A couple of people sent me a link to this, so I’m posting it up here, as it’s really important to at least be aware of what’s going on in Israel.

First, you can read more of the background HERE, and below is a snippet about the webinar:

This Sunday evening, there is a zoom meeting on the subject. Details and letter from the Honenu organization, an Israeli Zionist legal aid organization that offers legal assistance to people experiencing difficulty in receiving a fair judicial process, below:

Dear Friends,

Its been almost seven years since Amiram Ben Uliel was arrested, tortured and incarcerated for a crime we know he did not commit.

He is allowed minimal visitors, always with a glass partition between them, and he is being held in solitary confinement , without phone privileges.

Not even a hug for his daughter!

We have scheduled this call to update you about Amiram’s condition and to see what we can do together to improve his plight.


The webinar will take place at:

10:00 a.m. PST

1:00 PM, EST

8:00 p.m. Israel

Experts will discuss the affiar, including:

Prof Ari Zivotofsky, professor of neuroscience, Bar-Ilan University

Honenu Attorney Yitzhak Baum

Rabbi Steven Pruzansky , JD, Rabbi Emeritus of Congregation Bnai Yeshuran, Teaneck, NJ

Please join us. Your participation means so much to Orian, Amiram’s wife who will be joining us on the call.

To register:



It’s honestly so hard to read about what the State of Israel, and the Shabak, is doing to people like Amiram Ben Uliel.

But it paints a stark picture of what has gone so wrong in this country:

Shabak torturing religious Jews to obtain false confessions to serve a political narrative that is ‘anti’ religious Jews?!?!?

I wrote more about Amiram’s plight HERE, and if you can at least register with the webinar to show your support, please do so.

The puppet-politicians here really only care about money and appearances, so if more people start to pay attention to the awful things that have been done to Amiram, and others, that is the best chance of getting this to ‘move’, in addition to praying for Amiram.


The guy has been in prison FOR SEVEN YEARS, based on a false confession the Shabak extracted by torturing him….

There are no words.


And while we’re on the subject of just how rotten and corrupt the State of Israel really is, let me also just mention what’s been going on at Gilboa prison.

Again, you can read more of the background HERE.

The basic story is that the Israeli Prison Service was ‘pimping’ female soldiers in the IDF to Palestinian murderers and terrorists in the maximum security Gilboa prison.

Of course, that was happening against these female soldiers will, it’s not something they agreed to, or signed up for (as if….)

But when they raised a formal complaint, the Israeli Prison Service tried to squash the case and silence them.

As always seems to happen in the State of Israel, when you’re dealing with the real crimes of the people in charge here.


Here’s a snippet of the letter one of the victims wrote, to try to crowdfund to pay her legal costs to get this disgusting scandal out in the open:

“Everyone knows his name, it’s been all over the press, and yet this villain has requested his name be censored.

He knows why, he knows very well what they do in the prisons for rapists,” she added. “I will call him M.A., these are the initials of his name. I wish I had never met him. I wish I had never enlisted to serve as a prison guard. I thought I had strength, that I would contribute to the country, but at the end of my military service, I became the terrorist’s private sex slave.”


I am at the stage now where I would do everything in my power, at this point, to persuade my children out of serving the corrupt State of Israel in any capacity.

Not as Shabak agents who torture religious Jews to extract confessions.

Not as ‘Prison Service’ officials, who send Jewish female soldiers to be raped by Palestinian terrorists in the prisons they control.

And definitely not as police, who abuse children for not wearing masks, organise the mass-murder of pilgrims to Meron, and wink at all the awful pedophilia and exploitation of human beings going on all over the place.


But this problem is not just confined to the army or the police or the Shabak or the government.

The spiritual corruption is literally everywhere a person turns these days.

And God is making it abundantly clear, that a stark choice has to be made, about who we hold hands with, who we support, who we work for, who we really obey.

On so many levels.


So, don’t forget there is a webinar today to show support for Amiram Ben Uliel, in prison for seven years for crimes he didn’t commit, while Palestinian murderers are being sent Jewish soldiers to ‘service them’ in Gilboa prison while no-one bats an eyelid.

Welcome to ‘justice’, Sdom-style.


To register:



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So, y’all know that I very rarely post up my dreams here, because other people’s dreams are boring.

Also, let’s be honest that I don’t have a lot of dreams that I remember.

But occasionally, I have a dream that strikes me as really meaningful, AND that I actually remember.

And that’s what happened this morning.


In the dream, I was at some sort of press conference, with a bunch of ‘frum’ Jews who were being interviewed about something ‘bad’ that had just happened to them.

I was standing next to one of the minor characters in the whole story, and I just kept looking at him, trying to place him.

I told him: You look really familiar to me…

And that didn’t make him happy. He started squirming around all over the place.

Then, the ‘main character’ was talking to the journalists about the terrible thing he’d apparently just gone through, when I finally placed him.

Hey!!! You are the guys from the ‘murder in the Old City’!

I turned to the guy next to me and told him: Hey, you are the guy who is supposed to be dead!!!

He cracked up laughing, and admitted that yes, that was him.

And then I asked him why the government was being so retarded, that they were just re-using their crisis actors instead of getting new ones.


I woke up in such a good mood.


Because I just feel in my bones, that this world of lies is about to crumple into dust.

And especially, the ‘frum world of lies’, that has been keeping so many of us trapped in a fake version of Judaism that’s put the emphasis on external appearance, whilst totally neglecting the real work to be done, of developing emuna and working on overcoming our bad middot.


If you look around right now, ‘the narrative’ is imploding all over the place.

Even people like Fauci and Deborah Birx themselves are being called out on national TV for saying that the Covid shots don’t work and cause serious side effects.

Watch this:


And THIS piece highlighting the adverse side effects of the Covid shots comes from the NIH’s own website.


That last line reads:

According to European Medicines Agency recommendations, frequent COVID-19 booster shots could adversely affect the immune response and may not be feasible.

(Hey, do you think they’ve also been taken in by all the ‘conspiracy theories’ about the Covid shots? Now, that would be a ridiculous ‘conspiracy theory’, wouldn’t it….)


All the ‘interfaith’ cack is finally starting to crumble, at least on the Jewish side of the fence, where more and more of us are understanding that any frum Jew who is pushing ‘interfaith’ anything is really NOT a frum Jew.

There is growing push-back now against the LGBTQ++++ whatever missionaries, who have been flooding our social media and ‘news’ sites with unchallenged propaganda.

And even in the small ways, the smaller stories, I’m seeing that most of the people who take the time to comment – about monkey pox being a bunch of BS; about the police doing nothing except cover up for pedos and criminals; about politicians all being corrupt, no matter who you vote for, about the ‘woke’ agenda being one of the most malevolent and evil bits of social programming ever foisted on society – are just not buying the ‘story’ anymore.

The world of lies is crumbling before our eyes.


Of course, this is the part that can be the most dangerous.

As the floor falls away, lots of people are going to suffer tremendously, unless they are holding on firmly to God, His Torah, and His true tzaddikim.

So many of the people who ‘think’ they have emuna…. who ‘think’ that they are following ‘true tzaddikim’…. who ‘think’ that the Daily Mail, or BBC, or CNN, or Channel 13, or Hamodia, really doesn’t lie about anything and is totally ‘independent journalism’ are about to get the shock of their life.

All those people who believed the government propaganda about the Covid shots….

All the people who still think that the State of Israel is only and ever the good guy, and that our Jewish community is only being lead by ‘tzaddikim’, mamash (with hundreds of millions in the bank and tight connections with corrupt oligarchs and puppet politicians…)

They are going to get the shock of their lives, when this whole world of lies finally comes tumbling down.

And it’s happening, before our eyes.


I have a feeling Moishy Kleinerman is a big part of this next stage.

I have a feeling he is still alive – based on what multiple kabbalists have said.

And that whatever he ran away from, is going to be the final nail in the coffin of the world of lies, especially the ‘frum’ part of it, if and when it’s fully exposed.

I guess we’ll see.


But in the meantime….

Even though it’s the three weeks….

There is a good vibe starting to spread out of Jerusalem.

A vibe of hope and truth and justice.

If it hasn’t yet reached your part of the universe, hold on, because it’s coming.

It’s pulverising the world of lies into dust.

And nothing can stop it.


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Let’s take a closer look at Ariel Cohen Alloro.

He’s an externally orthodox Jew for Jesus, who claims that:

a) R Yitzhak Ginsburgh is his rabbi.

b) R’ Yitzhak Ginsburgh knows about his plan to ‘redeem’ Yoshki with $2 million, and is supporting it. 

c) R’ Ginsburgh has agreed to act as the ‘judge’ in a televised retrial of Yoshki, with Ariel Cohen Alloro arguing the case for Yoshki against 10 (hired…) rabbis.

(You can read Part 1 HERE).


There are a number of serious implications, if these claims are true.

Let’s see what we can find these people saying, from their own words and videos, and then you make up your own minds. Let’s start with this:



A video put up by Ariel Cohen Alloro called: Ariel Cohen Alloro – with his Rabbi, Rav Ginsburgh, the eve of Yom Kippur 5778



[Rav Ginsburgh greets Alloro warmly, and gives him a piece of cake]

Alloro: This isn’t instead of the $2 million, is it (Lekah = 2 million in gematria]

R Ginsburgh: No it isn’t. I am doing my best to be patient, but please hurry up. 

Alloro: Hurry about about what?

R Ginsburgh: About the 2 million.

Alloro: But I’ve brought you someone with the 2 million!

R Ginsburgh: He was not serious enough.

(The rest of their discussion is deliberately muted.)



A video of Cohen-Alloro preaching his message about Yoshke, and talking to a whole bunch of other externally ‘orthodox’ rabbis who seem to be loving what he’s saying (!).

(If anyone out there can help me identify the other rabbis, please leave the info in the comments section.)

The video is entitled: Ariel Cohen Alloro with his Rabbi, about reconciliation of Judaism and Christianity.

The subtitle is: The Return of Jesus

Warning: I found this video VERY disturbing for a lot of different reasons, and some of the people I sent this on to couldn’t even watch more than a minute, because they felt it was coming from a very bad place, spiritually.


Here’s some screenshots:

This is setting up the idea that Yoshke was the ‘Messiah ben Joseph’ (and can you guess who he and his rabbi thinks is the ‘Messiah ben David’?)


Screenshot of Cohen-Alloro discussing ‘his rabbi’s’ belief in his project (and of Yoshke as ‘Moshiach ben Joseph’):


“The Rabbi is too big that people would say it is just another one who went crazy.”


Screenshot of Cohen-Alloro referring specifically to R Ginsburgh:


“If I can do it and no Rabbi came against me, then no doubt that Rabbi Ginsburgh can do it, that he has the means.”


Screenshot of the other guy talking about this (anyone know who he is?) confirming that if Rabbi Ginsburgh opens his mouth to talk about Jesus, it’s going to cause a huge ruckus:


“If Rabbi Ginsburgh opens his mouth and stands openly on this matter, it is going to be a great tumult of God.”


This video then cuts to an excerpt of Cohen-Alloro playing the keyboards at an event where R Ginsburgh is speaking at a Kislev 19 Chanukah event, in 5778 (December 12, 2017).


Let’s take a closer look at what R Ginsburgh himself is saying at this event.

You can see the full video HERE, and below, I’ve excerpted the snippet that I’m going to bring the full transcript for, below.


Transcript of some of R Ginsburgh’s comments at the 19th Kislev event on Chanukah 5778:

[Note: I am basing this on the English subtitles under the video itself.]

As we said, in order to connect and buy the heart of the people, we need to be with everyone and we need to be with the attitude of permission, with ‘the power of the permission that is better’.

Because the simple people will never buy the attitude of the dossim (negative slang term for ultra-orthodox).

The attitude of the dossim will never bring the Kingdom of Israel in the land of Israel.

And for sure, it isn’t the attitude of ‘the new Torah that will come out from me’, also for the people of Israel who sit in the land of Israel, also for Jews in the Diaspora, and also, l’havdil, for the nations of the world.


A most important example of what it means to ‘permit the forbidden’ in our generation is what the Lubavitcher Rebbe says, that we need to go out and negotiate and spread the Torah among the nations of the world.

A thing that was forbidden in previous generations!

What is ‘forbidden’? It’s a taboo.

Out of certain reasons, out of fear, or from another reason that isn’t forbidden from the Torah. On the contrary!

The Rebbe says it is a command from the Torah!

But as the minhag of Israel becomes Torah, and as according to the minhag it was made a taboo.

And to permit the forbidden is to permit taboos.


This is the primary thing of permitting the forbidden.

There are many things that are a taboo, and particularly the things concerning the image of Esav (Christianity) and what is related to him.

This is exactly what the Rebbe said, that Esav is ready, he only waits for us to be ready. 

So why isn’t Jacob ready? There is a ‘Jacob’ that is far away from the Torah and mitzvot.

But there is a ‘Jacob’ that is apparently close to Torah and mitzvot. But his Torah and mitzvot are in the ‘Egypt’ of holiness, within the contraction, within the forbidden. So he himself is imprisoned.

All the time, he is imprisoned within the tzimtzum (contraction), he has no common language and ability to communicate, not with the people of Israel in the Aretz here, and surely not  with the nations of the world.


And we will finish with this thought that the Melech HaMoshiach should come and redeem us, and bind us with him, as bridge and groom in a wedding day.

And we should be ready for that marriage, between the people of Israel and the Melech HaMoshiach, to be ‘with the king’ in his rule.

To be partners in this new creation of the king.

And according to this ‘new Torah’, that is the power of permission [permitting?], that is a Torah that doesn’t threaten with a belt


Let’s say one more simple word.

When is the time to talk to Esav (Christianity)?

Literally, in the moment that the ‘belt’ of Esav is made loose towards us! 

Why was it a taboo all the time, to make with him negotiations, and also to speak of subjects that are connected with his culture, that it’s a taboo for any chareidi Jew to even talk of it?

Why? Because he symbolised the ‘belt’. 

And that is what the Rebbe himself says: in the moment that the world changes, Esav himself isn’t that tough anymore, and his belt is made loose. Indeed, the belt is made loose on his side.


It is also a ‘feeling’, it’s possible to err about this. 

It’s a sense about Esav that now doesn’t come, like when Jacob went to meet him fearing, back then, and then he really came with 400 men to kill him.

But if the Rebbe said now is not the case, then it means that Esav’s belt is made loose.

Therefore, the world belt (retzua) equals ‘Esav’. And in the moment the belt is made loose, then by us also the belt is made loose.

It’s a mutual thing!

And then, when we succeed to connect together and to prolong the abundant lights of ‘I have a lot’ within the rectified tools of ‘I have enough’, then we will merit to serve God with joy.


You come to your own conclusions about all this.

But for me hearing this, I was struck at how exactly similarly these remarks are, to so many of the teachings of the Sabbatean-Frankist preachers who were pushing to rehabilitate Yoshki as a ‘misunderstood righteous Jew’, and to bring Judaism and xtianity together in a ‘new religion’ where ‘Moshiach ben Ephraim’ and Moshiach ben David’ would be united.

Permitting the forbidden is a classic Sabbatean concept.

Introducing a ‘higher Torah’ where everything is permitted (including a whole bunch of ‘taboos’ we’ve been writing about here on the blog….)because now the Moshiach has come, and the world is rectified and sin doesn’t exist anymore is a classic Sabbatean concept.

Ha mavin yavin.


If you are still unsure of what Cohen-Alloro wants to do, take a listen to THIS interview he gave to a messianic conference in Jerusalem (where else?!) also in 2017.

At around the 15 minute mark, he starts talking about wanting to raise $2 million from every Jew to ‘redeem Yoshki’, and pay for a televised retrial over six months, where he’ll argue the case for Yoshki as ‘Esav’ against 10 rabbis he will hire, in front of his ‘rabbi’.

And this has been going on for years.


One of my readers sent me this:

He seems to have been at this thing of getting 2 million dollars since 2011 as evidenced by the following screenshot (taken from https://www.christianforums.com/threads/the-retrial-of-yeshua.7581536/ page 1)



A screenshot of a  Facebook post on Cohen-Alloro’s page from 2013, where he says this:



This, according to the view tha “in the Future the Pig [Chazir] will return [leChazur] to Israel”, and (2S 14:14) “levilti yidach mimenu nidach” (so that the banished person may not remain exiled from Him) (=692; Esau + Yeshu).
Thanks to this operation we have green light (to operate) from the Christia wold for the purpose of Tikkun (rectification). To make the Chazir (pig) kosher, and eventually bring peace between Christianiy and Judaism.


A Q+A from Cohen-Alloro’s site HERE, on what will be done with the money:

 30. What will happen with this amount?  
This amount of $2Million is needed for the Pydion haBen. $1 Million will stay with the Rabbi of Ariel Cohen Alloro for his Yeshiva.
The other $1 Million will be used by the Facing-Each-Other non-profit to prepare for and to organize the stages of the Retrial, to make a documentary movie about all the aspects involved in this project that may cost up to $450.000, as well a trailer worth around $35.000, to prepare books, animations, music and other PR materials needed for this event, to pay for rentals and travels, also to hire 10 rabbis that will participate in the public, online debate sessions of this educational Retrial.  

Last thing, for now, is a quick look at R Yitzhak Ginsburgh’s Wikipedia page in Hebrew, HERE.

Screenshot of the section about his family (descendants):
We learn from this that Yitzhak Ginsburgh married the daughter of Moshe Zvi Segal – co-founder of the Irgun.
(There’s a lot more to learn about that side of things, but slowly does it).

We also learn that his sons and sons-in-law continue to hold very some very prominent positions with the Chabad movement.

Further on down the page, we also learn this:
In 1994, Ginsburgh received widespread criticism for his article “Baruch Hagever” in which he defended Baruch Goldstein who had massacred 29 Palestinian worshippers at the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron….The conclusion to the article is that Goldstein’s act emanated from the super-rational powers of his soul, therefore one cannot rely on logical reasoning to determine whether the act was worthy or condemnable.

Ginsburgh also moved his yeshiva to Yitzhar, and there are a lot of rumours that his teachings are inspiring the so-called ‘price tag’ movement of committing acts of violence against Arabs.

We’ll park that side of things for now, as it’s a very complex subject and it will take a lot of serious birur to try and figure out the truth behind these issues. But I’m bringing them here as context, and to show that R Ginsburgh is still very much part of mainstream Chabad, and still has a very strong influence in some segments of Israeli society.

Which disturbs me tremendously, at this point.

Here’s a screenshot of some of his other students:


R’ Arush learned with Ginsburgh at the very beginning of his teshuva journey, before moving across to Rav Berland.

Meir Ettinger you’ve probably already heard about.

This screenshot comes from a Ha’aretz article in Hebrew, HERE:


And Dr Shlomo Kalish is a VERY interesting guy I’ve had my eye on for some time.

I got to him when I was trying to pindown more information about Daniel Roth’s ‘hitech’ links to China.

(Roth is Netanyahu’s son-in-law, who is apparently now ‘Breslov’ and part of the Meah Shearim Breslov shul which is the main hub of the psychos who have been attacking Rav Berland and his community for years.)

Most of the information about Shlomo Kalish has been thoroughly scrubbed off the net the last few years, but look up the ‘Shalom Beytenu’ website on the wayback machine HERE, as a starting place.


Let’s end with something to counter all this horrible spiritual tumah.

Back in 2018, this appeared on the Rav Berland website: ‘There will be no survivor to the house of Esav’.

It’s recommended to read the whole thing, to get an authentic, holy perspective on how Jews are really meant to be dealing with the question of Esav.

Here’s a snippet:

All the arguments between Esav and Yaakov were about Jerusalem

The house of Esav is Amalek. All the Nazis were [from] the house of Esav. For 130 years, only Nazis were created. 


The Rav reiterates this theme again and again, that ‘Esav’ is evil and will end up being totally destroyed.

That doesn’t mean that people who are currently xtian, or non-Jews raised in Western countries are unredeemably evil, not at all.

Like everyone else, they need to make some real teshuva, leave all that Yoshke / xtian dreck behind, and realise that the Torah is true, and God is the only person to serve.

This is the polar-opposite approach of Cohen-Alloro, and all the rest of these kabbalist-orthoprax Jews-for-Jesus, who are really just peddling updated Sabbatean-Frankist philosophy for our times.


And hopefully this time, we won’t fall for all the mystical deceptions being peddled by false messiahs and their prophets.


PS: I missed this off from the Wikipedia page for Yitzhak Ginsburgh, but I think it’s important to add:

הרב גינזבורג חתם בשנת תשנ”ח על “פסק דין” הלכתי שלפיו לרבי מלובביץ’ יש דין נביא ומחויבים לשמוע לכל הוראותיו, ובכללן שהוא המלך המשיח שיתגלה “מיד ממש”[9].


The Rav Ginsburgh signed on an halachic ‘psak din’ in the year תשנ”ח that the late Rebbe of Lubavitch had the status of a navi, and so we are obligated to listen to all of his instructions. And especially, that he is the ‘Melech HaMoshiach’ who would be revealed immediately, mamash.

You can see the PDF of that psak din HERE.

Here is the screenshot of his signature:

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I got sent a link to a news site showing that the bris of Netanyahu’s grandson took place in the Breslov Meah Shearim shul today.

You can see it for yourself, HERE.

This is off the back of the whole discussion we had HERE, about how Netanyahu’s son-in-law, Daniel Roth and his daughter Noa used to be Chabad, or Gur – and are now apparently Breslov.

Since I put that post together, I’ve had a bunch more new information start to reveal itself, about the links between one stream of Breslov – the stream that you can basically categorise as being ‘anti’ Rav Berland, and which is centred on the Meah Shearim shul – and Chabad.

First things first: we’ll finish up looking more at who is whitewashing Yoshki in the apparently ‘orthodox’ community, and who they are linked to in the next post, BH.

Then, we’ll try to tell the tale of ‘Two Breslovs’, one that includes Rav Berland and which has no obvious links to Frankists, and another that seems to be stuffed full of formerly ‘Chabad’ people, and others with a lot of interesting people in their family trees, and lots of interesting connections to people in the Israeli government, who are centred around the Breslov shul.

I have no idea where all this is going, btw.

Just continuing to put the simple information out there, as I uncover it.

Because God’s seal is truth.

And the truth matters.


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This is going to be a long post.

But it seems we can’t really dodge the issue of who Jesus actually was, how he got so popular, who his followers really were, and the modus operandi the xtians used to subvert Torah and the Jewish community.

Before we begin, I have to stress again that THERE IS NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN.

How did the original Erev Rav manage to persuade a whole bunch of Jews – who had just seen the open revelation of Hashem at Mount Sinai!!! – to give up on all that, and on the Torah, to start worshipping a golden calf?


Black magic ‘miracles’ were part of the problem, right from the start.

Evil Micah was one of the Jewish babies that the Egyptians were taking from their mothers, and plastering into the walls. When Moshe asked how a merciful God could allow such a thing to happen, Hashem told him to rescue one of those babies (who were actually very ‘evil’ souls, who need to go through a lot of tikkunim and harsh suffering in order to be rectified), and to see what sort of person he grew up to be.

That person was Micah.

When Moshe Rabbenu raised the bones of Yosef from the Nile, where the Egyptians had sunk his casket as part of their ‘black magic’ to ensure that the Jews would never leave Mitzraim, he threw a placket with the words ‘aleh shor’ (‘rise, ox’) into the water, and Yosef’s bones rose to the surface so the Jews could take him out of Egypt when they left.

Micah stole that placket.


When Janus and Jambrus, leaders of the Erev Rav, relatives of Bilaam (and some say also descendants of another world-class sorcerer, Lavan) made the golden calf, they killed anyone who tried to stand up to them.

That’s how Hur died.

Aaron then tried to find a way to placate this violent mob so they wouldn’t kill him, too, and went along with their plan to create a golden calf, hoping it would buy enough time for Moshe Rabbenu to return, and take charge.

It takes a long time to make a golden calf derech hateva, without using sorcery.

Especially in the middle of the desert, 3, 333 years ago.


But what happened? Evil Micah snuck up to where the gold jewellery was all being melted down – and threw in the placket with the words ‘aleh shor’.

Hey presto, a magnificent golden calf instantly formed, that could even move around under its own steam.


What a ‘miracle’! What an obvious ‘sign’ that Hashem Himself must want the Israelites to be worshipping the golden calf, because look at that thing!! 



The evildoers in our midst, the ‘Erev Rav’ in our midst, have always used black magic, and subverted the holy names of Hashem, and the deepest wisdom of the kabbalah for their own, evil, Satanic ends.

There are two ways you get ‘supernatural miracles’.

One way, is where you spend 60 years in the desert doing hitbodedut all day long, without any miracles happening, while you work on overcoming your bad middot and have a lot of self-sacrifice, mesirut nefesh, to try to serve God properly.

You have no money, a ton of shame and humiliation, no-one is running after you calling you ‘rebbe’; there are no Presidents of the United States who are officially celebrating your birthday, no politicians lining up to call on you, or oligarchs trying to give you $10 million in cash to build a new yeshiva.

This is the path of our true tzaddikim like Moshe Rabbenu.


Only after that 60 years in the desert, or those 12 years living in a cave, spending your days buried up to your neck in mud, while you spend every moment still trying to serve God amidst the most difficult hardship, do you get to the stage of being a real ‘Tzaddik’.

The sort of Tzaddik that can work open miracles via their prayers, and via their own self-sacrifice and suffering.

Very few people can ever really attain this sort of level.

We are talking about a handful of people throughout the whole of history, who could really ‘perform miracles’ with this level of true kedusha.

But don’t worry!

Because for everyone else, there’s a ton of ‘black magic’ shortcuts for performing open miracles.

And this is where we swing back around to Yoshki, and the Erev Rav, and the Sabbatean-Frankists who are still going strong in our communities today.


How did Jesus get such a following amongst the Jewish people?

He went to Egypt, learnt black magic there, and started doing a bunch of ‘open miracles’ to persuade the masses he was the real deal.

And alongside that, he also told people what they wanted to hear, and made them ‘feel good’ about themselves, so they wouldn’t have to worry too much about acknowledging their bad middot or having to do the very hard work of really rectifying their souls.

Leave it all to me!  Yoshki told them.

Go back to polishing buttons and watching the football game! All you have to do is to believe that I’m really God incarnate [chas v’halila a billion times] and everything else is taken care of! You can lie, cheat, murder, rape, pillage – whatever you want. But just believe in me, and give me and my institutions lots of charity, and you’re still getting to Heaven!


You can see how that would appeal to the masses.

Who wants a ‘heavy’ religion where you have to really take responsibility for fixing your innumerable flaws and where you have to serve Hashem with tremendous mesirut nefesh, and where you are the ‘mat’ that everyone else wipes their feet on?

It’s way more fun to get invited to the White House, and to hang out with Putin, and to have oligarchs paying you millions and billions for reasons that are still not so obvious to everyone else…


I am still in the process of trying to ‘unpick’ who the historical Jesus really was.

It’s complicated by the fact that there seems to have been two ‘waves’ of early xtianity, and also, by the fact that both the xtian world AND THE JEWISH WORLD have been censoring and distorting what really happened.

But in the rest of this post, I wanted to lay out what we know so far, to try to put Yoshki back into his authentic Jewish context, so we can understand that ‘whitewashing Jesus’ is akin to ‘whitewashing Hitler’, another charismatic leader with Jewish blood who was into the occult and hated authentic Torah Judaism and ‘rabbiners’ with a passion.

Then in part 2, we’ll take a closer look at what Ariel Cohen Callo – disciple of R’ Yitzhak Ginsburg – is upto, with his dangerous ‘pidyon haben’ nonsense for rehabilitating Yoshki.

(That’s the bit that is really disturbing me about all this, but we’ll set all that out in the next post, BH.)


So, where is Jesus mentioned in authentic Jewish sources?

Let’s start with Sanhedrin 43a.

Except….If you are reading most versions of the Gemara, including the Artscroll Schottenstein Daf Yomi edition that nearly every English-speaker users to learn Gemara….you won’t find the information I’m going to bring below, because it’s been censored out of the Talmud.

This section of Sanhedrin is discussing the legal procedures that have to be followed before a capital punishment case, where the Sanhedrin would execute someone by the four methods of stoning, beheading, strangling or burning. I highly recommend you go and read it, because it clearly shows that unlike today’s ‘kangaroo courts’ and ‘kangaroo beit dins’, the Tannaim of the Gemara followed some very strict halachic procedures, when trying cases.


Let’s bring some of what the Mishna says in Sanhedrin 43a, for context, then we’ll add in the part that was censored out, that relates specifically to Yoshki.

The Mishnah resumes its account of the procedure that preceded the execution:

If they found a reason to acquit him, they would acquit him; but if not, he goes out to be stoned. A proclamation would be called out before him, worded in the following way: “So-and-so the son of So-and-so is being taken out to be stoned, for he has transgressed such-and-such a prohibition, and So-and-so are his witnesses. Whoever knows any grounds for his acquittal, let him come forward and present them.

This would usually occur just before the execution, when everyone was gathered together to watch the excitement (some things never change…)

But then the Gemara starts mentioning a mysterious case involving an ‘anonymous’ unspecified someone where things were done differently, that reads like this in the censored Artscoll edition:

The Gemara questions:

Is it only ‘before him’, as the condemned walks to his execution, that such a proclamation is called out, and not some days in advance of this?

No further discussion of this matter is recorded in the Gemara. [See footnote 37].


Except, that’s not true.

Footnote 37 in Artscroll says this:

The Vilna edition of the Talmud is missing the text that follows this question; for a full rendition of the missing text, see Chesronos HaShas.

Chesronos HaShas is all the different bits of the Talmud that was taken out by xtian censors, and the people who were working for them like Jonathan Eybshutz (as covered HERE).

It’s very hard to use (at least for me…), but we have it.

And this is a photocopy of the ‘censored’ passage:


Here’s the Wikipedia description of going on in English – but there are also deliberate distortions in the translation here:

As a sorcerer with disciples

Sanhedrin 43a relates the trial and execution of Jesus and his five disciples. 

Here, Jesus is a sorcerer who has enticed other Jews to apostasy. A herald is sent to call for witnesses in his favour for forty days before his execution. No one comes forth and in the end he is stoned and hanged on the Eve of Passover. His five disciples, named Matai, Nekai, Netzer, Buni, and Todah are then tried. Word play is made on each of their names, and they are executed. It is mentioned that leniency could not be applied because of Jesus’ influence with the royal government (malkhut).


Dafka, it was the opposite!

It was dafka BECAUSE of Jesus’ influence with the ruling government that a herald was sent out a full 40 days before his execution, as opposed to just being sent out the day of his execution, like they did for everyone else.

The Sages were so concerned about Jesus’ cosy contacts with the government / king being such a problem for them, if they tried to try him for his crimes, they gave him a full 40 days to bring witnesses that could ‘acquit’ him.

You see, how everything is always twisted around by these xtians and the Yoshki whitewashers in our own communities?


Who was the king in Israel, at the time all this was going on with the real, historical Jesus?

One of my readers summed it up nicely, so I’m going to use his words, then bring the sources that back up his statements.

[The original] Yeshu lived in the time of Shimon ben Shetach, who had Yoshke killed for being a false moshiach and utilizing the Shem haMeforesh.

Basically, the tract Toldot Yeshu is correct. That is the real, historical Jesus and that is all about what he did.

Then his followers, called ‘minim’ in the Gemora started to viciously lash back at the Perushim, the Sages, and later began the Hebrew/Christian cult we know of from history.

They were the face of Christianity until:

a) Paul was sent on his mission by the chachamim to get Christianity derailed from just being an offshoot of Judaism and

b) Until the Roman nobility under Arrius Piso decided to use the story to write the New Testament and make Roman Catholicism the usurper of the Hebrew/Christian Yoshke cult and turn it into the Church of Rome under Constantine.


We’ll get to the stuff about Paul and Peter another time. Maybe.

In the meantime, let’s first take a look at Shimon ben Shetach, (139 BCE – 38 BCE). He was the ‘av beit din’ zug, or ‘pair’ with the nasi Yehuda Ibn Tabbai.

You find them in Pirkey Avot in Chapter 1, Mishnah 8.

First, let’s understand a bit more about what these zugot were, and their links to the Sanhedrin. The following comes from HERE:

[Shimon ben Shetach] inherited the power of the Grand Assembly Sanhedrin (Sanhedrin) — a council consisting of 71 elders. There were two sages heading up the Sanhedrin: the Nasi (chairman) and his deputy, av Beit Din (chief Justice). These two leaders were called zug (couple).

The Zugot period was marked by a struggle between Hellenists (Jews who adopted Greek culture) and those who remained faithful to the laws of the Torah — a struggle that became acute as a civil war.


Shimon ben Shetach and Yehuda Ibn Tabbai were preceded by the ‘zug’ of Yehoshua ben Perachya and Nitai HaArbeli.

Yehoshua ben Perachya is known as the ‘rebbe’ of Jesus, who was one of his students who went astray. More on that in a moment.


Shimon ben Shetach’s sister, Salome / ShlomTzion, was married to the hellenistic Hashmonean King of that time period, called Alexander Yannai.

And he really didn’t like the Sages, and their ‘old-fashioned’ Torah and halachot.

If you look in Sanhedrin 19b, it recounts how one of King Yannai’s slaves killed someone, and Shimon ben Shetach summoned the King to appear before the Beit Din.

Shimon ben Shetach was the only rabbi in the Great Sanhedrin who wasn’t scared to sit in judgment on King Yannai – but things didn’t end well. In the Talmud, it says that Shimon ben Shetach basically cursed his colleagues for being cowards, and then:

Immediately the angel Gavriel came, knocked them to the ground, and they died.


You can find the Wikipedia page for ‘Alexander Yannai’ HERE.


Alexander Jannaeus was the third son of John Hyrcanus by his second wife.

When Aristobulus I… died after a reign of one year…Alexander, as the oldest living brother, had the right not only to the throne, but also to Salome, the widow of his deceased brother, who had died childless; and, although she was thirteen years older than him, he married her in accordance with the Jewish law of Levirate Marriage. 

Also this:

Like his father, Alexander also served as the high priest. This raised the ire of the religious authorities who insisted that these two offices should not be combined. According to the Talmud, Yannai was a questionable desecrated priest (rumour had it that his mother was captured in Modiin and violated) and, in the opinion of the Pharisees, was not allowed to serve in the temple.

This infuriated the king and he sided with the Sadducees who defended him. This incident led the king to turn against the Pharisees and he persecuted them until his death.


Alexander Yannai was quite the despot.

Later on his career, he sparked a number of civil wars within Israel. One time, as the ‘Kohen HaGadol’ he was meant to be pouring the water libation in the Temple onto the altar, but he mocked the ceremony by deliberately pouring the water at his feet.

The crowd of Jews who were in the Temple for Succot got so upset with him they pelted the King with their etrogs and called him the son of a ‘captive woman’, i.e. unfit to be the Kohen HaGadol. In return, he slaughtered 6,000 of them.

That then lead to something called the ‘Judaean Civil War’, where thousands of simple Jews revolted against their corrupt, Sadducean King.

That also didn’t end well. Thousands of people died, in horrible ways:

Jannaeus… brought the surviving rebels back to Jerusalem where he had eight hundred Jews, primarily Pharisees, crucified.

Before their deaths, Alexander had the rebels’ wives and children executed before their eyes as Jannaeus ate with his concubines. 

Nice guy…


So, Alexander Yannai was on a rampage against the Sages of the Sanhedrin, who were trying to uphold the Torah and its laws.

This snippet comes from the JewishVirtualLibrary site, HERE:

Josephus on the one hand and rabbinic sources on the other record a number of clashes between Yannai and the Pharisees (e.g., Ant., 13:372–383; Kid. 66a; Sot. 47a; Sanh. 19a).

However, according to Josephus (Ant., 13:400–404), on his death bed the king advised his wife to yield a certain amount of power to them, so that she could govern with no problems.


Shimon ben Shetach was hidden and protected by his sister, Queen ShlomTzion.

But the other Sages, including Yehoshua ben Perachya, fled Israel to Alexandria, in Egypt, together with his student, ‘Yeshua HaNotzri’ = Jesus. Until Shimon ben Shetach sent his rebbe a note that it was safe to return.

This comes from the Zissil website HERE:

On their return trip they stopped at an inn, whose hostess treated Rabbi Yehoshua ben Perachya with great respect. Yehoshua ben Perachya complemented her to his students saying how nice the innkeeper was, in reference to her hospitality and actions.

Yeshu taking the remark at face value, responded how it was not true since her eyes were round. Yehoshua ben Perachya was startled how one of his main students was not Shomer Anyim and looked at women, let alone how Yeshu could bring himself to say such a thing in public and before his teacher.

In a way, this was a sign of bigger spiritual descents that Yeshu must have gone through while in Egypt. Due to this incident, Yehoshua ben Perachya excommunicated Yeshu, using a shofar to solidify the severance.


As time went by Yeshu descended lower and lower, gathering around him ignorant people whom he attracted through the ‘miracles’ he performed via the use of practical Kabbalah and witchcraft.

Yeshu caused many of his followers to sin and scoff at the authority of the Sages. At one point Yehoshua ben Perachya approached his former student and asked him to repent.

Yeshu refused quoting a teaching that he had heard from Yehoshua ben Prachya himself; that one who sins and causes others to sin, is no longer given the opportunity to repent.


Two more things, then we’ll stop here for today.

  1. There is strong evidence to suggest that Sadducees = Karaites = “Jewish Christians.”

This screenshot comes from this post: Hidden links between Khazars and Karaites – highly recommended to go back and read it, before we continue the discussion about ‘whitewashing Yoshki’.


Now I’m re-reading this (which was written from the Karaite perspective), it’s really jumping out to me that it’s saying there was a split between the zug of Shimon ben Shetach, the ABD, and ‘Ben Tabbai’ – who is the Yehudah Ben Tabbai who was the nasi.

And the students of ‘Ben Tabbai’ became the Karaites…

I think I need to see if I can find out more about Yehuda Ben Tabbai.


And second thing to note, is that at the time Shimon ben Shetach moved against Yoshki and his disciples, there was A LOT of witchcraft and black magic going on in Eretz Yisrael.

There’s an interesting discussion on the MiYodeya site HERE, that covers quite a bit of ground re: Shimon ben Shetach’s capture and subsequent execution of a large coven of witches.

What’s particularly interesting, is that this story comes as part of Rashi’s comments to Sanhedrin 44b – immediately after we had that censored discussion of how Yoshki misled people, used witchcraft, and had tight links with the malchut  – i.e. the murderous Sadducee King Alexander Jannai.


Here’s the full translated text, from HERE:

It once happened that an unscrupulous Jewish tax-farmer and a great scholar died on the same day and in the same place.

All the people assembled to attend the burial of the great scholar; at the same time the relatives of the tax-farmer brought his bier for burial. However, enemies attacked the cortège, so they all dropped the biers and ran for their lives. One student however stayed there guarding the body of his rabbi.

Some time later the town dignitaries returned to resume the burial of the great scholar, but the biers of the rabbi and the tax-farmer somehow got exchanged despite the vociferous protests of the student.

Thus it came about that the relatives of the tax-farmer buried the great rabbi, which greatly distressed the rabbi’s student; nor could he explain to himself what great sin had caused the one to be buried in such a shameful way and what great merit in the other had brought about his interment with such honour.


His rabbi appeared to him in a dream and told him not to be distressed.

“Come and let me show you how greatly I am honoured in paradise and let me also show you that man in hell with the hinges of the gates of hell turning through his ears. Once I heard people calumniating the sages and did not protest (and that is why I was punished); he once prepared a banquet in honour of a city dignitary who did not show up, and he distributed the food to the poor (and that is why he was rewarded).”

The student asked how long the poor man was doomed to suffer this grievous torment.

“Until Shim’on ben-Shataĥ dies,” was the reply, “who will then replace him!” “Why?” asked the student;

“Because there are Jewish women in Ashkelon who practice witchcraft and he does not subject them to the rigours of the law.”

The following day the student related his dream to Shim’on ben-Shataĥ.


The latter assembled eighty tall young men and distributed to each of them a jar with a cloak wrapped up inside (it was a rainy day).

He also told them to make sure that they were always eighty in number. “When you come inside,” he said, “one of you must raise his jar from the ground; from that moment the witches will have no further hold over you; if that does not work then we can never beat them.”

Shim’on ben-Shataĥ went into the witches’ coven and left the young men outside.

When the witches asked him who he was he replied that he was a wizard who had come to test them with his wizardry. “What tricks can you do?” they asked. “Despite the fact that it is raining today I can produce eighty young men with dry cloaks!” “Show us!” He went outside and beckoned the young men inside. They removed the cloaks from the jars, put them on, and came into the coven.

Thus they bettered the witches, took them outside and strung them all up.


The relatives of the witches were incensed.

Two of them came forward and perjured themselves by testifying that Shim’on ben-Shataĥ’s son had committed some crime that was punishable by death. He was condemned to death. As he was being taken out to be stoned he said, “If I am guilty of this crime may my death bring me atonement, and if I am innocent may it atone for all my other sins and the responsibility for my death will be on the shoulders of the witnesses.”

When the perjurers heard this they recanted their testimony and explained that they had only acted because of their animosity at the fate of their women-folk.

[Rashi on Sanhedrin 44b.]


It’s no coincidence that this story also relates to Jewish tax-farmers.

There is nothing new under the sun.

We’ll stop here in this post, but BH in the next post, we’ll take a closer look at who is trying to ‘whitewash Yoshki’ today, and how this might all start to tie together with much of the other information we’ve been learning on the blog, about who is really controlling the State of Israel, and our Jewish community, from the shadows.

Until then.


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Rebbe Nachman told a parable about a royal prince who one day woke up and believed he was a turkey.

As usual, Rabbenu was way ahead of his time, and gave us solid advice on how to handle a phenomena that is one of the biggest scourges for our children and our society. So, I thought it was time to update Rabbenu’s parable, a little, and to tell you the tale of the Turkey Trans.



Once upon a time, there was a fine young man, a prince in the royal palace, who spent way too much time on Tumblr, Instagram and Tiktok.

Because it wasn’t so easy being the son of a king, these days.

Everywhere he went, people accused him of having ‘white privilege’, and ‘male privilege’; his opinions were mocked and derided – because what could a spoilt, rich prince know about things that real people experienced, like loneliness and depression?

And he found it really hard to make friends, because it had happened more than once that his so-called ‘friends’ had turned around and sold exposes about him and his family to The National Enquirer.

So, for all his wealth, and all his luxury, and all his ‘elite white male’ privilege, the Prince was actually one of the loneliest and misunderstood people in the whole world.

And he hated being a prince.


One day, he stumbled across a group of Turkey Transitioners on Tumblr, and he was amazed about all the love and acceptance they were getting, as they posted up pictures of the trans journey from human to Turkey.

I am pecking this story out with my new prosthetic beak, wrote @NotForThanksgiving, and I can tell you that I have never felt happier, being a Turkey!

There were like, a gazillion comments underneath the post, cheering @NotforThanksgiving on, and praising his courage and determination to live life in accordance with who he really felt he should be: a Turkey.

The prince felt a twang of envy. And also, a strange urge to go and find some earthworms to snack on…

Hey, he started to wonder, maybe, deep down I’m also really a Turkey?!


A few days later, he made an appointment with the royal psychiatrist, who was really good friends with people like John Stryker.

How can I help you, sire? enquired the shrink, with barely disguised disdain in his eyes for this royal whiner and perfect example of selfish white privilege.

Um. The prince blinked a little, then let out a small stream of bluck, bluck, blucks. The psychiatrist instantly warmed to him. I think I’m a Turkey stuck in a human being’s body, the prince told him.

The psychiatrist beamed widely, and would have given the boy a ‘welcome to the party’ bear hug, except everything was being recorded by the camera in the corner….

That’s wonderful news! Really wonderful! Let’s get you started on some ‘humanity blockers’ immediately – and don’t worry! The effects are totally temporary! They’ll  just stop your human brain from developing, and will regress your ability to speak, while you’re trying to figure things out.

But once you fully transition to a Turkey, all your problems will be over, royal highness!

You’ll be living life the way you are meant to be, as the real, Turkey-you!


Wow. The prince had never seen the shrink so friendly and accepting.

He still had some doubts, honestly, about whether being a Turkey was totally the right path, but he had to admit, the shrink’s encouragement was dispelling them like clouds on a hot summer’s day. But then, the Prince remembered something, and his face fell.

What about my dad? he whispered. The King was really not going to like this.

Leave him to me, the shrink nodded sagely. Then wrote something on his notepad, so the cameras wouldn’t catch it:

We’ll tell him that if he doesn’t let you transition to being a Turkey, you’ll kill yourself.

It works every time! he nodded at the prince, smiling.


So, the Turkey-Prince got his new prescription for ‘humanity blockers’, and proudly wrote his first post in the Turkey Transitioners group on Tumblr.

So proud of you, royal sire. 

You rock, Turkey-princeling.

Welcome to the club, wrote @TurkeyTwizzler. I’m getting my feet-transformation surgery tomorrow, and I’m really excited to be living life as a free (range…) turkey.


Harry, we have a problem.

The King raised a grumpy eyebrow, and grunted for his wife Mathilda to continue. Always problems, problems, problems, and hardly ever solutions. His father had warned him that being a King was not as much fun as it was cracked up to be…

Our son, the royal prince, is sitting under the table on the patio naked, and pecking at some grubs. Mathilda flushed bright red with the shame of it all. He tells me he’s transitioning to become a turkey!

Whaaattt? King Harry roared out. That son of his had always been a nincompoop, with all his stupid ideas about abolishing the monarchy are redistributing the family’s wealth and land to the poor people. But this took the biscuit!

Get me the royal psychiatrist, right now!


The Royal Shrink arrived, bowed deeply and kissed the King’s hand.

What a creep, the King muttered to himself, conspicuously wiping his hand on a piece of ermine. If Stryker hadn’t paid him $10 million to have the guy on his staff, he would have beheaded him a long time ago.

My son thinks he’s a Turkey. What can we do to cure him of this mental illness?

The Royal Shrink bowed again. O sire, we have to be extremely careful with these young people! The best thing to do is to affirm his own feelings. If he believes he is a Turkey, then he really is a Turkey, and should be supported on his path. That’s what all the people at Harvard are saying.

The King was so stunned, it took him a moment to regain his royal composure.

And if I don’t ‘support him’ on his path, and try to beat some sense into him instead? King Harry demanded.

The shrink smiled obsequiously.

Then he will kill himself! Isn’t it better to have a live Turkey on the throne, than a dead Crown Prince?!


All day long, there was a massive argument between Mathilda and Harry, about what to do to help their son.

Mathilda had been listening in to the conversation with the Royal Shrink, and when he mentioned that her son would probably go and kill himself, if he wasn’t allowed to transition into a Turkey-Prince, her heart almost burst.

Mathilda, this is nonsense!! Harry snapped back. It doesn’t matter how many ‘human blockers’ the boy takes; how much surgery he has to sew up his mouth and give him a prosthetic beak; how many feathers he has surgically embedded in his skin – he will never be a Turkey!

Mathilda peeked out the window, to where the Crown Prince was clucking around outside and getting himself all dusty.

But Harry, he looks so much happier and calmer, now he’s come out as a Turkey,  she called back over her shoulder. Maybe, he really is a Turkey soul, stuck in a human body.

Doesn’t the Zohar talk about that?

Harry hrumphed again.


Just then, there was a knock at the door.

Sire, there is a man here who says he can help your son.

There had been a steady stream of ‘experts’ arriving at the palace, since the news had exploded on Tiktok that the Crown Prince was transitioning. Most of them were now sitting in the royal dungeons.

I don’t need anyone else here recommending the best ‘Turkey feet plastic surgeon’! Harry roared out.

No, no sire, this gentleman says that he can help your son regain his mental equilibrium again…. so that he will understand that God made him a human being, and not a Turkey.

Usually, Harry didn’t go in for all the religious mumbo-jumbo. But at this point, he was desperate, and he was willing to try anything.

Ok, show him in!


How can you help my son, wise man, when all my other Harvard-trained ‘experts’ are telling me that if I don’t let him transition to live as a Turkey, he’s just going to jump on some BBQ grill somewhere?

Sire, the wise man answered. God created him a human being, and God doesn’t make mistakes. Your son just needs some love, acceptance and trauma counselling.

This also sounded like preposterous nonsense. But at least they weren’t talking about prosthetic beaks.

OK, you have permission to try, wise man. But if you don’t come up with the goods… Harry nodded down, to where the dungeons lay.


The next morning, the Crown Prince gobbled down his ‘humanity blockers’, then went back to scratching in the dirt.

He was pecking away happily, when out of the corner of his eye, he saw another man in a pair of modest boxers, also pecking around in the dirt and trilling Turkey sounds.

He watched him carefully. I haven’t seen this guy on the Turkey Transitioners group on Tumblr, the Crown Prince mused to himself. Although honestly, the more ‘humanity blockers’ he took, the harder it was getting to think , or see, straight.

For a whole day, the two just pecked in the dirt together, and made Turkey noises and exaggerated wing movements with their arms.

Finally, the Crown Prince’s curiosity got too much for him.

Who are you?  he asked the stranger.

I’m a turkey-trans, he replied. Just like you.


The next day, the Crown Prince sidled up to the stranger and asked him: Are you on ‘humanity blockers’ too?

The stranger let out a loud cluck, then shook his head vigorously.

Whoever heard of a real Turkey popping prescription drugs? And besides, the side-effects are so bad, I was getting a migraine every time I was trying to chase down a bug.

The Turkey-Prince was confused. It’s true, real Turkeys didn’t take prescription medication. Only human beings would do something like that.  A little later, he circled around, and came back up to the stranger.

When is your feather-enhancement surgery meant to be happening? 

I’m not doing that either, answered the wise man. Since when does a real Turkey pay thousands of dollars to go under the knife?! Are you really going to trust these people? You know what ‘Thanksgiving’ is, right?

The Crown Prince shivered.

So, you’re not getting a prosthetic beak? he tried again.

Nah, waste of time. They don’t really work, they just get infected and honestly? The wise man leaned over and pulled an escaping worm out of the ground with his fingers. It’s way easier to catch lunch like this.


The Crown Prince had to admit that the other turkey had a point.

He’d been kinda surprised that no-one else in the Turkey-Trans group has been writing about how difficult this journey actually was. He’d only managed to eat three ants in the last few days – and he’d cheated to catch those – and he was dying for a hamburger.

But if he wimped-out of the transitioning process now… The Crown Prince cringed, thinking about all the bashing he’d get on social media.

From the side, the wise man was watching.


The next day, a tray of fresh hamburgers appeared in the middle of the garden, and the wise man made a beeline for them, clucking merrily.

He sat down, and started eating a juicy burger with pickles, relish, and all the fixings.

Hey! The Crown Prince screamed at him. Turkey’s don’t eat meat!!!

Sure they do, the wise man replied. You’re just making a human value judgement. Who is to say that a cow’s life is really worth more than a grub’s? Or an ant? Turkeys eat other animals all the time. You can still eat a burger, but stay a turkey…

The Crown Prince clucked closer, than hunger overtook him, and he wolfed down three burgers in half a minute.


Over the coming days, the Crown Prince realised that he could still be a Turkey and walk upright, without killing his back.

He could still be a Turkey and have deep, human conversations with other Turkey-Trans, who also felt they just didn’t ‘fit’ somehow, in the world.

And he could still be a Turkey and fight for social justice.

But, the wise old man warned him, just like real Turkeys don’t pop pills, they also don’t use social media. Did you ever see a natural-born Turkey with a TikTok account?

Now that the Crown Prince was off the ‘humanity blockers’, and had been avoiding the Turkey-Trans Activist groups on social media, he was finding it easier and easier to think straight.

You know, you’re right! 

The Crown Prince picked up his iPhone, and tossed it into the royal fountain.


Son, I’m moving on, the wise man told him one day, as they were eating butter croissants with jam for breakfast in the royal gazebo, and drinking Starbucks espresso.

The Crown Prince was going to be very sad to see his Turkey-Trans friend go. Who was he going to speak to, who was he going to hang out with now?

I want you to remember something, the wise man told him. No two souls are alike. God created each of us as unique individuals, with our unique struggles and tests and abilities. We don’t have to fit into anyone else’s ideas about ‘what a Turkey’ should be. 

You can still be the king one day – and be a really good Turkey. Don’t forget that.


They hugged each other goodbye, as King Harry and Queen Mathilda reappeared with a big purse of money for the wise man.

Turkeys don’t need endowments or grants from people like John Stryker or Paul Singer, the wise man said, while he winked at the Turkey-Prince.

Please use that money to set up an education foundation to teach Turkeys that they don’t need pills or dangerous and destructive surgery to live life as the ‘real them’.

And put your son here, in charge of it.


And what happened to the Royal Shrink, and all the other ‘experts’?

The King signed a royal charter that they should be ‘transitioned’ to become wolves in sheep’s clothing.

And so it was.


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Even though the world is half ‘back to normal’, at least for now, it’s still not an easy place to be.

You can see it in large and small ways, like, for example, the way people are driving on the streets. Israel has never been a ‘polite’ society of drivers, to put it mildly, but things have gotten even worse here, the last few months, as a direct result of all the ‘torture’ we’ve been through the last couple of years.

And that comes out on the roads, where more and more drivers refuse to give way; more and more drivers aggressively try to push in; people speed like crazies; they weave between lines, totally spaced-out; they drive super-slowly, because they are really scared to be driving at all.

The driving shows that a lot of people are in a really bad space, mentally, at the moment.


But who said that the run-up to Moshiach and geula was meant to be ‘easy’?

Who said, that the world, and us within it, was just meant to carry on its merry way, until one day Moshiach showed up and TA-DA!!! Just like that, we’re into geula and the world of truth?

That there was nothing left to do except polish some buttons?

That’s a Disney-fication of geula; a fiction, a child’s bedtime story.

And once we understand that, then we start to also understand why life is challenging each and every one of us, in some very difficult ways.


A few days ago, I had some long email exchanges with someone who has been through a very difficult patch for the last few years, in just about every way.

Financial issues, health issues, relationship issues, social issues. And throughout it all, the test was to stay close to Hashem, to stay close to His Torah, and to not give up and ‘frei out’.

This is some of what they wrote to me, about what they have been learning from that whole process of real, painful, soul-wrenching teshuva. The kind of teshuva that really gets a person into the world of truth, and out of the world of Disney-fied lies.

With their permission, I’m sharing it below.

(English is not their first language, so this may be a little clunky in parts.)


It is easier to blame others than to work on oneself.

It is not easy to take time to pray or read Tehillim etc, instead of spending the day watching movies or sports or whatever they like.

It is not easy to accept your own guilt, it is easier to blame others for what they are doing to me.

It is not easy to remain silent.

It is not easy to forget offenses and grudges.


It is not easy to work on your middot.

I have had a slow and painful process, but we have fought every day to eradicate bad behaviors.

We fail, we get angry, we fall, we get up, we continue, we suffer and we try again.

And in the middle of all that there is so much pain, wounded pride, ego on the ground.

It is easier to turn around, turn your face and blame someone else, like your parents, partner, children, boss, even Hashem.

Being a victim will always be easier.


Me and my husband went through what I’ll euphemistically call a ‘bad patch’ for around 12 years, shortly after we made aliyah.

We had severe financial issues, lost our home twice, health issues, miscarriages, ‘social outcast’ issues for being English-speaking Breslovers (back before that was acceptable…), more ‘social outcast’ issues for discovering Rav Berland, family problems – you name it.

Hashem threw everything at us, except the kitchen sink.

And the first few years, I just kept whining about why is God doing this to me?? Why is He punishing me so much?!

Then one day, after years and years of doing hitbodedut for an hour every single day, I finally realised something that changed the whole picture:

I totally deserve everything that is happening to me, and probably, I deserve even more.


We all have bad middot, we all have work to do, to fix our souls.

That’s why we are down here, walking around.

There is a job to be done here, and it’s a messy, painful and often exhausting process.

God, in His great kindness, tries the gentle approach first, to get us to change and shift, and to recognise that WE have the problem, not everyone else around us.

But if we refuse to accept that WE are the ones that need to change, that WE aren’t perfect, that WE have a lot of flaws and ego and bad middot that are often hidden, but nearly always justified or whitewashed even when they do come out from under the parapet – then that’s when life often has to get really difficult.

And this is not a ‘punishment’, difficult as it is to through all that horrible stuff.

It’s the process that most of us have to go through, to stop blaming other people for our problems and to actually get to work on fixing our bad middot – the whole point of being alive.


I look back at those 12 years of torture now, and I can see how much I benefited from them, in so many different ways.

The financial difficulties finally got me out of ‘house buying OCD’, where all you do is obsess over how much your house has increased in value, and how much better or worse your neighbor’s house is.

The miscarriages taught me how very precious my children really are, and how much they deserved to have a parent who would do their best to really listen to them, and really try to put what was good for them ahead of what was easier and more comfortable for me.

The health issues taught me about my limitations, as a human being, and how good health is the single biggest present God can give a person. Something I was totally taking for granted, before I was ill.

And being a social outcast for a few years also taught me so much, not least, that you have to be nice to people, if you want to have friends.

And also, that while it’s nice to be ‘socially accepted’, there are some things – maybe, a lot of things – that are still worth losing your friends and social status over.


Point is, all the difficulties, all the suffering, they rubbed off a lot of the ‘hard edges’ of my yetzer hara.

And at this stage, while I pray I’ll never have to go through all that again, I am still experiencing enormous benefits of going through that very painful process.


Being a ‘victim’ will always be easier, in some short-sighted, temporary ways.

Blaming other people for our own issues and flaws means we can continue to duck the real work to be done, and continue walking on our self-righteous way, as the ‘Ms or Mr Perfect’ in the picture, where everyone else has got a hell of a lot of work to do to get to geula, while we just carry on polishing some buttons.

But that’s not the Breslov path.

It’s not the path of Rebbe Nachman, it’s not the path of real emuna.

And it doesn’t lead a person to the ultimate goal, tachlis, of fixing their souls, and actually doing the job we were all sent down here to do.


One last thing:

It’s only when I finally got to Rav Berland, that the enormous suffering we had been enduring for years finally started to let up, and to get ‘sweetened’.

The more of his teachings I started to learn, the more of his prayers I started to say, the more charity and pidyonot  I started sending in his direction, the sweeter my life got.

To give one concrete example, reading Rav Berland’s small compendium of prayers to get rid of anger (which you can find HERE) literally defused my anger in half an hour.

I’m half-Moroccan, and in the past, the anger came very fast – and did a lot of damage, especially to the people around me like my husband and kids.

I’ve been working on, praying about, my anger for years and years, in hitbodedut.

But reading that little booklet of Rav Berland’s prayers is like a short-cut, for when I’ve had some strong (justified….) feelings of anger that even the hitbodedut couldn’t really get rid of.


We are here to work very hard on acknowledging and uprooting our bad middot, not to just ‘polish buttons’.

And there is a ton of that hard work to do, before we can really step out of the world of lies, and into the world of truth.

So, take heart, dear reader.

This process is difficult, painful, and sometimes so hard to endure.

But it’s also totally deserved, and leading us to where we need to be, to really be part of geula and that world of truth.

But only if we stop blaming everyone else, come out of denial about our own bad middot, and knuckle down to the real work of actually trying to fix them.


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One of my readers just sent me this, and I think it’s important enough to merit a post.


They issued a correction: (thanks to Adelle for letting me know):


This says that it’s 0.2 serious injuries per 1,000 injections given.

Here’s another tweet breaking that down:

It says 38,000 severely injured from Covid 19 ‘vaccine’ side effects, in Germany alone….

More than twice the figures I have below, for Germany.

Now, back to the original post.


Here’s an English translation:

One in 5000 people is affected by a serious side effect after a COVID19-# vaccination.

If you suspect any side effects, get medical help and report your symptoms to the
. http://nebenwirkungen.bund.de/nw/DE/home/home_node.html


This changes the picture, because it’s an official statement from a government Ministry of Health.

While it’s still woefully underestimating the true toll of these shots, it’s a good start.

To take those stats over to some real countries, that means that at least 60,000 people in the US are suffering a ‘serious side effect’.

At least 16,800 people have been ‘seriously’ injured in Germany.

At least 13,600 people have been seriously injured in the UK.

And in Israel, at least 1,800 people have been ‘seriously injured’.

So far.


We’ll keep an eye on this, but it’s a very good sign that ‘the narrative’, and the wall of silence around all the people injured and killed by these shots is finally starting to crumble.



PS: I just got sent THIS link for a new holistic health practitioners database in English, for people living in Israel, who maybe want to start trying other things than Western Medicine.

It’s called Israelholistics.com.

I have no connection personally to the site, and I’m not ‘endorsing’ it, just telling you about it because I think it’s a good idea, for more people to start moving away (as fast as possible…) from Western Medicine.

So, Enjoy!


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Today, I had two emails from two different people, both basically asking me if Breslov is also ‘Frankist’.

I’ve covered this a couple of times, in different ways, in different places on the blog, but I took all this as a hint that Hashem is moving things to the stage where He wants things more clearly spelled out.

So here goes.

Let’s start with what was happening more than 200 years ago, and how so much of the schmutz that actually belongs to Chabad, and their family tree, was (and actually still is….) being projected onto Rebbe Nachman, and Breslov.


This is the first email I got on the subject today:

I’m reading this back article of yours [Close Mishpocha] from another one called Beating swords…

I’m reading down the story of Rav Nachman and I’m sickened by it… leaving his newborn son with Frankists to raise…?

How is all of this not Sabatean…? How is Rav Nachman and Breslov not treif as the day is long…? How can u be a follower…?

I don’t get it… please clarify… and this time you can’t just say Rav Nachman is the exception… the pearl or the diamond that miraculously emerged out from the mud… come on… for crying out loud… he himself left a son of his behind to become a pagan idolater and a who knows what else morality wise…


You can go back and read the Close Mishpocha article for yourself HERE, and I highly recommend that you do, before continuing, as there’s lots of new stuff to cover and absorb in this post.

Here is what I replied to my correspondent:

I checked the story of R Nachman’s son, and it’s made up.

Basically, Athol Bloomer is a Frankist descendent, ‘Hebrew Christian’. When I first started doing all this research, his stuff about Rebbe Nachman was one of the first things I came across, and I was totally shocked by it.
So I started digging, and it took me about two months to figure out that Athol Bloomer still has close ties to Chabad, and that basically all the Frankist connections from Chabad were being ‘projected’ onto Rebbe Nachman, and scrubbed out of the picture for the Alter Rebbe and his descendents.
Rebbe Nachman does descend from some Sabbateans on his father’s side, but it seems that his grandfather Nachman Horodenka was trying to make some sincere teshuva, which is why he left his son, Rebbe Nachman’s father Simcha, in the care of the BESHT to raise as a very young child, even though he himself was still alive.

There are a lot of mysteries to figure out still.

And one daughter of Rebbe Nachman did marry a grandson of the Alter Rebbe, Aharon Zaslavski, as a second marriage after her father died, and that Aharon Zaslvaski is in the middle of a LOT of open Frankists, same as all the Chabad Rebbes.
There are some diamonds in the dirt of these families. The BESHT is also from these ‘interesting’ people, the ARIZAL is also from these ‘interesting people’, and Rabbenu also is.
Where you have the biggest tumah, you also have the biggest light.
See here, for another discussion of how Athol Bloomer mixes up a lot of facts with fiction, apparently deliberately, even when it’s not as explosive as Rebbe Nachman and Chabad:

You can find an interview with Athol Bloomer on the ‘Association for Hebrew Catholics’ website HERE.

So, we have to ask ourselves:

Why would a missionising ‘Hebrew Catholic’ who descends from a number of Frankist families be trying to put shmutz on Breslov and Rebbe Nachman, while effectively covering things up for Chabad?

Again, go back and read Close Mishpocha in detail, but the basic point is this:

Time again, I have found stuff ‘projecting’ Chabad’s dirty laundry and dodgy business onto Breslov.

The Alter Rebbe had a son, Moshe Schneuri, who was PROVEN to have converted out to xtianity at least once, and yet all that got buried and covered up, while Athol Bloomer’s claims about ‘Frankist Rebbe Nachman’ got air time even on the Kotzker blog, which usually makes a lot more effort to try and clarify historical information, before posting it up.


Why am I a follower of Rebbe Nachman and Breslov?

Because right from the beginning, I found that Rabbenu’s advice and guidance really worked, to help me become a better person, and more connected to God and the spiritual side of things.

I read books like Rebbe Nachman’s Advice, or Wisdom (English translations of Sichot HaRan, Chayei Moharan) and I was amazed that here was a rabbi – a rebbe! – who was also struggling, sometimes, with feelings of yeoush. Who also could say that he knew absolutely nothing. Who could also own up to his faults and difficulties, in his service of Hashem, and show other people the way to get past bad middot like anger and depression.

It totally blew me away.

Because it was REAL.

It wasn’t hagiographic pap, like pretty everything else you’ll ever read about every Jewish rabbi or rebbe or leader.

The writings about Rebbe Nachman showed a real person, with real struggles, who managed to overcome his yetzer hara and break it, to become ‘Rebbe Nachman of Breslov’.

And then, he left behind a ton of practical advice on how we could also follow in his footsteps, and do the same.


Rabbenu talks about his followers knowing the ‘real Hungarian wine’ of chassidut, because they’ve already tasted the good stuff, the real teachings that CAN help them to overcome their issues and bad middot, and feelings of despair.

There are a whole bunch of cheap imitations out there, as we’re increasingly discovering.
But anyone who is sincerely trying to follow Rabbenu’s path of doing an hour of hitbodedut a day, and dancing and clapping when hit by harsh judgements, and reading the Tikkun HaKlali, and paying pidyonot, and going to Uman – they will tell you that it works.
If you stick with it, life starts to be incomparably sweeter, and you find that slowly, slowly, truth and light expands more and more in your soul, and the darkness and bad middot start to get squeezed out.
So, I follow Breslov and Rebbe Nachman because it works to make me a better person, and to help me overcome my yetzer hara and stick closer to God.

Now, let’s get back to the historical side of things.

Breslov was ‘unusual’ right from the start.
Right from the start, while all the other Sabbatean-Frankist ‘chassiduts’ were rubbing each other’s backs and bigging each other up (internercine fights over which ‘rebbe’ should inherit the movement not withstanding) – the main Sabbatean-Frankist families were fanatically ‘anti’ Breslov, anti-Rabbenu, and ‘anti’ his teachings, especially about prayer.

They ‘projected’ their own Sabbatean-Frankist leanings onto Rabbenu himself, and started persecuting him and his followers mercilessly.

After Rabbenu’s death, the persecution went up levels and levels, with the leaders of the other chassiduts basically telling their followers it was OK to even murder Breslovers, and that every attempt should be made to persecute them economically and socially.
An assassin was even sent to murder Rabbi Natan Sternhertz, the Rebbe’s main pupil and editor of the Likutey Moharan, in his bed.

But the assassin broke into the wrong house in Breslov, and murdered the wrong ‘Rabbi Natan’.


And this persecution of Breslov and its leaders and followers wasn’t a ‘one off’.

It has continued down the years, almost non-stop.
I highly recommend you go and read the book Untold Tales of the Hasidim: Crisis and Discontent in the History of Hasidism, by Professor David Assaf. Chapter Three, in particular, describes some of the ongoing persecution being meted out by the other chassidic leaders themselves, to Breslov and its followers:
(You can download the full PDF of this for free on ReseachGate, HERE.)

This fanatical persecution of Breslov by other chassiduts always puzzled me a great deal.

I could understand the secular, xtian, authorities persecuting chassidut; I could kind of understand the (made-up….) ‘dispute’ between the Litvaks and Chabad (which I now think is another deliberate Chabad distortion of history, to hide what was really going on behind this argument, as I’ve written about elsewhere.)

But I just couldn’t understand why other chassidic rebbes would literally send people to try and murder Rav Natan in his bed….

Until now.

Rabbenu is the only one who was openly writing about ‘Jewish demon scholars’.

He was the only one speaking about Jacob Frank, for posterity.
And from what I can see, at this stage, there were literally just a handful of rabbis and rebbes left when Rebbe Nachman was alive, who hadn’t been ‘infected’ by the Sabbatean-Frankist heresy.
Even after Rabbenu died, the Savraner Rebbe (from the Wertheimer family of court Jew Frankists) wanted to marry his oldest daughter, Odel, after she was widowed – and R’ Natan told her not to do it.

Because he knew that it was part of the ongoing Sabbatean-Frankist attempt to ‘subvert’ Breslov, too, after Rabbenu’s death.

And this is also why there was no ‘Rebbe’ after Rabbi Nachman, because any subsequent ‘Rebbe’ could have been corrupted down the line, and if not him, his children, by intermarrying with the Sabbatean-Frankist ‘rebbes’ all around.

Are you starting to see, how so many of the ‘mysteries’ around Breslov start to clear up, magically, once you understand the true ‘Sabbatean-Frankist’ context?

So now, let’s talk a bit about what started to happen 50-60 years ago, when Rav Berland came on the scene, and started bringing in a whole bunch of baal teshuvainto Meah Shearim.

Today, it’s the yahrtzeit of Rabbi Levi Yitzhak Bender, zt’l.

Rabbi Levi Yitzhak was one of the last true Breslovers to be by the Rebbe on Rosh Hashanah, before the communists effectively made the gatherings illegal, and murdered most of the small, spiritually-sincere group of Breslovers left in Uman, before WW2.

You have to understand, that real Breslov was NEVER politically connected.

It’s followers were NEVER wealthy businessmen and merchants with government connections and askanim.
Breslov only ever attracted people who really wanted to learn how to serve God, and overcome their own bad middot.
When Rav Levi Yitzhak Bender made it to Meah Shearim after the war, he found a tiny group of Yiddish speaking ‘Breslovers’ most of whom were not actually keeping Rabbenu’s instructions – at all – about things like doing hitbodedut, getting up for chatzot, reciting the Tikkun Haklali etc.

So, the true ‘flame’ of Rabbenu was kept alive by R’ Levi Yitzhak – who most people had never heard of, because he kept a very low profile for most of his life.

That flame only started to develop into the roaring fire of Breslov today, when Rabbi Berland came along and started learning from R’ Levi Yitzhak, and bringing baal teshuvas into Meah Shearim.
There’s so much to say, but let’s sum it up like this:

Most of ‘old school’ Meah Shearim, including the Breslov bits of it, descend from Sabbatean-Frankist families who still have strong links, even today, with the secular Zionist state of Israel. Just it’s all hidden.

So, when a sincere outsider like Rav Berland showed up, and now he’s bringing in a bunch of baalei teshuva who want to do things properly – and presumably, who could also start blowing the whistle on all the disgusting, abusive ‘minhagim’ we’ve been learning about recently, that go on in these hard-core Sabbatean-Frankist communities – he quickly became Enemy Number One for the ‘Breslov’ psychos in Meah Shearim.
And the rest is history.

Let’s pull this back around to Chabad, now.

Chabad ‘historian’ Chaim Dalfin put out a book a while ago called ‘Breslov & Chabad’.

I learnt a lot from that book, which at some point, I hope to come back to.

For now, it’s enough to know that I learnt that the only reason Chabad has a tent up in Uman on Rosh Hashana is because they are trying to do ‘outreach’ for Chabad there; and that some of Breslov’s ‘newer’ leaders, like the Koenigs of Tsfat, actually come from long-time Chabad families.


Why am I mentioning this?

Because as Breslov’s ‘star’ started to rise, around 50 years ago, and as Rabbenu’s teachings lit up the hearts of hundreds of thousands of baalei teshuva – the Sabbatean-Frankists suddenly woke up to the ‘threat’ of what was happening, and all of a sudden, Breslov was flooded by a bunch of ‘new Breslov’ leaders.

People like R’ Eliezer Shick, the so-called ‘Tzaddik of Yavniel’. And people like R’ Gedaliah Koenig, a chabadnick, who built up Kiryat Breslov in Tsfat right on the most historically significant bit of the Old City – completely destroying what was underneath.

And people like R Yaakov Meir Shechter, the rabbi of the official Breslov shule in Meah Shearim that is home to the Breslov psychos (who are part of the extended Schneerson family…) who have been the main, State-sponsored persecutors of Rav Berland.


And of course, there are also the Na Nachs, and people like R Yoel Roth, who grew up in strong Satmar chassidic homes, but all of a sudden, are now Breslov.

Which brings us on to the second email about Breslov I got today:

Did you read this?


Former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Tuesday that his daughter Noa had given birth to a baby boy. The child is the fifth grandchild of Netanyahu. Netanyahu received the news while visiting London.

Netanyahu’s daughter Noa, 42, is a ‘ba’alat teshuva’ (returnee to Orthodox Judaism). She is married to Danny (Daniel) Roth, and the two are members of the Breslov hasidic sect and live in the Mea Shearim neighborhood of Jerusalem.

The children of Noa and Daniel are named Rachel, David and Shmuel. Noa is the daughter of Miki Haran – Netanyahu’s first wife.

And this:



I checked out Daniel Roth, Netanyahu’s son-in-law, a couple of years ago, when I was first getting into all this.

The Roth’s aren’t Breslov.

If they are anything, they are Chabad.

(From HERE.)

Or maybe, Gur:

If you go HERE, it’s an old ynet article about the bris of their second son, which links the Roths to R’ Avigdor Nebanzahl and Yeshivat Netiv Aryeh.

Point is, none of these people and places are Breslov.


This snippet about Daniel Roth comes from Ha’aretz, HERE:

For some years, DanielRoth has been trying to launch a business based on ties between Israel and China. Among other things, he founded companies and a public-benefit corporation, through the law firm of Netanyahu’s close associate David Shimron.

This screenshot comes from the Jpost, HERE:


Now, take a look at this blog post about ‘Danny Roth’ from the Times of Israel, back in 2016:



In case you were wondering, ‘IoT’ stands for ‘Internet of Things’.


Danny Roth is helping build greater trade and deal flow between Israel and China.

His China Israel Exchange develops programs and initiatives with government, academia, and industry, with the goal of strengthening the economic and cultural ties with both nations.

Focusing on digital health, Roth has an upcoming road show of Israeli companies…the program will feature 16 Israeli companies in IoT (Internet of Things) and digital health….


Remember, this was six years ago, already.

When Covid 19 was still just a twinkle in Netanyahu’s eye.


HERE is the main website for Roth’s China Israel Exchange, still going strong.

Here is it’s mission statement:


We’ll stop here.

You can just go on for ever with this stuff, but I just wanted to really spell out that there are HUGE differences between Breslov chassidut and Rabbenu’s path, and all the other ‘Sabbatean-Frankist’ groups out there.

I’m not saying that all of Breslov is good.

There is a ton of ‘fake’ Breslov too, today, as more and more people have tried to hitch their wagon to Rabbenu’s rising star.

And I’m not saying that things that aren’t Breslov are automatically ‘bad’.

The birur continues one person, one soul at a time.

And even if people come from ‘bad’ families, they can always make teshuva, and become some of the best people in the world.

Especially if they’re following Rabbenu’s advice, and treading in his footsteps to get out of the muck.


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Last week, I drove up the 90 from Eilat to Jerusalem.

We passed the Dead Sea – that I’ve been going to, on and off, regularly for the last few years.

I literally could not believe my eyes about what is going on there.

Over the Covid 19 lockdowns, the State of Israel started digging up parts of the coastline, we thought to stop people camping out there and escaping Covid fascism.

Now, it looks like they dug up literally tens of miles along the coast, by the side of the 90.


I cannot tell you how ugly the whole area is looking.

I also can’t tell you how much of the water from the Dead Sea has evaporated radically – even in the last 4 months.

This is a very good write-up, with good pictures and video, that will give you some idea of what’s ‘officially’ going on there:


But what is really going on there at the moment is a mystery.

A few months ago, there was way more water. And now, the Dead Sea is the smallest puddle I’ve ever seen.


We can – and should – blame human greed for at least some of this.

The potash plant at the bottom of the Northern Dead Sea has totally destroyed the area.

And if my tour guide from Mizpe Ramon is to be believed, the owners of that potash plant, the Ofer brothers, are preventing the State from opening the Degania Dam that would replenish some of the Dead Sea from the overflowing Kinneret.


HERE is the Wikipedia page for the Israel Corporation.

While you might think that the Israel Corporation is State-controlled, in reality 55% of it’s equity is owned by the Ofer brothers, snippet:

The Israel Corp was founded by the government of Israel in 1968, together with Shaul Eisenberg, who was one of the first strategic foreign investors in Israeli history, under the initiative of then Minister of Finance, Pinchas Sapir of the Israeli Labor Party, who changed the Encouragement of Capital Investments Law to attract foreign investment. The change ensured that the company’s owners were exempt from taxes for 30 years and received other benefits.

In 1975, the director general of Israel Corp, Michael Tzur, was sentenced to 15 years in prison after he was convicted on 18 counts of embezzlement, theft, fraud and bribery. He was released from prison in 1981…

After Eisenberg’s death in 1998, the family sold control of the company to the Ofer family.

In 2007, 55% of the equity of the company was held by the Ofer Brothers Group, 18% by Bank Leumi and the remainder by the public.


Who ‘owns’ that chemical / potash plant ruining the Dead Sea?

At least back in 2013, it was owned by Israel Chemicals. Screenshot:


Who owns ‘Israel Chemicals’?

The Israel Corporation.

Two of its major holdings, Israel Chemicals and Oil Refineries Ltd are also constituents of the TA-35 Index.

Who owns the Israel Corporation?

Idan Ofer, Israel’s richest man, who now lives in London,


HERE is his Wikipedia page, and here is a snippet:

He serves on the advisory board of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Dean’s Council of the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. With Richard Branson and others, he is a co-founder of the Carbon War Room, a think tank on climate change based in Washington, D.C.

You catching this disgusting ‘climate change’ hypocrisy?

That the same guy who is literally destroying the Dead Sea is preaching to everyone else about ‘climate change’ and switching over to ‘electric cars’?

Tatty, ad matai??


The Carbon War Room warped into something called ‘RMI’ that now has a $52 million budget to preach to all us plebs about climate change.

HERE is their website, and here is one of their vomit-inducing videos:



But what’s going on currently at the Dead Sea goes even beyond this.

I asked my ‘CERN expert’ if she had any ideas, and this is what they came back with:

BPEarthwatch is convinced that Cern’s main purpose is to alter the weather and the planet (I think that is only part of the story), and he has intimated that the sudden loss of water at Lake Meade may also have something to do with CERN.
Very strange phenomena, and in the videos he has posted it shows not only evaporation, but strange holes where you can see the water seeping away- as if holes are opening up under the earth and draining away the water (see 6:16-9:00 in this video):
Perhaps this relates to the Dead Sea phenomena??

So, after I got her email, I just googled ‘lake water disappearing’, and this came back, from HERE:


‘Climate Change’ is man-made.

They are messing around with all sorts of things at CERN, and with things like HAARP, that appear to be affecting the weather and temperature.

But I highlighted the bit talking about BUILDING NEW RESERVOIRS, because the State of Israel is currently using the Chinese to build a whole bunch of new reservoirs in Israel, including the colossal project at the bottom of Belvoir, again on the 90 a little south of the Kinneret.

These Chinese-built reservoirs may actually be the last straw for the Dead Sea.


So, who is actually building all these reservoirs in Israel (apart from the Chinese?)


This comes from their website, HERE:

  • The reservoirs built by KKL-JNF are spread all over Israel – adding a lot of blue to the map of the country. They add beauty to the scenery, provide a habitat for many birds and fish, create ecological hubs and also provide an environment that delights the eyes and the souls of local residents, farmers, hikers and all other visitors. Just one look from the top of Mount Gilboa over the Harod Valley with its many reservoirs, or a glimpse from the heights of the Belvoir Fortress (Kochav Hayarden) over the Jordan Valley and Kibbutz Neveh Ur is enough to satisfy anyone that these blue pools make an ecological-environmental contribution that is priceless.


Man, the hypocrisy of all this.

We’ll stop here.

But keep on eye on CERN – that has been ramping things up since July 6, 2022, and seems to be running their experiments at full tilt since then.

And understand that people like multi-billionaire Idan Ofer don’t give a stuff about the environment or climate change, for all they like to lecture everyone else about it.

As long as the money keeps pouring into their pockets, who cares what happens to the Dead Sea?


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