I know, I know.

It’s easier to just keep sticking our head in the sand, than to see what is right in front of our faces.

But here’s the thing:

The sooner we all get real about what is really going on- and then panic, and then pray from the bottom of our hearts, for God and His True Tzaddikim to get us out of the mess we are in – the faster all this turns around for the best, with as little suffering as possible.

The test right now is to get real.

And then to start praying (and dancing and clapping…)


So now, take a look at this.

It’s a new clip from Israeli TV of PM Bennett boasting how the State of Israel has now developed an ‘amazing surveillance system’ that will link your ‘covid-infectious score’ to your GPS, or geographical location:


Here’s the translated text (just taken from the subtitles already on the video):

I have a dramatic announcement.

We have finished developing an advanced monitoring system, that every Israeli citizen at every point in time will recieve a score from 1 to 10, that represents a probability for him to be infectious.

Meaning, we connect your Covid test results with your GPS data.

And we will know, for example, that your score is 6, but tomorrow you are going to a shop where there were contagious people, and therefore today you are 9, and we will send you a [Covid] test.

This system doesn’t exist anywhere in the world.

To launch this amazing system, we need approval from the Ministry of Health and the Attorney General.


Now, are you starting to understand what this is all about?


I see more and more of these AI facial recognition surveillance systems and speakers popping up all over the place, every where I go in Israel.

Including by the side of the road on Highway 6 – and if you want to tell me that these speakers are to give people ‘audible instructions from the police’, instead of beaming some sort of directed energy at them, that will ‘control them’ in some way, please explain how a stationary speaker by the side of a fast highway is meant to do that, exactly?

The car whizzes past it at 120km an hour… which makes verbal communication with the driver impossible.

But which makes ‘targeting with a directed energy weapon / frequency’ still all too possible.


Here in Israel, they are telling people that this ‘advanced monitoring system’ is something external, via a bracelet you wear, or something similar.

I don’t buy that.

Remember this, from HERE?


And remember this, from HERE?


In THIS post, we learned that the PCR tests are also ‘contaminated’ with the nanotech that self-assembles into a wireless nanorouter, when it gets inside the human body.

If you missed that French research, that shows that both ‘vaccinated’ people, and ‘unvaccinated’ but PCR tested people now have a 40-50% chance of emitting bluetooth signals, together with their own unique MAC code, here is where you can see the full paper:



And if that isn’t convincing you enough, that these PCR tests are all about introducing something into the body, and not at all about ‘checking for Covid’ (which is why the results are always so unreliable and random….), then watch this (from HERE):


It shows how the PCR tests are giving off an electromagnetic (aka ‘radio-active’) signal.

When I had the PCR test shoved up my nose at Ben Gurion airport, it gave me an electric shock.

Now, we can see that I wasn’t imagining it.


People, how much longer are we all just going to continue to comply with this unfathomable evil?

If you, personally, want to CHOOSE to be injected or infected with nanotech that will self-assemble a wireless nanorouter in your body, that will enable our corrupt governments to track every movement you make, and every word you say, and every thought you think – that’s up to you.

But if you want to join hands with the people who are trying to coerce others to participate in this mass human experiment, which is basically trying to extinguish free will in humanity, and turn the world in one massive, open-air prison – then take a very hard look in the mirror.


There is a hard choice ahead for many of us, as the information about what is really in these shots and PCR tests starts to get out there.

It’s mamash a choice between ‘good’ and ‘evil’.

All of us who sat here over the years, thinking that if ‘Nazi Germany’ had happened in our time, we would have fought for our freedom… and that we would never have hurt others using the excuse that we were ‘only following orders’… and that we wouldn’t have been so shallow and cowardly to allow ourselves to be fooled by all the media propaganda, that used ‘public health’ as an excuse for Auschwitz and Dachau…

Guess what?

That test has returned.


And which side is it going to find you on?

Are you going to be one of those doing the government’s work for it, barking at others to ‘mask up’ and enforcing totally immoral medical apartheid rules and ‘green passes’?

Are you going to continue drawing a salary while you stab small children in the arm with untried nanotech that at best is trying to turn them into a trackable animal – and at worst can literally kill them?

Or continue getting paid to hand out fines against people trying to protest this immoral, illegal, totalitarian mass experiment on people?

And then, what happens when all this finally comes out into the open, and you suddenly understand that you were enthusiastically cheerleading the Fourth Reich…

How are you going to live with yourself then?

That is the question.



If you want to do the experiment yourself, to see if the ‘vaccinated’ and PCR-tested people in your circle are now emitting bluetooth / MAC codes, HERE is where you can download a Bluetooth scanner app for your phone.

And in case you are still having troubles believing the evidence that is literally right in front of your eyes, HERE is an article from 2015 in a prestigious scientific journal describing all this, called:

Design of Wireless Nanosensor Networks for Intrabody Application


Nanoscale devices require a new communication paradigm; they perform simple tasks, share the collected data, and reach unprecedented number of locations over the Internet.

This new network paradigm is called IoNT….

Our research work is focused on the intrabody communications for healthcare providers to develop the network system architecture for realizing IoNT applications.

Human body is made up of almost 80 organs.

Here, the nanosensors may be implanted into the organs, detecting specific symptom or virus and forwarding the sensing data to the nanorouter. The nanorouter may collect data from the nanosensors.

The nanorouter then may send the collected data to the outside of the body….


(Elizabeth Rauscher’s image, from her patents on how to control the human body and mind using electromagnetic frequencies….)


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I just got sent this:

The Rav just called someone and said that he is supposed to get out of prison this Wednesday but they want to push it off and keep him for another 2 weeks and they should do a atzeret on motzei Shabbat/a prayer rally this motzei Shabbat.

Everyone should come outside the prison and do 7 times TK and 3 Perakim Nivcharim.

Whoever can’t come there should do it from wherever they are; 7 times Tikkun Haklali; and 3 times Perskim Nivcharim this motzei Shabbat and he spoke greatly about the power of 7 times TK and PN.

And he said everyone should pray that he should get out right away this week already.



Go HERE to see the Perakim Nivcharim.

And may we hear good news.


Yesterday, there was a story on [the newly-renovated, Government-propaganda-site-pretending-to-be-news] Arutz 7, saying that Bennett wanted to make ‘vaccination’ mandatory in Israel.

Bennett was trialling that balloon for his puppet masters behind the scenes, to see if it would ‘fly’ in Israel.

Even though Arutz 7 has now banned comments (which is what all these sites do, at least temporarily, when the ‘story’ they are pushing gets a lot of push back from the public, who are increasingly calling out the lies and manipulations) – you can still see that the idea sank like a lead balloon.

Here’s how that story got changed, on today’s site:


The radiation and chem-trail-induced ‘Omicron’ wave has clearly flopped.

Worldwide, NOT A SINGLE PERSON HAS BEEN REPORTED AS DYING FROM IT, even with all their fake manipulations and false news ‘stories’.

That is actually amazing.

BH, the Rav gets out of prison (back to house arrest, but it’s a good start….) next Wed / Thur, and the rest of us will get out of prison with him.

If you look carefully, you can see that process already beginning.

Even the ‘mandatory vaccination’ program in Austria has flopped, and the puppet masters are now panicking and trying to figure out other ways of forcing and coercing people to ‘get vaccinated’, before the hammer falls on the whole project and the edifice of evil finally falls for good.


The trial of Ghislaine Maxwell has started, and even though there is almost zero media coverage of it, it’s starting to document and expose in court all the CIA’s involvement in all the MK Ultra / child trafficking / satanic pedophilia stuff, that is at the heart of so much of what is going on in our world.

As the Rav ‘gets out of prison’, more and more of the evil will start ‘going in to prison’.

I’m really looking forward to that part.

We aren’t out of the woods yet, and we all know how the forces of evil kick the hardest when they are just about to be extinguished for good, so don’t let your guard down, and keep your prayers up.

But that light of hope is starting to shine out.

And from here on it, it’s just going to get stronger and stronger.

Bezrat Hashem.




The more I learn about what Rabbi Tarfon taught, the more I find myself connecting to his teachings.

I’ve written about him before, but let’s just bring a few translated quotes from his teachings, before I get into the ‘meat’ of this post, as it’s really the connecting material between it all.

  • The day is short, and the labor is plenty; the laborers are lazy, but the reward is great. And the Master of the house is pressing.

  • You are not obliged to complete the work, but neither are you free to desist from it; if you have learned much Torah, great shall be your reward, for He who hires you will surely repay you for your toil; yet the requital of the pious is in the future.

  • No man dies except through idleness.


When we’re having discussions about emuna and hishtadlus (making an effort), Rabbi Tarfon is giving us some very important pointers, here.

It’s true that right now, there seems very little that any of us can do individually, to derail the ‘Covid 19 / Agenda 2030’ depopulation juggernaut.

But that doesn’t mean we should just give up and wait for the truck to crush us.


We aren’t obliged to complete the work – God will do that in His own time, in His own way, when He’s good and ready.

But neither are we free to give up and fall into despair!


It’s a very narrow bridge, to be sure.

But the yetzer hara is an expert in dressing up bad middot like depression and despair in ‘pious clothing’ like fake emuna.

Whatever else is going on, praying is ALWAYS an option. Clapping hands and dancing to sweeten judgements is ALWAYS an option. Doing our best to ascertain what God really wants from us, and trying to give it to Him – whatever circumstances we find ourselves in – is ALWAYS an option.

And as Rabbi Tarfon teaches us:

No man dies except through idleness.

Or to put it another way: it’s staying in the comfort zone that really kills us.


People are literally sacrificing themselves and their kids for two weeks’ holiday on a beach.

And to avoid awkward encounters when they’ll be labelled an ‘anti-vaxxer’ by the psychos in our midst.

And to try to get ‘back to normal’ – that normal-miserable life where everyone spends most of their time working to buy things they don’t really want or need, and then spends the rest of the time spaced out smoking weed or plugged into the Metaverse, to take their mind off their misery.

It’s that spiritual and emotional ‘idleness’ that’s really killing people.


Baruch Hashem, we have Rabbenu.

Rebbe Nachman tells us, Listen, chevrei, I checked this thing out to the deepest depth possible, and I can tell you categorically:

There is no despair – at all!!! – in the world!!!

Do you think Rabbenu is lying, when he tells us this?

Or do you think that ‘despair’ is just another one of those bad middot that we all have, and that we all need to get to grips with and overcome?


That brings me to a few points I want to cover, ‘shorthand style’ in this post, so I don’t spend all day typing.

Point 1: When people tell you to give up, and that there is no hope, don’t listen to them.

Even when people have good intentions, what we are currently facing is so overwhelming, most people will go into ‘shut down despair’ mode automatically, unless they have a very strong connection to God and our True Tzaddikim.

And I’m underlining that last part, because it’s the advice of our True Tzaddikim, like Rebbe Nachman, that tells us how to apply our emuna and prayers and efforts, day-to-day, to really focus them where they will most help us.


Point 2: Know thy enemy.

If you go to the Unite4Truth website HERE, you will find a whole bunch of sources clearly showing how DARPA and the US Military were behind the creation of these new ‘vaccines’ – regardless of the brand – and how they intended to ‘weaponise’ this technology right from the start.

Here’s some of the links there. The headlines really tell the whole story, all by themselves:


December 8, 2013

Pentagon Tasks Pfizer with Radically Rethinking Vaccine Development


October 8, 2013

DARPA Awards Moderna Therapeutics a Grant for up to $25 Million to Develop Messenger RNA Therapeutics™


January 13, 2015

Merck & Co., Moderna Launch $100M+ mRNA Partnership


June 19, 2018

US military Wants to Know What Synthetic-Biology Weapons Could Look Like


December 4, 2017

US military agency invests $100m in genetic extinction technologies


21 December 2015

Biotech, Bayer (Formerly Monsanto) Partner on Gene-Editing Treatments, Bayer Patents Crispr Technology


[US] Government Owns Spike Protein Technology Utilized in All US Emergency Use Only Approved Covid-19 Vaccinates, Developed Spike Protein Antigen in 2018


You see?

The country spearheading the NWO’s ‘war’ against humanity is the USA.

And especially,  DARPA, NSA, CIA, the Office of Naval Intelligence, and all those other places that were basically created in the Nazi mold, and populated with former Nazis smuggled into the USA, and other places, as part of ‘Operation Paperclip’.

Or to put this another way: the whole world is currently under attack from the USA, and the US military is committing horrendous war crimes against civilian populations – including it’s own – as we speak, via it’s proxies in ‘Big Pharma’.

Let that sink in.

It’s important to know who the real enemy is, so you can focus your prayers and your hand clapping appropriately.


Point 3: People developing Bluetooth codes post-innoculation is a real thing.

If you go HERE, you will find a real study, done by real scientists in France, in a controlled way, that shows that some of the people ‘innoculated’ with Covid shots ARE subsequently transmitting MAC / Bluetooth codes.

Here is the main finding:

From these results we can say that a significant percentage of injected persons and, to a lesser extent, non-inoculated persons tested by PCR tests, emit alpha numeric signals in the frequency range corresponding to that of Bluetooth use.


What jumped out at me is that some of the people who have had PCR tests, but who haven’t been ‘vaccinated’ with the Covid shots are also emitting Bluetooth codes.

In the first of the two experiments they did, more of the ‘non-innoculated, but PCR tested’ people were generating codes than the ‘innoculated’:

  • No non-inoculated,untested person gives a signal.

  • A few injected persons give signals in about 40% of cases.

  • A few non-inoculated, tested persons give signals in about 50% of the cases.

(The PCR subjects in this study seem to have had a hefty number of tests under the belt, like in the 70+ range…)


So, the nanotech that creates the wireless ‘nanorouters’ in the human body that leads to it generating these MAC codes is ALSO IN THE PCR TESTS.

Which explains why they have been trying to stick those probes so far up everyone’s noses, and also why they have been so keen on forcing people to do PCR tests every 5 minutes.


The good news, if you can call it that, is that the Bluetooth codes are not being generated by everyone, even if they have been ‘innoculated’.

And that even when they are generated, they are not very stable, and appear and disappear rapidly, as happens with very weak internet signals.

So the tech is not working as well as they hoped, but ‘Covid shots’ are clearly linked to hooking people up to The Internet of Things – and then trying to remote-control their neurological and biological processes, via millimeter wave frequencies assigned to their unique, biological ‘IP’.


Snippet from HERE, back in 2018:

Researchers have developed a technique that allows them to speed up or slow down human heart cells, on command, by shining a light on the cells and varying the light intensity.

The optical stimulation platform does not require genetic modification of cells but instead makes use of the optoelectronic properties of graphene, that is, graphene’s ability to efficiently convert light into electricity.

Hel-lo, myocarditis and so many people dropping dead from heart attacks straight after the Covid shots.



Point 4: It looks like the ‘9 months’ before the coming of Moshiach began on Zot Chanuka.

I got this from one of my contacts within Shuvu Banim. I haven’t yet checked it out myself, but I’m passing it on as ‘interesting information’, that you can draw your own conclusions about.

I just heard someone at the Ravs house arrest around 4 months ago asked the Rav if the 9 months began.

The Rav said no, it will begin on Chanukah and until Rosh Hashana things will be difficult.

There will be enough food but there might not be enough medications, whoever needs medication for diabetes or other chronic illness should save up now to have enough until Rosh Hashana.

Also heard from one of the hidden tzaddikim, that as soon as the Rav is released from prison will begin the serious problems with Iran.

The Rav said They will drop an atom bomb but he will catch it in the air and send it back it will also hit Egypt, Syria and especially Turkey.


FYI, the Rav appears to be coming out of prison – and going back into house arrest – sometime next week.

Basically, it seems that the people who were persecuting the Rav within Breslov for decades are the exact same people who murdered Nissim Sheetrit.

It’s that ‘projection’ thing we mentioned before, that whatever sins people have in themselves, they see those ‘sins’ reflected back at them from the Rav.

So, I’m also expecting more information to surface soon about all the niuf these people were also involved in, and financial dodgy dealings.

And while we’re on the subject of projection, and how that speaks volumes about the person themselves, that also explains stories like THIS.


That’ll do for now.

There’s a lot going on.

And from next week, there’s probably going to be even more going on…

So prepare yourself mentally and spiritually.

We seem to be approaching warp speed in the next stage of this geula process.



I just saw this on Twitter.

It’s two minutes of a holocaust survivor explaining how people’s rights were taken away step by step, until they kind of arrived at ‘The Final Solution’ almost naturally.

The Holocaust at Auschwitz was the outcome of German doctors pressuring Nazi politicians into adopting quarantine & lock-down policies as the best way to control the spread of Typhoid.

They claimed it was spread by infected Jews.

Ultimately they arrived at the Final Solution.


History is repeating itself.

But this time, BH, we have the Rav sweetening things.


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What feels like 500 years ago, now, I started looking for who ‘Jacob Frank’ really was, in Jewish history.

Two years on, I have finally found him.

And I have finally managed to pin him down, enough, to show that he is in the same close family tree as both the ‘Barons Gunzburg’ of Russia (who seem to be very closely ‘aligned’ with the Chabad Rebbes) – and the Vilna Gaon, R’ Eliyahu ben Shlomo Zalman Rivlin, and also, a whole bunch of ‘Chief Rabbis of the British Commonwealth’ and of course, the infamous bankers.


Before I continue, I just want to tell you why I’m writing this post today.

A whole bunch of these genealogical pieces came together last week – last Friday morning, to be exact – and I could finally pin down where ‘Jacob Frank’, aka Jacob Loeb Benjamin Frankel really belonged on his family tree.

Also, I’d been working on unpicking the Vilna Gaon’s ancestors all week, so those two pieces of info kind of ‘arrived’ together in one big ‘Eureka!’ moment.

Then a strange thing happened:

I totally lost interest in this project, and decided I’d had enough of doing it, and enough of sharing it publically online.

Yalla, let me paint, let me start exploring the sonic healing stuff more, enough with all this!


I deleted nearly all of my tens of open tabs, connected to researching all this genealogy stuff.

Then, I literally moved my computer chair away from my desk, to start trying out some ‘sonic healing’ stuff on my husband, before getting on with a new painting.

Two minutes later… my computer chair collapsed underneath me, and I’m lucky I only had some very mild scraping and sore ribs, for a couple of hours. The stone floors in Israel are very hard.

This morning, I was talking to God about ‘the message’ He was trying to give me, with that whole chair collapsing episode, and this is what came back, like a shout in my head:

Get on with the family tree stuff, and don’t give up on it!

You didn’t come this far just to leave it alone now!


Every time I post up something about ‘real Jewish history’, Sucuri tags my site as containing suspicious malware:


It’s a subtle, but very effective, way of censoring this information online.

And paradoxically, it also shows me that I’m really on the right track with all this stuff, that started showing up when I made the connection between the Chabad Rebbes and the Baron Gunzburgs, in Russia.

At the same time, I’m totally sick of it, but what can I do?

When you ignore ‘messages’ from Hashem, they tend to just increase in volume.

So, here is the latest installment, of where I got to, replete with pictures of some of the massive ‘mind maps’ I’m doing, to keep all this info manageable and ‘together’.


To keep this is ‘concise’ as possible, so that each post doesn’t take literally six hours to complete,  I’m going to write this a different way today, with basically just the bottom line findings, and pictures of some of my family tree ‘mind maps’.


The first thing to tell you is this:

Rabbi Nachman Horodenka, the grandfather of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, appears to be the brother of R’ Chaim of Volozhin:


Because all this is so very deliberately convoluted, it could also be that Rabbi Nachman’s father, Simcha, is actually the brother of R’ Chaim of Volozhin. I’m still unpicking it.

But that close family connection between the ‘arch-Litvaks’ and Rabbenu’s family, on his father’s side, is definite.

And Rabbenu’s grand-father is also closely related to the Sha’agat Aryeh (Leib Gunzburg) – he is the uncle, or possibly great uncle, of both ‘Chaim of Volozhin’ and ‘Nachman the Judge of Pohost Volozhiner’.



The ‘Chief Rabbis’ of the Jewish community, for the last at least 500 years, also functioned as the go-betweens with the State they were living in, particularly in matters of tax collection for the royal treasury.

These ‘Court Jews’ were typically also made the ‘Chief Rabbis’ of a particular community, not because they were particularly learned or pious, but more because the secular state wanted their tax collectors to be able to enforce the royal decrees with ‘religious rulings’, that would appear to be binding on the Jews under their control.

If any of this sounds familiar, that’s because it is.

All these rabbis today, who are being pressured and bribed to tell us all to just shut-up and happily follow the government line, are modern examples of this ancient ‘tradition’.

Much of this work in Eastern Europe was done by the ‘Council of the Four Lands’.

This snippet comes from HERE:

[T]he Council of the Four Lands [was] the Ottoman institution of the Jews of Poland, over the course of 200 years.

It was not for the benefit of the Jews of Poland that the kings decreed that the Jews would have autonomy over their own internal affairs and allowed them to hold gatherings and assemblies of representatives of the large Jewish communities of Poland. The Polish kings allowed the establishment of this institution in order to make use of it as a tool for concentrating the collection of taxes imposed on the Jews who were spread out in the cities and villages of Poland.

The Jewish communities that were organized in the Council of the Four Lands took upon themselves the responsibility for those taxes; while for their own part the Polish kings did not interfere with nor investigate how those taxes were collected….

Before the Farbrengen [general assembly] of the Council of the Four Lands, the councils of each individual country (land) would meet individually where the Polish symikim would customarily meet before the current Polish Syem [parliament] sat.


Remember this:

Tax collection and governance, ‘royal families’, and ‘Chief Rabbis’ always go together.

One of the key families of ‘Court Jews / Chief Rabbis’ that so many of the ‘interesting’ people I discuss here descend from, is the FISHEL / FISZEL family.


Ephraim Fischel was a court Jew to the Kings of Volyhnia / Poland, and a big mover and shaker in the ‘Council of the Four Lands’.

This snippet comes from the same source as above, on the JewishGen page HERE:

Rabbi Efraim Fishel ben Arieh Leib of Ludmir (1671 – 1719)
(Rabbi Efraim the Lobbyist, Trustee of the House of Israel)

In the years 1671 – 1684 Rabbi Efraim Fishel (Rabbi Efraim the Lobbyist) was a community leader of Ludmir on the Council of the Four Lands. He was a frequent participant in the meetings of the Council of the Four Lands and was one of the central figures of Jewish Poland in his day.


In a writ dated 18 April 1679 the Polish king Jan Soviesky sponsored Rabbi Efraim Fishel, naming him the Official Author Chosen by all the Jews of the Kingdom (in other words, Loyal to the House of Israel, of the Four Lands).

He was granted lifelong permission to live in the court of the king, to be and to trade wherever he wished, he was granted the right to establish a brewery, and he was released from all financial obligations regarding the community and region of Ludmir.

In 1699 the Polish king Augustus the Second confirmed the writ of sponsorship granted to him by the king Jan Soviesky. He is mentioned frequently in the registers of Tiktin and Opatow in connection with the gatherings of the Council of the Four Lands in which he took part; in 1719 he is mentioned as trustee of the Four Lands.


Because so many of these ‘Chief Rabbis’ mamash had dual personas, as ‘rabbis’ in one sphere, and suave ‘court Jews’ in another, Efraim Fishel was kind of ‘pushed back’ by 100 years, to distort these connections by packing his family tree with ‘alternative personas’ of his descendants.

Efraim Fishel is connected to ‘Moshe’ Stefan Fishel Powditsky – another wealthy and influential court Jew in Poland, who converted out to xtianity.

Read more about the Fishel family (with fake dates…) on the YIVO site HERE.


Remember this:

Court Jews and ‘Chief Rabbis’ often ‘converted out’ to xtianity, or Islam, as it suited them, and then sometimes ‘converted back’ at a later date. And sometimes they didn’t ‘convert back’, but still continued to have very close ties with their Jewish brethren.


This mind-map, on the left, sets out the ‘official chronology’ for Efraim Fishel – together with totally wrong dates:


Even so, we still discover that he had a grandchild called ‘Reb Joseph of Pinchow’, who married one ‘Dvora Kremer’.

Dvora Kremer is the sister of the Vilna’s Gaon’s great-grandad, Moshe Kremer of Vilna.

If you follow the family tree down, down, down, we get to Chaya, who marries one ‘Aharon Leib Gunzburg’ (1757-1804).

And then a couple of generations later, they spawn ‘Gabriel Jacob Gunzburg’, progenitor of the Barons Gunzburg I wrote about HERE.


In the middle of figuring all this stuff out, I noticed that the ‘Gunzburg’ family had the same people with different names, always popping up in the ‘crucial’ intersections that would link all these people together.

One of these ‘dual names’ was SAMUEL SANFEL (ZANWEL) GUNZBURG, who marries some unnamed ‘daughter of MESHULAM ZALMAN MIRELS.’

Their son is MEIR GUNZBURG, who marries some unnamed daughter of SIMCHA HAKOHEN RAPOPORT (the father of Nachman Horodenka, Rabbenu’s paternal grandfather.)

Meir’s daughter TREINA marries Shlomo Zalman (HaChassid) Rivlin – and their son is none other than:


(This makes the Vilna Gaon and Rabbi Nachman Horodenka first cousins.)


But over the course of a solid week of comparing family trees, I discovered that SAMUEL SANFEL (ZANWEL) GUNZBURG has a different name:

He is also ‘ISAAC EIZIK GUNZBURG’, who marries the unnamed daughter of ‘MOSHE GOLDES’.

(You can see all the scribbling on the family tree, that shows how I came to this conclusion.)

So then, this is what that means:

ISAAC EIZIK / SAMUEL SANFEL GUNZBURG has two sons (amongst other children).

One son is ‘Kalonymus Kalman Gunzburg’ – and his descendants include Gabriel Jacob Gunzburg, and the Barons Gunzburg who may, or may not, be the same as some of the Chabad Rebbes.

Another son is called ‘Meir Gunzburg, ABD Vizin and Dubno’, and his grandson, via his daughter Treina, is the Vilna Gaon.



But why cover all this up?

Sure, it’s kind of awkward that our leading rabbis, both in the Litvak and Chassidic worlds, literally all come from the same family, and literally were either one and the same as the ‘Court Jews’ who became the evil, Frankist-Freemason bankers and creators of the State of Israel, or their brothers, fathers and sons.

But still.

To answer that question, let me direct you to the right hand side of the mind map:


Again, there are many smaller knots still to unpick, but here is where I found Jacob Loeb Benjamin Frankel’s real father, namely:


He is the son of SIMEON GUNZBURG.

One of Simeon’s brothers, ‘Aaron Shtadlan of Wilna Gunzburg‘ branches down into the Baron Gunzburgs.

Another of Simeon’s brothers, ‘Naphtali Hirz Gunzburg’ branches down to the Vilna Gaon.

And in the middle we have…



To put this another way, the Baron Gunzburgs (who may or not be the Chabad Rebbes); the Vilna Gaon and the notorious, satanic ‘false messiah’ Jacob Frank all have the same Gunzburg Grandpa.

And they all descend from that same tax-collecting, ‘Court Jew / Chief Rabbi’ of the 4 Lands guy (whose brother and other family members converted out to xtianity…), Efraim Fishel.



Let’s just wrap up with who Jacob Frank’s mother is, and who some of his descendants are, in the real world, as this story has more rabbit holes than Watership Down.

Jacob Frank’s mother is: MARGOLA SHOR.

She is the sister of EPHRAIM ZALMAN SHOR, and AVRAHAM CHAIM SHOR (patriarch of the Chabad rabbinical dynasty). EPHRAIM’s sons include ALEXANDER SENDER SHOR, and notorious Sabbatean ELISHA SHOR.

(That’s the guy whose Frankist descendants infiltrated the British royal family, as set out HERE.)

And now that I write these words, I’m getting the hunch that ‘Alexander Sender Shor’ was the alias for ‘Elisha Shor’, to try and divert some attention away from his descendants who remained in the Jewish community, when the whole Frankist project went underground.

We’ll come back to that.


Now we know all this, we can track some of Jacob Benjamin Loeb Frankel’s descendants down ‘in the real world’.

(Go HERE, to follow this on geni.)


One of Jacob Frank’s daughters, Rebecca, marries Mordechai Adler, over in the UK.

And one of their sons, in London, is:

R’ NATAN ADLER, one of the first Chief Rabbis of Britain and the Commonwealth.


Here’s a very telling snippet from his (very long…) geni profile, HERE:

One of Adler’s first official duties in Hanover was to conduct a memorial service for George IV.

His connection with British royalty developed apace in Hanover, with significant consequences....

Shortly after taking up office in Hanover, Adler married Henrietta Worms (1800-53), from a prominent Frankfort family. Her aunt was a Rothschild; her cousin S B Worms and his sons were made barons in 1871, one becoming Lord Pirbright. She bore Nathan Marcus three daughters – Sarah (m. Henry Solomon), Jeanette (m. Rabbi Anschel Stem of Hamburg) and Minna (m. Jacob Israel) – and two sons, Marcus and Hermann.


So, here we have one of notorious ‘false messiah’ Jacob Frank’s grandsons as the Chief Rabbi of Britain and the Commonwealth, directly related to Rothschilds and Lord Pirbright, and also rubbing shoulders with Queen Victoria and (known Frankist brother-in-law of Nathan Rothschild), Sir Moses Montefiore.


(And now, are you starting to understand more, about why returning to this subject keeps bringing accusations of ‘malware’ down upon my blog?)


But there’s more.

Who is Jacob Frank’s mysterious father in law, this ‘R Joel of Wronke’?

We know that in the ‘mirror image’ of the real Jacob Frank, his first father in law was the ‘bad’ Baal Shem of London, Chaim Shmuel Yaakov Falk.

This snippet about him comes from the Kotzk blog, HERE:

Rabbi (Doctor) Chaim Shmuel Yaakov Falk was known as the Baal Shem of London. Of Sefaradic descent, he was either born in Bavaria or Podolia around 1708 and he died in 1782 and was buried in the Alderney Road Cemetery in Mile End, London….

While in Westfalen, Germany, he was charged with sorcery and was sentenced to be burned at the stake, but he managed to escape and was sheltered in the castle of the German Count, von Rantzau, where he performed Kabbalistic practices for the nobility.

These practices are documented in detail in Mémoires du comte Rantzow. Around 1736 he found his way to London and took up residence at 35 Prescott Street, and then later at Wellclose Square where he had a private synagogue.


Falk was a founding pillar of many of the ‘secret societies’ that coagulated into what become modern Freemasonry, amongst many others.

All based on the practise of ‘black magic’, aka ‘practical kabbalah’, done for personal gain instead of to serve Hashem in the world.

So, who is this ‘Rabbi Joel’, who is the ‘real’ Jacob Benjamin Loeb Frank’s father in law?

I am hazarding an educated guess that he is one and the same as this guy:


Again, all the dates are deliberately confused, and the information fudged, by inestimable ‘gate keepers’ on geni including Malka Mysels and of course, Keith Lawrence Hanit.

But ‘Joel Heilprin, Baal Shem of Zamosc’ is still listed as being the brother of R’ELIEZER LIPPMAN HEILPRIN – who marries none other than Jacob Frank’s mother, MARGOLA SHOR.

Margola Shor’s other husband is meant to be ‘Yehuda Leib Gunzburg’ of Krotoschin, Jacob Frank’s father.

So, either she really did have two husbands, or ‘R Eliezer Lippman Heilprin’ was also given an alias.


Let’s sum this bit up:

The ‘Bad’ Baal Shem of London, Chaim Shmuel Yaakov Falk was Jacob Frank’s first father in law.

This guy was into black magic, ‘practical kabbalah’ and witchcraft, and had a sizeable following amongst Sabbateans. He also laid the foundations of ‘black magic / satanic’ secret societies including modern-day Freemasonry.

Meanwhile, the ‘Bad’ Baal Shem of Zamosc, Joel Heilprin, is the father in law of ‘Jacob Benjamin Loeb Frankel’.

This Baal Shem also conjures demons and makes use of ‘practical kabbalah’, and is praised and lauded by many, including in the memoirs of the Rebbe Rayatz, as being one of the main people who ‘inspired’ the path of what become Chabad chassidut.


That’s enough for today.

Isn’t it?

If God wills it, I’ll come back to this again, but when we talk about these ‘Frankist-Freemasons’ mamash taking over the Jewish world, we can see that the more we pin down real details in the real world, the more all this adds up to being the truth.

May God save us from them all.


You might also like this article:


I just got sent this email, by one of my contacts close to Shuvu Banim:

The Rav said there will be a Purim story this Chanukah and here it is

*Purim Story on Chanukah!*

The Rav is released from all accusations in the latest libel attempt


Haman ended up getting hung in the very gallows that he prepared for Mordechai the Tzaddik.

The persecutors of the Rav who have prepared for many years a shrewd intricate plan to have the Tzaddik locked up for life ended up falling in the pit of their own plan.

They are now in prison for the very same allegations that they accused the Rav about and the Rav is officially released on these allegations.

We can all celebrate וְהָעִיר שׁוּשָׁן צָהֲלָה וְשָׂמֵחָה

(PS. the Rav is still finishing the prior prison sentence which should be over with the help of Hashem in a matter of weeks.)

The police ransacked the home of the Rav’s #1 persecutor and confiscated recordings how he and the #2 persecutor planned false allegations against the Rav all these years, some that they themselves are guilty of.


What happens with the Rav, happens with the rest of Am Yisrael.

So, it’s fantastic, FANTASTIC news, that there really is an end in sight now, to this horrible last few years.

The ‘enemy’ fell into exactly the same trap that they set for the Rav.

And now, all the truth is coming out, about how the exact same people who were apparently guilty of the murder they were trying to pin on the Rav, were behind all the false accusations against him for the last decade, too.

All their false information and slanderous lies gave the State of Israel the excuse they needed to go after the Rav, lock him up for absolutely nothing, twice in a row, and to persecute him and his community in ways that are hard to describe or comprehend.

(If you read my comments section, you maybe have a small taste of the sort of bizayon you can get on a daily basis, trying to stick close to the Rav.)

And now….

The whole edifice of lies is collapsing in front of our eyes!!!


As it goes with the Rav, so it goes for the rest of Am Yisrael.

So, courage dear readers!

All these ‘Covid 19’ lies are also on the verge of imploding.

Hang on one more day, one more week, one more month – whatever it takes, until this ‘the enemy’ in this Purim shpiel also fall into the trap of their own making.

Keep praying, clapping and dancing.

Keep bringing the light down.

We are almost there!

And the light of Chanuka is still strengthening every day.



Just so you can see it in action, HERE is where you can see the craven YWN site still trying to ‘spin’ this story to make it sound like the Rav is still somehow responsible for what happened.

Notice how they are flat-out lying about the role of the Rav’s extended family member – one of the main two persecutors who has been feeding lies to the media and police for years and years. It’s totally shocking, how they continue to deliberately and maliciously mislead people, with flat-out lies.

I’m not going to belabour this point, as people with the eyes to see, will see.

I am now focussing my main ‘clapping and dancing’ on bringing down the craven media, that has done so very much to harm so many people, over the last few decades, not least with ‘Covid 19’.

BH, I suddenly feel like dancing again!!!

May we hear more good news, speedily.


Things ARE turning around.

I just feel it in my gut.

Occasionally, my gut feelings can be wrong, of course, and I know we still have a mountain to climb before this totally breaks down. Or at least, what appears to be a mountain to climb.

But really?

That ‘mountain’ is as fragile as a hair.

The light of Moshiach and geula is strengthening all the time, and as soon as it breaks through to the surface, it incinerates all the darkness just like that.


That ‘light’ of Moshiach and geula is in each one of us.

Right now, we have to dig deep, tap into to our neshamas, dance and clap our fallen fears away (try stomping on DARPA, that always feels very satisfying…) – and just be a conduit in our own dalet amot for that ‘light’ to start shining out in our corner of the world.

All of us has a job to do, a role to play, in bringing that light of Moshiach and geula down into our own space.

Don’t think ‘what can I do, I can’t make a difference any way…’

Instead, believe the whole world was made for me.

And God has given me the ability to impact the whole world, for good and for bad, with my thoughts, words and actions.


I found a few examples of how different people are starting to manifest that ‘light’ now in Israel, in different ways, on the Habayitah blog HERE.

I’m bringing a couple of the videos she linked to below.

This first one, from secular Tel Aviv activist Avi Barak mamash blew me away:

(You can see a lot more videos on Chananya Weissman’s Rumble channel, HERE.)


The light of Chanuka, of Moshiach, of geula, is shining out in Tel Aviv, via people like Avi Barak.

And here is another example of how that ‘light’ is starting to come out, via whistleblowing nurses in the medical establishment in Israel, explaining how strange and serious illnesses are now exploding across the country – and being deliberately covered up by the government, MoH and paid-propaganda-pretending-to-be-media:


Maybe, you are reading this, and you are thinking to yourself:

I can’t give speeches like Avi Barak.

I’m not a whistleblower.

I don’t write blogs, I don’t have a million Fakebook friends to ‘livestream’ at….

I spend most of my day dealing with the kids, cooking and laundry.

Or trying to make a living to pay the rent and take care of my family.

What can someone like me do, to bring down that light of Moshiach and geula into the world?


Your job, your role, is no less precious, and no less crucially important.

Every sincere prayer you utter, asking God to please end this evil madness…

Every atom of ‘birur’ you do in your own life, to ascertain the difference between ‘truth’ and ‘lies’…

Every decision you make, to try to do the right thing, and to avoid hating the people on ‘the other side’ of this debate, and to uproot your own feelings of anger, fear and despair…

Every dance you do, every clap you make to ‘sweeten the judgments’….

This is what is giving our True Tzaddikim the ammunition they need, to fight this spiritual war.


It’s true, we are nothing and no-one.

At the same time, the whole world was made only for us.

God set things up so there is a partnership going on, here.

He is the One in control, ultimately, and the One who will fix this problem.

But He gave us a job to do, to have emuna, and to follow the advice of our true tzaddikim, and to pray sincerely, and to work on our fear and anger – and that is our part of the bargain, that we can and must fulfill.

Like Rabbi Tarfon explained, we can’t finish the job (at least, not by ourselves…) But that also doesn’t mean we are free to ignore it.


So, even if you are up to eyeballs in dirty dishes, diapers and balagan…

You can still pray for a moment, that God will destroy all this evil.

And even if you are working very hard to provide for your family…

You can still do your best to start working on your fear and anger, and to transform it into yirat shemayim.

We all have our jobs to do.

We all have our work cut out for us, to ‘channel’ that Moshiach and geula vibe into our surrounding, and our every day living.

This Chanuka, the light IS starting to spread to every corner of this very dark globe.

And we are much closer to it being revealed openly, than we think.


There were a few comments on the last post, and also a few emails, that I wanted to respond to as a blog post.

I think probably a lot of people are feeling the same way right now.

If you are ‘awake’ and unjabbed, it’s very difficult and scary to deal with the ‘reality’ of a world that is just so scary, untruthful and threatening.

How can we deal with all the fear we’ve got?

All the anxiety?

Again, the answer is very simple, but putting it into practise is going to take a lot of time, effort, determination and prayer:

Raise those fears back to God.


God is behind everything.

Never forget that, because God is only kind, compassionate and merciful, and God CAN turn everything around in a split-second, if He so chooses.

And if He doesn’t so choose?

So, what are we doing to do? Waste the last few weeks or months or years of our lives paralysed with fear, before we even get there?

Honestly, that is no sort of life anyway.

Whatever is going on, we still have free choice.

We can still choose to look for the good, to be grateful for today, this minute, this second.

This test is so hard, precisely because it really boils down to one of perception and emuna.


Here is how to get through the next few weeks:

  1. Make some time to talk to God every single day, and to ‘get real’ about what you are scared or worried about, but then to throw it back to God to deal with. Ein Od Milvado.
  2. Make some time to dance and clap for at least one song, every single day – and especially those times when the despair of the fear or the anxiety is starting to shoot up again. I’ve been putting this into practise now for 3 months, and I’m telling you that it is THE key piece of advice to get through all the stress we’re feeling.
  3. Get close to the true tzaddikim, especially Rebbe Nachman of Breslov and Rabbi Eliezer Berland – and do whatever you can to help them out. Pray for them, donate to their organisations, spread their teachings follow their advice. You’ll get paid back a billion times over, for any help you give the true tzaddikim to win this spiritual battle.


Other things that will definitely help is to recite one, or 3, or 7 Tikkun Haklalis every day.

Or to get hold of some of the Rav’s prayers, and to say them.

(Go HERE for the books of the Rav’s prayers in English, available on Amazon.)

Or to do a small pidyon nefesh over on the RavBerland.com website – which is my secret weapon for turning things around, whenever the anxiety is starting to crest again.

(Go HERE for that option.)


This is what I’m doing myself, and this is how I’m managing to walk that fine line between acknowledging the truth, without going totally nuts.

Which brings me to another subject I just want to cover, in this post.

A few readers sent me a link to THIS – a video on Bitchute of scientist Andreas Noack, saying that the Covid 19 shots are full of graphene hydroxide.

The postscript is that he was meant to have been killed immediately after making this video.

Let me walk you through the steps I took to try to check this out, and then you come to your own conclusions, as always.


  1. I watched the video, and made notes about what he says his qualifications are, for making that statement. According to the video, he says he’s a chemist who did a PhD in carbon / graphene products.
  2. He also said that any competent chemist would say the same thing about this being graphene hydroxide in the Covid shots.
  3. He described that this ‘graphene hydroxide’ acts like ‘nano razer bloods’, cutting the blood capillaries from the inside, and the reason that so many athletes are dying is because their blood goes round the body faster.


Already at this point, I am tending towards thinking there is something dodgy going on here.

Dr Pablo Campra, the spanish chemistry professor who actually put the Covid 19 shots – four different brands – under the microscope, and wrote a detailed report of his findings, surely also counts as a ‘competent chemist’, and he hasn’t mentioned a word about graphene hydroxide being in these shots.

So now, I go and start looking into Andreas Noack’s qualifications, HERE, on his Researchgate page.


He has 23 papers listed, and none of them are about graphene or carbon.


What he DOES seem to have a lot of expertise in, tho, is PCR tests, cloning, DNA and RNA.

Which puts him firmly in the camp of the type of scientists doing all these ‘experiments’ on us, with the Covid 19 shots.

So, I can’t see any evidence of his PhD in chemistry, but I CAN see lots of evidence that he’s a scientist who hangs out with people who like PCR tests and messing around with cloning, DNA and RNA.

More and more, I start to feel like this information is really ‘disinformation’, to throw people off the trail of the proven link between electro-magnetic graphene oxide nanotech ‘antennas’  and the ability to ‘remote control’ people via 5…G 


What about the ‘fact’ that he was apparently killed immediately doing this video?

I got sent THIS video, that is meant to be of his wife, apparently telling the world her husband just got killed.

Again, watch it for yourself, make your own mind up.

To me, it doesn’t seem very credible that she can’t explain how her husband died, other than to make some vague, mysterious statements about him being ‘attacked’.

And it’s also not credible that she’s apparently so unafraid of also being ‘attacked’ by the same people who apparently just murdered her husband, she’s off immediately making videos encouraging people to rise up.

It doesn’t seem to me that pregnant widows of people who have just been murdered for their beliefs would do something like that.

But what do I know.


Lastly, after a bit more scouting around, I find THIS weird video from last year, apparently showing Andreas Noack being arrested by German police during a livestream he was doing from his home.


Again, something just feels very ‘off’ about this whole thing.

Not least, that this video is still up on Youtube a year later, when so much is being ‘censored’ so fast.

I’m happy to get more information, if anyone has it, that could change the picture, or fill it out.

But currently, my feeling is this is fake news.


Why would someone ‘fake’ something like this?

There’s a few reasons.

People like certainty, and by keeping us uncertain about what is really going on with these Covid shots, they keep us stuck in confusion, and unable to act to protect ourselves and educate others.

Another reason could be the unremittingly negative tone of what he is saying.



No-one could accuse me of being an optimist when it comes to these shots, but at the same time, I simply don’t believe that there is nothing a person can do, to improve their outlook, if they got jabbed.

I don’t believe that whatever is in these shots can’t somehow be bio-degraded, once we know what’s really going on with, and otherwise neutralised.

The main danger is from the immediate deaths and serious neurological damage they are doing.

Short-term, they are very dangerous.

But over the longer-term, I have faith that a solution will be found, to start to turn things around. There is so much we still don’t know, why automatically believe the worse-case scenarios?


Which brings me to the last point.

When people aren’t with the true tzaddikim, even if they are very knowledgeable, and very well intentioned, they are still missing that crucial ingredient of ‘hope’ that makes all this bearable and manageable, day-to-day.

Rav Berland is the Tzaddik HaDor, and each time I’ve come close to sinking over the last few years, just reconnecting back to him in some way keeps my head above water.

Maybe, I’ll read something he says that gives me instant hope and courage again.

Maybe, I’ll say one of his prayers and I can ‘feel’ it working, spiritually.

Maybe, it’s just enough to know that the Rav took so much suffering upon himself, it can’t be that all this is just going to end so very badly.

There is hope!

Lots of it!

As soon as we make teshuva, all this goes away just like that.


What’s the alternative?

To just sit here giving ourselves ulcers and heart-attacks from fear and anxiety about what will be?

Only God decides who lives and dies, and when and how that’s going to happen.

Only God.

If God wants to kill me – I can’t do anything to stop Him.

And if God wants me alive – no-one else can touch me.

So, I have nothing to lose by believing all this will turnaround, if God wills it, in an instant.

And it also happens to be the truth.


I’m cutting and pasting a new letter from the Rav that just came out now, from HERE:

New letter for Chanukah from our Rebbe Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a, which was written from between the walls of prison to his attorney, and which he requested to publicize speedily to his students.

Kislev 5782

“The eight days of Chanukah come to nullify the power of the eight kings of Edom (Parashat Vayishlach – Breisheit 36:31-39): Bela ben Beor (the aspect of Da’at-knowledge), [who] swallows the entire world, and with the first Chanukah candle we subdue him.”

“Yovav ben Zerach from Batzra (aspect of Chesed-kindness) who we subdue with the second candle.

“Afterwards, Chusham from the land of the Temani (aspect of Gevurah-strength) who is full of strengths and we subdue him with the third candle.

“Afterwards, we have Hadad ben Bedad (Tiferet-Beauty), who is a person that always rejoices in wars, and the fourth candle subdues him.

“Afterwards we have Samla from Masreka (Netzach-victory and Hod-splendor), who scrapes the entire world and is subdued with the fifth candle.

“Afterwards there is Shaul from Rechovot HaNahar (Yesod-foundation, and his place ‘Rechovot HaNahar’ alludes to Binah-understanding), who spread out over the entire world like a river (Nahar), and he is subdued with the sixth candle.

“Afterwards, we have Chanan ben Achbor (Malchut-kingship), who we subdue with the seventh candle.

“Then comes Hadar ben Pa’u, who makes himself as if he prays, builds churches and mosques, and we subdue him with the eight candle.

“Greetings to everyone”



Behind the scenes, things are being sweetened in awesome ways, all the time.

So don’t lose hope!

And do very careful due diligence on everything you’re imbibing from the internet, including also on my site.

Pray, double-check and come to your own conclusions.

They know that if they get us all to despair and give up, it’s game over and they’ve won.

So don’t despair!

Pray, dance and clap – and then make something yummy for dinner, or go for a nice walk, or paint something with your kids.

We have to keep living life, such as it is, until all this breaks.

And that moment is fast approaching.

Chanuka sameach.



A reader sent me this:

Dear Rivka. I read your post
Still not sure because the 2 pic look like 2 different ppl but it could be I am mistaken of course.


The ‘dead’ Andreas Noack is meant to be the one on the right, while the one on the left is the guy I found on ResearchGate.

She’s right – they are different people.

So, I went back to beat the bushes, to see if I could find a chemistry PhD with a dissertation on graphene called Andreas Noack.

I still can’t.

But I did turn up another interesting ‘Andreas Noack’.

This one is doing lots of research into people tracking and 5…G.

You can see some of his research papers HERE.


Here’s a few that caught my eye:

Game-Theoretic Model of Incentivizing Privacy-Aware Users to Consent to Location Tracking.
Emmanouil A. Panaousis, Aron Laszka, Johannes Pohl, Andreas Noack, Tansu Alpcan
Proceedings of the 2015 IEEE TrustCom/BigDataSE/ISPA, 2015

I see you: on neural networks for indoor geolocation. 
Johannes Pohl, Andreas Noack
Proceedings of the 23rd European Symposium on Artificial Neural Networks, 2015

Fast computation of the principal components of genotype matrices in Julia. 
Jiahao Chen, Andreas Noack, Alan Edelman
CoRR, 2018


This ‘Andreas Noack’ sounds like a spook…

And I still haven’t found the one with the PhD in chemistry who is meant to be dead.

If you have more info, send it in.

As always, just trying to get to the bottom of what is going on here, so happy to post something up, if he really is a real person, with a real PhD in the field claimed. Then at least we’d have that part of the equation proven to be accurate.



Watch this.

It was recorded about Israel’s ‘war game’ against a ‘new, vaccine-resistant variant of Covid’ called ‘Omega’, held on November 11, 2021.

Guess what?

The war game ‘simulated’ that this ‘Omega variant’ was particularly dangerous for children….

Fancy that!

Just watch this two minute clip with Bennett describing what’s going on (in English – mild nausea alert), and then keep telling me this whole thing isn’t totally scripted.


The guy can’t even keep a straight face.

BH, the lies are starting to be so obvious, even hard-core ‘pro-vaxxers’ are starting to figure out something is not right here.

I was talking to someone yesterday whose dad is proudly triple jabbed, and really believes in Covid…

But even he is starting to question why the government is trying to ‘force jab’ people who don’t want it.

And you know that when the doubts reach this part of the constituency, it can’t be too much longer before the whole thing collapses in on itself.


There is no yeoush in the world!!!

Hang on, dear readers.

The ‘evil malchut’ is very close to collapsing.

So don’t lose hope, and don’t despair that this continues on forever.

It doesn’t.

And the end may be way nearer than any of us think.



In this post, I just want to set out a few basic concepts of what ‘science’ can do with soundwaves, and how that is already affecting our health.

I know that so much of this information sounds so ‘sci-fi’ and out there, it’s hard for a lot of people to really digest it.

So in this post, I want to try to explain what’s going on, with details and references to real patents, but in a very simple way, BH, so as many people as possible can grasp the basic information, and start educating themselves and others about the real and present dangers we’re facing.

So we can start to really entreat Hashem to save us, and also, so we can ‘dance and clap’ all this stuff away, at its spiritual root, as per the advice of Rabbenu, Rebbe Nachman of Breslov.

Let’s begin.


EXHIBIT 1: The patents of Elizabeth Rauscher

I mentioned these already in THIS post, but I want to look at them in more detail, so you understand what the tech CAN ALREADY DO.

This is a screenshot from the late Rauscher’s website, HERE.


Let’s take a closer look.

The first deep-dive will be into this patent:

Apparatus for modulating brain signals through an external magnetic field to reduce pain (click the link to get to the PDF itself.)

Don’t be fooled that this technology is all about ‘helping humanity’.

That’s always how these things are spun, but we see with our own eyes that this technology is actually all about mind control and enslavement, not about helping people live healthier, pain-free lives.

Here’s the first screenshot:


Notice that these magnetic fields are being specifically designed to ‘interact with the brain and the heart’.

Remember that so many people are now suffering from myocarditis and strokes, post ‘Covid 19’ shots.

This could be one possible reason why:

The inventors have discovered that the beginning of the normal cardiac cycle and response to pain cycle originates in the mid brain and the hypothalamus with excitation of the Purkinje cells and is 20 oscillatorily propagated to the heart of source of pain, respectively.

In dealing with the heart, the SA node in the heart is the site of the electric excitation impulse which directly produces the contraction of the cardiac musculature. The electric excitation is propagated within the heart by specialized conductive tissues which include in addition to the sinoauricular node, the AV node, the bundle of His with right and left branches, the Purkinje cells and fibers.


I know it’s gobbledy-gook to most people, but the plain English version of what Rauscher is saying is that the pain response of the human body is an electro-magnetic phenomena, and begins with the heart.

And in particular, it seems to be associated with something called ‘Purkinje cells’ and fibers.

The Wikipedia page for Purkinje cells is mostly just more gobbledy-gook, but there are still a few clues hiding out there, that begin to suggest how damaged Purkinje cells can account for many of the weirder and disturbing ‘side effects’ of these Covid shots.


In humans, Purkinje cells can be harmed by a variety causes: toxic exposure, e.g. to alcohol or lithium; autoimmune diseases; genetic mutations causing spinocerebellar ataxias, gluten ataxiaUnverricht-Lundborg disease, or autism; and neurodegenerative diseases that are not known to have a genetic basis, such as the cerebellar type of multiple system atrophy or sporadic ataxias.


If these cells are compromised by being ‘targeted’ by specific electro-magnetic waves, or poisoned by GO nanotech trying to ‘hijack’ them, we’d expect to see high rates of autoimmune illness and ‘neurodegenerative diseases’,  including uncontrollable tremors and spasming.

That’s a lot of what we’re seeing, with the strange side effects of these ‘Covid’ shots.


Let’s get back to Rauscher’s patents.

You can see she really knows her stuff, because she describes things fairly simply, for a scientist.

I will bring more snippets below, and ‘plain English’ as we go along.

Living biologic systems exist and function through a series of physical-chemical-electro magnetic interactions.

The physical and chemical interactions are fairly well understood by traditional science but a significant number of potentially beneficial advances in the medical arts have been ignored or considered of minor importance because of a lack of understanding of the non-linear interactions that take place between biologic material and electromagnetic energies… 

The cardiovascular system is a notable example of a system that in some respects is highly linear, and in others behaves highly non-linearly.


Plain English: the human body, and it’s physical and chemical processes, are governed by electro-magnetism.


The present invention is based on research and experimental evidence which indicates that at least three major components of a living system operate primarily on very non-linear far from equilibrium principles while yet retaining and utilizing their inherent linear qualities.

The three components are the brain, the cardiovascular and the nervous systems. 



Rauscher is identifying the three parts of the human body whose functioning can be affected at a distance, by electro-magnetic waves of ‘energy’.

These are:

  • The brain
  • The heart
  • The nervous system.


(This is one of Rauscher’s diagrams in the patent, showing the different electrical ‘bandwidths’ associated with different parts of the body:)


[B]one and collagenous material in biologic systems are not only piezoelectric but may, under the proper electrical-mechanical conditions function as semiconductors and also as light emitting diodes.

The apatite crystal substance of bone is P type semi-conductor material, and the collagen 40 fiber is N type semi-conductor material. The areas where these two co-exist is a PN junction diode which if forward biased with a voltage or induced current can emit an electromagnetic energy usually in the infrared region of the optical spectrum.



The human body naturally operates as a semi-conductor of electromagnetic energy.


As is well known, magnetic fields will induce currents in conductors….

[An]  artificially emitted field will not only induce a reciprocity of field emission from the biologic material it is acting upon, but will also intermix with the re-emitted signal. The interaction of the emission-remission
apparently behaves as an informational channel….

 The informational channel of the human cardiovascular system apparently has a band width of approximately 30.4 Hertz with a frequency 55 swing of plus or minus 15.2 Hertz, and the second Bessel null at about 7.6 Hertz.

The human nervous system apparently has an informational band width of about 304 Hertz with a frequency swing of plus or minus 152 Hertz and the first Bessel component around 23 Hertz which represents the mix of the 7.6 and 76 Hertz generated signals.

The human brain informational channel band width is approximately 3040 Hertz with a frequency swing of plus or minus 1520 Hertz, and a more complex mix of frequencies peaking between 70 and 123 Hertz.


[Interesting how it goes up in multiples of ten, isn’t it? Brings to mind the 10 Sefirot.]



Magnetic fields create electric currents in material that ‘conducts’ electricity – in this case, the human body.

In turn, these electric currents can be configured to make the human body act and react in specific ways.

Rauscher then  lists the ‘bandwidth frequencies’ that the heart, brain and nervous system are operating at, and respond to:

  • Heart: 30.4 Hertz
  • Nervous system: 304 Hertz
  • Brain: 3040 Hertz

Once you know what frequency these systems are operating at, you can target them, and effect their functioning and operation, from the outside, at a distance.


(This is another diagram from Rauscher’s patent, describing the electro-magnetic waves governing the process of ‘hemodynamics’, or blood flow, in the human body:)


Narrow band FM is… the logical choice which nature evidently selected.

[T]he present invention relates to non-invasive devices which emit magnetic pulses that can penetrate through and interact with biologic materials and potentially all systems of the body in what is known as the ELF/VLF frequency range. These devices operate at low intensities and except for the noted exceptions, without direct contact with the material affected….

The present invention is concentrated on improving effects upon cardiac tissues, excitable tissues, and
neurological systems.

Each organ of the body has a given electrical or electromagnetic characteristic with which a given wave form will resonate and affect the function of that organ.

The key principles involved are as follows:

[M]agnetic fields generated at specific frequencies, and the harmonics of those frequencies, wave shapes, polarizations, or electric currents from cutaneously attached electrodes, will penetrate the system and stimulate specific and general nerves, and other parts of a biologic system either electrically, piezoelectrically, paramagnetically or chemically, or all in concert when certain biologic material resonant conditions are met.

There are also variable and mixed frequency ranges and intensities of magnetic impulses and electric current impulses which can affect specific and general areas of biologic tissues.



Directed electro-magnetic energy waves can radically affect and change how the human body – it’s organs, brain and tissue – work.

The human body reacts to electro-magnetic waves within the “ELF/VLF frequency range.”

ELF is ‘Extremely Low Frequency’.

5…G (and Active Denial) also operate at the ‘Extremely Low Frequency’ range.


Let’s leave Rauscher’s patent for now – feel free to take a closer look and to tease out more information, at your own leisure.

Because now I want to take a look at:


Government Files About “Remote Mind Control


The above diagram comes from an article on the Vigilant Citizen website HERE, from 2018.

(I dressed her up, a little, to protect the sensibilities of male readers.)


A journalist working for the non-profit organization Muckrock made a bizarre discovery after requesting documents from the US government through the FOIA. Indeed, as part of an ongoing investigation about Antifa and white supremacist groups, the journalist sent a request to the Washington State Fusion Center, a Department of Homeland Security, which specializes in counter-terrorism, detecting criminal activity, disaster planning, cyber-security and other threat assessments.

Along with standard documents such as emails, intelligence briefings, and bulletins, the journalist received a bizarre filed named “EM effects on human body.zip”.

One document describes the effects of “psycho-electric weapons” including “forced memory blanking”, “forced rigor-mortis” and even “forced o—-m”.


That link to the ‘EM effects on human body’ zipped doc still works, and I just downloaded it.

As well as three apparently random ‘STAC’ reports on minor crimes and incidents, it also contains three images.

The one above.

This one describing ‘Mass and Individual Remote Mind Control via the Mobile Phone Network and Mobile Phones’:


And a third one, which describes how every human being has a unique ‘bio-electro-magnetic’ field, which can be used to:

a) Identify them;


b) ‘Modulate’ their brain waves.


Hey, look!

There’s our good friends ‘Delta’ and ‘Mu’.


Compare and contrast these three diagrams describing deep state electro-magnetic ‘mind control’, with the earlier diagrams from Elizabeth Rauscher’s patents.

The deep state diagrams describe the ‘what this tech will do’, and Rauscher’s diagrams describe the ‘how this tech will do it’.


To understand that these diagrams are describing real things being done by the ‘deep state’ to real people, let me quote a bit more from that ‘Vigilant Citizen’ article:

Although these documents were sent by the WSFC, they do not appear to be created by a government agency.

The first image “Psycho-Electric Weapon Effects” appears to be part of a 1996 article from Nexus Magazine which describes a lawsuit brought by John St. Clair Akewi against the NSA.

The 1992 lawsuit claimed that the NSA had the “ability to assassinate US citizens covertly or run covert psychological control operations to cause subjects to be diagnosed with ill mental health”.


The article states:

A lawsuit filed against the U.S. National Security Agency reveals a frightening array of technologies and programs designed to keep tabs on individuals.

The following document comprises evidence for a lawsuit filed at the U.S. Courthouse in Washington, DC, by John St Clair Akwei against the National Security Agency, Ft George G. Meade, Maryland (Civil Action 92-0449), constitutes his knowledge of the NSA’s structure, national security activities proprietary technologies and covert operations to monitor individual citizens.


What reminded me of that first diagram describing the ‘psycho electronic’ effects of directed energy weapons was a comment on the last post by Becky.

Specifically, the unexplained ‘ringing in the ears’ that her husband is currently experiencing.

These documents are from the early 1990s.

Rauscher’s patents are from a couple of years’ ago.

But they are basically both telling the same story of developing tech to control the human body and mind remotely, just one plot is happening ‘below the fold’, while the other is in the more acceptable world of ‘science’ and ‘patents’, and is dressed up in flowery language ensuring us that all this is for the higher good of humanity.

As if.


The AI cameras are going up all over Israel.

The ‘Extremely Low Frequency’ 5…G is being rolled out all over the world.

The skies – and our lungs – are continually being filled with aerolised graphene oxide.

The Covid shots, especially Pfizer’s, seem to contain GO ‘nanorouters’, presumably to enhance the effect of the electromagnetic waves even more.

And post-vaccine, many people develop their own unique ‘MAC’ bluetooth code, that sounds exactly the same as this:


Let’s just add this into the mix again, from the World Economic Forum, back in 2018:


And really, it all starts to be pretty obvious, what’s really going on here.


I know this can be overwhelming, and very scary.

I’ve been grappling with this information for about three months now, ever since the ‘smart lamp-posts’ and AI cameras and funny 5—G speakers showed up on my street.

What I want to tell you, is that there is still hope.

A lot of hope!


The human soul is way, way bigger than any of this tech they are trying to use to control us.

But there is no time to lose, to start developing that real connection to our souls, and to God, that is going to enable us to overcome this outside manipulation.

If you aren’t already recognising the sound of your soul, if you haven’t already made that connection to your ‘true self’, it will be way harder to recognise when ‘external thoughts and feelings’ are being broadcast into your mind, and then to overcome them

There is no time to lose.

Start talking to God every day, even for just a couple of minutes.

Start binding yourself to the True Tzaddikim, with every thought, word and action.

And start praying and dancing that God destroys this malchut of evil, totally, this Chanuka, once and for all.

God is going to win, there is no doubt of that.

The only question is what has to happen before we get to that stage, and how long it’s going to take.



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