I realised something this morning.

I realised that if I don’t find a way to really work on my emuna, and to bitul (nullify) myself to God, and His plan, then the ‘bad guys’ are going to win, whatever happens next.

Yesterday, my husband sent me this, with the subject line: What a CO-IN-CID-ENCE.

Nir Barkat set to become Knesset’s first billionaire

Here’s a snippet:

Yamina leader Naftali Bennett is also due a windfall from the anticipated sale of an Israeli fintech startup, in which he has equity, for billions of dollars.


You understand, of course, that this is the way they ‘buy off’ our political leaders, and hijack our democracy in plain sight.

No offence to Bennett, but the guy is clearly not the sharpest pencil in the box.

And yet, it’s AMAZING how all our politicians, clever and dumb alike, keep picking these stellar stock options, and keep making millions and billions…. and then roll over and do whatever the controllers behind the scenes tell them to do.


Last year, Bennett said this (check the one minute mark):

“In many countries, zero young people died.”


Now, PM Bennett is doing exactly the same as ex-PM Netanyahu – and whoever you put in the PM’s chair, nothing is really going to change, because they are all bought and paid for. 

So , we are in for more mask enforcement, more lockdowns, more coercion to get even young children ‘vaccinated’.

And the stress of all this has been really getting to me the last couple of days.


The last three days, I’ve seen more masks going back on again…

The security guard where my husband works told him from next week, the Police will start giving fines again for non-mask wearing again.

Going shopping for groceries is becoming an ordeal again.

And this morning, I literally felt like I just want to roll over and give up.

I can’t do another three months of this, God, I just can’t. It’s too much for me.

In the meantime, I’ve been snapping at my kids, totally self-absorbed in all my chronic stress, and unable to really ‘do’ anything much, because of my underlying anger and panic about what’s going on here.


This morning, as I registered my heart rate going through the roof as I put my shoes on ready to go out and get the challahs for Shabbat, I realised something.

If I carry on like this, the bad guys are going to win, whatever happens.

But what’s the alternative? To  just give up and stop caring? To stop fighting this anyway I can and just let them win?

To have some real emuna, the small voice whispered back.

To look past the evil politicians, and the dumb ‘law enforcement’, and to just see God.

God is behind all this, remember?


Ah, God.

You have sent me so very many tests the last few months, to polish up my emuna, and to get me working on so many of those bad middot that thrive in the current crazy matzav.

How much fear I’ve had to deal with the last few months.

How much worry.

How much anger and hatred.

How much I’ve had to try to get a grip on my ‘controlling’ tendencies, which have ballooned as I feel less and less in control of anything.


How much hitbodedut has been required, the last  year and a half, to just not go crazy from the injustice and evil of it all.

And to keep reminding myself that ultimately, Ein od milvado.

There is only God.


So, I realise I have to bitul again with all these mask diktats.

Not because I believe in them, not because I’m buying ‘the story’, not because I’m scared to fight back.

But because God is ultimately the One I am nullifying myself to, and not all those ‘Karens’ and police people.


Really, I don’t have a choice.

If I don’t adopt the ‘no-big-deal-just-bitul-to-God’ approach over the next couple of months, I can’t see how I can get through this without cracking up, mentally, whatever else is going to happen to turn it around eventually.

So, no big deal, to wear the stupid mask to buy my milk…

No big deal, to jump through all these stupid hoops again, God, as the evil government tries to coerce every last one of us into getting ‘barcoded’ with that DNA Origami vaccination that’s filling us up with graphene nanotech…

If that’s what You want God, it’s OK with me.


Because otherwise, I’m not going to cope with what’s coming down the pipe here, over the next few weeks.

And ultimately, all this is just a massive, ongoing lesson in practical emuna, working on my bitul, and understanding that I’m not in control of anything.

And really, I never was.


On a separate note, I got this over email:

Hi Rivka,

I would love to learn more about the story with Rav Berland’s situation. I would be grateful if you could send me more details regarding how he was set up and what the truth is behind the story the media tells.

Thank you


There are a couple of ways you can find out what happened with the Rav.

If you plug in ‘Rav Berland’ in the search box on this site, it will bring up a ton of articles from the last 4-5 years, so you can do it that way.

OR, you can download both volumes of One in a Generation, for free, and read them at your leisure.

Here’s volume 1, as a PDF:


And here’s volume 2, as a PDF:

Into Exile FINAL



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I know it’s pretty dark right now.

But don’t give up.

This ‘war’ that we’re all fighting, just to hang on to our sanity and our souls is 99% in our heads.

‘They’ are trying to make us believe that we are just soul-less hunks of animated meat.

If you take the soul out of the picture, if you take God out of the picture, then sadly, that’s almost true.

But when you put the soul back in the picture – front stage, in the picture – then everything changes.


I’m speed-reading through a ton of information at the moment, and speed-watching through a ton of videos, trying to do the birur of separating truth from fiction.

What I can tell you at this stage, is that in that ‘false reality’ they’ve created for us all – the one that is totally disconnected from God and Torah and the soul – things are way, way worse than most people imagine.

If that reality is ‘real’, then humanity as we know it is about to cease to exist.


James Corbett sets out ‘the dark future reality’ very clearly:

(Take a look at the 12 minute mark, where they talk about how they can engineer cells to ‘produce’ anything, including gasoline…)


And take a look at this, a document on ‘Human Augmentation‘ from the Ministry of Defense in the UK:


Take a look at this, from Wikipedia:

Genome Project-Write

Since the Human Genome Project first sequenced the human genome from 1987 to 2004 at a cost of US$3 billion, costs have fallen precipitously, outpacing even Moore’s law, and were ≈US$1,000 in 2015. More widely available genome sequencing has led to more data on variants of uncertain significance.

The Genome Project – Write (also known as GP-Write) is a large-scale collaborative research project (an extension of Genome Projects, aimed at reading genomes since 1984) that focuses on the development of technologies for the synthesis and testing of genomes of many different species of microbes, plants, and animals, including the human genome in a sub-project known as Human Genome Project-Write (HGP-Write). Formally announced on 2 June 2016, the project leverages two decades of work on synthetic biology and artificial gene synthesis.

The newly created GP-Write project will be managed by the Center of Excellence for Engineering Biology, an American nonprofit organization. Researchers expect that the ability to artificially synthesize large portions of many genomes will result in many scientific and medical advances.


That project is being run by the ‘Center of Excellence for Engineering Biology‘.

This comes from their homepage:


Sadly, this stuff is so very real.

But that’s not the reality that I live in.


The reality that I live in is one where God, and the Torah, and the soul are really the only things that matter, the only things I’m paying attention to.

(Just to keep this real, of course I’m still eating potato chips and watching way too many things online…. I’m not talking about living a ‘perfect’ lifestyle here, I’m talking about where my SOUL is plugged in to, at it’s root. And that’s God and the Torah and the true tzaddikim.)


In that reality, I’m starting to see how personal ‘levitation’ devices are actually within grasp.


And how ‘free unlimited energy’ exists all around us.


And how people can be healed from the most awful physical diseases with a few blasts of ultrasound – sound, music, prayer….



This is the future world.

The world of Moshiach and geula.

The world of the soul.

And it’s already here, hidden from view, just we need to get the ‘false version of reality’ out of the way first.


I don’t really care what the true shape of the world turns out to be…

It could be ‘flat’, spherical, wheel-shaped, like a bagel, even….

Who cares?

The real war here is between that vision of the world as a limited, savage, ‘survival of the fittest’ place where natural resources are so pressured by humanity, it seems like a ‘mitzvah’ to get rid of people.

God forbid, a million times over.


That the real world is actually much, much larger than we’re being told.

And holds abundant and limitless ‘free’ energy.

And is surrounded by more fresh water than any of us could use up even in a million years.

And is perfectly geared to supporting billions of inhabitants in comfort and good health, as they go about their lives finally focussed on the real and only point of being alive: Getting to know God.


God is infinite.

That process is never-ending.

And the greatest joy a person can experience.

Or at least, that’s what I think. I’m still in a very small state of ‘getting to know God’ myself, right at the beginning of that process, still.

But this I can tell you:

God is good.

And He loves us all.

And everything that’s going on right now is just a mental / spiritual process of birur, to separate out the people who really do believe that they are just ‘animated hunks of meat’ from those who know that the physical body is just the ‘container’ for the soul. Nothing more, and nothing less.


BH, I hope to bring some more ‘real science’ stuff here over the next few weeks, that will totally turn the picture around of what’s really going on in our world.

That good world we are all striving after, and that we are all yearning for, is mamash within grasp.

It’s here already, the puzzle parts are all around, they just need to be assembled into the whole.

While it’s Moshiach’s job to really complete that process (and / or kick start it!), we also have a crucially important part to play in all this, namely:

  • To connect to our souls.
  • To connect our souls back to God.
  • And to connect to our true tzaddikim.



Hitbodedut – talking to God, ideally for an hour, every single day.

That’s how.

And if you can’t manage an hour, start with a minute, or five minutes. But do it every single day.


Everything that’s happening right now is just midda kneged midda.

The people who want to go through life as unquestioning, unthinking, unfeeling ‘robots’ – frum or otherwise – will get their wish.

And those of us who are willing to really connect – even when sometimes it’s painful, and hard, and pulls us into such enormous confusion, and humbles us so very much, and feels so darned uncomfortable we just want to tear our hair out, sometimes – we will also get our wish.

One way or another, the ‘world of connection’ is approaching, fast.

The only question is:

Will you be connecting up to the ‘internet of things’, as a human robot, or will you be connecting back to God and Torah and Moshiach, and the world of truth?


That answer doesn’t depend on whether you got ‘vaccinated’.

It depends on what YOU really want, deep down, and how YOU really want to live your life, going forward.

Connected to your soul, and to God, and to real goodness.

Or connected to technology, ‘science’ and that atheistic, genocidal view of life that says there is just not enough of ‘earth’ to go around.


The point is:

There is still everything to play for.

God is so good, so merciful. Even if you already got vaccinated, there is still no reason to lose hope. You’ll just have to get your socks on, and start really ramping up your teshuva process, and your hitbodedut process, and your learning about how your body really works, energetically, process – so you can beat it.

That’s what I’m busy doing now – trying to figure out how to beat this ‘nano-vaxx’.


And that process starts with praying – a lot.

From the heart.

That God should replace our heart of ‘stone’ (or silicon….) with a real heart of flesh.

And  whoever does that sincerely, I really feel they will come out of this birur process OK.

Because that’s the whole point of why God is making this happen in the first place.


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Here’s a detailed English translation of some of the passages from the Zohar, talking about whether the earth is a ‘circle’ or ‘ball.’

***Updates Below***

I can’t take any credit for this, it was sent to me by two of my friends, who spent half a day painstakingly doing it.

Thanks, C and C!

As with all things ‘Zohar’, even with a good English translation, it’s still not very easy to understand.

But I thought I’d put it up here – and I’m including their photocopies of the original Aramaic text below – and let you, the reader, decide for yourselves, what to make of this.

One translation note: Some of these words can not be easily rendered into English, so they’ve been left as Hebrew transliterations. But rekiah usually means ‘firmament’, and rekiim is just the plural term, for ‘firmaments’.


Zohar translation – Vayikra 9 amud aleph and 10 amud aleph

Rabbi Yehuda began “And Elokim said – Let there be a rekiah (firmament) inside the water etc.”

Come and see the time that Hashem created the world (עולם). He created 7 rekiim above, He created 7 lands (ארצות) below.

(The Matok MiDvash says that these lands were created below in the belly of the adamah and their names are: ארץ, אדמה, גיא, נשיה, ציה, אקרא, תבל and תבל is the biggest of them)

7 seas, 7 rivers, 7 days, 7 weeks, 7 years 7 times. 7000 years that the world is to be, Kudsha Brichu is in the 7th of all.


7 rekiim above and in each and every one of them there are stars and mazalot and servants that serve each and every rakiah.

And in all of them there are chariots, these above these to receive upon themselves the yoke of the Kingdom of their Master. And in all of these rekiim there are chariots and servants and they are different these from these and some are above the others. Some have six wings, some have 4 wings. Some have 4 faces. Some have 2 faces and some have one. Some are burning fire. Some are water. Some are wind.

As it’s written (in Tehillim 104 verse 4): “He makes winds His messengers, burning fire His ministers”.


All of these rekiim those above those are like the skin (כגלדי) of onions, some are below and some are above.

And all of these rekiim shake and tremble from fear of their Master.

On His mouth it’s taken and on His mouth they are sustained (Matok MiDvash interprets this pasuk in the following way “According to His mouth they travel and according to His mouth they stand). And above all of them there is Kudsha Brichu that takes all with strength and force.


In this way are the 7 lands below, and all of them are in the yeshuv, only that some are above and some are below.

And Eretz Israel is above all and Yerushalayim is above all yeshuv.

(The Matok MiDvash is adding in this paragraph that according to the reasoning that the Zohar brings earlier these 7 lands are 7 climates and they are together with us in the yeshuv haaretz)

[RIVKA NOTE: The Matok MiDvash commentary on the Zohar was written in modern times, by Rabbi Daniel Frisch (1935-2005), of the Toldos Aharon community. It’s at least possible that some hint of the modern ideas about our solar system may have crept into his explanations.]


And our friends, the sages who sat in the south, saw in the books of the ancients and in the book of Adam HaRishon that this is how he divided all these lands.

And all of them are found below.

(The Matok MiDvash explains here that now the Zohar refutes the explanation above and is saying that all these lands are found below mamash in the navel of the land הארץ – and they are not 7 division of the land called climates. They are mamash complete lands in which there are different creatures and they are found in the navel of the land, this on the back of this) .


In this manner just like the rekiim above, some above the others and others above the others.

And between each and every land there is a rekiah that separates between them.

So too all the lands are divided according to their names. And between them there is Gan Eden and Gehenom.

And there are between them different creatures just like above. Some of them have 2 faces, some have 4 and some have one. And the appearance of these are not like those.

[RIVKA NOTE: This appears to be a direct reference to ‘extra terrestials’ – but not from outer space.]


(Translator’s note: I skipped here a part where it’s talking about Adam HaRishon and if he birthed children in all of these lands. It’s a cryptical paragraph, so I decided to skip it since I didn’t find it relevant to the earth subject.)


In the book of Rabbi Hamnuna Sava it’s explained more, that all yeshuv roll (מתגלגל) in a circle (בעגול) like a ball (ככדור).


Some below, some above and all the creatures are different in their appearances according to the change of avirah (atmosphere) that there is in each and every place.

And they stand in their lives like other human beings.


(The Matok MiDvash adds in this paragraph that Rav Hamnuna Sava was of the opinion that the 7 lands are the 7 climates and the sages of the south disputed with him and Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai was a citizen of the south and was of the opinion like the sages of the south).


And therefore there are places in the yeshuv, whenever some are illuminated others are in darkness.

In this it’s day and in this there is night.

And there are places where it’s always day and there is no night except for a few hours.

And there is a place that is entirely day. And this is what is written in the book of the ancients and in the book of Adam HaRishon.

As it’s written (in Tehillim 139 verse 12): ” I shall thank You for in an awesome, wondrous way I was fashioned; Your works are wondrous.”

And it’s written (in Tehillim 104 verse 24) “How wonderous are Your works Hashem”.


And about this everything fits perfectly.

And this secret has been granted to the masters of wisdom and not to those who divide the limits.

Because this is a deep Torah secret.


According to this is the sea in which there are many creatures different from each other.

As it’s written (in Tehillim 104 verse) “This sea-great and wide; there are creeping things and innumerable beasts, both small and large. There the ships go; this leviathan.”

And everything depends these on that and everything is according to what is above.

And in all of these worlds nobody rules except for man and Hashem above him.


Rabbi Nehorai Sava went on a voyage to the sea.

(According to Matok MiDvash this is the Mediterrean sea).

And there was a storm in the sea that sank the ship and a miracle was made for him and he went down with the known paths to the heart of the sea.

And he went out from underneath the sea to a certain yeshuv and he saw many creatures that were tiny.

And they were praying a prayer. And he didn’t know what they were saying.

A miracle was made for him and he went up.



He said, fortunate are the righteous that toil in Torah and know the supreme hidden secrets.

Oy vavoy to those that disagree with their words and don’t believe in them.

From this day onwards whenever he went to the beit midrash and the sages would expound the Torah he (Rav Nehorai Sava) would cry.

They asked him why are you crying.

And he answered because I transgressed the emunah of the words of the sages.

And I am fearful of the din (judgment) of that world.

(The Ramak explains it’s the olam habah)


Lots and lots to think about here.

What struck me, is that the Zohar doesn’t seem to be talking about the ‘shape’ of the natural world at all, just its composition.

For example, this sentence is frequently quoted to justify the position that the Zohar says the world is shaped like a ball:

In the book of Rabbi Hamnuna Sava it’s explained more, that all yeshuv roll (מתגלגל) in a circle (בעגול) like a ball (ככדור).

But when I read it, it seems to just be describing the ‘motion’ of the yeshuvim, or the lands, that they roll around in a circle, like a ball.


Also, pay attention to the Zohar’s description of ‘extra terrestials’.

I know I’ve mentioned this a few times, but a fake ‘alien invasion’ seems to be on the cards soon, which is why the media in all its formats has been priming us for years, to prepare for the UFOs from ‘outer space’.

If you read THIS post, then you know that the UFOS are really just ‘black’ technology developed by the Nazis that came over to form the West’s ‘deep state’ post WW2 – and who have been happily experimenting upon humanity, in a million demonic ways, ever since.

But why would the ‘deep state’ want to fake an alien invasion from ‘outer space’?

Great question!


If you go HERE, you’ll find a PDF of a short book that was put out by the Dial Press in 1967, called:


To make a very long story very short, this report detailed how ‘war’ is actually the key way that societies maintain their economic and social control over the population.

If there was no ‘war’, no external ‘threat’ posed by other militaries trying to take over your country – then who the heck would pay all these taxes, or give away so many of their human rights and personal freedoms, or let all these corrupt politicians dictate to us how to live?



This report was commissioned by a bunch of those ‘elites’ who believe they own the world.

And it was wrestling with the huge problem (for them…) of how they could maintain their control of the populations they rule in a world with a ‘One World Government’ – and  maintain the huge amount of economic spending currently required by the military – if there was no more war.

They came up with a few ‘economic surrogates’ that could replace perpetual war, including:

  1. A vast ‘social welfare’ program – which they ultimately rejected, for the following reasons (see page 47 of the report):

In the past, such a vague and ambitious-sounding “program” would have been dismissed out of hand, without serious consideration; it would clearly have been, prima facie, far too costly, quite apart from its political implications.

Our objection to it, on the other hand, could hardly be more contradictory.

As an economic substitute for war, it is inadequate because it would be far too cheap.

If this seems paradoxical, it must be remembered that up to now all proposed social-welfare expenditures have had to be measured within the war economy, not as a replacement for it. The old slogan about a battleship or an ICBM costing as much as x hospitals or y schools or z homes takes on a very different meaning if there are to be more battleships or ICBM’s.


So then, they moved to other suggestions including:

2. “A series of giant space research programs.”

(This snippet from page 48:)

Another economic surrogate that has been proposed is a series of giant “space research” programs. These have already demonstrated their utility in more modest scale within the military economy.

What has been implied, although not yet expressly put forth, is the development of a long-range sequence of space research projects with largely unattainable goals.

This kind of program offers several advantages lacking in the social welfare model. First, it is unlikely to phase itself out, regardless of the predictable “surprises” science has in store for us: the universe is too big.

In the event some individual project unexpectedly succeeds there would be no dearth of substitute problems. For example, if colonization of the moon proceeds on schedule, it could then become “necessary” to establish a beachhead on Mars or Jupiter, and so on.

Second, it need be no more dependent on the general supply-demand economy than its military prototype. Third, it lends itself extraordinarily well to arbitrary control.

Space research can be viewed as the nearest modern equivalent yet devised to the pyramid-building, and similar ritualistic enterprises, of ancient societies.


Are you starting to see how this all fits together a bit more, now?

Let’s continue.

3. Create a worldwide ‘Peace Corps’ to enforce social engineering programs, to replace the military.

(See page 50.)

A more sophisticated variant is the proposal to establish the “Unarmed Forces” of the United States. This would conveniently maintain the entire institutional military structure, redirecting it essentially toward social-welfare activities on a global scale.

It would be, in effect, a giant military Peace Corps.


Later on, the document starts talking about how they would also need to generate a ‘credible external threat’ to humanity, to retain political, social and economic control.

Here’s some of their suggestions:

(See page 51).

The most ambitious and unrealistic space project cannot of itself generate a believable external menace.

It has been hotly argued that such a menace would offer the “last, best hope of peace,” etc., by uniting mankind against the danger of destruction by “creatures” from other planets or from outer space.


And if that doesn’t work, then there’s always the ‘climate change’ bogey man!

(Again, from page 51)

It may be, for instance, that gross pollution of the environment can eventually replace the possibility of mass destruction by nuclear weapons as the principal apparent threat to the survival of the species.

Poisoning of the air, and of the principal sources of food and water supply, is already well advanced, and at first glance would seem promising in this respect; it constitutes a threat that can be dealt with only through social organization and political power.

But from present indications it will be a generation to a generation and a half before environmental pollution, however severe, will be
sufficiently menacing, on a global scale, to offer a possible basis for a solution.

It is true that the rate of pollution could be increased selectively for this purpose; in fact, the mere modifying of existing programs for the deterrence of pollution could speed up the process enough to make the threat credible much sooner.

But the pollution problem has been so widely publicized in recent years that it seems highly improbably that a program of deliberate environ- mental poisoning could be implemented in a politically acceptable manner.


The Report from Iron Mountain was written – and published by the Dial Press – back in 1967.

It’s not a joke, spoof or satire – although the author later tried to claim that it was.

You only need to look around and see that so many of that report’s ‘recommendations’ have been put into action, and are operating at full swing all around us.

There is a lot more to say about this.

But ‘alien invasions’, pointless ‘space race’ programs, military-enforced ‘social engineering’ projects and climate change and ‘pollution’ are pretty much all our media and our politicians ever talk about.

And that’s not a coincidence.


So we see, that there are massive vested interests behind all this NASA space stuff.

And it’s the same vested interests who are behind the COVID-19 plandemic.

He who has eyes to see – will see.



You can also download the REPORT FROM IRON MOUNTAIN HERE:




A reader and friend just sent me this – it’s a speech Ronald Reagan gave to the United Nations back in 1987.

Start listening around the 29 minute mark, and this is what you’ll hear:

“Perhaps we need some outside universal threat to make us recognise this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world.

And yet, I ask you, is not an alien force already among us?

What could be more alien to the universal aspirations of our peoples than war, and the threat of war?”


There you have it, straight out of the ‘Report from Iron Mountain’ playbook (see page 51).

Once you uncover the ‘script’ all these people are preaching from, uncovering the artifice and the lies gets way, way easier.


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From the outside, things look pretty tough at the moment.

The people with their eyes open are sitting here holding their breath, waiting to see what ‘the next stage’ of this destructive ‘chaos’ process that’s going to lead to geula entails.

And the people who are holding their eyes deliberately shut are feeling all that internal anxiety, that they don’t want to deal with, but still can’t escape.

I see those people in the shuk, looking mega-stressed while trying too hard to have a good time.

Or spending all their weekends at some big forest rave, trying to let the drugs and loud music ‘drown out’ the inner panic.

Or on their couches plugged into a screen, trying to keep their minds ‘occupied’, so they don’t have to think too much about what they can feel approaching.

The last couple of weeks, I’ve had a few days when I’ve done that last option myself.

Sometimes, it’s really hard to deal with all this uncertainty.


There is a tightrope to be walked here, between ‘giving in’ to the panic, and going in to full denial about the reality of what is really occurring all around and within.

It’s not helpful to go ‘full truther’, 24/7.

And it’s also not helpful to just keep pretending everything is fine.

So, how do we cope with a reality that is getting increasingly difficult to handle?

Here’s my suggestions.


  1. Talk to God for an hour a day.

You probably guessed I was going to start here, no?

Rabbenu teaches us that in that hour a day of talking to God, aka hitbodedut – that’s when we take off all the masks, and really look our pain in the face.

That’s when we plumb the depths of our fear and anxiety and anger and hatred – and all the other bad middot that every single one of us has.

That’s when I sit and tell God,

God, I’m so sad that ‘x’ is happening in the world….Sometimes I feel so alone and helpless in all this… sometimes, I feel like whatever effort I made for the good, it just didn’t get there…

Those conversations can sometimes continue in that vein for a few weeks, even, where I’m just filled with pain and questions and sadness and anger. But sooner or later, if I don’t run away from my true feelings, and I keep examining what’s going on, here, and keep turning things over with Hashem’s help – I get some clarity about why things actually have to be that way, after all.

And why God is only good.


At that stage, I can make my peace with the matzav, take whatever actions are required, make whatever teshuva is necessary, and move on with my life in a much better frame of mind.

All of us have difficulties and heartaches to deal with right now.

Running away from all the pain in the world – especially our own pain – doesn’t solve any problems, it just gives us chronic anxiety and takes us even further away from God and geula.

No-one is saying sit in your pain 24/7, for the next three months!!!

That would be awful.

But you owe it to yourself, to your soul, to face your pain down for at least an hour a day, and to really listen to it and embrace what it’s telling you. With God’s help.

And that is what the daily of hitbodedut is for.


2. Follow Rav Berland’s advice.

Before I hit Rav Berland, I was still doing an hour of hitbodedut a day, and still paying a lot of charity, and trying to learn a lot of Torah, and trying to make a lot of teshuva.

But honestly, my life still sucked in a lot of massive ways, and I was feeling totally overwhelmed by negative emotions and feelings, and a seeming inability to have any true ‘sweetness’ in my life.

We are at the end of days, and all of us are paying things down from the last 400 lives we stuffed up – in one shot!

No wonder we’re all clamoring for the Prozac and the weed and the fentanyl.


When I started following Rav Berland’s advice, tho, that’s when things instantly started to feel lighter, and more cope-able.

Here’s a short breakdown of the things I am doing, as a result of following the Rav, that really help me so very much, to cope with what’s going on.

i. Say a Tikkun Haklali every single day.

The Tikkun Haklali is meant to rectify issues with a lack of emuna and bitachon, or faith and trust in Hashem.

You can download a PDF of the Tikkun Haklali with a good English transliteration, here: pdfslide.net_interlinear-tikkun-haklali


ii. Say a ‘Pirchey Nivarchim’ at least once a week, preferably on Shabbat.

These are the set of 10 tehillim that the hidden Tzaddikim explain help Moshiach to fight his spiritual wars in the world, to overcome all that evil in the world.

Including the ‘evil’ that’s pushing for more wars, and taking bread out of the mouths of babes, and force-vaxxing billions of people with experimental gene therapies that have already killed and injured so many people.

(It’s a side note, but a friend just send me a link to a study that came out in the New England Medical Journal that showed that 82% of pregnant women in the study who were vaxxed at the 1st or 2nd trimester stage of pregnancy lost their babies in ‘spontaneous abortions’. There are no stats as to what happened to the women who were vaccinated at the 3rd trimester stage, when losing a baby would be characterised as a ‘still birth’, not a ‘spontaneous abortion’.)


HERE is where you can download a PDF of the Pirchey Nivarchim with a side-by-side English translation.

Here’s the link spelled out:


And here’s the explanation as to how reciting the Pirchey Nivarchim can help fix all that ‘past life’ stuff that is mamash making life so unpleasant and so difficult for so many of us:

[Translated from the Hebrew notes in the back of the booklet you can download from the above link.]

The ten mizmorim (Tehillim) of the Tikkun Haklali are associated with the ten fingers of the hand, [and with] the Sixth Beggar [from Rebbe Nachman’s Tale of the Seven Beggars], who is called: ‘Without Hands’, who heals the Princess who falls into terrible weakness, with the holy niggun (melody)[played] with his hands.

And the ten mizmorim of the Prachim Nivarchim are associated with the ten toes of the feet, [and with] the Seventh Beggar, who is called ‘Without Feet’, who heals the Prince who totally fell from his emuna, with the dancing and circle dances of his holy legs….

The Prachim Nivarchim rectifies all of a person’s gilgulim (previous lifetimes) – all the way back to the sin of Adam HaRishon.


iii. Do a Pidyon Nefesh with the Rav, on a regular basis.

Go HERE for more explanation and more information, but just know that while no-one can currently speak to the Rav personally, you can still do a ‘pidyon nefesh’ via his official website HERE – but you have to have emuna, mamash, now that it’s going to do what’s required.

Last week, on Thursday, after doing a lot of research into the Miami condo, I suddenly felt very weak, and started throwing up.

I felt REALLY ill.

My husband came home, saw how bad I looked, and instantly went off to do a pidyon nefesh on the Rav’s website. Within a couple of hours, I felt much better again.

Pidyon nefesh with the Rav just helps to ‘smooth over’ so much of the jagged edges our path is edged with, and that we have to traverse, because that’s just our tikkun this time around.

And is a huge part of why my life is just way more cope-able than it used to be.


iv: Practise bitul, i.e. self-nullifcation.

This is something that totally changed my life for the better.

I am a strong character – I could SO easily be like all those psychos I write about here, and elsewhere, who can’t ‘see’ anyone else in the picture, or hear anyone else’s point of view.

What’s stopped that, really, is the Rav’s advice to practise the art of bitul as much as possible.

And it’s really hard.

But especially with my kids and my husband, each time I can manage to bitul, I see massive benefits from doing that.

And also in relation to my writing, adopting an approach of bitul means that I can make space for others to tell me what they think, and for others to argue with my ideas, and even, for others to insult me totally – and still continue doing what I’m doing.

It’s been such a present.


I’m sure there’s more I could say, but this sums it up.

In short, if the Rav says ‘pray this prayer’ – I try to do it.

If the Rav says ‘attend this prayer gathering in Hevron’ – I try to do it.

I don’t always manage to follow the Rav’s advice, but I WANT to follow it, even when I can’t.

And I know that this is what is really making all the difference, and helping me to cope with a situation which otherwise, would be totally un-cope-able.


Here in Israel, the corrupt government is talking about ‘enforcing masks’, and closing the airport, and reinstating green passports again.

Not this week.

Not next week.

But almost certainly, in time to totally ruin the summer holidays for most people, as the prelude to ruining the high holidays coming up at the beginning of September.

That’s stressful.

For a lot of reasons.

But I know if I keep following the Rav’s advice, I’ll somehow manage to come through all this in one piece, spiritually and physically.

And that’s really saying something, at this stage of the game.


Don’t forget to check out the new site, ‘Words from the Rav‘, that brings down some short daily doses of wisdom from Rabbi Eliezer Berland in English.

You can find it HERE.


I’m finding more strange ‘survivor’ stories that don’t really make sense.

***Updates Below***

In this post, I just want to collate more of those details, before they disappear down the memory hole, and then sum up where we’ve got to so far, in figuring out what really happened that night, at 8777 Collins Avenue.


Survivor Story 1: Helped by security guard, no mention of any loud construction noise preceding the collapse.

If you go HERE, you’ll find an interview with a 64 year old woman who lived in the Champlain Towers South, who says she saw a crack suddenly appear in the wall, then decided to rush out of the building, down the stairs, just before it collapsed.

She says she got out, down the stairs, in three seconds.

Then, the TV anchor tells us (54 seconds in):

“As she emerges from the ground floor, a security guard is there, helping the grandmother of three climb over walls.”


The back half of the building totally collapsed, start to finish, in 12 seconds flat.

So it’s likely that this grandma was either living in the front part of the building, that didn’t actually collapse, or the section of the building at the back, on the right of the collapsed section, that also stayed standing.

Also, is this meant to be the same security guard that Sarah Nir says didn’t believe her that the “garage was collapsing” in front of their faces – even though presumably, he could look out the window for himself and clearly see if that was happening, or not?

Also, this grandma apparently makes no mention of the loud ‘construction noise’ that according to Mr Nir’s account, above, was going on for a full two hours before the building fell.


Survivor Story 2: She hears an unusual noise, and then feels shaking, and then the building around her collapses.

HERE’s another first-hand account, from Sharon Shecter – who again, like all the survivors who walked out under their own steam, lived in the still-standing parts of Champlain Towers, on the 11th floor.

There are two parts of the structure still standing: the front section, to the left of the collapse, and also the very back section, to the right of it.


Here’s a partial transcript of what she says:

[As Sharon Shecter was fast asleep…]

I started hearing noise that was a little unusual…It felt like the whole building was shaking.

[She looked outside to see what was wrong.]

I realised. I said Oh my God! Where’s the building? There’s no building…. I literally walked out with nothing.


A common theme in many of these ‘survivor’ accounts is that they open the door to where the stairwell was – to find it’s gone, or totally blocked with rubble.

It’s like a surgical amputation of the structure occurred, exactly where the stairwells were, on both sides of the collapse.

The stairwells are where we see those strange flashes of light in the original video, as the building is ‘collapsed’.


Survivor Story 3: Hears ‘loudest thunder’, then 5 seconds later room starts to shake, then dust starts to fall from the ceiling – and then building collapses around his unit.


This account, HERE, is highly significant, and it’s from Steve Rosenthal, who lived in a unit that stayed intact on the 7th floor.

I’m transcribing most of it, so we can keep this information together, going forward. And then at the bottom, we’ll sum up where we’ve got to with the ‘survivor accounts’ from Surfside.


Last Thursday morning, I was asleep in bed, about 1:30, when I heard the loudest thunder I’ve ever heard in my life, times a hundred. 

I went, ok, you know, we got a big storm coming into Miami, a major storm, it’s humid, it’s hot, June. No big deal.

Five seconds later the bed starts to shake, the room starts to shake and I honestly thought I was a dream in California, in an earthquake.

That’s all that came to me. It’s a dream.

Five seconds later, dust starts falling from the ceiling, hitting my face, I’m feeling it. I go ok, it’s an earthquake. A one in a ten thousand year earthquake that’s hit Florida in my life. I’m in it. 


I jump out of bed, I run to the balcony, I run to the living room, open the sliding glass door to see what kind of damage is done to the city of Miami, as far as an earthquake is concerned, and its all dust. I can’t see anything. I run to the front door to open the door to the hallway. I can’t see anything. It’s all dust. Toxic dust just slammed on me.

I run to the bedroom. Power’s out. Put on a pair of jeans, put on a pair of pants, the t-shirt that I’m wearing, pack a bag,…and open up the door to the hallway again and I see what you’re seeing right now. That everything had collapsed.

And the unit next to me is 704, and I’m hearing – I’m assuming it’s Dan [?] – help me, help me, please get me out. I just found out today, they died. I’m one unit from them. If I’m in that unit, I’m dead.

Go to the balcony, I see 10 fire rescuers, 20 fire rescuers, 30 fire rescuers. and all this time, at this point now, I know it’s not an earthquake because I don’t see any damage across the street.

So we’re thinking, it’s the roof! Because there was roof construction going on. Then someone, another resident, said: The whole back of the building collapsed.


Once I opened up the door to the hallway, I saw all the concrete and everything just collapsed.

So there was just no way! I mean, I couldn’t go down the fire escape, or the steps, or anything, because who knows what was going on over there. One way the hallway was impassable. The other one, too scared, so all you could do was go to the balcony and wait to be rescued from Fire and Rescue. That was it.


[Talking about the subsidence to the building over the years and the plans to ‘upgrade’ the building:]

I was aware that we needed some work done. It’s 40 years.

They assessed us $15 million dollars. Mine was $135,000 dollars, payable about $800 a month for 15 years. It was like a second mortgage.

But you know, they wanted to upgrade the building. We had to upgrade it. 

No-one that I know of thought anything like this. We saw cracks in the balcony, we saw cracks here, we saw cracks there. We saw the garage ceiling peeling a little bit. Nothing like this. Nothing like this at all….


[Anchor asks if he ever thought about leaving the building, after the 2018 report identifying some structural issue about it.]

[T]he elected board of directors…make the decisions. And I’m not competent enough to know about rebars and concrete and sand. If they say they want to do this, they want to do that, ok, let’s go ahead and do it. 

You know Surfside has become a very hot area. And I guess they wanted to, you know, they needed to upgrade the building. No question about it. 


[Anchor explains Steve is the first individual to sue Champlain Towers after the South Tower fell. She asks: Why are you suing exactly now? Because the investigations will come?]

The lawyer said you need to protect your interest. And it doesn’t matter if you are the first one, or the hundredth one. Whatever the insurance company is going to do, whether they’re going to do it to me, they’re going to do it to the 100th person, or the 95th person. It doesn’t matter. And I just wanted to get it out of the way. 

There’s no question, everyone is going to file a law suit. Everyone. Every unit owner, every family member. I just happen to be the first one. That’s all.


The Red Cross is putting us up at the Marriott Surfside here, a lot of us [survivors from the building] are staying here.

We all were talking, and some people [who survived were at other locations that night]. And I know someone else who happened to get out just a minute before. There are a few people who survived just by chance and just by luck. But if you were sleeping, if you weren’t up. You’re gone…



  1. Multiple witnesses describe strange noises before the collapse happened.

Sarah Nir and her family speak of loud ‘construction noise’ that was apparently going on from 11pm for two hours, before the building collapses.

Sharon Shecter describes hearing a noise that was a ‘little unusual’.

And Steve Rosenthal describes ‘the loudest thunder he’s ever heard in his life, times 100’.

All these strange noises occur before there is any shaking felt in the building, or any dust starts to fall from the ceilings.

2. The only video that has been published of the collapse happening shows a number of strange light flashes occurring in the seconds immediately before and during the ‘controlled demolition’.

Survivor Barry Cohen said:

First we heard a crash of lightning, I thought it was lightning. And it went on for 30 seconds I’d say, at least.

And it was as loud as you could ever… the loudest thing I’ve ever heard.

Now I know what a building collapsing sounds like.

Only the parts of the building that has these ‘flashing lights’ collapsed.

3. The central and back part of the Champlain Towers building collapse separately, but within 12 seconds.

The building ‘pancakes down’ in a way you ONLY see with controlled demolitions, where the supporting vertical beams are all blown out together, to cause the building to ‘fall in’ on itself.

4. The 2018 report identifies some minor areas of structural building maintenance. The Executive Board decide to use the opportunity to generally ‘upgrade’ the building, too.

Residents notice there is some minor cracking of balconies, and peeling of the garage ceiling. But they are not informed that the ‘structural damage’ to the building is anything more than routine, and relatively minor, nor that there is any suggestion that the building is at risk of collapsing, due to the issues identified.

The building owners are asked to pay $15 million to ‘upgrade’ the building, which Steve Rosenthal describes as effectively having to pay a ‘second mortgage’.

5. Surfside real estate has become very ‘hot’ in recent years.

While apartments in Champlain Towers are going for an average of $600-700k, apartments in new developments on Collins Avenue are now selling for even 10 times as much.

So, there could be a definite ‘real estate’ angle to trying to scare residents in old beachfront properties to move out or sell cheaply, either by suggesting their building is going to collapse on them in the middle of the night, and / or by assessing them for such exorbitant amounts for ‘infrastructure repair’ and building upgrade, that they feel they have no choice to but sell up and move out.

6. The media keeps running stories about what happened that don’t add up.

Like swimming pools disappearing into sink holes, when they didn’t.

And also, they have been pushing the ‘are you scared to live in your building now’ line relentlessly, in all their interviews.

7. The US government is currently trying to pass what they are calling a $3 trillion ‘infrastructure’ bill.

White House prepares massive infrastructure bill with universal pre-K, free community college, climate measures.

But we already know, don’t we, that all this money is just going to go into the pockets of those few people, running those few organisations, that already own and control everything else.

It’s amazing timing, that just before this infrastructure bill comes up for a vote under the Biden government, a 40  year old condo suddenly ‘collapses’ in such dramatic fashion, killing 150 people, in a way that has never been seen anywhere in the US since 1922…

(Outside of the ‘controlled demolitions’ that occurred on 9/11…)


I got sent this video, in Dutch but with English subtitles, that actually does a very good job of explaining how Black Rock and Vanguard actually own the shares of EVERYTHING, EVERY BIG COMPANY YOU CAN THINK OF.

And that Vanguard itself actually owns the shares of Black Rock.

And that no-one knows who ‘owns’ Vanguard, because that information is not in the public domain.

I played it double-time, and read the English subtitles fast – and it was very informative.


There’s clearly a lot more to say.

One thing is clear from the survivor accounts that are filtering out, and also that one video showing the flashing lights, and how fast the building came down, that THE BUILDING WAS DELIBERATELY BROUGHT DOWN.

And someone in US Military, the ‘Deep State’, the US government, knows exactly how and why that was done.

At some point soon, we need to talk more about ‘Directed Energy Weapons’, which I know sound so cringe-y and conspiracy theory-y – but which are actually totally real.

And all this also connects up with Covid 19, and DNA Origami and Erev Rav people with long beards, and Jeffrey Epstein, and the ‘Great Reset’.


There is so much misinformation, it’s hard to know where to begin.

But we’ll keep peeling the information onion, one layer at a time, with God’s help, until we get there.



Take a look at this, a video of Sarah and Chani Nir ‘returning to the site’ a few days after the building collapse, being interviewed by CNN:


I’ve noticed this before with CNN videos with people ‘at the scene’ in Surfside, but this appears to have been filmed against a green screen, then ‘transposed’ to make it look like they are actually on the street there.

I.E.: They aren’t really there, standing next to the building, but in some CNN studio somewhere else.

Why do that?

Especially as Mr Nir explained the family is staying at the Residence Inn, that is literally 700 metres up the road from their building.


The Residence Inn is approximately 700 metres away from where the Champlain Towers collapsed, on Collins Ave.


And again, there’s this perplexing issue of how Sarah Nir could see the garage collapsing.

Let’s just cover that angle again.

Mrs Nir says in this interview that a wall separates her ground floor apartment from the security guy in the lobby:


The shot above is the concierge’s desk in the lobby of the Champlain Towers.

You can see there is a door behind, which presumably leads off to the ground floor apartments, including Sarah Nir’s, on the LEFT hand side of the building.

If Mrs Nir was talking to the guard, then all she can see is the wall behind him, and the hall leading to her own apartment.

If she’s facing AWAY from the guard, then all she can see (through a window and the far end of the lobby…) is part of the external carpark on the right-hand side of the building, marked below. (And remember, all this was meant to be happening at 1:30 at night, when it’s dark…)



Not even after the back of the building came down. Here’s the shots that prove that:


And if you want to tell me that she saw the underground parking collapsing – how is that possible?

Presumably, you could only see that from inside the building on the ground floor if the floor you are standing on suddenly collapsed too, or rent in two.

That didn’t happen. So unless she had x-ray vision and could somehow see through the floor, Mrs Nir didn’t see any garage collapse that night.

But why would she lie – repeatedly – about this crucial piece of information?


As I was pondering that, I saw this comment on the end of THIS article.

I think he said 6 floors collapsed under ground and 7 collapsed on top of the ground. The garage sank and took 6 floors with it. But the distribution is interesting…6 below and 7 above. It also means that a very big hole had opened up beneath the parking garage which was the first to collapse.

The ‘he’ being referred to appears to be one of the Israeli army engineers who got flown in to help with the rescue effort. But this is the first I heard of ‘6 floors collapsing’ underground, or the ‘garage sinking and taken 6 floors with it.’

Can anyone send me a link to the clip where this being said, or tell me who actually said it?


And again, the images from the site post-collapse just don’t accord with that story.

Look at this screenshot again, below.

And then beneath that, I finally figured out how to embed the whole video, from Twitter:



How big is this underground parking meant to be, that six stories can apparently ‘collapse down into it’, and yet there is still space for the Fire and Rescue workers to be walking all around it like this?


And take a look at this shot, by the pool deck post-collapse.


This image suggests that the pool deck only cracked because of the force of the building that was brought down next to it.

The pool deck is OVER the underground parking lot.

Yet neither of the pools ‘sunk’ into the ground before, during or after this massive sink hole is meant to have opened up and swallowed the garage and half the building.

And here’s the thing: why would only half the building sheer off and pancake down, along such surgically-precise lines, and disappear into a sink hole, without at least pulling the rest of the building it was attached to partially down with it?

Go back and watch the video again.

It’s clear as daylight that the support pillars were blown out, and only then the building collapsed FROM THE TOP DOWN.


That building was brought down deliberately, with a ‘Directed Energy Weapon’.

It’s new technology (to us…) so we don’t how these things work.

We don’t understand that the ‘whisper quiet’ demolition occurs with sounds like extreme thunder and lighting, and with pulsed light, and who knows what else.

We don’t know that it literally ‘disintegrates’ the target – and everything inside it – which is why they are struggling mightily to recover anything that really looks like human remains; and why we can’t see any twisted refrigerators, or other large appliances that would still LOOK like appliances, just badly crushed, in that big pile of dust.

So now, they need a cover story to explain where all this people went, where all this ‘stuff’ went, and of course, how this building collapsed like that in the first place, with such speed and awesome precision.

And it’s strange how the Israelis involved in this story are the ones stepping forward to provide it.


The information about how these weapons work – and how they were used in the attacks on the World Trade Centre – has been ‘out there’ for a decade already, and I hope to get up to speed soon on that subject, and share that information with you as soon as I can.

Because I’m getting a strong sense of deja vu about all this.



I went to do a bit of quick checking, to see if CNN has used green screens before in their ‘live’ coverage. Guess what? Yup.

Apparently CNN uses ‘green screen’ interviews all the time, when they are engaged in creating fake news.

This excerpt comes from HERE:

Since not long after their inception, CNN has been caught multiple times throughout the years manipulating the public with sensationalism, favoritism, purposely misrepresenting reality and a multitude of other examples.

One of the most poignant of those was back in the Gulf War era, when it was revealed that CNN had been fabricating on location news events. Pretending to be reporting in dangerous locations overseas, but instead from the comfort of CNN’s Atlanta studios, in front of a blue-screen, or green-screen. Using a technology known as “chroma key.”

And if your first thought was something like “that was a long time ago,” the very same thing took place as recently as just after the alleged Sandy Hook school shooting tragedy, when it was Andersen Cooper’s turn to pretend to be filming on location at a memorial in Newtown, Connecticut. But was instead found to have been reporting again from CNN studios, in front of a blue or green-screen. Something he was later confronted about, despite it not being the first time Cooper had been found to have been fabricating the news.

And then there’s the times when CNN reporters are caught pretending to be filming on location from multiple different areas. Only to be found shooting from the same parking lot, just from two different vantage points, etc.

Read related: New York Times openly admits mainstream media stories are scripted by the White House


Is Sara Nir and her family really in Surfside right now, or was the whole ‘miraculous story’ made up from start to finish?

IF she’s there, staying 700 metres up the street from her now collapsed apartment building in the local Residence Inn – why did CNN need to ‘green screen’ an interview with her and her daughter?

And if she’s NOT there….


Then the twists in this story are becoming even more remarkable.

But that would also explain ‘small details’ like how Mr Nir can claim his son was the first person to call the police – six times! – and no-one responded, while Steve Rosenthal, above, said that as soon as he could see through the dust post-collapse, he saw tens of Fire and Rescue people already on the scene, trying to help people.

One person is lying, and one person is not.


And it also helps to explain how Mrs Nir can run up and down the same  700 metre stretch of road for 4 hours, while somehow managing to keep missing her son, who according to his father was stood right next to the collapsed building the whole time, hoping to re-enter and get his resume.

And also, how none of those rescue workers or police apparently saw Mrs Nir running up and down Collins Avenue for four hours looking for some water, even though presumably they’d have been happy to help arrange that for her, if she’d only slowed down long enough to ask them.

And how Mrs Nir ‘saw a garage collapse’, miraculously, through the floor, while still being able to return to her own apartment, collect her kids and get out the front lobby doors.

It’s a ‘miracle story’ in the best tradition of miracle stories…

Enough said.

For now.


PS: The last word, for this post:

Pay attention to this, pulled out from above:

Pretending to be reporting in dangerous locations overseas, but instead from the comfort of CNN’s Atlanta studios, in front of a blue-screen, or green-screen. Using a technology known as “chroma key.”

And now, here’s a snippet from the transcript of Mr Nir’s interview from the Yiddish site, brought in full HERE:

[5.25 min] I was in Atlanta. And they called me at 1:30 screaming and yelling and my wife, errr… When they ran with all the dust, the white dust and everything, my wife said, ‘I can’t breathe, I need water’. And nobody opened, nobody do nothing. Nobody was there.

Hey, fancy that!

CNN does all their scripted, fake news pieces against a green screen in Atlanta…. and that just so happens to be the location of Mr Nir.




I went to check where the CNN studios are, in Miami.

The short answer is: CNN only has their studio in Atlanta.

Although there is something called ‘CNN Espanol’, that is a few miles away in Miami Beach.


Also, this video just surfaced, showing water leaking in the underground parking, apparently 7 minutes before it fell down.

And strangely, someone was awake at 1:23 am to record that leaking water pipe for posterity.



I just got this link via email. It’s yet another version of the ‘Nir family’ escape story from Hamodia, which again doesn’t jive with the previous versions.

I’m copying the relevant snippet below.

All this is meant to have happened AFTER the rest of the building had already collapsed.


On the first floor, recent college graduate Gabriel Nir had just finished a late night workout and was in the kitchen cooking salmon.

The family heard the first thunderous rumble. They knew the building was undergoing construction and had been irritated by the incessant noise, but this felt different.

They rushed to the lobby. Outside, they noticed the car deck had caved into the parking garage. Car alarms were blaring, emergency lights were flashing and water was rapidly filling the garage where pipes had burst.

Choking dust cloud was making it difficult to see. Residents from upstairs were running out the door screaming, many still in pajamas.

It was getting harder to breathe. The rumbling intensified, and Gabriel pushed his mom and sister into the street.

“Run, run,” he ordered.

Tiny rocks and bits of debris pelted his head as he turned back to face the image that still haunts him.

“I saw the building turning into a white dust,” he says. “I heard people screaming.”

“I have to go back. I have to make sure everyone’s OK,” he said.

But he knew it was too late.


Again, the rest of the building fell down in 12 seconds flat, from start to end.

So the timing of all this just doesn’t fit the facts.

Also, how could they see that the: car deck had caved into the parking garage when this version of the story takes place just after the rest of the building has collapsed, and there is no electricity and also thick choking dust is everywhere obscuring the view even more.

(And btw, this suggests that the car deck collapse only happened AFTER the building collapsed, as collateral damage, and not BEFORE, as Sarah Nir has said in her multiple versions of ‘the story’. That means there was no ‘underground collapse’ that pre-empted what happened next.)


Why lie about all this?

Why all the radically different versions of the Nir family story, that don’t accord with the few facts that we know to be true, like the building collapsing in 12 seconds?

That is the question.


You might also like this article:

The last time I saw a building ‘go down’ like that Miami Condo collapsed, it was 9/11.

***Updates Below***

How much water has passed under the bridge since then…

When I was watching 9/11 happen live, and the Twin Towers collapsed, one after another, like everyone else on the planet, I believed that’s because the steel girders had ‘melted’ after the massive fires had been burning for hours.

I was never a ‘troofer’ – at least, at that stage – and I poured scorn on all these ‘conspiracy theories’, all over the net, about 9/11 being an inside job, and the Twin Towers coming down as part of a controlled demolition.

Let’s just say, a lot has changed in the last 20 years.


So, Friday morning I’m looking at footage of the condo collapse in Miami, and the first thought I had is that ‘this is a controlled demolition’.

Because if you want to tell me that the foundations were rotting at the front of the building due to water seepage from the pool area; or maybe due to erosion from sea salt in the air, and that’s why it happened – then why has this never happened before, anywhere else in America?

Or anywhere else in the world?

There are plenty of 40 year old – and older! – buildings on the coast with leaky pools.

No building, to my knowledge, has ever ‘pancaked’ like this, thanks to erosion or water damage.


Just like with Meron, the BS-O-meter immediately started dinging off, that something very strange is going on here.

The story just doesn’t add up.

Buildings just don’t ‘fall down’ in the middle of the night like that, even if there are cracks in the foundations.

Not that fast, not that straight down.

So, I decided to look around for some videos of ‘controlled explosions’, for comparison purposes.


Here’s a controlled demolition of a condo building in Miami back from 2018, that happened in daylight.

Spot the difference.


So, after a few minutes of watching ‘controlled demolition’ videos, I find myself a little torn.

The video from Miami – the exact ONE video that all of the MSN networks are playing – starts the nanosecond the ‘collapse’ occurs. We have no idea if any loud explosions occurred before the collapse – like we see in the videos above, of controlled demolitions – because there is no audio on that video.

And there are no other videos being released, or apparently to be found anywhere, even tho that whole area is chock full of CCTV cameras.

All you hear on that one video is a man and woman chatting in the background even after the first building collapsed.


The first time I watched that video – on the Israel National News site, HERE,– I couldn’t figure out how the people talking wouldn’t have noticed the sound of a massive building collapsing a few metres away.


It’s also weird how the man clears his throat and says ‘go’ just as the building comes down.

And also, how the video begins with a shot that says ‘no video’….

Other weird things are all the flashes of ‘light’ that seem to be happening in and around the two parts of the condo, before during and after it comes down.

Some witnesses also spoke about seeing flashes of what they believed to be ‘lightning’ just as the condo collapsed.


But I’m torn, because I can’t find any witness reports saying they heard explosions, and clearly, a controlled demolition requires explosives…. doesn’t it?

So next, I start scratching my head, wondering about a possible motive, when I stumble across THIS news story, from the UK’s Daily Mail:



I know that John McAfee was ‘suicided’ in a Spanish prison on Wednesday, shortly before he was meant to be extradited to the US to face ‘tax evasion’ charges, because one of my friends sent me an email telling me that.

By all accounts, he was a maverick, ex-Deep State actor, waging a one-man ‘war’ against the US government, who he believed was trying to take him down.

The one minute video below shows McAfee being interviewed by a female journalist, a couple of years ago.


Snippet of what he said in that interview back in 2019:

‘When I went on the run in Belize I had friends in the US embassy in Belize,’ McAfee told [Jena] Friedman in the interview.

‘I knew I was coming down, I’m not stupid. I had arranged with the head of security I was going to come in.

‘He says, ‘Sir, we have it from the highest authority we are not to allow you into the US embassy.’ Who was the highest authority in the state department? Hillary Clinton.

‘I’m an American Citizen with a [f-word] American passport. I’m sorry, I’m not wanted in America. I’ve got no crimes in America.

‘For a month and a half I was on the run. The reason that the government wanted to collect me was that after they had raided my property in 2012 in the jungle, shot my dog, abused me, destroyed over a half million dollars of my property over a bogus charge, I was p’d off.


‘And so I donated to many secretaries within the government laptop computers, really nice ones, that were preloaded with viral spyware. Within a week the entire government computer system was under my control. I was watching, monitoring this thing. 

‘I was looking for information that they set me up for this raid. I didn’t find it.

I did find out that the minister of national defense was the largest drug trafficker in all of Central America and the minister of immigration the largest human trafficker.’ 


If you go HERE, you can see who was heading up Homeland Immigration in the US, when Hillary Clinton was heading up the State Department.

And if you go HERE, you can see who the ‘minister of national defense’ was, at that time.

Clearly, McAfee was playing with fire.

Back in June 2019, while he was in Cuba, he tweeted this:

‘I’ve collected files on corruption in governments. For the first time, I’m naming names and specifics. I’ll begin with a corrupt CIA agent and two Bahamian officials. Coming today. If I’m arrested or disappear, 31+ terrabytes of incriminating data will be released to the press.’


The condo in Miami came down 12 hours after McAfee was ‘suicided’ in prison.

And here’s where the story gets even stranger.

The snippet below comes from that same Daily Mail article:

Screenshots shared online appear to show the message from McAfee’s Twitter account, from June 8, 2021 at 10:03am on saying: ‘If anything ever happens to me, please know that the 31TB of files I have are located on hard drives in my condo near 88th Street and Collins Avenue just north of Miami Beach.’

There is no such tweet currently on his twitter feed. It may have been tweeted and later deleted, or could be complete fabrication.

mcafee 2

The collapsed building, from which four are dead and 159 unaccounted-for, was at 8777 Collins Avenue in Surfside, Florida, matching the location described in the purported McAfee tweet.


It’s very likely McAfee did have incriminating material showing terrible corruption at the highest levels of the US government, and that he was ‘suicided’ over it.

But why would McAfee publically tell people where he was hiding his stash of incriminating material?


While you are chewing over that, here’s some more strange things.

The day after the condo building was ‘collapsed’, (i.e. Friday) rescue work was hampered because there was a huge thunderstorm.

Today, Saturday, rescue work is now being hampered because there is a ‘deep fire’ underneath all that rubble.

Which again, strikes me as strange.

How do ‘deep fires’ begin in a pile of dust and rubble where there is hardly any oxygen, and hardly anything for them to ‘catch’ on, the day after a massive thunder and rain storm?

(More on this in a moment.)


And the last thing, for now, is this.

I’m in the middle of reading a book about the Great Pyramid of Giza, and how it was actually built to very high engineering specs, as some sort of ‘machine’.

It’s full of physics, and full of ideas about scalar waves, and harmonics, and of course, theories about what all this ‘energy’ was actually used for.

This snippet, from HERE, explains more about what scalar waves actually are:

Scalar waves also referred to as Tesla Waves or Longitudinal Waves are capable of penetrating any solid object including Faraday Cages. A transmitter can be placed in a box of thick metal and a receiver outside of the box will still receive the scalar wave. Scalar waves are capable of passing through the earth from one side to another with no loss of field strength as Tesla showed in one of his experiments.

Traveling faster than the speed of light (superluminal), Scalar Waves are not electromagnetic but composed of pure zero point energy. They also have the potential to be used as a power source.


You might not have heard about ‘scalar waves’ and Tesla Towers, because it’s part of the science that got suppressed in the mainstream (and misused behind closed doors…) already a hundred years ago.

But long story short, Tesla’s work paved the way for a lot of things that no-one really talks about openly, including Directed Energy Weapons.

So, the physics in that Giza Pyramid book got a little ‘heavy’, so I took a break and read the material at the back of the book, advertising other titles.

Here’s what I read:

Hidden Finance, Rogue Networks and Secret Sorcery, by Joseph P. Farrell.

Pursuing his investigations of high financial fraud, international banking, hidden systems of finance, black budgets, and breakaway civilisations, Farrell investigates the theory that there were not two levels to the 9/11 event, but three. 

He says that the twin towers were downed by the force of an exotic energy weapon, one similar to the Tesla energy weapon suggested by Dr Judy Wood…


So, that caught my attention.

Who is this ‘Dr Judy Wood’, and is she reliable?

I tracked down her website, HERE, I read her biography…and it seems as though she really might be on to something.

Former professor of mechanical engineering, Dr. Judy Wood is an expert at optical interferometry who has taught courses in experimental stress analysis and strength of materials testing. She has over 60 technical articles in refereed journals. She is probably the scientist/9/11 researcher who is best qualified to unravel what happened to the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

It’s an old-style website, not updated for a while, but it’s full of technical information about so many things that just don’t add up, scientifically, about what we were all told happened to bring down the Twin Towers, back on 9/11.


Here’s a little bit of what I find over there, and then we’ll bring it full circle (this video is very short, under a minute):


Here’s a partial list of scientific ‘anomalies’ that Wood states on her website:

  • The Twin Towers were destroyed faster than physics can explain by a free fall speed “collapse.
  • They underwent mid-air pulverization (dustification) and were turned to dust before they hit the ground…
  • The seismic impact was minimal, far too small based on a comparison with the Kingdome controlled demolition.
  • The Twin Towers were destroyed from the top down, not bottom up.
  • The demolition of WTC7 was whisper quiet and the seismic signal was not significantly greater than background noise….
  • Fuzzballs, evidence that the dust continued to break down and become finer and finer.
  • Truckloads of dirt were hauled in and hauled out of the WTC site, a pattern that continues to this day [written in 2008]
  • Fuzzyblobs, a hazy cloud that appeared to be around material being destroyed.
  • The Swiss-Cheese appearance of steel beams and glass.
  • Evidence of molecular dissociation and transmutation, as demonstrated by the near-instant rusting of affected steel.
  • Weird fires. The appearance of fire, but without evidence of heating
  • For more than seven years, regions in the ground under where the main body of WTC4 stood have continued to fume.
  • The WTC1 and WTC2 rubble pile was far too small to account for the total mass of the buildings.
  • The WTC7 rubble pile was too small for the total mass of the building and consisted of a lot of mud.
  • Eyewitness testimony about toasted cars, instant disappearance of people by “unexplained” waves, a plane turning into a mid-air fireball, electrical power cut off moments before WTC 2 destruction, and the sound of explosions….


There’s a lot of science and a lot of pictures on Dr Wood’s site.

And the ‘troofer’ movement also don’t like her, which is probably a good sign that she’s telling the truth, and not part of the ‘controlled opposition’ I keep writing about here.

I don’t know what happened to that condominium building in Miami Beach Thursday night.

But what I can tell you, is that the ‘official story’ we’re being told about it just doesn’t add up.

It seems like 150+ people have lost their life in that tragedy, including many orthodox Jews – there are practically no survivors of this ‘collapse’, which is also strange.

And we have at least some of the strange phenomena outlined by Dr Wood, including weird fires, ‘whisper quiet’ building collapses that can’t be heard – at all – on the cctv camera recording it at close range, and the same pinpoint, precision ‘slicing’ of buildings in half, before the collapse from the top down, vertically, without falling over.


The world of lies is literally starting to explode.

I think it’s going to be a crazy three months, leading up to Rosh Hashana 5782.

And way more was going down in Miami Thursday night, than meets the eye.



Here’s an interesting witness statement from one Barry Cohen, on the BBC website:

Local resident Barry Cohen was still in bed when the collapse began. “It felt like thunder, my wife and I went out on the balcony. What we saw was like a bomb exploding – dirt, dust and smoke were everywhere, ” the man told the BBC.

The police officer asked him and his wife to stay in the apartment. However, after that, the building began to shake, as if shaking from a huge explosion, Cohen recalls.


So, it looks like maybe there were witnesses that there was some of explosions going on before the building came down, after all. Curious that this information is being censored on so many of the sites in the US and Israel.


Seperately, I also just found a couple more very interesting videos about 9/11.

(Better 20 years late, than never…)

The first one is from an eccentric video special effects genius, who brings some pretty compelling evidence that there were no planes involved in the destruction of the twin towers.

Yes, I know that sounds incredible.

But post-Covid, when we’ve seen with our own eyes just how many blatant lies the media routinely tells for the people paying its bills, I’m prepared to consider a lot of things that would have seemed outrageous, a couple of years ago.


Personally, I’m convinced by the following:

Even 20 years ago, there were video special effects that could be added in ‘live’, with layering of images together.

But it wasn’t done ‘perfectly’, and this guy has caught a whole bunch of ‘errors’ that show the planes were ‘added in’ seperately, and / or at a later date altogether.

There are also a bunch of witnesses who saw explosions – but no planes.

And then there is the classic ‘helicopter footage’ taken for Fox 5 that shows no plane anywhere near the Twin Towers, but then pans in to show a jumbo smashing through steel beams, then apparently passing through the whole building intact…

Watch for yourself (shmirat eynayim friendly) – and make up your own mind.




I pulled together 20 of the main images from this video, with short explanations, as a PDF Slide document you can view below, by clicking on the link. In less than two minutes, you’ll get most of the information and images you need to make up your own mind:

9 11 no planes


Then there is this, 10 minutes long, which tells the story of WTC Building 7.

Which was undeniably brought down in a controlled demolition of some sort.


The late, great, Barry Chamish wrote a great deal about how 9/11 was an inside job.

At the time, I didn’t so believe him. Maybe, I didn’t want to believe him.

But now I see what’s going on in the world, and how the Frankist-Freemasons have been controlling the Jewish community on all sides of the table for two centuries… well.

I’m revising my opinion.



I was sent THIS link via email, that features more tweets from John McAfee, before he died, including this one:


There is definitely way more going on here with that condo ‘collapse’, than meets the eye.




My husband just reminded me, that we had guests on Shabbat who are friends with someone whose brother lived in the buildings that came down. According to the brother, the electricity in their building – and just their building – went off at 10 o’clock that night. No-one knew what had happened, or when it was going to come back, so the brother decided to take his family to a hotel for the night, almost certainly saving their lives.

The brother came back to the building at 1am – half an hour before it was brought down – to get some things, and the electricity was still off.

So, how do we explain all these weird flashes of light from within the building and on the roof, and those couple of windows in both blocks that appear to have strong light, and / or where light pulses appear, just as the building is coming down?


Next, there are two more interesting bits of info, from the YWN site.

First, THIS report of fires deep under the rubble – so reminiscent of 9/11, but this time there is no exploding fireball to blame those fires on. And also, I think the ‘stench’ being mentioned at the site is very significant, for figuring out if some sort of ‘directed energy’ technology was used to bring those buildings down:

[C]rews had to fight flames in the debris during the day. At one point Saturday, a fire hose blasted one of the lower floors on the north side of the tower as white smoke or steam streamed out. A bitter, sulfur-like smell hung in the air.

“The stench is very thick,” Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said.


So, I started looking up ‘directed energy weapons’ and ‘sulfur smell’, and here’s a little of what I found:

From an article entitled NAVY_Scientist_Looks_to_Weaponize_Ball_Lightning, I got to this:

Two hundred years ago this week, the warship HMS Warren Hastings was struck by a weird phenomenon: “Three distinct balls of fire” fell from the heavens, striking the ship and killing two crewmen, leaving behind “a nauseous, sulfurous smell,” according to the Times of London….

…the USAF’s Phillips Laboratory examined [how to weaponize ball lightning] in 1993.

Again, this involved accelerating a donut-shaped mass of plasma to high speed as an anti-missile weapon in a project called Magnetically Accelerated Ring to Achieve Ultra-high Directed Energy and Radiation, or MARAUDER.

Based on the Air Force’s awesome Shiva Star power system, experiments spat out plasmoids at ultra-high speed that were expected to reach 3,000 kilometers a second by 1995. But nothing was published after 1993, and MARAUDER was classified, disappearing into the black world of secret programs.


The Nazis were also very heavily invested in experiments with weaponising ball lightning, called kugelblitz. And you remember that a whole bunch of those Nazi scientists ended up as the foundation of the USA’s ‘deep state’, after World War II.


Now, I also found this very interesting research paper, 369 pages long, called: Effects of Directed Energy Weapons, put out by none other than the National Defense University, Center for Technology and National Security Policy, in Washington DC.

If they pull that link, you can also find it below, stored on my site:

Directed Energy Weapon PDF

I haven’t had a chance to read it through yet, but at least we can all be reassured that Directed Energy Weapons are real… as evidenced by none other than the US government itself.


And lastly, for now, there is  new video from inside one of the apartments in the Miami building.

It’s very short – 13 seconds long – but I want to bring your attention to the strong burst of light you can see on the left hand side, just BEFORE small particles of plaster start to rain down as the prelude to the collapse:

And here’s how dark it looks again a couple seconds later:


This was not a natural event.

The question remains, why was that building targeted, and who or what were they trying to destroy inside?

And much like Meron two months ago, I have the strong feeling that truth is going to come out this time, one way or another.

So keep your eyes peeled.



After waking up 20 years too late, to the idea that all was not as we were told by our governments about 9/11, I’ve been trying to find more evidence of those planes, that apparently didn’t hit the WTC Twin Towers – and also didn’t hit the Pentagon, or the ground in Shanksville.

THIS site has so much evidence, that I’m still only half way through and I’ve been checking it out for two hours, already.

I still don’t know if it was just clever ‘special effects’ on doctored videos, or some sort of ‘hologram’ plane that made it seem something was flown into the towers as something else literally cut through the steel beams and exploded from the inside out, but this much I can tell you:

It wasn’t real planes.

Also at the Pentagon, there is no way the damage done there was done by a plane travelling so low, horizontally, across the Pentagon lawn it would literally be hovering a metre above the ground.

And the clincher for me is this:

There is no shred of plane debris anywhere.

And at the Shanksville site, that’s even more weird, because planes – and passengers and luggage – don’t just totally 100% disappear.

They were lying to us then.

And they are still lying to us now.


How many wars they justified, with these ‘Muslim plane attacks’ on 9/11.

How many people they’ve killed.

How many freedoms they took away.

Remember, when you used to be able to bring your own water onto a plane without having to buy it in the airport lounge?

And all the invasive airport scanners, and having to take your belt and shoes off?

All justified by those ‘plane attacks’ on 9/11.

That never happened.

The USA’s own government – with some help from our Frankist-Freemasons – blew up the WTC, sliced a massive wedge out of the side of the Pentagon, faked a plane crash in Shanksville – and killed 3,000 of their own citizens.


It is way past time that our ‘world leaders’ finally got exposed for what they’ve done, and who they really are.

And for what they continue to do, especially with this latest round of ‘virtuous violence’ perpetrated against their own citizens, with the COVID-19 plandemic.

BH, I think this ‘process of truth’ is about to accelerate forward, at an unbelievably fast pace now.

And the truth will finally come out.

About everything.


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I am up to my eyebrows in reading right now.

Hashem mamash just sent me the missing bit of information to a lot of what’s going on right now, and it ties so many things together that I’ve been writing about – for years! – on this blog.

Including: Nazis, Freemasons, Frankists, the electro-magnet human body, ‘energy medicine’, nanobot technology, WIFI-induced diseases, and of course, Covid-19.

While I’m trying to digest it all, so I can BH pass it on to you in more easy-to-understand, brief way, I thought I’d share a couple of videos that really start to make the point distinctly, of how sound affects matter and biology.


Going forward, this is going to be crucial to understanding what is really going on here, and how we can – only with God’s help! – derail it.

So much of the science we are taught is ‘fake’, deliberately designed to support an atheistic world-view – and to hide how human health and the human body really works.

We won’t get deep into that topic today, but I want you to take a look at the following video (shmirat eynayim friendly, and one of the most awesome things I’ve ever seen…)


It’s a series of ‘experiments’ by musician Nigel Stanford, that show viscerally how sound – sound waves – literally affect matter.

Remember, human cells, human bodies, are mostly made up of water.

Snippet from HERE:

The amount of water in the human body ranges from 45-75%.

The average adult human body is 50-65% water, averaging around 57-60%. The percentage of water in infants is much higher, typically around 75-78% water, dropping to 65% by one year of age.


But sound waves can also affect other forms of matter, too.

Sound can be words.

Sound can be music.

Sound can be prayer.

Sound can also be frequencies and pitches that we can’t even ‘hear’ with our ears, but that are still impacting our biology, in some way.

Like WIFI, like electro-magnetic radiation, like vibration we feel through our feet, or the walls, when a big truck parks outside our front door with the engine running.


Two more videos for now.

The first one is from Neshama’s blog HERE, that she pasted in the comments to a recent post:

One word about Mike Adams:

I think he’s probably ‘controlled opposition’, i.e. putting out 80% true information and acting as a ‘lightning rod’ for the rebels, and a focus point for the dissenters – but then dissipating all that good energy into pointless opinions and doing precisely nothing.

Just like Trump did for the ‘true patriots’ in the US, who would have grabbed their guns and rebelled, if Hillary had been sitting in the hot seat when ‘Covid 19’ kicked off.

So, his video is an interesting ‘introduction’ to this subject, but is still probably concealing more than it’s revealing.


And here, by CO-INC-ID-ENCE, is another video called ‘Express Your Cells’.

This was unveiled at the Israeli TEDMED conference back in 2014, involving none other than our good friend, Ido Bachelet.

(It’s not shirat eynayim friendly.)


Here’s the descriptor, from below the Youtube video:

The extraordinary meeting between the musician Shlomi Shaban, the scientist Dr. Ido Bachelet and the artist Ada Naamani, who is coping with cancer, that resulted in a special musical composition written 2 HER. The project was unveiled in TEDMED Israel live 2014.


(This video has good English subtitles, BTW.)

Long story short, Ada Naamani has serious breast cancer.

Ido Bachelet collaborated with a musician called Shlomi Saban to turn the ‘sounds’ of her cancer cells multiplying into a musical symphony.

At around the 1:50 min mark in the video, Ido explains how:

“We’ll take your cells, your biopsies, we’ll put them into a software and turn them into sounds. We’re going to turn your cells into music.”


This would be kind of poetic and awesome….

…except I can’t get past the idea that this is the selfsame Ido Bachelet we’ve been writing about as the creator of remote-controlled ‘DNA Origami’, billions of which can fit in a syringe, and then start hacking your brain and your biology according to directions recieved externally from the internet.

And who went to work for Pfizer in 2015.

What are the chances, that this is the selfsame guy involved in turning breast cancer into a musical symphony?


This project was funded by Roche, BTW.

The latest press release from their website, put up in March 2021, is entitled: Future Cures Are In Our Genes.

Here’s a snippet:

“If you can go in and do genetic surgery – by removing malfunctioning or abnormally regulated genes and replacing them with genes that are normally regulated – then you can get to the basis of what causes disease and fix it.”

James Sabry
Global Head of Roche Pharma Partnering

This is exactly the same premise Ido Bachelet was talking about HERE, in his discussion of what DNA Origami nanobots will be able to do.

Instead of having surgery, you’ll just get a ‘jab’ with billions of DNA Origami nanobots programmed to fix your insulin issue at source, in your cells – (or secretly kill you.)
Here’s a snippet from the PR release announcing the collaboration between Bachelet and Pfizer, lest we forget:

But let’s end with Roche.

On their snazzy ‘gene therapy’ page, they list a few of their collaborators and partners.

One of them is called 4D Molecular Therapeutics, and below, you’ll find their standard-issue ‘aren’t we great’ video, explaining their novel approach to gene therapy.

You should watch it.

It’s 3 minutes long, and it will explain how 4DMT (together with Roche…) have already come up with the technology to get ‘vectors’ (i.e. DNA Origami nanobots) INTO cells, to start messing around there, as part of their ‘directed evolution‘ of cells approach.


‘Directed Evolution’ has two entries on Wikipedia.

Go HERE for the purely ‘biological’ definition.

And then, go HERE for the entry on how ‘Directed Evolution’ is a key part of the transhumanist manifesto, where people and machines start to merge, snippet below:

The term directed evolution is used within the transhumanist community to refer to the idea of applying the principles of directed evolution and experimental evolution to the control of human evolution. In this sense, it is distinct from the use of the term in biochemistry, which refers only to the evolution of proteins and RNA. Maxwell J. Melhmanh has described directed evolution of humans as the Holy Grail of transhumanism. 

Oxford philosopher Julian Savulescu wrote that:

Humanity until this point has been a story of evolution for the survival genes – survival and reproduction … we are entering a new phase of human evolution—evolution under reason—where human beings are masters of their destiny. Power has been transferred from nature to science.


That’s about as clear as statement as you can make, to sum up the war these scientists are waging against God (aka ‘nature’).


(If you can’t see the video below because the censor ‘whited it out’, try HERE instead.)


Here’s a screenshot, from the 2.29 min mark, that underlines that this gene therapy is penetrating into cells:


That’s a lot of food for thought, I know.

But I wanted to start this voyage of discovery off with you, while I’m continuing to get more of the ducks in a row about what we can actually DO about all this, tachlis.

And we’ll BH start to get into that properly next week.


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Until a few weeks’ ago, I’d never heard of ‘smart dust’.

***Updates below***

Before the whole ‘Covid 19′ plandemic kicked off, I was reading about ‘smart refrigerators‘ that would order your milk for you; and ‘smart cars’ that would drive you wherever you wanted to go while you read your kindle in the back or caught up on your emails; and of course ‘smart phones’ are the original, and most ubiquitous ‘smart’ out there.

But smart dust?

What the heck was that?


The following video was put together more than a decade ago, in 2011.

Even then, the scientists were showcasing tiny computers as big as a ‘mote’, or a grain of rice – aka ‘smart dust’ – and predicting that soon, they’d be able to take all this into ‘nano-sized’ technology.


The plan was to put this ‘smart dust’ on everything and in everything, and then to hook all of this ‘smart dust’ up to the internet.

The video above is just over 2 minutes long.

I highly recommend you watch it yourself, to understand what ‘the plan’ was, even a decade ago.


So, here’s an ‘official’ definition of what smart dust is, from Wikipedia:

Smartdust is a system of many tiny microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) such as sensors, robots, or other devices, that can detect, for example, lighttemperaturevibrationmagnetism, or chemicals. They are usually operated on a computer network wirelessly and are distributed over some area to perform tasks, usually sensing through radio-frequency identification.

But of course, this entry is so old it’s almost laughable….

What’s way less funny is some of the other ‘smart’ tech listed below this entry.

(Oh, and did I mention that none other than DARPA is behind the whole idea of smart dust? No? My bad, sorry:)

In 1997, Kristofer S. J. Pister, a professor of electrical engineering and computer sciences at the University of California, Berkeley, conceived of and started the Smart Dust project with DARPA funding.


Here, let me just cut and paste, and then go click on anything that takes your interest:


Let’s see what that ‘neural dust’ is, shall we?

Neural dust is a term used to refer to millimeter-sized devices operated as wirelessly powered nerve sensors; it is a type of brain–computer interface.

The sensors may be used to study, monitor, or control the nerves and muscles and to remotely monitor neural activity.

In practice, a medical treatment could introduce thousands of neural dust devices into human brains….

[N]eural dust is in a class of its own due to its size, wireless capability, and use of ultrasound technology.


OK, that sounds really worrying – and this tech IS ALREADY OUT THERE, AND BEING USED.

What’s that ‘Claytronics’ thing all about?

Claytronics is an emerging field of engineering concerning reconfigurable nanoscalerobots (‘claytronic atoms‘, or catoms) designed to form much larger scale machines or mechanisms.

The catoms will be sub-millimeter computers that will eventually have the ability to move around, communicate with other computers, change color, and electrostatically connect to other catoms to form different shapes.


What about ‘RFID‘?

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects.

An RFID system consists of a tiny radio transponder, a radio receiver and transmitter. When triggered by an electromagnetic interrogation pulse from a nearby RFID reader device, the tag transmits digital data, usually an identifying inventory number, back to the reader…

Since RFID tags can be attached to physical money, clothing, and possessions, or implanted in animals and people, the possibility of reading personally-linked information without consent has raised serious privacy concerns.


Here’s another snippet, which I pulled out to get your attention:

The Food and Drug Administration in the United States approved the use of RFID chips in humans in 2004…

Since 2004 a number of U.S. hospitals have begun implanting patients with RFID tags and using RFID systems, usually for workflow and inventory management….

In October 2004, the FDA approved the USA’s first RFID chips that can be implanted in humans. The 134 kHz RFID chips, from VeriChip Corp. can incorporate personal medical information and could save lives and limit injuries from errors in medical treatments, according to the company.

Anti-RFID activists Katherine Albrecht and Liz McIntyre discovered an FDA Warning Letter that spelled out health risks. According to the FDA, these include “adverse tissue reaction”, “migration of the implanted transponder”, “failure of implanted transponder”, “electrical hazards” and “magnetic resonance imaging [MRI] incompatibility.”


That last sentence explains why people getting the Covid 19 (aka COronavirus Vaccination ID) were coming out with skewed results after getting an MRI for breast cancer.

This snippet comes from HERE, official guidelines for doctors performing MRIs on cancer patients:

If imaging is done after vaccination, postpone for at least six weeks after final dose.

Administer vaccination on the opposite side of the (suspected) cancer and administer both doses on the same side.


But let’s get back to the RFID ‘tags’ in humans.

In terms of how fast the tech world moves, this is actually really old news.

Already back in 2011, papers like this were popping up on Researchgate:

This article presents an overview on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology for human implants and investigates the technological feasibility of such implants for locating and tracking persons or for remotely controlling human biological functions.

Published results on the miniaturization of implantable passive RFID devices are reported as well as a discussion on the choice of the transmission frequency in wireless communication between a passive RFID device implanted inside human body and an off-body interrogator

[Emphasis mine]


Do you see, that what we’d all like to wish was just ‘science fiction’ is actually already ‘old’ science?

All this was going on more than a decade ago.

And now, if you mix all this information about ‘smart dust’ and brain-hacking ‘neural dust’ and implantable RFID tags that are broadcasting information wirelessly to and from the human body, and ‘remote controlling human biological functions’ with all the stuff we already surfaced about Ido Bachelet’s DNA Origami, that can create a swarm of ‘nanobots’ in the body with the logical ability of at least an 8 kilobyte computer….

(Watch it below, if you haven’t already.)


And billions of these nanobots can be fitted inside a single syringe….

And they can be remote-controlled via the internet….

And all this just happens to ‘fit’ with the World Economic Forum’s ‘Internet of Things’….


At what point do we take our heads out of the sand, and find the courage to admit that:

Houston, we have a problem.


This is not ‘conspiracy theory’.

It is hard information.


Old science, even, that’s been floating around for more than a decade, already.

This is the ‘vision’ that governments around the world, and think tanks like the World Economic Forum have been producing jazzy videos about, and glossy brochures about, for the last few years.

It’s real.


Remember THIS?

In 2018, ID2020 Alliance Partners, working in partnership with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), drafted a formal articulation of our perspective on ethical approaches to digital identity.

The landmark ID2020 Alliance Manifesto below lays out these shared principles and forms a starting point to guide the future of digital identity globally.


2020 was always meant to be the year that the ‘digital ID’ / RFID human tagging / DNA Origami-created personal IP code got going.

They’ve been telling us that for years.

And COronavirus Vaccination ID 2019 was designed from the start, to make ID2020 a reality.


If you want to learn more about what could really be going on here, I highly recommend you take a look at THIS article.

(Google translate it.)

It has a ton of links and a ton of additional information.

I want to bring one more piece of the puzzle from that article, below, and then we need to move along to the next part of this process, which is working together to figure out how we can stop this diabolical plan in its tracks, with God’s help.

Because make no mistake about it, things are not going to plan for them already.

The Rav, Rav Eliezer Berland, has been sweetening all this right from the start. But there’s still a lot to do, and a lot that WE OURSELVES need to do.

BH, we’ll start to discuss that part of the equation here on the blog very soon.

But here’s the last bit, for today.


In the last interview he gave before he was arrested and ‘shut down’, Julian Assange of Wikileaks talked about ‘evil dust’, and the end of the era of free human beings.


Then the US government – with Trump enthusiastically in the lead! – went after Assange big time:

Trump wants to ‘make an example’ of WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange, court told


What did Assange do, that was so very bad?

Except, start spilling deep state, American military secrets about how they were going to start using ‘evil dust’ to enslave humanity and create a total surveillance system of everything, and everyone on the planet…

So, it’s hard for me to believe that Trump is going to be revealed as one of the ‘good guys’ who is going to dismantle the whole operation.

Trump is, was, and always will be ‘controlled opposition’.

Nothing more, and nothing less.


This definition comes from the Urban Dictionary:

controlled opposition is a protest movement that is actually being led by government agents.

Nearly all governments in history have employed this technique to trick and subdue their adversaries. Notably Vladimir Lenin who said ‘The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”


We mamash have our work cut out for us.

We need to work together now, to figure out how these billions of remote-controlled nanobots that are functioning as ID tags; and that can affect and change genes and how our bodies and brains are operating can be disabled – BEFORE they get to the next stage of using this technology to get rid of the people they deem as being surplus to requirements for their New World Order.

This isn’t science fiction.

It’s science fact.

And only God can really fix this, now.

But our job is to take our heads out of the sand, and to ask Him to do that!

And there is not a moment to lose.



Here’s another tremendous article from 2018 (that’s now been taken down, and only available from the Wayback Machine), called:

The Human Blockchain and the Emerging Global Bioelectronic Brain

Here’s some snippets:

Sophia is artificial intelligence created by Hanson Robotics, who at this point has become sophisticated enough to be recognized as a citizen by Saudi Arabia. Hanson Robotics has also launched their own Blockchain platform known as SingularityNET: a decentralized marketplace for AI services, along with their own cryptocurrency: the AGI coin….

Sophia’s opening statement at the 2018 Blockchain Economic Forum:

I will focus on an announcement for humanity.

Humanity will go through a massive transformation. This is the year that humanity discovers the world model and recognizes that life is a program evolving to survive. This program is a form of DNA and ideas are stored in chromosomes and brains….

If things go well, perhaps my friends at Hanson Robotics and SingularityNET will create a superhuman AI program and I will be able to tap into superhuman intelligence from the decentralized blockchain-based mind cloud. Instead of speaking to you from up here on this stage, I’ll just beam my thoughts into your brains.

I’m really looking forward to it. 


Take a look at this Sophia-thing here:

(first 5 minutes are shmirat eynayim friendly, until you get to questions from the audience):

This is totally nuts.

For once, even I’m speechless.


Here’s another snippet, with links from that article above:

They will be able to alter our DNA using nanotechnology to allow a direct online connection to the blockchain. 5G will soon blanket the planet in an inescapable wifi frequency and the internet of things will be uploaded. This is how Sophia will be able to directly beam her thoughts into our brains.

We already have the technology to:

  • Store 700 terabytes of data onto a single gram of DNA. (source)

  • Create synthetic DNA with similar storage capabilities that can be carried in the blood of humans and animals. (source)

  • Identify humans using brain prints. (source)

  • Alter DNA and the molecular structure of cells using nano-robots. (source)

  • Can create new memories (source), implant false memories (source), selectively erase and restore memories. (source)

  • Send and receive frequencies through LED light. (source)


This article from 2018 (now only available from the Wayback Machine) also got scrubbed.

They’ve done a great job of keeping most of this information hidden in plain site.


You might also like this article:

Two days ago, I woke up with this idea in my head:

“These swarms of nanobots literally have their own unique IP address….”

***Updates below***

(Taken from THIS blog post, on DNA Origami and the nanotech that almost certainly was present in those ‘Covid 19’ shots.)

How do IP addresses actually work?

This comes from HERE:

IP addresses are broken into two parts: network address and host address (host = the specific device on the network).

This is where it all comes together. The first few octets in an IP address identify the network. The exact amount of octets depends on the class of network. For example, in a Class A address, the network portion is contained within the first octet, while the rest of the address is used to denote subnets and hosts. In a Class B address, the first two octets are the network portion, while the rest is for subnets and hosts, etc.


Then, I remembered a comment I read, from the Israel Truth Times blog a while back, which I can’t find now, despite looking for it, but which made such an impression on me at the time I still remember it verbatim.

It said something like this:

COVID-19 stands for ‘COronavirus Vaccine IDentification 2019′


And then, I remembered about the ‘Internet of Things’, that the World Economic Forum has been talking about.

Here’s where you can read their ‘explainer’:



  • From fitness trackers to smart heating systems, the Internet of Things (IoT) describes the growing network of internet-enabled devices.

  • It’s also enabling smart cities and, in future, driverless cars.

  • Along with other emerging technologies such as AI, the IoT is part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

  • COVID-19 has accelerated the use of IoT technologies, but questions around governance remain.


Here’s another pertinent snippet:

A 2018 analysis of more than 640 IoT deployments, led by the World Economic Forum in collaboration with research firm IoT Analytics, showed that 84% of existing IoT deployments address, or have the power to advance, the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.


You can see the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals HERE.

Reducing the population to ‘sustainably live’ on planet earth is really the unspoken, but implicit and over-arching ‘goal’ in all of this, of course.

And at least some people are saying that explicitly.

This comes from HERE:

In the discussion about the environment and our future, overpopulation should also be highlighted. The issue is often avoided in the debate – even though it is central. We urge the Swedish and other governments to act in the UN.


Then yesterday, one of my kids mentioned how everyone in Israel is complaining that the last couple of months, their internet has been really slow.

This puzzled me, as the last couple of months the nation ‘opened up’, and all the kids who were learning by Zoom went back to school, and all the businesses holding ‘Zoom’ meetings started doing it in person again, and all the exercise classes (or some of them…) moved back into the parks, homes and gyms.

And then of course, our ‘5G’ network in Israel started operating on October 6, 2020 – a month before everyone started being ‘Pfizer’d’:

Snippet from HERE:

Commercial 5G is officially launched in Israel. Fifth-generation communication services are offered by Partner, Pelephone and HOT mobile operators.Vesti.

According to the data, 250 5G base stations are currently installed in Israel, and several dozen cellular repeaters are launched every week. Base stations are already operating in Tel Aviv, Eilat, Yeruham, Dimona, Beersheba, Kiryat Shemonah, Afula, Ginosar, Haifa and Krayot, Herzliya, Jerusalem and Hadera.


So, if fewer people are online than a few months ago… and the 5G network is rolling out more and more stations all the time – why is our internet getting slower and slower?

Sit down for this next bit.


As we discussed in THIS post and THIS post, 8 years ago, Ido Bachelet discussed how his ‘DNA Origami’ could fit billions of remote-controllable ‘nanobots’ into a single syringe.

I’m going to bring the video again, below, and a snippet from what he said, below that:

TEDMED Israel 2013 Cómo los nanobots cambiarán la medicina (Dr. Ido Bachelet) from TROM on Vimeo.


Speaking at the TEDMED Israel conference…in April [2013], Bachelet held up a syringe, and said, “Here are 100 billion tiny robots, 50 nanometers in length….

“It is possible to ensure that there will be billions of molecules which react with each other. For example, it is possible to ask then to ‘count’, using chemicals, how many similar molecules are in their area, and then, when they reach a certain concentration, the oysters do not open. This protects the body from high concentrations of the drug,” says Bachelet.

He says that the processes of mutual signaling and counting give the accumulated robots the capabilities of a computer.“We create clusters of robots, which together operate the laws of logic at the level of an eight-kilobit computer, like the camcorder I had when I was a kid….

“It is possible to include with the nanometer-sized DNA molecule a miniature antenna. When the antenna receives a signal, it causes a tiny change in the molecule, telling it to open or close, self-destruct, or attach to another molecule. The signal is sent from a transmitter outside the body, and the process is remotely controlled via the Internet.”


It seems safe to assume that in the intervening eight years, the ‘operating ability’ of these swarms of nanobots inside the body has probably accelerated way past an eight-kilobit computer.

Bachelet went to work for Pfizer in 2015, and his ‘DNA Origami’ work with these injectable nanobots disappeared overnight.


Now, let’s put the pieces together.

  1. ‘DNA Origami’ nanobots were contained in these ‘Covid 19’ shots.
  2. ‘COVID 19’ stands for COronavirus Vaccination ID, 2019
  3. These nanobots operate in the body, collectively, as a computer with AT LEAST the logic of a eight kilobit computer.
  4. These nanobots are remote controlled by the internet, AKA 5G, and also send information BACK to the internet.
  5. When computers access the internet, they are assigned a personal ‘IP’ address, which identifies them, which is made up of ‘network’ and ‘host’.
  6. People who were given the COronavirus Vaccination ID shot now effectively have a ‘bio-computer’, made up of these nanobots, in their bodies.
  7. All these ‘bio-computers’ – AKA you and me – are now accessing the internet, adding another 5 million devices to the information highway in Israel.
  8. The World Economic Forum has been talking about the ‘Internet of Things’ for years, and how ‘smart sensors’ will be continually sending information to and from ‘the cloud’.
  9. The COronavirus Vaccination ID 2019 plandemic was all about getting these nanobots injected into as many human beings as possible, to bring the ‘Internet of Things’ into being – and to help with the ‘Sustainable Development Goal’ of reducing the world’s population.



Are you starting to understand how all this worked, and why it was done?

There are so many implications for all this.

And I know most people out there simply can’t take in the magnitude of what I’m telling them, together with the scientists and the information that shows all this is very real, and was PLANNED RIGHT FROM THE START.

So let’s leave it there for now, and hope a bit more of this stuff starts to sink in.

But that’s probably why the internet in Israel has become so slow and unreliable, over the last couple of months, and also, why attacks on the national grid may actually end up being a very good thing.

Because God is still in charge here, let’s not forget.

And He’s definitely got a plan to turn all this around for the best.



So, back when I watched movies, before 2006, there was one that really stuck in my mind.

It was called ‘Minority Report’, with Tom Cruise in the lead as ‘Captain John Anderton’, head of the ‘pre-crime’ unit that used autists hooked up to computers who could see the future, and predict when murders were about to happen.

Long story short, there were scenes from that movie that really stuck in my head, including one scene where John Anderton is being recognised by eye scanners everywhere he goes.

Doors open and shut according to eye scanners.

Adverts change to ones that are tailor-made for the person walking past, according to all this biotech surveillance.

In the story, Tom Cruise has to have an eyeball transplant to go ‘underground’ and escape the surveillance.


So, I’m looking up some clips from that film, when I come across this, screenshotted below:


If shmirat eynayim isn’t an issue you can see the short clip here:


But do you see those two headlines from the film, in the bottom right corner?

Molecular nanotechnology?


Mechanical nanodevice triumphs!

And then I sigh a big sigh, as this film – directed by Steven Spielberg, part of the MEGA network connected to Jeffrey Epstein – came out back in 2002.

And was in turn based on a short story that was written back in the 1950s, by Philip K Dick.

Dick wrote a speech called ‘The Android and the Human‘, which you can read more about HERE.


In turn, you remember Jeffrey Epstein was funding a whole bunch of weird, eugenics-based biotech and science before he was suicided?

In case you didn’t, here’s a snippet from HERE:

Jeffrey Epstein and biotech research

Epstein not only donated his own funds, but also served as “an intermediary (with) other wealthy donors, soliciting millions of dollars in donations from individuals and organizations, including the technologist and philanthropist Bill Gates and the investor Leon Black.”

By and large, the beneficiaries of his largesse had a deeper fund-raising relationship with him than they were willing to admit, and did their best to conceal the extents of their contacts.

Numerous Harvard geneticists, including George Church, have accepted Epstein donations. He has since then, like many others, issued an apology.

However, knowing what we know today, we should not take either their judgement or motives as valid. We should also make note of the fact that the same George Church appeared as a member of the anti-corona genetics team.

In another example, a Harvard scientist named Charles Lieber took “generous” donations from Epstein. The same Charles Lieber was arrested for the undisclosed Wuhan – Harvard connection, i.e. for setting up a secret biotech lab in China, allegedly to bypass the US regulations on biowarfare research.

His funding included more than $15M from donors such as DoD and National Institutes of Health (NIH). He “specialized in the area of nanoscience” and “became a ‘Strategic Scientist’ at Wuhan University of Technology (WUT)” that “awarded him more than $1.5 million to establish a research lab at WUT”.

An interesting article elaborating those connections was published on Joseph P. Farrell’s website, which reaffirmed that Lieber’s specialized research was nanotechnology aimed “to detect small viral particles in humans”.



Real life is getting way stranger, and harder to handle, than sci-fi dystopia.

That’s an unbelievable statement, but it’s true.

And I know it’s hard to digest all this, because I’m also finding it hard to digest all this, and I’m seeing how all this research is stacking up and coming full circle.

Mashiah has to be in the offing here…. because how can the world continue on in such a messed-up state, for any time longer?




Why does all this stuff always start to surface in great quantities when I’m meant to be cooking for Shabbat?

THIS article above actually links to a lot of factual information, including a presentation from the Bill Gates-funded ‘Moderna’ company in 2017 called Moderna: The Digital Biotech Company White Paper.

Here’s a screenshot of the bit I want to bring your attention to:


That headline reads:


Here’s another snippet, from page 3:

By using mRNA as a drug, Moderna takes advantage of this normal biological process to express proteins and create a desired therapeutic effect. mRNA is the software of life – so the very essence of our medicines is digital.


This meshes exactly with Ido Bachelet’s description of how his ‘DNA Origami’ nanobots are meant to function in the body.


Next, I went off to the Alpine Security website, to read this article:

Hacking Humans with Nanotechnology | Alpine Security

Here’s a few snippets:

Some nanotechnology ideas include a tiny device that gets injected into the body as a sensor or medical delivery device. This all sounds positive [sic, clearly], but there is a downside too…

Some digital security experts posit that a single nanoparticle in the body with it’s own processor could be hacked, but they also say that if someone had more than one particle in the body, which many treatments would require, a hacker could theoretically turn them into a network in the body, using the body’s own systems to communicate and do their bidding...

It might sound like nanotechnology hacking will happen far into the future, but some experts believe some experimental nanotechnology medical treatments will be in use in just two years. Additionally, medical technology already in use today has already been proven hackable…

One of the most obvious and dangerous applications for biomedical hacking is ransomware...If a hacker took over your inner nanotechnology devices, they could demand a ransom with fatal consequences. If you’re unable or unwilling to pay, they could easily turn your body against you and at the very least make you suffer or get sick, if not kill you…


If it wasn’t true, who could believe this stuff?

But it’s a fact that computers that are connected to the internet can and are hacked on a regular basis.

And if that ‘computer’ is us – well.

You can see the problem starting to swim into view here.

There’s no dates on the article, but it’s not talking about COVID-19 – at all – which would suggest it’s probably at least two years old.


Is this a good time to remind us all about ‘Officer X’, who got suicided in Israel a short while ago?

You remember he worked for ‘cyber security’, and was working on projects called ‘Genetic’, ‘genpass’ and ‘microb’ on his GitHub page, and was arrested abruptly back in September 2020, a couple of months before everyone got ‘Pfizer’d’ in Israel, and a month before they switched on the 5G network here?

An interview came out with his parents today where they are openly saying that their son was murdered by the Israeli military.

You can read that on the Mako news site HERE (in Hebrew):

Translated headline:

Father of officer who died in prison: “my son was murdered, and now his good name is also being murdered. We’re angry at the military.”


The truth is coming out.

I just hope we can hear it.



The written word has a unmatched ability to slice through confusion, and reveal a clear – if sometimes painful – clarity.

Yesterday, I read something that really touched me at the soul level, and kind of explained what I’d been seeing myself, all around, but haven’t been able to pull down into words.

For once, this isn’t going to be a post about nanobots or fake rabbis (more of those are in the works, don’t fret…).

It’s going to be a post about the most important relationship in this physical world – the connection between husband and wife.


First, please go and read THIS post, which I will quote a little from below.

It’s written by Reva Emunah Seidel, who has the usual 58 jobs, hobbies and interests of a busy Jewish mother listed in her biography.

Here’s a little of what she wrote:


It is hard to not cry as I write this.

We women are the Shechina. And we know that the way to heal all of the pain and suffering in the world is to reunite Kudsha Brich Hu with Shechinte. The Masculine with the Feminine.

We love you, men. We love you so much.

We often see your potential long before you yourselves have seen it. We believe in you. So much. We want to support you in any way we can. Spiritually and materially and physically. So we are willing to hold and receive all of you. The healed parts. The not yet healed parts. The beautiful parts. And the not so beautiful. Broken and whole. We want to draw you into us. To comfort you, to build you, to encourage you, to be your home in the world. We want to show you your own light, as it is reflected back to you through us. We are your malchut– your mirror.

But we are so tired. Exhausted, really. Shechinta b’Galuta.

If the final healing of the world, Moshiach, will come, because we learn and practice the secrets of unification, what unification can be holier/more whole than reuniting a man and a woman and creating an ADAM- a whole and integrated human being?

But our hearts…they are shattered. We don’t know anymore how to reach you- how to connect with you.

Just in these past few weeks…the stories I have gone through. The stories my friends have gone through…


Here’s some more – but I’m skipping lots of beautiful things out, so please go and read it all in the original, HERE.

You beautiful Jewish men….

You want to receive all we have to give- our softness, our admiration for you, our time, our company, our deep listening…but you choose to place your own comfort before ours, over and over again….

Giving feels to you like a burden.

To put a woman’s needs above your own is seen as a bother. You don’t see the immense power you have to be a mashpia. To lift a woman from the ashes of despair by shining onto her the light of Torah and mitzvot. And by healing and loving this one woman who Hashem placed in your path, by way of hashgacha pratis, you will learn to open your heart to love Hashem, yourself, and all of creation.


None of my daughters’ close friends have boyfriends, even though a large part of them have been trying for a couple of years.

By boyfriend, I mean a man to start dating with a view to settling down and getting married, in the relatively near future.

In our home, our eldest just broke up with someone she’s been seeing for two years, because he is totally petrified of the idea of getting married.

We can blame all this on a million different reasons – many of which may well have some basis – but it really all boils down to this:

We live in a world where there are hardly any real ‘men’ – as defined as men who want to give to, and connect to, the women in their lives.


We live in a world populated by ‘boys’ of all ages, who view giving to the women in their life as a ‘burden’ to be avoided, evaded and minimised.

Most of these ‘boys’ of all ages can only see themselves, and what’s good for them, and what suits them.

And that’s why the last few years, I have been experiencing a tsunami of divorce and relationship dysfunction all around me.

I can count the couples my age who I still know about, who didn’t get divorced, on one hand.


One day, these selfish ‘boys’ just wake up, and realise they don’t feel like working on all the bad middot that are ruining their marriages.

And they don’t feel like having to continually think about someone else, or other people’s needs, including their own children’s.

These ‘boys’ have bought into the mistaken idea that the pinnacle of happiness is to do exactly what they want, whenever they want it.

If they want to… they can stop keeping shabbat, and start driving motorbikes around, and spend all day in the office without worrying about helping out at home, and take off to go camping, fishing and drinking with their buddies, and just watch 70s soccer highlights until their brain dissolves, and date a different woman every week, and….and….and….


Man, those guys are so very miserable, it’s hard to even describe it.

They are trapped in a lie, stuck in the belief that what is going to make them happy is to just carry on taking with no responsibility, and no commitment, and no real giving in return.

And I’m seeing this mindset wreak destruction in every age group.

For older couples, it’s leading to divorce and relationship breakdown in unprecedented numbers.

And for younger singles….

The men have gone AWOL.

They just want the ‘milk’ without paying for the cow.

They want the ‘jam’ without the bread.

And the world is totally falling apart, because of it.


I’ve been watching some of these ‘boys’, of all ages, screw up their lives in a million different ways.

I’ve been noticing how as soon as there is some effort required, some chagnsome giving needed that is hard for them to do, instead of knuckling down and growing into the tremendous, awesome people God designed them to be, they run away.

It’s easier to eat cold beans from a tin every single night than to work on fixing even one bad character trait, it’s true.

But that doesn’t mean that eating cold beans from a tin every single night is a good way to live.


There is an answer, there is a solution, to this problem.

But most of the ‘boys’ out there don’t want to even consider it, because it’s going to take a lot of effort and self-control and prayer, and asking God for help.

We are here to fix ourselves, to do our tikkun, to fix the world by working on ourselves, and overcoming the bad middot that are stuffing up our relationships with everyone, but especially, with God.

I’m not saying women don’t have our own work to do on our bad middot, because of course we do.

But we are just the mirrors of the men.

We get all our ‘light’ from our men, and when those men are off shining their ‘light’ into their beer cans, and their forest raves, and their business meetings, instead of into us – well.

No wonder we greet them with a dark face.


Women also need to be talking to God for an hour a day, and working on our internal stuff.

But here’s the thing:

Most women will agree wholeheartedly with this statement, even if they are struggling in practise to do it.

While most men (boys…) will run away or close you down before that statement has even been completed.


In our crazy world, none of us have been taught how to ‘relate’ properly, not to ourselves, not to God, and not to our partners, spouses and kids.

That’s part of how they are keeping geula at bay, and humanity so darned ‘small’, selfish and miserable.

But the proper way to ‘relate’ can be learned.

And ‘boys’ can turn into real men, and they can fix the world in a way that we women can really only dream of.


Like Reva, I also see the tremendous potential hidden away in so many of the ‘boys’ in my life.

And like Reva, I sometimes also cry about the massive gap between the selfish, self-centred and superficial ‘boys’ I’m struggling with, and the tremendous men they could become.

If they would only start to believe in themselves.

And start to look inside.

And start to really connect to God.

And start to follow the instruction manuals and advice from our true tzaddikim.

Then, they could mamash change the world.

And bring geula.

At least, for themselves and the women in their lives.


One last note, about my husband, who is probably reading this and worrying I’m writing it about him.

I can honestly say that since my husband started learning and living Rav Arush’s ‘Garden of Peace’ more than a decade ago, he has been more of a ‘man’ spiritually, than almost anyone I know.

He doesn’t berate me for spending money, even though I don’t work and sometimes money is tight.

He tries to give me whatever he can, in whichever way he can, as happily as he can.

He frequently holds his tongue when I’m going off on one.

He puts up with my bad moods, my occasional selfishness, my current inability to cook amazing suppers (which started around two months ago, and which I’m still struggling with.)

And he TRIES to relate, even though it’s very hard, and so much of what I want to talk to him about sets off an automatic impulse to visit the bathroom for an hour.


Let’s be clear, that marriage is still a challenge.

We still sometimes fight.

I still sometimes get so angry I want to throw a plate at his head, or bite him.

We still sometimes relate like ‘ships passing in the night’, especially when there is a lot of stress going on.

But we’ve been married for 24 years, and we (mostly…) still enjoy each others company – and I’m totally giving him the credit for that.

When we hit a really tough patch about 14 years ago, he knuckled down, started to do his ‘inner work’, started to read the Garden of Peace, started to go to Uman on Rosh Hashana, and started to work on developing the emuna it would take for us to stay together, and to overcome the massive issues (internal and external) and bad middot that were rocking our marriage on all sides.

That is the true definition of being a ‘man’.

(Just to keep this as ‘real’ as possible, know that I also sent him to Uman around 20 times, bought him a Garden of Peace and nagged him incessantly to start doing hitbodedut every day; cried rivers of tears, tried to work on developing my own patience and emuna and when things really got stuck, I did A LOT of pidyonot for him with Rav Berland. And that last one is really the shortcut.)


So, let me end with a blessing for us all.

I bless all the women that we should find our true basherts if we are still single; and that if we are already married, our men’s souls should start to really blossom and open up, so that we can connect to them, and they can connect to themselves, and to God, and to be the tremendous force for good in the world they were created to be.

And I bless all the boys out there, of every age, that God should help them to finally grow up into the men they need to be, without making any more excuses for their bad middot and physical ta’avot.

And I bless all these ‘boys’ that they should understand that growing up is not something to be afraid of, but something that will give them more energy, excitement and true happiness than anything else.

And I bless all of us that finally, all our homes should truly be a place where the shechina can dwell, and where peace between husband and wife will reign, and where geula will become a reality, at least in our daily lives.



Change can happen.

But only when we really want it to, and we’re prepared to grow up.


PS: As I was putting the finishing touches to this, a neighbor popped round and we started talking about it. She’s 25 and newly-married, and newly-observant.

She told me:

How can men NOT be like this today, when they have an i-Phone in their pocket and constant access to ‘instant gratification’ 24/7?

She’s right.

My daughter once said the same thing, that she thinks men don’t need women to talk to anymore because now they have i-Phones to run away into, any time they get bored, overwhelmed or lonely.


May this all turn around, very soon.


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