Ever since I bought a few ‘orgone generators’, last week, my headaches have gone, my hair has stopped falling out, and I’m sleeping better.

***Updates below on the halacha of making orgone devices and permissibility of dowsing***

These are the plain facts on the ground.

BUT – I have no idea, how these things are meant to be working to do that.

When I try to measure what’s going on with my EMF ‘electrosmog’ thing, and the orgone pyramid I now put on my wifi router at home, it literally starts bouncing all over the place, from near 0 up to ‘your brain fries in 10 seconds’ 140 range.

[Video to follow].

So the last couple of days, I’ve been trying to figure out more of how these ‘orgone generators’ actually work.

Because the plain facts on the ground is that I’ve been feeling ‘irradiated’, for weeks and even months, and now, Baruch Hashem a million times, I’m feeling much better, health-wise.


As usual, there is a huge birur to do with this stuff, as so much of the ‘orgone-producing’ community is steeped in Eastern philosophies and religions, where the more esoteric side of human nature is not repressed and banished.

That’s why avoda zara had and has such a strong pull on people:

It IS real spirituality. But it’s coming from the dark side.

But now our governments and militaries are actively engaged in trying to affect, and even control, our minds and bodies with millimeter wave 5…G and other ‘directed energy’ weapons and devices, the whole debate about what really counts as ‘kishuf’ has gone into unchartered territory.

In the past, you’d hire a ‘Bilaam’ to come and curse someone for you, with their evil eye.

And now, you can use your own ‘AI-evil eye’ to track someone down and zap them with a frequency designed to harm them in some way.


Bizarre as all this sounds, this is increasingly the reality we live in.


So, I’m not pretending I have all this figured out, because I don’t.

I’m on the same journey you are, to try to make sense of what is going on, and to try to work out whatever steps I can take to ‘fight back’ against what is going on, both in the spiritual sense and in the ‘physical world’ where I still live, and where my body is still feeling the effects of being constantly irradiated and bombarded with graphene oxide.

I encourage you to also do your own research, and your own experiments, because that’s really the only way you’ll ever know if there is something to this ‘orgone device’ thing, or not.

But this is where I’ve got to, in my own exploration of the topic.


Watch this:


It’s a dowser showing, a little, how they can pick up some of the positive energy effects of ‘orgone devices’.

What struck me about this video was the use of the cotton swabs, to ‘get the DNA’ the dowser required to ‘lock on to the frequency’ of the person whose energy he was testing.

This video was uploaded in April 2019, in Canada – i.e, just before all the PCR tests we associate with ‘Covid 19’ exploded across the planet.


I watched this, and I was immediately struck by the similarity with the PCR tests we’ve all been forced to undergo.

Now, watch this short video about the Urban Barcode Project, from those friendly eugenicists at the Rockefeller-funded Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and DNA Learning Centre – who specialise in all things DNA:

(I’ve embedded the video to stop it ‘disappearing’, but you can see it in situ HERE.)



A DNA barcode is a DNA sequence that uniquely identifies each species of living thing.

Dr. Mark Stoeckle from the Rockefeller University talks about the history of DNA barcoding, from the first paper published in 2003 to the international consortium of researchers that exists today.

The latest video on that site, about DNA barcodes, dates back to 2014.

Cold Spring Harbor has gone strangely quiet, about recent advances in their stated goal to get the DNA of every living creature on the planet, so they can ‘barcode’ them…

Luckily, there are other people out there who are being a little more forthcoming.

Like these guys, for example:


Already by 2015, they’d completed a project called ‘Barcode 500k’, funded by the usual anonymous mix of ‘philanthropists’ and charidees and not-for-profits, who pay for all this eugenics-based ‘save the planet from people’ stuff.

Screenshot below:


Now, they are doing a new project, ‘BIOSCAN’ which conveniently launched in June 2019, just as they were putting the final touches to the Covid 19 plandemic.

Screenshot below:


HERE is where you can see their board of directors.

It reads like a who-who of interesting people. Here’s a couple of people who particularly caught my eye:


That IBM connection just keeps coming back.

You’ll recall from HERE that the Internet of Things was patented back  in 1996, by a former IBM employee called ‘Richard C Walker‘.

Without getting into all the birur required on that particular subject, I just want you to know about IBM’s Internet of Things website, below:




The tech for the ‘Internet of Things’ – to connect everything, including people, up to the ‘cloud’ and then start to make money from it – is already there, and being marketed.

None of this is ‘conspiracy theory’, it is cold, hard fact.

And not coincidentally, IBM also played a key role in enabling Hitler to carry out the holocaust, too.

This snippet comes from the Wiki page for a book called IBM and the Holocaust:

Published in 2001…[the book] outlined the key role of IBM’s technology in the Nazi genocide, by facilitating the regime’s generation and tabulation of punch cards for national census data, military logistics, ghetto statistics, train traffic management, and concentration camp capacity.

There is really nothing new under the sun.


Anyway, let’s get back to the orgone devices.

‘Orgone’ appears to be another word for ‘ether’ – that 5th element that is really the ephemeral, impossible-to-measure ‘stuff’ that the whole physical universe is made of, and that connects us all together.

I’m still researching the basis of how all this is meant to work, but I found this video very helpful in understanding the basics:

(3 1/2 minutes long, shmirat eynayim friendly.)


I know that the ‘discoverer’ of orgone, Wilhelm Reich, has quite a story, and that the FDA and the establishment totally destroyed him, and confiscated his research and papers.

To my mind, that tells me a lot about whether there is something really here, or not.

Reich referred a lot to the ‘creative energy’ involved in reproduction, in his work.

(He was initially a student of the Frankist Sigmund Freud – but he broke with Freud and went on his own path, just FYI.)

We know that this is the most powerful ‘energy’ in the universe – and that is why shmirat habrit is so important, and emphasized by Rabbenu, Rebbe Nachman, in reference to the Tikkun Haklali. All the evil in the world is ‘nourished’ by the sparks of this creative energy that they capture, when people don’t conduct themselves appropriately.

That’s part of why there has been such a sustained attack on marriage and personal holiness.

That’s where ‘the other side’ is getting all their koach from…



I decided that to figure this out properly, I need to try and make my own orgone energy devices, so that’s what I’m going to try to do, the next few days.

I will keep you updated.

And feel free to join in with this conversation.

I’m not pretending to know everything, at all, about how all this is meant to be working.

But I do feel that there is something potentially very good and positive going on with orgone devices.




Taken from: Alternative Medicine in Halacha, by R Raphael Szmerla, p94-7, 4 pages of clear explanation, but here is the bottom line:

It is thus clear that dowsing does not constitute a form of nichush, kesimah or kishuf, and therefore is permissible (as long as it is not used for predicting the future.)

Rav Elyakim Schlesinger of London, who practices dowsing with rods to determine the exact location of graves, told me the following:

“Dowsing is a natural phenomenon. I learned it from the Jerusalem elders who have been accustomed to do so for generations in searching for graves.

In particular, I recieved this knowledge from Rav Shimon Anshin, z’l, who learned it from previous generations.

Whether one dowses to find graves or water, or to test for allergies, it’s all the same. Others dowse with a pendulum.

Those who worry about kishuf, etc, are questioning a practice that has been permitted by our leaders for generations. The truth is that it is a natural phenomenon, and one should not be troubled by new misgivings.”…

The above ruling that dowsing is permitted is the opinion of other contemporary Gedolim and Poskim, such as Rav Shmuel Kamenetsky, Rav Mordechai Gross, Rav Pesach Eliyahu Falk, Rav Gavriel Krausz and Rav Shamai Gross, among many others.”


Pages 119-124 of that same book deals with ‘The Halachic Status  of Geobiology’.

Again, bottom line is that there is no problem with using devices, even if we don’t 100% understand how they work, to ‘defuse’ or deal with geopathic ‘stress’ from the environment.


“People who believe that darchei ha’Emori includes anything that has not been recognized by science might view geobiology as questionable, because many geopathic energies are of a subtle nature that cannot be measured by scientific instruments.

However, we have clarified that this is not the definition of darchei ha’Emori, as we find that Chazal permitted many segulos even though we cannot understand how they work.

Rather, the prohibition against darchei ha’Emori includes only non-Jewish practices that have not been empirically justified.

By contrast, the identification of geopathic energies is not based on superstitious beliefs of ancient origin, but on careful assessment through techniques that have yielded reliable information in other areas….

[A]lthough geobiology deals with energies not recognised by science and promotes their neutralization through unconventional procedures, it remains a discipline that has nothing to do with darchei ha’Emori and is permitted.”


Bottom line, there is absolutely no halachic issue with making orgone devices.

So, have a go!



Apparently, some public figures are being sued for comparing what’s going on right now to what was happening during World War II.

***Updates Below***

Here’s one example, from the J-propaganda:


I went to look up who, exactly, these ‘5 Jewish organisations’ that sued Thierry Baudet, the Dutch politician, actually were.

Snippet from HERE (Google translated from Dutch, so clunky English:)

Five Jewish organizations… is to explicitly express opposition to the use of Holocaust in the corona debate. They have sent a letter to all political parties represented in the parliament, writing in the New Israëlietisch Magazine, which is one of the signatories. Also, it is Central to the Jewish Meeting (CJO), the Centre for Information and Documentation on Israel (ORGANIZATION), the Dutch Auschwitz Committee, and the National Holocaust Museum to have the letter be signed.


Who are these organisations, who pays for them, and who do they really represent?

It’s pretty hard finding that information.

HERE is what I initially turned up for CIDI:

The Center for Information and Documentation on Israel (CIDI) is a pro-Israel lobby group based in The Hague in the Netherlands.

After a bit more digging, I get to THIS about it’s current director, Ronny Naftaniel, on Wikipedia:

Ronny Naftaniel grew up in a liberal Jewish family that had little to do with the religious side of Judaism. In the roary 1960s, Naftaniel developed a particular interest in politics, especially in the left-wing Pacifist Socialist Party.

In the 1970s, Naftaniel started to change under the influence of the 1973 oil crisis and increasing criticism on Israel and its actions within Dutch society. Becoming more and more aware of his Jewish identity, Naftaniel joined CIDI, the Center for Information and Documentation Israel in 1976. CIDI was found in 1974 by Bob Levisson (just like Ronny Naftaniel’s father also a survivor of Westerbork) with the goal of promoting a positive view on Israel and counter increasing criticism of Israel within Dutch society.

Naftaniel became director of CIDI in 1980, succeeding Levisson….

Under Naftaniel, CIDI has expanded its task to monitoring anti-Semitism in the Netherlands besides challenging criticism of Israel. Naftaniel is a member of the Dutch Labour Party. He is also a Board Member of the Brussels-based organization CEJI – A Jewish Contribution to an Inclusive Europe.


Yes, the ‘interesting person-o-meter’ is dinging off again.

Here’s another screenshot, from the Dutch ‘Jewish Humanitarian Fund’ website HERE:


Hey, how is that for a ‘New World Order’ line-up!

Here’s a snippet about the ‘Chief Rabbi of Ukraine, Yaakov Bleich:

In 2005 he was one of three contenders for the role of chief rabbi, alongside Chabad Lubavitch appointees Azriel Chaikin (appointed 2002) and Moshe Reuven Azman (appointed 2005). There is also a Progressive (Liberal/Reform) Chief Rabbi of Kiev and Ukraine, Alexander Dukhovny.

In 2018, Kievan weekly magazine Focus named Bleich among the most “powerful foreigners” in the country. In the same year, he was expelled from his own community, but continues to publicly refer to himself as the chief rabbi as impostor. Subsequently, in spite of the announced Herem, he returned to the synagogue; according to Israel journalist Shimon Briman, everything that happens is a struggle for influence between Jewish leaders.

In 2019, Bleich, together with Sviatoslav Shevchuk and Epiphanius I of Ukraine, held a prayer service for members of the OUN in the Jewish cemetery of Sambir.


I bolded that last line, because it is saying that Bleich held a joint prayer service in the Jewish cemetery of Sambir together with the major archbishop of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, and the primate of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, for members of the OUN.

I know, you don’t know what the ‘OUN’ is.

Neither did I.

So, I went to look it up, and I discovered it stands for:

Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists


Here’s a snippet:

The Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists , was a radical far-right Ukrainian ultranationalist political organization established in 1929 in Vienna. The organization first operated in Eastern Galicia (then part of interwar Poland).

It emerged as a union between the Ukrainian Military Organization, smaller radical right-wing groups, and right-wing Ukrainian nationalists and intellectuals represented by Dmytro Dontsov, Yevhen Konovalets, Mykola Stsyborsky, and other figures.

The ideology of the OUN is described as similar to Italian Fascism.


So, to get this super-clear:

When a Dutch politician says that:

  • discriminating against people based on their ‘health status’;
  • force-‘vaccinating’ healthy human beings with unknown substances;
  • locking people down as ‘criminals’ in their own homes,
  • depriving them of the basic human right to breathe without a mask;
  • stopping them from working to provide for themselves and their families if they chose to not be ‘force-vaccinated’;
  • preventing them from getting medical assistance if they chose to not be ‘force-vaccinated’….

…That all this sounds disturbingly like what the Nazis did to the Jews (and others…) in World War II – then the Centre for Information and Documentation on Israel – and 4 other ‘Jewish’ organisations – are prepared to go to court to get them to shut up for ‘cheapening the Holocaust’.



When the ‘Chief Rabbi of Ukraine’ is holding  joint services with senior xtian clerics in a Jewish cemetery on behalf of an Ukrainian ultra-right-wing organisation whose idealogy is ‘similar to Italian Fascism’ – that is totally fine.

In fact, it’s so fine, he’s even invited to give speeches at the Jewish Humanitarian Fund dinners.

You got that?

And let’s not even talk about George Soros…


Ok, let’s talk about him a bit, because I really want you to grasp what this idea of ‘controlled opposition’ is really all about.

This snippet comes from HERE:

The article by Aryeh Neier defending accusations against Human Rights Watch of anti-Israel bias [“The Attack on Human Rights Watch,” NYR, November 2] is cogent in its detailed and systematic defense of the Human Rights Watch report, but misses the overarching reason for these accusations.

Neier assumes a moral equivalence between Hezbollah and Israeli killing of civilians in the struggle in Lebanon.


So, stay with me, here, as we lay the hypocrisy bare:

Aryeh Neier is the co-founder of the ‘anti Israel’ Human Rights Watch.

In 2016, he was the headline speaker at the Dutch Jewish Humanitarian Fund gala dinner, where he gave the ‘Ronny Naftaniel’ Lecture.

Ronny Naftaniel is the director of CIDI, which has “expanded its task to monitoring anti-Semitism in the Netherlands besides challenging criticism of Israel.”


Are you starting to see, how all these ‘sides’ are really just controlled by the same people. pulling the strings at the back, to control public opinion?


The reason people are comparing what is going on with the Covid 19 totalitarianism to what happened in the Holocaust, is because there is A LOT of similarity.

The controllers are trying to shut down that whole, obvious, comparison by playing the ‘anti-semitism’ card, and they are using all their bought-and-paid for proxies in the ‘Holocaust industry’ to do that for them.

So, it’s left to us real Jews to really start vocally calling out what is happening, and to ‘connect the dots’ with what happened back in WW2.

Because it’s the same eugenics agenda, with the same aims, deployed by exactly the same families and organisations.


Remember this, from 2008?

(Not shmirat eynayim friendly.)


We are getting there, God forbid:


This screenshot comes from a post on the Habayitah website HERE, about new laws they are apparently trying to pass in New York:


And here, of course, the puppet PM Bennett is rolling out more ‘restrictions’, that are really only to get more people to roll up their sleeve, to get another dose of GO nanotech, that will help fill out their internal wireless networks, and boost the numbers of people emitting bluetooth / MAC codes:


It’s all just a puppet show!

It’s all just fake news!

And they are going in ‘hard’ on comparisons with the holocaust, and trying to scare people from making those comparisons BECAUSE THE COMPARISONS ARE TOTALLY JUSTIFIED!!!

And the Jews are the only people who can make them, now, without being accused of being an anti-semite.


Remember this, from HERE:

The Holocaust at Auschwitz was the outcome of German doctors pressuring Nazi politicians into adopting quarantine & lock-down policies as the best way to control the spread of Typhoid.

They claimed it was spread by infected Jews.

Ultimately they arrived at the Final Solution.


So you tell me:

Who are the REAL ‘holocaust deniers’, here?



So I had a bit more time to research, so I went back to the part of Ronny Naftaniel’s bio, that says this:

“He is also a Board Member of the Brussels-based organization CEJI – A Jewish Contribution to an Inclusive Europe.”

Clicking that  link takes you to the Wikipedia page for the CEJI.

There, you discover who is ‘partnering’ with the CEJI, screenshot below:


We are right back in the middle of the Frankist-Freemason nexus.

Let me pick out a few of the weirder ‘partnerships’ that took my eye, from this very long list:

  • COC – Federation of Dutch Associations for the Integration of Homosexuality (The Netherlands)
  • European Network on Religion and Belief (ENORB) – which includes the following members:
    • Stichting Pagan Federation International
    • All Faiths and None (AFAN)
    • Bektadhi community of Macedonia

The Bektashi / Bektadhi were very closely connected to Jacob Frank, and the Frankists.

This snippet comes from HERE, the personal account of someone who discovers he has Frankist roots:

[B[oth Jacob Frank and radical Bektashis like the old sheikh were terrible sinners from the point of view of orthodox Judaism or Islam.

But their aim was not to be good Muslims or Jews, but to attain the Ultimate, the Divine, the “naked” Truth.

And in their view, any orthodoxy, any religion, was or could become an obstacle on the way to attaining it.

Thus, it had to be cast away, like the shell of an oyster or a nut.


Let’s continue with CEJI’s partners:

  • The Grail – I have no idea who these are, or what this organisation stands for, or who runs it. But interesting name, eh?
  • ILGA-Europe: “ILGA-Europe is the European region of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association.”

  • Justice 21 Association – good luck, finding anything about who this is meant to be.
  • Multi-Faith Centre, University of Derby – UK
  • World Congress of Imams and Rabbis for Peace
  • Symbiosis – good luck finding anything about them…

In short, there are so many names on this list of ‘partners’, and so many of them aren’t even pretending to be real organisations with real people behind them.

And nearly all the ones that ARE real are not exactly ‘Jewish’, by any stretch of the imagination.

And these are the people ‘defending’ the Holocaust, and the memory of the 6 million Jews who died, to the point they are suing people who compare what’s going on with Covid 19 fascism to National Socialist fascism?!

But there’s more.


Now, let’s take a look at CEJI’s funders:


Hey, would you look at that!!

Straight off the back, we have two Rothschilds charities, including the same ones who are behind the ‘Precision Medicine Partnership (IPMP)’ in Israel, which we know now is cute NWO shorthand for ‘turn people into remote-controllable zombies via nanotech’!

If you go to the IPMP website, HERE, you’ll see who the partners are, in this wonderful initiative to pump people full of swastika-shaped nano-antennas and nanorouters, via the Covid 19 shots:


Hey, would you look at that!

It’s the Rothschild Foundation…



It’s such a small fish pond, all these charidee and ‘social justice’ organisations…

All funded by the same group of psychopath oligarch billionaires, working for the dark forces who control everything from the shadows.

Here’s a snippet from the ‘Charles Leopold Mayer Foundation”s website – but honestly, it’s all just the same people, spouting the same message. Just I guess these guys are being a little more honest about how they view the rest of us:


Any one care to speculate, just how these billionaire oligarchs are planning to treat the ‘dysfunction…by attacking its root causes’?

(Here’s a clue: it’s called eugenics, and depopulation of the planet, aka ‘Agenda 2030’.)


I can’t be bothered to go through every single one of the funders.

But you’ll notice it’s the same tactics again and again.

These people don’t represent you and me.

They don’t represent the real Jewish community.

And they can’t trademark “The Holocaust” TM, and prevent you and me from speaking out about the very real abuses that ARE going on, all around us right now, in the name of ‘Covid 19’ – that are straight out of the same eugenics / ‘public health’ playback that was used back in Germany, and in the USA, and also in the UK  – amongst many other countries – before and during World War II.


Let’s end with this:

A challenge to ‘Chief Rabbis’ and Jewish ‘human rights’ organisation all over the world.

When are you going to get off your butts, and actually start standing up for human dignity and justice, in the face of this Covid 19 totalitarianism?

  • The Covid camps are ready….
  • The GO quantum dot ‘tattoos’ (or rather, unique bluetooth / MAC codes generated by 40% of vaccinated individuals) are working…
  • The CCTV and AI cameras have been set up all over the planet…
  • The people asking for papers just to buy a pint of milk, or visit a store, are already out there in force, beating people up who don’t comply.
  • The numbers of people dead and seriously injured by these Covid nanotech shots is in the millions, worldwide – and growing all the time.

So, what are you waiting for?


Of course, we all know the answer to that.

So, what are WE waiting for, dear readers?

It’s time to reclaim this debate.

It’s time to reclaim the memory of the six million Jews that died the last time the ‘controllers’ rolled-out an eugenics agenda to depopulate the planet, and kill as many Jews as possible.

It’s time to start shouting from the rooftops, that exactly the same tactics the Nazis used in World War II are being used again in 2021!!!!


As Hillel told us:

If we are not for ourselves, then who will be for us?

And if not now, when?


May Hashem give us all the courage to stand up for what’s right.



You might also like this article:


At the beginning of August, there was a huge fire near Route 1, leading in and out to Jerusalem.

It happened near Shoresh – and it got my attention, as a lot of big fires seemed to be happening around Shoresh, in the Summer, and along Route 1, winding its way up to Jerusalem.

A few days later, I was driving past there, and between all the burnt out trees, I spotted an absolutely ENORMOUS 5…G ‘massive mimo’ array, which had been carefully hidden amongst the green, but which was now conspicuously noticeable.

Hmm….I wonder if there is a link between that antenna and the fires?


I’ve learnt a lot more about these antennas, and about 5…G, over the last few months.

Here’s some of the more pertinent info, just boiled down and told straight, so it’s easier to internalise:

  1. 5…G takes an awful lot of electricity.

You know all those ‘scare stories’ about Europe and everywhere else running out of electricity, and having ‘dark winters’?

The real reason for these stories is because the 5….G networks suck a HUGE amount of electrical power.

So, as more of these masts and antennas come on line, the strain on the power grid is growing bigger and bigger.

Or to put it into other words, they can’t also run the 5…G  networks at full capacity (to take out whoever they plan on taking out) – and also have spare electricity for other things, like computers, ovens and air-conditioners.


2. 5…G radiation can be dialled up, and dialled down.

It doesn’t stay at a ‘constant’.

The government and military can change its frequency, have it pulsing and emitting more and various times of the day and night, and also change its power.

When they turn it ‘up’, we have mysterious waves of of mysterious illnesses that leave large swathes of the population feeling very unwell and weak.

The lying media then tells us we are in the grip of yet another ‘Covid pandemic’, and tells us to get more shots, to ‘protect ourselves’.


We are experiencing the effects of acute, and cumulative, radiation poisoning.


Take a look at this, from HERE, which sets out the main symptoms of ‘Microwave Sickness’, that was figured out even back in 1932:


Spot how many of these symptoms you and yours are currently experiencing, more than previously.

For example, I noticed a lot of my hair falling out the last few weeks – way more than ‘normal’.

And my daughter is also noticing the same thing.

I think this is because of the high levels of radiation we’re being subjected to, here in Jerusalem.

Since I stuck some ‘orgonite‘ all over the place, last week, my hair has stopped falling out so much, and my headaches have gone…


3. When the 5…G radiation is dialled up – that can cause fires.

The last few months, they have been building new ‘massive MIMO’ installations everywhere in Israel, and probably everywhere else in the world, too:

Going forward, I think we’re going to be seeing a lot more ‘unexplained fires’ happening, also in urban areas, as these towers start generations massive amounts of radiation that (duh!) spark fires in their vicinity.

I think that’s what happened around Shoresh, back in August 2021.


Let’s just remind ourselves of what else was happening in Israel, at the beginning of August 2021, when this massive fire occurred.

This comes from the Wiki page on ‘Covid 19 in Israel’:

On 29 July 2021, a third vaccination was approved for persons aged 60 or older due to observed waning efficacy of the Pfizer vaccine to the prevalent Delta variant. The vaccine booster was later approved for all those 12 and older.

On 8 August 2021, restrictions renewed by the government came into effect to slow the spread of the Delta variant and included expanding proof of vaccine and mask-wearing requirements for some gatherings, and a shift back to more work from home, quarantines, and travel restrictions.

Hey, fancy that!!!

The fire broke out August 3rd, 2021, just as the Government was trying to ‘convince’ everyone we were in the middle of a ‘4th wave of Covid’ that required a 3rd vaccination and more masks and restrictions.

What a CO-IN-CID-ENCE!!!


Each new wave of ‘Covid 19’ – or whatever else they are cooking up – is preceded and caused by bombarding the public with higher levels of radiation, to cause the ‘symptoms’ that will then be called the new variant.

And now they are putting their Cisco Meraki 5…G units in more and more schools and colleges here in Israel…

It’s scary.


4. 5…G radiation disorients birds.

There have been so many stories of mysteriously dead birds, the last few years – and those reports have been increasing, with the roll-out of 5…G.

Watch this video from December 2021 in Spain, to understand what’s really going on (Spanish with English subtitles):


If you want the short version, which skips the explanation and just shows the birds colliding, watch this:


Recently, there’s been an awful lot of serious road crashes in Israel – and other parts of the world – too.

I can’t help wondering if the same ‘disorientation’ that these birds experienced, when they got zapped with whatever frequency they got zapped with, from the antennas there, is also affecting us humans, too.

I mean, that’s who all this 5…G technology is really being designed for: humans.


So, keep your eyes peeled.

Continue to join up the dots in your part of the world.

Continue to share any information you come across, that helps to fill out the real picture of what is really going on here.

And – most importantly of all – continue to  pray that God will save us from this terrible evil.


On that score, I just got sent this, from the Shuvu Banim WhatsApp group:

All dear people are asked to strengthen in 7 Tikkun Haklali with all their might.

Rabbi Vaknin came to the Rav and the Rav told him that he urgently needed to start to say 7 Tikkun Haklalis again, because many have stopped since his release or lowered.

And in fact * the Rav needs really great miracles because his health is not simple at all! *

So please all of us get stronger in Tikkun Haklali and selected chapters with all our might !!


I know, we’re all tired and weary.

I know, we all just want to go to sleep, and wake up again when geula is finally here, and we don’t have to deal with this stuff anymore.


That’s not the way God has arranged things.

He wants our prayers, our teshuva and our tzedeka – lots and lots of it!

The more we give God what He wants, the faster and easier this next stage will go.

So, gird your loins, dear readers, and commit to something.

One Tikkun Haklali, one small donation, one prayer said, to overcome anger, at least something.

If a billion people with their billion ‘somethings’ get behind the Rav – it’s already game over for the side of evil.

Even if just a million do that.

Or 100,000.

Or 10,000.

Or even just 1000 sincere people, who are praying with real mesirut nefesh for all this end….



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I just got sent this parody ‘news story’ put out by Chananya Weissman.

It actually made me laugh out loud a couple of times.

Anything that makes me laugh these days is worth sharing, so here it is:


Here’s the snippet describing it:

Antivaxxers meet Rav Chaim Kanievsky


The so-called Jewish media is telling lots of stories. Everyone loves stories! Especially make-believe stories, where you can use your imagination, and anything is possible. And especially when you get paid to tell stories that other people make up for you!

I love to tell stories too.


BTW – I am willing to bet good money that the commentator on the YWN site who goes by the moniker ‘Gadol HaDor’ actually works for the site, and the Israeli Government (and Pfizer….) as an ‘opinion former’.

His comments are nearly always the first on these articles, and the lying MSM knows that if they can get a couple of yucky comments immediately up on a story, that tends to  ‘set the tone’ for the rest of the comments.

Go back, if you can be bothered, and check out his other comments.

‘Gadol HaDor’ always follows the ‘government line’, whatever it happens to be, and also, these people are so cynical that his moniker is also a dead give away.

But now, BH, more and more of us are starting to get wise to all these tricks and lies that the YWN, and other ‘Jewish’ news sites, which are really just paid propaganda sites for the forces of evil, have been using for years.

Most people, most Jews, do not think like this at all!!!

Nearly everyone pushing this ‘anti’ anti-vaxxers propaganda stuff in the comments are paid trolls, who are trying to persuade the masses that what they are writing is the mainstream views of regular Jewish people.

It’s not.

It’s all propaganda.

And now, back to Uncle Chananya’s story….


More and more, it feels as though the world is kind of splitting into two distinct realities.

***Updates below***

One ‘reality’ is that old, gashmius world, where people just shopped, and holidayed, and surfed and snorted their way through ‘life’, if you can really call it that.

And then there is the growing spiritual reality, of a world where ‘shopping’ and ‘entertaining’ and ‘sunbathing’ are out the picture – but where it just feels way, way better than what’s on offer on the other side of the fence.


Yesterday, I kind of had a day off.

My husband suggested that we take a look at the relatively new ‘D-City’ home decor mall, that they built just next to Maaleh Adumim.

It’s designed to look like Venice, and / or Rome.

It opened with a huge splash in the Summer, and my daughter went and was raving about it, so we said yalla! Let’s go and do some window shopping, and maybe buy a new armchair, or something…

If you go HERE, to the official D-City website, you’ll be greeted with a video of the enormous effort they made to get the mall on the map, a few months ago (the video is not shmirat eynayim friendly.)


True, it was a cold winter’s day in Israel.

True, it was a Sunday afternoon – not the busiest time for furniture shoppers in this country.

But we couldn’t believe how ‘dead’ and depressing the place felt.

Partially, it could be the masks, that just make it so hard to ‘pop in’ and browse, when you aren’t there looking for something specific.

But also nearly all the shops themselves just seemed to be totally disconnected from reality.

There was one store after another, filled with ‘stylish’, ugly, super-expensive furniture from Italy (etc…) that was just way too big, or too expensive for most people to even consider buying.

BH, I live in quite a big space now, for Jerusalem.

BH, I had a bit of cash for a new armchair, or something.

But I wasn’t going to drop 30,000 shekels ($10,000) on a sofa that was bigger than most people’s apartments.


We wandered all over that place, trying to find a semi-normal shop, with semi-normal furniture, at semi-normal prices – before we gave up.

Let’s go and get a coffee, my husband suggested.

At least we could try to rescue some of the ‘fun’ of our afternoon off in the food court.

Below is a video of the D-City food court – made out to look like an Italian Piazza, and replete with ‘fake’ sky:


It had more people than anywhere else in D-City – but it was still mostly empty and pretty depressing.

After 10 minutes sitting under that dark, ‘fake’ sky – when there was a much bluer and sunnier one outside, even in winter – I said to my husband,

Yalla, let’s get out of here. This place is really starting to bring me down.


That depressed feeling kind of lingered for the half an hour drive back to Jerusalem, until we turned into Shimon HaTzaddik, so my husband could catch mincha and I could do a Tikkun Haklali.

You know, that same Shimon HaTzaddik where people have apparently been attacked and stabbed by Arab terrorists recently.

(As I was typing this bit, my husband came home from davening at Shuvu Banim and told me that someone there was benching gomel this morning, as they’d just been attacked by two terrorists with knives at the junction at the top of the road, next to Sha’ar Schechem – and miraculously escaped completely unscathed.)


Shimon HaTzaddik was heaving.

The car park was full.

The men’s section was full of people praying.

And strange to say, that dull, heavy, ‘dead’ vibe we got from the mall totally disappeared, when we entered the kever of a dead, holy Jew.


As we drove home, it got me thinking about this strange ‘dual reality’ many of us are currently experiencing.

Baruch Hashem, even before Covid, my life was not revolving around malls, shopping and holidays.

As I’ve said before, I’ve never been asked anywhere for a ‘Green Pass’, but the truth is that my lifestyle is not one where the ‘Green Pass’ really comes into play, anyway (apart from the restaurants. And most of them, at least in Jerusalem, seem to be totally ignoring it.)

But what about all those people who live for holidays and shopping?

You could literally feel the despair and depression in D-City yesterday, as bored and worried store owners either hovered anxiously by the front door scanning the walkways for people, or just retired totally into their smartphones, pretending that the empty shop was someone else’s problem…

Here is a news flash:

‘Normal’ is not coming back.



For those of us who are more spiritually-focussed, this stage is still quite scary.

But because we know that the ‘new reality’ is going to be way better than the old one, and because we are holding on to Hashem and the True Tzaddikim, life is still mostly pretty good.

But for others, I’m seeing that the strain of trying to pretend that everything that’s going on is still within ‘normal’ parameters is starting to literally crack people’s minds.


I got a sent a few emails yesterday, with details of more of the massive demonstrations going on in Israel, against the ‘green pass’ and the whole, corrupt Covid jabs agenda.

These demonstrations tend to take place on Saturday night – and the lying, corrupt media is totally blanking them.

So, here’s what I was sent (thanks to all readers for doing that, keep it coming!):



Taken by a friend.

None of this gets to the news, of course.

There are regular massive protests.

Last night they brought out a water cannon and used it on the crowd.




Then this, from another reader:

Some words from hero lawyer Irit Yankovich from the protest at the PMs house last night.

They fenced in the protesters from all sides and brought in horses. It was another Meron waiting to happen. We’ll send out condensed footage later.

Adv. Irit Yankovitz sums up the demonstration tonight in Raanana:

“I have no doubt, even if it is easy, that the Israeli police, which today “secured” the demonstration in Raanana, planned, initiated and deliberately attacked the demonstrators in the first place, and this is a matter of planning in advance.

On my way out of the demonstration compound, I came across a sealed wall of police that prevented me from leaving.

I repeatedly walked along the block with the intention of finding where to get out of the closed compound – into the street. Everything was hermetically sealed. Then I opened a camera. The policemen standing in front of me explicitly told me that this was the order they had been given – to prevent us from leaving the compound.

Outside, the cavalry were already waiting to come in violently.

The policemen did not consider the growing pressure of demonstrators behind me that they just wanted to go back to the vehicles. When I opened the camera and identified myself as a lawyer, all of a sudden only the checkpoints opened for me and me and I went outside.

I heard that after a few minutes the violence broke out.


Let there be no doubt, this is an initiated and deliberate violence by the Israel Police against demonstrators, including doctors and medical staff.

Tomorrow we intend to contact the Minister of Internal Security and demand that he conduct an investigation into who gave the order to prevent the demonstrators from leaving the compound. Who risked the lives of hundreds, including doctors and life-saving nurses, just to prove police bullying.

Tomorrow there will also be a complaint against the two commanders laden with falafel who were present at the scene with a sealed face as if they were watching a circus for which they were not responsible.

To be perfectly clear, the Israeli police today wanted violence, prepared for violence, intended to have bodily harm to protesters and it itself created a real danger to life by imprisoning hundreds of false ones.

Someone will have to give the verdict on that.


Dear police officers, when you carry out such orders, someone else will carry out such orders against your mother, father, child or wife, take this into account.

And tell your commanders – enough violence, we do not take any part in it anymore.

And here in the video the policemen explicitly tell me that they have been ordered to prevent the demonstrators from leaving the compound that they closed on purpose and out of an explicit desire to create violence.

Shame on the Israel Police !!”


Below is the video I was sent, where you can see people trying to break through the ‘police wall’ – and the police taking that as a ‘cue’ to start beating protesters up:


Then, another reader just sent me this, pictures of the AI / 5…G DEW ‘security system’ that has recently been installed on their block, together with this question:


Why would the government buy 5…G cameras from the Chinese government that they use in internment camps?

This is the company with the name clearly printed on the camera next to the zapper. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hikvision




And then another reader, who works at an institution for ‘higher education’ in Israel sent me this:

The new wifi systems [identified in THIS post] have been placed in one room, facing towards the two other rooms on either side, to provide service to all three rooms.

This was done all through the building. 

The classroom that actually has the device has more wifi emitting in it, so the strength is more powerful in that room.

Two days after they installed them, a six-month pregnant, vaccinated student lost the child.

It’s horrible, how fast it can work on some people.


Let’s make the connection again.

(And again and again and again, so that all this finally starts to sink in, and to pierce the bubble of media propaganda so many of us are still living in.)

In Israel, the government is now busy sticking Cisco Meraki MR55 5…G Wifi into classrooms all over the country.

Amongst many other things, that WIFI upgrade can do this:

There’s also a low-power Bluetooth beacon, which can be used to track user movements around your property, or to broadcast messages directly to devices.


In the meantime, we are seeing more and more stories like this one:


This ‘mysterious illness’ is being caused by acute radiation poisoning, connected to both:

  1. The elevated levels of GO being breathed in, post ‘chem-trailing’;
  2. PLUS the GO in the Covid shots, for those jabbed;
  3. Plus the short millimeter 5…G frequencies now being blasted at the students FROM INSIDE THEIR CLASSROOMS, by the new Cisco Meraki system.


Let’s continue to connect the dots.

(Again and again and again, until all this finally sinks in.)

The Internet of Things was invented back in 1996.

HERE’s a brief description of what it actually means:

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of physical objects capable of gathering and sharing data between themselves and the Internet.

One of the core objectives of an IoT system is to provide a digital overlay of information over the physical world in domains such as industries, smart cities, and vehicular networks.

Thus, sensing and embedded systems are key enabling technologies for the IoT vision.


And HERE is a diagram, explaining how the COVID shots are being used to inject ‘self-assembling’ wireless networks within the human body, that begin to emit MAC / Bluetooth codes that enable that person to be connected to the Internet of Things:


(If you want more details on the tech itself, including that cute nanoantenna in the shape of a swastika, mamash, go back and read THIS.)


So, these are the two realities we are now living in.

The ‘bread and circuses’ of places like D-City just isn’t working any more, to cover up the really ugly face of the gashmi, apparently ‘real’, buy actually totally fake world we live in.

And the people who are desperately trying to cling on to that are in for a pretty rough time, going forward.

There is a fight being waged against humanity, right now.

There is a spiritual battle going on.

And very soon, each and every one of us will have to openly and publically pick a side.


UPDATE 1: The Water Cannon

A reader sent me a video of the water cannon in action, against the protesters in Raanana Saturday night:


This is also a good time to remind you that the police are using water cannons, ‘skunk water’, and of course, some good old fashioned violence against the brave teenagers who are continuing to protest the police murder – and subsequent cover-up – of Ahuvya Sandek.

Every week, they protest at the chord bridge, and every week, the Israeli police come and spray them with skunk water, beat some of them up publically, and then make some ‘arrests’.

And every week, they come back – because as I said before, these teens are really some of the holiest and most principled Jews you’ll find in the whole country.

And they aren’t going to give up, until the people who killed Ahuvya are held accountable for their crimes.


UPDATE 2: More proof that the ‘Jewish’ media is totally corrupt

BH, I have had almost a week of not looking at any ‘Jewish news’ sites – and I am feeling so much happier about life!

I’m still getting some ‘news’ from places like anti-semitic, controlled-opposition Sott, and mostly from the LaQuinta Columna Telegram channel – which has more useful info and facts than all the MSM put together.

But I have now sworn off ‘Jewish news’ sites – apart from one wobble on Friday afternoon, which left me feeling instantly stressed and nauseated again, thus reinforcing my decision to totally stay away from them.

Because they are ‘Jewish’, they pack a much yuckier punch, spiritually, and can literally sink my mood and stress me out in a nano-second.

But readers with stronger stomachs than mine are continuing to read them, and one sent me this, from the ‘Matzav’ paid propaganda site:


Here’s a screenshot, where I highlighted the bits to pay attention to:


Indeed, ‘Money always talks’.

And it tells us:

All our politicians, all our media, and nearly all of our ‘leaders’ are bought and paid for by the forces of evil.


I’m in the middle of a big research project, so might be slow posting the next couple of days.

But the truth is coming out, BH!

Watch this space.


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I was planning to take today off from the PC, but so much information is coming out about the GO nanotech in these shots, I feel obliged to share it.

Off the back of the Dr Pablo Campra’s recent microscopy review of what is really in these shots, which you can read in English HERE and HERE, (the second one talks specifically about ‘nano-structures’) a number of other scientists are now getting to grips with what the nanotech in these shots is actually designed to do.

One of them is ‘Mik Anderson’ – pseudonym for another Spanish scientist who is trying to stay anonymous, for obvious reasons, while he figures this stuff out.

He writes on the Corona2inspect blog HERE, in Spanish.

In the last couple of days, they translated his latest report into the wireless nanorouters that more and more evidence is suggesting is in the Covid shots, into English, with pictures.


You can download the full PDF below (it’s hosted on my site, so hopefully should be free of any ‘malware’ issues):


I’ve screenshotted the main images, and they tell the gist of the story easily enough for most people to grasp.

If you can handle the more technical explanations, download the PDF above and read it.













We’ve been here before, there are so many clues hiding in plain sight.



Everything written above is based on scientific papers, patents and materials that are already ‘out there’ and in operation.

This is not ‘made up’ – if you have the time and inclination, you can spend a couple of hours looking up all the terms used, and you’ll find reams of scientific papers and research, explaining exactly how they are designed, used and manufactured.


Don’t forget: All this can still be turned around for the good, even if someone has been triple-jabbed.

Here are some reasons to remain cheerful, even if you were MAC-cinated:

  1. The tech isn’t working the way they hoped it would.

Only 40% of the people ‘fully vaccinated’ are emitting MAC codes.

And many people – even here in Israel! – have still not even had one Covid shot, as MK Gadi Yevarkanrecently pointed out publically on Israeli TV, where he said:

43% of the public in Israel isn’t ‘vaccinated’ (i.e. with 3 doses)

And 33% didn’t even have a single shot.


2. The shots contain various doses of ‘nanotech’, and some of the shots are placebos.

Which means that even if you had 3 shots, you may still not have a lot of GO ‘nanotech’ going on.

3. Graphene Oxide degrades within the body, between six months to a year.

That’s why they keep spraying more and more of this stuff down, sticking more and more of it on masks, and in medications, and in other products.

Because the body can degrade and ‘flush it’, and the main way GO exits is through the lungs, and the breathing process.

If you want more ideas for ‘detoxing it’ faster in a gashmi way, look at THIS.

4. As more of us understand what these shots contain, and what they are designed to do, there will be even more solutions coming online, to detox from the shots.

As I wrote HERE, I really think it’s possible to ‘block’ or ‘cancel out’ the frequencies that are being used to ‘signal’ the nanotech, and also to irradiate people, even if they haven’t been jabbed.

All this requires more knowledge of subtle energies – which is where this conversation segues out of the ‘material’ world, and into the spiritual.


5. Prayer, teshuva and charity cancel all the decrees.

On Shabbat, I was reading through Rav Berland’s booklet of prayers and teachings to overcome anger, which you can get on the RavBerland.com site HERE.

(It was hacked, but now it’s back up, BH.)

I had a lot of anger welling up last week, and I wasn’t totally sure why, even…

So on Shabbat, I decided to try to get on top of it, and this booklet has helped me to defuse my anger totally, in the past.

So, I was going through it, when I came across this awesome prayer on page 43, which basically describes exactly what is going on with the Covid shots:


To merit being saved from the trait of anger that causes the blood to rise and flood the heart and mind, and doesn’t leave a person any good portion, rather it devours everything. It destroys the body and causes many extremely horrible illnesses.

Master of the Universe, Who can do anything, and from Whom nothing is withheld.

Merit me, and save me, from the trait of anger, that causes all kinds of hell [literally: demons] to control a person, and they are turned into an animal.

And all the defiled blood rises up to the brain and floods the heart, “for if the face is of a goat and the body is of a human and it is reading from the Torah, and guests arrive, he arises and slaughters it in honor of the guests.”

For a person who gets angry, he slaughters himself to the ‘other side’, and he becomes a sacrifice of the ‘other side’.

Because anger destroys everything and doesn’t leave any good portion within the person.

And all his senses are warped, and all his intelligence disappears.

And no resemblance of human form remains, and all illnesses control him due to anger and depression.

And his entire immune system is destroyed.

And he is attacked by all kind of lethal and aggressive viruses and diseases, that leave no part of the body undevoured.

And the body is completely destroyed.


The Rav often leaves ‘hints’ and clues in his prayers, about what is really going on.

I read this, and all of a sudden a spiritual response to ‘detoxing’ from these Covid shots popped into my head:

We need to make eradicating our anger a priority.


Because spiritually, anger is the ‘portal’ that enables our human soul to be ‘overtaken’, from the outside, by demons and demonic forces.

When we get uncontrollably angry, our human soul disappears, and we are literally controlled by demons….

Now, go back and re-read what I wrote HERE, about Operation Crimson Mist, in Rwanda.

Snippet below:

Recognising and working on our bad middot has never been more urgent.

[I]t seems to me that the ‘Crimson Mist / Active Denial’ tech can’t create something from nothing, when it comes to manipulating emotions – at least, in a ‘crowd’ setting.

It can only amplify something that is already there.

So, get to work on trying to uproot anger, arrogance, jealousy, egocentric selfishness, hatred, rage, resentment, grudge-bearing, self-righteousness – all that stuff that falls under the rubriquet of hakpada.

This tech can amplify the vibe of ‘hakpada’, and literally turn people into homicidal, destructive maniacs.


Remember what our Sages teach:

‘Demons’ control an angry person


HERE is where you can get Rav Berland’s Kuntres to Defuse Anger, in English and Hebrew, that just helps make the feelings of anger disappear like magic, when you read it.

You can also buy a hardcopy for $1, HERE.


That Kuntres is where I just found the prayer brought above, on page 43, that describes how ‘anger’ is the gateway into the human soul, that enables the demons to take over a person and ‘remote control’ them from the outside.

So…. our work is cut out for us.

There is hope, lots of it!

The world was only created for free choice.

But we have to get real about what’s going on with these shots, and literally put every effort into ‘detoxing’ from all the poison inside of us – starting with the bad middot, and especially anger and hakpada, or harsh judgements against our nearest and dearest.

Because compassion and forgiveness could really be the ‘vibe’ that totally negates this nanotech, once and for all.


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Most of us have no idea just how ‘advanced’ all this nanotech electronic tagging and control is, already.

***Updates on ‘mysterious illness attacking yeshiva bochurs’, below***

That’s why so much of what I’m writing about here sounds ‘sci-fi’ – and yet at the same time, there are reams of journals, papers, and patents explaining how all this ‘nanorouter’ stuff that can connect people and other living animals to The Internet of Things is actually already in operation.

Let me give another concrete example of what I’m talking about.

A few days ago, I got sent this email by a reader in Israel:

These were just installed in our school:


Here’s a snippet, then I’ll plain English:

Cisco Meraki MR55

The Meraki MR55 is a cloud-managed 8×8 802.11ax MU-MIMO access point.

It’s designed for high-density public environments, and for faster browsing and downloading from mobile devices. Companies with 5G deployments, as well as offices with high-bandwidth usage would also benefit…

This access point has dual concurrent 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz radios.

And, the MR55 provides a maximum of 5.9 Gbps coming from a 5G Ethernet connection. Plus, there’s a dedicated radio that provides real-time WIDS/WIPS with automated RF optimization.

There’s also a low-power Bluetooth beacon, which can be used to track user movements around your property, or to broadcast messages directly to devices.


The bit I want you to really pay attention to is that last sentence, that says this:

There’s also a low-power Bluetooth beacon, which can be used to track user movements around your property, or to broadcast messages directly to devices.


Where have we heard of ‘Bluetooth beacons’ before on this blog, just recently, in connection with tracking people and ‘broadcasting messages directly to devices’?

Ah yes, now I remember.

In THIS post, I shared with you that 40% of ‘vaccinated’ people are now emitting bluetooth codes, or MAC codes.

Snippet below.

 HERE is an article from 2015 in a prestigious scientific journal describing all this, called:

Design of Wireless Nanosensor Networks for Intrabody Application


Nanoscale devices require a new communication paradigm; they perform simple tasks, share the collected data, and reach unprecedented number of locations over the Internet.

This new network paradigm is called IoNT….

Our research work is focused on the intrabody communications for healthcare providers to develop the network system architecture for realizing IoNT applications.

Human body is made up of almost 80 organs.

Here, the nanosensors may be implanted into the organs, detecting specific symptom or virus and forwarding the sensing data to the nanorouter. The nanorouter may collect data from the nanosensors.

The nanorouter then may send the collected data to the outside of the body….


Here’s the image of the ‘nanorouter’ that full chemistry Professor Dr Pablo Campra found in the Pfizer Covid shot:


Now, watch this short video, where the Spanish researchers explain how they’ve tracked down another ‘nanorouter’ project from 2015, called….CORONA:



On the most recent program of La Quinta Columna, a 2015 research related to a routing and nanonetwork system called “CORONA” was commented.

The details of this research are being reviewed by researchers who are decoding the nanotechnology included in the vaccination vials, including Mik Andersen, the author of the Corona2Inspect blog.


And now, I want to introduce you to another one of Cisco’s ‘animal tracking’ projects, that they launched back in 2018,

called: 5…G Rural First.

Here’s a clip from Reuters, explaining just how FAB-U-LOUS all this 5…G enabled tracking is going to be:


They tried the ‘track and trace’ tech out on the cows…

And now they are ready to try it out on our kids, and on us, too.

Except, they don’t need us to wear clunky (and removable…) necklaces.

They want the nanorouters injected, and constructing a wifi network internally in the human body, that (so far…) can’t be removed or disabled.

These were just installed in our school:

There’s also a low-power Bluetooth beacon, which can be used to track user movements around your property, or to broadcast messages directly to devices.


Baruch Hashem, more and more people seem to be waking up to what’s really going on.

There is probably around a third of the population who are totally bought in, totally brainwashed, and totally going to the end with this, wherever it leads and however bad it gets.

Then, there is probably around a third of the population who are awake, and are resisting this, overtly and covertly, with every bit of strength they have.

I  just saw this, on Chananya Weissman’s Rumble channel HERE, that shows that 33% of Israelis – not including children – HAVE NOT EVEN HAD A SINGLE JAB.

No-one is telling you this, in the MSM.


And then… there is the third in the middle, that will just ‘go’ with whatever they perceive to be the majority view.

That middle third all got ‘vaccinated’, when that was the recieved wisdom, but are now starting to wake up, and to fight back, a little…

But as my brother in the UK said, it’s hard to keep ‘holding the line’.


That’s why it’s so important to start speaking out, even a little, and to keep pointing out all the ‘holes’ in the official narrative, even when that’s uncomfortable to do.

Baruch Hashem, even though I live in Israel, I am living life pretty normally – and I’m totally ‘unvaccinated’, and also only ever did two PCR tests, and that was when I had to get to Uman.

A ‘normal life’ is possible without endless booster shots, as they try to perfect their GO nanorouters, and get the percentage of MAC-cinated people hooked up to the Internet of Things and producing their own bluetooth codes above 40%….

There is hope!

But each of us has a part of play, to try to get this thing stopped in its tracks, before any more damage is done.


Pray a lot.

Dance and sing a lot.

Work on overcoming bad middot, especially anger.

Get closer to our true Tzaddikim.

Speak to God.

Keep choosing God over GID.

And don’t lose hope!

Even though they are continuing to put up the 5…G tech and towers at a scary pace all over the world, God is not going to let them create a situation where humanity is reduced to a herd of remote-controlled ‘sheeple’ with no free choice.


Free choice is the only reason Hashem created the world.

And Hashem Himself is about to start fighting this battle with some supernatural miracles.

But until that happens – stick with the list above.

And stop letting them stick nanotech-infected swabs up your nose, and the noses of your kids, and injecting clot and heart-attack inducing GO nanorouters into your body.

This stops when enough of us stand up to the tyranny, and simply refuse to keep going along with this.

(Yes, I know that’s really in God’s hands. But we still have free choice, and we still have a responsibility to exercise it, to the best of our ability, to do the right thing.)


And may we hear good news, very soon.



On the Habayitah blog, I just saw THIS:


Let’s set out the cause of this ‘mysterious illness’ super clear:





It’s proven there is graphene oxide in the ‘Covid’ shots.

It’s proven that graphene oxide is used in geoengineering to ostensibly ‘seed clouds’ – and geoengineering is the excuse given for the chemtrails being sprayed all over the world.

See this research paper for more details on that:


Or watch this:


And it’s proven that 5…G ‘directed energy’ speakers, and AI facial recognition cameras are going up all Israel – and all over the rest of the world, too:


Go and spot this equipment in your local neighborhood.

Go and see, how close to these yeshivas there are now ‘directed energy’ speakers, and new 5…G arrays, like this:


Then, understand that these 5…G millimeter waves can be DIRECTED at specific targets, with specific frequencies, to achieve specific aims.

The yeshivas are the ‘test bed’ – because the psychos behind all this just lurve testing their sick science out on Jews, first.

So, the cause of the ‘mysterious illness’ in yeshivas has now been solved.

The yeshivas are being bombarded with targeted directed energy from the new 5…G equipment newly installed all over the country by the government and military, and the bochurim (many of whom were ‘force-vaxxed’ in order to keep on learning there….)are getting sick with acute radiation poisoning.



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Just a quick post, as I try to get stuff done for Shabbat.

More and more pieces are coming together.

BH, I will flesh this out more in coming days, and there is still a lot of birur to do, so remember we are on a journey of discovery here, and we still haven’t got to the end, where everything will be totally transparent and clear.

But here’s some more pieces of the puzzle, going forward.


  1. Miracle of miracles – there are still some people with brain cells and natural human curiosity in Lakewood.

A couple of readers sent me this link, to a story about chemtrails in Lakewood that appeared in the Lakewood Scoop:

A Medical Professional Responds: This is What Could be Causing the Mysterious Virus in Lakewood The Lakewood Scoop

What is particularly interesting to me is the comments, and how so many people think that a two second look-see at Wikipedia counts as real research into anything…

Wikipedia is only a starting point, and is heavily censored and skewed, to put people off the real scent.

We have all been mamash brainwashed, from kindergarten, to think a certain way, and to not challenge authority, and to stifle our natural curiosity and urge to ask questions.

And sadly, that’s evident every where, including the ‘frum Torah world’.


Tachlis, if you read the Lakewood Scoop, I encourage you to start putting some real information out there, in the comment sections.

EG, people are asking how can bochurs in Israel also be getting sick with the same symptoms, if the Dr is saying chemtrail spraying is causing the ‘mysterious illnesses’ in Lakewood?

The answer is obvious:

They are also spraying chemtrails in Israel.

This is a co-ordinated action across international lines, and has been right from the start.

If someone posts this information up,  the truth resounds by itself.

You don’t need fancy explanations, or 5 hour long expositions to encourage other people to see the truth, because it’s there, right in front of their faces.


On that score, it’s also useful to start talking more widely about graphene oxide.

It’s in the ‘Covid 19’ shots – and you can prove that to people with scientific papers done by a full professor of chemistry called Dr Pablo Campra.

HERE is Dr Campra’s page on Researchgate.

And below are some links to relevant papers showing there is DEFINITELY graphene oxide in these shots:



This is factual information, with photographs, by a full professor of chemistry who has no vested interests in ‘lying’ about there being unexplained graphene oxide in the Covid shots.


Next, you can also explain how graphene oxide is toxic:


And how the symptoms of graphene oxide ‘poisoning’ coincide with many of the symptoms linked with this ‘mysterious illness’ in Lakewood, and ‘Covid 19’ more widely.


There’s much more to say – not least about how graphene oxide interacts with 5…G frequencies – but let’s keep this short and to the point, to get the discussion started in a way that ‘regular people’ can start to relate to.


I’m also looking more into the claims that the US is a corporation, and a subsidiary of ‘The Crown.’

And that ‘The Crown’ is actually way more than the monarchy.

There’s a lot of ground to cover, and I’m only just starting the process of digging down, properly, but I can already tell you that all my ‘Frankist-Freemason/Sabbatian-Sabbean’ family tree stuff appears to be tying in to what is really going on here.

Watch this 5 minute video for a quick ‘grounding’ into where all this appears to be headed – again, with the proviso that everything should be evaluated carefully, to see what is striking YOU, as true, and what is striking YOU as false.


The last thing to say, is don’t be scared to share this information, and to speak out.

I know that there is a mixture of paid trolls and professional ‘disinformation’ artists (like the ‘GadolHador’ commentator on YWN, to give one pertinent example) – and small-minded people who lash out at others who are making them uncomfortable by challenging their assumptions, who can make it difficult to want to stick our heads above the parapet.

But too much is on the line here now, to let these people continue to guide the conversation.

The truth needs to get out there, anyway it can, ASAP, so more people can at least have the opportunity and chance to begin to think for themselves, and to choose the right path, going forward.


Believe me, I know it’s not easy being on the receiving end of paid trolls and various psychos.

But, the Rav teaches that each time we accept bizyonot with love, it cleans off all of our sins.

So, do a bit of praying, and just start feeling out where it may be appropriate and correct for you to start ‘speaking out’, and sharing information that is literally going to save people’s lives, going forward.

Take a deep breath, and hold God’s hand.

There are worse things than being mocked for being a ‘conspiracy theorist’.

And a whole bunch of those mocking voices are about to find that out, the hard way.


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This morning, at 11am Israel time, Rabbi Eliezer Berland was finally totally released from prison.

In case you missed what happened two weeks ago, his main persecutors within Breslov (who have basically just been operating as the State’s ‘Shabak’ people against the Rav and Shuvu Banim…) incriminated THEMSELVES in the murder they’d been trying to pin on the Rav.

Police raided one of the persecutor’s homes – and found a whole bunch of recordings of the Rav’s main persecutors discussing how they were going to pin the murder of Nissim Sheetrit that they themselves had enacted, on the Rav.

There is ‘justice’ even on the side of evil – that’s what Rabbenu tells us.

And so in an instant, the whole court case against the Rav turned around, and his two persecutors found themselves sitting in jail on murder charges.


Don’t expect to see this story covered ANYWHERE in the lying MSM propaganda that pretends to be news.

So then, very quickly after that, it became obvious that all the other ‘charges’ that have been brought against the Rav in the past few years stemmed from this same tainted source…

And so, today, the Rav was finally totally freed from prison – no house arrest, nothing, just totally free!!!

Baruch Hashem!!!


Here is how it looked when he got back home to the Homer HaShlishit street, in Musrara, Jerusalem:


Baruch Hashem, he was greeted like a king.

I  just got sent this picture of the Rav too, which I’m posting below as it’s good to see the face of the Tzaddik:

Rav Berland coming home


What happens next?

I don’t know.

But I DO know that just as the Rav went into prison a week before Covid and its lockdowns all kicked off here in Israel, so his being freed portends that some very good things are about to start happening, in this fight between ‘good’ and ‘bad’.


I just want to mention some of the real, unsung heroes of this story.

For two months, there was a small group of people who literally camped outside the prison in Ramla, to ‘be there’ with the Rav during his incarceration.

They were in tents when it was pouring rain…

They were there when it was really hot still, during Shabbat – literally stuck in a dusty parking lot right next to the prison walls, without cold drinks, fridges, hot food…

They were there keeping vigil for the Rav 24/7, in very difficult circumstances, and even sometimes without food and water, because it was hard to shlep bottles of water to that location by foot, and it was also hard to have any real ‘food’ in those circumstances that wouldn’t spoil.


I drove up to the prison a few times over the last few weeks, to sit in my car next to their tents, and recite a few tikkun haklalis for the Rav.

Each time I saw these followers of the Rav, mamash sacrificing every bit of comfort to just be there for him, during his time of need, I was in awe of them.

No-one is going to be patting them on the back for what they did, but their mesirut nefesh deserves a mention.

And let me also mention a few of the other people in Shuvu Banim who have also sacrificed so much for the Rav, including people who went up to their necks – really, over their heads – in debt, to keep paying down the enormous fine the corrupt court placed on the Rav.

Whilst also placing a ban on him or Shuvu Banim being able to do any obvious fundraising, to pay it.

These are people who also gave absolutely everything had, maximum mesirut nefesh, to help the Rav in his hour of need.


The Rav said that mesirut nefesh is what it was going to take, to bring geula the sweet way.

He has lived that himself, the last few decades, with all the suffering he willingly undertook as an atonement for the Jewish people.

And so many of his followers have also trod that path after him, sacrificing money, personal comfort, and ‘reputations’ to keep sticking with the Rav, and sticking to the Rav, through fire and water.

I feel so privileged to know some of them….


The more people get behind the Rav, the faster and easier this next stage of geula the sweet way is going to be.

There are a few books out there that tell the first part of the Rav’s real story, and here are the links where you can get them on Amazon:

One in a Generation, Volume 1 and Volume 2

Israel’s Most Wanted Man (more ‘newsy’, less Torah quotes, but essentially the same story as One in a Generation.)

And also, a Hebrew version of this book was also just put out, called Ehad beDoro (that I had nothing to do with….):


The first load sold out within 2 hours of being printed, but they are hopefully printing more very soon:


Geula the sweet way is happening!

And the closer you stick to the Rav, the ‘sweeter’ this next bit will be for you.

And of course, vice-versa.

But there’s still a lot to do, to get things to turn around.

There’s still at least 40% of mac-cinated people who are now emitting bluetooth codes, thanks to the GO nanorouters that were injected into their bodies by our corrupt government and militaries.

The ‘bad people’ are still holding the reins of power, for a tiny while longer.

But the end – their end – is nigh.

I can feel it in the air.

And from here on in, this wild ride we’re on is only going to get even more intense.

So hold tight.

The blanket is about get a really good shaking.


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American White Supremacism

Someone was asking me to find the post on Dor Yesharim, and while I was searching, I came across this one, which sets out a lot of very important information about the USA’s role in eugenics, that pre-dates Hitler and Nazi Germany.

In case you haven’t realised it yet, all this ‘Covid shots’ stuff being funded and rolled out by DARPA and the US military, ‘undercover’ of companies like Pfizer and Moderna etc, is just the latest installment in this eugenics ‘war’ the fervent (satanic…) Darwinians have been waging against the rest of humanity, for approaching 150 years.

So, please re-read this.

And then in a future post, I will hook this post up to things like the Rockefeller’s ‘International Barcode For Life’ project, and then also show you how that’s connected to MAC-cinating people with personalised bluetooth codes via the nanorouters in the Covid shots.


The more I look, the more I find the ‘theory’ is stacking up, more and more.


An uncomfortable history lesson.

On July 4th, 1776 the famous American Declaration of Independence was signed. It states, amongst other things:

 “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” That, to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That, whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.[1]


This paragraph is relatively brief, but it explains so much of the modern day ‘schizo’ character of the United States.

Firstly, 41 of the 56 signatories to the Declaration of Independence owned slaves at the time of signing.[2] Just think about that for a moment, that 41 people in high office could put their name to a document stating ‘all men are created equal’ whilst at the same time owning human beings as chattel and complaining about “merciless Indian savages” a little later on in the text. But it’s really the second highlighted passage that I want to draw to your attention, because when the Founding Fathers said:

“[W]henever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it” – they were basically enshrining the ‘right’ of Americans to violently overthrow their government, if they felt it wasn’t delivering enough ‘life, liberty and pursuit of happiness’.

And that probably explains a lot about why the United States has a huge problem with White Supremacist movements who are looking for ways to overthrow the government: history is repeating itself.


Like all good patriots, Americans like to believe the best about the country they call home.

That’s natural, it’s human nature. But, when you really lift the cover and take a peek at the violent history of what came to be known as the United States of America, it explains so much of why today, the country is standing on a very dangerous precipice.

The official history always painted the white settlers as the ‘good guys’ who were fending off attacks from bloodthirsty redskins. But there was another side of that story that got airbrushed out of history, namely how millions of indigenous people were murdered in cold blood to make it easier for the Europeans to take their land.

No-one was around to document the violence and murder at the beginning of this process, or to know the scale of what was really going on. But by the mid-1800s, there was enough information circulating for modern historians to have a much clearer view of what was occurring in what became the modern State of California.


Historian Benjamin Madley wrote a book in 2016 called “An American Genocide”.

The book sets out some highly disturbing facts about what occurred in the State of California then, that are rarely taught in American schools, including:

  • 120,000 California Indians met the deaths between 1846 and 1873;
  • A very large proportion of these Indians, including women and children, were brutally murdered by white settlers enticed to California by the goldrush.
  • The American press and most American politicians lauded these murderers (many of whom perpetrated their atrocities wearing the uniform of the American army.) Instead of deriding these wholesale massacres of whole communities as atrocities, they referred to them as ‘battles’, even when they were carried out by vigilantes, and even when the Indians being murdered had not acted with any prior aggression.
  • The US government tacitly and openly encouraged these murders. In 1851, the first California Governor Peter Burnett said in his Governor’s message:

“[A] war of extermination will continue to be waged between the races, until the Indian race becomes extinct.”

  • The State of California started paying high wages to people who would volunteer to participate in ‘anti-Indian’ militias, full expecting the Federal government to reimburse the cost. The US government paid vigilantes money for every Indian scalp, or severed head they presented them with. Many Indians were also deliberately poisoned by food laced with strychnine.
  • The Native people in California were denied the most basic rights by the courts. White people who killed them, enslaved them, stole from them, kidnapped them would not be arrested or imprisoned for their crimes against Indians, because the courts refused to accept any testimony from Indians.


By the end of the 19th century, the few Indians who had survived the massacres understood that moving to a reservation and giving up their rights to their own land was really the only workable option on the table, if they didn’t want to be totally and completed annihilated by the white settlers.

No-one knows how many Indians were killed between 1600 and 1900.

The matter is still being hotly debated.

On the low end, historians say there were two million natives in what is now the USA before Europe conquered America, on the high end, that there were 18 million[3]. But what is not in dispute is that by 1900, only 250,000[4] native Americans remained in the whole of the USA, while the rest of the population in the 1890 Census had grown to 63 million.[5]



White settlers from Europe brutally disposed of the native inhabitants of the continental USA, because they wanted exclusive ownership of their land.



In 1845, just prior to the genocide of America’s West Coast natives, an American journalist named John O’Sullivan coined the phrase ‘Manifest Destiny’ to explain the widely-held belief that America and its white, Protestant population were the new ‘chosen people’, and that God had “destined” America to “expand its dominion and spread democracy and capitalism across the entire North American continent.”[6]

But only for whites.

Nearly all of America’s early economic success was built on the back of non-white slave labor. Some historians estimate that between 6-7 million black slaves were shipped to North America from Africa during the 18th century alone.

To give some contrast, the official census figures for that same period of time (white only) show that the white population in the US grew from 250,000 in the year 1700, to 5.3 million people by the year 1800.[7]

Most of these slaves were literally worked to death.

Officially, the US Congress outlawed the slave trade in 1808, but still permitted domestic trade in slaves, not least because the tobacco and then cotton-based economy of the Southern states was totally dependent on slave labor to continue to run.


This 5 minute video will tell you more about Manifest Destiny:


How ‘Manifest Destiny contributed to the American Civil War

By 1840, the US population stood at around 17 million, and it was at this point that a decision was made at the political level to pursue ‘manifest destiny’ and expand West-ward.

When gold was discovered in California in 1848, this accelerated the pace of settlement, and brought ever more rapacious, greedy and brutal prospectors out to the US looking for gold. With the increase in the size of the continental US, and the murder of millions of Indians who previously had been used by the Spanish on the West Coast as slave laborers, the US ran into a problem:

There was no way these massive additional tracts of land could be farmed properly, without expanding the US slave trade.


The abolitionist movement had started to pick up steam in the Northern states, who were economically far less dependent on slave labor, but even there, it wasn’t only human rights considerations that were in play. This from history.com:

“While many abolitionists based their activism on the belief that slaveholding was a sin, others were more inclined to the non-religious “free-labor” argument, which held that slaveholding was regressive, inefficient and made little economic sense.”

For many abolitionists, it boiled down to an economic argument, rather than moral one.

So on the one hand, there were a number of states who were reliant on slavery for their economic growth, and who wanted to continue and expand it, and on the other, there were a number of states who felt that slavery was economically inefficient, and also (incidentally….) not a very nice thing to do.

That set the stage for America’s civil war, which the Unionists managed to win not least because 186,000 former black slaves from the secessionist South joined the ranks of the Union army – accounting for 10% of its forces.[8] Slavery was ‘officially’ abolished in the US in 1863, but the ‘white supremacist’ and ‘manifest destiny’ attitudes that underpinned slavery, genocide, and the ruthless economic exploitation of non-whites would continue to flourish in America in many other ways.

And now, we start to bring this story into the modern era.



The American economy was built off the back of slave labor. From the middle of the 19th century on, white Americans also came to see themselves as a new ‘chosen people’ who’d been chosen by God to conquer the whole of the continental USA – and beyond.



Around the same time that Abraham Lincoln was formally abolishing slavery in the US, in the UK a rich industrialist with scientific ambitions was trying to put together a ‘theory’ to explain why only certain ‘races’ of men deserved the vote, and why it was OK that the rich people at the top of the pyramid continued to exploit and enslave the poorer people underneath them.

This theory came to be known colloquially as ‘survival of the fittest’, and despite the great paucity of any real ‘science’ to back it up, it was swiftly adopted by the great thinkers of the time, as an easy ‘get out’ clause for their consciences.

The pseudo-science behind the “survival of the fittest” arbitrarily divided humanity up into ‘races’, and suggested that the more aggressive and greedier peoples who were exploiting everyone else were ‘the fittest’ specimens that were being naturally selected. Of course, that fit the colonial mindset very nicely, and it made ‘racism’ a virtue.

From the close of the 19th century onwards, Western science strove mightily towards this ideal of creating and perfecting the ‘fittest’ race.


Darwin’s theory led to the creation of the pseudo-science of eugenics, and had white supremacists all over the world preening themselves about their ‘superlative’ gene pool, which they felt entitled them to much greater shares of the world’s wealth and resources than the ‘inferior’ races they were displacing, exploiting and killing.

In a nutshell, Darwin’s ‘theory of evolution’ and ‘natural selection’ bunkum told the European white people who were exploiting everyone else exactly what they wanted to hear: carry on doing what you’re doing, it’s the natural way for the ‘strong’ to oppress and kill the weak, and for the ‘fittest’ to grab the food out of the ‘unfittest’s’ mouth…. For a nation that already believed it was the new chosen people, and that it had a mandate, or ‘manifest destiny’ from God to rule the world, this was music to the ears.


‘Natural selection’ and the theory of evolution was invented to give wealthy, white Europeans with a pseudo-scientific excuse for why it was ok to go around killing and exploiting brown and black people, and stealing their land and natural resources.



So now we’ve set the scene a little bit more, let’s skip forward to 1916, where a blue-blooded American lawyer called Madison Grant had just published a book called:


Grant was part of an elite set that included the crème of American society, including many wealthy elites, intellectuals, academics, politicians and presidents.

At the beginning of the 20th century, this group of well-connected people in America started to feel increasingly upset about the number of non-white ‘inferior’ races that were crowding America’s shores. In 1916, when the book was published, America’s population stood at a touch under 102 million[9]. Already at this stage, Grant and his group in America started sounding alarms that the proud ‘Nordic Races’ who had founded America were committing what he termed ‘race suicide’ by letting in so many ‘inferior’ races – and Jews were top of the list. Grant wrote:

“The man of the old stock is being driven off the streets of New York City by the swarms of Polish Jews.”

He continued:

“These immigrants adopt the language of the native American, they wear his clothes, they steal his name, and they are beginning to take his women, but they seldom adopt his religion or understand his ideals and while he is being elbowed out of his own home the American looks calmly abroad and urges on others the suicidal ethics which are exterminating his own race.”

In another passage, he wrote:

“The cross between a white man and an Indian is an Indian; the cross between a white man and a Negro is a Negro; the cross between a white man and a Hindu is a Hindu; and the cross between any of the three European races and a Jew is a Jew.”


Grant was a big fan of eugenics and euthanasia.

In that same book, he wrote:

“Mistaken regard for what are believed to be divine laws and a sentimental belief in the sanctity of human life tend to prevent both the elimination of defective infants and the sterilization of such adults as are themselves of no value to the community.

The laws of nature require the obliteration of the unfit, and human life is valuable only when it is of use to the community or race.

Grant concluded:

“We Americans must realize that the altruistic ideals which have controlled our social development during the past century and the maudlin sentimentalism that has made America “an asylum for the oppressed,” are sweeping the nation toward a racial abyss.

If the Melting Pot is allowed to boil without control and we continue to follow our national motto and deliberately blind ourselves to all “distinctions of race, creed or color,” the type of native American of Colonial descent will become as extinct as the Athenian of the age of Pericles, and the Viking of the days of Rollo.”


 Grant’s message fell on very receptive ears – both in the USA itself, which went on to pass laws severely curtailing immigration to the USA in the 1920s – and also in Germany, where one A. Hitler wrote to tell Grant how much he’d enjoyed his book.

Lothrop Stoddard was one of Grant’s acolytes, who was inspired to write his own book warning white Americans against the dangerous ‘colored tide’ about to flood in. In 1921, President Warren Harding (Republican) told a crowd of 10,000 people in Alabama:

“Whoever will take the time to read Mr Lothrop Stoddard’s book The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy…must realise that our race problem here in the United States is only a phase of the race problem that the whole world confronts….if we mean the things we say about democracy as the ideal political state.”

In that same speech, Harding stated:

“Racial amalgamation there cannot be.”[10]


The next president of the United States, Calvin Coolidge, (Republican) was even more unabashedly ‘pro’ white supremacy.

Writing in Good Housekeeping in 1921, he said:

“America has…been an asylum for those who have been driven from their homes in foreign countries because of various forms of political and religious oppression….It is a duty our country owes itself to require of all those aliens who come here that they have a background not inconsistent with American institutions. Such a background might consist either of a racial background or a national experience.

But in its lowest terms it must be characterized by a capacity for assimilation.”

Coolidge continued:

“[I]t would be suicidal for us to let down the bars for the inflowing of cheap manhood.”[11]

(In case you’re worrying that racism and white supremacy was only a Republican party problem, this is probably a good time to tell you that the Ku Klux Klan was started in Southern America by Democrats seeking to limit Republican political power in the South after the civil war, as so many blacks were voting for the party who’d emancipated them.)[12]


America at the turn of the 20th century introduced a number of very restrictive immigration laws, to make it as hard as possible for ‘inferior’ races to enter America and amalgamate with the ‘superior’ white stock. White superiority and a ‘race’ problem were freely and openly talked about by presidents, politicians, lawyers, judges and the cream of American society.



As we mentioned, Hitler was highly impressed by all this incredibly racist, pseudo-scientific, eugenicist talk coming out of America, much of which went on to actually shape American immigration policy and suffrage.

In 2017, Yale Law Professor James Q. Whitman wrote a book called: Hitler’s American Model: The United States and the Making of Nazi Race Law. In THIS article, Whitman explains his main thesis, and tells us something incredible about a meeting that was held in 1934 by the Reich’s top lawyers, to plan the Nuremburg Laws that would decide ‘who was a Jew’:

“Throughout the early 1930s, the years of the making of the Nuremberg Laws, Nazi policymakers looked to US law for inspiration. Hitler himself, in Mein Kampf (1925), described the US as ‘the one state’ that had made progress toward the creation of a healthy racist society, and after the Nazis seized power in 1933 they continued to cite and ponder US models regularly.”

Whitman continues:

“Throughout the meeting the most ardent supporters of the US model were the most radical Nazis in the room.”

All this should give massive pause for thought as to what the US really stood for then, and continues to stand for today.

(Ed. note: especially now we now that all these Covid shots being forced on the whole world are being funded by DARPA and the US Military…)


But there’s more.

Recently, new footage came to light that shows 20,000 American Nazis gathered together in Madison Square Garden in 1939, a few short months before World War II broke out.

You can watch it HERE – and I highly recommend that you do. And then take a breath, and remember that this took place not in Berlin, but in New York City, in 1939. Here’s some of what the leading American Nazi, Fritz Kuhn, had to say in his speech to the audience on that night:

“We, with American ideals, demand that our government shall be returned to the American people who founded it. If you ask me what we are fighting for under our charter, first: a socially-just, white, gentile-ruled United States. Gentile-controlled labor unions, free from Jewish, Moscow-directed domination.”

That night in Madison Square Garden, Kuhn appeared under a massive 8 metre tall picture of George Washington, who Kuhn liked to call: “America’s first fascist”.

(Ed. note: Washington was for sure America’s first Freemason president…. but he certainly wasn’t the last.)



Given the institutionalized racism in America, given the prominent, reverent place accorded to ‘white supremacy’ and ‘manifest destiny’, it’s clear that it wasn’t an automatic choice for the USA to oppose the Germans.

Close to 25% of the American population in the 1930s were either German immigrants themselves, or the first generation children of German immigrants to the US[13]. Even after World War II began, there were still Nazi ‘summer camps’ for children – organized along the same lines as the Hitler Youth – operating across many States in America.[14] These were only closed when America actually joined the war in December 1941, after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

In the run-up to World War II, there was a sizeable contingent of Americans who shared many of the same views and opinions as the Nazis in Germany.


These views were based on Darwin-inspired eugenics and other horrific theories of ‘race suicide’ (which today has morphed into the term ‘white genocide’, amongst modern white supremacists).

These people wanted America to stay out of the war in Europe, and to let Hitler get on with the job of ‘cleansing’ the continent.

One of the most vocal groups at this time was called the ‘America First Committee’, which had Charles Lindbergh, one of early America’s biggest celebrities, at its head.

Lindbergh became famous in 1927 for making the first successful solo flight across the Atlantic, and he was adored by large swathes of the American public. With his backing, America First quickly swelled to 800,000 members. In May 1940, a week after Nazi Germany had invaded Belgium, the Netherlands and France, an opinion poll was taken in America to see who was in favor of the US entering the war. The results:

“showed that Americans overwhelmingly opposed entering World War II.”[15]

According to Lindbergh and the millions of people in the US who shared his outlook and beliefs, the only people who wanted America to enter the War was the Jews.

On September 11th, 1941, Lindbergh denounced American Jews as being ‘war agitators’ in a speech he gave at Des Moines Iowa. Three months later, in December 1941, America entered World War II, and that’s when ‘America First’ was officially disbanded. But ingrained dislike of Jews, and the racist attitudes about saving the (white, Protestant) American people from ‘race suicide’ continued throughout the war – and beyond.


American laws and racist policies inspired the Nazis, when they formulated the Nuremberg Laws to dehumanize the Jewish population, before World War II. Much of the American population shared the Nazis views on race and white superiority, which may partially explain why it took America two years to enter the war on the side of the Allies.



[Ed. note: I wrote this before I started to pin-down the ‘reverse kabbalah’, satanic, anti-Torah Judaism, Frankist-Freemason nexus, many of whom held key positions in the USA. Roosevelt was being controlled by the Freemasons (which some help from pretend-Jewish Frankists…) so that explains what was really going on, behind the scenes.]


There is currently an exhibit being shown at the United States Holocaust Memoriam Museum called: Americans and the Holocaust which encapsulates the problem facing America today, because there is currently a tug-of-war between historians about whether Franklin Delano Roosevelt was an anti-semite who deliberately minimized the number of Jews reaching American shores, or whether he was just making the best of a difficult hand.

Critics point to how FDR’s administration turned boat-loads of German Jews – like the St Louis –  away from America’s shores, and stymied attempts to have 20,000 Jewish children shipped from Europe to the US. It’s always easier to try and portray national dysfunction as the problem of the leader alone, but FDR was a politician before he was an anti-semite, and like all good politicians, he was giving his voters what they wanted.

According to THIS article:

“A Gallup poll from January 1939 asked if Americans would support bringing even 10,000 German refugee children into the country, public opinion ran 2:1 against.”

The article continues:

“The wife of the US’ immigration commissioner (who also happened to be a cousin of President Roosevelt) testified that “20,000 charming children would all too soon grow into 20,000 ugly adults.””[16]

If you take FDR in context, if you take a clear look at how the US built itself up on the back of black slavery and Indian genocide, and how white supremacists with guns and pseudo-science about ‘racial purity’ were always a defining characteristic of the country, FDR’s behavior becomes far more understandable:

He was reflecting the will of the people he governed.


 Was FDR, personally, an anti-semite?

Probably, yes. In 2018 new documents[17] were revealed to the public from the FDR Library which revealed Roosevelt’s plans to “spread thing all over the world” the remnants of Europe’s Jews. ‘Project M’ was begun in 1942, when there was no longer any doubt about the mass murder of Jews going on in Europe.

At that time, FDR asked his closest advisors to put together options for where to dump all the Jews who might still manage to survive the war – because he certainly didn’t want them crowding into America. Roosevelt turned to one Aleš Hrdlička, the curator of physical anthropology at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History and a rabid eugenicist and white supremacist in the best ‘pseudo-scientific’ Darwin style, to investigate the options.

In their correspondence, Roosevelt suggested:

“that while most South American countries would be glad to admit Jewish immigration, it was on the condition that the Jewish group were not localized in the cities, they want no ‘Jewish colonies,’ ‘Italian colonies,’ etc.”

When things didn’t progress with Hrdlička – who wanted the last say on the final contours of the project – Roosevelt next turned to Isaiah Bowman, then president of Johns Hopkins University. Bowman had fired a number of Jewish professors at Johns Hopkins, because:

“There are already too many Jews at Hopkins.”

On another occasion, Bowman opined that:

“Jews don’t come to Hopkins to make the world better or anything like that. They came for two things: to make money and to marry non-Jewish women.”


Bowman tried to ‘solve’ his own Jewish problem by placing quotas on Jewish students, particularly in the fields of maths and science. Roosevelt clearly felt he was just the man for the job, writing to him:

“Frankly, what I am rather looking for is the possibility of uninhabited or sparsely inhabited good agricultural lands to which Jewish colonies might be sent.” When he described the M Project to Winston Churchill, Roosevelt explained that it was looking at: “the problem of working out the best way to settle the Jewish question,” and that he believed the solution “essentially is to spread the Jews thin all over the world.”[18]

So FDR probably was an anti-semite and a white supremacist – but so were so many other ‘good Americans’ of that time.


For example, American Poet Ezra Pound was considered to be one of the most original writers and “master critics” of the 20th century in America:

“the writer most responsible for making modernism in literature part of our lives.”[19]

That didn’t stop Pound from taking to the airwaves twice a week for Italian Fascist Radio, where he shared gems like these:

“That any Jew in the White House should send American kids to die for the private interests for the scum of the English earth… and the dregs of the Levantine [a term used to describe the Middle East].” – February, 26, 1942.

And this:

“Don’t start a pogrom – an old-style killing of small Jews. That system is no good whatever. Of course, if some man had a stroke of genius, and could start a pogrom up at the top, there might be something to say for it. But on the whole, legal measures are preferable.” – April 30th, 1942.


Which brings us to the core conclusions of this post.

There is so much more to say about ingrained American white supremacism, racism and anti-Semitism. There is so much more to say about a country which made its own ‘pursuit of happiness’ – and economic benefit – the main criteria for its actions both at home and abroad.

But here are the takeaway points:

  • The United States of America was built on the creed of ‘white supremacy’ and ‘manifest destiny’. And it’s impossible to totally eradicate those ideas from the American psyche, especially as the brutal roots of modern America are still being largely whitewashed and romanticized.
  •  The United States has a very long history of preaching about human freedom, civil rights and equality – but its unpleasant actions have always belied it’s saintly-sounding rhetoric.
  • Hitler and the Nazis were inspired by America’s racial laws and ‘progress’ in the field of applying the Darwin-inspired, pseudo-scientific principles of eugenics in real time. Nazi lawyers studied American laws in great detail, to help them formulate the Nuremburg laws that would turn Jews into dehumanized second-class citizens.
  • FDR and ‘Middle America’ didn’t do more to stop the destruction of Europe’s Jews, and to let more Jews into America because they didn’t want to. Remember, barely two decades before President Calvin Coolidge wrote a piece where he stressed that America could only take in immigrants who were: “characterized by a capacity for assimilation.”
  • After the Nazis lost World War II, eugenics became discredited, and America (and the rest of the West…) rushed to ‘whitewash’ its historical attachment to ‘white supremacy’ and the American belief that God had given it permission to crush other ‘races’ to extinction. Post World War II, that sounded far too ‘Third Reich-y’, so American politicians like John Foster Dulles turned to the ‘Commie Threat’ to explain why America had to keep toppling democratically-elected governments all over the world that were trying to protest American control and exploitation of their natural resources.
  • ‘White supremacy’ in the United States is not an aberration, it’s woven into the very fabric of the country – and it’s not going away any time soon. All the people who are blaming Trump for ‘causing’ a surge in neo-nazi behavior, anti-Semitism and white supremacist activity in the US kind of have things backwards.

Half the country (at least…) hold those beliefs, and they elected someone who they felt better represented them.


Ed. note: It’s shocking, re-reading this with hindsight, to understand that the Nazis and the United States were actually just separate arms of the same ‘military-industrial’ complex, being run from the back.

As is still the case today… Just today, the eugenicists in our midst are using syringes as their weapons of choice, instead of tanks and bombs.

And of course, it also explains why the USA was just so very happy to have thousands of Nazi scientists join their ranks via Operation Paper Clip. They shared the same fundamental idealogy: survival of the fittest is a mitzvah, and must be achieved at any cost.

And that is how we have got to where we are today, in the world, with ‘fake science’ and totally immoral science still being used to try to advance the eugenicists’ mass depopulation agenda.


There is nothing new under the sun.



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