What’s your red line, when it comes to doing medical experiments on human beings?

Going forward, that’s going to become a much sharper question, because make no mistake, they are now coming for the children.

Here in Israel, the media is now full of manipulative, fake news ‘stories‘ about small children with ‘post Covid syndrome’ – whatever the heck that is supposed to be – whose guilty parents are begging, literally begging, Pfizer to come and inject their children, to save them.


Anyone with half a brain cell can understand why our lying MSM is now full of these stories.

Here’s a clue:

But the problem is not that their manipulative, lying MSM news stories are so convincing, or so spiffy, because honestly? They’re really not hard to see through at all.

The problem is with the confirmation bias, and the cognitive dissonance, that are preventing otherwise sane, clever and caring people from really admitting the truth of what is happening here.


Here is the Wikipedia description of confirmation bias:

Confirmation bias, also known as myside bias, is the tendency to search for, interpret, favor, and recall information in a way that confirms or supports one’s prior beliefs or values.

People display this bias when they select information that supports their views, ignoring contrary information, or when they interpret ambiguous evidence as supporting their existing attitudes. The effect is strongest for desired outcomes, for emotionally charged issues, and for deeply entrenched beliefs. 


And here’s the Wikipedia description of cognitive dissonance:

[C]ognitive dissonance is the perception of contradictory information….

A person who experiences internal inconsistency tends to become psychologically uncomfortable and is motivated to reduce the cognitive dissonance. They tend to make changes to justify the stressful behavior, either by adding new parts to the cognition causing the psychological dissonance (rationalization) or by avoiding circumstances and contradictory information likely to increase the magnitude of the cognitive dissonance (confirmation bias).


These are really the two biggest problems humanity is currently facing, because if a person doesn’t want to know the truth, there is no amount of research, facts or information that can change that.

I was talking to my brother in London yesterday, and he was telling me about all the people in his social circle who ran off and got ‘double-jabbed’ with Covid shots – who have subsequently experienced very severe bouts of ‘Covid 19’ (whatever that actually really is….)

These are people that he spent months arguing with about the effectiveness and safety of the ‘the jabs’, and they all just blabbered back at him the standard line that Covid 19 jabs were protecting their own health, and saving all the grannies.


When all the ‘magnetic arm’ info started coming out, he sent it to them – and they basically totally ignored the information, or ‘defused it’ by mocking him.

You’re just a conspiracy theorist!!!

They told him. Even when they saw people with their own eyes sticking spoons, magnets and even pound coins to their injection sites.

This is the power of confirmation biasand cognitive dissonance.

All the people he knows with blood clots, strokes, instant cancer, appendicitis, fainting fits, a million other weird symptoms post-jab – none of them are prepared to accept that their new medical problem is connected to the Covid shots.

Even now, when so many of them came down with ‘Covid 19’ – but 50 times worse than they had it before they got double-jabbed – they still aren’t prepared to acknowledge the truth.

Why not?

Because they have an underlying belief, constantly reinforced by the lying media, that COVID JABS = SAVING MY LIFE.


Of course, there is way more underpinning this.

At this stage, in order to really ‘wake up’ about what’s going on with these Covid jabs, a person would have to accept that:

  • The media deliberately lies about everything, and is solely a paid propaganda tool.
  • Doctors and nurses will do things that knowingly hurt and kill their patients.
  • Scientists deliberately lie about, and falsify, their ‘science’.
  • The government is engaged in a plan to kill off and maim the citizens of its own country.

And, worst of all:

  • I made a massive mistake and have been living in a world of lies all of my life.

That’s a very tall order, honestly.

You can certainly understand, why the cognitive dissonance is so enormous, and why people are struggling so hard to stay stuck in their ‘safe, normal world’ narrative, even as the evidence piles up all around us that Covid 19 jabs are way more about killing and controlling people en masse, than protecting their health.


But let’s get back to the point of today’s post: How does all this change, when they start to come after the kids?

Let me just put the FDA’s notice about expected side effects from the Covid 19 jabs here again, so we’re all clear about what is really on the line here:


The ones highlighted in yellow are just the ones I’ve already covered on my blog.

But in the last post, we started to take a closer look at that ‘side effect’ from the Covid shot, called:

Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children.

Please be aware, that this ‘syndrome’ is a RESULT of being exposed to whatever is in the Covid 19 shots, i.e. a reaction to the bio-toxic graphene oxide nanotech and / or radiation poisoning, NOT a result of catching ‘Covid 19’, i.e. a coronavirus that causes all the different strains of flus and colds.


Before we continue, I just wanted to point something out, about what is really being labelled ‘Covid 19’ by all those corrupt medical professionals, and the evil MoH that’s paying their salaries.

(Daisy – I know some doctors and nurses are ‘good people’. But I also know that anyone who is continuing to be complicit with what is going on around these shots no longer fits that category. It’s not an excuse to help commit mass-murder than turn around and say you were only following orders – or the directives of the Ministry of Health.)

The Arutz 7 media site is still allowing comments, at least for now, and yesterday someone shared some very interesting statistical information, from the MoH’s own website.

They showed that basically, as well as ‘eradicating the flu’ over the last 18 months in Israel, the State has also managed to ‘eradicate’ pneumonia and bronchitis, too.

All those ‘unvaccinated’ people, they like to claim are dying from ‘Covid 19’?

Assuming they truly are totally ‘unvaccinated’ – which is a very big ‘if’, at this point – many people appear to be succumbing to pneumonia and bronchitis, which is then deliberately mislabelled as ‘Covid 19’.


Here’s the discussion, and you can get to the MoH’s own files showing how they ‘disappeared’ pneumonia and bronchitis, HERE.


Here’s the screenshot from page 14 of the report, that proves there was no excess mortality in Israel – until the ‘Covid 19 vaccine’ was released, and people of all ages started dropping like flies:


It’s the poisonous, graphene oxide Covid shots that are killing and maiming people in great numbers.

‘Covid 19’ itself could be flu…. or it could be pneumonia…. or it could be bronchitis…. – it could be any number of serious respiratory diseases that have always plagued mankind, but which got renamed ‘Covid 19’ over the last two years, to persuade as all that there was a pandemic going on.

But the SIDE EFFECTS FROM THE COVID 19 SHOTS – which the lying media are deceptively referring to as ‘post-Covid syndrome’ – they are in an entirely different category, both in scope of damage and numbers of people they are killing and injuring.


Take a look at this, it’s a short video called ‘Growing carbon nanotubes’, from 2017:


Here’s the blurb:

In situ transmission electron microscope (TEM) video (accelerated 10 times) of nucleation and self-organization of a high-density carbon nanotube network from catalytic iron nanoparticles, forming a vertically aligned forest.

What you see in this video, is going on inside the bodies of people who had the Covid 19 shots containing the graphene oxide nanotech / nanotubes we talked about and identified HERE.

Snippet from that post, talking about the Aldrich nanotech ‘catalogue’ from 2013:


Any wonder, that people are full of ‘micro clots’, that people’s blood is clumping together, that people’s organs are inflaming and breaking down, after they inject these self-building GO nanotube ‘forests’ into their bodies?

A year ago in October 2020, the FDA itself clearly identified Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C) as an expected side effect of the Covid shots.

And now, they are trying to ‘spin’ this to make it sound like you get MIS from ‘catching Covid 19’, instead.

Don’t let them continue to fool you!


Here’s what the CDC’s own website says, about the Case Definition for this new ‘syndrome’ of MIC:


Please, please, go back and read the 964 pages of side effects being reported in Israel on Facebook (HERE).

Take a look at some of the screenshots from those comments I’ve already pulled out HERE, HERE and HERE.

What the CDC is describing above as ‘MultiSystem Inflammatory Syndrome’  is EXACTLY what tens of thousands of adult Israelis have been suffering through, the last 9 months, while the medical profession pretends none of this is connected to vaccines.

And now, they are coming for the children.


On October 4, 2021, a 4 and 5 year old in Indiana were ‘accidentally’ given a Pfizer Covid 19 jab, instead of the flu shot.

Here’s the report, on Bitchute:

Within a week of that happening, both of these kids are already showings signs that their hearts have been damaged.



What’s your red line?

And how are you going to prevent your cognitive dissonance and your confirmation bias from tripping you up, when the ‘pressure to vaccinate’ moves on to its next subset, i.e. your young kids?


PS: I am very keen to start exploring how tachlis, we can start to ‘detox’ all this GO nanotube-network stuff out of the body, ASAP.

I started to put some detox ideas together HERE.

And the Habayitah website also has a post on that HERE.

And OrwellCity also has a post with some herbiology ideas specifically for graphene oxide nanotech HERE.

But what I really want is to sit down with someone – maybe a few someones – who really know their stuff, when it comes to natural detoxing, to explain how these electromagnetic GO nanotubes work, to put together a real protocol to get this stuff out of the body.

Time is of the essence.

So, if you are someone like that, or you know someone like that, who would be happy to discuss this, to see what we can start to figure out, and start to do some real work experiments, please get in touch.


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My tabs are starting to explode again, so I just want to get a few more bits of information ‘out there’.

***Important update about the FDA below***

I’ve been going through more of the ‘Let’s talk about side effects of the Covid 19 shots’ document, and I will bring more screenshots below, but I also want to point out some ‘themes’ that I’m seeing, as I go along.


THEME 1: Doctors are actively discouraging their patients from thinking their ‘side effects’ are linked to the Covid shots.

This is called ‘gaslighting’, where you take someone’s felt experience and deliberately ‘explain it away’ as being a product of their imagination, or due to some error or ‘misunderstanding’.

Gaslighting is what abusers of all stripes do to their unwitting victims, because when you get someone to doubt their own intuition and to go against their own ‘inner voice’, you can keep them in a state of pliable confusion for a very long time.





THEME 2: There is NO collation of side effects from the Covid 19 shots happening in Israel.

This is of course connected to Theme 1, doctors actively gaslighting their patients that whatever side effects they experience, it’s not connected to the Covid shots.

But even when people still want to report side effects, and still fill out the forms and jump through all the hoops – their reports are being totally ignored by the Ministry of Health, and also by their own doctors, who tell them ‘there is nothing they can do to help them’ mitigate their side effects.




Another ‘trick’ being used by the Ministry of Health is that the reporting form for side effects only includes a very limited number of ‘multiple choice’ options, that you have to pick from.

So if your side effect isn’t listed – and things like disrupted menses, heart attacks, strokes, tinnitus, vertigo and blurry vision just aren’t listed, amongst many others – you can’t officially report your ‘side effect’ from the Covid shot:




While the lying MoH, and the lying MSM are busy running fake news stories like this:

Risk of myocarditis very minor from Covid vaccine, Israeli research shows

Snippet below:

Only 2.13 individuals over 100,000 suffered from myocarditis after inoculation – or 0.0000213% according to a paper by researchers at Clalit Health Services and Rabin Medical Center-Beilinson Campus in Petah Tikva. Most cases were mild.

The reality is proving to be very different.


First of all, there’s no such things as ‘mild’ myocarditis.

I read that 50% of all cases of people with myocarditis go on to suffer fatal heart attacks within 5 years of first diagnosis.

Here’s some information, from the DrAxe.com website, that includes some tips on more natural ways to manage it:

 Myocarditis — and the serious symptoms associated with it — is the reason behind 45 percent of heart transplants performed in the United States each year. (1)


Second, take a look at this list of symptoms associated with myocarditis, and then stack them up against the ‘side effects’ being reported after the Covid 19 shots:

  • Shortness of breath, especially during exercise or periods of exertion. Difficulty breathing or rapid breathing might occur. Shortness of breath at night is also possible.

  • Fatigue and weakness.

  • Heart palpitations (abnormal heart rhythms)

  • Chest pains or pressure.

  • Swelling in the legs and arms due to fluid retention (called peripheral edema). Edema is usually the worst in the ankles and feet.

  • Lightheadedness.

  • Other symptoms due to infection (headaches, body aches, joint pain, fever, a sore throat or diarrhea).

  • Sudden loss of consciousness.

  • Increased risk for heart failure, blood clots, stroke or heart attack.


Does any of that sound familiar?

Even when people aren’t being formally diagnoses with ‘serious myocarditis’, there is growing evidence to suggest that tens of thousands of people in Israel (conservatively….) are experiencing mild symptoms of myocarditis, immediately following the Covid shots.

Including young, healthy people.

Let’s take a look at some more first-hand witness statements, split into the symptoms for myocarditis.

And let me stress again, these snapshots from Facebook are all totally new from the ones I already brought here on the blog, and come from pages 300-450 in the document.

  • Increased risk for heart failure, blood clots, stroke or heart attack.

Fatal heart-attacks:










  • Fatigue and weakness.





  • Chest pains or pressure.



  • Lightheadedness / Sudden loss of consciousness.



  • Shortness of breath, especially during exercise or periods of exertion

This Covid-shot induced symptom of myocarditis is becoming so problematic, that a couple of days the MoH put out this story, in the lying MSM:

Health Ministry to consider asking newly vaccinated to avoid working out


Individuals vaccinated with the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine may be asked to avoid strenuous exercise and other physical activity for one week after receiving each dose due to cases of myocarditis that were detected in a small percentage of vaccinated people, The Jerusalem Post has learned.


You see how the fake news works?

On the one hand, it tell us lying stories that myocarditis from Covid 10 shots is only affecting 0.0000213% of the population.

If we assume 6 million people had at least one shot, and we applied this percentage to it, that would mean that only 128 people – in the whole of Israel!!! – are at risk from myocarditis.

What BS!!!

There are way more myocarditis cases than this even just in the Facebook comments!

Which is why the real story is that the MoH wants people to stop exercising now, as that will show up more ‘myocarditis’ symptoms that they are trying to hide.

Like this:




  • Other symptoms due to infection (headaches, body aches, joint pain, fever, a sore throat or diarrhea).

Wow, so many reports of ‘crazy, insane headaches’ that haven’t stopped for a day.

Of aching bodies, aching bones.

Disrupted menses.

Spontaneous miscarriages.

Severe rashes, blisters and ‘shingles’.

Neurological damage.

Blurred vision.

Ringing in the ears.

Weird ‘lumps’ in the armpits, as the lymph system suddenly clogs, from trying to clear the body from all the poisonous graphene oxide nanotech (and who knows what else…) in these shots.

Here’s just a small selection:










I’m going to stop there, for now.

If you want to see other screenshots of real people, with real side effects – including reporting the deaths of loved ones – also read these posts:

The Covid Shot Bombshell

Let’s talk about side effects from the Covid Shots – Part 2

And remember, I’m still just half-way though that document.


Why are these shots affecting the heart so much?

The heart is the biggest ‘electrical motor’ of the body.

These shots contain electro-magnetic graphene oxide nanotech that carry an electro-magnetic charge.

That ‘charge’ can and does increase if exited by external EMFs, including Wi-Fi, power lines and of course, 5G.

The ‘charge’ from the graphene oxide nanotech is disrupting the natural electro-magnetic functioning of the heart.

And that’s just the stuff we know about, in these Covid shots, because sadly, there are still more revelations to come.

This screenshot, from HERE, lists other elements in the Covid shots that turned up under the microscope, that aren’t listed anywhere on the product insert.


That will do for today.

If you want more to think about, please go and read this:


Once I’ve convinced you – enough – these shots are really dangerous and should be avoided, I can start to spend more time on figuring out ‘detox solutions’.

But it’s an uphill battle.



I just came across the FDA’s ‘draft’ surveillance list for possible ‘adverse events’ from the Covid 19 shots, dated October 22, 2020.

You can see that HERE, but I’ve also screenshotted the relevant bit below.


I’ve highlighted some of the health issues I brought above, as being directly linked to the Covid 19 shots.

And here, we have the FDA’s ‘draft’ guidance from a year ago spelling out these adverse reactions specifically – i.e., they were expecting them, knowing full well what’s actually in these shots – while our doctors and health bureaucrats carry on pretending there are absolutely no side effects from these shots, and they are totally safe….

I’m speechless at the brazenness of all this.


Pay close attention to some of the other things on that list of expected ‘side effects’ from the FDA, that we haven’t covered here in detail yet, but which others HAVE been flagging as other side-effects of these Covid shots.


Vaccine enhanced disease

Kawasaki disease

Guillain-Barre Syndrome


In particular, pay close attention to this one:

Multi-system inflammatory syndrome in children

Let me bring quite a long snippet about this new ‘syndrome’ from Wikipedia, because I want you to see how in October 2020, the FDA was identifying this as AN ADVERSE REACTION TO THE COVID 19 SHOTS.

And now, magically, Wikipedia and the medical profession is telling us this is actually a response to Covid 19 – ‘the disease’.

Who is lying?

(I think we are all starting to realise that, aren’t we?)


Multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C), or paediatric inflammatory multisystem syndrome (PIMS / PIMS-TS), or systemic inflammatory syndrome in COVID19 (SISCoV), is a rare systemic illness involving persistent fever and extreme inflammation following exposure to SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for COVID-19.[7] It can rapidly lead to medical emergencies such as insufficient blood flow around the body (a condition known as shock).[7]Failure of one or more organs can occur.[8] A warning sign is unexplained persistent fever with severe symptoms following exposure to COVID-19.[9] Prompt referral to paediatric specialists is essential, and families need to seek urgent medical assistance.[7] Most affected children will need intensive care.[7]

All affected children have persistent fever.[7] Other clinical features vary.[9] The first symptoms often include acute abdominal pain with diarrhoea or vomiting.[7]Muscle pain and general tiredness are frequent,[7] and low blood pressure is also common.[10] Symptoms can also include pink eyerashesenlarged lymph nodesswollen hands and feet, and “strawberry tongue“.[6] Various mental disturbances are possible.[6] A cytokine storm may take place,[11] in which the child’s innate immune system stages an excessive and uncontrolled inflammatory response.[12]Heart failure is common.[10] Clinical complications can include damage to the heart musclerespiratory distressacute kidney injury, and increased blood coagulation.[13]Coronary artery abnormalities can develop (ranging from dilatation to aneurysms).[6]

This life-threatening disease has proved fatal in under 2% of reported cases.[7] Early recognition and prompt specialist attention are essential.[14]Anti-inflammatory treatments have been used, with good responses being recorded for intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG), with or without corticosteroids.[15]Oxygen is often needed.[7]Supportive care is key for treating clinical complications.[13] Most children who receive expert hospital care survive.[7]


Do you see, how the ‘clinical features’ of Multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children is nothing other than the long laundry list of side effects to the Covid 19 shots the adults have already been reporting?

Really, you still want to give these shots to your children?


You still trust big-Pharma when it tells you these shots are totally safe for young kids, when the FDA flagged all these side-effects A YEAR AGO, and in real life, we’re seeing hundreds of thousands of people (at least….) develop them?

Pfizer Says COVID-19 Vaccine Safe for Children 5-11




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I wrote some updates to the last post that tie in some crucial information.

I know sometimes those updates get lost, so I decided to repeat the new info here as it’s own post, as it finally sets out a credible theory for how they pulled off the Murder in Meron.

Read on.


HERE is where you can see the first video put out by chareidi journalist Meni Schwartz for yourself, plus a second video – that isn’t time stamped – which also shows a crush developing around gates at the bottom of the stairs:

(Shmirat eynayim friendly).


If you go HERE, you’ll find the Wikipedia page for the chareidi journalist who is putting these clips out, a man called Meni Schwartz.

Here is the part that is troubling me:

In 2020, at the time of the Coronavirus, he served as an adviser to the Haredi sector on behalf of the Ministry of Health[14].

Original Hebrew:

ב-2020 בחלק מתקופת משבר הקורונה שימש כיועץ מטה ההסברה למגזר החרדי מטעם משרד הבריאות[14]


That is just setting off the alarm bells that we might be dealing with more disinformation of the ‘controlled opposition’ variety, where they dribble out 80% of the truth but give it a ‘spin’ to lead to totally the wrong conclusions.

Like, yeah, there were gates there 40 minutes before, put up by private security guards hired by a rabbi (?! what) – but no gates and no police involved when the real fatal crush happened….

Stuff like that.

So keep your eyes peeled, check every bit of video for time stamps, and for differences in lighting and angles, and BH, we will catch the lies.


One thing to notice is when the ‘AREA 41’ sign goes wonky.

In the second video, you see a young man kind of climb up the pole it’s on, and knock the ‘Area 41’ side askew. It will be details like this that will help us to catch any lies in the timings of these clips that are being leaked to Meni Schwartz.


Also notice how the light of the Hatzalah HQ in Meron – that building at the bottom of the stairs, where 45 people were crushed to death before the very eyes of the police and Hatzolah – is on in this shot.

Elsewhere, we are told that the police inexplicably closed the Hatzalah building before L’ag B’omer.

So, who is sitting in there with the light on?

And if you want to tell me it’s Hatzalah guys, then why did it take them 10-15 minutes to start rescuing the people who were literally being crushed to death against the wall of their main HQ building?


Last thing to point out:

As well as building the ‘tunnel of death’ to turn an open, outdoor space into an enclosed tunnel that reduced the width of the passage by at least a third, I noticed when I went back some more strange ‘building works’ by the Hatzalah HQ.

In this shot, I’ve ringed a newly-built ‘add on’ that wasn’t there when I went back last week:


That new ‘building’ on the right of the existing Hatzalah HQ was built on what is usually an open concrete patio, that has a back door leading into the Hatzalah HQ.


I didn’t take a shot of the Hatzalah building when I was there – BH I will next time I go – but you can even see in this shot, that that mysterious structure to the right of the Hatzalah HQ has been removed.

That ‘mysterious structure’ in Area 42 was also built by the police just for L’ag B’omer, for a Hatzalah HQ that the police ordered closed for the night of L’ag B’omer, and which, CO-IN-CID-ENT-ALLY, ensured that area at the bottom of the stairs had NO ESCAPE HATCHES for the people being crushed to death there.

Just look at this again, and compare and contrast with the ‘open view’ above:


Can you see, how the whole area was deliberately built as a death trap?

The ‘Area 42’, above, is normally an open courtyard that leads to a slope down to the next level.

It could have been a crucial escape route for people to get out of that killer crush.

And so, it was deliberately closed off by the authorities, before L’ag B’omer 2021.


Here’s a clearer shot of this ‘mysterious structure’, built with the same suffocating white plastic sheeting, to the right of the wood-faced Hatzalah HQ:



Can you see, how closing that off contributed to the fatal ‘bottle-neck’ effect?

Why was it closed off?

What purpose did that ‘extra building’ serve, according to the ‘official account’?

And while you are pondering those questions, remember this:


Don’t let the disinformation fool you.

And keep doing the birur for every scrap of information that comes out, until the truth is finally nailed down.



I went back to the doctored footage from Channel 12, from immediately before the fatal crush began, which you can watch HERE.

In this screenshot, from 00:41, you can see a man at the bottom of the stairs resting his arm on one of the gates that was used to block the stairs:


As we see in THIS footage from earlier on, they simply moved the gates onto the stairs, then back to the wall, many, many times before the actual fatal crush occurred – presumably to check things were working as expected.


Here’s an even clearer shot of the gate, again from 00:41:


Go back to THIS post, to see how Channel 12 cuts the footage in all the crucial times, to disguise the fact that these gates were put back at the bottom of the stairs to cause the fatal crush, exactly as we see happening above with the ‘security guards’, earlier in the evening.

That was a trial run, to make sure the plan would work.

Hashem should avenge their blood.


Here’s a screenshot of the police exiting the ‘mysterious structure’ when the crush is happening:


Now, take another look at this screenshot from the Channel 12 video, from the 00:45:15 mark:

At this point in the video, you can see the crowd is still moving down the stairs, albeit it’s very congested.

What happened, to get the crowd to ‘slow’ enough to put the gates back at the bottom of the stairs and cause the fatal crush 3 minutes later?

I think the Hatzalah guy, ringed, could be a clue.

What is he actually doing, climbing up the wall at this point, minutes BEFORE the fatal crush, going against that flow of people?


Remember how at the beginning there were a few reports of ‘someone having a heart-attack‘ at the bottom of the stairs, and that’s what caused the crush to develop?

The following snippets comes from HERE:

“According to new testimony that reached Channel 13 News on Sunday regarding the tragedy Thursday night on Mount Meron, the root cause of the disaster was a heart attack suffered by one worshipper in the front row who lost consciousness and collapsed….

According to the witnesses who spoke to the Hebrew-language news site Sunday, when the masses began to fall, no policemen or others on duty blocked them.

Only when they feared for the safety of the man who had the heart attack – who was treated by paramedics on the spot – did they begin to work on controlling the situation, the witnesses said.”

(Screenshotted for posterity:)


How did the police ‘work on controlling the situation’?

At this point, they put the gates up, as we saw earlier – and deliberately caused the fatal crush that killed 45 people.

That suggests that the ‘heart attack’ – if it happened at all – was staged, and that the ‘hatzolah guy’ we see climbing the wall here, just before Channel 12 cut the video and splice in different footage, was actually part of that team of actors who created the ‘heart attack situation’ that was the excuse for the police to put the gates at the bottom of the stairs.


Stand back, stop, there’s a heart-attack going on here, stop, stop!!!

So the crowd slows, stops – enough to put the gates in at the time when the Reb Dov Shvil is maximally packed.

And the rest is sadly history.


All the pieces of the story are now coming together.

And don’t forget, there was meant to be a ‘collapse’ of some structure too, in the Toldos Aharon complex, shortly after the only exit out was blocked by this mythical ‘heart attack’ operation, that would lead to a ‘stampede’ – and many more people dead and injured, God forbid.

But that part of the plan didn’t work.

Which is why they are now scrambling to explain things that they planned on being able to totally cover up, with the ‘structure collapse = killer stampede’ story.

Ah, Hashem.

Ad matai?


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I’m still going through that massive, 964 page PDF that documents real people describing real, awful side effects of the Pfizer shots, here in Israel.

You can see that full document for yourself HERE, full link below:



I know most people are too busy, or too overwhelmed, to go through so many pages themselves.

So, I decided to do that job for you, and to skim through and screenshot a few of the more eye-opening comments.

I will post them up below, and then do a few posts with different bite-sized batches, so it’s easier for readers to digest – and also, importantly, to share.

As you’ll see, the real pikuach nefesh here is warning people away from getting any more of these injections.


These comments come from pages 160-222 of the document, if you want to find them in situ.

Let us begin.


This one is really shocking – a 30 year old who died 2 days after the ‘vaccine’, and of course, no-one reported this in our lying MSM, and of course, he also doesn’t appear in the MoH’s fake news ‘Covid vaccines are safe‘ statistical presentation.


This commenter is saying that half the pregnant women she knows lost their baby, after the ‘vaccination’:


This man is talking about the *8* different side effects he got, after the second ‘vaccination’:


More side effects of these shots include convulsions, swollen glands, and also the sudden onset of vertigo and dizziness:


Another really shocking one: A 22 year old woman who died of myocarditis, after the ‘vaccine’:


Tons and tons of cases of ‘shingles’, plus people experiencing excrutiating pain in their head, legs, chests, hearts, plus unexplained shortness of breath:


Here, people are talking about feeling chronically fatigued for weeks, and even months, after these injections, plus more heart failures, as a result of being ‘vaccinated’:


These commentators explain how no-one from the MoH, no doctor, nobody, followed up on their side effects from the “vaccine”, and certainly didn’t register or report them officially:


More shocking reports of young people aged 20-40 suddenly dying, after being vaccinated:


I will stop there, for this post.

But just like the lying media comes back to the same subject again and again and again – I will be returning to the topic of sharing the real stories of these very real victims of the Covid 19 shots, that no-one in the mainstream media is talking about.

Not Arutz 7, not the Jpost, not Ynet, not Yeshiva World News – and also not Hamodia, or Kikar Shabbat, or Mishpacha and Ami magazines….

Why not?

Once people start asking themselves that question, maybe we’ll finally start to get somewhere, with understanding just how many ‘lies’ this world of lies has been built upon.


Don’t forget:

This is a magnified view of just some of the things that are in these DARPA-funded Covid 19 shots, whatever the actual brand is, it’s all the same poison:


When you see this, you start to understand that it’s already an open miracle that MORE people haven’t been severely injured and killed from these ‘Covid 19’ shots, already.

But time is of the essence.

And people need to be warned, about the real dangers involved with taking these injections – and also, encouraged to start detoxing from all the biotoxic graphene nanotech, etc, they contain.

Go HERE and scroll down, for more on how to start detoxing:



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You know why the world is in such a mess, right now?

It’s because us small people – you and I – are enabling all the evil going on.

Every time we ‘go along’ with all the force-testing, and force-masking, and fake emuna that ‘vaccines are the Mashiach’ – we are enabling the evil to continue to control us, the people around us, and the world, generally.

Those guys that yell at me to ‘put my mask over my nose’ in the supermarket…

Those people who tell me that they won’t come to my house, ‘because you’re not vaccinated’…

Those people who ask me to do a PCR test before I come to their wedding, or force my kid to do a PCR test before they can come to school – they are joining hands with evil.


It’s evil to scare the pants off small children, and to teach them that breathing fresh air, unmasked, is somehow dangerous for them, and also dangerous for the people around them.

It’s evil to keep ‘following orders’ with the force-masking in supermarkets, gyms and stores.

It’s evil to go along with the ‘green pass’ apartheid system, which is something straight out of the line-up for Dr Mengele.

Tav Yarok – to the right!!!

Tav Segol – to the left!!!

And you know who is perpetuating all this evil, and keeping it going?

You and me.


As soon as you and me stop going along with this – stop believing that ‘unvaccinated people’ are dangerous; stop believing that fresh air kills; stop believing that doctors are anything other than the paid agents of the Angel of Death; stop believing that DARPA-funded Pfizer and Moderna only want what’s best for humanity….

Stop listening and watching the corrupt, brainwashing news; stop trying to control other people, with force-masking and force-testing and force-vaxxing, just to try to contain our own mental illnesses called “anxiety and hyperchondria” – well.

The evil will stop.

Each of us has a responsibility here.

Each of us can stand up and be counted, and can really make a difference.


On the Habayitah website, you can read a great article by R’ Chananya Weissman that touches on this subject.

Snippet below:

Do you feel insignificant? Do you feel as if you are being swept along by the massive upheavals in our time, and it doesn’t matter what you do? Do you believe you are powerless to make a difference when rotten people control everything?

Eved Melech proves that you are very significant, and Hashem is keeping track of everything you do.

Your efforts to save someone might seem far-fetched, but they matter. Some of these efforts might even be successful; you might save a life!

Either way, you might just save your own.


Also today, I read THIS very powerful piece, on the OrwellCity.com website.

Here’s a snippet:

I told you that for everything they do, they need our collaboration.

Notice that even the guy at the newsstand collaborates with them when he asks you why you aren’t wearing a mask. Everybody is collaborating. At the moment we don’t collaborate with them —thanks to the knowledge we acquire— it’s all over. It’s all over. They always do it because they need us to collaborate. 

 ‘You, go there to make an atomic bomb.’ 

‘What do you mean? Why make an atomic bomb? I don’t work on that.’ 

‘Sorry? What do you want to do? I don’t know what? Mustard gas? What for? To kill who? I don’t want that job. I’m going to…’ 


In other words, we collaborate with them by hurting others.

Enough of hurting others for a salary, for a wage, or for whatever. Don’t hurt others anymore. 

‘What am I doing? Is this to harm someone? I don’t do it anymore. Or I change my trade and tell the one who orders me to do it. I don’t do this.’ 

‘I’m kicking you out.’ 

‘Well, I’m leaving. Goodbye.’ 

‘You’re not going to give me an employee’s salary here or I don’t know what for me to contribute to a crime.’ 

It’s as simple as that. 

And we can’t keep collaborating with these people. We’re all collaborating. Me included. 


Do you want to know what they are finding in these sealed vials of Covid 19 ‘vaccines’?

Not just the Pfizer vials – all of them! Moderna, AstraZenaca, J+J…

Here’s another snippet with links:

La Quinta Columna started showing the newest videos and photos from the analyses [and] the team they’re working with granted permission to share with followers. You can take a look at that exclusive material here:

    1. New exclusive photos and videos of COVID vaccination vial under light microscope

    2. More videos on unknown elements found in COVID vaccination vials

    3. Unknown materials found in COVID vaccines: Are they altering human DNA?


That the ‘vaccines’ are full of bio-toxic, radiowave-tunable graphene oxide is pretty much proved beyond a shadow of a doubt now.

But that’s not even the really worrying thing.

These ‘vaccines’ are literally swimming with stuff that looks and acts ‘alive’, that the researchers so far can’t even identify.

I think there’s a good chance it’s that DNA Origami, I wrote about in a bunch of places already (search for ‘DNA Origami’ on the site, and a bunch of articles will come up.)

Remember this?


It’s Israeli scientist Ido Bachelet, talking about how he was going to fit a billion DNA Origami nanobots into one syringe – and then use the internet to tell those nanobots how to perform ‘surgery’  inside the human body.

That was back in 2013, and then dear Ido dropped out of view and went to work on some secret project for….Pfizer.


Now, take a look at some of the images of the stuff being found in these ‘Covid 19 vaccines’:

(From HERE)


Show these pictures to your rabbi, your doctor, that guy in shul that keeps insisting you force-vax, force-test and force-mask, and have them explain to you what exactly this stuff is.

What is it?

Do they know?

Do they know what it’s meant to do?

Can they explain how this stuff is present in the Covid 19 shots, when none of it fits the ‘official description’ on the product insert?

Do they even know it’s in the ‘vaccines’ they keep telling everyone to run out and get?



Then how in God’s name can they be so sure these things are ‘safe’, and so sure these things are a ‘present from shemayim to heal people’, and so sure that doctors, and everything doctors do, only heals and doesn’t harm?

How in God’s name can they be collaborating with the people trying to pump these ‘vaccines’ into the bodies of even babies and small children?

That is the question.

But the bigger question is:

How much longer, are we all going to keep enabling this evil to continue?

And that’s something that only be answered by one person.




I only ever seem to find this stuff in a foreign language, but here’s Israeli cardiologist Dr Yehuda Adler, explaining how the number of people he’s now seeing with myocarditis has shot through the roof – and linking it explicitly to the Covid shots.

(Not shmirat eynayim friendly)


BH, I hope there will be more doctors and nurses who start to do the right thing, and to come clean about what’s really going on with these Covid shots.

(Clearly, I’m not holding my breath…)



Go and read this:


This isn”t just Israel’s problem, it’s happening all over the world.

Doctors and nurses and bureaucrats are the ‘smiling, caring face’ of what is effectively the 4th Reich.

And policeman, school principals, bus drivers and store owners are effectively it’s enforcement arm.

(And let’s not forget the army – where is the IDF in all this, when it’s not off ‘force-vaxxing’ new recruits in the middle of the night?)

We are all ‘joining hands with evil’…

And that really needs to stop.


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I just got sent this via email, and it deserves it’s own blog post, for easy reference and sharing around.


First, here’s the email I was sent:


“On Thursday (30/9), the Israeli Ministry of Health (MOH) posted a message on Facebook regarding the side effects from the Pfizer vaccine, noting that that vaccine was safe and that there were very few cases of side effects, inviting people to look at the presentation on their website.

Subsequently the post was flooded with thousands of responses of people (with full names and often pics) describing adverse side effects, many severe,  and debilitating. 

Including many cases of death of relatives and friends.   

In response, it appears that the Ministry of Health deleted many of these comments, claiming it was only deleting responses containing foul language.


Responses continue to pour in all the time.

Below is the link to the post – at this point of time, over 20000 responses have been posted.

Thousands of those responses from vaccinated individuals paint a terrifying picture of a health system in complete denial of vaccine injury reports, denying repeatedly any possible link between the vaccines and reported serious adverse events and blocking any option of reporting these injuries.

MOH also disabled  the translation feature of the comments of FB, even though English is one of Israel’s official languages.



A link to  a PDF of the machine translation of over 10,000 of the comments that were not deleted:


A link to the Hebrew mainstream media article:



I downloaded the PDF.

If you are worried about accessing the PDF from that unknown link, I am also sticking it on my website here:



Here’s some screenshots:

Israel Ministry of Health Let’s talk about the side effects


These screenshots are just from the first 5 pages of the Facebook responses….

And that document is literally over 900 pages long.

Here’s a few more screenshots, from random page 74 on – so you can see it’s literally FULL of the same things, thousands of people all sharing their pain about their own injuries, and the people they know personally in Israel who have been killed and seriously injured by these Covid shots:


Again, all this has been saved in the PDF – all 964 pages of it – which you can read for yourself below:


For the first time in a while, I’m feeling optimistic again, that finally, finally, the truth is going to come out – and those who are guilty will face justice, for what they’ve done to humanity in the name of ‘Covid 19’.

So, share this around and warn people to not go near any more of these poisonous shots.

In the next post, I will try to pull together some more ‘detoxing from the toxic shots’ information, BH.



To keep all this info together, I just found a graphic that is meant to show the huge, sudden spike in deaths (generally…) in Israel, beginning straight after the roll-out of the third shot:



I’m currently tinkering around on that site, trying to replicate this graph, and a few other things besides.

I’ll keep you updated, what I learn.


There is also a website and forum called The Israeli People’s Committee who are actively trying to pull information together about adverse reactions to Covid shots in Israel.

Of course, this is the Ministry of Health’s job, and of course, they blatantly haven’t been doing it, and have been doing everything in their power to break the link between deaths and injuries from the Covid shots, and the injections themselves.

THIS is the website – they have a lot of information in English, too:



And lastly, there is another death to report, of a 41 year old, fit Breslov chassid, called ‘the Chareidi Ninja’.

Rav Yishai Amino died today in the Rambam Hospital in Haifa after he fell ill with the Coronavirus a few weeks ago. Rav Yishai was also known as the “Charedi Ninja” as he taught many classes in self defense and Ninjutsu (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ninjutsu) and was the owner of the Breslov 24 Media website where he gave classes online in Breslov Chassidus.

He was 41 years old.


He was teaching a lot of ‘off the derech’ ex-Chareidi boys, including some of the ones I had living in my house for a while.

He was a very good person.

And I’ve been told (unverified), that he was fully ‘vaccinated’ against the Covid 19 that is meant to have killed him yesterday…

Baruch Dayan Emet.

Here is Rav Yishai in action. He’ll be sorely missed.

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I had a busy day yesterday.


One of my kids just moved up to Tsfat, to a really old apartment in the Old City that looks like it was built by the Crusaders.

It’s been newly-renovated, but the two bedrooms are still effectively ‘caves’ with no windows… and she woke up with a bad headache yesterday and wanted some advice on what to do to keep the oxygen content higher in the apartment.

Long story short, while we discussing that, the idea ‘salt lamp’ flashed into my brain.

I pay attention to those flashes of intuition, they always lead me somewhere interesting.


An hour later, I was on the road with my husband, heading out to Kibbut Barkai, to go and pick up three therapeutic salt lamps.

You can read a medical explanation of how these salt lamps work, in real time, HERE.

Snippet below:

This is an effective utilization of the healing potential of releasing salt particles into the air which can have a very positive effect on fluid absorption and withdrawal of congestion and edema, thereby reducing inflammatory processes in the skin and mucous membranes….

[N]egative ions are released into the air that are absorbed by the target cells in the respiratory and skin systems and greatly improve the activity of cilia (residues) in the cells.

As a result , oxygen absorption in the tissues significantly improves, helping to suppress inflammatory processes and thus improve the functioning of the tissues mentioned above, especially the airways and lungs.

I have personal experience with many patients , children and adults, after a bone marrow transplant who suffer from transplant complications-including toxicity of radiation and chemical treatments, damage of the implant disease against the recipient and complications of skin and respiratory infections…..

From being treated in the salt room… we observe excellent responses with improved lung function and significant relief in airway and skin symptoms.


It’s a post for another time, but more and more, I’m thinking the physical aspects of physical health are boiling down to an equation where we minimize ‘positive ions’ (that cause disease and cell degeneration) and maximise ‘negative ions’ (that heal the body).

BH, I will flesh out these bones another time, not least, because this also explains why there are literally a million things we can do, to start to heal on the ‘physical’ level, that will all work because they revolve around this idea of maximising ‘negative ions’.

There is NO ‘one way’ of healing.

God is bountiful and merciful, and has put healing potential out there in literally a million ways, so that everyone can access it, wherever they live, whatever their resources or circumstances.

But I digress.


So, on the way to Barkai, I stopped to take some pictures of just a small selection of the 5G towers that I noticed are ALL OVER JERUSALEM.

Here’s a few, for your delight and delectation, and for every one here, I noticed at least 3 more – including one camouflaged one, hanging off the front of the ‘Heichal Shlomo’ building next to the Great Synagoge on King George – that I didn’t take a picture of.

5G antenna in Givat Shaul, close the cemetery.


5G array on the roof of the main Magen Dovid Adom building, in Romema.


5G towers on the top of the Binyanei HaUma convention centre.


5G antenna on Mount Zion Hotel, Derech Hebron.


I think the salt lamp may help with all this unhealthy, positive-ion radiating 5G tech.

I’ll let you know.

But in the meantime, it really brought back to me that 5G is already ALL OVER JERUSALEM.

I had that small urge to run away again, to some nice, quiet village in the Golan, a million miles away from 5G…

That lasted about 10 minutes.

Because then, I started spotting 5G tech all over the massive orange-and-white-striped comms antennas that bracket Highway 1, out of Jerusalem.


And then, when we were up North, I started to see these massive 5G orange-and-white antennas literally right next to every yishuv, every village, every place where people live – and sometimes, also bang, smack in the middle of them.

There is no running away, Rivka, this 5G is literally every where….


Then, I started thinking about that poor bus driver, Asher Basson, who was involved in the fatal crash on Route 89, just a few days ago, that killed four other people.

As the story progressed, I noticed the media were planting some deliberately manipulative information in their accounts, such as THIS:

Maariv reported that the bus driver, 76-year-old Asher Bason, had 51 prior convictions for traffic violations. Police investigations show that Bason, who died in the crash, veered out of his lane in a no-pass zone, hitting the guardrail and three private vehicles.


Whenever I see the media doing a hatchet job on someone like this, I start questioning the motive.


On the Habayitah blog HERE, there’s a story about what really happened.

An eye-witness with footage from his dashcam went public that the bus was out of control for a while before the fatal crash – which means that either the bus had malfunctioned (unlikely) – or the driver had some sudden, fatal incident like a heart-attack or stroke at the wheel.

(Set your VPN to ‘Israel’, to be able to view this video from outside the country.)


And then, I remembered THIS post, on the OrwellCity.com website from September 23, 2021, making the link between the 5G antennas by the side of the roads in Spain, and lots of ‘unexplained’ fatalities happening right next to them.

La Quinta Columna on accidents near 5G antennas


Here’s the relevant snippet of the discussion:

Dr. Sevillano: Is that right there where the man had the accident? At that exit? Is that right there? 

Ricardo Delgado: Yes, right there. At kilometer 146, heading in the direction of Granada. And, right there, that’s where the antenna is. It’s like the case of the cyclist who fell dead at the foot of the telephone repeater. Or like that boy who suffered a heart attack and, fortunately, a girl who was participating in the MLK Trail race too saved his life. In Malaga, near La Coracha, where there’s also an antenna. Where they were running.

This is to say that all this somehow corroborates the initial suspicions we had. In people who are graphenated, the nanomaterial they carry is excited or triggers the clinical picturenear the sources of electromagnetic radiation since this substance is radio-modulable


Click the links to see more of the background, related posts they are referring to.

IFFFFF they hadn’t gone in so heavy trying to blame the bus driver by digging up 51 years’ worth of parking fines, I wouldn’t have paid so much attention to that accident up North, on Route 89. But as soon as they start throwing that sort of dirt around – you can be sure they are trying to cover something up.

So, this is definitely one to watch.

And as I mentioned, those massive 5G antennas are literally all over the place, up North.


On the way to Tsfat, I stopped in at Meron, to go and pray by the Rashbi.

There is currently an official enquiry going on, about ‘what happened that night in Meron’.

(As if we don’t already all know...)

Last week, one of my kids sent me THIS LINK, to a story about how some of the police are ‘breaking their silence’ about what really happened that night, and are starting to share incriminating evidence with the enquiry (which undoubtedly will do their very best to shove it as far under some carpet as they can.)

Here’s the relevant snippet, in Hebrew, but the basic gist is this:

The main police unit who have been responsible for safety at Meron every single year, before this year, were inexplicably ‘retired’ before this year’s planned murder event on L’ag B’omer.

עוד טוענים אותם קצינים שמדובר באירוע לאומי, שבשנים שעברו זכה לליווי צמוד של אגף המבצעים, בדגש על חטיבת האבטחה. “השנה, מסיבה לא ברורה, אף תמוהה, לא היה ליווי צמוד של חטיבת האבטחה והרישוי למבצע, והסתפקו בייעוץ מקצועי של רמת השטח”, כתבו הקצינים, והמליצו לחברי הוועדה לבדוק מדוע בשנת האסון, חטיבת האבטחה והרישוי בראשות תנ”צ מוריס חן, לא עסקה צמוד בהכנות.


Previously, THIS story also came out, Hebrew snippet below, which showed that:

Police Chief Shabtai Kobi himself INSISTED on half a million people having full, unfettered access to Meron, with no staging of arrivals, or co-ordination of entrance and exits, and refused to hold the bonfire lightings all at once, to ‘spread out the crowd’ – despite repeated warnings and pleas from those around him that there was going to be mass fatalities, otherwise.

למרות שלל האזהרות שהועלו על ידי הקצינים הבכירים, בסופו של דבר מי שהחל וסיכם את הדיון היה המפכ”ל שבתאי שהחליט לתת אור ירוק ולהתקדם עם האירוע כמתוכנן, והמשיך הלאה להציג ולאשר את התוכנית גם מול השר לביטחון הפנים לשעבר אמיר אוחנה.


Let’s not forget that the police were also just puppets.

The real people calling the shots was the politicians and the Ministry of Health, working for their ‘controllers’ abroad.

So, when you read ‘Amir Ohana’ was the one pushing for Meron to ‘happen’ the way it did, remember that Ohana was just a puppet of Netanyahu. And that Netanyahu is just a puppet of the Freemason-Frankist controllers, pulling all the strings behind the scenes here in Israel, and everywhere else, too.


So, I go down to the steps where the 45 people were murdered by the political establishment, that night on L’ag B’omer – and I couldn’t believe my eyes.

You see, I never went to that part of the compound before the MoH designed ‘tunnel of death’ had been built, so I had no idea how it usually looked, without all that extra scaffolding and suffocating white plastic walls.

I was so shocked, I asked my husband to come and take some pictures.


The whole place is totally open air!

Compare and contrast the above, with this:


Who killed those 45 people?

Simple: Whoever built that tunnel of death where it was previously totally open air, and then gated it – and kept the gates shut while 45 people asphyxiated to death in front of them.

Really, very simple.


After Meron, I delivered the salt lamp to the kid, helped clean some of the black mould off that cave-y Tsfat bathroom, and then started the long drive back home.

An hour out from Jerusalem, I got a text message from my friend that there was an Atzeret, a prayer gathering, happening for the Rav, by Ramle Prison.

Apparently today, there is another hearing, where the totally corrupt Israeli court will hear more ‘testimony’ from the totally corrupt State prosecutors as to why it’s OK for the State of Israel to renege on the plea bargain they made with the Rav, to put him back in prison, mamash, for an extra six months.

Remember, the whole case was conjured from thin air, invented from whole cloth, just to get the Rav ‘out of the way’ before the Covid 19 plandemic could really get under way, in Israel.

The week before the first restrictions in Israel occurred, the Rav was violently arrested and put in the clink – because the Rav is the key to redemption here, don’t forget.


When the Rav gets out, we all get out with him.

So the authorities here, and the Freemason-Frankist controllers, want him back in prison, so they can keep the rest of the population ‘imprisoned’ with fake Covid 19 and force-vaxxing and the whole rest of it, until their little evil population-control plan can be properly executed.

So, of course we had to go and pray, with the rest of Shuvu Banim!

I managed three Tikkun HaKlalis before I literally conked out exhausted in the car. My husband managed 7 – and then we drove home.

BH, I’m praying we hear good news on all fronts, very soon.

Because in case you didn’t realise it yet, everything is connected.



Baruch Hashem, his hearing was successful, that’s the message I got sent.

BH, that means he’ll be out end of October some time.

And then, things are going to get really interesting around here, as things start to flip over ‘for the good’.

I can’t wait.



I got sent this screenshot from a Facebook post by one of the bus driver’s relatives, saying he got the third Covid shot a few short days before the still unknown ‘medical incident’ that caused that horrible accident.


And I also got an update of where exactly the accident happened – even that information is almost impossible to come by, in the MSM.

It was behind the approach to Mount Meron:


Once again, we have that ‘Meron’ link.

I don’t know what it all means, but I can’t shake the notion, that 5G and what happened in Meron are somehow tied together.

But it’s just a notion still, at this stage.



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The last couple of days, I had a total freak-out.

If you read THIS article, ‘5G and Me‘, you’ll already know that wifi-connected, motion-sensing ‘Smart Streetlights’ popped up directly next to my home in Jerusalem shortly before Succot began.

Here’s how they look:

One of the new 5G lampposts on my street in Jerusalem.


You’ll also know that I spotted a new, MASSIVE MIMO 5G tower array built on top of the Mount Zion Hotel, overlooking the Guy Ben Hinnom valley right next to the Old City of Jerusalem.

Here’s how the 5G hardware looks – pay special attention to the long, white rectangular ‘boxes’.


This is the tell-tale ‘look’ of the 5G equipment, whatever base, or tower, it’s actually attached to:


So, a couple of days ago, I was walking past the park at the top of my neighborhood, where they’ve been laying new cables and steamrollering around for a couple of weeks already.

 I happened to ask one of the Arab workers, what are you building here?

And he, bless him, answered me honestly:


He said, before the slimy Israeli ‘boss’ next to him told him to shut up.

My heart fell to my stomach.

Oh my God!!!! They are literally building a massive 5G antenna right next to the park, right next to my house….


In case you don’t know why that’s so upsetting to me, please go and read this:

Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation

It’s a PDF copy of a document that was put together by the US Army Medical Intelligence and the Office of the Surgeon General, back in March 1976.

Because you see, while they’ve been busy pretending for the last 50 years microwaves are totally safe; and WiFi is totally safe; and of course Smart Phones and 5G tech is all totally, totally, TOTALLY!!!! safe….

The truth is somewhat different.


Here’s a screenshot of the Table of Contents of that report, and then I’ll pick out some key snippets, and screenshot them, too.











5G is broadcasting energy waves at the level that resonate with the biological, endocrine and cellular functions of the human body.

So, bad as ‘radiowaves’ and ‘microwaves’ really are, as they already knew back in 1976, and back with 2G, 3G and 4G – the negative effects on human health go way, way up, as soon as 5G shows up in your backyard.

(See THIS, on the Scientific American blog, for more details, entitled: We Have No Reason to Believe 5G Is Safe,  and also THIS, entitled: ‘A global catastrophe’: Radiation activist warns that 5G networks are ‘massive health experiment’)



As I was scanning the horizon today, walking back from the Kotel, I saw another massive array of 5G ‘white boxes’ on the top of a residential building on Keren HaYesod street, close to the Dan Hotel.

Then, I went for a walk with a friend around the Makor Chaim neighborhood in Talpiyot, and I was telling her how the Jerusalem municipality first ‘repaved’ the roads in my neighborhood – I think because the electrics for the Smart Lamp-posts are somehow connected to that, or maybe just as a diversionary tactic; then, put up the ‘Smart, Wifi-enabled, Motion-Sensoring, Spy-on-everyone-while-frying-their-brains-out new lamp-posts.

And then the last step is to build / connect those ‘Smart Lamp-posts’ to the 5G towers spaced around every 100-150 meters around the neighborhood and voila. 

Instant mass-surveillance, 24/7, plus the ability to ‘beam’ modulated energy waves straight at a specific person’s home, to achieve a specific end.


Right as she was telling me that she finds all that overwhelming, and that until and unless it shows up in her backyard, she can’t really deal with it, we both suddenly notice that the streetlights are dazzling bright, where we’re walking.


I squint up – and sure enough, we’re walking under a whole batch of brand new ‘Smart Lamp-posts’.

Then, I notice that the roads have all been re-done in this neighborhood too.

I start scanning the horizon – and then I spot the 5G white boxes, on top of an existing ‘tower’ atop the local Rami Levi Supermarket in Talpiyot.

The problem has already arrived in your backyard….


Take a look at the massive antenna on top of the Jerusalem City Hall Building, Safra Square, next to the neighborhood of Musrara.

It is now covered in a ton of those tell-tale, oblong white 5G boxes.

Now that I’ve seen what this 5G hardware looks like, I am seeing these towers, these arrays, these boxes everywhere I look, in the Holy City.

(And I’d like to invite my readers to send in more locations, either in Jerusalem or in Israel generally, where you can see these towers appear.)



Before I get into that, let me tell you two things to give you some hope.

  1. There are ways you can ‘5G proof’ your home – even if you are renting, and even if you don’t have a lot of money.

Here’s a good website, to start to learn more:


And HERE is a website where you can buy a whole bunch of products that can help to shield your home – and your family! – from 5G radiation.

I am personally hoping to buy one of the cave things…. (poor husband. As fast as he makes it, I spend it….)


2. When I was at the Kotel today, doing some serious praying to try to calm myself down about everything that’s going on, I got some very deep insight that when Moshiach is finally revealed, the ‘good energy’ in the world is going to increase dramatically.

It will be that rising sun, with healing in its wings – and it’s going to be an electro-magnetic / spiritual event.

The Kotel is the good heart of the world, the epicentre of that good, teshuva-inducing ‘electromagnetic energy’ – and THIS is why they are putting so much effort into ringing the Old City and the Kotel with massive 5G towers.

The bad guys know far more than we do, what’s about to happen – and it’s going to ultimately be good!

That holy ‘vibe’ of geula is going to spread out and amplify, and that is why they are racing against time to try to attach everyone to dark-side electromagnetism, before that happens.



But in the meantime, we all need to come out of denial, and start acknowledging the truth of what is happening around us.

If you go HERE, you’ll find a new article (that you can translate from the Spanish) entitled:

Covid 19 is a smoke screen for the radiation disease caused by 5G

It brings some very interesting info.

Did you know that the ‘Diamond Princess‘ – that famous Japanese Cruise Ship that was *apparently* responsible for ‘sparking off’ Covid 19 in Israel, and a bunch of other places – was one of the first cruise ships to be equipped with its own 5G tower?

No, neither did I.


Here’s another pertinent snippet:

Dr. Havas found that “cases of Covid-19 per million are 95% higher and deaths from covid-19 per million are 126% higher in states with 5G”.

“The results show a clear and close relationship between the rate of infection by coronavirus and the location of the antenna 5G”.

To put this another way, the closer you live to a 5G antenna, the ‘sicker’ you get with what they are telling you are ‘Covid 19’ symptoms, but really, it’s just another name for radiation poisoning.


It’s no coincidence that Wuhan was the 5G ‘test city’ for China.

It’s no coincidence that Milan was the 5G ‘test city’ for Italy.

It’s no coincidence that 5G was prevalent in NYC.

What all of these places have in common, is that they all witnessed high numbers of deaths of people dying from things that were not typical of colds or flu, as part of the ‘Covid 19’ plandemic.

I.e. people were dying from the toxic effects of 5G radiation poisoning, which where then ‘blamed’ on Covid 19.


This screenshot comes from THIS short Youtube video on Wuhan being the pilot city for 5G in China:


If you go HERE, you will find a research article by real scientists that clearly explains how 5G energy waves can be used to ‘create’ Coronaviruses in cells.

Here’s ‘a snippet:

In this research, we show that 5G millimeter waves could be absorbed by dermatologic cells acting like antennas, transferred to other cells and play the main role in producing Coronaviruses in biological cells.

The authors were forced to retract the article, which first appeared in the Journal of Biological Regulators and Homeostatic Agents, because they really gave the game away, with what is really causing the ‘Covid 19’ plandemic – and worse, what is really going to cause the next, more severe ‘waves’.


I will return to this subject again, but remember, the Covid 19 shots contain graphene oxide (amongst many other things…)

And that graphene oxide is ‘excited’ by 5G radiation.

And THAT is why the more ‘Covid shots’ a person has, the more likely they are to develop a very serious, or even fatal case of ‘Covid 19’.

And the closer you live to a 5G antenna…. and the more graphene oxide you’ve been pumped full of….

The more people will get sick and die, God forbid, while all the time they will says it’s because we didn’t ‘mask’ enough, or ‘vaccinate’ enough, or ‘social distance’ enough.

But all this is just one huge lie to cover up their big, population-control, 5G radiation experimental-genocide.


Let me leave you with THIS, the latest video from LaQuinta Columna, with English subtitles, that returns to the subject of what, exactly, is in these Covid shots.

You’ll see magnified images of the reduced Graphene Oxide, weird moving particles, and something that looks like an octopus-type-thingy on the end of a spaghetti.

None of these things should be in ANY vaccine.


Here’s a few screenshots:


No wonder so many people are getting blood clots and inflammation, if this is what is being injected into their bodies.

These images are only magnified to the power of 10X.



Don’t despair, even though all this is very overwhelming and upsetting.

I had a big chat with my husband about what ‘the point is’, of knowing about all this, when it seems we can’t do anything much about it.

I told him:

The point is, to keep on caring and to not switch off.

I cared so much about the 5G in the park, I did 3 hours of talking to God about it yesterday, and then also went off to the Kotel and to Kever David HaMelech to pray about it all, today.

And I feel better again.


It’s painful, yes, it’s worrying, yes.

But if we stop caring – then we already turned into the unfeeling robots with a heart of stone that they want us to be.

And God can rescue us from everything, even 5G and Covid shots.

But first, we have to ask Him.



I will BH pull more of this stuff together in a separate article, but I got the idea today that natural salt lamps could also be very useful – and much cheaper way – of helping to ‘detox’ the environment from bad radiation health effects.

They are proven to work for all sorts of respiratory illnesses, apparently including ‘Covid 19’ – which we already know is radiation-induced.

In Israel, check out this website:



I also found THIS protocol, on the SOTT website, that sounds similar to what is being suggested by LaQuinta Columna, but goes further, to get this nanotech graphene oxide detoxed out of the body (but it doesn’t state that explicitly.)


Health Protocol for Potential Mandatory Coronavirus Vaccination

This health protocol proposal is merely information – not advice. If readers need medical advice, they should consult a doctor or other appropriate medical professional.

Elliot Overton, CFMP, DIpCNM came up with a basic nutritional and lifestyle protocol that is easily accessible and could be started a week or two before a potential coronavirus vaccination. He suggests:


  • Improve cell energy turnover through stimulating mitochondrial energy metabolism
  • Immune modulation to prevent excessive/hyper-reactive immune response
  • Increase likelihood of mTOR inhibition to potentially reduce the likelihood of intracellular mRNA translation (theory)
  • Support antioxidant system and detoxification pathways

1-2 weeks BEFORE Vaccination

Immune modulators, anti-inflammatory and antioxidants

Glutathione & Precursors:

  • N-acetylcysteine (NAC) – 600mg x 4 per day (any brand)
  • Glycine – 5 grams powder per day
  • Liposomal glutathione – 500mg x 2 per day on an empty stomach (brand example here)
  • Rosemarinic acid – Source: example here for US. Alternatively, here in tincture form for UK/EU. Dose: 4-6 caps per day or, if using tincture, the dose recommended on the bottle
  • Curcumin – Seeking Health brand – Liposomal Curcumin & Resveratrol (available in most countries). 1 & ¼ tsp two times per day, on an empty stomach
  • Vitamin C – Dose (?)
  • Vitamin D – Dose (?)

Mitchondrial Cocktail:

Lifestyle interventions:

  • Cold therapy (cold showers, bathing – equal minutes per degree Celsius of water)
  • Fasting/calorie restriction – one possible idea is to fast for 12-24 hours before having the vaccine administered. After approximately 12 hours of fasting, mTOR is inhibited and AMPK is activated.
  • Type of exercise: Moderate-high intensity endurance exercise. Probably best to avoid weight lifting/resistance training in the days prior to vaccination.

Immediately AFTER Vaccination

  • 500mg liposomal glutathione, vitamin C (dose?)
  • Epsom salts bath – 4 cups salts, duration 20-30 minutes
  • Immediately enter sauna, endure 40-60 minutes at a reasonable temperature
  • After sauna, large glass of water containing: 1/4 tsp activated charcoal, 1/4 tsp bentonite clay (or alternatively 4 caps of a full-spectrum binder such as GI Detox by Bio-botanical Research).


Again, prayer, teshuva and tzedaka (especially pidyon nefesh) is our main line of defence with all this stuff.

But the ‘after vaccine’ advice feels intuitively helpful for me, based on other things I’ve read and researched.

Feel free to add in more tips and research in the comments, and I will pull all this together in a separate post too, BH.


You might also like this article:

Ah, so much disinformation flying around all over the place, accidental and deliberate.

***Updates Below***

It’s so true, what the Rav said back in 5775, (2015) about all the lies being told.

About everything.

Here’s a snippet:


Moshiach will come when he sees there are some people who aren’t being pulled and who know that it’s sheker and nothing is able to fool them or confuse them.

“Because as long as it’s possible to change people’s minds, to brainwash them to go for the sheker, and then to convince them to go against the sheker, Moshiach won’t have anywhere to go. Because then Moshiach will come and also convince people to come after him… No!

We need that the sheker will be able to convince everyone until it’s no longer possible for them to change their minds again.


“When everyone’s minds are turned around to the sheker, if there’s even a minyan left, 10 people left, like it says ‘Bei Knishta Hada’, (one small group of people) whose minds haven’t been turned by the sheker, then the Moshiach can be revealed, and he’ll reveal himself to this group of people.

And from here, it will go on and spread throughout the whole world.

“Like Rav Natan says, the main revelation of truth will be in the End of Days.

The falsehood will be spread in the world until it reaches its satisfaction, until there are almost no more people left that it needs to conquer. There won’t be any space for a point of truth.

Then, specifically, will ‘the lips of truth be established’, through the sheker being increased very much. 

When there’s more and more sheker, that’s when the truth will be established.


I would say we are really very close to what the Rav is describing above, which should give us all some hope, that things ARE about to flip around for the best, however it currently looks.

Here’s what I wanted to stress today:

Hitbodedut, talking to God for an hour a day, is the only way you are going to be able to cling on to ‘truth’ in this world of lies.

And that ‘truth’ is probably going to be very different from what any of us imagine.

It’s not the ‘truth’ of the MSM and Freemason-Frankist governments and MoH and corrupt oligarchs, that are lying about everything to do with the real aim of these ‘Covid shots’, and their claims of its efficacy and safety.

But, I’m increasingly coming to the conclusion that it’s not the ‘alternative truth’ either, that everyone who takes these shots is going to die an awful death, God forbid, at some point soon.

We didn’t get to the real truth, yet, so at least for me, I’m still keeping every option open, and I’m prepared to keep challenging all my assumptions, and to keep re-evaluating ‘the truth’ – or at least, my truth – as I go along in this process.


A few days’ ago, I tripped over a new website that really got me thinking.

It’s called ‘Unite4truth’, and from what I can see of the journalism on the site – which is properly researched and referenced, at least, so others can follow the thinking and the facts as the argument is unfolded – is top notch.

That’s one of the signs I look for, when I’m evaluating the sources of information. Are they balanced? Are they trying to give the reader as much information as they can, as much ‘raw material’ as they can, to come to their own conclusions?

Or is everything always ‘packaged up’ with one viewpoint, one message, and usually very short on links, real information and raw data?

(If you don’t know what I’m talking about go HERE, HERE or HERE, and you’ll instantly understand.)


So, I was browsing ‘Unite4truth’, and this one article really stood out to me, entitled:

Bigger Picture: Divide & Conquer Around Covid Cures to Align Public with Pharmaceutical Intervention

Here’s a crucial snippet:

The Preface:

Pharmaceutical drugs have been shown in recent years to be the third leading cause of death in American citizens.

Our prescription drugs kill us in large numbers

This number is likely FAR higher as many heart attacks, strokes, and other severe health events resulting in death induced by pharmaceutical drugs will ever be traced to the medication.

In different years, medical errors VYE for third spot:

Medical Errors No. 3 Cause of Death in U.S.

“It boils down to people dying from the care that they receive rather than the disease for which they are seeking care,” Makary told the newspaper”.

The Story:

The policy makers, public ‘health’ leadership, and media are working to get the public to demand Covid-19 pharmaceutical solutions as the REQUIRED solution for our health…and this occurring from all ‘sides’.

Cognitive dissonance is not just reserved for those in the vaccine advocacy community.

All of us have blind spots which will be targeted for manipulation. Disinformation should be EXPECTED on multiple fronts.


Here’s a couple other snippets from that post, that really zoom in on basic assumptions we’re all making about health and illness, as seen through the lens of ‘Covid 19’.

Snippet 2:

Many individuals whom are fully aware Covid-19 inoculations do not induce protection or prevention of disease are being led to champion alternative pharmaceutical solutions outside the realm of critical reason.

This blog has compiled extensive evidence which indicates Covid-19 is a disease of attribution to other cause.

Most in the vaccine opposition community are fully aware of the severe Covid-19 testing flaws, and understand the tests are ‘useless’ for detection of Sars CoV2, the virus attributed to cause Covid-19 symptoms.

The testing is how illness and disease arising from other causes are falsely attributed to Covid-19 infection.

Snippet 3:

Both sides are pushing unnecessary pharmaceutical solutions as cures for a disease not credibly documented to originate with Sars CoV2. an attributed disease which hardly ever results in the expression of severe symptoms with majority expressing no symptoms at all.

We now are at the point people are literally debating whether pesticide drugs (with studies being financed for Bill Gates) are better alternatives than injections which are inducing heart attacks and thrombosis in all population groups.

Whom does this debate actually serve?

Pharmaceutical drugs are not healing the population, they are one of the LEADING causes of death.


(This is a spoof… I think…)

Shmirat eynayim friendly.


I’m not getting into arguments for or against Ivermectin, and I’m certainly not slagging off people who have been using it as part of a Covid 19 protocol, apparently with very good results.

All that is missing the point.

And the point is this: what if health works in a totally different way, from the materialistic, mechanistic way we’ve all been taught to believe, that you need external ‘interventions’ and medicines and surgeries, to heal?

What if the human body can actually heal itself, once the real paradigm of how health works – together with the link to our emotions and our souls – is understood?

What then?


Personally, I haven’t been to a doctor in over a decade, for anything.

After a few run-ins with Western doctors who kept prescribing stuff that didn’t work, or even made the problem worse; or who kept trying to raise my anxiety about minor, ‘nothing illnesses’ through the roof, so they could keep me coming back again and again for their services, over the next 50 years; or who booked me in for ‘minor surgery’ for some discolored patches on my lips that was more a case of Grievous Bodily Harm than a medical procedure….


I decided that I couldn’t do a worse job of keeping myself healthy, without them and all their ‘cures’.

I wrote a whole book about how health links together across the three levels of body, mind and soul, and if you want to take a look, I think it’s still available HERE.

And I’m always learning new things about human health, and how God is just using our bodies to send us messages about what we need to work on, fix or change.


What I’ve learnt is that my health is way more a function of having healthy, unblocked and validated emotions; and of aligning with God, and being connected to God as much as possible – and also to the advice of His True Tzaddikim – than anything else.

But of course, that doesn’t mean I’m totally negating the ‘body’ side of things, because as you can see from what I write, that’s part and parcel of the whole ‘health’ picture.


So, let’s put some more ‘challenging’ ideas out there, just to get the mental juices stirring.

Could it be that ‘viruses’, as we have been taught to refer to them, have nothing to do with making us ‘ill’, and everything to do with taking poisons and toxins OUT of the body, in order to keep us healthy, long-term?

Here’s Rav Asherov (in Hebrew), basically explaining how this works:


Here’s how my friend succinctly sums up his words:

I think Rav Ashrov is saying that corona is nothing new, same as any other virus. And that a virus just means that our bodies are clearing out toxins. That’s it. 

So I guess this would mean what you were trying to explain to me that there are just that much more toxins in the air (chemtrails etc)  that people are needing to clear out of their systems = what the MSM calls ‘Corona.’
There is more to this, though.

The body is electro-magnetic – all of its functioning, from how proteins are synthesized, hormones switched on and off, thought processes, movements – it’s all electro-magnetic based.

That’s why I’m truly concerned about the rGO in the shots (and in everything else we’re eating, breathing and imbibing…), and also, why I’m truly concerned about 5G.

To sum things up as ‘tightly’ as I’m able, the things that really make a person chronically sick are:

1) Poisons and toxins. (Western ‘medications’ fall into this category…)
2) ‘Dirty’ electro-magnetism – which includes ionising and non-ionising radiation. (5G…)
3) Stress from our own negative character traits, like anger, jealousy, anxiety, hatred, despair, self-deception, arrogance etc – especially if repressed and not openly acknowledged.
4) Being cut off from God.
(And by the way, ‘being cut off from God’ is something that I also see in a lot of Torah-observant Jews…)

Let me end with a story of green snot.

Back when I was starting to figure out a few things about how human health really worked, I was friends with a vet.
This vet – almost against her will – was frequently corroborating a lot of my findings, as animals are only nefesh, i.e. they get sick as a result of being poisoned, radiated, or getting run over or beaten up.
One day, we both came down with very heavy colds.
I’d been doing a lot of ‘inner work’, and I really felt like all that green snot was toxins, negative emotions, ‘inflammation’, that my body was now getting rid of.
I felt lousy for a few days – but afterwards, I felt so, so much better, and lighter.

By contrast, my vet friend prescribed herself antibiotics for the ‘green pus’ she felt was streaming out of her nostrils.

And she does that every single time she gets sick.
And she gets sick A LOT.
Or at least, she did until she got divorced a little while ago, because being around ‘negative’ people is probably even worse than being fried alive by 5G.

I still have times when I feel really ‘ill’.

Usually, they correspond to times and situations when I’m under tremendous emotional pressure, or I’m ‘angry’ at God because of Covid, or something else that isn’t going to plan – at least, my plan – in my life.

But I’m also starting to notice how I feel after I eat certain processed foods now, and how I feel when I spend too much time around my WiFi.

And of course, the 5G towers and lamp-posts are going to have a huge, negative impact on everyone’s health.

(More on this soon.)

When I feel my ‘health’ sliding like this, I go and do a small pidyon with the Rav, Rav Berland – and it works.


Point is this:

If viruses are not what are making us sick, and are actually just the body’s way of cleaning out ‘toxins and poisons’ – what does that mean, for everything we are being told about what’s really causing SARS Covid 19, and how to treat it?

What does that mean, for ‘spike proteins’?

What does that mean, about Covid shots, and Ivermectin?

What does it mean, about what we can actually do, to stay healthy, even if we ‘got the shot’?

And why are so many of the alternative voices out there still sticking to stories of ‘killer viruses’ and ‘killer spike proteins’, when being poisoned by graphene biotech, and irradiated with 5G seems to be a far bigger concern, healthwise?

That is the question.



Everyone today knows that ‘DDT’ is poisonous (like, duh!) and can cause cancer in humans.

This comes from the Wikipedia article on DDT:

By October 1945, DDT was available for public sale in the United States. Although it was promoted by government and industry for use as an agricultural and household pesticide, there were also concerns about its use from the beginning.

Opposition to DDT was focused by the 1962 publication of Rachel Carson‘s book Silent Spring. It talked about environmental impacts that correlated with the widespread use of DDT in agriculture in the United States, and it questioned the logic of broadcasting potentially dangerous chemicals into the environment with little prior investigation of their environmental and health effects.

The book cited claims that DDT and other pesticides caused cancer and that their agricultural use was a threat to wildlife, particularly birds. 


Now, watch this – ‘intelligent Western scientists’ proving to ‘backwards, superstitious African tribesmen’ in 1947 that DDT is totally safe – and can even be sprayed on their breakfast porridge!


And you really think things have changed, since then?



You might also like this article:

There’s a few loose ends I want to tie up in this post.

I want to bring to your attention an additional response from the ‘pro-Covid shots’ blogger I was corresponding with, plus point out why it is you have to carefully double-check every single bit of information you are given yourself, before you believe it.

Even the stuff on this website.


To see the beginning of our email exchange, go HERE.

Here is the blogger’s response:


Something frequently missing from these conversations, which usually are brought from an American freedom culture perspective, is community responsibility. 
In the Gemora we learn that we have an obligation, a halachic requirement, to build a fence around our ROOF.  This seems somewhat silly, if we don’t intend to use our roof as a patio or living space, why would we build a fence?  Yet children or strangers might traverse our roof (this has more context in a place like Jerusalem’s old city where buildings are up against each other, or Brooklyn!) and come to injury if they fall off. 
Why is this our problem, we didn’t invite them there? 
Similarly there are a series of halachot about being required to repair walls or take care of trees that could fall into public space. 

Because we bear some community responsibility for the common safety of all of us.


In the case of this pandemic, we bear some community responsibility.

It is obvious we can’t go out ill where we could infect others and one who does so knowingly could be considered a rodef.  It is also clear that masking at times of high infection rates, even though it makes us uncomfortable and reduces social understanding, is an obligation (and this isn’t considering the laws in the area which may or may not require it). 
[Ed. note – we’ll get to this point in a minute.]
But we can also be obligated to take the very very tiny negative risk of getting vaccinated to provide increased protection for the community and society.  (Very very tiny does not mean some few in number people are not seriously affected or even die, it means the number is very few.)
Here’s a first hand story: 
My father, may he live and be well, has been a very healthy aging gentleman.  He ate well, exercised a lot, and in his mid 70’s was weightlifting 200 lbs. daily.  He suffered a moderate back problem and became partially paralyzed from the waist down – to the point of not being able to walk and requiring a catheter.  A spinal surgeon took a look, took some MRI’s, and determined some moderate spinal surgery should offer a full recovery…
Due to Corona it took several months to get the MRI, and then due to Corona, because the hospitals were devoting their full resources to caring for serious Corona cases and not taking chances on regular surgery, he was unable to schedule surgery FOR 1 YEAR.  In that one year as an old man, he deteriorated.  He could not exercise, he needed semi-full time care.  Because he is far away and due to travel restrictions, his family could not come and could not care for him.  So he suffered with minimal care and deteriorated.  

He is vaccinated, and he has not had Corona. 

But he was and is directly impacted by people having Corona.  (The good news is he finally had his surgery 2 weeks ago and is in rehab.  The bad news is given the level of deterioration, his new goal from walking miles a day and weight lifting is to be able to walk with a walker and be able to use the restroom on his own.)

There is no such thing as a vaccine or ANY medication without side effects, up to and including death. 

(Even Tylenol and Penicillin cause deaths every year.).
We take a small personal and societal risk on vaccinating and on using medications to improve our lives, improve our health, and to reduce or eliminate the risk of serious illness.  (Every wonder why there is no vaccination for warts or cold sores?  Because the illness isn’t serious enough to be worth the risk.)
Our hospitals are FULL of Corona patients, our outpatient care services are at max equipment use, society is suffering degraded health care services which is also affecting many non-Corona cases.  
There is a very strong argument that we owe it to society to vaccinate against Corona.  A (very) small number of people will be seriously injured or even die from that. 
But a much larger number of people will be injured and die if we do not.

I’ll leave it to other readers who probably have a much better grasp of the halacha to argue the finer points of ‘communal responsibility’ in this context.

Because what I want to focus on now is THE FACTS.

Plain and simple.

Again, I respect this blogger a lot, but when we’re literally discussing life and death situations, and when we’re pressuring people to ‘get the shots’, and when we have a large following online – we have a very big obligation to do our best to give the readers THE FACTS, and to do our homework on the information we are sharing.

BTW, that doesn’t mean we always get it right, because we are all fallible human beings. But it means we make our best effort to not spread disinformation and lies around, and to check things out to the best of our abilities.


So, I went to check the factual basis of some of these statements and assumptions, about Covid shots being no more dangerous than Tylenol and Penicillin, and here is what I found.

‘In that first post, the blogger stated this, in connection to the number of people dying and being serious injured from Covid shots, on the VAERS database:


The VAERS database is voluntary open reporting.  You could submit a report. 
The VAERS database also says 50,000 people are dying each year in the US from… Tylenol.
That’s quite a persuasive statement, eh!

Just one problem: It’s totally untrue.


The VAERS database only reports on vaccine injuries, and doesn’t even have a field for injuries from other medications, including Tylenol.
So I went back to the blogger before the chag, and I asked him to let me know where he got that figure of 50,000 ‘dying from Tylenol’ from, and I’ll update you accordingly.
From my own quick research, I got to THIS, the American Council on Science and Health website, from 2017, which suggests around 450 Americans die each year from an acetaminophen (i.e. Tylenol) overdose – with 350 of those being successful suicide attempts.

This is clearly not at all in the same category as people dying from *mandated*, experimental Covid shots.



What about deaths from Penicillin, in the USA?

Even a five second search gets you to THIS information, on the RightDiagnosis.com website:

400 people in the USA die from anaphylactic shock after being given penicillin.

Again, this figure is simply not at all in the same ball park as the tens of thousands of people who have already *officially* died from the Covid shots in the USA.

So now, let’s take a look at some comparative stats, shall we?

The CDC runs a website called ‘Wonder’, which you can get to HERE, that let’s you search the VAERS database.

I did a search to see how ‘deaths from Covid 19 shots’ in 2021 stacks up vs deaths from all other vaccines.

(Again, remember that these are only the REPORTED deaths, which could be anywhere from just 1%-10% of the actual events….)
Here’s a screenshot:

What you’ll notice is that while there ARE some deaths associated with the other vaccines, the highest number of deaths for any other vaccine is just 19, for the year 2021 – for the Hepatitis B vaccine.

Meanwhile, even according to the lying CDC, 12,609 people have so far died from the Covid 19 shots in 2021, in the USA.
And we still have 3 1/2 months to go!
But that’s not all.

When I search ‘ALL VACCINES’ in VAERS for 2021, looking for ‘PERMANENT DISABILITY’, the only results that come back are for the COVID 19 shot.

And strangely, there are only 108 of these ‘permanent disability’ reports on the VAERS database (screenshot below):

And when I search for ‘LIFE THREATENING’ events across ‘ALL VACCINES’ on the VAERS database, again, it seems the only vaccine coming back – at least in the first 100 results – is COVID 19 shots.

And again, there are only 567 reports listed…. (screenshot below).
Does this sound right, to you?
That a ‘vaccine’ that has *officially* caused 12,609 deaths in the last 9 months – in the US alone – has ONLY got 108 ‘PERMANENT DISABILITY’ reports, and 567 ‘LIFE THREATENING’ reports, on the VAERS database?

OR – does it sound like a whole bunch of ‘permanent disability’ and ‘life threatening’ reports connected with the COVID 19 shots are just kind of missing, from this equation?

Let’s get back to the blogger.

You can sum up the crux of his argument like this:

Our hospitals are FULL of Corona patients, our outpatient care services are at max equipment use, society is suffering degraded health care services which is also affecting many non-Corona cases.  
There is a very strong argument that we owe it to society to vaccinate against Corona.  A (very) small number of people will be seriously injured or even die from that. 
But a much larger number of people will be injured and die if we do not.
Let’s take the points step-by-step.

1) Our hospitals (in Israel) ARE full of Corona patients.

But guess what? 95% of the serious cases in the ICU ARE FULLY VACCINATED.

Watch this clip of Dr Kobi Haviv saying exactly this, on Israeli TV, from the beginning of August 2021:


So, even according to the ‘official narrative’ getting the Covid 19 shot doesn’t seem to be preventing serious Covid – and most of the seriously sick in Israel ARE FULLY VACCINATED.

Here’s another very important factor, to take into account.

There are ‘early intervention’ treatments available for Coronavirus, that work amazing well and don’t require hospitalisation.

Why aren’t these being used in Israel, at the early stages of ‘infection’ that the State knows all about, as it’s testing all its citizens all the time anyway?


Here’s another factor to consider, that only 14% of Covid patients who get a breathing tube end up surviving that process.

Again, this is sourced in a peer-reviewed paper, as explained by Dr Mike Hansen, below:
Screenshot of the relevant bit:
That quote reads:
“The ICU mortality rate among those who required non-invasive ventilation was 23 (79%) of 29 and among those who required invasive mechanical ventilation was 19 (86%) of 22.”
I.E., 86% of Covid patients put on ventilators die.
So, if vaccinations don’t keep a person out of the ICU…. and even seem to be contributing to people getting even more seriously ill with ‘Covid 19’…. And are also *officially* killing and maiming people in ridiculously high numbers… And we still don’t even know what the long-term side-effects are of these Covid shots….
Tell me again, how someone can state this and back it up FACTUALLY?

There is a very strong argument that we owe it to society to vaccinate against Corona. 

And let’s not even talk about the undisclosed graphene oxide nanotech in the Covid shots….
Nor of the deliberate ‘euthanising’ of the old in care homes, and of people on ventilators in hospitals, with substances like Midazolam, and then tagging them as having died from ‘Covid 19’.
Even the bought-and-paid for ‘factchecking’ sites are having trouble trying to explain away the FACT that the UK government, for example, stockpiled massive stores of Midazolam, shortly before Covid 19 began.
This snippet comes from the FullFact.org website:

The government did stockpile midazolam 

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the government did stockpile certain medications, including midazolam. 

DHSC told Full Fact: “COVID-19 has brought about an increase in global and UK demand for a number of medicines, including midazolam to support patients in intensive care or at the end of their lives.”


Point is this:

If the bloggers you are reading are not doing their homework, and not doing at least basic due diligence on the information they are passing along as ‘FACT’ – don’t trust their conclusions.

Do your own research, dig into all the statistics you are being fed, and all the lies you are being told, before coming to any conclusions.
And to the blogger himself, who has been steadfastly encouraging everyone he knows to ‘vaccinate’ with these experimental gene therapy Covid shots that are literally killing and maiming hundreds of thousands of people all over the world – without providing any protection from ‘Covid 19’, nor preventing the transmission of ‘Covid 19’ to others…
Please, do some serious soul-searching.

If you persuaded even just one person to ‘vaccinate’ by using fake stats and faulty information; if you deliberately misrepresented the safety of these ‘vaccines’ to even one person, and they get injured or die as a result….


There are halachot about placing a stumbling block before the blind.
And as someone once said:
In the case of this pandemic, we bear some community responsibility.

Not least, to make sure we have our facts straight, before we start pushing people into taking untested medications that could kill or seriously injure them.



Here is how the Israel MoH is fudging the stats on how many of the ‘seriously ill’ with Covid 19 are actually vaccinated, in real time, from their own Corona virus dashboard.

The above screenshot shows the ‘assumptions’ being used to determine who is ‘vaccinated’ and who isn’t, in Israel, when it comes to the stats for ‘seriously ill with Covid 19’.

Let’s zoom in on what it says (in the original Hebrew):



You’ll notice that ‘vaccinated’, according to the MoH in Israel are only those people who are:

“Vaccinated with a booster dose – those who have recieved 3 doses of vaccine and have gone 7 days since receiving the third dose.”

Then, you’ll notice that while there are only 3 lines on that graph for the seriously ill, as follows:

  1. Vaccinated with a booster shot – JADE GREEN
  2. Vaccinated without a booster shot – GREEN
  3. “Unvaccinated” – LIGHT BLUE


The descriptions of who fits into the ‘unvaccinated’ category is stated as this:

“PARTIALLY VACCINATED: Those who have recieved 3 doses of vaccine and 7 days haven’t yet passed, or those who have recieved 2 doses of vaccine and 7 days haven’t yet passed receiving the second dose, or those who have been vaccinated with one dose and 7 days haven’t yet passed since receiving the dose.

UNVACCINATED: Those who did not recieve a first dose of vaccination.”


Does this make any sense to you?

Clearly, there should be at least 5 separate categories here, for a truthful picture of the ‘seriously ill with Covid’ in Israel.

  1. People who have not been vaccinated with any Covid shots ever, i.e. truly UNVACCINATED.
  2. People who had one shot.
  3. People who had two shots.
  4. People who had three shots.
  5. People who have RECOVERED from Covid.


That’s not what’s happening here.

And according to this statement on the MoH’s own website, even people who have 3 shots of vaccine are still considered ‘partially vaccinated’, if a week hasn’t passed since they got that shot.

And we also know that most of the deaths and serious injuries occuring from these Covid 19 shots are happening within that first week, when CO-IN-CID-ENT-ALLY, they won’t be counted as ‘vaccinated at all’, or ‘double-vaccinated’, or even ‘vaccinated with the booster shot’.


These stats are a joke!

Where are the ‘recovered with no vaccination’ in this picture?

Where is the official breakdown of the number of serious reactions – including deaths – from these Pfizer shots in Israel?

I hope the magic spell the Freemason-Frankists who are running the State of Israel, and the MoH have cast on the population ends soon.
Tatty, it’s enough already.


One more interesting update on the stats, this time from the government’s datadashboard.health.gov.il website, aka the ‘Corona Control Panel’.
If you go to something called the Post-Vaccine Verification Table dataset, and then download it, so it’s actually readable, and then do a little bit of digging, this is what you find:

Let me walk you through some of the sums you’ll find here, so we can try to tease out what’s really going on.

Exhibit 1: Total Cases of ‘Covid 19’ in Israel, since the start of the pandemic.

Worldometer gets its stats directly from Israel’s Ministry of Health.

They say that since the start of the Covid 19 (fake…) pandemic in February 2020, Israel has had 1,275,405 people diagnosed with Covid 19 – and just 7,692 people have died.
It’s important to remember this, because the push for force masking and force-vaxxing is NOT born out by a massive threat to life. 
Now, if we go to the ‘Post Vaccine Verification Table’, we learn that these figures begin on the December 20, 2020 – apparently when Israel began it’s first wave of ‘Covid 19’ Pfizer shots.
According to that table, it shows that:

263,209 people still got Covid 19 AFTER they were vaccinated.

And apparently, 622,502 people got Covid 19 who are not vaccinated.
(Whatever that actually means, as we’ve already pinned down it doesn’t mean they didn’t have the shot.)

So in total, over 885,000 people still got Covid 19 in the last 10 months – when the government was ‘force-vaxxing’ everything that moved.


So, how many people got ‘Covid 19’ in Israel, in the 10 months from February 2020 to December 2020, when there were NO vaccinations?

Just under 390,000 people.
To put it another way, you are 2.5 times MORE LIKELY to get infected with Covid 19 in ‘force-vaxxing’ Israel than you are in ‘no vaxxing’ Israel.
Is this how ‘vaccines’ are really meant to work?
But there’s more.
What you see, when you check under the tab marked: positive_above_20_days_after_2nd_dose (Column ‘J’ if you download the spreadsheet yourself and open in Excel) is this:
There is a MASSIVE spike in people getting infected with Covid 19 in the category of ‘testing positive when they had 2 doses, more than 20 days after they got the 2nd vaccine.’
Around 163,000 doubly-vaccinated people ‘developed’ Covid 19, with the really massive numbers of infections starting in the middle of July 2021.
I.E. just as they were rolling out the ‘3rd shot’ in Israel, beginning July 11, 2021, as you can see from this screenshot from Reuters:

Now we know that the MoH doesn’t count someone as ‘vaccinated’ with the third dose until after a week has past since they got the shot.

So, I am willing to bet the farm that the massive spike in people ‘infected’ with Covid 19 who were doubly-vaccinated, beginning in the middle of July 2021, are actually folks who got the 3rd Covid jab, but weren’t counted as such in the stats.

Because if they were, then we’d all see that it’s the Covid shots themselves, that are making people ill with ‘Covid 19’ symptoms, and creating all these so-called ‘variants’.

And that would never do at all, would it?
Last thing to note:

The real discussion here has to be about deaths and serious illnesses, as a result of ‘Covid 19’, and not more meaningless drivel about ‘rate of infection’.

I’d love to tell you what the official MoH database says about these figures – but I can’t, because it’s not functioning.
Here’s where you are meant to find that information, on the ‘Corona Control Panel’:

But when you click on, or even try to download it, the screen just comes up with a bunch of FALSEs….

And no real stats or information.

Which strangely, makes this Excel spreadsheet probably the most honest one of all, put out by Israel’s Orwellian Ministry of Health.

Let’s stop there for today.
I hope I gave you enough real information for you to come to your own conclusion about the validity of this statement:
There is a very strong argument that we owe it to society to vaccinate against Corona.  A (very) small number of people will be seriously injured or even die from that. 
But a much larger number of people will be injured and die if we do not.

Personally, I’m not seeing anything – at all – that suggests this is true.

But as always, double-check everything for yourself, and make up your own mind.


R’ Chananya Weissman wrote a long piece entitled Public Safety in the Torah, which you can read HERE.
Here’s some relevant snippets:

Anything can be rationalized in the interests of public safety, and these days it sure is.

The day will come when “medical ethicists” declare that we should murder certain people to harvest their organs. After all, if we can sacrifice one life to save many lives – particularly if the first life is not “worthwhile” – it should be done for the greater good.

The only source we can turn to for objective moral truth is the Torah. Let’s see what the Torah has to say about public safety.


Of the 613 mitzvos, there is exactly one which obligates people to take a proactive measure to reduce the likelihood of others being harmed in the course of normal life.

This is mitzvah #494 in the Rambam’s count, to make a fence for one’s roof to prevent someone from falling (Devarim 22:8). This is followed by the negative commandment not to place blood in one’s house.

Chazal derive from this a prohibition to keep a dangerous dog or a faulty ladder in one’s home. The Rambam elaborates that we should build fences around dangerous buildings and pits, and remove things that pose a clear and direct threat to human life. Contemporary examples would include having safe construction sites, maintaining roads and other infrastructure, and clearing minefields. (See Sefer Hamitzvos positive commandment #184, negative commandment #298, Kesubos 41B, Bava Basra 61A.)


Rashi cites a Midrash that provides important insight into the Torah’s position on public safety.

The Torah refers to the potential victim as “the one who will fall”. One who is destined to fall will fall regardless of whether or not the homeowner builds a fence on his roof. The Torah is commanding us to prevent the tragedy from happening in our home.

In essence, the mitzvah is not so much to protect the lives of others, for the Angel of Death will do his job regardless when the time comes, but to protect ourselves from being his assistant! Obviously we are forbidden to actively jeopardize other people’s lives, but this does not condone restricting normal human behavior inside or outside their homes.

We must take basic protective measures to ensure that a tragic accident – which will happen anyway – will not happen in our domain, and that’s it…


…The Torah does not obligate people to take extreme, self-harming measures to protect others from unintended harm.

One who takes such measures voluntarily is either a saint or a fool, but this is never imposed on people. The damage caused to society by such measures far outweighs any presumed benefits, especially in light of the fact that whoever must fall will fall regardless. The imposition of extreme protective measures on the public will always cause more harm than good, and violates the Torah’s teachings on human rights….

Those who claim that anything goes in the name of “public health” and “the greater good” are ignorant of history, and abetting evil.

All the above will have to give a reckoning for every ounce of harm they inflict on individuals and on society.

Those who voluntarily wish to take extreme precautions to avoid the slightest chance of harm may do so, but they are mostly likely exhibiting mental illness or lack of faith.

Ah, loving that last line!
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