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I’ve been in a very thoughtful state of mind, the last couple of days.

***Updates below***

Like all the rest of us, I was ‘indoctrinated’ from the youngest age with the ‘scientific’ worldview that our earth is the third planet out from the sun, and revolving around it.

This brainwashing is so strong, that even when I’ve come across ‘flat earth’ references over the last few years, I automatically dismissed them as the ravings of primitive lunatics.

Even though so many of our authentically Jewish sources and sages would line up under the ‘flat earth’ banner.

More on this in a moment.


So the last couple of days, I’ve been pondering on a lot of things.

Like, if all this ‘flat earth’ stuff is true, and the firmament 70 miles above our heads is bounded by an impassable stretch of radioactivity (= the Van Allen belts), and also girded by a vast, impenetrable belt of water (= the ‘waters above’, from Genesis) – then what really happened to all those astronauts who ‘died’ when the Challenger exploded in 1986?

(Shmirat eynayim friendly).


Was all that faked, too?

I started looking around and what can I tell you?

The answer appears to be ‘yes’.


I found THIS video dubbed into English from the original German, that’s of course not available on Youtube.

Here’s a screenshot, and then I’ll tell you what they discovered.



They found compelling evidence that at least six of these seven ‘dead’ Challenger astronauts were still alive, 30 years later.

And four of them are even still using exactly the same names.

And the other two are (oh so conveniently….) claiming to be the ‘identical twin’ of their astronaut brother who apparently blew up on the Challenger.


If you want more of the proof, go watch the video and decide for yourself.

(BTW, I tend to watch all these videos speeded up to save time, especially when the narrator talks very slowly.)


So now, let’s get down to brass tacks, and let’s try to figure out what our authentic Jewish sources say, about the shape and creation of the world.

This is not going to be an exhaustive list, and I’m extremely happy for more sources, and more discussion, to spark off from this.

All this stuff needs to be properly examined, in a respectful way, while we all try to figure out just how much of our ‘brainwashing’ was exactly that, and how much was actually ‘truth’.

It’s a very difficult process, because when these ‘certainties’ suddenly dissolve, it can feel like the floor, the foundation, goes with it.

But take a deep breath, hang on to God’s hand – and let’s do this together.

For ease and clarity, I’ll bring the full quotes below first, then sum up the main points at the end.


Source 1: Rebbe Nachman of Breslov in Sichos HaRan

This is published in English as ‘Rebbe Nachman’s Wisdom’. On page 142, (marked as point number 40, but the English translation doesn’t always follow the original Hebrew), we find this, part of a discussion on why it’s so important to avoid ‘philosophy’, specifically defined in this passage as false speculation about the order of creation.

Rabbenu teaches us:

The world is a rotating wheel.

It is like a dreidel, where everything goes in cycles…

All things have one root….

For the world is like a rotating wheel. It spins like a dreidel, with all things emanating from one root.


(This is a very brief excerpt of a very awesome lesson. I highly recommend you read the whole thing, it contains many hints and clues about what is really going on, in relation to this subject. I’m just bringing the bare bones here, so the post stays ‘readable’.)

Here’s the ‘typical representation’ of how the ‘ancient Hebrews’ viewed the world:

Earth as ‘dreidel’ – I stuck in the brown stem, to make the point.


This idea of the (flat…) earth as a type of rotating ‘dreidel’ is also connected to ‘zero point energy’, toroidal energy, vortexes, and a whole bunch of other things that will increasingly come into focus as ‘real science’ going forward.

For now, take a look at THIS and THIS post.

We have a lot of ground to cover, so I’m going to keep things short and focussed, but be aware that each source contains a million things to really think about and discuss in more depth. This is just an overview.


This screenshot comes from the What on Earth Happened? documentary.


In the documentary, Ewaranon, explains how these familiar symbols of xtianity and Islam are actually hinting at much deeper secrets, pertaining to the real story of the creation of the world and planet earth.

Let’s just take a look at that right-hand image a little closer.

It’s patterned from the famous ‘Astronomical Clock‘ of Prague.

It’s not a coincidence that it’s Prague – so many of the ‘interesting characters’ I’ve been writing about in the Real Jewish History series, from the Maharal of Prague on down, have had some very close ties to Prague, throughout the last 500 centuries.


This image shows how what we think of as our ‘world’ is in fact just around a quarter of the total land mass on the surface of Rabbenu’s dreidel, or spinning wheel.


Every few hundred years, the whole land mass ‘cycles’ forward.

Some parts of the ‘earth’ that were under the sun’s rays now move out into the darkness, and start to freeze.

While other parts of the earth were NOT under the sun’s rays now start getting warmed up, and ‘ice caps start melting’ as that part of the world becomes inhabitable.

I don’t know about you, but this explains so many of the anomalies about ‘global warming’ – and global freezing! – that we’ve been seeing in recent years.

And even more importantly, it tallies up with so much of what Rabbenu is describing in the longer passage related to the snippet quoted above, in Sichot HaRan.


Source 2: The Tanach

Second day of creation (Bereishit 1:6):

God said, ‘Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it separate between water and water.’

So God made the firmament, and separated between the waters which were beneath the firmament and the waters which were above the firmament.


Fourth day of creation (Bereishit 1:14):

God said, ‘Let there be luminaries in the firmament of the heaven, to separate between the day and the night;

[A]nd they shall serve as signs, and for festivals, and for days and years; and they shall serve as luminaries in the firmament of the heaven to shine upon the earth.


Definition of ‘firmament’ (rakia) from Merriam-Webster:

Definition of firmament

1the vault or arch of the sky
Rakia / firmament is often described as a solid dome, which can be misleading. We aren’t sitting here in some big ‘snow scene’ called planet earth. But there is definitely something ‘arching’ above that splits the upper waters above the firmament from the lower waters on planet earth itself.
Here’s one possibility for what the ‘rakia’ might actually be:
The term Van Allen belts refers specifically to the radiation belts surrounding Earth.

As NASA and science has been lying about really everything, I won’t bring more of the official explanation here, about these Van Allen belts.

But let me just put this question out there, for now, and see if you can guess what the answer is yourself:

How did we get to the Moon when the Van Allen belts prevent us from leaving Earth’s lower orbit?


In the notes under those quotes above, from Bereishit, my Artscroll edition tells me this:

According to Ramban…the separation mentioned in this verse is between the wholly spiritual, extraterrestial aspects of Creation, and the tangible world that is within the province of man.

This is a very important statement, and I’ll return to it again in the future. But for now, just tuck away the information that there are parts of our world that are ‘accessible’ to us, and parts that are ‘extra-terrestial’.

Once we know that we can’t actually go beyond the firmament into ‘outer space’, because of the Van Allen belts (amongst other things…) – we have to start looking for that ‘extra’ territory closer to home.

And later on, we’ll explore some more information that appears to show that it really is there.


More quotes from Tanach

The book of Iyov (Job) has a LOT of interesting things to say on the subject of God creating the world, but here’s just a few that caught my eye:

37: 9-10

A tempest emerges from the inner chambers and cold weather from the constellations. By God’s breath He makes ice, and an expanse of water becomes solidified.


Here’s why that’s relevant to ‘flat earth’ theory.

This image, below, comes from the ‘Vibes of the Cosmos’ site, HERE.

It shows a ‘smaller circle’ that contains the land mass we know as our world today, surrounded by many more unknown continents.


Long story short, that ‘smaller globe’ shape is said to be bounded by ice on all sides.

I.e. there is no ‘South Pole’ at the bottom of an earth ‘globe’, but there is a wall of ice that functions as the ‘South Pole’ at the extremity around that ‘smaller wheel’ shape of the earth.

And that ice wall blocks people from travelling out into the ‘extra territory’ that is technically part of our earth’s plane, but NOT within man’s purview (exactly as described by the Ramban, above.)

This is the expanse of water [that] becomes solidified into ice, described by Job, above.


(Screenshot below from HERE).

More from Job:


Did you [i.e. Job] stretch out the heavens with Him, to be as strong as a molten mirror?

Here’s the Hebrew original of this last snippet:

תַּרְקִיעַ עִמּוֹ, לִשְׁחָקִים;    חֲזָקִים, כִּרְאִי מוּצָק.


I bolded the word ‘rakia’ in the Hebrew, so it’s obvious that we’re being told that the rakia (firmament) is being compared to a molten mirror.

Mirrors, generally, reflect things back.

A ‘molten mirror’ suggests something fiery, hot – or perhaps, radioactive.

Just like the ‘Van Allen Belts’….


Here’s another strange thing that relates to this.

Where did that ‘expanded map’ of the earth come from, above?

Long story short, the guy who runs the ‘Vibes of Cosmo’ site HERE somehow managed to figure out that the full moon is a ‘reflected image’ of the land mass that was the newly-created earth.

When he ‘flipped’ the image, he got an accurate ‘map’ of flat earth, plus a bunch of continents most of us know absolutely nothing about:


There is way more to be said about this, but the principle that the rakia, the firmament, can act as a ‘molten mirror’ of earth is clearly set out by that quote from Job.


Job 38 also has a ton of relevant stuff.

I’m bringing some quotes below, without explanations for now, which you can ponder on yourself, to see whether they ‘fit’ more with a flat earth model described HERE, or with the heliocentric sphere model:

38:4: Where were you, when I laid the earth’s foundation?... Who set its dimensions?…. [O]r who stretched a line over it? Into what are its bases sunken, or who laid its cornerstone?

38:7 When the morning stars sang in unison… as He dammed in the sea with bolted doors.…and I constrained it with My limits, and I emplaced a bar and bolted doors...

38:13 To grasp the edges of the earth, and shake the wicked from it….

38:18 Have you contemplated up to the wide expanses of the world?.Where is the path where the light dwells? And darkness, where is its place, that you may take it to its boundary....?


Source 3: The Gemara

Again, this is only introductory thoughts, feel free to explore more yourselves, and to share your ideas and findings with us all here on the blog.

The Gemara has a lot of interesting sources. Here are some that caught my eye.

a) Chagigah 12a:

A Baraisa taught: Tohu is a green line that encircles the entire world, and is from [this line] that darkness emerges. As it says, ‘He made darkness his concealment around it’…


We are so conditioned to think ‘spherical planet’, that we will probably envisage this ‘green line’ encircling the entier world as going around the diameter of the globe.

However, if you take a look at this image again:

You can hopefully see how a ‘green line encircling the entire world’ could also work in the ‘flat earth’ model, too.

Within that ‘green line’ – the earth is literally green. It’s under the sun rays, and all forms of life can exist.

And outside that ‘green line’ of Tohu…. we have the ice wall demarcating the circumference of that all-encircling ‘south pole’, that sets the practical limit of the livable world, and ‘conceals’ the rest of the surface of the earth in darkness, as a frozen wasteland.

Flat earth theory fits the words perfectly.


Continuing with Chagigah 12a:

What is ‘Heaven’? (Shemayim)…

…Shemayim means fire and water. This teaches us that the Holy One, blessed is He, brought them, mixed them together, and fashioned from them the heavenly firmament (rakia).

This description works very nicely with the ‘flat earth’ theory that basically has the Van Allen Belts (the ‘fire’) delineating the ‘top’ of earth’s atmosphere, together with that impenetrable watery layer that are the ‘waters above’ the firmament.

Snippet from HERE:

Electrons are locally heated to extremely high energies within the Van Allen Radiation Belts, new study finds


By contrast, ‘spherical earth’ still doesn’t have a good explanation for these ‘waters above’, other than to suggest we’re talking about ET water trapped in comets….

And we already know that comets are NOT big, dirty iceballs, as described by NASA, from THIS series of posts I wrote a few years back.


Still in Chagigah 12a:

[The Earth] stands on twelve pillars. As it says: He set the borders of the nations according to the number of the Children of Israel, i.e. 12 tribes.

And some say: On seven pillars, as it says: She carved out its seven pillars.

R’ Elazar ben Shamua says: On one pillar, and its name is Tzaddik, Yesod Olam (Tzaddik, the foundation of the world.)


Think back to that ‘clock face’, or Rabbenu’s wheel, constantly edging forward.

Remember there are 12 ‘hours’ on a clock face, and 12 signs of the zodiac, as per the Prague Astronomical clock.

Think about how these 12 ‘pillars’, that are associated with the 12 tribes, who in turn are associated with the 12 signs of the zodiac, are ‘setting the borders of the nations’.

In the flat earth theory, this description works perfectly.

As time passes, the livable part of the earth ‘clicks through’ the face of the dial, and creates new borders where the land is liveable and under the sun’s warming rays – or returning to darkness and Tohu, as part of a frozen ‘off-limits’ wasteland.


Next, Chagigah 12a starts describing the ‘7 Heavens’.

There’s a lot of very interesting references there, including a lot being said about the ‘song’ of the angels in the Heavens, which accords with the idea of sonoluminescence, or sound creating ‘light’ when combined with the medium of water.

We may come back to this Tractate again another time, but I just want to take a quick look at some of the sources flagged by Miriam in Rav Dovid Brown’s excellent book, Mysteries of Creation.


Here’s what she wrote:

Rabbi Dovid Brown’s book, Mysteries of the Creation [is an] amazing book [that] deals with so many issues including this one. I did think that the flat earth could be true and I wanted to hear the Torah view on it but that Rabbi didn’t believe it as he quoted a few places which claim that it is a sphere.

On page 86 (if you can get a copy) he lists 6 places which state it is a sphere.
Yerushalmi Avoda Zara 3:1,
Berayshis Rabba 63:14,
BaMidbar Rabba 13:14 and 17,
Esther Rabba 1:7,
Tosfos Avoda Zara 41A paragraph beginning with “keKadur”
And lastly the Zohar of VaYikra 10A which states the whole world is a revolving globe.


I don’t have hard copies of most of those sources being quoted, so I could use some help from readers to really pin this down.

Here’s what I’ve found online:

Yerushalmi Avoda Zara 3:1

See HERE for a discussion and to see the original Hebrew.

כל הצלמים אסורין מפני שהם נעבדים אחת בשנה. דברי ר’ מאיר. וחכמ’ אומ’. אינו אסור אלא כל שיש לו מקל או ציפור או כדור. ר’ שמעון בן גמליא’ או’. כל שיש בידו כל דבר.

“‘All images (tzelamim) are prohibited because they are worshipped once a year.’ – [these are] the words of Rabbi Meir. But the sages say: ‘It is only prohibited if it has a staff or a bird or a globe.’ Rabban Shimon ben Gamliel says: ‘Any [image] that has something in its hand.’”


That discussion continues:

[W]hen referring to the globe (kadur), the Talmud explicitly states that “the world is shaped like a globe,” thus symbolizing domination of the orbis terrarum or oikoumenè.

….Rabbi Yonah describes Alexander the Great ascending to great heights so he could view the world as a globe, and the sea as a platter or a bowl.

This section does not mention how Alexander reached that altitude. Medieval Jewish and non-Jewish traditions developed stories about Alexander and his flying machine….


This seems to suggest that we see the earth as a kadur (globe) when we’re viewing it from a great height.


I’m going to stop there for now – I’ve been working on this all day, believe it or not.

If anyone out there can post original Hebrew versions for the other sources quoted above talking about the ‘kadur’ or globe, that would be great.

There’s so much to think about with all this, I know.

BH, Hashem will help us to figure everything out.




A reader sent me this, a quote from the Midrash that makes it clear that Israel, Jerusalem and Har HaBayit are the true ‘centre of the world’:

Since you are now collecting Torah sources about the earth I came to think of this passage in Midrash Tanhuma about Israel and Jerusalem being the center of the world At this moment I wouldn’t be surprised if this would be true in a physical sense and not just in a spiritual meaning.


The ‘centre of the world’ is meant to be the semi-mythical place where you find the secrets to the electro-magnetic nature of our world.

Given that all our maps are corrupted and false, it’s really making me ponder whether the effort to wrest Har HaBayit away from the Jewish people, and to prevent the building of the Third Temple there, has got way more behind it than just mere religious ‘politics’.


Also, a few more basic points to help clarify things, going forward.

The EWARANON full documentary brought a clip of a team of amateur scientists who launched their own rocket ‘into space’ with a camera attached to it, to feed back the images as it flew.

When that rocket hit 70 miles – or 369,600 feet – the picture went black.

Those numbers are very interesting.


Nikola Tesla had a ‘Theory of the Universe’ that revolved around the numbers 3, 6 and 9.

“If you knew the splendor of the numbers 3, 6, and 9, you would have the key to the universe.” 

You can read more about Tesla’s theory HERE.


Point is, for this post, that if Tesla had calculated that the ‘firmament’ of a flat / dreidel earth was some 369,300 ft up (i.e. 70 miles) that would enable him to also do a bunch of other calculations about how to ‘bounce’ directed energy of that ‘roof’ so that it would hit, with great precision, a part of the world below.

Amongst other things.

We’re back to this idea of acoustics, of using the ‘cavity’, the space, to amplify the sound.


Modern science teaches there is no firmament = no ‘space’, in the sense of a cavity you can ‘bounce’ energy off.

But we know from the Torah that there most definitely IS a firmament…

Now, are you starting to see more of why ‘true science’, defined as a real, workable understanding of how the natural mechanisms in our world, including the harvesting and transmission of ‘free’ energy, cannot operate in tandem with the atheist world view and ‘space, the final frontier’ nonsense of NASA?

Now, are you starting to grasp how ‘flat earth’ and ‘free energy’ might go together?

And why so much effort has been put into uprooting both these ideas?


One last thing, for now.

Yesterday, I was being mocked by someone who wheeled out the question of ‘why don’t we fall off the edge’?

The answer is simple.

The ’round shape’ that is apparently our quarter of the earth’s surface is hemmed in on all sides – except possibly the North – by a massive wall of ice, aka ‘the South Pole’.

No-one can transverse it.

And that ice sheet continues for miles.

So, before you could get anywhere near the ‘edge’ of the world – which presumably, would also have some sort of electro-magnetic toroidal forcefield operating, as a natural ‘repulsion’ field in any case – you’d first have to spend six months slogging through the South Pole.


Could a plane fly there and back?

Probably, yes.

Probably, they have.


Don’t take my word for it.

Check it out for yourself, see what you find.


This is going to be quite an extended process of birur, and I for sure don’t have all the answers or anything near.

What I do have, is a desire to know the truth about our natural world.

God’s seal is truth, remember.

And wherever the truth is going to take me, that’s where, with God’s help, I’m going to go.



I went looking for some clips of ‘amateur’ space rocket launches.

I found this at the top of the list:


I sped-watched through – and then some weird stuff started catching my eye.

Like, how come the ‘live feed’ from the rocket is cut after just a few seconds for every single launch, then ‘replaced’ by some sort of sci-fi special effects?

Like, this is meant to be the ‘live feed’ from one of the launches that then, inexplicably, starts showing ANOTHER rocket next to it, that conveniently blasts off into space…

Say what?!?!?


Then I went back and noticed more weird stuff, like in many of the shots of ‘planet earth’, the surface is actually convex – i.e. the edges are curving UP, not down:

Say what?!?!


And then, I noticed there were more ‘special effects’ going on, like this weird filter effect that shows the video is being filmed through a ’round shape’ on an angle, that distorts the view of what you’re really seeing:

The yellow arrows show the edge of the round filter.

The red arrows are pointing to the ‘equipment’ holding it in place.

You want to tell me this is just the ’round lens of the camera’ filming it, fine.

Then tell me why you don’t get this same ‘distorted round’ effect on the videos you are shooting at home, using a round lens.


So next, I spotted this – footage from the rocket before it takes off, that clearly shows they are filming through a ‘fish eye’ lens to distort the picture:




That truck is parked upside down inside the crust of planet earth!!!!

What amazing technology we have today.

[Sarcasm off]


But really, you tell me:

Why would you be filming through a fish-eye lens to distort the view and to make a flat horizon look ‘curved’?

What possible reason is there for doing this, if we say they aren’t trying to lie about the world being a spherical shape, as opposed to a flat, wheel-like dreidel shape?

Use a regular lens and prove it!!!


Last, there were some weird SFX blips on some of the clips ‘in space’, like this weird, clearly animated black line.

I guess they were going to turn this into some more ‘metallic frayed rope’, or something, but someone forgot.


I went to look up who owns the copyright on these videos of ‘amateur rockets’ shot into space.

Whaddya know?

All the footage is licensed under NASA, and also under ‘RosCosmos‘.

This from Wikipedia:

RosCosmos: A Russian corporation that manages the country’s space industry, created in 2015 by transforming the Federal Space Agency Roscosmos.


Ah, isn’t that sweet!

Russia and America working together after all, to put out videos of ‘amateur’ space rocket launches that appear to be anything but ‘amateur’, and that are using fish eye lenses and bad special effects to paint a picture of our planet that is….spherical.

I think I need to give this update it’s own post.


You might also like this article:

It’s not often I’m left speechless.

***Updates below***

But I’m watching something at the moment that is literally leaving me speechless.

I started at the beginning of this 8 (!) hour documentary called ‘What on Earth Happened?’, recommended by one of the commentators on a previous post.

As always, I don’t agree with everything, and everything needs very careful birur and double-checking 50 million times, as the lies are everywhere.

But he makes a very compelling case that what we think of as ‘space’ is a total hoax, deliberately created to discredit the account of the creation of the world we find in the Torah.

Just let that sink in for a moment.

I know it’s huge.


If you want to watch the whole thing from the beginning, feel free.

It’s not shmirat eynayim friendly, and the part about the satanic pedophiles running the planet is just about as disturbing as it gets, although sadly also very compelling, in terms of the sheer weight of evidence.

But if you just want to dive into the space stuff – start here:


And for once, I’m not going to set out what it is you’re going to discover.

Just watch, keep an open mind, and come to your own conclusions.



I’m posting this comment from Shimshon here. He makes a lot of good points very succinctly:


The sin qua non of Amalek is to sow doubt. Doubt about the Creator. Doubt about the Creation.

And if you believe in the Creator and Creation, doubt about Hashem’s active role in His handiwork, to this very moment (“sure, Hashem created the world, but it was billions of years ago and He’s a blind watchmaker”). We don’t really know who specifically is doing this, but it is being done. There are not many who are in control, but many who know, and mock us incessantly.

The earth really, truly, is exactly as is described in Maaseh Breishis.

Earth is the center of the world and man is the pinnacle of creation. It is a literal description of the process and what was created. It is not metaphor a la Gerald Schroeder and Genesis and the Big Bang. The earth is not a big ball of dirt hurtling through space.

There is no space. There is a real barrier above and around us. We call it the rakia. They call it the firmament.

It holds back the waters above.

There is no edge, for the unimaginative among us who are more interested in mocking than learning. The luminaries are aptly named, as they are lights, all of them. They are not big balls of gas or dirt.


Beyond that, there is evidence for all of the following, which is also mentioned in the Talmud.

The earth is flat. Before the flood, the earth was also free of significant geographical features. There were no mountains or valleys. Giant flora and fauna were everywhere. Giant humans or human-like creatures existed.

Having studied this stuff pretty thoroughly for close to two years now, for those interested, I can answer some questions and provide tips for piercing through the massive censorship perpetrated by the likes of Google and Youtube.

Who am I? No one, of course.

But unlike all of you (this is a pretty good bet), I actually worked on the space program years ago.

There is a conspiracy, bigger than the scamdemic. Y

ou could call it one vast conspiracy to rule them all and in the darkness bind them. It only a takes a few powerful and wealthy people to actually pull off such a thing. No one knows. No one really needs to.

Well, the astro-nots obviously know, as they are just actors.

Consider this, and this is documented.

By 1965, that is, only a few years after the US manned space program got started, simulation for missions was already so realistic that unless you were informed otherwise, it was literally impossible to tell the real thing from training, even if you were in the control room deeply plugged into the mission.


As long term readers know, I spent a LONG time researching comets, and volcanoes, and trying to unpick the truth from the lies about our natural world.

I thought I’d already figured out most of what was going on, but I have to say I WAS WRONG ABOUT THAT!!!

Totally wrong about that.

The Rav, Rabbi Berland, and Rabbenu, Rebbe Nachman, have both mentioned things that bear directly on what this video, above, and what Shimshon’s comments are saying.


I’m going to take a couple of days to get my ducks in a row, and really digest all this new info, then we’ll start to see how everything is connected.

And believe it or not, I’m finally seeing a light at the end of this very dark tunnel, even though they are planning to lock us down again here, beginning after Tisha B’av.

We just need a critical mass of people, and especially of sincere Jews, to see what’s going on here, and to start to acknowledge the truth, and to really get behind the Rav and just to keep praying – and all the plans for evil fall apart.

All of them.

So hang on!

And keep reciting your Tikkun Haklalis and your Pirchey Nivarchim.

They are literally changing everything.


Yesterday, a reader sent me a link to a hi-spec AI ‘recreation’ of how the Surfside Condo is meant to have collapsed all by itself.

You can see that below, replete with it’s grating AI female voice-over (but otherwise, shmirat eynayim friendly.)


We’ll get to the version of events being laid out in this video in a moment, but before we do that, let me ask you something:

Who has the time, money, information and motivation to put out 5 minute long videos ‘recreating the scene of the collapse’ at Surfside?

I mean, the explanation in the video above is so very detailed, from an architectural point of view, and appears to include so very much information about what really happened inside the building that I haven’t come across in official statements anywhere else, that it really got me to pondering:

Who has the time, money, information and motivation to put something like this out?


So, I went to check that out.

The guy who put this video up is an artist / musician who lives in Bucharest, Romania.

He didn’t post a sausage about the condo collapse on his Twitter feed – literally nothing! – before coming out with this glorious AI ‘recreation of events’, but is now saying that he was motivated to do it because he’s visited Surfside on holiday….


I don’t know about you, but all this just doesn’t sound so RE-ALI-STIC to me.


I also spend a lot of my time researching….

I know how much time and energy all this takes, and how hard it is to come by the information and evidence required to piece these type of stories together.

And now, some guitar player in Bucharest has come out with a stunning 5 minute long AI ‘recreation of events’ that tries to clearly paint the picture that the Surfside Condos just fell down because there was water damage by the pool.



So now, let’s move on to examine ‘the story’ being laid out in the video above.

Here’s the explanation as he writes it in the description under the video, then we’ll start to unpack what he’s saying.

Update to the causes that created the collapse

Hidden corrosion of the pool deck (only 10% of the corrosion was visible on the ceiling of the garage – it is a hidden enemy)
“Punch through failure” of 11 columns on The Pool deck (6 of the columns were around cars parked on pool level that all fell one level even the tower next to them is still standing – see Green columns on video)
– the pool deck dragged to the south 3 main columns – see the RED columns on the video simulation that I made bellow
– the 3 columns bent to the south did not sustain the building, anymore, and the middle structure of the building failed on itself (see security video of the collapse in the description)
stair number 2, next to the ocean, kept the other tower 2 seconds more, and then it failed, too (see yellow columns and stairs on the video below)
the elevator kept the building sustained by the Green column still standing (the green columns did not have direct contact with water from the pool or flowers)


Dorin (the artist-guitar player from Bucharest) has sure been busy!

He’s also done another video putting together 10 minutes of various images of Champlain Towers, including a bunch of hard-to-come-by shots of ‘water erosion’ in the garage.

You can see that below:


Here’s some shots of the MINOR concrete erosion from that video:

Patch of eroding concrete on external roof of the underground garage

Close-up shot of peeling concrete under a balcony ledge.


Salt-water ‘stalactites’ on roof of the underground garage


More patches of peeling concrete under balconies


Eroding concrete around a pillar / wall in the underground parking.


Look at these pictures carefully, then tune into your gut.

Does the minor concrete erosion on one pillar here, and patches of peeling concrete underneath balconies really add up to the massive structural failure that would see half a 12 story condo collapse?

Here’s more of Dorin’s official explanation for what occurred:

2018 report found a lot of water next to parking lot 78 that was next to the 3 columns that failed first (the water was from the pool, 2 flower beds next to the building and probably other sources) There are 2 more identical buildings one block away, on the beach; I hope they get structure testing soon See a birds-eye view before the accident, all 3 Champlain Towers (South, East, and North)

He’s saying that water leaking from the pool, and water ‘leaking out’ from watering two flower beds next to the building caused the collapse.

Does that sound credible to you?

Also, if you go through and read Dorin’s comments underneath both videos, here is what he keeps repeating over and over and over again, even when it’s not connected to what’s being discussed or said:

There are 2 more identical buildings one block away, on the beach; I hope they get structure testing soon.

Just file that away for now, but I have a feeling more of the real motive for what happened at 8770 Collins Avenue is starting to swim into view.

Now, let’s go unpick the super-fancy ‘reconstruction’ video, a little


His main thesis is that:

‘Water from the pool, flowers and rain were found at underground parking lot Number 78’.

This parking lot number 78 is directly infront of the middle section of the condos that collapsed first. I’ve circled it in the screenshot below:

Parking lot 78


Ionescu says that all the leaking water from the pool – that you see a long, long way away on the bottom right – and from watering the plant pots on the pool deck (!), flooded down to parking area 78.

There, it started to erode the three structural columns holding up the front part of the central building that collapsed first (marked red in his video).


Does this really make sense?

We saw that the pool was still standing long after the rest of the ‘pool deck’ had collapsed, thanks to 12 storeys of rubble slamming down on it. (See image taken the morning after, below).


Also, this reconstruction shows that the garage descends down to the pool, from area 78.

To put this another way, you can clearly see that all this ‘pool water’ would have to have ‘flown up hill’ (and off to the side….) to congregate around those three ‘red’ pillars.


This goes against a very basic law of physics.

And of course, all this is assuming that water damage could make three steel columns collapse in this way, at exactly the same moment, in the first place.

Which is clearly absurd.


Let’s take another look at the ‘3D’ model, to see if we can get more clues as to what really might have happened down in Surfside that night.


Let me walk you through what we can see in the screenshot above:

1: Three red columns at the building.

Ionescu says these collapsed first, and then the pink and the orange columns collapsed afterwards, bringing the whole middle section of the building down.

Again, press pause, and let’s run this through a little more slowly.

IF those three red pillars collapsed first, all at once, that would have brought the very front part of the building down.

Then, -at most! – we would have seen a staggered collapse as the pink columns would be stressed, and would start to sag, and bits of concrete would have sagged and started to fall – but NOT to pancake!

And then – again, at most! – some while after that, the back part of the building with the orange columns would be next to start sagging and drooping.


All this would have taken way more than the 12 seconds is took for BOTH parts of the building to drop to the floor, neatly pancaked, and it would have looked way different.

We’d see the red area ‘fall forward’ first; then the pink areas start to sag and ‘fall forward’; and then finally – maybe – we’d see the orange columned area start to sag and fall forward.

Here’s what we actually saw:


This clearly shows that most of the red, pink and orange columns COLLAPSED SIMULTANEOUSLY!

At precisely the same time.

Which is why the building ‘pancaked down’ the way it did, in under 8 seconds.


If we were hard pressed to believe that water from flower beds and the pool could cause three steel pillars to fatally ‘erode’ at exactly the same second, are we really meant to believe that ‘water damage’ buckled 20 steel columns fatally – ALL AT ONCE!?

And then, that same ‘water damage’ went on to buckle another 18 of the ‘yellow’ steel columns to the right hand side, two seconds later, ALL AT ONCE?!



The facts are important.

The facts matter.

This whole fairy story, above, rests on the assertion that the pool sank first, and the garage then collapsed.

But the pool didn’t sink first, and the garage didn’t collapse first.


The three pieces of ‘evidence’ used to assert that this happened are:

i. The many, multiple, conflicting statements of Sarah Nir and her family (I’m now up to 5 conflicting accounts, each one different in some very key, very crucial ways, that flat-out contradict crucial elements of what is meant to have happened that night.)

ii. The impossible to verify account of Cassie Stratton, killed in the collapse, who is meant to have called her husband at 1am to tell him she’d just seen the pool disappear in a sink hole – which clearly didn’t happen, because IT’S STILL THERE.

iii. The dodgy video of running water and ‘debris’ by the entrance to the garage.


Just to remind you, this video was apparently shot by people in the  hotel next door who were swimming in the pool – at 1:06 am, in the middle of a thunder and lightning storm – who stopped swimming to take pictures of water running in the garage next door, because they just knew that meant that whole building was going to suddenly collapse, 5 minutes later.



Here’s that video again:

While the MSM told us that this video was taken by a Spanish speaking couple holidaying at the hotel next door, you can hear that the people speaking over this original clip are actually English speaking Americans.

Just more of the things that clearly don’t add up about this story.

Here’s a screenshot, where I arrowed the ‘water’ and what’s meant to be concrete blocks, or something, on the ground:


Now, here’s another weird thing.

If we go back to the spiffy 3D model, we notice that the ramp for the underground parking is NOWHERE NEAR area 78, the area that Ionescu (and the people who are actually just using him as a puppet…) want us to believe collapsed first, bringing the Champlain Towers down.

This screenshot shows the UNDERNEATH of the building. I’ve highlight the parking ramp where the video (above) is meant to have been shot.

And you can clearly see where ‘Area 78’ and it’s mythical, steel-busting pool of water is meant to be.

And I included a big red arrow, to show that if you looked straight through the entrance to the garage, you couldn’t see ‘Area 78’ in a million years… even if it wasn’t pitch black, and you weren’t video-ing down a ramp.



And IF  that shot of the concrete is real and not faked (big if…), then it shows that the BACK of the building, furthest away from the pool deck, seems to have been the first to be compromised.

Which also blows a massive hole in the ‘official narrative’.


I could go on and on with all the anomalies here, but just wanted to finish this post with this screenshot:


Can someone explain why the middle part of the building came down with such force, EVEN THE PAINT WAS SCRAPED OFF THE WALLS?

How did that happen?

And why didn’t the same thing happen to the right-hand part of the building, when it too ‘suddenly’ collapsed?

How do we explain the big difference in how the middle section looks – all ‘clean’, and precisely sliced, as though by a laser beam – while the right hand side collapse still has remnants of furniture and flooring hanging on, and is anything but ‘cleanly sliced’?

I have some ideas.

But we’ll keep that for another post.


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I warn you now, this is going to be a crazy – in a good way – post to read.

As part of my reading everything I can get my hands on, to try to figure out what’s really going on with this nanotech ‘Covid 19’ jab, so we can start to figure out how to disable the tech it contains, I’ve been coming across some totally mind-blowing ‘real science’ that’s been suppressed – very effectively! – for decades.

And maybe, for even centuries and millenia.

The more I read, the more I see just how everything is connected.

But I know it’s sometimes hard to follow my ‘quantum leaps’, so in this post, I’m going to start building the picture up slowly, and include a couple of short videos, and sum things up as I go along.


Let’s do it, BH!


The story starts with an eccentric Russian scientist, now deceased, called Viktor Grebennikov.

Grebennikov was an avid naturalist, biologist and entomologist (that last one means he studied insects).

One day in his lab, Grebennikov was trying to work out how big, heavy insects like beetles manage to fly on their little, tiny wings, and he’d peeled off two of the wings to take a closer look.

As he tried to stack one of the wings on top of the other, a remarkable thing occured: the wing levitated, hung in the air for a few seconds, and then fell to the side.

When he tried the experiment again, the same thing happened.


This video is just over 5 minutes long, in English, and it shows images of Grebennikov’s experiment, and other ‘levitation’ experiments he subsequently went on to perform.

(Shmirat eynayim friendly.)


After performing endless small ‘levitation’ experiments with these beetle wings creating an anti-gravity phenomenon, Grebennikov fired up his microscope to try to figure out what was going on.

He saw that the underneath of the bottom wings contained microscopic ‘bumps’, and when he took a closer look, he saw that the whole underneath of the wing was covered in a hexagonal pattern with minute ‘pyramid’ hair structures rising out of each hexagonal base.

And somehow or other, this hexagonal array was producing an anti-gravity effect that was strong enough to let the beetle take off, and fly.


Grebennikov tried to share his findings with the wider scientific community, but no-one was interested.

It went against ‘orthodox’ science, and against the prevailing view of how physics is theoretically supposed to work, so he was marginalised and ignored.

So, he decided to pursue his findings himself, by building a small ‘anti-gravitational’ device that he himself could use, pictured below.



The video explains this better, with diagrams and more details, but basically Grebennikov stuck a whole bunch of these ‘anti-gravity’ bug wings all over the bottom of a piece of wooden planking, and attached it to a kind of ‘rudder’, that looks similar to the handlebars of a bike.

This thing then started to levitate – and Grebennikov claimed that he could reach speeds of up to 1,000 miles an hour on this platform.

What’s even more remarkable is that some sort of ‘force field’ developed around the platform while it was levitating, that meant that Grebennikov could travel at high speeds comfortably, without having his face turned inside-out by the wind drag.


Grebennikov wrote a book explaining how his anti-gravity platform worked, how he’d built it, and what it could do.

The authorities censored it heavily.

And meanwhile, ‘orthodox science’ took to ridiculing him, and his ideas, as the crazy mumblings of an eccentric old man.


So, I watched that video above, narrated by one ‘Dan A. Davidson’, and I pondered who that was, and how he knew so much about Grebennikov’s anti-gravity device.

After a lot of searching the web, I finally turned up this video of him, below, given around 25 years ago at the Tesla Energy conference:


This video is just over an hour long, shmirat eynayim friendly – and totally and utterly mind-blowing.

I know we’re all busy people, so let me try to sum up some of the main points he makes.

First, here’s his bio, from HERE:

Mr. Davidson has been doing research in gravitational physics, free energy systems, and electronic medicine for over 35 years.

He has concentrated his research efforts in understanding the nature of energy and how it relates to the forces of gravity, electricity and magnetism. Over the years of research he has witnessed and collected many fascinating stories of well documented bizarre incidents that point to a new understanding of science.

He believes that the scientific community is in the process of developing a new paradigm in our understanding of nature which will radically change the physical sciences. His degrees in mathematics and electrical engineering have provided a basis to relate orthodox science concepts to advanced experimental research.

Mr. Davidson is a strong advocate of experimentation and always backs up his theory with actual working experiments and publishes experimentally verified information.


Long story short, Dan Davidson had also been investigating ‘anti-gravity’ effects for years, as well as ‘free energy’ devices, and other things, and he knew so much about Grebennikov’s work, because it paralleled so much of his own findings.

I’m reproducing two of his slides here, where he charts a brief ‘historical background’ of modern science, and then I’ll unpack them in plain English, below.



In a nutshell:

Before 1900, ‘scientific thought’ believed in some sort of invisible, connective material that animated the whole universe in some way. They referred to this stuff as ‘Aether’, while the more religious-minded called it ‘the breath of God’.

Then from 1900 on, the ‘scientific revolution’ that began with Darwin and his supporters blew through the academic world, God and ‘Aether’ went out the window, and science became much more ‘theoretical’, materialistic (or ‘mechanistic’) and lots of alternative therapies and sciences were deliberately and methodically suppressed.


It’s a side note, but did you know that back in the 1920s – a hundred years ago! – a scientist called Royal Raymond Rife already found a ‘cure’ for most types of cancer?

His non-invasive cure involved ‘zapping’ cancer cells with an energy frequency that caused them to implode, without harming any of the body’s healthy cells.

Why don’t we know about that today?

Because the newly-established American Medical Association saw Rife’s work as a direct threat to the enormous power and revenue the medical profession would enjoy once ‘the cancer industry’ fully took hold in modern society. They and the drug companies went to war against Rife and his new technology – and they won.


You can read more about this story, in easy to digest bullet point format, HERE.

And / or, you can watch the story below (not shmirat eynayim friendly and her voice is a little grating….)


Let’s get back to our main idea.

In the past, ‘science’ was based on observing on how the physical world actually worked, and then trying to work out how and why that was happening – which is what Royal Rife did, with his cure for cancer.

But from 1900, scientists started mathematically modelling how they thought the physical world SHOULD work, without reference to actual physical experimentation.

And in just about every area of science, but particularly medicine, biology and physics, that retarded ‘real world’ discoveries and sent everyone off down blind alleys that worked as mathematical formulae, but simply didn’t work to find empirical, demonstrable ‘solutions’ back in the real world.

In other words, modern science came up with a fake, ‘formulaic’ world that didn’t really capture the essence of how God actually works through nature. And most of the reason why that happened is because they threw God out of ‘scientific’ picture.


So, fast forward to around 25 years ago, when Dan Davidson was giving this presentation.

He got up and explained that he and many of his ‘alternative science’ minded colleagues had already made a number of breakthroughs that could lead to the following practical applications of their work within a 30-50 year time scale.

(If their work hadn’t been suppressed and the scientists themselves persecuted in a million different ways….)

Here’s some of what he says was already possible, 25 years ago:


1) The creation of free, limitless energy that doesn’t cause pollution, and that that can be accessed easily and locally in every location.

Building on the (suppressed….) pioneering work of Nikolai Tesla.

2) The ability to control gravity, enabling the building of personal, high-speed, anti-gravity flying vehicles.

Along the same lines as Grebinnikov’s flying platform, above, but probably with a much ‘cooler’ production spec (and surround sound stereo…)

3) Instant telephone calls across the whole planet via ‘a gravity wave’.

This snippet comes from HERE:

This device was invented in late 80s – early 90s by Hartmut Mueller. It consist of two metallic wave shaped parts on the two ends. From left and right of the device a yellow metallic shell in the form of ring is attached. The inside spring structure is isolated from the metallic ring by 2 quartz walls.

How it works:

The two plates up and down are vibrated to a resonance frequency. After that a standing wave (gravity wave) gets created that can travel around the Globe. A telephone call with it has been made between Germany and Australia without the use of satellites or any wires. Anybody can make calls from here to Mars or nowhere where in real time. You can be in any deep cave in Earth and have no problem with contact.


There used to be a video clip of that ‘gravity wave phone’ in action, but it got scrubbed off Youtube – and the account it was associated with deleted – a long time ago.

And the person who was publicising a lot of the information about these free energy devices, a German researcher called Wolfgang Wiedergut, died young in mysterious circumstances a few years ago.

It’s AMAZING how many times that seems to happen, in connection with this stuff.

But I digress.


4) Transmutation – the ability to clean up nuclear waste and create elements from earth.

This last one is possibly the most awesome, which is really saying something.

But Davidson has been exploring how geometric ‘shapes’ literally control energy, and as part of that research he’s been looking at all sorts of shapes, including pyramids.

Research he quotes in the video above includes an experiment that showed that an ‘energised’ pyramid shape was able to reduce the level of radioactivity in a specific area to zero – immediately!

Meanwhile, other research showed that it’s possible to take a handful of earth, and transmute it, using ‘real physics’ and electromagnetic frequencies into other elements, including iron etc.


If that sounds unbelievable to you, take a look at this, which explains the Hutchison Effect:

(Shmirat Eynayim friendly and 10 mins long – it shows lots of weird stuff including levitation and transmutation of metal. Late scientist John Hutchison started ‘copying’ some of the machines of Nikolai Tesla, and very quickly started experiencing some very strange ‘effects’, including jellified metal, anti-gravity, and a whole bunch of other things, too. Quelle surprise, the US and Canadian army seized his equipment. Repeatedly.)

You can see part 2 of the Hutchison Effect video HERE.


Just think about what Dan Davison is saying, here.

Imagine this world that ‘real, God-based physics’ says is not only possible, it’s already here in front of our faces.

It’s a world where there is no more ‘man-made global warming’, because unlimited energy is tapped everywhere, pollution-free, from the planet’s atmosphere a la Tesla.

It’s a world where no one has to pay for basic things like heating and electricity and communicating with their fellow human beings – because it’s all unlimited! Nothing needs to be ‘rationed’ or conserved.

It’s a world where you can get on your (zero carbon footprint) personal anti-gravity device to hop over to see your mum in the UK, without having to spend hundreds of pounds on airfares, or getting force-vaxxed, and still make it back in time for supper.

It’s a world where super-cheap, harmless cures for cancer exist.

And where other forms of ‘healing’ using frequency, sound and color mean that most illnesses and untimely deaths are a thing of the past.

And it’s a world where you don’t have to worry about ‘natural resources’ getting used up and depleted, because you can always just go outside, dig up some mud, and ‘transmute’ some more.


No wonder the evil cartels that run the world have been suppressing all this technology for so long.

How could they justify all the hysteria about ‘overpopulation’, or ‘depleting natural resources’? How could they get away with charging an arm and a leg just to boil your kettle, or charging hundreds of thousands of dollars for ‘curing’ your cancer? How could they stop us from seeing our loved ones anywhere in the world, or coercing us to ‘force vax’ with experimental gene therapies?

There is way, way more to say here, but let’s leave it there for now as I don’t want to overload you.

If you want to read more about Dan Davidson’s work on how shape controls energy, you can download his book ‘Shape Power‘ for free, HERE.

I will almost certainly be returning to this subject again, but go watch Dan Davidson’s video, if you have an hour free and a brain that’s open to ideas about how the world REALLY works.


More and more, I’m seeing that ‘science fact’ has been smeared as being ‘quackery’, while ‘science fiction’ is what’s being taught in our schools and universities.

But it’s time to start turning this around.

And once we understand what is already possible, what is already ‘natural physics’ – that will change the whole picture, and open up a really awesome future of peace, health and abundance for humanity.

Once we get all the evil out the way.




Watch this – how orthodox science is using ultrasound (i.e. sound waves) to levitate matter.

Nowhere near as impressive as what I’ve outlined above, but it’s still proving the point, even from the ‘orthodox’ side of things.

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From the outside, things look pretty tough at the moment.

The people with their eyes open are sitting here holding their breath, waiting to see what ‘the next stage’ of this destructive ‘chaos’ process that’s going to lead to geula entails.

And the people who are holding their eyes deliberately shut are feeling all that internal anxiety, that they don’t want to deal with, but still can’t escape.

I see those people in the shuk, looking mega-stressed while trying too hard to have a good time.

Or spending all their weekends at some big forest rave, trying to let the drugs and loud music ‘drown out’ the inner panic.

Or on their couches plugged into a screen, trying to keep their minds ‘occupied’, so they don’t have to think too much about what they can feel approaching.

The last couple of weeks, I’ve had a few days when I’ve done that last option myself.

Sometimes, it’s really hard to deal with all this uncertainty.


There is a tightrope to be walked here, between ‘giving in’ to the panic, and going in to full denial about the reality of what is really occurring all around and within.

It’s not helpful to go ‘full truther’, 24/7.

And it’s also not helpful to just keep pretending everything is fine.

So, how do we cope with a reality that is getting increasingly difficult to handle?

Here’s my suggestions.


  1. Talk to God for an hour a day.

You probably guessed I was going to start here, no?

Rabbenu teaches us that in that hour a day of talking to God, aka hitbodedut – that’s when we take off all the masks, and really look our pain in the face.

That’s when we plumb the depths of our fear and anxiety and anger and hatred – and all the other bad middot that every single one of us has.

That’s when I sit and tell God,

God, I’m so sad that ‘x’ is happening in the world….Sometimes I feel so alone and helpless in all this… sometimes, I feel like whatever effort I made for the good, it just didn’t get there…

Those conversations can sometimes continue in that vein for a few weeks, even, where I’m just filled with pain and questions and sadness and anger. But sooner or later, if I don’t run away from my true feelings, and I keep examining what’s going on, here, and keep turning things over with Hashem’s help – I get some clarity about why things actually have to be that way, after all.

And why God is only good.


At that stage, I can make my peace with the matzav, take whatever actions are required, make whatever teshuva is necessary, and move on with my life in a much better frame of mind.

All of us have difficulties and heartaches to deal with right now.

Running away from all the pain in the world – especially our own pain – doesn’t solve any problems, it just gives us chronic anxiety and takes us even further away from God and geula.

No-one is saying sit in your pain 24/7, for the next three months!!!

That would be awful.

But you owe it to yourself, to your soul, to face your pain down for at least an hour a day, and to really listen to it and embrace what it’s telling you. With God’s help.

And that is what the daily of hitbodedut is for.


2. Follow Rav Berland’s advice.

Before I hit Rav Berland, I was still doing an hour of hitbodedut a day, and still paying a lot of charity, and trying to learn a lot of Torah, and trying to make a lot of teshuva.

But honestly, my life still sucked in a lot of massive ways, and I was feeling totally overwhelmed by negative emotions and feelings, and a seeming inability to have any true ‘sweetness’ in my life.

We are at the end of days, and all of us are paying things down from the last 400 lives we stuffed up – in one shot!

No wonder we’re all clamoring for the Prozac and the weed and the fentanyl.


When I started following Rav Berland’s advice, tho, that’s when things instantly started to feel lighter, and more cope-able.

Here’s a short breakdown of the things I am doing, as a result of following the Rav, that really help me so very much, to cope with what’s going on.

i. Say a Tikkun Haklali every single day.

The Tikkun Haklali is meant to rectify issues with a lack of emuna and bitachon, or faith and trust in Hashem.

You can download a PDF of the Tikkun Haklali with a good English transliteration, here: pdfslide.net_interlinear-tikkun-haklali


ii. Say a ‘Pirchey Nivarchim’ at least once a week, preferably on Shabbat.

These are the set of 10 tehillim that the hidden Tzaddikim explain help Moshiach to fight his spiritual wars in the world, to overcome all that evil in the world.

Including the ‘evil’ that’s pushing for more wars, and taking bread out of the mouths of babes, and force-vaxxing billions of people with experimental gene therapies that have already killed and injured so many people.

(It’s a side note, but a friend just send me a link to a study that came out in the New England Medical Journal that showed that 82% of pregnant women in the study who were vaxxed at the 1st or 2nd trimester stage of pregnancy lost their babies in ‘spontaneous abortions’. There are no stats as to what happened to the women who were vaccinated at the 3rd trimester stage, when losing a baby would be characterised as a ‘still birth’, not a ‘spontaneous abortion’.)


HERE is where you can download a PDF of the Pirchey Nivarchim with a side-by-side English translation.

Here’s the link spelled out:


And here’s the explanation as to how reciting the Pirchey Nivarchim can help fix all that ‘past life’ stuff that is mamash making life so unpleasant and so difficult for so many of us:

[Translated from the Hebrew notes in the back of the booklet you can download from the above link.]

The ten mizmorim (Tehillim) of the Tikkun Haklali are associated with the ten fingers of the hand, [and with] the Sixth Beggar [from Rebbe Nachman’s Tale of the Seven Beggars], who is called: ‘Without Hands’, who heals the Princess who falls into terrible weakness, with the holy niggun (melody)[played] with his hands.

And the ten mizmorim of the Prachim Nivarchim are associated with the ten toes of the feet, [and with] the Seventh Beggar, who is called ‘Without Feet’, who heals the Prince who totally fell from his emuna, with the dancing and circle dances of his holy legs….

The Prachim Nivarchim rectifies all of a person’s gilgulim (previous lifetimes) – all the way back to the sin of Adam HaRishon.


iii. Do a Pidyon Nefesh with the Rav, on a regular basis.

Go HERE for more explanation and more information, but just know that while no-one can currently speak to the Rav personally, you can still do a ‘pidyon nefesh’ via his official website HERE – but you have to have emuna, mamash, now that it’s going to do what’s required.

Last week, on Thursday, after doing a lot of research into the Miami condo, I suddenly felt very weak, and started throwing up.

I felt REALLY ill.

My husband came home, saw how bad I looked, and instantly went off to do a pidyon nefesh on the Rav’s website. Within a couple of hours, I felt much better again.

Pidyon nefesh with the Rav just helps to ‘smooth over’ so much of the jagged edges our path is edged with, and that we have to traverse, because that’s just our tikkun this time around.

And is a huge part of why my life is just way more cope-able than it used to be.


iv: Practise bitul, i.e. self-nullifcation.

This is something that totally changed my life for the better.

I am a strong character – I could SO easily be like all those psychos I write about here, and elsewhere, who can’t ‘see’ anyone else in the picture, or hear anyone else’s point of view.

What’s stopped that, really, is the Rav’s advice to practise the art of bitul as much as possible.

And it’s really hard.

But especially with my kids and my husband, each time I can manage to bitul, I see massive benefits from doing that.

And also in relation to my writing, adopting an approach of bitul means that I can make space for others to tell me what they think, and for others to argue with my ideas, and even, for others to insult me totally – and still continue doing what I’m doing.

It’s been such a present.


I’m sure there’s more I could say, but this sums it up.

In short, if the Rav says ‘pray this prayer’ – I try to do it.

If the Rav says ‘attend this prayer gathering in Hevron’ – I try to do it.

I don’t always manage to follow the Rav’s advice, but I WANT to follow it, even when I can’t.

And I know that this is what is really making all the difference, and helping me to cope with a situation which otherwise, would be totally un-cope-able.


Here in Israel, the corrupt government is talking about ‘enforcing masks’, and closing the airport, and reinstating green passports again.

Not this week.

Not next week.

But almost certainly, in time to totally ruin the summer holidays for most people, as the prelude to ruining the high holidays coming up at the beginning of September.

That’s stressful.

For a lot of reasons.

But I know if I keep following the Rav’s advice, I’ll somehow manage to come through all this in one piece, spiritually and physically.

And that’s really saying something, at this stage of the game.


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So much of the education we all recieved was deliberately misleading.

I stuck a cautious toe into this subject a couple of years’ ago, when I wrote this post, below, and started to delineate some of the stuff that no-one ever taught us in school.

On purpose.


Here’s a relevant snippet:

In their mad determination to win World War II, whatever it took, the Germans were prepared to explore any avenue that could lead to breakthrough technology, however ‘unthinkable’ or ‘impossible’ the science behind it was meant to be.

From 1943 onwards, as the Luftwaffe and the other parts of the German war machine started to prepare for defeat, the SS took over all the ‘high tech top secret’ stuff, and consolidated it’s control over all the cutting-edge science being worked on. The SS moved their operations underground and into mountains in Lower Silesia, and in places like the Skoda Works and MittelWerk, the scientific experiments continued right up until the end of World War II.

Secrecy was of the utmost importance, and secrecy was easily maintained, because the SS overseers simply used ‘disposable’ human beings from the concentration camps to build their facilities and their technology. These human beings were also experimented on, and with such a disregard for human life and even basic morality, things progressed very quickly in the SS R+D research facilities.

Dr Hans Kammler was Himmler’s second-in-command, with direct responsibility for keeping a grip on the operational side of all the high tech. Kammler is credited with sketching out the plans for Auschwitz; for making the changes required to enable the death camps to kill Jews more efficiently, and with a whole bunch of other enormous war crimes.

He was also in direct control of all the Nazi’s hi-tech experiments that the Allies were so keen to get their hands on, at the end of World War II. No-one has ever heard of Kammler, because in the closing days of the war, he struck a deal with Allen Dulles and the OSS (forerunner of the CIA) to relocate to the US and begin a new life there, in return for delivering all his hi-tech secrets.


So many of these Nazi scientists got brought over to the USA – and the UK, and Canada, and Australia – as part of Operation Paperclip.

Annie Jacobsen explains a lot of what happened with Operation Paperclip, with slides and details, below (you see her speaking, so not shmirat eynayim friendly.) She’s an excellent journalist with solid sources and information.


But here’s the thing:

So much of that German science was a mix of cutting-edge technological breakthrough and mamash occultism.

There is not the false ‘divide’ between the physical world and the spiritual world that we’ve been taught. That’s why the Rav says so many times that kabbalah really only begins where Einsteinian physics ends….

And the Nazis were willing to travel any occult path they could find, if it promised them results they could use in the real world, to manipulate matter and minds.


Here’s the takeaway point:

Nazi science was way more advanced than the ‘science’ we were all taught in school.

It was often based on occult and esoteric spiritual knowledge.

It enabled them to do things, in ‘the real world’ that most of us even today would classify as totally unbelievable and science fiction.

And that science, that secret knowledge, is at the core of the ‘Deep State’ we’re all dealing with, wherever we happen to live.


So now, let’s move on to the next point.

This secret ‘Nazi’ science – and how it’s been developed over the last 80 years – is being applied in ways that most of us can’t even begin to imagine.

By our own military and government, against we, the people.

As I wrote above, it’s the basis of all these ‘UFO’ conspiracy theories, which is really just describing the secret technology our own military, and our own governments, have developed ‘off the books’ – and that they have been using against us for decades, already.

Here’s where I have to back up that big statement with some hard facts, so let’s return – briefly – to the Twin Towers.


If you go to Dr Judy Wood’s website HERE, you will find some cold, hard science that will leave you breathless, if it’s the first time you’ve been exposed to it.

She wrote a book called ‘Where did the towers go?‘, which basically sets out the problem:

How can 106 floors of steel and concrete (x 2) vaporise before it even hit the ground, leaving no pile of rubble behind?

Just think about that statement for a moment.

Then, go HERE and spend a minute clicking through her brief slide show. I’ll bring a couple of screenshots below, to whet your whistle.



It’s the small things that make the point.

Why was there no trace of a single one of the 3,000 toilets that were installed in the Twin Towers?

How can more than 200 combined floors of steel and concrete ‘fall down’ into barely 2 floors of rubble (in 10 seconds flat)?

How is it, that a fire that was apparently hot enough to ‘vaporise’ steel girders, and to literally turn them to dust, didn’t burn up paper and plastic located directly in the ‘burn’ area?


Judy Wood has a scientific explanation for this, involving Directed Energy Weapons.

I  hope to cover that subject in depth here soon, but for now, take a look at the picture and information on her website:


Explains how metal girders and steel cladding is seen in videos literally turning to dust.

Here’s just one screenshot to whet your whistle, of the 70 story ‘spire’ that you can literally see dissolve into dust, with no fire in sight, within a few seconds:


Next, go and click on this:


Where you’ll find a number of images showing that metal cars were engulfed in the hottest of heat – but plastic fixtures, trees and even sheets of paper that are lying right next to them simply didn’t burn at all.

Here’s a screenshot that shows this intense heat literally seemed to stop half way through the chassis, as though measured by some unseen ruler:


Then, click this:


Whatever ‘melted’ the Twin Towers, it wasn’t ‘hot’ the way we typically would expect it to be. This screenshot shows a steel girder fused together with a bible.

The metal was melted by the heat, but the paper bible wasn’t burnt up by it.

‘Normal’ science simply can’t explain this.

So, what was really going on, that day on 9/11?


We’ll save that discussion for another day (once I’ve actually read Dr Wood’s book, on Direct Energy Weapons.)

But here’s why I’m bringing all this information:

If we don’t start to accept that Nazi ‘weird science’ was being used to perpetrate 9/11, we can’t really explain what was going on then.

There are too many pieces of the puzzle that we simply can’t stick together, to come up with any coherent picture of the truth, if we stick to the scientific principles we think we know, that we were taught in school.

And if we can’t explain what was going on then, we also won’t be able to explain what is going on now, with the ‘controlled demolition’ of the Champlain Towers South in Miami.


Let me ask you something: Did none of the people who lived in the penthouses in the Champlain Towers own any appliances or furniture?

Because just like those 3,000 toilets from the WTC vanished without a trace, you cannot see even a trace of a fridge-freezer, or an oven range, or what’s left of those over-sized jacuzzi baths, in the pictures of the rubble pile.

OK, we can argue that if you were on the bottom floors, all that stuff got pulverised.

But how can we make that claim for the top floor, when the only thing that ‘fell’ on it was the roof itself?


I could go on and on, with the things just don’t add up in Miami – and that also didn’t add up at the WTC on 9/11 – but here’s the point:

Our governments and military have a LOT of secret technology that was built off the back of Nazi occult-laced science.

And they have been using it against us, their citizens, for decades already.


Sometimes, I’m a little perplexed at how best to put this information ‘out there’ so it’s coherent, without overwhelming you.

For example, right now I could link this piece to:

  • Zero gravity and ‘quantum foam’;
  • HAARP and ‘health passports‘ – already being mooted back in 1993….;
  • Injectible biochips with ’10 digit scannable codes’ under the skin and the Clintons;
  • And MK Ultra and other ‘mind control’ projects run by the CIA, amongst others…

And I’d still have 50 other options to talk about I’m not even bringing here.


Where to begin, so you take this seriously, without getting totally overwhelmed?

Let’s try THIS.

It’s a link to an archived piece from PC World, written in 1998, entitled:

New “Biochips” Aimed At Medicine, Agriculture

The chips employ “micro-gel” technology and could potentially allow immediate medical diagnoses and DNA identifications.


Here’s a snippet:

These biochips employ “micro-gel” technology, in which microscopic structures–as many as 10,000 or more on a glass surface about the size of a single microscopic slide–act like mini test tubes. Within each micro-gel structure, chemical compounds can be tested against biological targets to describe the targets’ DNA sequence, genetic variation, gene expression, protein interaction, and immune response.

The chips work faster than conventional methods.

“Instead of reading DNA one letter or word at a time, the biochips read whole phrases and sentences at a time,” said Andrei Mirzabekov, a biologist whose research at Argonne and Engelhardt developed the biochips, in a news release.

In a telephone news conference, U.S. Energy Secretary Federico Pena called the project one of “profound importance to all Americans.” The Energy Department has funded the project in conjunction with the Human Genome Project, which has the task of mapping the entire set of human chromosomes by the year 2005. Pena said it could be the birth of a new multibillion industry.

The partners expect the greatest impact in the field of medical diagnostics.


Those biochips were put into production by Motorola, Packard Instrument, and the U.S. government’s Argonne National Laboratory 23 years ago, already.

And then, let’s add this in to the mix, which comes from a story that appeared in the Washington Post back in 1993 – almost 28 years ago – entitled: Hi-tech National Tattoo. (It’s been totally scrubbed off the web now, but I found it preserved in a book by medical researcher Len Horowitz, from 1999.)

It talks about a new “ID system made by the Hughes Aircraft Company…It’s the syringe implantable transponder...[The grain of rice-sized] chip contains a 10 character alpha-numeric ID code...When a a scanner is passed over the chip…your…[personal ID] number flashes in the scanner’s digital display.”


Hughes Aircraft Company was bought out by ‘Raytheon’ in 1997.

This from Wikipedia:

The Raytheon Company was a major U.S. defense contractor and industrial corporation with core manufacturing concentrations in weapons and military and commercial electronics….

Raytheon is intimately tied to DARPA – home to so much of that ‘Nazi science’ – and is also spearheading the US military’s use of 5G.

This snappy little video is entitled: Raytheon 5G technology will help supercharge military communications:


Who owns Raytheon?

You know, those guys who have been working on producing ‘injectible’ biochips for human beings for almost 30 years, and who are now intimately part of the US military’s roll-out of 5G?

Why, look-y here.

It’s our old friends Black Rock and Vanguard, plus all the other institutions that are essentially owned by the same small handful of ‘elite’ families we keep talking about.


Now, it’s time to remind you of a post I wrote just when Covid 19 got started:


Here’s some relevant snippets:

In 1922, [enthusiastic eugenicist Vannevar] Bush had started a new company called Raytheon Technologies to help bring more and more of the new science directly to the battlefield.

If you look up Raytheon today, you’ll find it employs close to 200,000 people around the world, and is the #3 defense contractor in the world behind only Boeing and Lockheed-Martin with $23.9 billion in arms sales….

They are also at the forefront of some of the more disturbing ‘trends’ in armament production, including ‘Directed Energy Weapons’ – increasingly being linked to concerns with the 5G network rollout.

This is from Wikipedia:

The Active Denial System (ADS), is a non-lethal, directed-energy weapon developed by the U.S. military, designed for area denial, perimeter security and crowd control. Informally, the weapon is also called the heat ray since it works by heating the surface of targets, such as the skin of targeted human beings. Raytheon had marketed a reduced-range version of this technology.


Directed Energy Weapons brought down the Twin Towers, and almost certainly had something to do with the Champlain Towers ‘collapsing’ in Miami.

That same technology is also being used to control human beings, for example, via the ‘Active Denial System’, detailed above.

The same people who are pushing ‘ADS’ were working on injectible biochips for human beings almost 30  years ago.

And they are linked to eugenics-loving people and institutions with a radical depopulation agenda.

Now, you go figure it out for yourself.

But it’s really all deeply connected.

And the science we were all taught in school was really just ‘science fiction’, after all.


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Over shabbat, I read an amazing book.

It’s called ‘Human Tuning: Sound Healing With Tuning Forks’, by John Beaulieu.

First, watch this, which shows how an oscillating Chladni Plate works, to turn ‘sound’ into form:


Basically, different tones cause the plate to oscillate in different ways, causing different ‘pictures’ to show up in the medium – usually sand – that is sprinkled on top of them.

But before that ‘new picture’ – that new vibe – swims into view, we first have a slide into chaos.

The old ‘picture’ disintegrates totally into a formless mass, and there’s a pause while the shape of the ‘next wave’ is coming into view.

That’s what’s going on right now.


We’re sitting here waiting for the ‘Moshiach picture’, the ‘Moshiach vibe’ to emerge.

And in the meantime, we’re watching the old picture, the old world – full as it is of so much evil and unhappiness – dissolve all around us.

And for many of us, that’s a very uncomfortable, anxiety-inducing process.

But that’s because we don’t understand how the world really works.

That chaos is the interlude to something truly beautiful, and way, way better developing.

Both in our private lives, and also in the world.


I took some time today to really think about this idea, and I have to say, it bought me a very deep feeling of peace.

Like you, I sit here watching everything falling apart, and watching all my certainties erode, and watching relationships break down all over the place, and watching everything ‘collapse’ – literally and figuratively.

And it’s been making me feel so sad.

Because I forgot, that this ‘chaos’ isn’t pointless or unnecessary.

It’s a necessary prelude to the ‘next picture forming’.

To that massive, spiritual energy shift that’s going to see a way better world forming, very soon.


We just have to hang on, in the meantime, and know that the ‘chaos’ is just another step in the geula process, but it’s not the end destination.

Hang on!

It’s hard to keep going some days, I know.

But I really got the message today, that God can be trusted to arrange things exactly how they need to be.

The chaos is painful.

It’s scary.

It’s uncomfortable.

But it’s also totally necessary, if we really want things to change and improve.

So just hang on a tiny bit more.

Until the next part of this process starts to materialise, mamash.


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I’m finding more strange ‘survivor’ stories that don’t really make sense.

***Updates Below***

In this post, I just want to collate more of those details, before they disappear down the memory hole, and then sum up where we’ve got to so far, in figuring out what really happened that night, at 8777 Collins Avenue.


Survivor Story 1: Helped by security guard, no mention of any loud construction noise preceding the collapse.

If you go HERE, you’ll find an interview with a 64 year old woman who lived in the Champlain Towers South, who says she saw a crack suddenly appear in the wall, then decided to rush out of the building, down the stairs, just before it collapsed.

She says she got out, down the stairs, in three seconds.

Then, the TV anchor tells us (54 seconds in):

“As she emerges from the ground floor, a security guard is there, helping the grandmother of three climb over walls.”


The back half of the building totally collapsed, start to finish, in 12 seconds flat.

So it’s likely that this grandma was either living in the front part of the building, that didn’t actually collapse, or the section of the building at the back, on the right of the collapsed section, that also stayed standing.

Also, is this meant to be the same security guard that Sarah Nir says didn’t believe her that the “garage was collapsing” in front of their faces – even though presumably, he could look out the window for himself and clearly see if that was happening, or not?

Also, this grandma apparently makes no mention of the loud ‘construction noise’ that according to Mr Nir’s account, above, was going on for a full two hours before the building fell.


Survivor Story 2: She hears an unusual noise, and then feels shaking, and then the building around her collapses.

HERE’s another first-hand account, from Sharon Shecter – who again, like all the survivors who walked out under their own steam, lived in the still-standing parts of Champlain Towers, on the 11th floor.

There are two parts of the structure still standing: the front section, to the left of the collapse, and also the very back section, to the right of it.


Here’s a partial transcript of what she says:

[As Sharon Shecter was fast asleep…]

I started hearing noise that was a little unusual…It felt like the whole building was shaking.

[She looked outside to see what was wrong.]

I realised. I said Oh my God! Where’s the building? There’s no building…. I literally walked out with nothing.


A common theme in many of these ‘survivor’ accounts is that they open the door to where the stairwell was – to find it’s gone, or totally blocked with rubble.

It’s like a surgical amputation of the structure occurred, exactly where the stairwells were, on both sides of the collapse.

The stairwells are where we see those strange flashes of light in the original video, as the building is ‘collapsed’.


Survivor Story 3: Hears ‘loudest thunder’, then 5 seconds later room starts to shake, then dust starts to fall from the ceiling – and then building collapses around his unit.


This account, HERE, is highly significant, and it’s from Steve Rosenthal, who lived in a unit that stayed intact on the 7th floor.

I’m transcribing most of it, so we can keep this information together, going forward. And then at the bottom, we’ll sum up where we’ve got to with the ‘survivor accounts’ from Surfside.


Last Thursday morning, I was asleep in bed, about 1:30, when I heard the loudest thunder I’ve ever heard in my life, times a hundred. 

I went, ok, you know, we got a big storm coming into Miami, a major storm, it’s humid, it’s hot, June. No big deal.

Five seconds later the bed starts to shake, the room starts to shake and I honestly thought I was a dream in California, in an earthquake.

That’s all that came to me. It’s a dream.

Five seconds later, dust starts falling from the ceiling, hitting my face, I’m feeling it. I go ok, it’s an earthquake. A one in a ten thousand year earthquake that’s hit Florida in my life. I’m in it. 


I jump out of bed, I run to the balcony, I run to the living room, open the sliding glass door to see what kind of damage is done to the city of Miami, as far as an earthquake is concerned, and its all dust. I can’t see anything. I run to the front door to open the door to the hallway. I can’t see anything. It’s all dust. Toxic dust just slammed on me.

I run to the bedroom. Power’s out. Put on a pair of jeans, put on a pair of pants, the t-shirt that I’m wearing, pack a bag,…and open up the door to the hallway again and I see what you’re seeing right now. That everything had collapsed.

And the unit next to me is 704, and I’m hearing – I’m assuming it’s Dan [?] – help me, help me, please get me out. I just found out today, they died. I’m one unit from them. If I’m in that unit, I’m dead.

Go to the balcony, I see 10 fire rescuers, 20 fire rescuers, 30 fire rescuers. and all this time, at this point now, I know it’s not an earthquake because I don’t see any damage across the street.

So we’re thinking, it’s the roof! Because there was roof construction going on. Then someone, another resident, said: The whole back of the building collapsed.


Once I opened up the door to the hallway, I saw all the concrete and everything just collapsed.

So there was just no way! I mean, I couldn’t go down the fire escape, or the steps, or anything, because who knows what was going on over there. One way the hallway was impassable. The other one, too scared, so all you could do was go to the balcony and wait to be rescued from Fire and Rescue. That was it.


[Talking about the subsidence to the building over the years and the plans to ‘upgrade’ the building:]

I was aware that we needed some work done. It’s 40 years.

They assessed us $15 million dollars. Mine was $135,000 dollars, payable about $800 a month for 15 years. It was like a second mortgage.

But you know, they wanted to upgrade the building. We had to upgrade it. 

No-one that I know of thought anything like this. We saw cracks in the balcony, we saw cracks here, we saw cracks there. We saw the garage ceiling peeling a little bit. Nothing like this. Nothing like this at all….


[Anchor asks if he ever thought about leaving the building, after the 2018 report identifying some structural issue about it.]

[T]he elected board of directors…make the decisions. And I’m not competent enough to know about rebars and concrete and sand. If they say they want to do this, they want to do that, ok, let’s go ahead and do it. 

You know Surfside has become a very hot area. And I guess they wanted to, you know, they needed to upgrade the building. No question about it. 


[Anchor explains Steve is the first individual to sue Champlain Towers after the South Tower fell. She asks: Why are you suing exactly now? Because the investigations will come?]

The lawyer said you need to protect your interest. And it doesn’t matter if you are the first one, or the hundredth one. Whatever the insurance company is going to do, whether they’re going to do it to me, they’re going to do it to the 100th person, or the 95th person. It doesn’t matter. And I just wanted to get it out of the way. 

There’s no question, everyone is going to file a law suit. Everyone. Every unit owner, every family member. I just happen to be the first one. That’s all.


The Red Cross is putting us up at the Marriott Surfside here, a lot of us [survivors from the building] are staying here.

We all were talking, and some people [who survived were at other locations that night]. And I know someone else who happened to get out just a minute before. There are a few people who survived just by chance and just by luck. But if you were sleeping, if you weren’t up. You’re gone…



  1. Multiple witnesses describe strange noises before the collapse happened.

Sarah Nir and her family speak of loud ‘construction noise’ that was apparently going on from 11pm for two hours, before the building collapses.

Sharon Shecter describes hearing a noise that was a ‘little unusual’.

And Steve Rosenthal describes ‘the loudest thunder he’s ever heard in his life, times 100’.

All these strange noises occur before there is any shaking felt in the building, or any dust starts to fall from the ceilings.

2. The only video that has been published of the collapse happening shows a number of strange light flashes occurring in the seconds immediately before and during the ‘controlled demolition’.

Survivor Barry Cohen said:

First we heard a crash of lightning, I thought it was lightning. And it went on for 30 seconds I’d say, at least.

And it was as loud as you could ever… the loudest thing I’ve ever heard.

Now I know what a building collapsing sounds like.

Only the parts of the building that has these ‘flashing lights’ collapsed.

3. The central and back part of the Champlain Towers building collapse separately, but within 12 seconds.

The building ‘pancakes down’ in a way you ONLY see with controlled demolitions, where the supporting vertical beams are all blown out together, to cause the building to ‘fall in’ on itself.

4. The 2018 report identifies some minor areas of structural building maintenance. The Executive Board decide to use the opportunity to generally ‘upgrade’ the building, too.

Residents notice there is some minor cracking of balconies, and peeling of the garage ceiling. But they are not informed that the ‘structural damage’ to the building is anything more than routine, and relatively minor, nor that there is any suggestion that the building is at risk of collapsing, due to the issues identified.

The building owners are asked to pay $15 million to ‘upgrade’ the building, which Steve Rosenthal describes as effectively having to pay a ‘second mortgage’.

5. Surfside real estate has become very ‘hot’ in recent years.

While apartments in Champlain Towers are going for an average of $600-700k, apartments in new developments on Collins Avenue are now selling for even 10 times as much.

So, there could be a definite ‘real estate’ angle to trying to scare residents in old beachfront properties to move out or sell cheaply, either by suggesting their building is going to collapse on them in the middle of the night, and / or by assessing them for such exorbitant amounts for ‘infrastructure repair’ and building upgrade, that they feel they have no choice to but sell up and move out.

6. The media keeps running stories about what happened that don’t add up.

Like swimming pools disappearing into sink holes, when they didn’t.

And also, they have been pushing the ‘are you scared to live in your building now’ line relentlessly, in all their interviews.

7. The US government is currently trying to pass what they are calling a $3 trillion ‘infrastructure’ bill.

White House prepares massive infrastructure bill with universal pre-K, free community college, climate measures.

But we already know, don’t we, that all this money is just going to go into the pockets of those few people, running those few organisations, that already own and control everything else.

It’s amazing timing, that just before this infrastructure bill comes up for a vote under the Biden government, a 40  year old condo suddenly ‘collapses’ in such dramatic fashion, killing 150 people, in a way that has never been seen anywhere in the US since 1922…

(Outside of the ‘controlled demolitions’ that occurred on 9/11…)


I got sent this video, in Dutch but with English subtitles, that actually does a very good job of explaining how Black Rock and Vanguard actually own the shares of EVERYTHING, EVERY BIG COMPANY YOU CAN THINK OF.

And that Vanguard itself actually owns the shares of Black Rock.

And that no-one knows who ‘owns’ Vanguard, because that information is not in the public domain.

I played it double-time, and read the English subtitles fast – and it was very informative.


There’s clearly a lot more to say.

One thing is clear from the survivor accounts that are filtering out, and also that one video showing the flashing lights, and how fast the building came down, that THE BUILDING WAS DELIBERATELY BROUGHT DOWN.

And someone in US Military, the ‘Deep State’, the US government, knows exactly how and why that was done.

At some point soon, we need to talk more about ‘Directed Energy Weapons’, which I know sound so cringe-y and conspiracy theory-y – but which are actually totally real.

And all this also connects up with Covid 19, and DNA Origami and Erev Rav people with long beards, and Jeffrey Epstein, and the ‘Great Reset’.


There is so much misinformation, it’s hard to know where to begin.

But we’ll keep peeling the information onion, one layer at a time, with God’s help, until we get there.



Take a look at this, a video of Sarah and Chani Nir ‘returning to the site’ a few days after the building collapse, being interviewed by CNN:


I’ve noticed this before with CNN videos with people ‘at the scene’ in Surfside, but this appears to have been filmed against a green screen, then ‘transposed’ to make it look like they are actually on the street there.

I.E.: They aren’t really there, standing next to the building, but in some CNN studio somewhere else.

Why do that?

Especially as Mr Nir explained the family is staying at the Residence Inn, that is literally 700 metres up the road from their building.


The Residence Inn is approximately 700 metres away from where the Champlain Towers collapsed, on Collins Ave.


And again, there’s this perplexing issue of how Sarah Nir could see the garage collapsing.

Let’s just cover that angle again.

Mrs Nir says in this interview that a wall separates her ground floor apartment from the security guy in the lobby:


The shot above is the concierge’s desk in the lobby of the Champlain Towers.

You can see there is a door behind, which presumably leads off to the ground floor apartments, including Sarah Nir’s, on the LEFT hand side of the building.

If Mrs Nir was talking to the guard, then all she can see is the wall behind him, and the hall leading to her own apartment.

If she’s facing AWAY from the guard, then all she can see (through a window and the far end of the lobby…) is part of the external carpark on the right-hand side of the building, marked below. (And remember, all this was meant to be happening at 1:30 at night, when it’s dark…)



Not even after the back of the building came down. Here’s the shots that prove that:


And if you want to tell me that she saw the underground parking collapsing – how is that possible?

Presumably, you could only see that from inside the building on the ground floor if the floor you are standing on suddenly collapsed too, or rent in two.

That didn’t happen. So unless she had x-ray vision and could somehow see through the floor, Mrs Nir didn’t see any garage collapse that night.

But why would she lie – repeatedly – about this crucial piece of information?


As I was pondering that, I saw this comment on the end of THIS article.

I think he said 6 floors collapsed under ground and 7 collapsed on top of the ground. The garage sank and took 6 floors with it. But the distribution is interesting…6 below and 7 above. It also means that a very big hole had opened up beneath the parking garage which was the first to collapse.

The ‘he’ being referred to appears to be one of the Israeli army engineers who got flown in to help with the rescue effort. But this is the first I heard of ‘6 floors collapsing’ underground, or the ‘garage sinking and taken 6 floors with it.’

Can anyone send me a link to the clip where this being said, or tell me who actually said it?


And again, the images from the site post-collapse just don’t accord with that story.

Look at this screenshot again, below.

And then beneath that, I finally figured out how to embed the whole video, from Twitter:



How big is this underground parking meant to be, that six stories can apparently ‘collapse down into it’, and yet there is still space for the Fire and Rescue workers to be walking all around it like this?


And take a look at this shot, by the pool deck post-collapse.


This image suggests that the pool deck only cracked because of the force of the building that was brought down next to it.

The pool deck is OVER the underground parking lot.

Yet neither of the pools ‘sunk’ into the ground before, during or after this massive sink hole is meant to have opened up and swallowed the garage and half the building.

And here’s the thing: why would only half the building sheer off and pancake down, along such surgically-precise lines, and disappear into a sink hole, without at least pulling the rest of the building it was attached to partially down with it?

Go back and watch the video again.

It’s clear as daylight that the support pillars were blown out, and only then the building collapsed FROM THE TOP DOWN.


That building was brought down deliberately, with a ‘Directed Energy Weapon’.

It’s new technology (to us…) so we don’t how these things work.

We don’t understand that the ‘whisper quiet’ demolition occurs with sounds like extreme thunder and lighting, and with pulsed light, and who knows what else.

We don’t know that it literally ‘disintegrates’ the target – and everything inside it – which is why they are struggling mightily to recover anything that really looks like human remains; and why we can’t see any twisted refrigerators, or other large appliances that would still LOOK like appliances, just badly crushed, in that big pile of dust.

So now, they need a cover story to explain where all this people went, where all this ‘stuff’ went, and of course, how this building collapsed like that in the first place, with such speed and awesome precision.

And it’s strange how the Israelis involved in this story are the ones stepping forward to provide it.


The information about how these weapons work – and how they were used in the attacks on the World Trade Centre – has been ‘out there’ for a decade already, and I hope to get up to speed soon on that subject, and share that information with you as soon as I can.

Because I’m getting a strong sense of deja vu about all this.



I went to do a bit of quick checking, to see if CNN has used green screens before in their ‘live’ coverage. Guess what? Yup.

Apparently CNN uses ‘green screen’ interviews all the time, when they are engaged in creating fake news.

This excerpt comes from HERE:

Since not long after their inception, CNN has been caught multiple times throughout the years manipulating the public with sensationalism, favoritism, purposely misrepresenting reality and a multitude of other examples.

One of the most poignant of those was back in the Gulf War era, when it was revealed that CNN had been fabricating on location news events. Pretending to be reporting in dangerous locations overseas, but instead from the comfort of CNN’s Atlanta studios, in front of a blue-screen, or green-screen. Using a technology known as “chroma key.”

And if your first thought was something like “that was a long time ago,” the very same thing took place as recently as just after the alleged Sandy Hook school shooting tragedy, when it was Andersen Cooper’s turn to pretend to be filming on location at a memorial in Newtown, Connecticut. But was instead found to have been reporting again from CNN studios, in front of a blue or green-screen. Something he was later confronted about, despite it not being the first time Cooper had been found to have been fabricating the news.

And then there’s the times when CNN reporters are caught pretending to be filming on location from multiple different areas. Only to be found shooting from the same parking lot, just from two different vantage points, etc.

Read related: New York Times openly admits mainstream media stories are scripted by the White House


Is Sara Nir and her family really in Surfside right now, or was the whole ‘miraculous story’ made up from start to finish?

IF she’s there, staying 700 metres up the street from her now collapsed apartment building in the local Residence Inn – why did CNN need to ‘green screen’ an interview with her and her daughter?

And if she’s NOT there….


Then the twists in this story are becoming even more remarkable.

But that would also explain ‘small details’ like how Mr Nir can claim his son was the first person to call the police – six times! – and no-one responded, while Steve Rosenthal, above, said that as soon as he could see through the dust post-collapse, he saw tens of Fire and Rescue people already on the scene, trying to help people.

One person is lying, and one person is not.


And it also helps to explain how Mrs Nir can run up and down the same  700 metre stretch of road for 4 hours, while somehow managing to keep missing her son, who according to his father was stood right next to the collapsed building the whole time, hoping to re-enter and get his resume.

And also, how none of those rescue workers or police apparently saw Mrs Nir running up and down Collins Avenue for four hours looking for some water, even though presumably they’d have been happy to help arrange that for her, if she’d only slowed down long enough to ask them.

And how Mrs Nir ‘saw a garage collapse’, miraculously, through the floor, while still being able to return to her own apartment, collect her kids and get out the front lobby doors.

It’s a ‘miracle story’ in the best tradition of miracle stories…

Enough said.

For now.


PS: The last word, for this post:

Pay attention to this, pulled out from above:

Pretending to be reporting in dangerous locations overseas, but instead from the comfort of CNN’s Atlanta studios, in front of a blue-screen, or green-screen. Using a technology known as “chroma key.”

And now, here’s a snippet from the transcript of Mr Nir’s interview from the Yiddish site, brought in full HERE:

[5.25 min] I was in Atlanta. And they called me at 1:30 screaming and yelling and my wife, errr… When they ran with all the dust, the white dust and everything, my wife said, ‘I can’t breathe, I need water’. And nobody opened, nobody do nothing. Nobody was there.

Hey, fancy that!

CNN does all their scripted, fake news pieces against a green screen in Atlanta…. and that just so happens to be the location of Mr Nir.




I went to check where the CNN studios are, in Miami.

The short answer is: CNN only has their studio in Atlanta.

Although there is something called ‘CNN Espanol’, that is a few miles away in Miami Beach.


Also, this video just surfaced, showing water leaking in the underground parking, apparently 7 minutes before it fell down.

And strangely, someone was awake at 1:23 am to record that leaking water pipe for posterity.



I just got this link via email. It’s yet another version of the ‘Nir family’ escape story from Hamodia, which again doesn’t jive with the previous versions.

I’m copying the relevant snippet below.

All this is meant to have happened AFTER the rest of the building had already collapsed.


On the first floor, recent college graduate Gabriel Nir had just finished a late night workout and was in the kitchen cooking salmon.

The family heard the first thunderous rumble. They knew the building was undergoing construction and had been irritated by the incessant noise, but this felt different.

They rushed to the lobby. Outside, they noticed the car deck had caved into the parking garage. Car alarms were blaring, emergency lights were flashing and water was rapidly filling the garage where pipes had burst.

Choking dust cloud was making it difficult to see. Residents from upstairs were running out the door screaming, many still in pajamas.

It was getting harder to breathe. The rumbling intensified, and Gabriel pushed his mom and sister into the street.

“Run, run,” he ordered.

Tiny rocks and bits of debris pelted his head as he turned back to face the image that still haunts him.

“I saw the building turning into a white dust,” he says. “I heard people screaming.”

“I have to go back. I have to make sure everyone’s OK,” he said.

But he knew it was too late.


Again, the rest of the building fell down in 12 seconds flat, from start to end.

So the timing of all this just doesn’t fit the facts.

Also, how could they see that the: car deck had caved into the parking garage when this version of the story takes place just after the rest of the building has collapsed, and there is no electricity and also thick choking dust is everywhere obscuring the view even more.

(And btw, this suggests that the car deck collapse only happened AFTER the building collapsed, as collateral damage, and not BEFORE, as Sarah Nir has said in her multiple versions of ‘the story’. That means there was no ‘underground collapse’ that pre-empted what happened next.)


Why lie about all this?

Why all the radically different versions of the Nir family story, that don’t accord with the few facts that we know to be true, like the building collapsing in 12 seconds?

That is the question.


You might also like this article:

I was going to leave Surfside alone for a bit, and tell you about the bonfire I did yesterday.

I am very blessed to be renting a house with a garden, and in that garden, I’ve built a fire pit. And in that fire pit, I love to burn bits of wood.

And so yesterday, I invited a few ‘mum’ friends who have been looking after their families 24/7 for a year and a half, and asked them to come chill out with me.

It was SO nice.

We drank some kombucha, we played some guitar, we sang (really out of tune…) and just took it easy.

It was just so restorative, in so many ways, to remember there are other people out there my own age, who I’m not married to, who at least sometimes want to hang out with me.

During COVID, I had many long months where I forgot that.


So, I was going to write more of a ‘Secret Diary of a Jewish Housewife’ piece today, about that fire.

But instead, I find myself returning to events in Surfside, because not unlike what happened in Meron, I have the feeling that if the ‘official narrative’ we are being told is allowed to take hold unchallenged, the 150+ people who were murdered in that ‘controlled demolition’ – and their families – will never see justice done, for what’s really going on here.


Yesterday, I got a call from a close acquaintance, who I met via my blog years ago, and we’ve stayed in touch periodically for years.

She told me that her sibling is one of the people still missing, presumed dead, in Surfside.

It’s a small Jewish world, and much like Meron before it, there is barely a degree or two of ‘separation’ between all of us, and the people who have died or been directly affected by the collapse of 8777 Collins Avenue.


Then I checked my emails this morning, and another reader sent me a couple more interesting things.

Thing Number One is THIS, from the site:

USA – The synagogue of Bal Harbour evacuated after receiving a bomb threat

Belle Harbour, Miami, FL – A synagogue in Belle Harbour Miami received a bomb threat and all were evacuated. At approximately 4:30pm today and phone call was placed to The Shul by a woman who stated that the Champlain Tower partial collapse was not an accident.
She stated that it was a coordinated bombing and that The Shul of Bal Harbour along with other buildings in the area are being and will be targeted.
As a precautionary measure Shul security along with the help of Surfside police and police K9’s have performed a controlled evacuation and locked down The Shul and taken measures to sweep the building and construction site for any and all possible explosives devices….
As of 7:43pm the Miami Dade K-9 and Bomb Squad have found no potential devices and have given the all clear and operations have resumed back to normal.


Is this legit?

My correspondent asked me.

Before I could even try to answer that question, I first decided to take a closer look at ‘The Shul of Bal Harbour‘, who runs it, who built it – all those small details that start to build up into more of a correct picture of what might really be going on.

I start scooting around, and very quickly get to the Wikipedia site for Rabbi Shalom Lipskar, snippet below:

Sholom Dovber Lipskar (born 1946) is a Chabad rabbi who was principal of the Landow Yeshiva in Miami Beach in 1969. He founded The Shul of Bal Harbour in Surfside, Florida, as well as the Aleph Institute in 1981.


He sounds like a very impressive person!

But what’s that ‘Aleph Institute’ all about? Click, click, click, and we get to THIS, the organisation’s official site.

Here’s a little of what we learn there:

The Aleph Institute is a national, not-for-profit 501(c)(3), publicly-supported charitable institution founded by Rabbi Sholom D. Lipskar under the direction of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson O.B.M.

For over thirty five years, Aleph has been serving society by:

(1) providing critical social services to families in crisis;

(2) addressing the pressing religious, educational, humanitarian and advocacy needs of individuals in the military and institutional environments; and

(3) implementing solutions to significant issues relating to our criminal justice system, with an emphasis on families, faith-based rehabilitation and preventive ethics education.


Also, very impressive.

The ‘Aleph Institute’ and Rabbi Lipskar have three main programs they run:

“Operation Enduring Traditions” Programs for the Military:

Aleph supports and assists thousands of Jewish men and women serving this great nation in the U.S. Armed Forces with Jewish books, materials, and moral and spiritual support.

Spark of Light Prison Programs:

Most people are not aware of the plight of the five thousand Jews in prisons all across America today….

Aleph F.E.E.L.S. Family Programs:

Aleph sponsors support groups that bring together the spouses of inmates allowing them to compare and discuss their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.



On top of all this good work, the ‘Aleph Institute’ is also working very closely with the US military as an ‘Ecclesiastical Endorsing Agency’:

In recognition of the need for Jewish Chaplaincy in the military, the United States Department of Defense appointed The Aleph Institute as an Ecclesiastical Endorsing Agency to recruit, vet and endorse Rabbis for the Army, Navy and Air Force, Active, Reserve and National Guard.

Since its appointment in 2006, The Aleph Institute has endorsed Jewish Chaplains for the Army, Navy and Air Force, and appoints and works with Jewish Lay Leaders who assist Chaplains in providing leadership at military installations and ships at sea where Jewish Chaplains are unavailable.


And here’s a snippet about the Aleph Institute’s work with ‘Clemency Cases’:

We are very proud of our clemency work — much of which was done in collaboration with partnering organizations that reflect the diversity of the men and women of this country. Thank G-d, we were able to assist in providing a new lease on life for so many shattered families.

It is demonstrably false that contributions play any role in Aleph’s work, including clemency. In compliance with Aleph’s no-donation policy for advocacy, numerous donations have been declined or refunded, over the years. 



I went back to the Wiki for the Aleph Institute, to learn a little more about that side of things, snippet below:

The Aleph Institute advocates on behalf of many of the Jewish prisoners in the US as well as in some instances, prisoners abroad. Jacob Ostreicher credited the institute with helping to gain his freedom through contacting actor Sean Penn, who made a direct appeal to Bolivian President Evo Morales.

In 2010, Aleph Institute joined 200 Jewish organizations petitioning then Governor Charlie Christ for a stay of execution on behalf of Martin Grossman who was convicted of the 1984 killing of a law enforcement officer. Pope Benedict XVI also sent a personal request to commute the sentence but the execution proceeded and Grossman was killed in 2010.


Here’s a bit more about Jacob Ostreicher, from Wikipedia:

Jacob Ostreicher (born February 7, 1959) is an American businessman and investor. In June 2011, he was arrested in Santa CruzBolivia, while overseeing a rice growing agricultural venture that he had invested in, and was jailed for 18 months on suspicion of money laundering, though he was never formally charged.

Ostreicher maintained his innocence and stated that the allegations by the Bolivian government were “the scam of the century”. His family and friends initiated a public effort to plea for his release, and actor-activist Sean Penn visited Ostreicher in Bolivia and pledged to work for his release….

On December 16, 2013, Ostreicher arrived in the US after 30 months in Bolivia. He was reported to be in an undisclosed location with Sean Penn and receiving medical attention. It was unclear how he had fled the country.

In May 2014 Ostreicher revealed that after his release, Penn had personally nursed him back to mental and physical health at the latter’s home.


(Is it just me, or does all this stuff about Sean Penn’s involvement seem a little, ahem, strange?)

In any case, let’s park that side of things, for now.

We’ve done enough to fill out the picture, quite considerably, that ‘The Shul’ in Bal Harbour – via the Aleph Institute – appears to be keeping company with a lot of military personnel, has close connections with the US army, and is also working for clemency on behalf of a lot of interesting people.

So now, with all this background, let’s go back to the question above, asked about this statement:

[T]he Champlain Tower partial collapse was not an accident.

[The caller] stated that it was a coordinated bombing and that The Shul of Bal Harbour along with other buildings in the area are being and will be targeted.

Is this legit?

Probably, yes.

But probably also, things are not exactly what they appear to be.


Moving on, that same email correspondent sent me a link to THIS – an audio interview with Mr Nir, Sarah Nir’s husband, on the site.

You remember I’ve been keeping track of the many different versions of the ‘miraculous escape’ story on the site?

Well, now I have yet another version, which muddies the waters even more. Here’s a partial transcript, which I’m writing verbatim, despite the poor English and grammar, to make sure I’m not putting any words into Mr Nir’s mouth that he himself didn’t say.


[From around the 3 minute mark in the interview:]

While my wife is speaking with him [the security guard in the front lobby], the garage collapsed.

And they didn’t believe that she just go and saw it. She saw all the cars on the ground [or could possibly be ‘underground’].

So she told my kids that they are left, start to leave! Because they start to…Before, they heard like a wall collapse. The wall collapsed, and ehh, so they ran away from the the apartment.

But they being in the hall, close to the phone. And when they saw that the first floor, the garage, collapsed, they errr, they decide they must run away.

So they left to the building through the [long pause] door. And they just crossed the street, to the other side. They they heard a big boom, but didn’t look back.


[4.27 min] But all the area was with white dust. And they start to run, and they didn’t see each other from how much white dust. And that’s how they escaped…

My wife said ‘I felt Hashem just told the building, Excuse me, don’t collapse until they leave. Then it collapsed.’

[Question in Yiddish]

[5.25 min] I was in Atlanta. And they called me at 1:30 screaming and yelling and my wife, errr… When they ran with all the dust, the white dust and everything, my wife said, ‘I can’t breathe, I need water’. And nobody opened, nobody do nothing. Nobody was there.

And my son was the first one to call the police, and he called six times the police, before they came.


[5:45 min] They didn’t believe because my wife had start to scream, had start[ed] to scream that [it] is like [an] earthquake. And, er, they probably thought that somebody drunk maybe calling. And they see that nothing happened. Nobody said that, er…. So I think that’s what caused….

But, but, er, I think that there’s a lot of questions, because the alarm didn’t work, the security….

My daughter said that the noise was before. Around 11 o’clock it start.

And, er, so I believe that if somebody will [would have] pay attention, if the guard also pay attention what’s going on, maybe a lot of people can be saved….


[7:10 min] Any my wife, she left all her ID, phone, credit cards, money, everything, at the house. So my daughter left without nothing, my wife left without nothing, and the only, er, contact that we had is through my son. And after that they ran. My wife ran and tried to get water and all and er, some place.

And they ran up to 4.30 in the morning.

So they ran hours, maybe four hours, up to four hours, until they reach really an angel, a convert person, who convert to be Jewish. His n ame is Yona ben Avraham. God send him.

He saw my wife with my daughter, exhausting, dirty, probably panic a little bit, because my wife screamed to me, ‘I think the world is collapse. I don’t know what’s going on. I think our building is collapse, it’s probably earthquake. Who knows what.’

She was so afraid to look on the back, so she just, they ran. I think up to almost 5 o’clock maybe, or something like this, [almost] after.


The Residence Inn is approximately 700 metres away from where the Champlain Towers collapsed, on Collins Ave.


[8.34 min] And the guy saw them and he said: ‘Come on, come on. Come with me. Meet me at the Residence Inn, and I’ll give you a room. And when she came, he came after one or two minutes, and he set up a room for my wife and my daughter.

[8.58 min] My son was close to the building. He was shocked. He didn’t believe what the damage is. He always thought, er, that if they him go in, so he take all his stuff. He’s just graduated from a university, and he thought ‘hey, I need my resume. I need all my papers and everything.’

[9:28 min] But after a day, he start to realise that he cannot get nothing, unfortunately.

So, we lost everything. We don’t have insurance. But thank God, I am safe. And I am happy. But I didn’t sleep all night and imagine that you cannot talk to your wife and your daughter, and you don’t know they’re running, you don’t know what’s going on. Because my son wasn’t close to them.


[Skipping the next few minutes, where Mr Nir discusses ‘the message’ God is trying to give the Jewish people via all these tragedies.]


[11.45 min] We living in the hotel, in, er, Residence Inn. And, er, I think Thursday, er I think we need to find another place, I’m not sure yet. But I know the end of the week, is the Red Cross stop to pay for this [hotel room].

[12:35 min] We know several people that unfortunately, er, they are dead. I pray to Hashem to make, er, really a miracle, that they will be alive. But honestly, er…

It’s not just the dust that you can breathe. I see how much collapse they have, like a [unclear] pile. A big pile of, er, stone, rocks, and you know, concrete, and er, dust, and sand. 

And not just this. They have several fires….


[Skipping a couple of minutes until question in Yiddish about whether there was a blackout in the building.]

[14:40 mins] No. It was one apartment that the couple been saved. And we know them also very well. His parents we met, his name is Arik / Eric Tsiyon [?] 

And he came the same night, around I think 11.30 or so, er, or 12 o’clock, from New York. And he arrived, and his wife, she’s pregnant. And they came home, and they didn’t have power. And, he said I’m not going to stay in this 80 some degrees without aircondition[ing] and light.

[15:40 min] So, they decide to go to the hotel. And one hour after they arrive to [the] hotel, I think about, he heard about this, he saw lightningand all this. And he go back to the building, but from the beach, like the back of it.

When he saw everything, he was like ‘lost his mind’. Then he realised what the miracle that Hashem did to him.



So many contradictions between this account, from Mr Nir, and other details and accounts that we’ve covered previously, about what was going on with the cars in the carpark, and the timing of the collapse, and the black-out.

BH, I will go through everything again carefully, to try to get what we definitely DO know together, so we can start to figure out what’s possible, what’s probable, and what’s totally IMPOSSIBLE, when it comes to how that Surfside building collapsed.

But one thing I can tell you for sure:

The media is blatantly lying to us all about this.


How do I know?

Let me give one cogent example to demonstrate. This snippet comes from this story on the Daily Wire, posted on June 28, 2021, entitled:

“It started from the bottom.”

“It does appear to start either at or very near the bottom of the structure,” a consulting engineer who is not affiliated with the search and rescue operation told the New York Times. “It’s not like there’s a failure high and it pancaked down.”…

In a separate report, Fox News noted that a female resident of the towers, who is now missing, called her husband shortly before the collapse and told him that it appeared the building’s pool had disappeared into a sinkhole.

“A woman missing in the deadly Florida condo building collapse called her husband as the tragedy unfolded — and said she saw a sinkhole where the pool used to be before the line went dead,” Fox reported.


Here’s a clear shot of the pool TWO DAYS AFTER THE COLLAPSE:


No sinkhole in sight.

And yet, MSM news sites are spreading this ‘story’ that the pool disappeared into a sinkhole, with the same breath that they tell us it ‘started from the bottom’ – when the only CCTV evidence available clearly shows the buildings collapsing from the top.

So, do you believe them?


Also, the underground garage didn’t collapse first – because if it did, the rescue crews wouldn’t have been filmed trying to access the big pile of pancaked building by wading through thigh-deep water via that selfsame un-collapsed underground parking.

And I already showed you pictures of the totally ‘uncollapsed’ outside parking area, on the right, that’s partially visible from the lobby:


And the last thing to say, is that not in my worst nightmare did I think you could get to DAY 6 after this event, and they still haven’t even really begun to clear the rubble away.

If you wanted to make sure that anyone still trapped in that building would definitely be dead by the time you got to them, this is the way to do it.

And, I also suspect that the site is so ‘complicated’ to clear, because it wasn’t brought down by conventional means, but by ‘Directed Energy’ weaponry that literally pulverised everything, and everyone.

That’s why they started asking family members of the victims for DNA samples already by Day Two.


I suspect that just like in the WTC, there will be very little in the way of identifiable human remains even when they do get around to finally clearing the rubble away.

And they’ll blame that on all these weird ‘deep fires’ that apparently took hold when the site was soaked with a foot of rainwater; when there was no electricity to ‘spark’ any fires; and when there was almost zero of the oxygen required, by physics, to enable a ‘deep fire’ to burn.

But don’t believe them, when that happens.

Because they are lying through their teeth.


So, check and verify every single detail you are being told about this story.

Compare it to the hard facts, the clear images post-collapse, and keep sifting the truth from the lies, as part of the ‘Surfside Reality Check’ we need to keep applying to this information, if we ever want a hope of the real story being told one day.

We owe it to the people who were killed, to not let their murderers get away with it.

And the first place that starts is by accepting this was no ‘accident’, or ‘structural decay’ issue.

It was pre-meditated mass-murder.


You might also like this article:

I updated the last post with more info, but I just found something else, so I’m pulling it out into a separate post.

***New updates below***

Let’s start with the ‘UPDATES’, below, then I’ll add in a couple of new pieces of information that are even more puzzling to me.


[Update 2, from the previous post:]

A new ‘story’ is coming out, that a missing resident called her husband before the collapse to tell him a sink hole had developed in the pool, in Surfside.

You can see that account HERE.

It’s amazing how this woman noticed that in the middle of an electricity black-out across the whole building, in the very middle of the night.

And it’s even more amazing that she didn’t raise the alarm at that point, if this story is true.

But what’s really interesting me are a couple of the initial comments beneath that ‘story’, where increasingly you find the real news:

Comment 1:

Ah, and here, when finding out about the incident, I was able to discern (the morning of) that Google Maps had initially tagged the wrong building. I did this by comparing the pool configuration to the other buildings in that area. It apparently didn’t sink very far.

Comment 2:

So many condos in the area are going up for sale……massed exodus !


Could we be seeing another hidden ‘real estate’ motive starting to swim into view here?

I mean, putting around ‘stories’ that expensive beachfront properties are suddenly collapsing in the middle of the night due to sinkholes, and running stories non-stop emphasising how ‘unsafe’ all these 40 year old structures suddenly are in that area is one sure-fire way to drive down property prices.

And when prices fall radically, some ‘lucky’ real estate developer can then step in, buy these properties for a song, and redevelop into something 4 times as expensive.

How I wish I was being sarcastic here.

But I’m not.

The only thing worse than their murderous tendencies is their greed.


So, let’s see how this story develops, shall we?

And let’s keep a careful eye on which property developers ‘ride to the rescue’ of all these poor people trying to sell their previously valuable beachfront condos for thrupence in order to avoid getting ‘pancaked’ in the middle of the night.

Because I’m sure we’ll learn an awful lot, if we do.


[Update 3, from the previous post:]

A reader sent me screenshots of the ‘missing’ Collive article mentioned above. I’m bringing the relevant sections below:


There’s a few things I find puzzling about this.

Firstly, how was Mrs Nir checking the emails in her home office when there was a building-wide electricity black-out, as we’ve been told from other people who actually left the building because of that black-out, to spend the night in a hotel?

Second, is there a record of the building security guard calling the police, to make a complaint about the noise, as per Mrs Nir’s account.

Third, if the construction noise was so loud in the middle of the night, why were none of the other residents were making complaints about it?

Let me put it out there as a question:

Did any other residents who left the building before the collapse, or who were in the still standing section of the building, also hear this construction noise?

This is a crucial piece of information, because ‘sink holes’ do NOT make construction noise in the middle of the night.


And lastly, Mrs Nir says that:

“As I was standing in the lobby, I saw the parking lot of the building collapsing, like an abyss that has opened up beneath it….She once again turned to the security guard and ask [sic] to call the police, this time reporting an earthquake. “There was a very loud noise,” she told him.”


If the noise was that loud, why wasn’t the security guard hearing it himself?

(I know, maybe on his phone, like everyone else, but even so….)

There should also be a record of the security guard making a call about this sink hole / earthquake to the police, or at least a partial call. He had enough time to do that, as the account shows that Mrs Nir then went back upstairs to wake up her children and get them out of the building before it collapsed.

So, I’d really like to hear the transcripts of the security guard’s call to the police, about the massive sink hole that apparently opened up in the car park just before the building ‘collapsed’ in a controlled demolition.

I have a feeling that’s never going to happen, but let’s see.


In the meantime, this prompted me to take a look at ‘8777 Collins Avenue’ on Google Earth.

I wanted to see where the pool was – where the ‘mystery woman’ from the Fox News report said she saw a sink hole open up – and where the carpark was – where Mrs Nir from this Collive report says she saw a sink hole upen up.

And now, the plot thickens.


This is a shot of 8777 Collins avenue, from the top:


According to Mrs Nir’s account, she saw a sink hole opening up in the outside carpark marked above, which is adjacent to the front lobby of the building.

But here’s the thing: the carpark is next to the part of the building that DID NOT collapse.


I checked to see if there was any other car park that Mrs Nir could have been referring to.

The entrance to the underground parking is on the opposite side of the building from the outside carpark, and not visible from the lobby.


So, the only place where a carpark is visible from the lobby is that external carpark marked below:


Which begs the obvious question:

IF a ‘sink hole’ opened up in that external carpark shortly before the controlled demolition that took down the whole back of the building, then WHY didn’t the front of the building collapse?

It’s still standing now.

And in the meantime, strangely, the ‘strongest’ part of the building – the middle part that was the furthest away from the pool, and the furthest away from this external carpark – came down first, within 5 seconds.


I’m also wondering how it was possible to see a sink hole open up in the outside carpark in the middle of the night, from inside the lobby, if it was pitch black.

And I’m also wondering if any cars were swallowed up in this ‘sink hole’, as presumably you’d expect to find in the middle of a carpark.

That part of the building is still standing.

These questions should not be hard to answer.


If any of my readers live close to Surfside, and have 5 minutes to spare, I’d love some shots of the carpark, if that’s possible.

Because if there wasn’t a sink hole, or an earthquake – then we are certainly looking at a controlled demolition.

And if we are looking at a controlled demolition – then this is mass murder.

And if it’s mass murder, the culprits need to be identified, and brought to justice, before they kill anyone else.


NOW, for the even newer stuff.

After I wrote that last ‘update’, I went HERE and saw this video:


42 seconds into the interview, I suddenly realise that they are showing an aerial shot of the front of 8777 Collins Avenue, and that external carpark.

And that’s when I realise that the carpark is totally intact, and there is no sink hole.

In fact, you can still see cars parked in it:




This is leaving me very confused about Mrs Nir’s account of why she decided to rush out of the building with her children in the middle of the night, shortly before the controlled demolition that took down the back half.

Here’s what she said, in the Collive story:

“As I was standing in the lobby, I saw the parking lot of the building collapsing, like an abyss that has opened up beneath it….She once again turned to the security guard and ask [sic] to call the police, this time reporting an earthquake. “There was a very loud noise,” she told him.”


Any parking lot that is visible from the front lobby of 8777 Collins Avenue is still intact, as you can see from the aerial shot above.

So, what’s the real reason Mrs Nir rushed out of that building in the middle of the night with her children, literally a minute before it ‘unexpectedly’ came down?

Did she have nevua, or was she given a warning to flee for her life?





I found a Russian Chabad site, HERE, with another version of Sarah Nir’s miraculous escape.

Here’s the pertinent snippet:

I got back to Miami after midnight-around 12: 30 at night. Then she heard a frightening, strange sound. It was like something was exploding and collapsing. She went down to the concierge and complained about the noise.Then her eyes fell on the parking lot: it was filled with construction debris, something was falling from above

In an instant, she ran into the apartment, woke up the children and dragged them outside. She ran with them away from the building and shouted: “Save yourselves! An earthquake!”

© Источник:


So in this version, Mrs Nir says she saw the parking lot ‘filled with construction debris’ – which again is strange.

Here’s the screenshot of where the parking lot is located, in relation to the front lobby:


It’s next to the part of the building THAT DID NOT FALL DOWN, and that is still standing now.

So, where did this ‘construction debris’ that she apparently saw falling into this carpark come from?

And if you go back and take a look at the video of Surfside collapsing HERE, you’ll see that everything happened so fast, there is no way that Mrs Nir could have seen something start to collapse at the back, then rush to her apartment to wake her kids up, and then rush out the front lobby again in time to escape.

The whole back collapsed from start to finish in 12 seconds.


Here’s some more ‘post-collapse’ shots that show, unequivocably, that neither the external carpark, nor the swimming pool:





This shot below was taken by a ‘first responder’ straight after the collapse, at dawn:


You can see that even after the back has totally collapsed, there is no sink hole, and there is no ‘construction debris’ visible in the carpark.


And here’s some shots of the perfectly intact swimming pool.

It still has water in it… so clearly, it didn’t even spring a leak EVEN AFTER the building pancaked next to it.



Why is all this stuff relevant?

Because the media is lying to us, again.

Remember THIS headline, from yesterday, from Fox News?


Honestly, does that pool look ‘caved in’ to you?

The lies are so blatant, even from ‘respectable’ MSM channels, that more than anything else tells you that there is a massive cover-up going on here, and that the building came down due to foul play, as part of a ‘controlled demolition’.


I’m going to continue to keep my eyes peeled for more information, and strange anomalies.

And please, continue to send me details as you hear them or find them – even if they don’t accord with the theory I’m laying out here.

The truth is the most important thing to get at here.



I just came across this video, done the morning after the collapse, by CBS, where resident Barry Cohen is explaining what he experienced and saw.

(It’s strangely shmirat eynayim friendly.)


I want to bring the full transcript of what Barry experienced, as it gives way more credence to the ‘Directed Energy Weapon’ hypothesis for how the building was brought down.

But before I do that, let me also draw your attention to what’s going on with that external carpark, which does look like it ‘split’ at the back of the building:


I know that search and rescue terms tunnelled into the underground carpark to try to find survivors, so it could be from that.

See more HERE, screenshot below:


Or, it could have occurred as a result of the building coming down.

Or, it could have happened before the collapse, as described in Sarah Nir’s Collive account – which doesn’t tally with the two other accounts where she says she saw the carpark fill with construction debris.


Here’s what Barry Cohen has to say:

We opened up the door.

First we heard a crash of lightning, I thought it was lightning. And it went on for 30 seconds I’d say, at least.

And it was as loud as you could ever… the loudest thing I’ve ever heard.

Now I know what a building collapsing sounds like.

And we went out on our balconies and Surfside police were already there, and we said ‘what shall we do?’ And they said, ‘go back inside’, we don’t know what’s going on.’

And then we went out of our apartment to try to get out of the building, and we opened up the door to our apartment and there used to be a hundred yard lobby, hallway, and it was rubble. Gone. Gone.


Who ‘hears’ lightning for 30 seconds?

And then a whole building falls down in 12 seconds flat?


And lastly, just wanted to include a picture of the inside lobby of the Surfside Condo:


It’s hard to understand how you’d see anything happening on either side of the building, from this front lobby, where presumably Sarah Nir was talking to the concierge.

The doors on the left lead out to the front of the building, which faces on to the main road.

But why would she say that’s what happened to get her out of the building ASAP, if it didn’t really?




Here’s another version of Sarah Nir’s story, this time from the YeshivaWorldNews site, snippet below:

Sora, a mother of 6, had returned that night from a Chabad gathering after midnight and began hearing ominous creaking sounds. At first, she thought someone was doing home construction work and wondered who would do such noisy construction work at such a late hour.

Sara’s husband was out of town and she was in her ground-floor condo with her two children, ages 15 and 25. She decided to complain about the noise to the security guard at the entrance of the building.

As the noise grew louder and louder, the security guard told her he would check out the source of the noise. Suddenly, Sora saw that the parking lot was filling with debris from the building that was beginning to collapse. She rushed back to her apartment and saw her 15-year-old daughter in the hallway.

She screamed at her and her son to run: “There’s an earthquake!” she screamed.

Her daughter insisted that she couldn’t go outside in her pajamas but Sora responded hysterically: “Run, there’s an earthquake!” Her daughter draped two towels over herself and the three of them ran outside toward the street. When they got there, they saw the building collapse in front of their eyes.


The front part of the building didn’t collapse, so that concierge is probably one of the people who made it.

I’d love to hear an interview with him.

Call me pedantic, but there are just parts of this story that are bothering me. A lot.

The back of the building came down in 12 seconds flat.

That just doesn’t ‘fit’ with having the time to see debris falling into the parking lot ‘from the building that was beginning to collapse’, then running back to your apartment – even on the ground floor – then having an argument with your daughter, and then running back out the front door of the lobby again.

Could a person really do all this in 12 seconds?


I know we all have a tendency to exaggerate and embroider dramatic events in our lives – I’m also guilty of that.

So there could be a very simple explanation for the parts of Mrs Nir’s ‘miracle’ story that just don’t add up, and also for how each version seems to morph into something different with each re-telling.

Maybe, she just had a gut feeling to get out of the building, and then embellished it with all this other stuff to make it more ‘dramatic’. 

I don’t know.

Or maybe….

There’s another, more disturbing explanation for Sarah Nir’s nevua about what about to happen.

It’s an uncomfortable thought.

But there are 150 people dead, whose bodies still haven’t been recovered. And every avenue has to be properly explored to figure out what really happened here.



Another site, another version of the miraculous story.

This one comes from HERE, snippet below:

Nir, the son of an Israeli father, described how his mother went to check what had happened when the first part of the building collapsed, apparently a parking area, and then raised the alert for him and his sister. All three survived the disaster.

“We heard a lot of noise going on in the ceiling,” he said. “Minute by minute it got worse, it got more intense.”

Moments later a rumble shook the building and “we all panicked a bit.”

The family at first thought it was an earthquake and left their home to exit the building. Outside, Nir said, dust was billowing about from the parts of the building that had already collapsed.

Wasting no more time, the family ran for their lives, escaping with just moments to spare as the main part of the building collapsed, throwing up clouds of dust that chased them down the street.

“We couldn’t breathe,” he said.

Nir estimated that the whole process was no more than a few minutes. He said the first sounds of the collapse were heard at around 1:15 a.m. Thursday and that the entire building came down by 1:19.


Except… it wasn’t four minutes, it was literally 12 seconds.

And there was no debris in the outside parking lot.

And the underground parking was still so stable – even after the collapse – the Rescue services shored it up and then tried to get access to victims by digging through from the underground parking.

So, really not at all clear what’s going on here, nor why all these conflicting versions of the ‘miraculous escape’ are being told.


On a separate note:

Can anyone out there help me identify who owned the apartment that looks to be on the tenth floor, in the middle of the building, next to the two ‘flashes’ of light highlighted below?

It’s almost the only apartment in the whole complex with lights on, in the middle of the hours’ long ‘black out’.

That’s kinda weird.



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