [From yesterday, 17.02.22]:

The Rav spoke about Russia again today and said that their true intention is to take over all of Europe, beginning with all the countries that the USSR controlled before its collapse. Ukraine they can conquer in a few minutes, they don’t need that much manpower for it. But for their true plan they do.

He said Jews are safe.


Please remember that the messages from the Rav are often not so straightforward to decode.

That said, the Rav has consistently been saying the war of Gog and Magog has been pushed off into the future – i.e. sweetened – for many years now, and each time they try to pull another major war out of their back pocket, it does seem to have fizzled.

So, lots of reasons to be hopeful, but still prepare for the worst, in which ever way you feel you need to.

And now…. back to NASA.


Really, it’s hard to believe how they got away with fooling us all with their ‘fake science’ for so long…


There’s a lot of these out there, if you want to do your own ‘NASA Greenscreen’ research, but I like this one, as it pulls a lot of material together very well, in a very short time span.

(And if you get bored, then have a search for ‘CNN Greenscreen’ too… Once you notice how people in front of a greenscreen appear, you literally see it everywhere.)

So, don’t believe everything you see online.

Stop engaging with the propaganda (aka ‘news’).

And instead of worrying yourself to death about Russia and WW3, say a tikkun haklali instead, take a walk, do a kindness for someone, spend 5 minutes doing hitbodedut on your anxiety – and that way you’ll feel way better.

Whatever seems to be happening (or not…) in ‘the real world’.


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Most people at this stage know ‘something is off’ with the Covid 19 narrative, but they don’t know what it is.

If they haven’t been following the story as it unfolds, there is a huge amount of ‘catch up’ required, to get them from the position of ‘this is just an experimental vaccine’ to ‘the shots are full of nanotech that can turn people into internet compatible, remote-controlled robots.’

That’s a big jump for most people to make.


The good news is, that more and more of the independent journalists and researchers out there are starting to gird their loins, to put more of this information out in a way that can ‘catch people up’ on the technology being used against us, faster.

One of these journalists is a guy called Richard Hall, who runs a site called ‘RichPlanet’, which you can see HERE.

He’s just put together a three part series that takes a closer look at a huge amount of the independent research coming out about what is really in these shots, with pictures, done in a way that can ‘catch people up’ on what is really happening, with facts and hard evidence.

Here below are the links to his documentary, on Odyssey, and HERE is where you can get them directly on his site (which is currently experiencing a lot of traffic – this only came out two days ago.)

> Part 1 – Alternative Link

>> Part 2 – Alternative Link

>> Part 3 – Alternative Link


And this is what these videos cover:

Evidence is mounting by the day, which shows that every make of COVID-19 jab is packed with carbon nanotubes and associated self assembling intra body nano network technology.

In today’s show we present evidence from many independent studies, produced in several different countries, which have carefully examined the contents of the so called vaccines. From this evidence we are confident that the jabs main purpose is not a vaccine.

It’s quite difficult to explain the evidence to a lay person, because most people are not familiar with recent advances in intra body nano technology.

In the show we explain several of the major developments within nano technology, and describe the characteristics of various components that are now in use or have been developed. We then show that these components can be identified within the ‘vaccines’ across all the manufacturers.

We need to move quickly to get this evidence to the public and to police forces, so that the vaccine centres can be closed down and quarantined, and the perpetrators arrested and sentenced with assault and grievous bodily harm with intent.


Personally, I think he’s still being over-optimistic, thinking that any of our police forces will shut this down, even when the evidence is so clear, that it’s mamash the biggest war crime ever attempted against humanity.

Rather, as more and more of us start to understand just how badly we’ve been duped and deceived by the olam hasheker, we’ll start to make more of the sincere teshuva required for all these evil people, all our puppet-leaders, and the puppet-masters behind the scenes to crumble all by themselves.

These people are all cowards.

They hide behind their positions and their body guards and their money, but when push comes to shove, they are weak cowards, and as soon as they sense they can’t push us around any more, or fool us any more – all their power over us evaporates.


On that note, I came across this weird clip from the Simpsons, that apparently ‘predicted’ a Canadian trucker convoy scaring Justin Trudeau out of office.

(It’s on Youtube, so not sure how long this is going to stay up…)



For once, I’m buying the ‘factcheck‘ that’s debunking the trucking clip as a fusion of two different episodes.

That’s actually reassuring to me, as it means it was a real grassroots movement, with real people standing up and fighting back – and not just a part of the ‘scripted reality’.

That’s good to know.



Keep praying for God to show you what’s true, about everything, and keep an open mind about everything right now.

The olam hasheker is starting to disintegrate, but it still has some surprises and shocks up its sleeve, and we all know that the evil is going all out now, because it’s on its last legs.


The takeaway point is that no-one is going to fight this battle for you.

Each of us has to take the responsibility to do our own birur, take our own stand in our own lives, and to align ourselves with God, truth and justice, in whatever way we need to do that.

What’s going on with the Covid 19 shots is really only a very small part of that process.

It’s part of a much bigger ‘test’ that God is giving us all, to get real, to own up to our own mistakes and bad middot, and to have some humility, that whatever we thought we knew, we really don’t know anything.

That’s scary.


All our props, all our ‘crutches’ are being whisked away now.

But the good news is, once that stuff is gone, we can really start to understand that Ein Od Milvado.

There is only Hashem.

You can’t rely on corrupt doctors, corrupt politicians, corrupt police and judges, corrupt journalists, corrupt scientists, corrupt ‘social activists’, corrupt rabbis, corrupt bureaucrats, corrupt entrepreneurs.

There is only Hashem.

That’s really where all this is headed. And the quicker we understand that, the easier the rest of this process will be.



So, after that Simpson’s ‘prediction’ I went to see what else they’d predicted.

There’s a lot of videos out there, but this one brings some pretty amazing ‘coincidences’ – including Flanders reading something online about a ‘flu shot that lets them read our minds’….

You can’t make it up.

(Not shmirat eynayim friendly, thanks to Lady Gaga half way through.)



It seems as though the Simpsons also predicted the following things, for 2022:

  • A worldwide takeover by ‘killer robots’
  • A Zombie epidemic, sparked off by poisoned burgers
  • World War III.

Somehow, it’s just not as funny as it used to be.


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