In the Middle Ages, many people believed that the black death was caused because “the Jews” poisoned the wells.

This from Wikipedia, HERE:

Clement VI reigned during the period of the Black Death. This pandemic swept through Europe (as well as Asia and the Middle East) between 1347 and 1350 and is believed to have killed between a third and two-thirds of Europe’s population….

Popular opinion blamed the Jews for the plague, and pogroms erupted throughout Europe.

Clement issued two papal bulls in 1348 (6 July and 26 September), the latter named Quamvis Perfidiam, which condemned the violence and said those who blamed the plague on the Jews had been “seduced by that liar, the Devil.”

He urged clergy to take action to protect Jews as he had done.


I’ve been thinking a lot about these killer pandemics throughout history, the last few months.

And about what was really causing them.

Once you know that the theory that the black death was caused by Yersina Pestis-bearing fleas was concocted by one Lionel de Rothschild.

Well. It seems there is more going on here than meets the eye.


On the last post, talking about the weird, ‘hazy’ weather that always seems to show up in Israel a week or two before we find ourselves in the middle of yet another wave of ‘Covid 19’….

And how that ‘strange weather’ seems to leave everyone feeling pretty ill…..

And how at least in Jerusalem, there has been a weird ‘green dust’ – that may or may not be pollen, or aerolised graphene oxide nanotech, or who knows what, exactly….

One of the commentators left a link to a pollen identification chart, put together by a beekeepers’ society in the UK:


Here’s a screenshot:


The color of the ‘dust’ I was seeing in Jerusalem a few days back matches that of the Deadly Nightshade – the most toxic plant on this list.

Once I saw that, this is what arose in my mind (copied from the comments on the previous post):


I’ve been thinking for a while now, that people aren’t getting sick from ‘infectious viruses’ – because millions of viruses live in the body all the time, and they only cause issues when the immune system is weakened, via malnutrition or external ‘toxins’ or poisons of some kind – including things like microwaves.

From what I could see on the chart, that green ‘deadly nightshade’ pollen is the only one associated with a highly toxic plant.

This from Wikipedia:

“The use of deadly nightshades as a poison was known in ancient Rome, as attested by the rumor that the Roman empress Livia Drusilla used the juice of Atropa belladonna berries to murder her husband, the emperor Augustus.”


What I’m figuring out with these evil people is that they are actually one trick ponies – the whole thing here is just figuring out ‘the trick’, and then you can see it being used again and again and again, throughout history.

So…. I’m considering the option now that as well as aerolising graphene oxide and nanotech…. they are also mamash just straight up poisoning us, to cause ‘Covid 19’ symptoms.

Again from Wikipedia:

“The symptoms of belladonna poisoning include dilated pupils, sensitivity to light, blurred vision, tachycardia, loss of balance, staggering, headache, rash, flushing, severely dry mouth and throat, slurred speech, urinary retention, constipation, confusion, hallucinations, delirium, and convulsions….

“In humans, its anticholinergic properties will cause the disruption of cognitive capacities, such as memory and learning.”


I’ve been experiencing quite a few of the symptoms on this list this week, including blurred vision, dry mouth and slurred speech, and brain fod – but I figured maybe it was just feeling knackered from pesach cleaning / all the stress.

Now… I’m at least considering other possibilities for what’s really going on here.


And there’s more.

Take a look at this, from HERE, headline below:



The COVID enzyme shares the same genetic ancestry as the key active chemical in snake venom.

You can see the original release from Arizona University HERE.

Here’s a screenshot of the headline:



Charles McCall, lead researcher from the Wake Forest School of Medicine on the study, refers to the enzyme as a “shredder” for its known prevalence in severe inflammation events, such as bacterial sepsis, as well as hemorrhagic and cardiac shock.

Previous research has shown how the enzyme destroys microbial cell membranes in bacterial infections, as well as its similar genetic ancestry with a key enzyme found in snake venom. 

The protein “shares a high sequence homology to the active enzyme in rattlesnake venom and, like venom coursing through the body, it has the capacity to bind to receptors at neuromuscular junctions and potentially disable the function of these muscles,” Chilton said.   

Roughly a third of people develop long COVID, and many of them were active individuals who now can’t walk 100 yards,” Chilton said. “The question we are investigating now is: If this enzyme is still relatively high and active, could it be responsible for part of the long COVID outcomes that we’re seeing?”


Again, I’m just musing out loud at the moment.

But there is nothing new under the sun.

And btw, in case you were wondering where that rumor started that it was the ‘Jews poisoning the wells’ that caused the Black Death….

If you said ‘Switzerland’, you’d be right.

Snippet from the Jewish Encyclopaedia, HERE:

[T]he actual myth of well-poisoning in connection with the Black Death seems to have arisen in Switzerland in the autumn of that year, though Clement VI. had issued in July a bull declaring its falsity (Baronius, “Annales,” 1348, No. xxxiii.). 


Hey, where have I heard this before?

Something about a secret group of devil-worshipping Swiss Templars trying to poison most of the world and then blame their own actions on the Jews?

No, don’t tell me… I’m sure I’ll remember soon, once all the ‘Deadly Nightshade’ induced brain fog starts to wear off again.


There is nothing new under the sun.

That’s why they keep trying to erase and re-write history, because they literally just pull the same stunts over and over and over again.

But more and more of us are starting to figure that out.

And most of what we know as ‘infectious disease’ seems to be caused by some combination of malnutrition, exposure to microwaves and ‘electricity’ – and good ol’ poison.

The perennial favorite of Roman Emperors.



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Two days’ ago, a bunch of ‘green dust’ fell all over Jerusalem again.

Just before the first wave of ‘Covid 19’ started up two years ago, I saw a lot of that ‘green dust’ all over the place.

At the time, I thought it was just spring pollen.

Now, with all the information about graphene oxide, smart dust, deliberately toxic ‘chem trails’ sprayed all over the place…


I went out to check if that green dust in Jerusalem is magnetic.

It isn’t.

Maybe, it’s just pollen after all?

That’s what my husband said. That’s what I started to think myself, again.

But then….

Since when does ‘pollen’ only fall from the sky during a hazy heatwave?


How does that work?

I’m putting this out there, and if readers can point me in the direction of some factual information that explains how this ‘pollen’ only coats my car, windows and furniture on one or two specific days a year, I am really interested in seeing that.


In the meantime….

My family has not been feeling so well, the last two days.

Sure, we can blame it on the ‘change of weather’, where it went from being super cold for Jerusalem – 5 degrees – to now super hot, up in the low 30s.

Maybe that’s true.

Maybe that’s the only reason I started to feel a bit pukey, and I’m feeling weirdly ‘tired’ at the moment, with my half-head migraine that worsens when I sit on the internet too long.


Or maybe, that green dust was more than just pollen, and it combined with another dose of 5…G radiation from all the towers now up all over the place in Jerusalem, to start us off on the next wave of ‘Covid 19’.

I guess at some point, with God’s help, we’ll figure that out.


In the meantime, one of my kids sent me links to two series (only in Hebrew) that are making a big stir in Israeli society.

Series one was about families where the kid made teshuva, adopted a religious lifestyle – and so the connection with the parents broke.

Series two is about kids who ‘went off the derech’, and the connection with the parents broke.

In some cases, it’s the kids who broke the connection, in others, it’s the parents.

But the whole series is about trying to get these kids and parents speaking again, and loving each other again, even though they are on very different paths.

Here’s the link:

(If you’re not in Israel, you’ll need an Israeli VPN to view it)



This version has English subtitles:

It’s not at all shmirat eynayim friendly.

But I watched the first two episodes of the second series with one of my kids, and we both cried and had a big hug.

Kids are so very precious, even when they aren’t walking the same path that we are.

And parents are also so very precious, even when they don’t understand us and did a lot to mess us up and hurt us.

Strange to say, watching this did more ‘internal Pesach cleaning’ for me than just about anything else, at the moment.

God wants us to love each other, (sometimes sensibly, and still maintaining a distance…) even when that’s hard.

But removing all the ego, self-righteous anger and victim mentality that’s blocking that from happening is really, really hard.

Which is why we have ‘Pesach’.

To search for all those chametz-bad-middot still hiding out, over a few weeks even, and to try to sweep them away.

And now, back to cleaning the fridge.


PS: I’m hearing from a few readers that my site is ‘blocking them’ from commenting.

That’s one of the ways the censorship happens, and there’s not much I can do to stop it.

If you really have a comment you want up, put it in the contact form on the site with the name you want it attributed to, and I’ll post it up from my side.


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Like you, I have no idea what’s really going on.

Probably also like you, I’ve been feeling literally stressed out of my skull for days, weeks and months – and yesterday, I decided that whatever else is going on, I can’t carry on like this.

That decision actually crystallised when I met someone in the local mall who six months ago was apparently about to die from ‘terminal cancer’.

I hadn’t heard from her for a while, so I assumed the worst.

Then yesterday, I bumped into her, and she looked really happy.

Her divorce from a really yucky person had come through; she’d managed to scrape together the money to buy her apartment; and her daughter had dumped her long-term loser boyfriend and was now engaged to a much better man.

And how is your health?

That’s what I wanted to ask, but it wasn’t polite. But she must have figured that out anyway, because she said to me:

I decided to just forget about all that other stuff and get on with my life. I’m late for my yoga class, but if you can come to the wedding, I’d love to see you….


She rushed off.

And I stood there trying to absorb the very important lesson Hashem was teaching me:

Happiness solves all problems.


There is for sure a narrow bridge to tread, between ‘fake-always-happy-keep-my-head-in-the-sand-and-avoid-reality’, and falling into a doom-and-gloom mindset, because the world can be just so heavy sometimes.

But at least in my part of it, the sun is now shining.

There is still good food to eat.

I have lights on, clean clothes, good music to listen to.

B’kitzur, life is actually really good at the moment.


Meanwhile, the craziness goes on outside the windows.

If you read stuff like THIS, it seems obvious that the only economies the sanctions against Russia are really going to tank is those of the USA and Europe.

When World Economic Forum puppet-Zelensky starts mouthing scripted stuff “from his bunker” about how the whole world needs to ditch fossil fuels and go green – that’s when you know we are being set up for another stage of the Swiss Templar’s ‘Great Reset’ plan.

You know, all those food shortages, and fuel shortages, and terrible economic conditions that were meant to come along with the Covid 19 plandemic, but which didn’t quite materialise, because everything got ‘sweetened’ behind the scenes.

The bad people didn’t go away, and are continuing to do bad things.


But at least in my world, I am realising that acknowledging that reality can go hand-in-hand with still enjoying my own reality, and still being grateful to Hashem for all the tremendous blessings He’s continuing to give me.

And in the meantime, I will spend my hour a day ‘stomping on the bad’, praying that it goes away, asking God to rid the world of all this evil.

And I will try to do at least one tikkun haklali a day, to help ‘sweeten’ things.

And I will continue to pay pidyonot over to Shuvu Banim, whenever things start to get too much for me, in my own little world, so my reality at least can be ‘sweetened’ again.

And then – I need to focus on being happy.


Part of the way the oh-so-corrupt media takes us ‘away’ from ourselves, and from God, and from what really matters, is by continually getting us to focus on things that don’t matter, and / or are not in our control at all.

Before ‘the war in Ukraine’ was made everyone’s problem, I was actually doing a lot of research into stuff that can apparently cure cancer and AIDS very easily and cheaply.

(Yes, apparently AIDS is not infectious, and can be cured. Read THIS, for more on what was really causing the first ‘wave’ of what came to be known as AIDS in the gay community.)


More poppers, more AIDS



Given the ongoing fall-out from all the experimental gene therapy ‘Covid 19’ shots, that is where I want to return my research focus now.

On that, and on things that will help to ‘boost our immune system’ by pumping up our real world emuna.

Of course, I’m going to get sidetracked by other things, and of course, sometimes I will still write about ‘Ukraine’ – especially if it’s relevant to me in Israel, when they start flooding the country with non-Jewish neo-Nazis as part of their ongoing attempts to attack, terrify and even murder Jews in Eretz Yisrael.

Once a good (Swiss Templar) Jew-killing crusader, always a good (Swiss Templar) Jew-killing crusader.


The point is not to ignore the ‘bad’.

But the point is to focus on the ‘good’.

And there is still so much of that around, for each of us, however difficult some areas of life may currently be.

It’s all just a test, to bring us closer to Hashem and break our yetzer haras, that keep us so stubborn, selfish and arrogant.


So, the rest of today I’m going back to my Pesach cleaning, and my hobbies, and putting some effort into making a nice supper for my family.

In short: I’m focussing on the many, many good things in my life, and I’m going to remember that God is so good to me, and that all we really have is today.

Because really, we don’t have to ‘pursue’ happiness. We just have to open our eyes to the millions of presents God is giving us right now, without any additional effort required.

Trouble is bad enough when it actually comes. I don’t need to be craning my neck right now trying to spot it way off in the distance.



“He was the moshiach of the generation”.

Daisy sent me this chesped, where Rav Berland is eulogising R’ Chaim Kanievsky.


It’s around six minutes long, with Hebrew subtitles.

For those who don’t speak Hebrew, Rav Berland explains how he and his family lived next to R’Chaim for 20 years, and were very close.

R’ Berland says that his children used to go to BatSheva Kanievsky (R’ Chaim’s wife) to eat after school between the ages of 6 and 15, because Rabbanit Berland had a job teaching in school that kept her there until 4pm.

He says R’ Chaim never took his head out of a Torah book, and that even just seeing him for a second could inspire a person to go and learn Torah for 120 years.

He also says that R’ Chaim’s passing is an atonement for our generation, and that in his zchut, no-one should be harmed in Eretz Yisrael, from the decree to ‘destroy and annihilate’ the Jews (using the language of the Purim megillah).

And that R’ Chaim specifically passed away after the reading of Megillat Esther (where we read about the Tzaddik HaDor, Mordechai, saving his generation from the decree of destruction), as an ‘atonement’ for the sins of this generation.


If I misrepresented anything in the free translation above, by accident, let me know in the comments and I’ll fix it.

But the true tzaddikim are sweetening everything…

In hidden and revealed ways.


I also want to publically apologise for suspecting R’ Chaim of not being a true tzaddik, with all the false statements that were being put out in his name, around forcing people to take Covid shots.

It’s hard to imagine the amount of spiritual bizayon his soul must have experienced, knowing that the people around him were hurting Am Yisrael – in his name!

Which is why, I guess, his passing is also going to be such a huge ‘atonement’ for what’s gone on with all this, and at least part of how all this starts to be sweetened.


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The gap between ‘my reality’ and ‘fake news reality’ seems to be growing each day.

More and more, I’m coming to the conclusion that the way the yetzer hara operates on the personal level is exactly the same way it operates on the global scale, too.

What do I mean?

It’s a Breslov teaching – Rebbe Nachman himself – that the yetzer hara isn’t so interested in ‘the sin’ that we do, but what happens after we fall, spiritually.

All of us are flawed human beings, all of us sin, and make mistakes, and get carried away by bad middot, and make ridiculous errors of judgement that can have massive consequences for ourselves, and those around us.

Even a Tzaddik falls seven times.

And me and you (whisper this…..) we’re nowhere near being a ‘tzaddik’.


So, it’s a reality that we have to deal with every single day, and probably more like every single minute, that we are going to stuff something up, spiritually, and ‘sin’.

As well as the more obvious aveirot like eating traif, breaking Shabbat, not keeping the laws of mikva and taharat mishpacha (family purity) – all big deals, that have a very big impact on a Jewish soul – there are a whole range of sins between adam l’havero – a man and his friend – that is really where so much of the work still needs to be done.

Most of us, even in the ‘orthodox world’, are still very challenged by the idea that we actually have a whole bunch of bad middot hiding out, underneath our ‘frum’ exterior.

Really, I think it’s only by doing hitbodedut regularly, and by following Rebbe Nachman’s teachings and advice, that a person can really start to ‘pop the hood’ on what is really hanging out, in their own subconscious and psyche.



Rebbe Nachman’s path of doing hitbodedut for an hour a day, and Rebbe Nachman’s advice and teachings are really the only thing I’ve come across that actually works to get under the hood, really start acknowledging the truth of what is going on, and then start cleaning out all the bad middot that we all have.

And when we aren’t following this path – even when we’re trying very hard, and we’re really very sincere – I see that most people kind of get stuck.

So, when the inevitable happens, and they do something wrong – that’s when a whole bunch of very unhelpful reactions kick in.


Rebbe Nachman teaches that the yetzer hara isn’t so interested in the sin itself.

What it’s really interested in is all the bad middot – the sadness and depression and yeoush and anger and fear and fakeness that’s going to be aroused in us, as a result of that sin.

Because once the yetzer can tip us over into ‘snake brain’ mode, where FIGHT-FLIGHT-FREEZE-FLATTER has totally taken over our cognitive functioning, that’s when the real damage to a person – and to the world around them – can begin in earnest.


Rebbe Nachman teaches:

Even if I did the worst sin in the world, I would still continue to serve Hashem!

That doesn’t mean going into denial about what’s really going on, or making excuses and rationalising away evil.

It means that we acknowledge reality, try to fix whatever we broke, ask God to help us do better in the future – and then, we let it go, and start seeing the good in ourselves again.

When people don’t follow this advice, they usually get stuck trying to pretend they never sin and are always perfect – and they get very angry with anyone who may suggest otherwise – OR, they fall into ‘beat-myself-up-I’m-worthless’ mode.

And a person operating in both of these modes can then easily transgress the whole Torah, because they already feel so bad about themselves, or are so disconnected from the bad they are already doing, what difference does a few million more massive aveirot make?


Right now, we are at something of a crossroads in this whole geula process.

More and more people are feeling ‘uncomfortable’ about what is going on around us.

That small voice of the soul is whispering to them that they are travelling down the wrong path; that they have been continually misled by people and institutions they were taught to trust and obey; that they made a mistake, in taking the Covid shots, in going along with the ‘normal view’ of things, in believing the lying MSM and our evil governments, full of fake puppets, and the military machine that is pulling the strings from the back.

That was the ‘original sin’, if we can call it that.

The yetzer hara is hoping that so many of us are going to either entrench in denial, or fall into despair, that it can continue to trash the world, willy-nilly, while we just sit back and let it.

That isn’t Rabbenu’s path.


Rabbenu’s path is to acknowledge the truth, but from a place of having great compassion for ourselves.

How could we not believe all the lies, when we have been raised to believe brainwashing propaganda from the youngest age?

And when the forces of evil also deceptively enlisted ‘big rabbis’ to tell us lies, knowingly or unknowingly, to overcome our innate sense that something was off, with the whole ‘Covid 19’ picture?

And when we were locked down, masked up, self-isolated and literally tortured with self-administered fear porn 24 hours a day?


That’s the starting point.

But now….

We are getting to the crunch point. Or at least, ‘a’ crunch point in this whole journey.

People aren’t going to be able to deny reality and dodge the consequences of what is going on for too much longer.

More and more people are inexplicably dropping dead, having strokes and heart attacks, experiencing all sorts of ‘weird’ physical illnesses that they never had before, because of the Covid shots.

(Scroll down to the update HERE, for a partial list of serious side effects for the Covid shots that Pfizer presented to the FDA BEFORE they got approval for their ‘safe and effective’ shots.)

It’s getting harder and harder to pretend that something very strange and worrying isn’t going on.


One of my husband’s clients in the UK told him yesterday that he’s been in bed throwing up for two weeks solid, and is starting to feel he’s been ‘poisoned’ by something.


The ‘something’ is 5…G, mixed with graphene oxide nanotech, and topped off with DNA origami and who-knows-what-else in the Covid shots.

Now that more and more of these stories are starting to swim into view, the ‘denial’ of what is really going on is about to morph into full-fledged fear, anger and despair.

But Rabbenu already told us: that’s not helpful!

That response to the mistake you made is not helpful!


Instead of beating ourselves up or telling ourselves ‘there is nothing we can do about it anyway’…. we need to see God’s hand behind all this.

Instead of melting into a puddle of depression and apathy… we need to start asking God sincerely, from the bottom of our hearts, to fix the mess we find ourselves in, personally and globally. That is the essence of really ‘having emuna’.

Instead of pouring all our energy into hating people (even those very evil people who have caused so much death and destruction)…. we need to put that energy into making teshuva, and overcoming the hatred and evil within our own hearts.

I know this is a tall order, believe me, I know.


The last two weeks, I have been SO angry, at everything and everyone.

I’ve had a justification for that, or a ‘rationalisation’ for that: something objectively yucky happened to someone I care about, and it upset me tremendously.

(Let me put this out there, that there are child rapists walking around in the ‘frummest of frum’ communities, including places like Bet Shemesh, who have been getting away with terrible crimes for years.)

At the same time… I understand that all this anger and hatred that has been welling up in my heart, unbidden, is rising to the surface so I can get rid of it.

So I can ask God to help me ‘sweeten’ things, and pray that all this anger – my anger – gets turned to compassion.

I have really had my hands full with this work, the past two weeks.

But I know it’s the ‘war within’ (that I wrote about HERE.)


As it is on the personal level – so it is on the global level.

The yetzer hara wants us to believe that after we’ve sinned, after we’ve made the mistake, after we’ve ‘broken something’ – it can never be fixed.

That’s the biggest and most dangerous lie that the yetzer hara is telling us right now, that there is nothing for us to do except fall into sadness and despair, or go deep, deep into denial.

This is not Rabbenu’s path!

Rabbenu tells us:

There is no despair in the world!!!!

With God’s help, with some sincere teshuva, with some heartfelt prayers, some dancing and clapping to overturn harsh judgements, with some pidyonot (to a real Tzaddik, not a faker) to ‘pay down’ all the harsh din at its spiritual root – all this can and must turnaround for the best.


I know that each time that anger wells up in me, and I feel like I want to lash out and destroy – that God is giving me an opportunity to fix the midda of anger globally, as well as personally.

Everything we do affects everyone and everything else, for good and bad.

If I take that anger and transform it into compassion (with a LOT of prayer and hard work…) – who knows what other ‘anger’, what other destruction, what other violence I just helped to sweeten in the world?

Everything you and me do is meaningful.



So, don’t lose heart dear readers.

Don’t fall into despair, as the reality of what is really happening here starts to come clearly into sight.

Remember, the ‘problem’ isn’t so much the Covid shots, the ‘war in Ukraine’, the very evil things that are going on all around us.

The ‘problem’ is how we react to all this.

And whether we draw closer to Hashem, or take ourselves further away, God forbid.

That’s the real battle being fought here, the real war.

And with God’s help (and Rabbenu’s advice….) we can win it.


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At least part of the reason the MSM is full of ‘War of Ukraine’ headlines right now is to try and distract us all from the soaring illnesses and deaths going all over the place, as a result of the Covid shots.


More and more and more factual information is starting to flood out about what’s being found in these shots, and also what these shots are really doing to people’s health.

Again, this isn’t ‘conspiracy theory’, it’s just cold, hard information.

For example, more researchers are now posting information about the parasites – and other unexplained, unidentified microscopic life forms they are finding in the Covid shots, with a particular emphasis still on the Pfizer brand.

Here’s a few recent discoveries to catch you up:

  1. LaQuinta Columna researcher Dr Jose Luis Sevillano, snippet:

“Dr. José Luis Sevillano is conducting research based on the observation and evolution of different possible unidentified life forms in the most detailed way possible.

In a recent program, he identified some structures that look like long leaves and others that are more vermiform and frightening.”


I’m seeing reports of unrecognisable ‘parasites’ in these shots from other researchers too, but at this stage, I’m flagging it as something to watch, not a 100% certainty, still.

Meanwhile, there is so much information out there now about how Covid shots have been proven to damage people’s hearts (amongst a very long list of serious side effects, including death.)

Take a look at this:


And the ‘safe and effectiveness’ argument for these Covid shots is also falling apart, with each day that passes.

 Even CDC’s liar-in-chief Rochelle Walensky is now publically back-tracking and trying to cover her derriere:


I could bring more and more stuff here, but I am honestly starting to tire of doing that – across a lot of different areas.

The critical thing here is to really roll up your sleeves, and continue to do your own birur of what is really going on, and about what you’re being told, and about which information, which people, you ‘let in’ to your mind, to influence your thinking and beliefs.

I’ve been saying this for a while, but there are no shortcuts.

Each of us is responsible for ‘cleaning out’ our own minds, our own souls, before Moshiach comes, and tracking down all the false assumptions we have, and lies we really just tell ourselves.

That’s the real work to be done here.


So, don’t let anything enter your mind uncritically.

Don’t just ‘assume’ everything you’re being fed is correct, or ‘right’

Even when people have good intentions, everyone is flawed, everyone is limited, no-one is perfect.

More and more, I’m trying to ‘turn off the MSM’ in my life, and if I’m interested in a subject, I’m going to do a deep dive on it myself, research as much as I can from more credible sources, and then come to my own conclusions about what I really think.

If I care to have an opinion.


Just to end back with the Covid 19 shots.

Don’t forget, that God is really behind all this.

And that everything that happens to anyone is really just part of that ‘conversation’ God is trying to have with each of us, to encourage us to get to know Him, overcome our egos, build up some real emuna, and to fix the things in our soul that need some attention.

Bad things don’t happen ‘stam’.

They happen to encourage a process of introspection and teshuva.

And when ‘bad things’ happen to ‘good people’, that’s also not ‘stam’.

None of us know who we were in a previous life, what pain we caused to others, what destruction we wrought in the world, that we are now bearing the consequences of as ‘good people’ in this lifetime.


Whatever happens, we need to carry on justifying Hashem, and to stop making hysterical statements that suggest that God is somehow ‘wrong’ or ‘mistaken’, when ‘bad things’ happen.

I know that’s hard, and I know that in the moment, everyone, including me, can still feel so hurt, betrayed, sad, despairing and lost, when faced with the ‘bad thing’.

That’s human nature.


I guess what I’m trying to say is that now more than ever, we need to remember the 3 rules of emuna, which are:

  1. God is doing everything.
  2. Everything God does is ultimately for the good.
  3. Everything God does is trying to give me a message about what I myself might need to work on, fix, acknowledge, change.


The war in Ukraine, the parasites in the Covid shots, the world gone mad – it’s ultimately God who is behind all of this.

That brings me a lot of comfort, when I remember that – because it means there is Someone to really talk to, here, about what is really going on, and what I myself can really do about it.

Rav Berland has said repeatedly, that all of these horrible things – all the nazis, the terrorists, the Al Qaeda, the whoever – they are all just the physical manifestation of our own sins.

When we make teshuva, when we really try to uproot the problem at its spiritual source – all these nazis, wars, terrorists, Covid 19 shot-murderers – it all goes away.


So, we all have our work cut out for us.

And of course, I still have a ton of work cut out for me, to keep addressing all the yeoush, the anger, the self-righteousness, the lack of patience, the harsh judgements that sometimes keep floating up.

But what keeps me going is the thought that every extra speck of ‘evil’ I try to track down and eradicate in myself, is somehow also cleaning more of that global ‘evil’ out of the world, too.

And if we all do our bit…. sooner or later, the madness and suffering and evil will stop.



This recent interview with Albert Bourla CEO of Pfizer has more than a whiff of the same sort of ‘distancing tactics’ we are starting to spot by people like Walensky.

Have a listen, see what you think. I have no idea who these mysterious people are that apparently convinced Bourla to roll out gene-therapy, DNA-changing Covid shots against his better instincts. If you think you know what he’s talking about, feel free to share.


In the meantime, here’s the long list of very serious ‘side effects’ that Bourla and Pfizer knew about BEFORE they asked the FDA to approve their dangerous, nanotech Covid shots:

The Assessment and Research Centre of Biological Products (ARCB) of the Food and Drug Administration of America (FDA) for the first time allowed the public to access the data that Pfizer submitted to the FDA clinical trial in support of a licensed vaccine covid-19.


When Pfizer asked the FDA for approval, there were already 158,000 adverse events.

You can see the document listing these ‘side effects’ for yourself, HERE.

The list includes:

🚩acute kidney injury,
🚩acute flaccid myelitis,
🚩antibodies antiespermatozoides positive,
🚩embolism of the brain stem,
🚩thrombosis of the brain stem,
🚩cardiac arrest,
🚩heart failure,
🚩thrombosis ventricular heart
🚩cardiogenic shock,
🚩vasculitis of the central nervous system,
🚩neonatal death,
🚩deep vein thrombosis,
🚩encephalitis of the brainstem,
🚩hemorrhagic encephalitis,
🚩frontal lobe epilepsy,
🚩foaming at the mouth,
🚩epileptic psychosis,
🚩facial paralysis,
🚩fetal distress syndrome
🚩amyloidosis of the gastrointestinal tract,
🚩generalised seizure,
🚩encephalopathy, Hashimoto’s disease, thyroiditis,
🚩vascular thrombosis,
🚩reactivation of herpes zoster,
🚩mediated hepatitis,
🚩interstitial lung disease,
🚩embolism of the jugular vein,
🚩juvenile myoclonic epilepsy,
🚩liver injury,
🚩low birth weight,
🚩multisystem inflammatory syndrome  in children,
🚩neonatal seizures,
🚩fetal death,
🚩temporal lobe epilepsy,
🚩autoimmunity testicular
🚩thrombotic cerebral infarction,
🚩diabetes mellitus type 1,
🚩neonatal venous thrombosis,
🚩thrombosis of the vertebral artery


(Translated from Spanish, so please excuse any spelling errors.)


Safe and effective!!!

My patootie.

Let’s end the update with THIS, from yesterday.



Are people still buying this?


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Yesterday, I got to a tweet of Ukrainian President Zelensky getting a standing ovation from the UK Parliament.


You can see that here (go to the last minute, to skip Zelensky’s ‘performance’, and get straight to the part where the whole British Parliament rises to their feet in unison, and starts applauding.)


Really, people are buying this?!?

I thought to myself.



While ‘Hero Zelensky’ was getting a standing ovation in the UK parliament for standing up to Russian Commo-Fascism, some of his own heroic Ukrainian fascists were apparently beating up and robbing Jewish refugees in Zhitomyr:


Today on CNN, they are running stories like this:


(UPDATE 12/03/2022: Apparently this is a spoof of a CNN headline.)

The disinformation is so rife, I’m also  struggling to know what’s true and what isn’t, so I’m happy to post up corrections as we go along – thanks to Darin for pointing this out.


No, silly.

I know you believe that myocarditis is shooting through the roof because of the graphene oxide and other nanotech in the Covid shots, that are disrupting the heart’s electrical operating system.

That’s because you are a moronic ‘conspiracy theorist’, who clearly flunked out of high school.

The true cause of all the people dropping dead all over the world now from heart-attacks is…. the war in Ukraine.

Really, people are still buying this stuff?!?


In the meantime, depending on which VPN I use, there are certain sites I just can’t get into any more

My US VPN – for example – is blocking a whole bunch of sites and especially a whole bunch of videos on sites like Odyssey and Rumble, which talk about ANYTHING connected to Biden graft, US politicians’ corruption, and what’s going on in the Ukraine right now.

God bless the U.S.A., that beacon of democracy and free speech.

In the meantime, the Russian propaganda site SOTT (which does also carry some independent news, at least some of the time) is also now ‘blocked’ for many people, depending on where they are trying to  log in from.


The point is, the more you see a certain ‘line’ being pushed today in our corrupt media, or by our corrupt actors-cum-politicians, the more you need to dig deeper, to really find the truth.

In this olam hafuch, the people and things they are telling us are ‘dangerous and bad’ – like Rav Berland! – are the opposite.

And the people and things they are telling us are ‘holy and healthy’ – like Zelensky! And like Elon Musk! And like the Covid 19 shots! – are the opposite.


Which brings me to something I just want to mention, at this point, for people to start researching for themselves, and that is chlorine dioxide.

A few weeks’ back, had a video up about how Andreas Kalcker’s chlorine dioxide protocol has been helping a lot of people overcome the ‘side effects’ of the Covid shots.

Here’s a snippet:

Biophysics researcher Andreas Kalcker discussed the blood clotting that many vaccinees experience and how CDS helps degrade the micro clots responsible for this condition.

A testimony that has impacted Dr. Kalcker is that of Manu, a tattoo artist who has been tattooing people for 25 years and who claims that when he performs his art on people’s skin they no longer bleed. Dr. Kalcker pointed out that this is a sign of coagulation that can be solved thanks to chlorine dioxide.

And here’s the video:


This morning, I got an email asking me for any leads for someone who used to run 250km a week – but since they got ‘vaccinated’ with the Covid shots, they are a wreck, physically.

That’s what brought this video, above, to mind.

But me being me, before I suggested this, I wanted to find out a little more about chlorine dioxide solution (CDS), because you and me know it as being akin to diluted ‘bleach’.


The first thing I noticed is just how heavily ‘fact checked’ and discredited the claims about chlorine dioxide are.

Like this guy, from 2015:


In the past, this may have put me off from digging further, but now we’ve set out the rule above, that in this olam hafuch, the more they try to discredit and put you off, the more you should precisely dig THERE, for more truth and clarity, that only spurred me on.

So, I scanned through the comments on this ‘fact checking’ video, and I noticed a lot of people were claiming to have had results with a number of serious diseases, many of which were deemed ‘untreatable’ and ‘terminal’, by our Western medical experts.


Then I got to THIS:


It’s a Chinese patent from 2014, describing how chlorine dioxide solution can be used to successfully treat Ebola – and prevent cancer.

And instantly, just like that, I start to understand that there is way more going on with this chlorine dioxide ‘miracle solution’ than the puppet masters want us to know.


Next stop was HERE, a website which has a lot of information about chlorine dioxide solution, how it actually works, scientifically, what it has been successfully used to ‘cure’.

If you go HERE, you’ll find a book you can download for $8.99, that tells you everything you need to know about chlorine dioxide solution. I just did that myself, and I’ll update you once I’ve read through it.

Here’s a snippet:

The Layperson’s Guide to Chlorine Dioxide and Miracle Mineral Solution looks at the how chlorine dioxide medicine works in the body, why it works to treat and prevent sickness/disease, and how you can use it safely for healing on yourself and your loved ones of any age.

This book makes the specific MMS/CDS protocols of Jim Humble, Thomas Hesselink, and other experts easily accessible and follow, even if you’re an MMS/CDS beginner.


“Factcheckers” say that Jim Humble is a quack who is encouraging people to harm themselves by ingesting toxic substances.

These are the same ‘factcheckers’ who told us Covid shots were totally ‘safe and effective’.

At this point, I tend to believe the opposite of what they are saying.

HERE is Jim Humble’s own website, where you can find an FAQ that explains way more about how and why to actually use chlorine dioxide solution – after it’s been ‘activated’ and diluted – to eliminate pathogens and poisons from the body.


It is important to note that MMS does not cure disease.

MMS is an oxidizer, it kills pathogens and destroys poisons.

When these are reduced or eliminated in the body, then the body can function properly and thereby heal. I often say, “The body heals the body”. MMS helps to line things up so the body can do just that.


If you go HERE, you’ll find literally hundreds of testimonies, ranging across tens of illnesses, where people describe how following the CDS protocols helped them heal.

They include 111 stories of healing cancer; 29 stories of healing diabetes; 23 accounts of healing ‘coronavirus’; 20 stories of healing HIV /AIDS; and 8 stories of healing serious heart problems.

These are just the ones that caught my eye, as being some of the known side-effects of these biotoxic, GO nanotech Covid shots.

Here’s one of the HIV testimonials, from the site:

Back in 2014 I was deliberately infected with the HIV virus by a vindictive former girlfriend who lured me into a sexual encounter a year after our breakup. After the encounter she gleefully informed me of her status and for me to quote”have a nice life”.

Subsequently 6 months later I was tested after experiencing many of the classic symptoms and was found to be positive. Doctors immediately insisted that I start taking a battery of PI’s, and NRTI’s  which do not cure the disease and have many life shortening side effects.

It was at this point that I applied the MMS1 protocol which immediately addressed my symptoms and I have been healthy and strong ever since.I deliberately avoided being retested until recently by my primary care physician who stated,” after applying a series of tests, your results are negative for  HIV-1 RNA……HIV 1 AB and HIV 2 AB are all negative. You are clear to give blood just keep this record handy for future reference”.

Needless to say, I am grateful to God for His mercy in sending this solution to me in such a timely fashion.


All this poses a huge challenge to what you and me have been taught causes diseases and ill-health in human beings.

Because it’s basically saying that once the immune system is strong and healthy, we can fight off any external pathogens, poisons or parasites, that may give us the symptoms of illness.

And that once these poisons and pathogens are removed – the body can heal itself.


Again, I’m just putting this information ‘out there’.

I haven’t tested anything myself, I don’t have first-hand experience, I’m not necessarily recommending anything.

But the more I’m reading – particularly from the ordinary people who are saying this stuff really works, even to ‘cure’ HIV and cancers… the more it seems to me that God has provided the ‘balm’ before the Covid shots ‘blow’.

BH, no-one in my family got ‘vaccinated’, so I can’t do these experiments myself, thank God.

But if you do want to do the experiment with CDS yourself, PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT HAPPENS.

If this stuff really does work to heal people like this, then this is information that needs to be got out there publically, ASAP.


Let me end with a few more websites, and resources, for if you want to take this further:

Jim Humble has basic ‘ingredients’ and instructions for how to make this stuff HERE.

Dr Andreas Kalcker’s website is HERE – and he is doing a free, online webinar in English, about CDS on March 12, 2022, at 10pm Jerusalem time (i.e. motzash).

(For people who still believe in ‘Sars-Cov-2’, he also has some clinical studies on his site for how CDS ‘cures’ the symptoms of Covid, HERE.)

Dr Thomas Hesselink’s CDS protocol HERE – complete with step-by-step instructions of where to buy the stuff you actually need to do it, on Amazon (until they start banning it….)


Here’s a quick video showing how to make it:

(‘Master Mineral Solution’ is just another name for the CDS).


The guys who made the video are Tuluce Chemicals, and they ship worldwide (although I can’t see an option for Israel. I just emailed them to ask them what’s going on with that).


Again, I’m not a doctor, I’m not a medical expert.

I’m just sharing some information here, and please do your own research and come to your own conclusions.

I just have the ‘feeling’ that this may really be a big part of the balm that God prepared, long before they rolled out the blow of these Covid shots, but only time will tell.

If you have first-hand experience of this, if you do do the experiment, if you manage to source sodium chlorite in Israel – please share those details with others.

We WILL beat the bad, BH, with our prayers, our teshuva – and our working together, to figure things out.




I’ve spent the last hour trying to find suppliers of Sodium Chlorite, and / or ‘MMS’ (Miracle Mineral Solution) – and it’s totally incredible the lengths that are being gone to, to make this stuff very, very hard to come by, for people like you and me.

And particularly in Israel.

Here’s some more options for non-Israelis, that haven’t been shut down (yet…)

NACS Water Purification Drops (WPD) – 1 set

I’m not recommending anything, I’m not vouching for anything, I’m just putting the information out there, and you use your own discernment to figure out what you might want to do with it.


In the meantime – I could use some help trying to find a supplier of sodium chorite in Israel.

Does anyone out there have a pool man, who comes to clean their pool, that might now where to buy this stuff here?

If yes, please send details via the contact form, or leave a comment below.

They are making so much effort to get this stuff out of reach, that’s making me think that a lot of the  healing claims for ‘MMS / CDS’ probably stand up….



So, this is how you can make CDS at home – if you are scientifically minded.

Which I’m not…

But if you are….and you can find some sodium chlorite….maybe give it a try.



This video sets it all out.

No wonder they are trying so hard to ‘disappear’ sodium chlorite, and MMS, and all this information and evidence about how effectively it really works, to help the body heal from so many of the illnesses and diseases they want us to think are a) terminal and b) incurable – without their super-expensive medications and surgeries.


HERE is the website that goes together with this video, called ‘The Universal – the science and story of chlorine dioxide’.

And below, you can download all the information from the video, together with more links and information, including first-hand ‘miraculous cure’ stories – including from so-called ‘Covid 19’:


I  have to say, I’m totally shocked at what I’ve learned today.

This really does seem to be a ‘miracle cure’ for so many things – and that’s why they are going to unbelievable efforts to keep this information from humanity.

For literally pennies, people could quickly and permanently cure cancer, HIV and a bunch of other serious diseases – and without doctors and hospitals.

You can see why that has them worried.

Geula is really starting to blossom.

You can smell it in the air.



On a misty, cold and windy Jerusalem morning last week, I took a drive out to the Dead Sea.

I read something a few weeks ago saying that bathing in sea water regularly helps to neutralise radioactivity from the human body, which also suggested that the Dead Sea is probably the single best place you can go, to do that naturally.

I had kind of been coming to a similar conclusion myself, in a hazy way, but it was very good to see someone else putting that out there.

So, I girded my loins, and arranged a trip to the Dead Sea.


Usually by the end of February, the weather in Israel is already pretty sunny, and starting to heat up the thermometer.

But not this year.

This year, we’ve had grey skies, mists, tons of rain (Baruch Hashem!), snow, hail – and also a lot of wind. So much wind, that my garden is totally wrecked from it all, and there’s not much I can do to tidy it up, because we are in the middle of shmittah, here in the Holy Land.

But I digress.


Optimist that I am, I invited two friends to come with, and one of those friends (who is not a ‘Rav’ person) invited three more of her friends.

The day before the trip, that everyone was so looking forward to, and so in need of, physically and emotionally, all the people who are not ‘with the Rav’ got hit with different complications and issues, which meant they couldn’t do it.

The mother of one woman broke her leg….another woman suddenly got overwhelmed with work and had to cancel her holiday day….another woman got overwhelmed with life, and just couldn’t cope with anything ‘extra’ to deal with, not even something nice…. and the last woman woke up feeling really ill, and just ended up spending the day in bed, recuperating.

So, me and my one ‘Rav person’ friend were the only ones who ended up driving down to the Dead Sea, for some R&R last week.


Given the dramatic way everyone else’s plans had blown up, we were talking about how lucky and blessed we were, that we’d managed to actually do it.

And that’s when I realised, not for the first time, that when you are attached to a real, live Tzaddik, life is just so much sweeter and nicer.

The whole world is so full of din and harsh judgement right now, that if you aren’t figuring out a way to get that sweetened – that really works – it’s almost impossible to cope with ‘life’. 


As we drove down the decline to the Dead Sea area, the sun started to shine, and the temperature went up a good 8 degrees.

Or to put it another way, we drove out of dark and depressing ‘winter’ and into glorious ‘spring’, in about two minutes.

Israel is mamash like that – every city, every small area, has its own weather going on.

But it was still really blustery.

So blustery, in fact, that when we got down to the beach, there were foot-high waves whipping the coastline to a mineral foam.

Or to put it another way, the ‘Dead Sea’ was the most ‘alive’ I’ve ever seen it.

It’s the winds of change, my friend told me, with a smile on her face.


Ah, the winds of change.

This friend came with me a few times to say some Tikkun Haklalis outside the Ramla prison in the middle of the summer, when it was stifling hot outside.

Each time we got to the prison, there would be a weird ‘wind’ blowing the trees around there – even on a day when it was totally calm, everywhere else.

I recognised that wind from Musrara – it’s the ‘wind of change’ that shows up not infrequently, when the Rav is praying with the community on Ido HaNavi street.

And now, here it was again, churning the Dead Sea to foam and giving us a lot of absolutely gorgeous scenery to look at, while we soaked our feet in the Dead Sea detox.


We had a great time, that morning.

It gave us both a lot of koach and strength to continue, and to push back against all the dark clouds of despair and doubt, that are trapping so many people in a bad place, at the moment.

And we both felt in our bones, that the only reason we seem to be sailing through this period of time, actually in a pretty good place in so many ways, is because of our attachment to Rav Berland.


In the middle of writing this, I got sent some more information about what’s going on in Uman right now, particularly with the Rav’s students.

You remember, that the Rav has said repeatedly that Uman is safe, and that people should just stay put, as Putin isn’t interested in hurting civilians or the Jewish community?

According to first-hand information, there are a number of the Rav’s students still in Uman, and they are doing fine and are in really good spirits.

Not only that, a lot of Jewish ‘refugees’ from other parts of the Ukraine are also now in Uman, staying in the many kosher hotels that are there, and waiting out the fighting.

This is what I’m being told.


The point is: when you’re following a real Tzaddik – after you’ve done your necessary due diligence to make sure they really ARE a true Tzaddik, and not just a high-level faker – life just gets so much easier to bear.

I saw that at the Dead Sea, and the Rav’s students in Uman are also experiencing that.

But there are literally hundreds of examples I can give, just from my own life, where I have seen the ‘sweetening affect’ of being part of Rav Berland’s community.

(I’m talking spiritually here – I don’t live in the area anymore, and I have no kids in the Shuvu Banim school system. The connection is spiritual, and anyone can connect to the Rav from anywhere in the world. It’s all just a matter of intention.)


We live in interesting times, exciting times.

Even the ‘Dead Sea’ is starting to come alive….

It’s a good portent of things to come.

But the next few weeks and months are probably going to be extremely challenging.


Two days ago, my daughter caught up with a triple-jabbed friend of hers, that she hasn’t spoken to for a while.

The girl is 18, and is now in the early stages of unexplained kidney failure. She’s currently in the hospital undergoing three days of tests, so the doctors can pretend they are doing something to help her.

For over a year, I was petrified that my daughters would succumb to the non-stop barrage of propaganda about the Covid shots; or buckle under the strain of all the coercion to ‘get the jab’, to take the shot, like nearly all of their friends did.

Ima, I know so many people who had it, and they are all fine!!!

If I had a shekel for every time I heard that…. I probably still couldn’t afford to buy a toilet in overpriced Jerusalem.


In the meantime, I just kept praying, and just kept paying small, but regular pidyonot with the Rav when we’d hit a particularly sticky point, and Baruch Hashem, God kept sending my girls ways to dodge ‘the jab’, while still fully participating in school and society.

It was mamash, miraculous.

The last few months, both of the girls – and many of their double-jabbed friends – have come round to the point of view that there is something very ‘off’ with the Covid 19 shots.

These days, very few people are running to take any more of them.

But that still doesn’t mean that most people are accepting that the Covid shots can kill you, and / or make you really, really ill.

I have a feeling that is about to change.


After that phone call, my daughter turned to me with thoughtful eyes, and asked me:

Ima, do you think what my friend has could be because of the Covid shots?

I nodded.

Unexplained kidney failure in an otherwise totally healthy 18 year old girl with no other issues?

But who had three shots of toxic ‘gene therapy’ designed to totally overwhelm the body’s immune system, in some way, so the ‘nanotech’ can establish itself and take over?

It sounds – at the very least – like a plausible hypothesis.


I really like this girl.

I’m really sorry this is happening to her.

I also know that her family were one of the biggest critics of the Rav, over the last few years, and that my daughter would come back from their home believing a bunch of terrible lies told by the lying media, which caused no end of pain and tension between me and my kid.

The last two years, I saw a very strong correlation between ‘people who totally believed the media lies about Rav Berland’ and ‘people who went totally cuckoo over Covid 19’


It’s a free world.

Everyone can come to their own conclusions, and choose their own path.

And that sounds like a good place to end.


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Like you, I have no idea what’s really going on in the Ukraine.

I’m still not watching ‘official news’ sites – which are all propaganda disguised as ‘news’, whoever seems to be running them.

And the few sources of ‘alternative news’ I still plug into also need careful birur, because some of them are also ‘controlled opposition’, and even the ones that aren’t are doing their best to present factual information, but with so many ‘lies’ around and deliberate disinformation, it’s not always easy to do that.

Add in to all this, the fact that our ‘brainwashing’ has been teaching us for a century that ‘Russia is bad, Russia is bad, Russia is bad’.

Communism for sure WAS bad.

But as we are learning on this blog, the Bolsheviks were funded by Freemason-Frankists operating out of the West, particularly in the States.


Those Freemason-Frankists are now busy trying to force a great reset that will lead to ‘Communism version 2.0’, where we will all own nothing, and be totally reliant on obeying ‘the State’ even just to have food to eat, etc.

Without rehashing everything again, the point is that Covid 19 was clearly planned by those self-same Freemason-Frankists – and the bio nanotech in these Covid 19 shots is patented by DARPA.

So to be clear: America is actually the prime mover in this global Covid 19 genocide being rolled out to every corner of the world, with some help from the Frankist-Freemason network that basically has its tentacles everywhere in our so-called ‘democracies’.

That’s not me saying that.

It’s Klaus Schwab:


So now, does that automatically make Putin and Russia ‘the good guys’?

No, not at all.

It’s part of our ridiculous ‘programming’, that we’ve been taught to approach everything as ‘black and white’, ‘totally good and totally bad’, when real life is nothing like that at all.

Putin has also rolled-out the Covid shots, Russia-style, named ‘Sputnik’.

No world leader today is ‘good’, because we live in the olam hafuch, and they are all scumbugs, one way or another.

That said, I am inclined at this stage to believe that Russia and Putin are the lesser of two evils, based on the information that is in the public sphere – i.e., not very much at all.

And what I know for sure is that whatever is going on in the Ukraine, there is way more we aren’t being told about, and lots of information that could change the whole picture, that is not being reported.


Please take this following information with a huge pinch of salt, and do your own research into this, and come to your conclusions.

This appeared on one of the few ‘alternative media’ sites that doesn’t seem to me to be controlled opposition, and who usually do their homework on their articles.

And I have done some basic due diligence myself, and much of what this article says seems to check out – click on the links below, to see for yourself.

But who knows what is really going on?



What this post is saying, is that four months ago Putin asked the US to rein-in it’s ‘biological experimentation’ labs in the Ukraine – and the US refused.

That seems to be true, this is my own screenshot of that story from the South China Morning Post, from October 8, 2021:


And the Ukraine IS hosting a number of US biolabs.

This comes from the US Embassy’s own website, HERE:



Here’s a pertinent snippet from the US Embassy site:

BTRP has upgraded many laboratories for the Ministry of Health and the State Food Safety and Consumer Protection Service of Ukraine, reaching Biosafety Level 2. In 2019, BTRP constructed two laboratories for the latter, one in Kyiv and one in Odesa.

And here are some screenshots showing where some of these other US Biolabs in the Ukraine are located:


Putin is apparently bombing the places in the Ukraine where the US’s biological weapons labs are located:


If this is true, then more bits of this story to start to ‘fit’ a bit better, like this, from the Washington Post correspondent Paul Sonne, yesterday:


I was also perplexed as to why Uman is apparently being heavily bombed by the Russians, as it’s not near Donbass, and apart from Rabbenu, Rebbe Nachman of Breslov’s tomb, there is nothing there….

…Except a huge military installation, which is why getting to Uman was always so tricky, in the Cold War times.

So very possibly, there is another hidden US bioweapons lab onsite there, too.


I will stop there for now, but the point is this:

America, and its intelligence agencies, and its MK Ultra projects, and it’s Nazi-run NASA and DARPA is truly the biggest source of evil in the world right now.

That doesn’t automatically make Putin and Russia ‘the good guys’.

But, it may suggest they could be the lesser of two evils – i.e. still very evil, but just not quite as bad.

Which makes that whole question of who really might be the ‘good’ in Esav – if such a thing actually exists – into much sharper focus.


One thing is for sure: The Jews in the Ukraine need our prayers, to stay safe and out of harm’s way, while all this is going on.

So, please pray for them.

And keep your ‘birur-o-meter’ switched on and operating to the max.

There is way more going on here, than meets the eye.



There’s lots of different opinions about this, and I am keeping a totally open mind here, about what is really going on.

I got this over email from a reader:

I don’t know what this is really all about either — ask 5 people and you’ll get 7 opinions — but it doesn’t make sense that this is about destroying biolabs in Ukraine. The US pushed for this war against Ukraine while doing nothing to defend it.

If they had labs there that were so important to them, one would think they would do a bit more than absolutely nothing to protect them.


And there’s more info being brought from the comments, that add more details and suggestions into the mix, too.

The only thing any of us really know for sure, is that we’re being lied to about what the real agenda is in the Ukraine – that much is obvious.

So, let’s just keep pulling the pieces together, as we find them, until more of a real picture comes into view.


Lastly, I got a call from a friend yesterday telling me that in her community, people are pointing to this as a fulfillment of the words of Chaim of Volozhin, who apparently got from the Vilna Gaon that when the Russians invade the Crimea, everyone should go and get their Shabbos clothes ready, as Moshiach is close.

Personally, I’ve been around that block on a number of occasions before, so here is some advice that you can take or leave, as you wish.

  • We are meant to live EVERY DAY in the expectation of Moshiach coming.

That means every day, we are meant to work on a bit more of our middot, and to identify a few more of the ‘blocks’ in our own lives, that are maybe holding that process up.

It also means that we hang on to the hope of Moshiach coming at the national and global level, too, which is particularly important when times are difficult.

But we don’t get carried away.

If you think you are going to ‘change something’ when Moshiach mamash comes, then really think about changing that thing today.

Whether it’s moving country, getting a little bit more serious about your yiddishkeit, quitting smoking, working on your short temper – start that process today!


But don’t do anything rash or stupid, that you are really going to regret if Moshiach doesn’t show up in the next five minutes.

Sit down, do some hitbodedut, get some real yishuv ha’daat, before rushing into any life-changing decisions because it looks like Moshiach really might be coming now.

He is close, for sure – but ‘close’ could still mean another 200 years.


Like everything, it’s a very narrow bridge.

And yetzers jump all over big world events like this, to pull us into giddy excitement, and then plunge us into spiritual despair, afterwards.

I’ve been researching ‘false messiahs’ and ‘false dates for geula‘ for 2 years now, and each time that time comes and goes, it causes a huge wave of apostasy in the ranks of Jewish believers, when it doesn’t pan out.

So: expect the best.

But still plan for the worst.

And make ‘preparing for Moshiach’ a feature of every single day, and not just because a bunch of Russians are now bombing the Ukraine.



Talking this through with my husband, he made two more points:

  1. He thinks it’s meaningful that Putin is specifically speaking of ‘de-Nazi-fying’ the Ukraine. in that Tweet, above.

Remember, Operation Paperclip brought all those ‘former Nazi’ scientists over to the US, and other Western countries, to basically continue where they left off, in agencies like DARPA, NASA, the CIA and the NSA.

NASA’s budget is more than $23 billion a year.

If they aren’t spending all that taxpayer’s cash on really ‘going to space‘ – that’s a lot of funding that can go to other black op programs that we are now enjoying, including the graphene oxide / DNA origami self-assembling nanotech in the Covid shots.


2. Re: Why the US isn’t defending it’s bioweapons bases in the Ukraine.

He’s of the view that they can’t.

Because if America directly gets involved in this ‘war’, then we really are looking at WW3.

There is nothing in between ‘leaving this alone’ and ‘America getting directly involved, very possibly leading to WW3’.

It’s possible that the Frankist-Freemasons running all this wanted a war – but on their terms, that would see them with their ‘broad coalition’ baloney, and months of tedious propaganda softening us all up to think the way they wanted, when  they invaded Iraq.

And maybe, Putin beat them to the punch so they are now on the back foot.

We forget, that all these evil people are also just flawed, limited people, at the end of the day. And that things go wrong, and mistakes happen, and God mixes everything up for them, all the time.


So, TBC.


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I put this up as an update to the last post, but I know a lot of people don’t always see the updates, so I’m bringing this information here, too.


Here’s the secular law in Israel, on claiming the right to NOT have to wear a mask, from HERE


The Ministry of Health’s own site: 

No Certificate Required:

The law does not require any certificate, document, or other proof of one’s inability to wear a mask. All that is required is for the individual to say that he is exempt.

The Minister of Health, Nitzan Horowitz was asked to explain this point in the Knesset on 28/7/21. 

He answered:

“Indeed, the law has defined an exception that a person due to mental, intellectual or medical disabilities significantly has difficulty wearing a mask, or is prevented from doing so due to his disability that is supposed to cover the mouth and nose, he will be exempt from the mask obligation. The thing is, the law does not define how this exception is made in practice, simply giving an exemption.

Therefore, the wording of the regulation – I can tell you this clearly – does not impose an obligation to present a certificate for the purpose of the exemption and therefore the same person can also verbally claim his right to explain the situation. We will refine this situation among law enforcement agencies so that they know. If you want, you can also ask for a note from a doctor or a letter, if you want, but it is not mandatory.”


So, basically anyone who tries to force you to wear a mask after you say ‘ani pator’ is BREAKING THE SECULAR LAW.

Now, how does this piece of information start to change the picture?

Here’s how you say it legally, in the Hebrew:

When asked to put on you mask you don’t have to explain why, simply say “אני פטור על פי חוק יש לי קושי משמעותי”


Ani patoor(a) al pi hok. Yesh li koshi mashmaoti.

Please, someone out there print some T-shirts with this on it….


Hey, that website also has some stickers to download and print off, here:אני-פטור-מעודכן.pdf


And in case you missed the discussion about the halachas related to mask-wearing, which was also an update, here is that information again:

I went back to R Chananya Weissman, to ask him if the concept of wearing a mask while praying being assur, al pi halacha, is something I totally made up, or if I had actually seen something that said that.

Here is what he kindly sent me:


  1. This snippet from an interview he did HERE with an Italian journalist:

Last question: what does the Torah in regard to closures and masks?

I refer you to some of my articles on the topic and I’ll be happy to clarify any point, if necessary:

There is also a lot more in this regard, and offered as a contribution from other rabbis. 


I quote here from an e-mail that someone has shared with me, and that was not attributed:

“The masks are associated with the idolatry in the ancient jewish sources. 

The Torah urges us to refrain from any practice that has the slightest connection with idolatry (Deuteronomy 7:26 and elsewhere). The Code of jewish Law does not recognize the masks as a garment that is acceptable. (Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim 301:20. Shabbos 66a; Ref ibid 30b. Or Zarua Hilchos Shabbos 84). 

The masks symbolize division and separation from God.

Likutei Torah of Rabbi Isaac Luria says that there is no garment to the mouth or nose. Similarly, Rabbi Shalom DovBer of Lubavitch writes in Sefer Maamorim 5665, that there is a garment for the mouth. Rabbi Moses Cordovero writes in Tomer Devorah the mouth and the nose must always remain uncovered, in the likeness of the Divine.

The Jewish law does not permit to undergo the hardship or oppression of the breathing, in the name of a supposed public benefit, because the ‘public health’ is not a value in the Torah (discussed at length in one of the articles that I mentioned above).


And also this:

2) Mask policy in Judaic thought

From the blog of R Michoel Green. Snippet (but go read the whole thing, as he brings a lot of Torah sources in the footnotes there:)

2)      It is forbidden to wear a mask during prayer. [17] It is not appropriate to stand before a king wearing a mask on one’s face. How much more so before the King of kings, the Holy One blessed be He.

[17] Rabbi Moshe Sternbuch in a recent responsum.

See also Rabbi Daniel Green’s recent article:

“Orach Chayaim 91:5, that one must be dressed during prayer as one would while greeting dignitaries. Wearing gloves, alternatively, is prohibited (S.A. Admur Hazokein, based on the Bach and Magein Avraham). See Piskei Teshuvos Ibid., that this prohibition includes wearing pajamas (as per Mishna Berura Ibid. s.k 11), work clothes for laborers or hospital staff, etc., which would normally not be worn while entertaining important guests, and that even a scarf during cold weather should be avoided during the Shmone Esrei itself (as cited in footnote 40, quoting Imrei Emes Likutim pg. 118, in the name of the Sfas Emes and Chidushei Harim, and Zachor L’avraham chapter 7 ois 19, that the Toldos Aharon was unhappy when a healthy person prayed wrapped in a scarf.”


Furthermore, one is prohibited from praying whilst holding a load that isn’t for the purpose of prayer. [18] A mask is a load according to halacha.

18] Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim 96:1.


But the bigger problem is the mental one.

There are now a whole bunch of people out there who have developed a mental illness around mask-wearing, that means they are ‘scared’ to be around people in a natural, unmasked state.

I sympathise with them, inasmuch as when you are in the grip of that sort of fear and anxiety, it’s totally horrible to go through it.

At the same time, I can’t let other people’s irrational fear and anxiety (= bad middot and lack of emuna that God is running the world) dictate my ability to breathe fresh air and impact my own health.

And especially not when the evil ‘powers that be’ are using the masks as a corrupting psychological conditioning tool, to break people’s wills, and train the populace to obey all government diktats, however harmful, useless or flat-out bizarre.

That’s a very slippery slope, as we saw from pre-War Germany, where all sorts of terrible things were done to Jews in the name of ‘pubic health’.


Commentator Rachel wanted to know why I can’t just be ‘nice and considerate’, and put a mask on when other people ask me to.

What’s the big deal?!?

The ‘big deal’ is that forcing someone to wear a mask is one of the most psychologically harmful things you can do to yourself, or other people – and especially children.

Remember before Covid, when we’d see those weird Chinese tourists fully ‘masked-up’ walking around – and we all just knew in our guts, that it was a totally OTT response to the world, based on mentally-ill  levels of fear and hypochondria?

Remember before Covid, when ‘Wacko Jacko’ was walking around in a face mask, and forcing his kids to wear a face mask, and we all knew that was a form of mentally-ill child abuse?

Remember, all the dissing the ‘burka babes of Meah Shearim’ got, for walking around with a veil that totally covered their faces, and how ‘disgusted’ so many people were that they were even doing that to their children?!?!?

Remember all that?


If people are scared of ‘catching germs’ from other people breathing next to them without a mask – they should stay at home and seek urgent treatment for their Covid Anxiety Disorder.

If businesses, schools and other institutions are scared (rightly so!) of getting fines from our corrupt government and police, they should learn the laws regarding mask exemptions and encourage their customers, students and workers to state they are exempt from masks….

And then go and burn all those GO-containing blue monstrosities on a massive bonfire, somewhere.

Me being ‘nice’ to people with mental illnesses like Covid Anxiety Disorder is only going to prolong the agony for all of us.


Again, let’s state this clearly, so it starts to penetrate the mental fog:

Being scared to be around people without masks is clearly a mental illness, and anyone who is displaying this mental illness needs to a) acknowledge it and b) seek treatment for their Covid Anxiety Disorder.

Because if you want to claim that ‘masks work to stop transmission of germs’ – you are lying to yourself and others.

There is no real science to back that claim up, and there is a ton of science (that’s increasing every day…) that shows that wearing masks harms people’s physical, mental and emotional health in a number of profound ways.

And that is true even if you are wearing two masks together; and even if one of them is a N95; and even if your blue clinical mask contains biotoxic graphene oxide, to help ‘filter’ the air you are breathing.


This comes from the site linked to above:

Scientific evidence that shows masks don’t prevent viral transmission:

“Evidence from 14 randomized controlled trials of these measures did not support a substantial effect on transmission”

CDC Study Finds Overwhelming Majority Of People Getting Coronavirus Wore Masks”

First RCT concludes: “mask-wearing ‘not statistically significant”

47 studies that don’t support mass masking

“none of the studies established a conclusive relationship between the use of masks/respirators and protection from influenza infection.”


Enough pandering to mental illnesses and bad middot!!!

Let’s start calling a spade and spade, and pushing back on the masks, and the ‘Wacko Jacko-Karens’ who are trying to make their Covid Anxiety Disorder everyone else’s problem.

Bottom line, if God wants us healthy – we’ll stay healthy.

And while that’s a very uncomfortable thought for many people, that’s where all this is ultimately heading, as the Covid 19 trainwreck continues to build up, and more and more people start to realise that really, we only have Hashem to turn to.


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