I have so much to share with you, but it’s not really managing to ‘come out’, at the moment.

Like so many of us, I’m also feeling a little stuck, a little lost, a little like I’m so sick and tired of all this, and when does it stop already?

In the meantime….

In case you are still doubting that real people are being hurt and even killed by these Covid shots, let me introduce you to Mark Steyn, a famous journalist in the UK, who remarkably, is apparently at least sometimes still covering real news.


This video isn’t shmiray eynayim friendly, (it’s full of dumpy women with the traditional British cleavage….)

(Man, I don’t miss that place.)

So that’s one good excuse for not watching it.

But, if you want to listen, you’ll hear lots of first-hand stories like the ones I shared with you from my brother’s circle in London, where some of those ‘vaxxed’ people are now extremely ill – and none of the doctors want to hear about it, or help them.

Nobody wants to talk about what happened to them after they took these ‘safe and effective’ Covid shots.


Start listening around the 33 minute mark, for a couple of minutes, to get the ‘flavor’ of what is really going on with the NHS, in the UK.

Again, this is just reflecting what I’m hearing from my own relatives there.

Clearly, the shots are NOT ‘safe and effective’, and clearly, no-one is really acknowledging what is actually going on.

There is a media black-out, including social media, on people sharing their own stories of how the Covid shots are actually affecting them – and killing people.


Over in the US, the CDC is ‘reassigning’ excess deaths from the Covid shots to different categories – or disappearing them.

The Ethical Skeptic on Twitter has a whole chain that pulls out the data, and shows you what is really going on. This is just one example.


And here is how the mainstream media is treating this issue:

(From HERE):


Yeah, it’s ‘SADS’!!!!

This new phenomenon that CO-IN-CID-ENTLY began just as they were shooting up everyone with experimental Covid shots…

But of course, it’s nothing to do with the shots!!!


And THIS is how the BBC is bringing you their ‘independent, unbiased’ take on the Covid shots:


Man, I’m feeling so tired of all this.

But Moshiach comes slowly, on a donkey, and that process maybe even takes another 200 years.

There is not going to be any ‘quick end’ to this, no lightning strike, and then all the ‘bad’ just disappears by itself.

Geula happens one person at a time, one soul at a time, as we choose to leave the ‘world of lies’ and to step into the ‘world of truth’ – even when that’s very painful for us.

When enough of us are in that ‘world of truth’, Moshiach will show up to complete the process.

And admitting that we can’t trust our governments; that the medical establishment, media, academia and state institutions (whichever state we happen to live in…) are totally and utterly corrupted is a huge part of that process.




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I had an interesting email from a reader in the US, who disagreed with my choice of words, that I called America the most evil nation in the world.

She made the following point, which is a fair point:

 There are many Americans, Jews and non Jews, who are G-d fearing and good people.  These people live moral lives, practice their spiritual beliefs and try to be kind to others and help others.  And they fight, each according to their ability,  against the corruption and perversion that is so prevalent in our culture today. I think it is the same in Israel, no?  

According to my correspondent, when I call America ‘the most evil nation in the world‘, I am calling these good Americans evil and bad too.


BTW, I’m not.

Also in Israel, we have a country and a military run by mostly disgusting people who do a lot of evil things to a lot of other people in the name of ‘security’ and ‘self-defense’.

Our institutions here are anti-Torah, anti-Jewish, anti-Judaism, anti-God.

But of course, not absolutely everyone who works for the government, or the police, or the IDF, is ‘bad’.

Of course not.

And of course, not everyone who lives here is ‘bad’.

Of course not.


But that leads us to a bunch of what I’ll call ‘uncomfortable questions’, that start to go to the heart of how our current war-hungry world operates, and justifies its actions.

Can we admit, then, that not everyone in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq was ‘bad’?

Can we acknowledge that there were also some ‘good Germans’ in World War II, and some righteous Ukrainians, and some God-fearing Russians?

Can we say even now, that not 100% of the people who live in Gaza, or Egypt, or Syria are bad, evil, Jew-hating murdering scum?

Because of course, that’s the truth.

Just as there is no country that is 100% ‘absolute good’, there is also no country that is 100% ‘absolute evil’.


So now, we have an interesting moral question.

Was it right to unleash ‘shock and awe’ tactics on Saddam’s Iraq, during the Gulf War?

Was it moral to wage war against the ‘good’ people that for sure also existed in Iraq alongside Saddam Hussein, and who have been injured, killed, bombed out of their houses and reduced to subsistence poverty in their many millions, during the USA’s second war against Saddam?

These are serious questions.

If you want to tell me that there are still a lot of good people, good Jews, in America, I believe you 100%, that’s for sure true.

But that doesn’t change the fact that the government and military of the USA has deliberately targeted billions of the world’s citizens with a fake ‘plandemic’, in order to coerce people to get ‘Covid shots’ that were funded and developed by DARPA and US military intelligence, who literally just took over the Nazi agenda post WW2 and are now implementing the next stage of it.

So, what are we meant to think now? What are we meant to say?


What about Iran’s nuke?

Not everyone in Iran is ‘evil’, and I’m sure many of the people there also hate their government, also believe in God, and also want to see a world of peace and justice for their children.

But…. if their government really does have a nuke, and if that nuke really is aimed at Israel….

So, what are we meant to DO about all this, now?

Or is collective punishment of these ‘good, God-fearing’ people justified, when it comes to places like Iran?


We have been raised in this ‘war paradigm’ for so long, that so many of us aren’t even questioning all the hate and rhetoric we’re being brainwashed with 24/7.

But now, God is inviting us to take a real look at some of those beliefs, some of those automatic assumptions, some of that brainwashing we’ve all been subjected to since the cradle, and to measure it up against what the Torah says.

The Torah says: IF someone is going to kill you, rise and kill them first.

We use that as a justification for attacking places like Iraq, Syria and Iran.

But when the proof starts to accumulate more and more, that we are literally being ‘attacked’ with Covid shots, and that more people have died from Covid 19 shots than died in World War I (and probably also World War II, by now….)

And when those ‘Covid shots’ were being pushed on us by DARPA and American military intelligence, with a lot of help from our own corrupt politicians, academics, medical ‘experts’ and ‘rabbis’….

And now, we are also being ‘attacked’ with 5…G and with whatever the heck is going on underground with CERN, too…

What are meant to think, now?


Who is the real enemy here, and how are we meant to fight it?


For a few years, I had a really cushy job writing propaganda for the UK government.

It was mostly tame stuff, about getting yourself a pension and looking after old historical buildings.

But then, the politically-correct brainwashing began in earnest, and increasingly I found myself being asked to start writing about LGBTQ+++ propaganda, too.

I did it very minimally, 2-3 times, really the least I could get away with.

But I felt really bad about it, and my soul understood then that the writing was on the wall, for my ‘paid writing’ career.


I have barely earned a cent, literally, in the last 15 years.

Because in our toxic, corrupt culture, I would have to sell out my soul, and my religious values, on some level, to ‘fit in’ with all the political correctness and all the anti-God, anti-Torah lies.

Not being able to earn money writing has been pretty difficult, over the last few years, in a bunch of different ways.

But I don’t regret taking that stand, and refusing to be ‘part of the machine’ for a second.


The same applies to moving to Israel.

I really do understand that not everyone can or perhaps even should be in Israel.

I am not an indiscriminate ‘aliyah pusher’, or someone who thinks I’m automatically better than others, just because God gave me the zchut of living in the Holy Land.

I am aware of my faults, I try to acknowledge a lot of them, and I know for a fact that many of my readers in chul have much better middot than me, in a whole bunch of ways.

At the same time, there is a very important point here, about how we ”split off’ from evil, tachlis.

And there are many difficult questions to be answered, about how that actually looks in our own little world.


For me personally, it was obvious that I couldn’t continue writing LGBTQ+++ propaganda on any level, and maintain my spiritual integrity and my loyalty to the Torah.

So, I had to quit.

Police officers, army recruits, government bureaucrats, doctors, nurses, social workers, teachers, rabbis, influencers, writers – all these people and more are currently facing that same spiritual test, in a bunch of different ways.

For some people, it’s LGBTQ+++ propaganda-pushing in the school place, or via their Facebook posts.

For others, it’s coercing people who trust them into taking experimental shots that ended up being neither ‘safe nor effective’.

For still others, it boils down to things like ‘are you going to ‘disengage’ a whole Gaza, just because the army tells you to do that? Or, are you going to force small children to wear facemasks in the classroom all day, just because the corrupt Ministry of Education tells you to do that?


There are many versions and flavors of this test out there right now, but it’s really all comes down to this:

Do you continue to sell your soul out to pay your mortgage, or maintain your standing in the community?

Or, do you do the right thing, and quit? Or even, move country?


Again, we’re not even talking about politicians, judges and Bill Gates, here.

We’re not talking about satanic celebrities and ‘pedo Petes’.

We’re talking about you and me.

And how we really show God – and prove to ourselves – that we are willing to make some sacrifices, to end up on the side of people who really do fear Hashem, and who really are willing to sacrifice themselves to stand up for what’s ‘right’.


These are very hard questions.

And they are only going to come into sharper focus, as this process of birur continues.

Let’s bring it back around to where we began, with this whole question of whether it’s correct, to call America the most evil nation in the world.

The evil policies, destructive actions and negative impact of America on the world have been greater than any other country, since Nazi Germany.

The country’s institutions, military and government are as bad, if not worse, than Nazi Germany.

And I can say that without even having the full picture, still, of what’s really been going on behind the scenes with all the child trafficking, human exploitation, democracy-overthrowing and financial abuse and destruction of other countries.

We Jews in the State of Israel – and in Brooklyn, and in Lakewood, and everywhere else with large Jewish communities – were picked out by DARPA as their ‘guinea pigs’ for these shots.

That much is obvious, that much is clear.


What is also clear is that ‘collective punishment’ is something that the US and its allies has been meting out all over the world, for decades.

Who cares, that there were also good people in Iraq?

Or in Afghanistan?

Or in North Korea?

Or even today, in Russia?

If a government, a nation, is ‘evil’, aren’t we justified in totally destroying it?

And if the answer is ‘no’….

Then there is an awful lot of soul-searching and teshuva required.



My correspondent, who is taking the time to respond in a very considered, civil tone, made the point that at least 50% of the US citizens don’t agree with what the US government is actually doing, and many more don’t even know what the US government is doing, because of the ‘bill within a bill within a bill’ practise of hiding legislation.

Again, this is a fair point.

I think the difficulty here is that God is giving each of the test in our own dalet amot.

OK, we don’t know what the government is really up to, what the law really is, what the army and spooks are doing in our name. God won’t judge us for that.

BUT – for as long as we keep justifying evil, or going along with it, in our small little world, there is still a big moral problem.

The hardest birur of all is the internal one.


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I’ve been quiet about the Covid shots and the nanotech the last couple of months, waiting to see ‘what happens next’.


In the meantime, the number of stories I’m hearing of very young people just dropping dead of unexplained heart attacks...

And of people getting very aggressive cancer ‘out of the blue’….

And of people just feeling ill all the time, for no obvious reason….

Are just multiplying all the time.


A few months’ ago, there were headlines like this one:

But in my own dalet amot, I only heard of a couple of cases – both of which came out of the blue, and were extremely aggressive.

Now, that is changing.

In the last week alone, I’ve heard three ‘new cancer’ stories.

And honestly, I’m a little scared of how much more stuff is about to start coming out, and how many more people are going to be dealing with some very serious illnesses before the dust finally settles.


Meanwhile, over on LaQuintaColumna, they have been working very hard to continue to pin down the patents and the methodology being used with the graphene oxide nanotech contained in these ‘Covid 19’ shots.

They are at the stage now where they have 600 separate pieces of ‘peer reviewed’ research making up the picture of how these shots work to create graphene oxide nanotech ‘operating networks’ inside the human body.

(Take a look at THIS PDF, for a good, clear overview of MAC addresses being emitted by ‘vaccinated’ people. Or, take a look at this video, from a few months back:)


And they have the full names of the scientists who have developed and patented this GO nanotech.

And they’ve also finally pinned down the the people who are really behind all this (Spanish with English subtitles):


It’s DARPA, US military intelligence and the American Airforce.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, that probably isn’t shocking you.

(THIS link leads to a few of the recent posts here that refer to DARPA. On the old blog, I had a whole bunch of stuff that showed that DARPA and NASA really just continued the work of the Nazi scientists brought over to the USA, after WW2, as part of ‘Operation Paperclip.)

But as this information, as these links, finally start to get solidified, and as this understanding finally starts to sink in. that the people behind the biggest attempted global genocide ever is the US military….


More and more of us are going to realise that America is truly the most evil nation in the world, and very possibly also in human history.


For us in Israel, we will have to come to terms with the fact that our ‘best friend and biggest supporter’ actively pushed these killer shots on the Jewish people, via their cutouts in Pfizer and their stooges like Netanyahu and the rest of our corrupt military, politicians and medical establishment.

The scope of what is really going on here is going to make all that stuff about the zionists collaborating with the Nazis look like child’s play.

We are heading into a very painful, very disturbing period of ‘ultimate truth’.

Sometimes, even a million words aren’t enough to really convey what I’m really talking about….


Covid plandemics, poisonous GO nanotech that creates ‘injectible mesh electronics’ in the human body, MK Ultra, rampant pedophilia, human trafficking and exploitation….

All these things are connected together.

When ‘the narrative’ starts to unravel in one area, it starts to unravel in all of them, because it’s the same people, the same satanic ideology, behind all of this.

My brother put it simply: So many people are literally going to drop dead from shock, when they actually understand what is really going on.

What has been going on for years, decades, centuries.

How much we’ve all been lied to.

And how ‘evil’ all this really is.


One more thing:

Can we please stop pretending that Trump is anything other than ‘controlled opposition’?

Trump is a freemason. Trump was bailed out of bankruptcy by none other George Soros. Trump’s uncle apparently stole the patents from Nikola Tesla (and may even have killed him…)


Trump was the American president when DARPA and US military intelligence started their ‘Covid 19’ war against humanity.

Trump is not a ‘good guy’, and ‘Q’ is – and always was – a psyops to get people with their eyes at least partially open confused and pointlessly hoping for JFK Junior to show up and bail the whole world out of this mess – kinda like a non-Jewish version of Moshiach.


Take a look at this headline.

Ivana Trump just ‘fell down the stairs’ of her apartment and died.

‘Accidents’ like this, that happen exactly when court cases are happening, always get me thinking wow, that’s a CO-IN-CID-ENCE.


Trump is real estate mafia.

This is just one example of the many, many reports setting this stuff out clearly:

Donald Trump’s Mafia Connections: Decades Later, Is He Still Linked to the Mob?

And here he is, still pushing the Covid shots:


There’s a parable in the Gemara about R’ Yehoshua and R’ Eliezer, who are sailing in a boat when they come to what seems to be a small island.

They dock their boat, go ‘on land’, and build a fire to start cooking some lunch.

What they don’t realise is that the ‘island’ is really a massive sea creature, who flips over when the heat of the fire starts to burn it’s skin.

Luckily for R’ Yehoshua and R’ Eliezer, they get back into their boat before it totally flips – because otherwise they’d have drowned.


That ‘island’ is the world.

The ‘fire’ is all the mad things going on right now, that are causing the heat and the friction that will finally get our upside-down world to flip the right way up.

And the boat…..

Well, the boat could be a few things.

For me at this stage, I think it represents the Torah and the True Tzaddikim.


Remember this, from three years ago, even before “Covid” began?


In Sichos HaRan (translated into English as ‘Rebbe Nachman’s Wisdom’, by the Breslov Research Institute), Rebbe Nachman tells us the following:

“It’s written about the time of Moshiach (Job 38:13): ‘To grasp the ends of the earth and shake the wicked from it’. However, one who comes close to a true Tzaddik, [he] can grab hold of him, and not be cast off. When we hold on to the Tzaddik, we can stay firm.”


That’s really the only way to get through the next few months in one piece.

Find a true Tzaddik and hold on as tight as you can.

Because things aren’t going to quiet down any time soon.

If anything, exactly the opposite.



I just found another video from 2020, where one of these academics actually spends 51 minutes, in English, telling you exactly how the tech works to create MAC addresses in human beings, that can connect them up to the ‘Internet of Things’.

Watch that here:


Here’s a few screenshots, to show you what they are really talking about:



Yes, that really is called ‘wirelessly reprogramming the genome’.


I know, we all wish this were just a bad joke, an episode of the X Files somehow made flesh, or a bad dream we’ll wake up from.

The main ( I won’t say only…) way to get this to stop in its tracks, and hopefully even to reverse, is by taking the science seriously.

This is not a joke.

If you’re still on the fence about what is really in the Covid shots, and what the science can already do, and what the psychos who rule our world (currently…) want to do next – watch the video, and understand all this is deadly serious.

And that there is a lot to pray about.


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One of my kids just came back home after a three week absence, and was filling me on some stuff with her friends.

Because of Biden stuffing up the roads in and around Jerusalem, while he spends a few hours ogling young Jewish teens high-jumping in their undies, my kid got stuck yesterday because Route 1 into Jerusalem was closed.

So, she made a detour to one of the yishuvim close by, to visit a friend of hers who was caught up in a terrible car accident around a month ago.


Long story short, the brakes on the car failed, and the driver, while 27 years old, had just passed her test so she panicked and accidentally stamped on the gas pedal instead, and then lost control of the car.

The car first hit a traffic light (which was a miracle, because it slowed it down significantly), bounced off, and smashed into two very large boulders at high speed.

The driver was lightly injured, but my daughter’s friend in the passenger seat basically had the front of the car and windscreen smashed into her.


I remember when it happened, because half of Israel started praying that she would make it, and doing hafrashat challah in her zchut, and my daughter and her friends recited Tikkun Haklalis non-stop.

That first week, it was very uncertain whether she would make it, as she’d sustained severe internal damage to a number of bones and organs, plus her face had been all cut up by the glass from the windscreen.

(Yes, she was wearing a seatbelt… but even a seatbelt can’t stop the windscreen from caving in on you when you hit a boulder at high speed.)


So yesterday, my daughter decided to go and visit her friend at home.

While she’s still on high-level drugs for the pain, the friend is already walking around (!) Her face has totally cleared up from the cuts without any creams and with no scars (!) And she told my daughter that she also has no trauma, despite going through a very serious accident that came close to killing her, God forbid, or leaving her permanently disabled.

My daughter was totally stunned.

The friend told her, that she could literally feel that her miraculous recovery was because of all the prayers, all the Tikkun Haklalis, all the effort to do hafrashat challah.

She told my daughter, she can somehow ‘feel’ those prayers healing her.


We live in such a difficult world at the moment.

Sometimes I just want to run away, because literally so much of modern life is toxic and nausea-inducing, and plain ‘evil’.

And then…. God reminds me that all this is just an illusion.

That really, all this can turn around in the blink of an eye, and that there is no despair in the world.

We just need to remember that prayer works.

That giving charity and paying pidyonot work.

That making teshuva works.

It really works!


Hearing my daughter’s experiences gave me such a boost today, I wanted to sit down and share it with you.

The forces of evil want us to believe that this world is all there is, and that they have ‘this world’ totally stitched up and under control.

But really…

Ein Od Milvado.

And God can, has and will turns thing around for the best just like that.

As soon as enough of us remember this, and start praying from the heart.


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That’s how it looks to me, as I sit here.

The more ‘quiet’ the MSM goes, the more you can bet your bottom dollar that the real news is starting to happen.

Like, Dutch Farmers protesting the globalist land-grab going on in Holland…

Like, Sri Lankans storming the presidential palace…

Like, Japanese former presidents who refused to mandate shots, paused the vax schedule and sent 1.6 million doses of ‘contaminated’ Covid shots back to big Pharma getting murdered for no obvious reason….

Like, Boris Johnson, who opened up the UK when everyone else was getting ready for more ‘Omicron lockdowns’ – getting neatly moved out the way by his billionaire-globalist ministers….

Things ARE starting to move, in a whole bunch of ways.


Joe Biden is about to officially visit Israel.

So, traffic in Jerusalem is going to get all snarled up for this awful, degraded person, suspected pedophile and father of known pedophile Hunter Biden.

The holy city apparently attracts these types of people.

But not for much longer.

Over  on 4Chan, someone apparently hacked Hunter Biden’s phone, and is uploading all sorts of disgusting stuff, including videos, and including the interesting information that Joe Biden’s phone number is saved in his son’s phone under the name ‘Pedo Peter’.

Of course, the MSM is pretending this is all just more ‘nothing burgers’, nothing to see here…

But more and more people – even ‘normal’ people, who don’t read this blog – are starting to realise that something is very wrong with the whole picture.


My unvaccinated brother in the UK has had a very rough couple of years, socially.

He’s been mocked on social media (repeatedly….) embarassed in public (repeatedly…) and even told he couldn’t come to social events by friends and neighbors because he’s unvaccinated.

Now, at least some of his former detractors are starting to change their tune.

Someone came up to him at a BBQ last week, and told him that he personally knows of 3 people – triple vaxxed – who have been really, seriously ill, since they had the Covid shots.

When they go to the doctors in the UK, the doctors tell them verbally that they are ill because of the shots.

But when they ask the doctors for confirmation in writing – the doctors all refuse.

Even that ex-detractor told my brother that the more stories he’s hearing like this, the more he’s coming to the conclusion that my brother was right, about these shots being designed to kill and harm people.

That trickle of truth is about to turn into a flood.


On that front, take a look at this, from today’s Daily Expose:

While you were distracted by Boris resigning, the UK Gov. published data confirming the COVID Death-Rate per 100k is now highest among Fully Vaccinated; suggesting they’re suffering Antibody-Dependent Enhancement

HERE is the PDF of the FOIA stuff Pfizer was forced to disclose publically, which shows that ‘antibody-dependent enhancement‘ was one of the known side-effects of these shots, right from the very beginning.

Here’s some screenshots:


Notice all the weasel words here:


Yah, you can’t consider these cases DEFINITIVELY as VAED / VAERD….

Not until you’ve jabbed billions of people, and then you’ve got the real-world evidence that even the MSM and corrupt governments can’t hide so easily…


There is still a way to go.

More people have to make some serious teshuva, still, especially in the Jewish community.

More of us have to square up to the reality of what is going on ‘behind the scenes’ in our communities, especially the externally ‘orthodox’ communities, and to start to call out our own versions of the ‘Pedo Peters’ ruling the roost here, while pretending to be oh-so-holier-than-thou.

I had a couple of emails asking me if I’m stopping all the research into the Frankists now.

The answer is no, I’m not.

I asked the Rav specifically if it’s safe for me to be researching the pedo ring in Jerusalem, and its links to the chareidi / chassidishe Jewish community, and I was told to stop that for now.

But in terms of piecing the rest of the story together, with all the dead Sabbatean-Frankists – I’m still going strong. And I have a lot more info that I’m puzzling together, BH.

So, watch out for that.


Take heart, dear readers!

The edifice of lies IS starting to crumble.

There is a way to go, still, but all the tikkun haklalis, all the sincere prayers, all the heartfelt teshuva – it’s all moving mountains.

And very soon, we’re going to see very clearly who the really righteous people are in the Jewish community, and who they are definitely not.

Remember, it’s the olam hafuch, the upside-down world.

And the people who are now ‘on top’ are really on the very bottom.

And vice-versa.

Not much longer, that’s going to become blindingly obvious to all of us.



I usually don’t have a lot of time or patience for videos, but God just popped this one in front of me, and it’s pulling together a lot of different strands – Bidens, Ukraine, Branson, Zelensky, ‘Deep State People Trafficking’ – so many of the things we are talking about here.


I also just learned that Pfizer pulled out of Uruguay now, because a judge there ordered them to reveal documentation that would prove there IS self-assembling graphene oxide nanotech in their Covid shots….

And that the civil unrest is mamash spreading all around the globe.

The house of cards is about to tumble…

But it may still take a couple of months.

Because Moshiach only comes motzae shvit…


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A few hours before Shabbat, someone sent me a message via the contact form.

Long story short, it said that a mekubal said that Moishy Kleinerman left home because he experienced something very difficult, and a few other things, too.

Then, someone else sent me a message that two different mekabalim are saying that Moishy is still alive, and one of them even drew a map of where he is.

I thought very deeply about this over Shabbat, and it seems to me to be at least possible that the reason no-one can find Moishy is not because God forbid, the worst has happened, and possibly not even because he’s been kidnapped.

But maybe, because he doesn’t want to be found at the moment.


Before that whole ‘fake arrest’ thing, where they took a homeless guy from Meron into custody and claimed they’d found a body, there was a story that Moishy had made a complaint that someone had been abusing him (in that most horrible of ways…) to the police back in January, that the police hadn’t taken seriously.

There is a certain ‘look’ that these abused kids have in their faces, especially the boys, and for a few different reasons I got to know it very well the last couple of years.

Moishy has that ‘look’ in his face, in his eyes.

So, I am starting to revise my idea of what might be going on here.


It seems at least possible now, that Moishy was being abused, and that the police and / or his parents either couldn’t or wouldn’t take it seriously, and didn’t act to get the abuse to stop.

Maybe the parents were being threatened or pressured with horrible recriminations from the abusers if they supported a police complaint, maybe, they didn’t even know what was happening to their son.

Separately, the police seem to have had an interest in covering the whole thing up, and not putting any effort into finding Moishy, because whoever the abuser, or abusers, actually are, they seem to have some protekzia going on with the police.

And what better way for the police to make that problem ‘go away’ for the accused abusers than to refuse to get involved in searching for Moishy?

This is clearly just speculation.

But it’s what I myself am starting to believe is the most likely scenario, given the information currently on the table, and the fact that multiple kabbalists are saying Moishy is alive, and still in Israel.


In the meantime…. more and more bits of this puzzle are starting to fall into place by themselves.

Someone just sent me a link to this story from today’s Dus Iz Neis site::

Well respected Rav & Dayan from Bnei Brak Banished and Exiled to Tzfat because he raped a married lady

While I was taking a look, I noticed this article in the sidebar:

“Groiser Rebbe” From Ramat Beit Shemesh & Montreal Charged with incest

It’s from June 17, 2022.

And I know the name of the man mentioned very well.

He is one of the key ‘curators’ (and descendants…) on many of the family trees of the ‘interesting’ families I have identified as being Sabbatean-Frankists still within the Orthodox community, on Geni.


If that’s not enough of a CO-IN-CID-ENCE, the accused’s late wife also comes from an ‘interesting’ family.

See HERE and HERE.

She died in a car accident seven years ago, coming back from Meron on L’ag B’omer.

Snippet from the Duz Iz Nies website:

According to a report from 2015, [the accused] was running a synagogue in Israel for a haredi congregation known as Kehillas Kosson.



‘Kosson’ sounded familiar to me, from all the research I was doing into R Eliezer Shick and R Yoel Roth last week.

Remember, Roth’s ancestor and namesake is Rabbi Yoel Tzvi ROTH of Khust (Chust).

Remember, ‘Chust’ leads us straight back to the ‘Chust-Israel Rebbe’ Baruch Leifer – father-in-law of Malka Leifer – who was recently arrested for the same crimes as this guy.

How does all this link to ‘Kosson’, you want to know?


The late R Eliezer Schick was married to Yachne Shifra Rottenberg.

Her father is Rabbi Asher Yeshayahu Rottenberg of Kosson.

The shul in Ramat Bet Shemesh where the ‘Geni abuser’ was hanging out in Israel is the Kehillas Kosson, currently run by another Rottenberg. Screenshot from the comments HERE:

HERE is part of that family tree, for those who may be interested in seeing what other ‘choshuver fish’ swim in that pond.



Let’s just pause to say that the very brave victims of this abuse (who appear to be mostly women, so far…) also come from these ‘interesting families’.

And they are exhibiting truly enormous strength of character, to decide to press charges and to go public with what’s happened to them.

This is clear proof that the yichus is not what matters, but the person’s own middot and emuna and drive to do good in the world, and to fix what has gone so wrong.

May Hashem give them the strength and the fortitude to continue.


Point is…. most of our ‘rebbes’ and our ‘leading rabbis’ all come from these interesting families.

Point is, most of these ‘interesting families’ seem to have very deep ‘Sabbatean-Frankist’ roots – just that all got covered up.

Screenshot from HERE:


Point is, awful abuse of children is rife in the chareidi and chassidic world, not least because THE PEOPLE AT THE TOP KEEP ENABLING IT AND COVERING IT UP – if they aren’t engaging in it themselves (because they come from Sabbatean-Frankist families where this sick behaviour has been a religious practise for hundreds of years, already.)

Point is, most of the chareidi kids who went sharply ‘off the derech’ are going off BECAUSE THEY WERE ABUSED BY SOMEONE ‘FRUM’ IN THEIR COMMUNITY and / or THEIR OWN FAMILIES.

Point is, this could easily have happened to Moishy Kleinerman, amongst so many others, and because he couldn’t see any other way of stopping the abuse, it’s at least possible he decided to totally disappear out of the picture, instead.



That’s the main point.


I asked a shailah last week if I should continue investigating this stuff, especially in connection with the direct ‘chareidi / chassidic’ connections to the pedophile ring still operating in Jerusalem.

I wanted to know if it’s safe for me to continue researching this, at the moment.

The answer I got back is that I should press ‘pause’ on this research, at least for now, so that is what I’m doing.

I still have my hands full with the Frankist family trees from 300 years ago, with the Covid 19 ‘vax’ aftermath, with the fact that the Israeli government appears to have totally destroyed the area all along the Dead Sea during the last two years of lockdowns, which is now an ecological nightmare of massive proportions….

Amongst other things.

(As I type this, Joe Biden is apparently landing in a helicopter next to the First Station, where I buy my kombucher… So I guess he’s taking my supermarket out of action as well as closing all the roads down in Jerusalem for his visit. Nice guy!)


So, until I get a different steer, this is my last post on this particular topic for now.

Lots to think about.

Lots to pray about.

And in the meantime, more and more information is coming to light all the time, about what is really going on under the surface in our communities, and why we haven’t been redeemed ‘the sweet way’ before now.


Who knew, that things were this bad, this tumah-dik, this hypocritical?

It really starts to explain a lot, doesn’t it?

But now we are starting to understand the contours of the problem better, that means we can also get on to finding the solution.

And that’s the bit I’m really looking forward to, BH.



As is my way, I started tootling around seeing if I could tickle out how R’Yoel Roth, one of the last people to see Moshe Kleinerman alive, and the late R’ Eliezer Shick might be connected.

In THIS post, we learnt that:

  • R’ Yoel Roth is currently being investigated by the NYPD for performing under-age marriages in the US;
  • R’ Roth is the grandson of the ‘Klausberg Rebbe’ Yehezkel Roth, who was the main posek for Satmar, and who built a massive complex in Meron.
  • R’ Yoel Roth has a camp for teenage boys in the Catskills called Camp Heichel Hakodesh Breslov.
  • R’ Yoel Roth apparently ‘inherited’ his kehillah from the late R’ Eliezer Schick, aka ‘the Tzaddik of Yavniel’ – who also got arrested in Israel back in 2011, for performing underage marriages.


Thanks to Daniel Amram, we have this proof that Moishy Kleinerman was travelling around with R’ Yoel Roth’s group, and spent a number of days with them:


The last place Moishy was seen with R’ Yoel Roth’s group was in Meron (where that huge complex is that belonged to Roth’s grandpa, the ‘Klausberg Rebbe’) .

We also know that the police and media in Israel have been strangely reticent to talk about R’ Yoel Roth’s connection to this case.

And that the police apparently have ‘no leads’ to go on, even though they have cameras all over the country, including in Meron, and could presumably see very easily if Moishy Kleinerman left Meron with R’ Yoel Roth’s group, or whether he stayed behind.

It’s little details like this, that start to build up the picture, and show you who you should be talking to, to get ‘more leads’…


Let’s restate this point, it’s so important:

The whole of Meron is BRISTLING with the latest hi-tech AI cameras, and they are literally set up all over the place at multiple locations.

I guarantee the police have footage of Moishy Kleinerman in Meron shortly before he went missing, and it’s outrageous that they aren’t releasing that footage publically, to try and fill in more of the gaps of:

  1. IF Moishy Kleinerman actually left Meron; and
  2. WHO Moishy Kleinerman left Meron with, if he actually left Meron at all.

The biggest red flag in all this is the total police apathy and criminal cover-up.

This was never about some ‘homeless man’ abusing and then killing Moishy, to keep him from talking.


Here’s some other information I’ve now learnt about this case.

  1. There is a mekubal (at least one) advising the family, who told the people looking for Moishy last week to search in a particular location close to Meron. As soon as the police heard about this, they announced they’d ‘found the killer’, and the search was called off.

Do you believe in CO-IN-CID-ENCES?

Because I don’t.

2. The police then slapped a gag order on the whole case – only to release their “homeless man” suspect a few days later, when they went to Moishy’s parents to tell them they’d got it all wrong, and they are back to square one, apparently with no leads.


So, that’s the background.

And now, let’s take a closer look at how R’ Yoel Roth appears to have ‘inherited’ the kehilla of R’ Eliezer Shick, the late ‘Tzaddik of Yavniel’.

Again, God forbid, I’m not accusing R’ Yoel Roth of anything. I’m just taking a ‘wide lense’ approach to looking at this, to see if more of the details of what may have happened to Moishy start coming together.

If I was in R’ Roth’s shoes, I would be voluntarily speaking to the police here to help them with their search, and I would be demanding that police release the footage from Meron that shows Moishy’s last recorded movements there.

If Moishy clearly didn’t get on the bus with the rest of R’ Roth’s group when they left Meron, that is a huge piece of relevant information. And if he DID get on the bus….

Then there is another lead to explore.


First stop on our journey of discovery: the Wiki page for R’ Eliezer Shick.

HERE‘s the English page, but there’s a Hebrew page on the Hamichlol site HERE that gives a lot more pertinent details.

First, let’s get the ‘elephant in the room’ out the way.

There was for sure underage marriages being performed in Yavniel all the time – I had a former friend who joined the community there, and who married off her sons at a young age.

And she was by no means unusual.


My feelings about this issue are extremely mixed.

In the old days, girls would be married at 12 and boys at 13 – this is how Rebbe Nachman and Rav Natan started their married lives, straight after their batmitzvahs.


We are not in the ‘old days’ right now, and while I totally agree with people getting married as early as they can, and I think that there is no reason why a 16 year old, say, couldn’t choose to get married (except that the corrupt secular law now forbids that….), there IS another side to that discussion that I find very disturbing.

And that is the idea that these kids may be getting pressured by their parents into marrying underage, without really choosing that themselves.

And not just in places like Yavniel.


I know of someone personally, not from the Breslov community, who married their daughter off age 15, by lying about her real age to the shadchan.

The family said she was 17 – so they’d still have to do an ‘illegal wedding’.

That parent was having a very hard time with her daughter, and was worrying she would go off the path, and getting her married off very young seemed to be the solution she came up with.

I don’t think that’s OK, personally.


At the same time, lots of my daughter’s friends got engaged at 17, and married on or around their 18th birthdays.

And that is really healthy and good, in my view, not least because this is the path these girls were choosing for themselves, they weren’t being pressured into it, by their rav or parents.

So, the whole underage marriage thing is a very fraught, complicated subject, because I don’t believe it’s better for teenagers to be having relationships out of wedlock, and at the same time, the secular authorities just keep raising the age when you can legally get married.

(But you can apparently ‘change sex’ and have a double mastectomy or castrate yourself any age you want….)


Let’s get back to Rav Shick.

Snippets from the Wiki page HERE:

Eliezer Shlomo Schick was born in Jerusalem, Mandatory Palestine, to Rabbi Menachem Zev, the gaavad (head of the rabbinical court) of Tokay, Hungary, and his wife Malka.

As a young boy, he learned in the Etz Chaim cheder.

When he was a youth, his family relocated to New York City, where he studied in the Kashauyeshiva and then in Mesivtha Tifereth Jerusalem under Rabbi Moshe Feinstein….

In 1962 he married Shifra Rotenberg, daughter of the Kossoner Rav, Rabbi Asher Yeshaya Halevi Rotenberg.


While Wikipedia doesn’t give details about his children, HERE I discovered that the late Rav Shick had at least two sons, one of whom apparently lives in Yavniel and leads the kehillah there.



HERE on the HaMichlol website, it gives more details and mentions Rav Shick’s other son, Nachman Schick, and about his two most prominent students,

Some of [R Shick’s] students accepted Rabbi Yitzhak Lazar as the successor to his Rabbinic legacy. Another prominent student is Rabbi Joel Roth.

Before his death, Rabbi Schick wrote that he had not appointed a leader in his place so that they would not patronize each other in the seminary. This is why the Seminary is leaderless, with the Heichal HaKadosh’s influencers effectively leading the public.

The most prominent among them: Rabbi Nachman Alexander Zosha Shik, [Rav Shick’s son] Rabbi Hillel Amdadi – the head of the Beit Shlomo Yebnal Yeshiva, Rabbi Avraham Naor-whom Rabbi Shik appointed as head of the Community Committee, Rabbi Eliyahu Maya – Director of the Yiddish Talmud Torah, Rabbi Avner Salma and Rabbi Yonatan Azrihab.


From what I can tell, R’ Yitzhak Azar now lives in Yavniel.

Meanwhile, the page for Rav Shick’s son Rabbi Nachman Alexander Zosha Shik has been totally scrubbed.

I don’t know why.

And that leaves us R’ Yoel Roth, who seems to have ‘inherited’ or taken over at least part of R’ Shick’s congregation in Williamsburg.


You can see the HaMichlol page for him HERE.

Translated snippets:

Rabbi Roth is the grandson of Rabbi Yehezkel Roth.

Soon after his marriage, he became acquainted with Rabbi Eliezer Shlomo Shik’s book “Asher in the Nahal” and has since grown close to the Hasidim of Breslav…

Rabbi Roth educates his students to be satisfied with little, especially in relation to their wedding expenses, in contrast to the Haredi public in the United States… he sends many of his students to live in Kiryat Breslav in Liberty, where apartment prices range from fifty to a hundred thousand dollars, and he also encourages his students to marry off their children at a young age.

In the summer of 2019, he founded Kiryat Breslav Liberty.


I just learnt from HERE that his grandfather, R Yehezkel Roth, WAS actually a Satmar chassid – a fact that has been peculiarly played down elsewhere, and that he and his wife are actually buried in Meron.


[Yehezkel Roth] studied at the Yeshiva of Beit Yosef Zvi Dushinsky in Jerusalem in the shadow of Rabbi Yisrael Moshe Dushinsky and at the Satmar Yeshiva in Jerusalem led by Rabbi Moshe Arie Frend

He married Haya Rachel, the daughter of Rabbi Chaim Ma’andel Cohen, of Satmar Chassidut in Katamon. In his youth, he served as a teacher in Jerusalem and was the rabbi of the Satmar Synagogue in Katamon.


OK, so from HERE, we learn about Yoel Roth’s new town in the Catskills, called ‘Kiryat Breslov Liberty’.

Translated snippet:

[Yoel Roth] encouraged his students to leave big cities like Williamsburg and Borough Park, where apartment prices are skyrocketing, and in the summer of 2019, he announced the establishment of a settlement at Liberty in the Catskills, urging his students to move in. 

After 3 years, as of the end of 2021, about a hundred families live in the place.


This sounds like another place where people should be checking for Moishy Kleinerman leads.

Don’t you think?

If you go HERE, you’ll find a bunch more information and pictures about the ‘Kiryat Breslov’ in Liberty, up in the Catskills (only in Hebrew).


Again, this is just basic policing 101, to check and double-check so you can cross stuff off the list.

It makes sense, to at least check into the possibility that Moishy may have been whisked away to be ‘married underage’ without his parents’ knowledge.

Doesn’t it?


Last things for now.

R’ Eliezer Shick has a very interesting family tree, that leads directly to the heart of most of the ‘interesting’ people I’ve been researching. Of itself, that’s not a smoking gun, but it’s interesting to note that all these people always seem to be so closely connected to each other, stretching back over many centuries.

Also, Tokay (where Rav Schick’s family are originally from) and Satmar are connected.

When I went to check out Yoel Roth’s yichus, I got to this guy and apparent namesake, R’ Yoel Zvi Roth of Chust.


I remembered seeing ‘Chust’ somewhere recently, so I did a search for it on my blog, and this is what came up:


Ah yes.


I don’t know what all this means.

But it’s certainly an interesting CO-IN-CI-DENCE.


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Last week, I decided to go to the Malcha Mall in Jerusalem, for the first time in three years.


I’m taking advantage of the current lull in ‘corona fascism’ to go places that were verboten before, for people who didn’t have a fascist ‘green pass’, or who weren’t willing to walk around in a mask the whole time. I find these trips are getting rid of any lingering Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) about all the yucky, evil culture we’re all drowning in.

Sure enough, the minute I stepped into Malcha Mall, I could see that one visit every three years is more than enough.

But I’d come with my daughter, and so we walked around a bit, just to solidify the understanding that the FOMO for places like Malcha Mall was completely misplaced.


She decided she wanted to go to Urbanica, Bar Rafaeli’s cheap clothes store aimed at teenagers and older people who should really know better.

I hate the whole ‘vibe’ in Urbanica, and I always have.

It’s full of clothes that are cheap in every sense of the word, and that mostly just degrade the people who wear them, But my daughter was actually headed to the housewares section, so I went with her, and tried to avoid the huge, massive video screens of ‘cool people’ wearing Urbanica clothes set up all over the store.

Except I couldn’t.

The colours were so garish, the video screens were so big, I found myself rooted to the spot, watching ‘celebrity pop stars’ Static and Ben-El strike poses surrounded by a bevy of young models all doing that sickening ‘seductive’ thing in cheap clothes….

I literally started to feel like I wanted to throw up.


Ben-El was covered in tattoos and looked like a freak show, despite his perma-white teeth.

The girls looked so hard and crude, despite all the make-up and expensive styling.

And something in my soul started to cry out Hashem!! Enough already!! Enough of all this degrading, disgusting, demonic ‘street culture’ that is teaching our sons and daughters to act, dress and behave in such cheap, soul-destroying ways!!

My daughter finished up, and we got out of Malcha Mall fast.

Once every three years is more than enough.


Everything in Israel has been ‘open for business’ for the last couple of months now.

But I find I still like staying in my house, or visiting holy places, or spending time in nature, quietly, over all the things that were ‘off limits’ or shut during the Covid 19 plandemic.

The culture has got so toxic, I am finding it hard to be ‘out on the street’ so much, watching all the people who permanently mutilated themselves with really ugly tattoos walking by.

I watch all those people tripping over their own feet as they walk along the pavement with their smart phones held up in front of their faces, scared to miss out on even one Whats App message…

I see the people with their masks under their chins still, (like, what?!) – or walking around in full-mask + massive sunglasses, to ensure no ‘Covid germs’ get into their eyeballs….

And I just want to be away from them all.

My tolerance for these types of people is steadily evaporating with each day that passes.


And honestly, I’m having a similar experience online, too.

Between all the ‘trans’ propaganda being pushed by Reform-funded fake orthodox Jews; all the awful pedophilia and abuse that is still being covered up in the chareidi world, but is for sure going on across the board in the non-chareidi world too; all the xtian missionaries infiltrating the Jewish world at every level; all the evil-propaganda-masquerading-as-news….

Most of the stuff online is also totally nauseating.

I am so yearning for kedusha.

I am so yearning for this world of lies to fall already, so we can get on with the job of living in this world as holy creations, and where God’s light can be seen and felt everywhere.


But in the meantime…

We aren’t quite there  yet.

And so, I have to keep walking that tightrope between fighting for kedusha, and fighting against evil, without getting totally swamped by the sickening, soul-destroying tarbut ra that is oozing in from every side.


But there is also some good news.

Things are now so bad on ‘the street’, that even my teenage daughters are coming to the conclusion that they should ditch their smart phones and return to a more simple way of life.

And they aren’t alone.

There were big rallies in the US last week, encouraging women in the chareidi world to pull the plug on the internet, and come offline.

More and more of us are waking up to the fact that using ‘social media’ means you are effectively swimming in a mental swamp of poisonous ideas and toxic ‘influencers’, peddling stuff that simply just kills your soul (and your brain cells…) 

I know more and more young people who are closing down their Facebook and Instagram and TikTok, and who are starting to search for something holy.

Over the next few months, I think this is only going to accelerate.

Because the blinders ARE falling off the eyes of so many people right now, and more and more of us are looking for a way out of the social media swamp, to get back to a life of kedusha and God-awareness.


But in the meantime, the war continues.

And that brings me back to the topic of the cover-up going on around Moishy Kleinerman.

HERE‘s a headline from YWN from yesterday, that says it all:

That ‘suspect’ was only ever a distraction, to try to get the public to shut up about Moishy Kleinerman while the police could carry on with their standard ‘cover up the truth’ operation.


Every square inch of Israel is now covered with sophisticated AI facial recognition cameras – including up North, by Meron.

Also, the parents have been told by genuine mekubalim with ruach hakodesh that their son is still alive.

That means he got kidnapped, and is being held against his will somewhere.


One of the last people who saw him was R’ Yoel Roth, who has a reputation for enticing kids away from their parents, to get married under the legal age without their parents’ consent.

Screenshot from HERE:



Roth, 39, who is also known as Yoel, is described by some in the ultra Orthodox community as a charismatic figure popular among adolescent boys and girls.

He is also known for alienating the youngsters from their parents.

“He’s a bona fide cult leader who’s basically making minced meat out of parents,” said one community insider.

Roth is reportedly an adherent of a philosophy that dictates in order to save young boys from sexual “sin” they should be married off young.

He is the grandson of Rabbi Yechezkel Roth, a noted Jewish legal scholar who died last month at 86 and whose Brooklyn funeral attracted large crowds.


If you didn’t see this already, go back and view it – it’s blogger Daniel Amram, talking in English about his ‘confrontation’ with Yoel Roth about Moishy Kleinerman, from a few weeks ago:


It is incredible to me that Yoel Roth has not been questioned by Israeli police, and that his name has been effectively ‘airbrushed’ out of this whole conversation about what really happened to Moishy Kleinerman.

Again, we see the police telling Moishy’s parents that they have ‘no leads’ – and again, we see them pointedly refusing to start questioning some of the people who might actually give them solid information that could lead to a breakthrough.


I went to take a closer look at Roth’s grandfather, R’ Yechezkel Roth.

Snippets from his Wikipedia page, HERE.

After many years of living in Israel, he emigrated to the US, where he eventually became recognized as one of the great Diaspora poskim.Years later, he began dividing his time between New York and Israel, where he would seclude himself for weeks on end in Meron in the spiritual shadow at the most famous for the tomb of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai.

In 1972, the Satmar Rebbe, Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum sought a Posek with uncompromising spiritual standards to serve on the Satmar beis din in Boro Park…

He dispatched messengers to Roth’s home in Israel requesting that Rav Roth relocate to Boro Park to disseminate Torah, and Roth assented. Since then, he lived in New York, and although he is not officially affiliated with any group, he has close ties with the Satmar community.


There’s a strong link between the Roth family, and Meron – where Moishy Kleinerman went missing.

HERE’s an indepth article about R’ Yechezkel Roth’s links to Meron, form the Mishpacha magazine.



The Roth family apparently owns a massive property in Meron.

Snippet from the same Mishpacha story, above:


Again, I’m not suggesting the Roths are directly involved with Moishy Kleinerman’s disappearance.

What I AM saying is that Yoel Roth and his followers who were there in Meron should be questioned by the Israel Police for any leads and information they may have that could lead to more clues.

And the Roth house in Meron should also be searched, to see if there are some ‘clues’ to Moishy’s whereabouts that could be gleaned from there.

This is ‘policing 101’, and I simply can’t understand why this wasn’t done by the police 3 months ago, and still isn’t being done today….


But this time, the parents aren’t backing down.

They are trying to raise money to hire private investigators to start figuring out where Moishy actually is, and you can donate to that HERE, via the Chesed Fund.

I donated something, because I believe that finding what really happened to Moishy could finally blow all the spiritual corruption going on in this country totally into the open.

Here’s that link again:




I am so yearning for kedusha.

But it seems, there is still a way to go, before we finally get to that stage.



So, the more I look into R Yoel Roth, the more strange things I’m learning.

First, here’s his camp for boys in the Catskills, called:

Camp Heichel Hakodesh Breslov

(Click the link to see a photo essay from this camp on YWN, from 7 years ago.)


Last year, one of my friends in the Catskills called me to ask me if I’d heard of a ‘Breslov Rabbi called Yoel Roth’ whose followers were causing a lot of problems in the local shul.

I said I’d never heard of him, and that he wasn’t part of the Breslov I follow, i.e. that of Rav Berland, (and his students Rav Arush and Rav Ofer Erez).

It’s interesting there is this camp for boys in the Catskills, and that sounds like another place where the search for Moishy Kleinerman should continue.


Next, I’m trying to figure out how the grandson of Satmar posek, aka ‘Kalzburg Rebbe’ R Yechezkel Roth, is now popping up as an apparently ‘Breslov’ guru, with his own large kehillah.

Over on the Forward, HERE, I find this interesting snippet:


Why should Yoel Roth have ‘inherited’ R’ Shick’s followers like this?

The late Rav Shick was married to the daughter of the Kosson Rebbe, Rabbi Asher Yeshaya Halevi Rotenberg.

I don’t know if the ‘Rotenberg’ family and the ‘Roths’ are connected.

B’kitzur…. lots of weird things going on here, under the surface.



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I’ve had a kind of ‘low grade’ feeling of anxiety going on for the last few weeks, now.

Externally, life is Baruch Hashem, pretty good. But my soul is really not so happy at the moment.

It feels like there is so much about to burst out into the open, any minute now, and even though I’m basically ignoring most of the news these days, and have been for a couple of months, my inbox is filling up with stuff that is probably contributing to that underlying anxiety.

Let’s get a few of those things out of the way first, because then I want to talk about CERN, and how it’s connected to a whole bunch of the weird things going on in our world right now.


First, let’s get back to those ‘safe and effective’ Covid nanotech shots.

Studies are starting to come out that they have had a huge impact on fertility, but especially, male fertility.

I got sent this yesterday:

Declining birth rates post-Covid vaccines – is it time to panic?

Not yet, but real concern is warranted

You can read the whole thing HERE, but it’s based on THIS detailed post analysing the data coming out of Sweden, that didn’t really have a lockdown, so the drop in birth rates is way more obviously correlated to people taking those ‘safe and effective’ Covid shots.



In turn, this discussion was prompted by an Israeli research paper that showed that ‘motility of sperm’ and ‘semen concentration’ in men that took the Pfizer shots was drastically impaired:


You can see a full copy of that paper HERE.

And while the researchers claim this male infertility is ‘temporary’, the truth is that by the time this five month study had ended, the sperm motility and concentration showed no signs of returning back to ‘normal’ any time soon.


My daughter is seeing a very nice guy with very good middot – who had three shots of Pfizer’s Cominarty.

I’ve got my eyes open to the side-effects of these graphene oxide nanotech shots, and these research papers do worry me.

At the same time, I’m reminding myself: Ein Od Milvado! God is really running the world, and if God decides a soul is going to come down to the world, then immobile sperm or no, that’s going to happen. Bezrat Hashem.

I guess, with a whole bunch of heart-felt prayers and teshuva and pidyonot….which is probably the point anyway.


In the meantime, on July 2, 2022, the Justice Department of the Uruguayan government announced they were giving Pfizer 48 hours to submit information on whether the Covid shots do contain nanotechnology (and questioning them on a whole bunch of other stuff, too).

Screenshot from HERE (google translated from Spanish):


This is coming in response to a legal claim launched against Pfizer’s attempts to force children to be mandated to have the Covid shots.

Which shows us that small people like you and me CAN get things done, with God’s help, when we start to push-back legally.

We know most of our judges (and politicians…) are corrupt and have large amounts of ‘donations’ sitting offshore in anonymous bank accounts.

But it only takes one honest judge, and a handful of people who refuse to give up or ‘leave the fight to other people’ to start the push-back. (With God’s help….)


Meanwhile, Yaakov from JerusalemCats sent me this today:

Breaking: The Israeli MOH is hiding a study it conducted, showing a 2-4 times higher rate of adverse events reports following Pfizer COVID vaccine in kids aged 5-11 vs ages 12-17

Here’s a relevant screenshot:


Again, Ein Od Milvado.

When we remember that God controls the world, every aspect of it, that enables us to digest this information without falling into total yeoush.

Heart-felt prayer and sincere teshuva and pidyonot paid to a real tzaddik can and will turn everything around.

That’s probably at least part of why all this is happening right now, to wean us off the Esavian, totally corrupted ‘Western Medicine’, and to remind us all that we are SOULS in a physical body, not just a hunk of meat that can be ‘cured’ by pills and surgery.

Which brings me onto the next part of this post, about CERN.


Last week, I had a phone conversation with a very educated reader, who has been watching CERN’s impact on the world, and particularly the impact of it’s ‘Large Hadron Collider’ experiment for well over a decade.

They told me a few things I didn’t know about CERN, including:

  1. If you search for any info on CERN in English, what comes back is a bunch of stuff about ritual murders at their HQ in front of their big statue of ‘Shiva’; opening portals into the sky to let evil spirits flood into the world; or alternatively, opening portals to hell, to let evil spirits flood into the world.

THIS article does a very good job of summing up the CERN ‘high strangeness’, with a bunch of links you can explore yourself, if you are so minded.


We saw how ‘Nibiru’ was leveraged to make people like me believe that chemtrails was a delusional figment of all those ‘crazy conspiracy theorists’ imagination.

Because I was so sceptical about the claims being made for ‘Nibiru’, for years, I didn’t dig further behind the ridiculous explanations being given that the chemtrails were being sprayed ‘to block Nibiru from view’.


The chemtrails were being sprayed to saturate us all with graphene oxide and other aerolised nanotech, as part of our governments’ attacks against us, its own citizens.

But it took a long while to figure that out, and to take the whole ‘real chemtrails’ discussion seriously, because of all the interference being run by these ‘Nibiru’ theories.

And something similar appears to be going on with CERN, and all this ‘high strangeness’.


The second thing I learnt is that no-one can ever sue CERN for any of its ‘experiments gone wrong’, because – surprise surprise! – all our corrupt governments gave them a ‘get out of jail free’ card.

My contact knew someone first-hand who took CERN to court in Germany and won her case…. in theory. In practise, the judges told her that CERN cannot be sued by any country in the world, ever, for any of the ‘side-effects’ of their experiments.

And we see the same thing in other countries, too, screenshot from HERE:


So, back to that ‘Large Hadron Collider’ (LHC) experiment.

My contact has been watching the CERN online dashboard for the LHC experiment for years. And the experiments they are doing at CERN are massively affecting both the earth’s magnetosphere – and also the sun.

CO-IN-CID-ENTALLY, they took the CERN LHC experiment offline the last 2-3 years – dovetailing with the Covid 19 plandemic – to beef it up.

And now, as of yesterday, July 5, 2022, the LHC is officially starting up again.

Screenshot from HERE:

Note the built-in propaganda mocking anyone who voices concerns about CERN’s experiments as ‘doomsday conspiracies’.

They are washing our brains for us 24/7.


According to my contact, CERN started some initial testing with it again as a ‘soft launch’ beginning January of this year, on and off, and then really ramping it up around Pesach time.

All that coincided with the period of time before Pesach when I started to feel really weak and unwell – for no obvious reason – that has been continuing for weeks and weeks, until I finally paid a pidyon to the Rav and started taking some Miracle Mineral Solution every day.

And now, as of yesterday, these LHC experiments are about to start up again, in a much bigger way.


People are electric beings.

Our whole body operates at very low frequencies, that influences our cells to manufacture the stuff required for the body to work properly.

I’ve written a lot about these subjects before, in connection with the possible health impacts of 5….G, and the directed energy tech that so many people still refuse to believe really exists. I’ll stick some links below this article.

But the point is this:

CERN is abnormally and radically affecting the frequency in our world, in some enormous ways.

And their experiments are FOR SURE also affecting our health – both mental and physical.


So now, let me walk you through the ‘guide to the CERN dashboard’ I was given yesterday, so you can start to make some of these connections between CERN’s experiments, and your own strange health symptoms, yourself.

  1. The CERN Dashboard

HERE is the link for that, and this is a screenshot of what you’ll see, when you click on it:


The first green arrow is pointing up to the ‘drop down menu’, where you can access the other screens we’ll be talking about in a mo.

The second green arrow is showing you the activity of the two beams that CERN keeps trying to perfectly align, so they can smash together, to collide protons.

The red line shows one beam, the black line shows another.

This information is inaccessible after it ‘passes from live view’, so if you see anything interesting, get into the habit of taking a screenshot.

As we can see, they were pumping their beams up to maximum strength yesterday, up to the 7000 mark, on the right hand axis.

This main screen is called: LHC Operation.


2. LHC Luminosity

I was told that higher luminosity = more energy =  more affects in the physical world.

This screen shows the ‘energy / luminosity’ after effects CERN achieves from each run at colliding those particles.

Here’s a screenshot from today, that shows they’ve been pretty busy since opening back up, yesterday:


3. LHC DASHBOARD, and other interesting screens to visit

You can get to all of these from the drop-down menu on the top left hand side of the CERN site, HERE.

Here’s some others you may want to take a look at:

LHC Beam Dump

LHC BSRT – shows the two beams going in clock and anti-clockwise direction, and pinpoints the stream of protons. This shows you if the beams are currently running.

The CERN dashboard runs on Swiss time (1 hour behind Israel).

So, if you are feeling strange, or noticing something strange, you can take a look to see if ‘something’ was going on, over at CERN, that corresponds with your unusual experience.



OK, so this is another website that you need to pay attention to, to correlate ‘spikes’ in CERN’s LHC experiments with weird sun and solar weather phenomena.

This is the site: https://www.swpc.noaa.gov/

It operates on ‘international time’, which is 3 hours behind Israel.

My correspondent pointed out a few of the links here, to keep a close eye on. Let’s run through them, with screenshots.



This shows the radiation reaching the earth. 

She told me that whenever CERN is running the LHC experiments, the readings here go haywire around the same time, or just afterwards.



This shows the X-rays, protons, electrons etc coming into the earth’s atmosphere, especially as a result of solar storms (left hand side):



(Right hand of the screen shot)

The K-index reflects the average of all the indices all together, to show the activity of solar storms.

  • Red is meant to show ‘solar flares’;
  • Yellow shows it’s gearing up for something;
  • Green shows low levels of activity.

We are currently in the middle of a ‘solar minimum’, so solar storms are meant to be very rare.

And yet…. whaddya know?

There appears to be some sort of ‘solar flare-like’ activity happening, just when CERN was ramping up its beams yesterday.


I am by no means an expert in all this stuff, at all.

Really, I’m just passing on information here, to begin this conversation about what CERN’s experiments are actually doing to our world – and to us – in real time.

What my correspondent told me from her lengthy observations is that she is seeing CERN do things that ‘make things go crazy, and then the sun responds to what CERN is doing with a solar flare.’

This sounds fantastic, that these people have some how figured how how to control the sun’s activity, at least partially, with their experiments deep underground.

Yet the more I begin to explore this topic, the more I’m starting to think she has a point.


One more thing, then we’ll stop here for today.

Yesterday in the middle of the night, I started feeling some very strong ‘sick fear’ that I haven’t felt for well over a decade.

I came down, read 3 tikkun haklalis, paid a pidyon, started to feel better, and finally I could go to sleep. All that was happening between 12am – 2am Israeli time.

When I was putting this post together, I took another look at the LHC Operation screen from yesterday night (screenshotted above), which remember is one hour behind Israel.

Here’s the relevant section, blown up:

Look at the time.

My very strange, intense bout of ‘sick fear’ coincided exactly with when CERN was ramping their Large Hadron Collider to the max yesterday night.

It began at 11pm Swiss time (12 am Israeli) and then continued for the next three hours.

Baruch Hashem, the tikkun haklalis and the pidyon seems to have mitigated the effects of the last hour of operation, at least for me.

But it’s certainly an interesting CO-INC-IDE-NCE, and something I will definitely be keeping a closer eye on, going forward.





We can’t beat Esav at his own game.

Prayer, teshuva and pidyonot are the only way we can get to this to break.

And when enough of us figure that out, that’s when this evil will finally start to crumble, once and for all.


PS: I just remembered something Rav Berland said, four years ago now, snippet from HERE:

Don’t believe the false prophets!

The Gemara in Sanhedrin says: Even if [false prophets] make the sun and moon stand still in the firmament [don’t believe them]. Such great powers were given to the sitra achra that the could make the sun stand still, like Moshe Rabbenu, like Yehoshua Bin Nun.

What’s going to be, if you come across some sorcerer and he says: “You want to see that I’m telling you the truth? See, now the sun is standing still [in the sky]! Look at the clock, see, it’s not moving. It hasn’t moved for an hour!”

Are you going to start believing in him?

But we have the Torah! After Moshe Rabbenu brought the Torah down, we could also stop the sun, and halt the moon. We have the words of our Tzaddikim. Nothing in the world could take us away from the words of the Tzaddikim… He made the sun and moon stand still? We’re really not even interested.


The forces of idolatry have so much power

The Gemara tells us: [The Tanna] Rabbi Yossi HaGalili said: The Torah reaches to the end of the daat (spiritual knowledge) of the star worshipers, and so the Torah was given to rule over them, so that even if they make the sun stand still…” etc.


They can even get the sun to stand still in the middle of the sky. “Even if he halts the sun in the middle of the firmament, don’t listen to him.”

Even if some non-Jew comes and makes the sun stand still in the heavens for an hour, know, this means nothing. 





Links to other articles about electric health on the blog:


The last few days, I’ve had a lot of yeoush going on.

So many lies….

‘Bad’ seems to be winning on so many fronts…

What can people like you and me really do, anyway, to change anything, or stand up to it?

Those thoughts took a hold a few days ago, and I just felt like giving up.

Then I remembered my experience in Mizpe Ramon from a few weeks ago, when I got stuck in a very dangerous situation trying to navigate around cliffs and unpassable paths with a duffo map.

There is no giving up half-way.

Hard as this sometimes is, demoralising as this sometimes can be, the struggle against all the brainwashing from ‘missionaries’ of all types; the struggle against all the spiritual corruption in the Jewish world, and especially in the so-called ‘frum’ world; the fight against pedophiles and other forms of evil – it all must continue.

The prayers, the dancing, the teshuva, the birur – it all must continue.

There is no giving up half-way.


I’m taking a deep-dive into the Pnei Yehoshua now, so posting may be light over the next couple of days, as there is a huge, tangled web going on around everything to do with the Pnei Yehoshua.

He wasn’t on my list of people to take a closer look at, but I believe that Hashem uses everything and everyone in our lives to give us ‘messages’ about things we need to pay attention to.

And given that my pet psycho here keeps going on and on about the Pnei Yehoshua, I finally realised that God was giving me a poke to hunker down and take a proper look at the subject.

I don’t know what will turn up, but it seems to be the next piece of the puzzle, even if only to cross the subject off my list, once and for all.


There is a thesis being developed here, that our Jewish community has been hi-jacked and subverted from within by ‘Sabbatean-Frankists’.

Everyone is totally entitled to their own opinions of what is really going on. If you have an alternative thesis that explains why there is rampant pedophilia and immorality of all types going on in the supposedly ‘frum’ parts of our Jewish world, I’d love to hear it.

Personally, the ‘Sabbatian-Frankist’ thesis makes the  most sense to me, and has a wealth of supporting evidence (although I’m sure my pet psycho here on the blog will disagree….)


Rebbe Nachman of Breslov warned us repeatedly about ‘Jewish Demon Torah Scholars’.

He warned us that most of our ‘rabbis’ would be heretics, with heresy literally dripping out of their pockets, in the time before Moshiach comes.

This whole birur process is brutal, in parts, and I really sometimes also just want to forget about it all and write about kugel recipes.


There is no giving up in the middle.

There is an all-out war for the Jewish soul going on.

And for as long as Hashem keeps waking me up in the morning and letting me type, I am not giving up.