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Why frum Jews shouldn’t worry about Bibi saying bye-bye

I’ve lived in Israel for 12 years now, BH, and one of my biggest frustrations is the number of frum, otherwise believing Jews who still hold by the Israeli political system and institutions.

Down the years, I’ve had so many discussions with people trying to explain to them why voting for the Likud is not only pointless, it’s also probably a chillul Hashem. Why continue to vote a number of avowedly secular, ‘anti’ religious politicians into power when there are frum parties to vote for, all of whom at least nominally answer to Hashem (as well as some big rabbis…)?

Yet, my arguments fell on mostly deaf ears. There’s a bizarre notion held by so many otherwise believing Jews that morally-corrupt secular politicians will somehow do a better job of running Israel, and defending our borders, then mitzvah-observant Torah-abiding ones who (at least nominally) believe in Hashem.

While frum people can see how morally corrupt and personally bankrupt nearly all the political figures on the left of the spectrum are in Israel, they seem to have a much harder time seeing exactly the same issues on the right side of the equation.

So that’s one reason I really am not at all upset that Bibi’s days seem to be numbered, because so many frum Jews have a blind spot when it comes to him and the Likud, and somehow forget that he’s just as secular and anti-God and anti-Torah as the rest of the secular people in the Knesset.

God wants frum Jews to stop using Bibi as a crutch, and to finally acknowledge that Israel’s political system and secular institutions are spiritually rotten to the core.

Another reason why the witch-hunt against the PM is not upsetting me – at all! – is because the Israeli police conducted exacted the same sort of witch-hunt against Rav Berland, and against many other individuals who were somehow deemed ‘enemies of the state’, including people like Meir Ettinger, all on Bibi’s watch.

He’s been in power longer than most third world dictators, so he can’t blame what’s happened on his predecessors. Bibi was more than happy to preside over a government that spent millions of shekels chasing Rav Berland all over the world, and falsifying evidence against him, and investing large amounts in trying to turn public opinion against him (amongst many, many other things they’ve done and continue to do to the Rav…)

God works according to the principal of midda kneged midda. The same crooked, corrupt, bent police and Israeli media that were given free reign to go after the Rav, and after so many other God-fearing Jews over the last few years are now going after Bibi.

Whether or not he’s guilty of accepting bribes, who knows.

But he’s definitely guilty of at the very least turning a blind eye, if not actively encouraging, the terrible persecution of Rav Berland and Meir Ettinger, to name just two of the most prominent cases.

Another reason I’m not unhappy about what’s going on with Bibi is that he headed up a government together with Yair Lapid that went about trying to systematically destroy the Torah world in Israel, less than four years’ ago.

God has a long memory, and sooner or later all of us have to pay for the transgressions we do down here, unless we make some serious teshuva about them. The Prime Minister of Israel is not exempt from that rule.

And the last reason I’m actually even happy about what’s happening with Bibi is because the Lubavitcher Rebbe said many years’ ago that Netanyahu would be the last Israeli PM before Moshiach showed up.

Again, regardless of what’s really going on and who’s really behind it all, it ultimately all comes back down to God, and God running the show, and God pulling all the strings. It seems as though God has now decided that Netanyahu has been PM in Israel long enough.

The next leader of Israel won’t be from the Likud, won’t be Yair Lapid and probably also won’t be from the UTJ (although you never know…).

But if the Lubavitcher Rebbe is right about who comes next, he’ll be the best leader that people of Israel have ever had, since our glory days of Moshe Rabbenu and King David.


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